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Here in the U.S., we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. Arguably my favorite holiday of the year!

You probably already know I love to cook, and yes – I love to eat!

But this year is super special for me.

You see, a few years back my parents moved to Vegas from New Jersey. They’re not very fond of travel, and I’ve been hosting a group of friends and other family at my house for Thanksgiving — so for the past few years I’ve been missing them. A lot.

Couple months back, I went out on a limb to invite them over for this holiday. I thought if I framed this trip like a stress free adventure – one where I’d take care of all the details to ensure it was truly stress free for them – that maybe they’d be up to come back to the East coast for a bit.

Well…they said YES!

So this week, I get the incredible gift of spending time with my family and really taking care of the two people who worked so hard to raise me.

And since Thanksgiving is inextricably linked with gratitude, for today’s episode of MarieTV, I wanted to share a little-known trick to take your gratitude practice to a whole new level.

Because whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, the most fundamental practice to quickly transform your life — any time of year — is gratitude.

When it comes to gratitude, the dividends are in the details. Click To Tweet

Gratitude is simply a deep and genuine sense of appreciation for what you have in your life. For things big and small. For the air you breathe; the unconditional love of your pet; for blessing of someone who loves you.

And this shouldn’t just be an intellectual or mental exercise, it should touch you and fill you up emotionally.

Because when you genuinely fill yourself up with the emotion of appreciation, it changes how you feel and it completely alters the actions you take and, therefore, the results you’ll create.

So if you’d like a simple yet highly effective and science-backed way to take your gratitude practice to the next level, you’re going to love today’s episode.

I was so impressed with this subtle trick that I wanted to do it on the spot with you — so you’ll see just how effective it really is.

Now it’s your turn.

Give this new gratitude strategy a test drive in the comments below. I promise — a few short minutes actually practicing this way can change your whole day.

No half-stepping, alright?

Really get into it.

Emotionally vs. intellectually.

Because how you do something is just as important as what you’re doing.

As always, thank you so much for sharing your heart, your thoughts and your love with this community.

Have a beautiful holiday for those of you who celebrate and have a beautiful week to those of you don’t.

With so much love and appreciation,


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  1. I’ve missed you guys! I am so grateful for having found Marie, because I have learned quite a bit, but most importantly, I’ve become a part of this community of wonderful, supportive, and enterprising women.

    Gratitude is a fundamental practice for attracting goodness into your life. Gratitude has brought me through so much. When I first learned this practice after hearing it from Oprah and other spiritual leaders, I thought that they were nuts. I honestly didn’t see how gratitude is linked to attraction, but it totally changes your perspective.

    Last week, my cat died. I’m able to say that without tears and sadness, because I’ve chosen to focus on being grateful for his presence for the short time that he was with us. He really brought us joy.

    I don’t mean to bring anyone down with that bit of news, but I just want to demonstrate how finding little things to be grateful for even in the darkest times can pull you through. Wishing all of you a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I actually recently had a health thing happen and ended up in the hospital, but the experience has made me so grateful. Here’s why:

    1. I got a wake-up call to start living my life from a place of honoring my body and myself 🙂
    2. The health care I was provided with and the hard work of the doctors to restore my body
    3. The crazy amounts of love and support that I have never felt like that in my life from my friends and family — I didn’t realize people cared so much and it has been the best feeling ever
    4. The opportunity to change my life, to re-evaluate everything, to move forward to something even better
    5. The freedom that came with self-expression and letting people know what had previously been a secret shame of mine — my invisible illness

    🙂 Thanks Marie! I think getting specific about our gratitude is always an amazing thing and it helps us to LIVE inside it and re-experience it!

    • Rebecca

      I love this! Thank you for sharing, it is a great reminder for me.

    • What a fantastic way to see the bright side of this experience, Erika! So glad you’re OK now and learning so much from it.

      I just got an idea…

      From a manifesting perspective, wouldn’t it work to also do this kind of gratitude journaling from the future perspective? Kind of like pray rain journaling?

      To explain, you would put yourself in the position of being in the future, having achieved what you want to achieve, and then do this kind of very specific gratitude writing. When I did it I felt so much gratitude in my heart, I bet this would work great to put ourselves in the mindset of having achieved our goals and feeling the abundance in our lives.

      • Gary Conder

        Laura… That’s brilliant. I practice visualization all the time but I didn’t connect the dots between being specific in your gratitude and visualization… thank you…

      • Great point Laura. I call this living ‘as if’ and the idea of writing down how you feel and what you are doing now that the desired goal has already happened would make this practice even more powerful.

        Having just completed my Masters degree (literally, last Monday), I have been reflecting on how grateful I am for the opportunity to receive a high standard of education here in Australia, and I truly feel having the support to learn, grow and research in my professional field has been a total indulgence for which I am so thankful.

      • What a great idea. I love it. Thanks!

      • Tui Hawke

        What is pray rain journaling?

      • Stacey

        Hi Laura,
        I think your ideas about projecting your gratitude into the future are right on, since all of what I’ve read and heard about the Law of Attraction points to this tactic being one of the best for manifestation. Acting “as if” (you already have what you want to manifest into your life) really gets things moving, and adding deeply-felt gratitude to that intensifies your vibrations even more. This mix of “as if” and true gratitude is a powerful combination! You are right on track!

    • Wow, Erika, that is such a beautiful wake-up call. Well done! You managed to turn something horrible into something amazing 🙂

      Wish you the best of luck with everything,


    • Elizabeth H.

      Erika – thank you for the lovely post and for really understanding that our health is a wake-up call for how we are living our life not only with how we treat our body, but our mind and spirit as well. You will go forward with more health, love and respect for yourself and more connected to the people who have shown you how much they care.

      2015 will rock for you!

    • Asmin

      I’m grateful for Marie and her team! Marie has the great energy that lifts me up and inspires me. She chooses many, many topics that are so helpful to many of us reading her articles and watching her videos. Sometimes she talks about things I haven’t thought about but are very insightful or useful. She gather other great inspirations and share the amazing energy and ideas with her audience.

      Thank you Marie! And EVERYONE at Marie TV!

    • Loretta

      Being specific about your gratitude is a wonderful concept! I immediately thought of how I am going to implement this in my classroom. Thursday journal prompts are called, ‘Thankful Thursday’, and the kids (8th graders) sometimes can’t list 5 things to be thankful for, so this specificity will help them be more deliberate and detailed in their thanks, and also help them develop their ideas into vignettes of gratitude! LOVE!!

    • Tanya

      I loved this! it made me cry!! <3 Thanks for sharing so vulnerably

      • I am grateful for my family, living and passed.
        1. For my sister’s love and support, may she get well and breathe freely.
        2. For the times I was able to share with my brother.
        3. For my parents and the warm upbringing they gave to me.
        4. For the times I was able to share with my niece.
        5. For my cousin’s love and adventures together.
        Thanks for this opportunity to express my gratitude, Marie.
        “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” ~Jean Baptiste Massieu, translated from French.

    • yasmeen

      You are such an inspiration ! thank you for being in our lives <3

    • laurali

      I’m grateful to Jesus Christ,the Author and Finisher of our Faith and I’m soooo glad He give’s my troubled heart a safe place to land !
      God bless you Marie,and thank’s for your encouragement !

      • I agree Laurali! So grateful for Jesus in my life.

    • Ashley

      Love your story!! Thanks for sharing <3 Invisible illness is never easy and I wish you all the best!

  3. God bless men who say sorry!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Americans – from Downunder.

    • Oh, the task. Here goes…

      I’m grateful for my bloke, too, because:

      1. He’s smart
      2. He’s fun
      3. He has bucket loads of integrity
      4. He’s sexy
      5. He makes my life so goddamn easy (never had such an effortlessness relationship in my life – it’s wonderful)

      • * effortless

        • Mandy

          Elly are we seeing the same guy? He’s an Aussie too, and is all of the above. Although I’m totally joking with you because of number 3. 🙂 😛

          • My bloke’s not Aussie. He’s American. Love American men!

  4. I’m all about detailed thanks. I also look to express gratitude for unexpected situations or people. In the spirit of that, and because he just passed away a couple weeks ago, I am grateful for my estranged, and now late, father.

    1. He had beautiful skin and great bone structure; I appreciate his genetic input.

    2. He had a whip-smart sense of humor and I still laugh thinking of some of his antics.

    3. His addiction, and how it affected our relationship, led me down a path of educating myself about the science and emotional manifestations of addiction. I use this knowledge in much of the work I do today.

    4. He took me on my first airplane trip which included a teensy inter-island plane. My subsequent travel has left me pretty fearless.

    5. He married a wonderful woman whom I recently reconnected with. I am grateful he knew her for no other reason than I am able to know her. She’s special.

    • This is great Wendie! My father just passed away a few weeks ago as well and I find that during this difficult time I am pouring with emotions of gratitude for all of the things he taught me and many of our cherished memories. The beauty of life and love is that there is always a silver lining if we look for it. I share in your loss and wishing you peace and happy memories of gratitude!

  5. soph

    gratitude-sister-5 details-
    -we share a non-high brow excitement about food and pastry
    -we see and engage the world very differently and sometimes we are able to share our points of view and thus enrich each other
    -she has shown me that one doesn’t need an attentive and available mom to grow up to be an attentive and available mom
    -we can have deep belly laughs together sometimes
    -we have helped each other by sharing what we discover/our insights along the way

  6. I’m suffering a bit of the Joni Mitchells at the minute – you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone – as I lost my mother last month. I’m grateful to her for teaching me right from wrong, not to judge a person by the colour of their skin, her selfless love, for treating my partner like her own daughter and her sense of fun. I wish I’d listed that while she was still here.

  7. This is my favorite video that you have ever created Marie. Super touching. Thank you for showing us your vulnerability and for embodying the sweetness of gratitude so beautifully and modeling right energy. I love you and I support you. In Truth, Love, Light and Bliss, ❤️Anne

    • Anne, I was thinking about what to write and your comment moved me to list what I’m grateful for to my mom before she goes. She’s 90, has dementia and was difficult in some ways to connect to.

      I’m grateful
      For how she brought me to see theater and dance a lot when growing up.
      For passing on her love of music and dance to me.
      For the times we had lunch together and I could tell her my problems and she listened and empathized,
      For being generous financially
      For the times she affectionately put her arm around me

    • Marium

      I agree…. This video was so moving. Thank you so much for sharing with us, Marie. It was beautiful.
      I also like the idea of expanding on one thing we are grateful for in order to make it a more meaningful journal entry.
      Thank you for all you do – continue to shine your light.
      <3 Marium

  8. Marie, I LOVE this video!

    I had such a good laugh, plus you’re SO right! My gratitude journal looked like that: husband, kids, husband, health, kids, husband, kids, health, etc.

    I still got amazing results because after journaling for about 6 months I have internalized it and I am very grateful all the time.

    But I will definitely start getting more specific (apparently, specificity works for more than just copywriting!) tonight!



    PS: will come back to post my 5 things I have to go pick up the kids in school now!

  9. Loved this one, Marie! I definitely have a tendency to do gratitude the lazy way. I’m super grateful for my husband Yohann because:

    1. He’s super supportive of my business and is often my film crew when we’re filming workout videos on vacation. He never even complains about waking up early to find the perfect spot!
    2. He forces me to keep it real. In business we can often get so wrapped up in what we’re doing that we hop out of reality. Yohann keeps me firmly grounded.
    3. I love going to bed with him each night and waking up with him each morning. It’s so nice to have someone to share the ups and downs of life with on a daily basis.
    4. He’s an amazing travel buddy. We’ve had fun exploring the world together for over 12 years now! Every trip is a fun new adventure with lots of great memories.
    5. Yohann gives the most wonderful hugs. I love being wrapped up in his arms. xo

    • Shay, thanks for reminding me of what I am also grateful about. I really can mirror myself in your description of your husband- and became so aware of what I also have in my relationship.

  10. I’m grateful for my husband, Don, because:
    1. He’s loyal
    2. I’m numero uno in his life
    3. He’d rather be with me than his friends
    4. He reads manuals, so I don’t have to
    5. He never has body odor

  11. Marie!! I LOVED love loved toady’s message. I look forward to watching you every Tuesday. I’m so glad you incorporated Josh in this episode. It was so sweet, and I FINALLY got to see what this fabulous Josh man in your life looks like. You two are adorable. I love it.

    So – here it goes:
    I’m grateful for my best friend Julie.
    1. She totally gets me and is a really really great listener. She always takes an unlimited amount of time out of her day to really listen and connect (even on text) and is a supportive, active listener.

    2. She gives the best momma bear hugs!

    3. She is great at helping me feel empowered, and helps me constantly to realize I CAN DO THIS, especially when I’m going through one of my below the line “I can’t” whiny phases.

    4. She “monks” my stuff and keeps me organized.

    5. She believes in me, and keeps telling me that ONE day i’ll be able to pay her full time, because my consulting business has something only I can offer to the world – ME!

    I’m also grateful for many other wonderful people in my life but today’s post is all about Julie – love ya girl!

  12. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. Its a strength and so empowering!

    Big Hugs


  13. I’m so grateful that I’m working in a solo private practice because:

    1. It allows me to provide services that are more authentic to me as a therapist, which also means that I’m able to do better work.
    2. I get to work from home which means more time to work on house work, playing with the cats, and no commute or winter driving
    3. No office politics!!!
    4. I get to explore and grow as a professional in ways I wouldn’t be able to if I was working for someone else
    5. I can offer more convenient hours to my clients as well as a more comfortable environment than a sterile office building

    • Ahh I love the idea of being grateful for my business rather than “just” friends and family:

      I’m grateful that I run my own business because:

      1. I can take a whole week off for Thanksgiving (as long as I give my clients a heads up) because I’ve created a business around flexibility.
      2. I don’t have to force myself to be a morning person anymore.
      3. My mental health and self-care practices can be honored more easily than in a regular job.
      4. I’m not stressed about maternity leave or saving up vacation days in case I get sick like most workers in the U.S.
      5. My opportunities for creativity as a left-brained, graduate-educated scientist are more abundant than in any job I would get with my M.S.

  14. Hi Marie

    In Australia it’s a real shame that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, however I try to remember the blessings, and good things that I’ve been given before getting into bed each night.

    Yes you are so right when you say the ‘dividends are in the detail’. I just don’t thank the Lord for supplying me daily needs, I thank Him for things like the fifty bucks I found in the washing machine when I was flat broke.

    Love your show and letters. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wow – thank you for always being so honest and transparent, Marie. You always pull at my heartstrings, and now I am a puddle of tears and gratitude for my man (among so many other things in life)!

  16. Talia

    I loved this video and it may be my all time favorite of yours! I must admit, I did (note past tense – no more!) the lazy gratitude journal – family, health, home, dog, etc…

    here goes: I am so incredibly grateful for my mom and dad.
    a) they had the best marriage – they adored and cherished each other and were always a united front to my large family
    b) they worked so incredibly hard instilling a work ethic in all of us
    c) there faith was inspiring – God is good
    d) they were always there for us
    e) all family events were amazing and they worked incredibly hard to make sure we had wonderful memories and a charmed childhood
    f) we know how to do things well – from fixing things to entertaining.

  17. Heather

    I’m thankful for my friend (and boss) Kevin.
    1. He makes me belly laugh on a daily basis.
    2. He is great at balancing work and play and encourages me to do the same.
    3. He challenges me to be better.
    4. He is the most genuine person I know.
    5. He has a great way of putting things in perspective. He doesn’t let me wallow. In fact he almost always helps me see the humor in a tough situation.

    Thanks for this advice!

  18. Nailed it! 🙂

    Gratitude is one of those energies that opens you up (heart and energy) and allows for greater flow of whatever you’re trying to create.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! 🙂

  19. OMG…I am in tears here!! You have always been a real spark in my day, Marie, but the way you were so choked up with gratitude for Josh was so touching. My heart is aglow, just from witnessing that kind of love.
    How blessed am I, that I got to see True Love this morning!

    You are so awesome, no wonder you have attracted such an awesome person into your life!

    Blessed Thanksgiving to you, Marie!

    • Diana

      Hello Marie,
      I want to thank you for today’s blessed tuesday messge as you are a blessing in my life. I have a lot of blessings like my twin sister, my family and friends , health and life. But for today’s exercise, I am grateful for having discovered your blog.
      I am greatful,
      1 because you inspire me to be the best person i can be.
      2You are so passionate about how you deliver your work and message.
      3 You are such a loving person and it is beautiful how you choked just talking about Josh.
      4. Really, it is all about trusting ourselves and God in all we do.
      5. I love your punchline about keep doing and chugging away as each one of us is special in our own way.
      Many blessings to you and Josh and your team. Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. Ahhhh gratitude…

    I’m infinitely grateful for my parents:

    1. they are incredibly generous with their love, time, and everything else I might need
    2. they are supportive and forgiving (although I am sure I have contributed to gray hair development)
    3. they are fun and are easy to laugh with
    4. they have always done their best
    5. they have raised both my sister and I with the idea that we can do anything 🙂

  21. Awww, loved seeing you so emotional and happy! And it was fun seeing Josh on MarieTV again! I want a piece of those pancakes, btw…

    I’m grateful for living in this country.
    1. I get to experience Thanksgiving! An extra holiday (with lots of mashed potatoes and gravy!) that’s a LOT of fun!
    2. I have the freedom and ability to run a business online while I lounge around in my sweatpants – and ACTUALLY make a difference in people’s lives, much more so than I did at my old desk job. #win!
    3. I have access to a whole country full of geographic and demographic diversity to explore, see, and learn from.
    4. I get to live on top of a mountain and look out on 40 acres of land that’s ours (for the moment, as we rent) every day when I’m working – something that definitely wouldn’t be possible in Europe for the rent we pay!
    5. I get to have a completely new family through my in-laws who take care of me like I’m one of their own, even though my parents are many miles away across the ocean.

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a blast and enjoy spending your time with your parents 🙂

  22. Jennifer

    I am grateful for my son Aiden:
    1. I never knew you could love another human being as much as I love him.
    2. He goes out of his way to make me laugh, and not just with gross boy stuff.
    3. I am amazed at his intellect at 9 years old.
    4. He loves to snuggle with me first thing in the morning and before he goes to bed at night
    5. He makes me cute pictures and cards to tell me he loves me

  23. I love today’s Marie TV episode. I teach the law of attraction in my intuitive coaching and I learned it from my native american heritage. We bless our food, give thanks to the animals, trees, the air, and Mother Earth.

    Marie, being grateful is a great thing. In my intuitive coaching, I make sure I get my clients to become disciplined in attracting more and better things to their lives. It’s not tedious. Both heart and mind must play with each other and the spiritual laws really anchor the goals into this world.

    Thanks so much for your video!

    Just love everything you do and your bad ass woo-woo self.

    Big hugs, you lovely lady,

    Trisha Condo

  24. Marie – today I am grateful for you.

    I’m grateful that I found you back in 2010 so I could expand my world beyond my coaching tribe.
    I’m grateful that I learned online marketing from you.
    I’m grateful that your values are alive and showing in your shows.
    I’m grateful that you have raised the bar for me to show my what’s possible.
    I’m grateful that all I’ve learned from you is resulting in $$$.

  25. My kids:
    1. They are the greatest catalyst for my spiritual growth.
    2. They allow me to experience a love like no other.
    3. They force me to get out and throw the football.
    4. They look like perfect little angels when they are sleeping.
    5. They are my motivation for becoming a better person.

    • Ingrid

      Beautiful, Kelsey. Thanks for reminding me of those. They’re all true for me too, except the football (my kid makes me go out and make movie clips with him). I call him my guru number one. Love, growth and becoming a better person, amen.

  26. Five reasons I am grateful for MarieTV:
    1.) I love the way my face instantly lights up and smiles when I see that Marie TV e-mail arrive on Tuesdays.
    2.) These TV flashes always inspire me.
    3.) I am so thankful to know that stellar people exist in this world, like Marie…and now Josh!
    4.) I love the new ideas I get from Marie TV!
    5.) I am so grateful that Marie makes success look so natural!

  27. I’m greateful for my beautiful children:
    1. Because there is nothing more beautiful in the world than their beautiful smiling faces
    2. They are always supportive, even when this means having to take care of themselves and of their meals when I’m travelling
    3. They alway try to lighten my burden, taking care of their bedrooms and of out pets (and remembering to throw the garbage sometimes 😉
    4. For the beautiful chats we have at dinner, sharing our day, problems and joys.
    5. For always speaking their minds with me, even if sometimes it hurts

    This is a wonderful tip, Marie! Thank you!

  28. I am thankful for my husband working hard at his job to bring food on the table, pay bills and support my writing career.

  29. Sofia

    Thank you for being so authentic…

  30. I’m thankful for my financial independence because I have the freedom and resources to do what I want at any time. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to work hard for what I have and now I get to enjoy myself as a result. I love that I can make responsible decisions for myself and that I’m always looking out for my future self (and family).

  31. Aaaaw Marie you are a softie after all! That was really lovely. I could do with starting gratefulness journaling. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂


  32. Good Morning, Marie…
    Thank you so much for another inspiring video and Tweetable. I am one of those who generalizes my gratitude list and the thought of detailing one gratitude will make me more appreciative of the qualities of that one item/person. Day one… I am grateful for my sister Lynne.

    1. She is my rock and my sounding board.
    2. She has brought me joy in being able to be a mother (god-mother) to her adopted daughter.
    3. She loves unconditionally and shows her husband how to be a loving spouse.
    4. She opens her arms, heart and home to others and who need a little love.
    5. She is assertive when she needs to, and a pushover when it comes to her children.
    Bonus … she is my hero.

  33. Caz

    Hi Marie,
    Its the difference between being negative & thinking you don’t have enough – lack mentality! and being grateful & honouring & reeeeaally valuing what you do have. SO ‘it’ is whatever we want to focus on.

  34. This episode was so well timed. I woke up to hear about Fergueson, MO on fire, protests all over the United States, and thinking about the challenges we face as a nation. Listening to you talk about the specifics of gratitude, Marie, made me realize that I am grateful we live in a place and a time that allows us to express ourselves, whether it be outrage or support, on the streets or on social media. Thank you. )

    • Ingrid

      Marie, this episode was so inspirational. Thank you so much. I love details so much more than the general stuff, so I’m going to have a ball with this.

      i am also thinking up a game to play with my son. Where one person calls out an object or person or whatever for the other person to list why they are grateful for this. I expect we’ll be having a lot of laughs

  35. I am so very grateful for my best friend Mothra
    1. We have been best friends since we were 14 years old and she has always been my biggest cheerleader and the voice of my conscience.
    2. Mothra is very interested in the world both geographically and current events, she always wants to know more. I love that, it inspires me.
    3. Mothra is extremely generous with her time, her food, and her love.
    4. While Mothra is pretty agnostic, she totally respects my spiritual beliefs and lives and lets live, which I in turn respect.
    5. I don’t think anybody loves me the way she does – she knows ALL of my worst secrets and loves me fiercely anyway.

    I am beyond blessed, I know many people who have friends, but not many have a friend as loyal and loving as my best friend. I LOVE THAT BROAD!

  36. Ingrid

    I’m grateful for you, Marie:

    1. For shining your inner and outer beauty in such an exemplary way, and thereby giving other women, including me, to shine too.

    2. For being such an example of kindness and strength in 1 person.

    3. Because you taught me I could Google and YouTube anything. And I thought I was googling anything. I wasn’t. This lesson has meant the world to me.

    4. For attracting such beautiful people here and within B School.

    5. For they way you pay attention to detail and beauty. It feeds my soul.

  37. Cortney

    I am grateful for you, Marie…
    #1: because you always make me laugh (and even cry w this episode)
    #2: because of your simple, honest advice
    #3: because you are the only online personality I know I have to watch…no matter what, it’ll be worth the time. It’s just that good.
    #4: because you and your team are truly an inspiring example of how to do it right
    #5: because of the constant re-minder to act from our Highest Self

    Thank you, Marie! Buon Thanksgiving!!

  38. Loved this video. I always laugh when I watch your videos. They truly make me smile from the inside out! This one, I laughed then cried. Gratitude is such a moving emotion. It’s the only emotion that I know of, that can literally make you so damn happy…YOU CRY!

    What I’m grateful for? My beloved Adam. My partner in crime for 7+ years. Why am I so grateful?

    1. He’s makes the absolute most incredible chicken pot pie & apple crisp! Simply divine!

    2. He’s my best friend through thick and thin. He supports my crazy ideas when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand what the hell I’m doing. He doesn’t need to understand, just loves & supports what floats my boat!

    3. He does all the cooking & I do the clean up. Because I’m a fundamental basic cook and loves to explore food!

    4. He’s beyond talented. Every day in his trade as a welder he builds things for other folks…On his breaks, he creates me flowers that will never wither, angels that fly through our home & practical usable things for everyday use..He truly appreciates my practical side to living.

    5. He is the most amazing snuggler. My favorite part of every morning..EVERY! Is that he never gets out of bed without rolling over, wrapping his arms around me tight and snuggling. It’s our way to start the morning.

    Coming from an un-supportive, dysfunctional family who has never been there for me or my siblings…I count my blessings that I was so fortunate to find Adam and have in my life. He is my rock, my best friend & the love of my life!

    Thank you Marie!! XO

  39. Hi Marie!

    Not to be a big ol’ suck up or anything, but I’m truly grateful for you and Team Forleo. I’m a B-School 2014 grad and the progress I’ve made in my business since Spring literally changed my life. 5 reasons I’m SO grateful for you and your team…

    1. I’m grateful that because of the financial progress my business has made since B-School, I’ve been empowered to take control of my health. I was able to pay cash for medical testing that led to a diagnosis of Lyme disease and because of the success and flexibility my business provides me, I’m able to pay for integrative treatments that have given me hope for my future for the first time in 7 years.

    2. I’m grateful that B-School helped me improve my delegation skills enough to be able to have exceptional partners helping run the business as I go through treatment – vital to our next phase of growth.

    3. I’m grateful for your funny, goofy self – giving us all permission to be ourselves.

    4. I’m grateful for the section in “Find the Right Business” that reminded me I can create whatever size business I want – that just because a business can be big doesn’t mean I have to follow where it leads. It has been invaluable as I’ve reached that awesome point of having several opportunities available to me. If I hadn’t read it, I would be taking on all of the accounts and pressuring myself to keep up. It’s incredibly liberating to choose new business wisely and not feel pressured or rushed to grow faster.

    5. I’m grateful for your courage and the example it sets for all of us – to stay the course, be patient, develop discipline and believe in our dreams.

    Love to all of you and a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  40. As unexciting as it sounds, I am grateful for the internet.

    1. The freedom of speech is exponentially amplified on this platform.
    2. I am provided a more streamlined form of connection with others.
    3. There are resources galore, allowing me to constantly better myself.
    4. I am given the opportunity to share and help others.
    5. The internet allows rapid communication to propel humanity forward.

    • and to COMBINE the last 2 comments-
      I’m grateful for Marie, B-schoolers, Marie TV AND the internet, of which there would be none of the above in my world without it.

  41. Grateful for your (TMF) Messages and Videos
    1. They are inspiring and creative
    2. I learn from them
    3. You are funny and the tips are light hearted so a nice break in my day
    4. They keep me motivated as I am run my own business
    5. They make me think of ways that I can incorporate into my own business

    Thank you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

  42. Rebecca

    This is fab! I have my pink sparkle gratitude journal and I only did the 5 things I’m grateful for, this takes it to the next level.

    My gratitude today, My Job.
    1. It’s taught me that even if you choose the “wrong” career, there is something to learn from it.
    2. My amazing leader who helped me grow.
    3. 20 year pension so I can “retire” from the “wrong” career in 4 years, 4 months, and 25 days (at the ripe age of 42!!!)
    4. Taking care of my customers and providing them with something that helps their day easier.
    5. The lesson that I’m not as tom boy as I thought I was.

    Thank you Marie. You’re wonderful and I am so grateful for what you do and put out in the world.

  43. This made me cry a lot. It’s such a sweet video. <3 you Marie!

    I am grateful for the 4 amazing years I've shared with my ex-boyfriend Mariano.
    I am grateful for his love was a gift so I could learn to heal my body and love myself more.
    I am grateful for all the adventures we were able to experienced together.
    I am grateful that through is eyes I saw the whole universe and got lost in the beauty of it.
    I am grateful that we deeply care for each other.

  44. I am grateful to have found this website, Marie, because you make me well.

    1) I love the way you speak, so honest and funny.
    2) I love the reminder you give me each week that I can suceed.
    3) I love the humor editors puts in the videos.
    4) I love to think about the thing you make me reflect.
    5) I love the things you pay attention too. And it was great to include Josh in your video! That´s about gratitude.
    I will begin my journal, thanks for this episode!!!


  45. I’m grateful for the car accident that got me to stop what I was doing aka my job as a nurse and awake and aware to the email from kris carr announcing bschool back in 2011, that week transformed my life forever because I was without a car I could devote 100%of my time and efforts to the first two weeks of bschool, met friends I still have great relationships and now a business I love!!
    2) im grateful for gabby Bernstein who told me after I asked a question about moving through fears, to “put joy in everything I do and be the light with everything I do!” I was pissed with the response but the frustration got me so down on my knees the day after when the job was at its highest stress Id ever experienced in the four years working there, that I screamed out in desperate pleae, “how do I be the light how can I bring joy in this moment?” And I got an answer, and the week later I quit my job as a nurse to pursue my dreams as an online entrepreneur known as The Divine Friend!
    3) im grateful for my husband who after I told him I would leave my job that I was sure it would be a little transition but I was confident I could do what I loved, he hugged me and said, “go for it! I support you 100%) he’s taken up double shifts so that I can focus on my business and he still finds joy in the process. I’m so in love.
    I can go on and on this is so wonderful, and Marie you had me in tears with your gratitude letter. Thank you for connecting with all of us. You’ve changed my life in these ways plus some. 1) I have real relationships that support my dreams 2) im confident that I can have a business and life I love because im living it!! And still learning 3) you make me laugh and I love everything about who you are as a person. I’m so happy to have met you live and online. Bless you sister keep rockin! And give Richard Branson a hug in nectar island. Bravo! I love you.

    • What a moving and beautiful story Deanne.Thank you for sharing that! And thank you for being the light with everything you do. So inspiring 🙂

  46. This video made me cry <3

  47. connie curtis

    I am working on mindset, grattitude everything around this because I notice this is what has been stopping me from doing the little things around my business and then getting overwhelmed. I am passionate about what I am starting my business around but my head has stopped me all this time or the experience. I am crafting a new routine. I coach people who are newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance and food allergies to guide them from surviving to thriving.

    I am grateful for my tobin. 1) He says he sorry even when its me that is over emotional and just letting the emotions drive me. 2) He makes the best pancakes any flavor 3) He makes us juice like everyday 4) He is always there to give me advice and its ok if I take it or leave it 5) He is my best friend and love of my life. We love the same things except fishing.. 🙂 Thank you this will stretch me and I also will start a journal online .. maybe off. I know everything is getting clearer and I can take more action with this and mediation. Any suggestions on mediation when you are starting out with it..

  48. Marie this is brilliant. Tried climbing on the gratitude wagon. The instruction I used said to pick 5-10 things you are grateful and be specific. This felt like punishment, not enlightenment. That said,

    I am grateful for my daughter
    1. She teaches me about love every day.
    2. She openly shares her thoughts and feelings about things happening in her life and in the world.
    3. She cares deeply about the unjustness in her school, her community and the world at large.
    4. She has a quirky sense of humor that makes me smile and laugh.
    5. She loves me to wake her in the morning with a chat and neck massage.

  49. Admittedly, i’ve been a bit of a generalist and it’s been feeling a bit ‘meh’ to say the least. Being more detailed makes a lot more sense to me – I now know what I need to do to fine-tune. Thanks Marie! 😀

  50. Loved today’s episode – thank you. I did literally exclaim “uuuggghhhhh, not journaling” as you said it, but I know you’re right for the reasons you stated. I will again endeavor to make that a consistent practice in my life. As for today’s gratitude – I am grateful for my husband John because
    – he teaches me how patience makes a huge difference in life and relationships,
    – he has shown me true forgiveness for some really bad behavior on my part which led me to be able to forgive myself (which was even harder)
    – he’s always planning and prepared – and that can sometimes drive me crazy, but I trust he has good reasons
    – he deeply loves me and is wholly committed to our marriage
    – he support my new personal and professional journey that I’m on even though it’s not the way he’d do it or feel comfortable with.

    Aaaahhh – love me some gratitude – feeling awesome typing that up!

  51. Marie, you have such a pure heart. I was so touched by your expression of gratitude. I got into the habit of gratitude journaling, but I write 5 new things I’m grateful for everyday. Like a surprise phone call from a friend or the beautiful trees that surround my office complex. It has really helped me to stop and smell the roses and not take any part of this wonderful life for granted. But I am going to try the method you talked about and see what happens. Hope you have an amazing time with your parents and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  52. amelia

    Howdy Marie!

    I want to thank you first! This episode was so genuine and I really appreciate your willingness to share your true feeling about your sweetheart. In this fast paced, be tough world, it’s not easy for us to really show how we feel. B-R-A-V-O!

    I want to tell the world why I’m so grateful for my mother.

    1. She supports me with love in everything that I do and truly believes in me.
    2. When I’m at home during holiday times, she’s always up before everyone else making coffee. She sneaks into my room with a hot cup every morning and we chat in our PJs under the covers. I am so grateful for that!
    3. She is the most loving and caring person that I know.
    4. She has taught me to be a strong and independent woman while at the same time encouraging me to not be afraid to ask for help and express myself when I need reassurance.
    5. AND FINALLY… She has the most infectious laugh and loves to sing in the car (even though it’s not always in tune!)

    Happy Thanksgiving Team Marie and everyone else who reads this!


  53. Hi Marie,
    That was beautiful! I’m grateful for you.
    -that your freely share your wisdom and insights
    -that you you are open to share all your wonderful energy as well deep and heartfelt moments
    -that you inspire me to go for my dreams
    -that Tuesday mornings I look forward to your fun, informative and quirky insights to help propel me me forward
    -that you put it out there in such an authentic way, just being YOU!
    I like this specific gratitude thing! Happy Thanksgiving!

  54. I had to stop in the middle of my walk, I was so verclemped!!

    I started welling up with tears right before you did.

    Having a daily practice of appreciation is hands-down the most life-changing thing I’ve ever encountered.

    I started making lists of positive aspects over eight years ago and going deep with gratitude really is transformative and it works!

    I always feel more plugged in to source energy and that feels amahzing.

    I’m thankful for my high school bestie I’ve known for over 20 years.
    1 She always picks up the phone when I call and is happy to hear from me even though we talk seven times a day
    2 I can relax and fully be myself around her when I’m in a good mood or bad mood
    3 She is freaking hilarious
    4 She’s always supported anything I’ve pursued over the many years of being friends
    5 She’s generous with her time, energy, money- all of it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Thanks Marie:)

    Carla xo

  55. Thank you very much indeed, Marie. You are rock! for sharing all the greatest things to make our lives really more valuable.

  56. Hi Marie and Josh, you touched my heart so deeply by showing your sensitivity in this video, that I welled right up with you (pancakes, please, teehee!). The closeness between the two of you is so tangible, and I am grateful that you are modeling that. Seeing you in your grateful truth let me connect to you on a whole new level and mirrored the beauty of ‘being emotional’ (= being alive and being open, vulnerable, and connected!). ‘Being there with you’, seeing you give yourself permission to BE in your GIFT of sensitivity, gives me and others permission to open up more, too, and not be afraid to ‘have to be all pro and no sense’, but BOTH. This, I am grateful for, too. I also am grateful for the “Miracle Smoothie”. Please, write a book with that title, can’t wait to read it.

    Grateful for you and for Josh making you LAUGH, because that keeps YOU happy and going for us (thanks, Josh!).

    Grateful for your team, the techies, the happy-fiers, the community guuurls’n’guys, and all your extremely inspiring guests and question-senders, who ask the questions that we wouldn’t know we had 😉


    Also, obviously for so much of what is in my own life, the LOVE and the LEARNING alike.

    with chocolate cradles and coconut crumbs,
    (for the pancakes)
    oxo Tanya

  57. I’m grateful for my husband Joe,
    1- who through my three tours in cancer-land has been steadfast, found humor in humorless moments, and made me laugh when laughing hurt but felt so good.
    2- Joe, who brings me proper English tea and biscuits,
    3- makes me calm down when I get overly stressed
    4- and who constantly, and for whatever reason thinks I’m beautiful.
    5- And for Joe who loves nothing more than to make my dreams of travel, a home with a water view, writing time, and so much more, come true. I’m so grateful to be alive and to be alive in a world with Joe by my side for however long that time may be, I’m grateful. Mindy halleck

  58. I LOVE Thanksgiving too! Definitely my favorite holiday!!

    I am so thankful for my business partner Corey.

    1) Because of him, I have my dream career and we are growing every year and loving it!
    2) He is the first man that has ever made me feel like he has my back always, no matter what, and for this, I can always tell him anything, no matter how bad I think it is.
    3) He makes a killer breakfast burrito. I love breakfast burritos!! Sometimes he surprises me and brings one into the office for me.
    4) He inspires me to be better at things that matter to me. He inspires me to learn new things and challenge myself. He does this by making me feel like I’m unstoppable and can accomplish anything I put my mind to.
    5) He is my best friend and makes me laugh like no one else. This should probably be #1. : )

  59. Marie, what a great adjustment to the gratitude listing. It really does make one take the time to think about why. And if you are sharing gratitude with a person or people, it helps them know specifically what is appreciated and valued. I’ve done a few like this now and it’s kind-a-cool.

    So I dedicate this to you. Why I have gratitude for Marie Forleo?
    1. You share your wisdom freely
    2. You are a giving person
    3. You help me think smart
    4. You help me laugh
    5. You are in general pleasing to listen to and watch

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.



  60. Marie, this is an amazing way to practice gratitude!
    I am so grateful for my good friend Greg!
    Because he kicks my butt when it’s needed.
    Because he knows my quirks and still treats me with respect.
    Because of his endless support.
    Because he provides clarity when I’m unclear.
    Because he is an incredible Reki practitioner.
    He is AWESOME!

    • Ashley

      So cute 🙂

  61. Hi Marie and Josh,

    PS I forgot: I’m grateful for your parents having said YES, because I love that it made you happy. It also reminds me to be even more grateful for my own parents. oxo Tanya

  62. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for an awesome channel! Can say with honesty that I am grateful for your encouragement 🙂

    The thing I want to single out is: that I am grateful for my willpower. It has given me a life full of experience, gratitude and loving people. It has given me a job that I enjoy, I am beginning a life as an entrepreneur because of my willpower and it helps me solve so many problems because I genuinely WANT 🙂 To me will is important in life and I am gratefull for having willpower.

    Thanks again for your TV channel og happy Thanksgiving!


  63. Marie!

    Love it and I especially LOVE that you get all (what I like to call) emolo<3
    You're speaking my language when you're not afraid to show a little emotion from the heart.

    Gratitude is such a huge part of my practice and my work and I wholeheartedly agree that it's in the details…that we must allow ourselves the details so we can actually marinate in our gratitude…really feel it in our bodies and our soul.

    Ok so here it goes:

    I'm grateful for my husband
    because he truly believes in me..he actually said the other day "I am your number 1 champion"
    because he makes me feel really loved and almost daily says something like "hey beautiful" or "there she is"
    because he is a Master spooner
    because he is grateful for me
    because he makes me laugh a ridiculous amount and loves to have fun
    because he keeps me rooted and real so I don't float up to the clouds never to return
    because he knows the perfect spot on my neck to kiss:)


  64. That was so beautiful, I love having a fresh take on how to give and show gratitude because you’re right, feeling is different than listing. I love seeing you get choked up about Josh 🙂

    I am grateful for my husband, Peter. We’ve been married for 6 months, and this couldn’t have come at a better time after being slightly upset with each other last night.

    1. Peter brings me tea or hot water with lemon every single morning.

    2. While I do most of the cooking, he always cleans up and even gets up early to finish cleaning the kitchen.

    3. Like me, he is a total dog lover and never stops cuddling both me and our two dogs.

    4. He’s been endlessly supportive on my entrepreneurial journey.

    5. He pushes me to be more of myself, think bigger and have more confidence. Overall he just wants me to be happy.


  65. I am grateful that essential oils were introduced to me over a year ago. Here’s why:
    1. I used to struggle with sarcoidosis. Now I thrive with sarcoidosis.
    2. Essential oils support me emotionally.
    3. Essential oils support me spritually.
    4. I have a new vocation~ from psychotherapist to aromatherapist!
    5. Abundance in all ways…including a community of like-minded people!

  66. Lucy Beiler

    Here’s to the power of details.
    My gratitude and deep appreciation for my friend Kelly.
    ~She always listens with full acceptance of what I have to say.
    ~She prompts me to find my own answers by asking me questions rather than telling me what to do.
    ~For her absolute certainty that everything will be fine.
    ~For her laugh out loud sense of humour that cuts through any seriousness that I get stuck in
    ~For our impromptu dinners that nourish us both, mindbodysoul.


  67. Great episode, Marie!

    I woke in such a grumpy and sour mood, feeling resentful for the work I had to do today on my company that would most likely not be appreciated. I watched this and was still pretty grouchy. I decided I didn’t care that you said to write it down because I was not in the mood. I thought about IF I were to write it down, what would I write about… I sulked some more. Then I decided that all my work I generated today would have a dash of loving energy if I just took to time and got centered and listened! So, thank you! My mood is slowly lifting with the writing of each word.

    I am so grateful for my partner, Alana. Here is why:

    1. She is the most fun human ever. I have never been more inclined to be silly and show my quirkiness as I do when I am with her.

    2. She is wonderful to co-parent our daughter Gray with. She always knows when to be the soft hand when I start to harden, and vice versa.

    3. She takes feedback like a champ! I can express my experience of her and she can immediately stop, take stock, and correct – all in a matter of seconds… no ego here!

    4. She is so talented and athletic and funny and clever and kind and artistic and and and… her attributes are so overwhelming, I cannot believe all those gifts got packed in such a little human!

    5. The passion and romance in our relationship is soul shaking! Historically, I have shy-ed away from vulnerability, seeing it as a weakness. With her, I cannot lean into it enough. The connection that comes from exposing my scariest, most secret bits; it is insane! I crave it. My heart and capacity for giving and receiving love has grown by 10000% since she walked into my life.

    I am so grateful – there is nothing that doesn’t feel trite to try to articulate my feelings for her. I am so glad I get to spend my life with this amazing and beautiful woman. This makes my heart sing that our daughter gets to see this demonstration of love and commitment between her moms. Such a gift.

    Thank you, Marie for this reminder of gratitude journalling! I feel so much better and I am ready to hit the ground running so I can touch, move and inspire my clients and my team today!!


  68. julie naquin

    where do i even start? i have been working on focusing on all of the good in my life and there really is A LOT!!! My husband has even admitted that he has never seen someone get the short end of the stick as much as I do, so it isnt just me thinking I’m unlucky or whatever… someone else sees it too, but in spite of it all, I have been REALLY trying to just say yeah this happened but you know what – there are still ppl out there dealing with something way worse. i mean i see it everyday on FB posts… death, illness, lost job, on and on… someone always has it worse. i dont think i could get fatigue thinking of all the things i am grateful for bc i realize something new just about every day – even as simple as waking up. not everyone does…

    life is short. relish every second of it!

  69. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you Marie from Canada!

    Words of wisdom that profoundly changed my perception were these.

    I am not grateful because I am happy, I am happy because I am grateful.

    This for me is the secret to happiness.

    Catherine Meyers

  70. Marie,
    Thank you for this wisdom. I love that you learn something and not only do you adopt it into your own life, but you generously share.
    I started keeping a gratitude journal with 5 things listed every day. My experience was similar to yours – it just didn’t feel deep enough. At the suggestion of a Tony Robbins coach, here is what I added and it has changed everything:
    1) I still list the 5 things I am grateful for, but I write one sentence after each explaining why
    2) After I write them all down, I breathe deeply and hold my hand over my heart and just feel them. It’s like this gratitude in my heart wells up and out, spilling out into the world.
    Grateful for you and the community of women you inspire and mobilize to make the world a better place.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Ps. I love mashed potatoes too – did you ever make a well on the top for the gravy and then break the dam?

    • That’s a great tip, Carmel, about letting the gratitude well up in your heart and spill out into the world. I’ll add that to my daily gratitude practice! 🙂


  71. Kim

    Great idea to list 5 specific things! I am grateful for so much, but want to shout out to my furry friends who bring so much joy to my life. I am grateful for my orange cat Justin.

    1. He makes me smile any time, any day, no matter what is happening.
    2. He radiates enthusiasm. He doesn’t walk to do things, he RUNS.
    3. He curls up next to me to sleep and purrs loudly.
    4. He came into my life unexpectedly and made me think I was rescuing him, when it was the other way around.
    5. He is better than TV—my kids love to watch him wrestle with his cat bro Tiggy and bully the dog.

  72. I’m grateful for my cat, Merlin because:

    1) for 18.5 years, he has been my trustworthy sidekick, love of my life, and been proof that my own capacity to love another being can and has only grown stronger every single day of every single year that he’s been in my life (and, I believe, vice versa).
    2) he has been my anchor, stabilizing rock, (for all these years!)- a completely literal lifesaver, as he came into my life at a very, precarious and unstable time. Merlin, you have given me purpose and responsibility and love and have both literally and figuratively saved my life.
    3) Merlin is the inspiration behind my stories/art projects/business ventures, including: “Mister Merlin’s Magical Headquarters,” “merlin’s workshop/The workshop,” “Merlin & Me”, the goggles and velocipede, traveling gypsies and circus sideshows, al catpone, and his thuggish yet refined love of Hennessy, to name just a few….
    4) he sleeps on my pillow (or face or belly or nestled in the crook of my arm) every single night. (he used to sleep curled up behind knees, in the depths of sleeping bags when we were “on the road” and from the first night he was ever with me, in a park in Eugene Oregon, continuing thru now, nearly 19 years later, he has ways and still lets me fall asleep while holding onto his tail. I am grateful for his comforting warmth and closeness and companionship. And love that he used to fall asleep with me, no matter what time of day or night I chose to sleep, when life was precarious and sleep schedules uncertain.
    5) I’m grateful for the “mer mers” (murmurs), the stop and start purrbox that took years to develop, the shredded ear from decades of fighting and the inside out “good ear.” Merlin, you’ve got buttloads of character and sweet gentle warmth underneath your retired ninja exterior. Thank you for being in my life. I love you.

    Okay, maybe that was kind of more than 5, but this is a great exercise. Thank you for sharing the tips, Marie! Grateful for divinely detailed gratitude journaling tips….

  73. I am grateful for the life I live!
    1. To be able to travel all over the world and meet so many wonderful people
    2. To have a healthy body that I really love taking care of
    3. For my family and the close bond I have with my brother, sisters, nieces, sons etc…
    4. To be able to create an income just being me and people appreciating my unique gifts! (that is so humbling!)
    5. For the beauty that surrounds me

  74. Hi Marie – this was such a great episode! I love how vulnerable you were and says alot about the person you are – which is inspiring and amazing! Thank you for sharing.

    I am grateful for my apartment:
    1. It provides a peaceful place for me to unwind from a long day.
    2. It has a walk in closet and washer dryer inside – I have always wanted those…score!
    3. It has a cumfy bed.
    4. It has a great energy that is nurturing and home-y that I love love love. I have never has an apartment like it!
    5. It is close to so many things I love to do.

    Brandy xo

  75. Marie, Thank you!!! I love this so much. Katie xx

  76. I am grateful for alopecia universalis – an autoimmune disorder that attacks a body’s own hair follicles causing all body hair to fall out and prevents it from regrowing. It has been and continues to be an amazing blessing. Here’s why:

    1. I don’t need hair to be happy and confident in my life.

    2. I no longer hide under hot, itchy wigs to feel acceptable.

    3. Alopecia gave me the impetus to reach out to other women struggling with the emotional and social impacts of female hair loss in our hair obsessed society.

    4. Twenty-five women shared their stories of grief to triumph by responding to a questionnaire which I reworked into Boldly Bald Women, a survival guide for women facing hair loss that became an Amazon Best Seller.

    5. Alopecia has given me a new life calling to educate and support women trying to cope with hair loss of any kind, from any cause, and has given me courage to invest in myself with education and coaching in order to increase my reach to more and more women to offer them comfort and hope.

  77. I am so grateful that I sat down and opened up my emails this morning.
    1. There was your email on being Grateful and how to get more bang for your buck by only having 1 topic but 5 reasons why you are grateful regarding your topic. I learned a lot by opening that email from you! I think it’s a terrific idea and I’m trying it out right NOW !
    2. I was going to call today to find out if I was involved in an upcoming event and there was an email from them, advising the status of my application and saving me time. Perhaps the time it took to watch your tv show!
    3. I found a survey from an important group I’m involved in and I was happy to take the survey as I know the feedback is important to them and myself.
    4. I found a new order from a satisfied customer who wanted more of my organic shampoo bars!!
    5. I discovered I had a conflict of appointment as I had a reminder from my ND and the day I was last there I had left my cell phone at home and I keep telling myself ‘they’ll send me a reminder so it’s ok…it’s coming one day soon’ It is soon! And it’s the same day I am out of town visiting a client. I was able to contact the clinic and reschedule. The new appointment is in my calendar on my phone. phew So glad I looked at my emails first thing this morning

  78. So now I totally want Josh’s pancake recipe. 🙂

    For me, I’m grateful for So many people and things, it’s hard to choose. I’ve really been blessed despite the rough times. In that respect, I’d have to say that I’m grateful for my positive outlook on life. It’s helped me see that there’s always someone worse off than me. It’s helped me stay the course when things were really tough and didn’t look do-able. It’s helped me connect with great (and somewhat famous) people that otherwise probably wouldn’t have given me the time of day. It’s been an authentic blessing to others when THEY were feeling down. It’s one of the hallmarks of my “great personality” that so many people have commented on over the years.

    Another great thing about writing things down is the “body memory” that it creates. When you can connect your thinking to your physical body, you learn things deeper and experience them more richly. Like writing down your goals, it makes things more effective and transformative.

  79. I am so grateful that David and I get to take our three kids to California for Thanksgiving this year!
    1. Alexis, Zoe, and Maya are getting to meet their cousins Madeline, Penelope, Maya, Alina, and Jeremy (among others) and they’ll remember this first visit forever.
    2. They got to see the sunrise over the clouds on our flight from Rochester to chicago.
    3. They are going to get to see the ocean for the first time.
    4. We get to all relax and not have to follow a strict schedule. We can even take naps in the middle of the day if we want to!
    5. My girls will get to see (and in some cases meet for the first time) my best friends out here: Shira, Cathy, and Michelle.
    6. I’ll get to show them San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe we’ll even see the house I grew up in!

  80. I am grateful for my children:
    1. They opened my life to new meaning
    2. They make me laugh daily
    3. They inspire me to BE REAL
    4. They love to hug and snuggle
    5. They live their truth and follow their hearts

  81. I am grateful for my job because
    1. I have the freedom to be flexible with my schedule
    2. I have a supervisor who really cares (p.s. she’s a nurse!)
    3. I have caring and nice co-workers
    4. I get the chance to help make a difference in peoples lives
    5. I get to learn more each day and add to my resume

  82. Taralyn

    I am grateful for my daughter, Gabby. I’ve learned more about myself during the last 10 years as her mother than almost the entire other 26 combined! She is totally committed to every corny joke she makes and laughs her butt off even when nobody else gets it. She reminds me how important compassion and forgiveness are. Her enthusiasm is infectious. And she loves me just for being her mom.

  83. Too adorable for words, Marie!
    I so love your weekly Marie TV.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  84. You and Josh are so sweet, Marie. <3 <3

    I'm grateful for my 3 children because:

    1. They aren't cynical about the world
    2. They always quick to forgive my crazy mom moments
    3. They help me think less about me, me, me
    4. Their "wrestle on top of mom" moments mean I get a great back/leg massage 🙂
    5. They make me hopeful for our future

  85. Marie,
    That was an absolutely fabulous video today!
    I think you hit the nail on the head. Most people don’t know how to do a gratitude journal properly. You explained it so well.
    You had me tearing up – because you just proved the point how effective/powerful being detailed about what you are grateful for is. When you said you were grateful for Josh. Nothing really until you started listing why you were grateful for him. Soon as you started listing the details of why, you started to get emotional (me to by the way – group women cry!)
    It is the emotions with the gratitude that propel us to a full, happy and abundant life, sooner than we can imagine. And that is the power of proper gratitude journaling.

    This episode totally rocked!!


  86. Thank you so much for this Marie! I have had a regular gratitude practice since the 90’s and it has gone through several manifestations over the years. Most recently I have been making them public on Social Media and tagging people to comment their gratitude. But it has started to feel a bit meh, or like an obligation. This idea is just the gratitude jump start I needed. I’m going out to buy myself the adorable polka dot journal I saw the other day, and a purple pen today!

  87. In 2010 I was diagnosed w/ Diabetes Type II. Here’s why it was a blessinga and 5 reasons I am grateful…

    – Kicked my butt to get into action and take back my health
    – Set me on a course to discover how I could reverse it holistically
    – Motivated and inspired me to teach this to others
    – Transformed my health and reversed Diabetes Type II
    – Now 10,000 words into my first book

    Thanks Marie!
    Happy TG all…

  88. I love the way you got emotional when you were reading about the reasons you love Josh – because he’s always the first to say he’s sorry.

    I’m grateful for these Tuesday videos/newsletters because:
    1. They feed my mind positive, useful and entertaining things that directly (and indirectly) improve my quality of life.
    2. They remind me that I’m not alone and have a beautiful, powerful, graceful role model to help guide me.
    3. They make me smile and laugh which I otherwise don’t do enough of.
    4. They provide me with something to share with others.
    5. They cue me to pause, listen, learn, reflect and appreciate the gift of connection (albeit virtual).

  89. Thank you Marie! That was perfect! This morning (before I even watched this) I wrote a blog called “Giving Thanks Beyond What is Easy…” Read it here:

    When I sat down to write I had no idea what I was going to say… In the end I was in tears and truly thankful. So I guess that proves that a gratitude journal works!

  90. Rikki

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, loved seeing the vulnerable side of you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.
    Please share Josh’s recipe for those incredible sounding pancakes!!!

  91. This was a great video, thank you!!! I started practicing gratitude about a year ago and no exaggeration when I say it’s changed my life!! I wasn’t unhappy before but I now feel I have a really deep level of contentment in my life because of it.

    I’m grateful for B school!
    I won a scholarship!!! So grateful for this 🙂
    It’s taken me on an amazing journey of self discovery
    I’ve made lots of amazing new connections and friends through it
    I’ve learnt a phenomenal amounts of stuff
    It’s spurred me into action with my business!
    I’m so grateful I can re-take it and keep on evolving and growing!

    Thank you Marie and everyone on the team 🙂

  92. As I was leaving the grocery store last night, I noticed the crescent moon and felt a moment of gratitude. Why?
    ~ I witnessed a moment of unexpected beauty.
    ~ I noticed the deep blueness of the sky.
    ~ It invoked something deep inside, almost, but not quite forgotten.
    ~ It gave me the gift of inspiration.
    ~ It gave me the opportunity to share this with you.

  93. Cat

    Thanks, Marie, for helping to shift me out of negative thinking! It’s so easy for me to focus on all the things that annoy me about my husband, but when I just wrote five reasons why I’m grateful for him, well, wow. He’s pretty caring, thoughtful and giving, and I see how I get to CHOOSE to appreciate all that’s great about him or focus on what I don’t like, and frankly, appreciating makes me feel much better than resenting… all warm and fuzzy inside now 🙂

  94. Good morning Marie!!

    This is exactly what I needed today. I am working on my program for women today and I am eyeballs deep in notes, and websites and all that jazz.

    The ONE person who has always believed in me and stood by me, behind me and beside me….I am SO GRATEFUL for her!

    Today, I am grateful for my Mom, Heather.
    1. She will go on any crazy adventure I ask her to, no matter what. She knows that every single moment with me is going to push her buttons, and she STILL shows up!
    2. My mom is my biggest fan and cheerleader. She believes in me. Not just because she’s my mom, she really truly deeply believes in me. So much so that she is willing to do what it takes to rally my dreams.
    3. She buys me groceries when I’m down to my last nickel.
    4. She helps me out by watching my kids, helping get dinner made and on the table when I’m working like a crazy person, she bends over backwards to help me find time to work on my dream
    5. She is my best friend. I can tell her anything and everything and she listens with an open heart and loves me no matter what.

    I love you MOM!!!

  95. Thank you so much, Marie!
    I am so grateful for your videos because:
    – they make me more optimistic;
    – I always learn something from you;
    – they make me laughing;
    – they are sparkling positive energy!
    Vera 🙂

  96. OMG Marie, what a great video! You made me teary…ok here I go.

    I am grateful for the man of my life Ben for
    1/ taking me back in his life when I hurt him so much in the past.
    2/Treating my children as his very own and being a true male role model for them
    3/ Supporting me in my business and being my best critic
    4/Being so honest with me even and mostly when it stings
    5/His generosity

    I will be added this trick to my gratitude practice and getting the book too! Thanks Marie

  97. Gary Conder

    I’m grateful for many things but most specifically:
    1) I had the wisdom to start a business long ago that has built up.
    2) this business will help me retire early and comfortably..
    3) this business will give me freedom to do what I want
    4) this business will give me the financial freedom to leave my corporate job
    5) this business has allowed me to meet and help people in ways that I couldn’t have imagined.
    6) As the song goes ‘I did it my way’…

  98. Yolande Rogers

    Yep…I am a lazy ‘gratitudist’…the 5 point method with some general paragraphs thrown in between. I actually like details and don’t not know why I never thought to try this. I am grateful for this episode because:
    1) It has reminded me of my lack lustre attempts at gratitude
    2) I like details
    3) I believe it will help me to move from my ‘stuck-in-a-rut’ mentality.
    4) This method takes more thought therefore generating real feeling
    and finally…
    5) Seeing you and Josh put a tear of joy in my eye. Warms my heart to see genuine love and friendship.
    Thanks for the wake-up!

  99. I love this! So grateful!! K-here goes.

    I am thankful for the sound of my youngest daughter’s sweet voice when she leaves me a phone message.

    I am grateful for my oldest daughter’s constant twirling and her “oops” shriek when she always collapses on the floor afterward.

    I am grateful for my husband when he always brings me a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day.

    I am grateful both my parents leave me an “out-of-tune” happy birthday song each year on the phone.

    I am grateful for the smell of the native canyon brush the morning after it rains when I am hiking.

    Deep breath. Writing these out these details, I feel that much lighter than I was just a few moments ago.

    What a lovely gift. Thank you, Marie. I will be sharing this insight again and again. Have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

    P.S. I will be trying that pancake combo this morning for my kids. Thanks, Josh!

  100. I just posted an Attitude of Gratitude blog post today challenging not only myself, but my readers to have gratitude daily. Not just at Thanksgiving. And I shared my own list as well. Will be getting more & more specific with my list cuz I love me some positive living.

    Thanks for sharing your list! And girl, you made me tear up! Enjoy your family & Happy Thanksgiving!

  101. I’ve been a subscriber for a while and this is my first comment. I wanted you to know that I’m grateful for you, Marie because you remind me:
    1. to have joy in the journey and DANCE.
    2. to find laughter and light when things seem a bit dark.
    3. to give fearlessly and generously.
    5. to respect my strength.
    6. and to be an encourager in a sea of critics.

  102. Thanks Marie for sharing. I always feel so inspired by your work and your right: gratitude opens the heart.
    Mom has cancer and has developed, over the past few days, major complications to her treatments. Now seems like a great time to be specific to why I’m so grateful to her.
    1. Mom always has at heart everyone’s wellbeing, even when she’s not well (are you eating, have you slept well, are you ok she asks?)
    2. Mom always encourages me in all my projects.
    3. Mom defends me whenever she feels I’m threatened.
    4. Mom encourages me to stand up for my rights.
    5. Mom is always there for me.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  103. A year ago I started my own business, and it has been one of the most challenging years of my life. It can be easy to fall into a downward spiral when you are hitting a wall or going through a rough patch. It’s remembering why I want to do this and why I’m grateful that I’m able to push through! But I often do the lazy gratitude method, so I’m excited to try this out and see how it works for me. Top 5 reasons I’m grateful for my business:

    1) It allows for amazing flexibility. While I can’t always just shut down for a few days, I can work anywhere with wifi and that makes finding time to travel or spend extra time with friends and family easy.
    2) It is empowering in ways I never imagined. I love the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that my achievements (or pitfalls) are my own.
    3) I come from a family with an entrepreneurial spirit, and it makes them so proud to see me trying it myself. That makes me very happy.
    4) I can choose what processes work for me and what doesn’t. I’m not tied to a schedule or routine set forth by someone else. If I need more sleep, I make time for it; if I can power through for more hours, I do. Other than making sure my client’s are satisfied with my timing, I create daily routines around my best interests and health.
    5) It allows me to be creative daily. I’m in the travel industry, which is creative in and of itself, but in my own practice I am challenged daily to think of new and innovative ways to best tackle the problems I encounter.

  104. Man, I feel like I want to talk about at least five people I’m grateful for right now… I’ll do my aunt since I don’t think I appreciate her enough for what she’s done for me.

    1. She has outstanding morals and sticks to her guns to follow them, and to be a good person. She’s always the first to reach out to help when someone needs it despite being one of the busiest ladies I know. That really inspires me.

    2. My aunt supports each and every one of her nieces and nephews (all 17 of us), no matter what. I feel like she’s the “cool” aunt because she knows each of us so well.

    3. I love that when she sings “A whole new world,” she sounds almost like Patti LaBelle. She’s not an amazing singer, but I’ve always loved that she sings anyway. That’s just one song I think she does well, haha.

    4. I’m grateful for the opportunities she’s given me professionally, from telling me about a business camp for high schoolers to helping me get my first “big girl,” full-time job.

    5. I’m grateful for the fact that she waited 40 years until she found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I know her dating life was rough, but her class and now insane amount of love she has for her husband really sets a great example for me.

    6. And, because I’m not done, I’m grateful for her for being like a big sister to me and always being there, helping me through whatever struggles I’ve had. Somehow she’s the one that usually ends up helping even if I didn’t want her too at the time.

    Now I want to write letters to people I’m grateful for… Haha! Thanks Marie! Love this post and video!

  105. Sheena

    Loved this episode. Gratitude can change your entire life. And you and Josh are so cute, by the way.

  106. PJ

    Thank you for this. My life is constantly filled with gratitude, but to write it down in so many important words has been gratitude in itself.

    I am grateful for my home in the mountains…
    I can go outside and spin in a circle and see snow topped mountains at
    every degree.
    I love the snow and how clean everything looks. And unlike the other seasons, there is no bouquet in the winter. No smell in the air is beauty in itself.
    Encountering a variety of wildlife as an everyday occurrence is so rewarding. A moose drinking from the wetlands, a fox playing with her kids, a bear struggling to get in to the trash bin, a coyote in the early dawn light, deer grazing in the woods, a mouse scurrying for cover in the rocks, chipmunks begging for food on our hikes, porcupine’s quill sound as it
    waddles away, the raccoons that scare me when discovered in the dumpster and don’t forget all the dogs! May not be wild, but they are here in great number.
    I love the fact that everyday offers a new and exciting view of the world.
    A the very best is…I never sweat for no reason. Zero humidity.

  107. I am grateful to my parents for:
    giving me 5 amazingly fun and funny siblings
    letting us not have our own bedrooms – we had to share everything
    giving me a childhood so that I can sort of act like an adult now
    giving us all a love for learning
    giving us unconditional love to this day

  108. Sue

    I am grateful for a recent and temporary move because

    1. I am now living in an extremely loving environment that is full of color and beauty and support and it feels so good!
    2. this feels like a giant step in the right direction for my dreams to unfold and
    3. to help me practice living the life I want to live
    4. I am living with an amazing and supportive person who believes in me and my dreams
    5. and the view is outstanding and my cats and I are super comfy and loved here. Thank you!

  109. HollyMack

    So many gratefuls from which to choose. Marie, how about you get a little love today?

    I am grateful for Marie Forleo and her work because:
    1. She provide an example of the following formula to me: real joy + real work = a better world and a better me
    2. She reminds me I can’t be loved by everyone and not everyone will want or need what I offer
    3. She exemplifies the goofiness inserted in the seriousness that is endemic to my personality
    4. She cites her sources! She gives credit to others as is ethical and appropriate; thus, enhancing her own credibility as a good researcher, well read and generous
    5. She exemplifies the value that business can do the right thing–be ethical, do something of value, and give back

    Ok, I’m not usually such a suck-up; in all seriousness, you give of yourself and I am grateful.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you–enjoy your parents!

  110. Kirstin

    I am grateful for my stepson Jonny.

    1) He has such a beautiful heart that he shares with me and others every day.
    2) He is forgiving and kind even when I make a silly parenting mistake or I overreact.
    3) He has a wonderful contagious smile and laugh that light up his whole face.
    4) He has always been respectful towards me, which you don’t always find in a stepparent stepchild relationship.
    5) He teaches me something new every day.

  111. I am grateful to you Marie … I feel like I know you!
    1. Love and grateful for your energy and enthusiasm that comes thru
    2. Love that you are professional and playful at the same time
    3. Love how you operate from your heart
    4 Love how you provide intelligent, easy to utilize information on multitude of topics
    5. Love and grateful that you keep the topics short but powerful
    Grateful and Thankful to YOU!

  112. Marie (and you other fabulous ladies), if you want to really step up your gratitude game, try this: give thanks for the things that at first glance you really aren’t grateful for. Example: I am so thankful for the mistakes I’ve made in my business because they’ve helped me learn! I’m so thankful for “difficult” clients because they motivate me to improve my skills especially in communication. And I’m so thankful for my control-freak grandfather because he reminds me of the lineage that I come from and why I want to practice doing things differently.

    • amazing thank you so much!!! so powerful

  113. Priscilla

    Thank you for the inspiration. I had no idea I could “do gratitude wrong”. Lo and behold, I was, lol! So let me try again:
    I am grateful for my “sisters” because:
    1) Although my man is incredible and amazingly supportive, it is with my girlfriends that I have been able to grow spiritually and emotionally at an exponential rate, especially this past year.
    2) I can tell them ANYTHING and never fear judgement in return.
    3) They support me in ways I didn’t even know I needed to be supported.
    4) They teach me more about myself, by seeing the beauty and lessons where I only saw flaws and mistakes.
    5) I learn so much by listening to their stories and growing along with them.

    Thank you Marie and your amazing Team for this and all your delightfully insightful episodes. Thank you to the audience who shares their gratitude and insight, and I wish you ALL a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you so much Marie for sharing your vision and inspiring so many. YEP I had a little tear in my eye as you were sharing your gratitude list.
      So here’s mine.
      I am so grateful for my amazing husband Ray St. Germain because:
      1) so many years ago I fell in love with his wonderful singing voice and the way he connects and moves the emotions of his audience when he performs.
      2) he always brings me a Tim’s Coffee with 2 shots of vanilla bean and sometimes wraps a $20 bill around it if he’s won at the slot machine (on his way to Tim’s to get my coffee)
      3) he makes me laugh every day, because he’s just that funny and I LOVE seeing his dimples when he smiles at me.
      4) he is my greatest supporter of my business adventures and pretends to be interested in everything I do, even when he has no idea what I’m talking about.
      5) he is the love of my life, my best friend and a wonderful role model for our children and grandchildren. I love you Honey.
      Your grateful wife of over 38 years, Glory

  114. Marie- I am grateful to you because:
    I have enjoyed your amazing advice for about a year…
    You are so funny!!Original and totally unique and authentic!
    You take so many risks in every way. You really put yourself and your vulnerability out there.. You get so real with us! You really are not like anyone else. I have learned so much from your content and enjoy watching and being inspired by your ability to be so well rounded spiritually, mentally, physically,emotionally etc. Thank you for being you! Love Holly
    Love Holly

  115. Marie I loved this video!!!
    You were so authentic and vulnerable showing us a more intimate part of you life! thanks 🙂

    Gratitude : Marie forleo
    1. Im grateful for Marie because she makes me laugh so hard I forget Im “working”.
    2.Im grateful for all the useful information she provides that I can easily apply in my life and buissness
    3. Im grateful because ITS FREE 😀 super cool
    4. Im grateful because everything is pretty i love the design and decoration of the studio
    5. Im grateful for her team because they seem fun to work with
    6. Im grateful because her energy its inspiring, loving, fun and authentic


    Lilo from mexico <3

  116. Lina Cerveira

    That was such a sweet post! Thank you for that!

  117. Giovanna

    Hi Marie,
    Gratitude has changed my life completely and was happy to see this as your topic. You are inspiration 🙂 I am grateful for tons of stuff, family and friends, but it all starts here for me….

    I am grateful for my faith in God……
    1. I am able to give him the “heavy” stuff so I can move forward
    2. Knowing that I can turn to Him anytime
    3. I can always find ways to strengthen my faith
    4. It’s never too late to learn more about my faith
    5. When I learn to listen, He answers my prayers
    Thank you for this beautiful exercise!
    Enjoy your parents 🙂


  118. Celeste

    That was SOOOO sweet. You guys are so lucky to have each other <3 🙂

  119. Thanks for the great advice on how to be more specific with expressing your gratitude daily. Here are five reasons why I am grateful to have my loving wife in my life:
    – She believes in me even when my confidence is lacking.
    – She has a great sense of adventure and is always looking for new things to try.
    – She has an infectious positive attitude.
    – She is still my best friend after 20+ years.
    – She maintains her wacky sense of humor at all times.

  120. su

    beautiful marie! I had tears before yours arrived. i so get this. thank you!

  121. Colleen

    Even though I’m tired of it and desperately want a career change, I am grateful for my current job because:
    1. It provides me with the flexibility to be available for my family, especially spending time with my son.
    2. It leaves me with energy to take action on the details of that career change (B School, here I come!)
    3. I get to solve technical problems and contribute to the morale of a really great company.
    4. It provides me with opportunities to learn lessons in the art of relationships.
    5. It has provided my family with a stable source of income for over eight years.
    Ooooo, i can’t stop…
    I am grateful for my sweetheart of a husband because:
    1. He makes me lattes with milk foam hearts every weekend.
    2. It is so very important to him to provide for his family.
    3. He makes beautiful furniture as a hobby.
    4. He tells me he loves me several time a day – every day.
    5. He is so very authentic.

    Thank you Marie and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  122. Mandy

    A really lovely message today Marie. I don’t ever comment on the net but today your sweetness, simplicity and energy were special. I now know what I am going to give my loved ones for Xmas as presents this year. The specifics are important.
    With much gratitude,

  123. This is such a good twist on the gratitude journal. I recommend this to my clients a lot and some just get burnt out on list 3-5 things. So I’m going to recommend this different way to do their journal.

    Thanks and happy Thanksgiving.

    I’m grateful for Marie Forleo
    1. her great videos
    2. her inspiration
    3. her fabulous style
    4. role model
    5. her humor

  124. Heather

    Thank you for this episode, Marie. I’ve started watching your videos just shy of 3 months ago and they have helped me get on my game and take positive action in my life. So in the spirit of this episode, I am going to write five reasons why I am grateful for the work that you do and share with the world:

    1. Q & A Tuesdays often contain questions that are fresh on my mind and it is so helpful to learn an intelligent answer that is straightforward and easy to take immediate action on that yields long term habits and results.

    2. I enjoy your professionalism and at the same time, quirky sense of humor that makes me laugh and always brightens my day.

    3. Your videos help me connect with a community of people who are like- minded and doing wonderful things in the world.

    4. Watching your videos, reading copyright emails, etc. always help me remember how to get in touch with and/or stay true to my dreams and aspirations.

    5. Implementing the tips and tweatables into my daily life, help me stay on my game and as a result I’ve experienced the fruit that they bear in my life. Whether this “fruit” is a positive, constructive interaction with a challenging situation or a financially positive experience in my practice, I am reminded that I can do it, meaning that I can fulfill and live my dreams.

    Thank you, Marie for all that you do and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your staff!

  125. I am a big picture gal so this was much needed and I rather like the idea of concentrating one one thing and noticing and then writing all of them down. Really concentrates the mind and the heart. So many great beautiful comments below and its a real pleasure to read through them. Am going to buy me a new Gratitude journalling Journal. I like the way this is going. I have so much to be blessed for in my life that to list one thing will be an education and an experience but I can’t wait to get started!! Thanks Marie for a perfect video post. xo

  126. ronnie

    That is why I love Marie TV and can’t have enough from you guys. It’s like if I don’t have that Tuesday dose I’ll be totally off. You are a bad ass professional that won’t afraid to show your soft side.

    I am so grateful for my parents.
    They thought me how to give and indepandance.
    How to care.
    They teach me strength.
    And all this while being humans, no perfect with tons of baggage.
    They live so far away from me but I’m thinking of them every single day.

  127. I’ve been practicing gratitude for a little over a year now and I can tell you that anyone who doesn’t believe in this practice is only hurting themselves. 1. I am grateful for my hubby and my son always making me smile, even when I don’t want to. 2. They are always there to cuddle with me in the morning. 3. My hubby treats me better then I could have ever asked for. 4. My son teaches me how to be a better mom everyday. 5. We always find a way to spend time together no matter what busy schedules we have.

  128. Miko

    How sweet, Marie! Fabulous outfit too. I’m grateful for my Mommy (yes, I’m nearly 40 and still call her that).
    1. She is genuinely interested in my well-being and happiness.
    2. She always looks out for me (be it fashionwise with new clothes appearing in my house, or other nicknacks from her favorite QVC).
    3. She loves my dog as much as I do; I know she’ll be well cared for.
    4.I just feel warm and fuzzy around her; at home and loved!
    5. She’s the kindest person I know; she remembers everyone’s birthday and sends them a BD card without fail (even to my stepmom and my dad.)

  129. Marie, you are awesome and make Tuesday’s fun!

    I am beyond grateful for my mom…
    1) She is THE strongest woman I know. Lost a son, a husband and kick cancers ASS…and continues to LOVE life and be thankful everyday! Even rides a motorcycle!!

    2) She is my biggest fan. I took a leap into a business and she not only my cheering squad, she supported me while I financially struggled… all the way though the battle…. SO WORTH IT!

    3) She loves my sister and I like NO OTHER. We can be some pains in the asses….but we are the best 3 amigas anyone could have 🙂

    4) Did I mention her really ridiculously amazing good looks??

    5) Her friendships. She has some of the best bonds I have ever seen…and I am grateful for her teaching me how to love.

    xoxo =i=

  130. Marie,

    Wow – this one really hit me hard. You are so right – being specific is key! I keep a gratitude journal but I’m embarrassed to say it – I’ve gotten lazy. So here it goes:

    I’m grateful for my husband because:

    1. He always shovels the snow every time it snows. He never makes me do it, ever!
    2. He shares my faith and goes to church with me.
    3. He always complements me when I sing with the church band (even when I think I sucked).
    4. He is a great kisser! (blushing)
    5. He will watch endless hours of Scooby Doo cartoons with our son so I don’t have to. (Scooby Doo isn’t my favorite – I’m more of a Disney gal myself)

  131. A subject very near and dear to me. I have been journaling for over 15 years and periodically run journaling workshops. I begin every entry with “3 Things I am grateful for.” It keeps me focused on all the little things that make up the big picture of my life and yes, I do include things that don’t necessarily go my way. It is a wonderful exercise and helps keep me grounded. Thank YOU for your devotion and commitment which keeps us informed and entertained. Happy Thanksgiving.

  132. This is beautiful, Marie- really touching, and really potent as an exercise- I am SO for journaling too.

    In response, my heartfelt gratitude and thanks is for whole B-School network:

    1. I am so grateful that you all help me to stay focussed on my business goals

    2. The one-to-one contact I’ve had with some of you, in real life and via Skype, on Facebook and Ning, has been so invaluable- I am so grateful for it!

    3. Thank you for the practical nature of the programme: it helps my artistic brain get organised, in a way it is very difficult to do, alone! Gratitude!!

    4. I am so happy and grateful for the humour and camaraderie, which I need so much in my life!

    5. I am so grateful for the energetic level stuff going on around B-School: the clear vibrant clarion call to purpose – and to bringing life and work into holy equilibrium!

    Thank you thank you thank you all, and Marie! 🙂 <3

  133. Tony Seel

    Great explanation of the power of journaling!

  134. marie

    Thank you so much. Yep. you are right and spot on. i was getting the grateful burn out feeling. tuned back in. i loved this episode and your sharing your gratefulness and josh with us. i will take your advice and share with others.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    from St Lucia

  135. Marie this is adorable and wonderful! Just when I think you can’t possibly outdo your self and how you touch us, you go and do it again 🙂

    I have already been doing “details” gratitude meaning naming specific things that happened each day, rather than just general situations/people in my life, but I like the singular focus of this exercise.

    I am gratitude for my partner:
    1. For all the effort he puts into understanding me, even when I know I’m acting a little crazy
    2. For holding me to sleep every single night
    3. For demanding I rest with him, rather than letting me work my days away
    4. For opening up to me, even though I know it costs me a tremendous deal to talk about some things
    5. For always being honest about how he’s feeling.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! 🙂

    • Shannon

      Thank you for doing this

  136. Hi Marie!
    Actually, I started a gratitude journal last year after doing a study called ‘1000 Gifts’ by Ann Voskamp. Have you heard of it? We did the DVD study as a group with some ladies from church and I really do feel more content with life in general, and my freelance business, thanks to the practice of journaling my gratitude list. (Though, I have found that I often do more than list things as you mention here in your latest episode.) Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family!

  137. I’ve been writing daily in a gratitude journal for a while now, but I’d been feeling like something was missing. It wasn’t having the impact I expected. This might be just what I need. Thank you Marie!

  138. For the past few years I have been waking up in the morning and acknowledging 5 things I am grateful for without repeating what I said the day before. Yes, they have been general and this practice has helped me start my day on a positive note. However, after watching your video I plan on changing my practice by journaling one thing I am grateful for and exploring in detail as to why. Very exciting to take my gratitude to a deeper level.

  139. Maureen

    That was so sweet. I loved what you did with that and that we got to see Josh! I’ve started Morning pages, but I think I’m going to add this to my evening routine.
    Thank you!

  140. I’m grateful for you dear, lovely, smart, crazy & beautiful Marie:

    1) You are such an authentic person and you shine with your truth
    2) You are full of love
    3) You kicked my ass and show me how to be irresistible (This book should be obligatory in highschool!)
    4) You introduced me to the online world
    5) You showed me that studing can be so engaging and fun
    6) You inspired me to waer more colofrul clothes
    7) You reminded me of taking action on passions that were forgotten – for me dancing and singing
    8) You showed me that it’s ok to try different jobs and look for your place in the world
    9) You showed me that you can make $$$$$ and be true and bring love and joy to the world
    10) You showed me that I can do it too!
    11) You want me to be successful
    12) You give back and share your generosity
    13) You introduce me to beautiful people, who have their message too
    14) You showed me how to make an advantage of “bad” stuff that happened to me
    15) You showed me that you don’t have to wear shirt and suit in order to be professional
    16) You made me read a newsletter – I love it!
    17) You made me believe in myself
    18) You made me read so many beautiful books
    19) You showed me that having many passions is a great thing and I don’t have to choose.
    20) and you showed me how to upgrade my gratitude practise

    Thank you for being with me on my journey <3

  141. Christina

    I have a daily gratitude writing practice, yet it does get repetitive at times. I like this a lot! Going to start it tonight!

  142. Cara

    Been really struggling with my work lately, but it hit me recently that my job is pretty awesome.

    I am actually really grateful for where I am right now:
    1) I get one day off every other week, which allows me to do SO much in that 24 hours. It’s incredible how much one extra day can make you feel so free.
    2) My team and I have been growing and we are really starting to have each other’s backs. We are beginning to support each other in whole new ways.
    3) My client work has become much more interesting and people are getting excited about what we are doing. We even won an award recently!
    4) I make a decent salary for a not super stressful job. This salary allows me to live alone, and pay my bills. A lot of people aren’t able to do that.
    5) My job gives me great opportunities to grow in leadership, in developing relational skills, in pushing the boundaries and doing more with less…and getting creative.

    I may have my days, but I really am grateful to have what I do. Doesn’t mean I ain’t asking for more! There’s more on the way. Thanks for this Marie!

  143. I watch MarieTV every week and normally don’t comment, but I was especially moved by this weeks episode (and what an insight! i was totally one of those people who was grateful for general things)

    My husband has been away for a month overseas and it brought some of the reasons why I’m so grateful into sharp perspective

    1. He’s always been so involved in our baby’s upbringing – changing nappies, playing, rocking to sleep, taking to the park so I can work, etc

    2. He’s the most handsome and loving man that I’ve ever met, and I’m so lucky that he has chosen me to spend the rest of his life with

    3. He always knows when somethings going on, and he provides the space to let me process the emotions without judging me

    4. He’s an amazing cook and when I am too tired, he’ll whip up something delicious with whatever we have in the fridge

    5. He always tells me how much he loves me

    WOW what an awesome exercise. Thank you for the work you do in the world Marie, you’re truly amazing!

  144. Love the teary eyed moments here. I am grateful for my husband of almost 41 years who also 1-says I’m sorry first even when I know it’s my fault 2-knows me better than anyone else 3-wants me to be happy 4-goes to work every day so I can buy more jewelry making supplies and 5-let’s me go to bed first so I can get to sleep before he starts snoring.

    There’s lots more than 5 things (I would hope after 40+ years together) but that’s a good start for today.

  145. Ada

    Thanks Marie!

    I’m grateful for starting this new job tomorrow because:

    1) it’s close to my home
    2) I have 4 weeks payed vacation to start with
    3) the team seems passionate, fun and positive
    4) they gave me my first chance to work here in this new city I just moved to
    5) after 4 years of working from home, I get to leave the house and meet new people everyday
    6) -an extra one for Thanksgiving!-
    I’ll get to learn interesting new stuff!

    Thanks y’all!

  146. I love what I just heard about failure!

  147. That was awesome, Marie! Thank you for bringing this topic up. I do get irritated with people saying to “be grateful for what you have” because sometimes they use it as a way to admonish others for wanting more in life.

    But this video so eloquently illustrates the power of GENUINE gratitude. Thank you

  148. Ana Goncalves

    Thank you, Marie 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Great idea, makes me even more appreciative of where I am. Currently living with my parents again.

    I am grateful for living under my parents roof:

    1. I have a bedroom to sleep that is warm
    2. My mum’s caring nature as she goes out of her way to do do things for me
    3. Parents support, emotional and physical and caring nature
    4. Have a place to store all my items
    5. Their cat, rita who is my sleeping buddy 🙂

  149. I am grateful for my beloved husband Jack.

    The sound of his giggle is like magic in my ears

    When he goes on trips, he leaves me love messages hidden around the house that I get to find throughout my day.

    He makes me laugh everyday…a lot.

    He cares for me like a queen.

    He listens deeply to me

  150. I am grateful for my horse Lucky boy because:
    He came into my life when I was just working and studying all of the time and gave me another focus – LOVE.
    He’s helped me learn all about commitment and putting another being’s welfare before my own.
    He’s helped me to overcome limiting beliefs in my earning capacity and taught me to trust the universe that when something is a labour of LOVE it will always be supported.
    He’s been with me through thick and thin and through all of the ups and downs and changes of address we have both been the only constant in each other’s lives.
    He’s opened my heart , I had to wait a year to ride him so that also taught me patience and now he’s a dream come true to ride so the wait was worth it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  151. I’m grateful for my husband’s brain tumor because:

    1. It’s practically the ‘best’ sort of tumor to get–he may take it to his grave–but we didn’t know that from the get go, so when we found out that it was a blip, not a mountain to overcome, we were grateful that it was what it was.

    2. It took my marriage to a whole new place and renewed that little connection we had long ago but had slipped away over the years…holy grateful for that one.

    3. I’m thrilled that it gave me a chance to show up and be strong for him.

    4. We were transparent with our children about it, trusted them to handle something hard, and they did. I’m grateful we kept it real because now they know they can do hard things.

    5. I’m grateful that our kids kept us laughing…they named the tumor Stanley, and now Stanley is like a member of the family. Go Stanley, go Stanley!! No seriously Stanley, GO. 🙂

    Thanks for this exercise! It has been 9 months since my husband was diagnosed (he’s doing great BTW, Stanley hasn’t grown), but I never took the time to sit down and get specific about my gratitude surrounding this situation. I feel cleansed!

  152. Hey Marie!
    I loved ❤️ todays video, I’m truly grateful for you, very happy that I find you, your words resound in my head from time to time when I’m in conflict, I’m grateful for people like you that have the courage to step out and help others just by being authentic, thank you Marie, you help me a lot with your joyful attituted.

  153. Great video! It inspired me to write a blog post for my customers on the 5 reasons I am thankful for them:

    All very specific. 😉

  154. Jaime Darwich

    Hi Marie,
    I loved this video, because the way you spoke about Josh moved me, and it made you look human (which is good!!).

    I´ve been watching your videos for almost 2 years, and I want to Thank you for all your good advices and your sense of humor!! Congratulations.
    Best regards,

    Jaime D.

  155. Oana

    I’m grateful for Johnny, my guy, and he’s why:

    1. He makes me laugh so hard–he’s silly and lighthearted.

    2. He’s teaching me how to flow with life, rather than make a rigid agenda and get all bent out of shape when it doesn’t work my way.

    3. He helps me see myself in a different light–at least once a day, he tells me I’m adorable with a specific reason why.

    4. He plays some mean, sexy, smooth flamenco guitar.

    5. He is the best bear cuddler EVER!!!!!!!

  156. I am grateful for my sister Georgia – because:
    1) She been there to help pick me up, dust off my knees, and keep moving.
    2) She’s smarter than I can even imagine, and reminds me that my talents are just as amazing.
    3) Her support throughout my life had helped me hold it together even when I didn’t think I could.
    4) She helps me laugh, cry and scream at the world when I need it.
    5) She’s one of my best friends, and I’m related so who wouldn’t like that?

  157. Pam

    Sweet episode Marie! I had happy tears in my eyes 🙂

  158. Ah Marie, as always – you know how to make something work better for me than ever before. I have been trying to gratitude journal for years but it’s a. never felt worthwhile b.never really worked. This, however, makes sense!

    So, here goes. In 2005 i was diagnosed with Crohnes Disease. This, i believe, to be the best thing that has every happened to me but when i tell people this, they look at me like i have 10 heads!! So here is why i’m grateful for this illness:
    1. it’s my guru. It’s taught me everything i needed to learn to be who i’m proud of today.
    2. It has made me not take a single thing for granted! It’s not until you lose your health do you realise how tough life can get.
    3.It’s taught me self respect beyond belief. I live the healthiest, calmest life and i probably wouldn’t have the discipline to do so if it were’nt for this illness.
    4.It’s inspired me to create a life and business i love which has grown into the idea of putting my natural caring talents to work in order to help others faced with health problems through creating a health clinic in London. I’m currently completing B-School to create this dream business.
    5.It’s pushed me to my limits. This has made me realise how incredibly strong and brave i am!

  159. Sylvia

    I’m grateful for my little baby girl (still in my belly) because every time I look at my baby bump I remind myself love my changing body because it knows exactly how to protect me and the baby during the pregnancy slow down and enjoy the present moment
    3.that it’s OK to just let go of all worries and anxieties and the need to be in control of everything all the time
    4.that I have an amazing husband who loves me even when I’m hormonal!
    5.that I have so many lovely friend and other family members who care about me and the baby

  160. Catherine

    Hi Marie,

    Again thank you for sharing this insight and what you learned with us, with me.

    It so true that writing five things about someone or something you are grateful for makes it emotionally so much real as we saw when you got emotional reading the sentences you wrote.

    I bet that reading them out load is also an amplifier of the emotion as we hear our own voice and it will render the gratitude even deeper and more meaningful to us.

    Enjoy your time with your family,

    God Bless


  161. I loved this video. And I escpecially loved the part in which you spoke about Josh. I wish the two of you genuinely lots of love.


  162. Gratitude is ALWAYS in order! So grateful for my mother,better known as MOMMOO…

    1. She chose to be my mother by adopting me as an infant.
    2. She loves me unconditionally, especially when I’m unloveable.
    3. She supports everything I chose to do, win or lose.
    4. She is always available to cheer me on, like when I earned my black belt in Taekwondo in March 2014.
    5. She gives the best hugs in the world!

    I know everyone believes hey have the best mom, but I really do. Seriously.

  163. This is so similar to the blog post I wrote this week on gratitude… it really is SO much more effective when we are very specific about what it is we are grateful for.

    Alright, so one person I’m thankful for is my boyfriend.
    1. He can be so goofy and helps me to kind of tap into my inner child-like play again.
    2. Whenever I’m sick, he’s always right there to take care of me… without hesitation or expecting anything in return.
    3. Whenever I’m upset he simply just sits, listens, and hugs me… he holds the space for me lovingly and openly every single time.
    4. His super handiness whenever it comes to finding cheap and easy ways to clean things or pack things or do whatever.
    5. His willingness to really work through and talk about issues.

    P.S. I loved how you shared 5 ways you are grateful for Josh… super sweet! <3

  164. I’m grateful for my Mom because:

    1) she manages to crack me almost every time I go to see her
    2) she stuck with me through good times and bad
    3) she tells it like it is — for example, if you are wearing high heels, she will walk right up to you and tell you how bad they are for your back
    4) she has been there for me when I couldn’t be there for myself
    5) her favorite curse word is “doodlebug”

  165. Mary

    I am so terrible with journaling. I actually forget all about the journal after a week of jounalling.

    I’m grateful that my boss is big on flexible work hours.
    1. I can take care of my 92 year Dad who was recently in the hospital for a bad infection.
    2. I was able to visit him everyday, both in the hospitaland rehab, and work at his bed side.
    3. I am able to be home when the visiting nurses come. And tend to his wounds between visits. and take him to the doctors for appointments
    4. I can work from home (work is 30 miles away) when the weather is bad.
    5. I was able to leave the office early yesterday and make it safely home before the snow storm became dangerous.

    • Hi Marie
      Thanks for this great episode of Marie TV! I love gratitude….
      I’m grateful for a Josh too…he’s my son’s Grade 2 teacher. I am grateful because:
      1. He has ignited his students love for learning and has them thoroughly engaged every day..
      2. My being the parent helper in his grade I have been infected by his passion – his gift has re-ignited in me my passion for learning and teaching children to the point that I have returned to study and am now working with children as a career. Wow.
      3. He is incredibly friendly and approachable and leads by example – a true man of integrity – what a role model for a grade of 8 year olds!
      4. His passion for working with Aboriginal / Indigenous Australians (especially in remote communities) is palatable – he shares this with students/families alike – way to raise awareness of this issue! Very, very cool.
      5. Lastly – he is an incredibly kind and funny. His kindness is reflected in how he treats all that come in contact with him – he praises, encourages and finds a kind word for everyone. He is a great story teller and loves to have a joke as well.
      His classroom is such a joyful place to be. It is a privilege to work in partnership with him!

  166. Angela

    First, this is my fave Marie TV episode EVER! Thanks Marie for showing your emotion when your read your list about Josh. I probably wouldn’t even make it through this list about my son. 🙂

    5 things I’m grateful for about my sweet son.
    1. His wonderful sense of humour and the way loves to make people laugh.
    2. His desire to do the right thing and please.
    3. His innocence.
    4. The way he’s growing up to be a wonderful, considerate young man. 🙂
    5. His unconditional love. <3

    Thank you so much for this episode, Marie!


  167. E L

    Saying thank you to one of my most interesting and informative social media information sources. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Be blessed!

  168. This is exactly what I needed today! I’m in the midst of trying to make sense of a failure and I was totally globalizing it!!! Thank you so much for your wise advice and steps to get back my confidence and move forward! You are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  169. Marie, I love this episode so much! I teach journaling as I form of prayer but I’d never learned the technique of being specific in your gratitude. That’s an awesome tweak to add to my journaling. Thank you!

  170. Thanks for sharing this Marie.
    I love that we got to see you cry a little. I felt more connection with you and it is one of the things I am grateful for. As cliche as it might be- it is true.
    I am grateful for you. Marie Forleo.
    Here’s why.
    1. Marie TV is not just a show, its real depth and has been some of the best advice I have ever gotten.
    2. You pay attention to detail.
    3. You genuinely care about your clients.
    4. If you don’t know something or made a mistake you own it and act accordingly.
    5. You inspire me and my business to keep going.
    I could keep going. Thank you for shining YOUR light.
    Love, Love, Love

  171. i am grateful for the gratitude practice i started with 6 other women a year and a half ago (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!) because…
    – after only a couple weeks of emailing each other daily with what we are grateful for we ALL were overwhelmed by the richness & beauty of the practice
    – gratitude multiplies exponentially when you share it (so imagine sharing it with your friends, daily!)
    – i feel more connected to these dear friends each day which is important to me because we don’t all live in the same place
    – it is an intimate and supportive witnessing of our longings, what makes our hearts sing and break, and the sorrows we walk through, because we even practice being grateful for the really, really hard stuff
    – i get to truly ‘get’ that this practice works, and inspire others to do it when i tell them about it.

  172. I am an Anusara Yoga Teacher and my heart theme for my yoga class and myself today is about gratitude. Let gratitude arise from within. Are you grateful for your health? Thank your body for allowing you to practice yoga, to run, to spin, to ride your bicycle, to kayak, to pick up your kids to move you through your day. If you have had any health or huge emotional challenges in your life, cultivate gratitude for your ability to heal. It is a miracle!
    If you have had the gift of great friends, supportive family members or a loving partner, start every day thanking them for participating in your life.
    This practice is transformational. As we practice we physically embody gratitude and offer it back to the world through our breath and intention. Thanks for your great video and for sharing your Italian American soul. I too share this heritage and feel like I have found a soul sister.

  173. Peter

    Hi Marie.

    Love is such a multi faceted concept.
    Love is a state of being.
    That is, we be in a state of love.
    We feel it.
    Love can also be expressed as an action or behaviour
    Something we give and receive.
    But what does it mean to give love?
    And how do we do it?
    In a variety of ways in fact.
    Through acts of compassion.
    And gratitude.
    As someone who has been predisposed to pleasing people, I thought I had those bases nicely covered.
    And I did.
    For the most part.
    It wasn’t until earlier this year however that I realized that the area that I had been overlooking was true gratitude.
    I thought I was grateful.
    But it wasn’t from the heart.
    It was through fear of being rejected.
    And that is an important distinction to make.
    When I realized this and started expressing gratitude from the heart, things started to properly turn around for me.
    And it is of course work in progress.
    Something that I need to remain mindful of because it is still a work in progress.
    It is the deep set beliefs that I have little to be grateful for that pop up from time that I recognize as the stumbling blocks to me achieving my goals.
    Of course I know this is simply not true. I consider my life a blessing.
    The good.
    The bad.
    And otherwise.
    The problem is you don’t know what you aren’t aware of.
    It takes time, effort, and circumstance to bring these little saboteurs to the surface for recognition, expression, and consequent resolution.
    And so, to answer your question, what is it that I am grateful for,
    It cuts through my defences and touches my heart.
    It is always there for me.
    It speaks to me in a language that understand.
    It always tells me the truth.
    It allows me to express myself in a variety of ways that I cannot achieve with words alone.
    I’m also grateful for you presenting this article.
    It is just what I needed.
    Journaling this has opened up a Pandora’s box of emotions which leads me to suspect today I’m going to uncover a few more things ti be grateful for.
    Thank you.
    For everything.
    From the heart

  174. Fabiane

    Why did I cry with you ?
    Your gratitude words about Josh – glad to know him, by the way – really touch my heart. Sharing appreciation it´s a way to celebrate the gifts we have received.

    Thanks for share yours with us.

    • ki

      I cried too!!!

  175. anina

    I am grateful to have Phil in my life for so many reasons but the 5 that come to mind as I sit here and type are:

    He believes in me and enables me to be the best person I can be
    He loves me for me and doesn’t try to change the person I am
    His never ending well of patience
    He helps me achieve my goals in my fitness journey and that can be in the form of spotting me on the weights, cheering me on in a run or helping me achieve the best results on my pull ups
    He is always there to catch me and pick me up when I look like I’m going to take a fall or when I’m feeling down
    I love Phil and am forever grateful he said hello when he did.

    Thank you Marie for this awesome exercise. I have a grateful jar, and I didn’t realise before but I already do this with my post-it notes that go in
    Happy Hump Day xx

  176. Peter

    Hi Marie.

    Love is such a multi faceted concept.
    Love is a state of being.
    That is, we be in a state of love.
    We feel it.
    Love can also be expressed as an action or behaviour
    Something we give and receive.
    But what does it mean to give love?
    And how do we do it?
    In a variety of ways in fact.
    Through acts of compassion.
    And gratitude.
    As someone who has been predisposed to pleasing people, I thought I had those bases nicely covered.
    And I did.
    For the most part.
    It wasn’t until earlier this year however that I realized that the area that I had been overlooking was true gratitude.
    I thought I was grateful.
    But it wasn’t from the heart.
    It was through fear of being rejected.
    And that is an important distinction to make.
    When I realized this and started expressing gratitude from the heart, things started to properly turn around for me.
    And it is of course work in progress.
    Something that I need to remain mindful of because it is still a work in progress.
    It is the deep set beliefs that I have little to be grateful for that pop up from time that I recognize as the stumbling blocks to me achieving my goals.
    Of course I know this is simply not true. I consider my life a blessing.
    The good.
    The bad.
    And otherwise.
    The problem is you don’t know what you aren’t aware of.
    It takes time, effort, and circumstance to bring these little saboteurs to the surface for recognition, expression, and consequent resolution.
    And so, to answer your question, what is it that I am grateful for,
    It cuts through my defences and touches my heart.
    It is always there for me.
    It speaks to me in a language that understand.
    It always tells me the truth.
    It allows me to express myself in a variety of ways that I cannot achieve with words alone.
    I’m also grateful for you presenting this article.
    It is just what I needed.
    Journaling this has opened up a Pandora’s box of emotions which leads me to suspect today I’m going to uncover a few more things ti be grateful for.
    Thank you.
    From the heart

  177. Marilyn Andrew

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you sooooo much for this video. Game changer for me! I’ve kept a Gratitude Diary and it worked to a point but I didn’t do the details. Now I am going back to the journal with a shorter list and heaps more detail.
    Have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the potatoes.

  178. I can tell you first hand that gratitude journaling works. I write everyday in the same book where I track my training so I look forward to it and am very disciplined. It’s helped me relocate to Florida, where I’ve never been so blissful in my life! So here goes…
    1. I’m so grateful to live in Florida, a place where the sun shines most days and it’s warm so I can wear shorts and flip flops all the time.
    2. I’m so grateful that Ryan, my bf, was supportive of this move and came with me so I can have my partner in crime, who I love so much.
    3. I’m so grateful to have a job I can do from anywhere. With that, I’m grateful to have supporters who trust me enough to hired to help them with their health and their bodies in their fitness journey.
    4. I’m so grateful to live close to my friends who like to workout, run and walk on Bayshore, watch college football, eat and drink with me.
    5. I’m so grateful to live in a place where I have great resources for my own personal fitness journey as a Crossfit athlete. A great gym, yoga studio, massage therapist and chiropractor who takes very good care of me so I can train at a high level and remain healthy.

  179. I am truly grateful for this new insight into gratitude. I have been struggling with gratitude authenticity for a little while and have only just noticed the difference between saying outloud vs journaling – it’s huge 🙂 But now to focus more on the detail – WOW – this is the missing link to my practice, thank you so much Marie!!!

  180. Jessica

    Excellent share Marie! I’m Jessica Marie!

    I am grateful for my life.
    I am grateful for my life because I have really large brown eyes that allow me to see the beautiful sky, moon, stars, beautiful animals, and season changes.
    I am grateful for my life because I am able to walk around and even run if I wanted to.
    I am grateful for my digestive system because it allows me to eat the delicious foods that I enjoy like omelets, strawberries, seafood, and lots of other fruits and veggies.
    I am grateful for this life because I have had the opportunity to teach numerous students over the past five years and I know I’ve made a huge impact on their success & growth.
    I am grateful for life because I get to watch funny movies and laugh obnoxiously over and over if I want to.

  181. Mieke

    I am grateful for my body:

    Because it brings me everywhere I want to go
    It’s a great teacher to me
    It tells me everyday it loves me
    It helps me to connect
    Without it I would not be able to express myself

    Thank you my body for loving me.
    Thank you Marie for this episode and sharing this exercise

  182. I am SO in love with you Marie!
    A great tip that got me straight into that place of gratitude where things started to pour out of me.
    I simply loved how you read out loud things you were grateful for about Josh. I cannot think of a better way to account for someone you love in a more beautiful way than you did.
    You always makes me smile and it means A LOT! You inspire me to keep going for my dreams – beautiful inside out, keep rocking. xx

  183. Marie, you are a beautiful human being! x

  184. Jan S

    I am grateful for and appreciate you Marie Forleo.
    I so look forward to each video and appreciate the effort that you put into it.
    I find each one so inspiring & interesting.
    You put a bright light into my day.
    I love your zany up-beat sense of humour.
    I appreciate you genuine, honest personality.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  185. Chandra

    I am so very grateful for this year to be the year I opened my eyes, my heart and my soul to the possibility of being a healer, a mentor and love. Love of myself so I can love more people and help more. Being in the wellness and beauty industry for 20+ years, you would have thought I had it all figured out. But a lifetime of self deprivation, self abuse, and believing the monkeys that live in my mind- made it impossible to see what has always been here- I Am Love, Our purpose is Love, and it is Our perception of Love that becomes our reality. Love is pure and divine- it is our filter, our monkeys, that distort our perception of LOVE. I am grateful for every minute of every day, every struggle is a blessing, a lesson in love. I pray for the world to see through clear eyes and open hearts, to be and to live in love.

  186. Loved this episode Marie. Thank you so much. Just last night we received a call from the security office of our bank to verify our acount and my husband’s credit card was compromised. Someone made a purchase with our bank card. Even in the midst of this situation I am grateful for everyone that helped us especially a wonderful clerk at our bank. 1. She is always kind and attentive 2. She has a great positive attitude and always resolves any issues we have 3. She explained clearly to me what we needed to do in relation to the theft that took place on our account 4. She went the extra mile to submit all the paper work today as soon as my husband dropped them off. 5. She emailed my husband letting him know that the money was back in our account. In less than 24 from the notification we had our money back. I am blessed with a wonderful lady that provides excellent customer service and manages my finances accurately and with a fabulouse financial institution.I am grateful I get to interact with this lady on a regular basis. Thank you.

  187. Thank you Marie for today’s episode and Happy Thanksgiving from Melbourne, Australia.
    My six year old son and I keep a gratitude journal and we write in it every night before bedtime:
    1. I am grateful for my son because he reminds how to stay connected with the fun and delight of my inner child.
    2. I am grateful for my son because he gives me perspective and shows me there’s no point in sweating over the small stuff in life.
    3. I am grateful for my son because he tells me I’m beautiful all the time – he even makes me blush sometimes!
    4. I am grateful for my son because he is reminds me of the importance to be compassionate and kind, without discrimination or hesitation.
    5. I am grateful for my son as he teaches me something new about myself everyday.
    Breathe and be,
    Lou x

  188. Pavlina

    Thank you, Marie! I needed a simple yet effective exercise like that right now.
    This is the first time I’m reacting to your video although I like them all.
    Keep up the good work, and all the best!

  189. I am grateful for my husband Kenneth. I recently resigned from my high pressure corporate job with his full support. He also helps me care for my mother that has lived with us over the last 16 minths. He has given up freedom, as we both have in caring for her. I want to excel in my at home business to take pressure off of him as the sole provider. Thanks for sharing Marie.

  190. I am grateful for my daughter Kerry.
    She is always happy to see me.
    She is my biggest cheerleader.
    She is the greatest cuddler.
    She’s my favorite traveling companion.
    She makes me feel like I can do anything.

  191. Emerson

    thank you Marie!

  192. Oh my gosh, Marie, I think you and Josh just won the ‘Cutest Couple of the Year’ award!!

    I love this video, and it’s funny, because I was just going through some old journals today and it’s amazing how much goodness there is, ESPECIALLY in the entries that are full of gratitude. They definitely make my heart smile and make me have an appreciation for what a wonderful moments that life gives to you. Thank you for the reminder!!

  193. Irena

    I’m grateful for my Dad, who turned 80 today, because:
    1) He took the risk of leaving his native country to find a job elsewhere so that he could provide for his family.
    2) He made so many sacrifices, not seeing his wife and kids for years, working long hours without complaining, to make sure they had a roof over their head and food on the table.
    3) He would take me to the park to play when I was little, eventhough he had not slept because of working night shifts.
    4) He attended every schoolevent he could, because he wanted to show he cared and was proud of me.
    5) Eventhough he doesn’t say it because he was never taught ( and I don’t think someone ever told him), I know he loves me and my sisters and brothers unconditionally.

  194. Time to be grateful

    1. A husband who takes care of us and is our family’s rock. He has never faltered on his responsibilities as a father or a leader of the children he cares for at school.
    2. Three happy and well adjusted children who are perfectly healthy and have wonderful friends.
    3. My four brothers and sisters who I adore and who I love to be with.
    4. My parents who deep down always have my interest at heart.
    5. B-school, my business and personal journey to freedom through what I have learnt and the people who it has attracted.

  195. Chris

    I wish i could tell my dad the following, … call it pride or downright idiocity – i just don’t know what’s holding me back from telling him this personally. I feel like writing this down as if i’m actually telling him all this:
    i’m grateful you’re my dad and that you’re in my life dad because..
    1. you’ve always been there whenever i need you (the countless times i’ve needed you)
    2. you are so very patient with me (only God knows how you manage that)
    3. you’ve always listened patiently through my tantrums and still do (though i’m nearly 50)
    4. you have such admirable qualities daddy that are so rare in today”s society (i don’t think i’ve ever shown you how much i really do admire your achievements – instead my own warped mind is always quick to put you down)
    5. above all my sweet sweet daddy i’m so ever grateful you’ve stuck by your family through thick and thin. God knows how we’ve pushed you to your limit, yet you haven’t given up on us.
    5 reasons to be grateful for you my dearest daddy are so very very few. Hopefully i’ll tell you the rest in person soon. It hurts so much. i wish i could turn back time and be your sweet little girl again and not this miserable bitter single woman taking out my lifetime’s mistakes on you.

  196. Colleen

    I use a slightly different way of doing it. I write 5-10 pages a day of positive aspects, things that show up in my life rendezvous with friends, finding inspiration and guidance and love the exercise. I find that what I focus on increases so it makes total sense that all of the things that I write about each day keep coming back to me and that’s AMAZING!!!

  197. Gratitude is amazing and thanks for the reminder to really feel into the details, after all that’s where the biggest juiciest feelings are!

    I’m in total gratitude to my B-School community especially here in Byron Bay Australia.
    Five reasons:
    1- I haven’t seen my local community for about 4 months while I’ve been traveling o/s but still feel their vibe over FB and know I’m still connected.
    2- Even when I slip into ‘self doubt’ mode…. the extent of the honesty of expression throughout the group always lifts me back up again. ie: I’m not alone in my feelings.
    3- If I choose to express ‘out loud’ (whether here or worldwide) in the group, the support is amazing!
    4- There is always someone there to connect with worldwide- to give or receive from. Especially inspiration.
    5- Because sometimes family is not the one you’re born into. It’s the one that is created. I adore my B-school family.

    Gratitude rocks!

  198. Jenny Brewer

    BUSTED! I write the same 5 Gratitudes daily: my husband, our pup, my healthy body, all the $$ I have now and my friends and family.

    I will choose one and get specific tomorrow. Thanks for the video!

  199. Marie – you’re awesome, brave and daring. I look forward to your emails coming in on Tuesdays (and any other day really like last week) and just want to say thank you for being so frickin’ fabulous, funny and inspiring. Thank you.

  200. Hi Marie
    Love your video today on gratitude. I have to say I was one that thought gratitude journal, bla, bla, bla. But you are so right about taking it further. I have also taken your bschool, and have had the best experiences since with my private practice and my life….

    So today my one person I am grateful for is you, Marie….
    You are kind and compassionate
    You are very smart and not afraid of hard work
    You help to motivate me more that anyone can
    You are a giver and it shows by how you share ideas after ideas without worrying about getting credit, almost altruistic
    Oh, and I love your beautiful hair, you are very pretty.

    Thank you and your team for such great energy and an awesome experience I hope to continue for years.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  201. I too was moved to tears by this video, it’s one of your best. I too used to keep the the 5 things ‘list’ kind of gratitude journal, which had it’s merit, but could often be forgotten pretty quickly. (Though I do keep a more detailed journal, and you are right, Marie, often you don’t know what you really think about something until you write a journal and then suddenly, an insight, an idea, a revelation, out it pops, very often a huge surprise and not what you thought you thought about something at all!).
    I cried also because I needed to. And I am grateful for that, for the permssion for the release that your video gave me.

  202. Mari


  203. Sounds like I need to read that book. I’ve been far too general with my gratitude practice.

    So my topic is a little different, as I’m thankful for right now.

    1) I’m grateful for the technology that allows me to lie on my bed and watch and comment on your MarieTV episode.
    2) I’m grateful for the book I’m going to read as soon an I finish my comment, Co-creating at its Best with Dyer and Hicks
    3) I’m grateful for the air conditioning keeping this room cool and comfortable (I live in the tropics in Australia)
    4) I’m grateful for the wonderful women who look after my kids during the day so I can have this time for myself and to work on my dream business
    5) I’m grateful for my mastermind girls and the constant stream of creativity and support we all have for each other

    I feel like I’m cutting it fine with only 5.

    It might be a good excuse to go and buy a new journal. Not that I need an excuse for new stationary!

  204. Loved your Gratitude video Marie. Seeing you tear up over how much you love Josh and how grateful you are, was very sweet.

    As a Metaphysical Author, I have written three posts this week about Gratitude. You are spot on. Also loved your Poopouri video so much.

    1. I am grateful for my mother. She is 92 years old.
    2. I just booked a flight to Toronto to visit her after a 2.5 year absence. (I
    have been traveling back and forth to Colorado 5 x a year for work,
    Toronto has fallen by the wayside.
    3. I am grateful for the ability to buy a ticket and for my wonderful clients
    who have helped me get back home.
    4. My mother taught me a healthy lifestyle. No processed foods. She
    always cooked. Every single night we had a hot meal TOGETHER! All
    of these things created a tighter knit family for me, and I have a very
    close relationship with my adult children as a result.

    Thank you Marie for your great videos and the fun way that you present on point concepts.

    Love you!

  205. Hey girl, I,m grateful for you,
    You always get me inspired, make me laugh, move me to tears sometimes (like on today,s episode), make me think great sensitive people (among other virtues like hardworking, smart, funny and generous people) are meant to succeed in life and be happy, and last and most important, help me feel love: for you, for me, for humanity.. So here it goes a big THANK YOU Marie, awesome girl, keep doing your great work, I sincerely appreciate it 🙂

  206. Marie ! Wow, thank you ! You kick my ass right now, because yes, I’m lazy when it’s time to get into the details…
    Sooooo, for now……
    … I’m being really grateful for my beautiful son, Loïc ! He’s 19, and he left one month ago to travel (on his own…. !!) to South America.
    I’m particularly grateful because:
    1. since he left, he takes great care to stay close to me (and to his dad, and brother) through emails, skype calls, FaceTime, or FB.
    2. He’s inspiring, because he realizes one of his dreams, and show us what being courageous really is !
    3. He’s kind to others
    4. He’s aware and conscious of the preciousness of life and strive to be of service
    5. He’s just loving…
    And I’m absolutely grateful for this adventure… that makes me become a better mother, a better person, through letting go and having faith that everything’s gonna be alright !!
    Thank you Loïc, you are beautiful and shining. I love you infinitely… xxx

  207. You made me cry! LOVE LOVE LOVE this and you! <3

    Grateful for you.
    1) for the predictability of your weekly love notes
    2) that you lead by example
    3) your infusion of rap, fun, sass, style and wisdom
    4) being a wave maker and change leader for women and momma's world wide.
    5) being clever and creative and equally transparent and brave!

  208. This is a topic I am really passionate about. Thank you for bringing it up!

    I have a little story to share. I have kept a gratitude journal for about 10 years now. It started because my family is the sort of family that, if my mom talks to my brother about things in general and then talks to me, all I hear are only the bad things going on in my brother’s life. If everyone only listened to my mom, you’d think we were all dying, broke and homeless. For Lent one year, I decided to spend the 40 days writing 5 things a day that I’m grateful for and then emailing those 5 things to my whole family so that everyone would have 40 days of seeing the best parts of my life. After the 40 days I was addicted and have been doing it ever since. When I tell people about my practice and the practice of emailing it out, good friends often want to get on my daily email to see my gratefuls and often will respond with their own (a great way to see what other people value in life). I now do 10 a day which are very often what Marie describes above – details about a single event. For example: I’m grateful:
    – for the hike I took today,
    – for the gorgeous weather that we had that made it easy to spend many hours on the trails.
    – for the friends and their dogs that joined me
    – for puppy kisses and friendly chatter along the way
    etc etc.

    I find that this attitude of gratitude helps me to move through my day in a much happier state. If I’m having a “bad” day, I know that I am going to have to come up with 10 good things so I sometimes need to create a good thing – step outside to look at the sunset, snuggle with my pets, pamper myself in some way.

    People who know that I practice gratitude so completely will often come to me with bad scenarios and ask me to help them find the gratefuls in them. It’s a fun challenge and often helps the person refocus, which makes me feel good too.

    When someone does something that I know I will put in my gratefuls, I try to make time to tell them that which helps me pass both the practice and the reality on.

    Anyhow, can you tell this is a passion for me? Thank you so much for today’s focus on gratitude and for being so real on camera about your love for Josh. What a special moment.

  209. April Joines

    I am thankful for friends, and family!

    1) they are so unique,
    2) gifts from God
    3) they cheer me up
    4) carebears
    5) they make life happier and more beautiful !

    O:) thank you Maria !

  210. Karen

    What a grandeous idea! Ok, 1 thing and expand upon that…

    I am grateful for my body. Specifically because it has never failed me in the 48 years I have had the honor of living in it. My legs get me to where I’m going and my lovely hands and arms have given me the ability to write checks and hug my loved ones and friends. My crowning glory may be a thick wavy mess at times, (thanks Dad!!!) but it sure looks good on the top of my head! The largest organ of my body houses my energy centers along with my precious organs that work hard to keep me going every day. Oh, and I love that my body gives me signals (by way of symptoms) when I have turned outside of myself looking for love. Thank you body for always being there for me. I commit to a healthy lifestyle and you are in good hands with me! Further, the “twins” are always safe with me!

  211. Hi Marie,

    Check out this article on gratitudes.
    Helps keep it specific and fresh, don’t you think?
    Lily xo

  212. Liz

    Oh, Marie. I just think you are absolutely adorable. You are so authentic and that is what I love most about you. It was so sweet that you shared the reasons that you are thankful for Josh. When you started to cry, it totally made me cry AND it sold me on the importance of detailing gratitude. Today, I am grateful for my 3 year old niece, Tommi Grace. I am thankful that today she challenged me to continuously out do myself in making silly faces. I am thankful that Tommi enjoys FaceTiming me and that she actually asks to do it. I am thankful for the things she says and does to show me that I am special to her. I am thankful that I get to know and love her. I am thankful that she is healthy, happy and very smart. xo

  213. I am so grateful for this video. I journal everyday and I actually have an ap that reminds me to write down 3 things I’m grateful for in the morning and 2 things that happened that were good during the day at night. I love it! But I’ve been noticing that I’m writing the same general things over and over.
    1. I love that this is so specific.
    2. I’m so excited to have a new tool tomorrow morning to brighten my day.
    3. I love how vulnerable you got… It brought me to tears.
    4. I love that I could totally related to everything you were saying because I feel the same way about my husband.
    5. I love the pancakes! Can you post the recipe?!

  214. Lora

    Dear Marie,
    Thank you for your topic today on gratitude! I normally look at my journal an wonder?….hmmmm? What would be good to put in this journal, because I know that, one day, someone may be reading it? There is so much stuff happening in my life that just should not take center stage. Time to put that into a new gracious perspective. Pick a topic and write five things that I’m grateful for about it. It was touching to see your sensitive side. Josh is a keeper Marie!! For shore! wink..Have a Happy Mashed Potato day!

  215. Ebony

    I am grateful for watching this clip Marie!

    I had a little tear up listening to the emotion and love in your words, t’was beautiful and funny that he actually brought you pancakes!!

    I will practice this journal of writing one specific thing daily as you make it sound very easy.

    Thank you once again Marie, always enjoy watching Marie TV

  216. Ian

    You are right Marie
    Yes this is correct and as for me even though I have had many set backs I am still alive and will continue to find my true life in this world.

    I am grateful for my health.
    My family.
    My understanding and knowledge.
    Those in this world who are really important to me
    And having the strength to override those who try to cripple me.

  217. Wow Marie,

    Yep, I do know what gratitude is, and have million reasons to be, yet as you mentioned it, I was doing it the easy, obvious way. What you said today totally did the trick for me, and is exactly what I needed in my Life at this point! I think it just opened up heartfelt floodgates of gratitude for me. Wow!

    I am grateful for you, the attention and humour you bring into your work, this episode, your beautiful inspiration, this amazing channel, the people working for and with you, and for all the followers sharing and keeping the Love circulating.

    Thank you!

    • Kathy

      I’m so going to try this – I an grateful for everything I have but this is like taking it to the next level.
      Thank you so much Marie
      Lots of love to you ❤️
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  218. Tatum

    Thank you Marie! Great inspiration. I’ve decided to be grateful for something that I feel a lot of despair over. Here goes. I’m grateful for my fear of public speaking because:
    1. It won’t go away (without some action) which means that my true being is not willing to accept the fear. I have a deeper power just waiting to get on that stage, who knows that I can do it, and who KNOWS that the fear ain’t as big a deal as it seems.
    2. I realise that I have vulnerable bits, and that makes me feel compassion for myself, and for others. We’ve all got vulnerable bits.
    3. The extent of the fear shows me how STUBBORN I am. I am STUBBORNLY resisting getting over this. I reckon deep down the stubbornness is actually a powerful ally. Just got to work on rechannelling fear into courage.
    4. The fear is helping me to live more authentically. I own the reality of the fear, and the reality that I might never be without it. And that is ok. The fear doesn’t make me less of who I am. It actually helps me to understand myself more. And I’ve started paying close attention to the stories that I tell myself that keep me fearful. Mmmm….
    5. Thanks to Josh’s “emotions are atom vibrations” wisdom, I’ve realised that the fear is quite a vibration party. So maybe I’m confusing fear with excitement. I’m grateful for that possibility.

  219. Stephanie

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Loved seeing your love for him literally pour out of you. 🙂

  220. I’m grateful for you sharing your heart with us, Marie. That video really touched me and helped me to realize how grateful I am for my love, Keith.

  221. This is a great gratitude work out. My turn, Im greatful for my husband too.
    1. That he opted to fix my 72vw van, aka.the headache, instead of his camaro.
    2. That he makes me my fave dumpling chicken soup when Im feeling under the weather.
    3. That he put up with my requests to build my Victorian modern office. My favorite room in the house.
    4. That he goes along with my business antics and expenses even though he doesnt aggree with them 100%.
    5. That he gives me great massages when ive had a long day at work.

  222. Tui Hawke

    My grateful heart towards MY MAN begins with…
    1. His passion for everything especially ME.
    2. He’s soooo funny.
    3. The belief he has in me.
    4. He is my Rock.
    5. His steadfastness in all things.

  223. This is so so very good. I thought of sharing this video of how to maintain a journal on gmail which I’m gonna use for gratitude from today on. Thank you soo much Marie!

  224. Absolutely true. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for years and – though there are days I’m just grateful for the coffee being programmed for the morning, there is a real feel-good thing that happens when I get specific. Great video!

  225. Thank you so much for this video 🙂 You have no idea how right the timing is. 2014 has been a difficult and very emotional year for my family and I and this video was very important reminder and motivator to try and keep positive.

    I am grateful for my mother because:

    1. She has always been there for me not matter what – she is my best friend
    2. She is my number #1 fan who always supports and encourages me to reach for my dreams
    3. She loves me for me
    4. She is one of the strongest people I have ever met even if she doesn’t realize it
    5. She knows how I like my food :p

  226. Wow, I loved the depth that came from you as you got detailed in your gratitude.

    I am grateful for my husband Ben.

    1) He is such a kind person and always thinks the best of everyone. He inspires me to be a kinder, more forgiving person.
    2) He does not experience jealousy, so he is always happy for others’ successes.
    3) He always cleans the kitchen when I cook. Even when I make a huge mess, he carefully makes is look shiny new.
    4) When he leaves in the morning, he always given me a kiss and wishes me a beautiful day, and I know he means it.
    5) He is so thoughtful and caring towards me, his sons and his mother. He always thinks of how to serve others, make the happier, and make their lives better.

  227. Christine

    What a great idea!
    I am grateful to have a belief in God.
    1. No matter what time of day or night he is there to listen.
    2. He will always be there when I need him.
    3. I ask for strength when I feel I have none left and it miraculously appears.
    4. When I visit him in his many houses I feel at home.
    5. He is always 1 step ahead of me and has me on a path. (Now if he would just go the the corner store and make sure I get the right lottery ticket…lol)

  228. Julie

    Your video resonated with me and made me stop and think. While I am not a fan of journaling I will give this a shot.

    I am grateful for Randy
    1) He is there for me no matter what
    2) He is a great cook
    3) His family accepts me for who I am
    4) He is an great dad to our daughter
    5) We have excellent adventures

  229. I love this episode Marie! Thank you for showing me what a difference the details make. Was so funny coz I usually do my gratitude exercise when I wake up and it’s almost exactly like yours and all in my head and had just done it before I watched your episode.
    So today I am grateful for the beautiful Johannesburg weather this time of year because:
    1. When I open the blinds in the kitchen the sunlight streams in
    2. The view from my patio is all blue sky and puffy white clouds
    3. I get to run under a canopy of jacaranda trees on a carpet of purple flowers
    4. I love the sound of afternoon showers and the way it clears the day
    5. Hot summer nights

  230. Thank you sooo much Marie & Team,
    1. I am in a state of grace & gratitude for your bringing this to light-sound & experience…
    More specifically:
    2. Am grateful for the gratitude hormones cascading from my brain…being:
    3. Happy hormone & neuro transmitter ‘Seratonin’ (also in gut) “I feel good dahnah nah nah nah nah nuh….I feeeaeeel good……”
    4. Motivation-reward neuro transmitter ‘Dopamine’ releasing just before & while commenting on this blog to integrate this empowering info you entertained me with (sense of reinforced learning-reward). I’m feelin it -steppin it out – moving forward aligned with my goals and vision.
    5. Trust & cuddle hormone ‘Oxytocin’ yeah I was lettin it down feeling all resonant with you Marie in the same state, tears of gratitude and all for my Big Love Husband. And letting this transfer to trusting my heart’s intention and connection with grace to serve from a place of gratitude and humbleness in communication with those wonderful Beings who need my gifts and way of service.

  231. Thx Marrie. I always gratitude for all your creative ideas and sharing.

    I know that I have that special gift that world need which I need to shine in my life but it doesn’t seems to be ok when you really fail in your carrier and from your life. However I always think about the good things I have done in the past and trying to get over of that feeling however, it isn’t practical when I am totally down

  232. I have an incredibly inquisitive mind and am extremely grateful for it. It provides me with a productive morning ritual, it has helped me boost my career, it has helped me be gorg, fit and healthy, it has improved my personal relationships, and it has helped me learn valuable skills which I can pass on to others.

  233. MARIE – this may be one of my fave vids ever!!! To see you get emotional about how much you love and are grateful for Josh, almost brought tears to my eyes!!! 🙂

    I am grateful for many things and people, but I have to say I am grateful for the relationship I have with my mom and brother the most. It was the three of us for a long time growing up, and I appreciate the honest and supportive relationship we all share. My mother is THE MOST SUPPORTIVE person I know, and always reminds me that I can accomplish anything. She is incredible listener and consistently helps me to celebrate what I have already accomplished, as sometimes that is challenging. My brother has taught me sooo much about tenacity and following your dream. He has worked hard doing his own thing (ie no 9 – 5 job) for ten plus years by creating his own opportunities, and I am so excited for him b/c now people are starting to take notice. I have learned from him that you truly can achieve any future you want – but you have to be willing to work for it, sacrifice and stay focused. I am blessed for both of these incredible people in my life. They make me a better person and they never stop believing in my ability and purpose even when I get overwhelmed. Family is number 1 for me, and I am truly blessed to have an incredible family:)

  234. Marie, I love this topic! I’d have to say that I’m grateful for my boyfriend Chris. And now for my 5 things why *drum role*

    1. We both understand each other on a personal level with family history since we both come from divorced parents, which divorced when we were the same age, and we BOTH have a younger half brother whom happen to be the same age too. Crazy huh?
    2. Because of #1, we see eye-to-eye on individual goals as well as future mutual goals (like marriage and family) and the values we’ve built up.
    3. He used to work at Starbucks, and makes an AMAZING latte for me in the morning. Being a coffeeholic.. Need I say more why we are meant for each other?
    4. I trust him more than anyone in my past, and we are successfully maintaining a long distance relationship as I am a performer on a national tour for 10 months.
    5. Finally, he’s charming tall and handsome – and can always make me laugh whenever we’re together! 🙂

    Thanks again Marie and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of you other viewers here!

  235. Daria

    Best episode ever!

  236. Catherine

    That was a great clip. I am on to the 5 specifics and starting my gratitude journal tomorrow…The day before TG! Thank you Marie:)

  237. Oh I love this Marie!!

    The way you describe Josh just warms my heart. It reminds me so much of my own boyfriend, he always says sorry first too 🙂

    I can be going off on an emotional rant and he’ll just be patiently standing there like a big bear waving the peace flag.

    So, I’m also celebrating my man today! I’m grateful for him because:

    He’s so loyal and reliable. If he was an animal he’d be a dog, that kind of loyal 🙂

    He has so much love to give. In the past I would meet guys that were “willing”, but not “able” to love. He’s willing AND able. That’s a big difference as I’ve come to learn.

    He’s smokin’ hot.

    He’s my human tranquillizer, always reminding me to enjoy life, slow down and sit my ass down on the couch for a change.

    He’s smokin’ hot. Wait did I say that already? Ok one more then, he believes in my dreams and is always supportive.

    Great episode Marie! xx

  238. Jo

    I have had the luck to meet such wonderful people in South Africa and Lee-Anne McQueen is just one of them. I am grateful to her for her open-mindedness and kind-heart, opening herself up to friendship when I met her at Mum’s and Babes; for always being completely honest personally and professionally; for maintaining our friendship despite extended months of no contact; for being an amazing swimming teacher and kind but hard disciplinarian with children; and finally for introducing me to Marie Forleo!

  239. Kristina

    I am from Croatia and starting a business here which is really challenging…but really. I appreciate so much your advice, I love your energy and your style. Sometimes I receive your clips in such perfect timing and they lift me up immediately! Thank you Marie!

  240. John

    This is ammazing! So sensible and practical. I have always done the ‘long list’ thing with grattitude, and got very poor results. With this new wisdom I can already feel that my grattitude practice is going to be so much better.
    Thank you so much.

  241. Maria

    I shall start with you Marie. 🙂

    1. you are bringing up front really interesting videos&stuff with such ease, humor
    2. you make me laugh :-))
    3. you are a true inspiration (also with clothes 🙂 and I just love the flowers on your table)
    4. you present the theme from a different point of view
    5. because you are saying you LOVE to eat :-))
    6. you are a true advocate for smart, successfull woman with feminine power and look

    I guess 6 is better than 5. 🙂

    All the best!

  242. Oh, Marie! I totally LOVED this lesson/video. And I’m incredibly grateful for YOU and your outstanding team. You all continually work hard as hell to inspire us, elate us & make us all better & better each week. I love + respect all of you for it beyond words. Your videos over the years & BSchool have helped make me the person I am today. Wishing you guys a fantastic Thanksgiving & a bright new year ahead! XOXO

  243. Thank you for this inspiration.

  244. Marie! You just made me cry! I LOVE gratitude too.

    Here’s my 5 things:

    I’m grateful for my daughter because:

    She loves me unconditionally- even when I’m having a bad day & always tries to make me smile.

    She is teaching me the art of patience!

    I get to share my creativity & art with her- we have such fun working on new projects together.

    She makes me laugh out loud.

    I get to see the world through the eyes of a child again!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Marie xxx

  245. I’m so glad you talked about this because I’ve tried gratitude journalling but it always feels like going through the motions. I think this tactic will really help!

    • EDdie Herrera Jr.

      Journals! something of a no – brainer, … but , easily forgotten . I am a believer of this ( heal thy self / “lend me thine ear, and i shall bid you discourse “..type of guy). Powerful episode, demonstration of positive “elements” at work! those elements (husband…elements that help/ aid in your own personal glow) should never be forgotten , and always be around you where ever you go, … those elements are just as important to a flower growing and depends on the environment to grow beautifully . 😉

  246. I love how you got specific. So many people tell you want to do, but won’t give details. The details are the best part. Thank you! I picked three people. 1. My Boyfriend Frank. 2. My daughter Nicole. 3. My daughter Megan.

    I’m grateful for Frank because:

    He is a doer. He gets things done, like putting in the garage door keypad and cleaning the Lani to make me happy.
    He always treats for dinner!
    He rarely gets mad & if he does he gets over it super fast.
    He is always happy to see me.
    He is always happy for other peoples successes and constantly reaches out to people to stay in touch.
    He taught me how to play golf & has given me a great lifestyle in Florida.

    I’m grateful for Nicole because:

    She can make any situation funny & she makes me laugh all the time.
    She is kind & compassionate & roots for the underdog.
    She is a hard worker & has worked every summer since she was 14.
    She is courageous & about to travel the world on SAS.
    She is interested in me & always asks how & what I’m doing.

    I’m grateful for Megan because:

    She is a giver & is always thinking of ways to make other people happy.
    She is filled with determination and works so hard at UConn
    She has a great fashion sense & makes me more fashionable.
    She is a super loyal friend.
    She gave me a mug that says “Home is where your Mom is”.

  247. Hi, Marie

    I’m grateful for my mom:
    – she is always in the moment and she brings me there with her
    – she always looks for the best outcome
    – she always looks for the best in people
    – she is not judgmental
    – she is the best cook and private doctor (without having a diploma)

    Stay in your bliss!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  248. Great episode Marie!!! I am going to share with my readers because gratitude is so awesome!! Loved the 5 things you read about Josh and the obvious love and respect that you two share.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  249. Ihab

    Amazing , I loved the video, and I want to share with you one gratitude practice that is insanely amazing. It was invented by the stoic philosopher long time ago…but the good news it still works !! Why because I tried it myself!!

    Just imagine the thing you want to be grateful for is not there, for example imagine you lost your hand, or out of a sudden your husband has been abducted by UFO ship!!

    well you got the idea imagine what you love is suddenly not there any more, and force yourself to imagine how your life would be, that is why it is called ”Negative visualization”, maybe you try to the dishes without your hand and so on… It might sound harsh at the beginning and you may not feel that you wanna keep going with that, but then the magic kicks in, once we’re done with the negative visualization, back to reality, you will directly feel that your heart is a piece of appreciation.

    Now the science behind it, that we get used to what we do have” Hedonic adaption” and we forgot that it is valuable !!!! So this exercise will cut this cycle…

    I know ive been talking alot , but thanks Mary… Lots of love from Jordan

  250. Marie! Such a delicious post in time for Thanksgiving. I do a gratitude meditation daily but this took it to the next level. My husband and I were bickering last night when I watched the video. I wrote down 5 (and a bonus 6th) reasons I was grateful for him and it shifted our interaction for the rest of the night. Your words about Josh warmed my heart. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  251. What a beautiful heart you have!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  252. Great idea Marie! I love that you LOVE Josh so much. That alone just makes me smile. 🙂

    I’m thankful for Jesus. He’s transformed my life in so many ways. He makes me feel all warm and ecstatic on the inside. He died for me – WOW! He helped me transform my mind. He loves me jealously and unconditionally. And a little bonus one – He makes me so joyful! Have a great Thanksgiving Marie and all you wonderful people here on this blog.

  253. Natalia Stefanova

    I am grateful for you and your team Marie because:

    1) You have this cute way of getting goofy and making us laugh without being worried that you will look silly.
    2) Your sense of style sends me looking for the latest Vogue each time.
    3) You can say things straight when it comes to business.
    4) You always have just the right tip to get me up and going.
    5) Your hair is fabulous!

  254. Rashel

    Thank you Marie! I am grateful for every episode of Marie TV because:

    1) You introduce me to new people who are doing amazing things in the world.
    2) You direct me to books and other cool resources that help make a difference in my life.
    3) You are freaky-funny, and it reminds me to be my own brand of silly without inhibitions.
    4) You inspire me to express myself in business and life better than I am characteristically prone to.
    5) You give me great ideas like specific gratitude journaling that can improve my well-being.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Keep up the great work!

  255. Marie, this was lovely and also very useful. Made me tear up when you got sentimental about your man. Thanks for sharing.

  256. Jan Williams

    I’m grateful for my husband, Chuck because:
    1. He has loved me for 41 1/2 years unconditionally (and I’ve not been all that easy to live with at times!).
    2. He’s an amazing dad and grandad.
    3. He has been our spiritual leader, consistently, for all these years.
    4. He can fix pretty much anything.
    5. Last, but not least, he has been the most encouraging, uplifting man on the planet during his last 11 1/2 years suffering with Leukemia/lymphoma…never complains and never gives up!

  257. Carla Arroyo

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! Thank you for the inspiration to kick my journaling up a notch.

  258. Leah

    I love this concept and hope I have the will power to put it into practice every day. Starting today….

    I’m grateful fro my dog Angel –
    1. she is always happy to see me, no matter how short of a time I’ve been away, her enthusiasm to see me fills her whole body
    2. she know when and how to comfort me by crawling up to the nape of my neck and resting her head
    3. she puts up with ALL my moods, when I have a short temper and yell at her, when I’m feeling blue and squeeze her, when I’m happy and need a dance partner, she obliges me, even when I can tell she doesn’t want to
    4. she adapts to all situations. She has been my constant com pain for a decade and she always makes the best of every place and situations. She never complains and she can always find the perfect spot to nap.
    5. she is a trooper. She is old and often ill, but her love of life and me keeps her ticking. She burst a sore on her leg and I didn’t even know until I woke up because she didn’t wake me. She is loyal and unselfish, and loving. She is my (dog)person.

  259. I am grateful for the videos Marie posts because:
    1 – They have helped me in my personal life and business life.
    2 – They always give me someting I can share with my clientes. Since most of them do not speak English, I feel like I am part of Marie’s work by sharing her ideias with people who do noty have access to them.
    3 – They brighten up my Tuesdays!
    4 – They are inspiring not only for the content but as an example of how good and important it is to give.
    5 – They give great tips on books to read.

  260. Caroline

    Like some others already did, I would like to share my gratitude about you Marie. Since I follow you:
    – You have been giving tips that helped me in many ways such as copywriting
    – I had the chance to come to NY for RHH Live to see you and have a blast!
    – I am part of a great community of women ready to help each other
    – You give me a weekly dose of the “American dream” energy
    – I am looking forward to the next video.
    Thanks again for being part of my life.
    Caroline from Switzerland

  261. Pudding

    Keep up the good job! Really nice and sweet. By the way, How was your pancakes?!

  262. I L-O-V-E-D this episode! I have been journaling for about 2 years now and you are so right Marie–the more specific I write, the better I feel. Specifics get to the heart of it, for real. The other thing it helps with? When you fill your life and your thoughts with gratitude, there is just no darn room for resentment! The two things just can’t co-exist. You “rub it right outta the role call.” Happy T-Day to you and your family.

  263. Thank you Marie for this amazing blog post! Gratitude never grows old, but there is always room for kicking it up a notch and these tips surely help out! I have a gratitude app that I love Happy Tapper “Gratitude Journal” that alerts me in the morning asking what am I grateful for:!/id299604556?mt=8
    I highly recommend!
    This helps me stay on top of my gratitude and get it going before my day even starts and magnificently puts me in the right direction. I think picking a topic a day is a great way to go deeper!

  264. I am grateful for my friend Danae. She listens to me when I am sad. She makes me giggle like no one else. In the short period we have been friends (2 years) we now talk every day sometimes twice a day about nothing at all and we have a limitless supply of Danae and Hilary insider jokes. She is honest with me about EVERYTHING. She has a surprisingly dirty mind.

  265. Mary E.

    I am thankful for my daughter .although she lives in New York she keeps in touch and comes to visit as much as possible. we have always been close. and many times she will call me just as I was about to call her. Oh yes and I am thankful that she married a great guy who looks after her .. it’s like he is a son to me. they make me smile.


    Marie & Joshy = True love and extreme cuteness

  267. Vicki

    Awwwww, best Marie TV episode ever. I’m crying…sniff sniff.

  268. Dear Marie,
    Thank you 🙂 It was nice you brought Josh in too 🙂
    I recently wrote a blog on gratitude and (among many things) I am super grateful for it (as are my readers)
    It’s simple and a great way to introduce a wonderful, beneficial habit!
    As always, thank you!

  269. Marie,
    I am a Canadian from Nova Scotia and recently opened a salon on Orchard St in LES. One of the first people I met in the neighbourhood was Nate, the homeless guy who occupies the bench outside American Apparel, across the street. I am grateful for my relationship with him and it was immediately apparent why I should be.
    He is the first person to welcome me, every morning.
    He lets me know when deliveries come when I am not there.
    When I am absent, because I have gone back to Canada to oversee my salon there, he notices and asks, ‘How was Canada?’
    He makes me feel that someone has my back.
    He is the last person to say ‘Good Night’ when I leave the street.
    All I have do do is treat him with the kindness, respect and a little generosity he deserves.
    I think about and talk about him every day.
    I am grateful to have him watching over me.
    Mindful gratitude is powerful.
    Fred Connors

  270. Eliezra

    Marie you rock!!!
    I have been writing a gratitude journal for quite some time now (on and off and never realized why I didn´t stick to it for long, but now, getting into the details will make it soo much more pleasurable, this makes total sense, thanks! (Again ;))

  271. Marie, it was great listening to your show tonight, been away for awhile, and I have been writing a gratitude journal since the summer. If I don’t get a chance to do so I do it in my head. It has worked so much that my gratitude has brought me to a plateau in my life I never expected. I just finished filming an interview for a cable TV show, about entrepreneur’s, which I am, to air in about a month. My life has changed so much because of the gratitude that I have worked so hard to learn. Thank you for sharing,

  272. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability, what a lovely episode. Each morning and evening I say or write my gratitudes, at least five things, twice a day. But often I’m not specific enough. I’ll practise being specific about it from now.
    Thanks for sharing.

    I’m grateful for Marie and how she shares what she’s learned and gives us practical examples to apply it in our own lives.

    Happy Thanks giving all.


  273. Darya

    Thank you for the great video!

    Today I am very grateful for Marie Forleo! 🙂

    1. Every her video makes me inspired and helps get tools to make my life better.
    2. She makes me smile and sends a lot of good energy with every new episode of MarieTV.
    3. I’m grateful that she answers so many important questions which torture all of us!
    4. I’m so happy Marie and her amazing team spread the knowledge and do it for free 🙂
    5. I’m grateful Marie is just such a kind, generous, beautiful, honest, positive, yet strong person!

    Thank you, dear Universe, for Marie, and thank you, dear Marie, for staying awesome! 🙂


  274. Hello everyone,
    Looove this post, why? Because gratitude is the best totally agree, it simple and effective.
    I’m grateful to have an amazing husband that let me drop the corporate race to live my dream and work on MyLittleGuides.
    Check out my MyLittleGuides Kickstarter to support children to write gratitude everyday through journaling
    PS: Hope you feel better Marie 😉

    • PS: my little girl overheard the video and just gave me her 5 things !!! Thank you Marie

  275. Baren

    absolutely touched with your love for sharing. Great stuff and I will not only try the technique but also share it with those in my life. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  276. Cassandra Lavender aka Diamond

    A few things l am grateful for:

    First, I am grateful to God for the gift of His Son Jesus, who bore my sins on the cross and redeemed me so that l can have life eternal.

    I thank God for my existance and my continued existance especially when l was wasting my life living an ungrateful, sin-filled life. God spared my life from substance abuse and gave me a new life.

    I am grateful to God for the parents l was born to. They have shown me great love, not only physically, emtionally, but spiritually.

    I am grateful to God for my two siblings who keeps me laughing every week eventho we are not together much, we still keep in touch.

    Iam grateful to my daughters each one of them show me so much love and it is unconditional.

    I am grateful for my family, neighbors and clients. Each one gives me so much to be grateful for in their own special way.

    I am grateful to God for answered prayer for my new business and for blessing me with guest who keeps coming back.

    I thank God for wisdom and revelation.

    I thank God for double rainbows!

    I thank God for Maria Forleo and for giving us this opportunity to be reminded that we have so much to be grateful for, and for giving us a chance to share a little bit of what we are grateful for!

    May God bless each of you richly!



  277. AMEN! I will (and already have journaled) on my GREATitude today, but I wanted to share one more thing. When I was writing the 266 greatitudes for “GREATful Days”, I committed to write 20 a day (and each one was detailed). I was a different person just from the ACTION of doing it (i.e. it really works). One tool I use is that for THINGS I am GREATful for (such as autumn leaves), I do two things
    1) explore my SENSES (smell, touch, taste, etc.) of how I love that
    2) explain WHY I love it (the connection to me) .

    Hope this helps. Sending you a big squishy hug — Stephanie Bavaro

  278. Opps… typo 366 (not 266)… hehe. I appreciate my perfect imperfections, including typos in un-editable comments. 😀

  279. Soapgirl

    I am grateful for I am grateful for my father, although, he is no longer here.

    I am grateful for him because he has instilled a great business sense that I am, just now, using to build my business.

    I am so grateful for my dad for building a good, solid relationship with me that allows me to walk this earth, being a secure, powerful and loving woman that I am.

    I am so grateful for my dad who taught me life lessons that help me overcome any obstacles I’ve ever faced and will face.

    I am grateful for my dad, who spirit envelops me daily and guides me spiritually.

  280. dash it all! That made me well up!
    But I agree. Airy-fairy ‘I’m grateful fors’ aren’t really getting under the skin of the ‘why’.
    Yes, we have much to be grateful for, and yet we need to confront the substance of those things. Often I have found myself grateful for things that were actually costing me dearly – it wasn’t until after deliberating on those matters, discussing them with a friend too, that I realised I was being fooled into believing things were ok as they were, that someone was being fair when they were not, that a certain love was true when it was not.
    Gratitude is hugely revealing and takes effort to express. That is why some folks roll their eyes and sigh. Because it is a deeply seated jewel that needs carefully bringing to light. Gratitude is an act of love, directed both to those around us and towards ourselves. It isn’t possible to overestimate its power and benefit.

  281. Alison

    Wonderful episode, Marie! I’ve been a fan of your work for many years, and you just continue to blossom! You are a beautiful person, with a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I hope that you, Josh and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  282. Diana

    I am grateful for Jarett. I am grateful that he has made me one of his highest priorities, I am grateful that he helps around that house. I am grateful that he supports my dreams, I am grateful that he is so caring, I am grateful that I get to see him tonight!

  283. I am so grateful for my husband James. There are so many reasons it is hard to pick just five but here goes.
    1. He comes home from work and cooks dinner for our family at least six times per week.
    2. He is open to learning and exploring new things.
    3. He sits down and talks with me every evening.
    4. He gives the most amazing foot massages.
    5. He readily says yes when I invite friends over to dinner and doesn’t mind cooking a feast.

    Love that man so much it hurts!

  284. Wow, Marie – what a great video!! Thank you!!

    I am so incredibly grateful for my friends Jess and Ali.
    1. They come to visit me in the middle of North Carolina!
    2. They make every experience a celebration – whether it be a big party or a simple morning coffee.
    3. They are absolutely hilarious and make every day fun.
    4. They are the best listeners I know. Always there when you need them and truly are present with you as you speak.
    5. In their relationships with each other and others, they embody true, non-judgmental love, and celebrate your strengths and weaknesses, because that’s what makes you into the person you are.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!

  285. Hi Marie, this is a great video, thank you for sharing all your experience!.you´ve been an inspiration for me, so I am grateful for that:

    1.- You inspired me into know myself better.
    2.- You inspired me to learn how to express myself better.
    3.- You inspired me to be a better person.
    4. You inspired me to share my own glow.
    5. You inspired me to stay on my game and keep going for my dreams, and understand that the world really needs the special gift that only I have…

    Besos, from Mexico.

  286. Ayana

    Dear Marie,

    I am grateful to you, Marie for that
    1. You provide inspiration and support in good and hard times
    2. I learn how to be more positive and kind to myself
    3. You are so You, I wanna hug you
    4. You have time and enthusiasm to write, work and share your wisdom with world
    5. You break any rules and show easily that you are human

  287. What a brilliant video – and I’m so onboard with you on everything to do with gratitude! As a positive psychology practitioner I’m always embedding gratitude exercises into my coaching sessions and workshops – and I can see how it works wonders! Gratitude was also the first thing I embraced a few years back when I started to make a shift from an unhappy mindset to a more positive, optimistic one. It’s so powerful! And I always go back to different variations of the gratitude exercise if I’m feeling low!

    So what I am most grateful for right now? Looking back at my 2014 year building up my Happyologist business I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given:
    1. I’m grateful for having been accepted to speak at two TEDx conferences.
    2. I’m grateful for Amazon making self-publishing so easy as it pushed me to write my book and release it!
    3. I’m grateful for the successes of my coaching clients and for them allowing me to help them get there.
    4. I’m grateful for The School of Life inviting me to do classes for them in 2015 (the first is scheduled 13th Jan – so exciting!).
    5. I’m grateful for being invited to do a workshops in partnership with Psychologies magazine.

    Looking back at that I feel so blessed and proud – and it shows everything is going the right way 🙂

  288. What an awesome episode, and I am starting this practice today with you! I am grateful for you and Marie TV and here is why:
    1. You bring great content like this episode in short clips which are easy to watch even on a very busy day.
    2. I find the information you share really helps me stay on track with various aspects of my business, emotional and mental as well, and really resonates with what I believe in and how I want to live my life.
    3. You have great style and I love your outfits (and hair of course)!
    4. You add humor to the content, and you are real, not afraid of sharing what does not work for you.
    5. I love your interviews other speakers and authors where you go more in-depth with your questions.
    6. You have a great “can do” attitude that is infectious and makes me feel I can do it too!
    7. You are generous and fun!!

  289. Kristina

    Thank you for this! I’m beginning to wonder if I suffer from “gratitude exhaustion”.I love this idea of writing one thing and getting specific, make a lot of sense. You’re awesome Marie, love you!

  290. 1) Like Marie, I am grateful for the hot beverages my husband brings in the morning as well. It’s the little things like that which remind me why I am married almost 30 years.
    2) I am grateful for the fact that my business is all about doing what I love, with my sister.
    3) I am grateful for the fact that my body cooperates when I want it to do something.
    4) I am grateful for the wagging tail and butt of my dog when I get home
    5) I am grateful that I remember to be grateful on a daily basis.

  291. Abso-positively-YES! This is the key. Keep it real, keep it simple, keep it coming. I’ve had a gratitude blog for almost two years ( I write something I’m grateful for everyday. My focus is less “cheesy Hallmark card thankfulness”, and more “I’m glad I don’t have cellulite on my face.” Being specific is huge. And it means, you will never run out of stuff to be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder. I’m, well, grateful for it.

  292. Ivy

    I am grateful for:
    – the amazing view of the city outside my window
    – having 2 projects that I love and am excited by that I am just beginning to work on
    – having qualified friends and resources that I can easily call upon to help my work
    – getting to do something I love – dance Flamenco – 2-3 times a week
    – getting to take care of my body by going to the gym and sauna, 2-3 times a week

    Here’s my question for everyone: do you find it better to do your gratitude practice in the morning or evening?

  293. Marie,

    I am late to the gratitude party this week but I want you to know that I am grateful for YOU. Here’s why:

    1. Your courage to be vulnerable on camera cracked my heart wide open this morning.
    2. You teach me that it’s okay to keep upping my game and taking my biz and life to the next level.
    3. You teach me that it’s safe to be beautiful, smart and business-savvy.
    4. You created and then nurtured the vision for B-School, an experience which has brought so many amazing people into my life, including a friend that me and my husband stayed with two nights ago. Incredible.
    5. You execute with excellence and I’m constantly inspired and challenged by you.

    Big love to you and I hope you were able to spoil your family so much this Thanksgiving.

    Elloa x

  294. In my daily journalling I’m definitely generic, so I’m going to take this practice to heart and start using it by being specific about what I’m grateful for! <3

    Having just moved earlier this month I can definitely say I'm grateful for my new place, because…

    1. It allows me to be closer to my little one so visits last longer!
    2. I finally have what feels like a real home, rather than a temporary landing space.
    3. I know that my home is full of love from the people and fur babies in it! (No need to feel lonely even when I'm alone!)
    4. It allows me the freedom to be myself and do things that matter to me (no one to tip toe around!)
    5. It's a wonderful stepping stone into even more growth in my life (hello new baby!)

  295. Julie

    I am grateful for the people coming into my life at the right moment:
    – Rachel Archelaus and her Soul-centered Business Bootcamp, which only after 3 weeks is already changing my life
    – Revel who by keeping on saying positive things to me about me, got me to believe them
    – Jasmina who was the first one to recognize my talent
    – Brigitte who could see my whole potential
    – Hélène for truly believing in me
    And many more…

  296. Dear Marie, I am so grateful for this episode of MarieTV, because I have been one of those group 1ers, and having a hard time staying positive lately. So here it goes: I am grateful for my awesome parents, because 1. They worked so hard to give me a great childhood by going above and beyond on basic needs, taking us on amazing vacations, helping us with school work, making possible cool activities, like horse back riding and paying for college. They have always supported me in life, even when they didn’t agree with my decisions. And now they are paying for my kids and I to visit them for the holidays when money has become a little tight. I am so incredibly lucky to have them for family, and I can feel the gratitude so deeply right now, that I am crying. Cheers, Jenny

  297. I’am grateful for…
    My Mama,
    because she is always so understanding even when I do stuff that is absolutely my fault and intervene in her business. She always forgives me and helps me grow and become a better person day by day and doesn’t put me down regardless of how condescending, or unhelpful I am. Because she makes really good food that somehow always tastes good and knows just what to add. Because she is so supportive and has not only given me life, but has given me the greater gift of knowing how to live my life joyfully. And that’s the best thing you could ask for. And also, though a bit shallow to say, because she buys me everything as if I were her only child, and has bought me an iPhone 6 ont op of the countless money and gifts I’ve been showered with blessedly. God bless her and I hope I can make her as happy as she makes me, and that I make her life as easy as she makes mine. I’m dreading the fact that I will be apart from her when I marry.
    Love you mom xox.

  298. Alberto Guayante

    I think that having met you is one of the best things it had happen this year. It’s so awesome to watch your incredible show to learn such amazing tweetibles haha if that’s really how you spell it lol Anyways I think you also have a pleasant voice and wonderful insights. You have great style and your personality rocks !

    • Alberto Guayante

      P.s if it wasn’t for you Marie I wouldn’t be able to be me and for that I’m truly grateful. Thank you so much stay blessed.

  299. A giant yes, in 7,00,342 point type! I’ve been gratitude blogging everyday for a few years now, and it’s the one thing I do that always pays off. Some days I write about big stuff I’m thankful for, and other days, it’s itty bitty stuff. It doesn’t seem to matter so much what it is, as much as the simple act of acknowledging and noticing that it is. Thanks for the great post. Come visit:

  300. This inspired me to finally buy this amazing gratitude journal I had read about – created by a fellow B-Schooler. She covers this idea in her journal and I am so excited to start putting this into practice.

  301. Silvia

    Luca and I split up without arguing cheating and apparently any reasons why.
    I’m grateful for he and his love came into my life after years of loneliness and disbelief
    I’m grateful for I got to know one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily – his timeless Syracuse – where I’ve never been before
    I’m grateful for the sensation of self-beauty I felt when I was with him
    I’m grateful for the way he used to look at me talking to people
    I’m grateful I took the risk and lived.

    Now, I should pick 5 things I’m not grateful for in my lovestory and take strength from that to go through this. I’ll journal them somewhere else and…thank you Marie for this 😉

  302. Niya

    Honestly this is my favorite video thus far! Every time I do this exercise I cry, just like you did. I’m realizing how truly blessed I am. thank you so very much for making this video! I’m grateful!

  303. Awww! Gratitude changed my life in some of my toughest moments and I wasn’t even being specific, imagine when I apply this!

    We want the recipe to those pancakes!

  304. I am grateful for my 9 year old, Kai.

    1. Her conception sparked a huge changed in how I saw myself. Because of her, I saw myself as capable of being the mother I thought she deserved.
    2. She is the most grateful child EVER! She gives thanks for everything that I do for her. She teaches me to do the same.
    3. She has been a healthy child her entire life. She contributes to that by taking really awesome care of herself.
    4. She repeats the lessons I teach her to her classmates and teacher. That means she actually listens 🙂
    5. She is an amazing friend and handles all of the people in her life with care.

    I just love her!

  305. This episode has made a huge impact on me this morning.
    Not only did I have a little HA moment at myself for not watching this episode on Tuesday because when I was feeling extra grateful on Wednesday, I decided against journaling to enjoy my tea and just think about my gratitude. 😛
    I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression this year. Mostly from money stress, being 10 times harder on myself than I would ever be with anyone could ever deserve and trying to keep up appearances. I know I have a lot to be grateful for, and I’m practicing gratitude and forgiveness for my mistakes more often.
    I’ve been trying to decide which thing I’m grateful for to list my 5 sentences about and I didn’t want to seem like a copy cat and use my fiance like Marie Forleo but she has inspired me and it will be the best thing for me to do since our argument last night where we were both left feeling taken for granted.

    I’m grateful for my fiance, Mathew:
    1. When he makes me laugh, I laugh my hardest even when he is laughing hard from teasing me.
    2. All of my favorite clothes were ones he grew out of, especially the warm, fuzzy jackets. (also he builds me fires-it’s been so cold!)
    3. He constantly encourages me to do what makes me happiest like working out, spending time with my family, playing with our puppies, sleeping and cleaning. Really! Those things make me feel amazing.
    5. What seems to upset him most is disappointing me. I know what he truly wants is for me to be happy and that makes me want to be happier- no pressure! <3

  306. Hi Marie,
    I was so deeply moved by your honest and open sharing. I really connected with your vulnerability.

    I am grateful for you Marie.
    I am grateful that you create these amazing video’s every single week that make me laugh, cry and open my thoughts in ways I never thought possible.

    I am grateful that you repeat your message in every weeks video: “Keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only I have”. That message is so incredible and really lifts me up every single time I hear it.

    I am grateful that you have lifted my game in my business, allowing me to create a better website, better videos and better presentation.

    I am grateful that I was lucky enough to be in BSchool and learn all that I have to create an amazing business I am super proud of.

    I am grateful that women like you are out there, sharing their story and showing their vulnerability and reaching beyond what is “normal” and doing what they love.

    You are seriously awesome!


  307. Johanna

    Hi Marie, first time I see your video and I’m grateful for it.

    What am I grateful for today, well right now I’m grateful for my roommate Jon.

    I’m grateful because he is super easy to live with

    He is always at his girlfriend’s house and the house is all to myself, like if it was apartment

    Because he lets me use all his kitchen supplies and shares with me

    Because he has the cutest dog Max and give me company when I’m home

    I’m truly grateful that I found him on craigslist last minute and he is super awesome. Thank you Jon for being a cool roommate

  308. I just adored this episode. And loved your vulnerability when it came to Josh … super sweet and you guys are adorbes. Ok, ready … here’s my list!

    I’m grateful for YOU Marie! 🙂

    1) B School rocked my world and totally moved me forward
    2) Your videos inspire me to keep taking risks
    3) Your if it’s a HELL YES mantra is one I use daily to measure my choices
    4) Being authentically who you are gives me confidence to live my truth
    5) Your interview with Chef Chloe got me to buy my first Vegan cookbook and I’m LOVING it! (Avacodo Pesto Pasta – YUM!)

    Keep rocking … xoxo

  309. jay

    I would enjoy more after more keeping gratitude journal after your loving and caring and curing advise.

    • Cheryl Ann Obrien

      Today I am greatful of being introduced
      To Marie’s website by a very good friend
      This was my first viewing of MarieTv and so
      Looking forward to many more. I will start
      Gratitude jounaling right away. So looking
      Forward to all of Marie has to offer

  310. Michael

    Thanks for this video and information! I was grateful for it beacause it made me smile and I think I needed to smile at that moment in time. Second, it gave me good, believable information. Third, I am grateful because I want to truly get emotionally involved in my gratefulness and this showed me that that can really happen. Fourth, I am thankful that I saw someone benefiting from the good vibes they were emitting. Lastly, I am grateful because this information came to me at a time when I seemed to need it most. Thanks!

  311. Hi,
    I just recommended you to a friend and realized I have to been in touch since my move to Texas…
    I am so grateful for my new granddaughter because,
    – Her smile and giggles light up my day.
    – Her little hugs warm my heart.
    – Her milestones renew my faith and inspire me to appreciate myself.
    – Her physical challenges to climb, crawl, walk, and the tolerance I naturally use to support her remind me to be patient and tolerant with my own life challenges.
    – Her unique developing personality bring me in touch with my own uniqueness.

    I am so grateful. Life is an adventure and I am so happy to be living it.


  312. Gina

    I love gratitude, it lifts me up and helps me lift others up. Recently, my mundane but necessary job had budget cuts and I’m grateful for what that means.
    I’m grateful for budget cuts that lead to more intentional forward motion.
    I’m grateful for the entire month of December to become extremely serious about building my business.
    I’m grateful for those coworkers who support the direction I’m going.
    I’m grateful for having to think of something that will sustain my kids and I while I take time to formulate my new business.
    I’m grateful for the time to watch more MarieTV videos, catch up on info emails and get connected to great online communities.

  313. Melissa Plotnick

    Thank you Marie and Team for creating this video!!!

    Okay, so I thought I was pretty good with my gratitude, and here I am proved to be a lazy one! Whoops. So I want to give this new version a go. Thank you for sharing!

    I am grateful for performing as a professional dancer again when I thought the days were gone from a couple knee surgeries!!! Feeling Triumphant! 🙂
    * I am grateful my knees held up to some amazingly satisfying and challenging choreography!
    * I am grateful for moving forward through the fears that arose as I went through the process of learning 1 year’s worth of choreography in a 2 month span.
    * I am grateful for the amazing women and talented dancers I performed with and the new friendships that came out of it.
    * I am grateful for the top notch support I had from my Mom and Fiance. AWEsome.
    * I did it! Oh, so grateful I did it, taking it one day, one rehearsal and one phrase at a time.

    On to the next project … 🙂

  314. This is so beautiful, powerful and has had instant impact on me and my gratitude practice! Thank you so much.

  315. I started watching this a while ago but never finished it. Now, today I have and it is perfect timing! I’ve had a gratitude partner for several years now & on the days I remember to email her my list, things are better! Today, I am having a rough relationship day so I will gratefully take Marie’s challenge and take it a step further by being grateful for something challenging.

    I’m grateful for the uncertainty in my relationship because:

    1. I’m getting clear on what I want & need.
    2. I’m getting clear on my worth & what I won’t accept.
    3. I now have the day to myself to practice gratitude and radical self love!
    4. It’s a wake up call to claim my power, state my boundaries & truly step in to my fullest self.
    5. It gets me to reach out to my girlfriends.

  316. Oh….I’m grateful for you Marie and
    1. For this wonderful best-est episode of Marie TV
    2. For sharing your lovely emotions with us
    3. For making me cry
    4. For sharing the love
    5. and for helping all of us be more around this wide world.

  317. Hi Marie,

    What a beautiful episode! And perfect timing. It was my boyfriend’s 32nd birthday this week, so I gave him a card with 32 reasons why I’m grateful for him. We both cried and it absolutely made us feel closer.

    One of my reasons for gratitude was all the brownies he taste tested while I was developing a recipe for my upcoming cookbook! I wanted to share it here:

    Thanks for this dose of inspiration and joy!

  318. This is my favorite episode ever! I love that Josh appeared! Made my day-always want to see you two together. Always curious about how your relationship looks, Marie! I want relationship advice too!!

  319. I love this. I’ve been doing it every night for the past 5 days and is talky made a change in my whole disposition. I feel true gratitude for the things I outline in my journal every evening and it really has actually even loosened the muscles in my body as well.

  320. Kate Culver

    Thank you, Marie! Once again you deliver!

    I am grateful for Marie TV
    1. Because the ideas are awesome and inspiring
    2. Because they are delivered with such flair and excitement
    3. Because I never know how you are going to make me cry this week
    4. Because my life is better with you in it
    5. Because it comes right to my email box so if I am busy one week and don’t get to it right away the reminder is always there in my inbox saying “Hello?! Remember to come check out Marie TV. You’ll be glad you did!”
    Big love to you, Marie!


    I am highly grateful to you for your deep insight and co human feelings. 1. You are awesome.
    2. You are so passionate about your mission
    3. You are concerned for the humanity
    4. You are able to express in the right way best words and best expressions and appropriate emotions
    5. You have created a very good platform for communicating concerns and ways to improve.
    Thanks. I am really grateful to you for your contribution in my evolution.
    Om Prakash

  322. Loved this! I have been doing a “gratitude journal” for over 5 years now and I truly believe it was the center of all the incredible life changes I have had in my life in such a short amount of time. However I never was truly “specific” and really got that “AHA” moment out of this! Thanks girly, you always have rocking content!

  323. Pawan

    Hey Marie,

    I’m grateful for discovering you because:

    1. I rediscovered how immensely attractive a mature playful feminine energy is.
    2. There’s something in your work that’s very in sync with my life, it’s just so easy to connect with, relate to, and get what you have to say.
    3. It’s such a relief, and so entertaining to get a good message that I’m truly interested in, from someone who has her act together, isn’t wound up about how she’s getting across, probably has good meditation practices, and is passionate about her work.
    4. Oh, so grateful that you didn’t try rush to squeeze in too much amazing content, in too little time, to slice and dice and sell value saying wait, there’s more.
    5. What I’m most grateful for, is you being fun, relaxed, playful while you deliver a message that positively impacts the quality of my life.

  324. I’ve worked with Gratitude ever since “Oprah in the ’90s,” with varying results but usually eventually ODing on doing it and not feeling the ROI anymore. I’m going to start journaling tomorrow morning and will try it for at least 21 days (to make a new ritual a habit, I’m told). Thanks for the clarification.

  325. Cecillie

    Hi all, I love that Marie showed us what she is grateful for in her significant other. I love to see others’ positive supports and how they are supportive daily. I also have a deep appreciation for my partner and am extremely grateful for him.

    (1) James invests in me every day. He chooses to prioritize our relationship by focusing on solving the problem or task together and is patient with me when I don’t understand. He takes the time to explain different ways of solving a problem and encourages compromise. I can solve problems, but many ways, he is a better problem-solver for the bigger picture and he shows me, through example, how I can be better at this.

    (2) James is adventure-loving, and although we have different tastes and interests at times, he will stretch to join me in trying something (and will genuinely be open to the experience).

    (3) James’ shows his love consistently; He expresses gratitude every day when I do something for him (cooking, etc) and he always reminds me that I’m the lady that he loves on many different levels, in many different ways.

    (4) James laughs and plays with me. Not everyone ‘gets’ my sense of humor or thinks that I’m cute or funny. But when I start into my goofing-around, he joins in and plays along. And we have a wonderful time laughing with one another.

    (5) James is a fabulous ally. He is highly loyal to me, yet isn’t afraid to reflect what he disagrees with or to suggest another way. He challenges ideas or actions in a direct, gentle, reflective way, that is inviting and non-polarizing. He is a deep thinker and seeks out other deep thinkers to bring into our lives to enrich the support system around us.

    • Cecillie

      I also wanted to ask, as a follow up, do you recommend this daily gratitude practice before bedtime or upon waking up?

      I’ve seen suggestions for both, but am curious what works best for everyone.

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        This is such a great question, Cecillie, and I’ve heard suggestions for both too. The best part is that I think it’s a win-win no matter when you choose to do your writing, so it’s all about picking a time that feels really good for you.

        If you want to write in your gratitude journal in the morning, it could be a great way to kick off the day with love in your heart.

        Writing before bedtime can be great too, as it’s a wonderful way to unwind and think back on the little things throughout the day that you’re grateful for.

        Regardless, it’s such a wonderful practice and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gratitude journal about your partner!

      • Hi Cecile,
        I have found that this works wonders:

        1. Write down one thing + 5 why’s that you’re grateful for (like Marie suggested) in the morning.

        2. In the evening: think back at your day and find the BEST thing that happened that day (this is cool, because your mind will scan across many great things that happened that day to find the best one). When you’ve found it: feel it in your heart and say ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’ for this one thing.

        3. First thing in the morning: remember the BEST thing from yesterday and feel gratitude for that again.

        … and repeat again, each day. (Optional, when you list your gratitude + 5 why’s, also write down the best thing from yesterday.)

        This way, with the “one BEST thing” practice, you always end and start your day in gratitude.


  326. Now this was quiet moving…and very lovely.
    Concerning gratitude: In Judaism we learn that gratitude opens the gates the prosperity and blessings. Why? Because somebody who is grateful expresses that he was lacking something he did not have and wanted very badly. Now that he got it he does not lack it anymore and he is happy and grateful. His feeling the shortcoming and lack is the actual vessel to get the blessing. To admit that he is actually lacking something expresses humility, the opposite of arrogance and the attitude of : Give it to me because its mine, I have a right to have it and you owe it to me. The arrogant person closes his gates to blessings with his own hands. Because he expresses no lack. He expresses demands. But no lack = no vessel.
    (You might ask why bad people get so many good things, but that’s only from the outside. G’D gives money for example for 3 reasons: First of all as a test, to see if the person will still be g’dfearing and modest and human. Second as a real blessing because the receiver really deserves it and the third reason: As a punishment. Because this money will ultimately distroy this person and be the worst what could happen to him.)

  327. Zoraida Montserrat Magaña

    I’m truly grateful I finally got around to watching this video after having the email sit in my Marie Forleo folder (yes, you’re that awesome that you have your own folder). I admit to being one of those people who lists a lot of things I’m grateful for, but generalizing it. I really like the idea of focusing on one thing and doing 5 sentences about it. It sounds like something I would enjoy more than the other way I was doing it. I haven’t been writing in my Gratitude Journal for over a year now, so I think this practice will get me back to being truly grateful for all of the wonderful blessings in my life. Thank you, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, it’s so fun that you have a Marie Forleo folder 🙂

      We’re so glad you tuned in – any day is always a good day for a little more love and gratitude, and I hope these tips serve to deepen your gratitude practice in a beautiful way!

    • Haha, Marie has her own folder in my email too. So it’s all gathered in one place, so that even if I miss an episode one week, I can go back and watch whenever 🙂

  328. Teresa

    Thank you Marie! I have been worrying that whenever I truly feel gratitude in my life, which is every morning that I am able to wake to another day, I tend to get very teary eyed and want to and do cry. Your video finally has alleviated any distress that I was feeling about coming to tears so easily when I feel such gratitude. I kept thinking something was wrong with me, but after seeing/hearing you well up and be teary-eyed, I have finally felt that it is a GOOD thing and not something that is WRONG with me. Thank you with heart-felt tears for bringing that to me! (Here they come again!)

  329. Hi Teresa:

    I’m glad to see your comment not because of my experience with gratitude but when I witness others’ being validated or awarded. This happens when I see others applauded for their performance or getting an Oscar (or any award, even unknown ones). I thought it was because I’ve been a (non-famous) performer and know how it feels to not even be in the running for awards, to be rejected after an audition, to not get the gig. But I realize that anytime someone is given love for who they are and/or an accomplishment, by empathy runneth over and out come the tissues. Award season is especially expensive around here! From one crying joyfully to another.


    I’m soooo grateful for Marie, Marie team and Marie Tv because this year they showed me that i’m not alone and most importantly they gave the courage to “stay on my game and keep going for my dreams, because the world needs that special gift that only I have”! 🙂

    You are soooooo cool guys, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Antigone, THANK YOU!

      What you shared means the world to us. You are so not alone, and we’re honored to hear that you’ve realized you’re not and gained courage because of our work.


  331. Thank you for this video Marie!!! Awesome!

    So, for today…

    <3 I am so grateful for my beloved husband Toby Sebastian.

    1. I'm grateful to be sharing this life journey with the most amazing man I've ever met.

    2. I'm grateful that he is so kind, sweet and loving to me.

    3. I love that he loves cuddling and spooning every night.

    4. I'm grateful that he cooks and brings me chai in bed (rather than asking me to come down and get it myself).

    5. I love that we laugh together so much!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful list, Ronja! If he’s bringing you chai in bed, you KNOW you have a keeper 🙂

  332. This is an awesome twist on gratitude!

    Gratitude is one of my favorite subjects and I have no problem with it, having been created as a ‘half glass full’ type of a guy.

    But, I will be sharing this with my readers at, thx.

  333. Practicing gratitude has helped me in my darkest hours, when I couldn’t see the light. I recently went through a really big loss in my life and I have been practicing gratitude daily, and it has started to change my life.

    I started writing a blog about motivation life experiences, and I have a post about gratitude as well!

  334. Im grateful for my daughter Ariana who is 14 months. She is the light in our lives and will make the world a brighter place for many people. She was born even if the doctors wanted me to take a clinical abortion after to see if my cancer had spread. Another miracle! The tumour was suddely much smaller and now im completly healthy. She saved my life. Im also grateful for my love who has saved my life by being there.

    • JO

      I am grateful for my friends because they continually help me preserve to achieve my goals.
      They do this by
      1) Saying exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it (e.g. You’re awesome. I love you. Take a break. You would never talk this way to me so don’t talk this way to yourself.)
      2) Talking me “off the ledge” by taking my hand and making sure I’m supplied with premium coffee.
      3) Providing me a space where I can rest and just be (France, England, Costa Rica, the homes of very good friends in Toronto and Telkwa, BC, India)
      4) By making me laugh in spite myself even when I’m at my lowest low.
      5) Feeding my body with the most delicious, exquisite meals and my being with thoughtful conversations on life, love and the journey we all take together in this life.
      Thank you Marie for this video and for being genuine, courageous and vulnerable.

  335. I am great full for my mother
    She is always there to pick me up when I have fallen
    She always is proud of what I do and 100% supports me
    When I feel I have failed she always said you can try again
    My mom is always there for me know matter what is going on in her life
    She is a amazing cook even though she thinks she is not
    I am great full to have my mom in my life threw everything I have been threw and I am always there for her

  336. What’s up, I check your blogs regularly. Your story-telling style
    is awesome, keep it up!

  337. By having a daily gratitude journal during a period of my life I could change my mindset from scarcity to abundance and I started to see the beauty of my life which also led me to believe in my talents and go for the things I love. Nowadays, it is so natural for me, but whenever I feel a bit stressed or drained out I write that again. I would write a 5 reasons I’m thankful for finding you Marie, but I guess there’s a lot of people who already did it. LOL Not only that, but I’m living a moment in my life that I truly learned I need to take care of me first so I can offer the best of me for others. So, I decided to write the 5 reasons I’m grateful for being who I am.
    1 – I’m grateful because I am intellectually smart and that is what I need now to become emotionally smart.
    2 – I’m grateful because I am passionate about so many things and that offers me more opportunities to be happy every day.
    3 – I’m grateful because I know I have the freedom to change my mind whenever I like.
    4 – I’m grateful because I am blessed to have built the most amazing family in the world. We are so creative and fun!
    5 – I’m grateful because I know I am capable of creating the life I desire.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to ‘say’ all of these publicly. I love you, lady.

  338. Ashley

    I’m grateful for my mom
    She keeps the house clean and decorated everything nice for Christmas
    She’s always getting me snacks
    She watches my favorite tv shows with me
    She’s supportive of my dreams
    She supported me when I came out

  339. Johanna

    Thank you for this video. It has really helped me today.
    I am grateful to be where I am at the moment.
    1. the grass is green
    2. the weather is beautiful
    3. the garden is buzzing with birds
    4. I’m getting away from my busy life and having time out
    5. I’m having time to reassess my life
    Thank you 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautiful list, Johanna. Thank you for sharing!

  340. I have been journaling in my Gratitude Journal for a couple of years – but this tip is priceless and I will definitely be modifying my daily practice. Even as Marie was reading her list of 5, I could feel how much more powerful this will make my own practice. I am stoked to give it a try, starting tonight and, given the number of things that I have to be grateful for in my life, I may have to allow myself more time to complete it each evening.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Bonita! I hope you find this a powerful addition to your own gratitude practice. Thank you so much for watching!

  341. Leesa

    Thanks Marie! I am grateful for my family. They inspire me everyday. They open my eyes to the possibilities. They love me unconditionally. They always give me cuddles and kisses and make me laugh! They are the people I want to be near always! They also test my perseverance at times, yet they always make me feel like a better person! I am very grateful for them in my life! Xxx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a lovely comment, Leesa! Your family sounds wonderful, and we so appreciate you taking a moment to share your gratitude here ♥

  342. Monica-Maria Lupu

    Ok. I’m grateful for Julie Ann who directed me to this article which opened my eyes to how gratitude journalling should go. Next, I’m grateful for Marie for putting it out into the world for me to get access to and for her sincerity when it comes to sharing her thoughts on Thanksgiving and family – also, that she confessed that she loves cooking and eating, which makes her look fun. So grateful for this information to have reached me. Hallelujah, Universe! Yes, grateful for how the universe works to deliver me such great pieces of info to my doorstep!
    PS: YES! Now I do feel a LOT better!!!!! YESSS!!!!

    • Adanary

      Welcome! She makes me feel so connected it’s creepy sometimes…the big sister you always wanted, or wanted to be…so much to learn from each other. Happy Thanksgiving.

  343. awwwwwwww I’m so grateful for you and your production because it is such a close example of my dream and a constant reminder that it’s possible. *MUAH*

  344. Amazing episode again. Going to practice gratitude in a better way!

  345. Kiri Ortega

    I don’t usually write on the comments. But this specific episode got me thinking I should give it a try along side starting a gratitude journal. So, with that being said,
    I’m am grateful for my mom, she helps me with my 9 yr old. While I manage a Sport Clips, which I never thought would take up so much of my time. It’s so stressful and she constantly is trying to make sure I’m okay and tries to help me feel better. (I got to admit it’s not easy with me because if I’m not in a good mood, I outcast myself and like to be alone) I’m grateful she quit her second job just to be with my daughter while I work, and that she does a lot for her in the midst of my absents. Being a single mom isn’t easy, but having a mom who sacrifices so much just to make you genuinely happy is priceless. Happy Thanksgiving Marie and All.

  346. I’m grateful for this episode. I have tried gratitude journals and gratitude apps in the past. I was definitely doing what was listed in the first group – the Generalists. I was just making lists of things rather than listing details of specific things. I had been using a “Gratitude” app but it was asking for the daily “General” items.
    I switched over to the Day One App which is not a “Gratitude” app but rather just the best journaling app I could find (Apple listed it as app of the year) and now I journal almost every day. One of the things I love most about it is that it is totally secure and it takes my fingerprint to access it. Here is the lnk if anyone else needs a journaling app –

    It is so therapeutic to journal and really helps me sort my feelings out. Adding specific gratitude not only helps me express myself but it really does change the way my brain feels when I’m done. I’ve learned that no matter how bad a day/week/situation is that there is always something to be grateful for. Rainn Wilson on Soul Pancake also lists expressing gratitude (not just thinking about it or writing it down) as another way to find greater happiness. Thanks for the great episode Marie. Keep them coming.
    * I’m grateful for the reminder to be grateful
    * I’m grateful for the specific direction you listed
    * I’m grateful for cool apps that help me journal

  347. I loved this new spin on gratitude practice and shared it with my mentor and dear friend, Lisa, who I am super grateful for. Here’s why: Lisa is honest and clear, she’s not afraid of being direct and naming what she needs. She sets an example of strength and gentleness in her authenticity. Lisa’s is kind and generous and has taught me more about healthy communication with myself and others than anyone else I know. I’ve learned from Lisa that there are kind and loving ways to advocate for for my needs and it’s possible for me to provide myself with the empathy that I used to depend on from others! This is all so powerful to me that I interviewed Lisa on the Fearless Self-Love podcast (Episode 2). If you listen, you’ll see why I’m so grateful for her, and you will be, too!!

  348. Thanks so much for this, Marie! I’ve keep a very inconsistent gratitude journal, but I do believe you’re right – it’s in the details, and that’s something I haven’t quite done yet. Starting tomorrow, August 1st, I’ll give it another, deeply detailed shot.

  349. Hey just wondering if you could post the link to the USC study? I can’t seem to find it. Cheers!

  350. Are you kidding me?! I read comments before watching the video…then I thought okay. now let’s watch this. Soooo sweet and genuine, no wonder…the comments. A few days ago I deliberately texted my husband how grateful I am for him bringing me coffee to bed every morning, whether I’m awake or not…and that I look forward to it “even when I’m mad at him” 😉 We haven’t been together quite one year and he’s done it about 323 hundred times. He is quick to say I’m sorry, he loves and does for my teenage son as if he were his own, I’m thankful for the delicious wines he makes, for his cheery smile, and being my biggest fan always encouraging me to believe more in myself.
    Thankful for so much IN GENERAL, haha, thank you Marie for making us think and to write it down. Much pumpkin cheesecake and garlic mashed potatoes love to you!

  351. Martez

    Gratitude is the Attitude of thankfulness. I love your gratitude messages, Marie. It warmed me to see how you teared up, just at the mentioning of your thankfulness for Josh. I am thankful to God for putting the right people in my path who believed in, and saw in me things I didn’t see in myself. Friends and even strangers who trusted my judgement and understanding when those whom I always thought would, didn’t.
    You’re forever a Gem, Marie! I am also grateful for you;)
    Keep inspiring us to Greatness!

  352. Marie, fellow B-schooler here! LOVE the details. I wanted to share with you a twist. Having gratitude for the worst things in life is the most powerful medicine, that’s what my TED talk below focused on.
    Thanks for all you do in the world!

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  354. Linda

    Grateful every second of the day!
    Grateful for Marie Forleo!
    Thank you!

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