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Your Future Is Figureoutable — NEW Paperback Book Cover Revealed

December 28, 2020

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Before you say “good riddance!” to 2020, slow down and listen up. This is important.

I have some big news to share that’ll help you have more clarity, confidence, resilience, and success in the new year.

It has a lot to do with what my mom used to tell me as a little girl growing up in Jersey. 

"Marie, nothing in life is that complicated,” she’d say from halfway under the sink as she fixed a leak. “You can do whatever you set your mind to if you roll up your sleeves. Everything is figureoutable."

I talk about this a lot. Everything is figureoutable was the theme of my Oprah talk and the title of my #1 NY Times Bestseller. Why do I keep harping on about it?

Because if you're having trouble solving a problem or reaching a dream, the problem isn't you. And it’s not the dumpster fire of 2020, either — truly. It's that you haven't yet installed this one belief that changes everything.

So here’s the big, exciting news:

The paperback edition of my bestselling book, Everything is Figureoutable, just launched today!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, my team and I were in New York City doing the book launch to end all book launches. We had a massive event in NYC that kicked off a world tour with in-person gatherings around the globe. How the world has changed.

The Paperback Cover Reveal: New Look, Same Unstoppable Results

When we first released Everything is Figureoutable, I wanted the cover to be powerful, fresh, and exciting.

It took hundreds of hours collaborating with my team and the publisher to create the hardcover design you know and love. We even released a behind-the-scenes MarieTV all about the design process.

When it came to launching the paperback, we had a choice. 

Stick to the original? Or create a whole new design?

You know me — I couldn’t resist a challenge, and I’m thrilled with the result.

Now, you may know that the words “everything is figureoutable” came from my mother’s little Tropicana orange radio. As a little girl, I knew I could find her somewhere around the house by listening for the tinny sound coming from that radio.

This radio became a symbol for me — that everything really is figureoutable — and, since the launch of this book, thousands of you have adopted it as a symbol for yourselves.


This past year I’ve needed the “everything is figureoutable mantra more than ever. Even as I write this, I’m still recovering from an emergency hysterectomy that I definitely didn’t see coming.

But you know what this year of uncertainty, crisis, and change has taught me? What my team, our community, and YOU have shown me again and again?

That everything really is figureoutable — no matter what the circumstances.

To celebrate the life-changing impact of this book, we’re releasing a brand new cover design for the paperback (check it out below). Plus, you’ll get to read stories from folks who’ve used these three words to transform every aspect of their lives. Yes, even during a global pandemic.

I’m grateful I got this book out into the world in time to help people navigate the-year-that-never-ends.

And I’m excited to introduce it to you again in its whole new form.

Featuring, of course, my mom’s orange radio.

You can listen to an excerpt right now on MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast.

Proof That Everything is Figureoutable (Even in 2020 & Beyond)

Want to test human resilience, creativity, courage, and fortitude? How about a pandemic, a social revolution, a harrowing election, and a stacking of personal loss, crisis, economic devastation, and illness? That’ll about do it — thanks 2020, you can stop now.

While I’m eager to welcome 2021, I’m also deeply grateful for getting Everything is Figureoutable out into the world when we did.

Over the past year, we’ve heard from SO many folks who’ve not just read the book, but DONE the book and created extraordinary results in the process. Read these three letters to inspire you to use the figureoutable mindset to create the life you want.

Hi Marie,
I wanted to thank you for your leadership and wisdom. I read your book at the start of this pandemic (back in April, which feels like a century ago now!) and it helped me completely transform my life.

Pre-Covid, I was a "starving artist", working in a restaurant at night and auditioning for musicals during the day. When all the restaurants in NYC shut down, I knew it was my chance to get out of the restaurant industry for good, and find something else to do for money that would use my innovative creativity and storytelling skills. 

Since April, I have started a thriving digital marketing business, and I've picked up 2 part-time jobs — one Creative Director position and one Marketing Assistant position. I cannot believe that in the span of 5 months (and in the middle of a pandemic!) I would be able to find work that I am passionate about.

Thank you so much for all your wisdom and for kickstarting the idea that I could figure out anything if I set my mind to it. I feel like it was fate that I stumbled upon your book when I did.
~Sarah, New York

You don’t have to figure everything out at the same time. This next letter from Ellen shows how figuring out the small stuff first builds momentum to achieve your big dreams and pass on a legacy.

One day my car tire was nearly flat and I had no clue what to do. I remembered Marie’s mantra and Googled my car model and tire air pressure at the gas station and sorted out my flat tire in two minutes. This gave me proof and confidence that everything IS figureoutable. 

I’ve since gone on to get a well paying job and run my own business on the side. I have a range of power tools and my very own toolbox to flip a new four-bedroom house by the sea in Ireland. I passed Marie’s mantra on through word and action to my four children. Three of them have flown the coop and are studying law, accountancy, and psychology. They are living and working independently from me without a single loan. Marie’s mantra is their mantra as well as mine and I know they’ll pass it on to their children in the future.
~ Ellen, Ireland

And then there’s Bradford, who’s story makes me cry and cheer every time I read it.

I just thought I'd share with all y'all my own story of "figureoutable"... I am coming off a 7-year life stint that began with my mom coming down with Alzheimer's. One day I got a call from my dad who let me know that he had to have my mom picked up and sent to the hospital, at which point we were told she'd never be able to go home again. We knew this day was going to inevitably come but we were devastated. We also had NO IDEA how to handle any of what was happening — or what was to come. 

Long story short, in the throes of heartbreak, we got my mom placed into a good memory care facility and began the process of figuring out the legal and financial matters. Again, with NO CLUE how any of this worked or how it would all come together. Then I had to pack up and sell our family home, move my dad into a new place, get him settled, find out within 6 months of moving in that HE had Alzheimer's too (!!?!!), sell his new place, move him up to live near me so I could be his caregiver (while working a full-time job), eventually find him a memory care facility, plan their funeral arrangements, and — within the past year — say goodbye to both of them as they passed away. I had no fucking idea going into any of this but, in the end, it was indeed, figureoutable.

So, on the heels of all of that and with a new and deeply profound appreciation for the preciousness of life, I am now wrapping up my job (with healthy savings in the bank, mind you) to start off on a new life journey as an artist. Do I know exactly how I'll get there? Not really. But now — more than EVER — I know that I'll figure it out. And I'm thrilled to have your insights and inspiration for my journey into this new chapter.
~Bradford Crowder

Beautiful, right?

This is why I wrote Everything is Figureoutable. The exercises in this book retrain your brain to think more creatively and positively, even in the face of the most horrific setbacks.

It won’t always be easy. Or straightforward. But once you’ve ingrained this belief into your operating system, the inevitable obstacles, pain, devastation, and challenges that come with life won’t be any match for your inner resolve, creativity, and strength. 

Your Future Is Figureoutable

In the comments below, let me know one thing you most want to figure out in 2021. Do you want to sleep train your infant? Start a photography business? Tackle the climate crisis? Sing karaoke? It’s all fair game. Share your dream below — you never know when it might inspire someone else to do the same.

And, if you haven’t already, grab your paperback copy of Everything is Figureoutable.

Remember — no matter what happened in 2020 or what you’ll face in the new year — you have what it takes to figure anything out and become the person you’re meant to be.


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