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Ever faced a big life decision and felt unsure about which way to go?

Whether it was leaving a relationship, moving to an unfamiliar place, quitting a safe job or spending a large amount of money — many of us find ourselves facing big life decisions with little or no tools to help us make the best choice.

Sure. You can ask family and friends for their opinion, but often you leave those conversations more confused than when you started.

Plus, I truly believe that at the end of the day — you are your wisest advisor.

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You have a natural knowing within you that transcends logic, reason and experience — and most definitely other people’s opinions. The problem is that most of us haven’t been taught how to access or trust our inner wisdom.

If you’ve ever stressed and wondered, “Should I really do this?!?” I think you’re going to love today’s episode of MarieTV. You’ll learn a simple, but genius, test I’ve used throughout my adult life that’s helped me make major life-changing decisions, fast.

The best part is that no matter what the outcome, you feel sure in your bones that you made the best and wisest choice for you.

Because in my experience, whether I succeeded or failed was irrelevant once I was clear that the path I was taking was truly what I wanted. I owned it and knew with 100% certainty that no matter what happened, I made the best decision for me.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Any big decisions on the table?

Use the 10 year test right now and tell us — what will you regret not doing/creating/going for ten years from now?

Or, tell us your story about a big decision you’ve made where you took a risk and followed your heart. What helped you make that decision and what was the lesson you learned?

Please share with as much detail as you can because your insight may provide a breakthrough for someone else.

Thanks in advance for being brave, kind and insightful in the comments.

You make Tuesday one of my favorite days in the week.

With a ton of love and appreciation,


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  1. Living your truth is the most important thing you can do. I believe we have a Divine contract and a responsibility to carry it out. It won’t be “held against us” if we choose not to follow through, but we will live out the pain of knowing we never stepped into the greatness of who we are.

    I’ve been there. I’m still working my way out, but I can guarantee that once you free yourself from the mental bondage of “security”, the Universe will rise to meet you on your Divine path. Sending positive energy to you, Myriah.

    • This is so true! I feel the same way! I don’t think that the Universe punishes us for not following our hearts, but we most assuredly punish ourselves. We tend to be our harshest critics, so the punishment that we place upon ourselves cuts so deep!

      That last part of what your wrote about security is a message from the Universe through you. Thank you for this. I am going to put this in my Quotes Note. Peace and continued blessings, Emelia. 🙂

      • Thanks, dear. We’re all messages in motion, aren’t we? 😉

      • ah! Marie, love this video and have used the ten year test myself without even knowing it! sometimes however, i’ve found that the test is not enough to push me out of the mental bondage of “security” (perfect way to put it Emelia!); this is where community comes in. a few months ago i joined an amazing all-in life coaching program for women on a mission called Mentor Masterclass. the program pushes me to stretch outside my comfort zone on a daily basis but what really keeps me following my heart is the amazing sisterhood that encourages me every step of the way. it’s truly been life changing to have a tribe of like-minded women supporting me as i actively go after my dreams today and everyday. because as Marie said “life’s short and it’s getting shorter by the minute!” i hope you all have or soon find a community like this and if you want to know more about Mentor Masterclass, check it out at

        • Thank you. Glad you found your tribe. 🙂

    • This is so true! I’m there right now at that crossroads, where I’m feeling the time pass faster than my dreams. Mental bondage is exactly what it is!

      • Hey Maia 🙂

        I’ve been at the crossroads for some time now. Know just what you mean. And like Marie said, time does speed up as we get older. Yikes!

        I hope Astrida Naturals is still in the dream. (I can’t live without my balm.)

        • Alicia

          Your piece was so true. I have been contemplating moving from my hometown for 5 years now, but fear just wont let up.
          I want to be a fashion stylist that’s all that’s goes on in my head 24/7 and it extremely tough being from where I’m from. I’m from a relatively small town and we don’t have anything here my dream is to move to Houston to start my career. Everything talks money schools, apartments, etc. I can’t seem to find a good paying job where I’m from so I can save up to make that leap of faith. I planned that 2017 will be the year I will not cry or keep lying to myself that I’m going to do it and become everything I say. I feel like this year will be good and I’ll make the jump, but I don’t know where to start or how to get a job there in the fashion or in school with it being so expensive. I just want to be on my own already.
          It just feels like my dreams are there, but so far out of reach I just need help getting there. My parents want me to pursue another career, but I truly love fashion and am very good at it like it was meant to be! So, I hope this coming year I can figure what I’m going to do and make it happen!

          • Elloa

            Hey Alicia,
            I have just re-watched this amazing episode and seen your comment… It’s 2017! I’m wondering how your year is going. Would love to hear.
            Elloa x

          • Vert

            I also felt the same. I know deep within that it is Music that I ever wanted. 9 years passed by already and it’s the same thing I needed and wanted. But it’s just so expensive I don’t know where and how to start. Plus, I have to go to greater Manila to pursue my greatest dream. The cost of living there is so high. Thus, I believe that this one’s a big decision to make.

    • …”free yourself from the mental bondage of ‘security'”…. JUST what I needed to hear today! Brilliant, and thanks so much for sharing. This is definitely a ‘tweetable’, Emelia!

      I’ve gotta say, I love communities like this who recognize that we all stand to lift one another up higher than any of us could otherwise go alone – and that by doing so – we all share in that boost. It’s mutual. Too many people out there are still so cut-throat and “me-first” – and that gets us nowhere fast. The more we share, the more we receive! Blessings to all y’all! 😉 ~D

      • Thanks, Denise. I totally agree with you. I love the supportive community Marie has built. I learn so much in this space.

    • I love how you worded this comment, Emelia! There’s so much truth in it! 🙂 This video is a great reminder that we must do what’s best for ourselves and not what others think is best for us. Your relationship to the Divine does not include anyone else in it. Therefore, it’s all on you to decide to follow your internal guidance or live a life that is below your potential.

      Great advice, Marie!


      • Thanks, Keshia. Love the imagery of “queen life.” I want some of that!

        • LOL! Thanks girl!! 🙂

    • If I don’t push my vision of 360SOUL to the max, I will deeply regret it in ten years…hell, 5 years…even one more year will hurt. I just have to remind myself that by not following through on what has been placed in my heart, I’m stunting someone else’s growth.

      It’s past time to get the next book out and create 2 programs I have in mind. Thanks for the reminder, Marie.

    • I first want to say how mind blown I was today to receive this email because I have literally found myself at a crossroads and have not been able to stop talking my gf’s, my family, and anyone else who will listen, ears off, about which decision do I make. So much so, that my girlfriend texted me the link to Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tha Crossroads music video last night 😀 Anyway, I was planning to email Marie today about this very similar situation I am in, and boom today the answer arrived in my inbox. It’s amazing how what you put out you attract. I have been so back and forth, do I take the corporate life, the 401k’s, benefits, bonuses, paid vacation etc. Or do I take the uncertainty, the not always guaranteed steady pay, but what makes me SO happy! I keep saying I just want someone to tell me what to do! Emelia, you hit the nail on the head for me, “free yourself from the mental bondage of ‘security’ Wow. Thank you for that!

      • Hey, Sarah. It’s a tough choice. Completely understood. I haven’t made my complete transition. I’m down to two days a week at my “job.” I had to leave the security of a full paycheck, employee health coverage, contributions to retirement savings…so I get it. But, I know in my heart that the desire would not be placed within me if there were no way to achieve it. I realized years ago, that I have a right to be happy, damn-it! Security was killing me slowly(and painfully) so what was it really worth? Of course you have to decide what’s best for your case but always remember Marie’s advice -“the world needs that special gift that only you have.” 🙂

        • Emelia,

          Leaving the corporate job with all of the benefits is my fear also, especially since I have 3 children. With this new health care law, I’m not sure how this will affect people like me or should I say, small business owners. But I’m going to work it out as I know I will never be happy in the corporate world and I will always see it as just a stepping stone to get to my true destiny.

          • Hey Shun,

            It’s great that you have things in perspective. It makes me think of coach Doreen Rainey who talks about reframing your current job as being an “investor” for your future. It’s keeping that viewpoint in check with the 10 year test Marie shared. The time does pass rather quickly. You deserve happiness and your kids deserve a deliriously happy mother. 🙂

      • Sarah, I was in your situation about 8 months ago and I took the “uncertainty” road! Why? Because my happiness means more to me than the 401k, benefits, paid vacation, etc. Trust me it was hard to make the decision because I would be giving up “security” and not following along with everyone else to have a good job and build your retirement…blah blah blah. All I know is that I didn’t want to have anymore regrets in life. It was now or never. I didn’t want to look back 10 years from now and wonder “what if?”. I want to give all I can to my business and see where it goes. And you know what? If my business fails someday, I’m okay with it because I have a good head on my shoulder, I have a Bachelors degree, I’m resourceful and I don’t burn bridges with past employers. I can always go back to my profession anytime I want. Don’t be afraid. Just plan well for what you want to do and go for it! Best of luck!

        • Pamela

          Thanks for your words Lisa, this was exactly what I needed to hear!
          I was stuck in the same position as Shun untill I read this. How can I not have thought of this… it is always possible to go back to a corporate job. Even if it would mean less financial benefits, it seams way worse not trying to pursue what you really want and be a happy mom!

    • So true! You just made my day.

      I took a leap of faith to pursue helping at risk teens, becoming a blogger and also being a dessert table designer, event coordinator/stylist! I have so many things I want to do so I quit my job and dedicated myself to filling out or at least trying to pursue them.

      In ten years, if I didn’t try what I’m doing now – I would kick myself.

      Happy Tuesday xx, thank you for the fabulous inspiration.

    • What a great response, Emelia. I am not so sure that there are any ‘safe roads’ anymore. I am also still working on it.”Do not plant your dreams in the field of indecision, where nothing ever grows but the weeds of “what-if.” ~Dodinsky.

      • Love the quote, Chas. As for safe roads, I agree that there aren’t any…unless one considers disregarding the heart as safe.

      • Indecision is definitely one of my struggles. Thanks for sharing this quote.

    • Yes, living your truth hugely important! What kind of tips do you have for working moms who have to juggle costs of child care for each hour spent working – even though every hour might not directly equal income. I get this question a lot from my readers.

      Would love some new opinions 🙂

    • Emilia! I love what you wrote, so brilliant! 😉

      • Thank you, Carmen. 🙂

    • Jade

      “Free yourself from the mental bondage of security” that is brilliant. Thank you for sharing that Emelia! That is so so timely for me the video too!! I also am at a crossroads but with my marriage :/ Trying to decide between someone I love and someone I know in my heart is my soulmate. Kids are involved so my path veers off so to speak. I know my answer to the 10 yr question, I just have to find the courage to do it. The Universe is sending me insane signs on what I need to do. Synchronicity like crazy! I am encouraged and love reading about all of your comments and the amount of courage you have for putting yourselves out there. Thank you Marie for this video!! You rock!!
      Much Love♥♥♥♥

      • Difficult place to be in, Jade. I have a friend in the same situation. My heart goes out to you. Much love to you. Wishing you the best and highest possible outcome.

    • Word!

    • liz

      so relevant to me right now

    • Stephanie Elder

      OMG i thought i was going mad and alone wanting to break free from the drudgery living to work until i read your comment. feel as if i’m on this constant roundabout too scared to make a decision to turn off and break free from this fortress of home and work which has turned me into a prisoner of my own life. Now look at possessions with loathing and contempt for forming shackles around me.

    • Jessica

      Wow, Emelia, thank you. LOVE your comment. I am at a point where I am figuring out what my Divine contract is. I thought I knew before, and I was wrong. I left a 15 year career, which was the scariest and least secure thing I have ever done. I made that decision at 33, and it’s finally time I allow myself to utilize my life as intended…to be happy and spread joy. It’s been challenging for me so far, and I am going through motions to pay the bills, but I will ultimately find my path and purpose. Thank you for your perspective!

  2. I really feel for Myriah… it’s uncomfortable when you come to a cross-roads like this. Often though there may have been a few ‘whispers’ along the way that were encouraging you to take another path…. and ultimately when the whispers aren’t heard, a big old crossroads lands in your path! As well as Marie’s 10 year test, connect with what you truly value NOW. How is it important to you to feel / to be / to achieve…? If you follow your heart the rest will come.
    Good luck with taking the next step x

    • Agreed!

      And just in case it’s helpful: When I quit my ad agency job, I was pretty nervous about burning bridges. As Marie suggests in the video, I sat down with them and made a plan. I even consulted after the fact for free a few times when they had questions about how I’d done things. And you know what? The agency actually ended up being my biggest client my first year in business for myself.

      Similarly (another success story of quitting without burning bridges), a friend of mine in the competitive publishing industry quit her to job to start her own business. She was terrified that her boss would hate her and it would be harder for her to find work in the industry because of it. But what really happened? She gave her boss tons of notice, made herself available, and quit with grace. And her boss became one of her biggest supporters.

      • Diane

        It is So important how you go for your dreams. I love your comment on not burning bridges and being available for the people and organization you left. They do become your biggest supporters if you do it right.

        And when you are in a marriage with kids, we must consult with our spouse and make a plan. It is so important to plan, educate ourselves about what we want to do before we do it so we can succeed and minimize struggle and prevent costly mistakes as much as possible, and build support first so people in your life so not feel abandoned. That way, as you are reaching for your dreams, they will feel comfortable supporting you.

  3. “Life is short and it’s getting shorter by the minute. You must do the thing you love!”

    Marie… wow, this is a REALLY motivating video!!

    I totally did the 10-year test with my blog, GirlAfterCollege. There were people in my life that actually DID EVERYTHING THEY POSSIBLY COULD to make sure I do NOT START THIS BLOG. Someone even went as far as to buy out the .com from under my nose the second I mentioned it! :O

    I’m a multi-passionate person, so I also love dancing! Same thing… people purposely trying to make sure I’m unable to dance in any serious capacity (even trying to literally break a leg :O).

    Okay, so against all odds it gets easy to feel like “maybe I should just give up and do what everyone’s telling me to do”. But I did the 10 year yes. HELL YES I would SO REGRET being in my 30s and still thinking “I wish I had experienced that in my youth” when it was totally possible. I just needed to realize that my DESIRE IS GREATER THAN MY OBSTACLES.

    Yep, my friends and I always do the 10 year test and it has made our life experience SO MUCH RICHER! I think when you say yes to what you truly love, it forces you to mature and self-actualize at a more rapid rate.

    Until next time, yall!
    – Udoka

    • Lauren


      Thank you so much for this fabulous video. I have been debating with myself for several months on starting my own business and blog, letting others get inside my head. I have been feeling like “I do not have the knowledge/resources to do this, who would listen to me?, I am about to be really poor if I quit my job…etc” But this are all of the thoughts that are holding me back and I know from the 10 year test I will reget it, I will always wonder what could have been. I think pursuing your passions is a way of fully expressing yourself to the world and allowing you to be the best you possible? I want to unleash my full potential of what I KNOW I CAN BE, and just say YES to my dream. I plan on fully pursuing this dream I have because I do not want to look back 10 years from now and regret not giving it my all.

      Thank you Marie for always inspiring! 🙂
      With Love xoxo,

      • Hi Lauren,

        I can really relate to your fears about not having the knowledge or resources to do what you dream of. I have spent years avoiding stepping fully into my purpose as a teacher of A Course in Miracles, constantly telling myself that the world has Marianne and Gabrielle, so who needs lil ol’ me?

        The thing is, though: people, normal everyday people in my orbit, listen and respond really well to what I have to say. Maybe there is something I can offer that neither Marianne or Gabby can. Perhaps there are people who have never even heard of them, or can’t work with them in the way that they could with me.

        Most importantly: I want to build my business, do everything I can to position and package my services in a totally pro way, and let the world tell me whether it needs me or not. If all I hear is crickets, I’ll have some kind of an answer. Perhaps it will simply be an indication that I haven’t marketed myself effectively, but the key point is this:

        It is NOT for ME to judge whether what I want to offer is worthy or valuable.

        I totally support you in stepping up and making your dream happen, Lauren. And I’ll be doing the same.

        Elloa x

        • Elloa, I really hope you tell that voice to shut it! The voice that says there is already Marianne and Gabrielle. Are you kidding me? Gabrielle started out 10 years ago JUST. LIKE. YOU. And back then, she was telling herself “There’s already Dwane Dyer and Marianne”… there is ALWAYS “somebody else” but there is only ONE you. 🙂

          – Udoka

        • Elloa,

          Thank you for your brave share. Go For It. When Marianne started, I think she had about 5 ppl coming to hear her speak. She still speaks every Monday night in LA and asks only for a suggested donation of $15. She does not turn away people who can’t pay. Not to suggest you shouldn’t be compensated and abundantly. I might be saying you could just start where you are. Mostly I want to just support you in bringing your dream into the present. Of course the world needs more teachers, ACIM and everything else up-lifting and wise. Good luck!

  4. Ciao Bella!

    Marie this is a great video (as always)! I confirm that the “10 year test” really works. I have done this test several times in my life when I had an important choice to make. And it worked every single time.

    I once had to choose between a 10-month backpacking world tour and a top position in the US offered by the CEO (himself) of a big company. I was very young, so it was a great opportunity. I said to myself: 10 years from now, will I regret the travel? Yes. Will I regret the job? No. And then, the decision was easy!

    And now, exactly 10 years after the amazing world tour, I am so proud of having followed my heart instead of the money trail.

    Thanks so much Marie for this awesome, very inspiring video.


    PS: Love your hair 🙂

  5. Hi Marie,

    This is so timely it made me cry. I am at my big “quit my job” crossroads. My business ramped up faster than I could have anticipated, and I know in my heart it’s time to quit my full time job.

    That said, I genuinely like my full time job! It pays me well. The people are awesome. And boy oh boy do I love health & retirement benefits.

    The security I feel sticking with my job has been so strong that I haven’t yet told my boss I’m ready to leave in just a few short months.

    This was the kick in the pants that I needed to do it today. I know that going full-time in my business passes the 10 year test, and I certainly don’t want to wake up 10 years from now wondering what could have been.

    Let’s do this thing!

    • Wow! Great comment as I’m in a similar position. I really like the security of my full time job and yet I yearn to dedicate more time in my week to the work that I love. I’m in “transition” I keep telling people. I’ve seen my biz grow from off time to part time and I couldn’t be happier about that, but quitting completely? It’s hard to face change- sometimes even exciting change! Best of luck to you Leah as you face your boss. Can you keep us posted on how it goes?

    • Judy Yaron

      Deep breath! And, heaps of good luck 🙂

  6. God, I love this week’s Q&A Tuesday! My comment has a slightly different twist. I’m 55 and one thing I notice over the years is that when I look at photos of myself 10 years in the past, I always think…

    “What the heck, I looked pretty good back then. Why didn’t I appreciate that instead of focusing on the extra couple of pounds or the [fill in the blank]?”

    No matter how much you fight it, you WILL age and rocking the body, hair, face, [fill in the blank] you have NOW is so important. Why? Because when you look back you’ll wish you had!


    • Ree, I can relate to that as well @ 56. I say “How come I always thought I was fat when I never was?”
      I think I weighed 115 lbs (solid too). I was 123 lbs when I got married @28!

      • Louli

        Ree — I thought I was the only one who did that!! I’m 50 – it came quicker than I ever imagined…and lots was left undone in decades past. This 10 year test is AMAZING – if I used that at 40, chances are I’d have made some different decisions. Good news…there is still plenty of time – 50’s rock!!
        Thank you Marie for a fabulous episode. xoxo

        • Monica

          I’m checking in at 57 and I’m sick and tired of putting off my dream. Time to “make a life” encouraging, inspiring and informing audiences through the art of storytelling, speaking and acting. No more waiting and spending time doing the next best thing to my heart’s desire.

          • Kim

            Way to go, Monica! You deserve to follow your heart! I’m 35 and still wrestle with that decision about acting. I think the desire will never go away until you truly try it!

          • KatheM

            I’m struggling with this right now and it’s good to know that there are women in my age bracket and that financially vulnerable time of life that struggle with it too.I have a position with a prestigious international organization that’s supposed to do good but just is a bunch of political infighting and “what’s in it for me?” The pay is excellent as as are the benefits but I am so miserable. I feel like a hamster in a wheel, churning out copy that no one ever reads or cares about — and I help perpetuate values I’m no longer in alignment with.

            As “Bob Dylan wrote, “Be courageous and be brave, and in your heart you will remain forever young.” I think now is the time to free myself. Ten year test, here I come.

          • Carolyn Foster

            Hi Janet,
            I love everything you said. Just found this site about 15 minutes ago after second, third, and fourth guessing myself on whether or not to quit my job Yours was one that really spoke to me because I’m a 60 yr young woman, single, and have worked a few jobs in my life. I often want to kick myself for having so many fears about leaving the “security” of a job. Well, two weeks ago, a 51 yr old male coworker dropped dead of an unexpected heart attack the day before Easter.
            That got me thinking more but still didn’t move me to anything but anxiety and depression. In the last two years, two people at my company have died unexpectedly. Hmmm! does a building have to fall on my head?
            I really am not liking this job and so much about it I have been wondering all weekend what am I waiting for? So I woke up at 5am dreading having to be at work at 8.
            There are so many pros versus cons for me leaving this job. But I have to admit, it’s still very scary. Loosing the benefits is the main thing but when I think clearly about it, I’ve been to this place before and quit only to find out that I should have done it long before. I am turning my resignation in today!
            Life is too short! I have to ask myself do I have faith and confidence, or don’t I? And I KNOW I do. So, I’m facing my fears!
            Blessings and prayers to all!
            I love this site!!!

          • Carolyn Foster

            Hi Monica,
            Although all those whose comments I have read have been inspiring, yours and Janets’ hit home because of your ages. I’m a 60 yr young woman who is finally realizing in a most genuine and serious way that I must follow my dreams or I’ll have a major regret when I finally leave this earth!
            Turning in my resignation today!
            Thanks so much for the encouragement!

    • Thank you for posting this, Ree. I’m currently reading Osho’s The Book of Secrets and I’m at the part about how Tantra is about full acceptance. He talks about accepting even that which we believe is negative. Fully accepting what is and being aware of the energy and emotions allows us to transcend the “fight”.

      Your comment just reinforces what I’m reading and reminds me to be grateful of where I am right now, even if it isn’t where I want to be. And might I add that you are totes rocking 55! 🙂

    • OMG Ree, that is so very true! I look at photos of myself 10-15 years ago and think, damn I looked good…and distinctly remember feeling fat when the photo was taken. I would kill to look like that now!! And it makes me realize that 10 years from no I’ll probably be looking at photos of myself now and wish I looked like that.

      So yes, young women…appreciate yourselves and your body every day! It does go by so fast…


    • Ree – my mom says these exact kinds of things every time I talk to her. Always to focus on appreciating what we have now as a life brings us such incredible twists and turns at every age and stage xoox

    • No truer words have ever been spoken. I, too, look back at pictures of myself 10 years ago at 25 and wonder why I did not value myself or realize my beauty back then. I was so depressed about the extra 15 pounds I had on me. Now, I’m trying to lose about 30. LOL

    • Dearest Ree,
      I hear ya sista! A month away from 56 and I feel the same way!
      About four years ago, when my business failed, I had NO idea what to do next. It had been the answer to my 10 year test. I had left a cushy job, started my own business at 49, and then watched the economy tank. But sometimes there’s a bigger plan for us. After being a sad sack for what I felt was too long, I remembered that I had been in musical theatre, and that used to make my heart sing. So after 25 years, at the age of 54 I did a workshop production of Chicago…as Velma Kelly! Talk about keeping me young! Everyone else was in their late 20’s early 30’s, but I kept up. That gave me my ZaZaZu back. I started writing a blog, the observers voice, and now I’m going to lead a “women in transition” group, cause I feel I’ve become an expert at reinvention!! Ha!
      Makin’ the hard choices every day! I’m going to sign up for B School!!! So, I wouldn’t be in my 30’s now if you paid me! Like the title of Maya Angelou’s book , I “wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now”
      Thanks so much Marie for starting the conversation!

      • Wow, I came back to see what else people were saying and was shocked to see so many women resonating with my comment. I suppose I shouldn’t be since that type of self-criticism is sadly rampant among women.

        All of your stories are amazing and so inspiring ~ thanks for sharing them! I’m smiling 🙂

    • MG (Mary Grace)

      Hello Ree (and everyone who has already responded to your comment). Are we all in alignment with the Universe or what? I had a conversation with two girlfriends in the last 24 hours about my picture that I took with my son on his 16th bday this past Sunday…expressing the sadness I felt after looking at how much older, tired, and overweight I looked. I am 50. Five and ten years ago, my son and I have similar pics together and I looked more alive, vibrant, and of course, younger! I said to myself after I stared at my pic, “This is not acceptable!” and vowed to get my health and energy back into shape. So, I woke up early this morning and started power walking for 30 minutes before getting ready for work….a job that I also have no desire to be doing in the next 10 years of my professional life. I started a chat with God just to thank Him for another morning for which I had the privilege to wake up to. Then, I started a bit of an ugly cry while my lungs huffed and puffed from the brisk walk. You see, last night, I met Marianne Williamson in Beverly Hills at her A Course of Miracles Monday night sessions. I shared something personal related to my work and my inability to have compassion for my boss who’s got cancer (recently in remission however), a control freak and a bully despite her medical condition. She and the audience heard two things from me: 1) Yes, about my boss 2) Most importantly, I had said, “I don’t belong there” regarding my job and the organization. We focused on item number one since I would have taken up another 10 minutes of her time tackling my “quit my job/live my dream” issue. My ultimate assignment from Marianne was to pray for 5 minutes in the next 30 days for my boss. I started that prayer during my power walk and my aha moment from the exercise (hence, the ugly cry) was really more about who I am. It wasn’t just about whether to surrender and open my heart to love and offer my boss compassion but whether I could give myself compassion and forgiveness even more than anything else…for looking so tired at 50, for not following my passion 10 years ago or when it first called to me as a child and while in college, for not listening to my intuition, etcetera. But, everything happens for a reason as I also heard from the lecture last night. Everything is in perfect order, the moment is perfect, our beauty is perfect, and the Universe sees nothing but perfection in each of us at all times in the present moment. Yesterday, the past, doesn’t even exist in the realm of the Universe because what matters most is in the now. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to turn 50. But, until I took that picture this weekend and noticed how much I had aged from my thankless job, I did not want to accept that I was growing older and missing out on life. My future has been in development…I am following my heart’s desire and building my online business. So yes, I will eventually leave my thankless job, my boss will be retiring in May, and after last night, I can’t be grateful enough for my life as it has been written, for the awesome people in Marie’s community of support and the likes of Marianne Willliamson who I support for Congress in our local election coming up here in Los Angeles. (Thank you Marie for your awesome energy and right on track encouragements. Love this and all of your MarieTV videos. You are an inspiration to all!).

      • Mary Grace that story is SO BEAUTIFUL! You must live close to me…I’m in So Cal, too. All I have to say is, the best is yet to come!

        • MG (Mary Grace)

          Amazing Ree!! I just love how the Universe just plants all like-minded souls in perfect harmony and intentionally coordinate our meetings. I actually live in the IE but drove all the way to the Saban Theatre in traffic just to get to Marianne! It was so worth it. Would love to connect more: my email: [email protected]. I also think Janet’s support group idea below would be awesome for us 50+ & fabulous!. I can relate to “stuckville” but I strongly feel that yes, the best is yet to come!

    • Janet

      Hi Ree and all the other 50+ women warriors out there! I would love to see this group form a support group of women in transition. I look at it like we are starting the third chapter of life (every 25 yrs being a chapter:) and have so much to offer. We raised our family, we gained valuable work experience, usually we are seasoned in the art of having relationships, so to follow that which burns inside us is the blossom about to flower! I am more than ready and yet I have held myself in “stuckville”, making the six figures with all the benies… it’s that security factor for sure, yet it is not my passion and there is this fire burning deep inside that needs to be unleashed! My personal email is [email protected] – if interested in connecting, feel free to to email.

      • You know, Janet, I think you’re on to something! “Stuckville” is hysterical and I can so relate although I left Stuckville last year and can’t bear the idea of going back! I wrote down your email and will contact you. Have an amazing day 🙂

        • MG (Mary Grace)

          I am on board with this ladies!

      • Carolyn Foster

        Hi Janet, Ree, Monica, and other 50+ ladies and gents out there. You are all an inspiration. I’m turning in my resignation today and although it’s scary at my age (60), I also feel like celebrating!

        I’ve been wanting to get my online businesses moving and find that I’m so tired from working my 8-5 it’s starting to really bring about some depression and that’s not a good thing!!

        Here’s my personal email as well if anyone wants to connecting beyond this wonderful website!
        Law of Attraction and working with the subconscious really does work! It only gets frustrating and seems to not work when we get in our own way!

        Hats off to all of us who are brave enough to step out there. I can now set a date for my site to live because I’ll be working for myself by the end of next month!
        The 10yr rule is the ticket! Marie, thank you!

  7. I don’t know how you do it…but in between you and another individual that I follow, Michelle Dale, I feel as if you’re in my head with each and every post. Continue to be amazed at the connection I feel when viewing your MarieTV episodes.

  8. Paul

    The best decision I ever made was to leave my old teaching job and start up my own practice. Now I run my own Martial Arts school, teach seminars and it’s growing. For the past 3 years I’v been able to make my own schedule and live much more freely and I only have to answer to one big guy…. ME! Best decision I ever made in my life. I agree with Marie, run after your dreams…

  9. Marie, thanks a lot for this great video! It touched my heart a lot!!! I’ve quited a well paid but unloved job myself and with your help and BSchool program I started my own business. I applied your 10 year plan to choose the area I want to focus on and it worked really great. I’m starting out and not everything goes smoothly but I do enjoy every step of it. I passed my 6 months of constant doubt and finding the right business for myself. It was freaking tough and close to crazy. But it’s a part of the journey that makes you stronger and better. You grown faster and learn more during the crisis periods as they stratch you and push you out of your comfort zone. The way I take it now is step by step. And it gets better with each step. I don’t have financial certainty yet but now I do not regret the choice I made a year back. I know it’s coming and I feel great every day I wake up;)

    • Chandani

      Hi Anastasia, My story is much more similar to yours. I am in my late 30s and doing unloved job to get financial support. But deeper in my mind and heart I really really want to start my own business. Still struggling to decide the right business for me!! I would like to join B-School and get prepared myself to come out my boundaries and turn my dreams into reality.!!!
      Good luck for your the journey u have started and I wish lots of success in your busineess..!!!

  10. First big decision: Laid off from my corporate position in 2002. I was single a with mortgage, but followed my heart to open a health/fitness studio for women. Had a specific dream and made my vision happen. Loved it. No regrets.

    Second big decision: Flash forward 11 yrs later, closed my studio. Have no idea what my next path will be. Ready for reinvention. Scary, but bring it on!

    • Kristen, our paths sound similar. I too was laid off but in 2001, ironically as I was making plans to resign. Followed my dreams to beauty school and opened a private beauty studio. Fast forward to now I’m in the throes of re-invention it’s VERY scary but I know ten years from now I would very much regret not trying this new thing. Best Wishes to you!

      • Wow! I just opened a women’s fitness and skin care studio last March! Finally out of the doubt phase and now accepting (& loving) the journey as it is unfolding today. Still building and growing but now there is happiness and peace. I’d love to talk to you two on Twitter! @thegeorgianixon or @FitFinish

  11. Shantini

    What an inspirational video, Marie – I LOVE your message about following your heart. It’s been so true in my life

    I gave up a rather high paying job as an engineer, followed my heart and became a writer. It’s been more than ten years and I don’t regret this decision for a second. In fact, I’m now earning more than I did as an engineer and loving what I do!

    A special note to Myriah – I’m Malaysian and I can tell you it’s a great place to be 🙂 Gorgeous beaches, sunshine all year ’round and friendly people. Please come on over, we’d love to have you!

  12. About a year and a half ago, I decided to listen to my heart, quit my well paid job, sold pretty much everything I had and moved to a tropical island to pursue my dreams and my heart’s calling. Started my coaching business and although it was scary as hell, I couldn’t be more happier now! The best decision in my life!

    Now I’m also trying to win B-school scholarship so I can take my business to the next level, reach more people and make a bigger impact in the world!

    Marie, I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to do so, if not for your encouraging videos and articles! Thank you sooo so much!

  13. Katie

    Thanks Marie! Such solid advice as always.

    Anyone use this type of test when it comes to the big decision to become a parent? I’m currently 32 and still have no interest in having kids (my husband could go either way), but it’s definitely a decision I worry about regretting 10 years from now.

    I know it’s not exactly the same thing as this week’s question, but how do you follow your heart (if it says don’t be a mom) when you still fear you’ll regret it 10 years from now? But I also can’t have a kid because of fear or regret – that doesn’t feel right…

    Long-time viewer, first-time commenter!
    Love you ladies for all that you are!!

    Katie xxo

    • Katie, I had these same feelings when I was in my 30’s. My husband & I was married 8 years and enjoying our life and kept putting off the decision to have kids. Then when I was 35, we lost my father-in-law suddenly and that made us ask “how would we feel years from now if we don’t have any kids?” Also, for us (not saying this is you), it was “If we continue to procrastinate (because of fear & doubt) how will we feel if our kids don’t get to experience having GrandParents (both of us had great meaningful relationships)”?. So, @ 37 & 40 I had my two children. Never regretting it and glad to only have two. Today they are 16 & 20, beautiful in & out.
      My point is to make sure you are looking at all the angles. Grandparents was not on our radar.
      All the best with your decision

    • My husband and I have been talking about this recently. I’m 28 (well, almost) and really don’t have any interest in kids. I think I’d regret it later, but don’t really want them, at least not now.

      For me, I think once I had them I certainly wouldn’t regret them, it just doesn’t appeal to me to have kids since I don’t currently have them… you know? But I think that’s why women get crazy maternal hormones after having kids.

      Anyhow, I don’t really have an answer, but I think a lot of us are probably in the same boat! In my case, I feel like I’d have to give up a lot of my dreams in order to be the mom I would want to be, and then would I regret that? I just don’t know.

    • Katie, if you don’t feel like the time is right to have kids (or to have them at all for that matter) listen to your gut. Becoming a parent will change you and stretch you in ways you can’t imagine now so do it when/if you feel ready. Loads of people have kids into their 40s and you’re only 32. It’s a helluva ride whenever you do it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Katie

        Wow! Thanks ladies! This feels like such a huge exhale to know others feel the same and that it’s okay to listen to the ‘no’ I’m truly feeling.
        Roe, that perspective is beautiful. Thanks for it.

        • It’s great that people are seriously considering whether or when to have kids instead of just automatically doing it like back in the day!

          I’d just like to weigh in and say I never had any kids and have NEVER for a second regretted it. I knew I needed “alone” time and quiet (I’m a writer) and that I needed flexibility in my life. Also, I’ve always been concerned about overpopulation, truly a global issue, although I probably could have adopted. I’ve had a very interesting life so far, have been able to commit to helping others who aren’t necessarily related, and know it was the right decision for me.
          Parenthood isn’t for everyone, and that should be aok for everyone!

          • This is such a great discussion! I am 30. Since I was 15, I’ve known I don’t want kids. People are forever telling me I’ll change my mind and that I’ll be ‘a great mum one day’. I’m not convinced.

            I’ve had wobbly moments where I’ve gone all weak-kneed at seeing my newborn nephew/Goddaughter but the truth it – much as I’d like a BABY, I don’t think I want the responsibility and lifestyle that comes with a toddler/pre-teen/teenager/young adult. I believe in committing to having your kids be at the centre of your world, and if I’m not prepared to make that commitment… I need to take responsibility for that.

            These are human beings we’re talking about, who will grow up with wounds and stuff to work through. For me, the worst thing I could do is be ambivalent about creating new life. I would hate for my child to pick up on any kind of ‘meh’ energy from me, or regret about what I couldn’t/didn’t do because I had a child.

          • Francine

            I can completely relate to needing the alone time! My husband and I have chosen not to have kids, but a ton of thought and emotion went into it for sure! I actually wrote a journal entry to my “future child” explaining my reasons–it was almost like I needed to grieve the decision! After I did that, I felt so much more peaceful about it.

            Something I realized during that time that really helped me was that there are so many ways in this world to live out some of the strongest traits of motherhood–nurturing, teaching, caring for, and helping others grow. For me personally, for many reasons, I just felt I’d be a better “mother” in some of those ways. I believe that motherhood is certainly a special calling, and so is any other type of calling you feel deep inside. 🙂 I think following our hearts on this issue is key–it is so personal for everyone, and I think Marie’s tweetable is great for this topic too. And no, ladies–anyone who’s considered these things–we’re certainly not alone!

          • Kim

            @Franchine, that’s a lovely thought about applying traits of motherhood in other areas of life. Thank you for that insight!

    • Kimmie

      Katie, this topic has been top-of-mind for me over the past few weeks! I’ve just turned 33 and this past year has been FULL of changes. I left my full-time job to start my business and now am on the cusp of being accepted to one of the best Graphic Design Master’s programs in the country.

      Deciding wether or not to go to graduate school has me seriously questioning when/if I will ever be ready to start a family. I feel like my life (and career and business!) are only just getting started! BUT listening to Marie talk about the 10-year test made me realize that I would definitely regret not going to graduate school. And that I might regret not having a child – although I your comment above re: having a kid because of fear or regret TOTALLY resonates with me.

      I don’t have an answer for you – or for me, for that matter! – but I know it always feels good to know that you aren’t alone!

      With care,

      • Just want to chime in and honor this beautiful discussion. I know this can be such an incredibly tough and emotional choice. And each of us has our own unique path, but just hearing other people’s perspectives in a non-judgmental way can be extraordinarily healing. Makes us all feel less alone. love you guys xoxo

        • I agree. This is so hear-warming to read. Thank you everyone for sharing what is in your hearts.

    • Desiree

      Hey Katie,

      I’m in my 40s and I didn’t really want to have a family until I was 34. Well actually I chose to ignore the desire until then.

      I sooooo want to have children, but now I have to come to terms with starting this journey on my own as I’m single and older.

      I did a different version of Marie’s exercise a few months ago and went as far as looking back over my life in my last days and asked myself what would I regret never doing. The answer shot back – being a mother and being a musician.

      So even though I don’t have certain things in place to be a mother – a partner, a bigger home (especially for the adoption agencies), a regular income as I’m a freelancer I know what I’m in pursuit of.

      If you’ll regret not being a mom you’ll find a way to be one, at a time that’s right for you.

      Listen more deeply to your heart’s inner desire – the answer is there.

      I hope you’ll get your answer soon.

      With love

      Desiree xoxox

    • Lynne

      I asked myself the same question: will I regret it later? Now, it’s later. I’m 66 and here’s what I’ve discovered. I have regrets about every decision I’ve ever made because I always want to do both. If I have kids, I regret what I give up in order to do that. If I don’t have kids, I regret what I missed. So the question isn’t just “will you regret it?” but “will it be a gut-wrenching regret?” Or ask it like this: “If you could, would you go back and make your decision the other way?”
      Somebody said if you can’t decide what to order in a restaurant, just choose and imagine the waitress coming with that order. Do you feel disappointed? Order the other thing. So, look down the road 10 years. Kids or no kids? Choose and imagine. Are you disappointed? Either way, there’s your answer.

      • Thank you Lynne. I personally don’t understand the word regret, as I don’t live my life with regret. But by your re-wording to disappointment, I completely now ‘get’ it! Thank you

    • Katie ~ I never had the desire to have kids, and like you was always worried that I might someday regret it. I am now 43 and know that for me, personally, not having kids was the best decision. Sometimes it is really challenging, because even in this modern age people treat you differently if you’re a woman that doesn’t want kids.

      When I was your age, a friend (who is a mom of three) gave me some great advice: “Having kids is one of the most amazing things you can do with your life; but it is also one of the most difficult. You have to want it more than you’ve ever wanted anything else.” For me, that was the answer. And when you say that you “have no interest in having kids,” then you should pay attention to that.

      I truly do love children, I just know that I don’t have the right temperament to be a mom. It took me many years to be able to accept that it’s okay to love your independent lifestyle and not want to e weighed down by kids. Many of my friends said that’s selfish; I just think it’s being realistic for what’s best for me and those potential children.

      So I “mother” in other ways; in the last decade I’ve volunteered as a tutor for inner city children, I’ve been a Big Sis, and I volunteered as a mentor to kids involved with gangs. Whenever I can, I travel to another country and volunteer in an orphanage for a week. And just in the last few years, my sister had two beautiful little girls and now I get to be the best auntie ever. And, I still haven’t ruled out adoption as an option in my future. So, in my mind, I am helping out other kids that are already here and need some love; by doing some things (like volunteering) that I wouldn’t have time to do if I had my own children.

      You are right; “you can’t have a kid because of fear or regret – that doesn’t feel right.” Follow your gut and do what’s right for you!


      • Anja

        Wow. Stacy, your words about helping kids that are already here and need some love touched me deeply. That’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.
        I have also never felt like I wanted to become a mum. I’m now 29 and am often thinking about this as all my high school friends have already had their first baby. Reading all your comments has been really helpful so far 🙂

        • Katie

          Wise mamas and non-mamas: A deep bow of gratitude and respect for all your beautiful insights, encouragement and witnessing. It all helps immensely.

          • Hey Katie
            I’m in the same decision making boat as you but with a difference. I’ve always loved kids & just assumed they would come along once I met the man of my dreams at 30. My husband is great with our nephew & neice, but he doesn’t mind about having children either way.
            We started trying to have children when I was 32 (now 35). Unfortunatley I have had fertility problems from stage IV Endometriosis. I’ve now been told I need IVF. My specialist has also asked me to consider lap band surgery to ensure a successful pregnancy. He doesn’t see it as a big deal, but I sure do! So if I want to be a mother, I’m going to have to fight for it. I’m still not sold on the lap band, it seems so extreme.
            My suggestion would be to imagine if someone told you that you *couldn’t* have children, and see if this stirs any emotions in you to help your decision making process.
            Sending you all the best,

    • This is such a huge and vulnerable issue.

      You might want to check out Randi Buckley’s “Maybe Baby” program. She’s brilliant, and sensitive, and a B-School graduate.

      Wishing you happiness,

      • Katie

        Wise mamas and non-mamas: A deep bow of gratitude and respect for all your beautiful insights, encouragement and witnessing. It all helps immensely.

        • Andrea

          This was so wonderful to read. I’m 28 ( 29 this year) and also have no interest in having kids. All of my friends and my sisters either have kids or desperately want them. I was starting to feel like something was wrong with me and like someone else mentioned, as if I’m selfish, for feeling the way that I do. It’s so refreshing to see so many others who share my views. For the last 5 years I’ve worked in my church nursery and I absolutely love being with those kids. I also absolutely adore my nieces, but you know what else I love? Being able to send them home with their parents at the end of the day. It’s so true, you can “mother” in other ways to fulfill that part of yourself, but it doesn’t mean you have to have kids of your own.

    • Wendy


      This is a big decision and one that, unlike many other decisions, can’t be undone. I say listen to your gut and don’t give in to social pressure!

      On a somewhat related note, a big decision that I made recently that I put to the 10-year test was to invest a huge chunk of money to have my eggs frozen. I am 35, single, and honestly not sure if I want to have kids. If I do, I want it to be the right person and I don’t want to feel pressured or rushed to make this kind of decision before I’m ready.

      So I asked myself this: Will my 45-year old self regret not spending the money to have my eggs harvested and preserved “just in case”? Maybe. Will my 45-year old self regret putting that on my credit card to give myself the option to make a decision about kids in my own time.

      Anything is possible. Families can be made in many ways now, at different times. If you don’t feel your heart is in it, don’t let yourself be swayed by fear of missing out. It’s a little different than the fear of regret of not quitting a job you hate to chase your dream.


  14. 1st, always love what you share. 2nd, every risk I took where I was following my heart turned out great. 3rd, every regret I have is because I didn’t listen to me aka my heart. I know now that if I applied your 10yr test, I wouldn’t be saying I have regrets. Good thing, it’s never too late to follow my heart. I am launching my new business in a few weeks — whoo hoo
    I feel like I’m 10yrs younger — just by making this decision!! So no regrets already LOL.
    Thanks as always for being right on sister…

  15. Love the Ten Year Test, Marie! Short, sweet, and to the point. Lots better than the length pros/cons lists that typically leave me as frustrated as talking with friends and family.

    No big decisions lingering right now, but will use this when the next one comes along!

    Myriah, I feel for you. Following your heart can be difficult. Sometimes I follow my heart, and other times I don’t. Too many times, I got caught up in what others told me was the “right” thing to do. Over half the time their “right” thing was the wrong thing for me (relationships, education, business, etc.). I agree with Marie, we all have a direct connect to God, reaching out is the first step.



  16. Steve Szubert

    “The older you get, the faster time goes?” in my long experience, this is only true when you are stuck in a situation you hate. When you learn to live in the moment, relishing every moment, doing what you love… then each passing year feels like ten years, because it is so full of rich experiences. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • Tricia

      Right on Steve!

    • Hey Steve! Practicing present moment awareness is at the core of how I live so I really appreciate what you shared. And yes, sometimes, I do feel like I’ve had 10 years worth of experience in 1 🙂 So for a different point of view, I both deeply love what I do AND in my own personal experience, it feels like time passes faster with each year. But that may just be me! ox

  17. Nathalie

    Dear Marie,
    First and foremost, thank you for posting this awsome video on your website!

    I am about to make a major change in my life :
    Go to medical School to become a doctor!
    I am a mom at home of 4, and always felt medicine was my vocation.
    People around me (family and most of my friends) think that I have lost my mind and are constantly trying “to get me back on track”!
    I know I am heading for some very tough studies, that I am already 45yrs, but this is what I have been wanting to study/become since as far as I can remember!!!
    I do get a little scared at times, and have all these nasty questions coming into my mind (e.g how am I going to get organized at home? Etc…)
    But one has only one life, so might as well do what you feel you were meant to and enjoy it!
    You have to take in account others, in my particular situation, but no one is ever going to be happy, if the mother isn’t!
    Hope this message will help confirming to others that one has to follow one’s dream and vocation 🙂

    Cheers from Switzerland !


    • Judy Yaron

      Good for you Nathalie and your family!

    • MG (Mary Grace)

      I once sat next to a woman in her early 50s (I was only 17 at the time) at the Science Lecture Hall. She was awe-inspiring. She was there because she wanted to passionately be a medical doctor. I remembered her telling me that her kids were grown (she had been a stay at home mom all of that time) and that it was finally her time to pursue her life’s dream. Her husband was supportive and eight years later, she got her medical degree at the same university that we did our undergrad. So, best wishes Nathalie!

  18. As Robert Frost wrote…I did follow the most difficult and unknown path in my life…and that made the difference. Follow you heart and never look back!!!!! Un abbraccio, Stefania

    • Great video, and only this morning I was chatting to myself about some of my best spiritual teachers…how they have always said ‘the answers are within’.

      As a psychic intuitive and Akashic Records Reader…you might think I knew that one already, yet just like everyone else I’ve been on the journey of self-belief/self-doubt. It can be a cycle sometimes and is perfectly natural.

      I love the 10 year exercise and will add that to my box of tools for the Journey. Just makes me more convinced that helping others to learn to connect with their own Inner Wisdom is my way to go. I continue to learn so much from Marie and am looking forward to a second go around on B-School with all you Babes and Dudes!



  19. UH

    The 10-year test worked perfectly for me! About ten years ago I was very unhappy with my job. My husband and I went for a walk and he asked me: 10 years from now, do you think you will regret quitting this job or do you think you will say “oh I am so happy I stayed in this company where no one appreciates what I do and the pay is so low I can hardly afford the commute?”. (Okay, so he may have been a little biased.) I am so glad I quit the job then, even though I did not know what to do afterwards – whether I should apply for a new job or go freelance.
    I have been a successful freelancer for almost ten years now! And I enjoy my job! And I have the most wonderful clients and colleagues to work with!

  20. Solun

    Currently I’m deciding if I should move to the US to pursue an acting career altough I have no experience or if I should start my university education (a friend in San Francisco already offered me “temporary” marriage just for this practical purpose) or if I should start my university education in my home country in Europe. The thing is I might regret doing both of those things in 10 years from now. But I hate living in my country and studying here is not a happy idea from my current point of view so I guess there’s no other option than to give it a try and go to the US. I’m 22. When else should I take risks when not young, right? 🙂

  21. After a losing my job as a software engineer I decided that it was after all a blessing in disguise in my 30’s and an opportunity to pursue my dream as a fitness coach and motivational speaker.
    The ride has not been easy but the fact that I don’t feel like I am forcing myself to do what I do now everyday is satisfaction to me.
    My entire family including my husband now ex-husband thought I was crazy except me, my mom and my son.

    Pursuing your dreams requires a lot of sacrifices and detours sometimes. What I learned is that ego doesn’t have it’s place when you are going after your dream. You must be willing to do some weird side jobs to keep food on the table and gas in the car. I’ve been a package delivery gal, laundry gal, sitter you name it. I’ve sold a lot if unnecessary items too.
    Many times I wanted to listen to everyone else and be “normal” and go back to a 9-5. The problem is that I don’t want to be normal and no matter what it takes, every trial on my way to being exceptional is worth it. Besides God and I are a majority.

    Always trust that you will be ok.

  22. Tania

    Hi Marie, Hi Loving Community!

    I was born and raised in NYC, and had never lived anywhere else. 10 years ago, on my 30th birthday, I sat down in a bar in Montreal, Canada and wrote an entire business plan that I’d been struggling to begin for months. It was at that moment that I realized that, after many visits to the city, I was happy in Montreal, there I was the me I always knew I could be. I went back to my hotel room and started looking up how to emigrate.

    It never occurred to me that I couldn’t. My heart knew it was the right move for my growth. I hit all kinds of stumbling blocks (including being turned away from the border 3x!!!), but I knew I was headed in the right direction, and for once in my life when someone told me I couldn’t do something I stood up and said “No. You’re wrong.” I have no idea where I got the balls to tell a border guard “re-read the NAFTA treaty, according to the law, blah blah subsection blah blah, I have the right to pass and stay for up to 6 months.” Apparently heart had balls of steel! CLANG!

    I have been a Permanent Resident of Canada for almost 6 years now, lived here for 8. I look back at that decision 10 years ago and I know it was the best decision I’d ever made for myself. I launched two more businesses that I loved that I NEVER would have dreamed of starting in NY, one out of necessity and one out of passion. Both have shown me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

    And now, 10 years later, I’m about to embark on a new chapter in my life and move back to NY, and it paralyzes me with fear and doubt. The validity of my project and my ability to carry it out successfully are not at issue, and I WILL regret having not done it, so I’m not sure where the anxiety comes from. I’m inspired by MarieTV and by the community and alums of BSchool, and yet I feel the same paralysis I did before moving to Canada.

    So I’m putting it out there, tell me how you made your heart’s balls of steel clang after a period of doubt.

    Thank you Marie, thank you everyone 🙂

    • Tricia

      My advice: re-read what you wrote here. You choose very different words to describe 2 different places and their affect on you. It’s blatantly obvious to me what your direction and choice is simply by your description.

      • Tania

        Wow! Tricia.Thanks so much for your keen eye! It’s funny, when I was writing that it didn’t occur to me that I was placing NY in a particular category. Certainly, I didn’t mean to. I am actually really optimistic about going back now. Montreal was a wonderful dream to have realized and now, I feel that it was a necessary step in my growth. Being a townie wasn’t was keeping me in a cycle of underachieving. I’m excited to go back to my hometown (hehe, NYC is a town?! 😉 ) with all the experience and hindsight I’ve gained during my time away. Again, it’s not the place that fills me with doubt, it’s not my idea and, frankly, it’s not even my capabilities. So what then? Eeeep!

      • Tania

        I found my answer… in another MarieTV video!!!

        Brilliant! As usual.

        Thank you Tricia and thank you, again and again, Marie!

        Virtual hugs,

  23. If I will not get my business running and thus have to get back to a nine-to-five job in an office, I’ll really regret it in ten years. That’s at the latest!

  24. Jay-Z


    I love all your videos, but this one especially hit home.

    I am actually an entrepreneur who – six years ago- followed her dreams, chucked my day job and started “a business and life I love.” I’ve built a media brand in my city and have personally become synonymous with it. For the first few years or so, I felt completely inspired, driven and motivated by it all. Over the last year and a half or so, I’ve been becoming more and more disenchanted and disconnected to it. I feel like I’ve “grown out of it”, it’s not fun any more, not aligned with who I am any more… and I have been feeling SO MUCH GUILT because of it. I have been questioning: Who am I without my current business? What will this mean to my contacts? What will people think of me? What will people SAY about me?

    But in my gut, heart, soul…here’s my truth: I really want to branch out on my own and start my own marketing & branding consulting business.

    I just did the 10 Year Regret Test and it’s clear: I have to do this. I have been also watching all of your videos promoting B-School, and I am 95% sure I’m gonna take the leap and join the B-babe club. 😉 I took this video as a sign. Time is now, sister. I’m signing up!

    Thank you for everything. So happy I found you.


    • Kristy

      I hear you Jessica! Your story sounds very similar to mine. 8 yrs ago I took a leap of faith and built my successful dream business. But for the last two years I have been miserable and “grown out of it” is a good term to describe it. Reading your post I found myself nodding in agreement to everything you wrote…the guilt and all the questions. I struggle with letting it go but honestly I know that my heart is just not in it anymore and I am not doing my clients any favors. Glad to see I’m not the only one going through this.

      I really want to get out and travel and experience the world however my youngest child is 16 so for the moment I’m tied here for a couple more years (she has no desire to move or travel with me). My problem then is finding exactly what I want to do now. I have several other passions I think I want to pursue but I’m an overachiever and tend to put too much on the table then get overwhelmed. So one step at a time 🙂 Glad that you have figured out where your heart is.

  25. I took a big risk in 2011, but I’m not to the place of saying it was the best decision of my life…. YET.

    In 2011, I had a great job with Chevron, handling the corporate Conference Center in Houston and therefore, meetings and events. My business unit went through a reorganization and my heart strings had been pulled toward going into business for myself in social media marketing. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, like not getting specific enough about who my ideal customer was. I’ve learned what I don’t want to do long term along the way-which has given clarity to what I DO want to do!

    In the meantime, while I’m building those dreams, my faith has grown and my relationships with my kiddos have flourished because I’ve had more time with them. Every big risk has a trade off and I don’t believe I could assign a dollar amount or level of security that would be comparable to the areas I’ve grown.

    So, I’m staying on my game and going for my dreams!

  26. I was just thinking about this stuff being an musician
    I now really talented musicians and there not selling cd ‘s
    I was thinking if your not selling cd’s for myself maybe your not as good as you think you are -are people are telling you .so I was thinking of giving it up .But then you can out with this video saying that I would regret it some ware down the road I have but out four cd’s and have some progressive rock stuff I would like to get out there so maybe I should hang in there just to make sure I finish what I have thanks Marie

  27. Yes, it’s true!
    I’m 46 years old and I tried to go abroad to study English last year.
    To close my business for 6 month is uneasiness for me.
    But I’m really excited to me because it was one of dreams to live in a foreign country.
    And now, I can see Marie’s video and enjoy lots of English contents so I do recommend you to follow your dream!

    Thank you & love you☆

  28. You are so right Marie… time passes so quickly, you blink and the years are gone.

    I am a serial entrepreneur, or as you put it, multi-passionate! My only regrets have been when I didn’t start something sooner. The 10 year test is a great way to measure a potential idea or your passion.

    You rock Marie!

  29. I so glad that my friend introduced me to your site! I so believe in purpose and every time I am wrestling with something, you discuss it in your web series! 🙂 I have been in my job for a little over 12 years and I know that its time for me to go. I am over it and I am no longer adding any value. I actually decided a couple of weeks ago and told my boss. I set up a plan, so that I can leave everything in order for the next person. I am leaving in October to work fulltime on my preemie clothing line. I want to thank you for the great message and confirming what I already knew! You are AMAZING! 🙂

  30. Ute

    My story is rather on the very personal side. My marriage broke down last year and I was left with the situation of being a single parent of 2 small children from one day to another. It was a devastating time, but I managed to work through issues and to forgive. And then, suddenly, this man came into my life. I have never felt closer – spiritually or physically or emotionally – to anybody else. But this came at a price: he’s suffering from a rare form of blood cancer which as of yet is incurable. Should I really risk getting involved? How much time will we have? Is it the “responsible” thing to do??? My heart was very clear while my head warned me to keep my distance. With so much potential heartbreak, should I get closer to him, especially after the pain of the breakup I had just gone through? I took a deep breath and listened to the pros and cons that swirled through me. And in the end, I knew I would deeply regret not getting involved with him because what we have is so precious that I shouldn’t cling to the argument of how long for or how much we will be able to have. I am very very happy and I am thankful to have found the courage to overcome the search for safety and security that would have overruled my heart when I was younger.

  31. In December, I finally left my well paying and stressful job of 7 years working for my mom with tremendous support from my husband. My hope was to work my pageant coaching business full time. HOWEVER, my business seems to have dried up. We are living paycheck to paycheck on my husband’s income and he has not asked me to find another job. Time for the 10 year test? Should I get another job to help with finances, keep working on my pageant business or both? Taking the Passion Test this afternoon in hopes that it will give me focus.

  32. I am not living my life with full passion.

    My secret?
    I didn’t choose a path, it chose me!

    I was a successful business woman with my own graphic design company (to whom my husband quit his job to join) and it was going wonderful.
    Then however, I was struck with incredible health problems that put me to the test, I took charge of my health naturally and I am a different person as a result of this journey the last 5 years.

    I never saw myself in a passionate healthy living/ healing/ foodie role before… but I love it and am taking it further every day.

    Sometimes, you have to assess your life and see what your love to talk about the most, what you love to do the most and let the path choose YOU!
    If you force it too much and it’s not a natural choice that feels good – it may not be for you.

    Good luck ladies!! And do come and say hi on my blog and let me know your thoughts and tips where you think I could improve 😉
    xoxo ella |

    • ps. I love this community here Marie is creating and I think it would be great to help out each other 😉
      If anyone has a product that is natural and *pure* and would like it featured on Pure Ella please let me know.
      I am also pregnant at the moment, so any natural baby products or services are also great to feature.
      Just come and fill in the contact form if you want to work together 😉

  33. Derek

    I used to a variation of your ten-year test. I recall one time a very focused and goal-oriented employee came to me with, what I don’t think she realized at the time, was a life changing decision.

    She was a stellar employee and was leading a highly-visible project. She had severe back trouble, bad enough that she had required surgery. It hadn’t healed well and she still had ongoing trouble. Now she was several months pregnant and the doctor had suggested on-going bed rest to save her back and, possibly, her pregnancy. But she was determined to see the project through.

    After some discussion about whether that was wise I asked her “when you’re on your death bed many years from now, will you say to yourself ‘I’m glad I finished that project?’… or will you say ‘I’m glad I looked after my baby and my back?'”

    Her answer was immediately obvious and she left later that day to take care of herself and, several months later, gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

    Did I feel good about her decision and my role in helping her decide? You betcha….!!

    • Derek, this is so wonderful. Wish more employers were like you and helped people make decisions that are better for them and not their own needs.

    • Tricia

      Wish all bosses were as compassionate as you…

  34. I did this three years ago. I had a “good” job working in an industry I loved (non-profit in the music industry), with people I mostly liked, with a very good salary and great benefits. I had a corner office and a ton of flexibility to also pursue other things I was doing.

    At approximately 11 am on the day before our company’s AGM, I looked out the window and thought, “If I don’t quit this job right now, I’ll never do it. And I’ll never be actually happy.”

    Despite the fact that building my business (actually, businesses) has been challenging, I am 500% happier now than I ever was. My depression is gone. I make time for exercise. My relationship with my husband is better. And for the first time in my life I actually value myself.

    The only thing I would add to what Marie said is that “following your dreams” or “doing what you love” or “living your truth” is actually incredibly difficult.

    WAIT! Hear me out. I don’t mean the kind of difficultly that comes from hardship and struggling through things you hate. That’s what most people’s day jobs are for.

    Doing what you love is filled with love and loss, unexpected challenges, terrible letdowns, a TON of failure (which is not really failure at all) and, often, changing your entire life to make what you’re doing work.

    But the bottom line is, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it?

    For me it is. And I would make this decision 100 times over.

    I am so glad I didn’t decide to do what was “safe” and just keep on doing something I hated.

  35. I am about to launch a spiritual talk show with my good friend and it is a lifelong dream. I already feel the energy and joy this endeavor will bring me and others and YOU are a huge part of the journey that led me here. THANK YOU THANK YOU Marie!! You ROCK!

  36. I followed my dream 30+ years ago, playing the harp as a professional musician. Since then, I nearly always love what I am doing. And it has not all been what I thought it would be. It is imperfect. The inconsistent income is the pits.

    I had one of those jobs that I hated–I was a public school teacher. I loved teaching but hated being a baby-sitter. So I gave that up for music. Yes, you only live once, and it is important to do what you really love to do in your heart. But you also need to search your heart to determine whether you are made of the stuff to weather a change in income. Frankly, I have never gotten used to that part of my decision. If I had a crystal ball and seen that my decision would have been such a monetary struggle, would I have still made this decision? I’m not sure.

    Besides taking Marie’s wonderful ten year test, also remember that old adage, “Don’t quit your day job.” It’s true in other industries, besides the arts. Find that other job, that other something first that resonates with you, before you say goodbye to that job you hate, unless, of course, you have money to tide you over. Myriah, it sounds as if the money part of this is not an issue, but if anyone else is considering jumping ship from a really terrible job or career, think carefully first about how you’ll survive in the interim.

  37. Thanks a lot dear Marie for your great work!
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D:D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    I will sure follow my heart!
    Love jane

  38. When I invested in B-school I knew I was taking a serious step towards my dreams.

    It was the first solid step to breaking through the burn out of my first company. SO so so so so glad I did it. I am so much happier in all areas of life, everyday.

    Busting through that fear!!

  39. I agree that you should definitely follow your heart. I used to skirt around my passion, which is starting a magazine for Black teen girls. I taught high school English for five years and was like, no, this is not for me. Then, I got a job as an editor. It was cool for the first couple of years and then I felt like my soul was dying. I was always upset and aggravated and realized that this was not how I wanted to live my life. So, very recently, as in just two months ago, I quit my job and went out on my own. I had launched the magazine while working, and now I do it full-time. I love it!

  40. This feel so good to hear. It is as if this email was a confirmation to get rid of some self-doubt that I’ve been having lately. I, like the questioner, recently left work that my heart was checked out from in order to focus on my custom teapot business full time. The beginning journey of this transition is different, exciting, and my emotions are flowing just like me. I appreciate the 10 year test module!

    This post gives me the extra nod to remember, YES-this is the best choice for me and all my abundant future. Thank you!

  41. In 2011 I left my boring accounting job in order to pursue my dream of spreading health and wellness to the world. I now work as a health coach, and are still struggling with getting my business where I’d like it to be. Sometimes I feel like it will never happen for me. It scares me to think I’d ever have to go back to my corporate job. I feel good about the decision in my heart, but it really sucks to put so much financial pressure on my husband. I hope that I can work through these first several years and be glad I’ve made the decision to leave my old job.


  42. Elisa

    I loved this video Marie! Even if I completely agree with you on the ten years from now question, I feel like it doesn’t work for everything.
    You say “…Whether it was leaving a relationship, moving to an unfamiliar place, quitting a safe job or spending a large amount of money…”
    When it comes to leave a relationship, you are much more likely to be afraid of finding yourself 10 years from now regretting leaving that relationship (for many reasons: you are now alone, you are broke, you wanted children but now you don’t have any and so on). It is one of the things that keep you from breaking up with somone. Or better, they keep me from breaking up with someone. How do you deal with this? How do you know your worrying about regretting it in the future it’s just this, worrying? I can’t be sure I won’t regret it.

  43. HI Marie,

    Thank you so much for this video!

    It totally resonates with me in fact, most of your resources does!

  44. I absolutely love this video!

    I’ve used the 10-year test before. It helped me get my butt over to Germany to live for a few years, and it helped my husband and I move to Colorado this past year. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by, and if you don’t do things now, they may never happen!

  45. I left my full time (well paid) corporate job almost a year ago, to focus on my family and my jewelry company. It was the hardest decision I have ever made. And no, it has NOT been easy…but do I regret my decision? Not for a second. You are so right, there is a connection with the divine, that communicates with you through your heart. Passion + Talent = Purpose. I still believe I was meant to make this jump, and I believe the great divine, won’t leave me hanging. Marie, thank you for your consistency, to share your knowledge and encourage others, every week. What a blessing!

  46. Indrek

    In 10 years time, will I regret not having written my first novel in the wonderful Spring of ’14?

  47. Jasmine Quintana

    I made a big decision last summer to ditch my day job as a waitress to pursue dance at 27! Best decision of my life by far. It was scary as hell leaving the consistent pay behind. BUT, not even a week after I put in my two weeks notice, I got 2 new consistent paying dance jobs and a promotion AND raise at another job that allowed me to dance and lead other dancers. Today, I’m in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil pursuing more dance goals as well as touching base with some old dreams through planning and shooting a couple documentaries. It hasn’t been easy, but I would have hated myself if I just kept to what I thought was “safe.”

  48. 10 year test. I’m a former youth pastor turned salesperson. The thing I’ve realized that you can take the pastor out of the church, but not the ‘pastor’ out of the person.

    So…. I’ll regret not giving more opportunity for my inner coach (which is pretty much what a decent pastor is) to influence those who need it.

    • Brett,
      So what’s keeping you from influencing people today? Think outside of the box. You don’t have to be a youth pastor in order to have a BIG and wonderful impact on the youth. Brainstorm with God today, and move forward in your calling. Let your past regret, fuel your determination to live everyday for the rest of your life fulfilling your life’s purpose!

  49. Marie, I’ll tell you about the hardest and best decision I’ve ever made in my life–marrying my husband. 20 years ago in may, we decided to take the leap. My family was against it. In fact, when we were planning our wedding, my dad told me the family would not attend. I was torn to pieces! I wanted to honor my parents. I wanted my family to be apart of our joyous occasion, but my dad was firm. Either I obeyed him, or I cut myself off from the family. I KNEW without an ounce of doubt that I was supposed to marry my sweetheart then, and not wait for some mystical, magical time in the future that my parents felt was the “right” time.

    I had done all I could do to honor my parents. We had already waited longer than we really wanted to. I was kinda stuck. Now I don’t know about following your heart, but I do know this: I prayed to God for wisdom. I asked Him to confirm the path he prepared for me, and I listened. It was clear. “Marry the man!”

    And I did!

    20 years later, I don’t regret it for a moment. I’d do it again the same way given the same circumstances. We were married 2 days before we graduated from college completely against the wishes of my parents. I was isolated and ostracized from my family, and it took years to heal the wounds that came about because of my parents rigid stance. Our family relationships were eventually restored over time with open communication, and with forgiveness sought. (I sought their forgiveness for hurting them.) I wanted them to know that my marrying Ed wasn’t about me defying them or wanting to hurt them. It was about me following the path, that I wholeheartedly believed that God had prepared for me.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my story!


  50. Thank you Marie! I realize that I have been doing that 10-yr test for the last 20 years, but stopped doing it while my kids were little. Now that they are less little (8 & 9) I realize I can once again have the space and focus to do it again. So excited – I will check back in 10 years to tell you “I did it, AND exceeded my own expectations!” And to thank you again for your constant inspiration. B-School is a life changer. You rock.

  51. magda

    Any chances of still applying for scholarship to Bschool ?

  52. Thank you, Marie for this. This was very informative. Yes, I am doing the 10 year test and I believe that it is the best recommendation for anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams.

    It is always important to follow your heart and I believe that this is another reminder that I needed again.

  53. Myriah


    I never expected my question to make it on Q&A T’s but WOW I am so excited I’m shaking!

    Since I wrote that email, that job want from craperrific to downright sh*t-tastic, and I did move on. Now of course I am faced with a bunch of other not so nice things (ditching a crazy $$$ in DC, and, well, the usual money stuff) but feel such a weight lifted from being removed from what ended up being another toxic environment.

    And…how very, very timely, as although I am now back in contact with my Asian volunteer people trying to set something up, a part of me was thinking, oh, maybe I should just take an “in the meantime” job until all things are set with my overseas adventure. What was I thinking? This hamster needs to get off that wheel!!

    Again, thank you SO much for your insight, and your fabulous A to my Q!


    • A gap job is always a fine thing to have. But getting out of a horrible situation is important too.

      Get yourself into your zone! Get outta there! Life is too short to work a toxic job.

      Sending a lot of strength to you!

    • Kim

      Hi Myriah! Congrats on making your big job move! Personally, I have left many jobs with the intent of finally following my heart and the only regrets I have from those decisions are the ones where I quit the ill-fitting job and then didn’t actually follow my dream! It’s so easy to get side-tracked. So my advice is to stay laser-focused on what you really want. Otherwise you’re at risk of getting in the same predicament over and over again.

    • Myriah,

      Congradulations! I’m excited to hear about the steps your taking. It’s ok to eat in the meantime, and if that means getting a part-time job doing something you enjoy or at least don’t hate, that’s ok. The important thing is to start moving towards your dream. Work on re-positioning yourself back on the path you were meant for. There are LOTS of opportunities right where you are to do that. I pray that God will bring the people and opportunities that you need in order to get you right where you need to be.

      You were meant for more than a job–MUCH MORE!

  54. When I was 36 years old I knew it was time for a change in my life, and I had the opportunity to move from Adelaide, Australia, to live in Hong Kong. I had absolutely no fear or doubt about saying yes immediately. Everything fell into place smoothly and I was in Hong Kong within seven weeks. I’m still here, 20 years later, and loving it. Now, I’m inspired by a new creative project, and I know that I’ll regret it in 10 years’ time if I don’t bring my ideas to the world.

  55. Romi

    Thank you so much for this video!

    I just made my BIG decision and quit my toxic job to pursue my dream life coaching and helping people. This is the most scary and exciting things I’ve ever experienced. YIKEEES! But I have faith and focus 🙂 Wish me luck! Oh, see you in B-School 🙂

    • Wow! How exciting that must be for you! Congrats on taking the big leap o’ faith!

      Now the fun begins. Have fun in B-school! I might see you there as well!

  56. “Life is short and it’s getting shorter by the minute. You must do the thing you love!” Soooo true! Life is happening RIGHT NOW!

    In ten years, I’ll be 36 (youthful) years old, and I’m sure I will regret if I don’t follow my dreams and go full-force into my online web design and media consulting business.

    I’ve been working on my personal website a lot this year, and through that I’ve picked up some awesome freelance clients; but I know this is what I LOVE doing and what I do exceptionally well. So, in ten years, I don’t want to regret not following my passion. I’m currently focused on getting my butt in gear and creating a full-on brand online to help others create the most badass websites ever.

    Ps. Totally taking B-School this semester to kick this dream into overdrive! 😉

  57. In 2011, I was newly married. We loved NYC, had 2 good jobs but the company I was at just got purchased by this corporation I couldn’t see myself at. We took a leap of faith, and moved to Dublin Ireland, with no jobs, and recession very much real.
    I am happy to report, we now have a baby boy and I am pursuing my dream to inspire mothers into fitness and health.


  58. Oh goodness the 10 year test is so dern important. I use it often!

    Three years ago, I made a huge decision to leave my corporate job I had been fighting for, training for, schooling for. I had the swank paycheck, a great office with a view, perks out the wazoo. And then, wham bam thank you ma’am I had two huge opportunities fall into my lap.

    I. I fell madly in love with an Air Force Officer
    2. I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime to start a non-profit that worked in rural Kenya.

    So I had a choice. Stay in my current job, or follow my new love and embark on a new journey of being the CEO of a non-profit. I have never regretted the decision. Not once. I have been riding a wild donkey ever since, but I have settled comfortably into my life now. And it is because I made that chance, threw care to the wind, and said “eff yes I can do this!”

    The decision meant that during the past three years I have opened and closed said non-profit. Started a thriving online business. Sat next to Muhammad Yunus on a panel in Austria, traveled to more countries than I can imagine, lived in Kenya, almost died of Malaria, had my dream wedding, worked for two years as a college professor, and moved twice. PHEW! It has been one heckuva ride, but I am so damn thankful.

    So if you CAN do it and you don’t think you’ll regret it. Follow your damn bliss. It will pay off in the end.

  59. Noelia

    I’m a firm believer in following your heart and have always done my best to do so. A few major decisions i’ve made is to quit a job I DO LIKE to travel the world. Another was to quit my life in the UK and move abroad and live in a foreign city in Europe and all because of LOVE. Everyone thought I was crazy and the romance has lasted 3yrs and in 4 months I’m getting married and am loving the experience of living as an expat. My number one moto in life is….”it’s better to do something and regret doing it, than to have never had the opportunity to have/ or have not regretted it in the first place!!” 🙂 Hope that makes sense. 🙂 Get out there and live what your heart is telling you.

    • Tricia

      Great post. Thank you. 🙂

  60. Approximately 13 years ago I made the decision to leave my very financially rewarding corporate job and pursue my love for things beauty industry related. I was the assistant to the Director of marketing for a very successful cargo airline, and my boss had great plans set for my career. Thing is, it would require me to sell my property which house my salon that I managed while at my corporate job, relocate and do lots of travelling—allowing little time for my love interest, side business and family at the time. It was an awesome opportunity.

    I said no, A BIG fat N to the O!

    I’m now happily married, with two beautiful kids and a dog. I made the right choice for me, which was, as some might say is a simpler life. Had I pursued that career path, I wouldn’t be where I am today—being happy and healthy. Yes, there were some obvious sacrifices made: Giving up the salon and the demands that came with it, I didn’t get to travel as much, and I don’t earn anything close to what I would have made had I stayed on my corporate job.

    I feel like I was delayed a bit for all the right reasons, but I’m still destined to do what I’ve always loved which is to make an impact on some level in the beauty industry. Today, I’m striving to help beauty business owners achieve joy and fulfillment doing what they truly love and it be financially rewarding as well.

    No regrets here.

  61. This video is what I needed to kick me in the pants. I have allowed lots of things in my past keep me from going forward. Now its time for me to do what I want. In ten years, I can see where I want to be, so I am going to go for it. Thanks again, really enjoy your videos.

  62. Deepa

    Hello Marie,

    Your videos and chats are really inspiring. I must admit I am currently in a similar dilemma and not sure which path to take. I have a successful career right now, but my heart is in the wellness industry. Just to stay close to what I like I have signed up for a professional course on make up but not sure how to make my passion my career….hmmm….interesting on things you said….I really have to take up the 10 year test I guess.

    And hey…you have beautiful hair….just love…please share some tips on how you maintain them ☺☺


  63. Yes, yes, yes to following your dreams. No matter where you are, you can choose to start fresh, right then and there and live the life of your dreams.

  64. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for your Video Training Material.

    I strongly believe that following your heart and brain signals help a lot in taking critical decisions in life.

    Today I was watching the role of Milady De Winter in Three Musketeers – French Movie in Indian Cable Network TV and I was so inspired by her magical powers and beauty. It is not that we should look her as a negative character. I dream that if I will be born as a woman in next life, I should be born as Milady De Winter. I want to use her black magic powers for good. That’s the point.

    Also I found many jobs in life that extracts or absorbs all the energy in us and makes us poor. Sometimes we find many jobs that decreases our Website reach and makes their Visits or Hits lesser and lesser by day and also results in reduced energy levels and more family tensions. We should quit such jobs and join business instead.

    Today I was happy to receive calls from Quickbook Accountancy (Bangalore & Noida-Gurgaon) when they asked me twice if I am in real business and I can do business with them transparently.

    I really liked your presentation and delivery and it is a lesson for me. I am happy to be your friend.

    Rohan Sarker

  65. I wanted to return to Brasil in the worst way. Last year, I pulled it off and, in less than two weeks, volunteering on a farm in Sao Paulo, I fell and broke my fibula, dislocated my tibia, and was laid-up for the remainder of my six month stay! Do I regret it? Hellooo, NO! It was the hardest thing I had to overcome but one of the best six months (in retrospect) ever. Thank you for bringing that memory to the forefront in the midst of another “life-on-hold” time. Paula

  66. Jennifer

    What an important topic! Great words of wisdom. It was a similar question I had to ask myself this last year. I am approaching my 30’s, and had dreamed of being an entrepreneur since I was a kid. When I became an adult, however, an overseas mission trip left me disabled with a chronic illness. I thought my dreams were over, and I settled for many years working what limited hours I could in dead end jobs.

    Fast forward 7 years, and I have now started my own business! I really had to take a long hard look at my unhappiness and make a conscious decision to change it. I knew I would forever regret it if I didn’t pursue my dreams. Not only that, I went completely against my doctors orders not to add any more to my plate, knowing that I was taking a big risk in doing so. It was the best decision I have ever made for myself. I am happier and healthier. The simple fact that I have long term goals helped me take control of my life and take better care of myself.

    I spent my entire life watching my parents live a miserable life working in jobs that they hated. They never had the courage to really step out of their comfort zone, and they have paid the ultimate price emotionally and financially. I personally choose happiness. Life is just too short.

  67. My motto has always been “Would I rather regret the things I did, or the things I didn’t do?” This works for everything from getting a new hairstyle to huge life decisions.

    Teaching music was all I ever wanted to do, but when I actually got to the classroom, it didn’t feel right. I kept thinking, if I just find the right school, everything will click and I’ll be happy and love my job. After all, I love music, and kids, and teaching – what else could I even do with my life?

    Then, at 33, it hit me. I had what should have been my dream job, but I was only making myself and my students miserable. I decided, against the advice of my parents, to go back to school and become an acupuncturist. Now, halfway through my studies, I am so happy! I love everything I’m learning, i feel that I’m using my gifts instead of trying to deny their existance. I started writing a book, and looking forward to growing my business and sharing what I’ve learned with as many people as possible!

  68. Nancy

    Last summer, I had this weird feeling that kept telling me I had to move to Texas. I’m a Cali girl so really, my gut feeling was telling me to leave this perfect weather for a Texas? I was in disbelief but I saved cash, fixed my car, got a job and drove to Texas! 6 months later, I still have no idea what my actual purpose is here but I followed a gut feeling that urged me to move here. I have been exploring this new area, exploring all of these feelings that have come about and exploring my options and purpose.
    I am 29 years old, single and extremely close with my family. They are all in California and me, I am still here in Texas, trying to be just be open to all and any opportunities that come my way because somehow, my gut feeling told me I had to be here. I guess I should keep you updated as to WHY. But there you have it! I followed my heart to the unknown.

  69. I can recall November 2010, While going to college I started my one on one and online personal training business. WIth the fear of doubt, low income, and minimal time, I knew this would be the death of my dreams. Fast forward to 3 years later, the passion to go after my dreams have been well worth it. Being true to yourself and your goals in life is key for everyone. Find what makes you happy and GO FOR IT. GIVE IT 100%.

  70. At the crossroads right now, Marie! Continue pursuing and building my online art business or go out and look for an actual M-F job. I’m blessed to have a partner who is able to support us financially, so the stress is off me a little bit there. However, that may not be there forever! Trying to play my cards right and stay true to myself. Thanks for the encouragement!

  71. Telmo Martins

    Hi Marie,

    I loooved this week’s video!

    When fear gets in the way, we tend to ‘rationalize’ it and find excuses (which are only thoughts) for not following our heart (or GUTS if you prefer).

    The ten year test is great for clearing our minds of doubt and make a decision. Most of us rarely acknowledge that the years will pass anyway.

    Love your work, Marie!

  72. Dear Marie,

    I, too, like to think of life in chunks and this video really resonated because 10 years ago I quit my job, became a mother, and started doing psychic readings (as a job) for clients. Yep, for reals.

    This was a big deal. You see, I come from a Italian/Irish family and everyone around me – my parents, brothers, aunts and uncles etc all have very linear careers. My brothers are killing it in the financial realms, my dad is an accountant and my mom a college professor. I was trying so hard for so long to fit into the linear box but I knew (really knew!) that no matter how hard I tried I had other gifts to share. So once I had my son I decided to embrace my different career gifts and started my career as a psychic.

    What was so fun about letting go of all of the beliefs I had about what that meant was that I started to understand that I could define this profession however I wanted and as a result I could show everyone that psychic guidance is available (and so helpful!) even from “normal” little ole me. No crystal balls or turbans here – just a regular girl dispensing psychic advice! It was so refreshing!

    I had a knack for helping people see and understand what was ahead for them on their life’s path and I was able to help them find their soul connections and get them clarity on what it is they are meant to do and as a result, I began to feel so much happier and more satisfied in everything around me.

    As a result, over the last 10 years I have made huge strides growing my client base and now currently have a book deal, am a radio personality, a regular contributor for elephant journal online magazine, and teach classes. Plus I have more and more clients all over the world who I help and work with daily – all from shifting gears and embracing my true gifts.

    I am a firm believer that when we pay attention to the hints and we notice what we notice as we move forward we see where we are meant to be and by trusting our gut we are able to move forward fearlessly!

    I never thought 10 years ago I would be where I am today – but here I am and while I balance the kooky job of being a psychic with being relatable with 30-45 year women everywhere I breathe a sigh of relief that I let myself stray from the box I was in and embrace all that I know I am meant to do!

    Here’s to the next 10 years! Thank you, Marie! You are always an inspiration! PS – Where did Elsa find that dress? Love it! (Elsa is also my 3 year old daughter’s name!) 🙂

    • Hi Lucia!

      Marie’s Dress in this episode is by April, May from
      Glad you like it and I of course love that your daughter’s name is Elsa too!


  73. I left a lucrative engineering job with a great boss and flexibility to try something completely different, pursue a career as a videographer, or at least try it!

    It has been a challenging year and although I’m not a whole lot happier, I have enjoyed the journey a lot more and things are really starting to fall into place. I have realised that it doesn’t matter what qualifications you have, or what other people think, as long as you are passionate about following your dream (or what you think might be your dream at the time). you have to scratch that itch. If I had analysed the move, it was a bad time to make this transition for a number of reasons, but what was important was that it was ‘now’, I made that leap, and the rewards are starting to show. Still a long way to go, but I would say give it a shot, do it and forget the rat race and your industry connections! Although the last year has been much more difficult in many ways, I don’t regret the move for a second.

  74. Hey Marie!
    Perfect timing! Love the 10-year test.
    It’s helping me clear away some struggle around moving toward what I truly want. The feeling of life in 10 years, having gone for my dreams, is super clarifying. I’ve known I wanted to take the step, but my mind has been so unfocused, unclear on my vision and contribution.
    Clarity and simplicity of intention is key and it’s been missing. Not now!

    Thanks so much!

  75. Awesome timing, Marie;) I’m in the middle of making some big decisions right now – deciding to write a book as I refresh my brand and invest substantially in my business…while being 7 months pregnant at 40 with my first baby! Gadamn!

    There’s a whole lot of back and forth going on…feelings of guilt like I “should” be chilling out more, or that I need to let go of some ideas if I want to have a child and be a good mom…But the bottom line is, there’s never going to be a “grrrreat!” time to write a book, just like for me, there’s never been an obviously great time to have a kid.

    So I just had to decide – if I don’t do it now, will I regret it?

    Hellz yes I’d regret it if 10 years from now I still hadn’t written this book!

    Would I regret not having invested in my business even more and going through the exhilarating yet daunting task of refreshing my brand (which requires soul work like I couldn’t imagine)? Hellz yes!

    So that makes it much easier:)

    In the past, I’ve also made some big decisions using a similar test – asking myself would I regret not having tried. It has never failed me. It helped me go do a career as a professional climbing guide when I was a woman of color growing up in the ghetto (when pursuing my doctorate degree seemed much more safe!), leaving my secure job I loved for one that have me more freedom, leaving a marriage that was “fine” but not passionate or inspiring, and taking the risks to finally be with my soul mate.

    This shizzle works;) Thank you!

  76. When I first started working, my Dad
    shared his “10-90” life plan with me:

    Plan your life in 10-year blocks.
    Live your life in 90-day spurts.

    All things being equal, you’ll always stay on track
    while keeping the unexpected to a minimum.

    Now that I’m in my mid-50’s, I’m proud to report
    that this life strategy has worked quite well for me.

    And regarding Myriah’s question, I’ve been there.

    One of the most difficult lessons in Life to learn is
    knowing which bridges to cross and which ones
    to burn. No doubt we’ve all heard this before,
    but here’s the juice:

    Burn the bridge. Live your Life. Removing retreat
    gives you no choice but to move forward boldly.
    And trust me: you don’t want to wake up one day
    at my age and regret the things you didn’t do…

    Thanks so much for today’s Q&A Tuesday, Marie.
    I love your message and dig your swag. Keep up
    the great work!

  77. Willow63

    Great Video! Confirms that I made the right decision to leave the job I loathed, that was making me physically & spiritually ill. It’s been 2 1/2 months I feel fabulous! On my way to pursue my life long dream of starting my own business.
    Thank you for your kind inspiration.

  78. Smarel Nicole

    My goodness!! When this email popped up into my phone I swore I thought Marie sent me a personal email. I say that because it was literally 10 minutes after my friend delivered my plane ticket to California (via UPS). Im in Charleston South Carolina and taking a step on leaving my families 3 restaurant businesses to pursue my passion for writing, speaking, dancing, & holistic health coaching. I tell ya, my mom was the last person I wanted to tell and I let her know last nite in a very casual conversation while we were discussing business. She asked me when my time-frame was and I told her my ticket would be here Tuesday (today) and Ill be leaving Wednesday (tomorrow.) She paused & I couldve sworn my life was over but she just started laughing hysterically, and said that she thinks this would be the greatest move for me no matter how long I decide to stay. I have things set up for business to run smoothly and much to my surprise my mother is very supportive I dreaded that conversation more than I dread going to get a wisdom tooth pulled. Im nervous as hell but I truly believe that when you take a leap somehow somewhere your wings will appear. Boy, oh boy I am so ready to fly and inspire others to do the same!!

  79. Fabulous as always Marie, thank you!

    I finished my master’s degree last year and had been building my business with a flexible grad school schedule. My grad department offered me a one year position that was sort of interesting to me, but I felt torn — I was more or less ready to launch myself fully into ConverSketch (my business). I ended up taking the job even though I had a gut feeling it was not quite right. Everyone was saying how great this opportunity was and it seemed silly to turn it down. However, as I had felt, it has turned out to be a less-than-ideal work environment and position.

    I am grateful that it’s only for another couple months and I have already made it clear I’m not renewing my contract. Since I’ve made that decision, tons of ConverSketch opportunities have been flowing to me and I’m STOKED to go solo!

    Thanks for the validation, my heart and gut always know what I need to be doing, and for me this was a powerful experience that taught me how to listen to that!

    Cheers, Karina

    • La femme artiste

      Good luck with this path!
      Your thinking- visualizing- drawing- response skills will certainly gain in this professional practice!
      Will you personally put any of it to use for the sake of art, too?

  80. Thanks Marie. How timely. Yesterday, I posted something I feel so strongly about and it was scary. In ten years will it matter? Yes, my daughter will be almost 12 and incredibly impressionable. My clients will have seen thousands of horrible images in the media glamorizing an unhealthy ideal. For the first time in a long time, I had an exciting sense of clarity. Looking forward to B school. You truly make a difference. Thanks again, L

  81. Nancy

    Hi Marie,

    I left a great job early last year to get married. For a year I couldn’t figure out whether to find another job or take a BIG LEAP of faith and start my own business, especially after my savings run out.

    I have decided to pursue my two business passions. This is a huge deal for me because it is such a big dream, so big it scares me. I’ve chosen to feel the fear and do it anyway.

    Thanks for the awesome Q+A Tuesday.

  82. Marie, BIG BIG decision here on my side:
    Should I quit my job to build my coaching career with 0 money on my bank account and no idea how to sustain my life in the few month it will take for my coaching business to bring money OR keep doing the few I can with my 9-5 job that takes all my energy and hours?
    The 10 years test tells me that I won’t regret it but it isn’t wise to give up my sole money revenue. And in the same time, this job prevents me from advancing on my business…
    SOOOOO LOST here, would love some advice :))

    Love, Natacha
    SOOOO nLo

    • Jessica

      Hi Natacha,
      I can hear the desperation in your email – but hang in there! You are right that leaving your job isn’t the answer if you believe that you can’t survive without it. My advice is to stay at your job for now but to practice your coaching business whenever you can, with whoever crosses your path. We all have interactions during our day that allow us to touch someone else’s life, and isn’t that all coaching really is? Seize those moments and use them to practice being a coach. Be thoughtful and caring in your daily interactions and you will find tons of opportunities to help people! You can do this while you are still working and even while you are at work. Haven’t we all had co-workers who come to us with their problems that we can lend an ear to or customers that are lashing out at us but who probably need someone to respond kindly to their concerns? If you treat these interactions as opportunities to work on your coaching skills (even if these people aren’t really coaching clients), you will find that you will enjoy your day a lot more while working on developing your business and unique brand. This will allow you to build confidence in coaching and make you happier at work which will attract more positive experiences into your life. Be discreet about it and have fun. You will find that doing what you love whenever you can will usher in more opportunities to continue doing what you love. Good luck to you!

      • Thank you Jessica for your advice. My fear was to open about this part of my life to the office as it can create problems with my boss, but actually I can do it naturally and not say what it is 🙂 Great advice to do it to attract more opportunities of doing it 🙂

    • Dejana

      Hey Natacha,
      Nobody can tell you what to do, and you probably don’t want that anyway, but I’ll tell you what I did and you can gauge how it makes you feel.
      I just quit my well paid job that I hated. My savings will run out in a month. I plan to hustle- have few part time jobs just to sustain me and try to figure out what my business should be (life coach but I don’t resonate with it 100%). I don’t have it all figured out and quite frankly- I’m growing up.
      What I’m clear on is that there was no way I could have stayed longer. I’m clear that me staying there was just a waste of time, staying because it felt safe. And dead. Like you, it was sucking life out of me, and there was no way I could have pursued anything else on the side because I was constantly exhausted. Working in a place that is not your natural ‘place of power’ will do that to you.
      I’ll see what happens. But not spending anymore 40h/week in a work environment that felt toxic and unnatural to me feels soooo good.
      All the best to you girl. Find your strength. You have it in you.

      • Dejana, thank you soooo much for your answer and for sharing your experience.
        I feel exactly like you describe, and the fear of being broke and this coaching business I thrive to fo not working at all get me stuck. Like a voice is telling me to keep being that reasonnable little girl that knows she can’t ask for the moon. But, why not?
        I have to make a plan to sustain myself and go for it. (As I see it, in 6 months maybe I will have a minimum for paying for my rent a few months without a job)

  83. Deborah

    Hi Marie,
    I retired last year at 58 tyrs old, from a non-fulfilling government career that provided me with awesome benefits and a great salary…BUT it was such a toxic workplace that almost ruined my health both physically and mentally. There was no way I could stay stuck in that job another 10 years and survive it. It felt like I was pimping myself out for a paycheck. I made a promise to myself that before I leave this earth, I would pursue my dream of interior decorating where I could use/share my gifts and talents and I have done just that! I am much happier and feel so alive, appreciated and
    fulfilled! I only wish I had done it sooner. Better late than never, right?

    • Mike'

      Good for you, Deborah! Go for it you deserve to live your dreams.

  84. Glenda

    Love your 10-year test…I am having my 65th birthday this year…I have just quit a job that was unrewarding and I was unappreciated. I have been looking at why did I waste the past 5 years doing this job – I was scared to quit and be without the money…Here I am 5 years later, looking at what’s next. I have wanted to work with women who are struggling with life for the past 25 years. I feel like it is time to do that NOW – When I look at 10 years from now – the answer is HELL YES – I will regret not doing it NOW, because there aren’t that many NOW’s left for me. I have to do it now or give up on my dream. That won’t make me feel very good…. Thank you for your encouragement and blessings!

  85. Marie,
    I recently found you and I love love love everything you have to offer. I agree with your message and at age 51 am choosing yet again to follow my heart. This time its not to go out on a wild adventure living barefoot and gypsi free flitting around the midwest with a guitar strapped on my back and lap top in bag across my shoulder (never leave home without either ha). Now, the time has come to make a choice to settle down and care for my 9 year old grand daughter who’s other is mentally ill and father not present in her life. At first I felt this to be restrictive and burdensome , really tying me down. Horrible attitude I know. But the fear was real. I didnt want to lose my new found identity since six years ago I lost my partner in death and chose to live “now” before its too late. Boy did I and no regrets! Sometimes though following your heart doesn’t mean taking risks, traveling, meeting new people and doing new things out there in the world. Im wildly excited to see my Grand daughter learning to meditate, to play guitar and mandolin and even do a full moon ritual by the light of the moon! It might seem noble but it causes a glow in my eyes like never before. When my kids were small it was all about rules, protecting them, and giving them social skills etc. With my GD is just down right FUN! I work online from home and have a lot of free time to do home work, bake brownies, watch Dance Moms (omg that’s a lil over the top for me but she loves it, so I use it to teach her how ‘not’ to be and so on ..ha.) just this morning Ive been presented with the option to move to a different town to put her in a school that will be much more to her benefit, allows us to live near her mother for more interaction much needed. Again it seems boring and isolating for me. But Im realizing that my attitude and vision of it is what will make the difference. It doesnt matter where I live really. So im leaving the safety of my little rented place, going through the hard motions of packing and moving and settling in again. (sold my property when my partner passed and havent owned since). I guess we all live our lives as we see fit if possible and while Im not sure that this is best and am scared to transition again even in what may seem to you a very small way… your video encouraged me. Working online Im looking for ways to make my subcontracting business (working for other online sites) expand into my own website and private clientele. I love what I do. Im excellent at what I do since I get to do Psychic work, encourage and empower others and teach Law of Attraction principles all in one. All this time I thought I was missing out not moving into the big bucks but the market is huge and once I learn the business/marketing end I think I have what it takes to have both.. a quiet simple home life with G.D. and family and plenty of sweet money to live comfortable along side of my children as I get older. Fortunately Ive always followed my heart and so have lived a very colorful life for sure! These next 30/40 years are going to be interesting. Hell, its only a few years before she’s grown enough to travel with me, her own back pack and guitar, heading down the road in a motor home playing bluegrass festivals and having a blast meeting new folks and seeing old friends. (of course that’s going to depend on HER DREAM). Thanks for all you do. P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR. :::smile:::
    Carla Curlee–The Psychic Gypsi

  86. Jaleh

    Thanks Marie,
    I’ve practiced this 10 year test a few times in my life. One BIG choice was following my heart (and saying “screw you” to logic) when I was invited to volunteer as a pediatric Physical Therapist at an orphanage in China for 2 years. I was fresh out of grad school (= racked up lots of school loans) and was offered a job in South Jersey & Philly (close to my university). But I had this deep heart feeling that something amazing was drawing me to China. It was TOTALLY the best decision and I would have regretted missing the opportunity if I would have “led with my head”. I also feel that staying open-hearted allowed me to accept a 2 week cross country trip to Tibet with 4 amazing Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors. Talk about life-changing!! Much love to you, Jaleh

  87. This is so funny, I just wrote an article about my experience with following my heart on The Daily Love! I was in a similar position as Myriah, and decided to risk it all to do what I love, and I’m here to say, I made it out on the other side, much happier! The article outlines my perosnal journey, and you can read it here:”The Heart Never Lies”

  88. Renette

    Hi Marie

    Thank you , I always believe that if you have something that you really want to do, but you don’t do it because you don’t know if it is the right path to take, believe me thinking about is will always just be a thought ,no action taken is a dead end to your dream, I have quite my job already my so said comfort zone , and now I am taking the next big step moving to the place where I always wanted to be, I know by doing this things will work out for me ,exactly the way I want it to. because it is part of my dream.

    Thank you for confirming my actions with your message today


  89. Great video!

    I took the jump and followed my heart when I took a month off my job and went to st Lucia to launch a company. All the positive feedback got me to also have the branch in Canada where I live and have me the confidence to go forward. Woo!

  90. Torrie Pattillo

    DAMN this was good! Thanks Marie! You are always soooo on time with your guidance…it’s like you’re psychic and intuitively tuned in to your whole tribe 🙂 You ARE Mama Marie! Mama knows best 🙂

    I took a huge risk following my dream to learn everything I could to be a Holistic Lifestyle Adviser & Spiritual Mentor. It’s STILL a big risk as I have not made the income I was making in corporate America, but I knew I HAD to do this. I’m still learning, and doing B-school for another round because it was so amazing last year. Like you said, even if I fail at this, it was worth it because I’m following my heart. NOT doing this would have killed me and I would have miserable every single day! Even if I don’t make a dime, the personal growth and paradigm shift I’ve experience was worth the THOUSANDS of dollars I’ve invested in coach school, B-school and other biz related courses/workshops. You can’t put a price on wisdom, especially from an autodidact standpoint because I CHOSE what I wanted to learn.

    P.S. I am obsessed with your videos not only because they are fantastic, but you have the BEST frickin hair on the planet, and Elsa chooses FABULOUS dresses for you OMG!!!! Siri’s commentary at the end was effing HILARIOUS!!!! It made me laugh so hard I snorted lol.

  91. This is an awesome video. I made a life changing decision last week~ using a lot of the same thought patterns! (Plus body awareness, my body gets blocked and sick when i am not following my heart). But I have a few more to make.

    I am turning 40 in a few months. I am super excited about it. I am using these last few months of my 30’s to set up my 40’s as the best decade of my life. I have quite a few more decisions to make. Clarity is not here yet….but it will be.

    I love your videos and your message. It represents where the world is heading for the better. Perhaps this line of empowered thinking will be common sense for girls who are just in their teens now. For me, I am shedding the thought patterns I have held for the past 40 years and adopting these new ones for the next 40!! Yay me!!! xoxo

  92. Melonie

    Thanks Marie for the reminder that we must follow our hearts. I look around and see my friends retiring but I’m just starting what my heart really wanted some 10 years ago. It’s a little scary that at age 58 I finally am taking the steps to reaching my dream business so I’ll keep pushing on. I know I’m taking a chance, not sure from one day to the next if I will be successful but if I don’t do it now I’ll never know. Project and plans are all in order so now I just keep moving one foot in front of the other and I believe with all my heart this time it’s right. Thanks for your inspiration.

  93. Marie, what an awesome video! I’ve always been one to follow my heart (and my Divine guidance), and it’s true, I’ve never regretted it…

    But here’s my current challenge. When I ask myself the 10 year question, yes, I would regret not writing a book this year. But how do I discipline myself to do such a task? It’s one thing to leave a job, but it’s a whole other to do something that I’ll need to sit my butt down every day and work on, without anyone else to be accountable to except me.

    Any suggestions?

    • Eve

      Coonie, it’s true that sitting down to write every day is extremely hard, but if it’s your dream, it’s worth it.

      Some things that could help:
      – Start slow. Choose a time to write and stick to it no matter what. If you write 30-60 minutes every single day, you’ll do more that if you write all day once a week.

      – If you would like to have people around you while writing, what about you go to some writing meetups?

      – The writers you’ll meet in a meetups can be a great source of accountability too.

      – Read Steven Pressfield “War of Art”. Whenever I’m stuck, I open my copy and randomly read what I underlined.

      – Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

      Hope that helps!

      Best of luck

  94. Awesome video, Marie! I took a pretty big leap in 2001 to quit my stable office job and leap into being a full-time freelance artist. It was tough at first, but I’ve never regretted it, and I’m proud to say that I’m a successful freelance artist today, and stretching my dreams higher than ever.

    Now my big decision is to take a trip to Europe this summer. Yes, high season (my partner is a teacher). It’s a huge chunk of change for us, but after applying the 10-year test, I’m pretty certain that we NEED to go! Plus, it’ll be my first trip to Europe, and I wish I had done it in my 20’s. No time like the present, right?

  95. I followed my heart and left a great job in the middle of the economic downturn to go to Guatemala to volunteer and to learn Spanish. Greatest decision and though scary at the time, don’t regret it for a nanosecond!

    Love this 10 year test, brings great perspective to some big decisions I’ve been waffling over.

  96. Edith

    I like my job, more for the people than for the administrative chores I have to do. However, in my last job I worked from home and hated it. I need human contact during the day. And there resides my problem. My passion is writing, but I’m not sure I would be able to do it full-time. Therefore, I’m waking up one hour earlier to write, and sometimes one hour in the afternoon. I wish to become pro and dedicate my whole life to it, but… how could I do it without being lonely and desperate like I was in my last job?

  97. When I was 19 I took a leap and applied to an Internship at Walt Disney World. I wasn’t going to apply because I was afraid of not getting into the program, and then afraid of moving away from home.

    My uncle’s girlfriend at the time told me “Theresa, if you apply and get in and don’t want to go you can always decline the offer. You won’t even know if you have the option unless you apply.”

    I applied right away. I got into the program, moved down, a month later I met my now husband. By the end of the internship I ended up getting pregnant with my now-husband and brought back a Disney souvenir.

    I could have never imagined how crazy-beautiful my life would have become if I didn’t apply to do that Disney internship. I learned SO MUCH from the company my favorite entrepreneur built – Walt Disney. I use many of his traditions and goals in my business and that is what sets me apart from other coaches in my industry. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about that moment at Easter when I made the decision on a nano-second to follow my heart. It shaped my entire “new” life.

    Myriah (and other Myriah’s out there in the same situation), If you are reading this, please don’t worry about the “what-if’s” and know that when you follow your heart you will be abundantly rewarded. People will come out of the wood works to help you and you will be spiritually fulfilled in life. I am rooting for you!



  98. Wow, I needed this Q&A TuesDAY! I have been in a similar situation and handling it by following a little heart and following a little of my head. I’m definitely going to contemplate the 10 year regret test.
    Best of luck Myriah, I know you’ll do the right thing. And thanks Marie for your always awesome advice!

  99. Great Q&A!

    I was forced to take a leap of faith after being laid off 5 years ago but it was the best thing that ever happened to me! I was MISERABLE being harassed and going nowhere fast in a corporate job and had basically hit the “glass ceiling” for my position.
    I was fed promise after promise and then stood up for myself when my supervisor basically attempted to make false claims about my work performance and blackmail me – it was like a movie! I stood up for myself and a couple of other ladies in my group and was promptly laid off and so were they. Coincidence? I think not.
    I tap danced my ass out of that office already having packed up my desk weeks before and have never looked back. I took my severance and began working from home developing our business with my husband and now, 5 years later, I am SO GLAD that happened because I would’ve never left on my own but it has in no way been easy. I try to learn anything I can from treasures like you on the internet and know we are on track to make this year our most kickass year yet – here’s to 2014!


  100. Michael Kent

    Hi Marie

    In 1994 I had a very comfortable life in Newport Beach California. I worked for the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, I had a beautiful girlfriend, made good money and enjoyed the perks of living in California. Around that time, after a 2 year battle with cancer, my father passed away. I found myself asking is this what really what I want to do with my life? I’ve always practiced meditation and liked the Asian culture, so I started planning a trip Asia. In 1995 I left my job and took a year trip. I loved Asia and while traveling a met some people in Thailand who were teachers. I decided to change career paths and become a English teacher in Thailand. My friends and family thought I had lost the plot. So, after spending a few years in America working odd jobs I moved to Thailand in 1999. Except to visit friends in America, that has been my home. A couple of years I started looking into a home based business. I found out very quickly there are a lot of get rich schemes out there. I still believe I can make it online but not sure which way to go. I would love to work and learn from someone who has made it online.

    Thanks Marie and Myriah for reminding me to keep my dreams alive.

    All the best,
    Michael Kent

  101. Marie: I cannot tell you how apropos your topic was for me today! I am celebrating my one year blogiversary of my website Dial M for Moms and I can remember how scared I was in the first place to ditch a 9-5 job and write online. Despite all of the strange looks, words behind my back, and a multitude of naysayers, I haven’t regretted doing so. My philosophy has always been that God has given me a second chance at life and I need to make the most of it. (My family and I survived our house blowing up from a gas explosion many, many years ago.) I am in agreement with you that one needs to follow their heart. This is what propels me forward when I feel like a deer in the headlights–if you know what I mean! 🙂 And, as scary as life can get, it will never be scarier than if one has lived their life and regretted any minute of it.

  102. Funny…I’ve always followed my heart and my intuition for big decisions yet my current big, big decision has had me waffling for far too long. I think I forgot about the heart part this time…hmmmm! I’ve been listening to the BRAIN instead! eeek! The brain wants a turn to decide but I won’t let it! It’s so much clearer when you listen to your heart…. don’t you think??

    And 10 yrs from now…… YES I will regret not listening to my heart!
    Thanks for your timely message Marie:)

  103. Hi Marie,

    Will I regret not taking action 10 years from now? YES!!!! The problem or the good thing is that there are many areas in which I desire to take action:
    1. My relationship with my beloved spouse. 2. Being the absolute best mother I can be to my 4 boys. 3. Getting my business to generate a huge movement of contribution and breakthroughs! 4. My health

    I recently needed to resign from a Cousy job which I held for 12 years. I kicked hurt there and was even up for leadership positions. Yet, I moved 4 hours away and we decided it was best for me to stay home with the kids (those wonderful 4 boys are between 11 months and 6 years old). The problem is that I have this passion inside of me to contribute. I have an app business on the side (hmm, only made 3 $ last year) and I am a strategist and starting the coaching side of my business (in which I have had 100% success rate with my clients… Yet, I did it for free until now).

    So now I need to redefine myself as a mother and find my way as an entrepreneur. There must be a way to have it all! Right?

    So this is a scary and exciting time when I need to redefine myself. I am vulnerable and I know I will succeed.

    Thank you for your video today… I absolutely needed it! 🙂

    Ps… My site is yet it would currently fail the 3 second test! It is also missing content, links to my product.

    Pps: I don’t know if it is simply my lack of looking in the correct area, I don’t see what the tuition to b-school is. Can someone point me to the correct area? Thanks!

    Thank you for your support!

  104. Marie, sometimes you are like divine intervention in my inbox!!

    Seriously, creepy as I was just at the day job, avoiding work, sending out mini cries for help via text to my husband and mother about how much I wish the work day was over, so I could work on my real purpose of helping women find their ideal natural skin care routines, instead of toiling away at this dead end.

    Then in comes Marie! With that special dose of reality to remind myself that I’m not getting any younger and that following my dream is NEVER a mistake.

    Something mentally just clicked, I think I’m finally feeling the courage to set a date. I believe everything happens in it’s time.

  105. frank raquel

    My ten year test surrounds something GIANT
    My marriage
    I’m 42 and was with my guy since I was 21
    I caught him betraying our marriage and was crushed.
    He did little to repair and regain my trust and when I continued to struggle, he got nasty, mean and verbally/mentally abusive.
    He was horrible to my mom and my family as well.
    Fast forward 3 years and at the urging of my family I filed a restraining order and had him removed from my house and filed for divorce
    Fast forward 5 months…now he is getting syrupy sweet and making passes at me and being nice and trying to be loving to me and it’s confusing the hillbilly heck out of me. We have 2 boys under 12 and I fear they are along for the crazy rollercoaster ride.

    In 10 years if I stay with him, I will be a family unit, but I do not think I will be able to personally expand my wings and become my potential. He clips them each chance he gets, and has always done so. I’m tall, blonde and fit and people say I’m a good looking gal, although I’ve never felt confident in my own skin. Since 21, I’ve let him run my show and I’ve been a loyal viewer of the plot that he writes…

    SO if I leave him, what do I see myself doing in 10 years??? Well, I may be more grey and wrinkled due to the stress of a divorce, but I’m thinking my heart will have been able to become stronger and I will have spread my wings and taken flight to become my highest and best self, successful in my real estate career, find a man who can cherish, adore, and love me with all of his heart and not selfish or controlling.

    I know this isn’t business per se, but it kinda is… It will effect EVERYTHING I DO in my real estate career, home life and my precious life. I’m already 42! I don’t want to wake up at 60 something and say WTF? I want to live now to my highest and best potential. I just fear ending a relationship that is all I know for the last 22 years will be the wrong decision…

    So are my 10 year test results helpful? Dang it! I’m still not sure… I think I know what I need to do, but it’s so gosh dang hard to pull that trigger.

    One path leads somewhere completely different than the other…

    • K –

      Anyone who makes it a habit to clip your wings instead of being the wind beneath them has no concern for if your dreams come true! Some good advice I have heard before was: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the FIRST time.” He is only revisiting your relationship because of a need HE wants to fill – loneliness, fear, something else. Don’t let his inability to support you hold you down any longer! Learn to co-parent, pull up your big girl panties, and MOVE ON! It will be hard but nothing worth having is easy! Hope you find the answers you need to be happy!


      • Eve

        Love what you’re saying Jen.

        Best of luck K. You can do it!

    • Alixandrea

      Hi K. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been in a similar position to yours and an completely sympathise with what you’re feeling right now. here’s the thing I did that helped me decide whether staying in my marriage or leaving him was the right thing to do.

      I made a list of all the pros of staying
      I made a list of all the pros of leaving
      I made a list of all the cons of staying
      I made a list of all the cons of leaving

      Many of the answers to these questions were, surprisingly, not opposites. My final decision after making these lists was that leaving was the right thing to do, and boy, oh boy was it ever! The divorce was stressful and difficult, but it only took up a very short period of my life. Now I am a completely different person, I’m with a man who adores me and treats me right, adn I am finally shooting for my dreams, rather than letting myself be controlled or belittled.

      I wish the very best of luck to you, whatever you decide!


  106. This couldn’t have been more timely, and thank you Marie! Just made the decision to leave the misery of 55 winters up north and move to Orlando, FL. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I am in between careers and the doors were wide open. I felt like if I didn’t jump on it now, I would regret it later. So literally just this past weekend, I headed south with all my dreams and belongings. It is definitely a huge risk, as I am unemployed and need to find work to support myself. However, I realized that would be the case whether I am here or back up north in New Jersey (where I am from) or D.C. What I noticed is that I am even more determined and motivated to use my amazing talents and skill sets to make it work.

    And oh, by the way I am too a life coach and hip hop dancer with minimal dance training (in comparison to the pros) and planning to start a new dance concept. So you all think 55 is too old? Ha! Watch me! 🙂

  107. Natasha Mae

    Marie I am so glad I found you!

    10 (well really 12 -close enough) years ago I was a 17 yr old honor student working full-time as a cook/supervisor in a up scale nursing home. Successfully in charge of an entire kitchen staff and responsible for feeding 200 elderly residents lunch and dinner at 17! I felt accomplished but restless and unhappy too. After spending my teenage years working my way up to Line/cook at a fancy restaurant I knew I wanted something more some thing different. I quit and went to school but had no direction and fizzled into going nowhere. I didn’t know what I loved and I didn’t want to waste time money and energy doing something I didn’t love. REALITY CHECK: Though I did grow, follow my heart and learn a lot about who I am and what I love, I spent the last 10 years wasting time, lots of potential money and energy waiting around to make the decisions that I needed to!

    As soon as I started thinking differently about money, my situation and tried to combine what I love with making money everything started aligning in my life, the thing that make what I have to offer unique and special is materializing before me .
    It’s like life is repeatedly slapping me in the face with a dead fish screaming “did you get it yet Natasha!”

    It started with teaching hoop dance, to entertaining at birthdays with hoop dance fun, juggling and glamorous face painting/ makeup art, to wanting to go back to school for Marketing (online marketing, the world is really at our fingertips), on to much, much more!
    I wish I had money for b-school, I don’t know what stopped me from making a scholarship video.
    I done thinking and wondering about where I want to be in ten years and ready to start taking action!

    Im still in need of direction and help finding the right places to further my education, maybe a life coach, know any? 😉
    Thanks for getting the creative energy flowing!

    P.S. I love that you are from Jersey! For fun I work summers on a party boat the Norma K III in Point Pleasant Beach, it’s defiantly something I love!!!


  108. Hi Marie

    Great topic and great actionable tool to use when questioning regrets down the line. “In 10 years will I regret not having done this?” I wish I had used this tool 25 years ago when I contemplated leaving a marriage I stayed in for wayyy too long 🙂

    I had a similar a-ha after the passing of my parents in close succession to one another. I started to question “whose life was I living?” and boy…did change come fast and furious after that question surfaced in my awareness. I changed EVERYTHING in my life and could not be happier. If anyone is interested in the story…link here

    Life is way too short. Live connected in a big way to your heart–your mind is there for processing, not for the kind of decision making that makes for a happy life! Love to you all and thanks Marie for all you do and share. I love checking my in box on Tuesday mornings 🙂

  109. Judy Yaron

    Hey Marie! Your comment, “… the next thing you know, you are going to be saying, I’m in my SIXTIES! Oh my God! How did that happen?” made me laugh.

    As a woman in her sixties, let me tell you how it happens: one day at a time – with an abundance of ups and downs. BUT, when you never stop dreaming, when you never stop taking risks, continually face your fears and remember that there is no such thing as failure, simply the Universe telling you that you are in the wrong direction (an Oprahism) even sixties is a great place to be.

    But it’s not just about dreams. It’s about not being afraid of who you are.
    Years ago, when I was going through my second Mr. Right treasure hunt for, I was continually being dumped. Ten years and no one wanted me. Good-intended friends kept telling me, “You are too much for the men out there. Tone it down! Tone down your energy. Tone down your creativity. Tone down your aspirations! Out of sheer desperation I toned it down and guess what! I still got dumped.

    Then one day, I took a good look in the mirror. I reminded myself how much I actually liked being me. I took a deep breath and shouted out to the world, “This is who I am, World – take it or leave it!” Not long after, Mr. R. Frog plunked himself into my pond and with puckered lips he whispered in my ear, “Hey, gal, will you be mine?” And the rest is history.
    That was almost thirteen years ago.

  110. Jen

    Four years ago I left a safe high paying job because I was burned out and regretting that I didn’t leave it 5 years before that! So I quit, took some time off and went back to Acupuncture Grad school. Having just graduated in August, I moved 1000 miles back to my home town (gulp) and passed my boards(yes!) and am waiting for my license to arrive. Unable to secure a part time job, I’m eating rice and beans, had to refinance my car, and am barely getting by all while surviving a real bad winter. This morning I was ready to start begging for a job, any where, just to start working again and paying some big bills coming in March. I’m no spring chicken anymore (56, yikes) and was feeling like I just can’t keep starting over and taking such risks at my age! Then your video arrived and I’m feeling empowered to be strong, be courageous, persistent and trust that following my heart really is the best for me and my future. I am so glad that I found you Marie!!! Perfect timing. Thank you.

    • Judy Yaron

      Hey Jen!
      Good for you! Never-ever stop taking risks! Age is just a number. It’s all about how you feel and what your heart is telling you. Patience! Your license will arrive and you will be on your way. Good luck and big hugs to keep you warm, Judy (from a warmer climate)

  111. Hanna

    True, true, true! Always follow your heart, it never fails you. I’ve made some really big decisions in my life, one also involving leaving a high-status job to go to Africa and do voluntary work. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. Also, I went and worked in a restaurant as a waitress even though I had a Master’s degree, just to check and make sure if what I really wanted wasn’t actually my own restaurant. I found I didn’t and moved on; I did another Master’s education (MPhil) and now I’m leaving for Africa for four years to work with local people for a local salary instead of doing a well-paid but for me boring PhD in Europe. So really, Myriah, I can tell you from experience: ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART. It might leave you ‘poorer’ moneywise, but it’ll make you richer in every other aspect of your life. And I also believe that if you follow your heart, the money will follow you – although perhaps at a later stage. GO FOR IT.

  112. Great topic and fantastic advice Marie.

    It totally puts things into (much bigger) perspective to look at a decision this way. I love it.

    Ps: I’ll see you in NY at Marianne’s party: I would not miss it for the world.

  113. Tracy

    Amen, Maria! I am all about living life with no regrets and ask myself in each major life decision, if I would regret not doing something. I quit my corporate job a year ago and shocked the pants off of most people I know to go travel around the world by myself. It was the best decision I have ever made! Not only was it the experience of a lifetime, it allowed me to take a step back and think about my future from a lens that was not influenced by my corporate job and those who know me as an MBA/Investment professional. I am now working on starting an online business, scary for certain, but no regrets. See you in B School and thank you so very much for sometimes frightening close to home advice and insights every week!

    • Tracy

      Sorry, I meant Marie, I am just drinking my first coffee 🙂

      xoxo Tracy

  114. if you need to learn internet marketing come and visit my site

    • Natasha Mae

      Thank you Get BlackHat,

      That site is a little overwhelming. The problem I am having is not knowing what is quality and what isn’t. I’m sure everything on your site is awesome, but how do I know?

  115. Just watched your video about the 10 year test…..
    I’m 57 (how did that happen!?!). Sorry, couldn’t resist……
    8 years ago last week, I started guest speaking in the High Schools to teens on Prevention of Child Abuse. That means if I make the environment safe enough, I will have teens talking to me about things they have going on in their lives, they thought were normal, which I would setimes have to take it to the level of a CPS report, a teen reacting to what they knew was true but didn’t want to hear, to having my life threatened……..and yet I loved it! I’m an Awakener – not just a speaker…….however the non-profit I was working through kept telling me it was about numbers and because I didn’t have a College degree, I wasn’t qualified to do anything else…, I’m saving lives……..and Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker….,.. I allowed myself to forget/ go to sleep temporarily and continued to trudge through the last few months…….I ended up in the hospital a week ago today, as a heart patient……nothing wrong with me MRI and cats and found nothing – healthy 35 yr old, never sick at all!!! My heart was breaking because I chose to believe “them” again instead of myself. My head has every tool, book, workshop in the world, but if the heart isn’t connecting and feeling it, it means nothing. So what I’m saying, thank you, I heard you when u said I’m not doing them or myself any favors! I’m giving notice next week, as soon as I have rested and take care of me physically and emotionally. My biggest challenge right now is not to beatyself up for not seeing and dealing with this sooner. No matter HOW OLD you are, you will have these opportunities to embrace who you BE and share that special gift-
    Thanks for being you – there was a reason I chose to watch your video today……..first time on your site

    Rev. Janet Ellis

    • Jeannie

      Right on, Reverend!

  116. Adrian Perez

    Great video! Some people may say, “Well that sounds nice and dandy, but I have bills to pay! A family to support!” There’s 168 hours in a week. If people can calculate the amount of hours they spend on meaningless minutiae, and use it on stuff they care about instead, they would have been so much happier. Their family and coworkers will take notice, and will in better moods as well.

  117. …Today is my last day at my corporate job. I am a little stunned that I saw this video today, because it is *exactly* what I needed to hear. Part of me is very nervous about leaving behind the comfort and stability of the corporate world. But the bigger part of me, my heart and soul, knows that I am doing what is best for me. I have no guarantee of success, but if I didn’t do this I would absolutely regret it in 10 years. Or even tomorrow, for that matter.

    Thank you MarieTV!

    • Carrie –

      I am happier than ever after being out of the corporate-robot, lying, toxic environment of my old job! Do your thang – life doesn’t guarantee success but your hard work can! GO HARD and GOOD LUCK!


    • Your courage is inspiring! I’m working up the courage to do the same. I told myself early last year (2013) that my last day at my current employer will be December 29, 2014. Now that I’m getting closer, I have to say, I’m pretty nervous as I wanted $10K in the bank by this time to live off of for the next few months (half way there) while I worked my business to pull in new clients to replace that income. My issue is trying to work my business and work a full time job is very hard as a single mom of 3, so I am wondering if this is possible. As I do not have any other income supporting me. So, income has to be replaced soon. I’m also wondering about having a part-time job lined up coupled with the savings to help while I pull in business.

  118. Jeannie

    Almost 7 years ago I left a nice, comfortable job to pursue my dream. The first component was to get formal training in a field in which I had only a hobbyist background. I commuted into NYC three nights w week while simultaneously remodeling a 100 year old house and garden. After working for other contractors for 6 years I am now ready to take the real plunge into working for myself! After what I went through already I would have thought this decision would be easy. I am terrified! This video hits it right on the mark. If I hadn’t followed my vision before, I would have been sitting at that same desk…or maybe not! Many of my friends left that company after a management change, altering the culture of that work place. Then I would have certainly wasted all of those precious years! But feeling the fear is not a good reason not to follow a dream and vision. I’ve “turned pro” thanks to these Marie TV videos and Steven Pressman. I have come to lien fear to the bell of an alarm clock—“Wake Up, Highest Self and get a move on!”

    • Jeannie,

      Leaving a comfortable job is so hard. There are also emotional ties to a job when you’ve been there so long. What’s especially hard is when you have those at the top trying to get you to stay and offer you top positions at that said employer. I’m going through this now but know that I’m not completely happy in the corporate world and know that being an employee is in the way of my real dreams that I’ve had since a very young age. I’ve realized that there is no good time to leave and to realize my dreams, it has to happen and soon.

  119. Natalia Stefanova

    Absolutely true! Whenever I have made a clear choice and pursued my goal 100% it did not matter whether I succeeded or failed miserably. The freedom of going for it was the real win!

  120. Great video Marie. You look awesome in this video.

    With that said, I was pursueing a business coaching career and podcast until December 2014. My sister initiated a divorce, my brother-in-law lost his mental state and burned their home to the ground and he has tried to harm her several times.

    She is now living with us and trying to figure out where her life will lead her.

    I, on the other hand have lost all desire to be a business coach since this all happened. It now feels heavy and not my purpose. However, I dont know what I do want now. If in 10 years I look back and have not fullfilled a career on my own I will be very regretful. I just dont know what direction to go as I am numb and blank.

    I feel I am ready to get back to the real world and can’t seem to do it.

    So goes my dilemna, but your video was encouraging.

  121. Marie – what a simple, but genius test! Like so amny others who follow you, I’ve started building a business so I can leave my day job. I’m excited and motivated like never before, but once in a while I doubt whether investing this much time and energy on it when my day job is “good enough.”

    But “good enough” gets tougher with each passing year and I know I will be kicking myself in 10 more years if I didn’t try my very best to follow my true passion.

    I bought a ticket to World Domination Summit this year and that’s another thing I’ve been having doubts about. If I don’t go for it, will I care in 10 years? I don’t know. After thinking about it, if money or timing becomes an issue, I know I can cancel as long as I do something else to meet up with other motivated, creative people this year – WDS itself isn’t what I need, it’s the community and energy.

    • I’m hoping to attend one of those World Dominiation Summits in the upcoming years myself. But with me trying to get 2 businesses developed, I’m having to choose what I can do with so much money going out already.

  122. You ain’t just whistling Dixie! Time DOES go fast. Great advice, Marie, as usual, and a call to action. Thinking ahead ten years from now and not taking yourself up on your own dreams gets scarier the older you get. Especially when you’re getting pretty close to “last chance!”

  123. I am in 100% agreement with Marie on this. I note a bit of self-trashiing after you left Europe. This will not do! Your decisions, whether they turn out to be right or wrong are all ok. Why? Because you are ok, and you are always changing–so why not explore different jobs?

    When an award winning writer loved my manuscript, this motivated me to finish my memoir. After that decision, everything lined up for me to succeed and I got it published. This excitement stayed with me and carried over to a desire to learn internet marketing to better get out my good stuff and make money to travel, travel being part of my 10 year plan.

    So go fully for it! The heart knows better than the brain.

  124. I love this video! I love your statement “…I owned it, and new with 100% certainty…” I agree and believe that you just have to know it in your spirit, and run with it with all your might in the direction of your destiny!

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  125. Marie,
    I did the 10 year test about 8 years ago. I quit my professional day job, and went into real estate. Unfortunately, no guru at that time could save what was happening to real estate. So I had to give up my dream and go back to work. It’s taken me quite a while to shake the fact that I trusted the Universe, myself and many other experts and it only got me back to square one. Fast forward to now, I finally ‘get it’ that the past does NOT equal the future, and that what I learned via experience and in boot camps will only serve me now and in future endeavors. Live Well 2014 actually launches TODAY, so your message is timely!. Oh and, I am still working a day job. So will take your tweet advice, and do my co workers a favor. And trust God that he has my back and will send me what I need to succeed. And Siri’s advice too: “Leave that poopy job!!” You are the best!!

  126. Eve

    Great Q&A Marie!

    When I was offered the highest position in my organization, I said yes even though I knew I would hate the job. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned back then, but it was awful? After 6 months I felt like I was 10 years older.

    In the meantime, my man and I were discussing about moving from our hometown to the other side of the country. He wanted to pursue his passion as a photographer, and I wanted a change of scenery. We took the leap. We quit our very good jobs and moved to Vancouver, BC. Nothing was waiting for us there, no family, no friends, no job, no place to stay, nothing. Actually we’ve never been to Vancouver yet! We stayed there for a year and now, we’re nomads.

    This could never have happened if we had stayed in our hometown.

    My man is working hard on his business, and it’s going very well. I completely changed my career path to follow my oldest dream: traveling the world slowly and writing about it. I’m not saying that it’s all rainbows and unicorns, but this is what I want to do. I’m fighting every day against Resistance and the “I’m not good enough to write, etc.”. Sometimes I win, sometimes I loose, but this is MY path. In 10 years, I’ll be able to say “I gave it a try, I did it”.

    “Life is short and it’s getting shorter by the minute. You must do the thing you love!” This is so true, even though it’s scary like sh*t sometimes.

    Thanks Marie for being so inspiring, as always.

    • Eve, I’m inspired by the leap you and your man have taken. Believe in the path that Spirit is leading you on – I know that blessings are flowing to you!

      • Eve

        Thanks a lot Connie. Your blessings mean so much to me.

  127. JUST what I needed to hear. Marie, you are superb! My heart is singing now because I’m going to unleash it.

  128. Melissa

    Hi Marie,

    The 10 year plan vision works so well! My life coach does this with me and right now I am separating from my husband of 9 years, moving to a new place and starting my own healthy eating coaching business. Talk about big decisions!

  129. How are some of you able to have your photo avatar on when commenting?

  130. 20 days ago, I took one of the biggest decisions of my life : quit my job to start a webdesign schooling and for the 1st time in my life, i’m sure about what i’m dooing. Thanks for jour post.

  131. Great confirmation!

    I just gave my resignation letter yesterday to pursue my healing path full-time! It was scary but exciting at the same time. And in the same weekend came an ah-ah moment about my niche. I feel when the space is there, ideas and opportunities will show.

  132. 10 years from now, I hope that both of my companies are turning huge profits and I hope to have published at least 1 book and am traveling abroad with my 3 children (2 of which will be grown by then).

  133. Lindsey Barbara

    Very amazing video Marie, as today is my birthday and the perfect reflection for what has occurred for me over the past year and inspiration to keep moving forward!!! I have my Masters degree in Early Childhood Education-I was in a job last year that was very well paying, lived in a nice house, etc. but at the end of the day, I came home and just wasn’t happy in my heart. I love children dearly and am a natural teacher at heart but I want to be 100% happy with what I am doing. Therefore, despite the big paycheck, I made the decision to take a huge leap of faith and resign from my job in August and travel overseas and follow my heart.

    I resigned and left for Europe 3 weeks later and ended up having the most amazing time of my life. I made friends for a lifetime and had experiences and adventures some people can only ever dream of….it was my dream come true. I returned home, here to the United States, a few days before Christmas, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to start my own business and follow my heart by sharing my love with the world.

    While I was living in Ireland this past fall (2013), I found a vintage spoon with the words “Always follow your heart” engraved on it and I have kept those words and spoon close to my heart ever since. The spoon has helped guide me to my mission and purpose for my business and is the cornerstone of what I am sharing with world.

    I am proud to say that I will be enrolling in B-School tomorrow and with your guidance-I know my love will be spread worldwide to enlighten, awaken & empower so many people. I am so happy right now, reflecting on my decision to resign and follow my heart because my 10 year test might have looked a little different, if I had not.

    Here’s to more dreams, more leaps of faith, and more magic being spread in the next 10 years!!!! No regrets!!!

    Always love!

  134. Marie! Wow I wish I had heard this question years ago! What an awesome video! Thank you so much for this gem. 10 year tests are where it’s at. Following My Heart ALLLLLLLL the way

  135. You said it right girl! If you ‘re stuck in a job you hate you aren’t doing ypur best for yourself or your company.So run away from there and land on something great!

  136. Marie…Great vid as usual lady. Much to the chagrin of most people around me, I jumped off the proverbial cliff and went for it this year, launching I HAD to! I had lived with my calling whispering inside of my for too long and it was getting down right painful. I could stand the pain back in my mid-twenties, but now in my mid-thirties with 2 little ones, it was killing me! It was no longer just about me, but about my kiddos too. If I was going to be the authentic kinda mom I wanted to be, I was going to have to put my money where my mouth was – even if that meant giving up my steady paycheck to do so. So I have…though some days are really tough and financially I haven’t hit the sweet spot in my business yet, I have not regretted it one iota! PLUS…I can truly tell my kids to follow their hearts and theirs dreams wholeheartedly. My WHY is motivation, by I am the reason. Thanks for all that you do for me Marie…you are an inspiration!

  137. La femme artiste

    Relationships. As a solo human, spirit, woman, artist- being, my life thus far has been very full. I am 59.
    I struck out on my own in 1972, the same year the ERA was battling to be born. What a great era : ) to catch such momentum literally throwing the gates to human opportunity wide open for women throughout this land! I was 17, and have never been prone to living with my attention on the past. Ahem, so to speak…
    For all the single girl adventures I experienced slogging through sexism everywhere, to just live- standing (without money, really) on my own two feet- the biggest misadventure has been and continues to be- TRUST.
    Ten years from now, the deepest evolution I pray I will realize- is connecting meaningfully with a significant and close group of other people. Among them: great true friends, fiercely devoted healthy lover, chosen family.
    Because one can heal past histories heroically, gain solo, studio ground artistically, raise a vibrantly healthy child again completely solo- when so far letting others in has eluded this life adventurer, life is isolated and that’s what’s got to change. I know intellectually the significant inner shift is within, I just don’t believe this adventure has to start quite as solo as the last 27 years have been.
    I am proud of myself, and yet starting this is the next big adventure isn’t supposed to happen quite so literally on my own anymore.
    Putting this intention out here, I am extending my hand/heart/smile to give and to learn to receive the lessons about trusting connection with self in relation with others…

  138. It is time to stop for a while, take a break, make a tea and see another great video 🙂 I LOVE your videos Marie.
    People…just tweet this with Marie’s video link.
    “It is time to stop for a while, take a break, make a tea and see another great video from Marie…+ video link”
    I will do it now! @Haidji
    (I took a break to make the tweet…it is done now:) )

    I ALWAYS follow my heart.
    I remember as i was 4 years old (YES 4) and told my plans to my grandmother…she believed on me…the rest…ok…the rest of the family smiled and said…she will change her meaning one day…
    I did not…
    Since I remember I am determinate (a better word to define stubborn that is how my family would define me) and follow my heart.
    Have I fall? Yes!
    Did I had difficult times, bad moments, crisis? YES! lots of them.
    Was it painful? yes, it was, but it would be more painful if I would not have follow my heart. I would always ask “What if…?”
    But I can learn and improve and every time I had fallen, I learned to stand up. Yes, I had disasters. I took bad decisions sometimes…
    but I had victories too and never made myself the question “What …if?”
    I jump from a precipice into cold water with open eyes.
    Sometimes there where no more water as I arrived, but…there was something else.
    and when I could not walk anymore because sometimes it just hurt too much…and I could not even crawl…but..ok…but…ok…I can not walk…but
    Can I maybe fly? In my dreams…?Yes, you can always fly and see what you can make better to make it work. What have you done wrong? what can you make better?
    Maybe you think that it is maybe easy for me to say…yes, go and follow your dreams! Believe ! Faith, Will and Hard work will make miracles.
    No, it is not always easy.
    It will not be easy…there will be lots of challenges and you will fall sometimes…
    but there are nice people around you and great people like Marie that remind you that you are in the right path and that we all are special and show you sometimes a small detail…that can bring you closer to your goals. Just DO IT! Life is too short and time pass by too fast.
    Just be yourself.
    I wish lots of success to all here

  139. Hi Marie,
    I couldn’t agree with this video more! Spot on, as always. Sticking with a life you don’t love is doing yourself and everyone around you no favours. I was at that crossroads just over 2.5 years ago. I had been wanting to leave my job and career for a while, I had gone part-time so I could spend time trying different creative activities and start my business slowly to feel my way. I was at the point of hating my work, feeling wretched every Sunday night and ecstatic every Wednesday evening when I had four working-for-myself days ahead of me. After many discussions with my super supportive husband I thought to myself, if I quit my job now, in a year’s time will I wish I had done it sooner? And I new that I would, I knew that in a month’s time I’d wish I did it sooner.
    Working for myself on my own business is incredibly hard work and there are times when I find it so stressful I have to have a little weep! But never at any point, not even for a nanosecond, have I regretted that decision or thought about giving up. I have a long way to go (and I’m signing up to B School to get me moving there!) but the journey is so exciting I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
    Oh, and on the morning I was travelling into my old job to hand in my notice, I had a wobble about whether I was doing the right thing. Then, on my iPod came Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now and I knew right there and then that I was absolutely doing the right thing! There was no stopping me. That tune has been my little private business anthem ever since.
    Gabrielle xx

  140. Michelle

    Marie, LOVE IT!

  141. I ‘m on my way on doing the first big thing that makes my heart sing. I’m writing my first book about love and my dream and goal is to touch the heart of my future readers. I haven’t done something really meaningful to me in creative way yet, so this is important as hell. Although I strugle daily with time management and I ‘m drawn away from the devilish internet.

  142. Marie this video really resonated with me. I am faced with a similar challenge. I truly believe that it’s best for all parties when you follow your heart. On a side note, the Siri outtakes were hilarious! So she wants to hit that??? Thanks for the chuckle Marie.

  143. Thanks again Marie. This video couldn’t have come on a better day… a day when I was literally at the moment I watched it crying with this agonizing decision-making process. Wanting so badly after 10 years of struggling to run my own art studio; to be able to focus on it and not spend all my energy on my healthcare job. Not knowing how I am going to make enough money to support myself and my wife who is going back to school for her own dream in the fall. Scary as shit… and I come from one of those families who taught me that being a professional is paramount and art is for your hobby.

    But in ten years I will absolutely regret with every bit of my being not quitting my toxic healthcare job and spending my savings to make this business successful. I can do it if I can just get past this moment of huge fear. I KNOW I can make it financially successful and that I will love every single day of the very hard work it will take, I really dislike my current job, and it is STILL difficult to take the plunge. The ten-year thing makes a big difference. I could keep putting it off and regret it all in ten years or I could just do it now. And if I fail (and I won’t), there is always another job in healthcare.

    Thanks Marie. You have helped so much.

  144. Five years ago I had a decision to start a new career or stay hanging out as a SAHM. I actually used that very question, and I figured out I didn’t want empty-nest-syndrome, and it wasn’t good for the kids to lean on me too much because I was always so available. So I started looking for an added purpose (being Mom is a great one, but why not more?). Fast-forward five years later, I’m an award-winning author of a really cool parenting book, and sharing my work with other moms and dads.

    I just did a talk last week at our local library and a single dad came to listen. He had just started a quest to figure out how to get along with his 7 year-old-son better. First stop – me. Wow, what a joy to know that I can help out other parents because I decided to go for it years ago.

    I think sometimes we don’t want to move forward because of the work and changes it will cause. But when we decide and then keep persisting in our dream, great things happen.

  145. Colleen

    Awesome, motivating video! I guess my biggest question is what if you can’t answer what is in your heart because you are unsure? I am 56 years old. I left my career (I have a Ph.D. and was a college professor) to raise my son (which I do not have any regrets about). I actually had a nice consulting business following that until I was basically forced (long story) by my husband to up and move. My son is now away at college, my husband took another job in another state and I am stuck in a place I don’t like with our house. I do not have a job. I basically want out of my marriage (it’s all very complicated) and out of this place but not sure how or where to go. I have done some fun things for myself lately (became certified as a Zumba instructor and Zumba toning instructor) but there are no opportunities for me here. I just feel lost…

  146. Hey Marie, I really appreciate the depth and authenticity of passion you spoke from in this video… it really resonated with me at a soul level. So thank you.

    Myriah is a lucky woman for hearing these words at this time in her life. I’m going to forward this clip to a client of mine who also really needs to hear this message right now.

    I have followed my heart in going self-employed full time this year and what overcame the fear in the end was knowing I would regret it in 10 years time if I didn’t.

  147. Although I posted a comment earlier, I really didn’t tell my story…

    In 1989, I left the world I knew in So. Cal to move to No. Cal to live my dream – going to graduate school to become a psychotherapist. I went out on a vision quest that week that I moved up to seal the deal and receive my instructions from Spirit. In stepping through my fears for those 3 solo days, I laid my foundation for the next several years.

    Along the way, I discovered yoga. I knew the first day I took a class that I’d be a teacher. I remember sharing my desire to teach yoga with my mother, and she said “don’t you have anything better to do with your time?” !!! Luckily, I didn’t care much what she thought.

    I had always felt called by the Divine, every since I was young. And after becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Yoga teacher, I felt called to ministry, too. Just two years ago, I became ordained as an Interfaith Minister.

    Like you, Marie, I wear many hats – yet they all speak to me of healing the heart, empowering us, and awakening us to our Divine essence. I followed my heart the whole way… now, I need to follow my heart to up the ante, and step onto a bigger stage, with a book, public speaking, and greater internet presence.

    I just recently discovered you, Marie – thank you for being uniquely you. You’re an inspiration.

  148. Hi Marie, I love this test, and have used it myself before. You also said something once in a spreecast with Danielle Laporte about testing something by whether it feels light or heavy to you. Love that too!

    I don’t know how many of these comments you are able to read… Or others will reply…? But I have another question That is kind of a follow-up to the test you mentioned in your video. I find it pretty easy to tell whether I will regret something if I do not do it, like you said… What I have been having trouble with lately is knowing whether right now is the best time to try to do my big dream of the moment, Whether it be business related or a move across states. I can decide whether I want to do something or not. But in regards to life circumstances like small children, or financial readiness… I sometimes have trouble knowing whether now is the best time to start a new venture or if it would be best put off for a few months or years… Any advice?

  149. Thank you Marie for another great video.

    I have followed my heart all my life and it has given me a life of great riches – though not financial ones, in fact I have lost my house twice!

    One such decision was to risk everything and pull out of my own business in order to found and direct an International Film Festival in Australia. – on mostly volunteer basis. I created this event because I wanted to provide a platform to support and screen films that were nourishing & life affirming.

    The catalyst for this seemingly crazy move was a series of unlikely events that had meant I was attending international film festivals with my own film and had been dismayed (horrified even) at what people were feeding their minds with.

    To cut a long story short I, and the team of devoted people that joined me along the way, created an incredibly beautiful and successful event. You can see more here in this heartwarming 25 min documentary that was made about my decision and nationally aired on our equivalent of PBS.

    I learned that I can do anything, and that lack of experience doesn’t mean lack of skill. The event ended up being huge, I did most of the actual work on a day to day basis and despite my inexperience it got wings and flew.

    I learned that if you ask people are so willing to help – 8 different festival directors from around the world willingly mentored me!

    I learned that research pays off big time.

    and the list is huge. My biggest and BEST lessons were when everything went wrong, when I lost my house & business and control of the festival and lost some key friendships.

    At first I had thought I was learning that people cannot be trusted, that they will take power over friendship.

    All the time I was actually learning to grow up, take control of my emotions, be gracious and let things go. I was learning the most profound lessons of my life – I was learning to be grateful no matter what the situation.

    Yes we lost materially, (we had to trade our big house for a small tin shed & have lived there ever since!) and I would happily do it all again tomorrow because these lessons are so precious to me and have made my life rich, rich, rich, incredibly interesting and utterly delicious.

    Since then I have taken similar leaps of faith and will always continue to do so… how can we learn to swim if we won’t get wet?

  150. I love this message…because I too changed my life’s direction and now I have something for you, I gave up my film/TV career in costume designer and now I am a social media strategist/ digital media director- I think I should share I hope you all see the following app which I think speaks to both the inner beliefs of the founder Drew who’s dream was to help inspire better writing. I joined their team because I myself – changed directions in my career(s) check out our app on I phones to write letters in a virtual desktop or send postal mail.

  151. Sean

    Loved this episode Maria!
    Reflects where I’m at with my family right now. We have the chance to move to Canada from UK; but it has to be this year to keep residency terms open.
    Did the 10 year test and was a resounding ‘HELL YEAH’ from me, will now have to work on the wife!!! 😉

  152. I am 50 years old. Divorced for 3 years after a 25 year marriage. I have a daughter in college and my son who is taking a gap year after high school.
    It has been our (mine, my sons and my daughters) to move to Los Angles California. Now seems to be the time to do it. We are putting the home we live in on the market this spring as dictated by my divorce decree. I have been a self employed/freelance graphic designer art director. I have looked for full time work in New Jersey and have not had any opportunities.
    I am an only child and both my parents are deceased. I have a lot of friends here but no one person I am that attached to. And I do make friends easily. I am also registered to start b-school in March.

    So I figure, I have to look for a place to live, and a job or clients here in NJ or I can make a major life change and move to where its sunny and warm. I do not have any real connections in LA.

    It just feels like what I am suppose to do. My son is my partner in this and we are going in the beginning of April to look for a place to rent.

    The reality of packing up my house ( Thank god, I am not a pack rat, and have already had 3 major garage sales) and moving across the country is daunting! As well as exciting…. I know I take myself wherever I go, So I am not running away from anything, I feel I am running towards something! : )

    I am a firm believer in following my instincts. I did have one time recently where I prayed to the universe to have someone recognize my talents and call me up out of the blue and offer me a new career.

    Well it happened! Long story short, it didn’t work out after 2 months and I had left a full-time job with benefits and haven’t been able to secure another one since! Although the universe has and always has provided me with financial support ever since. ( just no health benefits… but good health!) I guess I don’t really regret the decision but it leaves me to wonder if it worked out for the best and if this will work out for the best.

    I just needed a place to compose my thoughts about this…. and was inspired to join the community here.

    Thanks for reading and any support you can offer : )

  153. Thank you, Marie, for encouraging me to follow my heart. I took your advice about 9 months ago and left a stressful, unfulfilling job. I started a business doing what I love — speaking to and training people all over the nation about ending violence against women. I look forward to growing my business and learning even more from you when B-School starts next month!

  154. Marie, I completely agree with you. Ms. Myriah should follow her heart and do what she is feeling called to do. I strongly believe in our power to pursue, succeed, and realize our dreams if we take the steps others find risky. I find it far more risky not to, because like you said life is short and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look back and think of all the beautiful and amazing experiences I might have missed out on because I was doing what others deemed ‘responsible’ and ‘logical’. I’d rather be a dreamer, a doer, and an inspirer. 🙂

  155. I love your mantra! I have been following my heart all my life and I have lived one incredible life! Please check out and Like my Facebook page called:

  156. Amber

    I am 21 years old and a fresh college graduate! YES I am quite young to already have a 4 year degree in hand and I realize I am ahead in the game compared to others my age. BUT I still face the same struggles any recent college grad faces. I am BROKE but I want to follow my passions.

    Right now I am in a major pickle.
    OPTION #1 “The safe road” I have been offered a very well paying job in an industry I am not too excited about. It would certainly pay all my bills, allow me to live a comfortable life and maybe even allow me to save enough money to allow me to financially follow my dreams in the future.

    OPTION #2 “Follow your heart” I have also been offered a 4 month internship opportunity to work for a family member out of state who just opened a company that does EXACTLY what I want to do for the rest of my life. The problem is, as stated before I am a broke joke and I am not even sure I could live off the micro pay I would be given much less keep up with my credit card bills and live a comfortable life. BUT I know this is what I am craving.

    What’s a girl to do? Take a leap, give up the safe and financially stable opportunity for the pie in the sky and eat ramen noodles breakfast, lunch and dinner OR give it some time save up some money in the boring job and hope a similar opportunity will be available when the timing is better?

    My parents believe that if I have financial stability I will be able to follow my dreams. My friends think this opportunity will not pop up again in a few years.


    • Christa-Ann

      4 months might seem like a long time right now but if it is your passion you will be able to survive it for that time and you can get really creative with mac and cheese…on the other hand if you take the well paying job that does not have your passion you may be lulled into the addiction of mediocrity. You are a person who completes your tasks or you would not have a degree already. My thoughts are to follow your heart as Marie says. The sacrifices will become a dream in the past when your purpose is being fulfilled. (this is the experience that I had in giving life to 6 individuals in child birth and the subsequent challenges and joys as well, to me, motherhood is the most incredible opportunity and blessing ever and yet it remains a completely an individual choice. Listen to your own heart with an ear to the Spirit and let it guide you.) Just some thoughts… Blessings where er you go Amber!

      • Christa-Ann

        PS the comment about child birth was not really meant to you Amber but a reflection I wanted to leave from some other comments I read….just to clarify 😉

    • Hi Amber,

      I totally got you. I’ve been in your situation before. I was broke and leaving my job will make me more broke. Like you, I felt confused if I will leave my job and try to be freelancer and make it happen for me. It was a tough decision.

      You said that the “4 month internship opportunity to work for a family member out of state who just opened a company, does EXACTLY what I want to do for the rest of my life. The problem is, as stated before I am a broke joke and I am not even sure I could live off the micro pay I would be given much less keep up with my credit card bills and live a comfortable life. BUT I know this is what I am craving.”

      In my opinion, you can do either. There is no right or wrong here. You just need to figure out what are you up to. What are your long term goals?
      If you will take the 4month intership, you might consider these TIPS:

      1.) You need to know first how much you need to pay all your creditors. If you can’t pay them in full, make a monthly budget to pay them. If you can able to pay them monthly, go and commit that. This is your primary goal- to be debt free. If your income can’t pay in a monthly basis, you can write them letters telling them how much you can give on a monthly basis, then when your income goes up, you can pay more.
      2.) How do you see yourself in 10 years like what Marie said. If there is one thing in your life that you will regret of NOT doing in 10 years, is this one of those things? If yes, jump on it FEERLESSLY.
      3.) While you are working with this 4 month internship, expand your knowledge and see on how you will thrive financially with your expertise and knowledge. I know that you can do more and this is just one of them.

      What is important here is- You know who you are and what you are upto. Consider your priorities while following what you want. In the long run, things will get better and better.

      Hope this helped. Prosperity in You.

  157. Christa-Ann

    I am 57 now and have had so much growth in the past 8 years. I decided the first 50 were to learn from the world and the next was to focus on me and share my voice. I have done so in many incredible ways.
    I have done a lot of healing and that is the core of what I want to teach. I want to teach how to survive when the world we live in is insane and then when we realize it is me who is insane…where do we go from here?
    The journey of healing can be complex and frightening with twists and turns and so many rewards. I want to share my story.
    I have taken classes with Brendon Burchard and am currently doing Holocync Meditation and EFT with Nick and Jessica Ortner at The Tapping Solution. I am a 31 year member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and study and live by its principles. I have recently discovered A Course In Miracles and it actually teaches many of the things that I was wanting to share.
    So now I move on to continual self discovery.
    I am between jobs and find it challenging to make myself step in to that role again. I know I must support myself though. And I have come face to face with the child of my youth that has so many attitudes that are not mine and I need to work on her/me.
    Each step of progress seems like starting over again. Yet it is so rewarding!
    I have an online voice in blog talk radio (3 1/2 years), a blog, Facebook, You Tube, twitter, linked in. And I have some self published books. (Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter is my psuedonym for my writing and a name I carried legally from 2006 to 2012…this is a huge part of my story.)
    If I can get this child in tow and help myself to let go of the anger, frustration, and fear of life I can serve by helping others do the same. I know it will be overcome now that I recognize it.
    I want to do B School. Because of the fresh enthusiasm and feminine touch I suspect it will be what I need to be able to accomplish my dreams.
    (I have done Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy and his High Performance and plan to redo these and put into place the things he advises. So I do have the resources I just need to master my own monsters and do this.)
    I suppose if I wait until I am whole I will be dead and dust before I make a decision to do and it will be too late to help anyone here.
    I use my time to study and implement clearing practices and believe that where I find myself today is on the verge of being able to be the voice in the world that I was meant to be. Thanks for listening and thank you Marie for your voice and encouragement! Namaste

  158. Nicole

    I am at a definite crossroads in my life and I’m having a hard time understanding what my heart wants verses my head. Similarly to you Marie, my heart tells me I should become a fitness instructor, but my head tells me I wouldn’t enjoy teaching since I’ve only ever been the student, and I’m not in good enough shape, and I’m not outgoing enough, etc.

    I have been working toward a career in the healthcare field and have been interviewing for masters programs to do so. I am so confused about whether it is my heart or my head driving this decision to dive into healthcare. I love love love helping people, but is that my motivation or is it the money and job security? I am so confused.

    I am also in the midst of planning my wedding and all of my friends think I should be a wedding planner because I am so detail oriented and love the process of planning. I have planned many parties and events and it has been so much fun for me.

    So my question is: How do you REALLY know what your heart is telling you verses your head?

  159. I actually got chills watching this. Wicked Awesome Video Marie! TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!! WHOOT!

    My biggest regret in 10 years would be, why did you keep sabotaging yourself? So I say no to regrets and move on with my life. NOW!

  160. Annmarie

    To really get myself in the frame of mind about how I would feel in 10 yrs. if I didn’t help millions of people heal from Post Traumatic Stress, I thought:

    What was my life like 10 yrs. ago? How much has changed? Have the changes been worth it?

    This put the potential of following my heart in a positive frame of reference, making me feel excited about doing it! Why? Because 10 yrs. ago I was only half way through my own healing journey to escape from PTSD. I remember how awful I felt about everything in my life, including how I felt about myself. Now, having been PTSD symptom free for 8 yrs., I sense a personal moral and societal responsibility to share a way out for others.

    The “old, survivor” me would have thought about how much I would regret not following my passion. What I think Marie is encouraging us to do, is to believe in the excitement of the dream. What better way to do that, than to look back with gratitude 🙂

  161. Marie, I feel like a broken record with the opening line of each one of my comments, but… THANK YOU.

    This is so timely. I’ll be graduating with my master’s soon and have to decide whether to move back from Paris to be close to family and friends and a potential rekindling of love, or, move to another far away place to take advantage of a serendipitous opportunity. What makes it more confusing is that home = New York… so there were certainly be jobs there, too. I’m so afraid to make the ‘wrong’ decision and regret it.

    Thank you again for your sound perspective and advice 🙂

  162. Mary Jo

    Looking back to when I was 38, I went into a rather deep depression because I knew my marriage was not the right kind of relationship. It took me 10 years to get to the place where I could move out of it, but just before I turned 49, I filed for divorce after 25 years AND quit a job where I knew I was being forced out. Fortunately, my sister and I had started a business which I was able to go ‘work for’ and still do. The divorce was a bit messy (as they all are I suppose) and I continue to have to deal with the ex because of my still at home son. Regardless of that, I am glad I moved out of that relationship and job into a job that has soooo much more meaning than any other job I’d had for 20 years before this. And the relationship I’m in now is filled with kindness, understanding and love that I never knew before.

    I know I can apply the 10 year rule to future decisions to keep me on track. And I concur with you Marie, all the answers are inside of us; we just have to be brave enough to ask the right question and listen to our own answer. Thanks for a great show!

  163. Thank you for this valuable video Marie! So, it is very timely as one of my biggest dreams has been to move to NYC and I am finally doing it! I am going to experience it for 3 months and fly out next week! So excited. And yes, it totally passed the 10 year test. Thank you 🙂 Love, Diana

  164. Thanks Marie! 10 years from now, I will regret giving up on my dream. It’s been a financial struggle and just yesterday I was thinking of “throwing in the towel”, though I don’t even know what that means. I don’t think I could pursue anything else and still look myself in the mirror.

    So… onward, we go! Thanks for the pep talk!

  165. Marie, you have NO idea how on time this video is (and how funny I think you are and how easy you communicated this truth)! I am currently on government disability, and live in governmnent housing in NYC and I know I can do more! I have a business I am building called The Entertainment Ministry By Deborah and it has been so difficult but it’s been a habit and self-limitations that have kept me down. SO I want to follow my heart and go to colorado for a few months (where I have wanted to move to for two whole years!) and write a book that is in my soul to write as well as be involved musically as well as being where I feel led to …so that said, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  166. Thanks Marie.
    In my heart I know YOU ARE RIGHT, that I need to move on.

  167. OMW, that was the BEST MarieTV episode EVER! Wow, wow, wowee. 100% agree and follow this! #LiveYourDreams

    PS: Hilarious too! Loved all the suri texts. And you are looking fly – keep rocking the interwebs.

    “The world needs that special gift that only you have!”

  168. Wow. I’m so glad I’ve found you, your messages, your insight, your confidence.

    Almost one year ago, I moved to another state to ‘fight for’ a man I had met five months before that. I also moved because I needed a little space from my family of origin whom I was living with at the time. So it seemed like a good move for both reasons.

    It has been hugely difficult. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and bad choices.

    I did get that chance to be with him – six months after I moved here. It was perfection except for one thing – he didn’t want exclusivity, I did.

    It lasted six weeks.

    Since moving here I have also accomplished several of the other things I have wanted to do for years when: like learning to tango and doing it 5 – 10 hours a week since August, building two websites for others, buying a fantastic ‘real’ camera with lenses and taking 8000+ photos including many that are exactly what I’ve been wanting to create for years, and spending two and a half weeks in the south of France and a month in Italy.

    I leveraged my life insurance policy to do it. Now I’m broke. The relationship is over. And I’m faced with making big decisions again about the direction of my life.

    I’m sacred. I’m excited. I’m grateful that I got to be with him and do all of those other things. And I have more clarity concerning who I am and what I want.

    It’s been the most difficult year of my life. I could have handled things better. It will be interesting to see how things go from here. But I know one thing. I won’t regret in my moments before death that I didn’t try, didn’t give it my all to be with him. That I would have regretted. That would have haunted me for the rest of my life. I would have always wondered what would have happened if I had moved to Boise. Now I know.

    Now I can move on.

    Now I can take all the accomplishments and the wisdom gained and the greater insight into myself and create the business and life I LOVE!

  169. Renee

    You crack me up! Loved your hip hop vid. As always… Great advice!

  170. Kay

    Hello Everyone!
    This episode is a reminder from the universe to follow your heart. I’m currently pregnant and at a crossroad to whether I should come back to work or find another career after my pregnancy. I’ve been at the same place for five years and slowly moved up but now I’ve hit a plateau. I do love what I do but have been feeling that in order for me to impact more people, I need to make a change. In my heart of hearts I know I should move on but fear of the unknown tells me to stay. Ugh!

    I guess is this something that everyone at one point goes through.Right? We just have to have faith and believe in ourselves that something better is out there.

  171. Big decisions:
    ARE you kidding me – my full year has been full of big decisions… first one can I live with this man (husband) and father of my three children for the rest of my life????
    Next – Can I authentically look deeply at what I have created in my life and then take responsibility for it?? THEN Can I make the changes – am I willing?
    And if that is not all – do I go get a “real” job (and follow everyone’s words like – do something so that you can pay the bills now) or do I have 100% faith (and support my husband’s 100% faith) that we are in our stage of life where we must be – and by “be” I mean be still and then listen very intently on the message we are here to share with the people who need to hear it.
    Well, since when I do get still and constantly feel this sense that we are being watched over I have chosen the path of creating courses and programs around how to get through what I have gotten through – even though neither of us have earned income in 7 months, have a home to pay for, and three gorgeous children to provide for.
    What was the alternative? I could have run from the man I actually loved but currently felt hate for. The children would then have a split family. And I would be slaving away at some job which would have felt empty for me. EMPTY is that what I wanted? NOOOOO
    Working towards faith, truth and joy within a united family? YES!!! I am falling in love again…first with myself (may sound cheesy but look it is the only way to truth and to give love – and ultimately receive love!), with my husband (children are a given , for me) and I am also in love with the universe (cheese again?..NO because we are a part of something so much larger than we connect with on a day to day!!). Finally I am in love with what I am sharing right in this very moment and cannot wait for you ladies out there who think “I hate you (directed at whomever…usually a man…in your house…wink, wink), why am I doing this, it is all your fault, I do everything around here, nobody is grateful, life sucks!”).
    For this moment I send love & light to all my lady peeps!

  172. Hello everyone! I’ve been watching MarieTV for a while now but this is my first time commenting. What a wonderful, inspiring community.

    I’m one of those crazy people who isn’t afraid to take risks, and although it hasn’t made for an EASY life, it’s made for a much richer one. I landed a “dream” job in a very competitive industry at 24, just out of grad school. I was on contract, but the contracts kept getting renewed and extended. Everyone I knew was super impressed and assumed I was gunning for the full-time job that was surely down the road. Secretly, I wasn’t. I felt stifled creatively. I struggled with the ethics of the work and its incompatibility with my personality so much that I developed insomnia and started seeing a therapist. By 27, I felt like I was aging faster than I needed to, and felt icky about the money sitting my bank account — it was like I didn’t appreciate how I earned it. Then I finally got the full-time job I was working towards! And two months later, I quit.

    The three years since have been a rollarcoaster. I’ve spent time writing fiction, taking classes and working a few interesting jobs including one in West Africa (which was amazing!). My stress around money (not insignificant) pales in comparison to the stress I felt in the dream job. Now I’m building a business that will allow me to maintain the creative and flexible lifestyle I love. It’s taken me a while to get clarity and figure out what works, but I can’t imagine what my life would be if I hadn’t given myself this precious time to do it.

    The saddest part? When I left the dream job, several older colleagues approach me quietly and said they wished they’d done the same. But it was okay, because retirement was only 10, 15 or 20 years away.

    This is your life, people!

    The 10-year test is absolutely golden. Love to everyone!

  173. Ivelisse

    Wonderful Marie, love it!!!
    The ten year test is telling to win the B-School Scholarship or I’m going to regret it 🙂 .
    Thank you so much!!!

  174. Simone M.

    Hello Marie! I love this video and your energy! I did leave my cushy, high-paying federal government job about 5 months ago to take care of my very young family and to pursue my passion of starting my own businesses. I was very scared to make this decision! It took me four months to actually resign. Part of it was my super dedication and loyalty to my job commitments and responsibilities. The other was fear of the unknown and not having the comfortable bank account I was accustomed to; and part just not knowing if I could actually start and be successful as an entrepreneur. The two businesses I’m pursuing (so glad I watched your free B-School training videos 😉 ) are (1) as a life and career coach for women. My other business as an online business manager to help other online business owners do what only they can do – grow their businesses- while I manage the operations, projects, people, processes, training, etc. (Using my professional business skills). Some times when I get nervous or a little overwhelmed by all the things going on in my world, I’ll look at available “comfortable” jobs, but I stop and remind myself I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing right now. Having faith and taking actions so I can serve and help others succeed and be so much better and bigger than they imagined while at the same time doing the same for myself. I’m determined to make MY DREAM a REALITY! Thank you for the education, guidance, energy, and laughter!

  175. I love your video blogs Marie!
    13 years ago I decided to leave my 6 figure job at an ABC affiliate and stay home with my boys. Deciding to become a stay at home mom was the hardest and best decision I ever made. I got to be home with my boys and my husbands career took off because I was able to support him. While I played games, sang songs and read books to the boys I also started a part time marketing consulting business, play guitar and sing in an all female acoustic band- Bliss4, and I got certified as a 200 hour ryt yoga teacher!
    I am at a new crossroads ready to take it to the next level and I am thinking about coming to B School to help me get there!
    Rock on sister!

  176. Sheri

    Cooking is the thing I love to do. I need to something about it now and not wait ten years from know telling myself I should have something already.

  177. I’m at a crossroads right now so this video was bang-on timing for me. I’ve being weighing the decision to complete a Communications degree or to follow my dream of running my own online business. Thanks so much for the 10 year regret idea – very helpful!

  178. Chris

    Just got back from a lunch date with a friend in which I spent 45 minutes fussing about “I know my calling. There is no grey area. I have 6 months $$ in reserves. Only a 6 month window to make IT happen AND I’m 52 years old. If I take this leap I have no health insurance.” Seriously…..all you beautiful, vivacious, amazing young female entrepreneurs (ohhhh to be mid 30’s again) what guidance would you give me? I have just recently trained in the Nia Technique and am MADLY AND DEEPLY in love with the process. I have given “free” workshops and talks to thousands in a 12 step program I belong to. I have been told repeatedly I have a “gift”. in this area and I feel ON FIRE when I do retreats and workshops. I am currently at a job that pays the bills and offers insurance. Period. I left a job with better security but much less pay (I was working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet) a year ago and have been miserable ever since. I feel like its time to make a change but how? Any suggestions are most def welcome!

  179. In 2008, we decided to pull our kids out of school and do a 12000 mile, 34-state, 100-day trip around the US. It was one of the best experiences of our family’s life, and it set in motion a family philosophy of “why not.”

    Fast forward 5 years later, and both of our kids are homeschooled, our oldest is about to finish school to explore Europe, and our youngest is on the path to Full time missions in Latin America. I run a few different companies and I’m attending b-school this term to expand those endeavors. I’m just about to release my first product, and things are looking up.

    Following your heart and saying “why not” is often the catalyst for life-long changes that make all the difference in the world!

  180. I happen to have a huge decision on the table right now. Thank you for this! I really needed to hear it.



  181. Chris

    Hey MARIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I wrote the message above. I KNOW I am not your target audience but LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU NONE THE LESS. Seriously can ya throw a middle age mamma a bone? What advice would YOU give me?

  182. Lynne

    8 years ago I decided to work on an art degree — one class a semester while I continued to work in my more than full-time profession. I knew it would take a long time. And I’d be OLD when I finished. Should I do it or not. Was it worth it. I decided 1. I’d be old eventually even if I didn’t do the degree. 2. I’d love what I learned and it would bring joy to my life. 3. It could give the new direction my life would need in retirement.
    So I went for it. It took 8 years. I graduated in May, retired in June, just sold my first paintings in January. And I am nearly a decade older than when I started, but, folks. I would have been this old by now no matter what I did with my time. Except now I have a degree and a new focus for my life. Definitely worth all the time, energy, and money.

    • Traci

      Congratulations Lynne! You had foresight, dedication and courage. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

  183. Right on, Marie!
    Such a timely video… I taught a course yesterday called “How to Follow Your Bliss (When it Feels Like Sh*t) at en*theos and spoke about much of the same.

    Here’s a bit of science for the analytical types trying to figure out how to follow their hearts: The heart generates pre-cognitive information up to 4.75 seconds faster than the brain. (That’s intuition, y’all!)

    Follow your HeartPath!

  184. That is exactly where I am! I’m following where my heart is guiding me but ever so often fear shows its ugly little head. Thank God for you Marie and your positive messages to remind me I’m doing the right thing! You are awesome and I thank you for following your heart and sharing it with the world! 🙂

  185. Chris

    I had several turning points in my life:
    divorce from a man from whom I legally couldn’t divorce if he came with a paper of the doctor which said that he was bipolar + psychopath. It took 2 years to get him there that he agreed to divorce as follows: he had the money, the car & really all we owned…. & I had the kids. He didn’t pay anything for the kids. It was a difficult period, but my kids + myself were safe & that was the most important.

    I refused that doctors would use my son, who was in coma, as organ donor although they told me that he would never get out of it & if he would, he would be as a plant. They refused to apply authomatic breathing or whatever to help him to stay alive. I used hot applejuice (= very yang – I had nothing to loose) to “wash” him & he woke up. The next day he came back home, a week later he went back to shool.

    I started a non-profit company while I had no job… it took me one year to find out how I had to do it without loosing financial security (every one said that I was crazy 🙂 ). A few months later I found a job & did both during 8 years. I realy loved to give sport lessons & doing healing work beside my fulltime job. I stopped the non profit company when it all became too much & promised myself I would start up these activities later….

    Later is somewhere now… I first want to move to another place & am looking for the right location… well lets say that I found it (got the last info I needed today)…. my daugther doesn’t like me to move… but it will be OK, she will get more on her own feet….. if I don’t do all what is needed to be able to move, I’ll surely regret it.

  186. Traci

    Two and a half years ago I left my teaching career. The 10 year test worked for me. My decision was one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but I knew I could no longer work in this field. The ‘safety’ issue was a factor, for sure. I made a good income, I had benefits, wonderful colleagues and a nice chunk of summer with free time. But my desire to go to pastry school was tugging at me and I could no longer ignore my truth and the reality of my need to leave teaching. To attend pastry school, I would need to live 2 hours away from my home, for 16 months, during the week and commute back home on the weekend as the program is full time. With the help and support of my husband, I made the leap. I graduated pastry school five months ago (yeeee!!!). I am working in the industry at a lovely bakery making beautiful pastry (not making near the income as a teacher, but am much happier and healthier) and will be launching my food blog, Vanilla and Bean, next month. I discovered B School and look forward to acquiring the moxy of running a business so that I can eventually either take my food blog to great heights and/or start a community supported bakery. I feel like even though I had no ‘real’ idea of knowing where all this is/was going, I had to follow my heart, my gut, my truth, my health. And although I don’t really know what’s next, I feel good about the future and the path I have taken. No regrets.

    Thank you Marie, and all the community members for your courage and wisdom.

    With gratitude.

  187. This video made me laugh out loud so hard! totally lolling around. Loving the special heart-ring and siri-chat. I do have a big decision to make, so will do the ten year test falling asleep tonight and waking up in the morning. That’ll do it! Thanks again for the show, very inspiring.

  188. I so agree! My life is proof. I’ve written and given talks about this very thing. I’m in Austria right now studying at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts because I followed my heart – and when I didn’t have the finances to support that heart calling, a 7-part fundraising plan came into being including crowdfunding, auctioning off all my artwork, garage sales, etc. and I raised more than I set out to in 6 months. What I had originally thought would be 3 months away from Canada will be 10 months, including a month studying art and doing yoga in Bali. AND my ex-boss is looking forward to having me back teaching part time as I re-establish my art business and bank account back home 🙂 The more I follow what I call my Spirit Calls, the clearer the intuitive messages and the less hesitation I have to follow them. They’ve all been so worth it.

  189. Thank you for this, Marie!

    I felt like you were talking to me today. Last night I made the decision to quit working on the side for someone in order to fully jump two feet in with my business. I’ve been at it for about a year now, and my business is going great, but I made the extremely scary decision to cut some financial cords and decide “now or never”.

    And you’re right, if I don’t give it all I have now, I will absolutely regret it in 10 years.


  190. YES! I imagine myself saying ‘NO’ and walking away. If my heart hurts…I HAVE TO DO IT! I need to step off the cliff and start my awesome blog! -L

  191. Thanks Marie, this was a very timely message for me. I have been on the fence for years about a business idea. Mainly because I listen to what the “experts” say about brick and mortar business, and I get discouraged. Ten years from now I will regret not at least trying, so I’m going for it. I’m devising a plan and going for it. Thanks for answering this question, especially today, I needed this.

  192. First and foremost, I am just so grateful that you said “poopy job”. I say poop publicly almost as much as I say love, bliss, and namaste.

    And, I connect with this Q&A Tuesday theme on a profound level. I was a working actor for the first 30 years of my life. When I left NYC for LA just over 10 years ago, I had to trade in singing and theatre for cold cream commercials and print ads. I began slowly dying then and there. After I fully fell apart spiritually, physically, and emotionally – I began to wake up to my full potential as a yogi, teacher, and healer. I found that singing for the Divine was more fruitful than singing for Shakespeare or Cole Porter (*total props to them geniuses). And now, I live and love a practice of cultivating healthy bliss, and mirror this to the world.

    Thank you for brining light to this experience so that I can remember where I have come from and where I am going. Next, where do I want to be in 10 years from now?….

  193. Lis

    Hi Marie,

    More and more I am thinking about starting my own business (i already have one) or moving to another country. I’m not even sure what my exact dream is and it’s really frustrating. But right now, my husband and I are in financial problems and I’m using this as an excuse to stay in my comfort zone. How can I raise 60.000 or even 150.000 euros if I have nothing? I even have 30.000 euros of debts! Will my dream ever come true?

    Thanks anyway for your energetic and uplifting videos… But I still need some key tips & tricks.


    • Hey Lis! I’ve known folks in worse debt who have worked their way out and created incredible lives for themselves. FYI, we have over 170 free episodes here — filled with tips and tricks 😉

    • Oh my gosh Lis,

      You can totally do it. Be patient and be persistent….I have helped and seen many people get out of debt and into their dreams. Believe in yourself and go for it. Everything you need to make it happen is already within you.

      Dawn xo

  194. Hello Marie,

    I found you a few weeks ago and have been loving the B-school videos! This message particularly spoke to me today as I have been putting blocks in place to follow my dream by May of next year. I’m even blogging about it and so am going to talk about this video as inspiration for others who are thinking about making that big decision.

    I love the idea of the 10 year decision. I went abroad to study ten years ago this spring, and I cannot even imagine my life without it today! So I know without a doubt I will once again need to follow my heart on this goal.

    Emelia: I am also using your amazing quote about being in bondage to security. Brilliant. Thanks ladies, I’m currently sitting at the day job having a “lunch” break, with a few tears in my eyes. This hit me just right at the perfect time! Cheers!

  195. It seems like my life has been one “following my heart” or my wife’s, decision after another (past 20 years) . . . leaving my job as an engineer to go into human development training . . . being in Colorado and deciding in the moment that we were suppose to be in Vermont – then heading there within a couple of weeks . . . selling our farm in Vermont with all of our vehicles and moving to Portland, Maine, to enjoy walking everywhere . . . and then in Feb of 2011 turning to each other at the end of the movie The Way saying, “We have got to do that” – we headed out on the Camino from St. Jean in France on Sep 29 that same year and completed the 500 mile trek with the celebration of my 62nd birthday. And now we are in the process of taking what we know about teaching effective parenting skills and creating an on line course for those who are a match – we are not for everybody – Thanks Marie

  196. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for a great reminder about following your heart. Last year I pushed the button on B-school. At the time it was a huge investment. But I knew it was the correct path for me. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I did not commit to my heart… and my gut. I went from surviving to thriving. “You will never learn to swim if you don’t jump in the pool.” That’s a tweetable 🙂

    Thank you for the continued inspiration.
    In Love,

  197. The only fear I have is the fear of regrets, so, I am always asking myself the “ten years from now” question. It’s powerful, and has helped spur me into making some pretty crazy but extraordinary life-changing choices. Just 19 months ago my husband and I made the decision to leave Kansas, his successful law practice, and took our entire family of seven across the country to the mountains of Southern California. There was no job waiting for either of us, but my husband knew he had to leave the practice of law entirely in order for us to live our dreams; building our own creative businesses from home. Leaving everything was the only thing that was going to motivate us, so that’s what we did. We’d always dreamed of mountain living, and love, love love, California.. we still cannot believe we are here since I was a lifelong Kansan (pinch me!!) We had a small nest-egg in our savings which carried us a short time, and have been astounded by how everything has been working out perfectly. We’ve met the perfect people, made more friends than we’ve ever had, love our community, and most of all love our freedom with a new lifestyle that inspires more creativity than we ever thought possible. Despite what many people expected, we are making it and thriving in so many ways. Life is extraordinary! When we trust life/spirit enough to follow our hearts, listening to that inner voice that silently longs for the life we were meant to live, we are ALWAYS REWARDED one-hundred fold. Time and again in my own life I know this to be true. Don’t listen to friends or family who tell you it’s not time, or it’s just not possible, or not responsible, etc… if there is something you long to do, make it happen and leap!

  198. Darci

    Love you girl! and I love those hair highlight’s!!!

  199. CC

    Wow, there’s a lot comments here…I gotta wonder if someone is actually reading ALL of them. I confess, I only read a few. I am new to B school…but I’ve shared every video…good and quick hits. I am in healthcare marketing now, so I really appreciate where this approach is coming from.

    I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve followed my heart every time. I will say, while my heart’s been true…every time I have reached my destination (Masters degree, change in career to nursing, change from big corporate to small business) I have been disappointed with where I’ve landed – so I got up and left. I’m just saying, it’s not all sunshine and lollypops, but what are you gonna do? On to the next dream, keep listening to that heart – and yes, of course, don’t burn bridges. BUT as women we tend to want to leave everything nicey nice and make sure everyone likes us…more lollypops – remember to keep it real.

    I found Marie through Kris Carr – a huge inspiration to me after my parents died, I’m still promoting Kris, just last week I pulled her sight up in a meeting in Orlando 🙂 And my kids have morning ‘juice shots’ – one day they’ll say “remember when mom made us do shots!”

    Thank you ladies, I may just pop into the city on the 12th.

    Rock on.


    • Hi CC
      I am reading ALL comments, step by step.
      but maybe sometime I will not read more…because they are really a lot…and I need to work…my “to do” list is waiting for me…
      I am sure that more people are doing the same.
      There is a lot of great people here, lots of great dreamers,
      and lot of people with potential to be what they really want to be in life.
      I wish you all lots of success!

  200. Marie, I just found your site and appreciate the information you are offering here. I think the ten year test is a good one! I once did an exercise where I wrote a letter to the me of five years ago, and then pretended I was the me of five years in the future and did the same exercise (writing to the me in the present). That exercise was so telling. I know there is so much out there if I just GO for it. I just have to release the fear of failure and embrace the possibilities.

  201. Els

    In 2009 I quit my job to start my business. Was the best decision ever!!! Apart from marrying my hubby. I was miserable in almost all my jobs I had. My bosses were complete … . My learning curve is steeper than ever before. Yes, I struggle at times, like any entrepreneur does, but… today I received a job offer from a headhunter if I would apply. No, I won’t. Just the mere thought of working for a boss again… no thanks 🙂

  202. Alicia

    Whether is in/out of jobs/projects/relationships, I think we are never doing people people a true favor is we are staying when our heart is calling for something else. It might take us a while to understand what the call really meant sometimes but time doesn’t stop so take those risks now ! AND be responsible (Love that Marie!)

    I must have been a trapeze or circus artist in another life because I keep throwing myself out there, jumping in the void and finding riches I never thought possible. This hasn’t gone without serious soul injuries but I wouldn’t trade my life back for anything in the world (Ok except maybe a date with Benedict Cumberbatch, OMG). Kidding aside, I am moving to London and starting my consulting business AND pursuing my career as a performer. Loving the process and Hell Yes I would regret it in ten years if I don’t do it.

    Wish you the best with your decision Myriah !!

    PS.1: Marie, Pick me for the scholarship I can’t afford to wait another year !!!! 😉
    PS.2: You crack me up – it’s so full of life and funny bits <3

  203. Jodi

    I made a major life decision several months ago to leave my well-paying and insurance-providing job for more time with family and pursuing an independent practice/business. For me (no criticism of Marie’s video), the question “Will I regret it in 10 years?” feels less helpful – maybe more negative – than what got me to the tipping point with my decision, which was just to stop denying the voices inside that told me I knew what I wanted to do and that the time had come to do it. Meditation, discussions, journal, etc. helped the message become clearer and more certain.

    Much like the “burning bridges” advice in Marie’s video, which I thought was great, I think it’s important, when listening to those internal whispers/shouts, to think through not only WHAT you want to do, but HOW you will do it. Not every little detail, because that can lead to never taking the step, but having a game plan reasonably well thought through is a responsible way to take the big step, IMO. There’s a difference between courage and reckless impulsiveness.

    FWIW, to Katie above with the “to have kids or not to have kids” question: My suggestion would be to consider not only “Will I regret it if I do/don’t?” but also, in more neutral terms, try to imagine specifically what your life will be like in 1/5/10/40 years if you have or don’t have children — what feels right, what feels annoying or lacking, etc. in each scenario? In my case, husband and I eventually decided to stop making excuses (“We don’t have enough money in the bank yet” etc.) and go ahead, even though neither of us had a burning desire to get pregnant at that time. For us, it was the right choice to have them, but of course everyone is different.

    • Jodi, I agree that it is important to have a game plan. It’s okay to follow your heart and go for your dreams *as long as you have a plan of action.* To simply quit and “wing it” will not do any good.

      To anyone who is waiting for the “right” time to quit, the perfect time will never come. There will always be excuses.

      If your project is something that you are passionate about with your whole heart, if you know exactly what it is you want to do, and promise you will do everything you can to make it happen, then make it happen.

  204. Julie Daquelente

    So, I guess this 10 year rule could work for smaller things too… like where will I be in 10 years if I don’t start working out and eating better… that’s a bummer! 🙂

    When I was 25, I decided that if I didn’t do something radical, my life was going to just settle into a pattern of what I was used to. So, I decided to move halfway across the country with my suitcase, my dog, and my car to force myself to make strategic choices! It’s been seven years now and I can say it was one of the best decisions I ever made!

  205. Don

    I’m ready to launch an ecourse teaching medical students how to successfully apply, interview and strategize for a residency training position of their choosing. Would the B_School be the right fit for me? I’m a guy…

  206. Don

    I’m ready to launch an ecourse teaching medical students how to successfully apply, interview and strategize for a residency training position of their choosing. Would the B_School be the right fit for me? I’m a guy…

  207. Kelly

    Thanks Marie for a much needed reminder to follow my heart and start the business I’ve dreamed of. Can’t wait for B School!

    • Awesome Kelly – excited to see you in class!

  208. I stayed small for a long time -17 years in a career as professor getting payed well over 6 figures that I did not love.

    The hardest part was being honest but when I did, I left it all with no real plan, a mortgage, a baby and sole earner of the house. Not only did I survive but I started my own coaching business and have taken clients around the world, I’m writing a book and most importantly I am showing up as I want in the world and transforming lives.

    I know how hard it is to have the courage to walk away from stability to follow your heart so I created this free tool that may be helpful for anyone with a deep longing to follow your heart but just feel too scared.

    Please check it out and drop me a comment on how you felt after listening to it.

  209. Chet

    oooooo yeah…..that thing about time! Will be 66 this year…still have desire to follow my heart….spurred on by insuffient $ to retire on. I guess the more sad thing would be to have no funds to retire on ….and no dream. God does have a plan for each of us…my part is to pursue and finish well

  210. Katy

    Wow, this email came through just the moment when I was thinking, am I making the right decision?

    We live in the UK with our 5 children. We own a business employing 30 people. Yesterday we put down a deposit on our new house in Morocco which has orange and lemon trees, avocado trees, fig and almond trees, chickens, a peacock and a donkey and a superb view of the Atlas Mountains.

    It is a huge step to uproot the children to an Arabic speaking country and we could potentially lose our business (our investor can take our shares from us if we resign as directors). But regardless, it is a strong calling in my heart.

    This video has confirmed to me that I am making the right decision. In 10 years and I look back in a rainy England about this missed opportunity, I would be gutted.

    Thanks Marie!

  211. Tori

    I am definitely at a major crossroads right now deciding wether to invest in myself and take a giant leap or continue what I am doing where I am miserable and keep trying for a break where I currently am. This video is just want I needed to really consider how I will feel in 10 years if I don’t take this risk and follow my heart.

  212. I am a young mother of two, my husband is a student and will be for several more years. To say we are struggling financially is an understatement! I have been trying to decide how to take all of my ideas and dreams and turn them into something that our family can profit from. I have a passion for teaching others about healthy living, but feel like I need more formal education to be creditable and reliable resources go others. I am not good at business though and always worry about investing in more education and then not being able to really make soemthing of myself with it. I think not pursuing this is something that I would definitely regret, but in worry that it will take away from my responsibilities as a wife and mother as well. It’s a lot to think about. It’s a big decision!

  213. Marie,

    This is an enduring message and powerful at many moments in one’s life. I am a thirty something securities attorney and serial entrepreneur and on the verge of making the big decision to take a leap and dedicate myself full time to my new venture ( I just applied to your B-school and feel like it will be a key factor in helping me make the decision. Cheers to you for reminding us all to follow our dreams! @dinero_futuro.

  214. Love this! I actually used the words to myself “For the love of all that’s holy…it’s time to follow THIS dream”. So I packed up, left a my good paying death to my soul paralegal job, and I am starting my business as a life coach, writer and entrepreneur because I was dying inside and out! There is no time to waste. Thank you for being you!

  215. I followed my heart, invested everything I had into my dreams. Didn’t get a return on investment fast enough (who does?), wrote a check to my apartment complex to pay rent while my account was almost empty. The next day I got a $1000 bonus check out of the blue from the owner of my day job and a promotion with a pay increase.

    Follow your dreams. Keep moving forward. Be present. The Universe will assist with the rest.

  216. Hey Marie,
    This video arriving in my inbox today was such perfect timing in so many way. This is my first time ever commenting here much less anywhere else online but like many others here I found this came at the perfect time. I am a creative soul, always have been always will be. I’ve known since I was little what I wanted to be. I’ve been on my creative path for years (1st love:trained musician since the age of 6, 2nd love: fashion design). My main love and primary focus has been music my whole life, creating, working hard, plugging away, while anticipating and ‘waiting’ for that moment for the output to match my input opportunity and income wise while working day jobs. Steadily plugging away at my true love, music in the evenings and weekends . In addition 2 yrs ago, I started work on creating/building my own fashion brand, something i’ve dreamt of doing from little (wrote a draft bplan in college on) , completely self funded from scratch (developing, designing, sourcing, you name it, i’ve been wearing the hat) and am at the point where my online store is about to open. I’m about to give notice in a couple weeks after I get back from a short vacation to recharge. There’s this sureness on certain days, I know this is what I should do. My immune system has been acting up for the last year since I took this ftime job (and I know it’s me being in an environment that is 100% contrary to my makeup and me not doing what I’m meant to do full-time. Funny how the universe works as this job is all the worst elements of all the full time jobs I’ve ever had before. I had quit full time work 1.5 years ago and felt this exhilarating freedom for 6 months and all that could go wrong went wrong and I was in such a financial hole that I had to go back to ftime work. I feel as if there is a clarity which I need, to bring me and these things forth to their fullest potential and I’m not going to be able to get that while i’m here but then my head kicks in and starts asking those opposing and analytical questions: where?, how? what if? and reminds me of how last time things didn’t go well and how last time I had substantially more saved, and how will i pay my bills etc..

    I’ve decided that I’m quitting this well-paying job regardless of the fact that I don’t have much saved, regardless of the unpredictability. I’ve gone back and forth over this since last fall, and keep pushing it off because this isn’t figured out or that isn’t figured out. I even just got an offer elsewhere for an equally high paying job but i’m tired of spending so much of my days not living full time what I know my purpose is and feeling fulfilled. I know there has to be a way to generate the income and a part of me feels this is my test, last time I had savings it felt like an easier safer decision and i’m feeling that if I can just muster the courage and full faith to take the leap without a net this time, all in, then the universe will swoop in to provide me with just what i need. I know that I wouldn’t have been given these gifts if there wasn’t a way for me to fulfill my calling. I’m a singer-songwriter first, I love music more than words can express. I write songs which touch people, songs with heart. My second calling design, i’m launching a women’s designer line which is all about women walking in their nobility and elegance. I feel the energy of source when I’m working on either of these things and I know that since the intention behind all that I do is creating and giving love it must succeed so this little voice tells me to just jump despite appearances and ‘lack’ of resources and that everything will work out. My spirit tells me it will work out but my mind keeps stepping in with logistics and doing that analytical thing. Any thoughts and/or wisdom would be great 🙂

    With Thanks and Sunshine

  217. Hey Marie!

    This is just the video I needed. Been trying to find my dream again and it really helps to think what will I regret in ten years if I don’t do it now. And, the only thing that comes to mind is writing.

    I’ve made a lot of decisions that were following my heart, like moving cities to pursue a creative portfolio instead of getting a “real” job and then taking a temporary internship with a non-profit I was passionate about instead of the cushy one with ample room for growth and then traveling to Europe instead of finding a new job after that internship was done. I don’t regret making these decisions, but it’s made it really difficult for me to support myself and fighting for my dreams is draining all my energy and happiness because it doesn’t give me any profit.

    I find myself worrying so much about making money to be independent of my parents’ support that the pressure I put on my writing completely blocks me. I’ve tried so many things to provide myself with a safety net but it’s never enough and still leaves me worried about money and success.

    Phewf. I don’t want to regret worrying but I also don’t want to regret following a dream that will leave me in poverty my whole life.

  218. I just want to apologise to all for my grammar mistakes sometimes on my comments…and say that I have an editor for my books, there are no mistakes…
    I speak 6, almost 7 languages and when I write too fast…I just mix all…
    and mistakes happens…sorry!
    But now, I decided to tweet every time I get a new Marie Forleo video.

    Why all don’t tweet the same or something similar today just to say thanks to Marie to all this AMAZING VIDEOS?
    tweet the same or create a special tweet…
    here is my tweet-

    “It is time to stop for a while, take a break, make a tea and see another great video from @marieforleo
    because they are amazing!
    Congratulations Marie!


  219. I’ve been in an unfulfilling marriage for over 3 years now and I have exhausted myself trying to make it work, knowing deep down, that even at its best, it is still not right for me. I made the decision this morning – prior to seeing your video – to leave and start anew. We have a business together, so it’s even more complex, but I’ll figure it out. Your video just reinforced my decision. Being in limbo is infinitely worse than making the tough decision. I have faith that the universe is for me and this is the right path. Thank you for all the you do to support women. I look forward every week to Q&A Tuesday and I’ve always learned something that has nurtured my growth both personally & professionally. Btw, I’m 40 starting anew – if I can do it, so can anyone else who feels stuck in their life right now. 🙂

    • Congratulations!!! Letting go of this old energy, will allow for new energy to flow in! You go girl, 40 sounds like the perfect age to start again!! 🙂 Stick to your guns, you got this!!

  220. Audrey

    Thank you for this. Awesome and inspiring. AND you crack me up! 🙂

  221. Thanks for the reminder!! I do that, too, and I find it really works 🙂 I love what you have to say, Marie.

  222. I’m swirling around in a tornado of self doubt and fear today. It has really thrown me off my game. Yesterday I applied for the scholarship and so, I created a video on YouTube that was really real and really true to me…actually its the realest thing on the internet about me and it was the first time I have been that real about me and my business in public. Today I feel anxious, overwhlemed and a tremendous fear of being exposed which is rooted in a fear of not being accepted. Im not really sure how to get on my game from here, Im thinking of slowing down and trying to figure out how to blend more of me into my brand/business…has anyone else gone through a similar fear? Im starting to doubt whether this is my dream job, or am I following my dream? Or have advice on blending your personality/spiritualiy into your daily brand communication? Any advice would be awesome! Thank you and thanks Marie for being you!!

  223. My path has always been found by following my heart. The only time I regretted this has been when I compared my journey based upon the standards of “success” established by and for others. The other day I saw some mime that read something like: “Success is moving from one failure to the next effort with enthusiasm.” Not foolishly but being open to the possibilities.

  224. I decided to follow my heart when I chose to pursue a degree in theatre and a career in acting. Recently, I made an even bigger decision to follow my heart…I’ve been in a long distance relationship for almost 6 years that started in high school. My boyfriend lives in Atlanta, and after visiting him get again recently, I realized that life is too short to live so far apart. I have been feeling in a rut in Los Angeles and researched acting opportunities in Atlanta. And now I’m going to take the plunge and move there temporarily to finally start a life with the person I love while still pursuing my dreams! We plan on moving back to LA together in a year or so. Wish me luck 🙂

  225. Ali

    Hi Marie!

    This is such an inspiring video and beautiful reminder to follow our dreams, no matter what.

    Last month I decided to take a big leap. I had just left the wonderful career I was building with a company, where I was doing online marketing and helping to build the brand’s presence on social media. A week after I finished at that job, I received a super flattering job offer to do the same thing, but for a women owned-women run company that is helping women with their health in a beautiful way. It sounded like it was right up my alley and it was definitely a step up in pay grade and quality of work from my last job, but something didn’t feel right. I asked myself a similar question to the ten-year question, wondering if I would be happy that I went this route several months, or a year down the road.

    The answer I received was a resounding “No!” My heart has been yearning to start building my own business in a big way for years now, and I decided that I was ready to take the leap and start doing this, and not work for another person. Since last month when I made this decision, I created and began selling my first paid offerings for my customers and significantly increased my social network engagement.

    I feel so on-purpose, inspired, and happy as a result of doing this. The more I think about it, the more I can’t imagine working 9-5 for another entity, no matter how amazing their cause is. I feel so nourished by bringing my voice out in the world and stepping out in such a big way to bring forth message that only I have to share 😉

    Thank you as always, for the incredibly beautiful service you are providing the world!

    xo Ali

    • Way to go Ali! You will love being on your own. I have had my own business for over 10 years and before that I was a contractor. I can’t imagine ever working a 9-5 either. Best of luck and enjoy the ride!


  226. Hi Marie
    Definitely no coincidence with the timing on this topic, as I write this I am in the middle of the biggest life change thus far in my life. I have chosen to leave my partner of 6.5 years, our home, our business etc, to travel and take my career to a professional, consistent level! B-School couldn’t come at a better time. I have no idea what the current future holds but my vision of what I want and where I am going in the future couldn’t be any more clear. There are a few safe decisions I could make right now but something else tells me to leap and let the net catch me.

    • Hey Jenikz,

      Way to jump in (or should I say out) with both feet. I look forward to seeing where your new path takes you! Have fun travelling!


  227. Diane

    I have a really important suggestion that I gave my next door neighbor years ago. Ask for a leave of absence!!!!! She was a Continental pilot and told me the amazing story of how she flew cargo planes and loaded them herself to get her flight hours (and she is petite!). She has just had a child and was hoping to have a second and was thinking she had to quit her job. I suggested she ask for a leave of absence because I knew how hard she worked for the pilot’s license and position. She felt they would never say yes. But, I kept encouraging her to give it a try. Well, guess what. The airline said YES and gave her a 5 year leave of absence!!!! They were going to lay off pilots anyway. They just needed her to go in and work on the simulator every 6 months to keep her skills up. They even paid for her medical and free flights for those 5 years.

    She did go back to work after the 5 years and she was so glad she did not just quit.

    So, always ask for a leave of absence from a job, keep in touch, and make yourself available for questions. And do not tell your boss and co-workers what a crummy job you are leaving. Talk about how much you want to do your dream job.

    Always hold your temper and keep a positive attitude with people, or you will burn bridges. Even is someone is impossible, I do not let them I know I think so. But, if someone is being unfair to you, sometimes it is necessary to be clear about that, if being nice about it does not work. I do have a tendency to be “too nice for my own good” as my college age daughter says. But, I have never regretted being nice or asserting myself when necessary. It is also important to be proud of yourself and how you treat people as well as your accomplishments.

  228. Great test to do Marie!

    I also call it the “Rocking Chair Test” i.e.: Will I regret this when I am sitting in my rocking chair reflecting on my life?

    I think one of the hardest decisions I ever made was to break up with my fiancé. Looking back it was the best decision I could have made for everyone. Since we have gone our separate ways, my life has flourished….I have a great man who is much better suited with me, my businesses have flourished, I have moved forward in my leadership role with the Anthony Robbins Companies, I have a better connection with my friends and family and so much more. I feel free to be me!!! And I’m sure in the long term, it will be better for him too.

    As always, thank you for great information and reminders. You’re awesome!

    Dawn xo

  229. Meghan

    Hi, Marie!
    About 2.5 years ago, I left the security of the USAF to open a dental office from scratch. I have two little boys and an amazing husband. Now, we have 1600 patients grown only from word of mouth. (Can’t wait to see what we do when I get serious about marketing!) The best part is that I employ an amazing team that provides value focused care in our community. I get to create this amazing space where my values and world view are expressed. And, next week, I am leaving on my second dental mission trip (Nicaragua!) since we have opened, and I regularly work at our community free clinic in town.
    It was so scary working extra dental jobs to put food on the table. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though! Marie–you are totally right! When YOU make the decision, YOU own it. I don’t get nearly annoyed at all of the crazy stuff in the day to day around here because opening this office was my choice. Thanks for all you do!

  230. Joy L L

    Humm, seems like Marie is always in my head!

    This could not be more timely as I leave behind one career path to follow my heart and reconnect with my love for creativity. In doing so, I am seeking temporary employment in an industry that will allow for more flexibility, though much less money – this was my compromise with myself, giving me permission to move forward without too much stress related to finances. I have also relinquished many of my ideas of what type of life I thought I wanted and have instead thought long & hard about what it was that I really wanted. Funny thing, I have found that materialistically speaking, I want very little. When it comes to happiness – I want it all! This is by far one of the scariest things I have ever done, yet it feels like the most “right” thing that I have ever pushed for, not even getting my college degree felt this right!

    Thank you Marie!! Your words brought me even more strength in moving forward & UP! 🙂


  231. first off, I agree with Siri: no poopy jobs! Listening to my heart isn’t what’s usually hard for me (see my B-School vid), and I’ve leapt off a few big cliffs when there was no clear safety net. Or when I was sure somebody out there would have something (and not so nice) to say about it. And here’s the thing about that “somebody”: just because so many others are mired in fear doesn’t mean I (we, ya’ll!) have to be. So I have what I call my Wise Folks Council. I imagine 3 or 4 people who I really admire and who know a thing or two about risk (and Marie, you look great sitting there next to Bono and Helen Keller) and I picture what advice they would give me. And don’t think they always say what I think I need to hear! In fact, when it’s not “what I want to hear” I key on that and really listen. Then I ask myself, and let my heart have its say.

  232. Fantastic video and topic Marie!

    It’s great looking back and seeing how much I don’t regret my life choices. Especially because it made me who I am today. It may have taken me a lot longer to get here without me choosing what I wanted.

    I would totally regret not perusing writing, and getting paid for it, for a living as well as opening up a new queer business, for feminine women like me in mind.

    It’s interesting to note some of the things I wouldn’t really regret, that totally seem like I should, because for years I believed that was my life’s mission. The things I would regret most stem from my own ideas based on my experiences in life. I believe my dream is possible and it becomes more real each day.

  233. I hope to be an accomplished cartoon pinup artist.

  234. Kaila Vallis

    I’ve never been able to answer the question – who are your role models/idols in life? Until I discovered your website yesterday.

    Seriously, you are such an inspiration and I’m so glad to have found you now! I am 24 this year and am pretty much starting to gear up right now to start my own business with my mum. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of having multiple businesses, but I feel so encouraged by your words to really strive for an empire!

    It’s amazing where a little prayer leads you. I prayed yesterday morning for a little guidance.. and seriously – I was lead straight to you. If we were to all just open our eyes and follow our hearts (and God’s breadcrumbs) more often, imagine where all of us would be.

    Anyway…. I’m rambling. Thank you for all the wisdom you share with us 🙂

    With love from Australia!

  235. I think everyone is shooting for their dreams they are just spending too much time aiming and not enough time pulling the trigger!

    Fire first and then aim! (just don’t apply this to real guns)

  236. Mel

    Gave up my government teaching position to go back into my own photography business. Best decision ever. But realised I missed the teaching side of things so now embarking on a new venture to take my teaching to the world with an online company. Can’t wait to start bschool 🙂

  237. Lyrasia

    Dear Marie,
    Almost half and a year ago I was on holiday with my husband, my two sons and a lot of friends in a beautiful land house in Tuscany/Italy. Everything was beautiful there, but only outside. Because inside me I felt sad and angry and already a little sick. The reason for that feeling was my old job. I had a good career at an Austrian TV station, but for the bosses there I made the mistake to become a mother. This was the end of my career there, because – when I came back – they invented a non-useful job for me on the same level as a “head of ..”, because they had to do this by law (the rights for mothers in Austrian employee’s law are really good – but just on the paper). So I went to my job there 4 days a week, than ran home to take care of my boys, managing the household, … I affected me to be a “happy working mum” – but I was not. So on August, 15th 2013, I was lying on my sun lounger at the pool in this beautiful landscape reading “Hunger Games”, I got a warm feeling in my stomach and had to put my book down, because in that moment everything got clear. The answer was, that I had to quit my job and finally do, what I ever wanted to do since I was 16 years old (now I am 43 years): I want to write a book an become a writer. So when we came home to Vienna I quitted my job and from that day on I try to write my book – but not with a lot of consistency.
    So if I take a look on my next ten years I will be a successful writer and also a good energetic Feng Shui- and spiritual consultant, because I am on a development for that. So I think, that I have to sign up for B-school to get the plan and the tools to create my business, haven’t I?

  238. Sarah

    #winBSCHOOL!!! This my video presentation to win a place in B-School. For me B-School is the answer to the following proverb I try to live by day after day “BECOME WHO YOU ARE”. This is not an easy task, putting myself out there…I must REALLY REALLY want this and be REALLY REALLY ready 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!! So here we go:

  239. Traci

    Timeless, this message. BUT, here’s always been the sticky part for me. Have you ever felt that you lost the ability to decipher if it was your heart speaking to you or your glaring insecurities, fear, boredom or “logical” self?
    When I was in my 20’s, that little voice was unmistakably my heart talking, but as I’ve aged, taken dozens of risks to follow my heart that were useful learning experiences, and that I hoped would turn into a gain rather than a minus–many turned out to to be less than positive, affirming in the process. Consequently, I’m not sure what I hear now is less heart and more a tangle of insecurity, doubt, fear, weariness and “wake-up” sense.

    I am now in my 50’s with a resume that looks like an ADHD road map to nowhere, watched my wages plummet by 75% since my twenties with each new “follow my heart” move, re-creation, risk. I don’t feel like my “heart moves” served me terribly well, yet I feel compelled for some idiotic reason to continue to point myself in directions that I think will feed my soul. Am I happier, better off, glad I did it? From the perspective that I value choice and the education, resilience, courage (or stupidity) it’s shown me, yes. But it ain’t been a serene, joyful journey or destination.

    When heart moves don’t land you solidly on your feet, but chip away at the foundation, it’s exhausting, self-esteem crashing and makes me feel alien to myself. What are the voices I’m hearing these days…and can I count on them to be from the heart or from my highly developed neurosis?!

  240. Liam

    Great advice Marie! Last year I took a leap of faith to pursue I dream I always had to live and work in Spain. I heard about an opportunity to be an English language assistant in a high school, and now here I am! I’m in my 40s and most of the other assistants on the programme are in their 20s…so of course my mind was telling me I was crazy to do it, I’m too old, yadda yadda yadda. But it is one of the best experiences of my life and I am loving every minute of it. Plus I get plenty of spare time to also build my new online business that I can operate from anywhere in the world! So I say always follow your heart! No matter how crazy your head thinks it is….it always knows what’s best for you!

  241. Heather

    I had the answer to the 10 year question before you had finished saying it. I’ve known all my life that I wanted to live and teach in Europe. So far I have used marriage, then a divorce, and raising my son, as reasons why I couldn’t. When in reality I would be setting the best example for my son and his future life. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!


  242. Dear Marie,

    One of the regret I could have in 10 years time is never have let a comment on your website (even if I am following you every week) or on B-School website (I am a B-Schooler / you change the way I do business and I am so grateful).

    So, here it is!!!

    I would love that everybody on earth speak English to be able to read you every week. I am French (you know the country which has no word for “Entrepreneur” 😉 and thanks God! I speak English 😉

    Thank you so much to you and your team for MarieTV, for your insights, your precious and concrete advices, your fabulous energy, for building this amazing support for all the entrepreneurs in the world.

    I am following you, Kris Carr, Marianne Williamson, Danielle Laporte…, working to build a better, greater world, and this is the most inspiring thing I had read/followed so far. They are many inspiring spiritual guides, writers, etc. but you are amazing women who act! I fully believe in Danielle Laporte when she said that the Dalai Lama said to her that the future of the world is Women 😉 I am not feminist at all, but am convinced that women were not present enough on the Public area so far… Our way of thinking is so different… the world needs it!

    I am living in London and won’t be able to support Marianne Williamson on her way to the Congress but my heart is with her, with you all!!!

    I wish you all the VERY, VERY BEST for EVERYTHING!!!

    You’re so Glamour! Bravo!

    Much love,
    Fred x.

    • Oh Fred. I had to have a little fun with Google Translate to reply 🙂

      Merci beaucoup pour vos aimables paroles. Vous touchez mon cœur. J’apprécie profondément ce que vous avez partagé ici. Tout mon amour. xoxo

  243. I would love to take a break from my day job and become a full time artist, but I would love to learn more about the marketing side of it. I have a husband and a son, therefore I don’t want to feel like I let them down or get them broke by following my passion.

  244. Where were you 14 years ago,I could have used this 10 year plan then. Great video and great answer to someones question,like it so much have posted it to a friend on Facebook.

  245. Jade

    10 years from now, I’ll regret not getting certified in Equine Massage and not going back to school for an A.S. in Equine Science. I have ALWAYS loved horses but didn’t grow up with them so I thought it wasn’t possible. I’m 28, divorced, I have a 3 year old, and I’m going for it!!! I finally have the clarity that it’s what I’m meant to do. This video was one of many things that keep propelling me forward! Thanks MarieTV!!!

  246. This is very timely. I’m on unemployment right now, having left a “secure” job that I really hated to spend more time with my son. Being on unemployment isn’t awesome, and we are really struggling financially, but the Divine is consistently leading me to people, ideas, and actions that I truly feel are for the greatest good! It was hard to leave the secure job (sort of) knowing that our family was going to struggle, but in the struggle I have strengthened my marriage, gotten closer to my community, learned how to live more simply, and gotten better at listening to the Divine messages! Thanks Marie!

    • So in ten years, I would like to be a professional coach, a professional speaker, be able to give away 1 million dollars a year, and have time freedom to travel and be with my family.

  247. Marie,
    Thank you for sharing all your wealth and knowledge. You are an amazing inspiration. Looking down the 10 year road, I have no earthly idea of how to become a successful cartoon pinup artist. I’m not good at anything and I suck at life. The only work I’ve ever done is low income producing warehouse work. I hate it. I wish I was as fortunate as you and all your other viewers, but I was given the short end of the stick. I wish I could turn things around, however it looks grimmer and grimmer by the moment. I have no talents and I’m not very bright. How do I become someone worthwhile, instead of the nobody that I am now? I’ve self published 3 pinup books with no sales. I draw everyday and nobody buys my art. Should I keep trying or is it time to put the brush down and call it quits? I apologize for being so negative. I’m at the end of my rope.

    • James, I’m reading your very articulate comment and wondering how you see yourself as “not bright?” You already ARE worthwhile. And intelligent and thoughtful. I don’t know enough about the business you want to pursue, so I can’t address that. But I hope you will find a better sense of how important you are. ~ Lynn

    • Hi James, I can hear the frustration and pain in your voice, and I’m so sorry for that. I just want to echo what Lynn has shared. You are absolutely worthwhile right now. Every person on earth has talents and gifts — as do you. One of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned is the miracle of willingness. Willingness for my heart/attitude/life to change. Being honest about my pain and frustration and at the same time, being willing for it to shift. Asking for help (in my case, from God — but if that’s not a fit for you, whatever kind of higher power you may believe in) In addition to the spiritual work of willingness, practical action is a great way to get yourself on a new path. Finding a place you can contribute and earn money — something stable for you to rebuild your foundation would be awesome. My years serving others (in restaurants, and doing odd jobs) really helped me stay focused and also, helped me keep a roof over my head and gain confidence. Sending you a huge hug oxo

    • Hi James,

      Look inside by sitting still, feel your sense of “not good at anything” – go deep inside the feeling linked to these words and then in a breath you will catch a flicker of light -let this light grow bigger and bigger – here you will find exactly where you need to be! It will guide you IF you can trust it.

      Best wishes,

  248. In my early 20s, I got engaged. He was considerably older. At one point, he was in a job on the road. During his absence, I realized how much of myself I had subverted to remain with him. I especially noticed how much more I laughed once he was gone. Ending that relationship was so hard; I was sure I was not going to find anyone else who would want to be with me forever. I realized I wouldn’t stifle myself for anyone else. Today, I’m happily married with two teenaged children. On our first date, I stayed true to myself, even if that meant risking him not wanting to be with me. Best decision ever.

  249. Marie, you hit this right on the head. This is exactly where I was just a few months ago. I knew that the misery I was feeling in that moment in my past job was not going to go away, but only get worse. I had to get out and follow my passion, which happens to be in a completely different field and requires a lot of learning with trial and error. I am so much happier and am no longer in tears or making myself sick at the thought of going into work!

  250. YES!

    It’s so easy to forget this one, and yet it’s such a powerful question. As someone who spends a lot of time contemplating my many decisions and ideas, this message really hit home for me. What I normally do is ask myself “If you were nearing the end of your time here on Earth, would you regret ______?”

    Thank you Marie, and thanks to everyone for all your wonderful comments.

  251. Renee

    I will be 70 in September. I’m planning to follow my latest dream, having followed my heart for years. I’ve explored political activism, computer consulting and owning a software company, painting, owning and running art galleries, working in the health food industry, travelling alone to Europe for 3 months with a backpack at the age of 60, raising a wonderful daughter, marrying 3 times and loving each partner, and more…..
    You are never too old to follow your dreams and never too old to change your path if your heart isn’t singing. By the way, I am still beautiful, yes beautiful, and powerful! Aging is not a curse, it’s a privilege.

    This is a wonderful website.

    • I ADORE YOU RENEE!! Yes, caps were necessary for “Aging is not a curse, it’s a privilege.”

  252. Jennifer

    hi Marie!
    WOW this Q&A was literally delivered for me, just in time!
    I have been trying to make a decision at a crossroads.

    I recently moved to France, love being here, but work a job that is not in alignment with my soul. Although its in the industry i desire, the hours, environment, and very minimum pay have been taking a toll on me. I feel exhausted each day and that isnt helping me grow my business!

    I have been fearing because I have a contract, and for someone reason felt i “owned” the company. THANK YOU so much for freeing me to do whats best for me. I’m moving forward… 10 years from now I would regret wasting time at this job instead of taking action in line with my desires.

    HUGE thanks and see you in B School : )

  253. Marie, I love your videos!!

    It is so important to never burn bridges in life. Even when you hate your job or your crappy boss, it is so much better to leave with grace and your reputation in place. You never know in the future where or when someone from your past might help or hinder you!

    Taking the leap to pursue your dreams takes a lot of courage and constant action. It is hard sometimes to venture into the unknown and know if it is right. You are right Marie about following your heart and doing the 10 year scenario. If you make a choice from your heart, it can never be an incorrect choice for you.

    I left a corporate marketing job, making close to six figures in 2011 to start my own marketing/online marketing and marketing coaching business. My business empowers entrepreneurs, artists and small businesses with affordable services to reach their business goals/dreams

    Hands down the BEST decision I could have made for myself. Making the leap has had its own set of challenges and financially it has taken time to build my business.

    But this major change has afforded me with a lot of things I didn’t have before. I had a baby and have work/life flexibility (instead of working until 9 pm at night and some weekends in my corporate marketing job), I have more energy now to dream and work on multiple business ideas and I am a lot happier/more fulfilled now.

    With my business now, I feel like my work is really making a difference. I love helping others with their business dreams!

  254. Stumbled across a buzz feed article called: 11 Inspiring Stories Of People Who Left Normal Life And Embarked On An Adventure: (Adapted Share from Rustic Pathways)

    I too am at a crossroads in my life. I’ve done what most people dream of doing–3 months in Costa Rica, winning a free trip to study art in Italy, going on Thursday to earn my dog sled management certificate, designed my own course to fall in love with my black identity, and even ran a half-marathon. I also got a volunteering job in Hawaii.

    I’m 18. College & Debt Free.

    Can you say WOW.

    I am in a wonderful position, but I have 2 weeks to decide my next move. I really don’t want to go to college just yet, but if I want to meet Future Olivia (Dr. Live-executive lifestyle coach who teaches young adults how to be unforgettable) and Have the support of my parents (80% financially dependent)–what experience do I choose? Can life be a series of retreats or do I have to go back and live on the mainland, and collect a debt so I can be perceived as credible on the island.

    Sigh. 10 years from now I would regret not attempting to see what I can create without a college degree before I say yes to going back to formal, institutionalized school.

    Now it’s time to figure out how I could do this.

    Loving the comment section. So brave.

  255. Jenn

    You MUST always follow your heart!! My heart, head, intuition (you name it) were all screaming at me to leave (with my 2 children) my abusive marriage. Scary as heck, but the greatest decision I’ve ever made! No turning back, definitely ZERO regrets and such beauty on the other side of it all!!

    • Joanne

      I left an abusive marriage too. Kept praying, “How many times should I forgive?” And the reply came back, “Forgiveness does not necessarily mean sticking around.” Leaving was like jumping out of a burning airplane and trusting that my kid & I would be okay. And the truly amazing thing is that 20 years later, there is true peace between my ex and me. He has changed. So have I. Both for the better. And our kid is better for it, too.

  256. Jennifer Pronga

    You have totally convinced me! I know what my gift to share with the world is. I am just not sure exactly how to give it. I am positive that B-school is the answer I have been looking for. It is brilliant that you only offer it once a year. Every time I try to talk myself out of it, I realize that there is no way I can put this off a year.
    Looking forward to class!!!
    Jennifer Pr

  257. liz

    Hi Marie

    Where do I find your 10 yr questions? I sure am at cross roads at 57!!!


    • kathleen rose

      I think there is only 1 question. That is: “Will I regret NOT having done this in 10 years?” And if the answer is YES then you should go for it.

      – kathleen

  258. Making a VIDEO and entering to win a scholarship to B-School is one of the most courageous decisions I’ve made in my life. The only thing I’m leaving behind is the past and the old version of myself, the self that some folks are used to, but I am falling in love with the upgraded version of me. (Leaving the old version is also a huge decision). After a Traumatic Brain Injury a few years ago I am learning to use my brain muscle, but to follow my heart. When you have TBI, thought processes affect even the smallest decision. I’ve never felt so true to my authentic self. And yes, Marie, your hair rocks!!!!

  259. Perfect timing. I’m not exactly at a crossroads, more like a cliff I need to take a deep breath and jump off of. I’m getting clearer on what I want my life to look life and the things I want to to. And yes, if I don’t do it I will totally regret it in 10 years. So now that that is settled, I guess I just need to make that jump

  260. Charlotte

    Marie, the timing of this video is perfect.
    I am currently at a crossroads, just like you said.
    I have been trying to start up working for myself as a training coach since June last year, yet I am finding it tough going.
    I have the opportunity to interview for a teaching post which is what I qualified in at university.

    I’m torn between wanting the regularity and safety of a teaching job, and wanting the freedom working for myself could bring.

    But…if you asked me what was in my heart of hearts, its that I really want to be a stay at home mum to my two year old, and possibly think about having another child. This is what I want deep down, but financially I have to continue working.

    My gut tells me to stick with the training thing, but my heart is yearning for the mum thing, the thing I can’t have. Then there’s the teaching thing, reverting to what I know how to do, and the security that would bring.

    What do I do? I know I have to make this decision myself, but am finding it very tough indeed.

  261. This Post means so much to me as it seems as though you have read my Mind! This is Exactly how I feel and advise Folks. Follow Your Dreams !!

  262. Susana Vera

    Hi Marie

    My name is Susana and I am totally agree with your test to make big decisions. I happily do remember a big decision to take a year a go, when I leave my job after 8 years and actually became what I dreamed.

    I graduated graphic designer in 2002 and I exercise my profession in a small business until early 2013, I was bored with what I was doing, I automatically ran every day and did not feel any motivation to give my best and it was then that mid-year 2012 my heart had already decided, I felt I had to change my perception of things to act and live to see the changes I wanted in my life.

    I saw an ad in a social media advertising agency of great experience in my city, seeking a graphic designer and decided to submit my portfolio and resume. Immediately they contacted me, interviewed me and proposed to me to work with them.
    Oh! and I remember with a smile that was a very interesting interview that I was so clear about what I wanted to do, that in fact I it was I who interviewed them and realized something that myself never expected, I found that they wanted me like an account executive!
    Recognized by my experience with my clients directly assigned who always requested my attention, service and work.

    Now you ask me: How you made the decision? Let me tell you that my words exactly in that moment were : – “The fact that I’ve got here to this stage means I´ve allready make the decision” and that was it.

    Today, I am 12 executive bills and I can not wait for the day to continue to learn and grow professionally, and who knows maybe a new opportunity arrives with full set of challenges and so much learning as it has been this.

    Thank you so much for everything!

    Susana Vera
    from Maracaibo, Venezuela

  263. Reno

    What up homie,

    I recently graduated and am about to do a masters programme in Stockholm Sweden. I am also in the process of starting up my own Consultancy business. This episode was hitting very close to home, especially because my job is going so great, I was doubting the move.

    That just set me straight, time to get back to work.


  264. Christine

    Latey I’ve been thinking a lot about what will make me happy in my career and life. I’m 43 and am finding it difficult to find an organiztion where I can be my fun-loving, creative and positive self. Starting my own business has crossed my mind so today I had coffee with a friend who has her own business to ask her advice. Well, doesn’t she tell me about you and this video. Your enthusiasm and personality quickly pulled me in and the 10 year test reinforced that I have to explore this path more actively especially when there are people like yourself who inspire and support entrepreneurs. You rock Maria!

  265. Hi Marie,

    This was a very timely video! I’m at a point in my life where I feel like im literally sitting on a park bench and don’t know whether to get up and go left or get up and go right! I’m a sole parent and I lost my job last week. I have been working not to panic as that won’t help, so I have been looking and applying for jobs, however, seems there is only casual in this area. So I have a trial tomorrow for a position that will be casual with possible consistent hours. Now in the past i’ve worked full time for the ‘definate/secure’ paycheck at the end of the week and don’t really know how to do casual. At first I was thinking, yeah I can do this and work on my business but the doubts are starting to creep in. In reality can I really afford to work casual so I can spend time on my business. I’m very close to just saying well I will just take another fulltime position that I don’t really care for just so I can afford some kind of lifestyle. And with one paycheck, It’s all on ME!! I’m so confused and have been holding it together quite well, however, just here or there the tears have spilled out while my doubt creeps in and the thought of flogging myself in someone elses dream and having no time for my own life/dream makes me sad. I don’t want to live in the box anymore …. I want to break out of it and create something new.

    In ten years time I want to have a successful business and to me that means freedom to live my life as I want to live it and be financially supported. I see so many other women do it, why can’t I. I know i’m a sole parent and that makes it a little scarier (maybe), but why can’t I have it too! In ten years time I want to be a woman that says to other women “I did it, you can too” and show them/teach them how to get where they want to be.

    I’m trying to keep the faith and listen to my instincts without letting my mind scare me and override it.

    I know you have to be the change you want to see and leap of faith.

  266. Paul

    I used this very technique only 5 months ago to make a huge decision in my personal life. All I can say is that it’s turned out perfectly so far!

    Now to find the courage to do the same in my professional life 🙂

  267. In 10 years from now, will I regret not having gone for this whole ballet thing?…. HELL YES! 😀
    Another good question: In 10 years from now will I regret quitting my current business? hmmm, no..

  268. I love seeing this conversation! 10 years ago I was standing at this crossroad of following my crazy ass calling. I had created a very safe life that fulfilled my ego and my bank account. I spent about 4 years standing at that crossroad knowing what I needed to do but trying to talk myself out of it because what I had to let go of to follow my heart was so complicated. To fulfill my calling it meant moving halfway across this planet alone, walking away from a relationship with an amazingly wonderful man, leaving all of my friends and my parents and a sister I loved living near, renting out my house, placing all my things in storage and selling my business…and using all of my savings to make the Maui…to be an artist! Ha! I finally chose to go after my dream because the feeling in my gut was truly that I would die inside if I didn’t. I am now 42 and am a full time artist living on Maui and what I want to say to those of you at your own crossroads is..anything is possible. Truth is I am no famous artist and I am not rolling in money..yet : ) but my life is sooooo rich and deeply fulfilling on such a soulful level! It is a daily leap of faith to follow your path. I call myself a cliff walker because it feels like I am asked to step off a cliff into faith often. What I have experienced is that if We get out of your own way and are willing to take the first step off that cliff into that unknown path that is our calling…we will be shown the next step and we will be held. So much of the core of this is about having unshakeable faith..thing is we usually have to be shaken, stirred and unraveled a bit to find that clear faith. Weeee!
    Love and Aloha!

  269. Amazing how the world works. Just as I am making a major decision.

    BAM. This video.

    Every heard of a full time professional Wedding Dj? Well that’s my dream and it is so close. Marie your video only just confirmed my decision to go for it.

    Thanks. I am looking forward to being a part of B School and taking it all to the next level. Much Love.

  270. I am lol as I sit here the ten years later and YES! I absolutely regret it! Thanks for the kick in the butt to take care of that and to not let it happen again with this! : ) xo

  271. Vicki


    I’ve have nearly reached that 60 mark and know what Marie says – the older you get the faster the time goes. I made a choice to be creative and follow my heart however it wasn’t a success financially so then set up a business for financial reasons. It just hasn’t worked for me – I need to follow my heart and have another go at my creative side. One of the things I keep hearing in my head is “do you want to leave this world not having used your gifts you were given”. Looking back in 10 years I don’t want to be saying “I should have done that”. Thanks Marie for your great content.


  272. I love this episode!!

    I read (think it was Mia Freedman) that if you’re trying to make a decision between two paths – then pretend for half a day you’ve chosen one over the other. Then spend another day pretending you’ve chosen the other path instead. In both cases listen to how you feel – you’ll figure out pretty fast which one makes you feel better/worse/regretful/full of inspiration and excitement. Totally works for me.

    Following your passion and finding your purpose is essential for good health and wellbeing too. And us neuroscientists have also found that it reduces the risk of dementia. Seriously – passion is good for your brain!!!

  273. For 25 years I loved my government job as an epidemiologist at the CDC. My work was the prevention of intimate partner violence – which of course, has huge adverse health consequences. I felt like I was making a difference in the world and loved my work. Then the bomb dropped, management changed, and the work environment became soul killing. I had planned to retire from my government job in 5 years but I knew that if I stuck around until then, my mental and physical health would suffer (well, it already was actually). So I made the decision to leave a 6 figure income behind going down to zero (literally) to start up a business making business bags for women. It happened only 2 months ago and even though it is scarey, I am soooo much happier. I know that my business partner and I will succeed by giving it all that we have. Even though jumping in to the unknown can be scarey – go for it. You can do it. Really.

  274. Hi Marie
    I think you are amazing & I really get what you are saying.
    You give me a lot of hope, encouragement & the confidence is even starting to seep through. But what do you do if you don’t know what your heart really wants? How do you listen to your heart?

  275. I absolutely LOVE this! So many people have tried to tell me I couldn’t do the things I am most passionate about in my life. I finally found a person who always believes in me and encourages me to pursue my dreams – it is really nice to have someone cheering me on! My husband gave me the ability to quit my job in December and I have been pursuing my own business ever since! It has been a roller coaster ride, I am poor but completely happy and loving every minute of it. I am sure it will always be a roller coaster, but I am so much happier and I can just feel that good things are coming my way. It’s been a really tough road but it has been so worth it, and I will feel so good knowing I will never look back and regret. Thanks Marie, you really put things in great perspective for the people you touch.

  276. Such great advice to follow your heart!
    I did just that back in November. I have wanted to run my own business as a therapist for a long time! I hated my job as a Pharmacy Tech, and had been there 7yrs! I finally decided to hand my notice in and just get on with doing something I love! So I handed in my notice, my last day at work was New Year’s Eve. So not only was it a new year, but a new life too. I don’t regret a thing! My business is starting to take off and there have been lots of changes at my old job, which I know, I would not have been happy with had I of stayed. I am now doing what I was born to do, and I couldn’t be happier.

  277. Lady Fehr

    I couldn’t wait to sit down and watch this episode of Marie TV! This is the year for my husband and I and our two boys to follow our hearts and move across the country! We don’t know anyone there, but the heart is leading us to make this change for our family. And you know what? I still am a little nervous, but as things keep rolling towards the day of take off, I can breathe deeper and the deep joy that I feel is incredibly refreshing.
    Oh yeah, I also made a public video with great hopes of earning a scholarship to B-School! HUGE year for me! Going ALL the way Baby!

  278. Shona

    Hi Marie and everyone!

    This touches raw nerve with me. I would fly off and follow my dream IF I have money behind me to give me security. But, to do it, I would have to use the ONLY money I have (not much), leaving NO savings for my ‘old age’….On the one hand I ain’t gettin’ any younger (I’m 48!), yet if I do the 10 year test, hell, at 58 I’ll sure regret not having given my dream a go…I’m already on the cusp of it being “too late”. I want to be an international conference interpreter, and the only decent postgrad courses are in Spain. To pursue this I have to sell my only investment (at a loss, cos prices have crashed), scrape by as a greying international student, pushing 50 and leave my husband. Family, home and stability are also important to me, at least they are now that I’m older. I wonder if there’s a way to have my cake and eat it too. If I apply the ‘if I won the lottery’ test (a healthy few million, or even just 1 million) what would I do, then I wouldn’t hesitate. I’d say ‘ciao’ and be off in a flash (paying off my mortgage on my apartment here first). But I don’t, so lack of $$ keeps me stuck and limits my choices. Sounds like Mariah has a high-paying profession she can always come back to in some way and has probably made lots of money from, plus she’s “only” 35, so she should just go for it! Maybe she can even explore a middle path – ie request leave without pay for a year to do her Malaysia adventure; win-win, cos she’s leaving the door open and not having that fear of ‘nothing to come back to’ if she later opts to return. My husband’s dream (he’s come from overseas only a few years ago) is to settle in Australia, buy a house in the suburbs, etc, etc. I would jump at going to live in his country (Colombia) but he doesn’t want to return (at least, not to live). I am still chomping at the bit to do travel and living overseas still not done (have done some but not nearly as much as I’d like). My dream is to live and work in Latin America or Spain. His dream is not my dream. Yet at same time, I do value having a partner, love, security….And I ask myself, what if I move to the most ‘exotic’ location in the world, but don’t have partner/family? And see all the locals (by my age) is all settled down with family and I look wierd and feel lonely being by myself. Well, I’ve got lots of thinking to do! And I’ll post again when I’ve figure it out! Lov ya work Marie! You have the perfect life, perfect hair, perfect clothes….!

    • Diane

      Shona, have you asked your husband to go to Spain with you for a year? Or asked your own job for a leave of absence to go to school? How about inquired about financial aid or scholarships?

      I would recommend looking for a way to make space for your goals within the life you have, versus throwing everything you love about your life away for a “dream.” Your husband is from Columbia so he speaks Spanish. Spain is also having some problems now, but it should be pretty cheap there now to live as a result. Maybe that program you are interested in would give you a big break on the tuition.

      I see everyone thinking on this forum they have to leap. Think about your goal and plan a course to achieve it.

      I should tell you that I have a Civil Engineering degree and build and sell houses and that was my dream in my 30’s and I did it. But, you cannot build something properly that will last without proper planning, so I am kind of shocked how many women on this forum think they should leave a loving husband or partner for a “dream” of something new. How about sharing your dreams and taking turns making each others dreams come true. He goes to Spain with you for a year or two and maybe you go to Australia with him for a year or two. It would be a great adventure for each of you.

      I know Marie left her fiancé and job and leaped. But, she also had her parents to fall back on and her bartending job too. There is no reason to throw away what you have already have to create something new.

      I have been a viewer of Marie’s videos because I want to start a new internet based business. But, I am not throwing away what I already have to achieve it. You don’t have to.

      • Hey Guys! Two important things.

        1. While I’m deeply grateful for my life, myself — nor anyone is perfect. We all have challenges, good days and bad days. We’re all perfectly imperfect 🙂

        2. Planning is amazing. I’m a HUGE planner. And no one here is suggesting we make moves without planning, nor suggesting we must throw away what we have to create something new. Every situation is unique and each of us has to find the right path for us.


        • Diane


          I love your videos and this week has really struck a chord with so many people. I see a lot of people who followed their heart for a dream and it did not work out. So many people have been hurt by the economic recession that hit in 2008 and are still reeling. I see it everyday as I own rental property and they came to me after having to sell a home or losing a home.

          I would love to see a video next week addressing how to rebound after your dreams have not worked out. Resilience and charting new course can be difficult. But, I have seen people rebuild their lives after a huge loss.

          I am a bit concerned that you titled this weeks video “Should you give it ALL UP and follow your heart?” Rarely, is it a good idea to give it ALL UP to do anything. Making progress in life is building on what you have already achieved and created.

          Thanks Marie.

    • Diane


      You can always rent your home out as long as you can get rent that covers your mortgage to follow your dream. I know lots of people who have done that. (I manage that for my clients). You just have to find the right renters. Your family can check on your home for you while you are gone.

      Marie looks great and has great success, but you have a life you love already. Fit your dream into your life. It is possible. And you are lucky to have a husband and family you are happy with.

      I want to travel to Europe, but my husband is just not interested. I will go with someone else, or our daughter when she graduates college this year. But, I do not need to leave my marriage or sell my home to follow my heart.

  279. Marie, I love this 10 yr concept idea! I can see so many ‘uses’ for this planning tool. Thanks a bunch! ~Kathryn

  280. Aimee Sharkey

    Marie fantastic video and definitely what I needed today.
    In ten years time I would totallly TOTALLY regret not following my creative path. I have been putting my life on hold due to health for too long. I am stuck in an office job I HATE and I have just started looking into creating my own business.
    I want to help people with my music and provide them with the service of singing at weddings and funerals. I just want to make a difference in the world and I feel this is the way I can do it.
    Your video is so inspiring and I am so appreciative that I found your site. You are making a massive difference in my life, for this I thank you.

  281. Hi Maria, I loved this segment! I am a women in my late 50s. At 30 I believed the “universe rewards those who take a risk on its own behalf!” and I took risks, huge risks — in 1994 I left a job and started my own consulting business in technology/training with only two days of work lined up — it went on to be a very successful business. 6 years later I studied Feng Shui and became a Feng Shui Master. I ended up doing both – technology/training consulting and Feng Shui consultations. In 2006 a lot of my business started drying up so I took a “good” job but not one I am in love with, and I am still in it. At 58, suddenly things like making sure I have can afford to retire are more important to me than when I was in my 30s. I am working to get help to create what’s next for me. At 58 I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have the same energy, drive or desire for risks that I did at 20, 30 and even 40, and I feel like I have a lot more to lose now than I did when I was younger. I have a great life, I have a wonderful marriage, I have traveled the world and done so many things I’ve wanted to do. AND I am working to try and figure out what I would regret in this lifetime if I did not do it. Any suggestions?

  282. I love this idea and, not to (ever) take anything away from Marie Forleo’s wonderful advice, but I’ve been using this “10 year test” my entire life!

    I remember when I moved back to Atlanta after going to NYU for college. I wasn’t happy in Atlanta and knew in my heart that I wasn’t ready to be back in Atlanta yet…I knew, if I fast forwarded ten years from then, I would look back and regret not living other places…before returning to Atlanta, where I grew up, later.

    So, I moved back to NYC. And I’m so glad I did. I’ll always treasure my time in the city.

    Same thing happened when I decided to move to Boston after grad school…still didn’t feel quite ready to be back in Atlanta yet. Asked myself to fast forward 10 or so years and ask myself I’d regret not trying Boston. I decided I would, and moved to Boston.

    I liked Boston OK, but finally decided to return to Atlanta, where I’ve been for about nine years now…

    And it’s funny. I’m not feeling completely happy here. While I haven’t done everything perfectly (who does?), I feel like I really tried to make certain things happen here – that didn’t. And, thus, I feel my heart is speaking to me, questioning whether this is the right place for me. Did I make the right choice to come back home?

    But, for the first time in my life, I’m having a terribly difficult time doing the 10 year exercise, because Marie is right…

    As we get older, and I’m now in my early 40’s (yikes!), time does seem to pass faster and faster…to the young ones out there, know I (and Marie) speak the truth here…it goes by so very fast.

    And a factor I didn’t think twice about before has seemingly become a big factor…

    And that is, I realize more than ever how quickly the next chapter of my parents’ lives will pass…(and it saddens me to even write that, because I literally won, to quote the late Dr. Randy Pausch, the parent lottery)…

    And, so leaving Atlanta this time around has been a tremendously more difficult decision because I not only wanted to be here in Atlanta to help my parents for when they reach that elderly stage (thankfully, they’re still very active and young in spirit and heart), but also to be able to spend this precious time with them, as I know I won’t always have this opportunity…

    But yet, I can’t escape this feeling inside or rather this question of, is Atlanta the best place for me? Can I still create the life for me here that I want or should I move, while I’m still young enough and have the energy to do so?

    So, my own 10 year exercise hasn’t helped me make this decision…yet. But maybe I should “fast forward” again and ask myself again which situation I’d regret more.

    I fear I’d always feel guilty for leaving and also sad about leaving, sad about missing this precious time with my parents…but I also fear sacrificing areas of my own life that I wonder if they could be better elsewhere, with a fresh start and all…

    As you can tell, I’m terribly conflicted…

  283. darcy

    Wow! Receiving this email is freaking me out! I just found Marie when I was facing with a huge life decision. I watched a video I found sunday morning and then spent the whole day watching all the videos I could find about B School and Marie and Kris Carr and Danielle LePorte. I knew right away that B School was for me and yet, not only do I not have the funds to attend but I am so far in debt, I cannot even form the words. I keep applying for jobs that I don’t want at all and, not surprisingly, I don’t get them. I know that I am meant to grow our business to a new, enlightened level and I know I can do it!

    About 8 years ago, I was at the bottom. I had a retail business. I had asked my husband for a divorce. I barely knew my 2 little kids because I was working all the time and just getting by. I knew something was about to snap. I decided I need to move across the country, to a place I had never lived and only knew a parent of an old school friend. I told my husband I was moving and he said, “OK. It’ll take 2 years but we’ll do it.” I said, “I’ll give you 1” and a year later I moved out here with the kids and he came a few months later when he’d wrapped up his stuff. It was so crazy and yet I knew it was so right! Since then, my parents have followed us here and we’ve made tons of friends. My husband and I are so happy and together. I feel so connected with my kids. I’ve never lived in a place where I’m so happy to come home after a vacation (this is the sign post for me that I’m in the right place!).

    We moved here and designed and built an amazing home. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned (beaurocracy, some bad trades people, rocketing expense, expensive loans…) and we are having to sell it rather urgently. We thought it was a great investment. We’ve had the lovely life we’ve wanted for the past few years but now we are terrified having all our eggs in this one basket. Everything we had financially (and emotionally) went into this house and we took on SO much debt, I honestly don’t know if we will have ANYTHING when we sell. Whenever that will be…

    So now I need to leave those worries behind and move forward. We know we have the design skills and building smarts to make amazing homes for people and have looked at all kinds of green technologies. Prefab, modular, shipping containers! Now we need to find the people who need the homes. I think BSchool will really help me set up the business, find the people will want these homes and the people who need these homes. From modest, yet kick-ass homes to big groovy contemporary dwellings. Retail, offices, multi-family buildings, studios, gyms… the possibilities are endless! I see having a philanthropic aspect to our business too that will use a portion of our proceeds to give homes or subsidize homes to people who may not ever be able to afford a house of their own. Home is where my heart is and I want that for everyone.

    So I got my video in though I didn’t get to say enough about my idea. I hope it was enough. Guess we’ll know friday. Fingers crossed!

  284. Kamal

    Hi Marie
    You are doing wonderful job.”Thank You” . I am 34 and it’s really flying. I am stay at home mom from last 7 years but I use to work in customer service and admin. I always wanted to have my online business but don’t know what to do . I have been thinking to go back and study something … But very confuse … I really want to do your b school. My little one is starting school in two years I want to invest my time to build my business now. Please help me Marie suggest me something…. God bless you Marie..

  285. Cia

    I needed this today. I’ve been regretting a lot these past few months. I have not been living my dream or living up to my full potential and life is quickly passing me by. Time to live it up!!

  286. Hi Maria. I’m 41 and left my professional (veterinary) career 7 months ago due to stress, etc. I am a very creative person, with art, crafts and writing and have been told by so many friends that I have so much to offer. Yet I cannot seem to find anyone willing to employ me for these non-traditional skills, even with qualifications behind my name, nor can I find a focus for myself. How can I know if I will regret doing something if I don’t even know what it is I want to do?! I would love to get a creative business going, but I am just not an entrepreneur, no two ways about it. Any tips?

  287. Geoff Walburn

    It is important to do what your heart tells you, I did a project in Indonesia and spent over 2 years in Africa including “dangerous” Sierra Leone, and it was great experience, never regretted it. Now back in Oz after 3 years in Asia, but Oz is only a base, enjoy life, you are right, the older you get, the faster it disappears, do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. Yes! I did that. Took the biggest risk of my life. This is about relationships. I left my wife (she was great and all) but in the end. It was a case of..

    I lost my wife when she became a mother.

    We had problems, no communications, and all those issues 3 years running and I had enough. So I left.

    Fell in the arms of another woman. After 3.5 years. She cheated on me and now we too are gone.

    The risk was? My ex-wife, came around (after the 3rd split). She realised, she had to be a mother and a wife at the same time after speaking to my mum who pretty much slapped her in the face and said wake up!

    But of course I’m a bloke… and stubborn………so now. I live in a shared accommodation… don’t see my kids much because of my work rotation and their schedule.

    In the end. I risked it all to have a life of being alone. My ex-fiance (the one who cheated on me). Now has a life of similar to me. She risked it all for him. He doesn’t want her and they both have kids together.

  289. Dear Marie,

    Thank you so much for this video. I’m 28 and feeling like, what happened to my early 20s?!
    Today, you have yet again inspired me. I’ve been hating my bridge jobs–nannying, administrative assistant, etc. I’ve often felt demeaned, and that I’m not using my talents from my arts background. I’ve been scraping along the last few months, worried about money and yet my stomach turns every time I look at new nanny, waitress, or assistant job.
    So guess what?!
    I’m starting my own bridge job–I’m creating my own nanny service to that will streamline children’s organized after school activities (which I can provide with all of my arts training) with their childcare. ( I will not only be their private dance/yoga/piano/tap teacher, but also do their after school pickup!

    You’ve changed my life–it’s not about the product or the service, but how you package and position it. I’ve been working on this idea for the last four hours and it actually feels FUN!

    So now my bridge business will help me get to other full-time business.

    Yes, Marie! Thank you!!!

  290. Cat

    OMG, F-YES!!! I’d SOOOO regret it if I didn’t do this thing that’s been nagging at me ever since my parents shut it down in high school. I NEED to start this band. I NEED to ROCK. Post-haste. NOW.
    I’m 37 (and yeah, I’m still shocked that I’ve been around this long and so little has changed!) and have wanted to be a hard rock/heavy metal singer ever since I first laid ears on the Mighty Metallica. I’ve sung all my life; in church choirs, school choruses and jazz groups, Irish pub bands and donated my willing pipes to my friends’ ballsy endeavours.
    For me, the seemingly overwhelming amount of courage necessary comes straight from my overbearing parents’ need to “sheild” me from anything they didn’t/don’t understand. Now that I’m *nearly* 2000 miles away and living in a place far better suited for this need (as opposed to their house), I know IT’S TIME. If 10 more years pass without this project being born, I could never forgive myself.
    Thank you for the push and all the amazing advice.
    Keep Rockin’, Lady!
    [email protected]

  291. Oh my, been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. I could write a whole book about it 🙂 Almost 10 years ago, in my early 30’s I was working for the federal government and was absolutely miserable. I didn’t like my job at all and I hit a moment when I thought, “Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?” I needed a change and the call was loud and clear. I did exactly what Marie suggested and thought, when I am 80, will I regret not taking a chance and doing something new? Hell yes. So I left. I left the government, I sold most of my belongings and bought a one way ticket to Argentina. Didn’t know a soul here and didn’t know anything about Mendoza either. Didn’t bother researching it, I saw on the map that it was next to the mountains and that was where I wanted to be. I showed up with two suitcases and a whole lot of hope and dreams. I had no idea what I was going to do, but at that point anything was better than what I had been doing. I ended up finding a job in the wine industry and began learning about food and wine. I simplified my lifestyle and did things that mattered to me. Spent less and experienced more. Food and wine connected me back with my roots, my traditions and gave me a whole new and wonderful perspective on life. Life became about gathering around meals, enjoying time with those who meant alot to me, and slowing my pace right down to a snails crawl. I never went back. I still live here, I now work online, selecting businesses that resonate with me and help them with launches. And am now COO for one of them. I have my creative projects on the side that focus on writing as well as food and wine. I met my now husband down here, a New Yorker 🙂 , and we now live in a small cabin at the base of the mountains with our two dogs. I work remotely from there and spend my days doing strategic work I love (Marie was a huge inspiration in my move in that direction), creative work writing and experimenting with food and wine (currently working on some initiatives as well to help people bring a food culture back into their lives and help out the small farmers) and putter around the property connecting with Nature and being the mountain hippie that I am. I can’t even begin to tell you how high my happiness factor has soared. I chose to create my lifestyle first and then found work to match it rather than the other way around. And it has made all the difference in the world. So I say get out there and go for it. Being miserable day in and day out will serve no one, not you or the people you work for. The world needs passionate and happy people. So whatever that is for you, go do that. 🙂

    • OMG Chrissie! I’m jumping up and down over here cheering you on. I loved “spent less and experienced more” HUGE thanks for sharing and congrats on following your heart. You’re an inspiration xoxo

      • thanks Marie 🙂

        • Brigid

          What a beautiful story Chrissie! Thanks for sharing. You are a true inspiration.

    • MG (Mary Grace)

      Wow! Truly courageous, inspirational, and an awesome illustration of what true freedom really means. Love the creating one’s lifestyle first then finding work to match it! I can so relate to the misery from working for a gov’t agency. I am still working for one but slowly transitioning out as I build my online business. Continued happiness Chrissie!!

    • Kimdar

      Wow, what an inspirational story! Thanks for sharing.

  292. About 5-1/2 years ago I decided to follow the sage advice of my grandfather (who had passed away exactly one year before) and work toward becoming a professional photographer. Photography, well visual arts in general but especially photography, was where my passion has always been. But when I was younger I was too stubborn to admit because I had other goals for my life (joining the Army and becoming a doctor) but by my mid-20’s I realized I wasn’t cut out for. But I struggled to find a new path. My grandfather would always tell me, “Heather figure out what it is you love doing and then find a way to do it for a living. The day I (my grandfather, not me) started teaching was the day I really retired because it never felt like I was working.”
    Pouli (Greek for grandfather is Papouli) was my greatest teacher in life and the one constant I could always count on growing up so when he passed away my world was shattered. A few weeks before the anniversary of his death I was fired from my job, which I hated, and didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to survive. But when I grabbed the camera I finally understood what he always told me and decided to pursue photography as a career path.
    It’s been about 5-1/2 years now and still struggling to figure out how to start/grow a business but I refuse to give up on it. Right now I’m doing what I can on my own and working with Vocational Rehabilitation so that I can make my dream/goals a reality. And at the beginning of 2014 I made goals for the year instead of resolutions (both personal and professional) because I’m going to make things happen. Even though right now I don’t have the first clue how I’m going to make it I refuse to give up.

    • This is absolutely beautiful Heather. I, for one, am cheering you on!

  293. Sandra Chikhani

    Hi Marie!
    I’m SO thinking about B-School JUST EVERY MINUTE!!!!
    I don’t know if you saw my video yet but I hope!!!
    I am FASCINATED with all you propose and all the people you’ve helped!!! I want to follow my heart and believe in myself and jump in.
    My dream is to have my online coaching business to help women who struggle with weight and body image. I am in this healing path myself and have learnt SO MUCH!!! But I don’t know how to organize myself, put all together and launch something that will help many people and turn their lives around! Let them spark and live happier lives 🙂
    I am already a Life Coach, a Health Coach (IIN) and will soon graduate from the IPE as a Psychology of eating Coach…
    I always find new classes and feel like I should learn more and more and more and in the end I don’t take the LEAP of faith and just do it.
    I KNOW I WILL REGRET NOT HAVING DONE THIS IN 10 YEARS…I know I will be good at it and especially I know this is what will make me feel happier and fulfilled and make me able to give EVEN MORE!!!
    I need the HUGE push!!! I see all the people whom you have helped and you are all over the web and in every BEAUTIFUL AND PROFESSIONAL site I see…I love Sarah Jenks and because of her met Stasia Wimmer…both the IIN and the IPE send emails acknowledging your WONDERFUL PROGRAM and I want to follow your classes WITH ALL MY HEART, MY PASSION AND MY DRIVE!!!
    If I follow my heart I know this is the way!!!
    I live in Peru, South America…there’s NOTHING like what you offer here!!! No one is starting this kind of business in such a professional and high level way…I am just thrilled, amazed…dreaming of you…I dream you choose me…you tell me Sandra…let’s go…I’ll help you!!!
    I want to be as positive as I possibly can and make this happen.
    i don’t know much about youtube and how I could make my video “viral” I wish everyone would see it…I don’t even know if I uploaded it correctly so that I could reach you.
    I am visualizing and concentrating my whole energy in being as positive as I may…I was in a competition once before and gave so much…I was unlucky and did not win, but that led me to meet Stasia and other great people in LMWL with Sarah Jenks…i just hit my head thinking HOW ON EARTH DID SHE MAKE THIS SOOOOOOO PROFESSIONAL. It’s like there are no loose ends…everything is so well thought, so well done!!!! I feel so energetic and enthusiastic…I want to learn so much and put it into practice and let everyone know how I did it!!! How I made it happen and how others can do too here in Peru.
    I send you all the best energy, though I see you have so much!!!! and I will focus every time to follow my dream!!! No 10 year regrets!!!
    Thank you!

  294. I will never forgive myself if I do not pursue being a comedian – someone who teaches others that thru comedy we can break down walls, talk about whats real to us (as whats real differs from person to person), and not to mention, laugh about it ALL along the way. Aside from animal and child abuse, most things get funny as time passes, and comedy is an incredible way to transcend ourselves. IF YOU CAN MAKE PEOPLE GENUINELY LAUGH AND THEY DONT EVEN KNOW YOU, YOU ARE SPECIAL AND SHOULD GO FOR IT. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE LAUGHTER ALWAYS.

  295. This reminds me of Steven Covey’s words about ‘beginning with the end in mind.’ It might seem a little bizarre to visualise yourself on your deathbed, pondering what you were most proud of in your life- but it sure puts things into perspective!

  296. Hello Marie!

    I can relate to the whole “Wonder if I should take the risk and do what my heart is telling me to do”??? Well, I took the risk to write my first book about my journey through a very dark path titled: (Weak Made Strong), and I am so….. thankful I did, because now I can help others who are out there feeling alone in their bondage to anorexia/bulimia, alcohol/drugs, poor self worth, and co-dependency. I know how it is to feel lost and alone in this big big world and so I am calling myself a bringer of hope for those who desire a new way of life that brings true joy, peace and fulfillment.
    Blessings to you Marie, you inspire me to continue reaching out in love.

    Sarah Ahlers

  297. Great Video!..I always love your inspiration and learned a great deal.

  298. Cara

    Hey Marie,

    Thank you so much for sharing this today. It help me to realize that i truly followed my heart in a life changing decision i had to make
    Just to give you a brief description of my story, here it is.
    In 2009, i was laid off from my job and wondered what to do next. So i went back to school to study EMT. Learned a lot from that experience but something was missing. It took me 3 1/2 years to realize this was not my calling. I really wanted to be driving a truck so i quit school, went back to get my CDL and starting working on my dream. Currently i am living my dream and was the best decision i ever made. I cant imagine doing anything else.
    My life has always been what everyone else wanted and now im doing what i do best…….driving!!!!! Not only am i doing what i love but i am also helping others. That in it
    self is joyful and serves a purpose.
    I know in my heart i made the right decision and would do it again if i had to.
    Thanks again

  299. I loved this video – one of your best yet because it was so heartfelt – and man that hip hop video rocked – can we see the full thing.

    I am definitely going through some changes in my thinking and mission as I type and do often consider where I want to be and what legacy I want to leave in 5-10 even 20 years from now. Very powerful exercise to do.

    I went to watch the Follow Your Dreams video with my fellow Kiwi Olivia who’s a breath of fresh air but see her website leads to an expired domain and I can’t find her online – so where is she now and what’s she doing?