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Too Many Ideas & Too Little Time? What to Focus on FIRST

September 27, 2022

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Non-negotiable time in the morning is miraculous.

Too many ideas, too little time?

I know how you feel.

I literally bought another domain name this morning. (Don’t ask me how many I own.) But if you really want to accomplish your dreams — and live a rewarding life, too — there’s something you should know…

Many successful people like to say, “If you’re not hustling, grinding, and working 24/7, then you don’t want it bad enough”. But that’s a lie — and it’s dangerous AF. 

In today’s MarieTV, I coach an entrepreneur who’s juggling a full-time job, her side business, and, you know — life. She asks:

“How do you prioritize your time when you have many big ideas and very little time to implement things?”

Well, I’ll tell you. In today’s MarieTV, you’ll learn:

  • The one thing that’ll make your business 33% more likely to succeed.
  • An unexpected trick to cure “Shiny Object Syndrome.”
  • How to set yourself up for magical, productive mornings (and what time I actually wake up.)
  • The #1 secret to hustle-free success — that lasts.

If you want to make steady progress towards your dreams — without burning out — this episode is for you.

DIVE DEEPER: Learn the 4 things productive people do every day, plus my secret to “doing it all.” (Spoiler: I don’t!)

Isn’t Dri amazing? Her heart, vision, and energy are contagious. So let’s give her some love in the comments and thank her for this brilliant question!

Then in a comment below, let us know:

  • Have you ever felt like Dri — scattered, overwhelmed, and pulled in a gazillion directions?
  • What’s one insight from today’s MarieTV you can put into action starting today?

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