The #1 Thing That BLOCKS Your Creativity (AVOID This At All Costs!)

September 12, 2023

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Is your creative spark buried beneath the weight of all your responsibilities?

Especially if you're multipassionate like me — life can get overwhelming, fast.

You’re trying to workout and grow your business or crush it at work. Show up for your family and friends. Find time for your health. Plus, manage the laundry list of other to-dos that make a great life.

But here’s the thing. When life gets too full, even the most successful people in art, business, and even MMA lose their edge (you’ll find out why in today’s episode).

When that happens, it feels aweful! Like your well is tapped. Your inspiration has dried up. You just don’t have that flow of creative energy and ideas like you used to… If that sounds all-too familiar, what do you do?

Where did your creative inspiration go — and how do you get it back?

In today’s MarieTV, I share three science-backed tricks to unblock your creativity. (I do #1 every single morning!)

You’ll also get to eavesdrop on my coaching session with Time Genius student Sam about where to find untapped time and energy in his schedule –– and get his creative mojo back. Because, here's the truth:

You're only three habits away from tapping into an endless wellspring of creative energy and experiencing a superhuman flow state.

Watch this episode to unlock these habits and discover:

  • The #1 creativity killer (avoid this at all costs!).
  • How to identify and protect your most creative time.
  • Why top performers lose their edge — & how to get it back.
  • 3 science-backed habits of highly creative people.
  • How to reset your nervous system and tap into a superhuman flow state.
  • The productivity LIE that keeps you exhausted & underperforming.

If you’re feeling creatively blocked — or like your inspiration tank is hovering on empty — this episode will give an instant energy boost.

DIVE DEEPER: Feeling burnt out? Do this ASAP!

I hope this MarieTV showed you there’s a way OUT of stress and exhaustion. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

If you're craving a life where you do less but achieve way more, Time Genius is your ticket. It’s, hands-down, the fastest path out of overwhelm and into the life of your dreams. Here’s the best part —

The doors for my LIVE group coaching program Time Genius are now open!

When you join, you’ll get my personal toolbox to help you make your dreams a reality, in less time — and with more JOY — than you ever thought possible. Thousands of students have transformed their lives in just five days. Now, it’s your turn.

Learn more and become a Time Genius here.

This is your escape from the, “I don’t have time for that” trap. Because you deserve to be rested, inspired, and creatively fulfilled.

You deserve a life of spaciousness and freedom.


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