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This toxic cycle is a passion-killer.

It happens to brilliant, ambitious souls far too often. And I want to help you snap out of it, for good.

Here’s what happens:

You give the best of yourself to everyone else — work, family, friends. Meanwhile, your creative dreams get whatever measly time and energy you have left at the end of the day.

Just like Vera, an Italian CEO who sent me the question that inspired today’s MarieTV. She says:

I have the dream of writing regularly, maybe one day writing a book. But, I feel like I lost my creative vibe. I don’t write anymore. I’m so focused on my daily job that I have nothing left for the rest of my passions. How do I make them happen?

I’ll say this to Vera, and I’ll say it to you…

To achieve your goals, you must put your primary passion or your primary project first. Click To Tweet

Your dreams deserve more than your crumbs.

If you long to write a book, record an album, learn a second language, start a business, or anything else — but never seem to have the time — this episode shares the fix. It’s blissfully simple, and works every time.

In this MarieTV, you’ll learn the #1 scheduling trick to make time for your passions, no matter what.

You’ll also hear about Dominika, a Time Genius student, who used this strategy to finish her novel in just two weeks!

If you’ve ever wondered how to manage your job, family, and responsibilities — while still having time and energy for your passions — this is the answer if you’ve been looking for.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn how to be consistent and write a book even when you’re “too busy” making money.

Now it’s time to turn this insight into life-changing, passion-reviving action! Because even the most effective practices in the world don’t work unless you use them.

In a comment below, please answer this question:

What is one passion or primary project that, if you put it first, would make the biggest difference to you this year?

Maybe you, like Vera, want to write a book. Or start a garden. Or learn Italian. Each of us has unique dreams for a reason, and the creative urges you have today will likely change over time. So don’t judge your soul’s longings! Just write them down.

Once you’ve identified your primary project or passion, schedule it first.

And if you want more help with this process, sign up for my brand new free class: The 3 Productivity Secrets You Cannot Afford to Make, Especially If You’re Already Overwhelmed and Overstretched.

In this class, you’ll learn how to get your primary project done, and everything else, too.

Life’s too short to postpone the dreams that light you up.


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  1. Sondra Bitar

    I just purchased an online real estate course and want to get my real estate license in March 2022. I currently have two businesses that I focus on daily. Now I need to find the time to insert studying and getting my license.

  2. Erin Scheffer

    Perfect timing for this! My inner artist is done being quiet and is raring to go! The fact my gift is writing has set off a blaring siren inside of me after watching this. I think there is more creative stuff swimming around in here but writing is my portal to get it out into the world. That inner voice just said, “Wait ’til you see what happens next!”. See you on 1/20 for the the class!

    • teamforleo

      That’s great to hear, Erin! Strike while the iron is hot (and listen to that inner voice!). See you there! -Jeremy, Team Forleo

  3. I have an online business but I struggle to do the marketing. I have a day job, so that’s where I need to be Monday – Friday. On the weekends, I try to work on my business, but I also feel that relaxing is important as well as getting exercise and seeing friends. In the evenings, I don’t have the energy or the clear mind to work on my business.
    I guess I need to wake up a little earlier and take some time to do a bite-sized chunk of work before heading out to my day job?

    • teamforleo

      Hi Lydia, thanks for sharing. That’s a great idea to break it up between each morning, especially while you have the energy and mental clarity. Give it a try and see how it works for you and your business! Let us know how it goes. -Jeremy, Team Forleo

  4. I’ve been very slowly writing a book and I’ve been learning a few languages. My problem is the lack of consistency. I can go on for a few months following a daily schedule specifically created to put my projects first, and then for whatever reason I lose track, be it because I don’t feel inspired anymore, or because I get lost in my stressful job and family commitments. To help me get out of this stagnant situation, I went back to meditate morning and night, which I found in the past to be very helpful for my productivity.

  5. Lyne

    Hi Marie, I must organized myself as my main problem is very clear, I just spend so much time taking care and helping as assist family and friends that I have no more time for myself. I know I am not the only one facing this situation. Anyhow my main goal is to incorporate in my day, my my B School program I purchased in August (I think you have a new class soon) do exercise, continue my Adobe formation. I am ready now. I am tired of always feeling out of control of my life…but I clearly understand that I am the one responsible of my time and without clear actions from my part and discipline it will not happened. I also know that I have shown all my life my capacity to take projects and be successful at work or for others, I am unsure why I have trouble of making myself my main project , use the same energy, I get frustrated for the same reason.

    • teamforleo

      Hi there Lyne,

      Thanks so much for sharing that with us! We’ve been there too – giving to our friends and family but not giving time to ourselves. You’re not alone.
      We’re so excited you’re ready to focus on your primary projects which include B-School! We’re super honored to have made it on your primary passion list. Our next B-School session is in March and we’d love to see you there. So much love! Monauar – Team Forleo

  6. Thank you Marie for this post and info, and maybe I need to re-listen to the vid. Here’s where I keep getting caught. When I put the time aside for writing one of the three books I am planning…bam, totally blank – nothing. I just stare at the sheet. So should I just write, “I have no clue what to write”? and my other challenge is anytime that I put my artist on task, she stomps and says NO, but when I grab a journal and write when she speaks – I go for it and I get another nugget for the book. However, the consistency is blah…so I guess I may have snobby artist syndrome…plus the books I am writing are kind of heavy emotionally (mother, daughter relationship with an almost famous mother and an active alcoholic) and trying to get the story out is something I feel I have to pull myself up to do because it pulls out these emotional files in my head and some kind of PTSD shizz (seriously). I know I need to get it out there but I feel like I need some damage control or tools to keep me in a “safe headspace” trying to write the first book. –I will share, I have tried writing on a weekend when I know I don’t have to go back to work to see students so it gives me time to recoup the brain and the heart before I dive back into serving others. I have an almost 40 student load of singers every week and I’m working on launching my first mini-course, staying up on blog posts (not doing too well with that), and a list of other things that go along with running a studio and other goals. I’m truly here to get the solutions and I feel like my issue is more about brain overwhelm and need more “doing nothing” time to clear out my mental palette to be able to try to chunk away at my goals. I will say that I have made some progress and I have had to take one day out of my 5 day work week to not see students and revamp and reboot. It’s working some but I think I can do better on productivity. I don’t know how I sound here but I am sure there are others who are up against some of the same. Thanks for reading and look forward to learning more about how to process all of this and move ahead.

  7. I have 2 main passions that my heart is making me do at the moment. I had held off doing them for a few years, but late last year I said enough is enough! Life is for living!
    So just now I am making slow but satisfying progress thru an indepth animal trust and regard programme (The Trust Technique) which is giving me huge daily satisfaction because I get to share my proficiency and progress with my free-roam-home rescue rabbit! She is enjoying the ‘new me’ as much as I am!
    And after taking Bschool last August and contemplating the direction of my existing business(est 2007) I am now acting on my heart/gut and changing my product line in it, The Leverets Nest, by finally making what is really calling me – beautiful 3D fabric sculptures of hares. It’s something that has been burning brightly inside of me for a few years now, I can already see them so clearly in my mind and my home, so I finally decided to go ahead and every day spend some time working on my first 3D hare sculpture. I am thrilled and excited with my life size hare so far. I really love her!
    I give myself 20minute to 1hour segments to engage in these 2 passions every day. I do have set times that I like to do certain things, and if need be I can be flexible, however I just looove giving myself this cherished time to engage in what really lights me up. I find it so satisfying and I make great progress because I have given myself just a simple 20minute slot that is highly focused. Or if circumstances and time permits, I can extend it to 1hour if I am completely in the flow of creativity and alignment.
    I treat myself this way every day. It’s my present from me to me! I find that when I work in short time periods I am more focused and tuned in, so more actual work gets done. It is extremely rewarding every time.
    I have plans! and after I finish my hare I will then set time segments aside to finish and publish my workbook that I’ve already mostly written as well as get my website up and running. I’m proud of myself and it’s a beautiful act of self love to follow my heart this way.

    • teamforleo

      Hi there Annette!

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us! We love that you’ve been implementing these foundations already and can see the benefits and feel the joy in your life. We love looking as it a present – such a great perspective. Keep up the great work. Team Forleo is rooting for you. – Monauar, Team Forleo

  8. Thank you for encouraging us Marie. It’s mean a lot. Plss keep it up.

  9. Elizabeth Saunders

    I want to finish and publish my book about my great-grandfather who had seven wives in different towns. I have most of a manuscript, but didn’t work on it most of last year. I get discouraged not having a publisher (and thus a deadline), but need to bite the bullet and just publish it myself.

    • Elizabeth Saunders

      I meant, great-great-grandfather.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Elizabeth,
      That sounds like such an interesting book! Get it done so we can all enjoy it 🙂 – Monauar, Team Forleo

  10. I definitely find that focusing on scheduling in my goals and priorities before ‘mundane stuff’ I know I’ll get done because my survival depends on it works well. I have a set time to write – even though for me this is after my dayjob, it’s that spot in my routine that i do it before any other “recreation” so that it gets the time and energy it needs 🙂
    Whether it’s in my writing, my fitness, or my mental wellbeing, I find 60 seconds here and there is exactly how to make progress and keep in a ‘flow’ state between times I can block out a specific time for a project. Doing squats while the kettle boils, writing a paragraph of fiction on my phone in the bathroom, or taking 5 mindful breaths at the traffic lights — I immerse my main ‘focus’ priorities into my day; dotted throughout so it’s never far from my attention 🙂

  11. OMG, “Put your Primary Passion Project first” I love this. I’m also a writer and I want to self-publish a book of poems and always find that same primary goal put on the back burner day after day, year after year. I love this advice. This is a major breakthrough for me. Thank you!

  12. I think there’s a lot of “every day sexism” mixed up in this too. Nobody bats an eyelid when a man puts his career first. But as women we have pressure to be a “good woman” first.

    Sure, we’ve got our Primary Projects – but first we need to make sure “everyone else is happy and cared for” – so this video is an important reminder that it’s OK to be a touch “selfish” and put our needs/primary project first.

    Good for the soul!

  13. I started a business last year doing personal development coaching and addiction counseling. I love my private clients and love what I do, but I’m so spent all the time. I started and maintained 14 client’s in the past year and a half to 2 years. Recently, I gained 9 new clients and I need 10 more consistent clients to quit my 40 hour a week job.
    This is where I have nothing left in me. I struggle to balance both! My business is way more important, but I find myself feeling guilty not getting my work done at my other job, which I’m an addiction specialist in mental health. Everyone needs something. I can’t wait to start Time Genius, I’m hoping I can find insight and change what I’m doing because what I’ve got going on just isn’t working.

  14. I decided to prepare my you toub video or something like that. I want to put out my favorite program before this spring–maybe in Feb. Can I..? I have procrastinated for some time….but I think I will start in a small scale, so you toub may not be the right one? I don’t know. I don’t do instagram, nor twitter, nor .. Any idea is appreciated!

    By the way, I’m a B-schooler, but I have not received a weekly mail any more for almost a few months by now..

    Thank you so much!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Kikue! Can you please send us an email at [email protected]? We’d love to make sure you’re all set up for B-School!

      -Monika, Team Forleo

  15. Hi. I’ve been hearing this topic ever since I was in college. This is really applicable to each of everyone and a true-to-life situation. Thank you for sharing these helpful thoughts of yours. Keep spreading good vibes.

    • teamforleo

      Hi there Mads,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. We’re so honored to share them with you. Sending good vibes in your direction. – Monauar, Team Forleo

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