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Before we dive into this week’s MarieTV episode, I have to tell you how amazing you are.

Your support of my appearance with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday was absolutely staggering.

The tweets, FB messages and emails you’ve shared with me have been so heartfelt, loving and encouraging and I deeply appreciate it.

Gratitude is more powerful than any pill you can pick up at the pharmacy. Click To Tweet

Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over!

If you tuned in, you know that one of the things I talked about with Oprah is the importance of gratitude.

But what I didn’t get to share was the dark side of this often cheery topic.

Let me explain. Here in the US, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and there’s going to be a lot of gratitude talk going around.

But what many of us don’t realize is that gratitude requires sacrifice, and it can be quite a shocker if you’re not ready for it. Click play to see what I mean.

VISUAL WARNING: brace yourself for some massive Jersey, 7th grade hair in this episode.

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OK, now that you’ve been fully informed, let’s get this gratitude party started.

In the comments below, tell me 10 things you’re grateful for.

If you’ve got more, awesome – keep going. But I want to challenge you to write at least 10. And once you’re done, report any instant side effects about how you feel.

Thank you, as always, for watching and contributing. If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I wish you and your family a safe, loving and peaceful holiday filled with delicious food, tons of laughs and great times.

P.S.  If you missed me and Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, catch clips at our Oprah page now.

With love,

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  1. 10 things I am grateful for:

    1. My husband – He is amazing!

    2. My family that loves me so much.

    3. Being born in the Western world, enjoying men-women equality, and having opportunities available.

    4. Being healthy.

    5. Being able to do what I love at

    6. Being the author of the book “Surprisingly…Unstuck”

    7. Working from a home office.

    8. Being a Stanford Engineering graduate.

    9. My friends all over the world.

    10. The awesome gatherings and BBQs we throw with my friends.

    The list could go on and on…and indeed gratitude is an instant mood booster. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you Marie for all that you do! 🙂

      I am so grateful for:
      1. my awesome family
      2. quiet mornings, while the sunrises in the canyon
      3. Kathleen and her surprise breakfasts
      4. my partners
      5. my loving & supportive boyfriend
      6. his three cuddly dogs-lovebugs really
      7. good health
      8. anything my grandfather ever taught me
      9. William Giles’ love of underwater photography
      10. my circle of super-talented creatives, who I am so blessed to work

      • Carlos

        Love the Kathleen breakfasts plug 😀

    • Ok, so the immediate side-effect of this exercise is that I do feel happier. It reminded me of things that I needed toput on my to-do list. I feel productive, useful, and lucky.

      I am grateful for my (1) beautiful skin, (2) for the “bee shit” cream that’s giving me beautiful skin, (3) fruit gummy snacks that is keeping up to study, (4) finding my textbook and solution manual for $20 last night, (5) that my uncle gave me his past exams, (6) that I have marietv to keep me company, (7) that my weave looks super cute, (8) that my ballet pointe is finally looking decent, (9) that I just remembered I need to register for classes, (10) that I have a job that pays me $100 a week because that’s better than nothing!

      • Weekly income is sometimes better than a large stipend because it’s consistent and reliable! I love that you’re appreciating the little things. I feel like I’ve been ignoring the precious, fine details lately.

    • Danielle

      1.) having a roof over my head
      2.) having heat
      3.) having all my family and friends alive and well
      4.) having enough money in the bank to be able to take time off work for school
      5.) good health and physique
      6.)the internet/this laptop
      7.) nature
      8.) sight
      9.) hearing
      10.) fruit and vegetables

    • Thank you Marie! This is such a great time for Gratitude! I am grateful for: 1. My awesome husband, 2. My family and friends, 3. My dumb job, 3. taking that graphic design course 4. the ability to keep learning how to get better at life, 5. The ability to make choices in my life, even the dumb ones, 6. My awesome car, 7. My super tiny apartment, 8. I have this week off from work, 9. great health and the ability to work out, 10. The ability to learn to be a better person.

    • 10 Things I am grateful for

      1. Being Canadian but getting the opportunity to be thankful again during American Thanksgiving.

      2. My two beautiful children.

      3. My wonderful, hard-working husband who is also an amazing father and great cook.

      4. My mum and dad and the rest of my amazing family.

      5. Finding mentors in the world like Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp and Gabrielle Bernstein.

      6. Having great friends of like mind who love and support me for who I am.

      7. Knowing that I co-create my life and I get to choose in every moment.

      8. Learning these lessons now so that I can teach my kids how to be more conscious and mindful.

      9. Building a business that will help thousands and thousands of people to experience time and money freedom.

      10. Having great health. Living in a body I love.

    • I am so grateful for:

      1. Friends and Family
      2. Having the best neighbors that anyone could ever have
      3. Living in the country
      4. Good wine
      5. chips and dip
      6. great programs like Marie’s
      7. running 10 miles and doing is in less time than before
      8. girls night out
      9. inspiring people
      10. a good salad

    • Malina

      1. Marie Forleo. You give me the power to change my life in the right direction and to believe in myself.
      2. People who are writing comments here. Seriously! In this case especially for the comment of Maria :-).
      3. The internet! A gift for people with no money to get access to education and knowledge.
      4. All the people in the world who try to change it to its best.
      And of course my friends and family.

    • timothy gallant

      1. My beautiful mother who is now cancer free at 83 and did not go through chemo.
      2. For my health
      3. For the people I have met and the people in the future that I will meet.
      4. For getting fired from a fortune 500 company …:) otherwise i would still be there and be miserable.
      5. To be college educated
      6. To have seen places many people have not seen and to the future of place of where I will go.
      7. To you and finding you website and all the positive love and energy you give out.
      8. For the bloody mary that I am drinking right now.
      9. For this day and every day.
      10. For living in an outstanding country were anything is possible more so today because of the internet.
      11. For my day buying me a guitar when I was young.
      12. To all my mentors , teachers, coaches and teamates when I played sports.
      13. For the cash I have and the cash in the future to help others more.
      14. For the naysayers that told me it cant be done which has helped me in the past and lights the fire in the belly now.
      15. For this sunny day despite it is cold. I know it is 15 comments thank you again

    • That was great! Thank you pretty lady! I am thankful for:
      10. My little chihuahua dog
      9. My warm new clothes for winter
      8.Time with family
      7. For my fun and genuine friends
      6. For Marie tv and other powerful women that inspire me
      5. Having a fully healthy body and mind
      4. Having freedom to do whatever i want in this life
      3.For my art talent and fun career i have
      2. My soul mate
      1. My recently found deep loving connection with God

    • Sharon

      I am grateful for:

      1. food!
      2. water – especially clean drinking water
      3. electricity at the flip of a switch
      4. heat and wood
      5. love
      6. God and the Divine Feminine
      7. gracious friends
      8. soul searching that leads me home
      9. the most amazing connection that delivers my every need instantly
      10. My Mom… family and friends who have helped me all along the way

      this is the “top of mind” list that comes out at this moment… and… the list goes WAY beyond this……….

      SO grateful for SO many good things that pour forth ALL THE TIME.

      I am blessed!!! And SO GRATEFUL for THAT!!!

      Thank you Marie Forleo for your spunk and all the GREATNESS you share ~ bless YOU

      with love,

    • 1. Business – We projected to 2x this year and we went 10x.
      2. Marriage – My wife is amazing and she makes me feel like a lucky man daily.
      3. Lifestyle – I do what I want now and I am happy about that. 🙂
      4. Future – I will continue doing what I am doing and it’s going to be awesome.
      5. Hobbies – They always remind me to have fun.
      6. Travel – Yea Brendon Burchard says he makes a point to get away at least every 90days with his wife. Personal Development advice like this is awesome.
      7. Growth – I am not that younger self that was lost and beaten. I have grown. #grownfolk
      8. Inspiration – Moving from trying to find inspiration, to generating inspiration, has been a positive transition in my life.
      9. Purpose – When I think of the fragility of life and the possibility that it could all be over today and that if I ask myself from that place if I have been able to Live, Love, and Matter… I say yes when I play it out in my head. 🙂
      10. Intention – The biggest change in my life recently has been to live with more intention making the most important pieces of my life daily habits and being consistent and intentional.

      I have no idea why, but all of this fall in the air reminds me of a day when the Friday Night Lights meant football and cheers…”I feel good! oh I feel so good ugh!”

    • chaitanya teja

      i am grateful for :
      1) wonderful supporting mom
      2) amazing natural instincts
      3) the oppurtunity to gain knowledge which propels me forward every minute
      4) amazing friends willing to help in life
      5) a loving sister
      6) for having the oppurtunity to learn many skills
      7) not worrying about basic amenities
      8) possibilty to be near music whenever possible
      9) for internet which helped me learn so many things
      10) for all the new things and new experiences in future for me

    • Christine

      I am grateful for The Lord who sustains with friends, family & “messengers every single day, loves unconditionally, waits with perfect timing, listens, says “no”, knows me better than I know myself, forgives, teaches, promises, and brings me hope when ALL else fails.

    • Shari

      Things I am grateful for:
      1. My husband and the amazing foot rubs and hugs he gives
      2. My incredible kids for all of our fun memories and for making me laugh
      3. My mom and dad for our chats and any extra help we might need
      4. My in-laws for our crazy get togethers
      5. My brother and his wife and the yummy treats from their bakery
      6. My beautiful Maizey girl and the peaceful walks we take in the forest
      7. My job for allowing me to pay for my needs and wants
      8. My health
      9. Having extra time to read a great book
      10. Coffee!!

    • Amy

      1. I know it seems so clique and everything but I’m truly grateful for life in general! It’s not until it almost gets taken away from you that you truly appreciate it for all it’s ups and downs.
      2. I’m grateful for people who love & support me!
      3. I’m grateful for living in California, where despite having to pay for the good weather we get, I am just a car-drive away from so many other climates!
      4. I’m also grateful for the diversity of CA, I’ve learned to be a very accepting person of people despite our differences.
      5. I’m grateful that we live in a society with do many advances… We’re not some 3rd World country where I can’t speak freely or live how I want.
      6. I’m grateful for having an incredibly intelligent husband who came from an upper-class family and accepts me and doesn’t completely look down on how I was brought up…
      7. I’m grateful that I know how to be gracious, unlike so many other people…
      8. I’m grateful for my simple life of being a Stay-at-home mom and not having to work under horrible conditions or with terrible people.
      9. I’m grateful for my beautiful daughter, who has an innocence I hope to somehow retain!
      10. And I’m grateful for what little traveling I have done, though I am still living in my hometown!

  2. Love the video, as always!! I keep a gratitude journal and deeply feel the impact on my heart and my life. In this moment (and all moments) I am grateful for my 3 wise, shining children, my supportive, loving husband, being able to homeschool, my close connection with my parents, laughter, orgasms, connection, freedom, love, and delish, healthy food.
    Thank you, Marie and team. xo

    • Hi Marie, I enjoyd all of you on Oprah.I”m grateful for my Mother for giving life to me I love her dearly and my Silblings. My life and all the wonderful people that influence me positively, My Husband and Grandkids, My Co workers, My faith, My Massage Therapy Business and the Gift of Touch,All the many people like yourself Marie who give so freely of home, prayer, peace of mind.

  3. Marie, I was delighted that I was able to watch your Super Soul Sunday episode online from Australia. What a thrill and a career highlight it must have been to be on Oprah – many a person’s dream! Congrats and well done.

    On gratitude: To be honest, I don’t feel the need to keep a gratitude journal. I’m acutely aware of what I’m grateful for. I’m also acutely aware of what I need and/or want more of in my life. I do, however, tend to make lists once or twice a day. It keeps me motivated and ensures I’m on the right track.

    Happy Thanksgiving to ‘y’all’ in the USA – from your ‘mates’ (that means friends) Downunder.

    • I loved the episode on Super Soul Sunday. I had to watch it many times and wrote notes. It is great that we have the same last name. Maybe very distant relatives.

  4. My gratitude list…

    1. YOU! Marie, thank you for all that you give. Life continues to reverberate from rhh live and your words of advice are pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Loved you on Oprah!

    2. my dog’s eyebrows. Always! So cute!

    3. my meditation practice. 45-60 mins daily

    4. tea with a good friend

    5. cashmere

    6. morning cuddles with my sweetie

    7. any chance I get to shine my light in the world, especially the groups I lead for women with eating disorders

    8. my vitamix, best money I’ve spent on anything ever

    9. my dad’s endless sense of wonder and curiosity

    10. the wristies I’m knitting up for myself

    I feel warmer, a tingle in my chest, more peaceful, ready for a restful night’s sleep.


    • I really resonated with these Cecilia – thanks for sharing and don’t you find animals are like the best source of inspiration, love and calming you can have in your life.

      They always seem grateful for you and that is a wondrous gift.


      • Thanks Natalie! I love my little pup (well 50 lbs, so not SO little 😉 so much. She’s a rescue who chose us, ran up, tail wagging, looking up so hopeful. How could I resist?

        Speaking of which I’m going to take her for a run right now. Feeling grateful that she gets me out of the house. 🙂


    • Hey, Cecilia!

      Tea with a friend. Yes! How are your videos coming along, btw? 🙂 Awesome stuff!

      Helen {RHHLIVE 2012}

      • Hey Helen!
        Tea with a friend is the best. Thanks for asking about my videos, I just made another one today about not settling.

        I’m finding my way, looking forward to refining the process and the end product over time. 😉


  5. Oooh I love your take on gratitude Marie. A great topic that’s perfect for ANY time of year (not just Turkey Day).
    I’m grateful for ::
    being on a clear new path to health
    weekly phone chats with my besties
    my rockstar biz coach
    my equally rockstar clients
    being loved by an awesomely sweet man
    living on the precipice of awesome
    emotional honesty (with myself)
    fashion magazines
    my family
    healing old wounds
    being alive
    team forleo – for all the work that goes into these fab videos + posts
    marie – for being the shining light the instigated so much change in my life over the last 3+ years – i am forever grateful!
    Gobble Gobble! xo

    • Ori Naamat

      Beautiful!I especially loved the -grateful for being emotinaly honest with myself…
      Happy thankgiving 🙂
      Ori from Israel

  6. 1. That my dog is healing up.
    2. Debt free
    3. Talk to my parents & siblings regularly
    4. Hysterical girlfriends
    5. A flexible job
    6. Running water
    7. My $5 property tax that just came
    8. Books
    9. Great advice from Marie
    10. For all the great people I’ve met through social media

  7. Super! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was a wonderful reminder on the power of gratitude. The key, I guess, is to make this attitude of gratitude a habit, so it is automatic. Thank you! Here is my list:
    1. My other half – he’s a legend 🙂
    2. The opportunity to travel this year
    3. The time and space to build my biz online
    4. The learning so far this year – huge learning – thanks to B-school for a lot of that
    5. My fabulous family
    6. Super friends
    7. The amazing online communities that support me and my biz – again B-school is one of those fab communities.
    8. My MacBook
    9. This glorious sunny autumn day
    10. Great wine 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  8. 1. I’m still breathing
    2. Family
    3. Friends
    4. Running Water
    5. A Roof Over My Head
    6. Liberty
    7. Chantilly Lace
    8. A Pretty Face
    9. A Giggle In Your Talk
    10. A Wiggle In Your Walk

  9. Amy

    10 things I’m grateful for today:

    1) Red Hot Chili Peppers
    2) Music that heals
    3) My resilient heart
    4) My power trifecta (Marie Forleo + Danielle Laporte + Kris Carr)
    5) Entrepreneurial spirit
    6) Coffee
    7) Bellydance
    8) My sensitivity
    9) Books (the paper kind)
    10) Pocket unicorns

    This video, as always, has beautiful timing. I downloaded an app called Gratitude365 (it’s free-ish, I think…might be $0.99) so that no matter where I am (because my phone is attached to my hand) I can always record what I’m grateful for. I’m on Day 19 – life changing.

    • Great idea on the app!! And on a more personal note… LOVE that you’re grateful for your sensitivity! I often felt it was a weakness growing up, but now I can see what a beautiful thing it really is. Thanks!!

      • Amy

        I’ve tried gratitude journals before and the habit never stuck – so far the app is sticking – YAY!

        As for sensitivity, it’s something I’ve learned to honour. I used to squash it, hide it, hate it – and now I embrace it. 🙂

  10. Snap girl…..we are on the same page. For the last month and a half I have been tweeting and facebooking what I have been grateful for everyday. The results have been amazing….More energy, I’m connected to my friends and family on a level I could only image and lastly I have got my sexy back *blush*

    Just some of the things I am grateful for are:

    1. Being able to express my spirituality openly and freely without persecution
    2. I am married to a man who has integrity, honor and strive to be excellent in all he does.
    3. A network of family and friends who support my vision, ambitions and goals to make an impact in this world.
    4. The ability to study towards a degree that I know that I can use to make an impact in this world.
    5. To surround myself with the beauty this world has to offer
    6. The ability to earn a living that I can support my family
    7. My creative expression
    8. The opportunity to think for myself and to evaluate situations that come up
    9. A healthy lifestyle
    10. To be in love with all that I am and all that surrounds me

  11. 1. YOU Marie and Marie TV – Thank you!
    2. My loving and supportive family and friends.
    3. The relationship with my boyfriend.
    4. My Soul Sister bff
    5. The Internet
    6. My iPhone and iPad
    7. Kindle books
    8. Super Soul Sunday
    9. All the beautiful spiritual teachers in the world that teach me so much and pave the way for my generation of spiritual teachers.
    10. My breath
    11. My book club
    12. My apartment – running water, heating, my kitchen, my shower, my bed,…

    I could go on and on and on. I’ve kept a gratitude journal for a few months now and I always have to stop myself because I could just spend hours on writing down every little detail 😀

    Writing down what I’m grateful for gives my body and soul an instant energy kick that makes me want to conquer the world 😀 It opens my heart and helps me to breathe deeply. It shifts my perception back to a miracle mind-set. From that state of consciousness – everything is possible!
    Thank you for reading this my beautiful friend and if we don’t know each other yet, find me on social media

  12. Over the last couple of years there have been some nights I’ve gone to bed with being grateful because “something during the day” seems all too much….My grateful thoughts are – I have an amazing healthy family, The man I love is so much more than I ever imagined, I have the “bestest” girl friends in the whole wide world, we have a beautiful home (roof over our heads) and we have a fun life! With these grateful thoughts I can go to sleep without worrying anymore. It truly puts things into perpective!

    So from now on I will write them down not just think them.
    I have a loving family
    My health is excellent
    My partner loves me unconditional
    I love laughing with my besties…there hilarious!
    Sipping gin & tonic while watering the veggie patch in the afternoons
    Laying in bed on Sunday morning reading the paper with my man
    Watching my Mum & children talk & laugh together
    Having choices
    Walking along the beach
    Listening to the rain on the roof

    I feel so good writing this down thanks Marie. Oh one more thing I am really grateful for my brother Glen giving me his DVD The New Money Masters with Tony Robbins interviewing you Marie because that changed my thought process and ultimately my life!

    Happy Thanks Giving

  13. Gratitude, baby! 🙂

    1. My boyfriend
    2. I’ll get to watch Super Soul Sunday on the internet wohooo 🙂
    3. Easily accessible education
    4. My juicer
    5. My warm bed
    6. Jacob Sokol
    7. MarieTV
    8. My beautiful journal
    9. Pancakes
    10. Ballet class

    Feelin’ goooood. I always thought that meditation was the easiest way to transform your life, but this one is even easier. So I’ll get into this from now on. Promise!

    • Rebecca

      Hi Iris! I spotted your comment and just wanted to say how much I love that you included Jacob in your list 🙂 When I met up with him last week, he gave me something to be pretty grateful for too: connection. He reminded me how much I love the people in my life, and also how much I’m craving ‘real-life’ interactions. Plus he introduced me to you and our awesome team way back when, so that’s pretty cool 🙂

      I also hear you on the education, pancakes and dance class! You can’t beat ’em.

      Practising gratitude is awesome. I’ve been doing it on and off for about 5 years now, listing at least three things at the end of every day that have made me smile. I’ve found it a little difficult to get into daily meditation (unless it’s part of my yoga practice – savasana has become one of my favourite things!), but being grateful is so easy, and the benefits are immense 🙂

  14. 10 Things I’m grateful for:

    1) My family. (I absolutely LOVE my parents, grandparents, great-grandmother, step-mom, sister and my in-laws.
    2) My life partner. (She is the most wonderful, supportive person and has stuck by my side and proven unconditional love).
    3) My dog Markie. (He’s the sweetest thing, makes me smile, makes me laugh, keeps me active and shows what it would like to be a mom).
    4) My Nichiren Buddhist Practice. (I love having a spiritual practice that helps me grow and be victorious in all areas of my life. SGI-USA has been a HUGE support in my life and I love the friendships I’ve established and the SGI President Daisaku Ikeda is a WONDERFUL, inspiring and loving man).
    5) My home in Maryland. (I have a wonderful apartment, great neighbors, plenty of inspiration and all the resources I need in a modernized world).
    6) My school Institute for Integrative Nutrition. (I’ve learned a TON about Holistic Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Life Balance, am gaining the expertise and credentials needed to begin my very own health coaching practice and I’ve made some really great friends).
    7) Clean water and nourishing food. (I’ve learned how to eat well to improve my health, I feel nourished and have access to whole foods and organic foods which is truly a blessing).
    8) Nature. (Nature gives us EVERYTHING we need to be happy and healthy, and surrounds us with beauty and makes us feel apart of a bigger picture).
    9) Wonderful books, informative sites, great blogs and awesome gurus/experts such as Marie Forleo, Carmen Marshall, Elizabeth Rider, Jessica Aiscough, Kris Carr, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Deepak Chopra, Joshua Rosenthal and MANY others. (I learn so much daily, understand my life more, create balance, feel more inspired, improve my health, feel capable of creating an awesome life and understand my mission in life).
    10) The Universe. (There are protective forces that surround, heal and keep us safe, forces that allow our prayers, wishes determinations to be answered, forces that create synchronicity and a feeling that someone..a higher power is always with us).

    There’s so much to be grateful, this list could go on. I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about these few things 🙂 What a great exercise. I agree with Marie Forleo that we should ALL keep track daily of all that we’re grateful for.

  15. LOVE THIS. I’ve seen what gratitude has done for my life and it just puts me in a state of awe and wonderment!

    Marie, isn’t kidding guys – if you incorporate gratitude into your daily life things start changing and becoming totes more magical FAST.

    You deserve it!

    Alrighty, the 10 things I am grateful right now are..

    1. My AMAZING partner Scott.
    2. How fast my liddle widdle business is growing.
    3. My mama for ALWAYS picking me up when I get down.
    4. My kitty binka and his uber cute personality
    5. My crazy quirkiness.
    6. The people I have met through blogging.
    7. My readers and new friends who are connecting with me daily through my blog, facebook and twitter
    8. My awesome car, Benny 🙂
    9. My fantastic sock collection!
    10. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya!

  16. Things I’m grateful for:
    1. My children
    2. My marriage and my husband
    3. Our health
    4. My new career doing what I love
    5. My need to grow
    6. Marie TV and all the people that have taught me so much
    7. My family
    8. My friends
    9. My house
    10. My treadmill

    I always start my meditation thinking what I’m grateful for, now I need to meditate more often 😉

  17. Ebony Barber

    Wow Marie, LOVED watching Super Soul Sunday sooooooooo much! You have inspired me so much and we are all so lucky to be able to live in this amazing time of growth. Thank you!!! xoxox

  18. Sarka

    Hi Marie, greeting from Czech Republic 🙂

    I am currently unemployed and this could be difficult time of my life but as always you and your videos help sooo much to realize all I have 🙂

    I am grateful for:
    * You of course! 🙂
    * Quiet time of unemployment and all the time can spend it concentrated on myself, finding myself again, realizing what I want from life…. including all the downsides and little crises as it only forces me to seek more
    * my supportive boyfriend
    * my family and friends that are just amazing
    * my healthy and beautiful body
    * the new town I just moved in and all the amazing possibilities that it offers
    * amazing people that I have met recently
    * beautiful autumn and today’s shining sun
    * financial security
    * freedom and life in democratic country that not so long ago was communist and place of no hopes…

    • Jill

      Thank you, Marie! Such inspiration I feel a force catapulting me forward these days!

      I am grateful for:

      *the roof over my head and a warm place to come to home to
      *technology providing us a place to come together, as women, as leaders, as seekers, as followers, as friends and community
      *my partner, Stephane, who stands by me no matter what
      *for all the opportunity provided to me to travel and experience what the world has to offer
      *for my job and the people I am surrounded by on a daily basis. for challenging me, for listening to me, for supporting me, for making me laugh
      *for the sky, the rose garden in the back yard, the autumn leaves still on the trees, my bike
      *for all my senses
      *for all the challenges that have brought me to where I am today.
      *for everyone out there seeking more, wanting to bring purpose to their life, wanting to create change.
      *for everything that is yet to come!

      With lots of love

      Jill xx

  19. Courtney

    Thanks for this video Marie! I was able to watch Super Soul Sunday and now have one of your quotes on the chalkboard in my office: “The secret to finding passion is to bring passion to everything you do.” A great reminder.

    I’m grateful for:

    ~ My new kitten Cleo
    ~ A fiance who shows me love and affection every day
    ~ Having two sets of awesome friends come visit me from out of town this month
    ~A nearby yoga studio with kind teachers
    ~Living in a city and neighbourhood I love
    ~New cozy sweaters
    ~Having a website that’s ALMOST complete
    ~Major inspiration and motivation each week from Marie TV
    ~Daily smoothies
    ~An apartment with lots of windows and light
    ~My dad’s generosity and caring
    and so much more!

    Feeling happy to have the chance to make such a great list. Think I’ll try a journal too 🙂

  20. I am sooooo grateful for:

    My parents, they are amazing, I love them so much
    My house, I’m so lucky to have my own home
    The Internet, such a wealth of knowledge at you fingertips, like MarieTV!
    The USA! I love this country, I don’t want to live anywhere else!
    My family, my siblings are amazing and my nieces and nephew are such a joy
    My freedoms! I feel so lucky to be able to work for myself and be what ever I want in this day and age, thanks to this amazing country.
    My loving, compassionate, sweet, supportive husband
    The beauty that is everywhere, from the multitude of colors and lines in a leaf, to the scars and wrinkles on people’s faces.
    I’m so grateful for my friend Carl, he is incredible
    Technology is so amazing to me
    The quality of life! I wouldn’t want to live in any other time in history! We are living gooood in this day and age!

    I truly can go on and on with this list, there is so much to be thankful for, from the ground beneath my feet to the wonder of life itself. Gratitude is humbiling, uplifting, awe inspiring, and definitely puts life in perspective for me.

    Thank you for who you are and what you do, you’re amazing Marie.

    • Cary

      Alison, I’m grateful for your energy along with that of everyone here…it’s so contagious! I’ve been reading through all the lists so far, while making my own, and I want to share that reading your post (with all the exuberance behind it) helped lift clouds! Thank you…and sooo much Gratitude!!!!!!!!

  21. Lucie


    1. For my health and my freedom.
    2. For basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, clothing, etc.
    3. For my mother and my family.
    4. For my wonderful supportive boyfriend.
    5. For my two awesome loving pets.
    6. For my supportive circle of friends.
    7. For all 3 of my jobs.
    8. For my ability to be my own boss for 2 of those jobs.
    9. For knowing my wonderful aunt & grandparents who have passed.
    10. For my talent.

    I was feeling a little bit down after learning about the recent passing of a friend, and certain things that didn’t work out in my businesses. But after remembering the basics. I feel better. Sometimes we just need a little reminder after life gives us a little butt-kicking.

  22. I am grateful for:

    1. My proud, fierce independence and that I’m seldom scared of going at things alone.
    2. Being able to make confident, well-thought out decisions and know when I need more time to think.
    3. My self-discipline and sense of responsibility.
    4. For the first time in my life I have loved ones that care and accept me as I am.
    5. Finally being comfortable with my God-given physical features and personality characteristics.
    6. I’ve finally found a man who likes me just as I am.
    7. To have a job with amazing coworkers at a great company as I start my own business.
    8. To have the ability to travel the world.
    9. My amazing body
    10. The fact that my parents are still around (though my father not much longer 🙁 and that I am able to freely see them easily (they live in NJ just like I do).

    Thank you Marie, Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Lau'

    1. My internet connection, allowing me to have ah-mazing friends around the globe
    2. Living in the countryside, far from the noise
    3. My turbo kick power class & my dance classes every week
    4. My friend Anne who run with me sometimes
    5. My talent in the kitchen aka making healthy meals that taste good !
    6. My aunt S
    7. My grandma A
    8. My parent’s jobs, allowing me so far to live without worrying about money

  24. Renka

    Great exercise 🙂 I’ll try it, so:
    1. I’m greatfull for next year – it was horrible, but my health is better now and I’m greatfull for that.
    2. For people in my life
    3. For you Marie
    4. For my little pet – rabbit, she is so cute
    5. For my work – I work in big company, but I like beeing surrounded by many people. It’s more important for me than money.
    6. For God who protects me.
    7. For my sight, my leg, my arms…
    8. I fell better now than few hours ago.
    9. For place to live in.
    10. For hope we have that things could get better then we think on first sight.
    11. I found so many thinks I’m gratefull for.

  25. I’m Grateful for:

    1. My life
    2. My Car
    3. My House
    4. My food
    5. My fab kids
    6. My boyfreind
    7. My girlfriends
    8. The Internet
    9. My Money
    10. My life

  26. Here’s mine:
    1. Good health (after a few years with hubby having serious health issues this one is top of the list!)
    2. My relationship with my husband and son
    3. Friends and family
    4. Community – personal and business
    5. Being Self Employed (escaped the corporate world 11 years ago – woohoo!)
    6. Crackling log fires on dark, cold winters night (having one every night at the moment – lovely!)
    7. Mentors and coaches who have helped me transform my life and business.
    8. Dark chocolate
    9. Warm, fleecy blanket (especially when in conjunction with point 6 & 8!)
    10. And my biggest most exciting thing I am grateful for right at this moment – that me and my family are about to move to Vancouver, Canada to live very soon. All part of our design lfie plans. Bring it on!

  27. I realize often that I’m so greatfull for all the good things in my life! It makes me feel humble and happy. I would like to share my greatfullness with you:
    1. My kids who are almost grown up, happy and healthy
    2. The support of my husband
    3. My beautiful house
    4. My customers and fans: I feel so close to them
    5. That my bed is warm and soft
    6. For walking with my dog
    7. For good friends
    8. A hot cup of tea
    9. Little citytrips
    10. All the people who share their knowledge through the internet

  28. 1. My family and friends that love and support me even if we don’t talk and see each other as often as we’d like
    2. Being able to live my dreams of traveling the world
    3. Calling Jamaica home for part of the year
    4. Being featured in the current issue of Essence Magazine
    5. Health and high metabolism
    6. Resources like Super Soul Sunday, this blog, Florence Scovel Shin’s works that are helping me design and live a more abundant life
    7. My technical competencies
    8. Ability to make a difference in someone’s life
    9. CUPCAKES!!!
    10. My smile.
    I could go on and on and on!!!

    Peace and prosperity to you all!! Happy Holidays!!

  29. I am so grateful for :
    Lifes lessons
    My son
    My grandchild
    My ill health – healing
    The very fact that I could list here all day 🙂
    Thank you x

  30. I am grateful for:
    1- My amazing loving husband and his incredible support
    2- My parents for their love, support and for inspiring me to be the best version of myself
    3- My B-School friends that are sharing my entrepreneurial journey
    4- Working for myself – having the freedom to choose how I spend my day
    5- My journey in self-love which includes making myself healthy food, being firm in who I am and allowing myself lie-ins and naps when I need them
    6- My pregnancy which is helping me to connect with my body more
    7- The beautiful light airy house I live in and the countryside that surrounds us
    8- For my health and that of the people I love
    9- The sunny day today
    10- The internet for connecting me with so many fascinating people, ideas and resources
    11- Making friends that live locally and finding local resources
    12- The luxury of being able to spend months in setting up my business

  31. Amy

    My breath, breathing deeply.
    Feeling a smile.
    Organic food in my fridge.
    My strong, healthy body.
    My willingness to change.
    My connection to the divine.
    My loving, supportive husband.
    My sweet dogs.
    My retreat center and all its potential.

    I feel abundant and happy. Thank you for the assignment.

    • I love this daily practice! Here goes…

      1) for the minutes I have to myself before my son wakes up
      2) for my family.xo
      3) for my health
      4) for my clients
      5) the gifts of service/my thyroid work
      6) for my freedom of religion
      7) I’m so thankful for knowing Gods love
      8) for miracle son
      9) for my life. To be alive.
      10) for nature and all that shines our way.

  32. 1. Passion for my career.
    2. A body that allows me to walk, run, and shake my booty!
    3. Friends who support me.
    4. A husband who treats me like a queen and overlooks (or at least forgives) my faults.
    5. The opportunity to live and work in Germany.
    6. The awareness that someday I will return to my amazing country of origin — the USA.
    7. Freedom of speech.
    8. A full fridge, freezer, and pantry.
    9. The ability to cook delish foods that keep me and my family healthy and strong.
    10. My natural curiosity and the ability to always learn, grow, and evolve.

  33. I am grateful for my children
    I am grateful for my “husband”
    I am grateful for the most genuinely generous friend ever Geraldine
    I am grateful for Sybile Pouzet who shared a video from Marie Forleo about taking a decision at the time I was begging for help
    I am grateful for being born in a free country
    I am grateful for having the best in-laws ever
    I am grateful for the money that my parents give me every month even though I am 29 years old
    I am grateful for the luxury I have to actually be able to complain
    I am grateful for Jacques Carlino even though his methods are controversial he trusted me and gave me a chance when my parents would not understand what I was doing
    I am grateful for being healthy
    I am grateful for my friend Ed last night who offered to babysit my kid so I can work in piece
    I am grateful for Josee & Josee in Montreal who invited us on holiday in Mexico
    I am grateful for all the lovely clients we have that email us a thank you letter because they are grateful for us
    I am grateful about Marie Forleo
    I am grateful for Paul Lacoste whose movie Entre les Bras we just saw and that was so beautiful and touchful
    I am grateful for Marie Mongan & hypnobirthing
    I am grateful for all the people who share their Art and inspire us

  34. Kate Gratwicke

    Ok. Yum, Yum. Get to play with some gratitude thoughts:
    1. The internet – how awesome to have such fab inspiration in your in-box, often just when you most need it.
    2. My awesome family – we had a lota laughs tonight fantasising about our dream home
    3. My beautiful dog Charlie – he is such a bundle of unconditional love
    4. Women friends who get me and hold a space for me to grow into
    5. A beautiful home – my space, my nest
    6. Women on fire – like you Marie – who are blazing a trail
    7. My mum – she turns 80 this year and is just so full of life
    8. Freedom – freedom to be a women in the 21stcentury with so much opportunity
    9. Living in Sydney Australia – beautiful, safe & sunny
    10. My cuddly body – a soft place for my kids to lay their heads

  35. 1. My husband Oriol. Been married since March 18th, and life with him is so easy and loving.
    2. My family: parents, brother / my sister in law / their kid, my uncle, aunts and cousins. I love you ALL!
    3. My spiritual inner circle – my reiki witches mastermind group.
    4. A profitable job that I love.
    5. My team of amazing tourguides.
    6. My clients! Lots of them, happy, interesting, appreciative, thankful and rewarding.
    7. My health, and that of all my beloved ones.
    8. My cat Minu.
    9. All my good friends (from school, from college, from dancing, from work, from everywhere)
    10. My ability to stay passionate, keep growing, keep learning and attract what I need in my world.

    Instant side effects after writing the list?
    A big smile on my face, happiness and a feel of perfect abundance.

    • Oups, I forgot my family in law in my family list! I love you all too! Thank you for being there!

  36. Kristy

    I am grateful for:
    1. My amazing health
    2. My loving family
    3. My job
    4. My frequent unexpected income
    5. My ability to sign any document assigned to me at work
    6. That I am finally debt free 🙂
    7. My perfect credit score
    8. My positive influence I have on my nieces and nephew
    9. My father’s happiness
    10. That I found The Secret!
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  37. Hey Marie!
    In the Spring of 2010 I went to my studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn almost every day and made a 12″ x 12″ canvas with the words “thank you” etched into the final layer of wet paint. My 18 year marriage had come to an end that January and I processed it through gratitude. I amassed nearly 40 of these paintings over three months, each one allowing me to meditate on all the incredible gifts of my marriage: how my husband had always believed in my art, the places in the world we had traveled to and our greatest gift and collaboration: our then twelve year old son. I can attest: Gratitude is a game changer. For me, it opened my eyes and I even started a business based on these paintings. Out of that, the most satisfying thing has been writing a blog on gratitude. Because I am a visual person it is mainly a photo I have taken with a few sentences explaining why I am grateful for what is in the picture! Check it out:
    So here my top ten as of 6:22 am 11/20/12:
    my full and overflowing life and my connection to the Divine
    the privilege to be a mom
    love-to experience it and spread it
    this earth
    ice cream
    white porcelain claw footed bath tubs
    blue berries
    family: my grandparents, my parents, my sister, her family and her husband’s family, my former husband, his family, my son…my future husband and his family.
    Thank you Marie. I am grateful for you, your fierceness and passion.
    You are inspiring.
    in gratitude-

    • That is so amazing that you find a way to deal with your divorce without being bitter, resentful and angry. I take my had off to you. It must have been really hard but you have journeyed in a way that will blossom in your life.

      • Robyn- Thanks for the acknowledgement. Yes, it was a difficult time and had been for some time. Luckily, I was well versed in the tool of gratitude and had it in my back pocket. I had been a student of Regena Thomashauer’s for some time…check out I owe this woman my life. Blessings. t

  38. I’m so going to start a gratitude journal, it’s a brilliant idea. This video was eye-opening for me, thank you Marie! At first I thought, ’10 things, that’s looooaaads.’ I now have way more than ten things.

    I feel so grateful for:
    1. My amazing family
    2. My friends
    3. I was blessed to wake up this morning, that’s such a blessing.
    4. My health
    5. My businesses, I love being an entrepreneur and wouldn’t change it for the world!
    6. The hardships I’ve faced. If not for them, I wouldn’t be hear today.
    7. My clients and customers who support what I do.
    8. The fact that I’ve learnt a new lesson every day since starting a business. I feel so much more in tune with who I am now.
    9. Being in my 20s, yes it’s a sucky decade lol. I think I’ve been through about 10 quarter life crises already but I’m grateful to be a 20something because I only get to do this once.
    10. For stumbling across Marie! I’ve learnt so, so much from you and am so grateful to have found stumbled across your site about a year ago. Thank you for everything you do!

  39. Gem

    YES! Definitely what I needed to get me out of a Tuesday slump : )

    My little nuggets of gratitude are thus:
    1. My baby girl. Well, she’s a toddler now, but she’s still my gorgeous baby girl, y’know
    2. My hunky husband. He just rules and I love him so much
    3. My mum and dad, for being there to look after me AND my daughter
    4. My friends, even when I don’t see them enough, I’m lucky to have such awesome ones
    5. A roof over my head
    6. Living in a democratic country where I have the power to be whoever I want to be
    7. Being a solopreneur and doing *exactly* the combination of things that make me happy
    8. Tai Chi. Blissed out centredness. Wicked stuff.
    9. Everyone who ever put me down, pulled me apart or ripped me to pieces. It actually made me more determined in the long run.
    10. Being alive. Rocks my world : )

    Thanks Marie, loved this : )

  40. I’m grateful for theese things:
    1. surwiwing the accident that I had
    2. for the great people, friends and familly that helped me
    3. fot he house that we have and for my beautiful appartement in it
    4. or my boyfriend, who is understanding and supportive
    5. for the love and support i get every day
    6. for ooportuniti to work
    7. for new opportunities that are comming my way
    8. for being able to learn
    9. for the meals my mother or fother prepare 🙂
    10. for uplifting and possitive things that internet brings me 🙂

  41. Love the video, Marie!

    I’m grateful for SO much. Here goes:
    1. My husband and 2 sons.
    2. My cat and memories of cats who have passed.
    3. My yoga practice and yoga teachers.
    4. My business and clients and work at
    5. My beautiful home in the Berkshires.
    6. My parents who raised me to be independent an strong … And my in-laws for treating me like a daughter.
    7. The spirit of my sister who is with me every day and inspires me to live every day as if it’s my last.
    8. The Internet for allowing us all to connect with each other around the globe all the time.
    9. Getting to show up in the world as ME and get paid really well for it.
    10. My soul, my breath, my truth, my mind, my body.

    Creating this list makes me feel warm and tingly inside. I am deeply aware of how lucky I am to be alive. My mantra as we head into 2013: GO FOR IT.

    Thanks for paving the way, girl. xoxo

  42. Loved this video, as always!
    I’m grateful for:
    -Having found my Mr Right
    -Having a business I love
    -My cat Lucky
    -It being spring time in Melbourne
    -having a home
    -Japanese food
    -gorgeous, supportive friends
    -the sun

  43. veronica

    my gratitude list is :

    – my hair has grown a lot! (it was so not growing for years!)
    – i had a yummy breakfast
    – I discover my deepest fears these days and i release them
    – the day is sunny and the wheather is just perfect for a November day
    – I am 41 since ten days and I feel good about my age
    – I love my beautiful eyes ;-), I feel relieved each time i look at myself in the eyes because I see my beautiful heart in them
    – I am opening my heart to joy, deep joy one day at a time and I feel blessed for that
    – since coming to the USA two years ago I have discovered such amazing mentors, their visions and speeches was what i was intuitively feeling since i was 13 years old, i feel blessed, i have found my true path & my tribe yay!
    – I have a great “caretaker”in my building (i don’t know the exact word), he has made the building so clean and it smells good coffee in his office, he is always smiling, he does his job in such a genuine and happy and generous manner, he is a blessing!
    – I am starting to make peace with my family

    So i thought oh my god two more to put, it felt such a long list to do! like resistance kind of stuff AND I wanted to put before it was like this before it was like that (a little tendency to go back into the negative thing again)

    Voilà Marie,
    If you knew how much i needed to do this gratitude list, see! back to the whining,

    It reminds me of a scene in Friends when a man comes to sell books to joey, and the guy says to Joey “YOU NEED THIS BOOK” (so funny!)


    Bless you Marie,

  44. 1. You
    2. Every person that has crossed my path
    3. My life
    4. My health
    5. The J.O.B
    6. Jamaica
    7. My yoga teacher
    8. My yoga students
    9. This moment
    10. Me
    Side effects. A tickling feeling of abundant joy. Love you Marie even with what happens to u with Mexican food. Lol

  45. Ciara

    Thanks Marie! Super Soul Sunday was amazing, and I was so psyched that I could watch it from the DR on line–congratulations to you for this awesome accomplishment!!!

    I keep a gratitude journal, and right now I’m grateful for:

    1. My health and well-being
    2. My husband–for all that he is and all that we are together
    3. Our puppy, Linus–a little bundle of energy who teaches me patience and compassion daily
    4. Abundance in thought and in reality
    5. My family of blood and spirit, they are always there with love and encouragement
    6. Friendships and giggles
    7. The Internet that allows me to stay connected and make connections with new friends and old friends
    8. My complete focus and conviction to get anything done.
    9. Personal freedoms
    10. The convenience of running water, electricity, a roof over our heads

    There are so many things, and recalling them gives me an extra boost of energy to start off strong today!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  46. Lisa

    1. The support of my amazing husband.
    2. My beautiful family.
    3. Being Omi to precious Tucker.
    4. Freedom to worship Christ.
    5. That Jesus died for me.
    6. Friends
    7. My life
    8. My car
    9. My job
    10. My health

  47. Jenni

    1. My healthy kids
    2. My husband
    3. Our family dog
    4. That I have a job that supports my family.
    5. My warm home
    6. That we have enough…food, clothing, etc.
    7. My health
    8. That I have health insurance
    9. Coffee
    10. That I can drink water straight from the tap

    Happy Thanksgiving, Marie and team!

  48. SreeshaandLune

    Okay, I love you Marie! You really make me feel normal sometimes (no all the time). I have sooooooooo many interests and I just feel okay that I have them. But anyway, 10 things i feel grateful about, so let’s go.

    1. Having a mother like my mother! or just knowing that people like my mother exist in the world. She’s awesome!
    2. I love my brother and hubby to bits! They are my studsters.
    3. I grew up in the most amazing place in the world. Goa, India.
    4. I have met the most interesting people ever!
    5. I’ve inherited a great body, thank you genes!
    6. I’m grateful that I’m doing what I love: I have a jewellery shop on etsy, I am a newbie social media consultant/ intern and I’ve worked as a Journalist in India.
    7. I love the current city I’m living in: London! So much learning, so much growing and so much love at home with hubby!
    8. I’m so happy that I have friends I can speak to at any given day, even though they live miles away! ( Thank you technology).
    9. I love my iphone and all the apps in it! I’m so lucky to own one.
    10. Last but not the least, I’m so grateful to have a healthy and stable body and mind. I really am.

    Ah… that felt great! xx

  49. Kerri

    Thank you for Marie for airing this video just at the moment I needed it! Just the prod I needed to wake me up!

    I am so grateful for ..
    1. the love in my heart
    2. Mark, the love of my life
    3. My beautiful little boy Joshua
    4. My lovely Mum & Dad
    5. My warm cosy home
    6. My awareness
    7. Learning
    8. The internet and all the opportunites it brings into my home
    9. The food that we can eat as a family
    10.The laughs we have as a family
    11. The business and financial opportunties I have out there waiting for me
    12. Second chances
    13. Choice

    I could go on and on but better go do some work!! Thank you xxx

  50. Alani

    I am grateful for:
    1. Fruit
    2. Water
    3. Laugter
    4. My comfy bed
    5. My lovely voice
    6. Music
    7. Sunny days
    8. Positive people
    9. My health
    10. Friends and family

    Thank you for such amazing videos! So inspiring x

  51. Hi Marie, great video as always!

    If I were to name 10 things, only 10 things that I’m grateful for, I’ll be making all those other I’m grateful for feel sad and left out((

    So how about I name what I’m not grateful for? And that’ll be …1. nothing. Seriously, I’ve given up winging and complaining a while ago. I find that everything that I don’t like at some point, eventually brings positive results or there’re ways of fixing it (like bad hair or outdated cushion covers:)

    Wishing everyone a fab day!

  52. Rebecca

    Love the video! 10 things I am grateful for:

    1) To be alive
    2) My amazing friends and family
    3) The opportunities I have had in my career
    4) Marie Forleo
    5) The support network in my life
    6) My gym
    7) The chances I have had to travel
    8) My Passion
    9) All the little sacrifices to build something bigger
    10) Bananas

  53. Gratitude List 🙂
    1. The ability to get up so early when I only went to bed 4 hours ago.
    2. The excitement I feel about current projects
    3. Possibilities, possibilities possibilities
    4. New connections and being welcomed to Santa Fe
    5. Grateful for this exercise, it really really does work – It’s a daily practice for me and it changes everything for the better.
    6. Marie and the power train of modern spiritual wisdom
    7. Oprah, wow – I don’t watch her often, but I watched Super Soul Sunday and was in tears and so so so inspired
    8. Kitty – simply a blessing she came into my life, I am sooooo lucky to have her
    9. Family and friends support
    10. Stepping into my Authenticity

    Thank you Marie for ALL you do. Your empowerment is stellar! Thank you for your Grace and proof that abundance IS all around!

    So Much LOVE, So Much GRATITUDE!

  54. Gratitude is circular.
    When I started realizing all that I’m grateful for, my mindset shifted from “What can I get” to “What can I give” and “How can I help?”
    This affected my every interaction with others, who began to share their gratitude with me.
    Infectious stuff.

  55. Amiee

    Good Morning,

    So happy and grateful to be alive!
    Benjamin, Daniel, Benjamin and Amelia!
    My life unfolding now in such a brilliant shining way!

    That I am learning to stay out of my way!

    For my guidance and love that is shown to me everyday!

    For my family and the lessons I have learned from them and me!
    For all and everything on this planet!
    For a lighted pathway…..

    Happiest and loving Holidays to all…………!

  56. Hey Marie!

    I think what you do is awesome!

    Things I am grateful for :
    1) My dad. His concrete ability to support me no matter what. Even when
    he is frustrated to see me not at my best, he’ll do whatever it takes to
    support me.
    2) My health
    3) My super strong faith that I have a gift to give.
    4) The ability to breathe and be aware of my thoughts.
    5) Fun times with family.

  57. Anna

    This video was just what I needed to hear today! I woke up both today and yesterday feeling bad, unhappy and just not good. But I realized just now that I do have a lot of stuff to be grateful for!

    So, Im grateful for:

    1. My husband, I deeply love him!
    2. My 4 beutiful healthy kids. Each of them gives me so mouch joy in life!
    3. That I have been able to spend a lot of time with my kids during the time when they were small.
    4. The life we created in a new country! That we took the step to sell our house, move and start all over again!
    5. That I found a education in a subject that I LOVE and always wanted to do and that we now have the money to actually fulfill my dream to study design!
    6. I am grateful for being able to speak and understand 3 language!
    7. I am grateful that I was born in the west world where all my kids can live a life they want to!
    8. My friends thats spread all over the world from so many countries!
    9. My new gym! I never thought that I would love to work out as much as I do!
    10. My life! I am grateful to be alive, to have a loving family around me, to have a roof over my head, food on our plates! I am also grateful to good webpages like yours Marie, that connect people all around this world!

    Lots of love,

  58. I am so grateful for so many things
    1. For my wonderful, supportive husband Richard.
    2. For my wonderful son, Conner.
    3. For my beautiful home in the woods.
    4. For all of the animals that I have.
    5. For my very supportive Mom.
    6. For my supportive extended family.
    7. For my faith. That has helped me through some tough times.
    8. For my new business The Bird Barn, that is doing so well.
    9. For all of my close girlfriends, who are there for me no matter what.
    10. For the gift of art that was passed on to me by my artistic grandfather.

    I could go on and on. I feel I am truly blessed!

  59. I love this video, not only is it a catchy title that makes you instantly curious to find what it’s about, but as always it provides valuable information!

    1. My beautiful, whip smart little boy.

    2. A roof over my head.

    3. Real & caring friends.

    4. Waking up everyday, healthy.

    5. My business which allows me to find satisfaction in what I love and share it with others.

    6. My other business which allows me to help people develop a better way of life through wellness and awareness.

    7. A sweet pup who just loves to be loved.

    8. A way to get around to the places I need to.

    9. All of my 5 senses that afford me a way to physically enjoy the world around me.

    10. MarieTV and all the wonderful insight I get to apply to my life after watching every week!

  60. THANK YOU Marie for this gratitude video and your Super Soul Sunday presence! I so love that you love being and doing what you do for the world to share 🙂 Thank you all the way to the moon & back!

    8 more things I am super duper grateful for are:

    3.Finding you and watching you every week & the energy that I tap when watching & listening – including your whole team, Bless them all the way around the Earth and back!

    4. Wholly appreciating my Yoga practice and fitness breaking through to a next level with ease & joy… much to the credit…5…. of my beautiful Naturopath who can see into my soul through my eyes & not only prescribe the best quality essential nutrients and minerals at wholesale prices….6… but also give gems of insight & wisdom that incite an incredible self love & self acceptance.
    7. The magical magenta red rose from our garden emitting it’s waves of aphrodisiacal magic into our home kitchen
    8. The West Austrailan summer sunsets – God really speaks through these sunsets as well as the Aphrodite rose in our kitchen
    9. My gorgeous soul friends, shining their unique light into my life and reflecting beauty & wisdom back to me in ever wondrous ways
    10. My wonderful clients who have ensured I stayed true to my soul life’s work and profession. Grace on Y’all!

  61. Morning Marie

    I love how many comments this post has generated! I totally cop an attitude of gratitude each night. Before we go to bed my bf and I write down what we are thankful for.
    1. My health
    2. My family’s unconditional love and support
    3. My bf’s unconditional love and support
    4. New opportunities that continue to present themselves
    5. My ambition and drive
    6. Roof over my head and food on the table
    7. People who push me to do more and keep going after my dreams
    8. My life experiences
    9. My dual passports
    10. The loved ones in my life.

    xo Happy tofurkey day.

  62. Beth

    Wow, it is awesome to read about what everyone is grateful for 🙂
    I am grateful for…
    1. My beautiful daughter
    2. My health
    3. My great friends for their support and guidance
    4. My family and our improved communication
    5. My ex-husband and I have a amicable relationship
    6. The stable, interesting and lucrative new position that is on the way
    7. My three kitties that keep me company when the house is otherwise quiet
    8. The home I am renting, including my super helpful landlord
    9. My hot yoga practice and yoga community
    10. The sweet kiss at the end of my date last night
    11. All the positive energy on this great blog…thanks Marie!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone around the world 🙂

  63. Ten Things I’m Grateful For:
    1. Finding Marie Forleo.
    2. A roof over my head.
    3. Business books.
    4. Enjoyment of team sports.
    5. Google Reader.
    6. A car to take me between the two towns I regularly travel between.
    7. Flowers. They make my heart sing.
    8. Genuine people.
    9. Music.
    10. The opportunity to improve my health.

  64. Great video Marie! 10 things I am grateful for…

    1. All my life experiences that have made me who I am today.
    2. My kids and all they have taught me,
    3. My friends and all the support they give me.
    4. My connections on FB and the encouragement they provide.
    5. My health that keeps me going everyday.
    6. My mom, and her gentle, loving spirit.
    7. The opportunity to follow my dreams and be me fully.
    8. The recent realization that I am gay…how liberating!
    9. Connections and laughter with people I love.
    10. My intelligence, creativity, and wisdom.

    Thanks for this exercise…great way to start the morning!


  65. As usual Marie, I feel like you’re reading my mind. I recently watched a video about marketing and business and the first strategy was to be think about everything you’re grateful for first thing in the morning. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and you’re right…it’s had an unbelievable affect on my life. I can feel the difference in myself on the days that I forget to do it.
    On that note, I am soooo thankful for my family: amazing parents, wonderful husband and beautiful boys. I’m forever grateful for my friends. And I am so thankful that I found you. You have inspired me in more ways than you’ll ever know.
    Wishing you a fabulous holiday.
    xo, mridu

  66. Angela

    Thanks for the video Marie and happy holiday to all!

    Things I’m grateful for:
    1. The moment I really ‘opened’ my eyes to my reality and was initiated to my self-awareness path.
    2. To be alive.
    3. My fiance.
    4. My firends.
    5. The sea.
    6. The way I can look after myself.
    7. The gorgeous smell of certain plants / flowers.
    8. To have the freedom of speech and to live in a Western country where there’s equality.
    9. Free life access to a gorgeous business lounge in central London.
    10. Your videos, wit, energy, you
    and many more things…

  67. Roos

    1. My beautifull cozy appartment.
    2. living in the city I love
    3. My beautiful faithful partner, who is handsome and strong
    4. My loving family especially my father who ALWAYS supports and loves me
    5. My girlfriends who are so sweet, wise and supportive
    6. Being able to do work I love, acting, storytelling and working with children
    7. Being able to travel and take time of to meditate.
    8 My meditation practice and the beautiful teachers I get to connect to
    9. The financial space I have in this moment.
    10. The peace and wealth that is the current state of my country.

    AND YES MARIE!!! ALSO for YOU!!!

    It is truly amazing how energy travels right through a computerscreen. You vibrate, selfconfidence, kindness and fun right into my livingroom and mind. Deep gratitude for your path.


  68. Hi everyone!

    There is SO much to be grateful for, and it’s incredible how quickly I can forget and take things for granted. I adore the gratitude journal idea. Something I will start pronto!

    For now I am grateful for:

    1. My family. My husband, who I couldn’t live without. We complement each other in more ways than we know it! My children, who colour every moment of our lives.

    2. Being able to speak more than one languages. By learning to speak English, I get to interact with millions more people, who open my mind to so much more than I ever could have imagined.

    3. Living in a Western world, where my daughter and I are free to express our opinions and follow our dreams.

    4. Living in a most beautiful part of England, in a house that we call our home. It keeps us safe, warm and together.

    5. Having the luxury of being able to stay at home to work on my business I am passionate about.

    6. Health.

    7. The internet. Without it how could I have found Marie and all the wonderful people who support one another in what we all strive to do? – It keeps me connected with my family in Hungary. It gives me instant access to knowledge. It gives the ground to my growing business.

    8. Creativity. I am still learning self expression, but it’s well on its way!

    9. Access to education. 6th year into my Literature / Creative writing degree.

    10. Being alive right here, right now surrounded by the people I love.

    Much love,

  69. Mrl

    I am so grateful for soooo many things !!!!
    – my healthy and creative family
    – my new friends that take care of me
    – the fact that I can afford travelling and studying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I am so grateful for:
    1. My family especially my amazing daughter
    2. My friends who are incredibly supportive
    3. My teachers who help to make me a better person
    4. Yoga teacher training – developing commitment and happiness
    5. My dog – pure love
    6. My spiritual practice
    7. My health
    8. My intellect and its ability to support me
    9. Great food that nourishes me
    10. My life and all the opportunity that it holds!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the US folks. Have a wonderful week!

  71. Kike Odusanya

    Gratitude …
    I am grateful for
    1. My Life and New Breath Today
    2. My 2 Amazing Beautiful Girls
    3. The Quiet Time I had this morning while meditating
    4. Expanded Vision and the ability to dream again
    5. for Mastin Kipp and his kindness towards me, he introduced me to Marie and b-school and truly changed my life by awarding me a b-school scholarship
    6. My Mom she always has my back
    7. a Renewed sense of spirit and self
    8. possibilities
    9. a healthy disease free body
    10. being able to actually watch Marie t.v. from the comfort of my home

    Thanks Marie for cranking it out .. every week with out fail your tv episodes are like a pill for me the keep me going inspired thinking and engaged. God bless you

  72. I was taught to make an alphabetical gratitude list. I did it every night for a week recently, and slept better, deeper, and fell asleep more quickly. It’s a fun way to play with gratitude, and makes you dig a little… (x? “excellent local eggs”) Eventually gratitude becomes this quiet hum in the background that’s there more often than it’s not…

    Mine today: healthy children, when my daughters sing together, running water, electricity, a completely inspiring business launch ahead of me, a wide net of advisors, a friend, the delicious smell of sweet potatoes in my kitchen, that I’m able to love others more openly than I used to, and – oh, no, is ten up already??? – my kind, sweet, glorious, supportive husband.

  73. I’m always grateful for my amazing husband. He is so incredibly supportive of me!

    Can’t wait to go to B School in March. Yay, Marie, for making it possible with her payment plan.

    Grateful for my kitty cats. They keep me smiling.

    Grateful my family, my close network of friends.

    Grateful for the writing gigs coming my way.

    Grateful for my best friend who understands and accepts me completely.

    Grateful for my life!

  74. Thanks, Marie!!!
    1. My connection to my Divine
    2. My amazing, loving and conscious husband.
    3. My two healthy, gorgeous and loving sons.
    4. My amazing business where I get to inform, instruct and inspire thousands of people every day to create Quantum Success in their lives.
    5. The health of my body.
    6. People like you, Marie:)
    7. Beautiful flowers
    8. Hot sexy shoes:)
    9. FLOW
    10. 7 Essential Laws and knowing how to apply them!

  75. Katja

    Hi all

    My gratitude list:

    1. The fact that my dads passing 2 weeks ago is making my mum, sister and I closer

    2. my wonderful independent and smart 3 kids

    3. My hubby

    4 my friends

    5. the healthcare system here in Denmark

    6. The AMAZING help we got during my dads illness – these women went over and beyond what was “duty”

    7. That I found you Marie in my life, which has also let me to Simon Sinek, TDL, etc etc

    8. my life so far – I have always followed my heart

    9. the opportunities I have in the world today

    10. That I live in a country where women are in power

  76. Attention getting headline.

  77. – the best partner in the world
    – all of the super dupa inspirational bloggers out there (yep that’s you)
    – my blog (
    – teaching boot-camps to a group of awesome ladies daily
    – our land and house in the nature
    – our garden
    – my mind and my dreams
    – being fit and feeling alive and empowered
    – my friends and family
    – everything and everybody that puts a smile on my face and v.v.

    Have a beautiful day Marie 🙂
    Isabella xoxo

  78. I am grateful for… 1 my beautiful old farmhouse in Maine 2 the simple pleasures of taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram 3 the wacky sense of humor possessed by my teenage son 4 the people who read my blog and the benefit they tell me is derived through what is written there 5 my sweetie working from home with me (and making lunch!) 6 my dad and the way our relationship has transformed 7 having a house full for Thanksgiving this week, a dream-come-true! 8 the work that I do and the amazing team of people I get to work with every day, creating the lives we deeply desire 9 the RHH Live event and how much I’m taking all that was shared to heart in the weeks that have followed 10 the way the world is shifting on it’s axis with wonderful thought leaders like you Marie, Oprah, everyone in this community… and me!

    Thank you for asking… What a lovely way to begin the day!

  79. Eleanor

    Congratulations Marie on a great Oprah SSSunday!
    I’m grateful for:
    1. discovering the Deepak Choprah 21-day meditation challenge;
    2. wonderful new friends at work;
    3. sudden opportunity to do more of the sport I love w/a great trainer & equipment;
    4. great long-term friends who’ve been wonderful sources of sharing & happiness over the years;
    5. the cosmic storm that ended a dead-end relationship;
    6. the end of a energy-sapping project;
    7. the universe bringing new professional contacts into my life;
    8. the greater ability to “embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream”(D. Chopra);
    9. being able to create paintings and drawings that intrigue me & others – even after the years pass;
    10. the wonderful men that have come into my life, showing me a greater cosmic dimension of fulfilling, loving relationships.

    • I loved the end of the vid where you had the guy ramble off the side effects of gratitiude! I lol’ed over that one!
      1. hubby
      2. my kitties
      3. my home
      4. my artistic talents
      5. my customers
      6. organic food – no GMO’s
      7. my car
      8. my sense of humor
      9. my perfect health
      10. my friends and relatives

  80. I have been “practicing gratitude” for 60 days now, writing down 6 things I am grateful for each morning and a bunch of positive statements like “Today will be a fantastic day!”. It really HAS changed my life (for the awesome-er).
    I had a downer of a day yesterday though, so I appreciate the timing of the episode a lot! I never got the invites out to my Pity Party though!
    I am grateful
    1. That I am getting better and better at being grateful, by practicing!
    2. I have a job I love with room to grow and be more awesome!
    3. I live in one of the most amazing cities in the world, and I never lost power during hurricane Sandy!
    4. I have delicious healthy food I cooked last night at midnight (no reason) waiting for me for breakfast!
    5. I am at a place in life where I am focusing on my own growth and awesomeness…i’m really okay with being single! This is a breakthrough!
    6. I completely changed careers and am totally thriving in less than 10 months time.
    7. I made a video that will be on the jumbo tron in Times Square! Totally a dream come true and unexpected fulfillment!
    8. I am learning to ask for what I want.
    9. I watched Ted Talks and did dishes last night instead of languishing in my disappointment about the day’s events.
    10. I got a good night’s sleep and I’m ready for more awesome!

  81. Thank Marie! xo

    1. an inspiring sweet hot boyfriend
    2. opportunity to teach adaptive yoga to girls on wheels
    3. video chat
    4. yerba mate discovery
    5. my yoga practice
    6. Marie tv!
    7. supportive friends and family
    8. books
    9. my new gratitude journal 😉
    10. the strength and health of my body

    11. Inspiring women on this comment thread!

  82. Susie mordoh

    I am grateful for knowing:

    1. the universe has my back!
    2. my family is good
    3. my friends are are trusted
    4. my body/soul/spirit is strong
    5. my dogs are pure love
    6. the power of collective giving
    7. that I see the glass as half full (always!)
    8. the way I feel in the sun (I’m solar powered)
    9. I can create
    10. I love all things Apple (fruit, electronics, etc)

  83. Kathy

    1. My 3 children
    2, My X husband & his new wife
    3. USC
    4. Friends
    5. Marie! Depak! OWN.Oprah ! Gabby
    6. When a stranger gives a smile
    7. My dogs
    8. Kindness
    9. HEALTH
    10 GOD

  84. Leah

    1. my bed – it’s the most comfortable place I know
    2. my dog Angel – she is a gift from God to me
    3. the internet – it has open me up to a world beyond mine
    4. my car – it may broke down, but it gets me where I need to go
    5. fall weather – it’s a crisp, clean, and cool reminder that anything and everything can change in a day
    6. coffee – it is my greatest guilty pleasure
    7. my family – good, bad, awesome, and ugly, they have shaped who I am and are always there for me
    8. my friends – I’m blessed to be around people who love me for me
    9. my job – after years of wanting it to be normal, it finally is!
    10. cheese – it’s an instant slice of comfort

  85. Thank you, Marie, for this episode! I am writing from Latvia, where people do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Actually, one thing that lately has been making me angry is inability of society to be thankful for what we have – a developed western country with endless possibilities. Of course, also with economical and political problems – but others have it way worse than we do. So, I am thankful for
    1. My two healthy, beautiful daughters.
    2. My husband who is there for me.
    3. Having a higher education.
    4. Becoming a feminist and thus getting rid of body image issues.
    5. Creating a website for creative people.
    6. Having a job in this lousy economy.
    7. Having a job that I happen to like.
    8. Living in a western country where I have power over my body.
    9. That I had courage to paint my hair red.
    10. That it is already November and not unbearably cold yet in Latvia.

  86. Mico

    1. This video and all of the comments – Thanks, gooood idea!
    2. My wonderful son
    3. My dear spouse
    4. My home office
    5. My little house out in the nature
    6. All great people I had opportunity to learn from
    7. Tasty pizza I have eaten today 🙂
    8. My clients
    9. The lap top computer
    10. Opportunities

  87. great. full.

    1. The interwebs and how I connect easily through time and space with friends.
    2. My Vitamix and it’s savvy ways with nuts and dates, greens and bananas.
    3. For resistance. It is my teacher.
    4. …And for ease. Finding it is sweet every time.
    5. My child, and the gift of being his parent.
    6. My man, who teaches by example me loyalty, security and integrity.
    7. Indoor plumbing, garbage pick up, electricity that magically shows up in my home…
    8. Artists who illuminate and decorate.
    9. Progressive thinkers who inspire and challenge.
    10. Trusting my body and mind and heart and soul.

  88. adiaha

    1. I am grateful I got to the end of the comments. I thought it would go on forever!
    2. I am grateful for my life.
    3. I am grateful for my two wonderfully amzing children.
    4. I am grateful for my J.O.B.
    5. I am grateful for my home.
    6. I am grateful for my friends.
    7. I am grateful for bacon.
    8. I am grateful for astrology.
    9. I am grateful for coffee.
    10. I am grateful for tomorrow…so i can finish everything that I don’t get to today.

  89. Hi Marie and everyone! Happy Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

    I am grateful for the following:

    1) clients who trust me enough to invest their hard-earned money with me. I am humbled to be able to do this work.

    2) my husband, nicknamed “Duty” because if you need something, no matter what it is, he’s ON IT! (20 years military pays off, dontcha know?) I trust him with my very life. I respect him and love him enormously.

    3) I get to do the work of my soul and create a living from it. The Universe has my back and shows me every single day.

    4) All the wonderful teachers who lead the way showing us how to really dig deep and bring out our best. (That’s you, Marie!)

    5) I’m so thankful that I followed the advice of my Guides in Spirit and joined Crossfit. I’ve done things I never thought I’d do and have grown so much just from making that effort.

    6) My Aunt Connie – enough like my mom that I can feel her still around me but different enough that she doesn’t drive me crazy like mom often did.

    7) My dog Brogan who has taught me the lesson of patience (I didn’t really want to learn it but he came with a lesson plan so I followed it.) He’s a joy (when he’s not driving me crazy!)

    8) My associate and BFF Anni who has stood by me over the past two years building my business. She’s my cheerleader, my coach, my friend and the one who kept me going when I wanted to give up and hide in a closet. I am so thankful she is in my life.

    9) The internet – oh, internets, how I love you so!! I’ll never go back to microfiche!

    10) my willingness to do the things that scare me the most (crossfit, enrollment calls, working for myself, etc) – sometimes it takes me a while to do it but once I get it, I GET IT! I’m brave. I love that about myself.

    Thank you for the suggestion and the space to do this list. I have so much to be thankful for! Blessings to each of you! <3

  90. Ellen Silverman

    1. Owning Manhattan real estate
    2. Earning a good salary
    3. My investment advisor, Kathryn
    4. Good taste
    5. Good health
    6. My current client of almost 3 years
    7. Open mind
    8. My friends of several decades
    9. The beach
    10. Travel and overall, living well

  91. I am grateful for…
    1. My husbands warm arms to sleep in every night
    2. All my friends, who really see me
    3. My familys love and my love for them
    4. My business, and that it is growing every day
    5. Daring to be daring, more and more
    6. My health
    7. Having let go of toxic relationships
    8. Being open to new true friendships
    9. Having a home
    10. Being a woman

  92. 1. my health
    2. my job
    3. enough money
    4. my friends
    5. protections from my familiy
    6. My god daughter
    7. my gadgets <3
    8. MArie Forleo on youtube for free!
    9. my knee rarely hurts
    10. my able to love anyone.

    Feel so great, so powerful, so thankful.

  93. Sweet Marie,

    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with the world on Super Soul Sunday! It was great getting to know you better through the show. I loved seeing pictures of you as a child, and your “Everything is figure-out-able” Mom and Dad.

    2. LIkewise, loved getting to know your wise and wonderful friends, Gabby and Mastin. I am grateful that I got to see them on your stage at RHHLive, and then on the little big screen of Oprah too!

    3. Super grateful for my 5yo son Grant. He is truly my wish Granted. He loves trucks and tools and legos, but we also talk about what is going on in his brain. He tells me about his dreams and his heart. He enjoys telling his brain to think happy thoughts.

    4. This is going to sound weird…but I am grateful for the darkness, those difficult challenging moments. I’ve had alot of them lately…loss, betrayal, disappointment, stress. I am processing and feeling the darkness without losing myself, and using it as a tool to grow.

    5. My multi-specialty medical practice Catalyst Medical Center, is growing and evolving, serving more people. Grateful to have a place to encourage transformation on many levels.

    6. Thankful that I read The Artist’s Way 3 years ago with a group of friends. It got me thinking about writing, and I now have a regular writing practice and blog even though I resisted morning pages initially.

    7. Thankful for books. I love reading stories and wisdom from around the world. Lifelong learning is keeping me young and inspired :).

    8. Grateful that life keeps providing incredible opportunities. I’m a kid in a candy store, surrounded by wonderful choices, especially in my work as a co-coordinator of our local TEDx events.

    9. Grateful for the love and support of my family. Wow, they rock.

    10. Grateful for my senses….ears to hear music and birds, eyes to see the sunrise, my nose to smell the flowers, my tongue to taste all the good things, and skin to feel a tickle or a massage.

    Hard to stop once you start! Many blessings to all!

  94. Jessica Scheer

    Yippie! Gratitude!

    1. Power of choice
    2. My rockin and healthy bod
    3. My supportive And loving role models (parents, sister and brother)
    4. All of my awesome friends 🙂
    5. The jewish homeland
    6. My curly hair (and salons that know how to work it!)
    7. Marie! Girl, you actually rock my world (and the whole power posse)
    8. All of the challenges that show up in my life to serve as great lessons
    9. My miracle mindset
    10. Random acts of loving kindness

    Wooo that felt great 🙂

  95. It’s always amazing to me how many things I have to be grateful for once I stop and take five minutes to acknowledge them. It really switches OFF the ‘poor little me’ button!

  96. love Gratefulness with a big G
    1/ grateful for my connection with G.O.D and the amazing spiritual masters that I got to meet during my life
    2/ grateful for my friends and husband
    3/ grateful for the life that I get to live
    4/ grateful for the authentic and honest people in my life
    5/ grateful for having food every day
    6/ grateful for having a roof above my head
    7/ grateful for having a relative safe life
    8/ grateful for being able to have something to share with the world and having a destiny
    9/ grateful for my family who always gets me, supports me and loves me even how crazy my life has been
    10/ grateful that I always have been able to support myself where ever I have lived in the world.

  97. My thanks very much list:
    – my family
    – my supportive friends
    – my pup
    – my creativity
    – my home
    – my awareness
    – my health
    – my compassion (sometimes people view this as weak but not me!)
    – the simple joys life (sipping coffee in the morning, cozy rainy days)
    – and cookies…

    I kept it short & sweet but I think I covered everything – I am bookmarking this page I loved reading all your ladies lists! It reminds me of even more things to be grateful for 🙂

    Great most Marie! (as always!)

  98. Ali

    You – Marie Forleo

    The Internet – what an amazing place and tool to create, learn and connect
    My family – My children and husband
    Mine and my family’s good health
    Mine and my family’s solid, stable life
    Freedom – the freedom we have in the USA to be and do as we wish
    My father’s enduring love for me. He was my biggest fan, though he past this year, his love and belief in me will be in my heart with all the days of my life.
    Oh yeah, so thankful for my silly soap opera I have watched for over 35 years…Days of our Lives, when the going gets tough, it’s this quick and easy get away when needed. (No pills, no self medicating – just a fun diversion)
    Yoga – so grateful for yoga which always brings me home to my heart center
    My breath…the quiet time I find to mediate. I love my mediation quiet time. It’s a life saver!
    This was fun and easier than I thought. I think it is time to do one of these daily gratitude journals. Uplifted already, just when I was going down the wrong path this morning. I said, oh, it’s Marie TV Tuesday. Let’s watch this before I get started off on my day. Thank you Marie…I had something show up that I almost started to wrap a story around…instead my little list here has uplifted me already. It was the perfect shift in the right direction. Thank you!

  99. I never realized it but I apply this principle regularly. I always remind people who seem to think everything is miserable that it could be so much worse and we have a lot to be thankful for. What we Westerners class as a “bad day” would be a breeze for a lot of people in the world.

    For example: Our water heater went out recently and we rent so it wasn’t a big deal because we didn’t have to pay for it but my husband still saw it as the worst thing that could possibly happen. My mindset was “At least we have a water heater.” If we didn’t have access to clean water the water heater wouldn’t have been a problem, but I’ll happily take a few minor problems just to have what I have.

  100. Ketina

    I am going to list 10 things I’m grateful for but not because of the upcoming holiday that I wish the USA would honor Native Americans on this day though. I will.
    1. My life
    2. A indpt contract witth an online company
    3. ReAwaken my psychic gifts and connect and expanded my spirituality
    4. Being in school
    5. For Blessings that are forethcoming
    6. A roof over my head
    7. School being out all week long.
    8. My spirit guides and archangels who work with me
    9. Love
    10.Truth and Honety

  101. Hello Everyone

    while I haven’t been keeping a regular gratitude diary lately. I have been focusing on holding the feeling of gratitude in my body which is amazing. so ten things here we go in no particular order.

    1. the delicious smell of my dinner that is still in the air hours after we have eaten.
    2. shelter from the wind I can hear outside.
    3. My husband, my best friend.
    4. My children. There warm little, healthy bodies and minds.
    5. Amazing coffee and the new machine we have to make it.
    6. Endless choices for work and entertainment
    7. My problem solving skills
    8. The ocean that keeps my home town so comfortable.
    9. This computer, my phone and all the amazing ways to communicate.
    10. My Mum and Dad.
    11. These videos and being able to take part in Thanksgiving vicariously 🙂

    Wow gratitude is calming and comforting like a hug

  102. Lisa Joy

    What am I grateful for today! Here goes…
    1. My amazing husband, Alan, and magnificent teen sons, Adam and Jeremy.
    2. My exceptionally wonderful sisters, Marjorie and Debra Sue.
    3. The blessing of my loving extended family and true-blue friends.
    4. The energy and willingness to wake up early this morning, get breakfasts ready and lunches packed, and have two of my guys out the door on time!
    5. The gift of working for myself, affording me flexibility, freedom, and the ability to be home to care for Jeremy, who’s home sick today.
    6. The blessings of having a healthy, energetic body, positive attitude, and focused mind.
    7. Sticking with my new habit of being physically active. (I’m heading out for a run for the third day in a row, as soon as I’m done with my gratitude list!!)
    8. My blossoming coaching business, and all I’m learning from which I get to benefit personally, and share with my clients, colleagues, family, and friends.
    9. My cozy home in a beautiful, vibrant community.
    10. Having the ability to give to organizations and causes whose work in the world I value because of the significant difference they are making.

    And so much more!

    My mood is definitely uplifted, and my energy higher having written this list.
    Thanks, Marie!! And thank you, everyone, for sharing all the gratitude!

    <3 Lisa

  103. Hey There,
    No real order, but based on today …
    • Spontaneous evenings with my best friend and mate

    • Dusty Springfield’s voice

    • Waking up and getting to do what I want to do with my day

    • Having a skill that lets me build the life and world I want to live in

    • Friends and family that have my back (and vice versa)

    • A business partner that I can say anything to

    • Living in a world with endless possibilities

    • Grape Nuts

    • A memory that focuses on the good stuff

    • Putting these thoughts out there

  104. Things I’m grateful for:
    1) My family and friends
    2) My wonderful boyfriend
    3) My health
    4) My education
    5) The internet, for introducing me to inspiring people like you, Marie
    6) The ability to run, do yoga and kickbox
    7) My uniqueness
    8) Access to delicious food, fabulous restaurants and Williams Sonoma
    9) My drive and ambition to make a difference
    10) My digital platform

  105. 1. My relationships with my partner, children, family, and friends.
    2. My mother, whose influence continues to reinforce my notions of selfless love and full faith in the Divine.
    3. My sweet little home
    4. My fur-babies
    5. The plethora of ways to learn new things and the ability to access them
    6. Choice
    7. Laughter
    8. Good conversations
    9. Good food
    10. Having so many opportunities to start over and try something new.

    What I know from this list is that it is the little things that I find myself grateful for: a moment of connection, the preciousness of the seemingly simple, noticing that simple doesn’t mean easy, and realizing that whatever I create in my life, without connection to others and the Divine it feels much less meaningful. The other thing I noticed is that I find myself being grateful for fear because feeling some fear lets me know there is something important around whatever ‘it’ is and reminds me to look at ‘it’ closer. Thanks, Marie! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  106. 1) My gym. It’s my meditation space
    2) My boyfriend. He’s kind and loving and funny.
    3) My dad’s recovery from cancer
    4) My hometown/province (Newfoundland, Canada). Truly made me who I am and I would not be a fraction of the same person if I’d grown up elsewhere.
    5) My well-paying job (even if I’m trying to find a “business I love”!)
    6) My health
    7) My legs, which carried me through my first marathon in October
    8) My boyfriend’s family, who have taken me under their wing
    9) My friends, who support me all the way
    10) You, Marie! You’re such an inspiration and a ray of sunshine.

  107. Being alive
    My daughter
    A steady income
    Having my own house
    Living in one of the richest countries in the world
    Finally getting out of computer support
    A strong immune system
    Self confidence
    Learning fast
    My online tribe
    A good mood
    Clean water in the tap
    Clean food in the shops

  108. I am grateful for:
    1. My mom – she’s really an amazing person
    2. My home – I am very blessed
    3. My neighborhood – it’s awesome
    4. My friends – I am so blessed to have amazing people in my life
    5. Laughter – It fills me up with joy quite often
    6. The fact that I can work from home.
    7. The fact that I can do work that I love.
    8. The fact that I woke up this morning.
    9. The laptop that I’m typing on right now.
    10. The fingers I have that are moving so that I can type.

    Thanks for this opportunity to have gratitude in this very moment Marie! I am also very grateful for YOU!

  109. My gratitudes

    1. I am grateful for my amazing, sweet, supportive husband.
    2. I am grateful for my loving, supportive family.
    3. I am grateful that I get to live my passions and get paid.
    4. I am grateful for JourneyDance, my teacher Toni, the JourneyDance community and the opportunity to lead this amazingly transformative healing.
    5. I am grateful for ALL my teachers throughout my lifetime. The intentional ones and the incidental ones.
    6. I am grateful that I have food everyday, a beautiful home, am safe and protected.
    7. I am grateful for so many opportunities to shine everyday.
    8. I am grateful for my beautiful students who trust me with their spiritual lives.
    9. I am grateful for my loving friends who support me and encourage me and tell it like it is.
    10. I am grateful for breath everyday, for this life!

    This was EXACTLY what I needed today! Thank you for your fun and funny reminder that gratitude is the most powerful motivator and inspirer. You ROCK Marie! I am grateful for you being such a straight forward badass!

  110. 1. My amazing husband
    2. B-School- seriously. Having permission to do the things that I feel are right for my business instead of following some generic formula was life changing!
    3. Time to write my book
    4. Amazing friends and family
    5. All my teachers and mentors who help me move my business in the right direction
    6. Education- past, present, and future
    7. Enough money for bills and extras
    8. Travel- experiencing new places, foods, and experiences
    9. My apartment
    10. My puppy

    Insights: This was more difficult than I imagined. While watching Super Soul Sunday this weekend, Marie mentioned the importance of being present and bringing enthusiasm to everything we do. I think infusing my life with more presence and enthusiasm will continue to make me more grateful for the things that I have.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  111. Kristen

    I have so much to be thankful for. I usually spend the first few minutes of the day listing them as I wake up.

    I’m thankful for: my wonderful husband, the globe-trotting life we’ve created together, our health, our loving families, my ever expanding yoga and meditation practice, the opportunity to create a business from my home office, our crazy fun friends who enrich our lives and make us laugh, our super cute chow chow/shar pei, being here, in this body at this time in the world and I’m thankful for the magical way the Universe works to attract and teach us to be the co-creators that we are.

  112. We did our “gratitude” a few weekends ago up in the frozen north 🙂 and it’s really given me time to think about what I am thankful and grateful for:

    1) Children that sleep until their normal wake up time
    2) My own separate office
    3) a coffee maker with a automatic timer and shut off
    4) hot water in my shower
    5) husbands that gut pumpkins the night before Halloween
    6) Two sets of parents close by always willing to watch the grandkids
    7) Brothers and sisters that stayed close both in heart and distance
    8) The internet and how quickly I can find information
    9) Being surrounded by people I love on a daily basis
    10) Not having to really worry about money

    Thanks Marie!!

  113. I am grateful for…

    1. the teachers that show up in my life, be them labelled as teachers or not!
    2. Being a woman in the Western world, we are so lucky.
    3. The amazing technology that allows me to access friends, family, mentors and much more.
    4. My grandad who will be 95 years old next month and still inspires me!
    5. My desire to learn, grow and share this with others.
    6. the wonderful city I live in – York UK!
    7. The amazing friends who have supported me in a variety of ways during this tough last few years.
    8. For the friends who have know when it is the right time for us to part company (friends are for a reason a season or a lifetime!)
    9. For music and the impact is has on humans.
    10. for my family and their love!!!

    Of course thank you Marie and the team. I am blessed to have discovered your craziness of busyness x

  114. Ann

    Great video this morning! Thank you.

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, but thought without action isn’t doing the trick!

    I am grateful this morning for:

    1. The delicious coffee that was waiting for me when I woke up this morning.

    2. My husband, who makes me coffee every morning, who is still attracted to me after 25 years, who tells me he loves me everyday and who has always supported my every whim! I love this man!

    3. My beautiful children, who are passionate about their lives and actively believe in, and pursue, their dreams!

    4. My sweet cat Smoochie. She snuggles in the morning, gives me back rubs, sips wine with me in the evening, eats Popsicles and purrs when my husband hugs me.

    5. My new meditation practice. I’m finding the peace and answers to my questions right inside of me. Ha! Imagine that?!

    6. My ability to be vulnerable and speak from a heart level. It is truly amazing how relationships shift when this takes place.

    7. Friendship. We are not meant to do life alone. I am so very grateful for the people in my life who choose to be vulnerable and open-heated with me.

    8. All the teachers who are now available to me while I sip my coffee, in my comfy bed, with the tap of my finger on my iPad! Thank you, Marie, Deepak, Oprah, Mark Nepo, Paula D’Arcy, Bob Goff, Chris Guillbeau, Kris Carr and so many more!

    9. My adventurous, kind spirit, that keeps me dreaming, traveling and bonding in the most unlikely places and ways.

    10. The freedom to just be me.

  115. Leslie Isaacs McCoy

    First, let me say, I appreciate your honesty and of course your sense of humor- the combo is rare and I find myself smiling/laughing as I watch your videos…now I am grateful for:
    1. my husband
    2. our son and what an awesome young man he is
    3. being allowed the opportunity to share the experience as our son completes his senior year of high school [and all that goes with that!] and the unveiling of his college and future plans.
    4. the longevity of a 50 year friendship
    5. finding joy in a really good cup of tea and a few moments of quiet
    7. the faith to believe that there really isn’t anything too hard for God
    8. the health and well-being of my family and our extended families
    9. embracing the true effect of a smile
    10. music

  116. So many things, people to be thankful for, but here is a small list:

    My honey – he’s my rock, my support as my business continues to grow, and my love

    My children – they challenge me to be an even better person – all the time – even those bonus children we’ve taken in!

    My family – this includes my parents and siblings. They respect me for whom I am and for that I am forever grateful

    My pets – who can’t love a 101 pound doodle as they try to cuddle with you or a 10 pound cat determined to sit on your lap as you work?

    coffee – need I say more?

    The ‘gang’ – now this isn’t your typical gang, but the rascally bunch with wings and halos – they guide me constantly assist with clients present new programs and products to offer. gotta love it.

    LIFE ~ while it is never changing and things are tossed our way, it really is a great adventure that I wouldn’t change a thing – well perhaps a few things, but then the ride wouldn’t be as fun!

    sitting on the beach watching the ghost crabs with my sis or maybe the turtles – yeaaahhh – we’re a fast moving bunch, but it’s in those quiet moments that life is revealed and reveled in

  117. I started keeping a gratitude or what went right and why journal nearly a year ago when I read Martin Seligman’s books on happiness. I will offer my anecdotal testimony that it does help. I have a tendency to see the negative and I am in my current living situation, with my parents, my father is a glass shattered on the floor and totally empty kind of person. Keeping the journal does help overcome my negativity and some of the toxicity from being around a very negative person.

    I am grateful for having parents who will help me out when I need the help.
    I am grateful for my friend Cindy.
    I am grateful for my friend Del
    I am grateful for Marie TV.
    I am grateful that I learned about gratitude journals.
    I am grateful for the internet that makes finding and keeping in touch with amazing people and awesome information so easy.
    I am grateful for my two little furry beasts (cats) who wandered into my life two or so years ago, who needed my help then and, who now help me by making me smile.
    I am grateful that I took the risk to start tutoring as a private business.
    I am grateful for all my students teach me.
    I am grateful that I am moving forward to being and having more of what I want to be and have.

  118. Marsha

    Here it is Marie.10 things I’m grateful for:
    1. My life is such a wonderful experience of exploration at the age of 59.
    2. I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone.
    3. I can except the things I cannot change and focus on the many things I can change.
    4. I have a family, my close family and a world family.
    5. I can be alone without feeling lonely.
    6. I know who I am.
    7. I can laugh and cry and feel for others and myself.
    8. I am aware of a Higher Power and know that power is also inside of me.
    9. I know that there is a shift occurring in the universe that is creating awesome results now and in the future.
    10. I know that Love is the most powerful reality and it is from The Source of The Creator of the universe. We are all connected to this source and it is awesome.

  119. 1. My life as hard and as great as it is. Thank-you
    2. My relationship with Harold has taught me about forgiveness
    3. My sparkly and wonderful adult kids
    4. My passions and desires.
    5. My soul on fire.
    6. My health and well being.
    7. My yoga students and their willingness to learn and grow
    8. My friends that inspire and love me for me.
    9. The circle of women in my life that are helping to make this world a better place
    10. Living on this amazing beautiful Earth. Thank-you

  120. I’m so grateful for,

    1. my family

    2. my education

    3. the courage to fallow my dreams

    4. God/Goddess and all the light beings in the universe

    5. to allow gratitude into my life

    6. my business

    7. the opportunity to help people

    8. allowing people to help me

    9. having so much fun with what I do

    10. to be on my pajamas today 😉

    Thank you Marie, this was a great idea! blessings

  121. Awesome!

    10 things I’m grateful for today:

    1. the wonderful new client I got recently and all the uber-talented and smart colleagues I’m blessed to work with on this big project
    2. Technology — and all it brings into my life
    3. Such as, access to to Marie TV and so many other wonderful kick-butt female mentors
    4. Friends and family who love and support me
    5. The Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge I’m currently doing
    6. My the trees outside my window and the brilliant fall hues they display
    7. the excellent cup of coffee I’m drinking right now
    8. The kick-ass cowboy boots I won in a raffle a couple weeks ago, I can barely stand to take them off at night to go to bed!
    9. My health, andthe ability to see, hear, taste, touch, feel, smell and enjoy every precious moment of every day
    10. that I get to live on the coast of North Carolina in an awesome town I love that thrills me every single day
    11. A business and work I love that is intellectually stimulating, creative, and pays well!
    Gosh, there’s more. I make a list of 5 things every day, and keep a running list, so ten is easy to come up with. My cup runneth over. : )

  122. Wonderful video as always, Marie. Thank you!

    Now for 9 more things I’m thankful for…
    (2) Family: living abroad is challenging so it’s so amazing to have the consistent support of my family. My mom is even coming to visit me for Thanksgiving and my aunts & uncles pooled together to fly me home for Christmas; They’re the best 🙂
    (3) My health
    (4) Grad school: not only am I enjoying the opportunity of studying subjects I am thoroughly passionate about, but I’m able to live in Paris while doing it!
    (5) Technology: as much as I make it a point to not always be connected, technology certainly makes keeping in touch with friends and family easier.
    (6) The global community: yay to new friends from diverse backgrounds
    (7) Chocolate
    (8) Independence
    (9) Future opportunities

  123. Great movie. I am just reading the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. It is all about gratitude, so Im doing the exercise everyday:) It makes me so happy. And I am happy that your movie is about gratitude. Coinsidence. I don’t think so. It is happening because my focus is gratitude. I love it:)
    I am grateful for:
    1. My health
    2. My children have a good life and are well
    3. My grandchildren are well
    4. I have a great job
    5. I receive money to pay my bills and to do a lot of fun things
    6. For my house.
    7. For living in Norway
    8. As a coach for being able to help people
    9. For having good collagues and friends
    10. To have sisters and brothers and we love each other

    And I have a lot more I am grateful for. I write ten new things every day.

    Love your movies, and it was great to watch you at Oprah.

    All my love, Rita 🙂

  124. wow – I loved your lists!!

    1) I am grateful to you Marie – for creating this space.
    2) I am grateful to each of you for playing along and creating your own spaces of love and gratitude and sharing your stories which inspire me…
    3) my son – he of the recent “TinTin” hairdo, which is goofy and adorable but he thinks is super cool – that makes my heart melt.
    4) that cat we inherited who demands to be loved, deadlines and other other urgent things be damned – I am cat, hear me purr and cuddle me!
    5) My amazing neghbours who make a block a neighbourhood.
    6) the incredible school my son goes to
    7) The people who give their time and energy to coach youth sports
    8) the b-school facebook group
    9) living free in a country that has rights and responsibilities
    10) for the chance to wake up each day and start all over

    Namaste, my friends…

  125. I am grateful for..

    1. My wonderful parents and grandparents (and great grandparent – she is 98!) and the ones who are no longer alive who continue to influence me
    2. My wonderful friends
    3. My mutt of an adorable dog
    4. My church and the girls in my small group
    5. That my business has been around for more than 5 years now – even if it isn’t where I want and need it to be… YET
    6. That I found Marie and got the courage and clarity to go ahead and launch my info-product side project site (
    7. That my college graduation Honda Accord still runs (with more than 210K miles on it! -Woot Woot!)
    8. That I live in a city I ADORE (Comin’ live from the ATL – Shorty yell!)
    9. That I graduated from Georgia Tech (years ago, but when I was on campus for the game this past weekend I remembered walking around wondering if I would make it out with a degree!)
    10. I’m thankful that I was introduced to Marie. In the world of marketing gurus there is not one that I look forward to hearing from and has the relatable authenticity that Marie has. I’m a female working in a man’s world and always have been in college (Georgia Tech was up to 28% female when I graduated,) my first job in the construction industry and now as a gym owner with male business coaches. They have major marketing gurus speak at our conferences, but they are men speaking to men. I dont vibe with them and I don’t always find their stories entertaining OR relatable (and sometimes offensive!) Thank you, Marie for your integrity and just being you.

  126. Alma

    I am grateful for the opportunity to work from home.
    I am grateful for my children.
    I am grateful for my husband.
    I am grateful for my bed.
    I am grateful for waking up and see the sunshine.
    I am grateful for my beautiful cat Toon.
    I am grateful for my beautiful grandchildren.
    I am grateful for my parents and the challenges they bring
    I am grateful for my health.
    I am grateful for having the ability to LOVE.

  127. my health, my son, my hubby, my kittie, my apartment, my cozy bed, flowers, my family, good food, sunshine, summer, the beach, kauai

    i really found that study very fascinating. especially that the results lasted beyond the time the people were keeping gratitude lists. good stuff!


  128. I am grateful for:
    1) Super Soul Sunday 2) my husband 3) awesome boss & friend who has allowed me to work part time for him and part-time for me 4) my creative expression 5) my dog Ruby 5) my soul sister Becca 6) my soul sister Ralonda 7) the DBS 8) my Prius 9) my grandparents- beautiful, encouraging role models 10) all my spiritual & business teachers that have helped me on my path to my dream of becoming a full-time bead artist 🙂

    Thanks, Marie, for all you do!

  129. Great Episode! I am addicted to my phone. In fact, it is the first thing I grab when I wake up. Installed in the notes application of my phone I have written a gratitude list that I must read before I even get out of bed. I also have a few other affirmations and prayers I say as well. All before I get out of bed in the morning. I have found that what I affirm when I wake up in the morning really sets the tone for my day and … Life 🙂
    Here are some of the things I affirm everyday.
    Thank you for putting me in the right place at the right time and helping to me the right people at the right time. Thank you for helping me to instinctively know how to handle any and all situations today and for helping me to be a Light of Peace and Love to all the people I meet today. I find that when I share my list with the Universe my day just goes better. I feel more in sync with purpose and my meditation and coaching business runs more smoothly.

    Thanks Marie! And NO HOTDOG FINGERS!

    Oxoxox Rocco

  130. What a amazing idea to be grateful! Thanks Marie for this special episode. Here is my top 10 list.

    1. My wonderful boyfriend
    2. My business and how I can help others
    3. My family because they love me how I am and they support me no matter what
    4. My gift of creativity
    5. The poeple I meet every day because they make me a better person
    6. The freedom to do what I want et how I want
    7. My beautiful house and all the birds that are singing every morning
    8. My friends
    9. Health! It’s the most important thing in the world, With health we have everything.
    10. To be able to live and pay my bills by my work.

  131. I am grateful for:
    1. My family
    2. My health
    3. My lovely boyfriend
    4. My dear friends
    5. The country I live in
    6. My life
    7. The opportunities I have received
    8. The people I have met
    9. The fact that I have choices
    10. My reach to resources

  132. I am grateful for:
    1) Your funny yet true and inspiring videos
    2) Being alive in the world during this time that it seems to be “waking up”
    3) My ever so handsome, truely good-hearted 2 sons
    4) My pets, so entertaining and cuddly
    5) My future boyfriend
    6) My family
    7) My good health and body
    8) Laughter
    9) Presents- giving and receiving
    10) Spontaneous dancing
    *Listing these has made me giggle. Enjoy all and have a great day. 🙂

  133. 1. My husband. He’s the soul of support and love.
    2. My family and their unconditional love. Their wit and the delight they bring into my life.
    3. My community. It’s a special place and there’s lots of love and connection here. It feels like you can do anything and people will be interested.
    4. My home. I live in a beautiful house and my life is comfortable.
    5. My health. I learn more each day about how to take care of myself.
    6. The increasing sense of being guided through this powerful transformative period.
    7. The fact of being alive during this time, and that we were all able to come here to experience this amazing shift together.
    8. My teachers, all of you, everywhere.
    9. The fact that my life allows me to express my creativity in so many different forms and the wonder it brings.
    10. Every single thing that’s ever happened in my whole life, all my mistakes, the beautiful and the ugly, the mundane and the powerful, which brought me to this moment.

    Side affects. Wow. It’s true. You start off making a list and by the end you’re in tears at the beauty of it all. Thanks for being such a power for good, Marie.

  134. I am grateful for::::::::
    1. the ability to learn and grow from every single experience that occurs in my life
    2. smiling strangers that mean it
    3. unconditional love
    4. knowing that I will always be taken care of by the generosity and abundance of the universe
    5. connecting with others through LAUGHTER
    6. all the amazing and inspirational people in my life (and not yet in my life)
    7. knowing that there is, at all times, an abundance of love accessible to all, patiently waiting for us to allow it in to our lives
    8. nourishing and delicious FOOD that makes me feel amazing/connecting with others through FOOD
    9. knowing that my “soul mate” is out there, and that when the moment is right we will meet and that our beautiful and inspiring connection will further light up the world
    10. finally learning to love myself–to truly love myself–before anything or anyone else. When I am in this place of truly loving myself, I am infinitely more useful to the world and have unlimited potential to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

    Instant SIDE EFFECTS:
    Yeah, I kind of feel like I just took a happy pill. OH, baby! Let’s get this day started!


  135. Dear Marie,

    This is the first time I write after watching one of your videos .. I am a french Canadian loyal viewer <3

    1. My Usband (my best friend) 25 years of unconditional love, support and understanding

    2. Chloé, my daughter who is 18 – the fact that muscular dystrophy as not tacking her soul, mind and body – she is a fighter and my biggest inspiration

    3. Zacharie, my son who is 14, A future world leader and a lover

    4. Health

    5. My dog Bello and my new little white kitten (in french I call her la petite)

    6. All the material that I own that makes my life easier every day

    7. The fact that I know how to surround my self with wonderful people

    8. Our growing company

    9. Internet

    10. You – Marie, I have learn so much from you this past year, I admire you and I am so grateful for your generosity .. Sincerely hope to meet you someday .. Sometimes, I catch myself say: Oh, Marie told me .. so funny xx..

  136. I am grateful for:

    1. Travel
    2. Health
    3. My family and husband
    4. My cat, Sgt. Pepper
    5. Plentiful food—particularly satsuma oranges
    6. Pittsburgh and our community of friends.
    7. The freedoms that come with being an entrepreneur.
    8. Our amazing clients who are fun to work with.
    9. My reignited interest in music. It feels so wonderful to play again.
    10. The mistakes I have made over the years. So many of life’s lessons were learned this way.

  137. Emma

    I am grateful for:
    1 – My beautiful little boy who lights up my world every day
    2 – My health
    3 – My education
    4 – Love and support from family and friends
    5 – My husband supporting our family financially so I can stay home with our son and start my own business
    6 – Having a roof over my head, water in the taps and a fridge full of food
    7 – The internet, which makes discovery and learning so incredibly easy and affordable
    8 – Having the opportunity to create a business and make a difference in the world
    9 – My son’s babysitter, she is awesome!!
    10 – The amazing women in the world who have made it their business to inspire other women. Especially you Marie, cause you make me laugh too! You are all amazing and I am eternally grateful for your work and the difference that you’ve made in my life. I still find it incredible that my life has been influenced so much by women I’ve never even met. The wonders of modern technology! Which I suppose I should be grateful for too 🙂

  138. Great post. I read The Magic earlier this year and have been practising gratitude ever since.

    1. I’m grateful for you, Maria, for encouraging and cheering me on.
    2. I’m grateful for my husband who is not only sexy and loving but incredibly inspring too.
    3. I’m grateful for my children who are little pots of inspiration and creativity, and keep me in check.
    4. I’m grateful for the chance to live the life I want to live, the freedom and choice that make that possible.
    5. I’m grateful for the hard lessons of the past decade for teaching me what is truly important.
    6. I’m grateful for my friends, near and far, and their support and kind words.
    7. I’m grateful for my writing, the chance to express myself through my words and share my stories.
    8. I’m grateful for my health as it allows me to get through the day.
    9. I’m grateful for all the money (in whatever form) I’ve been given throughout my life.
    10. I’m grateful for my breath.

  139. I’m grateful for…
    1. my beloved & our ever-growing relationship
    2. the gift of writing
    3. my friends in my previous city, who welcome me every time I go back
    4. my parents
    5. finding Marie all those years ago, on some guy’s dating CD series
    6. being surrounded by artists
    7. yoga
    8. the box of sweaters my mom sent yesterday
    9. all of the traveling I’ve been blessed to experience
    10. my hair (it really is awesome!)

  140. I am grateful for:

    1. My health
    2. My three sweet children
    3. My loving, supportive husband
    4. 15 years with my rescue dog, The Dude
    5. The opportunity to help mom entrepreneurs through my work
    6. A beautiful home
    7. Being able to work from home and earn a wonderful income
    8. My parents
    9. The beauty in nature that surrounds me
    10. Yoga
    11. My friends
    12. A serious sense of humor
    13. My optimism
    14. Green smoothies (and Kris Karr! 🙂
    15. YOU

  141. 1. My husband and our journey
    2. My hilarious kids
    3. My amazing mom
    4. My warm, cozy home
    5. Hot water
    6. Yummy food
    7. My new biz…it’s so fun!
    8. My amazing teachers
    9. My soft bed and smooth sheets
    10. Under-eye concealer:)

    Side effect: Calm. All is well in my world:)

  142. I am grateful for:
    1. my friends and family
    2. my partner and his ability to make feel safe and trusting; for his unconditional love
    3. my body and looks
    4. my social skills
    5. my apartment and the many colours in it
    6. a good night’s sleep
    7. sharing what I love: Nia and teaching
    8. green fruit smoothies!
    9. energy and no headaches
    10. finding long lost friends on facebook
    11. Oh my, I could go on and on and on….
    It works!

  143. I’m grateful for:

    1. My 4 amazing kids.
    2. My 2 adorable grandkids.
    3. My business, serving others through it and being able to do what I love.
    4. My purpose in this world.
    5. My home.
    6. My online communities.
    7. Learning and growth.
    8. Awesome mentors.
    9. My quiet time that brings amazing insight.
    10. Yummy tea.

    And so much more.

    I kept a gratitude journal daily for a long time, but stopped over the last few months. I committed yesterday to starting again and this feels wonderful. Light. Happy. Joyful. Envigorating.

  144. Oooh — love this topic and your sneaky approach to it!

    I do a daily radical gratitude practice with my bestie every morning. It’s the best thing ever for changing your point of view.

    1. I have a brand new job teaching 2nd grade.
    2. My adventures have taken me to North Dakota.
    3. I have an awesome Rad Grad practice with my BFF.
    4. For beautiful sunrises on my way to work.
    5. For launching my own business in 2012.
    6. Being free of credit card debt.
    7. That I got my car paid off via FB!
    8. For my dog, Roubidoux.
    9. That I’m open to love.
    10. B-school and the awesome community of women!

  145. I’m grateful for:
    1. My incredible healthy body
    2. My husband (he’s my rock and BFF)
    3. My two children
    4. My two obnoxious cats
    5. I have a thriving business that I love – and it’s been going 20+ years now!
    6. My big ole house
    7. My clients and students
    8. That bottle of wine sitting in the fridge
    9. My sense of humor
    10. And uber grateful for you, Marie. You’ve been such an inspiration! Thank you for all that you do. 🙂

  146. Thanks for starting this conversation Marie!

    (yes even the dudes of the world love you too 🙂 ).

    10 Things I’m grateful for:

    1) My loving wife (and the fact that she agreed to get up this morning with our 18 month old daughter after I had a late night working).

    2) The giggles of my 18-month old daughter followed by a “Dada” 🙂

    3) The patience and love that our dog Obi always had for our daughter (even when she yanked on his tongue!).

    4) The card from our neighbors 3 year old boy that read “I’m sorry that your doggie went to heaven”.

    5) The internet (because without it, I wouldn’t have the business I have today or would have met so many of the GREAT people I have in my life)

    6) Our Customers – who everyday put their trust in us and our products

    7) All the people that work for us – we are so fortunate to have attracted SUPER talented people that have taken our company WAAAAY further than I ever imagined.

    8) My Health – After a recent injury I realized just how important and grateful I am to be in good shape.

    9) Books/Podcasts/Online Videos – It’s pretty freakin’ awesome that for less than $20 (often free) we can consume someone’s wisdom that has taken years to develop

    10) Freedom & Flexibility – The fact that I live in a small town (population of 4,500) and that I can still do what I love, with who I want, when I want… makes me the luckiest guy in the world… and I’m VERY grateful for it.

    11) YOU (Marie) – Grateful for our friendship and all the love and wisdom you so freely share… you really are blazing new trails for us all. Thank you.

    My instant feeling: I want to share more! LOL

    So much to be grateful for 🙂

  147. 1. my family
    2. my dog, literally the light of my life
    3. my incredible friends who basically saved my life
    4. all the opportunities blogging has given me
    5. living in the best city in canada
    6. the ability to work from home/have a flexible schedule
    7. having people come to me with job opportunities
    8. my affordable apartment in the best neighbourhood
    9. the yummy food I get to eat every day
    10. living in a country where i do not have to worry about war, famine, blatant sexism etc.

  148. Wow, where do I even begin?

    1. I’m thankful for my beautiful sunny apartment.
    2. I’m thankful for faith in a time of financial uncertainty.
    3. I’m grateful for the words that God gives me to write and coach every day.
    4. I’m thankful for my talents, creativity and ideas.
    5. I’m thankful for the “yesses” AND the “nos”.
    6. I’m grateful to wake up in another beautiful New York City day.
    7. I’m grateful for the strength to get through yoga and zumba
    8. I’m grateful that my debilitating health issues are far behind me.
    9. I’m grateful for green juice.
    10. I’m grateful for the beautiful, unique and talented women that I meet almost everyday and can now recognize as sisters, not competitors.
    11. I’m grateful that I eat, healthy whole food everyday and that it’s available to me.
    12. I’m grateful to have grown up in this free western world.
    13. Grateful for my family and their health.
    14. Thankful for my little Pomeranian that let me shave her bald this weekend so she won’t have anymore tangles.
    15. So thankful for the romantic loves that I’ve experienced and every lesson they have taught me.
    16. Grateful for the days that I can do a full “wheel pose”.
    17. So grateful for 18 safe and adventurous years of living in NYC
    18. Grateful for running water and hurricane survival.
    19. Thankful thankful thankful for my spiritual awakening which has been later in my life than some but right on time.
    20. Grateful for this determined heart that I’ve been given.
    21. Grateful for every person that is touched by the words that I write.
    22. Thankful for my singing voice and every chance to praise and celebrate with it.

    Could keep going but I have to shower. Thank you Marie for a chance to write this out. I usually speak it after my yoga and meditation. I think you’re right though, writing it down is substantial. I am energized. Also, I am thankful for you and the work you do.
    Love you lots!!

  149. Yoga
    My two little girls
    My husband
    Like minded friends

  150. I’m grateful for/that:

    My very supportive and loving partner who’s put up with me for 31 years now

    My fur-child Poochini the second love of my life

    My extended family

    My health, spirituality, and happiness

    I live where I can have, do or be anything I choose

    I have all the comforts I desire

    My community and especially my neighbors

    I am able to serve and help others

    I am able to pursue my passions

    Waking each day to the singing of the birds and the chattering of the squirrels

  151. I am grateful for: my freedom, stretchy jeans, chocolate milk, my niece, Tina Fey, my memory, miracles, all the beautiful countries to see in this world and the people who live in them, courage, sweaters, my education, polaroid film, my grandma, and surrounding myself with people who believe in possibilities.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

  152. I’m grateful for the gratitude challenge that is happening at the RSVP rev dot com! It is not over, anyone can join and we are all throwing a gratitude party everyday this month to create a habit of gratitude beyond November and for the rest of our lives.

    It happens every year and the same powerful women all come back each year. Many of which I met at RHH live this year and have joined on. Check out all our gratitudes there!

    Thank you Marie!

  153. I am thankfull for
    1 my daughters, the most amazing girls ever
    2 my mom and grandma, inspiring women
    3 my hubby
    4 my house
    5 for WF love shopping for food that makes my body good
    6 my dog, so cuddly
    7 Internet
    8 planes, which let me visit my fam
    9 the sun
    10 the beach

  154. SoulSistahLa

    Great Video. I qm grateful for life, shelter from the cold, family, friends, wisdom, my growing faith, Oprah and all the other New Thought thinkers she has given me access, enlightenment, my creativity, my health, my car, my mind, food, the internet…

  155. 1- my family
    2- my friends
    3- my warm bed
    4- my body
    5- my health
    6- my spirit
    7- my heart
    8- the beauty of nature
    9- my past, present, future
    10- my special talents & skills

    SO excited to be prepping Thanksgiving festivities in Staten Island for 150 evacuees of hurricane Sandy at the Bayley Seton shelter! We’ve been working to make the shelter (formerly a hospital) feel like home at a time when that term seems so lost for these people. I thought to include place cards so each person, children included, can write their name and something they’re grateful for. Now more than ever, these people could use the practice of gratitude. This video inspired me to give journals so they can continue to practice! 150 journals will be a lot to cover, even at the $.99 store… if anyone wishes to donate, please visit!!!!! THANK YOU! Wishing a safe, happy, and healthy holiday to all!

    And here are two short & sweet posts I previously wrote on gratitude— ENJOY!

  156. Love this!
    1. My family.
    2. The ability to pursue my dreams and goals.
    3. The ability to move and CrossFit daily.
    4. Being able to start my own business.
    5. My amazing mentors and coaches in my life.
    6. My health.
    7. My freedom.
    8. Some super inspiring and supportive people in my life.
    9. My education.
    10. My puppy 🙂

  157. I am so grateful this morning. I just delivered a wedding invitation in person to a co-worker of mine and she almost cried. The hug she gave me, and the sheer happiness she felt for me left me feeling so wonderful.
    And with that, I am grateful for:
    1- being loved by and in love with an amazingly good, charming, and very funny man
    2- my incredibly warm, loving family
    3- those special, great friends who are like jewels in a treasure box
    4- my endlessly loving, unbearably adorable dog, Daisy
    5- my miraculous ability to walk, move, breathe, eat, poop (yes I am even thankful for that) functionally, which we call in a nutshell “health”, and that I too often take for granted
    6- my beautiful wedding dress which I am SO EXCITED to wear
    7- having accomplished a huge goal of publishing my book, The Gods She Chose
    8- my part-time job which makes it so that I don’t need to be a *completely* starved artist
    9- the wonderful education I got at Barnard and have been continuing at Columbia
    10- my vegan diet, and the ensuing, enormously comforting knowledge that my actions do not harm any living being.

    I guess it’s a good sign that it’s hard for me to even stop there. Feeling so lucky 🙂

  158. Amanda

    Here is my list of who or what I’m grateful for:

    1) My bed, always there and most restful place ever!

    2) My nephew- He is 4 hrs old and always love when I can visit him or a surprise visit this past Friday 🙂 Just a cutie!

    3) My yoga mat to help cushion and reminding me to always practice. gotta love yoga!

    4) Which leads to my yoga practice at home even if it’s just down dog so I can stretch my body and mind for a few minutes a day.

    5) My boyfriend of officially a year on the 23rd! Just so glad we can support each other to really grow and just be ourselves around one another especially in dorktastic moments hehe (aka saying Brad Pitt’s new ad for Chanel #5 is very close to his character Louis for Interview with the Vampire if his hair was longer & wearing a puffy shirt)

    6) My dorky obssessions from Interview with the Vampire movie, books by Anne Rice, Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, Discovery Channel, all the things inbetween. Always making room to put in movie references in conversations 🙂

    7) Very grateful for my family even through divorce and all that, all & all everything has shaped me to be a better person, took some time of course.

    8) ART! I’m a graphic designer and known I wanted to be an artist since I was 4 years old. So glad I’m in a professional I love and following the impulse from such a young age.

    9) Art Museums! Love that I get inspired everytime I leave one even if my eyes hurt from all the info/ beauty I’m trying to absorb

    10) Travel to all the places I’ve been (London, Paris, NYC, Miami, Honduras, Hawaii) and the place I feel I must go to before I die (Italy for sure!, Greece, China, Japan, etc.)

  159. Kusha

    Before I start, just want to mention a free, online gratitude journal called Happy Rambles. They send you an email, at any time you prefer, and all you have to do is click reply and list at least 3 things you are grateful for that day…

    The Oprah Super SOul SUnday episode was AWESOME! Absolutely loved it! I must say, Marie, I am a twenty-something female in South Africa who seems lost and I feel as if you guys spoke my language!

    1. My parents for allowing me to follow my dreams, supporting me and providing me with the best they could offer.
    2. My sister, for calling me out on my shit and for being an awesome sibling.
    3. My gran for her amazing cooking and love.
    4. The rest of my family – especially my year old nephew – for being such a joy!
    5. Stumbling on blogs, websites and books which brought me out of my “quarter life crisis” and which are teaching me to like myself – as well as to be authentic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart: Marie Forleo, The Daily Love, Connie Chapman, Tara Bliss…..
    6. Writing on my blog – which allows me to express what I feel and be myself
    7. Having a comfortable life with a roof over my head and food in my fridge and my own transportation
    8. My best friends for being everything a best friend should be!
    9. Having the opportunity to have traveled to a very small part of the world and having the love of travel instilled in me
    10. Books! And, my favourite television series for making me laugh, keeping me riveted and providing a place to escape to.

    Instant side effect – being at peace, my heart full and just being happy with who I am and where I am at this point 😀

    Thank you, Marie!

  160. I am grateful for:
    1. Sunny Colorado days
    2. Hiking in the moutains
    3. My two sassy, strong little girls who are going to make waves in this world.
    4. The simple yet deep understanding of each other I have with my husband
    5. My best friend Stacy who is my soul sista
    6. Authentic women leaders in business (shout out to you marie!)
    7. My ability to speak in front of large groups
    8. The transition that I am currently going through that will lead me to the next BIG thing
    9. My dog Guinness who loves me unconditionally and who is my truest companion
    10. The rise of spirituality happening on the planet.

  161. Great video Marie!

    I am grateful for:
    1. my computer and internet access which allows me to see beautiful videos like this
    2. my beloved
    3. that I can do what I love and coach women to find love
    4. my family
    5. sisterhood
    6. that I am perfectly healthy
    7. my apartment
    8. my spiritual practice
    9. chocolate
    10. the daily inspiration I receive

  162. Whitney

    I am grateful for my husband, our home, our cats, our dog, the ability to work, my health, the ability to have food on the table, my creativity, my hands, the ability to exercise and move.

  163. Maria

    I’m grateful for ..
    1. being alive! (my breath..)
    2..willingness to be open to spirit
    3. learning to accept my vulnerability
    4. my family
    5. my trusted friends
    6. my life experience (both the ups & downs)
    7. time (sabbatical)
    8. living comfort
    9. daily prayers i share with a friend fighting breast cancer
    10. you, marie, and the other spiritual leaders (esp those who joined Mastin in TDL Extravaganza) . i had a lot of AHA moments i’m now trying to apply

    blessings to you!

  164. k

    I used to write gratitude lists everyday and it was definitely life-changing. Looking back, I felt more fulfilled, present and content than I do now and life has sky-rocketed with success since then, which is interesting to me. Makes me realize it’s more about my attitude of gratitude than life! Thanks Marie!

    -to be married to my best friend and that he is consistent, shows up and has his own thing going on with work and is motivated and adventurous
    -to have the opportunity and financial means to move to europe this year (with said husband 🙂 so I could go to grad. school and follow my dreams
    -getting to spend time visiting family and friends
    -learning truths and more information about me and my family and being able to handle them
    -friends and people I can reach out to
    -my health and being open to new ideas of how to take care of myself and hopefully heal some health issues I have
    -for my wonderful parents, my sister and my brothers and my relationships with them
    -my relationships and time with my husband’s family
    -my relationships and time with my extended family
    -communication and how important it is and the means I have to connect with family and friends
    -for the sense of peace and serenity
    -for the roof over our heads, car, money in the bank, and food on our table and success
    -a daily relationship with a higher power, etc.

    happy thanksgiving!

  165. rosanne demartini

    i am grateful for
    my family
    my son
    my car
    my home
    my new found relationship with my source
    my ability to keep going
    my continued drive to keep my faith in the universe
    my son’s attitude of only living in the present
    my mom’s continued devotion to her children through prayer
    my friends
    my sister’s love
    my learning i discovered through divorce
    my health and my families health

  166. bowing deeply in Gratitude for …
    – my beautiful daughter LOTUS
    – my kind hearted husband, Alex
    – my 3 hilarious cats; Lucy, Monk, Wolfie
    – my family for always supporting me
    – my BFF’s (Goddesses) Leslie, Bevin, Gita
    – my wonderful profession
    – the light and the love of the universe
    – my faith
    – my strong and healthy mind, body and spirit
    – my spiritual companion – my beautiful MOM

  167. LOVED this video Marie!!!

    I’m grateful for….

    1. My friends & family
    2. My health
    3. The freedom of choice
    4. My amazing mentors & coaches (which includes YOU Marie!)
    5. Having the opportunity to create a business I love that helps so many people.
    6. My struggles & lessons that allow me to teach others from these experiences
    7. Abundance
    8. The amazing group of like-minded entrepreneurs and thought leaders that I am surrounded by.
    9. Children (especially my nieces and nephews who inspire me by their love
    10. For always being provided for

  168. This is quite freaky. As I woke up today I was thinking on how grateful I am for having gone on probably over a 1,000 + flights in my life and always arriving safely.

    I also bought Benny Hsu’s great Gratitude 365 app and had not yet put it to use so whipped it out on my iPhone today and then saw your video. I think gratefulness and forgiveness are a huge part of why I love my life every single day and can definitely get me out of a rare funk.

    So 10 things I’m very grateful for are:

    1. My biz partner in WE Mastermind Natalie MacNeil, we just put on an amazing retreat on a cruise ship in the Caribbean for women entrepreneurs and getting to spend time with her before and during just amped me up.

    2. All the WE Mastermind members who put their trust in us to join us on the retreat and be part of it, make big shifts, have enlightening moments and party hard with me at Senor Frogs!

    3. My bicycle I was able to jump back on today now that I’m back in Amsterdam, I love the freedom of biking anywhere. It makes me smile.

    4. Any dog I have ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with, they totally brighten my day with their wagging tails, smiling eyes and unconditional love. I wish I could pack one in my suitcase.

    5. Forever and always my amazing parents who inspire me and seem eternally youthful. I love them so much it hurts.

    6. My hugely talented sister who sings like an angel and has really taken on a lot recently in her life and new marriage that I am proud of her for.

    7. Ultimate Frisbee – the best sport I’ve ever played and one that allows me to travel the world and have an instant group of wonderful friends who value freedom and fun above all else.

    8. My Suitcase Entrepreneur community for giving me a life and business I love through their daily support. You all rock my world.

    9. My $100 Change Program and the ten scholarships I get to give away – starting today actually. I can’t wait to see what people come up with and how I can help them build their project or dream into reality.

    10. Music – I can’t tell you how my life would be without getting to listen to my fave tunes and shake my booty on a daily basis. An instant mood shifter I love how music can evoke so many emotions.

    Oooh I already feel 100 times more juiced!

    Thanks Marie

    • I’m honored to be on your gratitude list 🙂 I’m grateful for you too and all the awesomeness we created in the Caribbean this month!

  169. Lori

    Wow. I really needed this today. I have been struggling quite a bit lately…..trying to get a business started and struggling with a firm and set direction, difficulties with my new supervisor who can’t stand me and I can’t quite figure out why, feelings of inadequacy (much stronger than my usual feelings of inadequacy), emotional numbness due to a marriage that is over but won’t seem to end…..THIS is the list that seems to go on and on. But I know for sure that a few moments of gratitude can pull me out of the funk that I find myself falling into, so I’m going to list the 10 things I’m most grateful for and start my gratitude journal tonight.

    1. My son. He’s the light in my world and the person I love to share EVERYTHING with.
    2. My newfound appreciation for nutrition and good health through eating the foods I should.
    3. My incredible friends. The bond I feel to them is so strong that it makes my heart ache just thinking about them.
    4. My morning cup of coffee.
    5. The beauty I see in the world around me – the fall leaves this year are absolutely stunning.
    6. My house. It’s beautiful. And I searched and searched until I found it, not ever losing faith that it was out there, waiting for me.
    7. Financial stability. Always seeming to have an abundance of money, when on paper, it looks like we should be living month-to-month. How does that happen???
    8. My family. I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like, but they don’t hold that against me (anymore) and I’m grateful for the peace that that allows.
    9. Warm summer nights when I can walk outside in the dusk, warm but not hot, just breathing in the sweet summer air.
    10. Hot showers. They seem to wash away negativity and bring a feeling of renewal.

    That was a good start! I feel better already. Thank you, Marie, for being such an inspiration. I desperately need one in my life right now!!

    Much love to you!

  170. I am grateful for this opportunity to say what I am grateful for, I am grateful for my life, my children, my supportive husband, my family, my grandson that is coming in February, my home, my ability to feel pain and joy, all the people in my life that teach me and learn from me, my mom and all the love she gives and has! 🙂

  171. Great timing for me….. Was feeling a little overwhelmed today and just thinking about my list has released some of the tightness I was experiencing. : )
    1. My amazing husband
    2. My sweet babes
    3. My parents and my whole fam
    4. My loving friends that accept me even when I am obsessing : )
    5. My guides and angels I work with every day
    6. My clients beautiful guides and angels that give me a glimpse into the other side
    7. My clients, they allow me to see my purpose
    8. I live in sunny SD CA
    9. My remission
    10. Marie and your dedicated team for all you do and today especially this action

    I do feel much better and can take on my list of tasks for today feeling fancy free!

  172. I am Grateful For
    1. People who share their Genius
    2. laughing while learning
    3. My unconditionally loving extended family
    4. the natural beauty of Earth, particularly right now – Upstate NY
    5. my friends who continue to love me no matter how badly I have behaved
    6. the joy in the hearts of my grandchildren
    7. being able to make choices no matter how hard my brain tries to tell me
    that I must accept that which I do not want.
    8. Women, their wisdom, warmth, and beauty
    9. the gift to be able to open the door for people to heal, and just enjoy the
    unlimited supply and support of the world that surrounds us.
    10. The incredible amount of information available to me now… I could go on
    and on….

  173. I’m grateful for:

    1. My perseverance
    2. My passion
    3. My ability (physically) – it’s not superior to most people, but I’m grateful to have the ability, for example, to exercise.
    4. A certain friend with whom I connect both deeply and superficially.
    5. Another friend with whom I connect both deeply and superficially, but in a different way.
    6. A third friend, with whom I’ve been friends since elementary school.
    7. My parents, for letting me live rent-free while I get my career and debt sorted out – even though it’s totally not my favorite place to live, and I’ve already lived outside the home.
    8. All the people in France that were nice to me – without having to be – while I lived there.
    9. My opportunity at the Garrison Institute – to have met the people there that I did, and also to have opened my eyes to begin my “spiritual journey” for lack of another way of expressing that.
    10. One of my photo editors, for seeing something in me and allowing me the opportunity to pursue my dream career.
    11. The gym – (and The Biggest Loser on Hulu, and the Internet) for helping me lose 30 lbs this year.
    12. All the people I’ve met in the last year and a half that have done something to help me in my career – whether that be inviting me to gain experience, encouraging me, or just offering a tidbit of knowledge.
    13. Ramit Sethi (not that I’ve ever personally met him) for always kicking my butt into gear and helping me along in my psychological shift this year (similar to the idea of “turning pro”)
    14. Marie Forleo, for her positive attitude and similar position as Ramit in helping me change my attitude and pursue what I want to pursue.
    15. Serendipity and spontaneity.

  174. eva

    1. the positive energy and people that are in this world and that surround me 2. my family and extended/adopted family 3. technology and all the free and cool stuff on the web to help me reach my goals 4. Marie Forleo and all the people in her life 5. my husband (whomever he may be. haven’t met him yet) 6. the ability to control my own thoughts and destiny 7. my awesome daughter 8. my SUV that I’m attracting and will soon see in my driveway 9. the legacy of my parents and grandparents 10. the gift of life to see this day!

  175. Marie …. what a wonderful experience for you to be on Oprah’s show … a dream come true. You are so blessed and thank you for sharing yourself with us.

    I am thankful for …. *not necessarily in any particular order*
    1. The blessings that have come my way since I have awakened to a new life.
    2. A beautiful place to live with a beautiful view of Nature.
    3. My Dalmatian, Simon who makes us laugh every day.
    4. My supportive husband who loves me unconditionally.
    5. My many friends that I have reconnected with and the new friends that I have made, and those that are waiting to be discovered.
    6. The opportunity that I had a chance to live in Alaska and I cherish those memories and that I have traveled to every state in the US (except Hawaii).
    7. The internet which has changed all of our lives.
    8. My abilities, skills and knowledge to be an entrepreneur and work in my jammies all day, if I want to.
    9. My car which takes me into the outside world.
    10. The beauty that surrounds me in trees, flowers, birds, the sky.
    11. My family who loves me.

  176. 1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Good health
    4. The good health of those I love
    5. running water! Hot and 24/7
    6. electricity – so many go without while we overuse
    7. The opportunity to earn an income doing what I love
    8. Freedom to travel, make choices about my daily life
    9. Exposure to the wisdom traditions that help me keep my head on straight
    10. My cat!

  177. 1. My husband
    2. My kids
    3. The amazing support network I have
    4. Being able to do what I love for a living
    5. Being able to help people learn new things
    6. Living in Canada
    7. Being able to provide my family with what they need plus more
    8. Having found “my tribe”
    9. Getting to learn new things every day
    10. Netflix and library books 🙂

  178. So grateful for:
    1. A flourishing voice-over career. I LOVE my job and being the voice of the Sprout network is amazing!

    2. Being pregnant with a baby girl – I love her so much already.

    3. A husband who is so good to me, and who I adore!

    4. Parents who support me in whatever I want to do.

    5. A house that I really enjoy.

    6. Living in the city and being able to walk to the work, the park, and the coffee shop!

    7. A best friend who is warm and loving.

    8. A sister in law who is talented and generous.

    9. In laws who are amazing cooks and always send us home with food!

    10. A mother who wants to be at the birth of my daughter, who I know will have a positive impact on the experience!

    It feels so good to realize all that I have. Blessings to Marie and everyone who is reading!!!


  179. Jo

    Things I am grateful for:
    1. My daughter coming home from college for the first time since June!
    2. My son who accompanied me last night on 5 1/2 hour round trip in picking up his sister from the airport!
    3. Only 5 more college payments as our daughter is in her senior year!
    4. After losing my job, friends and colleagues that have been very supportive.
    5. Dear friend Janet who suggested me for a job, so I would get practice in interviewing (have not interviewed in 22 years).
    6. To my sister for hosting Thanksgiving this year!
    7. My beautiful bamboo plant in my office.
    8. My home and the view from my home office – I really am blessed by what I have.
    9. A husband who works so hard and truly does love me.
    10. This opportunity to share with others!

  180. Sue

    I agree wholeheartedly! I’ve written a blog (or 2 or 3) about it:

    I’m grateful for:
    The beautiful sun!
    The wonderful SHIFT happening!
    YOU – Marie!
    ME – Sue!
    Loved Ones who show me signs they are still here!
    Ascended Masters & Guides!
    My inner light shining out!

  181. Rome

    This is just what I needed Marie, thank you!
    1) My cat and animal counterpart, Maxine Bunnycow
    2) My job, I love what I do
    3) School, I moved to Chicago for it, and Ive learned so much about my craft AND myself
    4) My family who loves me and supports me unconditionally
    5) My mom’s flash visit this weekend
    6) The boy I like
    7) Girl things that make me happy, like buying a new jacket or sunglasses
    8) Wine
    9) Friends. I didnt know or think I had as many, but in time of hardship, you end up surprised at the turnout
    10) Knowing that God has my back. A lot may happen, but he’s there through it all.

  182. Liz

    I am thankful for my:
    1. growing faith, learning from Immaculee, prayer
    2. hubby
    3. three daughters who are amazing women
    4. fitness friends and tri-buddies
    5. health and health care
    6. lovely home + the swagger wagon a/k/a mini van with 165K miles! : )
    7. Vitamin G (girl friendships)
    8. work that I adore
    9. desire to continue learning
    10. ability to give back & pay it forward

    Immediate effect – more centered. far more peaceful and peace filled.

  183. Pauliina

    Thanks for the reminder and the funny episode!
    I’m grateful for:
    – This awesome thing internet spreading knowledge and connecting people
    – The nature providing the human kind with awesome nutrition
    – My teacher and mirror: my darling boyfriend
    – One scandinavian health magazine that I always find insightful
    – My kitchen where I can whip up healthy food
    – Marie TV
    – my beautiful body
    – my niece and nephew – they are so much fun
    – my bicycle -love taking it for a ride
    – my heart that connects me

  184. Michelle

    My top 10 gratitude list:
    1. All of my problems are clearly first world problems
    2. My husband is my soul mate
    3. My husband and I are not merely growing old together, we’re continuing to grow as human beings together
    4. I get paid to do what I LOVE (massage and aromatherapy)
    5. My sister and I are best friends (after decades of jealousy and animosity)
    6. The Universe really does support me (even when it’s not in the way I want)
    7. My accountability partner – without her, I wouldn’t be ready to open my own biz
    8. Marie Forleo – You give me the tools I need to keep working towards my dream by setting goals that my partner holds me accountable for achieving!
    9. Social Media – I’ve made some great personal and professional connections that I can’t imagine not having
    10. Nature – It’s unpredictable, beautiful, destructive, and AWEsome. It reminds me that we need all of those elements in our lives at various times.

  185. Christine

    1. Jesus
    2. Husband
    3. Children
    4. Family & Friends
    5. Health
    6. Alive
    7. Sunshine
    8. Weekends and Days off
    9. Dancing
    10. Freedom

    I forget how wonderful my life is and how blessed we are even here in America. You are right that it’s easy to join in and complain. Sometimes the luxury of surrounding myself with positive people is not always there as a mom. Perhaps I need to be the one who emits the positivity. Thank you Marie!

  186. I am grateful that more people are speaking to Gratitude. I just started keeping a Gratitude journal last week during Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love Extravaganza. Stopping at 10 things that I was grateful for became a problem…a great problem to have!

    I loved reading through the other lists on this thread. Talk about empowering. Reading others’ gratitude, I didn’t realize how much joy it brings!

    1. A God that loves me.
    2. My cat that adopted our complex. He brings so much laughter to all of us.
    3. My warm bed.
    4. My mom. She does so much for all of us. I hope to give her so many more opportunities through the success of my business.
    5. My beautiful friends.
    6. My dedication to personal growth.
    7. My spiritual growth.
    8. Music! Spirit-moving music!
    9. Living in California. Our weather and access is incredible.
    10. Books. I love having a stack of books to read at all times.
    11. Platforms such as this to help others grown (Marie, Mastin, Gabrielle, et al)
    12. Dancing, movement
    13. My creativity as God Creates!
    14. Nature. The beauty and power of God’s creation.
    15. Me. In all my crappy and beautiful moments, I know that beauty comes forth from everything that I experience.

    Thank you, Marie!

  187. My spiritual relationship with the most high!

    My husband. (He is supersexyfinehotyummy and supportive of me!)

    My children.

    YOU, MARIE. You changed my life and taught me how to build my business as a speaker. You are the reason I met my best friend, Beth Picard. You have been the catalyst to so much good in my life. I’m gratitude dance bombing you, NOW! THANK YOU so much. I can never fully articulate how much I love you and appreciate you…so a dance bomb is gonna have to suffice. I was so proud to see you on Super Soul Sunday! Go ‘head on, Babygirl!

    Being able to talk to my Dad and forgive him for leaving our family when I was a little girl. We talked two days before he died in February.

    My amazing friend Rev. Natalie Ford. She is some spiritual super sauce.

    Second and third and 550th chances to start over and make it right.

    Finally owning the fact that I am a writer, finishing the proposal, and knowing my memoir The Recession Maid Me Do It is going to find an agent, a publisher, and sell like a mofo!

    For the ability to beat the odds, no matter what, and inspire others to do the same. Honey, everybody ain’t able to keep it moving… but I’m so blessed by the tests. Every trial has been a lesson and a step into the future I know is gonna be AWESOME.

    For the wisdom, laughter, recipes, and love I hold deep in my heart from my mom, Ella Parker, who is now the best guardian angel a girl could have.

    Instant side effect—hearing James Brown singing “I feeeeellll goooood!” Think I’m finna dance, yo!

    I love you, Marie! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  188. Great video Marie, I completely believe in the power of gratitude. I do something called the gratitude blessing every night, it’s amazing how gratitude cam help you release things. There was also some talk about this in Happy the documentary. Here are my 10 things I’m greatful for:
    1. The love and support of my family and friends.
    2. Roof over my head.
    3. Running water.
    3. Warm showers.
    4. Yummy food that nourishes my body.
    5. Happiness
    6. Health
    7. Strength (internal and external)
    8. My bike
    9. Being able to run.
    10. Being able to do what I love for a living and so much more:)

  189. Loving it! Here are my gratitudes for the day:

    1. My amazing husband: super sweet, amazing man, smart cookie of mine.
    2. My parents and family, for all their love and support, and for their shining light in the world.
    3. New friends, old friends, and supportive mastermind ladies in my life who make it all happen.
    4. New digs in Brooklyn, the beautiful weather, trees, and park that I get to enjoy every day.
    5. My dog Millie’s health and energy, she’s just the best and I’m so grateful we get to spend so much time together.
    6. The best clients and customers in the world, go-getters, action-takers, and super generous world-changers.
    7. Fresh juices and smoothies right out of my kitchen from the fresh veggies at the farmer’s market and food coop.
    8. Fun projects, doing art, writing, and being creative.
    9. Inspiring mentors like Marie, Oprah, and other teachers in my life.
    10. Being able to create my life and continuously be improving myself and being of service to others.
    11. Speaking on stage, and sharing my message and my light with the world.
    12. The holidays and spending time with people, parties, and get togethers.

    Woo, I could keep going – this is so much fun! 🙂

  190. 1.My AWESOME husband! I’ve had a sucky one, so I can RELLY appreciate this one!
    2. My fabulous kids!
    3. My home, heat on, pantry full…been a little sketchy in the past, so I REALLY appreciate this one too!
    4. My gift for writing…one book down, three in the soul working their way out!
    5. My passion for helping families of addicts out of the muck and mire, and the strength GOD gives me to keep on fighting for them!
    6. My day job and the patient boss to understand that passion and support it (off the clock). 🙂
    7. My wonderful parents, who got me through the crap and helped me see daylight!
    8. My crazy addicted ex-husband for putting me through HELL, but giving me more than enough material to write these books and enough passion to do something about the issues!
    9. My friends who push me to follow through and make those calls, write those blogs, speak out on behalf of those called collateral damage!
    10. My extended family who have accepted me (crazy tangents and all) and loved me into a kinder, gentler person who is able to trust again!
    Marie, I LOVE this site and your videos! You are an awesome inspiration and I enjoy reading your updates every time!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  191. Ah! The power of gratitude; what a beautiful topic to address on this week’s episode of MarieTV. And as usual you did it with such great wit.

    The top 10 things that I’m most grateful for are: my optimal health, my loving partner, my supportive family, my dear friends, my daily yoga practice, the healthy foods that I eat, working for myself, Mother Nature, living in a beautiful place, having travelled and see many parts of this wonderful world.

    Now I feel blessed and joyful. Thank you Marie.

  192. oh my this was a great episode lol! I am a big fan of Gratitude 😉 I use an app to capture my gratitude before I get out of bed, it’s been a great practice and in Nov I am putting what I am grateful for everyday as my FB status. It keeps me engaged in my life the side effect is awareness!
    2-my family
    3-Opportunity thats coming into my life
    4-My hubby
    6-Clean water
    8-Capturing bits of everday inspiration

  193. Love this episode, loved Super Soul Sunday (although I do need to watch it again as I kept getting interrupted and missed some of it). As always, so much amazing information, so many inspiring thoughts and motivating… everything!
    Things I’m grateful for today:
    1.) my husband – too many reasons at this moment to expound upon
    2.) my sister who’s currently traveling across the country to move in with us – haven’t lived in the same city with her in over 15 years and will be spending our first ever Thanksgiving together!
    3.) my little house
    4.) my noisy, grumpy kitty
    5.) the opportunities of this past year that helped us discover where we wanted to be
    6.) my chickens – so much entertainment!
    7.) my ability to take care of myself when needed
    8.) spinach and artichoke dip
    9.) dance
    10.) community
    11.) Marie – you’ve been an incredible inspiration this year

  194. Right now I am grateful for:

    1) Having finished my in-home studio so I can finally work from home!

    2) Having loving people in my life who support me 100% and also keep me on the right path.

    3) Living in a wonderful city but surrounded by nature in the house my grandparents built.

    4) Being lucky enough to be born in the US, at a time when we didn’t worry as much as the generation before me or today’s generation. It may seem silly but I am glad to have grown up relatively free of post-war angst and modern economic despair.

    5) So grateful every day to be able to do what I love to do and share it with people all over the world.

    6) Health! Though I certainly need to move my butt a lot more than I have been lately. Also that my darling man has come through a cancer scare and we can start to put those fears behind us. Our health is truly the most important gift, without it we can do nothing.

    7) I’m grateful that I have the resources to do more with my life than I ever dreamed, including dreaming up things to continue to reach and struggle for.

    8) Grateful for my sweet cat, a rescue who loves me more than anything and I love him right back.

    9) I’m grateful to have found some wonderful people via the internet to help me in my long journey to creating my new business and my new take on life. Thank you Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, Lissa Rankin, Chalene Johnson and others for showing me what it means to take charge of your life and proving I can do anything I put my mind to.

    10) I’m grateful that every day I get another chance to try again. I spend a lot of time worrying that I don’t live up to my potential, that I didn’t accomplish my goals for the day, etc – but I am so glad that each day I get to climb out of bed and give it another shot. Practice makes perfect!

    Thanks Marie for encouraging this list, it makes me feel energized, grounded, and deliriously lucky to be alive!

  195. Thank you Marie! I am grateful for…
    1. Inspirational and funny people like you Marie
    2. My amazing family (including in-laws)
    3. Great health
    4. Soft green grass
    5. My pets
    6. Education
    7. God and Oneness
    8. Being alive in this amazing era of change
    9. My big wide open loving heart
    10. My ability to see the best in others no matter the masks they wear

  196. Karen

    Hi Marie!

    Thanks so much for this not episode of Marie TV. I will use a Gratitude Journal for the next 2 weeks and see the results!

    Here are the 10 things I am most grateful for right now:
    1) Having a family that is incredibly supportive and adores me.
    2) All of the trips I have taken this past year: Nepal, Kashmir, Hrishikesh, scuba diving in Karnataka, Goa, Delhi, Agra, all over Rajasthan. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had to travel.
    3) I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to start my career in India.
    4) I feel blessed by having such a loving and caring girlfriend as I do.
    5) I am swept away by how awesome my boss has been in giving me the freedom to pursue proejcts I care about, and how flexible he has been with allowing me to pursue things outside of work, and granting me leaves to pursue them.
    6) I am grateful for my friends in India, Mexico and the US who show me so much love and keep me happy.
    7) I am grateful for my health.
    8) I am grateful for being in the US right now.
    9) I am grateful for my mother´s health.
    10) I am grateful that on this trip I get to see both my Mom´s and my Dad´s side of the family, as well as some of my closest friends.

    Thanks for this exercise Marie and for introducing the idea of keeping a Gratitude journal 🙂

  197. 1. A loving family and and very supportive boyfriend – my inspiration
    2. 6 labrador puppies(1 month old), Skype (the momma dog), Champ (our sweet GSD), Nikita (our grey terrier), my sister’s 3 cats — these guys greet me with licks when I wake up or when I just got home.
    3. My first employer who taught me all about business and standing up for myself.
    4. Robert Kiyosaki for teaching me financial intelligence
    5. Maria Calanchini for referring me to this website.
    6. Marie and Derek Halpern (Social Triggers) – my most visited sites to learn as I grow.
    7. Our housekeeper who cleans all the dog poops.
    8. The sunny Philippine weather and beaches.
    9. My flexible working hours (I’m a web developer and I work at home with my dogs)
    10. Last but not the least, happy clients who refer me to their friends and keep me busy 🙂

  198. Bella

    1. A Family that love and support me unconditionally!
    2. Health and the ability to feel happiness
    3. Smiles from Strangers
    4. Random acts of thoughtfulness
    5. Good friends who are just a phone call away
    6. A job I love
    7. Creativity
    8. Blue Sky’s, White Clouds and Sunshine!
    9. Snow and Christmas…especially at the same time (with music!)
    10. Sleep

  199. Great video Marie! Here’s my gratitude list:

    1. My Breath
    2. Free-Flowing Fresh Water
    3. Green Tea
    4. Local Swimming Pool
    5. My Partner & Friends
    6. My Wonderful Talents & Gifts
    7. My Laptop & The Internet
    8. The Natural World
    9. My Home
    10. Central Heating!

    And of course… Marie Forleo! Thanks for all that you do – you brighten up my day.

    This exercise now has me focusing on more things I am grateful for, and the list feels endless. THANK YOU, and have a wonderful thanksgiving. Even though I am in the UK, my partner and I will be celebrating with a yummy turkey dinner and pecan pie ♥

  200. Phoebe

    *LOL!!!* Very good and fun episode. My gratitude list:
    1. My Studio Room, 2. My art supplies., 3. My house, 4. Food, 5. Water, 6. Flushing toilet, 7. my husband, family, friends, 8. iBug (my Computer) – internet, Marie TV, Skype, YouTube… etc… 9. the wonderful walking paths around my home, and wonderful view and critters outside my studio room window… 10. Good surprises. And much more. =)

  201. 10 things I’m grateful for:

    1 – My life
    2 – my baby son, who’s turning 2 this Friday – YAY!!!! 😀
    3 – My family
    4 – the house where I live
    5 – my business, Fenix
    6 – the new perspectives in my family and how the Universe is making them appear everyday
    7 – ARTS! music, cinema, dance, sculpture, photography, exhibitions…. OMG…. and list doesnt stop
    8 – having a car
    9 – my health
    10 – my soul…. 🙂

  202. Krystal

    I am grateful for the following awesomeness in my life:
    1. Clouds for their ever changing nature; they are always on the move- sometimes beautiful and whimsical, sometimes dark and ominous.
    2. My family for being wholly themselves whether good, bad, or ugly.
    3. My platonic life partner (bff) for her unwavering support (ie. kick in the ass).
    4. Great looking boots that are also comfortable.
    5. My students- all of them. Each and every 12 year old teaches me something about myself and life.
    6. Jay-Z for his musical genius.
    7. My girlfriends that I’ve had since middle school. They knew me with bangs and loved me anyways.
    8. My co-workers for being funny, smart, and generous with their time/resources.
    9. Tights. They allow me to rock a dress/skirt in the cold NH weather.
    10. Dance. Any kind. There is nothing better than letting loose and shaking what your mama gave ya!

  203. Thank you for the amazing, insightful video, again! The ‘fine print’ voice over was a perfect touch and really made my day. I kept a gratitude journal years ago but now I have so much more to be thankful for!

    1.) My incredible husband who has worked so hard to develop a true partnership with me over the last 15 years.
    2.) My gorgeous little girls who are my sunshine every day.
    3.) Our life the way it is designed. Living where we want to, doing what makes us shine.
    4.) Knowing that my body and mind are stronger and more full of wisdom than I ever thought possible.
    5.) Family. Although I live miles away, they love me without question and they are my roots.
    6.) The knowledge and ability to feed the mind and body through my love of cooking.
    7.) The wind, the trees, Mother Nature and the miracles she brings.
    8.) The journey, not the destination.
    9.) Freedom, of thought, expression, speech and organization.
    10.) A manageable disease and my insulin that keeps me alive to enjoy #1-9 every day.

    Thanks Marie! I am uplifted and am going to go kiss my babies right now!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    Lisa La Nasa

  204. Holly

    Thank you very much for this video. Watching it and thinking about what I’m grateful for made me realize that I’ve fallen into a bit of a slump. That I’ve become more focused on the negative in my life, and that this is the perfect opportunity to begin turning that view point around.

    1. I am grateful that no matter how difficult today may be, I can always try again tomorrow.

    2. I am grateful that my husband is dealing with his experiences from deployment and becoming a better person everyday.

    3. I am grateful for my family and that they are the some of the most loving and giving people I know.

    4. I am grateful for my sister, who is my best friend and one of the people I love with all my heart. She keeps me grounded and is never afraid to build me up or tell me when I’m wrong 🙂

    5. I am grateful for all my friends who accept me and love me unconditionally. They embrace all of me, oddities and quirkiness included.

    6. I am grateful for my marriage to a man that not only loves me unconditionally but also works hard to be my friend and let’s me be his.

    7. I am grateful for my cats, my little balls of fluff that leave me laughing constantly and shower me with snuggles and love.

    8. I am grateful for my health improving and understanding how I can maintain those improvements.

    9. I am grateful for technology and how much easier it has made my life and how much easier it is to communicate with others.

    10. I am grateful for having enough money to pay our bills and that in future we will far exceed the income we have now.

  205. Dawn

    There are so so many things…I am grateful for love in all its forms, for my son, Alek Parker, who is the mast amazing human I have ever been blessed to know, for sunlight, I love sunshine, I am grateful for a wonderful family, for living by the ocean where it is warm and windy, I am grateful for my legs, ( i saw a man in a wheelchair with no legs and was immediately thankful for my legs!), for learning yoga, I am gateful for my healthy body and for my strong but open heart, i am grateful for my 14 year old dog, Layla, for still hanging around, I am so thankful to be living in a peaceful environment free from the dangers of war, i am grateful for the wisdom that 47 years of living has brought to me, I am very thankful for the movement of young people working for spiritual awakening on a grand scale, I am grateful for green tea and chocolate, i love them both, and for a cool drink of water when i’m thirsty, i’m grateful for who I am and for how i feel things and see the world, I am thankful for this amazing, miraculous planet and for my faith in the power of the universe to hold everything in it’s proper place, for art and music and beauty and creativity, I am grateful for life, I love it so very much and enjoy every minute, I could keep going on and on, but I think this is good for now!!

  206. 1. My healthy, gorgeous and loving daughter.
    2. My drive, ambition and motivation to live my dream.
    2. A job that allows me flexibility, respect, and meaning.
    3. My pretty home.
    4. My moon roof.
    5. The Sunshine on my face.
    6. My incredible friends who support me FULLY.
    7. Healthy body and soul.
    8. International travel.
    9. A warm and cozy bed.
    10. Ability to inspire.

  207. My 10 Gratefuls
    1. Me.
    2. Breathing easy.
    3. Love of friends – tireless.
    4. Clean water, operating utilities, accessible grocery stores.
    5. Nature.
    6. Ability and opportunity to speak my mind, freely.
    7. Ability and opportunity to have my own successful business.
    8. God’s love – unending.
    9. Steve.
    10. Great health.

    And you Marie, your team, your community. Thank you!

  208. I think YOU Marie need your own TV show on one of those major networks. You are a STAR! Great, cool take on the danger of gratitude.

    My Top 10: “I am so grateful for….”
    1. my loving, funny, handsome and fabulous husband.
    2. my smart, funny and thoughtful son.
    3. my sweet, good natured and loveable daughter.
    4. a business where I get to make money doing what I LOVE to do.
    5. a great singing voice.
    6. the talent to be entertaining to children and parents.
    7. the ability to create music.
    8. my business coach and close friend, Melody Stevens.
    9. my connection to an amazing group of women in Savor the Success.
    10. the health of my family and extended family.

    That is the top ten but I want to add a bonus that I am also so lucky to have some amazing friends I can really count on.

    Side effects: I just noticed that the sun is shining so beautifully today! I definitely feel like my mood is elevated. Yup – gratitude is good medicine.

  209. 10 things I’m grateful for
    1 I’m grateful for having such a nice boyfriend who loves me unconditionally
    2 I’m grateful for the funny and original mom I have
    3 I’m grateful for my wise and loving dad and my loving Ina, who gives me great advice, love and support.
    4 I’m grateful for the new friends I’ve made and the friends I already have
    5 I’m grateful for living in the city that I love, Amsterdam
    6 I’m grateful for the nice and warm house I’m living in with my big love and Knijn
    7 I’m grateful for living in a safe and protecting country, where there’s no war or nature disasters
    8 I’m grateful to live in freedom, without discrimination
    9 I’m grateful for this time when its financially possible to do something for myself that I love
    10 I’m grateful for the people who don’t judge me for what I do and for what I like

  210. Thanks for challenging us to write down 10 things that we are grateful for. It’s one of those exercises that I know would be good to do, but somehow never get around to.

    So, I’m grateful for: 1) my giggly children 2) my husband 3) my house 4) that I am alive 5) the Internet that keeps me in touch with friends and family and introduces me to new, cool people 6) organic food 7) that I get to go home for 2 weeks in Jan 8) sunshine 9) all the people working to make this world a better place 10) that I have the opportunity to run my own business.

  211. I most say that years ago gratitude changed my life in ways which may be unimaginable for most. So the first thing I’m grateful for its gratitude itself.
    2. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned.
    3. For my health.
    4. For those who’s love I’ve been able to share.
    5. For all the tears that have taught me, so much.
    6. And for all the laughter that has taught me even more.
    7. For my dog Gordy!
    8. For all the opportunities life gives me everyday.
    9. For all the amazing creative minds of this world.
    10. For all the brave people who make this a much better world.

  212. Maya

    1. My health
    2. My education
    3. My inventiveness
    4. working remotely
    5. my travels
    6. my spirit
    7. your videos and work Marie!
    8. really good music
    9. God and the universe
    10. the infinite about of options and opportunity I have

  213. 1. My family – all of them and the support they give me.
    2. My Health and able body
    3. My friends near and far
    4. My customers each and every one!
    5. My home
    6. The clean air I breathe
    7. The peace I exist in
    8. The whole and natural food available to me
    9. Clean and DELICIOUS tap water
    10. The animal spirits and energy all around me. Dogs cats chickens and owl.

  214. 1. I am grateful for my fiance and his amazing support. I am lucky to have a man that supports my endeavors and enjoys even watching me work.I am grateful that even though we live in two entirely different countries (canada and the U.S) we are devoted to each other and travel to each other for extended visits.

    2. I am grateful for his children who now adore me, and have given me the chance to be a ‘parent’ figure which has given me a deeper understanding about my own experiences as a child and my own parents.

    3. I am grateful that he is a father, and I believe he is one of the best daddy’s I’ve ever known. He plays and interacts with his kids despite his disability, plays pretend and makes them laugh often. I’ve never heard so many “I love you’s” in one household between kids and parent. He encourages them to play pretend, to be creative and always puts them first – and his kids love him for it.This has given me the chance to see what a ‘real loving family’ is like that it brings me to tears.

    4. I am grateful for my grandfather whom I care for full time as his caregiver. He has allowed me to turn his basement upside down into not only my “woman cave” but also as my studio despite his unwillingness to “change” things. It has allowed me to care for him full time but also put my creative nature to use and work at home.

    5. I am grateful for my business, Sahetah’s Jewelry. By starting my own business, I’ve gained confidence that I’ve never had, the ability to communicate with others at craft shows and feel comfortable doing so. It helped me find the joy of speaking with other people and hearing their stories and their journey. It helped me find like minded people with their own journey becoming an artist. It helped me really appreciate the value of handmade. I am most grateful that through my business it drives me to continue learning new techniques and constantly growing as an Artist.

    6. I am grateful for my wonderful and amazing German Shepherd Tasha. Though I’ve only known her since she was 6 years old, she has been an amazing and loving companion. Through understanding dog behavior (another avenue I had wanted to venture in, but as a caregiver I’m required to be at home, not rehabilitating dogs at shelters) that dogs often portray our inner feelings because of their extreme sensitivity to their owners emotions and react on them, I’ve realize that I have always lived with constant anxiety, and she has helped me to calm myself and relax. She has also been my protector, and with a history of abuse she has made me feel safe walking on the street where the men who often would prey on me, would steer clear of me because of Tasha’s presence. Though she loves strangers and receiving lots of pets on the bus, Only a few times I’ve been able to witness how quickly she can respond to a person when they are acting inappropriately, such as when a drunken man has tried to approach us rather quickly (who we found out was kicked out of the bar my dad was in because he was sexually harassing the waitress), or when a stranger had tried entering my room while we were both asleep. She checks on me when I’m asleep and always stays by my side, watching me when I’m about and standing guard at the front door when I’m gone.

    7. I am grateful for my close friend Chris who stuck by me and helped me out when my family stranded me in Toronto with only the clothes on my back, turning a visit at a friend’s into a more permanent stay. Without his kindness and support at finding the confidence in myself to take steps I was so afraid to take…being alone on a bus surrounded by strangers and men I didn’t know…I don’t think I would have survived. He helped me get on my feet, despite having nothing. His support was the only reason that the overwhelming hurt, realizing how little my family cared about me or my well-being didn’t break me, because there was at least ONE person who cared. I have always valued his friendship, and perhaps one of the best dudes around to have your back. 🙂

    8. I am grateful for my health so that I can be creative, so that I can use my hands and travel and support my fiance whose body has failed him. Even though he is limited to his abilities due to his failed back surgery and current health advances unable to correct the problem – my health and confidence gives me the ability to help support him, and he helps support me.

    9. I am grateful for the chronic depression I had when I was a teen. Through it, I discovered my passion for art and writing and my artistic abilities drastically advanced. For that period of time I learned how to write poetry and wow my teachers with compelling stories. I have thus continued to write, with a project in the works, this would probably not happen without that time period where I learned to really enjoy writing and to excel at certain topics.

    10. Lastly, I am grateful for my family. Shouldn’t we all be? I am grateful for my parents and my sister’s selfishness, for putting themselves first over their children, for manipulating others to take over their OWN responsibilities for the simple fact that they are too lazy to care, for never saying “I love you”, for refusing to be there at my rescue when there was a chance I was going to be sexually assaulted, for their lack of interest in my schooling when I was a child, for the corporal punishment over mundane things, for hitting me yet again at the age of 15 which caused me to leave home and live with my aunt before I permanently adopted my parent’s attitude as my own like my other sisters and thus giving me a chance to feel what it is like to have parent figures actually care about me. For not playing with us and encouraging us to be imaginative and be creative, for spending time with the TV instead of us, for yelling at me when I was sexually assaulted at school by two boys with not an ounce of sympathy and no hugs. I am grateful for their continued disdain of me, and their selfishness that has continued to put themselves first above their children and even their own parent (my grandfather whom I care for) which as hurt him emotionally time and time again – perhaps the only time I’ve ever seen him in tears. For treating my grandfather like a chore and wanting little to do with his care (thus I have taken care of him since the age of 20), for their continued desire to hold me down and control me so that I am forced to do what they can’t be bothered to do (like caring for my grandfather instead of them doing it), and that the realization that I am a free human being (which they realized when I took my first plane trip out to see my fiance thus the idea of me getting married and moving on, perhaps not even living in the same province anymore) scares them and creates even LESS support from whatever minute support they give (in comparison to the whooping financial and physical support given to my other sister for being cruel to them by cursing, shouting at them and threatening them…perhaps something I should have adopted if I wanted my parents support?) For despite being a very wealthy family, purposefully keeping me poor and not supporting me to the point of trying to interfere with anything that may change that. For treating me that I deserve no pay, as if they are doing “me” a favor because I care for my grandfather, thus having a roof over my head and thus deserve no money to pay bills (forgetting the fact that if I didn’t do this, they would have to up and change their lives drastically by either moving him in, or moving into his cramped home or he’d have to pay to live in a Retirement home thus sucking up all the money they hope to get from him when he dies – which I also get none)

    You’ve taught me through your actions and poor behavior to be a better person. You’ve taught me about the person I never want to be.You taught me to be loving, because I understand the pain the absence of love creates. You’ve taught me to share and to be giving, because I understand what greed and selfishness create. You taught me to never seek your approval and never desire it – as the day I have your approval is the day I’m no better than you. You taught me determination to succeed and reach for what I need despite resistance and disprovable, that the only approval I need is my own. You taught me that I never want to find a rich man to marry, or be rich because money becomes priority over family. I’ve seen poor families support and care for their children when they needed some financial aid and make sacrifices to help their children succeed.

    You taught me a lot about what ‘not’ to be, and I am proud to be the person that I am.

  215. Fabulous and soooo so true. I’m grateful for 1- My ability to turn my own challenges into a platform to help other women who struggle with food, being able to contribute is priceless. 2-The intuition of my soul and it’s ability to guide me. 3-This gorgeous Tropical Island I live on and the beauty it surrounds me with every day. 4-My physical and mental health. 5-My wonderful, supportive partner John. 6-My family, the good bad and the ugly alike. 6-My 20 year old kitty, Bill. 7-My ability to manifest my dreams. 8- Oprah, Deepak, and Louise Hay, my teachers. 9- Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte, my guides and inspiration. 10- Inspiration itself.

  216. 1. hubby
    2. my chickens
    3. the awesome haircut that made my newly naturally curly hair look rockin’
    4. leaves on the ground we’ll use to make soil in the spring
    5. goat cheese
    6. job offers
    7. my CAD program
    8. leftovers
    9. giftcards
    10. new fancy underwear

  217. I am grateful for my abundant life as I am posting this from
    the exquisitely beautiful island of St. Barths.
    I am grateful for my husband and all that he does to support me in my work.
    I am grateful for my 87 year old mother and every day that I am able to communicate with her.
    I am grateful for you.. Marie.. and the wisdom that you impart to my life.
    I am grateful to the farmers who work so hard to provide the food we eat on Thanksgiving and everyday.
    I am grateful for my 28 year old son and the young wisdom that he brings
    to my life.
    I am grateful for my health.
    I am grateful for my beauty.
    I am grateful for my body and the way that it has worked so perfectly for me for 59 years! ( Yikes)
    I am grateful for my own abilities to inspire others to cook with pleasure.
    I am grateful that I am taking B School this year!!!

    As I am writing this, I can feel my heart open with love and joy.
    As I am writing this from my hotel room in St. Barths, the housekeeper is
    working and cleaning my room.
    I started speaking with her in my limited French. I thanked her for her efforts and told her how grateful I was that she worked so hard for me. She was so thrilled and she opened up to me about her family and her life. I understood her perfectly; and it makes me cry to be able to thank her. We have made friends and I honor her. That is gratitude at the highest!!
    I also told my husband that I loved him yesterday and he was so happy to hear those words from me; as we don’t say them enough.
    Gratitude is really the key to happiness!!!
    Thanks for this special video and all that you do to inspire us
    I am grateful grateful grateful!!!

  218. The downside…gratefulness make me long winded…whoops >.<

  219. What I am grateful for…
    1) My dog Petey, who after 9 years of a blissful life, has cancer and will return to heaven tomorrow. He has taught me all the important lessons in life – to be loyal, loving, kind, forgiving, and ready for fun at the drop of a hat.
    2) My health
    3) Running in 5 toe shoes…they saved my feet & knees!
    4) Freedom to live life amped up if I choose.
    5) My husband who supports me 100%
    6) My childhood family who shaped my life and taught me to figure things out on my own.
    7) My toastmaster’s group where I learn leadership skills and speaking skills in front of supportive friends doing the same.
    8) My children who teach me patients and perspective.
    9) My business collegues and friends for their support and examples of hurdle jumping.
    10) Milo the cat who is loving and playful – so uncharacteristic of a full grown cat.

  220. Casey

    Thank you for this beautiful video, Marie!
    I am grateful for you and all you’ve taught me, I’m in love and my boyfriend is truly an answered prayer, I have a wonderful family, transcendental meditation, my friends, my home, my job, my car, my health, the hearts I see everywhere.

    I had a challenging night last night and I feel better this morning thanks to you and my gratitude. I love you Marie1

  221. Leah

    Grateful for: 1) Marie TV!! 2) Having the choice between pants and skirts 3) My awesome 24″ computer monitor at work 4) Breast pump so I can be at work, even though I miss my babies 5) My bed 6) My completely un-stylish and totally comfortable recliner 7) My husband 8) My kids 9) Having so many things to be grateful for that it’s hard to pick 10) Pictures and videos to capture the memories

  222. Jo

    10 things I am GRATEFUL for:
    1. My Pop, everyday he pushes on to battle the big C 🙁
    2. My friend Andrea.. She rocks my world and keeps me grounded
    3. My friend Mike who sorted out my branding last week which has made ALL the difference to my website
    4. An opportunity to be on the local BBC radio lunch time show…. I LOVED IT!
    5. My clients. They ROCK my world!
    6. My health…
    7. Crossfit…
    8. My lovely home and all its comforts
    9. My opportunites in life, past, present & future
    10. The love of my friends and family…
    I could go on….. and on… and on…..

    Aaaah, thats better. All shiney, bright and happy inside.

    THANKS Marie Jxox

  223. I am grateful for my abundant life as I am posting this from
    the exquisitely beautiful island of St. Barths.
    I am grateful for my husband and all that he does to support me in my work.
    I am grateful for my 87 year old mother and every day that I am able to communicate with her.
    I am grateful for you.. Marie.. and the wisdom that you impart to my life.
    I am grateful to the farmers who work so hard to provide the food we eat on Thanksgiving and everyday.
    I am grateful for my 28 year old son and the young wisdom that he brings
    to my life.
    I am grateful for my health.
    I am grateful for my beauty.
    I am grateful for my body and the way that it has worked so perfectly for me for 59 years! ( Yikes)
    I am grateful for my own abilities to inspire others to cook with pleasure.
    I am grateful that I am taking B School this year!!!

    As I am writing this, I can feel my heart open with love and joy.
    As I am writing this from my hotel room in St. Barths, the housekeeper is
    working and cleaning my room.
    I started speaking with her in my limited French. I thanked her for her efforts and told her how grateful I was that she worked so hard for me. She was so thrilled and she opened up to me about her family and her life. I understood her perfectly; and it makes me cry to be able to thank her. We have made friends and I honor her. That is gratitude at the highest!!
    I also told my husband that I loved him yesterday and he was so happy to hear those words from me; as we don’t say them enough.
    Gratitude is really the key to happiness!!!
    Thanks for this special video and all that you do to inspire us
    I am so grateful!

  224. Reyna

    I love this video!!!!!!!! Love & light to all.

    1. I am grateful for my mom & sisters.
    2. I am grateful for my kitty cat & furry baby Sasha… her unconditional love never fails to bring me so much joy.
    3. I am grateful for having been married to 2.5 yrs to the most wonderful man… my late husband Javier (RIP my love).
    4. I am grateful for having a comfortable office that I enjoy sharing w/a great friend & colleague.
    5. I am grateful for my car, and always getting me to and from work/home safely.
    6. I am grateful for my network of friends.
    7. I am grateful for technology… b/c of technology I’ve found amazing people and sites like this one.
    8. I am grateful for my warm oatmeal & coffee this morning.
    9. I am grateful for my health
    10. I am grateful for my body. I am taking better care of it each & everyday.

  225. 10 Things I am Thankful for:
    1. My awesome apartment
    2. Being at a crossroads in my life where I can CHOOSE to pursue my dreams
    3. My amazing girlfriends
    4. My healthy body
    5. Vegetables and fruit in my fridge
    6. My happy parents
    7. Sun shining through my windows
    8. Coffee next to me
    9. Pajamas
    10. Living in NYC.

    I love this!! Makes me realize how much good stuff is seriously right at my finger tips.

  226. Natasha

    Waking up every morning excited to go to work (I own my business)
    My daughter Bennett who has given me the chance to be the mother I never had of my own.
    My brothers and dad who moved across the country to live in the same city as me and Bennett.
    My awesome employees! Makes number one on my list even better!
    Getting to perform every year at Yoshis- even though I’m not performing as much. They still believe in me and invite me back.
    My best friend Rebecca who just got engaged after being w her boyfriend for 16 years!
    Losing 30 lbs after wanting to so badly after 4 years
    My ability to walk much better after breaking my ankle 2 years ago.
    Getting to live with such luxuries as clean running water and electricity. (And wifi)
    Being able to send my daughter to Ghana, Peru, and all over Europe.
    For my ability to see the joy in life even when things are sometimes hard

  227. Jo

    P.s Marie, I LOVE your necklace, please do tell where its from… I may just pop on my list to Santa… xo

    • hi Jo!

      Marie is wearing a BCBGeneration “Love” necklace 🙂

  228. 1. Living in an amazing apartment in Switzerland with my fam.
    2. Being within 20 minutes of both France and Germany, 3 hours from Italy!
    3. My amazing kids.
    4. My fantamazing husband.
    5. My “work” as a coach, educator, writer, volunteer, ambassador.
    6. Public transportation in Basel – woohoo!
    7. My personal online yoga teacher – Melissa West
    8. My Italian olive oil man who delivers to my door!
    9. My wonderful crazy loving friends.
    10. My new iphone – too fun!

  229. Tal

    10 Things I am grateful for:

    1. Being alive!
    2. My parents – their unconditional support has kept me going
    3. My brother – he’s the friend who is always there
    4. My friends – all of them bring something special and unique
    5. My horrible job – it gave me the kick in the butt to leave and get started on my new path
    6. The opportunity to start over – many people don’t get this chance
    7. Finding the joy in dance – it helps me clear my mind
    8. Reconnecting with old friends – seeing how people change and yet are still the same is so amazing
    9. My past failed relationships – every one of them has taught me lessons I’ve carried forward
    10. Finding Oprah, Marie, and all other people out there helping people become better versions of themselves – truly inspiring!

  230. Wow, what a great idea and great CFA. !

    I haven’t read all of the posts, but I’m extremely grateful to be part of this.
    I am grateful for sunshine.
    The courage to create.
    My wonderful clients.
    I am equally grateful for the relationships and friendships that have come to an end this year and for the new friends who have come into my life.
    My feline companions.
    Having time in the morning to nurture myself.
    Ayurvedic oil massages.
    A wholistically fit body that is healthy and fabulous.
    The ability to recognize that my body is healthy and fabulous.
    Smell of fresh brewed coffee.
    The lessons life has taught me, the harder the lesson the more gratitude I feel.

    I am grateful for Q&A Tuesday, and for you Marie, don’t ever stop being such an inspiration to so many people. 🙂

  231. 1. My apartment in NYC. Truly living a dream!

    2. My roommates who are truly the best a girl could ask for

    3. Morning lemon water

    4. The west side highway

    5. Time

    6. The great nights sleep I got last night!

    7. My crazy comfortable bed!

    8. My clients Cathy and Sheri (and all the rest – just extra thankful to them today)

    9. For the truth that everything is figureoutable

    10. The healing happening in my body and heart right now!

  232. I’m grateful for:
    1. My friends and family.
    2. The fact that I can read and write.
    3. The fact that I speak English and French.
    4. Living in Hong Kong.
    5. Having a safe, clean, warm apartment with electricity and clean running water.
    6. Nia.
    7. The ability and freedom to travel to lots of interesting places all over the world.
    8. A community of like-minded people all over the world.
    9. Twitter.
    10. My health.

  233. Laura

    10 things I’m grateful for:
    – my tribe, which is scattered all over the planet
    – my daughter, age 6, tribe princess!
    – my good fortune to feel and be safe, secure, happy even without a job or much of an income at the moment.
    – so grateful for the ability to shift into a state of mind that works! regardless of the evidence
    – grateful for all the support and safe placescreated for children and women around the world who need them
    – the gift of friendships where honesty is treasured
    – humor and ability to find it in all things!
    – the teaching opps my daughter provides
    – music and dance and ability to share
    – my coaches and advisors et al

  234. Claudia

    OMG… you are awesome,inspiring and I’m grateful for having run acros the OWN show last Sunday.. were I sow you. I’m most grateful for my loving family, for my loving husband, for my health as I sit here with a cold it could 🙂 is just a cold..

  235. Grateful:

    1. uncontrollable giggle fits
    2. challenging situations and people
    3. freedom
    4. jumping photos
    5. new experiences
    6. there is always more to discover
    7. creativity
    8. the warm sunshine
    9. delicious food
    10. incredible interesting and fun people to share experiences with

  236. Deanna

    1. God’s love
    2. My husband
    3. My kids
    4. My family
    5. My friends
    6. My students
    7. My job
    8. My health
    9. My home and food
    10. Life!

  237. I’m grateful 1) for Marie Forleo and dozens of other amazing guides, 2) the goodness of people, 3) a place to live, 4) believing in my work, 5) the wonderful feminine energy in this online community, 6) the tools to be productive, 7) glimpses of humility, 8) balance, 9) ambition, 10) health.

    Also, I’m grateful that I love someone, and someone loves me.

    Side-effects… Less fear. The clutter isn’t so overwhelming. The to-do list just turned from an ugly burden into chicken scratches of meaningless ink. I’m looking at it, and nothing’s changed, but the task list actually looks much different. Less intense. There’s a lightness… a smile energy just in the corners of my mouth. I guess I can just do whatever I want today.

    Thank you. 🙂

    • WHOA! Follow-up report: Out of the blue, I just got another awesome new lead on a new client!

      And… so far today, 14,000+ people on Facebook responded to Rich Schefren’s suggestion to make a gratitude list! It’s a gratitude explosion!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀 Such wonderful mentors! <3

  238. Melissa

    Wow! This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had a bad 2 weeks and if this will help me get out of my funk then let’s give it a shot!
    1: my besties – they are like my sistas from another mista
    2: my daughters – they are always a breath of fresh air and full of giggles
    3: a good job
    4: my personal business – it’s been my creative outlet
    5: my family
    6 my house – even though we are renting it’s awesome to have a space of our own
    7: my health despite my cold right now.
    8: my savings – it gives me a bit of security
    9: MarieTv – its a little bit of sunshine in my inbox every Tuesday
    10: my internet: I couldn’t do my business without it

    Thanks so much Marie for bringing up this topic! It really does make you think about the lucky and good things you have in your life

  239. Thank you for the gratitude reminder. I’ve always been a reasonably positive thinking and grateful person but it was good to get the reminder!
    Grateful for (in no particular order):
    1. Living in a time such as this – 21st century mod cons etc
    2. Freedom
    3. Love & companionship of an incredible man
    4. Family
    5. God’s Grace and Mercy
    6. Always having enough. Knowing that what I have right now is enough – food, warmth, shelter etc
    7. Friends
    8. For all those that are willing to share and give that enables me to learn from them – authors, artists, entrepreneurs etc
    9. Seriously – grateful that I found your b-school program + all that its led to and all that is yet to come
    10. For a flexible, pliable heart and mind that gives me he ability to keep learning and moving forward

  240. Thank you Marie for being such a powerful inspiration to women everywhere! We really CAN have the life we want and dream of, and with you as our personal cheerleader and coach, the difficult journey is that much easier.
    Today I grateful for many things… my loving boyfriend whom I am going to marry next year….my family and friends that still support me even though I moved to Victoria BC, which is a long way from London, On……that I love what I do, and being a makeup artist, I get to make people feel beautiful and great about themselves everyday…. I am in good health…..I have a lovely cozy apartment and food when I need it….my boyfriend’s cat Yogi, who lately, has really helped me through the loss of my 15yr old dog Travis Brown….. I can still afford my car payments for my super awesome Honda Civic…..I live in Victoria, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world…..I can see mountains from my bedroom window….I have 5 closets, 3 which are walk in (and for renting in an old house, that is amazing!)

    It felt really good to make that list, and you are right Marie, I do feel better.
    Thank you for being you!

  241. Ali

    I am Grateful for:
    1) My supportive, loving family 2) Old friends that have stood by me and the new friends I’ve recently made 3) My growing strength 4) Coffee
    5) My new-found love for Yoga 6) My creative skills
    7) My drive to want to be a better, more successful, happier person
    8) Crossfit Training 9) The beauty in Nature 10) My job

  242. I appreciate:

    1. my iPhone – I get to listen to Office Hours while I work out
    2. my family – the greatest ever
    3. my man – my mate – the love of my life
    4. my incredible, joyful, creative, fun, funny friends
    5. my business – and getting to spend my time doing what I love
    6. Abraham-Hicks (dot com)
    7. my office, complete with meditation chair and yoga space
    8. the San Francisco Bay Area – a truly magical place
    9. that first sip of coffee in the morning
    10. my housemate’s cat, with whom I now have a special friendship

  243. Carolyn

    I love this exercise! Thank you for this video, Marie.
    I am grateful for
    1. my super amazing husband
    2. a job that allows me freedom and breathing space
    3. cats that love cuddling and meditation time
    4. a spat of land to call my own
    5. all the teachers that have entered my life this year (Marie, Gabrielle Bernstein, Iyanla Vanzant, such amazing inspiring women that have broken my heart open)
    6. having heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer
    7. the thick winter coat my horse grew (it is so incredibly soft)
    8. groceries in my fridge
    9. my health
    10. this moment right now connecting with others about our gratitudes

  244. I LOVE this exercise!

    1. I am grateful for this very moment of feeling good and hopeful
    2. I am grateful for my beautiful and supportive family
    3. I am grateful for the beautiful work that you and I and my soul sisters and brothers are pouring into the world #lightworkers
    4. I am grateful for my goddess home- and all the decorating that is being pouring into her
    5. I am grateful for my best friends and soul sisters who are beyond supportive and funny and FUN!
    6. I am grateful for my desire to serve and heal and choose love and unity over all else
    7. I am grateful for Puerto Rico
    8. I am grateful for my health
    9. I am grateful for all the creative flow that comes through
    10. I am grateful for us all here doing this kind of loving work.

    <3 Christine Gutierrez

  245. I’m grateful, above all else, for my family, my health, and my husband who supports me in pursuing my dream job!

  246. My health, so lucky
    My kids, so beautiful & fun & healthy
    My husband, soooo supportive
    Living near my mam, dad and sisters and having such a fantastic family!
    Getting my hands in clay everyday
    Making things I love
    Other people who buy the things I love to make
    My studio and those who I share the space with.
    My lovely home
    Teaching such a diverse range of people, who teach me something new every week.
    Access to the world and knowledge!

  247. Thanks for this video Marie! I think this is something I know I should be doing more often but never seem to get around to 🙂 I think this will be the start of a new morning routine for me – journaling the things I am grateful for! So simple but so effective.

    My 10:

    1) My wonderful supportive family
    2) My wonderful supportive boyfriend
    3) My business
    4) My clients
    5) My special gifts and talents that allow me to serve my clients
    6) My health
    7) The fact I get to live and work in a foreign country
    8) Having clean running water and electricity
    9) Having access to and being able to afford food that keeps me healthy
    10) Having the means and motivation to make a change in the world

    The results: feeling instantly calmer and less stressed out about all the small things (that don’t really even matter that much anyway!) – and seeing the bigger picture more clearly… 🙂

  248. Just a few of my favorite things to be gratful for today
    1. The air that fills mu lungs
    2. my beautiful daughters hubby
    4. My 2 pups
    5. the sunshine in Las Vegas
    6. Plant foods
    7.Meditation that gives me inner peace ability to workout everyday!
    9. music
    10. shoes…yes…nothing beats stepping out in your favorite pair !

  249. Kevani

    I am grateful for:
    1. the universe for keeping things flowing to me even when I wasn’t trusting it
    2. my coach Krista Jane for busting through my limiting beliefs
    3. my boyfriend for having the patience to stick by me when I go crazy and work myself into a wreck
    4. having the opportunity to live in an amazing place where most people only get to come on holiday
    5. the ability to create my own future
    6. my warm house
    7. my loving family
    8. having friends all over the world who event though we don’t talk ofter I could pick up the phone and connect with any time
    9. computers and the internet for bringing so much information nd inspiration into my life
    10. all the people who believe in me

  250. 10 things I’m grateful for:
    1. My amazing husband and 2 beautiful little boys that are light and love!
    2. My ability to work from home
    3. Volunteering at my boys school with reading program – those little spirits lift my spirit!
    4. The time we live in where barriers to opportunity and change are more accessible than ever!
    5. My way with words
    6. Singing!!!
    7. Being able to walk and be in nature, right out my backyard!
    8. Being alive!
    9. Friends, family and connections with all the people I meet
    10. Having the capacity to love fully without compromise.

    Side affects of this gratitude include:
    a big, broad smile, sharing loving kindness with my husband as we are about to eat our lunch together, positive thoughts, motivation, love, love, love!!!

  251. Paris

    1. A job
    2. A place to live
    3. A loving and supportive mother
    4. Friends I can call anytime
    5. California
    6. Feeling loved and adored
    7. Life choices
    8. Previous opportunities
    9. Heat
    10. Health

  252. I’m grateful to have found B School and you.
    I’m grateful for my husband.
    I’m so grateful and thank God daily that Max is here on this planet.
    I’m grateful for the Transplant Team at Oregon Health Sciences University.
    I’m grateful that I believe in myself with naysayers don’t.
    I’m grateful for the ability to help women stand up and show up in their lives.
    I’m grateful that I have the freedom and business savvy to work for myself since 1995.
    I’m grateful for my soul companions – my two dogs.
    I am grateful to be location independent with my biz.
    I’m grateful that the Internet gives women freedom globally to connect.

  253. Gratitude:
    1. Right now I am grateful my client seems to have forgotten our phone appt. this morning. I am getting over a cold and resting my voice is probably the best thing for me.
    2. I am grateful for my home. Imperfect as it is, it keeps me warm and it houses me and my loving family.
    3. I am grateful for my bathrobe and slippers, serious love affair with them this week being sick & all.
    4. I am grateful for my hot tub, best purchase ever.
    5. I am grateful for the Moms in my Leading Your Teen teleclass, so many aha moments from these great women.
    6. Super Soul Sunday on OWN, best show ever
    7. That I live in a place where I can drive 40 minutes and get a complete scenery change: city, beach, mtns, and wine country.
    8. My coaching clients who inspire me every day.
    9. Internet access, I mean come on, anything you want at your fingertips?
    10. My best pal, Marlene, who is coming to spend Thanksgiving with me.

  254. 1. You, Marie!
    2. Family & Friends
    3. Murphy, my lab
    4. My health
    5. My home in beautiful sunny Colorado!
    6. Water
    7. CAKE
    8. Infinite Possibilities
    9. Music
    10. Yoga

    Ok, I am indeed smiling right now, thanks Marie! You so entertain me and I love tuning in for the wealth of wisdom you provide.. many blessings to ya!

  255. Ali


    Thanks for the great reminder of this. It can be so easy to drop into the pattern of “oh, I already know this stuff so I don’t need to practice it.” I’m letting that go and getting back on the daily gratitude train!!

    Here’s my current gratitude list:

    1. My incredible, beloved partner
    2. My sweet puppy
    3. The tribe of amazing friends of mine who reside all across the country.
    4. The ability to dance my ass off and get free whenever I choose.
    5. All of the amazing, gifted and inspiring teachers I get to learn from in this life time.
    6. COFFEE.
    7. Creative self-expression.
    8. Living in a clean, private, and healing environment.
    10. LOVE.

    Perfect way to start an inspired day today. You freaking rock, Marie!!!!


  256. I am grateful for –
    1. A loving family
    2. A strong support network of amazing peps
    3. For my body (lumps and bumps and all)
    4. The planet / mother nature
    5. The universe and all it teaches me
    5. The gifts I was given
    6. The freedom to work for myself
    7. The opportunities I have had to travel the world
    8. The ability to speak to audiences all over the world and the gift to connect from the platform
    9. For all the love in my life
    10. For my home and all I am blessed with
    Much love at the holidays kx

  257. What a great video, Marie! Thanks for the opportunity to publicly share what I am grateful for. And now, in no particular order:

    1. My light therapy lamp – it’s freakin’ dark in Seattle!
    2. My bestie, my cat Abbie
    3. My husband who is smart, handsome, giving, brilliant, calming, talented and unbelievably supportive of me
    4. My son, with whom I have a bond that is amazing. He’s 25 and still actually likes to hang with me, despite being a tough Navy Corpsman!
    5. My parents, who’ve always encouraged me, forgiven me, and provided lots of good life lesson experiences.
    6. My new business, which I love, love, love!
    7. WordPress – oh my goodness! I love it so much!!
    8. Green juice – how cool is it that I get to drink the life blood of the amazing, bright plant life we have the good fortune of buying in this country.
    9. The fact that I was born and grew up overseas – I learned so much from those experiences.
    10. My country, the United States of America. Still the best place to be a woman.
    11. My house and the beautiful garden my husband made for us.
    12. My bed – can I tell you how much I love getting in it every night?
    13. My Subaru Legacy which gets me safely to work.
    14. My little electric heater that takes the chill off.
    15. Hot showers and baths!
    16. Cruises. What can I say? I love the ocean and being on it in a ship.
    17. Jane Austen!
    18. Books – my second word after “money.”
    19. The women who paved the way – Amelia Earhart, Madame Curie, Gloria Steinem, Marie Forleo!
    20. My best friend – Korri

    • I forgot to say how I feel – energized, like I can do anything, happy, light, appreciative, ready to face the day.

      Thank you!

  258. Hey Marie! Great video, and it really resonated with me because I am currently doing a personal challenge for the month of November – to take a photo a day of something I’m grateful for. I’ve invited my friends to join and we have a joint flickr pool – feel free to add yours! ( I was suprised that more people didn’t join in because it takes minutes every day; it’s amazing how people resist making the effort to be grateful for what they have in their lives.

    For the second half of November, I’m taking it up a notch and completing this sentence every day “I love my life because…” I’ve found that to be even more powerful and exciting than the gratitude journal, because it bubbles up a lot of joy even if I’m feeling down. Because hell yes, I love my life!

    QQ – Can you share your source for the data from Emmons? I’m blogging about my month challenge on gratitude and would love to include it.

    You ROCKED Super Soul Sunday! Congratulations.

  259. I Am GRATEFUL for:

    – GOD, who is #1 in my life!
    – Waking up this morning.
    – The breath of life.
    – My family.
    – LOVE.
    – Health.
    – Righteous Mind.
    – My home.
    -.Having food to eat.
    – The times I share with my family and friends.

  260. Leigh

    I am grateful for:
    1. A few close friends in my life that I can be totally myself with, and they love me unconditionally.
    2. The Spiritual community that I have only recently found (Marie, Gabrielle, Mastin, SuperSoulSunday, Wayne Dyer, …the list goes on!)
    3. That I have a chance in this life to do something meaningful that I LOVE for work.
    4. My healthy body, so I can do the fun things I love!
    5. My amazing puppy – Grizwald! He loves me no matter what 🙂
    6. A job that pays enough for me to live comfortably, even if I don’t love it. It will allow me to do what I need to get to where I want
    7. My loving and supportive family.
    8. My mind – it’s sharp!
    9. To have been born in a free, democratic country. Not under oppression.
    10. For my past relationships, which taught me so much, and helped me grow.

  261. I am thankful for my amazing wife who from day one has always believed in me and supported me no matter how crazy my ideas are. I’ll be forever thankful for my parents and all that they’ve done for me over the decades. And my brothers for always keeping me on my toes.

    Very thankful for my health.As am I thankful for relaible electricity, constant clean drinking water, the roof over my head and the safe streets I live on.

    Thankful to have the oppurtunity to have a business on my own terms at WebSiteForYour.Com.

    I am thankful to able to travel just about anywhere in the world. But also happy that I always get to come home to the amazing place that is Fort Collins Colorado.

    And believe it or not I am thankful I was born poor and spent my early years in a bad neighborhood. It taught me street smarts, how to be resourceful, and that I really don’t need anything material to be happy.

    Last but not least I am thankful to live in a time where technology allows people to connect especially in the name of teaching.

  262. Grateful for so much today!
    1. Family, Happy 70th Dad!
    2. Friends, soooo many really good ones.
    3. Cats, Billy & Cally love you.
    4. Students who love learning.
    5. Teaching at IHN and Jiivala.
    6. Ready availability to great quality food.
    7. Farmer’s Markets. The happy dance of food in my tummeh!
    8. Marcie and Pollux helping me film the first segments of Return to today!!!!
    9. This amazing body that responds so well to nourishment.
    10. The funky place I get to live and teach in.
    11. Green smoothies and lemon water in the morning.
    12. This amazing computer and the internet!
    13. Technology all round.
    14. The kindness of people.
    15. Love that I feel oozing and beaming out of my body.
    16. Water, good clean spring water.
    17. Cozy cups of cinnamon scented liquorice tea.
    18. MacIntosh apples.
    19. My creative mind.
    20. Being able to make a living teaching is the greatest tonic for my soul.
    22. The Daily Love
    23. Kind neighbours
    24. Saladmaster for sponsoring
    25. The comfiest bed to sleep in.
    26. My hair….so glad I didn’t chop it off this summer.
    27. Books that inspire me.
    28. Feedback sheets from students.
    29. Facebook.
    30. Music that lifts my soul.
    31. The first sponsors and students to sign up for the Jiivala Holistic Entrepreneurship Program, woobloodyhoo!
    32. Volunteers who help out at my classes.
    33. Hot yoga ohhmmm!

  263. Viviene

    Hi Marie, I tried this and the down side to writing in a gratitude journal everyday = it gets boring and ineffective. I still have the journal and sometimes I pick it up and take a look at what I’ve written in the past and it definitely cheers me up so that’s a plus. Other studies have suggested that writing down a list of gratitude items every other day or once/twice a week rather than everyday can sustain those positive thoughts/feelings. If this is more effective, then I might have to put a reminder “ding” on my iPhone because sometimes I will forget or I’ll put it off. Thanks for your vid! I liked the tweetable too. Cheers!

  264. Manal

    Ten things I’m grateful for:
    1. my hubby Supporting me and believing in me
    2. My 4 amazing children
    3. My spacious home/lovely neighborhood
    4. My kids’ teachers
    5. My aunt who is also one of my best friends
    6. My parents
    7. My in-laws and all of their support and help with the kids
    8. The internet!
    9. My trip to California where I met some amazing healers and coaches
    10. Eft
    11. My limbs
    12. My running shoes that get me going even when I don’t feel like it:)
    13. My car
    14. Heaters in my home and my car
    15. Enough to eat and drink
    16. A peaceful place to live where we don’t have to worry about being hurt or harmed
    17. my shopping trip this weekend
    18. My sis in law visiting
    19. My ability to love
    20. the gift of the brain/mind.. Sooo powerful!!

    Thank you for allowing us to use this space in this way xoxo

  265. I’m most grateful for:
    1. My relationship with God.
    2. My husband of 22 years.
    3. My 3 children; Steven, Michael, and Victoria, who have taught me so much about life and unconditional love.
    4. My business that has become an important vehicle to reconnect with my husband during our most recent adventure in becoming empty nesters.
    5. My church family, and the little kids in Upstreet that bring a smile to my face every Sunday morning.
    6. My friends who have done so much for my family through the years.
    7. My regular job. I love that i get to impact people’s lives for good on a daily basis.
    8. My mom and dad for giving me life.
    9. The country that I live in that allows me the freedom to pursue my dreams.
    10. The ocean.
    Thank you for your post, Marie, and thank you Julie Anne Jones for sharing!

  266. 1. THIS VIDEO! You always make me laugh, Marie.
    2. All the incredibly encouraging and supportive feedback I received from people about my website launch – which was just

  267. I am so grateful for
    1. My gorgeous wife.
    2. My awesome cats.
    3. My phenomenal talents
    4. My beautiful apartment
    5. My old, worn down pickup truck
    6. My passion for my art and life
    7. My resilience and stubbornness
    8. My ability to care for others
    9. My family and friends
    10. My day job

  268. I’m grateful for:
    1. snuggling with my dog
    2. coffee
    3. time to breathe
    4. my yoga and meditation practice
    5. my loving and reflective boyfriend
    6. family
    7. awesome girlfriends
    8. my blog:
    9. my health
    10. that there’s so much life to live

    Thank you, Marie!

  269. Carmel DArienzo

    Today I am grateful for:
    1) You Marie and the awesome B-school community
    2) The silver lining that has come out of Hurricane Sandy in the compassion people have shown to their neighbors
    3) Two businesses I own which I am incredibly passionate about, feed my soul, and help me impact others
    4) Italy and red wine!
    5) Being able to pull up my sleeves and volunteer on Staten Island for victims of the storm (and using a sledgehammer for the first time!)
    6) Freedom
    7) Love – family and friends
    8) that my sister in law said yes and I get to take my 7 year old niece to the Thanksgiving parade
    9) My vitality and health at 50!!
    10) the privilege of being able to ponder what I am grateful for instead of having to think about survival, as others do..

    Instant side effects: Smiling from ear to ear.
    Now whose life can I change today? Ciao!

  270. Stacey

    10 Things I’m Grateful for:
    1. My two beautiful boys
    2. My loving husband
    3. Experiencing joy through photography
    4. Attending school to become a Health Coach
    5. The opportunity to stay at home with my boys
    6. My home
    7. My authentic friendships
    8. My physical health
    9. The nourishing food available to me and my family.
    10. My second chance at life after a near death experience!

  271. 1 Mum
    2 Dad
    3 Husband
    4 Marie Forleo (yes, really)
    5 Liverpool
    6 Tonight’s gorge sky
    7 Sally Hogshead
    8 Nail polish – such fun
    9 Food
    10 Fun

    I could go on…

    Thanks Marie

  272. Sarah Curnoles

    A great video!
    I am grateful for: 1. My loving and supportive family 2. Friends that make me laugh and keep my spirits up 3. A job and clients that inspire me 4. Mentors that I can learn from, such as you Marie! 5. The courage to start my own business 6. Being single at this time in my life so my energy can focus on preparing to launch my new business 7. Coffee and dark chocolate 8. A healthy and fit body 9. A fun creative theater community that I enjoy 10. My iPad, I can’t even begin to think of what I’d do without it

    Definitely feeling calm and centered right now! Thank you Marie, for doing what you do!

  273. 1. THIS VIDEO! You always make me laugh, Marie. More importantly, you always provide really valuable content.

    2. All the incredibly encouraging and supportive feedback I received from people about my website launch – which was just YESTERDAY!

    3. My husband, Mark, who has been cheering me on for the past several months as I’ve been training to become a life coach, creating content and designing my website, and getting my business in order!

    4. My soon-to-be-8-year-old son, Evan – who also LOVES Marie TV!
    (He’s also helping me with this gratitude list.)

    5. An awesome conclusion to my 38th year on this planet. Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!

    6. The amazing gift of living rent-free for 6 months while both my husband and I build our new businesses.

    7. Wonderful friends who I love and who really SEE me.

    8. Having the freedom to be a stay-at-homeschooling mama AND pursue my dreams.

    9. How God has been leading me step by step, giving me all the resources I need to do what He made me to do.

    10. Being challenged to come up with ONLY 10 things I’m grateful for! I’m so blessed : )

  274. irieday

    1. My perception
    2. The ability to travel for free
    3. Photography
    4. Safe and warm place to live
    5. Supportive friends
    6. the ability to create the life I love
    7. my health
    8. pomegrantes and popcorn
    9. a working car
    10. an interested, soulful, caring, intuitive boyfriend

  275. 1. Legos!
    2. Uno!
    3. Mama! (Who’s really silly)
    4. Papi! (Who’s really funny)
    5. My own room!
    6. Candy! (from Halloween)
    7. My birthday is soon! (Dec 13th)
    8. Angry Birds Star Wars!
    9. My house!
    10. God!

    • Mina

      That is the cutest thing ever!!

  276. Just fantastic! I never really open up half my mails..but so glad this one caught my eye. Marie you are very talented..and thank-you.

  277. I am deeply grateful for so many different things, today it’s;
    1. My big dog, Chewy, (aka BEEEG Dog) who has passed but I am so grateful to have ever even had him as part of my life.
    2. My grandparents who taught me about love and wonder.
    3. My husband who is my biggest cheerleader.
    4. My children who have a way of seeing me as I really am.
    5. My dog, Bodhi, who lights up lives and is always at my side.
    6. My amazing friends who love and support me no matter what.
    7. My parents whose love, patience and desire for a child brought me here. (They tried for 2 years! I’m an only child)
    8.Gorgeous big skies in Arizona
    9. Hikes in the canyons with my friend, Susie.
    10. Teachers who help me remember the buried pieces of my dreams.

    Writing these things definitely takes my mood up a few notches and gives me a sense that all is right with the world.

  278. Mina

    1. My new place I put on offer on yesterday with the most amazing view!

    2. The fact that I mustered up enough “who the heck knows” and gave my 30 days notice at the “job” of my dreams to start my own company

    3. My incredibly loving and supportive boyfriend

    4. All the God given gifts I was granted without even asking.

    5. Finding MarieTV

    6. The beautiful relationship with my brother.

    7. The ability to choose

    8.. That the dots are connecting

    9. That I can afford a car that once upon a time was just something to say “Wow!” at as it drove by

    10. That I am guided and taken care of and the opportunity to remember that by doing this exercise. Thank you Marie.

    Wow, what an experience. In the short time it took me to do this exercise by the time I rolled around to #8 I could physically feel my internal energy shifting and -as weird as this may sound- my face felt different. I don’t know if it was the smile creeping up on my face or the energy. It also has shown me what an incredibly powerful proactive this can be and this has certainly now become my ritual when waking and before going to bed. Writing it has so much more of an impact than thinking about it.

  279. 1) My “Inner B*tch”
    2) My everyday kindness to people in general
    3) Healthy mind and body of those I surround myself with
    4) Husband and kids
    5) My Smile and smiles of others
    6) My lia sophia business
    7) My friends Gina and “CMC”
    8) My 95 year old Grandmother’s mind
    9) My “BS” radar
    10) MY PAST

  280. 1. My immediate and extended family.

    2. My amazing job that leaves me fulfilled, challenged and engaged every single day.

    3. My wonderful friends at home and around the country.

    4. The Internet – as a resource, a connector, a place to look at puppies anytime I want.

    5. My local Trader Joe’s.

    6. My kitchen and all the wonderful possibilities it contains.

    7. My health.

    8. Being close to New York and Boston, two of my favorite places.

    9. Afternoons spent at Starbucks.

    10. My blog.

  281. I’m grateful for:

    1. My health.
    2. My children.
    3. Not getting promoted at my job.
    4. Learning to be grateful.
    5. My church.
    6. Having a respectful and peaceful relationship with my ex.
    7. My spirituality.
    8. Having a home.
    9. The lunch that is going to fill my belly before my next meeting.
    10. My Big hair.
    11. Technology for being able to work and finish my laundry.
    12. Store bought, delicious pie crusts.
    13. My love and passion for dancing and cooking. Those hobbies keep my sane.
    14. Each new day that moves me further down my path.
    15. Having lived in a state of self-pity and blame. It felt so awful that I have lots of incentive to keep returning to gratitude and self-responsibility when I get off track.
    16. My divorce. It gave me an opportunity to understand myself, see my actions, and make changes for the better.

  282. Laura

    I’m grateful for:
    1) Cubbie & Zoe (my pomeranians)
    2) my cozy home
    3) all the healthy food I enjoy everyday
    4) my car
    5) my job & the great people I work with
    6) my family
    7) my artistic talents
    8) the great weather
    9) the great country I live in
    10) god

  283. Tania

    Hi Marie – I used to do this and forgot the power of it… thank you for reminding me the “up” affects of gratitude.
    1. Friends
    2. Owning my own business
    3. My twin boys
    4. My family
    5. My health
    6. Music (create and listen to)
    7. Biking to work
    8. Touch
    9. Spirit
    10. Good food 🙂

  284. I feel very light right now. I was stressed with work demands and starting to judge the situation, but now I just feel good. It’s my choice whether I work extra before the holiday or make time to rest. IT WORKS!

  285. Flor

    10 Things I’m grateful for!
    1. My dogs!
    2. My best friends
    3. My mother and sisters
    4. My passport
    5. My dry erase board for daily reminders!
    6. My laptop that lets me work from home.
    7. My health
    8. New York City
    9. My brand new remodeled kitchen.
    10. Marie Forleo TV 🙂

  286. 10 Things I’m Grateful For
    1 All the music I love, that has consoled and inspired me
    2 All the bizzy, life-you-love ladies (Marie, Danielle LaPorte, etc)
    3 Those who came before, still doing good works (Maya Angelou, Oprah, Iyanla etc.)
    4 All those dedicated to healthy living (Leo Babauta, Kris Carr, Mark’s Daily Apple etc)
    5 A warm, colourful roof over my head
    6 Online communities full of love, support, encouragement
    7 The Daily Love in my inbox and life
    8 My keyboard back in my life 🙂
    9 My guitar, Suzanne 😀
    10 My notebooks and pens and laptop that have held me thouhgts and feelings and given me space to EXPRESS and explore my mind, heart and soul
    Amen 🙂 Peace, Namaste 😀

  287. Joy

    I am grateful for:

    1. My children
    2. The brilliant sunshine, sunrise/sunsets/moonrise/moonbeams/meteor showers
    3. Chocolate
    4. All that I have experienced this past year through Facets
    5. Smiles and laughter
    6. Graciousness of friends and strangers
    7. the internet and connections
    8. the ocean and hills
    9. learning and exploring and adventuring
    10. everyone who enriches/inspires/enlivens…

    Much peace!

  288. Kim

    1. The roof over my head, and the walls that protect me from the elements
    2. Parents who would drive halfway across the country to help me
    3. Friends who support me when I am in need
    4. The boathouse where I row…a constant place of solace
    5. My health, the use of my limbs, and the ability to use my body for what I need
    6. The opportunities and struggles that have made me stronger today
    7. A kitchen full of food
    8. The strangers who, at unexpected times, lift my spirits with friendly words
    9. A solid mind, with an ability to rationalize and think deeply about subjects
    10. The tools I have at my fingertips to make my dreams come true

    This really works. I’ve been wallowing in self-doubt, negativity and uncertainty and needed something to pull me out. As soon as I let myself feel gratitude, a shift in me occurred. I do have everything I need, right here in this moment, to make my best life happen. Thanks, Marie!

  289. Im Grateful for:
    1. My health & happy children
    2. Having a Car
    3. The ability to pay my car note and insurance
    4. Having the drive and courage to do what I love
    5. the people that have been put in my path that are helping me along my journey
    6. A new day to start again
    7. videos and websites like these that keep me motivated
    8. for the sandwhich i made this morning its saving me right now
    9. everysong that motivates me in the studio
    10. That moment of quiet I had at 6:30am

  290. MY Grateful List….
    My wonderful hubby
    Being a little less tubby.
    Our new book in Barnes in Noble,
    That I don’t live in Chernobyl!
    My business partner that rocks
    And warm and fuzzy socks.
    My Marie TV on my Mac
    My aging 40+ but perky rack.
    A chilled glass of Seagram 7
    My dad who’s up in heaven.
    A mom who is my world
    I am a very lucky girl!

  291. elinor

    So true, gratitude wipes out negative thoughts and puts you right back into a positive mindset!
    I’m grateful for my health, meeting teachers who made me expand and grow, being born in a free country, my beloved, beautiful night skies, friends, Marie tv and a community of like-minded people, delicious food, the good things my parents gave me, traveling, new opportunities coming into my life, laughter, my home, all the ideas and inspirations…

  292. sheryl

    Wholly Moley… there’s a lot of gratitude on this page! Woot woot!
    I’m grateful for:
    1. Fresh Air
    2. My husband
    3. My children
    4. My health
    5. My family’s health
    6. Gratitude
    7. Oprah
    8. My paycheck
    9. Sponge Bob Square Pants
    10. Inspiring people like Marie Forleo (I stole this one from the comment above. But I wouldn’t have listed it if it weren’t true). 🙂
    11. I’m thankful that I can think of more than 10 things I’m grateful for. My list could go on for days…
    12. Beautiful scenery
    13. Sunshine
    14. Snow
    15. Animals (my cats and the deer roaming through our yard every day)
    16. Love
    17. etc… etc… etc…

  293. Loved this episode!
    Gratitude is in fact scientifically proven to improve our overall happiness and makes us more aware of new opportunities around us 🙂
    It’s one of the most common used positive psychology interventions because of this! Research has actually shown it’s most effective if done once a week i.e. write 3 things you’re grateful for 1 a week e.g. every Sunday. (If done everyday it can become more of a chore and hence loses its purpose.)

    Here’s my list! 🙂
    1. For my supporting, loving partner
    2. For my 2 gorgeous horses who always try their best
    3. For being able to study my dream Masters in positive psychology
    4. For the positive feedback I’ve received for my blog – hopefully I am helping people!
    5. For living in the developed world where we can electricity and internet
    6. For having almost recovered fully from my flu
    7. For having a big, loving family
    8. For the man who cleaned our windows today (which I didn’t realize was included in our property contract!)
    9. For my Airbook that makes work so much easier, quicker & more efficient
    10. For having discovered Marie Forleo & this amazing community that keeps me motivated & inspired to keep on going for my dreams!

  294. Hi Marie,

    great post!

    I am grateful for

    1. you
    2. my bschool friends and tribe
    3. being an entrepreneur
    4. my awesome family and gorgeous nieces and nephews (all 14 of them)
    5. my business partner in
    6. waking up every day with the freedom to do what I love
    7. 78 degrees in California right now (on vacation)
    8. My strong, flexible body
    9. my 545 am yoga practice this morning, meditation, spirituality
    10. My daily reminders that I am on the right path

    Shifting already…inspired to write a few blog posts.

    xo, Tracy

  295. Hey Marie! Great episode of MarieTV!!

    I have a ton of things I’m grateful for:

    1. Knowing my life purpose and working in it!! This is THE BEST feeling ever!

    2. Being able to help others know that we are all divine beings and we have the ability to manifest WHATEVER we want in life!

    3. I am married to my best friend. 🙂

    4. My 4 precious cats.

    5. Good friends.

    6. Sallie Keys at!! OMG! Sallie is an Akashic Records expert and the work she has done for me at Soul level has COMPLETELY changed my life!

    7. Great health.

    8. My beautiful home.

    9. Living in a wonderful place in the world where the air is clean and the beaches are stunning.

    10. KNOWING that I control everything in my life with my thoughts and I can CREATE everything I want in my life with my mind. WHOO HOO!!!

    Thank you for this!! I’m going to start my gratitude journal tonight!

    Love and Blessings to all!

    MJ 🙂

  296. I am daily grateful for my working brain, heart, eyes, limbs;
    I am daily grateful for wonderful family, friends, good health (none of which is achievable via money);
    I am grateful for my ancestors who gave me my long legs, big blue eyes, sense of humour, and sense of gratitude (see how that works?);
    I am grateful for my wits and ability to survive just about anything (history has shown this to be true);
    I am grateful for the best kids in the world (which is is still uber difficult to achieve, solo, but they ARE the best);
    I am grateful for the job I have, based on 30 years of hard work,
    I am most grateful for my artistic nature as a fine artist, coupled with my 30+ yrs of advertising experience.
    I am grateful for my ‘never say die’ attitude and bottomless pit of energy.

    Side effects of this gratitude:
    overall, more things to be grateful for
    great friends who are like minded,
    increased stamina (because I know all this goes around and around)
    increased sense of self-worth, as my gratitude makes me a fantastic person to be around.

  297. Sally

    1. My two crazy and adorable rat terriers.
    2. My boyfriend, who is super sweet and supportive
    3. That I am getting an A in my first college class since 2005 (biology)
    4. That I had enough money (and insurance) in my bank account to go to the dentist and get some much needed work done last week.
    5. That I have a steady job, supportive coworkers, and a flexible enough schedule to go to said biology class.
    6. That I met amazing friends training for a marathon last year and we are all going to do another one this year!
    7. That I get a four day weekend and have so many fun things planned with good friends.
    8. That I am healthy.
    9. That, while I am not rich, I am pretty financially secure right now and debt free.
    10. That I can walk to work!

    • Sally

      I feel really light and happy after making my list. Makes the little problems just kinda disappear!

  298. i am supah dupah grateful for….

    ~ marie forleo!!
    ~ how beautiful the weather has been
    ~ mahself for getting up every morning and doing ma thang!
    ~ my beautiful, healthy girls
    ~ the handsome hubby
    ~ the fur babies
    ~ relatives who help me to grow by being so difficult!!! 🙂
    ~ coffee
    ~ green smoothies
    ~ friends

    feels great!!

  299. Isabelle

    I am grateful for:
    ~ My family
    ~ My wonderful boyfriend
    ~ My friends, old and new
    ~ My good health
    ~ Having a fun part time job
    ~ My new health coaching business / career
    ~ My life experiences, good or bad, as they have learned a lot from them
    ~ All that we take granted for (a roof over my head, warm water, food on the table every day, etc)
    and last but not least, YOU, Marie. You are a great inspiration and I cannot wait to attend B-School! Thank you for that too!


  300. Danielle

    I feel happier, lucky, abundant

  301. danica

    your title was very misleading. you’re hard to trust.

  302. I am greatful, grateful for
    family (three wonderful children, two very handsome boys and a pretty girl)
    home (three families live in it, in the brightest corner, respectful and cool)
    hubby (supportive, even through my emotional meltdowns).
    money ( I can support this family and get us thru anything, it keeps warm, with food on the table, and clothes on our back)
    business ( I have been able to open the eyes of those that have attended my workshops, and 1:1 health history sessions by providing great content)
    school (the boys get to interact with other on a daily basis, and learn new things)
    sun (keeps me in a great mood, and save money on energy bills, helps the plants grow in the gardens and pots)
    friends (provide great ideas, support, wonderful gifts and health)
    networking (an opportunity to meet new friends, and create new connections, expand and grow as a person and as a business)
    internet ( for being a platform where I can express my thoughts and feelings)

  303. 1. I am grateful for my beautiful and strong mother!
    2. I am grateful for myself and my health!
    3. I am grateful for my beautiful niece and nephews who are my heart and soul! goes both way 🙂
    4. grateful that I have house, food and clothes everyday 🙂
    5. beyond grateful that I am a DANCER AND DO WHAT I LOVE!!
    6. grateful for my constant friends who have been in my life for over 20years
    7.I am grateful for this beautiful country and the state I live in California! 🙂
    8. I am grateful that I never give up
    9. I am grateful that people depend on me
    10. and I am grateful that I have found spiritual friends like you 🙂
    thank you for educating me and guiding me, happy thanksgiving!! with love xoxo

  304. I am grateful for:
    1. Mastermind groups – for support and help with my business plus a great way to connect with like-minded entreprenuers
    2. Family – even though we roll differently in Life, I know they will always be there.
    3. Goddess groups – support, understanding, love and desire to want to grow personally
    4. Dance classes – gets me out of my head and into my body plus it feels soooo good afterwards
    5. Friends – for their generousity and support
    6. Good health
    7. Life – how it wants to flow its’ abundance and love thru me
    8. Chocolate!
    9. Painting/art
    10. The money in my bank account

  305. I am grateful for me
    I am grateful for my parents
    I am grateful for my beautiful healthy children
    I am grateful for my husband
    I am grateful for my dogs Oscar and Floyd
    I am grateful for all the love support and gratitude I receive on a daily basis
    I am grateful for my full life
    I am grateful for my friends
    I am grateful for
    I am grateful for living in a time that people are having spiritual conversations
    I am grateful for abundance
    I am grateful for my talents

  306. Thanks/Giving…
    the acknowledgement and the gratitude
    Thank you for being the HERO of your own life
    Thank you for loving me
    Thank you for taking me to the dog park &/or walk even when its raining
    Thank you for being so present with my child at school when you have 25 others
    Thank you for remembering I prefer rice milk instead of dairy
    Thank you for your attention to detail for our presentation to the CEO
    Thank you for reminding me to have grace under pressure
    Thank you for being my mirror
    Thank you for dumping me, it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me
    Thank you to all my opportunities that have come in the form of “life’s hurdles”
    Thank you for taking responsibility for your own actions and behavior (to yourself too)
    Thank you for giving me a safe and non-judgmental ear
    Thank you for being my Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa & leading by example
    Thank you for allowing me to have a tantrum and holding me after
    Thank you for working so hard to create a safe environment for me to grow
    Thank you for your attention to detail
    Thank you for putting new tires on the family rig, by doing so you have given me and my family and sense of safety.
    Thank you for the shoes I have my feet so I can walk to school
    Thank you for my hands to hold you, to write, to type, to create

    I’m Thankful to have found you and your team Marie! GREAT JOB folks!
    Love and Blessings, Sue

  307. 1. I’m so grateful that my husband and I are in a place that allows me to 100% pursue my dreams.
    2. I am so grateful for my husband. He loves me! He makes me laugh and compliments me and is a great partner in life.
    3. I’m grateful for my family and friends even though they drive me crazy.
    4. I’m grateful that I have enough food, shelter, clothes and I don’t ever have to worry about it.
    5. I’m grateful for my education and intelligence. No one can ever take that away from me.
    6. I am so grateful for my dog. I’m happy the stars aligned and we found him in the shelter that day.
    7. I’m so grateful for my experiences. They have shaped me and they just keep coming.
    8. I’m so grateful for myself. I like who I am and who I’m becoming.
    9. I’m grateful that I live in America and don’t have to worry about my safety on a daily basis.
    10. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my ideas on sites like this.

  308. Glenn

    I am grateful for:
    1. Family. I’m realizing so deeply how important they are in my life
    2. My buddha-natured cat Bobby Jones
    3. The mornings when I ride my bike. So calm and fresh outside
    4. Taking action on ideas immediately
    5. Loving myself
    6. Living in Seattle
    7. Having lived in Austin, Dallas, and Atlanta
    8. Working with people who care about me
    9. Being intelligent
    10. Finding the best bed ever online
    11. That I have so much to be grateful for
    12. That creating gratitude lists turn my mind to such thanks-giving
    13. That I’m not superstitious
    14. That even when things don’t seem great, I am still responsible which means I can change it.
    15. People who are alive and turned on in their lives!

    • Glenn

      I’m feeling uplifted and even moreso by reading what everyone else said, feeling the simple and pure gratitude flow forth.

  309. I am grateful for:
    1. My amazing husband who supports me in everything I do. He really has my back.
    2. My young adult children being self-supporting and in good places in their lives.
    3. The opportunity that was presented to me to become a health and weight loss coach and that I have acquired my first few clients.
    4. The fact that our current financial situation allowed me to quit my brain sucking job; and
    5. The fact I was recently offered a full-time (temporary) position that pays very well and will allow me to ramp up my business without financial guilt.
    6. That my husband said “no” to living at the beach, and as a result, we still have a roof over our head.
    7. That I don’t have everything I want, but I certainly have everything I need (and more).
    8. I am incredibly healthy at age 57, see no doctors and take no medications (neither does hubby).
    9. Coffee and wine, my ONLY two vices
    10. People like Marie Forleo who inspire me to follow my dream and share my gifts with the world.

    Hey, it works! (I feel better already :-))

  310. I am grateful for:
    1. Watching your video regarding B School this morning
    2. The angels providing the way for me to attend B School.
    3. My amazing clients
    4. A steady stream of cash flow
    5. Having my own amazing business
    6. Having so many friends and clients that love me
    7. Having a lifestyle that includes lots of travel and living abroad
    8. Living in a wonderful place right next to the beach
    9. Having the freedom to choose when I want to work and when I have to rest
    10. The ability to notice how much gratitude can change your life instantly, and practicing it every morning and night.


  311. Annmarie

    Hi Marie,

    Here is my gratitude list. You inspired me into action….oh #1 on the list:
    2. this video touched me this morning
    3. my husband
    4. my work visa that I just got (life is going well and smoothly)
    5. opportunity to live in a great city (Wellington, NZ)
    6. kind and helpful landlord
    7. great flat
    8. my own consicousness
    9. great photo shoot the other day
    10. a person who 100% believes in how great my novel is and in my writing and story telling talent

  312. Ten things I am grateful for.
    1. My eye sight
    2. My computer. It keeps me connected to everyone and everything.
    3. My corner office in my home. I can see the birds playing, the people walking and the weather changing.
    4. My hearing. I love listening to the birds, music and stimulating conversation.
    5. My business. It is my passion to serve others by supporting them in downsizing and clearing their clutter.
    6. Travel. I love to travel and most times get to travel first class. I am so very grateful for that.
    7. My full tummy. Each day I enjoy healthy, nutritious food.
    8. My warm bed at night.
    9. My family. Warts and all.
    10.My freedom as a woman. Living in Canada. Doing as I wish.
    There are no complaints.Writing out what I am grateful for brings joy to my heart and puts things in perspective. Thank you Marie for reminding us to be grateful.

  313. eliezra

    Im thankful for:

    1.-My emotional and physical health
    2. My 20 year old happy marriage
    3. My 16 year old daughter, her passion for life (hormones and all)
    4.- My 13 year old son, his curiosity and insights
    5.- My 10 year old daughter, her sweetness and amazing view on life
    6.- My loyal dog and his enthusiasm
    7.- My house and having my needs met
    8.- My spirituality
    9.-Having longtime loving relationships with friends and family so that Im always loved and supported ( and also told when Im making a mistake)
    10.-my hopes and dreams

  314. I am grateful for:
    1) My husband who did not let me run away
    2) My two beautiful daughters who always let me hug them no matter where we are
    3) My twin sister
    4) The drunk driver who hit me but did not kill me
    5) My creative and artistic skills
    6) The freedoms we have in America may they always be protected
    7) That pantyhose are no longer necessary
    8) That I have friends who love me for just me
    9) That it’s ok to dance in public
    10) My inner voice that constantly give me strength

  315. Thank you for this episode of MarieTV, Marie. I am always great for every Tuesday and being a part of this community! Now, to list ten more 🙂

    1. This new day, where anything and everything is possible.
    2. For my caring parents who gave me this wonderful life.
    3. For reconnecting with an amazing friend recently.
    4. For my morning exercise routine that is fitness for my body and soul.
    5. The wisdom of mentors in my life.
    6. My healthy body.
    7. The ability to share my thoughts through the written word.
    8. LIVE with Kelly and Michael for making me laugh everyday.
    9. Love and positive energy from people I come in contact with daily.
    10. For allowing me to be me :-).

  316. You – I get excited to watch the videos because you always make me giggle at the beginning and the end. 🙂
    My husband – Oh wow.
    My dog.
    The amazing superheroyou genius course last week and the INCREDIBLE gifts putting it into action it’s bringing me. Woohoo. (One of the things on the course was to choose three or more words to describe the self – what you want to be and start living them. I did it and made an acronym and now just saying the acronym floods me with a rush. And the first part of the acronym is HUGE: Happy, unlimited gratitude, enthusiastic. Quite topical ;))
    My health and energy
    My creativity
    My wonderful clients
    The amazing people in my life, family and friends, who give me so much – sometimes just thinking of them – that my heart feels like it’s going to pop because there’s no more space.
    NLP and coaching – what I give is a great reinforcer and reminder for me – a constant cycle.
    Nature from birds to mountains to rain to butterflies to the Earth. Just blows me away. We are so blessed to be here.

  317. Gratitude + Perspective…it shifts daily, but never too far off course.

    1: My children were finally able to vote in this past election!
    2: My children care enough to vote.
    3: Random conversations seem to be more spiritually conscious.
    4: Clean water via my new fave water bottle with charcoal filter.
    5: Friends that call me out on my stubborn old-pattern shit.
    6: Music. The soul + hip swirling kind.
    7: Cultivating the pleasure of my senses in everything I do.
    8: Home grown basil.
    9: My mother’s smile.
    10: Taking this moment to acknowledge my life, just as it is today.

    Yes, this list worked. Gratitude now grounded at the forefront of my inner dialogue. So back to writing I go…with love + ease in my entire body. XOX

  318. I am grateful for:
    1. Working in my PJ’s
    2. Having the courage to start my own business
    3. Dreams that seem possible to achieve
    4. Nieces and nephews
    5. My baby sister (and all my other siblings)
    6. My hardworking, supportive husband
    7. That I’ve been eating so unhealthy for a long time and my stomach is still flat and hard (boo ya!)
    8. That I have my gym clothes on (which means I am actually going to the gym today!) Yay endorphins!
    9. Mexican food
    10. The Teen Challenge Program

  319. I’ve been doing a 30 day gratitude challenge on FB so this will be easy
    1. The relationship I have with my mom – we are really good friends – I need to call her
    2. That all of my problems are those of someone who lives in the “first-world” and in a peaceful country.
    3. Travel – it has taught me so much
    4. The internet and technology that has allowed me to build a business from anywhere I am in the world inspiring people to get healthy and fit, and make money doing it.
    5. That I am a “glass half full” type of girl
    6. For my boyfriend who has given me the opportunity to live a life I never would have imagined I’d be living –
    7. For my comfort zone – and that it is big enough to get me to do scary things but not so big that I do stupid things
    8. My strength – I love feeling strong physically
    9. For the fact that we truly never stop learning.
    10. That I have so much to be thankful for… the list goes on 🙂

    Immediately after – sitting here with a smile on my face 🙂

    THANK YOU Marie – it’s nice to follow you, I always look forward to Wednesdays (reading this from New Zealand)

  320. First of all, what are hot dog fingers?!

    I am grateful for…
    1 – my wonderful children, that teach me something about myself every day!
    2- my wonderful husband, who I teach something every day (only kidding) — after years of looking in the wrong places, I finally looked in the right place and there he was
    3 – every day I am so grateful that I can type! It really makes my job easy.
    4 – my hair — I’ve let it go grey and it’s not really grey it’s blond mixed with grey and an amazing color.
    5 – that I had the courage to let my hair color go natural to find that out and to do a lot of other things that many people would shy away from doing — starting my own business, starting a parent association, getting involved and putting myself out there
    6 – Marie’s great videos that I listen to while walking in the mornings and they really give me a great start to the day
    7 – a beautiful place to live surrounded by lovely countryside
    8 – the internet for bringing me together with people I love from across the world and across the years and giving me a way to make a living
    9 – Eckhart Tolle (and Oprah for bringing me to him) for teaching me how to be present (it really works)
    10 – my mother for being a great example of an intelligent, beautiful woman — things didn’t always go her way but she taught me a lot of great stuff

  321. 1.Purring 2.Clean drinking water 3.Healthy family 4.Health insurance! 5.Anger 6.My past 7. A home 8. A job 9. Job frustration 10. My humor & passion

    • Wow. I’m surprised by my own list! I’m working hard on getting myself organized to make a change, and I see it in my list. Thank you, Marie, for letting me see this.
      old lady librarian fan

      • days later, I feel chemically changed. Not just by realizing anger is a motivator, but by READING EVERYONE ELSE’S LISTS!! And saying “oh, I should have said that” or, “I forgot that” or “really?” ha ha. Thanksgiving is over and the lists keep coming. Thank you, Marie.
        with undying gratitude,
        old lady librarian fan

  322. K

    1. Grateful for breathing.
    2. thankful for my dogchild
    3. grateful that i’m debt-free still at 26.
    4. thankful for having the wisdom to not seek the outside material things as a way for inner nourishment.
    5.grateful for shelter and food and work
    6. thankful for b-school in 2013.
    7. grateful and proud to have a fulfilling romantic relationship
    8. thankful for my wonderful relationship with my mom
    9. grateful for the knowledge nothing lasts forever and the flexibility to get through that.
    10. thankful for the health of all those I love.

  323. Rona

    1. My husband who makes me tea every morning
    2. Cuddles from my 15 year old kitty
    3. Surfing with my friends all last week
    4. A much needed vacation to Molokai
    5. My friends taking me canoe surfing last week
    6. Sold my daybed on Craigslist
    7. Fat bonus that I’m giving myself this Christmas
    8. My laser hair removal working about 80% on the first visit
    9. A call from my brother who is my heart
    10. My skin being so clear and bright after having acne for 2 years

  324. Cait

    10 Things I’m Grateful For (in no particular order):
    1) A husband who makes me laugh
    2) mashed potatoes
    3) house over my head
    4) being able to own a car
    5) my awesome employes
    6) my students
    7) my students’ parents (who pay the bills)
    8) cats
    9) family
    10) skinny jeans

  325. Karina

    10 Things I’m Grateful For

    1. my loving and supportive parents
    2. caring, kind, and fun(ny) friends
    3. health
    4. enthusiastic, dedicated, and passionate co-workers that I can be myself with
    5. the Internet and social media
    6. synchronicities
    7. my students: they’re my greatest teachers
    8. (e)books
    9. aha moments
    10. my friend’s facebook post that linked me to MarieTV and all the wonderful wisdom that’s come afterwards

    The downside? I have dozens of more things on the tips of my typing fingers to be grateful for. Talk about a hard habit to kick. Day 3 of my gratitude journal practice and I’m already going digital. Thanks Marie, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

  326. sg

    I am so very grateful for:
    1. My special house and that I was able to buy it on my own.
    2. This incredibly delicious kale salad I am eating right now and that I can afford to by myself such foods.
    3. My beautiful, loving rescue pets, each one of them brings joy daily.
    4. The opportunity to work 100% from home for almost 5 years now.
    5. A full head of hair with great, shiny, curls that is easy to care for.
    6. The many animals I have been able to rescue and place in loving homes this past year.
    7. My family who accepts me as I am and are a lot of fun.
    8. My little nephew who lights me up.
    9. The many wonderful things I get to do for myself such as pilates, massage, yoga etc. . . . and the practitioners who help me.
    10. My new purse

  327. Kelseyj

    I am grateful for:
    1) Stumbling across your inspirational videos, which always seem to be on point with what’s going on in my mind.
    2) My new ability to teach yoga and help people heal.
    3) My boyfriend/bestfriend/partner who is my greatest support and love.
    4) My family who are always there to give love and listen to me.
    5) My friends who are such go-getters, inspire me everyday to reach even higher.
    6) My schedule that I have created, which gives me oodles of time to brainstorm and work on my own business.
    7) My ability to dream fearlessly.
    8) The colour yellow.
    9) Cows, because I love cheese so so much!
    10) My current part-time job that often causes much frustration in how they operate and lacks organization. Sounds like it could be bad and at times can be very frustrating. However the people who I work for, are kind-hearted and have supported me through various changes and new adventures in my life in the past year. I only realised last week that they have given me 11 weeks off this year! Now, that is something to be grateful for.

    THANK YOU, Marie for these weekly videos! You really do inspire me and I am grateful for your Tuesday shows. I look forward to them every week!
    However, I didn’t catch the Oprah episode 🙁 as I don’t have that station. Is there a way to watch in online??

  328. Ren

    I’m grateful that gratitude is devoid of the side-effects you mentioned, such as constipation, dry mouth, and hot-dog fingers.

    You’re absolutely right. Gratitude > Pills

    Gratitude rules!

  329. Marie I am grateful for you. Inspired by what you shared with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday I approached my usually dreaded appt for an oil change on my SUV today with passion. And what happened was truly transformational. I caught myself having negative thoughts about having to be the last stop on my dealership’s shuttle (I just wanted to get back home quickly to get back to work). In that moment I decided to instead connect with the other people on the shuttle. Magic was created with that decision. The short story is that after being dropped off at home, I wound up experiencing a fire for the first time in my life – a literal kitchen fire. When I finally arrived back at the dealership after putting out the fire I had a massive headache and just felt I needed to speak about the frightening experience and about how the situation and about how it went from bad to worse. I didn’t want to share it with my husband when he came back from his business trip later today. I knew it would upset him and didn’t want to do that to him. I tried to share it with the shuttle driver when he picked me up to pick up my SUV, but he didn’t really understand English. Wouldn’t you know that when I got back to the dealership, the very woman who I had connected most with this morning on the first shuttle happened to be back there at the same time as me. She was happy to let me work thru the scare with her and even gave me some ideas that really helped me. It all came from your powerful advice of being passionate about whatever we are doing (from making the bed to doing to the dishes). Thank you Marie. I am so grateful. Life lived this way can never be the same. How wonderful that is.

  330. Wow! Love love love this episode of MarieTV. You are so right about the positive effects of gratitude. I’ve shared this with my team because I agree with it so much. It’s the next addition to my positivity project I started this year! So… this is what I am grateful for right now:

    1. My loving and supportive Fiancé.
    2. My wonderful family and friends.
    3. The motivated, talented team at Wealth Enhancers.
    4. All the young female entrepreneur’s who have become a part of the League of Extraordinary Women.
    5. My co-founders at the League of Extraordinary Women.
    6. My new book, Get Rich Slow!!!
    7. All the bookstores (Dymocks, Collins, BigW, Newslink, etc) that have agreed to stock it – Thaaaank you.
    8. My publisher, John Wiley & Sons.
    9. Having known my beautiful nana who passed away 2 weeks ago, what and beautiful lady.
    10. Myself, for being brave enough to create a life that I love.

  331. 1) My husband
    2) My beautiful baby boy turning 8 months this week
    3) The roof over my head
    4) My true friends – they make me laugh when I’m pissy
    5) Meditation – I’m just starting but already see a shift
    6) My vision – it will happen
    7) My parents – they weren’t perfect, but they gave me all I needed
    8) Haagen Daaz Vanilla Swiss Almond – got me through preggers
    9) Laughter – out of all the medicine it is truly the best
    10) Social Media – it has helped me discover my talent and connect with likeminded people

  332. I’m grateful…
    …to have been born into literally the most amazing family on the planet.
    …to live my life surrounded by amazing friends old and new.
    …for the country I live in (Canada!)
    …that my life is above all, filled with love
    …to have a job that I’m good at and that I enjoy
    …for the big dreams I have and that I have yet to see come true – so much to look forward to!
    …to be a WOMAN in the best era for women yet.
    …for every single lesson I’ve learned “the hard way” (is there another way to learn?) yup, those lessons I have got down pat!
    …for coffee and wine, laughter and sex, sunshine and the ocean – the parts of life that really make it worth living.

    I’m grateful to finally be learning that despite my perceived shortcomings, failures, weaknesses and vices… I am enough. I am unique. I am here for a reason, and all those elements of myself that might be deemed flaws are actually what make me human. And above all, my humanity is what makes me beautiful.
    Thanks Marie – great reminder. xx

    • Hi Summer

      I think we posted these at the same time – where are you from? 🙂

      Tammy, fellow Canadian

  333. 10 things I am grateful for:

    1. My health
    2. 3 perfect children
    3. My motorcycle
    4. Living in Canada
    5. A summer of the most perfect weather ever 🙂
    6. Marie Forleo
    7. My family
    8. Great friends
    9. My self-sufficiency
    10. The universe

    Not in any particular order 🙂

    By writing this list down, I came up with a great gift idea for a friend/coworker from India getting married (arranged marriage).

    Thanks Marie!

  334. 1. My health – that I am free from pain and strong
    2. A family that calls me every week even though I’ve been away from home for 6 years
    3. A husband that is also my best friend, business partner and soul mate, and who goes above and beyond to make me happy
    4. My brother and sister for knowing me all these years and still loving me
    5. The chance to work on a business I adore
    6. The Internet and technology – for making my business possible and for connecting me with women like you, Marie!
    7. Fruits, vegetables, rice, and the farmers who grow and harvest them 🙂
    8. My dog. For making me smile, keeping me active, giving the best hugs (and following me everywhere)
    9. A warm, comfortable home
    10. Having friends all over the world that teach me new things and challenge my status quo.

  335. Claudia

    I am grateful for the following 10 things this year:
    1. My amazing mind that has the ability to learn new concepts, meditate, and reframe negatives into positives.
    2. My amazing body that allows me to live this beautiful life.
    3. My gorgeous husband who has stood by my side for the past 17 years.
    4. My handsome son, who reminds me what it is like to have fun.
    5. My beautiful daughter, who reminds me of what real femininity is all about – love.
    6. The experiences in my life (good and bad) that have made me who I am.
    7. My cute little house that provides us all shelter and a place to call home.
    8. My job that allows us to live comfortably while providing me an outlet to help others.
    9. My adorable little doggie that is always looking to cuddle.
    10. My family. My mom and for all that she still does for me and my kids.

    Sending you all so much love and blessings this holiday season. May you all be surrounded by those your love and those who love you.

  336. Thanks for a great vid, as always. Here is my gratitude list:

    1. I am very grateful for finding your web page and Q&A-vids today. Helped me a lot (and I realized it’s you who wrote that great dating book I read a few years ago! Small world… ;oP )
    2. I am grateful for my business, that I’m doing what I really really love to do (coaching, speaking & writing).
    3. I am soo grateful for all the work I’ve done with my self during the years. Self development is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself and those close to you.
    4. I am grateful for all the hope that I’m feeling about the future.
    5. I am very grateful for my wonderful, wise and honest friend Julia. <3
    6. I am grateful for my wonderful, cozy, beautiful, strong and healthy body. It rocks!
    7. I am grateful for living so close to a beautiful forest.
    8. Men
    9. My family
    10. Possibilities

  337. I am actually doing a 30 day gratitude challenge with a couple of friends, where we post everyday something we are grateful for. On day 9, but sadly it’s bringing up some things that I long for and don’t have and am trying to be patien about. Argh. Anywho, my list:
    1. My health – hardly ever get sick, both parents have high BP, I fall at low end of the BP scale
    2. My youthfulness – in my early 30s but consistently mistaken for early 20s (I guess black dont crack)
    3. Though I yearn for romance and a family of my own, I am insanely grateful for my family and friends
    4. Kind words and inspiration
    5. A roof over my head
    6. Awareness of the beauty in the mundane
    7. Art, film, books
    8. The uniqueness of others
    9. Sore muscles to remind me to be proud of the physical work of exercise that I do
    10. The exercising itself to keep me sane

  338. Jessica Flynn

    1 I am grateful for the air in my lungs and that I wake up each mor I g with opportunity
    2 I am grateful that I am loved by my fiancée my family and my dogs and at
    3 for my comfy bed
    4 for the opportunities I have to make a difference
    5 my home
    6 the sunshine
    7 the ability to keep going
    8 my grass in the backyard
    9 my mum and dad
    10 mine and my families health

    • Your list made me smile.

  339. 10 things I’m grateful for:

    1) Not having to work in an office
    2) Waking up at 8 am or even 9 if I want to
    3) Having amazing friends to share wisdom and love with
    4) Discovering yoga and now being a yoga teacher
    5) That I went to art school and made my own way in education
    6) Using my creativity every day
    7) Having a supportive life partner
    8) Living in Mexico and specially in Oaxaca, a beautiful city.
    9) Being free to make my own decissions
    10) My lovely rescued cat


  340. I am MASSIVELY grateful for so many things, but here’s a list for today.

    1. My inner struggles in my early 20s –> how they led to an incredibly colorful, unique and beautiful business and life.

    2. YOU for reading, watching, commenting and being a part of this massively inspiring global community!! LOVE YOU!!

    3. Kuma for his non-stop wiggling butt and willingness to play at any moment.

    4. Josh for being one of the funniest, wisest, most compassionate, loving, generous and brave men I’ve met.

    5. Team Forleo for their GENIUS, heart, soul, creativity, and wicked humor in all that we do!

    6. Family Forleo for their wackiness, straight-talk, and Jersey-ness and massive amounts of thick, shiny hair 🙂

    7. My friends – they are all loving, kind, brilliant, geniuses and damn fun!!

    8. The Meatball Shop’s vegetarian meatballs with mushroom gravy. It’s an NYC thang.

    9. OPRAH and the entire Harpo team for being even more spectacular in person than I dreamed.

    10. Every teacher I’ve ever had and ever will.

    • So true Marie, this is massive. Thank You for being MY teacher xx..

  341. Marcella

    10 Things I’m grateful for:
    1) Salsa dancing and having my body to express the music
    2)Being healthy and active
    3)My dishes -there was a time, I didn’t have many of them
    4)My dog, Mambo
    5)Living near the ocean
    6)Having yellow walls in my living room
    7) Being able to buy local fish and local produce
    8)My life
    9) Meditation

  342. Tanya

    1) great weather… beautiful, breezy, clear days.
    2) interior doors… finally.
    3) all my many books.
    4) my husband.
    5) my animals.
    6) new and scary work opportunity.
    7) feeling positive and excited about life.
    8) good food.
    9) clean laundry.
    10) amazing friends.

  343. Catt

    10 Things I am grateful for:
    1. Online communities where we can all share and learn more from each other.
    2. My computer and my iPhone..modern technology I afford in general.
    3. My big heart and desire to improve
    4. My capability to travel
    5. My body and all the wonderful things it does for me
    6. My emotions and all the beautiful things they tell me
    7. Happy upbeat people and close friends I can look to for guidance when I need
    8. Every single circumstance that has been presented in my life that has brought me to this moment right now.
    9. My friends and the love and support they have.
    10. My beautiful relationship with the sweetest boy I have ever met.

  344. Marisa

    Marie what a great exercise to do! I think starting a gratitude journal is a wonderful idea. Thanks for all the inspiration you give!! You rock!

    Things I am grateful for:
    1. My amazing family
    2.My wonderful best friend Keeley who is like a sister and always there when I need her.
    3. My phenomenal boyfriend who loves and supports me no matter what state I am in
    4. The ability to vote and live in a free country
    5. Grateful for the wonderful friends I have in my life
    6. I am grateful for the beautiful house that I live in
    7. I am grateful for the education that I had the privilege of receiving
    8. I am grateful for Jackie, she is a wonderful lady who has taught me so much about being selfless and giving to others
    9. I am grateful for all of the traveling I have been able to do
    10. I am grateful for my health and to be alive

  345. 1. cliche but im thankful for my little boy. he changed my life and challenges me every day

    2. the journey im on creating my own business, its super exciting and amazing to see something come to life that you are working so hard on.

    3. My gay marketing BFF Michael Mcnish he and people like him who light that fire to keep me going when im all wtf am i meant to be doing

    4. my super friends who have changed over the past few years to more supportive upbeat people. its true you cant keep up that supportive upbeat personality yourself all day every day if you cant feed and feed off of other people.

    5. having a ridiculously expensive roof over my head. because doing so means i keep my father above board moneywise while he helps my grandmother who is 93 years old and needs the support of a family member at all times.

    6. Its coming into summer here. i cant wait to get some gorgeous summer days. we live right next to the town pool so im making it my personal mission this year to go atleast twice a week.

    7. looking for a job. an odd one i know. but its amazing all the things that come out of your brain when youre looking for a job you love. currently i need a job to support my business as i live in a small town and im just getting started. but im looking forward to the day when i dont need a job and my business supports itself. so looking for a job for me is a natural thing to be greatful for because it helps to support who i am, what i want to do and how im going to do it.

    8. living in new zealand. yes we have crime, and all the rest of it, yes some of it is horrific, but its nothing compared to what some people live with every day.

    9. my mother coming home from denmark, she went off and did her own thing for awhile, but i would love her support looking after my child while i try and get off the ground and hey presto here she is (and i didnt even have to ask it just happened)

    10. for being me, because im pretty awesome 😀

  346. Cynthia

    Ok, this is hard because I have been letting myself beat myself mentally for a few months now, but here it goes. The 10 things I am grateful for are:

    1. This big mug of hot chocolate by my desk.
    2. The ability to make hot chocolate on a cold Tuesday morning in my kitchen.
    3. My comfy cozy home.
    4. My mother, she’s awesome.
    5. Being able to take a month long trip that I planned and financed myself.
    6. Having control of how I spend my time.
    7. My health.
    8. My PS3.
    9. The internet
    10. A good book.

    Wow, when I got to the end of this list, I found that I could have listed 10 more things. lol! I like this exercise!

  347. Minnie

    Grateful for:

    1.) This hiatus to kind of, introspect on what’s happened in my life thus far.
    2.) Mrs. A, my teacher, that is a life in my life
    3.) My mother, when she is at her best
    4.) My father, especially when he makes me laugh in the kitchen
    5.) My father’s extraordinary cooking skills
    6.) That my mother took me to piano lessons when I was a kid
    7.) The beautiful autumn weather outside my house right now
    8.) That I’m almost done with my defensive driving course
    9.) Pentatonix
    10.) Great writers
    11.) Having friends

  348. 1. My boyfriend. Our deep conversations light me up. He gets me.

    2. The internet. It’s opened my eyes, broadened my horizons and hooked me up.

    3. Pen and paper. There’s nothing quite like ’em.

    4. My dog, The apple of my eye and the source of all my giggles.

    5. Autumn and spring. The seasons of transformation are so pretty.

    6. Street dance class. Endorphins galore!

    7. Running and learning at the same time (thank you iTunes).

    8. Yoga, especially the generously free variety that you can find online (thank you Esther Ekhart!). It means I don’t even have to leave my bedroom.

    9. My red hair. I let it plague me for so long. Now I love that it makes me different.

    10. Plants. They fuel me every day. Nature’s medicine.

  349. Wow, I haven’t even started and I’m already feeling the RAID effect. Here we go…
    1. Fred for being such a supportive and loving husband, amazing father, and hardass worker.

    2. Our amazing boys, Austin, Ethan and Matthew for being so funny, creative, and snuggle-icious. I can eat them to pieces! Nom, nom, nom.

    3. My parents and brother who’ve never, ever, ever, ever stopped believing in me. My eternal cheerleaders.

    3. The health and safety of Fred, Boys, Parents, and Brother.

    4. Marie Forleo and all of the amazing teachers I’ve learned from this past year because of her: Roeder, Anne Samoilov, Sarah Burns, Dean Jackson, Joe Polish, and Mastin Kipp. Girl, your like family in my book.

    5. J Brand Jeans and Cole Haan shoes and bags because they always make me look and feel so pretty.

    6. My two girls – Well Styled and The Paid Stylist – who have helped me live out the life of my dreams.

    7. All of the women who have come into my life because of Well Styled and The Paid Stylist. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me into your life. I’m forever humbled.

    8. The crazy talented team of women who help me run Well Styled and The Paid Stylist.

    9. Bobbi Brown makeup. Enough said.

    10. Grace and Mercy.

    [enter tears of joy here]

  350. My amazing and supportive boyfriend
    My spiritual community & Meditation Practice
    My support of Friends and Family
    My amazing Staff that supports me and gits SH*T done!
    That I got to go to RHH Live this year!
    My juicer!
    My chef and personal trainer for keeping me healthy and fit (when I drag ass)
    My warm bed and fantastic apartment
    The Sunny CA weather
    This Website

  351. I love gratitude journals and every night I write down the 5 things I’m grateful for from that day.

    My list of things I’m grateful for:
    1. My faith
    2. My boyfriend
    3. My family
    4. My health
    5. Starting my own business SaFire Training!
    6. The ability to coach basketball
    7. The ability to be a role model for the next generation
    8. Working with seniors on their fitness
    9. Supportive friends
    10. My grandma- as I get older see a lot of the qualities she has now are instilled in me.

  352. Ten Things I am Grateful For…

    1. My family and my man. They are so supportive and have my back no matter what.

    2. Crossfit. It pushes my past what my mental limitations are daily and have helped me discover that strength is beauty. Abs, delts and glutes are all bi-products of making myself stronger and doing what I love. I’ve never had this kind of confidence in my life.

    3. Tampons. Sorry, but think about it. They are certainly something to be thankful for!

    4. Airplanes. They make it possible to get everywhere I want to go.

    5. The United State Military. They protect us 🙂

    6. Sunshine. The rain is so depressing, I love warm sunny days more than anything in the world.

    7. Lululemon. My bank account is not grateful for this, but I am.

    8. Nut butter. It’s so delicious and a spoonful of almond butter makes any cravings I have for sweets go away!

    9. The internet. Because encyclopedias and watching the news are not that efficient. The internet also allows me to do the job I do (online personal training) and it allows me to connect with people all over the world!

    10. My iPhone. Because I can do everything I said above from anywhere these days!

  353. 1- I am thankful for a great husband!
    2- I am thankful for my stepdaughter Eliza!
    3- I am thankful for my daughter!
    4- I am thankful for 3 great sons!
    5- I am thankful for my belief in God and all He does for me.
    6- I am thankful for modern medicine, without it I would not be alive today.
    7- I am thankful for great friends!
    8- I am thankful for kind neighbors!
    9- I am thankful for my dogs.
    10- I am especially thankful for my grandkids! They are the topping on life!

  354. Ashley Lilly

    I am grateful for:

    1. Marie Forleo and her awesome inspiration:)
    2. My mom and dad
    3. My sister Jasmine
    4. My amazing friends in college
    5. God’s love and guidance
    6. The fact that I have all the food, clothing, clean water, and other material needs
    7. The fact that, even though our house needs repair, we have not lost it completely after the storm
    8. Beautiful Christmas decorations
    9. The opportunity to earn a college degree and get an education
    10. My awesome roommate

    I feel instantly more happy light, and just all around more positive:) Very cool!<3

  355. A few months ago I realized that I was getting more funks than not. I started a gratitude journal and at the end of every day, I’d write down 3-5 things. But recently I started writing 5 things first thing in the morning too. The morning ones actually work the best. They start my day off right!
    I am grateful for
    1. cool autumn mornings
    2. comfy, warm bed
    3. the internet
    4. pumpkin flavored yumminess – pie, bread, scones, etc
    5. live chat help
    6. awesome MuayThai instructors
    7. homemade soup
    8. craigslist
    9. wordpress
    10. orgasms

  356. Tammra

    Besides all the good that you and your team have brought to me via the internet I am also grateful for….

    * – My incredibly handsome and sexy husband and the skin tingling, mind and body freeing, stress relieving, (After re-reading this, it sounds like it’s leading up to talking about an orgasm but keep reading….lol….) lightening of shoulders, getting my sparkle back, incredible place in our relationship where my husband and I recently found ourselves after finally having communicated (3 – 5 hour sessions) so openly, honestly and freely about recent events that forced us into the conversation and about things and emotions that had been hiding in the background and affecting us for years. * – Finding my balls per se and speaking my truth without worry about the outcome ie; taking care of myself finally.

    * – Seeing an incredibly beautiful and deep side of my husband I never saw before.

    * – Perspective – Remembering to look at others perspectives instead of listening to my wild imagination gone bad.

    * – The hard times and challenges I’ve had and what I’ve learned from them. Finding the positive in the negative.

    * – Seeing my son live things I have taught him and coming to me for my opinion occasionally. (And seeing him open the car door for his girlfriend even after a year and a half – makes me smile)

    * – My good health, eyesite, hearing, etc

    * – Home, water, food, car, bed etc.

    * – My spirituality, openess to learn, sensitivity, creative mind, silliness, compassion, empathy,

    * – Our close friends who are always there for us and the open and spiritual discussions we have that challenge all of us.

    * – Sunrises, sunsets, travel, hot tubs, whiskey, wine, cornfields, traditions, breaking traditions, pets who are always happy to see you when you come home, dancing, laughter, smiles, love letters, flowers for no reason, wood heat, campfires, the adrenaline rush of dirt biking, the peacefulness of sailing, working in my woodshop and cooking, making others smile, (((Hugs))), love, sleep, toes in the sand, private back yard/acerage, the smell of a steak on the grill, homemade bread and chocolate chip cookies, sunshine, the colors of autumn, creating/making things from scratch, hodling hands, cuddling, swimming, ………………………

    I could go on and on….and I will, just for me. ; )

  357. 10 things I’m grateful for:

    1. The love in my life. I’m so blessed to have friends, family, and a boyfriend who I love and respect, and who love and respect me!
    2. Random acts of kindness, and being open to both giving and receiving them.
    3. The incredibly beautiful world I live in. It’s always a reminder that even in the most stressful situations, I can always come down to “earth” and appreciate the small things (because they’re never really that small).
    4. My health and happiness.
    5. Finding this website, B-School, and the incredible group of women who are now a part of my life through the experience.
    6. The loving people in the world who always seem to make my day more beautiful, and remind me of the goodness that’s around me.
    7. My new business (thanks to B-School)! Thanks to you Marie, I’ve found my vocation, my soulful purpose, my mission — and I’m so, so blessed and grateful for that.
    8. The humbling moments that keep me rooted, and remind me to embrace and honor the great moments.
    9. Waking up this morning to beautiful sunrays falling onto my floor.
    10. My cat, Oliver. He’s just the cutest 🙂

  358. Taking away my pity parties!?

    Hey, Marie – loved you and the gang on Oprah! You did a great job – you were awesome, as usual.

    Okay, here is my 10 things I am grateful for list:

    1. My son – funny, smart, healthy, loving
    2. My dog- rescued her and she rescued me right back!
    3. My Mom- supportive, encouraging and she’s got my back!
    4. Mobility – love all the gadgets and tools that allow me to work when ever and wherever I am!
    5. Great friends! tried and true
    6. My gypsy spirit that loves to travel, often against all reason
    7. My work! Helping other DO GOOD!
    8. Coffee (and most warm beverages – cocoa, tea, cider – maybe I like mugs …)
    9. Great Quotes! I love a great inspirational quote – sometimes they are Marie’s tweetables
    10. Internet or web or whatever you want to call it – the thing that allows me to find answers to most questions, watch Marie on Marie TV, see Oprah’s Soul Sundays online, blog, tweet, connect, etc.

    Thanks to you for Marie TV and all things Marie!

  359. Leigh Ann

    1. I have a wonderful husband. I will never want for love or kindness as long as we’re together.
    2. I have a good relationship with my mom and dad.
    3. I make enough money to give to charity when I can.
    4. My pets bring me great joy in life.
    5. I have overcome many health obstacles and come out a stronger person in the process.
    6. I have a valuable skill that I can use to help others.
    7. I have good friends who make me laugh.
    8. The only limits in my life are the ones I’ve imposed on myself.
    9. I had the opportunity to get an education.
    10. I live in a country where I can vote and participate in the political process.
    11. I live in a relatively peaceful country.
    12. I have plenty of food and a warm home.
    13. People respect my talents and value my opinion.
    14. My dad has survived three heart attacks and is still able to work and enjoy his hobbies.

  360. 1. It’s my birthday:) 42 years young!
    2. that I got out of Costco today relatively unscathed
    3. my three teenage kids that make me laugh so hard because they are so smart, goofy, and include me in their fun
    4. my beautiful little (big) kitty who is my twin in feline form
    5. that my husband planned a birthday dinner for me tonight without my help!
    6. my car that takes me everywhere
    7. my warm Ugg knockoff boots
    8. getting a check in the mail today from one of my wholesale accounts!
    9. my friends
    10. a new beginning everyday

    Good to make a list, I have been feeling a little down lately, this is my first birthday since my mom passed away almost 8 months ago…birthdays become bittersweet. But my life, though turbulent at times, is full of people whom I love and I know love me. Watching my mom as she spent her last days surrounded my those she loved, I realized that is all we can every ask for, and all we really want. I am truly blessed, and wish the same blessing on everyone here! May we all be safe, May we all be happy, May we all be healthy, and May we all live our lives with ease! Happy day:)

  361. Cristina

    Wow did I need this today! I am trying to get pregnant and had bad news at the doctors today that feels like it turned my life upside down.

    So let’s see if this works.

    1) My yellow lab 2) family and friends 3) my job 4) my house 5)my eyes 6)my sense of humor 7)green juice 8) you 9)the mild weather 10) tacos

  362. Perfect exercise for me to do right now!

    1) My amazing family! My parents are probably the most supportive on the planet. They accept me for who I am and encourage me to live in my full brilliance and potential. My little niece inspires me and I have an ever-growing relationship with my bro and his wife.
    2) Mr. Ben Franklin sitting in my wallet. I’m developing a sweet relationship with him. 🙂
    3) My health. I am strong, fit and clean.
    4) My sisterhood. I have so many incredible women surrounding me in my life right now. I know I can count on any of my sisters.
    5) My business. So grateful for the impact I’ve had and the continued growth.
    6) The Artist Way. I am so thankful that book landed in my lap. I am so grateful for my creativity that is coming out in a major way right now!
    7) My courage to tell the truth.
    8) For my heart continuing to open and expand.
    9) Living in a beautiful city where I can enjoy nature on a daily basis.
    10) Knowing my purpose on earth.

  363. Marceda Mason-Shambery

    Hi Marie!
    You are such an inspiration to me! I loved watching you guys on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah. I recorded it, as I intend to replay it frequently! 🙂
    This is my first time posting comments. Rather, I typically observe the comments posted by all of your really insightful and brave followers. 🙂
    I am truly blessed and grateful for the following:
    1.Having been able to be at home with my children for the past two years without the distraction of my stressful career.
    2.The ability to reconnect with my husband, who is so loving and supportive.
    3.My beautiful home and family, and financial stability.
    4.Healthy family (my husband, children, father and in-laws).
    5.Our safe neighborhood and excellent school system.
    6.Spirit..that leads and guides me along my life path.
    7.That I have options and opportunities. I’m not certain what my purpose is, but I know that there is a purpose for my life.
    8.I am thankful for the infinite possibilities that lie ahead of me.
    9.I am thankful for God’s constant love and protection.
    10.I am thankful for being lead to you, Marie. You motivate and inspire me.

    Wow, I am so glad I took the time to write down the things I’m thankful for! I feel soooo much better. I suffer from depression, and sometimes just finding the motivation to do something, ANYTHING, is a challenge. I believe that I can have a successful business. I know I can! I just need to find the strength inside of me to take the first steps towards reaching that goal.

    Thank you, Marie! You are truly a blessing to me.

    Marceda Mason-Shambery

  364. I’m grateful for…

    1. My health
    2. Family & friends
    3. My clients
    4. Living in Hawaii
    5. Prosperity
    6. Listening to the bird outside my window each morning
    7. Peace and quiet
    8. Mother nature
    9. Doing work I love
    10. Being alive

  365. Great video Marie! I always look forward to Tuesdays to see what you have in store for us! The 10 things I am grateful for are:

    1. Being part of a resourceful and supportive community at
    2. My family and friends
    3. My church community
    4. New opportunities to grow
    5. My health after years of working hard to be healthy
    6. Finding my passion in life
    7. Taking the first steps to become debt free
    8. The ability to help others
    9. A safe and warm house
    10. Food in the fridge and clothes on my back

  366. hannah

    1. my parents
    2. living in a wonderful city
    3. having choices
    4. my age
    5. my siblings and friends
    6. my health
    7. my future
    8. my eyes
    9. the internet
    10. God

  367. Love this idea, thank you for the continued inspiration. Here are my 10 for today:

    1. My sweet, funny, smart nearly 3-year old daughter
    2. recently celebrating 10 years together with a trip to Hawaii
    3. Knitting, for it’s ability to connect me with my deepest creativity and for calming me down on my Crazy Days.
    4. Handmade ceramic mugs, so perfect for tea and hot cocoa this time of year
    5. Our new home! I’m super excited to get out the holiday decorations next week.
    6. The mild Oregon climate; just cool enough for handknits, not cold enough for regular snow.
    7. Friends who bring freshly baked banana bread to me at the shop.
    8. Clean sheets.
    9. People who share the gift of being 100% themselves.
    10. Orbitz for making it possible for us to fly last minute to be with my family on Thanksgiving.

  368. Grateful for:

    1. water
    2. internet
    3. people pursuing their passion in face of the unknown
    4. sacred spaces
    5. everyone I came into contact with today
    6. life coaches
    7. soul sistas
    8. family
    9. my man
    10. sun shining on my face

  369. 1. my family
    2. my faith
    3. a home
    4. support while dream chasing
    5. food
    6. health
    7. my senses
    8. sunshine
    9. color everywhere
    10. technology and connections

  370. Patti

    1. My health
    2. My dogs, who mean the world to me
    3. My husband’s love
    4. My brothers and sisters
    5. My extended family
    6. My positive outlook (most days)
    7. the experiences that helped create who I am today
    8. other people who like to make a difference
    9. the changing seasons
    10. music b/c it makes me feel alive and more like myself, when listening to it

  371. Melanie

    1. My healthy children
    2. Working from home
    3. NuSkin Vitality-saved my life
    4. Nice house
    5. Lots of friends
    6. Enough
    7. Fall weather
    8. new running group
    9.Channing Tatum
    10. Elections are over

  372. Amy

    1. My brilliant, gorgeous, hilarious, sensitive, loving man.

    2. My healthy, beautiful, smart, hilarious son.

    3. My healthy, beautiful, smart, hilarious daughter.

    4. Amazing friends who love me and lift me up.

    5. Loving family who will go to the mat for me, always.

    6. My home, my favorite place to be.

    7. Tribal bellydance.

    8. Jack White.

    9. My dishwasher.

    10. Whiskey.

  373. Silvia

    The things I’m grateful for are many…
    The courage that I had when I took the decision to change my life and starting to follow my dreams
    The persons I met in the last 12 months (when the journey of my life started)
    The body that I have and the fact that i’m healthy
    The money I have
    The city where now I live!
    Rhonda Byrne’s books, AJ Hoge’s English lessons, Marie Forleo’s video
    My family that loves me unconditionally and always did it!
    The opportunity to celebrate my birthday travelling!
    The panoramic view that I enjoy from the 8th floor, that just makes me feel like the queen of the world!
    People that encouraged me and persons that, by their actions, showed me how NOT to do some things!
    Thank you, Marie Forleo!

  374. Soooooo full of gratitude for:
    1) My amazing girlfriend

    2) My parents who are always 100% supportive of the choices that I make in my life. Their unconditional love, kindness and spark for life.

    3) My two cats, Mr. Socks and Panda. Talk about unconditional love!!

    4) I am thankful for all of the lessons that I have learned in my life. Without them, I would not be where I am today (and i’m quite happy with where I am!)

    5) My health and my awesome bod!

    6) My green juice every morning

    7) Meditation

    8) My guts for quitting my job and working on my own empire!

    9) My MacbookAir

    10) coming across great spiritual guides in the form of books

  375. Peggy

    WOW…Marie – I met you via the Oprah Soul Sunday episode with Gabrielle and Mastin. I was totally blown away. It was simply extraordinary.

    I have long been a fan of gratitude journaling….it has enhanced and changed my life. Thank YOU for this video!!

    (1) I am grateful for the Internet that brings us fabulous people like Marie, Gabrielle, Mastin, Kavita, Arielle, Oprah!! You all rock!!

    (2) I am grateful for my job that affords me the ability to work and share gratitude with friends and co-workers.

    (3) I am grateful for my amazing mom. She rocks.

    (4) I am grateful for the class that I have taken with Kavita J. Patel called Done With Being Single.

    (5) I am grateful for the shifts in my relationship with my mom and siblings via that class.

    (6) I am grateful for my car that allows me to travel to and from work.

    (7) I am grateful for all of my Gordon Setters – Twister, Drifter, Scorch, Cressi, Rainy, and Dazzle. They are black and tan angels who keep me sane!!

    (8) I am grateful for friends who share spirituality and abundance study with me.

    (9) I am grateful for the beautiful November weather we have had in Wisconsin.

    (10) I am grateful for the ability to write a bi-monthly column for a new magazine in my area – my topic came to me when watching Oprah’s show on Sunday…..and it is gratitude!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you all be abundantly blessed!!

    Peggy 🙂

  376. Hi Marie!

    GREAT episode! LOL @ raid!

    10 things I’m grateful for:

    1. Pole dancing!!!!!!! I just nailed a move called the hangback today! 😀 This involves hanging upside down on the pole with only my legs!

    2. All the physical activities I have done and am doing- boxing, thai boxing, krav maga, circus acrobatics, climbing, bellydance, pole dance and many more!

    3. My lovely mum

    4. A safe house to come into, from the rain

    5. My pole teacher’s encouragement and high five today 🙂

    6. Being able to print off some pictures I really wanted to, so I can stick them up on my wall!

    7. Winning ‘Video Rockstar University’ prize of the week! YAY!

    8. That I am healthy and recovered from labyrinthitis within a few days!

    9. That I have all my limbs!

    10. That my heart is beating 🙂

    11. My long eyelashes!

    Roshini XXX

  377. Thankyou for a lovely inspiring episode Marie 🙂 I also watched parts of the replay of Oprah Soul Sunday Show and found it really inspiring! I actually felt myself automatically doing this the other day after watching the episode.. so here goes..

    My Gratitude List
    1. My Lovely Spunky Loving Man
    2. Having a space to do what I like every day
    3. Music – creating it, listening to it, dancing to it..
    4. That I am living in Berlin ( one of my dreams )
    5. That I get to play music for a living ( one of my dreams )
    6. Chocolate
    7. My Family & Friends
    8. My awesome Laptop
    9. That I have had an adventurous life so far!
    10. That I have faith in things working out…

    I feel good. haha.. actually I recorded a new cover version of ‘Feeling Good’ today and uploaded it to my and I have had lots of lovely comments from people listening to it that really uplifted me too – so I am grateful for that too – and the ability to share the love! 🙂 x Prita

  378. Thanks Marie! Awesome episode! Feeling the gratitude for sure! I have been keeping my Gratitude Log book fora couple of months and MAGIC HAPPENS!
    I am grateful for:

    1. the Creator
    2. my passions
    3. my family & friends
    4. Red Velvet cupcakes 😉
    5. My income
    6. My breathe
    7. Yoga
    8. Dance
    7. Great Music
    8. Technology
    9. The abundance and variety of food!
    10. for this life!

    I’ll let you in on a secret of Gratitude! U can write about the things you don’t have and be grateful and you will be surprised at what happens.. The feelings which you emit when writing them magnetizes what you want to you! U have to try it. Its great to practice Gratitude as soon as you wake up and before you got to sleep… to set your day with that vibration in order for u to live the celebration! The more Gratitude u have it allows u to live in Grace! Speaking from experience! Much Love & Gratitude

  379. Things I am grateful for
    1. My amazing work colleagues, who keep me laughing 8 hours a day!
    2. The Internet – being able connect and learn so much online
    3. Time to work on my blog, and the blogging your way course I just completed
    4. The amazing boyfriend I have and the even more awesome weekend we had together, falling in love over and over again
    5. My feather duvet
    6. Glasses so that I can see clearly
    7.super soul Sunday repeats
    8. Beautiful scarfs to keep me warm in winter
    9. Creative ideas that come into my head
    10. Every beautiful blog out there that inspires me!

    No side effects – just happy thoughts! X

  380. Lucille Rogers

    Thank you Marie for the prompt to ‘go public’ with our gratitude!!

    I am grateful that my husband is being made redundant today and for the opportunity that brings to re-write the next chapter of our lives, I am grateful for his dedicated heart to us his family, I am grateful he is open to & excited about looking at doing things differently going forward, I am forever grateful for our three beautiful kids & that they chose us to hang with while in this life & all they teach me about patience, love & grace everyday, I am grateful to my bones for my awesome sisters & my beautiful brother, I am grateful to my parents for giving me life, I am endlessly grateful to my mother for her mantra that we must make a contribution to the world, I am grateful that we have more than enough – of everything, I love and am grateful for my dedicated, loyal & always uplifting business partners & the opportunity to work from home & am so grateful to live in Australia where the air is clean, the food plenty & in peaceful times. Thank you Life!

  381. Whoa Marie! Where have you been? Where have I been? So glad I found you. You have no idea how divine your timing was… so here’s my grateful-bread list:

    1. my mind and soul and body
    2. my yummy partner Ted
    3. my valerie, brooke, madison, emory, and billy
    4. my kitties
    5. my writing
    6. working from my home office
    7. living in santa monica
    8. my friends, especially the ones who “get” me
    9. my author/clients
    10. hey, my whole frickin’ life — ups, downs, and neutrals included

    OK, I have to admit — I do feel a teensy bit better now!

    Mucho gratitude,
    CJ Schepers
    Author of The Money Raft: Daily Inspirations to Keep You Afloat

  382. Eva

    Great episode Marie :o)

    I am grateful for:
    1. My family
    2. Great friends
    3. My home
    4. MarieTV :o) and all your awesome work !!
    5. The OWN Network
    6. Hay House Radio and all the great authors
    7. My great connection to spirit
    8. My Meditation practice
    9. My health
    10. Providing for my family

  383. Great show Marie, this is an easy one.
    1. My health
    2. My family and friends
    3. The beautiful home I now live in overlooking the ocean (sure beats the crappy apartment I had only 3 short years ago)
    4. My ever expanding business
    5. My new iPad mini, (finally landed one of these hard to get suckers:)
    6. The new video show I’m creating with that new iPad mini:)
    7. My creative brain that comes up with so many exciting ideas.
    8. My since of humor and ability to have fun
    9. My relationship with god
    10. The fact that I can acknowledge that I have a lot to be grateful for.

    Life is good, gratitude reminds me of that! thanks again Marie

  384. Dariece

    I am grateful for…my husband, my dog, my cat, indoor plumbing, yoga, Sons of Anarchy is on tonight(!), my own business, a friend who made me lunch today, animal rescue groups, owning my own home.

  385. I’m grateful for
    1. My five beautiful daughters!
    2. The lessons that raising those daughters has taught be about my strength.
    3. The lessons that I have learned over the last 2 years of my life that have taken me to some new lows so I could really appreciate the highs.
    4. My 3 fabulous grandbabies!
    5. My wonderful employer Saundra! She is my fairy godmother who answered a prayer that I never whispered out loud because I was afraid to be disappointed.
    6. The wonderful new friends I have made at my job.
    7. My birds….love em!
    8. My home in a dream community.
    9. For my health…I know how quickly it can fade.
    10. For love lost.

  386. I love how this practice connects with what I’ve been learning in Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts. And, love that I have so much to be grateful for. Here’s my list of 10:

    1. My amazing and supportive husband who is also my best friend.
    2. My adorable dog who provides unconditional love always.
    3. S Factor and the fabulous teachers who have taken me on an incredible journey for the past 7 years.
    4. Mama Gena and her School for Womanly Arts, which has been transforming my life these past few weeks.
    5. My sister who has become one of my dearest friends and confidants.
    6. My best friend who always has my back.
    7. My parents who are healthy and taking advantage of their good health to travel the globe.
    8. My apartment, which was completely unharmed during the storm, and which is truly our home.
    9. My friends, both established and new, who are bringing their light into my life.
    10. My freedom, which is overarching — the freedom to chose how I live my life, where I live it, with whom, etc.

    I am truly blessed.

  387. Grateful for right this moment?
    10 That it’s almost 70 degrees today and sunny – such a beautiful week for Thanksgiving!
    9 That I don’t have the stomach flu like some people around me…
    8 Disinfectant wipes
    7 Pre-made Gluten free pie crusts at Whole Foods
    6 my kitty – of course!
    5 My peeps
    4 indoor plumbing
    3 the internet
    2 wireless headsets
    1 this beautiful life (cheesy, I know!)

    that list makes me want to take tomorrow off work and take my mom shipping, go outside right now for a run and sing loudly with the radio 🙂

  388. anonymous

    1. My best friend
    2. All my other friends
    3. Recovery from ill health
    ( . . . starting to feel happier . . . )
    4. Financial upturn in spite of many obstacles
    5. Graceful ageing
    6. That I don’t really need much, materially speaking
    7. Helpful strangers
    8. Music
    9. Where I live these days
    10. Increasing fittness

  389. 1. Life
    2 My home
    3. My ambition
    4. My love
    5. My Dog
    6. My Job
    7. My friends
    8. My future
    9. my past
    10 . Getting to Go to RHHLive!

  390. Larissa Zaretsky

    Marie. Loved watched you, Gabby B and Mastin K on SuperSoulSunday. I am grateful it was on demand 🙂

    I am grateful for the following:

    1) You! and your spirit buddies, Gabby, Mastin, Marianne and Kriss. You all inspire me.
    2) My mother and father – for their unconditional love
    3) My daughter – who teaches me how to love
    4) My husband – for his support and friendship
    5) My girls – for over 30 years of friendship, laughs and cocktails
    6) My home
    7) My health
    8) Willow Trees
    9) New York City
    10) My Journey

    Thank you Marie.

  391. Oliver

    1. Grateful for the girls that I know
    2. Grateful for the money in the account
    3. Grateful for the hair on my head
    4. Grateful for the good health
    5. Grateful for federal holidays
    6. Grateful for gas in the gas tank
    7. Grateful for kind and decent neighbors
    8. Grateful for eating cereal for dinner
    9. Grateful for Hi Speed Internet Connection
    10. Grateful Obama recieved another 4 years

  392. Mala

    I am deeply grateful for:

    1. My amazing partner, and the love he gives me
    2. My home and its warmth in winter
    3. My job and how it is constantly evolving into something better all the time
    4. My car for getting me where I need to go
    5. My family, for giving all that they can, and just being them.
    6. My friends for the fun times, the loyalty, trust and respect.
    7. The money that constantly flows towards me and into my bank account
    8. The chance to shower with hot water every day.
    9. Yoga – for bringing me into the present and being the balance I need in my life.
    10. Music – for lifting my spirit and inspiring me to dance.

  393. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for your great work and topics you cover. They have helped me so much, especially The Bring The Party attitude to what ever we are doing right here right now.

    Ok so now down to business. What am I grateful for?

    1. For my awesome health
    2. My good looks
    3. My personality
    4. My commitment to fulfil my goals
    5. My discipline to create positive change in my life
    6. My youthfulness
    7. My loving friends
    8. My loving family
    9. My beautiful awesome girlfriend
    10. The work I get to do with awesome people

    WOW! 10 done already. I had so much more to go.
    I’m going to do a gratitude journal for the next 30 days.

    I love you and You are So Hot and Yummy! I aspire to have your energy.

    Best Regards,

    Australia XXX

  394. Look @ all the gratitude!!! Reading these makes me even more filled w/ love!

    I am grateful for my loving family.
    I am grateful for basic needs like shelter and food.
    I am grateful for having wonderful friends.
    I am grateful for loving myself.
    I am grateful for finding my life partner & the love we share.
    I am grateful for all the beauty nature offers.
    I am grateful for my vitality & health.
    I am grateful for all the people that help others in times of need.
    I am grateful for the ability to look within, have the courage to change & evolve.
    I am grateful for Marie Forleo ~ and the other positive leaders who empower people like me!

    • I am also grateful for Marie Forleo for inspiring us all the time

  395. patricia

    1. my sense of humor
    2. my beloved friends
    3.having had the best parents in the world
    4. my art
    5 chris for her faith and encouragement
    6 my doggie
    7my romantic partner
    8hot showers
    9 good health
    10 having found a roomate

  396. I did the Gratitude Journal for 3 months. It was amazing and even though I stopped I spend 5 mins being conscious every day.

    Im grateful for:
    1. Amazing mother who is so supportive
    2. Roof and wonderful home
    3. Education my father worked hard to invest in me
    4. Adventures that have taken me to 35 countries
    5. Health to be able to climb Mountains and ride mountain bike races
    6. Friends who love and support everything I do
    7. Wonderful brother who is insane
    8. Being able to spend 30 mins cooking every day
    9. Hot and running water
    10. Having faith and now that I can make it happen

  397. Leorah :)

    Love this!
    1) Q and A Tuesday
    2) My book’s progress.
    3) Laughter.
    4) Love.
    5) The life I was fortunate to have.
    6) Having faith in my dreams.
    7) My Health.
    8) Music.
    9) Dr. Seuss quotes.
    10) My pets.

  398. Nice one Marie 🙂
    BTW – what are “hot dog fingers”???

    I am grateful for
    – my house that keeps me safe
    – my hubby that I love dearly and who loves me
    – my family back home and that they are all healthy
    – living in an area that is safe to live in, without any wars or conflicts
    – being healthy and having access to doctors and hospitals if needed
    – having an income that I can live of
    – having friends around me to support me and to share life with
    – my staff that make my business work in the first place
    – that I can read and write and have access to books and the internet
    – for having choices and opportunities in my life every day

  399. LindaLoo

    1. A giving & loving husband of mannnnny years!
    2. A very healthy & sveldt bod.
    3. 2 faaaaabulous man-sons
    4. An awesome dot-in-law who has promised to take care of me in my senior years (to include the plucking out of unwanted facial hair – ewww!)
    5. A beautiful granddaughter, both inside & out!
    6. A grandson who makes me smile always.
    7. The BEST BFF ever (and she is not for sale! How lucky am I?)
    8. The most creative right brain any woman could ever be blessed with.
    9. The ability to connect with all personality types and to find the good in each of those respective persons.
    10. Knowing God personally and believing that He loves me UNCONDITIONALLY.