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How to End Poverty (Yes, Really) With Leila Janah

March 20, 2018

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It’s about our collective imagination and building the kind of economic system that we all want to live in. @leila_c

The world’s wealthiest countries have donated trillions of dollars in foreign aid but billions still struggle to survive, both abroad and here in the U.S.

Though our efforts to eradicate poverty haven’t worked yet, my guest today offers her evidence-based, economically sustainable solution. (Proving once again that, yes, everything is figureoutable. )

Her name is Leila Janah, and she’s one of the most intelligent, articulate and driven human beings I’ve ever met. She's the entrepreneur behind the world-changing organization we’re proud to support called Samasource and the ethical for-profit skincare line LXMI.

Leila's new book, Give Work, says the answer to ending poverty isn’t more free aid. It's providing jobs and opportunities to the ones who need them most.

How You Can End Poverty By Giving Work

Take a good look at your life right now. Think about all the times a door opened for you to receive some form of education, work, or life experience. When you’re given the chance to use your gifts and grow as a human being, the possibilities are endless.

Opportunities change lives. But not everyone has the same access to the same opportunities.

That’s why Leila Janeh is so passionate about giving work to impoverished communities. Whether you live in the United States or in a small village in a third world country — an income provides the means to a better future. There are so many ways that companies, world leaders, philanthropists, and regular individuals can create jobs and end poverty.

On today’s MarieTV, Leila Janeh will show you how.You’ll learn:

  • The surprising wake-up call she got while volunteering in Ghana
  • Why work is at the core of human dignity (and why it’s so much more important than any hand-out).
  • How a piece of hate mail from a guy named Joe led to an incredible transformation in her organization.
  • The surprising similarities between running a nonprofit and a for-profit
  • Why it’s crucial not to “otherize” the people we help and why service is never mutually exclusive.
  • Most important, you’ll learn how you can become part of the solution to ending global poverty — for good.

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Make no mistake. We have the power to end poverty during our lifetime.

As Give Work teaches us — when you give work, you give people the freedom to choose how to develop their own communities. When you give work, you create infinite possibilities.

We must never forget that we belong to one human family.As Leila so perfectly puts it, “It’s about our collective imagination and building the kind of economic system that we all want to live in.

”Speaking of giving work, our company is hiring. Learn more and apply here.

With endless ❤️,


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