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Now what? What happens after you “make it?”

When you graduate. Retire. Your kids grow up and leave home. You finish a big project. Heal from a chronic illness. Anytime you accomplish a goal or close a life chapter, you’ll likely face this same daunting dilemma.

In today’s MarieTV, I answer this relatable question from Ellen, a single mom who’s transitioning to an empty nest:

I’m having trouble finding purpose in life. A new direction. Where do I go from here?

Even if your circumstances are completely different, any big life transition will bring up the same inevitable worries: What’s next for me? Am I too old? What should I do now? Answering those questions can be scary and overwhelming or it can be fun and exciting — depending on your approach.

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In this episode, I’ll show you how to clear the confusion and find your new direction.

Plus, you’ll get my favorite practice to help you decide your next step. It’s unusual, but it taps into the wisdom of your heart to reveal what you truly desire, every time. This prompt alone has led me to personal breakthroughs and multi-million dollar business ideas.

If you’ve had trouble identifying what’s next in your life or career, watch now and try it for yourself.

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DIVE DEEPER: Create your new life vision and learn how to make a career change at 30, 40, 50, and beyond.

Now, let’s turn this insight into action.

Grab a notebook, and set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes. Put away your phone, computer, and any distractions. At the top of a blank page, write down this sentence stem: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”

Whatever springs up in your mind — no matter how bizarre it seems — write it down. Keep writing until the timer buzzes. Most importantly, don’t edit yourself! Let your imagination flow without squashing any ideas. If they seem impossible or unreasonable, write them down anyway!

Play with this prompt until the timer goes off or until you just can’t write anymore. Then share your discoveries in a comment below.

If you’re still feeling stuck, lost, or confused about what to do next, make sure you grab your copy of Everything is Figureoutable. Chapter six is called “Define Your Dream.” The exercises you’ll find there will skyrocket your clarity, and help you know for sure what to do next, guaranteed.

No matter what life has thrown at you, it’s never too late. You’re never too old, too young, or too anything to dream again.


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  1. Adversity opens doors of spontaneous opportunity! 🙂

  2. Romane

    I loveeee this prompt and I’m going to do it right now! I started listening to your content like 2 weeks ago and I am binge watching all your podcasts wags episodes, doing the exercices your suggest and definitely moving towards my goals already so THANK YOU AO MUCH (and thanks for such good energy and kindness!!))

    So the first thing that came up to my mind is: wouldn’t it be cool if I could just travel the world as much as I want and do whatever makes me happy while I earn money online and can live comfortably and save (I feel like I’m asking for A LOT lol)

    • teamforleo

      Hi Romane, this is so wonderful to hear! We’re so glad you’ve been enjoying the content and ALREADY setting these amazing goals for yourself! Thanks for being part of the community. -Jeremy, Team Forleo

  3. This came along at the perfect time! I’m 52, my only child graduated high school, and I just moved him to Hawaii 5,000 miles away as he wanted to do a GAP year there and then go to college there. And even though I am a children’s book author and do have projects and purpose with that–I am floundering over grieving my son and the loss of being a mom on a daily basis. I need to change in other ways to feel spiritually purposeful. Love this prompt and can’t wait to see what comes of ‘What if…’. Thanks Marie!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Donna, it sounds like such an exciting, new adventure in Hawaii! We’d love to see what comes of the prompt! We appreciate you stopping by. – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  4. Janak

    Brilliant chapter six

  5. I read the book when it came out and need to go back and refresh my memory I think!
    As someone who helps people rediscover who they are beneath the ‘shoulds’, & reinvent their idea of how to feel alive, I definitely feel that exploring those ‘themes’ and values beneath past actions can help us find that ‘compass’ beneath our conditioning and the ‘norm’ of what we’re used to doing. For me, most of my jobs and hobbies had some kind of “mentorship” or teaching element to them, for example, which gave me a direction to then explore on the other side of a transitional crossroad 🙂

  6. Laura

    As always, this was just perfect, Marie – love your dream prompt of “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”. AND! I love your makeup! Would you be comfy sharing with the group the products/shades you used in this video? You look so natural, healthy, elegant – and beautiful : )

  7. Laura

    ** And to Ellen – You are so young! The perfect time to enjoy so many things, as Marie said. Chapter 2 awaits your dreams : ) All the best to you!

  8. Read the book, Love the book, Use the book. Wouldn’t it be cool if/when i can easily go out with friends and go to new events and classes in person? When the eager energy of being together is regenerated.

  9. Aline

    Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been struggling for a couple of years what to do now that I’m retired. Who am I now? What can I do now that I’m beyond the “Let’s start a business” (been there done it) and no children or grandchildren to fill the gap. What’s ahead of me? I’ve managed to find things to do, but I did enjoy working. “No one wants to hire a retiree”. But wait maybe they do in this time we’re in! Gotta get your book. Perfect timing for my Christmas wish list!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Aline, thank you for sharing! We think you will enjoy the book. It’s a fun one! -Jeremy, Team Forleo

  10. Wouldn’t it be cool if…I could live in Ireland for a month to learn to sing their traditional songs, stylings and bring them back to share 🙂

    • teamforleo

      WAHOO Dinah! That’s a beautiful “Wouldn’t it be cool if”. We hope that tickets to Ireland come your way and you get the chance to live that dream. Sending you all the best! – Monauar, Team Forleo

  11. George Edwards

    Omg Marie!! such a great question and a super helpful answer. You have no idea how much I appreciate this and how I’m going to use it. The timing is perfect for where I’m at on my journey and I never heard anyone ask the question, ” wouldn’t it be cool if”… as a Brainstorm que. Much love and thanks again for helping me to navigate a lot clearer. ❤

    • teamforleo

      Hi George,

      Thank you for your lovely share and kind words with us. Let us know what comes up for you – we’re always excited to see and support our community’s dreams. We’re sending all the love and gratitude back your way! – Monauar, Team Forleo

    • teamforleo


      Thank you friend for sharing your feedback with us. Timing is everything and it’s wonderful that this was perfect timing for you, too.

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  12. Jacqueline

    I’m from India and I couldn’t help but notice Marie’s necklace that says the word Anand in the Devanagari script. It’s the Hindi word for pure joy or happiness and contentment.

    • teamforleo

      Hi there Jacqueline,

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We love that!

      Sending you all the Anand,
      Monauar, Team Forleo

  13. Yes. Transitions are very hard no matter how old we are and in what part of our life it is happening.
    so hard…
    I understand Ellen so much… even if my situation is different, this problem is still difficult for me.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Airi,

      Thank you so much for sharing with us. Transitions can definitely be tough and we know you have what it takes to get through your current situation. Team Forleo is sending you lots of support and we’re rooting for you! All the best!

      – Monauar, Team Forleo

      • Thank you very much 💕 all of you. Thank you.

  14. Kay

    It was so relatable as I’m also turning 50 and my younger son is leaving home soon, too.
    I will buy the book now and do the exercise!
    I also loved the short (under 7min) message from Marie as I often don’t have time to watch 1 hour long video. I wonder it would be a good idea to put the length of video on the email so I can decide then whether I have time to watch it now or watch it later.


    I’m excited to get this book and start taking serious action towards owning and thriving my own business. I am a specialty dancer specifically a hula hoop performer and it’s my passion. Wouldn’t it be cool if I made my passion my success ? Wouldn’t it be cool if all those dreams and ideas I have been thinking and talking about actually came to fruition because I found the tools necessary to put my ideas into action thus making aiding me in becoming more happy with my everyday life because I love what I do and I don’t work for anyone else at a job that I dispise?!?!
    Oh hey, looks like I found what I needed! Thanks to Maria ☺️
    I can’t wait to update my progression through this scary yet majorly exciting transition.
    So ready to start the next chapter. So ready to take a chance. I won’t ever know if I don’t try!
    Maria I’m coming to you for all the answers in between so I hope you’re ready to take the journey with me!! ❤️
    Hula hoops!!! 💞⭕💞

  16. Wouldn’t it be cool if…

    I could buy the farm property down the road, open a greenhouse cafe, and hire a diverse set of people to bring flowers and beauty into the life of my community!

    Loving your book! I get up an hour early every day to work through it, and do the exercises. #gratitude #pain #gratitude! 🙂

  17. Hey Marie, this morning I told my husband that I’m feeling lost and directionless and like I’ve lost some of my fire. And then I saw your email directing me to this video. 🙂 Pulled up my copy of Everything is Figureoutable and working through Chapter 6 right away!!
    Also, I couldn’t help but notice your pendant which says Anand in Hindi 🙂 Would love to know the story behind that!
    Much love from India,

  18. That’s pretty much it! Except I do something completely different almost every year. I kinda ask my self: Wouldn’t it be cool if… in a slightly different way. I go after what I want and what I like and this changes quite a lot.

    • teamforleo

      Hi there Dave,

      We love that idea! It’s a great way to keep your life engaged by trying different things. Can’t wait to hear about what you’ll do for 2022!

      – Monauar, Team Forleo

  19. Amanda Doskocil

    Thank you!

  20. An interesting prompt. I’ll try on the weekend. Thanks, Marie.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this. I especially like the advice around setting a timer and concentrating during the time period. This was very helpful!

    • teamforleo

      Frank, we’re so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for joining us! -Jeremy, Team Forleo

  22. Hi Marie,

    Great post! Similar to a lot of people, I deal with a lot of uncertainty in life. I don’t know what the next step in life should be, and your article gave me a new way to deal with this uncertainty. I will be following your tip and writing my thoughts down, I hope it helps me get out of my mind and deal with uncertainty. I will definitely be sharing this article with people in my network, and I will also pick up th book to deal with this feeling of being stuck.

  23. Super helpful answer Marie!

  24. Thank you Marie for giving us advice and guidance. Really appreciate what you doing.

  25. Thank you Marie, what an amazing prompt! It’s like releasing the hand-brake and letting my mind free-wheel in so many directions.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book over Christmas!
    I love watching Marie TV so thank you for such an inspirational body of work.
    Much love xx

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