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Can you really start a business from your couch?

You can probably guess my thoughts on this (1000% yes!), but if you still have doubts, today’s MarieTV will convince you it’s possible.

Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin are co-founders and CEOs of the wildly successful email newsletter, theSkimm. With over 7 million subscribers and investors like 21st Century Fox, theSkimm is a force to be reckoned with.

But that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. 

When Danielle and Carly started theSkimm on a couch in their living room back in 2012 with only $4,000, few people believed it would succeed. 

Even now, they still deal with BS from haters who ask questions like, “Why do you focus on such a small market like women?” Or my favorite, “Email is dead.” — via email! ?

Never build your company on someone else’s algorithm. @theskimm Click To Tweet

In today’s episode you’ll learn how these powerhouse CEOs respond to such critics, and why they attribute a large part of their success to inexperience. 

Yes, really. Carly and Danielle say it was their ignorance — not their connections, their investors or dumb luck — that helped them unlock an idea that had never been done before. 

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by “experts” who think your ideas will fail, don’t miss this episode. It contains proof that if you follow your gut and keep your eyes on your own paper, you can build a business that impacts millions.

Just more proof of how important it is to start before you’re ready.

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I’ve been a skimmr’ for years — get in on their email fun here.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. We covered a lot of ground today so I’m curious, what’s the standout for you?

What’s that one insight that can help you move forward today? Leave a comment below, and let us know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Remember this — your far-fetched, never-been-done-before idea could be exactly what the world needs right now. Your heart, creativity and ability to see things differently is a gift.

Don’t doubt it for a second.

With tsunamis of love ?,


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  1. Hi Marie, Danielle, Carly and Team!!
    Thank so much, synchronicity again! This is exactly what I needed to hear. After doing my profit plan I know at this stage in my business the majority of my income comes from One-on-One Coaching. So, I should just hang out on Facebook okay and hustle for clients. NO!!!!
    This really confirms my intuition to on a few inexpensive digital products like books and a meditation album that will help develop my content and brand and of course put so much love and energy into my blog. After all, that’s the service I sell. I help people write books to help develop and extend their brand. Practice what you preach!!!
    Thanks business church. Sometimes you need to hear something 12 times before it starts to make sense, but I really appreciate your repeating this.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Emily! Business church is the best 🙂

    • Tara

      Amen sister! Thanks for posting!


    • I totally relate to needing to hear things multiple times! In this interview is was about the process of failure that hit me. I’ve heard this many times before, but seeing these three brilliant and successful women celebrate the failure process allowed me to really take it in fully…. and be more compassionate and patient with my own business and art practice. Thanks to all for this affirming wisdom!

      • Jlleonard

        Agreed. Allowing yourself to celebrate failure is key to success on all kinds of platforms.

      • Janet

        Yes!!! grace in the real life process that is messy at best!

      • Yes! Embrace failure. So hard to do, but so necessary for growth.

  2. Lorri Carnevale

    How did I not know about you two fabulous young women? I think writing in ways that people could actually read the context is BRILLIANT…I never finish a article because the words are well lets say I can’t even pronoun them and to coin a phase why use a $10 word when a $5 dollar words works…I thank you for writing like most of of talk and you have made reading fun again….Best to the both of you always….

  3. Loved this interview!
    For starters I’m a regular reader of theSkimm and I’m a GenX.
    Amen! E-mail is not dead.
    I couldn’t agree more about NOT hosting your content on social. Social is for connecting, period. It is so important to own your own platform for the content you produce as well as gathering and nurturing your community.
    What a delight to see Marie interview the brilliant ladies of theSkimm – two of my favorites together – it’s like savoring a chocolate/vanilla soft serve twist on a hot summer day.

  4. I spent most of this episode with my hands raised or snapping. It was so encouraging to hear Carly and Danielle talk about trusting their gut when everyone else is telling them to do something against their intuition. Some of the most incredible things would never have been made or attempted if everyone listened to the naysayers. Love this episode so hard.

  5. Heather Thorkelson

    This interview was easily one of my favourites EVER and I’ve been watching since 2010 (2011 B-school grad with TWO thriving businesses in da house!). I loved everything about their story but I especially loved how they had the intern taking notes and creating a journaled profile of who this entity of their company was. That is absolute gold. So interesting. It’s making me think of my next stage of growth and how I could capture something similar. Thank you!

  6. Carmen

    I loved this episode! What I learned: to create a persona that is the centre of the business. What a brilliant idea. It gives a team the possibility to act according to your vision. Love it!

  7. Tamara ( Ella)

    Wow, Just loving this <3
    xox Tamara *aka ( Ella Fiore) in your 2018 Mentorship

  8. Jenny

    Hello fab Danielle, Carly, and Marie ! As a brand new B Schooler, I want to know what you all think about starting a business with a partner versus going it solo. What are the +’s and -‘s of both scenarios?

    Thanks a whirlwind!

  9. Tamara ( Ella)

    We write the way people speak

    Changing sentence structure because it’s how we speak. grammar structure – and that doesn’t show a lack of intelligence, it makes it easier to digest the world around you.
    It’s intentional and artistic.

    This was magic to my ears, as I am often sent messages, and I feel that I also invent things as they make more sense when i’m trying to give people a digestible experience through words.

  10. “We write the way people speak” and “giving background and context”…. YES!!! Our world needs more of THIS! Thanks for doing what you’re doing and Marie, thanks for introducing me to these brilliant young women.

  11. Vanessa Pierre

    Thank you so much for this. I heard all the right things but the one thing that stuck out the most was “Never build your business on someone else’s algorithm.” The reason why is because I haven’t been able to get my business off the ground due to indecision on where and how to start? Do I start with a blog or social media? Well my own website blog with a social media backup it is… Lol sometimes you just need to hear one thing to confirm what you have been feeling but have been afraid to move towards. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much this gave me the motivation I needed for today. ?

    • Kala

      Vanessa SM can def help grow the biz, and some folks that is where they started so I think it’s a dual thing now- gotta grow social, pick 1 or 2 to focus on or you’ll go nuts. As an artist and meditation coach for women, I focusing on Instagram right now.

    • Janet

      I agree

  12. Lois

    Enjoyed the interview. One bit of a takeaway for me is, what creative way in my company can we engage customers? I love the skimmbassador idea. We get a ton of business from referrals so this has my brain going on ways to get happy customers involved and love us, i.e. give them badges when phases of a project are complete. How can we get them to feel apart of the brand. Thanks!

  13. There were many takeaway’s I got. I’m a Creative who also coaches prime of life women recovering from burnout. So my interests are pretty woo-woo, mindfulness meditation and self-care practices. So business information is so helpful to me.
    So main takeaways-don’t build on property that is not your own. That is actually an African proverb to the effect of don’t build your house on someone else’s land, I think.
    Using FAcebook and Instagram but need to own your list and have your website be a hub!
    Second was the idea of try new things and they may fail- but don’t stagnate. Marie you should have them back or even just 1 to talk more in depth business strategy!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love the correlation between that African proverb and your take-away here Kala. Whether on the Earth or in the ether, building on your own land is always best 🙂

      • Kala

        Yassss! @Jillian – Team Forleo

  14. Janelle

    I love the Skimm and I was so excited to see these ladies as your guests today! Their story was totally inspiring and what I’m taking away from it is the copy tip of speaking like you’re explaining it to your best friend. I think I need to be asking myself this more often when I’m blogging or posting online.

  15. Lynne Klippel

    This was a great episode, even for a business owner who is old enough to be your mom. Business done your way- smart, fun, and very wise. I’ve been a skimmer for years and love it. Now I love the owners just as much as their product. Keep up the great work all three of you!

  16. OMG, sooo hysterical that they emailed you that email is dead. I just went and signed up for your email list. Thanks for this great interview!

  17. Stand out for me?

    ‘We have never wanted to build our business on someone else’s algorithm…’

    Reinforcing what Marie said in her excellent B-School sales webinar, what I’ve always believed, and what I’ve been hearing more and more and more — and more — post-Facebook rejig.

    I also confess I didn’t know of these two inspiring women, but my excuse is that I’m a) not a millennial; and b) in the UK! Have now signed up — love the simplicity!

  18. Awesome and incredibly inspiring interview! I will try to make this as concise as possible, which is a bit difficult because there was so much inspiring content. So, here is my personal takeaway:
    1. There will be an evolution in your business if you actually move it forward and put it out there.
    2. It does NOT and probably will NOT be perfect out of the starting gate. It can be adjusted as you move it along…just MOVE it, and learn from the mistakes.
    3. Your business is a unique piece of yourself and THAT, in and of its self, needs to remain intact….it is what sets you apart. So…..
    A. Know your non-negotiables
    This will be a great revisit interview. Where I am sure I will get something new and valuable each time. Thanks for the inspiration ladies!!!!

    • Jenny

      Know your non-negotiables. Good one!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yes Tonja – these are all amazing take-aways, and we’d absolutely recommend you watch the interview again to gain even more insights the second time around.

      • Janet

        savoring..the nuggets of take-a-ways to my own notes that are being echoed through out this thread


    Very inspiring!

  20. Thank you Marie, Carly and Danielle!
    Man… THE UNIVERSE literally has my back and IS LISTENING! I was on my walk (It’s a beautiful day here in Ct. the calm before the storm) and thinking to myself “How can I cut my costs each month. I just started invisilyn for my teeth, AND started B-School!!!! Yikes! So I had this idea of canceling my Constant Contact account. I wasn’t sure if that was the right move. THEN….. I got Marie’s email and opened up the video and started listening! Thank you Carly and Danielle for being my universal wink and answering my concern.
    I am inspired!

  21. I loved listening to the evolution of TheSkimm. I’m feeling awkward being a senior sole proprietor business with values that have come from nearly 50 years of conscientious spiritual living. I’m continually faced with not knowing how to connect with a younger audience. I grew up in the age of “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” Now as I approach my seventh decade I turn to younger generations who are “Exemplary at Business” like these two for inspiration and know how. One take away is recognizing the importance of building not only a loyal following, but creating the ambassadors that you draw so much support and growth from.

    I am envious of how women bond and connect with each other so easily. Men in general are competitive, guarded, and afraid to be vulnerable and ask for support. I am happy to see women shine as entrepreneurs and leaders. Times up on the male dominited structures. If I could create one benefit, one affect, one lasting goal from the businesses I’ve created, it would be the recognition that we are One Humanity. Love, Peace, and Unity.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Brian, how times have changed! We’re so grateful to have you and your voice in our world, and it sounds like through your own business perspective, you can start to shift those stereotypical norms yourself here. We’re cheering you on, and we’re so glad this interview provided some beautiful insight 🙂

  22. Lindsay

    YASSSSSSS. So much greatness in this interview. I have been a Skimm’er for years now, and Danielle and Carly are such role models for any young entrepreneur. TheSkimm is also how I found my way to Marie Forleo, so snaps to them!
    There was so much to take away from this, one is go big or go home. Or I guess in Danielle and Carly’s case go big at home? Also they touched on it a lot in this interview and I know Marie preaches about it all the time and that’s know who you are and know your audience and stay true to that. The other big take away for me was don’t be afraid to fail but be afraid not to learn from your failures.
    Thank you all so much, this one will have to be watched again.

  23. Sam

    I loved that you disagreed on certain things. It just goes to show that businesses can be made differently and can still be successful!

  24. Really great, Marie. I especially appreciated the reminder that our great businesses don’t just happen overnight. Building community, culture, and loyalty takes time, trial and error, and a willingness to stay the course with your intuitive compass.

    Also appreciated the insights on your weekly team meetings Marie. You mentioned that one of the three questions you choose from weekly is, “What did you try really hard at and make a mistake? Or what di you fail at? And, what did you learn from it?” I’m curious, what are the other two questions you ask?


    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that this resonated with you Kristen! Alongside the ‘what mistake did you make, and why is this important’ question, we’re also encouraged to share ‘what did you work really hard on and why is this important’ and ‘what’s one thing you want to brag about?’ It’s a great practice to take a look at the full spectrum of one’s work for the week, and we hope this continues to inspire you!

  25. Christina

    MARIE!!! And the Skimm ladies!!! WOW!!! Can you do like a longer show where the three of you discuss B School bonus content info?!!! I say this because it’s so refreshing to hear strong business women nerd out on business topics!! It amplifies the message 10000 fold!

    Ok, my take away: “you cannot build your client base on someone else’s algorithm!” I heard that message Marie, I witnessed it from my own FB & Google dealings…..but to hear it from two business women who’s business IS email…..put a nail in it. Ya know?
    Thank you so much for sending fresh & fun content every week, for being motivated. Love it!

  26. This episode made me reflect on several things, but I think the biggest is the idea of control. Control is both good and bad and finding balance is key. Let me clarify what I mean. I think you need control of certain areas of your business – like your email list. Relying on a third party platform could instantly take down your business if an algorithm changes. You cannot rely on that third party for traffic. It’s like a financial portfolio – you want diversification. Meaning you want to have a presence on social media – like FB and Instagram, but you need to do so in a way that those platforms ultimately land people to your site, where you engage with them – perhaps at a deeper level. I think FB and Instagram should be teasers and the real treat is on your website. The other side of the coin – not having control – comes into play with your gut. Like what is your gut telling you to do to better your business. Sometimes what other people tell you is impossible is actually possible b/c you believe in it. The power of though and positive energy can move mountains and I’ve experienced it firsthand many times, for both small inconsequential things and larger substantial things. Finding that balance and surrounding yourself with positive forward thinking minds is key to anyone’s development professionally and personally. LOVE everything I’ve been hearing so far!

  27. Thank you for the biz building buzz reminder and your intuitive, intentional, artistic inspirational entrepreneur interviews.
    My biggest receiving from today is to not build my business on someone else’s algorithm. Oh my goodness. Now that’s some real “Church”!
    The Skimmed ladies reminded me of this quote by Alan Alda, “you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the Wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover will be wonderful. What you will discover will be yourself”.

    Namaste ? Keep Rock’en

  28. That was so inspiring! Thank you for that.
    May I ask a question? You guys were talking about sponsors….please forgive me, but I am so green and ignorant with business, but how do you get sponsors and what is your obligations to them? Do they own part of your company? Do they tell you what to do? How do you pay them back?
    I am asking, because my company is called “Music Transforms You” and I serve the Special Needs Community: I created a piano method for children with Special Needs.
    I am a good musician, a single mom of a girl with Down syndrome (and 3 other kids), but totally don’t know what to do in business and how to get my company off the ground? Anyone can answer this for me, please?

  29. Eva

    What a great interview with Danielle and Carly!! LOOOOVE IT!! My partner and I have a small business and can clearly relate on so many levels.
    Thank you for inviting them to share their amazing story!!
    Love Eva

  30. Theresa Forster

    Loved this, thank you!! My big take-away is how imp it is to have content that has great tone, humor & connection. The other was; creating a safe, informed & inspiring place where people feel Free to make their own choices. I needed to hear that today!! I feel like creating a brand/business is like hopping from lily pad to lily pad of inspired action moments. Anyone else feel that way!?

  31. This was so GREAT!!! What I heard in a different tone (intentional description) was learning from our mistakes, and the truth, that we would rather learn from someone else’s mistake, yet in order to continue on the growth mindset – it’s my mistake, that I must have some level of comfort with. I love the Skimm – I’m not close to a Millenial, I have 5 children that are, yet I love getting my news in that manner. I limit my exposure to negativity, yet this way, I am staying informed. Thank you for another great interview!

  32. Jill

    Wow! Seriously a great episode that was full of nuggets for me and a new business I am gestating. As always, you are timely, ask great questions, are a great listener……
    Thank you!!

  33. Karen

    Thanks for introducing me to these wonderful gals. I’m a GenXer, but I love to get the Millennial perspective on things, and can’t wait to take a look at theSkimm. I wonder, however, if in today’s divisive environment, theSkimm worries about presenting an unintentionally slanted perspective on the news, both in content and in what it chooses to feature. Ultimately it’s up to the reader to choose to diversify her news sources, but as we all know, people tend to read what reinforces their existing beliefs and biases. I’d love to see people of different generations, socio-economic classes, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, etc. listening to each other and sharing their views.
    Love these wonderful young women and hope they continue to do great things.

  34. I took away so much from this interview. I definitely heard the stuff about social. I know email is important but have been allocating more time managing the social media. I’m gonna change that today! Time to flip-flop the time spent here. Thanks for the insight and the realness about moving through failure and using it to make you better instead of stop you in your tracks!

    Thanks ladies for all you do and I’m on way over to become a Skimm girl. ?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yeah Laura! We love hearing that you’ll be spending more time in the world of email, and we hope that helps you connect even more with your subscribers and customers. Have fun with it!

  35. Thanks so much, Marie! Loved this interview… as a moderate conservative woman, I’m always a bit apprehensive about where I get my news. The Skimm sounds perfect for me! But what makes their business golden is the fact that they strive to stay in the middle. To me, this is key to running a solid business. I mean, why alienate people? I can’t understand the reason for it. Plus, what really stands out for me is better utilization of email. You’ve been trying to pound this into “my head” ever since I’ve started watching you, and I think it’s finally sinking in . . . thank you!!!

  36. John R. Garland

    Intuition was the key principle that I learned in this session. Relying on ones intuition is the single, most important aspect underlying not only in business, but in every aspect of life. I may have been introduced to you by a respected friend, but it was my intuition that allowed me to follow your guide. Much of your information is written specifically for women and if I, being male, were to allow that detail to block my learning, I would definitely loose out on a ton of useful information.

  37. Laura

    Umm, this could not have been more timely for me. I quit my job a month ago to start my business- (I’m in B-school!) and I knew 100% that it was the right thing for me to do, but it’s really frickin nice to hear about other people- especially other women, who did the same and lived to tell the tale. I really appreciate their transparency about going into credit card debt and even more so, talking about not just focusing on bringing in revenue first, but building your brand and audience first even though that seems scary. While I know this may not make sense for everyone, I think that fear is a big reason many people may struggle to admit that that is the best strategy for starting their business (myself included), so thank you for sharing this story, I found it so very inspiring and empowering.

  38. I wish I’d done B-school earlier and taken your advice sooner and understood that all the money I spend on Facebook boosting my posts to get more likes only to find they don’t get my posts after they’ve liked my page, is wasted. So, when you mentioned that email is the thing, I stopped the video and got on the trail of adding a pop-up “subsrcibe to my newsletter” box on my website to catch those emails.
    Thank you Marie x

  39. OK… Loved this interview with the creators of theskimm!
    My Takeaway: and, I’m sure the reason they are successful in their endeavors… Being real in their interview, and in daily practice.
    I love that they shared – nothing happens overnight… And other REAL information about their start up.
    This brings me great hope ♥️

  40. What a great story! I too am about to jump off a start up cliff! I am creating an online club for women 50+ who want to have fun reminiscing, be introduced to special offers from small brands and hear the owner’s story, and share the joy of life. I have been toying with this concept for several years so when I was downsized a year ago, I needed to turn a corporate career lemon into an entrepreneur bowl of lemon sorbet with sprinkles! Because – I may be 59 but to quote the Monty Python boys – “I’m not dead yet!” Although there are serious sites out there for women wanting to share menopause symptom remedies, there didn’t seem to be one just focused on fun and laughter and silliness. I suppressed my silly side in my corporate life – and on this next adventure I wanted to unleash the power of humor to create bonds and help us cope with the strange challenges that hit us at this age. So this month watch for my alter ego Flora and the launch of the website. It has been an interesting personal journey so far and the thought of going live is both exhilarating and terrifying! Thank-you Marie, Carly and Danielle for your inspiring words!

  41. Hi Marie, One of the best MF interview videos ever! Having worked in email marketing in the past, hearing again, and again “Email’s dead” this made me lol. So glad Carly and Danielle were able to zone that part out and focus on their strategy to grow their business. Thank you for reinforcing with your Nuggets o’ Wisdom; Email is a Brilliant Marketing Tool, But you have to respect the inbox.” Thank you!!

  42. Sam Snidal

    Listening to young women shoot the shit like this is motivating for a 50 year old woman newly jumping into entrepreneurship. Stand outs for me: TRUSTING OUR INTUITION with decision making – thanks for reinforcing that one Marie. Also noting their business model is based on membership – this tugged at me as I work to shape what my mostly virtual business will become. Relaxed, light, conversational tone, jam-packed with insights and information is a wonderful teaching method. What kind of tablet is Marie asking her questions from? I’d like to have an efficient tool for future interviewing.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Sam, we’re so glad that this interview rejuvenated you in such a beautiful way! Marie’s working with an iPad in the interview to reference her notes. We hope you continue to gather more and more nuggets of wisdom through MarieTV, and we’re wishing you and your business all the best moving forward!

  43. Marisa Rodriguez

    One of my favorite MarieTV episodes EVER! I’ve been subscribed to and following theSkimm for several years now and it’s clear that these two ladies are geniuses, and this interview further solidified that! I’m a brand new B School (class of 2018) and so excited and inspired to one day own my own business being half as great as Carly and Danielle! Thanks for doing this interview Marie. I’d even love to hear all the “business talk” you said you could have talked about with them all day (:

  44. Thank you so much for today! The timing is so perfect!

    I was convinced email is dead! My inbox is inundated with useless emails, so I created a story that email is not effective when building community! I also found your comment interesting, and want to learn more, when you mentioned getting your clients to embrace email versus putting so much energy into social media. I am in this spot right now with my business. I’d love to learn more on this.

    All around amazing! “smiley face” “heart”

  45. Molly

    Loved this! One thing that stands out for me is the importance of having a partner in business! I’ve been trying to run solo and build a team, but I love the dynamic these two have. On a hunt for my own… any suggestions?!

    • I have plenty ideas and have to zeal to run too, but finding a partner has been my block. It is frustrating and a little saddening.

    • Hi Molly
      When I finally decided on my business I was so enthusiastic about it my now business partner approached me. Open your arms to them coming across your path.

  46. Lori Misura

    Hmmm, Lots to reflect on from today’s episode! But that ‘how did you fail thing’… that hit me! As a parent I am noticing my kids hating their failures, feeling sooo uncomfortable asking for help and has me thinking ‘Am I modelling how to fail well?’

    I am far from perfect and I apologize when I am wrong in our personal family life, but maybe I should share my struggles and hurdles in my business life. As a parent I am trying to protect them from worry, and I am a hot mess sometimes. Maybe I need to show them I don’t have it together in all realms. PLUS I can stop beating myself up for not being a guru on a mountain and having my biz life be perfect.

    Deep stuff ladies, thank you so much for sharing! L

  47. Peggy DaValt

    Thanks so much, Marie, for sharing these two amazing young people!!

    I work in IT and have since 1997 and I still work as an email administrator so I can guarantee you that email is not dead. Loved this video. So powerfully helpful, especially in light of B-School starting up again.

    I just signed up for this. I’m excited as one of those almost 60-somethings that loves tech and all things entrepreneurial.

  48. reshanda

    At 29:07, I began to fall in love with these ladies. I have felt so alone with regards to the political landscape because I’m a person who really needs to understand all the facts before I can decide who to vote for. This is a position that is incredible difficult to be in for the reasons they mentioned: we tend to look for evidence of our already entrenched views.
    I’m so impressed by the resolve it must have taken to not endorse a candidate and try to do what it seems like journalism is meant to do….inform us so we can become better citizens.

    • JoAnn Luich.Robbins


    • Right on Reshanda. So glad you enjoyed this and thank you so much for your comment.

  49. J. Williams

    I love this and really needed to hear this!
    Trying to make things perfect before I get something done is definitely my biggest challenge.

  50. Denise Hasher

    So many great insights — Start before you are ready. So many times my lack of perceived knowledge has stopped me in my tracks! It’s nice to see (maybe in hindsight) how vulnerable this team was in the beginning and how their success evolved and grew. Also, the #failsohard tidbits were a reminder that your strength increases with each mistake. Trusting your instincts reveals your truth. Women are the future. It’s about time the world caught on.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Heck to the YES Denise. We love your insights and your take-aways here. Your strength does increase with each mistake, and we’re cheering you on to start before you’re ready in any way you can.

  51. Love the 3 of you!

  52. Laura

    This episode was so fresh. I loved the content and these two ladies idea! Rock on!

  53. Stacey

    I enjoyed this episode. Thank you for sharing.

  54. This mother and grandmother of millennials has been a Skimmer for a few years now. I get 100 plus emails a day and the Daily Skimm is one of the first read (I delete probably 80 a day – Marie is another one that is automatically read). I like staying informed but get have limited time, with my day jobs, jewelry business, and French Horn mad activities evenings and weekends. So naturally I thoroughly enjoyed hearing how it all got started. And I love that you stocked up on food as the very first step.

    Thanks to Marie for putting this together – it brightened my day.

    • Music to our ears Mary! And THANK YOU for continuing to read and open our emails 🙂 We adore you!

  55. Probably one of my favorite Marie interviews so far! They are such amazing and honest ladies! And real!
    “Never build your company on someone else’s algorithm”….I LOVE that!
    Sure helps put the FB stuff into perspective!!

  56. Loved this interview! Refreshing and inspiring.
    Embrace the failure and share – makes you human and accessible.
    Also speaking in the “voice” of your audience. Just sharing and telling it like it really is.
    Love it. Thanks!

  57. Allison

    Welp, this made me feel better.
    Recently, our franchisees have really been heavy on marketing suggestions. As the Director of Marketing and majorly sensitive human, this can really hurt and offend. Plus, most of the suggestions are things we have in the works. Ugh.
    Being reminded to follow intuition and #failsohard just reinforces how awesome humility is. Thank you.

  58. Love the positive messages. You’re sharing of other business trials and tribulations gives your audience that extra effort to keep on pushing through. Agree we are all special and have what it takes to be successful in whatever we choose…just choose.

  59. JoAnn Luich.Robbins

    This was a “Divine Appointment” for me! I got your EMAIL and CLICKED on it and I was HOOKED! Ha! I loved it all — Email is Dead! Long Live Email! I am now a subscriber to TheSkimm!
    JoAnn Luich.Robbins

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We LOVE hearing this Joann!

  60. “Small market like woman”?? Haha! Signed up and bought the app! Loved it! Good job as always, even though it is my first time commenting 🙂

    • Right? and YAY for your first time commenting Sandra!

  61. The building community thing is pinging in my brain – I’d like to hear more about that specially. And the Facebook algorithm change has finally landed, as to WHY it’s not working after so much effort on it! Damn!

  62. Claudia

    The most interesting note for me was hearing “just start” … mistakes happen, learning follows. I am a perfectionist – this can be stifling. All your words were both validating and inspiring – for courage to continue no matter what!

    Thanks :_

  63. I love the idea of talking about your failures in a positive way. Definitely going to bring that into my weekly routine with the rest of my team.
    You have to respect their inbox & their brunch 🙂 haha that’s so cool. And so true!

    Loved this & so many little gems to take home.

  64. I finally HEARD it this time…email is where I’ll focus. Thank you ladies :):)

  65. The one insight that I LOVE (and I’ve been a Skimm reader for years) is how instead of focusing on what they “didn’t know”, the founders focused on what they “did know” and used their naivety as an asset, instead of seeing it as a burden. That insight was transformational, because as a perfectionist, I naturally want to know everyyythinnggggg before I start. I’m also OBSESSED with this bestie business duo, two besties who put their heads together are always unstoppable!

  66. Love love love the part about celebrating having tried and failed!

  67. Katie

    Enjoyed this interview and definitely some great nuggets of wisdom. My big take away was the tips on writing content. Write as if I’m having a conversation with my friends seems so much less intimidating.
    I’m going live with my blog next week and this will definitely help. Thank you!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We can’t wait to hear how you’re connecting with your audience more through your authentic writing voice Katie! Sending you all the best wishes for your blog launch 🙂

  68. Lidija

    Thank you for posting it.
    Just do it is the way to go. The interview also shows how important it is to have that somebody on your side who really believes in you and is supporting you no matter what. The importance of action and a tribe in one. I guess I’d better find my own tribe.

  69. Vera

    Love it! #failhard but what did you learn.
    I stopped writing the way I speak because I thought I needed to have it edited to be more professional. Wrong. Get back on it. Thank you lovely ladies.

  70. Hi Marie,
    I’m a b-school newbie and a long time Marie tv fan. There is so much great info in this segment, but it was hard for me to watch two such smart, successful women keep interrupting each other and not allow each other to finish their thoughts. It distracted me from the content.
    I did appreciate the calling out of the Facebook issue and hearing the very important message about email.
    Thanks for another enlightening conversation.

  71. Oh, I loved that interview very much. Thank You! What I have in my note book now is: create a persona around your brand. What kind of person is this, what does she love, where is she living, what kind of issues does she have? I really have to think about that more so I can create my illustrations exactly for my audience.
    The other thing is to write the subject line of emails in a way people can’t resist to open it.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Constanze, that one take-away will make a WORLD of a difference!

  72. Harmony

    As a b-schooler, I am busy finding clarity and one thing I have been battling myself on is “narrowing” my target clientele to only women. I feel it IN MY GUT that I should do it, but there is that resistance devil on my shoulder. I am going to work on the character/voice of my brand and clarify who that voice is speaking to. CHURCH ADJOURNED!

  73. This just validated my marketing trials and errors, of which I was proud up to a point, but when it got ugly I started to beat myself up for it.

    There’s always a lesson in each mistake I make, and I’m so proud that I kept going.

    Thank you ladies and Marie, for confirming this, and making me feel part of the group. I really like it here : )

  74. Zoe

    I love the “business church” Amen comment that we should build our own email list and not relying on social media platforms.

  75. Louise

    This is so fantastic, I will probably be watching this one a few times to take in everything from this ‘business church’ Hallelujah!!
    I have just started B-School and with my news background and idea of a newsletter and magazine, this interview had so many nuggets that are going to prove gold dust to me. THANK YOU!!
    The concept of just trying everything and constantly evolving and experimenting – that partly terrifies me (I have to fight my perfectionist tendencies) but it is so reassuring to hear how people go through it.
    The more I dive into B-School and watch these videos, the more I am reminded to use my own voice, to stay true and authentic and the rest will follow. This whole process is going to be transformative in so many areas of my business and my life ??

  76. Eleni Dracopoulos

    Hi Marie,

    This was a great episode to watch, especially as someone who is at the very beginning of her business. I noticed in the interview that the three of you encourage using email to grow your business. My question is to you…what do you email to your clients/followers when you’re just starting off and are simply learning the ropes? I can’t think of any content. I am a pattern designer who is working to put her patterns on products and sell them. How do I make emailing relevant and useful?

  77. Ylva

    “What did you try and fail at this week?” and “What did you learn from that?” Loved it!
    Would also like to hear more about how it is to have and handle a large community. 🙂

  78. The girls mentioned in the interview that they are writing for smart millennials. I’m a BoomerXer and I love the Skimm. This is such a great example of why you shouldn’t worry about leaving someone out when creating your ICA. If what you create has value, people from other demographics will find you.

  79. Netilia Williams Brown

    Thank you Marie, Love you ladies. My take away, I like the idea of breaking it down with the questions.
    What do I know? It is suggested to start before you are ready, I have been waiting to start, certified from 2012. I have been telling myself I do not know enough, how do I answer questions when it is put to me, I am changing this 2018 and I am beginning with a blog. Therefore, it does make sense to ask what exactly do you know girl? oh I
    know a lot.
    way to go girl.

  80. This episode literally thrilled me with pleasure! Especially the part where it says “we never want to built our company on someone else’s algorithm”, among other things. In the last few weeks I had a type of acute sickness in relation to how social platforms work. Thanks for this!

    BTW, I love to see young women taking care of themselves the way both of them do, as well as Marie and Marie’s team.

  81. There were a lot of takeaways from you girls!!! But the big stand out one for me is… Never build your company (dreams, life…) on someone else’s algorithm… gives me goosebumps.

  82. Patty

    One of the biggest takeaways is that email is not dead! People keep telling me to promote my business on social media.
    This is my first time commenting on a new video.

    P. S. Marie Forleo is it possible for you to get in contact with a few other people who left comments under your video on the mental exercise wouldn’t it be great if?
    A few of those people who left comments might be interested in the services that I offer. Additionally, I want to know if Joana Galvao is still offering the free website design and logo for free in exchange for a testimonial. I would gladly provide her a testimonal.

  83. My biggest takeaway was that it’s okay NOT to be able to exactly articulate what to call myself! Just yesterday someone told me again that i needed to be able to explain what i do in 15 seconds or less. Well, I’m not there yet! I’ve got a vision but not the perfect name/description for it yet. It just felt so good hearing it took these two brilliant ladies years to figure out what to call themselves 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Take your time Katharina! Also, sometimes it’s more effective to talk about what you do, and how you contribute to the world, not necessarily what your ‘job title’ is. Play around with it and see what feels best 🙂

  84. Micki

    #FailSoHard…LOVE THIS!!! It must be safe to try and fail hard in order to grow. Thank you!

  85. My biggest take-away – among MANY – was the reminder to keep things simple – The Skimm! We’re all pulled in many directions so get to the heart of your point quickly. Love this interview! Joining the Skimm now 🙂

  86. Chloe

    The Biggest takeaways for me will be knowing to trust the simple colloquial language can be used within a business – this is a big relief for me as professional style of writing always did my head in at the office. and i love to be funny so i look forward to trying that out eventually. I also loved the not being able to please everyone point – I have huge reservations about starting my business because judgement is a huge trigger for me. knowing that it will happen and its okay is something i know i will have to continually learn. Great Interview gives me faith that anything is possible xx

  87. Lisa McClendon

    Follow your own intuition, keep moving forward, be free stay free we’re key points for me. I’ve had so many epiphanies but allowed fear to crush my motion to fulfill. Thank you for being courageous!

  88. Abdel Rahman

    what an awesome episode! many thanks, Marie and your team and guests. I really inspired by the determination and the self-confident that Danielle and Carly have by trusting and following their inner voice. Yes, take action is always the secret step towards success!

  89. Brant

    This was such a great episode. I don’t fit into the target demographic, but I love the concept and signed up for the newsletter!
    One thing I find difficult about embracing failure is when others around you are not comfortable with it and judge you for your mistake. I know I’m learning from the experience, but then you get a bad review from your boss or something of the sort… It can be tough to balance.

  90. Liz Snell

    Hi Marie
    I’m so excited about this episode. I also believe in email. I currently send out a monthly newsletter for my food production company and I am wondering if I should send out more often.

  91. WOW so many nuggets x

    Loved the focus on failure, acknowledging them and seeing what you’ve learned, to develop your growth!

    Never build my business on someone else Algorithm ~ HALLELUJAH !

    The power of email ;o)

    Start even if details are unknown.

    I loved this video Marie, always so many insights and aha moments when watching or listening.

    With love like lavender x

  92. Thanks Marie, the one stand out for me is doing it even if it’s not perfect. A new venture for me is opening up a museum. I was initially thinking that every exhibit had to be perfect before opening. Now I feel confident to open up with a few great exhibits and the smaller ones can be the focus for fundraising and allow visitors to feel like their contributions will help to build up those smaller exhibits and encourage them to revisit the museum in the future when those exhibits are expanded upon. Thanks as always

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Victoria! Your museum sounds so exciting. As Marie is fond of saying, “progress, not perfection.” You’re doing great and the smaller exhibits will get there. 🙂

  93. This was great! Again, perfect timing. How do you do that? These gals are so inspiring…. powerhouse thinkers! My gut has said no to relying on algorithms for months but I kept hearing “email is dead”. It didn’t feel right and I wondered how that could be. Thank you for church today because I’m going back to listening to my gut. It just knows stuff.
    Have a fantastic day!

  94. Arrrgh what a juicy interview! I had to pause and write this bit down:

    “What did you try really hard at and make a mistake? Or what did you fail at? And then what did you learn? This creates a growth mindset, to constantly look for ‘where am i learning?’ and ‘how am i getting better’?”

    I’ve had a bit of a fail this week, so I am going to apply this growth mindset perspective shift right now! More from these ladies please!

  95. { My one ‘take away’ ~ be MYSELF!! I need to post this around my studio & print it on a T shirt upside down so when I look down – BOOM, reminder in my face! Fantastic interview, thx Marie! } ~Marinella

  96. I loved the discussion about ‘balancing’ intuition with pragmatism: I work with ‘practical dreamers’ on this exact aspect: taking a vision that might just have a sense or feel to it, and crafting the practical steps to move towards it. I think it’s s often over-looked that you can use BOTH rational decisions and those intuitive nudges 🙂

  97. Katie

    I credit theSkimm as one of the resources that helped me pass the Foreign Service Exam on the first try. Thanks, ladies!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s AWESOME! And congrats on passing the exam, Katie! 😀

  98. Karina Napier

    I **loved** this interview and am currently enrolled in B school (!!) – thus taking serious notes.

    I particularly loved that Marie has a virtual office (my current ‘other job’ has this work environment, as well), and also love that every Thursday Marie has a weekly meeting with her team in which she asks three questions about failure (read: opportunity for growth).

    My current role requires I build more comradery among my sales team and I love the weekly, three question format and do my best to implement.

    Can someone on the Marie Team tell me how Marie/leadership responds to a team member giving only 10% or 50% (ie half assing it)? I ask because I’m currently encountering this and I don’t know how to approach it!
    Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Karina. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be able to answer because we all love our jobs so much! I bet Marie would have some insight on this though, so if you’ll reach out to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we can help you submit this for consideration for a Q&A Tuesday question. You’re also absolutely welcome to reach out in the comments sections of the B-School Member Area and the Facebook group to have our team, the Mentor Coaches, and your fellow students weigh in. And there are always the Office Hours calls with Marie. We’ll get you a good answer one way or another! 🙂

      • Karina Napier

        Awesome – thanks! I’ve submitted for Tuesday q&a and will see what happens 🙂


  99. Angela

    The thing that stood out to me was–I think it was called–The Fail So Hard! Yes! I often wait until I think I have it all together. And I love that you, Marie say “progress, not perfection.” But this just gave me permission to fail. I loved “highlighting what you tried so hard at and failed” because–to me–at least you tried. And as you said, Marie, “What did you learn from it?” Yes. What did you learn and keep it movin’. Loved that. Something I needed to hear. Thanks!

  100. KG

    Thank heavens for email marketing. It’s definitely not dead. I seem to need to hear things multiple times in different ways for it to really sink in. Then out of the blue the “thing” magically appears that all the repetition was preparing me to open to receive.

  101. Trust your instincts,
    Trust your instincts,
    Trust your instincts!!!
    Thank you for this very timely (as always) episode.
    I am about to send out my emails as inspired by the “Instant Money Maker” campaign you sent us Marie.
    Your generosity and warmth is greatly appreciated. x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Annette! We’re so happy you’re taking inspired action! 🙂

  102. liz

    do not get lazy with your community wow! loved it loved it loved it!!! Thank you so much I needed to heard this

  103. Love this interview and love The Skimm! It makes it so easy for me to stay up to date with news.

    Email marketing isn’t dead! Amen to that! I see a lot of people switching from their website/emails to social media and I always thought it was a big mistake. The new algorithms make it so difficult for your fans to see your content but everyone reads emails. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! 🙂 Even more ironically, you can’t even sign up for a social media site without a valid email address. So even the social networks rely on email.

  104. Roberta

    I’ve been a fan of Marie for many years and of The Skimm for a few and, wow, how excited I was to see ‘the people’ behind The Skimm here on Marie TV (I had no idea who was behind it but knew it had to come from some cool and creative person/people).
    This was a great episode, thanks again for always teaching me SOMETHING!
    Hugs and kisses from sunny Florida!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you could put the faces with the words now, Roberta! Thanks for watching and for reading 😉

  105. “Fail so Hard” exactly what my perfectionist tendencies needed to hear this morning.

    Thank you to all of you!


  106. I love the comment about grammar and how they speak. This is how I write in my books and so many tell me “they feel like they were literally having a conversation with me” Which was my intent. My grammar is not the best for sure (sometimes intentional sometimes not) but to me it’s about the content not the criticism.
    Email is not dead and my inboxes prove that! I do most of my business through email! Thanks for the podcast! <3

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re big fans of writing like you’re in a conversation as well, Michelle. Keep communicating in a way that feels authentic and true to who you are!

  107. Likely the best interview I’ve watched on MarieTv. I took away many things: being someone who sees both sides to things, neutral is a healthy way and place of great influence. Just love your perspectives about business, building your culture and expression of words/content. Learning from what works and what doesn’t (usually called failures) is the most important work I can do. Intuition and pragmatics are best friends. Don’t live on one side only. Good partnership in friendship and business is a gift. You both are a testimony to demonstrating that. I was very inspired.

  108. Peri Caylor

    Just one point that resonates? Pairing the character that defines your brand with a succinct, clear vision are powerful tools for anyone, an entrepreneur, a student, an employee, who all have to captain their own lives and fortunes. And as a second point that echoes: Partners who mesh can ignite action, one of the toughest steps for any founder to take. Thank you, Marie, Carly and Danielle! Onward and upward!

  109. It’s my first MarieTV experience. Very nice! I’d never heard of the The Skimm before…what an amazing concept. As I watched the interview…I kept wondering…is there something for the Skimm girl’s mom? So many of us that are 50 something are detached or skeptical about the “realness” of social media. I really enjoyed hearing about this fresh way to get the news.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you’re here, Joe! Welcome to the MarieTV community. Well, you could always give The Skimm a try and see if it does fit the bill for you and what you’re searching for with the news. We’d love to hear what you think!

  110. just a comment on voter registration. I think people need to be informed voters and not just listen to biased news or go along with the crowd.


  111. Thank you for this video. I have always wanted my focus to be on women helping women and when you talked about your market force being women I thought ah ha! I know I want to use educational tools as well and mentor women so this has brought my business model in focus better as I fine tool it through b School. I have been thinking about starting a mastermind group and think now is the time to get it started. Love all the positive input and sharing. I will definitely be subscribing to The Skimm!!!

  112. Clarinda Schlatter

    I like the idea of taking a look back every week at one thing I failed at…and what I learned, will change, do instead. Just a quick look back to keep moving forward! But there was all kinds of good stuff in there. I’m glad you interviewed them – I’ve been a reader since the beginning!

  113. If the mind can see, men can achieve it. They saw a way that people didn’t see and as a result, thought it was impossible. Even when people were condemning g mail, they saw it as a way and made it through. One must also keep trying and they’ll succeed at last. You can get it if you really want but you must try, try and try you’ll succeed at last. Thank you Princess Marie. Please may l know if there is any method of training your voice to become the best? Thank you.

  114. Hi all,
    I really love the fact that the founders of Skimm just kept their focus on truly what matter to them. Most importantly they dive into the unknown and from that they created an innovative and smart company. I truly love the courage they have and their authenticity.
    I am also really in tune with my intuition and so happy to hear that you are all listening to your intuition to make decisions. Thank you for this brilliant interview !

  115. Definitely one of my favourite interviews!!
    I was pausing the video every few minutes and taking notes or jotting down ideas it was giving me in context to my own business. I’ve got so many takeaways from this but the standout one would probably be not to base our business on someone else’s algorithm. Definitely going to be putting a lot of thought into that one. Here’s to constantly evolving and thanks for being so inspiring. 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      That’s one of our HUGE take-aways too Shivani. We’re so glad that this interview sparked some ideas in you, and we’re wishing you all the best!

  116. I really liked the ideea to never build a company on someone else’s algorithm. I think it shall be applied in everyones business. It is also important to never build it on only one platform. If the “algorithm” changes, or something else happens with that only one platform you are out of the game. So try to build communities on 2-3 platforms and one of them shall be your own platform, to which almost noone has influence.

  117. Michelle

    Hi all,
    I gained so much from the conversation. I especially connected with the conversation about not needing to be perfect…not over producing ideas. I’m wired to believe I need to be the expert in everything. You reminded me that I have a very smart network that I can connect with to gain their perspectives and their expertise.
    Thank you!

  118. Betul Tekeli

    really inspiring video, I like The Skimm! thank you

  119. Paula

    Wow! My mind is blown right now. Being not of the millennial generation I had not heard of THE SKIMM. I am signing up RIGHT NOW.

    There were so many take-aways but the big three:
    1. Hearing all three ladies discuss the importance of intuition was awesome. Thank you for that reminder.
    2. Thank you, Danielle and Carly, for your honesty about using credit cards to finance your business in the beginning. I have had to do that and I have been made to feel like the world’s biggest loser for doing so. You did what you had to do to reach your business goals … I’m doing the same and appreciate your transparency.
    3. It was beyond amazing watching three EXTREMELY successful business women have an intelligent, honest, insightful conversation in the spirit of generosity and growth. Thank you for this … you just changed my life in a way I can’t even put into words yet.

  120. Hi Marie,
    The thing I hooked on mostly is when Danielle said ” you need to try things “, cause it made me realize I was a bit too conservative in my way of doing things and that I didn’t let myself the right to do certain things my own way. So I will give my best to try on new ways to deliver my content, even if this can seem a bit risky. I’ll learn through it and it will help me to see what works or not.
    Thank you so much for all your content, and for bringing such interesting and inspiring people to your show. I feel like I’ve grown a lot more since I discovered Marie Tv.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds wonderful, Jacinthe! You can learn a lot from experimenting and your audience might really like the new direction. 🙂

  121. Oh, Marie, I soooo love this! I’m doing B-School at this very moment, and this ties in so very well with what we are covering right now (of course, dah!): the why, and what, and how. The smart behind staying authentic to those concepts, and building on it with tools, with intelligence. This was all inspiring. Thanks!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Manuela! We’re so happy you’re a B-Schooler and that you’re seeing the connections with this episode in what you’re learning. 🙂

  122. Marie, this episode was such a blessing!

    As a female founder (that’s fundraising) I know the challenges first hand of building a company and navigating the male dominated space that is the tech industry. Every day is a grind and I often look to your videos for inspiration. Hearing Danielle and Carly’s experience was a reminder that I’m not alone! Their sacrifice, persistence, and commitment to stay true to who they are was just what I needed to hear to keep me going. Also, the “email is dead” via email example is literally one of the many ridiculous things entrepreneurs (specifically women) have to hear while they try to scale their businesses. I was completely shocked to hear that someone would even have the audacity to say that after the Skimm has validated their product and their audience.

    Goes to show that in order for the landscape to change we need more women in ownership, but more importantly we need more women willing to help other women- like you.

    You always have amazing content, but this one was extra special.

    Thank you Marie!!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! 10,000%! 🙂

  123. love this

  124. Rita

    Thank you Marie. I have heard the idea that it’s ok to start out naive when creating your business. I needed to hear it again because I am in a different frame of mind than I was the first time I heard it. Self confidence is what I struggle with, so hearing, “Believe in your own internal compass” and “embrace failure – what can I learn from this?” helps me let go of the doubt and creates a better mindset. I am so grateful I got to hear these ladies’ story. I feel safe with you all! Lots of Love to all – Rita

  125. Don’t build your business on someone else’s algorithm! BAM! So many young entrepreneurs these days are trying to get other people to follow they’re ways of doing things! Seriously, I was contemplating buying into several different “build your business” schooling’s and almost all of them did just that… “follow this algorithm” and you’ll succeed thing. Until I found Marie Forleo! I love that you are all about building a business you love on your own terms (and obviously these awesome girls were saavy on that early on). I’m so stoked I found you Marie, before falling into someone else’s trap! (Not that your a trap of course). LOVE IT! XOXO

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Johanna! It really is the difference between building your house on rock and quicksand.

  126. Thanks for sharing this useful blog…

  127. What resonated the most was the permission to evolve, meaning when they both said they had a vision for their business, but it was redone a “hundred times.” Hearing that as I go thru B-School the 2nd time around and feeling like “Wow, I’m evolving on how I want the purpose of my business to look and feel.” Just further confirmation that it’s all part of the process.

    Loved this and all the many other golden nuggets in here! Thanks!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! We’re firm believers that no one gets it right the first try. So much of business involves being able to change and adapt on a whim, and that’s where the magic happens and where the most incredible growth is done. 🙂

  128. Absolutely love that they talk about “zoning out”. Sometimes the ability to filter information we get from others can be a critical piece in determining how we make decisions. People’s advice/opinions can be valuable, but don’t discredit your own gut.

    • Hailey- Team Forleo

      Well said! We totally agree. Thanks for tuning in!

  129. What a fun and interesting interview! I love that you took the time to explore the idea that you can launch an idea and run a business based on intuition. I especially love that they focused on their own friends as they were building their business persona. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of best practices and biggest supporters, but it is more valuable to keep that human touch. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to check my inbox in the morning 😉

  130. Thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I’m also subscribed to The Skimm and it’s interesting to see the founders and what they look like, etc! I’m also an entrepreneur. When they said they didn’t realize they had to grow their business, I can totally relate to that way of thinking.


    • Hailey- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed hearing a bit more about Carly and Danielle’s story and we hope their message will continue to spark some ideas for you along your own creative journey. Thanks so much for watching!

  131. Hi Marie! Thank you so much for another inspiring interview. Hearing Danielle and Carly talk about their writing really helped me to understanding the importance of a brand avatar, and how that brand avatar takes on a life of its own, and can, by some form of osmosis be absorbed into all employees so that every post, word, action and deed is done by the “brand”. I also really appreciate the reminder about capitalising on email 😀

  132. This was a wonderful read. I loved the interview and was very impressed. It was surely inspirational for me. Keep going and we would love to see more of such videos.

  133. I’ve always felt like an imposter in my professional life, so I try to balance that out by using ignorance to my advantage in my passion projects. My most recent attempt is my blog The Flailing Walrus, where I share my embarrassing travel stories (and embarrassing life stories – I have plenty). Once we share all that stuff, it’s not so scary!
    Here’s to celebrating our ignorance 🙂
    Who knows, it might even be your biggest strength…

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      What a great perspective, Amber! I love the idea of using your passion projects as an opportunity to challenge yourself to try new things. You’re so right that naming our fears or sharing the “scary stuff” definitely helps take away their power. Congrats on launching your new blog– we’re all sending you big high fives and we’re cheering you on!

  134. I love the insight on perfectionism!
    I feel that aiming for perfection blocks us from being vulnerable and there is such a power in vulnerability, as it allows us to be our authentic selves in life and business and for our creative juices to flow. When we can let go of who we think we should be and embrace who we really and deeply are, true personal freedom and excellence in life and business is attained! Life and business is a journey, not a destination. Aim for progression, not perfection ?

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Teresha! We’re so glad this episode really resonated, and thank you so much for sharing!

  135. Thank you for the article!

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