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For many of us, a change in season breathes life into our ever-growing list of hopes and dreams — things we want to experience, achieve and accomplish.

But what happens if that’s NOT true for you?

What happens when you’ve actually achieved your goal, and you’re left wondering…

Is this all there is?!?

What the heck are you supposed to do after your big dreams come true? 

We humans need more than goals to be happy. We need to constantly challenge ourselves, learn, grow, and contribute to others.

We need a compelling vision for our future to keep us moving forward.

How to Create a Clear Life Vision

Want to avoid an “Is this all there is” moment? The MarieTV below will help. A young viewer from India wrote in and asked…

Since I was a young girl I wanted to start my own business, travel the world, and make a name for myself. Today at 31 I’ve achieved most of that. So my question is, what do you do after your dreams come true? How do I get the same drive and passion I had when I was 24 before I achieved all my goals and realized my dreams?”

Tune in below to hear my answer, or keep reading. 

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As Harvard professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter said, “A vision isn’t just a picture of what could be; it’s an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”

I believe each of us has a deep hunger for more. To discover your own inner hunger and create a vision for life, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What’s your long-term vision? What would you like to see, do, and experience over the next 5, 10, or 20 years?
  2. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to make an impact in the world? Is there a problem you want to solve? What’s important in your personal life, your professional career, business, family, and community?
  3. How do you want to have lived your life? Imagine yourself on your deathbed (hopefully far, far, far into the future). Describe the kind of life you want to look back on. How will you have spent the precious time you were given?
  4. What does the universe have in store for you? If you believe in a higher power, I suggest asking for guidance and being open to receiving it. Here’s a simple mantra: “You gave me gifts, I’m here to use them. Please show me the way.”

The Difference Between Visualization & Dreaming

If you’re thinking, “This sounds great, but does visualization actually work?” Look, nothing works unless you do. But here’s the truth. Visualization doesn’t have to be airy fairy. 

Don’t get hung up on the word. Call it creativity or simply making a plan. Whether you’re getting the keys to your new home, a big bonus check at work, or starting a business, you’re visualizing your future. 

Done right, you can create the life of your dreams. In fact, I bet you’re already visualizing — you just don’t know it yet. 

The key difference between dreaming and visualizing comes down to a simple script flip. 

Instead of thinking, “Wouldn’t that be nice?” tell yourself, “That’s a done deal.”

Now doesn’t that feel better? Can’t you just feel the confidence and power that comes with knowing you’ll get it done, rather than agonizing over whether it’s possible?

And here’s the thing: Once it’s done, you have a framework to tackle your next big dream. Then the next one and the next one. 

You Don’t Need a Long-Term Life Plan

While I’m a big believer in creating a clear vision for yourself, sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way we want. And that’s okay!

A failure might be a cosmic redirect, guiding you to a better, bigger purpose.

You don’t necessarily need a long-term vision to achieve success. Sometimes you just have to take the first step and gain clarity from there. Bring your A-game to everything you do. Trust me, a clear vision will eventually emerge. 

Do you think I had a clear vision of what my business would look like when I first started? Of course not!

I loved so many things, it felt paralyzing. I couldn’t envision my life more than six months into the future. Not having it all figured out didn’t keep me from starting, though.

Instead of one grand life vision, I started with mini, immediate goals, like:

  • Fill my hip hop classes and experiment with new choreography.
  • Get my first coaching client.
  • Write a consistent weekly newsletter.

I didn’t have a long-term vision. I just took the next right step every day and did the best I could. I worked hard at each of my passions until I eventually found convergence for myself and my passions. (Hello, multipassionate entrepreneur!) 

How to Envision the Future & Still Live in the Present

At first glance, training yourself to be present contradicts the whole notion of planning your future. But it’s not! You can absolutely balance being present with planning ahead.

You just need to know the difference between planning and worrying.

Planning keeps you in the present moment. Worrying takes you out of it. 

For example, think about rain on your wedding day. 

Worrying about rain is a future-based anxiety about something you can’t control. Planning, on the other hand, is about being prepared just in case it rains. It helps keep you in the present, because your preparation lets you set aside your worries about what will go wrong in the future.

Any time you find yourself worrying over your vision for the future, stop. Bring yourself back to the present, and redirect that energy into planning.

Where Will Your Life Vision Take You?

Look, achieving your goals is awesome, but real happiness comes from growth. Embracing the challenge of working towards your goals is far more fulfilling than achieving and checking them off your list.

A compelling life vision gives you a reason to meet those challenges head on. 

Again, you don’t have to have every step figured out. Conjuring up a vision for your future stimulates your imagination. It’ll help rediscover old dreams and ignite your passion so you can head in the right direction.

Now, let’s turn this insight into action.

Grab a journal, and take 5 to 10 minutes writing your life vision statement — in reverse. Imagine yourself on your deathbed, and describe the kind of life you want to look back on. 

What will you have achieved? What will you have spent your time doing?

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  1. I can definitely relate to this–thanks Marie! I’ve also caught myself putting off reaching a goal or two because I wasn’t sure what was beyond it and didn’t want to be without a goal. Something that’s helped is using David Allen’s “Someday Maybe” list–that way I can save those goals that I’m not ready yet to really make my focus.

    • I did something similar Jessica, Tony Robbin’s gets you to envision your life 5, 10 and 20 years from now on and how you want it to be. It’s a very powerful tool.

      I had the ‘is this all there is’ moment while hustling as an actor. I just got tired of doing the same shiz over and oooooover again and literally making an inch-step forward. I was like “screw this! I’m gonna find an easier way!”

      That’s how I discovered my passion for writing and creating and now I teach women fun, exciting and playful ways to improve their lives. And I LOVE IT!!!

      I’ve got near-future creative plans to make my OWN show and show off my talents that way 😉 Gumption

      Elise xo

      • Salsita

        I second Tony Robbins lists!!! Awesome tool and got me cracking. I have his little hand book size as I still don’t have an Ipad and the books size works for me.
        At 42 (in a week) I wanted to make sure that I stay focused on what really will fulfill me!

        Luv Sal

        • Lyndsay

          Can I ask which list, Tony Robbins tool are you talking about with regards to looking at your life goals?


  2. My astrologer once told me I was overly ambitious. LOL
    That must be the reason why I have never, ever, ever felt like there wasn’t
    something more…
    It’s a fine line to walk however between wanting to do more, create more &
    achieve more and feeling content, happy and fulfilled.
    I’ve always found joy, inspiration & excitement in learning new things,
    travelling to new countries, discovering + bettering my spiritual & personal

    I worked with a great writer for my website and she asked me: “What’s your
    legacy?” Talk about BIG perspective! A legacy! WOW! That has inspired me
    to see bigger & better for myself but also for the fellow peer Goddess
    entrepreneur I coach. This passion, this desire to change the world is my daily
    mantra & fuels my creativity & propels me forward.

    For me there is always more. And I find tremendous pleasure in that.

    • I found your site through the comments here and I think that it is amazingly gorgeous! I love your point of view and you always have great comments here on this site. I signed up for your newsletter and I look forward to the unveiling of your new site design. Blessings!

      • Well thank you Miss Diva! The new look is now ‘live” on my website 🙂

        • Hi Caroline,

          I LOVE your website too! It looks like you do amazing work. I love helping women with similar life goals. I signed up for your email subscription, looking forward to it!

          • Hi Caroline,

            I just wanted to add my two cents as well. Your website is gorgeous! And I love your photo in your header. Just fabulous! (I signed up, too.)

          • Caroline–beautiful site, and I LOVE your copy, so well written and fun! Great job!

          • With all of these comments I had to go check out your site too. I love it too and just signed up 🙂

    • I loved the “legacy” and “making a difference” questions. They keep me inspired too. Great share! Thanks 🙂

    • I loved your website also… very engaging. I look forward to receiving your emails too. Arriving at a place where it is permissable to be who we are with our gifts, as long as it is from an honest place is sometimes harder for some of us. My passion is educating & spreading the news of personal freedoms & what that means to us. For personal freedom societies have been so few in the history of mankind.

    • brit

      I am curious about how you found a legit astrologer?

    • Hola Caroline, I loved your comment and the idea of a legacy is really awesome. I can relate to the way you are, there’s always something more 😉 I am starting my website in English applying all the teachings of B-School, so excited to know that am not the only one crazy girl around trying to make a difference and change the world. LOL

    • I resonated with your comment as well. Checked out your site, and followed you on twitter. Looking forward to seeing what you put out and becoming friends!

    • kate

      Great, great, great never stop and share your passion!!!

      I’m still discovering my path, but I always feel inside, there is something more, what will pop up one day and make big impact.

      Step by step to make a better and easier world for all 🙂

  3. I’ve definitely had that experience in my life. Instead of thinking, “Is that it?”, I use the achievement to build my self confidence and then I move on to the next thing.

    I’ve found that my purpose is to help and inspire others through sharing my journey through writing and other creative outlets. I started setting goals that are aligned with my purpose, like relaunching my blog Big Diva Hq. When I achieve those goals, I feel proud, but I know that I have more work to do, so I build upon the momentum of the achievement and keep going.

    Be blessed and have a wonderful day!

  4. Hey Marie! Usually I feel like I achieved something when I’m already working on something else, if that makes sense. I’m grateful for amazing opportunities I’ve had in life and I’m working on an amazing project now. I hope people will like it and benefit from it a lot.

  5. I think we often confuse goals with purpose. Goals can be related to purpose or just stand-alone. When they are stand-alone, that’s when we get to the end of list and say, “Now what?”

    When something is driven by your soul, there’s infinite power behind that and as a result there is no end or plateau. Re-igniting that inner light illuminates the many paths that are open to us beyond our to-do lists. Our expansion leads to further expansion if we’re soul driven.

    It’s kind of like taking a walk to a hill you see in the distance. But once you get to the hill, you see an incredible tree at the top so you keep going. Then once you get to the top you see an expansive vista before you. Your vison keeps expanding as you move forward.

    Excuse my “long-winded-ness.” I just love these kinds of topics and I believe wholeheartedly in the infinite potential of every human being…if they choose to explore it.

    • “The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible. That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942, translated from French by Lewis Galantière
      Hi, Emelia, I am in agreement with you. I think you will also enjoy this video about ‘Purpose’ vs. ‘Mission’~

      • Thanks Chas. Off to check out the video. 🙂

    • Salsita

      Emila! I soooo agree with you, don’t know if it’s cause I never had exact goals – but for me the journey never ends….There’s always the next place. I love how you have put it…. long-winded-ness or not. Bless up!

      • Thank you! You’re so right. The journey never ends. 🙂

    • Emelia, I agree with you. It is an endless path that I enjoy so much, there is always somenting more to learn, do and share. LOL

      • It took me a long time to learn but I get excited thinking about the possibilities and moving towards what’s around the corner. Like you said, there’s always more. 🙂

    • Deborah

      Beautifully said – I love your nature analogy.

  6. I once felt like I was constantly living in a “Groundhog Day” movie. Its so important to shake things up in your life. I started by scheduling fun. Yes, sounds dorky, but I had to put it on the calendar or it would never happen. Then it went on to starting my business. I realized that I needed to use the systems that I use to regiment myself to create the life that I wanted. So far so good 😉

    • Hi Karla,

      I love that you schedule in fun!
      When I get really, truly present to the moment, I find myself awed by life – how a stone wall was constructed by hand hundreds of years ago, or the call of a blackbird, or the heart beating ceaselessly inside my chest. What emerges is a woman whose inner child is alive and well and wants to PLAY!

      On Sunday, I found myself doing cartwheels and running like an aeroplane on top of a field overlooking 365 degree countryside views.

      Life is good.


  7. Kelly

    My big ass vision is our Green Power Community program. GPC is a grassroots campaign that supports cities with their sustainability targets by engaging small businesses and individuals in a community-wide effort to reach a renewable energy goal. Our mission is to inspire action, build momentum and transform the way we think about our ability to collectively solve problems to bring about social change.

    Small steps repeated a thousand times become a movement. Now that’s a Hell Yeah!

    PS – T. Ben-Shahar wrote a great book on the topic of letdown and wondering “what’s next” after reaching a big personal goal. Check out “Happier.” Really fantastic and highly recommended.

  8. Great question this week and helpful tips on keeping dreams alive! So much of our identity can become the one “in pursuit” that when we reach our goals, we lost that piece of ourselves. I read a study once that showed that 65% of a group of study participants gained their weight back after losing it all, and most attributed it to not knowing what to focus on in their lives now that they had achieved this long-term goal, and, that they were more comfortable being in pursuit of the dream because that’s who they’ve always known themselves to be. I think it’s important, as we go along on our dream pursuit, to make reacquainting with ourselves a conscious part of the journey.

    Thanks for sparking the conversation, Marie!

  9. Great video Marie. I have fulfilled a lot of the dreams I had in the past. I quit a job I hated and started my jewelry business, I built a beautiful family, but I still have a lot of dreams ahead of me. I do hope to always be able to find something else to inspire and motivate me.

  10. Another reason she might feel like this is if she achieved someone else’s goals. Was it really what she wanted for herself, or what she was pushed into? And then if she really wanted it, why? Finding the reasons behind our goals can help us find what we really need to be happy and content.
    I’m thinking about Mastin here more precisely 🙂

  11. Amazing as usual, Marie. There are so many great questions and bits of advice in this video. I totally agree that we are all here for a reason and you have to be open to what gifts you have and how you can use them!

  12. I can relate to the “is this all there is?” feelings in my past but it’s only since I realised it’s feelings I’m chasing rather than ‘things’ that I’ve kicked that feeling into touch!
    I’ve been a long time creator of vision boards for my goals (I have them stacked up chronicling my goals, past, present and future!) and, while I think they’re really effective at focusing me on what I want, as everyone else has mentioned, I too find my enthusiasm waning. What re-inspires me is taking the vision from a 2D image into a living and breathing version….. I close my eyes and literally step in to the vision. Only here do I feel truly connected to what I’m going after and how I will FEEL as a result of achieving it.
    Emma x

  13. Hi Marie and fellow watchers,

    As a raised Catholic girl myself I was raised with the spirit of giving and community, therefore I never felt “Is this all there is” rather “what else is there for me to see and do.”

    An integral part of my business is donating a portion of my proceeds, fundraising at least once a year, and volunteering several times a year. For me, volunteering is a great gift anyone can give themselves.

    -everyone is equal
    -you GIVE your time and love without expecting cash (or other)
    -you receive “Thank you’s” that are heart felt and everlasting
    -you feel part of the community
    -you meet new people
    -you smile the whole time you are working


  14. I got asked on a television segment last week where I see myself in 20 years. And I thought it was difficult to explain where I want to be in 5 years… The truth is, 5 years ago I NEVER would have been able to paint the picture of how my life is right now. I didn’t know I would be an Emmy Award winner and I didn’t know I would have already had my first book published, and I certainly didn’t know I would raise a round of funding to further the reach of my brand in the world. I mean, I have always been ambitious and I dream big and do big with every goal I set but I totally believe in inviting guidance and getting “in the flow.” That’s when all the magic happens, and in being open and allowing an abundance of opportunities to flow into my life I have ended up in a place that is even beyond the vision I had for myself.

    One thing that has remained constant is my intention to be of service and bring love to everything that I do whether it’s participating in educational and entrepreneurship projects in developing countries using my business profits or just bringing joy to the people I encounter throughout my day. Marianne Williamson says this about entrepreneurship: “You’re in business to spread love. Your screenplay should spread love. Your hair salon should spread love. Your agency should spread love. Your life should spread love.” So with love as my compass, I know I’ll be exactly where I’m supposed to be in 20 years and beyond.

    • Natalie,

      Your response is so eloquent and inspiring! I love what you said.
      I have to constantly remind myself to keep love, service and generosity
      at the core of my business – thanks for sharing!


    • Very well said Natalie!

      Before one aspires to take on the world, one should take on their community + family + checker at the local market. People who do that have love as a guide 😉

  15. I’m EXACTLY in the isthatall/whatsnext place and these questions, Marie, for sure will spark some good internal conversations. Thanks.

    Additionally I have been, uncharacteristiclly sitting in the “pause” of where I am, rather than bolting passionatly back into action. My relationship with ease, post-goal hitting, has been quite revealing: It’s not easy (pun intended).

    • Jennifer, thank you for reminding me about the pause, and the benefit of being uncomfortable & not bolting on to the next big thing just to keep moving. So true. It’s so challenging to pause when you’ve been on the hustle-track.

      • { insert virtual high five here }

  16. Whenever I get to the other side of “Goal Hill” I make myself celebrate first. We forget to do that often enough. It is like a freebie high. I dance and make everyone dance with me. Then, once you have patted yourself on the back all you possibly can and the passion juice is drying up, I go learn about someone who is living a hugely inspiring life. If I have the time, I will watch a documentary about them or read a biography. If I have less time, then I watch something short like an interview. This morning, I watched the TED talk interview of Richard Branson. That certainly did the trick!

  17. I believe the key is Adaptation.
    We need to continually grow and inspire ourselves and create new thing.
    This doesn’t even have to be working towards a new career path – but even fun things like hobbies; picking up the camera and learning to take better photos, cooking an interesting meal with new-to-you ingredients or taking first ballet lessons at 32 – just for fun!
    Learning new things for fun – and not pressure – is a wonderful way to rediscover yourself and refuel your personal passion.
    Having a hobby is nurturing that creative side we all have in us. It doesn’t have to be artistic per se – just fun, fresh and exciting where we tap into a new renewed state. You won’t know how simple joys can refuel and recharge a sparkle in you, you didn’t even know you have! 😉

    I have achieved my goal as an owner of a graphic design company in its 10th year now – – but a few years ago – with a child and unfortunately health problems – I felt like a part of my was dying. Then I thought it would be fun to learn better ways to take pictures in Manual mode 😉 Now, new passions have sparked a new path for me.
    I haven’t quit my work… yet (still juggling) but I do have a new sense of direction and most importantly a sense of accomplishment, happiness and I feel I contribute to a bigger community now than I ever did with a local business. And that is a wonderful feeling – perhaps my legacy I would be honoured to leave behind 😉

    xo Ella

  18. Marie- still digesting today’s Q & A but wanted you to know your default hand position is the ASL sign for “vagina”. 🙂
    You’re welcome and have a great day!

    • NICE!

    • Dustienne

      That is amazing. The silent sisterhood secret hand position!

  19. Wow, Marie, it’s like you just gave the A to my Q!

    I was recently asking myself this very same question and I realized that I usually get stuck like this every time I become afraid of dreaming something big.
    I believe that as long as we’re inspired, we can’t hit such roadblocks.

    Thanks again for the wonderful show.

  20. Love the insights (and jokes) as always! I like to call those places you want to be, your “desired envisionments” for your life. Think of the place you desire to be and envision the environment. Whether its a place of love, happiness or another internal desire. Or, if it is external, like a car or a home. Create the environment, ideally in some visual way, and live in that place in your mind. There is always somewhere new you can strive to be in your life! You are only limited by your imagination of what’s possible.

    Thanks Marie, for being such a source of inspiration, creativity and fun!

  21. I started my business when I was studying at the university so when I graduated my BIG BIG goal was to support myself financially just from my business. But it turned out that that wasn’t such a big goal after all, actually there were no problems at all with that. So I started thinking “ok, what’s my next step?” and realized I had no idea. I had never dared to think that big before and had no idea how you run my business at a higher level, playing a bigger game. So my next step was to learn that and now I’m in B-school and everything is falling into place! Thank you Marie! 🙂

    Ps, loving the bloopers in the end! 😀

  22. My big vision for the future involves a 180 degree shift in the way providers approach labor and birth in America. Everything I do in my organization, I do with this goal in mind. I’m trying to inform and educate women about the lurking maternal healthcare crisis without coming across as preachy or “out there.” Marie, as a follower of yours, and a current B-schooler, I’m grateful to you for showing me how to communicate positive messages without coming across as stuffy or, what you call, “the professor mistake.” Thank y ou!

  23. This is an ongoing issue….the challenge is that inspiration is only temporary and we constantly need to find things that inspire us.

    Great episode!

  24. Alice Wilcox

    I definitely haven’t reached all my goals but I have had that feeling. I think more than anything, I’ve reached all the goals I felt I deserved. It’s been a lifelong awakening to the deep excavation to self love and accepting all the abundance the Universe has to offer us. AT 56 years old my life has opened up in all the ways I have been working on for my entire life. I know I am embarking on a new adventure daily to create the rest of my life.

  25. I’ve had a couple of ‘is this it?’ moments after big achievements early in my life, namely winning state championship gymnastics and receiving the top award when leaving school.

    Although they were really uncomfortable moments as I’d worked so hard and long towards those goals, they were partly responsible for me identifying a deeper yearning and starting my spiritual path which I’ve been on now for 12 years.

    I still have goals, dreams and big things I want to achieve (hence why I enrolled in B-School!) but real meaning in my life now rests deep within myself rather than on anything external.

  26. Hi Marie,

    Coming into my thirties I have been wondering where all the passion went to save the world? Thanks for that hamburger helper hormonal tidbit. I needed to hear that.

    In terms of reaching my goals, I set out about 8 months ago to start a private personal training practice. My goal was to train between 10-15hrs/wk. I have been consistently hitting over 10 hrs for the last couple months. Thanks to a “workcation” up north (like we’re talking Northern Ontario, Canada), I came back with an idea that will help create passive income. That will be my next journey to tackle.

    I think that rest is really important to keep our business “spicy”. I find I get the best ideas after some good rest away from the city I work in.

    I also set it in my mind that in this life I never want to “arrive” at that place where I feel I have my life all figured out. I would rather just keep plodding along learning to acknowledge “yup, ok did that, great! What’s next?”

    Thanks for your videos. They helped me launch and believe in my business Freedom Training.

  27. instant message between me and my mom a few minutes ago:

    is this all there is?? keep feeling that way..
    10:08 AM
    um, did you watch marie tv???

    She’s watching now…

  28. Maybe I keep altering my goals subconsciously, because I have never been in that “is that all there is” position. All too often, I find myself saying “I thought I would be further along by this point”. I counter that with looking at what I HAVE achieved and feeling the gratitude for all that has come with (and from) my efforts.

    I like the idea of giving back when you feel you have achieved and received what you set your sights on. Nothing feels quite like the fulfillment that comes from giving. Mentoring, laboring, nurturing, praying – so many ways we can give back to the communities that hold us as we work towards our goals.

    Thanks for getting me thinking…

  29. I love what you mentioned about hormones. I also think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep up the pace, but there are natural ebb and flow moments in all our lives.

    Personally, I’m just seeing bigger and bigger things on the horizon. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take breaks before I go there. 🙂

    I think that listening to your intuition can also help guide you along when you’re not sure what’s next. And sometimes the answers are more simple than we expect, and don’t need to be the big adventures we read about… but rather closer to home and to the heart. 🙂

  30. A great question! I’ve often achieved a goal, only for the rush to wear off and leave me thinking “what next?”

    It’s important to work out whether we are just addicted to achieving or that we actually worked toward that goal for a purpose. You might have dreamt of setting up your own business because of all the wonderful things that it will bring, but then again, you might have done it because it feels like something that a successful person should do. When you set goals based on things you feel you “should” be doing, you’re unlikely to get much joy out of them in the long run. Your achievements will never be enough, and you’ll keep craving greater and greater successes. It’s like being addicted to beating the high score on a game, without stepping back looking around the rest of the arcade.

    I’ve always had a restless hunger inside me, and while people have told me “Oh, you’ll never be satisfied!” that’s because I know that I am capable of always learning, growing and creating. That doesn’t mean that I have to keep climbing the success ladder, though – part of the journey is learning to enjoy what you have right now, to relax in the present moment, and to have fun! Celebrate your dreams coming true with an exciting trip somewhere; learn a new language or skill, try doing something completely new, volunteer, write a book.

    Until we all live in some kind of Utopia, there’s a whole big world out there that needs saving – and I think that most us know, deep down, that we are super-heros (or super-heroines) sent here to save it. So, when you find yourself thinking “Is that all?”, have a look at all the shit that needs fixing out there and ask yourself “How can I help make the world a better place?” <3

  31. lol, I like how the first “marie” that pops up on google is “Marie antoinette”

    I haven’t achieved my life vision yet.

    I envision a life where my home (or maybe create a coffee shop like this) is a garden of fresh fruits, open to refugees, foreign exchange students and lots of interesting workshops on gardening, cooking, and mind-expansion.

    I envision my dance and artwork to become an energy I carry with me at all times. To have works that inspire even MYSELF when I’m feeling down.

    I envision being a teacher to people who can and will make an impact in the areas of life they feel strongest about. Because they can. I don’t want anyone to stop living fully because of conditioning we get from this world.

  32. Hi Marie,

    I like this one. It’s a great reminder to help me keep working on my ongoing vision. AND, it definitely is Spring in NYC…it’s going to be 79 degrees today, woohoo!!!

  33. Mary-Pat

    Can totally relate to this- tick tick tick on a number of big goals and then felt deflated/purposeless. Rather than try to get rid of the feeling, I decided to embrace the uncertainty of what to do next and trust that the next step would become obvious which led to some life coaching sessions and B school! Also focused on what I had in my life to be grateful for and appreciated how far I had come. MPx

  34. Tammy

    The most important thing we can do, is learn to be happy with where we are, and with what we have. Chasing down a vision or a dream may keep us hopeful and distracted for awhile, but it will all lead back to the question – is this all there is? The answer to this question – is yes, this is all there is. Reflecting on the point that we will die, helps to bring this into perspective.
    (Thank you for that reminder!) It helps us remember what is important in our life. And it usually isn’t money or reaching a goal. Its who we love, and who loves us. The call to become something more, is a call to realize, to remember, that in this moment – life is amazing, because you are here. Forget the goals and planning, and step into LOVE – Love your life just as it is.

  35. Gina

    My goal is to get a floating iPad like yours!

    Seriously, you are very inspiring…. at my age (71), true joy is having a good reason to jump out of bed in the morning. My problem is I have so many projects going that I have trouble deciding which one to work on first every day.

  36. Mmmm. Kinda!
    When I was at University I struggled enormously with the workload and having to work to sustain myself (I did succeed and have no debt, yeah!).
    I always thought if I was one of my colleagues, who were more economically fortunate, and did not have to work, I’d get so much more done. Fast forward 5 years, and I am in the lucky situation of not having to work in something I do not like. And being here actually created a huge pressure. I started wondering why wasn’t I going to all the art shows in town, reading all the books in Amazon and how come I hadn’t created a masterpiece yet. And then B-school happened (is happening). Hell yeah!

  37. Great episode, Marie!

    My solution to this is to make a bucket list, and write a bunch of awesome adventures on there that I want to experience- and then start ticking them off one by one! This could be why I’ve never faced the ‘Is this all there is?’ question… it’s more like OMG so many exciting things to do, so little time! 🙂

    • YES! What an amazing idea, Roshini! I’ve been wanting to build a bucket list for a long time, but it seems that I never run out of things I want to do. It’s great to do NOW before that moment strikes though 🙂

  38. marie, you crack me up! no one else could pull off hamburger helper and a disco ball, and still be taken seriously. love love love, you!
    I found myself in a similar position this past year. I had just turned 43 and out of nowhere, I suddenly lost all interest in the work that I had been doing for the past 15 years. so, being the lifelong learner that I am, I set out to learn something new. at first I thought that might lead to a new career, but it didn’t. what it did turn into was learning how to bake artisan bread and managing the farmer’s markets for the best bakery in toronto. and I loved it, but not enough to turn it into a career.
    it was interesting enough though to keep me engaged and open to new possibilities, and there were plenty that presented themselves among all the top farmers and producers in the province, not to mention the organizers at the incredible spaces that host the markets. (check out evergreen brickworks or whychwood barns to see what I mean) these people are doing good work, and it’s meaningful, and it’s fun, but it’s not what I saw myself doing forever.
    so, as long as I enjoyed doing what I was doing, I just kept at it and TRUSTED that when I was ready, things would shift, and they did. one interesting thing that happened was after years of not being in a relationship, an old flame came back into my life and we fell in love again. how’s that for a vision of the future? and then, one day I just started to feel inspired again. being in love made me want to be ‘good’ at relationship, something that I did not have a lot of experience at. having been a yoga teacher and workshop presenter for 15 years it wasn’t a stretch for me to start thinking about teaching conscious relationship skills.
    that was it, that was what got me out of my dead end thinking around my work and opened me up to new possibilities for how things could look. then literally within days of speaking those words out loud, I found out about bschool. now I’m in the midst of bschool, I have an awesome vision of my location independent life, doing what I love doing – teaching and inspiring others – that will allow me to be with the man I love, even though we live in two different countries. how’s that for a breakthrough?
    thanks marie, you rock!

  39. What a great topic. It forced me to think about this and aside from back when I was back working in 9-5 I can happily say I’ve never asked this since.

    I am always focused on enjoying the present and looking ahead to the journey I’m on. So when I’m reaching one goal I know I already have others in place to work on.

    Or I move the goal posts to push my boundaries further before I get there 🙂

    I’m a firm believer in mini celebrations of milestones along the way too

  40. Gargi

    So I had my little one and after months of being on the new mommy train I felt this way. Then B-School happened!! 🙂
    Thank you for all that you do Marie.

  41. Good episode Marie.

    I’m in this space after going back to school for 9 (yes 9) years, doing my board exams, and opening my own acupuncture clinic a year ago.

    I found I was feeling flat and bored. That the creation and reaching of my goals was much more exciting. I realized that I need to find out how I want to share myself with my patients in a way that’s truly fulfilling to myself. So I loo to my mentors, such as yourself, Dr. Christaine Northrup, etc. I need to learn how to imtegrate that more into my treatments, beyond getting stuck in repetitive treating.

    As well, I just gave up my practice to start my maternity leave for the next year. This is my first child (and while it’s exciting) I feel flat in not having my career goals for the next while. I feel like my life is on hold & dont know what to expect or how to embrace the fulfillment of parenthood, when Ive never been a parent before.

    Oh and pregnancy hormones for shiz make my every worry or feelings of living a flat life that much more intensified. Like off the charts!!! How come nobody told me?

  42. It’s funny you know, because on a day-to-day basis, I am very goal oriented. But when I look at the bigger picture, it’s the opposite, and it’s always been that way. Perhaps I used to have larger goals, but these days I’m often heard saying something that sounds really pretentious (not meant that way): There is no unlived life in me. Seriously. I’ve lived what feels like 9 lives in my 34 years. I am SO happy and I’ve done almost everything I could hope for. I’ve lived in 6 different countries, traveled to all 7 continents, felt extreme loneliness and despair for years on end when my mentally unstable parent moved me to Central America and cut me off from everyone I’ve ever known, felt the heights of love and acceptance from my partner of ten years, my dog (kid), and the phenomenal friends I’ve met along this crazy journey. I’ve helped people all over the world doing things like living in Africa and helping to improve the lives of HIV positive women. I’m not saying this to brag – it’s just the way things have unfolded for me. It’s because I’ve said yes to pretty much everything. So…I could die tomorrow and not feel like I missed a thing. As a result, instead of thinking about goals and achievements, what makes me blissfully happy is living in the present. Going with the flow. Being grateful for everything that is, everything that was, and everything that will be. Because I know it will keep getting better and richer, even though I don’t know what that looks like. It’s irrelevant! I have already lived as I dream. And I think the same is true for many people if they choose to see it that way. Very thought-provoking post today Marie. Thanks for this.

    • Minela

      I’m so jealous!! I’ve been stuck for years trying to find out what I want and how to do the things I want. But I’m still at the same spot. Reading your story makes me see that things like that really do happen.

    • Juniper

      Go ahead and brag-that’s awesome and inspiring to hear (read). Good for you!

  43. This is a topic very dear to me, because I’ve never been able to sit still. I first realized this when I was in high school. It was summertime, had just taken my SAT and had nothing much to do. After a few days of sitting around and enjoying my newfound freedom, when watching my boyfriend play bridge, I asked him how I would go about learning it. It turned out there was this software program that you could use to learn. I proceeded to spend about 10h a day over the next two weeks immersed in this program, learning everything I could about it. I then joined a team and started playing more seriously and going to competitions.

    Later on, I quit playing it to focus on other things, but I never lost that spirit of needing to pursue a goal and a dream. I threw myself into ballroom dancing with the same enthusiasm, which is where I met my husband. Recently, I finally realized that the one passion that has remained consistent for the past 10 years has been personal development, which is why now I am making a conscious decision to throw myself into it with the same passion and dedication I have used for so many other things. This time, the feeling is different – more mature, more profound and definitely more lasting. It feels like this is what I’m really supposed to do. But even now, when I finish something (as I just finished and posted a short ebook I was writing to give out for free on my website), after a few days of “ahhh, it feels good to relax”, I’m back on track, looking for the next thing to do.

    Whenever I tried to force myself to not pursue different ideals and just enjoy where I was, I always felt a bit more depressed. I think it’s human nature to just want to go for the next thing. It’s just important to enjoy the ride. So, when I achieve something I’ve been wanting for a long time, I go out to celebrate, and then I don’t ask “now what?” Instead, I ask “what’s next?”

    After all, life is a journey. There’s no point in staying still for more that you’re comfortable with. Keep moving, stay curious, and you will discover amazing things about yourself and the world. There is never an end to the game of life. Even when we feel like we’re living our dream life, there’s always more to learn, more to discover, and so much more to give.

    Namaste 🙂

  44. I have no problem with this, it always seems to me that I will not have enough time for everything I want to do, to achieve, to visit, taste, study, read, learn … that it will be all over tooooo soon…

  45. Marie,

    I love your top:)

    And this is exactly what I teach people to do through coaching; connect with their awesome future selves.

    It is so great you are touching on this so that others can connect to a great vision and future so they feel happy and fulfilled in their now.
    Thanks so much, Christy

  46. Lisa

    My 30s were about working for others, gaining experience, and making money. I did those things, bought a house, went on amazing trips, held down a job, a social life, boyfriends, athletic pursuits, but yes… have suffered from boredom “is this all there is?!” I watch people having babies, (not for me), I talk to others on the cusp of our 40s, and it seems that EVERYONE is asking, “is this all there is” along with “I’m tired of doing what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years” with a HUGE need for RECREATION. I’m trying to figure it out! I’m not finding huge inspiration for recreating myself, but I appreciate the question you pose, to look into the future and wonder what you want to accomplish in your life. Unfortunately, I’m not finding an answer that will also pay the bills. It’s a terrible feeling to continue doing what you’re doing (passionless) because you can make money at it better than any other pursuit. I keep asking myself how to inject more passion into it (still working on that ), or completely taking a new path (so much not knowing!). Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just do what we want to do all day and give ourselves to the world without this constant need to make money?!!!

    • Renee

      Hi Lisa,

      I am so with you!
      It’s scary to be at a point where you start to worry about the time that you might not be able to earn a living and how you can make sure you are “safe” then by working hard now.

      That means for me that I am scared to sell my business to follow my dream of traveling and being open for opportunities. Because there is no guarantee it will work out. So I stay with what I have which frustrates me more and more instead of getting my passion and enthusiasm back and being able to share my talents with others without having to worry about “how do I pay the bills”.

      So yes, I ask myself sometimes “is that all there is”, which for me means “is life all about making money (so you can take care of yourself when you are old)” and that often leads to not actually living now, and maybe not when you are old either …

  47. Hi Marie

    Good topic today. I think we do wonder is that all there is. We work so hard to accomplish something and when it is finished we feel relieve but also empty. We have to keep reinventing ourselves and project ahead so that we will be ready when the next task is accomplished or the next goal met.


  48. OH MY YES! My first experience with this was graduating with my second degree after nine years of post secondary edumacation. Is this all there is? But the brilliant thing was it was just the beginning. Even though I definitely lamented over and grieved the ending of “the semester” and not having my life divided into easily manageable 4 month chunks, I was excited about my future (that was going to last my entire life!).

    My dream is world peace.


    Might as well aim high.

    I feel I’m achieving this one patient at a time. I’m in the biz of making people healthy and happy and I believe happy, healthy people doing what the love contributes to world peace. So there ye be.

    I also want to learn polynesian dancing.

    Great epi Marie! And thanks for all you do. Lovin’ B-School!

  49. The infamous question “Is this all there is?”, which got toe me a few years ago, triggered a number of synchronous moment and events in my life, which then led me to realise how much more is there in the world to discover, experience and create…

    … as well as woke me up to a bigger vision for my life. I realised that living life just for myself was not quite it… and I started asking myself better questions “How can I actually make a difference in the world & what will be my legacy”? “How can I do it using my natural strengths and at the same time enjoy great lifestyle, travels and have loads of fun & great people in my life while doing it? ”

    I searched for the answers, invested a lot of time, money and worked my socks off to get clarity on these “biggies”.

    Today I am happy & privileged as every day I am taking steps towards realising my life’s big vision of contributing to “raising awareness/ vibration of the humanity and awakening”. I know that my contribution is through being a

    Teacher, Author and Wildly Successful entrepreneuress. I want to inspire & support other gorgeous females, who want to up their gear, bringing out their self-expression, beauty & personal style and help them create their Signature Presence (i.e. kick-ass authentic Personal Brand) and Add that Feminine Leadership Edge. YAY!

    Thank you Marie Forleo, B-School and all the B-School Babes for helping me getting my vision crystal clear and inspiring me to take action to make things happen. Step by step!

    Ania xxx

  50. Hi Marie,
    Love this message, it’s actually the message I am building my business around. I’m a Bschooler and as a coach like you I see people struggling all the time with the “is this all there is” question. I am so looking forward to next weeks module on Offerings as I am working towards creating offerings to help people become connected to their visions, turn their visions into their realities and live their life ‘on purpose.’ It gives me goose bumps every time I think about it and more so every time I see a client connect to their purpose. You can feel their vibration skyrocket! Thanks for sharing this vital message in such a fun way and reminding us all that we are here to constantly grow and expand.

    • Ania Sujet

      Love your work Tracy! So important! It took me a while to figure out my bigger vision.

  51. Tal

    The Hamburger Helper!! Oh my god, once you see it, you can’t unsee it. This will stick with me forever haha

    Marie, I love your videos! Your energy and enthusiasm inspire me to be a better person. Thanks again for another great video. Hope you are feeling better!

  52. I loved the article, a topic that many people do not like to mention it because of dissatisfaction with the work and goals. But it is something that happens to us, because we are only half way, I loved how you treated him and the advice we give. You enjoy what we do step by step, noticing new challenges and goals that bring us closer to our goal, but mostly enjoy everything we do and that is what we love!. Once your content very grateful for Marie. I love your style. Many Greetings from Mexico.

    Ahora es español. Me encanto el artículo, un tema que a muchos no les gusta tocar porque es la insatisfacción con el trabajo y las metas fijadas. Pero es algo que nos pasa, porque estamos solo a la mitad del camino, me encanto como lo trataste y los consejos que nos das. Es disfrutar lo que hacemos paso a paso, fijándonos retos y metas nuevas que nos acerquen más a nuestro propósito, pero sobre todo disfrutar todo lo que hagamos y que sea lo que amamos!!!. Una vez muy agradecida por tus contenidos Marie. Me encanta tu estilo. Muchos Saludos desde México.

  53. Dustienne

    Wow – you’ve outdone yourself with the Hamburger Helper at the club. AMAZING! As always, your videos are inspiring and crack me up. A nice treat to break up the hard work of module 4 😉

  54. Shelley

    LOVED this post. Divine timing for me-for sure! I have been blessed enough to live my life long dream of being a stay at home mom. The thing with parenting, though, is that if you do it well – you work yourself out of this dream job! When my youngest went to Kindergarten this year, before I even hit 40, my life long dream had been lived yet I still have a long life to live! I felt like my stay at home mothering book had ended with an slam with no sequel in sight. I had never looked beyond this dream life of mine…

    After some mourning about this phase of my life ending, I decided to gather a group of wonderful women in the same situation as me-looking for our Next Best Thing. We meet twice a month and the melding of these beautiful minds has lead to so much awesomeness and growth that I am now thinking of starting a blog/on-line community surrounding this Next Best Thing concept!

    This post today is really pushing me to my next step. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your inspiration, your messages and your awesomeness in general! So, so appreciated!

  55. I had a rare tumor when I was a kid, and went thru weeks of experimental radiation. The doctors said I wasn’t expected to live past 25. So, I did everything I imagined I wanted to do. By 25.

    But I lived. I had absolutely no images in my head of being old… or even older. And no clue what to do with my life. As time passed and I had kids, I was never supposed to be able to have, and I seemed pretty healthy… I realized I had been given yet another gift. I think I went thru that survivor guilt sort of thing and it morphed into “oh-my-gosh I owe the universe a big one.” The pressure to think of how to repay the universe… good grief! I set new goals and achieved most of them – got divorced, wrote a bunch of books – and again…. now what? It’s an impossible debt to repay.

    What helped me most recently was Danielle LaPorte asking “How do you want to FEEL?” and that book “Start with WHY”. Also, discovering people like Kris Carr who take their horrifying experiences and actually USE them as their purpose, motivation, and Universe payback. I am finding that it’s only by looking back on experiences (good and bad!) that we start to understand why they happened to us and that they are actually the inspiration for our future goals.

    • Danielle LaPorte’s questions are always powerful ones to me and Start With Why has helped a lot as well. I think it helps us make our goals about the ends rather than the means. The house, the clothes, the car are supposed to satisfy feelings, I think, and when we get them and realize they don’t satisfy those feelings, we sit and go “wow, is that all there is?” When we begin with the end in mind, for example: I want to feel surrounded by beauty, then we can attract things that are beautiful into our lives and we may find out that it doesn’t look like a Better Homes and Gardens house and then, I think, we won’t have the is this all there is feeling.

      Thanks for reminding me about these people.

    • Sandy – what an inspiring story. It’s amazing that you took this gift you are given and are using it to the max. So many people don’t do that! Really, I’m proud of you. You are an inspiration to other people who can’t see how they have been blessed in life.

      Anyway, I read an article by Kris Carr recently that covered exactly this, how she used what she went through to fuel herself, and in the article she’s reflecting on that. I thought you might enjoy reading it, if you haven’t already:

      • Laura: Thanks for that link. That is some powerful thinking.

  56. I think that we (especially those of us who have more) are put on this earth to help others. Once your goal in life is to help others as much as you are able, there will never reach a time when you’ve 100% accomplished your goal. There is ALWAYS something more to do to help others.

    My advice to someone who has achieved all their business dreams is to work/partner with a charity or public organisation. There is too much need in the world for us to be ‘done’ with our purpose.

    That’s what I believe anyway.

    • I completely agree with that. I think everyone should volunteer no matter how well or bad off they are. If they can spare even an hour a week to help someone else unconditionally, it does them and the world a whole lot of good.

  57. I’m not sure I always notice when I reach a goal, often it’s pointed out to me by somebody else, my family and friends seem to keep track better then me.
    I’m constantly setting new goals, and now with B-School on the go it’s in overdrive!
    Happy about that! 🙂

  58. Nema

    Hey Marie and Dee,

    When I was 31, I was kind of done with sexuality and men. I thought that I had seen it all. That it had nothing become then: please allow me, another man, another fuck. I was SO wrong. It was only then that I discovered what sexuality can be and give us on so many levels. After an incredibly reach and nourishing and fulfilling time. Life, God, the Universe challenged me even more and made me go beyond the imaginable. Thereafter that lean years followed, during which I learned A LOT. Yet, my dream, my vision what might be has even become bigger. As it also includes another human being, it needs faith and inner cultivation that when the time is ripe….

    So visibly dreams and visions can grow with us. May they flourish like spring bloom,

  59. HI Marie,
    Love that little wink in there! I think our hormones do play a part in our drive in life and not to be overlooked. Yes, our 20s do inspire that late night fun and drive and likewise, our 50s can inspire the wisdom to find that purpose… ! I like that you use the future to then look back on ’cause how many times do we use hindsight to do just that! Really been loving all your advice and Q&A videos!
    A B-Schooler! aka Terri

  60. I think this is my favorite Marie Forleo video yet!!

  61. Sophie

    Marie if you aren’t already following you should! Talk about someone following their dream and inspiring others to do the same. Your post today reminded me of this:

  62. Sorry Marie, I couldn’t see the earrings : (

    I’ve achieved several life dreams/goals but I’ve never seen any of them as ‘finished’.

    I’ve always liked the ‘deathbed’ way of checking in with myself. My overall goal is to leave the world a better place in the biggest way I possibly can. A lofty goal that I work on in small steps daily.

  63. This seems to be a timely issue right about now because I have had a couple of emails in my box relating to it.
    One thing that helps me is to remember that when we achieve a goal and we are done with it, when there isn’t a next step or a deeper place related to it, we are experiencing a loss in our lives. While there is a celebration for the accomplishment there is a concurrent loss of something important and defining in our lives. This doesn’t mean we need to be stuck in sadness forever but we need to grieve the loss before we are free to move on to the birth of the next thing. This process may last a very short time for somethings or it could last much longer for others. But it is a process and when we flow through it we are free and open to seeing the new. This idea, which as worked well for me when I get to that “is this all there is” place, came from a book titled “Life is Goodbye, Life is Hello: Grieving Well Through All Kinds of Loss” by Alla Bozarth-Campbell.

    The email that came yesterday talks about two types of goals: Means Goals and Ends Goals. Means goals, as I am understanding them are “Have a Beautiful House, Make lots of money, travel the world”, etc. Ends Goals are related to three aspects that Vishen Lakhiani, the author, considers essential to the human psyche: What do I want to experience? How do I want to grow? What do I want to contribute? By evaluating our goals and objectives in light of these questions we can develop “Ends Goals” that will continue to develop as we do. The Three Most Important Questions He has a very cool meditation at this link and I hope it is okay for me to share it. I have no affiliation with him other than as an interested learner.

    Thanks for all you share and offer to us.

  64. So timely! I’ve just realized that where I am today (while super great) isn’t where I thought I would be when I was a kid looking forward. And I’ve decided that now is the time to create a crystal clear visions of where I want to be in 5 years, 10 years. Without the vision it can be hard to see where all the little pieces fit in; when the vision is clear, it is so much easier to make decisions about what to do every day.

    Thanks for this episode!


  65. I love this one!!!!! Here’s why…I was raised to believe that having a great job, buy a house, car and own all that fancy stuff, was what needed to be accomplished to have a happy, successful life. Sure enough, I did ALL those things, climbing up the corporate ladder, my dream house and all that other stuff. Turns out, I didn’t feel like I owned this stuff, they owned me. During a 4 week vacation in Argentina, being exposed to a whole different culture, language and way of life, I realized that there was so much out there I didn’t know and wanted to discover. My first day back at work, I felt like the walls were closing in on me. Fast forward to today, I sold it all, quit my job and began traveling across South America. My vision, to never stop learning and help others reach their full potential. My biggest thing I learned is how much I still have to learn and grow and to share that knowledge with others. Like you said Marie, if we ask for guidance, we will receive it. We must remain open to it, that guidance is sometimes given to us in the most simplest moments of our every day lives:)

  66. I love what you do here!

    What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone in your field, who is stepping it up and getting out there more?

    I started my coaching practice a year ago and now I am evolving into more public speaking, better videos and writing a book. I’m doing pretty good but sometimes it is hard to figure out who to choose to help out on a project since there are so many choices out there now and so many are not very good.

    Thanks for your videos and keep up the good work!


  67. JL

    I totally experienced this and got stuck in the nowhere land after achieving my goals. By the time I was 24 I accomplished pretty much everything that I had imagined and dreamed about. Problem was: I FORGOT to imagine what came after. And further, when I tried to dream even bigger about greater success on the path I was already on, the dreams felt barren and disconnected. I was supposed to be wanting these things….but I didn’t. I spent 5 years trying to decide if it was fear that was keeping me from moving forward, or if life was asking me to take a different path. So, after realizing I wasn’t going to get any more clarity doing what I was already doing, I left my work, my home, and embarked on a trip. And that’s where I am now! It’s scary not to be moving forward in a linear progression. It’s scary to not have shiny accolades to show off. It’s scary to be 29 and stepping away from what I’ve been doing for the last twelve years. But here’s to fear and here’s to wonder! Thanks for the post.

  68. Hey Marie, this is right up my alley. I work a lot in the area of visioning your best business and life and am so glad that you have brought the spot light to it.
    I often have people revisit the organizations that they love and what it is that makes them feel connected to them, so for instance all of your tribe members choosing your great movement and perhaps pinpointing your fabulous energy, fearlessness and any of the other factors that they want to see more of as they build their new vision for the future.
    Love all of your amazing work and insights.

    Best Lynn

  69. Love your TV Marie!!!
    Changed my whole thinking about business after 30 years of trying and at a rather low point of my life.
    I enrolled in B-school (am I the oldest with 66? ) and already am planning to take part in a show in Singapore this fall. All things I could never have envisioned a few month ago.
    Planning and envisioning are very necessary and helpful tools but equally there should be a balance I think between planning and of just holding still and just being fully open to anything, for I call the surprise factor.
    Life has always more in store than we can possibly imagine and never has given it’s last! My experience and you are proof of it!
    Thank you so much!

  70. oliver rojas

    Hello Marie,

    Yes, I had the “Is this all there is?” moment at 30. …..When I realized I didn’t have everything I thought I’d have at 30, which was a wife, house, two cars, and picket white fence.. “I was no where close.”

    So it was then that I decided that I had to start rebuilding who I thought I was and what I wanted.

    Now at 40, unlike 30, where I was pretty much clueless, I have a better understanding of, “what is”. Now I have to do a lot less, “Figuring Out” and a lot more “Doing”, to get where I, plannnn….. to be.

    And no, I still do not have the following, dream like, stereotypical, ” wife, house, two cars, and white picket fence.”

  71. About 6 years ago I realized I was blissfully content with my life with most every thing, being, and experience I wanted. And yes – I sensed I wanted something more. A Seth Godin article made me realize the solution was a new arc of achievement, a new pursuit or two er three, that would ignite my curiosity again. I asked for guidance and received only baby glimpses until a surprise, gifted, trip to Mexico jumped in my path. While there, I read The Alchemist, and 4-Hour Work Week, and found my next vision – finally a way to do my voodoo on a broader scale without losing my quality of life! It is in this chapter you now find me: happily learning every day about new ways to spread the woid to other small biz owners, prepping to launch a webcast, and wallowing in a fabulous sig other relationship. I now know what was contentment really was complacency, a place I’ll visit in sips but won’t linger in for long. Curiosity is much more rewarding.

  72. Hi Marie,
    What a great topic! When I was twenty six I set huge goals and I accomplished all of them by thirty. I wanted to become a professional big wave surfer, get sponsored by the clothing company Patagonia and travel all over the world while chasing big waves. I gave it my very all (almost my life itself) and I got to a point where most of all was ticked off my bucket list. But I wasn’t happy: I was feeling drained, burned out, exhausted. So I stopped doing what I was doing and gave myself a big break (stopped training so hard and scaring myself in huge waves). In that break I started to find my joy again. The pushy energy of accomplishing that I had in my twenties turned into an energy of sharing with others. I started to give talks around the world and share how I accomplished my dreams so other con do so as well. In all that I found my new call in life, my new career and a gentler way to accomplish new dreams. I started this career as an action of service to others, and then new goals grew on me (like being a published, best-selling author). But now my goals come from a different place: instead of coming from a place of “forcing” and “making them happen”, they come from allowing.
    Sometimes its great to take a big break from what we were doing so we can start a new chapter in our lives.

  73. Such a FAB topic, Marie!! Thanks for going into the “beyond our goals.”

    It took me ages to discover that our life visions are actually evolving entities and so most of us hesitate to identify and subscribe to one because WHAT IF it changes and we put all this energy into moving towards it.

    When in fact THAT’S the whole point: in moving towards our vison that we have now in this moment, our vison expands and gets more and more juicy. But we need to have one to start and we need to take action towards it:)

  74. Mary

    Man do I feel pathetic. I haven’t achieved any of my goals yet. Something always happens to stop me for long periods of time. It’s very frustrating. I feel I have a lot to offer.


  75. TJ

    Stuck, stuck STUCK!!!
    I watch these v-logs, read the comments of wildly successful peeps, and while I am inspired, I am also frustrated.
    I have a great family, a good job (although it over-whelms me and is certainly not my dream job), we have a lovely home, I have great friends….I really have NOTHING to complain about and am very grateful for all that I do have – however – (duh duh duh…..) I KNOW that i am meant to do something MORE with my life – something creative and awe-inspiring – something fulfilling….but WHAT? I am 38, I have had so many ideas over the years and have failed to follow through on most of them.
    I’m afraid of waking up one day and realizing it’s TOO LATE.
    Anyone else ever panic about time passing and feeling like; “oh crap, I’ve not done anything I thought I’d do by now!”

    p.s. today, I had a day off work…a “me” day if you will…no hubby at home, no kids….I painted a piece of furniture in the morning and quickly got bored. I think this may be my problem – i find it really hard to focus on anything for any length of time.
    Suggestions and comments would totally be appreciated.

  76. Monica


    After watching your interview with Brendon Burchard on charging up the 10 human drives I was really moved. Brendon expressed out of the 10 drives, like most, he struggles with creative expression. I really felt a tug to pursue an even greater Vision: to provide people with the desire to strenghten their creative minds a book that contains simple and fun methods that will open that divine place within. This interview revealed to me that there is not just a need for this book in the artist communities, but also a need int he realm of business. I plan to do this by sharing my methods on how to stimulate the right brain. I am a self taught artist and over the course of 3 years I have opened a flood gate of divine inspiration through a game called “Doodle”. I plan to create a blog/network with exercises (that worked for me) to get the message out there that we all need to wake up and connect to our creatve minds! I feel we are loosing connection to this drive due to techonology. I read an article that children are loosing their desires to create and be imaginative due to growing up in a generation thats plugged in. There needs to be a balance and my vision is to start a movement and get people excited to create again.

    I would also like to create a box for schools that are willing to participate in recycling crayons they no longer use. Broken or old we will take them to third world countries and give children overseas the chance to know what its like to color. We take so much for granted in life and I think it would be a simple way for schools to serve in a time when they are in need. Maybe it will create a karmic reaction and schools will begin to get the attention and means they need by giving first!

    Kinda big I know…… but like they say if your dream doesn’t scare you its not big enough! I plan to sign up for B-School next year to figure out how to make this my reality.

    I hope this comment reaches you & thank you for all that you do!
    xxx MONICA

  77. I’m just beginning on my life goals, hoping to start my own art career and be able to stay home with my babies! I would love to be able to travel and be free for summer breaks and spring breaks, being able to paint and draw from anywhere.

  78. Great topic — and earrings!

    Two things I’ve done:

    1. Set new goals that build on the bigger one.
    For instance, now that I’ve accomplished my big dream of moving to London (and back), I’m writing a memoir about it.

    2. Service, service, service.
    Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning is all about purpose. And I find that being in service gives me a true sense of purpose that compliments my accomplishments.

    When I was reeling in “is this all there is?” mode last year, I decided to really get into volunteering. I now visit a wonderful 99-year-old lady who not only sets a great example for me on still kicking it at that age, but being in service gives me a deeper sense of purpose and connection.

    By the way, service is also a great way to move past the pain of breakup — snapping us out of negative thinking and moving us forward into greater love.


  79. Great video Marie!

    I was in a similar space just after my 25th birthday some years back.
    I was pregnant with my first child and really wanted to revisit my goals and vision for my life. To help— I thought “what kind of things would I want my daughter to say about me and what I have achieved.” I took it further by writing a mock speech my daughter would give to introduce me some day.

    That speech became a sort of bucket list for me. I used plenty of discriptive words to help me catch a hold of how I would feel if I achieved everything on the list.

    Entrepreneur + influencer + teacher + mentor + wonderful mother + great songwriter — are just a few words used to decribe me.

    I am still working my way through it. And— every time I get lost or overwhelmed I think of that speech.

    In fact, I’m going to pull it out tonight before I go to bed 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  80. I have struggled having a vision since having kids. It seems like I once had big dreams and now I’m just sort of like “phew I made it through the day!” Hopefully I will find that passion again, too.

  81. Janet

    Just LOVE you tapping in, (;>), and keeping it ‘light’ as we all need to stay connected and encouraged. Focus is being present, TODAY, to make the patterns to become our tomorrows with vision.
    Thank you for being our upbeat cheerleader! Raw, raw, RAW, joy.
    In truth. Love YOU. <3

  82. You rock Marie!

    My vision is to get married and have Children and run an online business where I can be mobile helping to empower woman to have confidence and be who they are without shrinking to fit!

    I am loving B-school BTW!

  83. Lem Bach

    In So Good They Can’t Ignore You, Cal Newport writes, “Passion comes after you put in the hard work to become excellent at something valuable, not before. In other words, what you do for a living is much less important than how you do it.”

    I also remember Robert Kiyosaki saying that you should look for problems to solve rather than only thinking of finding your passion. There are a lot of hurting people in the world who are less fortunate than us and who need help.

    This also reminds me of Dr. Martin Seligman stating that there are three things that make us happy: pleasure (the most fleeting of the three), fulfillment (doing activities in which you find flow, or full engagement), and meaning (being part of something larger than yourself, contributing to the world). And focusing on the last two brings lasting satisfaction, and getting occasional pleasures is then just the icing on the cake.

    • Lem Bach

      Oh, also, Quincy Jones advised his daughter Rashida Jones (movie star, TV star) to become good at more than one thing.

      So she developed as a performer, a writer, and an entrepreneur. She said in an interview, “There’s something about splitting your energy and your focus and your education that almost takes the pressure off one thing. It allows you to create something on your own.”

      So working on multiple skills allows you to create something unique.

  84. If you are looking for more help on making over your life. I am hosting a free Summit with 15 amazing experts who share how they got over the worst and turned it into the best experiences.

  85. Zolaikha


    Great topic and even better information especially concerning hormone. I agree completely. It’s amazing how our phisiological “stuff” like hormons impacts our actions. I have to work twice as hard now to keep at those goals whether it is work, family, or just my own personal achievements.

  86. You gave me gifts I’m here to use them so show me the way 🙂 Love it! When I’m stuck and not motivated I talk to my friends that are rockin it in business to share with them what I’m struggling with. They reassure me that I’m here for a reason and have lots of gifts to share 🙂

  87. Hi Marie,
    This episode reminded me of me coming from Peru to the US, spending eight years of my life to help my boyfriend to grow his business to have him marrying someone else and on top of that having the goverment denying my permanent residency. Someone wanted me to believe that’s what capitalism does to people. They use you and then they leave you, but that didn’t resonate with me at all. I believe in good faith, the same one that brought me here and that is keeping here too. For some reason I believed there was something more and better; and part of that better is B-school. It is very true that thing of “it not the destination, it’s all about the journey” and I didn’t feel that was it. I felt my journey was just starting. So, this time is all about what I picture for myself and nothing less than that 🙂

    • Carmen, your story is so inspiring. You sound like an incredibly strong and good hearted person- you deserve every ounce of success! I totally agree with you on it being about the journey. Sometimes we place so much emphasis on the journey and reaching the summit of success that we completely forget that there’s a big destination that’s involved and it will change each of us.

      Marie, this video was phenomenal! Not only did you have me cracking up at the earrings but the bit on hormones was pretty true. Comparing your energy levels from one age to another is insane. I know that whilst I have the energy to fuel my crazy ambitions now, I might not have the same ‘pizzazzz’ in 10 or 20 years time. However, it is important to have a life vision that reflects all your dreams and hopes including non-business ones. Thanks for this awesome Q&A!

  88. Try being 50 and see what happens to your passion and drive!!
    I plan on living to be at least 100. I am at my half way point. To get my buns in gear with a bigger vision I wrote my own obituary. Talk about some serious goal setting. What do you want others to say about you?

    I know how D feels. I felt the same way after I bought my first house. I really wanted a bigger feeling of accomplishment.

  89. Marie! This is great – love comedic interlude!

    It’s funny, I’m in the middle of realizing my dream BUT I never saw it coming in the form of Buddha Doodles. I always wanted my art and story to reach thousands of people all over the world.

    However, the success of Buddha Doodles is really a *gateway* experience to realizing more of my dreams (public speaking, workshops, informational products). I don’t feel like the type of person who would suddenly scratch their head and be like, *this is all?* Hah! I’m constantly looking for new challenges…including new dance moves and pasta recipes 😉

    I feel like I’m more of the type of person who in 10 years will be like, I need another 10 years to decide if I want kids, cuz I got all this stuff I sill wanna do!

    Great episode.


  90. I want to manifest my own online wellness shopping brand, publish my how to, publish my novel, launch my photo essays, start a crowdfunding project, travel to Vietnam, Sierra Leone and in the next few months, close my consulting business and start to dedicate all my energies that have gone to others to ME.

  91. Goodness gracious, girl!! This was JUST what I needed to hear. Sometimes I think the chase is more exciting than the reality. I have achieved so much and I suppose I thought there’d be some big party at the end of it all. I’m going to run with your advice though and explore how I can find meaningful challenges using my talent rather than just looking for ‘success’.

    I never even thought of hormones/hamburger helper. Too bad we can’t pick up a box of that on isle ten…ha!

  92. Dawn


    I have definitely felt the “is this all there is” feeling many times before. Which is why I am in B-School! I have felt for a long time that there is something more I can do for the world and I have more to give. I am addicted to learning and growing which is part of what keeps me interested in life. I also believe when we get stuck in the “is this all there is” mode we are not totally present in the moment, but we are stuck in the past….If I stop, look around and think of all the things I can be grateful for and truly appreciate my life I start to feel better and feel inspired again!

    Dawn xo

  93. Cindy Cieplik

    Somebody must have told you, “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling!” And, thank the heavens, you took that seriously. You do the best damn videos, your sense of humor is outrageously refreshing, and you are a fashionista!!
    And to boot–you deliver content that is worth my time, and I respect that more than anything!
    Thank you.

  94. amy

    wo-hah Marie once again-
    I was a corporate girl and dreamed of being my own boss and though some trials and tribulations bought a yoga studio from my beloved but passed on teacher. I prayed every day and manifested my butt of with candles and every positive language that would make it happened.and it did. 3.5 years in and I am running what I believed was my dream. It has taken me 2 years to crawl out from under her wonderfulness to make it mine and again I love what I do. I have 30 great teachers that teach for me, I run a teacher training that I just love to pieces..but there are days when I say hell..why am I the babysitter of all of these folks..why can’t I work from my laptop..and why am I so gosh darn tired. I am here in the B-School for that reason. An amazing thing you offered early on is create you own playlist of your great energizing music..i have done so and i feel great connected to all kinds of singer songerwriter songs that I sing my heart out to and the the dancy once. JT is my hero..of bringing sexy back.. Love you so much and thanks for being bold and beautiful.

  95. Catherine Scaglione

    I very much could really relate to this D in the letter. I really think your 30’s has something to do with it. Right when I was about to turn 31 something in me changed. It was saying I must do whatever I feel inside me NOW or it’s just going to be the same forever. It was a really sinking feeling too. I felt confused because my situation wasn’t bad… I had a job I loved, I was living in a place I loved and surrounded by people I loved. I had been quite passion about teaching for much of 20’s and was doing it. But something was missing. So what did I do? I decided to resign from my job to start studying Japanese which was something I had really wanted to do (since I living here) and look into starting my own business around my passions (thank Marie and Team, for all this help, I’m a B-school babe)! As I left my job, my boss said, “Thirties is the marriage because passion and reasoning.” I like that!

  96. So great! I once dated a guy who got mad at me because he said I was always doing something new, learning something new and never stopped trying out challenging stuff. But, how boring to stop learning and growing? Sure, take a break. Pause for a moment. Enjoy what you’ve accomplished and bask in the joy of having reached what you were going for … and then, keep it going! Needless to say, I didn’t stick with that guy, but I definitely have kept going after different dreams. I don’t think I’ve ever reached *all* of my goals all at once. Got too much stuff going on all at once.

  97. I can SO relate to this video. I went through a brief period of “is this all there is”, after winning multiple awards in LA for my sketch comedy web series, Vegan 101. After the initial high wore off, I wondered what else there was. I then decided to take some screen writing classes. I am a self-taught sketch comedy writer but I didn’t want to just rely on my natural gift so I challenged myself to learn screen writing technique so that I could start writing for TV. After the courses I took, I then spent the next 12 months working with an amazing script consultant who challenged me and I found the experience very rewarding despite the occasional frustration, headaches, bitching and moaning. I have just finished writing my first TV pilot called Sex and the Single Vegan. I absolutely agree that you should never stop learning. This promotes growth and keeps you inspired. What’s next for me? Pitching my pilot to cable and networks. Just keep moving 🙂

  98. Hey Marie! Please put me on the list for next years school! I missed signing up this time by an hour. : (
    You asked about my vision? I have sooo many. I would like make a public service announcement or documentary to show people how prevalent eating disorders are. I want to start making people aware of what in our media, advertising and society promotes young people to buy their products while they contribute to feelings of negative body image. I am a certified life coach and my objective is to help people to quit suffering in all areas of their lives. Time for change. What else? Wildlife, the planet…… I am 54 years old and feel like I have just begun!! Love you girl! Thanks for asking.

  99. Marie, you are fantastic and hilarious.

    Great topic, haven’t heard anyone else address this.
    Twice (so far) in my life I’ve felt this: when I started my own
    business and when I became a mother. Both dreams, both
    brought me great joy, so why would I feel “is this all there is?”

    It occurred to me that it’s partially a mind trick to move on to the ‘next thing’
    and maybe you can do that with a business but not with a child! Now, I see it as a gateway.

    With my business, I was painting homes, totally impressed with perfect cut lines and I thought, really????? Is this all there is???? Later I realized what a positive impact I was having on people’s lives, they were recreating their space, clearing up clutter, getting creating, I watched families get closer, mothers become less resentful and snappy, a sense of peace would enter into the home during the process. It was amazing to watch and was no longer about the perfect cut lines but about a positive ripple effect.

    As a mother, the daily richness of life unfolds beyond my wildest imagination and again ripples out and touches the lives of others as well as ours. Is this all there is? turned into the most rewarding experience I could ever hope to have. The questions becomes a gateway if looked at for a while longer.

    Sure, I have more I’d love to do and be but I’ve also learned that ‘is this all there is’ can prove to offer a deeper perspective, one to be cherished.

  100. Ashley

    I appreciated this video alot. I feel a bit of relief knowing that others feel like this at times. I got married and had kids young, and now divorced I found my self saying “well jeez now what?” Now ALOT. I’m finally taking a bit of a breather to really evauate what I want to go for in different areas of my life. Kudos to the young lady who hit her goals, I bet she will make WONDERFUL new ones. Good luck on the journey all!

  101. Betsey

    I have felt like I have lived many “lifetimes” in so far. I just keep re incarnating. B-school has been my next step to reincarnating in this lifetime.

    There have been times when just enjoying the current level of success is also important. I sometimes feel that we are over zealous at creating some kind of movement or goal when the action can be in the Being also. I am speaking of my long term commitment to being a mom. I have achieved motherhood, and now it is all in the Being.

  102. This struck a HUGE chord with me, thank you Marie! 5 years ago, I put my heart and soul into exploring what business to get into, I visioned, I meditated, I wrote, I drew, I interviewed people, I travelled, I researched, I wrote a business plan, I wrote a commercial viability plan, I did an MBA, I gave up my apartment, my furniture, my car and slept on a friends sofa. Nothing went as I expected and I considered all that before I signed up for B-School cos if I did all that and I haven’t yet ‘made it’ – well what can it teach me that I haven’t already done. BUT what B-School does is skilfully link everything together and gives you CONFIDENCE. It has given me peace in my heart and an ability to truly understand what it means to SERVE. It has also greatly humbled me into admitting what I didn’t do and how I can change that and I’m really, really looking forward to seeing the results of that. LOVE & gratitude to you. Lisa x

  103. Thank you, Marie!

    As always, you’re RAD. I totally appreciate the lighthearted and silly side you bring to every Q & A Tuesday. 🙂

    Here are two secrets I’ve learned to stay inspired and excited even after achievement:

    1. Keep learning EVERY day of your life. (Thanks to my sweet mama.)
    2. You can always go deeper. (Thanks to years on the yoga mat!)

    Thanks to you, for being your radiant and enthusiastic self…and for the brilliance and wisdom you share here…and in B-School!

    LOVING learning with you! 🙂

  104. OMG!!! I just had a doppel gemoppel ahah aha moment. I always feel like I´m so grateful, but I just found out through this video that I do complain. A LOT. I am gonna stop that right now…..basta. My Mom told me, when I first moved to Germany and I was homesick because the people here aren´t as friendly as in the good old U.S. of A, that if I am friendly to them and treat them the way I want to be treated then I will get exactly that in return. It worked too. I had just forgotten about it til I saw this video. Thanks for reminding me that I do have a lot to do a little jig about!!
    <3 <3

  105. I love your videos. they are always so inspiring. I have shared your link this week on my website as I am currently blogging for the next 6 weeks on goal setting and a new approach to setting your goals and I felt that your current snippet fitted in very well. Thank you for the ongoing inspiration. You Rock.

  106. I love your videos. they are always so inspiring. I have shared your link this week on my website, as I am currently blogging for the next 6 weeks on goal setting and a new approach to setting your vision and your goals and I felt that your current snippet fitted in very well. Thank you for the ongoing inspiration.

  107. Edwina Sutherland

    I love the idea of legacy and purpose, as well as goals. My purpose is to help others explore their creative selves through the products and classes I offer. In the future, I see myself designing more patterns to offer and e-books about creativity. Once a goal is achieved, there’s already another waiting to go for. Thanks for all your inspiration, Marie!

  108. Hey Marie – before I start doing my B’School modules for this week I’d just add this…

    It’s NATURAL to feel that ‘is there all there is’ moment after reaching a goal. I’d say, enjoy it. Treat it as a rare pause while the waters still and let the new ideas percolate. You just emptied the tea, the kettle needs to boil again, the leaves need to steep and just when it’s ready (not always when we think it is) the fresh tea will be ready to pour again!

  109. Love, love, love this video. It was so on point! I feel like I’ve reached my goals at least three times already. Lol! Therefore, I’ve been a career changer often. So here I am again, 45 years old, and know that I’m an amazing writer. Every time I find a reason to talk myself out of becoming that “writer,” I talk myself right back into it! So here I am, second book, and as happy as can be. Well, something has to pay the bills, so I work full time as a career coach (lol) in the healthcare industry assisting employees in the area of career development. Here’s why this job works for me… 1) it constantly keeps me centered on my passion (helping others to get it…), and 2) it does not stress me at all (because I’m that good at it…”) which allows me the time to release it, and focus on my writing. Marie, thanks for sending me this word this morning. It lets me know that I’m on point! Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. I am pleased to know that yes, there is more and yes, I can have it all!

    Sending love and light to you sistah! Keep shining…

  110. I remember my “is this all there is moment” vividly…

    Up until several years ago, I was what you might call the average late 20-something woman, following the road that most of us think we are supposed to follow. I was an A-student all through school, striving for that oh-so-praise-worthy title of graduating Summa Cum Laude from college because I thought that having those three words written on my diploma somehow made me more valuable, noteworthy, and successful. Hard to admit, but true.

    I began working for a big corporation even before graduating from college, transitioning right from an internship into a full-time salaried position. My husband, Ryan, and I were married in May of 2005, bought a cute little red brick house and settled in. I was the good girl that followed the rules. I was set, right?

    Many people would be content with this path—awesome husband, cute house, and a career that was basically on autopilot. All I had to do was go in everyday, put in the effort, continue impressing the right people, and I would be on the fast track up the corporate ladder.

    So why did I feel so unfulfilled? Why was I asking myself questions like: This is it? This is what I worked so hard for?

    It wasn’t that I was ungrateful—and I actually felt guilty for having those feelings—but I knew that somewhere along the way, I had gotten off track. I was searching for more, but I wasn’t exactly sure what “more” was.

    So in May of 2008, when I had the opportunity to bow out gracefully, I decided it was time to leave my job and figure out what “more” meant to me.

    I could have tried to stay on the (seemingly) safe road, but I was filled with an overwhelming feeling inside telling me that I needed to follow my heart. And my heart said, “Take that leap of faith and although you don’t have all the answers right this moment, you’ll figure it out.”

    So, I leapt.

    Since that day, Ryan and I have taken… several additional leaps. We sold our cutesy starter home (and most of the stuff in it that we had acquired up to that point), moved in with family and 6 months later, we fulfilled our dream of moving from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan to Santa Monica, California. Some might call us risky, ballsy, or even crazy. We prefer inspired.

    We also started our company, Live Well 360, which began as a blog where we shared our story of becoming healthy and fit… and turned into a full-on brand of premium gym bags. Beyond the line of bags though, we do have a legacy and that’s to help our peeps see health and fitness as something they GET to do, rather than something they HAVE to do.

    Much love to you, Marie. You are an inspiration and it’s cool to see you sharing stories like this for people like me to stumble upon in their search for a more meaningful life.

    xo Sheila

  111. Marie, I just discovered your site this week and I LOVE IT! You are doing fantastic work here, and I love how you inject your own personality into everything you do. Brilliant!

    This post is another great one (I’ve been making my way through previous posts and the archives all week!). I especially love the technique of imagining yourself on your deathbed and figuring out what kind of life you want to be able to look back on. This is one I use all the time.

    More specifically, I often think about what kinds of stories I’ll be able to tell my future grandkids. Do I really want to tell them that Grandma worked for some big corporation doing a job she didn’t really like for 30 years and then retired? Bo-ring! I want to have adventures to tell them about – successes, failures, ups and downs, but adventures over all. Not only to show them what a cool granny they have 🙂 but to inspire them to chase their own crazy dreams.

    So that’s what I work towards every day and how I keep myself on track when I start to get burned out or fearful of next steps. I ask myself, do you really want to tell your grandkids that Grandma chickened out and never went after her dream of writing a book? (Or whatever it is.)

    Kudos again and keep the awesome posts and vids coming!

  112. I think it’s something everyone goes through whether it be for large or really tiny goals. Sometimes it just looks better when we don’t have it yet because we feel the goal will bring happiness, but really we are have that contentment within and the goal inspires that.

    For me, it is easy to want to jump to the next thing without celebrating the small and big goals and steps and growths. I started celebrating with someone once a week. We share what we are celebrating for the past week- achievements and insights. We also celebrate where we are at- “I am celebrating that I am scared and unsure and somewhat hopeful” So that it isn’t just about feeling good but just being honest and ok with where I am at.

    Last, it’s the thing we all know….enjoy the journey…..and there is something to be said for not knowing what to do next or where to go. There is a lot of freedom in that!

    Congrats on achieving all your goals so far!

  113. Jessica

    Loving the Catholic girl reference. I did this just the other day and he didn’t take long to respond! “You gave me gifts, I’m here to use them, God show me the way..”

  114. Wowww… perfect synchronicity! I’m literally looking at a white board I made a while back listing Tony’s “6 Human Needs” that I use to check in with myself whenever I’m feeling off or out of sync. I’ve been going down the list the past couple days and checking in with myself on each one, asking where I am on a scale of 1-10. It’s amazing how surprised I am by the answers that come up!! For example, I was shocked to hear a resounding “TEN!!!!” when I asked where I was on a scale of 1-10 with Contribution. I’m in the middle of a career transition and haven’t felt like I’ve been giving much of anything lately, but after hearing that internal response, I realized it was because I had been giving a tremendous amount of attention and energy to my family (trying to help solve conflicts & keep peace). So, although I wasn’t contributing in the sense that I’m used to, I was definitely giving more of myself than was truly healthy for me. This realization has helped me to let go and start putting my own well-being at the forefront again. Kudos to Marie for mentioning them in her vid. 🙂

    Aaaaand, I can definitely relate to that “Is this all there is?” feeling. It happened about 7 years ago when I realized wasn’t happy with the life I was living. It was weird because I had accomplished all of these things, but they weren’t what *I* wanted, they were what I *thought* I was supposed to want. Big difference! I got engaged, got married, bought a home, had a steady job, was making good money, but something inside of me kept telling me it was the wrong life for me! It’s what everyone around me was doing and living, so it was hard for me to rationalize how it could have been wrong! Thanks to authors like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson and Shakti Gawain (as well as new found loves of meditation and yoga), I was able to transition out of my old life and create a new one that is more in alignment with who I am. It’s been a slow process, and I’m not through yet! I’m about to make the biggest change of my life thus far: I’m relocating to L.A. (by myself!) and will be going full force ahead in manifesting the career of my dreams. It is scary (waking up in the middle of the night to fear & anxiety calling my name!), but I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

    Thank you Marie!

  115. As usual, Marie, your video cracked me up 🙂 Yeah, I’d love some of the energy back that I had when I was younger, but I’m discovering that when I don’t feel like doing something or when I don’t feel excited about what I’m doing, that I need to take the time to inspire myself.

    Cramming my schedule with lots of To Do’s and NOT also putting on the schedule stuff that inspires and energizes me (such as Marie TV, certain books, newsletters, videos, etc), really slows me down and I get LESS done. I’ve been in business for myself for two years now, and I’m JUST getting this!

    Also, sometimes there are “fallow” periods where stuff is going on underground in your psyche and is a necessary part of the process of getting to the next big phase of your business, life, spiritual development, etc.

  116. karenk

    I see a couple of ‘OVER 50’ comments! 50 is the new ??? 🙂 During my successful financial adminstrative career I lived on deadlines and goals, strategic and otherwise. We coined a term “free fall” that moment when the goal is met, the event has happened, the documents have gone to print. I often had to ‘recognize’ it, kind of like allergy season, you just feel a bit off, but don’t really know the cause. Then as things start ramping up again, you get your mojo back. Once I recognized it, I was much kinder to myself. Take a day off. Get to the gym. Spend an entire day at work updating contacts or other mundane activities.
    However, now, in life, I am back in free fall. I don’t have a compelling vision. I know there is more out there for me. I am surrounded by people that are “happy” in retirement with varying levels of activities. I have to explain myself to them. I have to justify my actions, my desires. Most of them look at me like I’ve lost my bloomin’ fool head!
    So, I enrolled in B-school! (but not without justifying it and explaining it to my spouse…..he is waiting anxiously for some return on this investment! When I peeled back his questioning, I do believe the biggest one is “what about me”? if you are busy doing all this B-school stuff, who’s gonna tak care of me? ) I am learning a lot. I am getting a little bit more current. I quickly recognized that the 20-30 somethings have a lot more “hustle” than I do. I soar to the tops of mountains with my new found knowledge and strength, then I pick myself up from a puddle on the floor—truly not ‘getting it’!

    My biggest take away so far is 50 is the new 50! And for me, it looks like this! You aren’t going to figure it out sitting on the couch!

    • KLyons

      Hey KarenK.
      I LOVE your last sentence so much I am going to post it in my office – so everyone will know – NEVER put a couch in my office. 🙂

  117. Yeap I agree, living into a compelling vision.
    Just a little tip I find works for me too with regard to keeping the energy alive.

    Some days, it gets a bit tiring, where the vision and excitement isn’t so high.
    On these days, set the key points to get done, be present, allow yourself to be a bit tired, a bit, hoo humm.
    Get what you need to get done, they go chill and be, relax and sleep.

    Recover, get re energised, revisit your vision ( I have mine in my outlook express as an appointment) so it pops up for me to read and stay present to. Feel excited again and focus on WHY your doing what your doing and where it is YOU ARE HEADING!

    Trevor Russell

  118. Marie you are just such a lovely lady!! Thank you for this I really needed this today. I am starting my own food blog and was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and bogged down and questioning where the heck am i going with this, but this video just reassured me today that all i’m doing is what’s supposed to be happening my life right now at 24. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND BEING SUCH AN AWESOME ROLE MODEL IN MY LIFE. You are truly helping me become the best version of myself.

    • Melissa Newman

      I’m really interested in doing the same! I love to cook and am just getting into web design…If you have any insights or tips, I’d love to hear them!

  119. Thanks Marie for this great A to D’s Q.
    I was so impressed with her achievement that dreams/goals could be realized by her age. I loved all your suggestions on creating the next chapter. One thing I wanted to add was D I G E S T I O N and A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T. It occurred to me that D might not have fully digested and acknowledged her achievements. One way is to simply reflect and simply breathe in all of this goodness. Another might be to purchase a piece of jewelry like a ring that signifies or commemorates this chapter or creating a ritual of acknowledgement…I like to scatter rose petals in the river near where I live along with my thanks. Lastly, I am a big fan of keeping a gratitude journal which allows for more to come through. I really love Q and A Tuesdays, Marie. Thanks for this forum too that allows us all to help each other and brainstorm.

  120. Hey, thanks for sharing that video! I haven’t attained my dreams yet, but as anyone else, I have my down moments when I ask if this “struggle for vision” is all there is at the present. I’m opening my cultural-mix style fashion jewelry on May 1st, and I’ve been working my butt off to prepare everything. But still…I have those “OH how am I going to do this? IS IT GOING TO EVEN WORK?” moments. Thank goodness I am a naturally hardworking and optimistic person, (with a good dose of stubbornness), because that always forces me to keep going. And it’s what I love. I likely not be doing it forever, but it is a love that ties into OTHER dreams that I have already, and am working for.
    Thanks for the encouragement, Marie!

  121. I found Marie through a video from Amy Porterfield (A social media strategist) which she mentioned all the people that she always opened emails from, and i couldn’t be happier to discover her. Marie is a huge inspiration for me, she’s everything i envision a woman to be: Powerful, funny, classy, i could go on and on. I was feeling kinda down with my own website, but now i am fully determine to make it better and that is okay to go through some struggles at first. Not everyone starts knowing everything. I feel she has given me so much help, and details already.. Even though my website is not a business, i can relate to most of the thing she says on a daily basis.

  122. Elle

    I don’t think I’ve EVER thought ‘Is this all there is’!
    Why? Because I always have some kernel of an idea floating around the backstreets of my mind. It’s not fully formed, but just waiting for a lull in order to pop out!
    Some of the ideas turn out to be stinkers, but at least I gave them a go, plus I learned something from each, which then starts another idea germinating…

  123. Kim Lyons

    “Is This All There Is?
    Wow – you sure ask us to answer the hard questions, well thank goodness you do. I am 52, have owned my own business for 18 years, recently divorced from 27 year relationship, and thought that “he” was the reason I was successful. After the divorce (1 year now), I thought WOW Is this all there is! Thank GOD for Marie TV and Marianne Williamson, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Joel Osteen…Well I could go on.. OH yes my Therapist, who explained to me that I was attracting the beautiful things into my life and to stop freaking out. Yep in 1 year and 9 months when I look back I have achieve AMAZING Goals and it has shown me that as long as I keep thinking about the next exciting day in my life – when they have all been counted up when I am “on my death” bed, as Marie says, it would have been a “Life Well Lived” and one that will leave me actually saying “WELL DONE”.. I am so glad that I am finding how to harness my life in alignment with God / the Universe and I am truly grateful that Marie is a part of teaching me to Keep giving that special something that only I have to give. Thank you.

  124. Marjolijn

    I believe that when old dreams have ‘died’ (because you have either accomplished them or because they stopped being your dreams) it can take time for new dreams to really fill the void.

    Ever since I first set foot on African ground in my early twenties I wanted to go there again, work in development aid and do good. Now, 15 years later, I have done all that. I’ve lived in Africa, had a fabulous time, but it’s not my dream anymore. I’ve lived it, it’s done.

    The thing is though, I never expected it to be ‘done’. Three years ago, as I moved away to Africa, I thought I was on the road I was destined to be on. But life works in weird ways. A deep and unexpected loss in my family has altered my view on life and my values. My passion for living in Africa just ‘vanished’. I started disliking the business and eventually left.

    The thing is though, a new ‘dream’ hasn’t emerged yet. So I find myself joggling personal interests in my mind hoping that one of them will ‘speak to me’ in a special way. So far, it’s an unsolved puzzle.

    I am curious and excited about the future, but BOY, do I lack the patience to just sit in this ‘in between dreams’ space! I’m working on creating my life’s vision, but its hard to get to that level of concreteness that I am looking for.

  125. What do you say to your boyfriend who has been lost for 4 years…when he says he has no passion for any particular work. His passions are travel, live music, good food, skiing, scuba and things of this nature which are great but I don’t know how he can make a living doing something with these. He was financially well off and retired 4 yrs ago (self made – not inherited) but has lost almost everything (he invested almost all into real estate) and now if bitter and angry. He has to go back to work and nothing interests him. I’m at my wits end…

  126. Marie , your reflection on asking for guidance from a higher power reminded me why I am here. To help others . My gifts are being able to help and support parents in raising their children . Back to writing my blog now so I can help a new mom or dad along on their parenting journey. Thank you !

  127. Thanks Marie,

    About three years ago I hit the wall. I had created everything I had dreamed I wanted! And then. Blah. Nada, zip, zilch. No matter what tools I tried I came up dry. Then this past summer I took a “big” job. I mean it paid well, looked good…the whole package. But I was not enjoying it so I gave it up. At about that same moment I had clarity!!! I knew what I wanted to create.

    I am doing it now at I create training tools to empower caregivers and I am inspired every single day. And then I got even more inspired and started a yoga site for older adults It has been raining inspiration for months now and I am creating everyday.

    So, how did it happen and what changed? I think I simply needed to back off and stop pressuring myself. I kept thinking I was meant to do something powerful and trying to force a decision. Once I let go and just let myself feel the creative juices again, it came to me. I think I just needed a creative hiatus to reinvigorate.


  128. Evon, I can relate to where your boyfriend is at. I had a very successful career and changed directions after 15 years to get married and move across the continent. I had to start my life all over again. On top of it my house didn’t sell and I had other MAJOR roadblocks. I had to go back to work – and it is buying me time while I grow my business (that I LOVE and make a difference with). Maybe some counseling would help? One of the things that helped me was listening to Abraham Hicks in the car and on my phone, reading Byron Katie’s book Loving What is…finding a good counsleor might help you both too. He needs to accept things and no matter what you do you can’t change him. All you can do is support him and see things working out. Maybe the Abraham books would help you as well….Have you heard of them? It’s all about focusing on what’s right – and what you want – and not fixating on the problem.

  129. Amanda

    I love this, I dont feel like I have not hit any of my goals or vision yet…so for me i am still walking it out. walking….walking…walking 🙂
    Thanks for all you do Marie, you inspire me alot for my own journey and I cant wait for the next round of B school….YYEEEEWWW. xx

  130. At 54, I still have goals to be met, like writing a book. But my overriding goal is not somehwere out there in the future. It’s right here and now, in the way I am (want to be): open, warm-hearted, present, courageous and wise. Believe me, this is a totally sustainable and fulfilling goal!

  131. Thank you so much for this Marie…I am having a blast going through BSChool and working towards creating my NEW vision.


  132. Marie, thank you very much for this incredible episode. I can relate so much to the the energy I had in my twenties that now at my early forties is different. There is not that much energy but there is more wisdom that only you get with time. I sometimes feel like crazy, always looking for something new to learn, share and do. I have accomplished all of my dreams, I have been blessed with the gift of manifestation. I had my dream position as a Marketing head in the corporate World, I have the family always dreamed, traveled to the places I love, enjoy public speaking, I really have a great life, but intuitively knew that life is more than that. So now I joined B-School to lear and make a difference in the world sharing my journey making my dreams come true and helping women around the world to reclaim their power, discover their passion -and make a living of it- and get what they one in life. Blessings 🙂

  133. I used to put success under getting back my 6 figure income in 1 year. When that I didn’t happen I was devastated.

    I had to re-assess what success was and then I begin to see that I hadn’t had to go back to corporate america in 1 year (going on 3 years now),

    I had come along way. I’d had some clients and people like the videos that I create and more but you get the idea.

    So it’s re-defining success and acknowledging the mini-wins too!

  134. Great episode! As I am currently releasing my NEW BOOK I can say that under all the excitement and tiredness, I do wonder where my next focus will be. Having a book launch as a single focussed goal has certainly put many things into perspective and stopped my from getting distracted along the way! May be a short rest is in order, then re-evaluation time!

  135. Kay

    amazing 🙂

  136. Hi Marie,

    I think the best answer to post “How to be fascinating” – the goal is to become more of yourself. The self-discovery process is never-ending. And so is the physical training – when you leave it, your body will let you know that you need to stay on track, sooner or later.

    Also, if it all feels heavy, this probably means that you’re exhausted and need a (possible significant) break.

    When I have achieved my goal of becoming a strategy consultant with a global top consulting firm, and earning enough money to be able to give back to my family, and particularly to my mother, for their long years of support, I felt exhausted! Everything started to feel heavy and pointless to some extent.

    Then I realised that another dream of mine was to meet a wonderful man to share my life with. And it happened as I worked on myself to get where I wanted to be.

    Looking for “forgotten goals” which became somewhat low-priority when you were completing your high-priority goals, has been very helpful.

    Then, walking past a newspaper stand and seeing a picture of a really toned young woman jumping into the air, with her flat abs and energy, I felt that my body was tired and by no means similar to what I saw on that picture. So I decided to have another attempt at exercising regularly. After 3 months of Budypump (which I love! It feels strong to see yourself lifting a bar with weights on it!) I myself have such an awesome picture of me jumping in the air with my abs flat and my energy flying right into the air!

    I guess if you feel vision-less, it just means you’re really, really tired and exhausted. Taking a break, or a couple of months off would be very beneficial. If those couple of months seem unrealistic – well, then it’s your next goal!

  137. ara

    Hi Marie!!! I look forward to Q+A Tuesday so much! You are so wise, pragmatic and spiritual- such a unique blend. I love planning for the future while enjoying the present. Whenever I reach all my goals, I try to take a break celebrating my success with friends and doing something charitable, to avoid thinking too much about ”what’s next”. Sometimes we need to stop being so self-centered and realize how much we’ve accomplished already. To avoid ever feeling depressed again after achieving goals. I like to see it like we are on an spiritual evolution path, so the concrete/external achievements are not where the road ends. If you are on this path, and you love what you do, it is the daily practice you are in love with, and not so much the checklist of achievements. In one case, the goals are externally generated (achievements) and in the other case the goals are generated internally (passion, your unique contribution of gifts to the world).

  138. ara

    I look forward to Christine Hassler’s new book on “Expectation Hangovers”. She’s going to be writing about how to avoid feeling empty after a goal is completed. When we have everything we dreamed of but somehow still aren’t happy…

  139. I find that this happens every time when I step into a new level on my path (either personal or business), and it is always the belief that I can reinvent myself that stops the boredom or scare of what it is about to happen.

    Merci, Marie 🙂

  140. Hi Marie,
    this Video is one of my favourite! The message is so helpful, and of course clear, but sometimes not to ourselfs.

    Thank you!!!

  141. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for this video – so timely and exactly what I needed at this point! Great questions to ponder over for continuous growth and challenges!

    Thank you!!

  142. I loved your video. You have mentioned some really useful points here . I will be sending this video to my friends to tell them about the importance of life that if you want to achieve the goals in your life then you have to be determine or focus to that particular target. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We don’t mind at all, Ted – thanks so much for tuning in and sharing our work! 🙂

  143. Melissa Newman

    Thank-you, Marie! This post was right on time…..

    As a recent college graduate that no longer has the safety net of school to structure her days, I have to say that post graduate life has thrown me for quite a loop. I have thrown every part of myself into the last four years of college and have accomplished every goal that I have set, but feel burnt out and directionless now that I’m graduated. I consider myself a lucky person, because I have a family that supports me, a good job, and financial security, but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing some kind of connection….And literally, just yesterday, I realized that I don’t want to just accomplish a goal, but I want to get up everyday with something to live for, some great purpose that makes life meaningful and it is such a comfort to know that I’m not alone in this feeling after reading everyone’s posts!

    Keep up the awesome work!

    -All the best,

  144. It’s amazing to pay a quick visit this website and reading the views of all friends on the
    topic of this piece of writing, while I am also zealous
    of getting experience.

  145. My big visioooooooon… let’s see…
    – a respected brand
    – an inspiration through my own example for my family, friends and clients
    – showing through example (to the world) that anything is possible once we set our mind and soul to it
    …mmm … yeah, that’s it 🙂

    I’m revisiting this post as part of the Start the right business BONUS inside B-School.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Llyane! Your hard work and dedication to your dreams is inspiring for us too. 🙂

  146. I had a lot of loss and with it (deaths, divorce – and family business to him, empty nest, house sold, dog died – one of those seasons! I felt like so many dreams had gone as far as they could – why bother making more? And what if my new ones never came true?
    Slowly I’ve been trying different things – and saying No, Not that, to many of them.
    Then I write the reverse of this to find out what I DO want.
    I’ve also journaled talking to God and imagining the responses back.. those responses combined with serendipities in my real life have been confirmations I’m on a great new path. It’s taken much longer than I thought, but it feels authentic, fun, and the slow steady build has been what I most needed.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Vikki! It sounds like your heart is telling you that you’re on the right track and we’re so happy for you. Keep going. 🙂

  147. Thanks for the inspiring article.

    All I can do is add the miracle question: “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

  148. wow. that’s amazing. I don’t want to say I can’t imagine reaching all my goals, but I feel like my dreams are so big that if I were to reach all my goals, holy shit! it would be a really big deal. I’m impressed with anyone who can say that. hopefully one day I will be able to, but I really feel like my goals/my vision for my life is a life long vision and would just keep evolving. I want to make a living from my art, found an art school/artist community, revolutionize the way art is experienced and taught, and get married and have at least two kids. is that too much??

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Suzanne, thank you for sharing your life long vision, it’s beautiful! Rooting for you and your future success. Can’t wait to see what unfolds for you in the future!

  149. Looking at my greatest regret in life was a huge launching point. I showed up to a tiny elementary gym in Cambridge, MA to watch a live handball practice. I ended up in goal at that practice and what was my greatest regret at 18 yo in not saying “Yes” to an LA 1981 Olympic recruiter because I didn’t know the sport (I know, I know, it is STILL painful to tell this story) however at 45yo, I went to the gym and became a handball goalkeeper…27 years after saying no to what became my all time favorite sport. I can’t risk any more concussions so I don’t train/play/compete anymore. I watch ehf CL and cheer my former teammates when I can. Look at any regrets & take some action. You might be surprised what the universe has in store for you!

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