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The violence, inequality and injustice that exists in our world right now can feel insurmountable.

One thing that always gives me strength and hope is recognizing that, amidst the pain and challenge of our times, there are legions of remarkable human beings who are actively working to create a better world.

Not only for themselves, or for a specific religious or political ideology, but for all of humanity.

There’s a psychological ripple effect that comes with the dignity of work. @leila_c Click To Tweet

Specifically, for the billions (yes, with a b) of overlooked, forgotten and often marginalized populations. Their important stories rarely make headlines or garner the support of international leaders.

But as my guest today wisely said, “You don’t have to accept the world for what it is, but you can mold it into what you think it could be.”

Each of us has the power to use our lives to lift others up. Leila Janah, founder of Sama Group, is a living demonstration of that. Listen in as we talk about the transformative impact of dignified work and how technology can be leveraged to make our world a more equitable and just place for all.

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As I shared in today’s show, Martha’s story of how her life has transformed through her connection with Samasource is a must watch.

During times of pain and conflict, we must focus our hearts, minds and actions on what we can do, instead of what we can’t.

Now, Leila and I would love to hear from you.

From the richness of Sama’s work, what’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from this conversation? What action does that inspire you to take towards creating a more prosperous and just world for all?  

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Remember to share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your perspective may spark a profound breakthrough for someone else.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

No matter where you might find yourself today…

Thank you for being a part of our world, a part of our larger global family, and for being a beacon of hope and possibility to those around you.

With all my love and appreciation,


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  1. I’m all for empowering people to sustain themselves! I work with a community in Borgne Haiti and see that they are fully capable of creating a community that they want. It’s all Haitian run. We just help provide the resources. My commitment is to make videos to let people know of the awesome work! I’m going to make another one this week! Thanks for this inspiration!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’re doing amazing work, Jodi! 🙂

    • So grateful for this video. It was amazing! I would love to get involved somehow. Leila is so inspiring and gorgeous inside and out. My biggest takeaway was to stay positive and optimistic even in the turmoil. This video had made me even more grateful for Keep up the good work peeps!

  2. So incredibly inspiring. It brought a tear to my eye. The single biggest takeaway is that it really just takes one amazing person to create major change. We all are so caught up in our own lives and worlds, it can be overwhelming to look at the world’s problems and feel lost and helpless. But clearly, one small change and one person can lead to major good and transformation. Thank you for sharing and for the constant inspiration.

  3. Thank you so much, Marie, for introducing us to Leila and Sama Group.

    • Oh my so many takeaways. It is a mark of our humanity to be upset with injustice and choose to see the best and be the best in humanity even in the face of such evil esp as we see we with ISIL and for me witnessing homelessness. Thankyou Leilani for you beautiful heart and work here in the world. Wish you were available in Canada.

      • Correction Leila!

  4. Crystal

    This conversation is so so very inspiring. I shared it on FB and twitter and Google + and I just think it is wonderfully timely as well. I watched it twice and emailed it to several people as well….. Just wow. Truly a wonderful example of a true, good, honest, trusting, faithful, driven, nonjudgemental, human!!!! I will definately check out their website…. Thanks for this Marie and Leila!!! <3 Blessings for a fabulous day!!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Crystal, thank you SO much for sharing this episode with so many people. That means the world to us. I hope it touches them as much as it touched you!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this experience!

    OMG I remember that year! 2005! The World was Flat was published, and everybody in the US was so afraid of outsourcing. I also remember that I was living in India that year and all my friends (mostly English majors and grad students) were so excited about the same phenomenon.

    I’ve almost always been an expatriate since then, although that was my first long term experience living abroad. I’ve been able to work on so many worthy causes and felt that my work was more useful and meaningful because I was making a unique contribution as an expatriate. I would really love to use technology to support other young expatriates stay passionate about their work and not burn out. Still working on the how.

    • Lourdes

      That is brilliant I support your work! I think it’s great what you’re doing

  6. This is extraordinary and life-affirming and inspiring… SO glad you have posted this Marie. Thank you so much Leila. What I am taking away is that what I do and how I live really makes a difference… and that looking at the bigger picture is vital. I am so glad I have started my Tapping for Peace – my contribution to the bigger picture. xox

  7. Wow! What an incredible organization!!!

    Marie – Thanks for the intro to to Sama.

    Leila – I’m fired up and inspired by all that you are doing!

    I love the way this topic was framed considering the timing and the recent and increasingly events around the globe. There is something we can do – We can be the people who create a different world. I’m grateful to be in community with people who are actively being the change everyday.

    Thanks again!!

  8. Hi Maria,

    Moving into heart felt action is the difference maker. I felt a strong shift recently; doing much of what I do to make connections and make a difference is the prime driver behind me. Most of the time at least. Holding this intent allowed my reach to spread wider and I am working less than I have. Having fun, acting from the heart and thinking of others throughout the world helps one to cut through the low energy feelings we all experience sometimes when we see some wicked things going on.

    After circling the globe for 54 months straight I can say that things are improving. People the world over are working together, using their hearts and minds to strengthen our connections and to free folks of some tough circumstances. Tech is the wonderful leveler, the factor that levels the playing field in a major league way.

    Thanks so much Maria and Leila….keep on inspiring my friends.


  9. Wow, Leila is such an inspiration. Thank you for hosting this interview Marie. The story about the man in Ohio who sent her a critical email was really powerful for me. I’ve been so frustrated with certain individuals’ responses to some of the recent world events, specifically those who seem to lack empathy for other humans and have an attitude of superiority. It’s such a great reminder to remember everyone comes at an issue looking through their own lens, and rather than reacting and judging, we need to try to understand where they’re coming from and empathize. THAT is the way to make change. Thank you Leila for all your amazing work! I’m looking forward to learning more about Sama.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Michelle. Empathy for every person and their unique point of view is one way to help make change. Thank you for tuning in!

  10. WOW!

    This interview was timed so perfectly given the events of the past week!

    My biggest takeaway was Leila’s insight that, “if we choose every morning to see the positive, to trust the world even if traumatic things happen, that optimism is what’s going to guide us through life.”

    Thank you, Marie and Leila!

  11. Kristina

    What inspiring episode! Thank you Maire Forleo.

  12. Oh my gosh… what a kind and courageous soul Leila is – I need to get my young son to watch this video too! And help him see the impact that we all can make in our own ways.

    Marie – Thank you for this wonderful interview!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Oh I hope your son loves this interview, too! It’s hugely inspiring, and yes — there are so many ways we can each have an impact for good in the world 🙂

  13. My takeaway: she started with just 25k. I tend to think that I need more to make a major impact, but it’s not true. Thank you so much for this interview Marie. It was really inspiring.

  14. Nicole

    I am so moved by Leila…she has acted on her compassion…the need to continue developing a global community…the healing of a broken world happens when we have the courage to speak our hearts and do what we say…love!!! Celebration! Victory!

  15. “We have a choice to either trust the world – or to hole ourselves in and assume everyone is out to get us.” These words by Leila are SO powerful!

  16. Wow! Continued to be blown away and bursting with admiration for this episode. “So much of what we offer is hope!” I CHOOSE to see the optimism in the world! Thanks you so much for this gift Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      It’s our pleasure, Danny! So happy it resonated with you 🙂

  17. Elisabeth

    What an inspiring woman and organization! I am thrilled to learn about Sama and the amazing work they’re doing to lift up those in poverty. Leila is brilliant and understands how to effectively run a non-profit for maximum impact. When I’m overwhelmed by the depth of need in the world I try to remind myself to do everything in my power to help – but leave the outcome up to God – so that grace can enter in.

  18. Chloe

    I have to join in with the others on this one: Wow, YES!! Thank you so much for this interview! I’m a massive fan of social enterprise – fusing profit-sector efficiency with moving forward in a responsible, socially supportive way. This is such an amazing example of finding that balance!

    Also, I feel totally inspired! I’ve been wanting to help shape the world towards how I would like it to be & feeling an entrepreneurial drive, but still missing (as Marie puts it so well each week) the clue on “my unique quality that this world truly needs”.. a few more puzzle pieces just fell into place listening to this interview with Leila on her story building the Sama Group. Thank you thank you thank you both of you!

    xoxo Chloé

  19. Great episode. I am Kenyan.

    When Nelson Mandela talks about poverty or racism he says these are not natural, they are man made. That’s when I realised the way the world is now is not the way it should be. So something like social inequality should not exist.

    Your’e initiative is amazing!!!!

  20. WOW! This is the best segment to date!!
    I found this interview so inspiring, especially the part about impact sourcing – because this is exactly what I am doing with my Kazuri Couture jewelry. i just didn’t know it had an “official” name. I use beads handmade by women in Kenya, so all my jewelry helps keep those women employed.
    The fact that Leila began her work in Kenya was especially empowering. I’ve often doubted what I am trying to do – but no more! I now know without a doubt that my vision is grounded in genuine possibility to help alleviate poverty in Kenya. I only wish I could connect with Leila to find out how I could expand my vision and help more women in that area.
    So grateful for your insightful work, Marie.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Keep doing what you’re doing, Ellen. You ARE making a difference!

  21. It is so heartwarming that you care. You obviously haven’t developed “A callous layer over your hearts.” Such and inspiring story and it leaves me wanting to get off my duff and get busy helping others. I can’t help everyone, but I can help one, and that one is who I’m looking for today.
    When I was a kid, I use to tell my mom, “I’m bored.” She would make me so mad…She would say, “David, there is a whole world of people out there who don’t have someone to love them.” “Get out of here and go find one of them and love them!”
    So glad I found Marie amidst all of the mindless chatter online.Whenever I’m feeling discouraged or feel like giving up, I seek her out and come away with new insight and perspective. This video has done just that!

  22. Dear Marie and Leila, this is by far the best piece of inspiration I have come across for a long time. What beauty and humanity is represented by individuals that are truely connected to life in this way. Leila embodies the spirit of the New Earth – both spiritualy and as a human being. THIS is what the world needs so desperately. Having lived in India for many years this conversation brought a true spark of change into my sometimes hopeless and judgemental heart. What the absence of egotism, greed and selfishness can create in a being like Leila and for her world….! Amazing! Thank you both so much for this real piece of art and inspiration. I will share this with as many friends and associates as possible… Namaste! Yasmina

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, Yasmina, I couldn’t agree more with what you said about the humanity and beauty in Leila and her yearning to help. Thank you so much for watching.

  23. Absolutely Loved this episode!
    Leila and the Sama Group, Wow!
    Inspirational and empowering.

    Thank you for your excellent work Marie.
    Exactly the type of content we (humanity) need!


  24. Oliver

    The most important thing that I am taking back from hearing Miss Janah speak is that “Those decisions that are fear based – that are based on that idea that everyone is out to get us and we need to hunker down to protect ourselves from the horrible world – I think that never leads us to a good outcome. ”

    Why? because I am hunkering down right now and allowing a fear of rejection or worst, “imperfection’, stop me from submitting ideas of projects to others that might do the criticizing.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      That’s such a beautiful and important realization Oliver, and good for you for seeing it in yourself through what Leila shared.

      Fear-based thinking often makes everything feel so impossible or never good enough. Elizabeth Gilbert’s interview a few weeks ago, and her take on fear might be really helpful too, as you move beyond the “hunkering down” feeling. Here’s the link, in case you missed it:

  25. Joanna

    So inspiring! Thank you so much Marie, for bringing magnificent human beings to inspire us! Thank you Leila for all your work. You give me strength and inspiration to move with my project forward. What’s more I am sure that I’m going in a good direction. Thank you so much.

  26. Elena

    BIG thanks for sharing this amazing Idea.

    I’m so glad to see that new ways to help people to come out of poverty.

    My take away, would be to remain myself that helping other always bring you so much back. It motivates me to stay on my track and to go on on my way.

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Christy

    I just forwarded a link to this video to our Strategic Sourcing Director in the US. I never heard of impact sourcing before today. LOVE IT. Very inspiring.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Christy! We’re absolutely delighted to have introduced you to impact sourcing, and are excited for you and your company to explore the possibilities there. Thank you for telling us!

  28. So for a small business, is the SamaSchool site a place to start? I currently use UpWork but would be happy to experiment with a mission-based provider. Thanks for the info!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great question, Darcy! It looks like SamaSchool definitely has very similar services to UpWork and might be a great alternative. SamaSource is a little more geared toward larger products and companies given the kinds of projects they take on, but SamaSchool’s services could be a great fit for the needs of small businesses.

      You can see a sample of their offerings and some of their graduates here:

      There’s also a link there to request a quote, so you can get a little more info based on the kinds of services you’re looking for.

  29. I’m working with the Navajo communities living along the eastern rim of the Grand Canyon to define a new sustainable economy for themselves. Lack of opportunity has made them particularly vulnerable to extractive industries (coal in particular, though a tramway was recently proposed originating on tribal land and descending into the base of the Grand Canyon). I would love to connect with any and all who share our interest and concern (Leila in particular).

    In deep gratitude to Marie & Team for their good work, as well.

    Blessings, Sarah

  30. Being a Belgian recently moved to India to work for a starting social impact company (M-Power), i felt very connected and inspired by Leila.
    M-Power Energy for All ( wants to eradicate poverty via access to energy. Because the continuous access to the right mix of renewable energy/ electricity creates economy in rural areas. Maybe the M-Power electricity can even power the Sama rural offices?! We have the same mission as Sama just with different technology. Sama and M-Power could even complement each other!

  31. This hit me right in my heart because what I am trying to do right now has a name. Impact sourcing, its the goal of my biz to provide opportunities through biz and jobs. I love the win win aspect. My idea was to start my biz with this type of goal. I am partnering with a non profit that provides opportunities for developmentally disabled workers. I designed my products specifically to be assembled without machinery or skilled labor. The beauty is in the design and the power is in the opportunities that my designs can provide. I cant wait to grow so that I can provide more opportunities for underserved communities through employment. I would love to work with Sama to make it happen on a larger scale. Thank you this was just the boost I needed to remind me that I am on the right track.

  32. Richard Gaffney

    what a great show. thank you. as always I learned a lot.

  33. I am so inspired right now I’m in tears!!!

    My biggest takeaway is “trust the world” and that it’s so easy to be cynical, but everything we do and believe is a choice. This confirms my deepest beliefs and gives me hope because what Leila does is so different than the rest of the young entrepreneurs, esp. in San Francisco.

    I actually admire anyone who can help people in any way and change the world in small or big ways, but this kind of social thinking really gets me fired up and wanting to donate more often.

    If we all give away 10% of our profits, there would be no poverty.

    Thanks, ladies, for being rays of sunshine. :))

  34. Davira

    Marie I love your show and highly respect you. However I am shocked that the events in Oaris and Beirut have awakened something in you. What about what Israel has been enduring all theses years since 1948 not to mention everything the nation has gone through since the beginning of time. Why didn’t you include Israel? Are. The Jewish lives not as important? The Muslims are destroying the world and yet it’s always Israel’s fault. The day of the Paris attacks a young father and his 18 year old son were murdered on their way to celebrate a pre wedding and Shabbat celebration with the older daughter who was to be married today. Where are the outcries? Where’s the media? Where are you?

    • Davira, the event you speak of in Israel is horrific. All lives are important. There is an enormous amount of violence and senseless suffering each and every day, in every corner of the global, and it touches all people, all forms of life. To be clear, the recent events in Paris and Beirut have not suddenly awakened something in me. I’ve consistently used my platform to shine a light on good people doing good work to create a more just, equitable and humane world for all. Muslims are not destroying the world. Hate, scarcity, fear and vitriolic intolerance is.

      • Davira

        I respect your opinion however being Jewish and Israeli I better understand the nature of that population. I pray that their terror doesn’t come to America (although it has and people have a short term memory). Still love your work!!!!

      • Susan

        Thank you, Marie, for the words you wrote above, and for all that you do. I love your videos and find them – and you – inspiring. This one was really special; Leila has done something truly amazing.
        And I just want to say to Davira, since I am also Israeli and Jewish, and in these days of tension I am also scared – please know that there are Muslims here (and in other countries) who don’t hate us, and who deplore terror attacks as much as we do.

  35. Liz Taylor

    It’s so exciting to learn about nonprofits who have heart, are courageous, and most importantly, who are truly affective! Thank you for building something true and good! I was especially inspired to hear about Leila’s start. Hearing about her 400.00 dollar a month salary, her couch surfing and the divine support that came to her renews my energy to keep going!

  36. This message was one of the best to post during this time! Thank-you so so much Marie for always grounding us in compassion and inspiration! And between your guests and self – showing others their is a way to build their dreams and make a HUGE difference in the world. Sama is a god send and I am so thankful Lelia and you both had the courage to manifest your dreams. Love you!

  37. IMPACT SOURCING! This is something I’ve been passionate about for so long but didn’t know it had a generally accepted term. I’d love to find a way to educate people on this or find greater purpose in creating a business around this idea. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  38. I loved this video. So timely and appropriate with everything going on in the world. My biggest takeaway is that there is always a choice to be made. A choice to choose to react out of fear of the world, or to choose to trust the world is a beautiful place and operate out of that belief, because that belief is what informs how we live. I share that view myself, and I love finding others who do the same. I am excited to learn more about Sama. I LOVE this concept. Thank you to Marie and the team for bringing me in touch with an organization that aligns so closely with my own personal values. I cannot wait to learn more.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So very true, Jenna. Glad to hear this resonated with you!

  39. Sabrina

    Marie, thank you so so much for this conversation with Leila! I loved the way she talked and how leisurely she communicated her ideas.I could see and feel in her words a clear vision for a more human world.
    Really inspiring and empowering talk.

    Please add spanish subtitles, so I can share this video with my people in Argentina.

    Thanks again!

  40. Jamuna

    Such a heartfelt and beautiful interview. Thank you Marie & Leila — this type of interview is a testament to your compassionate hearts and desire to make a difference in the world. I loved the focus on “choice.” We need to be reminded that no matter the direction of the wind, we have a choice to adjust our sails. All respects and gratitude to two beautiful souls.

  41. Ladies,
    This was so encouraging as I am looking for ways to give back in my community using my business skills. I volunteer with a sex trafficking organization here in Central Florida whose goals include restoring women through addressing their need for education, training in life skills and eventually job skills with placements. Employment is an issue for these women for many reasons and without it they often return to the life on the streets. As in your examples, so many have never known or been told that they are smart and can support themselves if trained. I assist my business clients with recruiting and would like to assist this non-profit in this area. Where can I find direction in beginning to connect this organization with viable training and placements?

  42. Thanks so much for this interview! I loved hearing Leila’s story about SAMA Group. I grew up in DeWitt, Arkansas, which is just down the road from Dumas. I shared the interview for my Facebook friends, many in DeWitt, so that they would know about the opportunity. The funny thing is that my sister(who still lives there) commented on the post that she actually works with SAMA School sometimes and is very impressed with the program. I had NO IDEA!! 🙂 She works for Communities Unlimited,, and their mission is to end poverty in the Mississippi Delta region. I’m sure they would also love and greatly benefit from your help if you’re looking for other ways to give back here in the U.S.!

  43. joanne

    I was really excited getting into this interview and since Leila mentioned GlassDoor, I went there and the reviews about her from employees are not especially great. So hard to know the truth.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Joanne, it’s absolutely important to thoroughly vet any organization you’re wanting to work with to make sure there’s a resonance. I think Leila’s mention of GlassDoor was with regards to them having some Samasource workers, and thus incorporating impact sourcing into how they operate — something all of us can do more of or really think about in the business world.

      Hope that helps!

  44. Gargi Agarwala

    Hi Marie and Leila,

    After watching I wanted to take action, and so contacted every organization and church group I know here in Denver. It was timely because the Denver 5280 magazine just ran an article on the increase of homelessness/poverty here in Denver, so I was able to reach out to a number of organizations listed with your information (and your interview) about Sama school. If there are other more targeted ways you think viewers like me can help in a grassroots kind of way to get the word out please advise 🙂
    I was thinking of maybe even having little cards printed up with the Sama website, and a list of local libraries where people can access computers to hand out to the homeless people I see every day at every major intersection. Even if one takes action, it will make a difference.
    Thanks for reinforcing our human connection through interviews, information and inspiration like this 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Gargi, this is amazing. We love that the interview not only inspired you, but that you’ve already started taking action locally.

      Samaschool is a wonderful thing to share about in your community, and you can absolutely share the link to with both people that could benefit from the training and also employers who may hire from within the network of Samaschool graduates. There also are opportunities for becoming a Location Host in hosting a Samaschool class in your community, and you can learn more about that here:

      You might even get in touch with them via info AT samaschool DOT org and find out more about handing information out and any tools they’d love to have shared!

      Thank you for wanting to be involved — your desire to connect people with the services in this program really warms our hearts.

  45. As a social entrepreneur, this is my favorite Marie TV episode yet. I love the concept of “Impact Sourcing” as a description for what we have been doing in our business but also as a way for main stream business to give back at a new level. I’m sharing the video with my tribe and will also be passing the information about Sama School to a friend who founded a transition home for women coming out of treatment and incarceration.
    Thanks Marie and team.

  46. Great video — so inspiring! I love the fact that Leila’s group is addressing poverty through job creation in a practical yet also entrepreneurial way.

  47. Inspiring and empowering. What a treat this interview was. You are two of my amazing role models, Marie & Leila. Thank you both for the work you do. Your impact is immense and I for one would like to thank you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You’re so kind, Tikiri. Thank you for your note – it means a lot to us.

  48. Lena

    I love to discover people with powerful visions and your talk made good sense to me! Listening to your conversation also gave me a sweet dose of inspiration that supports me in the work I do to create powerful and meaningful impacts.
    Thank you 🙂

  49. So beautiful and inspiring. What a fantastic interview!

    I loved that you discussed the inefficiencies of many not-for-profits and that it doesn’t have to be that way. I know I’ve struggled with this in my own work, trying to communicate the importance of measuring outcomes. However, it’s tough when 90% of funding comes from the government and their metrics are set.

    What type of fundraising does Leila do? Any thoughts on tackling this problem?

    Thanks so much. x

  50. I love the notion of Impact Sourcing! It was a great interview with lots of good information.

  51. Ali Mcinerney

    Wow. This was so incredible. Firstly to you Marie and your team. I love that you care so much about social enterprise. You make me want to belong in the entrepreneur world. Secondly, I am so impressed with Leila. Her vision. Her passion. Her heart. Her intelligence. So impressed. Hearing her talk, I know that there is a part of that in me too, but I haven’t felt confident about myself for a long time now. I feel so lonely, but have a dream that I will be a social entrepreneur one day too. How to mend my confidence? I wish I had a circle of inspirational friends I could talk to about my ideas. I have so many doubt about myself now after being so lonely for so many years.

  52. I’ve become a fan of Marie Forleo TV and enjoy the varied episodes. But this was one of the best. In my own life and work, I am on the hunt for what is right and good in the world and for people who are finding creative solutions for seemingly intractable problems. Leila Janah is one of my new heroes. Thank you to both of you for bringing us such inspiration.

  53. Amazingly inspirational as always and many takes with this video. Biggest ones will be : take the first time, believe and persevere & keep inspiring others on this journey.
    Thank you Marie and Leila !

  54. Marie and Leila – thank you! This interview was so inspiring and truly informative. I have a passion to bring awareness to young people through volunteer programs and as an improvement to our educational system, so that they know at a young age that they have an innate worthiness to live nJOY! The steps Leila outlined and her proven success have re-fueled my passion 😉

  55. ali

    My biggest take-away were the catch phrases that I can use at my company meetings to drive positive direction:
    1. Impact sourcing – aligning with companies that overtly create social and environmental change.
    2. Effective altruism – measuring the impact for dollars given. We can be just as effective as the for-profit sector by using similar performance measures.

  56. Dayle

    What a wonderful woman. So inspiring, so beautiful. There are so many takeaways from this video – I love all of the catch phrases and just the pure inspiration of it all – however, the biggest for me is probably that the key to being human is to always be affected when you see injustice in the world.

    I am always affected and I am on the road to starting a business and life that I love through the fabulous teachings in B-School and I want to be able to give back to those less fortunate and make a positive impact in the world.

    Leila’s story and Sama is definitely something I would love to be aligned with in the future. Thanks Marie (you’re amazing) and thanks Leila.

  57. jen

    This is Amazing and so far the Best video i have seen!
    What I take from this is
    1) Instead of arguing by and continuing a fight, we can bring a resolution to the table and work with that
    2) It is possible to simultaneously build up the foreign and domestic work force
    3) We must spread the understanding we are all human, even if we are angry at some virtual “group” of people. We Are All Human

  58. Love this video. Leila is very inspiring & Sama is doing such amazing work. My husband has extended family in Fiji & many are wanting to leave and are asking me what to study for the best job etc. I have been saying about the online world but wasn’t sure how to get them going with it and where to start. I never really thought of things like up work I as more thinking starting business online but then thinking that would take some time to gain income for them. Il be sure to direct them to the online course so they can gain some skills in that area. Thanks so much for another great episode.

  59. I just needed to hear a story of someone that was doing something positive to make the world a better place this week. Thanks Leila and Marie for that.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You are so not alone, Chas. I think many of us needed something like that this week. xo

  60. Thank you for reminding me why I love working with social enterprises. I’ve had the pleasure of working with social enterprises and social entrepreneurs for over 10 years now having discovered this world of business back in 2004. I help start ups and developing social enterprises locally SW of the UK. I’ve managed to make a living from this through being funded by funders and local authorities. Many of the entrepreneurs and organisations I work with simply don’t have the funds to access advice. Recently it’s been more challenging, the ‘austerity’ cuts are hitting the sector hard. I’d love to see if I could replicate some of Sama’s work here working with some of our deprived communities. Thank you for reminding me this is what I love to do and to keep going.

  61. Jean

    I think the most important concept of this video, which may be the most impactful video I’ve ever watched, is that she always thinks out of the box. Always. Always. Always.

  62. I needed this! I’ve encountered so much grief and difficulty this week in my work as an educator. One of my students passed away, another was in court for carrying a weapon, and I felt so helpless and disheartened, knowing that I can’t protect them from the world. I was just a pile of tears this week. But I loved what Leila said, that to feel injustice means we are human and that we are alive. I’m glad I still feel it, because at the root of that sadness is hope. I can imagine a different future for my students. It may not come into being in my lifetime, but nothing new has been created without imagination and the stubborn will to create.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Amanda, I’m so sorry to hear about your hard week and the loss of your student. That’s devastating. I love what you said about hope being at the root of sadness. What a beautiful mindset and perspective to have!



  64. Tina Clark

    So Inspiring! Thank you for reminding me that I don’t need to play it small. And for reminding me that when serving and helping others is the main focus, the rest flows into place. The synchronicities unfold, the right people show up at the perfect moments and ‘miracles’ occur.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful and centering thought to take from this episode. Thanks for sharing.

  65. I am struck by Leila’s absolute inner beauty. Her heart and dedication to her organization and global poverty is amazing. I come away from this asking what do I believe in that strongly and how can I commit to making a ripple? Thank you Marie for contuiously bringing awareness to these leaders and organizations creating your own ripples!!!!

  66. This is truly a lovely video. Both of you are admirable women!

  67. It is so refreshing to hear that people and organizations exist that are driving positive change in the world. Inspirational!

  68. Maarit

    Truly Amazed!
    How can I help from Canada. I have been viewing Marie Forleo for over two years and I have to say episode hits my heart strings. I have been searching for a group that I can join with to help individuals help themselves. We have many homeless and unemployed here and our unemployment rate will continue to rise.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Maarit, thank you so much for wanting to offer up your support. We love that you’ve been in our world for a few years now, tuning in to MarieTV and that this episode in particular touched your heart.

      Currently, Samagroup’s reach and endeavors are not specifically in Canada, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved by any means, and their reach is constantly growing. Besides partnering with them as a donor, you might reach out to them at info AT samagroup DOT co (.co and not .com) to find out more specifics around how you can support their beautiful work.

  69. I LOVED this.

    I am constantly impressed by those of you reworking the social entrepreneur model to make it less of a “handout” and more of a cooperative venture.

    I have worked in the non-profit sector for years, and love the heart driven work but have had to step away because of the economic model. As passion driven staff slowly used up their personal resources on their small salaries, they would eventually leave and the organization would suffer.

    Philanthropy is inconsistent by it’s nature and things like Samasource are self sustaining.

    I am eager for the day when “Social Enterprenuerism” isn’t a thing anymore- that everyone incorporates this wholistic business model.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  70. Laure

    Thank you so very much for helping us open our eyes and minds to what is good in the world

  71. So excited to see Team Forleo teaming up with SamaGroup!

    What a brillant pair. My husband and I worked closely with Sama at Feather River College through their SamaUSA program. I’m so glad to hear they received more funding and will be continuing their US based program.

  72. Marie and Leila:

    Thank you for the contributions you are-for enhancing the quality of life for ever-so-many women, men, children, all across the planet.
    My take away is (I’m a part of an Economic Development Committee in South Portland, ME, working on creating a plan to emphasize small business retention) to expand upon the Sama School Program idea, to ensure people who reside here, can afford to live here! We need to educate our workforce. What a win-win!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so awesome, Paula! We’re so glad to hear you’re inspired to get involved. <3

  73. just amazing and inspiring, keep spreading love and hope for a better future…

  74. Dawn D

    I really enjoyed listening to what Leila has done and doing. The outlook, the believing in people and not to be cynical…so easy not to go that route. Great stories…I’ll definitely like to find out more about

  75. Maire and Leila, this episode is amazing. It is very inspirational.

    Leila Janah is a humble and smart woman with a big heart. The world is very fortunate to have a woman like her.

    Thank you for presenting to us, the audience, this type of information. This help us to put things in the proper perspective in our lives. Great Job!

  76. Wow– this is amazing. In a week of world chaos, this is a beam of inspiration.

    I love the idea of empowering the impoverished rather than relying on donations and handouts. I think we can do infinitely better by empowering the poor in this way.

    I am so thankful for Leila’s insight and I am touched by the story of her humble beginnings. Thank you. Thank you for what you have done.

    This has inspired me in two ways:
    1. Always look at the poor in means of their potential. They have so much to offer. Think, “How can we empower?” and rely less on one time donations.
    2. This has inspired me to take a look at my business and see how we can make this biggest impact in every detail.

    Great insight and great source of encouragement today.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love that, Lynan! It reminds me of the idea of teaching someone to fish and feeding them for a lifetime versus simply giving someone a fish and feeding them for a day.

      We’re so glad this episode resonated with you, and grateful you tuned in this week!

  77. Lourdes

    Wow Marie, I’m so grateful for you and for doing this interview.I’m so glad that you found her and that you met and had such a beautiful’s lit me up so much to hear what is possible for anyone who sees these two ways of seeing the world.what i took away was that having this perception can be conflicting but when you find a way to still personally impact the worst suffering in a positive way and still be enjoying the present way,it’s meaningful .I’ve always had a feeling I was the only one who thought how you and leila spoke about.I used to feel that I couldnt be a part of stimulating conversation such as this one with the people in my life currently.this video has brought me so much hope and inspiration for the future especially during this time of such chaos and fear.THIS is a great example of how you save the world and still create and improve your own!I can’t wait to see what’s to come.There’s a big shift happening.
    Thank you for doing this when you did✌?

  78. Great guest!! I was inspired and wondered – what if we could lift seniors out of poverty via online home work? Too many of us are living far below the poverty line in the US due to economic injustice…that filters down to your social (in)security check. How can we change this? Maybe a seniorsama.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s such a wonderful thought, Karen. I’m not sure if Sama Group does any work yet with seniors, but I know finding good work can be incredibly challenging for many seniors — especially those who are still capable but home-bound.

      You can of course donate to the Sama Group, but if you’re interested in getting more involved, you can try reaching out to info AT samagroup DOT co (.co and not .com) to find out more info about ways you can help!

  79. Merve

    Great! Wow! I watched this again again to get inspired to do good. I think anyone can help someone who is in more in need of help. I have to write down some of the inspiring sentences in this episode not to forget.

    Thanks Marie!!!

  80. More of this good news news please. There’s SO. MUCH. GOOD. in this world, and shedding more light on this good is what will strengthen us all.

    Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes — exactly, Kelli! The more good news we see and share, the more it will uplift us all.

  81. Who is gonna change this World and make it a better place?? My hand is raised! I will go the extra mile. Anyone willing to fight for this necessary change with me, you are welcome!

  82. Zoraida Cespedes

    I dislike outsourcing, I think its a direct slap on the face to the people living in the country from which the company is headquartered.

    With that said Leila is doing great work creating socially responsible outsourcing opportunities, which is what this planet needs.

    We in the USA have this “hand-out” solution. We send money when we can and never ask questions
    1. What is this charity using this money for exactly ?
    2. How can those less fortunate than I become as fortunate as I ?

    When people have certain opportunities ( decent pay, decent education, laws, good leaders, healthy eco-system, etc.) they have no choice but to thrive. And that is what we need for each and every country to have the same basic opportunities.

    Thank You Leila and Marie for the work you do .
    Girl POWER !!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Zoraida! Totally agree about the need for people in all countries to be afforded certain opportunities. One of the reasons that Samagroup’s work is so impactful is because of where they operate and the widespread (and growing!) influence they have. Their work with Samaschool is largely US-based, and such an important model for supporting and providing opportunities here in the US.

      Thanks for watching!

  83. Hi Marie & Leila,

    This was a very inspiring talk and I’m glad you shared it with us. I learned SO much about overseas outsourcing and the impact it can have on those living in poverty. I’m really glad this interview came up because this topic seems to be out of sight for me.
    What I loved most was hearing Leila’s story about how she put everything together. Her perseverance is astounding and very inspirational to me. When she told us about how she went right down to the internet cafe to talk to the owners about incorporating outsourcing in their business, it showed her drive to get sh*t done and made me want to get sh*t done too!
    Watching this interview also inspired me to rethink what social causes I want my business to support. I think that because I’m just starting out, my head is only focused on making money to keep my business off the ground and growing. After watching this, I’m definitely going to be revisiting my goals to incorporate something I can contribute to a cause I care about.

    Thanks ladies,
    Maddie xo

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Maddie, LOVE hearing what you took from this episode and Leila’s own story. How exciting that you’re going to re-look at your own goals through this newfound lens too!

  84. Hi there,

    Feeling so inspired by this. I’m a primary (elementary) teacher in the UK and as Leila spoke about SamaSchool, I immediately thought of some of the parents and families I work with at school. I’ve already acted on this and am on a mission to see if we can help some of our parents to access SamaSchool and gain the qualifications that could be a game changer for some.

    Seriously, thank you for sharing this amazing work.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Claire!! Thank you so much for letting us know.

  85. Who is gonna change this World and make it a better place? My hand is raised, Me. Come join me please.

  86. Hi Marie, this is a really great interview! Thanks for introducing us Leila. What a beautiful person she is, inside and outside! I loved Leila’s focus on ‘choice’ it really resonated with me. Also, thank you, Marie, for your well-worded reply to Davira. Cheers, keep up the amazing work you’re doing!

  87. Impact Sourcing!! Brilliance 🙂
    My guy is super passionate about empowering the homeless to find meaningful work and break the cycle of poverty in Canada. He would be the most amazing candidate to lead Sama’s expansion to Canada!! Can’t wait for what the future holds. Thank you Leila & Marie! HUGS!!! Lesley

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love hearing that, Lesley, and you’re not the only Canadian in these comments mentioning an expansion to Canada either! 🙂 Hugs back.

  88. Dear Marie, this was an eye opener for me and educational. Sometimes I need a reminder that in the world there are so many more less fortunate than myself and whatever bit of good that I could do in my current situation is something that can go a long way for someone else. I hope this makes sense although I may not be articulating this as well as I’d like.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Makes perfect sense — you articulated that beautifully, Mary Beth!

  89. Marie,
    Thank you for asking the question about emotional management in seeing the extremes in living conditions in social/non-profit work!
    This is something I battle daily, even working at a non-profit full time right now, when I see negativity at my office and those who are ungrateful, my heart just sinks. Some days I’m beaming because I feel like I matter, some days I cry because I see others who feel they don’t matter, or I see a person’s ego taking priority over kindness and empathy. I’ve had dozens of jobs, founded a non-profit program at 19, and have struggled with that balance of actually being financially stable AND changing the world wherever I am.
    I’d love to learn more about the tools social entrepreneurs have in their toolbox to maintain balance and prevent burnout.
    Thank you Marie and Team for all that you do to inform us of people making a difference, including yourselves. #wearechangemakers

  90. Bill

    Well said! Wonderful insights discussed here.

  91. I am forever inspired by how powerful a small financial investment paired with immense intention can come together and change the world. Kudos Leila and Marie.

  92. That was brill!

    How wonderful it was to hear her story. I work in the not for profit sector and find it difficult sometimes to keep focused on what I do. I can take so much away from this conversation.

    Thank you both, you wonderful human beings!

  93. Oh my gosh, I have been following Leila for years and absolutely adore her and her message. This just makes me happy 🙂 xx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jacqueline! xo

      • ABHIJEET

        thank you so much for sharing

  94. Teresa

    The help of outsourcing is very short-sighted. Those people might be thrilled by the opportunity to get a job at all, but it’s on the level of giving cash to someone who needs a permanent employment.

    The mindset one carries with themselves after this is “We cannot be better than that. We depend on someone to come over and give us the opportunity.”

    Therefore one country takes the part of the provider, the other the part of dependent one. The provider gets richer, the dependent one is strained from development because the common belief is that there is no way but doing whatever the provider says, accepting whatever price the provider suggests etc, because “whatever is better than to be cut off from the source of opportunity”.

    The dependent country never gets out of its second-class status because accepting this so-called help goes hand in hand with accepting the position of the “worse one”.

    Considering the long-time effect, outsourcing is modern-day colonialism.

    Now in the age of decentralized global currencies that are slowly getting mainstream, there really is no need to practice this kind of thing and it is not right to believe that paying someone what they are taught is “good enough because you won’t get better” is the right thing to do.

    I certainly hope more people with access to an internet cafe in Africa will follow South America’s people and adapt Bitcoin, get involved in bitlancing etc, and that this framing of outsourcing as socially beneficial activity will stop.

  95. What a great message! I am trying to start something similar with my coaching business with coaching newly disabled people. Many times they are also forgotten about and I try to help them see that there is hope. Thanks for an uplifting show during this very sad week!

  96. Thanks so much for sharing! and really appreciated the shout out to spay and neuter/animal organizations! Leila must be an animal lover 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, she must be! We’re big animal lovers on our team too 🙂

      Thank you for watching, Laura!

  97. Cynthia

    Trust the world!!

  98. Joe

    Love this video – thanks a lot for sharing it Marie.

  99. Sonia

    Leila’s story was so inspiring! It’s great to hear about organizations that empower people with skills that they can build on. Martha’s story was really heartwarming.

    I tried to take a look at the givewell website but was unable to find more information about the company. I’m curious how non-profit organizations sustain themselves? I know Leila mentioned that she only paid herself $400 in the beginning of starting Sama! I would love to get involved with a company that has a huge social impact, but I wonder how people who work for these causes/organizations manage their own finances?

    Thank you again Marie and Leila for a great video!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sonia, thank you so much for checking out this episode — it’s such a great one!

      You’re right — it looks like Givewell doesn’t have info for Sama Group listed since it looks like they only have certain charities listed, but you might want to check out directly for more information.

      Generally, the main way nonprofits sustain themselves is through donations and fundraising. It’s not the only way, as nonprofits are able to sell products and services within specific guidelines — examples are people hiring Sama workers, paying college tuition (many colleges in the US are nonprofit), or something like buying tickets to an event like a concert. They just can’t make a profit the same way a regular business would, but there are other ways for them to bring in income.

      That being said, donations (private, grants, or otherwise) are typically the cornerstone of sustaining nonprofit businesses That’s why Leila was sharing the challenges around potential donors being concerned about a nonprofit business’s overhead. Even a nonprofit needs paid workers to run it and achieve their mission, and if they are legally employees or contractors, they are required by law to be paid as any employee would. Leila was paying herself a smaller amount is because she was a company owner and able to do so, but it’s not always possible for someone who starts a nonprofit to pay themselves so little.

      Since it does take human-power to run any business, and part of that is admin and other costs, I think Leila’s idea about changing the dialogue around that so important.

      I hope that helps, and thanks again for watching!

  100. HI,

    Really great, positive and energizing interview! Thank you both for this, it’s the first time i ever see something that is seriously active and implemented right! will definitely sign up and keep in touch with such great efforts and movement..
    I have always wanted to participate in such acts, if there is anything i can help with musically! I am the founder of Noba Records, a independent music record label.

    Thanks again

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Mohamed! I’m not sure what the specific needs are for Sama Group, but definitely check out their website ( to see how you can get involved or reach out to them at info AT samagroup DOT co (.co not .com).

      • Mohamed

        Yea sure, i was just saying…


  101. My story is two-fold …

    1) By day …
    I’m helping business leaders re-imagine their businesses in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Technology is helping bring new insights into education, healthcare, and more. For example, with machine learning, we can help more students pass (or less students fail.) We can personalize health-care so that more people get the right diagnosis, the right doctors, and the right treatments with precision medicine. We can build smarter cities that are more energy efficient and that provide new ways to support people with disabilities (for example, imagine for the first time a blind father can venture out into the city with his daughter because now he can find his way around.) We can help employees recover faster through virtual rehabilitation that draws from leading edge doctors and new science about how our bodies heal, combined with micro-feedback and insights.

    2) By night …
    I’m helping people realize their potential. I’ve built a knowledge base of more than 1,300 articles that teaches people principles, patterns, and practices for empowerment across life’s hot spots: Mind, Body, Emotions, Career, Finance, Relationships, and Fun. It includes advice from some of the world’s best-selling authors, such as some of the smartest people on the planet that teach hard-core skills for Emotional Intelligence.

    And, I’ve been teaching people how to get better results in work and life through a method I call Agile Results, from the book Getting Results the Agile Way. The big idea in the book is to use your best energy for your best results, and to use value as the ultimate short-cut and productivity hack. It also helps people spend more time in their strengths, less time in their weaknesses, to multiply their results. And, I help people give their best where they have their best to give, while doing what makes their soul sing and operating at a higher level.

    One of my favorite stories is how a grandmother used Agile Results to give her grand- daughter her best Christmas. She focused on the experience she wanted to create for Christmas morning, and worked backwards from there. In another story, a social worker told me how they used Agile Results to help two homeless, jobless women, on drugs, get off drugs, find employment, and get their first house within a year.

    Agile Results is fundamentally a simple system for meaningful results. The backbone of it is the Monday Vision, Daily Wins, Friday Reflection pattern. On Monday, think of Three Wins that you want to achieve by Friday. Imagine, it’s Friday afternoon, and you can look back on your week and put a bow on what you’ve accomplished. Each day, identify your Three Wins for the day. Connect each win to your values, such as learning or customer impact or love. For example, it’s not “call back a customer.” It’s “win a raving fan.” And on Fridays, reflect by asking yourself, “What are three things going well?” and “What are three things to improve.” And then use what you learn to make next week even better.

    By using Agile Results, it helps people get intentional about their results and enjoy the journey. They create more moments that matter. They renew their energy. Their Compelling Outcomes pull them forward through their day, and help them have better weeks.

    By helping more people realize their potential, more people help build a better world –
    … and the butterfly flaps its wings.

  102. Yuri Gibson


    I have been a subscriber for years, have watched most of your videos, and have been inspired by many as well (most recently the one with Elizabeth Gilbert). Even though after every video you have a CTA for the comments down below, I never do it because comment CTA’s truthfully never appeal to me. I have to tell you that I just paused this video, before a CTA was even given, to write in the comments today for the first time.

    Something in this message truly captured me today and resonated with me on soooo many levels. I’m an American that has been living in South Korea for the past year and a half and this Christmas I have the opportunity to go home and see my family for the first time since I left the States. I bought a plane ticket through an inexpensive online booking company and somehow they took my money without giving me a ticket. It’s a battle that I’ve been fighting for weeks now, as I cannot purchase another ticket until they give me my money back. I have obviously been extremely angry about the situation and have even blamed outsourcing as a big source of my frustration – but after watching this video I was reminded that we all have our own issues and that the way I’ve been dishing it out to them over the phone is about as inhumane as I have ever felt. I was reminded that we each have our own backstories and that compassion, empathy, and patience always paves the way for accomplishment, understanding, and most importantly change.

    Thank you for this episode today, and I also thank you for your guest whose words so were eloquent that they brought me to tears and reminded me of lessons that I forgot I’ve already learned. Though I know I’ve been wronged in this situation, I’m ashamed of the way I’ve been handling it. So much so that I asked myself “when times get tough, is this really the kind of person I want to be?” And of course the answer is a loud resounding “No!”

    Thank you for sharing the special gift that only you have – bringing a message that needs to be heard at the most pertinent times. And again, a tremendous thanks to your guest, Leila Janah, whose mission, passion, and just sheer intelligence is a gift in and of itself.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful and heartfelt comment, Yuri. It means the world to know that you’ve been tuning in over the years, and we’re so glad this week’s episode inspired you to leave a comment.

      I love those moments that cause us to pause and reflect on ourselves … especially in frustrating situations. Taking that space to breathe and reframe can be so incredibly helpful.

      We’re sending lots of best wishes your way, and very much hope that you’re able to resolve the situation soon so you can get home for Christmas <3

  103. Totally blown away by this episode. Grateful to you, Marie, for diving into this.

    Have bookmarked this one + made notes not just because I’m fascinated by the discussion between the 2 of you, but also because it’s information I can utilize. (I’ve been bookmarking various episodes of yours all along for that purpose …)

    Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family, Marie!


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sandra, we love hearing that. It’s our deepest hope that the wisdom shared in any of our MarieTV episodes will be used, and not just heard or watched.

      Thank you for letting us know what this one meant to you.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!

  104. Becky Long

    This episode was very powerful! I’m crying right now, thinking about how precious and limitless our potential is, as humans. I am disabled because I had a stroke in 2008 and now that I am 34 I have tried different avenues like Health Coaching that I can do online while my husband is in grad school. I was about to quit my generally unsuccessful – at least financially – practice today, when I watched this episode and decided to continue! Thank you!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Becky, we’re so grateful to hear this episode came at the perfect time and inspired you to continue going after your goals. You’ve got loads of support coming your way from us. XO

  105. Ursula

    Thank you for this video! What an amazing, inspiring woman and organisation. It’s a very powerful reminder of the choices we all have of how we interact with the world around us, what kind of an impact we can have. I was touched also by what Leila said about her personal struggles in staying committed to this work. I think the main message I’ll take away is that because of the digital economy, it’s actually getting easier and easier to make a difference in the world these days – if we choose to do so.

  106. This interview was so inspiring and I learned SO MUCH!


  107. Hi,

    In order to affect change on something, you must first ACCEPT it.

    So, I wonder: Across the grand-scale big-picture scheme of things,
    Why are we talking about “Tackling” and “fighting” poverty? (Or slavery, or racism, or sexual assault and domestic violence….)
    Why not accept and embrace it for what it is?

    (This might feel or seem awful — this is natural and understandable “Cognitive dissonance”. Some things are truly abhorrent and impossible to understand or embrace right away.)

    I’ve been the Vice President, Web Master, and Public Relations Chair for EWB (Engineers Without Borders)USA – Drexel University Chapter, when I was in college, and now many other platforms that I run and assist with. I am a professional software engineer working on a thesis for grand-scale trauma recovery using social media. I am also a Reiki Master of several traditions.
    What I learned from EWB: You can’t run in there, gun’s a-blazin’, hoping to enact change right away. (Not that I think this is what you are doing!) You have to immerse yourself in it and become one with it — achieve ACCEPTANCE and true resonance with it — before you can go about changing anything. Otherwise, the changes do not take hold and quickly revert to the original condition — often in worse direction than it started. (Like attracts like; an object in motion tends to stay in motion. This is a principal of physics….)

    Anyway, would love to talk to you more, but this is just the comment section 🙂
    Keep up the GREAT work! You are inspiring and incredible women. Thank you so much!

    • Janet

      Hmm – I don’t think that slavery was ended in the USA in the 19th century by people accepting it for what it was. It was ended because enslaved people and their supporters so vehemently rejected it they forged the collective will to fight slaveholders and supremacists for the end of slavery.

  108. Arianne

    Leila and Marie, this was absolutely beautiful and inspiring.
    I am incredibly grateful that there is this work in the world challenging our views of what is “poverty” and how to honor each and every human.

    Thank you for your dedication to this work.
    Your words are hanging on my mind and will fuel now deeply motivate my efforts in “impact sourcing”.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this episode! I love what Leila shared too. Seeing the humanity in every person is so important. <3

  109. Barb

    Marie thank you thank you so very much for your Your guest today Leila was so inspiring. What a beautiful woman inside and out and that gives of herself over 100% to her passion to helping others. We seem to think that we can’t make much of a difference because we are just one single person and everything seems so big yet this is proof of how one single person can do so very much. You have really uplifted my thinking for today thank you once again.

  110. It’s great that so many people are moved by the desire to recognise and combat injustice, and that Leila is investing so much effort for the benefit of others. I have experience in a more political and systemic approach to poverty and inequality, and would be interested to know if Marie or Leila see any prospects of convergence between the effective altruism approach and a search for systemic change?

    1. The greatest victories for equality and human rights have been won by collective self-organisation of the people who have been denied their rights. Trade unions have won better pay, shorter working hours, safer working conditions, end of child labour, etc. In times and places where labour unions are strong, conditions improve for the general population. Suffragettes won the vote for women. Black Americans won civil rights. Etc. Self-organisation is also democratic and empowering. I would be interested to know if Leila’s project encourages participants to learn about community and labour organising, rights at work, and standing up to governments and employers? The successful, self-confident people who have gained individually from the Sama group’s projects quite likely also have leadership potential which could assist their communities to win greater gains.

    2. An earlier comment expressed concerns about out-sourcing. I have worked in the pubic sector in Australia for many years, and am well aware of outsourcing at many levels – from public to private, from Australia to low-waged countries in Asia, from large general firms to more specialised firms. Whatever the reason for companies outsourcing, cost is a major consideration, and the biggest savings come from cheaper labour. Does Sama group have any benchmarks for pay and conditions, not just to comply with laws in countries that have weak protections for workers, but to ensure that they are not undermining union won conditions, back in the USA or elsewhere?

    3. How do you deal with the power of the vested interests behind poverty, unemployment, inequality? As Nyakarima King commented here already “When Nelson Mandela talks about poverty or racism he says these are not natural, they are man made. “ They are made, in my opinion, not by all men (and women). They are made by those with power in this system, the power of the very rich, which the Occupy movement called the 1%. More specifically poverty and racism are made by the fact that most people in the world need to work to earn enough money just to feed, house, clothe and educate themselves and their families BUT the system does not provide enough employment opportunities for everyone, even though if more people could work they could provide more services, produce more necessities and make everyone better off. The percentage employed / unemployed varies over time and from country to country. But it is a systemic problem of a global economy which is run for and by private corporations to keep profits growing. They don’t invest for the purpose of making sure everyone can work, they invest for a profit. Employers specifically require the upper hand over labour, and a fundamental way they keep that upper hand is by making sure they, as the employing class keep demand for labour lower than supply of labour. Imagine if there were more jobs offered than people to fill them – workers would be able to demand better pay and conditions. (If you’re interested – look up NAIRU, which is used by central banks setting interest rates.) Many of the comments here are about what business can do, and some business owners who care about social justice do make life better for some people. I am asking about challenging the self-interest of corporate power’s profit hunger?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Janet, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and contributing to the conversation.

      Samagroup absolutely operates in line with many of the systemic changes you hope for and write about. They’re wonderful! They provide skills and training for future advancement and growth to those who are served no opportunity for that. They also set their standard around a living wage within the region of where they are, so that their employees are actually making something they can live off of. There’s a long way to go, of course, but providing that living wage is having a huge effect on the lives they’ve touched so far. Regarding some of your specific questions about pay structures and other initiatives, you might like to read more on their website –

      Thank you, again, for watching this episode and taking the time to share these ideas. It sounds like something you’re so passionate about, and we’re thrilled you’re putting your brain to work on such important issues.

  111. So refreshing – thank you! After struggling to determine how I might expand and find seed money for my own project, Little French Books, I feel better hearing about how things fell into place for Leila. I hope to find impact investors who likewise see the value in increasing literacy among third-world populations and my engagement of at-risk students as the authors of our next set of children’s books. Maybe one day, as Leila indicates, all my positivity will pay off!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’ve got our fingers crossed and we’re cheering you on, Jennifer! You’re doing wonderful work in the world. 🙂

  112. Hi,
    thank you so much for this video, it opened my eyes! I was always struggling what should I do in my life, what is my purpose, and now thanks to you, I know it – I want to help the others. I don´t know how yet, but I am sure I will find it soon – to fulfill my life.

    Also my boyfriend yesterday was keen on Marie´s videos. So good job to all of you! I am happy to find you. So much grateful for that!

  113. Souphanit Vinavong

    I really like this video and thank you so much Leila & Marie. Stay strong in this world is very hard, the children and women all around the world needs help, I’m from Laos in Southeast Asia, where is very poor country. I have seen many of children died because their parents can’t afford for medicines or medicare and they don’t even have one penny. I moved from Laos to the USA since 2013 and I have a dream for helping children and women fight Poverty because I understood how it feels.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Souphanit. What beautiful dreams you have, and we’re so honored to have you tuning in here as your work on them.

  114. Fawn

    I just don’t know where to begin about this talk; has to be my absolute favourite. At a time where I have so many questions about how I’m going to start my own business, and whether or not it’s possible, watching the two of you and hearing Leila’s story has given me so much hope.

    I worked in the travel industry for 5 years before quitting my job to travel and have the mind space to work out how I can combine my passion for encouraging world travel with my belief that the 2.36 trillion U.S. dollar tourism industry can help to eradicate extreme poverty worldwide.

    In every travel office I’ve worked in over the years I’ve always been the one in the office who’d put people first, go above and beyond to make others happy and I’ve always been told that I care too much. How could anybody possibly care too much about how their actions affect others? The travel industry cares about year-on-year growth, not about people. Not about the people we take money from to send on holiday, not the people of the countries we send customers to, and less about the communities affected by but not gaining anything from the journeys we all take. This is why I left, I want to create a better model, one that has a beating heart at it centre and I think I know how.

    I’ve been back in London for 27 days and I’d started sitting here wondering if I can really do this, starting from nothing? I’ve travelled, really travelled over the years and been moved to tears by the poverty I’ve seen in places full of tourists. During my year away I purposely went to Mexico for 2 months to assist someone like myself set up her own not-for-profit community travel project, just to see just what’s possible when you work alongside others who believe they can really make a difference and are dedicated to their cause.

    Leila, your story is truly inspiring, I believe in effective altruism too and will be working on my contribution to the world from here on in.

    Thank you so much!

  115. April

    I am so impressed with and grateful for the work that Leila has done through creating Samasource. The story she told about starting a program in the U.S. and how that came about really showed me what kind of person Leila is–to be able to receive a scathing email while she was going through a challenging time and instead of sending a scathing email in return, she turned that situation into a positive opportunity by engaging with the angry person in an open way. And then she took real action to reinforce what she learned from him. I agree that people are deeply scared and that’s what makes them angry, narrow-minded, and willing to consider exclusionist policies (and politics) in order to “protect” themselves from a further sense of loss. Thanks MarieTV for introducing me to Leila and Samasource!

  116. What an amazing woman!

  117. Lynsey

    What an amazing and impressive lady! Always be upset at the injustices in this world, that is my biggest takeaway from this. A beautiful, heartwarming and inspiring interview, thank you Marie and Leila!

  118. Carolina

    Injustice sadly it’s everywhere, from politics to world hunger, to injustified attacks of rage from the strongest to the less fortunate, so what I take from this is that if you’re strong enough to lead a life you love and inspire others to take the leap, even if it’s something that people would actually run from, or you fear persecution, or you fear low income, that’s all alright, it’s okay, because you’re doing what you love and you truly don’t know who you might end up helping. And in this particular case, that if you’re passionate about helping, you just should go right ahead and do the work, because it doesn’t matter if it breaks your heart to see some of it, you’ll be encouraged through each life you can change by doing the work you’re supposed to be doing, instead of hidding your talents in order to get a glamorous paycheck that will turn out being sour or empty for you after a while.

  119. One of the most empowering videos. Thank you for inspiring me, and people around the world, to engage in conscious living, conscious work and making a difference. I got tons of ideas about my own peace project from this video.

  120. Iwona

    Amazing interview! You are both caring and inspiring and I wish we had more people like you, willing to donate time and effort to making our world a better place. Like you I choose to be positive every single day, but it’s not enough, if I can’t inspire people to make the same choice. Perhaps it is time to share my light with others. Thank you for being such amazing spirits and leaders of change.

  121. Oh My Word, what a woman, what a positive impact. What a brain and a heart…I’m speechless..thank you Leilah and Marie!

  122. I love what she said about seeing the positive in everything, and to trust the world because optimism is the guide to life. Also how much she does to support those who can’t afford medical and those that need that additional schooling to get off unemployment. She is an amazing person for all she does.

  123. Lindsey

    I’m so impressed with Leila’s ability to speak about her organization from a business standpoint. Her clarity, poise and intelligence make me feel quite intimidated at this point with my little ideas. I’m inspired and grateful there are people as amazing as she is channeling their energy for the betterment of humankind. I think the world could use more people like her 🙂

  124. Thank you much again to learn about philanthropy….awww what a beautiful human !

  125. Udit Vashist

    It’s inspiring to hear about Leila’s personal journey. I work in the strategic investment sector in India and hope to someday be integral to a sports for equality program, as I believe through personal experience that sport can unify the masses currently lacking in India’s diverse social setup and can help develop practical life and cognitive skills which is desperately needed as part of India’s education system. From this interview, I particularly liked and relate to the approach of leveraging private sector philanthropy to create faster, more efficient social change as opposed to how traditional aid agencies currently operate. I also loved Leila’s take on managing the emotional side of what she does by saying that it still bothers her. The feeling of still feeling human besides witnessing the life’s that Sama has transformed is probably all the return one needs for whatever they invest themselves in. Fianlly love what Sama in Leila’s words stands for – ‘Hope’.

  126. Marco

    I loved this interview and it really makes me happy to see that there are more people out there willing to help those in need than we normally think. There were a couple of moments in which tears came up to my eyes due to the level of poverty she was talking about and also the level of empathy she has and was describing.

    What I take away the most from this is the concept that in everything we do as a company (or by extension as people), we have a choice as to how we are willing to let those actions or interactions affect others and the world at large. I think that integrating that sort of thinking into a company, so that you can conciously and intentionally make choices that possitively affect others, is something that we should all aspire to do. Thank you! 🙂

  127. Christina Browning

    This was just what I needed to hear right now. One of the reasons I am in the industry that I’m in is because of some painful experiences I’ve had. When Leila said she received an angry email from a man in Ohio and she shot off an angry response but didn’t send it. Then took the time to research his situation and understood that he was in pain. I realized how much pain and anger I’m still carrying. Even though I’ve helped people and I tend to look at the intention behind the actions of others, I’ve failed to do this for the people I see everyday in my home. I think it takes a certain level of courage, wisdom, and vulnerability to do this type of work and we have to be able to recognize the pain of others even when they attack us. I plan to do something similar to what Leila is doing with women through real estate investing. The way she expressed how moved she was to see the transformation in the people she’s helped is exactly how I feel about the people I’ve helped and plan to help. It’s a deep yearning in my soul to do this work and she helped me realize that I need to let go of this pain and anger because it can only cloud my vision and prevent me from truly seeing the people I serve. Thank you so much for this. I’m in B-School 2018 and I just finished lesson 1 of STRB. I almost didn’t watch these bonuses in effort to get through the lessons but I’m so glad I did. Thank you so very much.

  128. Michelle Saahene

    What was the study done in Africa and what was the outcome?

  129. Nataly Basterrechea

    I loved this video! Thank you for sharing how markets can save people from poverty. I live in Guatemala and I have seen how the industry of charity harms communities. Giving away money foments a culture of pity and it tells people that they don´t have the skills to create opportunities for themselves and they have, but they need the right help to do so. From what I´ve learned jobs empower people and commerce dignifies them. I just graduated university and I want to be a social entrepreneur, but I struggle with self-confidence to start a small business. In theory, I know that you only lose when you stop trying because even if things don´t go as you want there is always an opportunity to learn and grow. I see so much potential in others to create value in society but I struggle to see it in myself.
    I am grateful that I watched this video because it reinforced me why I believe jobs in rural communities change the world.

    Thank Marie for your inspiring videos.


  130. This is so inspiring. It gives me another big why for succeeding in business. Imagine being able to really contribute to a non-profit like this that does such effective change.

  131. Heather

    I literally wept through the last half of this video. I am so inspired by Leila’s heart. I know what it’s like to be on the bottom. I come from poverty, parents who were addicts and I am a sexual abuse survivor. My childhood taught me how to survive. Basic life skills like finance, interpersonal relationships and trusting your intuition were things I learned through trial and error. When I was 29, my verbally and emotionally abusive husband left me with 3 little girls and a baby on the way. I was devastated. That, I thought was my last big hurrah. But, I was hungry. I read, read and read some more. I asked questions. I google everything I could think of to google…lol. Now I’m on the other side and I am in the beginnings of my first charity, which is first specifically geared towards rehabilitating single mothers after trauma and inspiring them to hope. Single moms are tough as nails….they have to be. I believe if you raise them up, you’ll raise up an army of tenacious and inspired humans, not only through them, but their children. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for making this kind of content.

  132. Pip

    Another great episode.
    Two things stood out for me as a non profit leader:
    1) no easy metrics for non profits
    2) the importance of measuring your impact.
    Lots of food for thought! ?

  133. Thank you for this episode! Thanks to your encouragement to make our businesses pay it forward and give back from the get-go, I just began work on a project that will rely on new forms of giving, such as venture philanthropy—so good to hear Leilah’s experience.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your kind words, Liza! We’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode and that Leila’s message sparked some new ideas for you to implement in your own business. Congratulations on launching your new philanthropic project! We’re grateful to have you in our bighearted community.

  134. I used to feel that I couldn’t be a part of stimulating conversation such as this one with the people in my life currently.this video has brought me so much hope and inspiration for the future especially during this time of such chaos and fear.THIS is a great example of how you save the world and still create and improve your own!I can’t wait to see what’s to come.There’s a big shift happening.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Sarak, well said and so glad it resonated with you!

  135. Claudia

    What took hold of me the most was when Leila said “It’s so easy to be cynical. The temptation is always there to see the worst in the people around us… but it’s a choice. You can either trust the world, or you can hold yourself in and assume the whole world is out to get you.” Another wonderful interview. I feel so truly inspired and in awe of these powerful women.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yas! So good, Claudia! We’re delighted this episode resonated with and inspired you. Thank you for being a part of our community and sharing your light bulb moments with us. ?

  136. Elisabeth

    I am late to this video – but it’s AMAZING. Thank you, Marie, for exposing us to such great work and women that are rockin’ it!!

  137. Pierre Itoumbou

    Hey Marie, Jenah innovation and idea sound really revolutional, brilliant and awesome. I am impressed for her hard work and success.
    Again thank you for sharing story with me.

  138. Peta WILLIAMS

    My feeling of hope is even stronger to know you are walking a blessed path
    Regards love peta

  139. Maria

    So very sorry to hear about this talented and intelligent young lady, Leila.
    She has so much to offer to the world.
    My heart hurts! And shocked about her passing…She have purpose to the world to help a lots of people to have a better mindset and a better work and better world to live. Tears coming down my face and with no words to say, but respect for her for all the hard work and projects, and help that she have done.
    Thank you so much Marie for your continuously e-mails and messages. I would not have found out about your friend Leila.
    She was very inspiring young lady so much power and kindness in her heart.
    My prayers to her family and the people that was touched by her gifted mind.
    Kindness and love.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your kind words, Maria. Our hearts are heavy and hurting. Although things won’t be the same without her, we’re confident that Leila’s legacy of kindness, heartfelt hope and compassion is strong and will live on in everyone who has been inspired and uplifted by her work. <3

  140. Marie, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Leila Janah. I did not know anything about her until I received the email with the tragic news. I watched your interview with her and was amazed by her brightness, goodwill, and committed energy. My heart hurts, too. May we all be deeply moved and inspired to carry her positivity forward in honor of her too brief life.

    “Trust the world. It’s a vast, beautiful and wondrous place.”

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for these kind words, Jen. Leila will be deeply missed. We’re so glad her interview resonated with you and that her ideas will live on in your own work. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, and we’re honored to have you in our world. ?

  141. First off, rest in peace to the amazing humanitarian and entrepreneur, along with many other things, Leila. Her work has inspired me and has changed my life. It is so great to see that Marie Forleo, another huge inspiration to me, and Leila collaborated in the past. I give all my thanks to women like Marie and Leila for keeping me grounded and reminding me that I can build a life that can help others on a large scale too. I am graduating in May from college, and this inspiration is much needed in this transitional time. Much love and much thanks. I am so grateful and happy to see these amazing women changing the world. God bless.

  142. Lea

    This beautiful young woman recently passed away at the age of 37. She has accomplished so much in her short lifespan, I am deeply in awe of her. Respect for Leila, may her memory keep us inspired to make the world a better place.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amen to this, Lea. ??

  143. I love hearing about this. I started a nonprofit in New Jersey 19 years ago that works with children of all abilities and making sure they are included in every facet of life. I relate so much to what Leila said about poverty and employment. My son has multiple disabilities. The sad thing is the government system for the disabled keeps them from working up to their potential and gives them access only to medicaid which has many limitations for medical coverage. From the day my son was born, he was ear marked for the welfare system. So much more can and should be done! It is so wonderful to see your passion Leila! Keep up your great work! The nonprofit world needs your light!

  144. Zada

    So many tears here! I’ve copied down the phrase “impact sourcing” in my workbook and underlined it twice- it’s a wonderful way to continually give back to the community and keep my business socially conscious. Also, about Leila… This is the first time I’ve heard about her and about the Sama Group. What a beautiful human being. Truly her work here on earth was done, and then some.

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this one resonated with you, Zada! Leila and her legacy truly make the world a better, brighter place. We’re honored to have introduced you to her.

  145. This was so inspiring and powerful to hear!

  146. lisa

    I think it can be overwhelming to look at the world’s problems and feel lost and helpless. But clearly, one small change and one person can lead to major good and transformation. Thank you for sharing and for the constant inspiration.

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