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One year ago today the world went into lockdown.

Businesses were put on hold, schools closed, events cancelled, and life as we knew it changed forever.

To cope, many folks hit the pause button on their dreams and ambitions because it was tough enough to keep up with the ever-changing status quo.

While this might not be an anniversary to celebrate, it’s an important one to remember. Because one year later you still have dreams — and those dreams still matter. You don’t have to wait for the world to “go back to normal” to pursue them.

You can take control of your life again — starting now.

In today’s MarieTV, I answer a question from Toni, who describes the “quarantine slump” we’ve all been feeling SO well:

During this quarantine, I hoped to make major progress on my projects. It turns out that it was just another year of living in an intensely reactive mode… and having my creativity and will beat down a little bit. I would like to hit the ground and be ready to take things on, but I’m still feeling paralyzed.

It’s time to break free from that creative slump and dust off your dreams!

Ambiguity is the enemy of execution Click To Tweet

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to create massive momentum in just 14 days.
  • My secret to showing up with passion everyday.
  • How to get crystal clear on your #1 priority.
  • 2 simple steps to feel energized and motivated again.

If you follow these two steps consistently for 14 days, you’ll feel on fire.

Keep reading below the video for a chance to win a free copy of my #1 NY Times Bestseller Everything is Figureoutable.

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DIVE DEEPER: Keep stalling on your ideas? How to start before you’re ready — plus one question to motivate yourself to do anything.

Now it’s time to turn your insights into action — with a bonus book giveaway — because you can’t take control of your life with wishful thinking alone. You have to take action.

Your first action? Leaving a comment below for accountability and a chance to win.

Three lucky winners will be chosen to receive a free copy of Everything is Figureoutable.

In the comments below:

  1. Tell us what dream, goal, or project is your #1 priority right now and why.
  2. Make a public commitment to the 14-day #MoveItMoveItChallenge, follow and tag @MarieForleo on Instagram

Whether you join us for the 14-day #MoveItMoveItChallenge or not, remember this:

Creativity, passion, and clarity live in your body, not your mind.


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  1. Toni is definitely not alone!!!
    I definitely need to get my body moving more after a year of lockdowns! I’m good at regular stretching and gentle seated yoga… but I have challenged myself to DANCE daily alongside whoever else is taking up this idea for the next 2 weeks!
    We aren’t taught how to prioritise so I definitely see this block sooooo often. It’s exactly why I have a course on Finishing Projects (for people who start everything) where we define how much mental energy we all have for projects and how many you already have going on without realising it!
    It’s been a year since I read EIF so I guess I’m also going to flip back through Chapter Six!
    Thank you again, Team Forleo!

    • Meandy

      Katy-Rose, I am right there with you!
      Completely and 💯 with everything you said!
      I love the idea of the dancing!
      I am not much of an exercise person, love walking and stretching, but hard core aerobics are not my thing, however, dancing I can and love to do!
      And way to go with your course on helping others finish projects!
      Keep up the amazing work!
      We got this!💥💥💥

      • Deb

        Hi Ladies,
        I can relate! I love to dance also and have been pushing myself to write more. I have a blog on holistic health topics and love reading about wellness. It’s been hard without an accountability partner so if anyone wants to join me in staying focused please reach out!! We’re all in this together and creativity is the answer to any lockdown or paralysis.

    • teamforleo

      Happy reading, Katy-Rose! Hope you’re well. – Heather

    • That is awesome! I love 305 Fitness. It’s a dance cardio workout centered around joy and self-love. It really motivates me to get moving even on those days I realllyyy don’t feel like it!

    • Thanks Katy-Rose! Here’s to 14 days days of movement and beyond!!

  2. Hi Marie
    Interesting post as ever and yes this year has been demoralising but also a real challenge like none before. I was determined to carry on regardless and as the saying goes, ‘There’s never been a better time to be a writer.’ So my goals/dreams are my daily writing blog which for this year has been a short story every day. Todays post due out later will be fittingly called ‘Solo Dancer.’ And am also in the throes of completing my third book this will be ‘On Writer’s Block.’
    Keep going everyone and keep moving movement and motivation are so connected and keep doing what you are doing Marie.
    Greeting from the UK
    Paul Jefferson Woods

    • teamforleo

      Keep writing, Paul! We’re so glad that you’re showing up on the page and good luck completing that third book. You’ve got this. – Heather

  3. Hey Marie
    Just loved your 2 tips! YAAYY !
    I PLEDGE TO MOVE MY BODY for 20 minutes every single day till i sweat like mad !!
    My burning goal is to launch my Coaching programme which I call “REJUVINATE- REPLENISH- REJOICE ” For all women to be the besf versions of themselves.

  4. Saz

    I’m in a similar place to Toni
    I have one drawback to the 14day plan I’m disabled with physical and chronic disabilities, one of which is chronic fatigue. What would you suggest instead of the 20min get sweaty exercise for myself and others like me that would help us like the physical exercise would?
    Thanks for all you do
    Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Britain

    • teamforleo

      Great question, Saz. How can you show up for your body in a way that feels good and energizes you in any way that means for you? Chronic fatigue and other illnesses are truly life-changing and only you know what your body needs and by honoring it, you’re also honoring yourself. Maybe for you, it looks like 14-days of a good stretch first thing in the morning or 14-days of mindfulness where you focus on body sensations. Honor what you and your body need, while also bringing an awareness to your body with compassion. Hope that helps! – Heather

      • Saz

        Thank you Heather taking time and for your reply

    • This is defenitely relatable! For the last couple of months I felt my energy and motivation were just leaking away. This Sunday I had my first Kung Fu class in over 3 months. I’m a Qigong teacher myself, so used to regular movement, but in a soft, relaxed way. This Sunday I had to do 1,5hr of intense movement in cold, wet weather, even a little hailstorm. And I just loved it! I immediately noticed a huge change in my motivation and focus. If one day of movement can do this, 14 days could be mindblowing!

    • Hi Saz,
      Thanks for identifying with my struggle. My physical limitations stemmed from a series of injuries this summer – July introduced an issue with my SI joint, I rang in September with an early morning fall resulting in a fractured vertebrae, and I closed 2020 with another fall resulting in badly bruised ribs. [No, these are not symptoms of underlying neurological or congenital issues…unless you count stress. As I mentioned this year brought on epic issues for our family beyond the scope of the pandemic and my body chose to protest my submission to the drama in a way that forced my temporary stillness. Reading the book, The Body Keeps Score, by Gabor Mate´proved really insightful]. I am no physiologist, yoga instructor or close to certified in anything at all. Having said all that, one of the things that helped get my energy up and blood flowing at the beginning of the day was a yoga practice called Breath of Fire. Many demos exist on Youtube. When my yoga instructor first shared this with me it felt like a jolt of caffeine – in a good way. Hope this helps and best wishes to you!
      Peace, Toni

      • Saz

        Hello Toni
        Thank you for taking the time to reply.
        You have been through the mill. Stress is a big damager to the body sometimes in ways that are not logical.
        I will look into that book and ‘Breath of Fire’ it sound really interesting.
        Thanks again

    • Dear Saz, never consider yourself “disabled” like belonging to a group that cannot do anything. Look for what you can do to make yourself sweat…. roll uphill with music on your iPhone or do push ups or whatever you can do to make yourself sweat. As for for chronic fatigue… there is no easy escape from that other than move & recover 25 times a day. Meaning: move 25 times a day and recover 25 times a day. Many people have been in difficult situations including myself and recovery starts with moving and up cycling yourself… start from where you can… Easier said than done, but you are willing to improve yourself or you wouldn’t be in this class/category… 😉 Good luck!

  5. Pooja

    My big mission in life is to make a change in terms how we See the Success (especially for the younger Generation). As I grew up in India, I had always listen to the people telling me If you want to be successful and make millions. You need to go to college and spent years and years to have degrees 😩, then You can make it happen. But What really sucks is the perspective of being Perfect in every single thing and getting 10/10 or 100/100 in School and later in college as well. In 2020, When I got to know about Vishen (🤯🤯🤯) and I took a ten days mindvalley quest called Be Extraordinary for Teens (loved it) in which I did this reflection exercise and realized that I always loved to Be on Stage and leadership. And now I’m trying my best to use my best time (approx. 5 months) before going to college to really make a blueprint for that big mission by interacting people all around the world knowing their perspectives on how we can make a change and trying to take good notes.
    The Choice to change my Life – FOREVER OR NEVER.

  6. Natalie

    Thank you so much! That’s a gift from God that I met you! That’s what I needed! I have a lot of goals, but the most important for me now is improving my relationship with my husband, go on developing my MLM business and practicing my English (I am from Russia, so I am dreaming about your book so much!)) I love moving, my body really needs it, but I will add more moment in my life))

    • teamforleo

      Natalie, it sounds like you’re doing amazing things in your life and we’re so glad that you’re here with us. xo- Heather

  7. Definitely gonna take this challenge!
    Honestly, I have been doing great staying motivated and moving forward over the last year, and helped many others too, until about 6 weeks ago, then I don’t know what happened, just bam, hit an invisible brick wall and like even though I know what I need to be doing, what I’m capable of and how I can help impact the world, I just sit and do nothing. So definitely gonna take on this challenge of getting moving for 14 days, way more than just walking.
    Maybe even it will help my knee get better from a fall a couple weeks ago! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to just move my body.
    As a life coach, I remind people things they already know to get them moving and motivated to do what they need to to move forward in life, and I’m not above needing the reminders myself!

    Thanks Marie!

  8. Hello Marie. Great post and love the challenge. I’m in the process of starting my coaching business and like Toni have so many ideas and a huge list of things I want to do and find myself paralyzed and not knowing what to do first. I love the challenge and commit to the next two weeks of physical activity for 20 minutes a day. Feeling energized already! JennyM

  9. Mah

    Estoy en la misma posición y tienes mucha razón, cuando me muevo con intensidad haciendo ejercicios, incluso mi estado emocional es positivo y mi menta más clara. Daré lo mejor de mi en los siguiente 14 días para poder comenzar Abril con muchas ganas y proyectos. Mi compromiso es adelantar unos talleres que compré para hacer macramé y seguir con un estudio que estoy haciendo en línea.

    • ¡Bienvenido al desafío! ¡Tu determinación es inspiradora!

  10. Create a podcast!

  11. Kathy

    Boy do I need to move! I did 4 laps in a pool Sunday for a Scuba course. Let’s just say that “inner athlete” I could always pull out in a pinch – yea, she’s left the building! No way man! Not happening!
    As for focus, it’s the last week of BSchool, so I’ve gotten more clarity and focus in the past 5 weeks than I’ve had for the past year and then some! Thanks Marie for creating the most all-encompassing, deliver-the-goods-&-then some, badass business program!

  12. Thanks for the message and reminder. I learned over the last year that I have my best mental energy after I get up, get out and move my body so I go to the woods almost every day and do hot yoga as often as I can. Picking the one priority is where I struggle. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Wow! Toni hit the nail on the head. I am feeling that way as well. Thanks for putting it into words. I will definitely fire up the body for the next fourteen days.

  14. Danny O

    Number 1 project is figure out the number 1 project. And moving it.

  15. Bruno

    The only thing I know is I’m in on the move-move challenge! Toni is not alone at all!
    I’ve been unmotivated lately and I really don’t know what is going on… so I’m gonna dance and work out, I’m gonna keep studying for my master degree I want so hard into to. Hello From Brazil, guys!

    • Thanks for the solidarity Bruno,
      Best wishes for your educational endeavors!

  16. BW

    My goal is to quit my job and go all in as a full time Realtor. My deadline is July 1st. I definitely agree with the move your body advice. Since January I’ve been working out 2 to 3 days a week for 30 mins at home with small weights and I walk for 30 mins on my off days and its been a tremendous help. Got me out of the quarantine slump and refocused on my goal. I will definitely join the 14 day challenge!

    • teamforleo

      LOVE this focus and determination! Here’s to you meeting that July 1st goal for yourself. We’re cheering you on. – Heather

  17. Hi Marie! I agree with the full on sweating workout! That makes a big difference vs the gentle movements to really change your thinking. I also love your book! Thank you for the advice, I can’t wait to put it to work!

    • teamforleo

      Thank YOU for being here with us, Callie. We appreciate it more than you know. – Heather

  18. Jill

    Thank you fir the motivation!! I definitely need your book!!

  19. Marta Costa

    I’ll say this: I’m not doing the 14-day intense move your body challenge 😀 Sorry, Marie!
    After having triplets almost a year ago (in the midst of a global pandemic and also being a mother of a 6 yrs old boy!) I’m still finding it hard to function. It’s been really hard for me to adjust to my new (not planned, hard to accept) life, not only physically but especially mentally and emotionally. The kids are my #1 project right now. 🙂
    But what I can do is commit to dance every single day. That I can do! I love to dance and it makes me feel good, happy and relaxed and I don’t do it often and it’s just a few minutes (love Bitch by Miss Spears!)
    I do have some projects I want to tackle but at this point, I don’t make plans for it. Every time I find the time, I do whatever feels right at that moment. Read some pages, watch some videos (Bschool, included!)… and that’s how my life looks right now.
    Great tips, as always. Love you, Marie!

    • teamforleo

      Marta, honoring what YOU need is beauty in action. Dance it out and move that energy! Your kids are fortunate to have you as their awesome Mom. xo- Heather

  20. Joanna

    hi Marie and Everyone,
    this is so helpful, I am going to join the 14 day challenge. And remember it is only 20 minutes. To be hoest getting a smartwatch that count my steps transformed my life. I move every single day for like 2,5 year now. There were only maybe 2-3 day that I have not left the house in this period.
    Regarding defining what I want – this is what I struggle the most. I feel that I am capable to achieve a lot – but I did not knew what it is until I came across Marie. Thank you.

  21. Deborah

    Hi Marie,

    I’ve got the book “Everything is Figureoutable”, it’s so good!

    Chapter 6: “Define Your Dream” definitely helped me to get clear on where my focus should be right now in terms of achieving the dreams on my checklist. I am taking action steps to make things happen as we speak.

    Chapter 8: “Progress Not Perfection” really spoke to me, so much so I even encouraged my teenage daughter who was stuck in a creative rut, chasing perfectionism, and slipping down the comparison trap to read it. We love how you are so candid about your own experiences. You always keep it real and authentic.

    Your book is a game changer.
    Thank you!

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for sharing this with us, Deborah, and thank YOU for reading Marie’s book. Keep making progress over perfection any day. xo- Heather

      • Deborah

        Thanks Heather and everyone at Team Forleo 🤍

  22. I’ve found the more time I have, the less I do! It’s one of those strange paradoxes. I’ve found going for a walk everyday AND I mean a LONG walk (sometimes 10 miles and I’m not kidding) has really helped with clarity, sleeping well and just feeling a whole lot better. I’d love to read your book Marie. I can hear the title echoing in my head everytime I come up against a problem: Diane EVERYTHING IS FIGUROUTABLE! What a great mantra and it really helps.

    • teamforleo

      Happy walking, Diane. We love how you’ve noticed the changes in you and your mind. That’s a celebration. – Heather

  23. Carla

    Thanks, as always, for your contagious positive energy!
    I do a 7 minute workout everyday but I’m going to extend it to 20. Let’s see how it goes…
    As for the number one project, that would be to carve out time every day to meditate AND THEN get clear on what the next project is gonna be. 😉
    Cheers, Everybody!

    • teamforleo

      Keep us posted, Carla. We’re your virtual cheering squad over here. – Heather

  24. Leah Cathleen

    Wow. Thank you Toni for speaking for me. Thank you Marie for answering. Okay, I’m in! 14 days off seat coming my way. Funny, I’m kinda excited already. I need my website to be done. I need to get my artist bio and statement re-written and apply for that big art thing. Let’s go.

    Take care everyone, happy sweating.
    Leah Cathleen

    • Hi Leah Cathleen,
      Thank YOU for the supportive message and cheers to rewriting your artist statement and submitting your application for a show/grant/commission? Would love to learn more about your work! Even though you don’t know me, I help many friends with writing projects – feel free to reach out if you are interested in any feedback on your artist statement and bio. Writing was a big (and favorite) part of my professional life B.C. (before children) and remains a passion to this day.
      So happy you are joining Marie’s challenge!
      Let’s Do It!

  25. Dear Marie,
    My goal is to help save human, animal, fish and plant life on planet earth. My dream would be to ensure all bottled water and juice is bottled in glass bottles to cut down on plastics and some sort of return system set up by the authorities and suppliers to ensure the used glass bottles are returned, washed and reused. My priority would be to find some way of encouraging people to stop judging each other and accept all humans who are capable of individual thought and action are not perfect which includes us all. To have kind, unselfish people in charge of our societies, who can encourage everyone to get along together and not to be greedy or selfish, instead of fighting or arguing. To make all societies aware of the divide and conquer mental attitude and behaviour which may have trickled down from the top of societies into all other societies and classes they consider under them, which in turn may be a root cause in the breakdown of families, relationships, friendships, communities etc. To encourage the use of technology for kind, selfless and mindful behaviour, not the opposite. Marie, I hope you and your followers can help spread non judgemental and kind behaviours. Lastly to find away of stopping people from taking advantage of and at the cost of those kind minded people.

  26. Toni – It sounds like you have a lot of complexity in your life, which resonates with me (and so many of us side project start ups – or multi-passionates, as Marie would say). I am trying the small things often approach, making it a habit in my day to give a little time and making room for more and more over time. I think the year has been a complete mind spin for most of us, and it has been really hard to prioritise things that don’t feel essential or like the top priority amidst the pandemic. Forgiving ourselves for spinning out a bit and accepting where we are now, also seems a good practice. Good luck, and know you aren’t alone in this journey back to your dream path.

    • Thank You Jo!
      You nailed it – there is so much I didn’t get into with my question but yes, the complexities are deep and sometimes debilitating to spirit, motivation and mind.
      Your small things often approach feels like a wonderful fit. During the span between submitting my question and this video’s posting, I began working with a professional organizer, who actually had me do a data dump of all the projects, ideas, tasks etc that consumed my mental energy. Instead of putting it in a book or journal where I wouldn’t readily see them, we created a space in my office to post them – using post its – on a giant felt grid. You can see it @kacypaide on IG (feb 23). In addition to the huge help of getting all that out of my head, the ability to survey and select what calls me most during times when I would otherwise feel rudderless has served me well. Plus it adds colorful, almost midcentury vibe to my office.
      As I begin to address and resolve some of the other stuff in my life, I expect the utility of this tool to increase. Doing your small-things-often feels like a natural complement to the practice.
      Grace for ourselves – really working on that as well.
      I am so grateful for your supportive words and suggestions.

  27. Yes, Yes, and Yes! Gonna get moving like right after I finish writing this comment, ha! I heard “Everything is Figureoutable” through Audible and purchased the book and gave it away to motivate someone else. Anywho, that book gave me the push. I resigned last June from an office job and have been working on my business every since. My aha! moment of the book was “what is the worst scenario”…I figured that out and boom, I resigned. I’m still getting it going but I am in a “need to focus point”. So here I am listening to this short clip which gave me the spark I needed to keep it going!

    • teamforleo

      SANDRA! Goodness, this is an amazing story. We’re so honored that you found the inspiration and push just when you needed it most. YES, keep going! You’ve SO got this. xo- Heather

  28. Thank you, Marie, very timely for me!
    I’ll do the challenge and do the chapter.
    I knew this. You’ve always been my life and business coach, so what the hell was I waiting for? 🙂
    Much love,

    • Llyane!!

      Comment ça va? This thread of comments already feels so supportive and energizing, and Seeing you on this thread makes it more so! As though the universe is sending a reminder about the positive direction in which I was headed before the chaos intensified. In planning the path to resurrect Toni’s Table, I declared studying with the J’Ouellette® Method as the treat I give myself at the end of each work day. I look forward to (FINALLY!) getting back on track in every aspect of my life…especially with learning French with J’Ouellette® Method!
      Peace and Gratitude,

  29. Janice Gribble

    Thanks Marie,
    I have moved to Germany from Florida and am not liking it. Which brings me to ” how to be happy when your not?” I am crying at the drop of a hat and want to find the plug. I have a business I want to launch which is on standby. I just feel stuck inside, its freezing outside and I’m just unhappy. So, thanks for this video, I’m going to take on the 14 day challenge, become stronger in body and mind, let go of fear and courageously move forward with a lot of determination to get out of the hole I’m in.

  30. I am coming through one of the most prolific years of my career life. Deep bow to the Zoom room . As a yoga studio owner/teacher I was able to transfer public and private classes upon lockdown. I just completed a year program I created and facilitate called Rebirth Your Worth and have private coaching clients as an intuitive astrologer transformational healer….yada yada! While so grateful for this prolific year. I am exhausted and not clear on which dream to live moving forward…In the moment my heart needs a retreat and a new “move it move it” moment to create a fresh neural pathway .. seriously now!
    I feel drained and overwhelmed from this unique year of adapting and adjusting.
    As the zodiac new year begins for another revolution around the central sun I am attracted to your offer of this challenge and I Thank you dear one.

  31. Wanda Wilson

    My life exactly. Time to move and clear my head.

  32. Hema Patel

    Thank you Marie for reminding us to stay focused and active.
    And have complete clarity about goals and vision of future.Though I have heard it multiple times in the past, I needed it today.
    I love your enthusiasm and sending enormous love back to you Marie 🙂

  33. M

    Any recommendations for fun dance workout videos on YouTube that would qualify for this 14 day exercise challenge? I need to sweat and change my thinking! Thanks!

  34. This is defenitely relatable! For the last couple of months I felt my energy and motivation were just leaking away. This Sunday I had my first Kung Fu class in over 3 months. I’m a Qigong teacher myself, so used to regular movement, but in a soft, relaxed way. This Sunday I had to do 1,5hr of intense movement in cold, wet weather, even a little hailstorm. And I just loved it! I immediately noticed a huge change in my motivation and focus. If one day of movement can do this, 14 days could be mindblowing!

  35. This is so helpful. I loved chapter 6 and need to re-read it! I’m a watercolor artist and having all my art shows come to a screeching halt was tough. I started painting more and took more training to up my game.
    Now working on online marketing and using more of my left brain instead of my right. It brings me to tears most days but I’m pushing through it. There are days I feel absolutely paralyzed with all the facets it takes to learn everything.
    I walk and ride my bike but I need to sweat more on the walking days! I’m doing the 14 day challenge for sure! Thanks Marie

  36. Amy

    Yes! I definitely need to get moving with Toni! Setting my alarm for an hour earlier tomorrow so I can get up and exercise before I start anything else – woohoo!!

  37. My current dream/goal is to create a membership option for my offerings. I finally got the download for how to package them and have two I want to offer now, another one to offer later.
    My challenge is in facing the technology and just DO IT!!!
    I just re-branded in a way that feels more aligned to the sophistication I’ve cultivated and lived into. So, my entire website is getting a huge MAKEOVER! It’s exciting and feels *BIG*
    I’ve been doing the movement piece since the end of February and it’s making a difference. I realized my menopause body needed different movement and stimulation to feel its best, and look its best. I committed to 90 days of this and know that I will continue once that 90 day period is complete.
    Speaking of menopause… As I explore what it means to grow in presence to my next phase of life and iteration of who I am BEcoming, I’m changing up all the things! I purged 3/4 of my clothes, jewelry and makeup, cut a bunch of length off my hair and now it’s almost half grey and gorgeous. These changes – in my look and business – are outer reflections of the inner evolution I’m deeply engaged in. To purposefully choose how I want to embody the Wise Woman I am. She’s healthy, vibrant, confident, and looks sexy, smart and classy.
    The inspiration right now comes from within. Now, to go change all the things!!!
    Thanks, Marie – you’ve been part of this journey since I took BSchool in 2013.


    (The link below is my old website while my new one is being built)

    • Oh! Yes! I’m in this season too! Both in business and in life!!!
      Thank you for sharing this! ❣️
      I’m not the only one 😉

  38. Sarah

    As someone who suffers with chronic illness, which sometimes includes extreme pain, the suggestion to move your body until you sweat, sadly reflects a sort of “able-ism” that just doesn’t work for me. Can you offer an alternative for those of us who can’t follow that advice? Thanks.

    • Sarah

      I should have read above posts before I posted. Sorry.

    • Hi Sarah.
      I have a congenital hip deformation, so I understand being in pain, all day,, and having mobility issues. For me, the challenge has been focusing on what I can do, and trying to not focus on what I cannot do. (If you ever see me run, call 911 and come with me, cuz something is wrong somewhere and we’re going to need to stick together. 🤣) But, at the same time, doing intentional mobility movement everyday is as important for my condition as taking any doctor prescribed pill. More so really.

      Understanding our own bodies and conditions is crucial, so yay that you pay attention to that for you! Maybe the idea for your situation can be taking whatever your current movement activities are, and upping the game just a bit. Instead of Marie’s point of sweating, what if it’s about stepping just out of YOUR current comfort, even a little? If currently you have a set level of movement that you do, can you do it one more day a week? Or 5 minutes longer? Or in a room that is heated instead of at a moderate temperature? Could you add a can of soup in each hand while you do it to increase the weight a little bit?
      Whatever way you decide to move your body a little bit more everyday it’s going to be awesome because it’s you and your body! 😊❣️

      • Anne

        Thanks for the nudge! Let’s do it: 20 min of intense exercise a day for 14 days!
        Like some of the people who posted above, I already have a movement practice, but it’s on the gentler side. I can see how pushing myself physically will get me in a better mental state.
        I’ve been stalling a bit on my current project: designing a summer program for teenagers to make them curious and knowledgeable about science.

        • Anne

          Sorry, I had meant to post this as a separate comment, not a reply.

    • teamforleo

      Hi there, Sarah. We’re so glad that you shared your words here. What you shared is similar to what Saz shared in her comment and her experience as well. One thing we talk about a lot is honoring what’s right for you, your life, your body, and your needs. Like I shared with Saz, honoring what’s right for your body and its needs is a way of honoring yourself. Everyone’s level of movement varies and your beautiful body is amazing for all that it does for you each and every day. I hope that helps a bit!- Heather

  39. Ayana

    Getting clear on one goal at a time can seem like the hardest part, but I LOVE these reminders that it is the only way to really jump start making your dreams come true!! Thank you Marie! And thank you Toni for asking such a realistic and relatable question!! Ready to get moving & sweating these next 14 days! (Rest in peace to my newly straightened hair haha)

    • teamforleo

      “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought”, Ayana. Taking action is always a great next step towards your dreams. Sending you and your hair lots of Team Forleo love. – Heather

  40. eddie wright

    That was a great episode. I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to focus more on my side hustle, but I work a lot so It’s hard to find time to do anything. 20 minutes is not a long time, I’m sure I can squeeze in some exercise for 14 days. I love a good challenge. I would like to focus on my side hustle/business so I can escape the rat race soon. Thanks Marie!!

  41. Well! I started my morning journaling asking myself what DRIVES me.
    I was using the prompt from “Everything is Figureoutable” that starts with “What I REALLY want is (____) …” It’s a great prompt!
    Then I used another prompt (that might have come from Marie too, but I’m not sure at the moment): “The unfortunate truth about this situation is (___); therefore the right action to take is (___)”

    THEN! I SAW THE EMAIL WITH THIS EPISODE!! Ding.Ding.Ding. 🎯 Is GUS (God.Universe.Serendipity) speaking to me this morning or WHAT!?!?

    I have also been feeling like I have settled into the comfort of doing “just enough” while knowing that “just enough” isn’t going to move the ball forward! I have been talking to God about this lately and I feel like the resolution is starting to be revealed to me 🥇🏆🏅
    He reminded me that a season of rest is ok, necessary even. The regrouping and recovery time was necessary for my physical and mental health (totally preceding and unrelated to the pandemic shutdowns).
    But now it’s time to get moving forward again with a more intentional pace again.

    I’m in for the #moveitmoveitchallenge !
    My current project focus is the Learning Zone pages on my website! It’s getting a total makeover and update so my crocheters and Knitters know right where to go to up their stitching game 🧶❣️

  42. Cindy Vandamme

    Hey Marie!!
    Love your 2 tips and encouraging weekly emails. You tell it like it is and your advise is clear and simple. I was laid off in July, and while I’m continuing to look for a new position, I am also taking steps to start a business making handcrafted items for pets and their owners. Kind of a matching thing to help people stay connected to their pets and give them that warm-furry feeling when they are not together. Brainstorming to get clarity on my business name and mission.
    Dancing is my go to form of movement to get my body moving and sweating. I commit to taking your 14 day challenge. I would love to be one of winners for your book give away. For lent I decided to give up making any online purchases for things that were not absolutely necessary right now. Rereading other books for the moment, but your book is at the top of my list for my next read. Thank you for all that you do. I love your energy, heart and generosity.

    All the best,


  43. Ilana

    Thanks so much Marie, and Toni for braving that video comment thing! I’ve been putting the move-it-move-it notion to extra good use during this pandemic, and it has CHANGED EVERYTHING. So effective at clearing and focusing the mind, gaining instant confidence and feeling a bit more fit.

    Wishing everyone the power to cut through all of the mishugas!

    As always, your videos are the best start to the workday.

  44. My muse and I are detoxing while spring cleaning: Last year I joined a special kind of wisdom circle where 10 authors write 10 books together. My #1 priority is to finally finish my last chapter on the sixth book as the lecturer is waiting for it since two weeks 😇🙈 The new deadline is set. As everything goes better at the sea (at least for me) I’ve chosen to invite my muse to join me for a Ayurveda treatment to get rid of all the stuff we don’t need anymore. Turned out muse and I love the oily art of creativity 💆‍♀️🌺🧖‍♀️

  45. Whenever I am needing motivation or a “pick me up”, I turn to Marie and listen to a podcast or read an email that has been sent. I always leave feeling like I’ve got this, I CAN do whatever I put my heart and energy into. Thank you for all the inspiration, good vibes, great advice and positive energy!

    • teamforleo

      We appreciate your support, Sheri. Thank YOU for being here with us. xo- Heather

  46. Holly C

    Thank you Marie! This is precisely what I needed to hear this morning. Going for a walk right now!

  47. Gregory DeGuglielmo

    Expressed with the fire 🔥, directness, caring, and intelligence ~ fave qualities embodied in Marie Forleo. Admired your work for some time now. Thank you and good to see you again.


    • teamforleo

      Appreciate your words and support, Greg. Thank you. – Heather

  48. I’m definitely in need of the move it move it challenge. Getting over cold after cold from my baby being at daycare and living in a temporary apartment between selling and buying homes, working in a temporary office in the corner of a tiny bedroom, receiving rejections on my manuscripts for 9 years now, I feel so de-motivated.

    But I had to hop on here primarily to say, Toni, you look NOWHERE NEAR 60. Did you say 60? You look nowhere near 40!! Incredible. And best wishes. X

    • teamforleo

      Sounds like life has been extra full for you, Cheyenne. Any step towards a dream is a step in the right direction. Don’t give up on your dreams and hug that baby from us. – Heather

  49. Thank you Marie for this awesome episode and to Toni for being courageous to ask this question! Marie is totally right about the connection between moving your body & feeling your creative energy. Best of luck to everyone! & go buy the book! It truly is life-changing to define your dream and write out the steps to make it happen!

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for your support and kind words, Melissa. It means so much to us. – Heather

  50. Kimberly Kamhi Sclarow

    My purpose is to spread Love, Family to Family, across the world. With the tools from your recent B School (woohooo), I am creating my website and launching my business this summer. My priority is to get really clear on how to serve and Shine Bright. It’s my birthright to live Bold and Bright.
    I commit to the 14 day #MoveItMoveItChallenge. Let’s do this!!!

    • teamforleo

      Look at you go, Kimberly! Here’s to you shining your light- be bold, bright, and the beautiful person that you are in the world. – Heather

  51. Christi

    Oh boy! I needed to see this. A few years ago I was working a super businessy job which made lots of money and was simultaneously eating away at my soul. One of my top goals once I left that field was to write award winning and produced scripts. Audacious? Oh yes. Ludicrous? Oh no, everything is indeed figuroutable.

    Part of that goal was on track a year ago as a theatre company had accepted my script for production. Enter COVID, a pregnancy and now a baby.

    Things have… erm, slowed down. Apparently no one is thinking live theatre during a pandemic? And surprisingly babies take a lot of time 😅. ( but they are super cute) But I am on draft 29 – now is the time to shop it around again as live theatre opens up again in the future.

  52. Amy Willard

    I SO get this!
    I lost my 12 yo cleaning business a year ago. I have taken up writing (for money) but that’s been hit or (mostly) miss. The project I keep starting and stopping is…teaching people how to clean their homes. I’m a good cleaner and have been told I’m the best by many clients. I want to share that gift but am flummoxed about how to do this, but also a little nervous…

    • HeatherA

      I wonder if you could make an online course to teach? For money, of course. 😉

  53. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this inspiring message! I totally agree with the affect moving your body can have on ALL aspects of life. It has definitely been tough this past year to get moving; however, your comments are the kick in the pants I needed. I am in for the next 14 days! I don’t have the book yet, but I am also committing time to focus on my top goal of creating a new body of artwork that makes ME happy 😊. Thanks for the call to action!
    – Sandra

  54. So, I feel like Toni is inside my home. I have so much inside of me but it seems like I can’t get it out of my head. Then I get frustrated and don’t do anything.

    So I’m going to join Toni on this challenge and define my dream. I really do need to clarity on what it is that I want to focus on. I have imposter syndrome severely. I have so much to give but don’t feel like it’s comparable to what’s already out there.
    I hope this helps! I’m excited!

  55. Bettina Bros

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today!
    I am about to go into a meeting and realized why I was uneasy about it is because I do no have clear objectives.
    Thank you ☺️

  56. Chris

    Thanks Marie for another kick in the pants! I have been listening to you tell me I’m amazing since 2017 and now I have to believe you! I’m in for the 14 day challenge and my goal is to plan, implement , and create the most awesome celebration of life for my wife that passed away at age 47 after a 10 year battle with cancer. I have been so unfocused with all the mundane paperwork and letting the grief vultures swoop in around my own grieving process that I’ve had no clarity on what to do. It’s not exactly my “dream” to plan this, but it will bring some peace of mind to know that I was able to put 110% into the planning and then continue to move forward with this gift of life…

  57. Shruti

    I want to create my dream life and that’s what I am focusing on right now.. Thank you for this blog, Marie❤️ I love you ❤️

    • Shruti

      And my purpose is to help others live the life they want to.. I have to do it for my life first, and that’s my why for designing my life..

  58. Everything IS figureoutable!
    Marie – thank you for the important reminder about clarifying my dream.

    I was laid off from my corporate role almost a year ago and have found the job search very frustrating. BUT, in the meantime, I’ve had the time to focus on my hobby of painting and drawing which I’ve recognized could become a full-time enterprise.
    MY DREAM: to support myself entirely on my artwork. I’m struggling with what to do every day and although I’m incredibly “busy” it seems like I’m spinning my wheels and never finish projects. I read Marie’s book a few months ago (free courtesy of the local library) and I would love to have my own copy so I can flag Chapter 6!
    Here’s my public commitment to focus only on my goal AND to get my sweat on for 20 minutes a day! Tomorrow is the word I use way to frequently and I commit to doing important things today starting…today!

  59. Hello Marie
    Your short, simple and yet so motivating and energizing video is like a ‘vaccine’…a ‘shot in the arm’…quite in sync with the current times. As in the current times we much need shots to help ‘boost’ the ‘immunity’ of our BODY, this shot, in the form of a video, hits straight to help us ‘blast’ the ‘ambiguity’ in our MIND…the single big BOULDER that BLOCKS our way to success and happiness.
    It’s rightly so, that we’ve a pack of ‘projects’, as ideas, ‘parked’ into our mind. Result – none of those ‘moves’…because we’re NOT sure which one to start with. Reason – we haven’t prioritized these projects and listed the same in an order, so that there is the most important one as #1. Now, if we do this and start executing and finishing the list, then, one-by-one each one of those on the list, would become #1, and so on. The rest is all quite obvious and imaginable.
    I’m too in the same boat as Toni, in this too-many-projects syndrome and the resultant ‘action paralysis’. Hearing Toni was like hearing myself. But, that and hearing you, changed something…!
    Apart from taking the ’20 minute sweating challenge’, while I’m writing this, I’ve also placed out-of-many projects, one as #1 on the list and would start working towards completing it right away. I’m sure that would start helping towards clearing the clutter from inside my Mind. And, when the mind is free, miracles happen, as…’Miracles do happen’!
    It’s wonderful to share my views after a very, very long time. I wish everyone the best.

  60. JoAnn

    TeamForleo, I have spent the past year being “busy”, but none of that has moved me forward on my business idea. Time to re-focus, prioritize and get motivated. I had already scheduled time this afternoon for reflection. That will now include a 20 minute sweat-fest and starting back on Chapter 6 of EIF. I recently introduced my 23 year old niece to EIF. I need to walk the walk to show her it truly works ! Would love to win a copy to give to her. Time to get clarity and take action. I WILL have a plan 15 days from now. Thank you Marie !

  61. Anne

    Thanks for the nudge! Let’s do it: 20 min of intense exercise a day for 14 days!
    Like some of the people who posted above, I already have a movement practice, but it’s on the gentler side. I can see how pushing myself physically will get me in a better mental state.
    I’ve been stalling a bit on my current project: designing a summer program for teenagers to make them curious and knowledgeable about science.

  62. Amy

    How many of you out there remember C&C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)?”! Who knows how much Marie appreciates 90’s hip-hop?
    Well, that song came to mind by the end of this podcast. Knowing that the best goals are SMART, including S for “specific”, my goal is to piece together a 16-bar routine including the limited amount shown in the music video and fill in the rest. If it gets longer than that, that’s what I will call exceeding and excelling.
    This is the first sudden inspiration I’ve had in the few years I’ve followed Marie (except 2020), so it probably didn’t just Whoosh! over everyone out there. You can borrow my idea if you need it, LOL. However you get going, good luck!

  63. Marie, you nailed it on the topic of clarity. I have so many projects and ideas floating around in my head for my business and I’m struggling to pick the one that will bring me the most ROI at this time. Time to try your approach – 14 days of intense movement for 20 minutes a day…I’m starting today, plus I’m going to create a nice big mind map of ideas so that a) I can visually see my ideas and projects b) I can pick the best one to focus on and c) I can stop worrying that I’ll forget an idea or project that I have in mind. This was a much-needed pep talk, delivered in such a kind and inspiring way. Thank you!

  64. Janeen Nicole

    My #1 priority right now is to stop running away from writing and instead to embrace it. Not only am I committed to exercising my body for the next 14 days, I am also committed to exercising my writing muscle. I commit to getting out of my own head and using my gift of writing to inspire and encourage others! Many of you have mentioned dancing which is one of my favorite ways to sweat it out!! I’ll be incorporating dancing and one of my favorite kettle bell workouts. I’m rooting for you all!! We’ve got this!

  65. Linda Johnson

    Great question, Toni! You are not alone. Marie, I love your simple “how-to” of get moving and make a plan. That’s exactly what I needed to hear. I love these weekly Q & A’s. You’re making a difference. Blesssings!

  66. THANK YOU! Just thank you!

  67. You seriously irritate me you’re SO GOOD! I’m in B-school. I’m so grateful. Keeeeeep rockin’ (don’t stop it).

  68. I can relate Toni! Marie gives us just want we need to hear once again! I am committing right now to join you all in the “move your body” for the next 14 days. High Fitness here I come. Perfect while I finish up the last week in B-school (which I am LOVING. Best decision I made this year). Thank you Marie!

  69. First Action – Buying Everything is Figuroutable, lol! Second, do a brain dump on paper and try to map out my ideas. Third, do one action item towards my goal every day.

  70. Thank you for this reminder. I especially loved that you said “Ambiguity is the enemy of Execution,” I definitely needed to hear that. I, myself, haven’t worked out for a week and felt unmotivated and allowed myself to get distracted way too easily.

  71. Hey Family Forleo!
    WOW. Just…Wow.
    Big thanks to Marie for responding with such energy and spot-on advice to my video and to all of you supportive folks in the comments!
    Since waking this morning, I’ve been addressing, no…RESOLVING, the one issue (to which I did not refer in my video, but somehow Marie managed to get me clear on right away) and am about to jump onto my rower.
    Before I start on our #MOVEITMOVEITCHALLENGE a word about my situation:
    The projects I have in mind overlap and support each other well enough that with proper focus it actually makes sense to pursue on a linear timeline, not at the same exact minutes or hours of each day, but within the realm of each other. Like roasting a chicken, first the chicken gets prepared, followed by whatever vegetables may accompany it in the process, and while you’re at it, take some of those giblets to make a savory gravy and the rest, if you live in my house, to make chopped liver. One bird (idea), several dishes (platforms).
    The issue at the root of my paralysis was the habit of permitting way too much family (read: marital) energy to factor into my planning and striving. I wasn’t clear on what I wanted, much less needed, separate from that which was expected of me.
    While this struggle grew increasingly intense over these past few weeks – growth often gets uncomfortable, yes? – hearing this message from Marie felt like a divine confirmation of a truth with which I was fully acquainted but just today downloaded and internalized upon hearing her speak it: tapping into, and honoring, my authentic self yields infinitely more clarity, satisfaction, and not to mention opportunity, than trying to do too much and/or fulfill the expectations of others.
    Feeling stoked about the 14 day challenge and thrilled to have so many friends joining the effort at true self care and motivation! NOTE: If, like me, you’ve been sedentary for a minute (fractured a vertebrae last fall and am JUST getting back into the swing of things) here’s my plan: show myself some grace during this 14 days and work my way up to 20 uninterrupted minutes of intensive movement. The first couple of days may resemble interval training 2o minutes, but by this week’s end, I fully expect to back on track. My goal: to continue this challenge and make it a daily practice!
    So much more to say here, especially to so many of your loving comments, however that rower is calling out to me…back in a bit!
    Peace, Love & Gratitude,

    • Gina

      Amazing Toni!! Thanks so much for sharing and getting the ball rolling for so many of us!

  72. As always…inspiring and motivating. BUT I’m feeling a bit handicapped.
    1. For nearly 3 months I’ve been working pretty much full time (Drs, therapists, pills, potions, X-rays, blood tests, etc…) on back and health issues that would keep me from the moving/cardio Rx. I can barely make it from my bed to my heating pad and meds in the morning. Then later I do a few floor stretches, lifts. A week ago I walked to the end of my block and back, which was major. Cardio is out of the question, but I could do a little more during the day when the pain level drops a bit.
    2. About 5 months into the covid lockdown (gardening, baking banana muffins for neighbors, eating Netflix…) I realized (real clarity) what I really wanted was to be retired, to not have to work for a living. In my late 70s I’ve been furloughed since February 25th, 2020. Unemployment and savings have paid the bills. I picked up a couple of small gig jobs, but they wont support me. And I don’t want to go back to my old job…or start another company. I clearly need a new clarity.
    So, although I would love to do your 2 things to pull out of my slump, I guess I could make some major modifications…and see what works. Thanks for your support.

  73. Karen

    …and your book might help 😊

  74. Ingrid

    I feel the same way as Toni! I am wondering if I could help her out? I’m looking for a VA internship. She could give me small tasks she needs done and in return all I would want is a reference. Toni let me know if this is something you would like to do. There is power in numbers.
    Also, I used to work as a licensed PTA so privacy would be of the essence, just to let you know.

    Best wishes!

    • Hi Ingrid!
      Thanks so much for the incredibly supportive feedback and fantastic offer. I would love to talk to you more about that! Feel free to DM me on Instagram @officialtoniboyette alternatively, I think if you tap my name at the top of this message it will take you to my website which also holds my contact information. I look forward to connecting!
      Toni Boyette

  75. Ekaterina Demina

    Marie, thank you for your power punch!!! I feel so blessed that this year I got your book Everything is figureoutable – inspiring reading and deep digging exercises. In the middle of reading I’ve joined B-school program, incredibly well-organized eneterpreneur course full of practical tips and huge support from Marie and her team. Sounds rewarding
    specially after 7months with 2 little kids at home during lockdown 😂
    As Marie mentioned in this video, sweating workout for 30min ( i do also 10min meditation) was transformational for me ( started 4th January, 2021). The most difficult part for me was/is showed up EVERYDAY for myself no matter what.
    PS: Toni, you aren’t alone ❤ Keep going, progress not perfection 👏 you are so brave to address your question .

  76. It is soooo true and very guilty of totally letting my sports regime go for the entire year now.. I can’t believe it. Movement is so important and it seems like a lot of us have forgotten about it. Thank you Marie for reminding us!!! I always shake my anxiety out, to really calm the pumping adrenalin, as stagnation for low mood is the worst. And I know how hard it is to motivate one’s self. Ok, 14 days challenge her we go.
    lOVe Corina (London, UK)

  77. Barbara Spikes

    I have actually upped my exercise routine as of late. It feels soooo good , that I am now really hooked. I am happy to be reminded to go back and reread Chapter 6. I have been letting things be quiet for awhile, but I am ready to get going again. And things feel hopeful as the weather gets better and, in my case, people get vaccinated. Thnank you for helping remind me of how to get going. Barbara

  78. Gina

    Once again, life is showing me that timing is everything. Toni, the paralysis is real and, Marie, your email and 14-day challenge couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time for me. I am committing to the 14 days of sweaty movement. I’m actually a fitness instructor who has been feeling anything but the desire to move even though I’m teaching a few classes (virtually). Seems everything to do with making me stretch (figuratively speaking) over the past while has been causing me to slide into mind funks and/or just completely shut down. My immediate goal will be to sit and get clear on how I see my coaching practice.
    I got EIF just last month and was so impressed to have gotten through the first chapter within a few nights (I tend to be a very slow reader – if at all. Attention span of a gnat). But wait. This is how ridiculous it has gotten: I haven’t read any further because there is an activity to do at the end of the chapter which I haven’t gotten around to doing yet and at the beginning of the book, Marie said not to just read but to DO the work. I really did intend to but the next day comes and I forget. Does this mean I have permission to jump into Chapter 6 tonight?
    Thanks Toni for sharing and Marie for your inspiration! Best to all of you cool MF followers & hope to see you on IG! LOL #MoveItMoveItChallenge xo

    • Thank You Gina!!
      Really appreciating the love and support here. I plan on returning to EIF and skipping to chapter 6 right along with you! See you on IG!
      Toni Boyette

  79. Brittany

    This challenge is extra timely. Was just gearing up to start moving more and more intensively again after a couple weeks break. I am joining the challenge!

    Looking forward to reading “Everything is Figure-out-able”!

  80. Your podcasts and Q&A sessions are always spot on for me, Maire. Thank you so so much!
    Today, feeling in such a slump, weighed down with so much ambiguity. Trying to get business off the ground, working part-time, sole breadwinner. Juggling! Clarity needed more than ever!
    I commit to the 14-day challenge to sweat it. I love exercise and movement, but rarely sweat, and with autumn now here, it’s the perfect time for intense workouts. I love The Movement, so will be scouring Erin’s workouts for the HIIT challenges for starters.
    And to Chapter 6 … I’ve borrowed EiF from the library before and will get it again. Here’s to finishing it this time round!
    Big love and gratitude to you.

  81. Gill

    Ooops, auto typo. My apologies, Marie … checking device doesn’t change it to Maire again …

    Big love

  82. Sussi

    Woo hoo!! I am in… the 14 day ‘Move it Move it and Clarity Chapter’ challenge.
    I would love to read posts in 14 days to see what has changed for readers in both clarity and energy. Would Marie and the gorgeous Team Forleo consider creating a ‘How did you go after 14 days?’ post?
    As always thanks Marie xxx

    • teamforleo

      Hi Sussi,

      Glad you energized for the 14-day challenge! More importantly, thanks for the suggestion, we will pass it along to Marie and Team Forleo.


    • Hi Sussi!
      Loving your energy and that awesome idea to check at the end of the 14 days! I just wrapped up Day Two with a 20 minute stationary bike ride, with hand weights and it occurred to me to document this ride on IG – @officialtoniboyette. Let’s keep the #MOVEITMOVEITCHALLENGE going!

  83. Thank you so much Marie! I really needed this! I’ve been in such a slump- never thought that I would have to “try to be positive”! I perform with my twin sister(except for this last year!) and my dream & goal is to record another album or 2 and get more of our original songs on tape(or CD or vinyl). I never thought about how moving actually changes your biochemistry! I’ve been doing some weight lifting but not aerobics so now I realize that I must get back to that. I would love to read your book- especially chapter 6! (and the number 6 has always been my favorite number) Thanks Again! Emily

    • teamforleo

      Hi Emily,
      Glad you enjoyed the show. How exciting to have a twin sister and to perform together! Thanks for being a part of our community.

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  84. I am in for MoveitMoveitChallenge.

  85. Myrna Foster

    Oh, I needed this, and I am in for this challenge. Thank you!

    My goal is to get my website up and running. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for years, and it’s really a necessity if I’m going to succeed.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Myrna,

      Good for you that you’ve identified what you have to do for your business to take it to the next level. Bravo!!

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  86. Linda Carmi

    I’m all in🔥 for 14 days and more. I have had a regular exercise routine for years, but recently lost some mojo. I’m working on reviving my business and building a blog. Feels good to be part of a community that rocks!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Linda,
      We love having YOU as part of our community! Sounds like you off to a fantastic start.

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  87. Spot on! Vitality is my business and this Marie post encourages me to step up and globalize my business! Today I will translate my website of business2run that provides energy & inspiration for entrepreneurs. Body, mind & team development!

    Let’s get it on! My name is Corina Kroon, educated as a Communication Consultant I have developed several entrepreneurial initiatives. My vitality business develops and run vitality programs to the organizations of hard working people. Now during first quarantaine I have developed The Carrot Game that was a reasonable but free of charge success: living room gym for people working at home. For the youth I give free bootcamps in the Amsterdam Vondelpark: extremely playful trainings they LOVE! And so do I. Now Business2Run dot nl is my new project and Marie is great inspiration to align my business better and to step up and make it a global business that pays the bills. Thank you!! Lots of work to do next days… translate the website… in English.

    • teamforleo

      We are so happy and excited for you as you move forward in your business journey. You are unstoppable!

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  88. My goals/dreams:
    1. Finding a job.
    2. Publishing my book.

    #MoveItMoveItChallenge for me yoga and dance 😀

    • teamforleo

      Hi Airi,
      Love it! Keep pursuing your dreams and moving, sounds like a fantastic plan.

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  89. My #1 priority is launching my Inspired Menopause Women’s Circle because I feel it’s crucial to break the silence around this often overlooked and undervalued passage in a woman’s life and create a new legacy around “the change”.

    I commit to walking every day as briskly as I can. As I just got out of a boot after six weeks following foot surgery, I’m excited to get moving again to the very best of my ability!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Cynthia,
      Good for you! Moving gets the creative juices going and the best of luck to a healthy recovery!

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  90. Thank you, Marie! You are so awesomely inspiring!
    I love your book and appreciate you so much!
    Tiana Mylene
    Joy of Movement

  91. Pam Marsden

    What a great tangible challenge! I started this morning with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) 7 day sweat challenge and feel great already. Planning on doing 2 of these challenges back to back.
    I’m excited to revisit chapter 6 in Everything is Figureoutable too. Woohoo!
    Thanks team.

  92. Michelle

    I want to contribute in my community by influencing others to include physical activity and other wellness modalities in their lives. I want to see people have vitality, strength and better relationships. I have a few balls I am juggling to accomplish this and it seems my daily routines are solid, so this progresses forward.

  93. dr. jacqueline whalen

    Okay! Thank you for the kick in the pants I needed! I have not been exercising as intensley as I normally do, so no wonder. I’m down for the 14 days AND to re read chapter 6!

  94. Hi all! B-Schooler in the HOUSE!
    My #1 priority is giving the next 7 episodes of my podcast my ALL, from the outlines all the way to the finished show!
    For my commitment to the 14-day #moveitmoveitchallenge I’m doing yoga and running, switching days between the two, and I am specifically challenging myself to charge up the big hills on my run!

    • teamforleo

      Yay! Sarah, congratulations B-Schooler!! Your movement challenge sounds invigorating! Enjoy being outside taking in the fresh air and conquering those hills.


  95. PJ

    OMG, she just nailed it for me! I cannot wait to get the support, mentoring and yes, validation that has been haunting me to go forward. Thank you both for all your words and generosity in sharing!! With much love, pj

    • teamforleo

      Hi PJ,

      So glad this episode inspired you to move forward. We love having you as part of our community.


  96. Oh, I so accept the challenge! It is absolutely what is missing for me. I have let exercise totally drop away and feel worried, unmotivated and am procrastinating like you wouldn’t believe (I have my project very clear and am working on that with a coach, and am super proud of how I have used the last 12 months, despite how slow I have been!). I am about to let go of my old job to go full-time into my business so I gotta get this sh** sorted so I can finally have the life and job of my dreams. It’s not gonna happen with no motivation and full-on procrastination! SO! Yes, to joining the challenge (I need to find something for old ladies’ knees that still makes me sweat, but I’m sure there’s something out there! 🙂 Thanks as always, Marie – your energy is infectious

  97. Hi all!
    My current project is a writing collaboration that ends on March 31. But for my next project: completing The Copy Cure! I’m a copywriter by day and a blogger by night so I can’t wait to learn how to level up my skills. I’m so excited! 🥰

    • teamforleo

      Yes, Sondra! We’re so excited to welcome you into The Copy Cure! It will certainly uplevel your writing. – Heather

    • teamforleo

      Hi Sondra,

      YAY!! for you and joining Copy Cure. Enjoy the rich learnings and content as you sharpen your skills as a Copywriter and blogger. We are so excited for you.


  98. Jill K

    “It’s not ‘woo woo,’ it’s science!” I loved that part. This isn’t the advice I was expecting you to give, but it makes PERFECT sense! Moving our bodies is so important and whenever I do that, I can feel the difference. I can relate to Toni about not having clarity – and not even really knowing it – about what my focus should be on. I want to do it ALL! But, we can’t do it all at once, can we? Thank you for these refreshing tips, Marie!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Jill,

      So great to hear that you inspired by Marie’s tips. Listen to your heart and soul and bring movement into your life that works for you!


  99. Last year covid affected my job. But it also makes me strong and a good decision-maker. I am now running an online blog and also spending enough time daily with my kids.

    • teamforleo

      Hello Aria,

      Congratulations! As one door closes another opens, the time spent with family precious.


  100. Stefania

    After 3 pregnancies and a lot of time decluttering my home, I am ready to restart becoming more self loving and taking time for myself. Healthy foods, like fruits and whole cereals, and fitness, pilates and cyclette, are easy but good. I want to start a morning routine full of energy and positivity! Ciao from Italy, still in lockdown and with schools closed. I can’t wait to read your book 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Hello Stefania,

      Sounds like a perfect plan! Enjoy the mornings in Italy by creating your day around energy, positivity sounds wonderful.


  101. Perfect message for the perfect person on the perfect day. I, too, have CF and sometimes use it as an excuse to not move at all. I commit to doing TaiChi (which I love for many reasons, including mind and balance) for the next 14 days to my ability. My goal is to write every day… the book for which I have a publishing agreement. Because it is about my son who is deceased, I avoid facing the feelings it evokes; however, it is something I have felt the need to do for a long time. I am that person with too many things on my list, blurring my vision. I will prioritize and take one goal at a time. The book is a commitment, so it is number one. I am much older than you, but you are now my muse!

    • teamforleo

      Debbie, thank you for sharing your words here so that all of us can witness them. We’re so sorry about the loss of your son. May his memories be a source of inspiration for you and your writing. One goal at a time. xo – Heather

    • teamforleo

      Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful book that you are writing in honor of your son. Yes, one goal at a time, one day at a time. We love having you as part of our community.


  102. Dianne

    A little late to the game, but I’m willing to try the challenge. I’m been feeling both bored and restless, and just stuck in a pattern of not doing anything.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Dianne,

      That’s Ok! Give yourself some grace and patience. Things take time and we’re sure you get motivated!


  103. Wow, This is really a good blog. I was motivated while reading your blog and watching the video. I really need this kind of content in my life right now. Because as we know we all heat by this pandemic and i also my job which is very sad. But i’m up for the challenge after this pandemic and back to my normal life again. Thanks for an inspiring content Marie. Looking forward to read more of your new blog. 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Yay! for you Eric! Stay strong, keep moving forward and look at challenges as opportunities. We are so happy to have you as a member of our community.


  104. HeatherA

    Hello–love the move it move it challenge! I’m in! I’m just starting a business myself, and I need to be a woman of action to get it going. I ordered Marie’s book yesterday–can’t wait to read it.

  105. It has certainly been a long and challenging year. Thanks for sharing your tips and insight with us!

    • Elena, I know many people for whom it was just another year) Not better and not worse than the rest.

  106. Ella

    Hello–love the move it move it challenge! I’m in!
    I wanted for a while to start a business as a photographer now I have second thoughts on it, not because I don’t love photography anymore but mainly because I believe it would be exhausting to deal with people one on one and sell my products. I hate selling! So I need to find my purpose! Once this is sorted and I get clarity I will look for any forms of online businesses including becoming a YouTube.
    In the meantime I’m stuck with hoarding for real! I have the mindset to declutter everything but yet I’m slow to take action 🎬 and decluttering will take longer than 14 days but I need it done as my no 1 priority before I proceed to business.

  107. Creece Rubia

    I’m so glad you’re back more upbeat and inspiring Marie! Well, the pandemic has not really affected me so much in a negative way, except for it’s back-breaking effect on my finances (which I am used to anyway). It’s because I was born with so many problems even before as a baby – poverty, quality of life, health-related concerns, that I grew up thinking and asking “God, why me?” with bitterness and resentment at times. Then one meditative day in my early adult years, I got that Aha! moment that I was born to solve problems (my own problems at least) instead of having a smooth-sailing life. And I always knew that education is the key to solving my predestined problems so I could enjoy life and be happy in the end. It was good that I guess I was also born as an optimist. Being an optimist is the pillar of succeeding as a patient (literally) and self-ascribed problem-solver. So this year-long and counting pandemic feeling is nothing new to me at all. It’s just that, now, I don’t feel so alone and misunderstood. Personally, I got that funny feeling that officially the whole world has joined me in this problem-solving spree.

    I had dreams in pre-pandemic days which I didn’t know how and when to start achieving. One of these was to teach on-line. I used to feel so intimidated just thinking what if I fumble and have a stage fright if internet connection would have some issues, etc. The millennial students might get bored and just ignore my lessons, etc. The pandemic pushed me to the limit to achieve exactly this dream. At first I was so frustrated. How can I use my laptop when it’s broken? How long would I wait until the computer service center would open which had been closed due to lock down? I prayed and prayed for so many things. Prayers unlocked my creativity again. I believe that God opens the door of inspiration and creative problem-solving whenever I pray. In short, I learned how to fix my own laptop which took almost three months to incrementally repair and now, I am teaching on-line on Zoom a few hours almost everyday! It’s from impossible to possible. Even if I am just starting with a few hours daily, I regard this as a great start and gratifying achievement from God’s gift of serendipity. My remote dream came true. Pandemic forced me to do what I thought was so hard to achieve. Which leads me to your first challenge for today. My next priority dream is to design a unique program in Business Japanese which would be accessible even to learners starting with zero Japanese language proficiency. The reason is that there are so many job openings for professionals that require Japanese communication skills (certified or non-certified/practical). I want to be the first or a pioneer in addressing that gap where non-Japanese professionals are in demand in the Japanese job market but they have no Japanese language communication skills. I plan to offer them live on-line didactic programs to help them qualify for those big opportunities.

    Before the pandemic, I was recuperating from a bad case of flu due to over fatigue and unbalanced lifestyle while working in another city on night shifts. So during the past pandemic year, because I became suddenly jobless due to the indefinite closure of the company I was working for, I made a plan to fully recuperate, regain my health, build resistance and strength, learned simple yoga and stretching exercises to deal with hypertension caused by pressure and stress, and to make up for lost sleep as much as I could. I am a fitful sleeper so I marked myself excellent whenever I completed eight hours of sleep. When I realized that the pandemic is not getting better and the future is uncertain about going back to normal, I designed what I call my industrial home office space where I conduct my on-line classes now. I also started to repair my corporate office attire into home office attire – all hand-sewn! I planned my meals so as not to gain so much weight, etc., etc. I wrote a fresh life strategy until I completed my North Star to guide me whenever I begin slipping away in the motivation department. And your 14-day challenge to sweat it out is such a great and wonderful idea. That would be perfect to build my stamina, which I had been planning to build, but forgot!

    Again Marie, I’m glad having watched you again and more power!

  108. Angie

    LOVE you Marie!! You make me giggle and my family wonders what in the heck I am doing because I listen with my air pods in!

    My priority the week is to finish the 4 core modules of The Copy Cure and then complete the About Me segment for the blog website I am beginning.

    I practice yoga daily, but I am gunna shake things up for the next 14 days and join your “Move it, Move it Challenge.”

    My fingers are crossed to shed a few pounds and uncover some creativity! Count me in!

    • teamforleo

      A good giggle with those air pods in is how we like it, Angie 😉 That means we did our job. Enjoy the challenge! – Heather

  109. My priority is to make a digital course during the next 3 months! And I am participating the 14 day challenge!

  110. Sophia Del Gigante

    Marie, you really do have all the answers. Even though I kinda knew this, I needed that kick in the ass. The dance party starts…. NOW!

  111. Nice Post

  112. When pandemic hit last year was really the hard time of my life. Cuz just like everybody I also lost my job and working hard to go back to the time when there’s no pandemic. Right now my first priority is to get back on track and thankfully I already have a job. 🙂

  113. Your writing is perfect!!!
    You gave me great joy!!!
    I simply need to offer a gigantic go-ahead for the decent data you have here on this post. I can be returning again to your blog for extra soon.

  114. Really Nice.
    Love It.
    Thanks for the Information.

  115. Shruti R

    Just now watched this episode and I feel like I’m lacking clarity on what to do, my priorities. Though I know what I love doing (I want to start an online business in future, currently in my 2nd year of college) I’m not able to take action because my streams are so different and I feel so blank. I feel like a dumb person, confused and depressed. I have decided to join this 14 day challenge and sweat it all. Everything is figureoutable 🙂

  116. I permanently deleted all social media at the beginning of this year (I don’t count Pinterest/Youtube because I actually learn and get inspiration from both sites). It has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am so much happier now because I’m not constantly bombarded by everyone’s highlight reels. I’ve found my own style and pretty much stopped following the majority of trends because I’m not as influenced by others online. I’ve been more creative and have honestly just enjoyed my life more. That being said, I definitely still have bad dopamine habits that I have not been able to kick. I don’t listen to music a ton, but I do tend to have a TV show/movie/Youtube video playing in the background almost all the time while I’m doing things around the house. I know it is affecting me from reaching my goals because I find myself turning something on to get some chores done, but the chores take me ten times longer to accomplish because I’m distracted by the show. Then I spend all day “cleaning” and I’m writing, learning the violin, working out, or gardening. All of these are things I really want to do more in my life, but I’m wasting so much time with TV because I’m not as efficient. I really think I’m going to try to limit my TV/video time and replace at least some of it with music, an audiobook, or silence if I can stand that lol.

  117. Michael Bernard

    Thanks for this post.

  118. Francis Booth

    I just finished watching this episode and I’m not sure what I should do or what my priorities are. Though I know what I want to accomplish in the future (I’m in my second year of college and want to establish an internet company), I’m unable to take action since my streams are so disjointed and I’m feeling so lost. I’m feeling stupid, befuddled, and melancholy. I’ve made the decision to take part in this 14-day challenge and sweat it all out. Everything can be figured out.

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