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Do You Have a Calling? Find Your Purpose with Rha Goddess

October 19, 2020

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What do you really want?

Just for a second, ignore what your friends, Instagram feed, culture, and coworkers say you should value. Because if you get quiet and ask your soul? I bet we’re not that different.

“At the core, all of us want to be true to who we really are, make a contribution that matters, and be well-compensated for the contribution that we make.”

When today’s MarieTV guest, Rha Goddess, said those words, it struck a deep chord.

After starting her career as a “starving spiritual artist,” Rha became the CEO and changemaker behind Move The Crowd, a coaching and consulting firm that’s been featured in Time Magazine, Variety, Essence, and Fast Company.

She’s a social entrepreneur, activist, and author of the brilliant book The Calling, a step-by-step blueprint for finding your purpose and making your highest, most profitable contribution.

Whether or not you believe you have a calling, don’t miss this conversation.

You’ll learn:

2:59 — How Rha went from starving artist to world-changing CEO.
7:30 — Six spiritual steps to transform any area of your life.
10:32 — How to release the victim mentality… for good.
11:38 — An unpopular truth about abundance.
19:23 — What 2020 is trying to tell us.
23:28 — Rha’s go-to daily journaling routine.
30:39 — Three sacred practices to create lasting fulfillment.
34:00 — Why you should STOP searching for your purpose (and what to do instead).

If you’ve ever longed for a purpose, you’ll love this episode.

Rha speaks with such presence and poignance. You’ll see me shout, “I love you!” throughout our conversation, because I just couldn’t contain my adoration.

Hit play to watch now or listen on The Marie Forleo Podcast.

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Your Invitation to Take Stock
Rha Goddess is calling all visionaries, high achievers, and game changers to join her Move The Crowd coaches to Take Stock of where you are and set a map for where you are going. Access this free guide to finish open projects, celebrate your wins, and set new goals.
Click here to join them in Taking Stock.

Know what time it is? Yup, it’s insight-to-action time, love.

Rha believes generosity is our natural state of being and contribution is a fundamental human need. She says, “When you align with the truth of who you are, you’ll have no choice but to give. You can't stop the giving, because when you are fully realized, that's all you want to do.”

Are you living a life true to yourself? Fully realized? Overflowing with generosity?

To reflect, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where am I being true to myself in my life and work? Where am I out of alignment?
  2. What’s one action I can take to realign with myself?
  3. What specific ways can I earn and spend that provide more good than harm in the world?

In the comments below, share your answers with us. We’d love to cheer you on. 

The world needs you to step into your fullest, highest self. Or as Rha says, “Enoughness is a very powerful place to be.”


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