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Ever wonder what the world’s most successful entrepreneurs looked like when they first started? 

Like beginners.

No one — and I mean no one — has it all figured out at the starting gate. Running the race is how you learn and grow.

One of the most important habits of successful people is, simply, starting.

Start Before You’re Ready

Starting before you’re ready means taking action every day. It’ll help you overcome paralyzing fear, and fast-track growth, learning, and achievement. 

What you can create will absolutely astound you, but you have to start now. Click To Tweet

If you’re itching to start a business but feel overwhelmed about where to begin, you’re far from alone.

In this MarieTV, I answer a question from Edina, who wrote in to ask:

“I’ve recently left my job as a school counselor to become a parenting coach. Now it’s time to actually get out there and do it, but I feel tremendously overwhelmed and have no clue how to sign a client. … I feel like I’m in a catch-22 where I can’t sign clients without good marketing, but I can’t tweak my marketing without clients. Help.”

Watch this episode and keep reading below the video for my advice to Edina — and any entrepreneur who’s feeling stuck on the path toward success.

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The “start before you’re ready” strategy means exactly what it says. Stop thinking and start doing. Make a move. Any move. Send the email. Register for the class. Pick up the phone. Schedule the meeting. Have the conversation.

Starting before you’re ready is not:

  • Brainstorming
  • Strategizing
  • Outlining
  • Dreaming
  • Talking about your business idea

Here’s what it is:

  • Getting out there
  • Doing the actual work
  • Serving real humans

You do not need fancy marketing to get started in business, and you don’t have to have everything figured out.

Should You Start Now? Ask Yourself These 3 Qs:

Still think you need to wait for the “right time” to start your business? These three questions will help you figure out what’s holding you back.

Question #1: Do You Need More Information?

“Start before you’re ready” isn’t an invitation to be ignorant or haphazard. 

But be warned: extensive research and planning is often procrastination in disguise. You can spend weeks, months, even years “preparing” without making any tangible progress.

Research, especially online, can be particularly dicey. I’ve gotten myself sucked into multi-hour, multi-day research rabbit holes far too many times to count. Remember, you don’t need to know everything about your dream, nor do you need to map out every step toward success. Stop hiding behind books and websites. 

Develop a bias for action. Make appointments. Have real-life conversations. You’ll learn more and see faster progress.

If you must research, take these steps to stay productive:

  1. Give yourself a clear research objective (the ONE thing you’ll learn, find out, confirm, or act on).
  2. Set a window of time to find it.
  3. Use a timer, get the information you need, and take action on it immediately.
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Question #2: Do You Need More Experience?

One of the scariest parts of starting before you’re ready is that you don’t have as much experience or know-how as people who’ve been in business longer than you.

Of course!

If inexperience is the obstacle you’re facing, then go out and get it. It can be as straightforward as that. Offer to work for free. Find a job or internship in the industry, no matter how small. 

Better yet, get experience by doing the work. Take small, forward-moving steps, like giving away free samples of your product or service in exchange for feedback. If the thing you want to do is create, like making art or writing a book, practice. Do it over and over and over, starting now.

The sooner you start, the sooner you learn and grow.

Question #3: Do You Need a Step-by-Step Plan?

First of all, you probably don’t.

Starting before you’re ready means doing the work before you know what every step down the road will bring. Because, if you wait for that kind of certainty, guess what? You’ll never start.

For some extra guidance on how to start before you’re ready, embrace the everything is figureoutable philosophy, and remember: you were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul.

You wouldn’t have the dream if you didn’t already have what it takes to make it happen. 

Here are two ideas to help you tap into the courage, strength, and ability you already possess:

  • Get skin in the game. Find a way to put your time, money, or your ego on the line, so you’re motivated to overcome procrastination and take action.
  • Get in the growth zone. The growth zone is a magical, albeit scary place, just outside of your comfort zone. You’ll feel vulnerable and insecure, but to grow, you must let go of your need for comfort and security and train yourself to value growth and learning.

2 Entrepreneurs Who Started Before They Were Ready

Still not convinced you should start before you’re ready? I love these stories about two well-known business owners who started far before they were ready — and how it paid off, big time.

Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter

Lisa is the founder of the natural hair care brand Carol’s Daughter.

She got her start in the 80s playing with fragrances and essential oils in her Brooklyn kitchen. At first, she was giving it away, until her mom encouraged her to sell what she made at her church’s flea market.

She never planned to start a business. She just thought this would be a fun day out.

Then she sold out of every single thing.

Lisa started going to craft festivals and slowly built a customer base. She wasn’t even making hair care products until customers started asking about them — and she figured out how to make them.

She gave those hair products to hairdressers, got their feedback, and made improvements. Little by little, Lisa grew her business by taking action. Fast forward to 2014, when Lisa’s company was — drumroll, please!! — acquired by L’Oreal.

She got to that place in her business by taking consistent action and starting before she was ready. 

Brandon Stanton, Photographer & Author, “Humans of New York”

Brandon is the photographer behind the amazing blog Humans of New York. When he started, he didn’t have any experience — or even own a camera.

Brandon lost a job in the financial industry, and didn’t want to go back. He’d always been interested in photography and just wanted to earn enough money to keep a roof over his head and do the work he loved.

He moved to New York City and committed to taking 10,000 photos of people on the street and plotting them on a map.

Brandon spent thousands and thousands of hours editing thousands and thousands of photos, learning along the way what worked and what didn’t. He also got really comfortable talking with and interviewing strangers. The stories that accompanied his photos eventually became the Humans of New York brand and business that’s wildly successful today, with more than 20 million followers and two bestselling books. 

How Can YOU Start Before You’re Ready?

If you, like Edina, are sitting on a dream and wondering how to make it happen, here’s the thing: You need to get out there and do the work, even if you’ve got to do it for free.

If you want to be a parenting coach, guess what? You need to start coaching some dang parents. 

If I were Edina, I would make a list of every single parent that I knew and I’d send them an email and offer to help them solve their parenting problems — for free — in exchange for a referral or testimonial. 

Or you could pull a Lisa and get a booth at your local flea market and make a big sign that says, “Free parenting advice,” and give your card to anybody who walks up to you.

Or you could pull a Brandon and literally stop people on the street and say, “Hey, are you a parent? Are your kids giving you any problems? I was a school counselor for 10 years and I’m starting a new business as a parenting coach and I’d be happy to help you solve any problems you’ve got with your kids!”

Now, obviously, I’m having a little fun with these ideas, but all the points are valid.

Starting before you’re ready means doing the work.

Because the world needs you to do it. You matter. Your ideas matter. Prosperity in all its forms is your birthright. I’m in your corner, and I believe in you. 

When you make a commitment to keep growing and learning and surround yourself with people who lift you up, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

Now, let’s turn this insight into action!

  1. Answer fast: What’s one thing you can do right now to start before you’re ready? In a notebook, write down the action step that immediately enters your mind and heart. Say it out loud.
  2. How can you commit time, money, or social accountability to take that step forward? Put some skin in the game, and make your move now!

Got a friend, client, or colleague who’s sitting on a great business idea and needs to start already? Share this post. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll have one more person to hold you accountable to your dreams, too.

All my love,


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  1. Arthur L Trinchera

    Hello everyone! Following up on a suggestion from Marie, just to say hats off to everyone taking an action step towards their higher dream despite the old tired narratives in the brain!!
    I had to walk away from music performance and teaching due to getting caught in a lifestyle addiction. Now I’m 8 years sober and realize I “threw the baby out with the bathwater”! I gave up on myself and lost my mojo. Now I’m trying to get it back and finding it so difficult to find my way back in!
    I want to teach and preform again! I need help and start a “bias toward action” So I’m going to make one phone call today despite my depressed mood!
    Have a beautiful day!

    • vivi

      you can do it! and keep going please… its difficult but its going to be worth it. 🙂

    • Susan Pitman

      Arthur! You have this incredible music gift…here’s a big YES to moving back into that talent! I work in addiction and prevention, and know you can – and should – do this. You’ve found support in your sobriety, so keep engaged there, but please dig deep into your music…we all need you!
      Lots of love,

    • Annette Johnson

      Go for it Arthur, the world needs all types of performers.
      The first call is the hardest step, keep going and make those enquiries part of your daily routine.
      Why not tell yourself “I am not going to **insert a favourite treat here** until I have made that call”
      My treat is always a ‘proper’ cup of coffee, but it could be a walk or an episode of favourite program etc.

    • Anne-kirstine Klitmark

      Go Arthur!

    • Good luck.

    • Erika

      I first want to say congrats on your sobriety! To heal your mind of any addiction is just amazing strength! I have incredible respect for someone who was down and out, but rose back up. Everyone’s path is different. And everyone has obstacles to overcome. I’m proud/happy for you! And music is probably the most therapeutic and fulfilling to your soul. Go for it! I love to sing. But I guess you could call me a closet singer haha. I’ve only let very few people hear my voice. It’s scary to hear what others might say about it. Putting myself out there ya know. But isn’t that what this B-school/ Marie is all about. ? Like Marie says, I believe in you!

    • ioana

      Yes, please start just by playing inside your house, for your neighbors. This world needs so so so much more music to cover and stop all the noise or lonely silence we live in <3

    • Dina

      Yes, Arthur! You are going to feel so much better when you get going on this and return to wholeheartedly sharing your gifts with the world!

    • Gunilla Wachtel

      That’s awesome Arthur! You got this!

    • Jamie

      Sounds like your headed in a great direction, Arthur. I’ve gotten so used to texting and messaging people that I have a tough time talking face to face to people. Depression is a horrible feeling. A phone call a day is a great challenge. Get back out there. You have a sound the world needs to here.

    • Awesome Arthur! You’ve got this!

    • Arthur!
      Congrats on being sober!
      I’m a tap dancer and trying to also find more work to teach and perform again after addiction and injuries forced me to take some time off. Make those calls! Get your butt to the park and just play because you love it! I deal with depression every day but when I’ve got my shoes on and am creating music that only I can create, I remember that my gifts are special and unique, and SO ARE YOURS!!! The world needs what you have to offer!!!! Remember that if you’re committed to getting back in the game those opportunities will show up for you. Keep an open mind and say yes to anything and everything that feels right to you!!!!

      • yes! thank you for sharing your story. all the best to you. 🙂

      • Dannielle Benevento

        I have a fear of sharing. However from my experience thus far with B school I know this is a safe place. So here I go. In some ways I want to justify what comes to mind. Explain why I am good, or talented enough to do it. I want to explain how I see the world, and explanations never work. So, here is what I am doing.. As I write this I keep trying to pull my punch. Which I just did again and again. I am writing a piece to submit to a publishing house, or maybe a couple.

        • You can do this! Writing is like breathing to some people and if it gives you life then do it!

        • Yes, Danielle, YES! Do it. Hit the send button. Again and again and again! You WILL get no answer from some but somewhere, someone is going to let you know they’re publishing your piece or pieces!!!

      • Rachel

        Kate, I gave up on my dance career because of an abusive partner so this fills my heart with joy!!!
        I adore tap and have recently rediscovered the confidence to get back to it, not in the professional capacity I had but for charity/ fun, it’s not easy and you’re doing fantastic things! Keep at it!!!!

    • Caru

      Good luck Arthur! One small step at a time in the right direction!

    • Hi Arthur, first of all huge congrats on being sober for 8 years! That’s such an accomplishment. Everything new takes time, but if you love music and what you do you will succeed soon or later. Just do At least one thing a day that will get you closer to that goal/dream. What else you’re going to do if you don’t follow your dream?? You can do it!

    • Brenda Rocray

      You’ve got this! You’ve worthy of your dream!

    • Arthur! You got this! Plant a little seed and take a nature walk with that call you make! It will shift your mood not only your ambition! You totally do got this and you can even say those words to yourself as you begin to shift your mood. It all starts with a mindset shift! Hugs and hope that suggestion helps…. Nicole

    • One action step can make all the difference. Have you ever heard of the book “Eat your frog first”. Basic idea is do the thing you find most difficult first, it give you so much energy and momentum! Great strategy! Make that call! Best of luck to you!:)

    • You can do it 🙂 We’re here cheering for you and supporting you

    • Melissa

      Congratulations on your journey! Keep up the progress, because it is a journey for your life. You should absolutely feed your soul with your music and reach out and touch others with your gifts. You can make this your livelyhood once again and gift the world with your passion for music. Reach out for the support your community will give you and don’t be afraid to take it. You can do this!

    • Trisha Hunter

      Arthur, your one phone call could led to million opportunities and many more phone calls. The action is your first step, now you know you can do it!

    • HC

      You’re a freaking / r o c k s t a r / in my book, Arthur! Thanks for sharing… I feel you my friend. Would love to know how that phone call goes 🙂 you got this.

    • Issy

      Yes! Make that phone call. “The journey of a thousand miles starts with taking that FIRST step!” Ok!! Well I can t believe I said that. Because I have to thank you for putting out your message which only backfired on me to listen to my own advice??. I started a little business 20 years ago. It’s been on the back burner. Still is. I have a lot of distractions right now and not isn a very “happy place”. Fast forward. I want to pick up where I left off. And I know I lost my MOJO. Everyone around me is anxious!! ?si hard to pick up …. I am looking at B school and not questioning B school , but rather questioning me. Will I do IT? I always get excited and moved with enthusiast like Marie. But she said something so true to my heart. That when you hear others support you it makes the journey that much easier . It’s so doggone hard feeling ALONE in it????☹️???. A lot of times I dobt get to finish….I also need that final kick?☺️?

    • Christina Minneci

      You got this Arthur! ????

    • Awesome! I see that you’ve had the courage to commit to this and share it here so I applaud and encourage you. (lots of hands clapping.)

    • I know and you know you Can Do this! And once you make that first phone call, you will probably be so much more motivated that you will make a second and a third!!!

    • Shari Bare

      You got this, Arthur! Keep your “bias toward action” attitude no matter how small that step may be some days. Even tiny, tiny actions add up. You should already be so proud of yourself 🙂

    • Dannielle Benevento

      Hello Arthur,

      Thank you for your vulnerability.. and sharing. One thing I know for sure is that in life we have schools different stations where we teach, and give with all our hearts. This does not mean that we were ever at the wrong place at the wrong time. It means we had some learning points to get before our greatest desires are able to come into being. Your passion and love is stronger than any fear. I can sympathize as I was in a space of learning for thirteen years, and I don’t regret any of it as I know the greater good for the world that my experience will contribute. The way out is through, and in receiving. It’s the prime of your life. I am excited to see what you are creating : )

    • that’s your old story … we need to drive forward not driving looking in the rear view mirror … we need to tell our new story – the one for today and tomorrow. Thoughts ARE things – scientifically proven. “IF you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” attributed to Wayne Dyer, but guess what? it’s from Max Planck – quantum physicist. I KNOW this from the bottom of my heart – and am using this today. 2015 B Schooler – every year there’s more. You’ve got this Arthur.

    • Awesome the fact that you are pushing yourself to get back out there despite your challenges is a huge step. Blessings to you!!

    • Cassie

      Go Arthur! I am four months sober and want to get back into performing, too! We can do this

    • Hi Arthur,

      I’m a fellow musician, actor and performer. It sounds like a strong and important decision you made to step back for a while, and create a healthier life for yourself. That is awesome! A couple thoughts come to my mind. One is just what Marie has said in the video, which is not getting too caught up in the whole picture of getting your career back, and focusing instead on something you can do each day to move in the direction of teaching and performing again.

      The second thing is related to integration. What is a central learning or lesson you have taken from being sober? What is a theme or value that has opened up in your life? Now take that lesson/value and think about how that could apply to what you want to do in the realm of creativity and performance. I feel like linking your “break” from doing music, with the approach to music you want to take now might help connect things.

      Finally, you got this!

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Hi Arthur! We hope you’re seeing this amazing outpouring of love and support. All these folks in the comments recognize a beautiful gift in you, and that it’s still there and aching to be shared. We hope you made that phone call today and we want you to know all of Team Forleo is cheering you on! **You’ve got this, Arthur!** (And thanks to all you amazing humans who stepped up to offer encouragement. We are nothing short of honored to have you in our world.)

    • Scott Morgan

      Wow Arthur!
      Inspiring share! You got this dude! Spoken from a fraidy cat over here! lol The numerous comments/shares in here are amazing! I’ve been told to many times that I’m a great “coach” with whatever I do….And there’s that B-School clock ticking down on my screen…:) Time is now…and I’m here…

    • KATRINA Logan

      Hey Arthur, that’s so impressive. One phone call is a big step when you’re out of practice and you know once you’ve made that first call it will get so much easier. Stay focussed on the prize – that amazing feeling of performing and teaching! Good luck! … Katrina

    • Go for it Arthur! The time to run with it is when your motivation is reignited. Being sober- what a gift~!! Clarity and new health, better sleep etc.
      Go you good thing~!! I’m feeling your vibes

    • Jenny

      Hey Arthur! You are in a much better place now to be an amazing performer and teacher – you are clear on why this matters… because it fuels your mojo! It matters because you can reach others to find theirs. Make that phone call and then the next! You’ve got this x

    • Emily Wirsing

      Congrats Arthur!!! I am so strong and powerful already. Keep on keeping on. You so got this!!!

    • Theresa

      I love you..I follow both on Facebook..I have self esteem issue.i love to learn more about health… nutrition.. exercise
      This are stuff I do that make me come out feeling my best..
      Am good at consoling.
      I need more training
      Looking forward

    • Debra Benton

      Congrats on 8 years sober. If you can do that, you truly can do anything. Good luck!

    • LeAnn

      Hi Arthur….this is serendipitous because I was watching this video from Marie before send a flier out to some of my songwriter/artist friends that I will be giving free creative sessions on Thursdays in April through Zoom. I had a feeling that during this time where everything has come to somewhat of a standstill, especially in music performance and touring, that a lot of creatives feel the momentum slowing. I wanted to give some free meetings to help them feel like they are making progress. I’m happy to schedule you. OH…about me, I’ve had a 30 year career working with songwriters and artists in the music business. I’m not sure how we are supposed to connect as my email won’t be published, but reply back if you are interested and we could figure it out. Either way, best of luck to you.

    • Sabrina

      You didn’t ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’. You went through a process you needed to to make you better and stronger. You have so much more to give now, so much more to say. Please share that through you teaching and performing!

  2. M

    I am a Management Accountant and my practice was designed to help business owners know and grow their business (by better understanding & learning from their numbers) and to help business owners gain back time by taking the stress of managing their compliance obligations away from them. I have been in business since 2012, and yet I have not found more than 2 solid (well paying) clients. I still work part time in a 9-5 role, but despite hiring marketing agencies & doing multiple courses (and the work that goes with them) to help grow my practice, I have not made any more clients. I am experienced and qualified & people much less experienced and qualified than me are achieving way more than I have in the last 8 years, which tells me I am doing something wrong or not doing enough. For multiple reasons I am against branding myself personally and plastering my face online to get clients, but my dream is to have a practice that I can run online, and my ideal client’s are women in business. I also give back to women in 3rd world countries by financially supporting them (paying for medicines, household expenses, rent, education etc), and I want to be able to do more for those ladies than what I am able to do now. Will B-School be able to help me gain more ideal client’s and grow my business online, given the industry that I am in and while respecting my desire to stay private as an individual?

    • Darja Bardo

      I know you are scared 🙂 I waited for 3 years to enrol. Tried growing my dance school on my own, but each year losing money rather than making them. This year I went for it. Enrolled in B-School and will make everything work, especially as there is nothing for me to fall back on now. Not sure if taking such risk is for you, but I want to change my life around and watching everyone who did B-School succeed and cheering for them, I want to be in that circle 🙂 Maybe we will see each other there or on one of Marie’s blogs.

    • Hello M,
      You sound a lot like me. I’m a barrister (UK lawyer) and work with businesses. Like you I want to do better as I feel it’s all passing me by and want to do more online. So hard to market in a busy sector where everyone wants legals for cheap. I have a feeling the B School marketing angle will really help us.
      Very happy to share thoughts/ideas. I’m in the B School facebook group.

    • Julia

      Personal branding doesn’t mean putting your entire self out there for others to see – it’s a lot less scary than that, and I think B School will help you figure that out. It’s also an investment in developing your own skills, so you don’t have to hire a coach, or someone to do your website for you. It’s empowering to be able to understand how and why things work, and I would always favor investing in my own skills rather than hiring someone else to do something for me (and when I grow enough to have someone else do that for me, I’ll have enough knowledge to keep an eye on it all)!

      Once you take a positive step, ANY step to figure out your goals and move forward even just a little bit, things will look sunnier.

    • Ja

      I can hear it … “Stop comparing yourself to others” or at least compare apples to apples. The people you are comparing yourself to are people who are putting their face and brand out to the public. That is what you say you don’t want to do. You are going to have to define yourself in some way so find a definition of yourself you like and let people know about you. Go to a place where your customers are and do a presentation about what you do. If you don’t get a nibble then evaluate but don’t give up. If you want to do it, as Nike says “just do it”. You are unique-so shine.

    • Hello M
      You don’t have to use your face but people do like to see who they’re working with, if it’s a real person, knowing makes me much more comfortable hiring someone.
      But you can also post testimonials from your clients all over the internet, have them write a review for you and post it on Instagram, Facebook, Google my business etc
      Join local groups, go to local events, sign up to be a speaker for free advise etc check out the app Meetup to meet all kinds of people and groups. I was a very private person as well, but I had to change that if I wanted my business to do well. Never like these meetings. But we can do it! Good luck!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, M! It sounds like you have a big heart and a lot of gifts and talents. It’s hard to build the know/like/trust factor with your audience if they feel like there’s a wall between you, so there are exercises in B-School to help you put yourself out there and connect with your audience. That being said, we never encourage students to share anything they don’t feel comfortable sharing.

      Think of your audience (potential customers) like a friend. You can’t have a meaningful friendship with someone you barely know, right? But it’s totally possible to have a meaningful friendship with someone in a particular context. For example, if you’re in a book club, you may not know your fellow book club members’ deepest darkest secrets, but you know what genres of book each of them likes and some of their favorite authors and you can have meaningful conversations around those topics. The same is true for your business. You don’t have to share deep dark secrets, but they do need to know why *you* are the best person to help them and that means talking about yourself in that context. 🙂

      I hope this reframe helps! We’d be honored to see you in B-School if you decide it’s a good fit.

    • So awesome that you support and give back to women in 3rd world countries. B school might be a good fit for you because it goes over a lot of the foundations for business and the mindset. I think sometimes we stand in our own way. It also does help when you see other students go through what they’re going through etc…

      • M

        Thank You all for your comments and well wishes.
        Really appreciate your feedback & I am honoured that anyone would take time out of their day to send me a word of encouragement. I hope you all succeed and that we can meet in the B-School world.

        • Claudia

          Go for your dream. You have the appreciative approach which will make you a winner.


  3. vivi

    im an artist, i love making things…. when i see something cute made from a fabric, like, dress, fabric bag, phone case, any case, or decorations from fabrics, i get wild. that really sparks joy out of me. but, there is days that my works didnt get appreciated and im going nowhere, i get more shy everytime, and i just didnt do it again. im not trying to selling it, not trying to just put it out there. i feel so invalid.
    theres so many moment in life, that i always thought ,”i wish i can be financially independent, because being not. is just really hurts.
    so after years watching marie. i heard this phrase a lil bit too often. and now, guess what im going to take the leap, ill start before i ready.
    ill put my assess at my workroom and do pieces that i feel valuable for people. and start take a very good photograph of it. and put it out there. i will put some system to post and eventually i will sell it, and hope it will turn good at market. im thrilled.

    • I’ve been through the same thing!! I get excited about the same things! I recently began creating what I feel is important and I recently began sharing photos of these things. His is where my heart is. This is the path I belong on. I found it all through bschool. I am constantly evolving my creations but I got strated and it feels awesome!!! So keep it up. You’ve got this!!

      • vivi

        chava, so happy for you! yes,i also started with what i feel important too. Simplify is what makes me able to start. maybe you can share where u posted ur creation, i wud love to cheer you 🙂

    • Yes Vivi!! You got this! You are valuable and so are your pieces. Keep putting yourself out there and don’t stop! You got this.

      • vivi

        thank you so much this means a lot to me!

    • Take the leap. If you don’t, you will never realize you could fly!!!

      • vivi

        yes i should, thanks so much marilyn!

    • VIVI-you SO GOT THIS!! I love making things too and you once you are in your creative space both literally & figuratively your soul will be singing and you will get more and more joie de vivre and happiness because the magic that is YOU will be here for all of us to be in awe of AND folks will be able to LOVE your creations and tell everyone, “It’s VIVI creation, IT is gorgeous isn’t it!” Deck yourself out in everything you have made, be your walking advertisement, the second someone says, “Ooooh, I love your bag/case/dress/everything you hand them your business card (with a sliver of fabric off the corner loop) and battaboom battabing—The whole world is smiling!

      • vivi

        waw thanks so much for ur words CC! really i capture this, print it, n read this everyday! it makes me very happy and encouraging me through the days!
        yes yes yes i wud make a great things and confidently wear it! i did it actually quiet many times (in not so great confident, wear it like its normal stuff) i sud stop playing small! grateful for this community so much.. i never had this supporting community or just people in my real life, to really saying such things to me.

    • Things can be difficult. Being an artist isn’t easy. But… it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. I believe you can make it one way or another. Good luck 🙂

      • vivi

        thanks so much marta, good luck to you too on everything u do! 🙂

    • Ja

      Can’t wait to see your work, it sounds inspiring. ?

      • vivi

        thanks you so much 🙂 i never feel that i am inspiring. but because u said it, it really inspires me to be inspiring. thanks so much JA!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Vivi! We’re so happy to hear this. Not everyone will appreciate your work, but the *right* people will appreciate your work. The people who love what you create are the ones to focus on. 🙂

      • vivi

        yes, right mandy…. we cant focus to someone who didnt like our creation, it what made me stopped evrytime in the past. 🙂 thanks you for ur reply

    • yayayayayay! i’m thrilled that you’ve found something that sparks joy for you. keep moving forward … xo

      • vivi

        yes, thank you, i hope u also find what sparks joy to u! cheers 🙂

    • Hey Vivi,

      This is amazing and totally inspiring. I’m a fellow artist (musician and performer) and TRUST ME, I so know that dual feeling of feeling rejection, and also continuously putting your hard work into stuff and still finding yourself barely scraping by financially. It’s hard, and humbling, but ultimately worth it cause you’re actually putting your energy into something that lights you up and will eventually light other people up to. You got this! Keep going!

      • vivi

        hey claire, thanks so much for ur reply. yes it is hard, i know its still a long journey for me, i hope i can be great over time, building something, and keep learning everyday. keep inspiring people claire! thanks for the light you give to me 🙂

    • Claudia

      Go girl!C

      • vivi

        thanks claudia! 🙂

  4. As Marie says, Action really IS the antidote to fear; and when we take action we generate the data we need to unform our next step, and the next , and the next.

    Action also creates a feed-forward, positive reinforcement loop that bolsters our self confidence- Love this woman and team!!!!

  5. My action steps:
    1. Check mailbox for replacement credit card arrival so can register with B-School & take advantage of Lucky Bee promotion to receive the Money Archtypes as I am already a Lucky Bee.
    2. Go to Jewish Vocational Services orientation on Thursday so I can register for the free financial counseling session to get more info to be more financially literate to run my business even before B-school starts.
    3. Schedule appt with webmaster so we can launch before my radio interview with Kim Justus of Brain Injury Network Radio on National Brain Injury Awareness Day, 4march2020.
    4. Get my dental issues addressed, do the head shot workshop and use that to have updated professional photo for all marketing TODAY.
    5. Happy tap dance and thank all the benevolent forces of the universe for getting me strong enough, brave enough and quantum leaping enough to know ”this is my time and I am ready for the next step” Mille merci for everything! : )

    • CC LeBlanc–way to go to have this full list of action steps and cheering others on! I love to do lists myself. And I use them to check progress and remember all my ideas. Some days the lists are so long and I feel discouraged that I didn’t do all the action steps. I’m changing that mindset to give myself a pat on the back for the accomplishments, and know that I’ll get back to the list the next time–may even take a day or more. I’m moving forward. Using Marie’s motto to do the action. Go for your dreams, CC LeBlanc!

    • Lance Smith

      Boom! Seem very self-aware of yourself and your situation CC- love it! Feel the universe should also be thank you 🙂 Best wishes.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, CC! This is awesome! We love your clear action steps. You got this 🙂

    • Donna L Burney

      Wow CC, impressive list. That will move the needle for sure! You have encouraged me because I resonate with your list. This kind of support helps me to hold myself accountable. Just knowing I put it in writing. Ok I’m going to get busy on my sky painting. Lets do this!

    • vivi

      so so in love with ur action step CC!. its contagious in super great way! 🙂 makes me remember to put dental checking to the schedule.:) hope everything going smoothly for you!

  6. I am a romance/mystery author and even though my books are on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iUniverse, they are not doing as well as I want. I know to get my name out there I have to market, but feel overwhelmed on how to do it all.

    I put out to the Universe to please help me. First came Denise Duffield-Thomas’s book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. I absolutely loved it. When I signed up for the bonuses from her book, she introduced Marie Forleo and B-School. This is exactly what I need. I signed up for both programs through Denise’s website and am so excited for it all to start.

    Not only do I want to promote my books, but I also want to become a life coach and help people.

    Thank you so much for all you are doing to help me get onto the path I know I am meant to be on.

    • Shannon

      Hi Marilyn,
      I write romance and I see the struggles most authors have with self-publishing when it comes to getting their brands established and marketing their products. I joined B-School this year to start and grow a business where I can help authors achieve success. You can do whatever you set your mind to do. Let’s find each other in the B-School forum.
      Much Love,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! You’re a rock star, Marilyn! We’re proud of you for taking action and honored to support your dreams. <3

  7. Susan Pitman

    I’ve taken this advice, Marie. I’ve done the free thing, and now have the awesome and amazing pleasure of clients who are seeking me out (and paying). My next big step is to really get the marketing up and going – starting with a real website (v the original simple blog I started). I’m a BSchool alum about to engage again – that’s my next right step!
    My work? Marriage Coach, specializing in infidelity and its aftermath.
    We can do this!
    Best to all,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re doing such important, necessary work, Susan. We’re honored you’re a B-Schooler!

    • Go for it!! And keep going for it!!! You got this!!! I bet you’re going to help tons of people!

    • I love what you do, Mandy!! I just started a business as an Eating Disorder Recovery & Body Confidence Coach – another vulnerable field – and you’ve definitely inspired me to get out there and offer those services for free initially! Keep doing the great work you’re doing!! ?

  8. Annette Johnson

    I make digital images and designs which can be purchased for use with cutting machines such as Cricut, eventually I will sell the digital files for individuals to create the finished items. such as cards.
    I have my Etsy shop up and running with basic digital images, which I consider to be starting before I am ready and am now working on finished cards together a collection of mix and match digital items for card making.
    I am still designing and testing the cards through to finished product complete with marketing mockups (a challenge to use, but I am getting there)

    • I am a Textile Designer working in NYC. It is so utterly boring for me to sit behind the computer and design all day, not getting to see the actual end use of my work! I love working with people and have always saw myself running my own business. I have joined B-School and am interested in starting my own interior styling business, the home is so important as everyone needs an environment they can thrive in. I will be developing my textiles on the side as custom wallpaper. (i’ve orderer some sample swatches and they look great!) So a product/ service based business. My first action step is designing my friends office!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Annette! Cheers to putting yourself out there 🙂

  9. Everyone out there with great ideas, please go ahead and start! I’m rooting for all of you because I’m one of you! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US! Lots of love! <3

  10. Marie,
    Thanks for the inspiration to get more clients. I’m working on that now for my art and Nia business–a wellness practice that incorporates dance, martial arts and healing arts in a fun and upbeat way. I’m doing the personal talking to people as I see them. I think that I’ll share the free class idea again. Thinking about the action steps gets me charged up. Thanks again!

    • You got this, Mary Lee! Your work sounds incredibly fun 🙂

  11. Steven Miller

    Number 1 thing today: make a decision and go for it!

  12. Hello! I am a tarot reader and astrologer. I’ve been struggling to find work since moving to a new town about 6 months ago. I’ve been invited to return to my hometown for a day of readings in my community. My action step is to choose a date and email the person who invited me with marketing copy so she can send it out in her newsletter later today.

    • Ali

      What a cool dynamic! New town and hometown. There’s no place like home. What a great way to keep moving forward. Go for it K.C.!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exciting! It sounds like your hometown loves you and your new town will love you as soon as they get to know you 🙂

  13. Ali

    I am perpetually living in a world of supporting other businesses, living in their business. I think about their growth, implement ways to build meaningful connections with their customers and audience. I sit back and think, oh-my-goodness, why am I not doing this for myself. My first action step is to ‘stop’ feeling the need to be perfect and know I have the answers for my business. I have the answers! My next action step is to identify my core values (personally what I stand for and outwardly what I provide; focus on what I want to provide) and move them into categories. Stop thinking about it! Time to do it! I am doing this today! I’m open to any helpful ways/tools to keep focused on me! It’s so easy to get distracted. I am so grateful to have put this in writing.

    • Denise

      I don’t have any helpful ways/tools to help you stay focused, as I struggle with this too, but I had to reply and acknowledge you. To put it in writing and hit the “Post” button is to expose your “imperfect” side and hold yourself accountable, and that is hard to do. THAT was your first action step, and congratulations for doing it! By writing this reply, I too am putting myself out there (at least in my mind) and holding myself accountable to myself. I struggle with distraction and the fear of failure, so I fail to start at all. I signed up for B-School for many reasons; most important for me is to build my confidence and overcome my fear. Knowledge is Power, and confidence can be learned, so with Marie’s help, I know we can both succeed!

      • Ali

        Thank you for responding. I really needed it! And, it’s incredibly true! Hitting “post” was a huge step, wild how freeing it was, and yet how vulnerable it felt. All good! I assigned up for all the same reasons. Top on the list: Accountability to myself. Oh-my, the word “accountability” means so darn much more every time I see, say, or write it. Next, by golly, what am I doing holding all this knowledge! It has value beyond me! Blessed am I to be here and have been open to hearing Marie share how our unique gifts are needed in this world. I look forward to shaping the clarity and confidence, and I look so forward to yours!

      • Denise, your statement about ‘struggling with distraction (a form of procrastination?) and the fear of failure, so I fail to start at all….’ so resonated with me. I have had this side hustle for a long time and I finally applied for a free, year long mentor program (Green Bay Packer Mentor Protege Program!) The thought of asking for help and actually putting myself and my business ‘out there’ was terrifying. What if I failed? What if they laughed? What if….well you know that roller coaster. But I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I took the plunge. My mentor is great. However, I know that program ends in a year. B-School sounds like the perfect vehicle to continue my business education. And with tuition paid for a lifetime, what a deal! Knowing myself, I need to stay focused. So I am only doing one thing at a time to I stay on track and be accountable to not only myself but my mentor. I have a product based business and I need production time as well.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly, Ali! It’s time to hit your business goals 🙂

      • Ali

        Thank you, Mandy! Your hearing me and your encouragement means SO much. Some days it can feel quite lonely. Blessed to be here!

    • Becca Rusinko

      Me too, Ali! One thing that has been helpful to me has been to separate out time to work “on” my business (growth & development) as opposed to “in” my business (serving my customers & maintaining). I set appointments in my calendar to focus on the internal work that supports the external work. I also find it helps to add details to the calendar entry so when the time comes, I know exactly what to work on. I love that you’re committing to bring your values into your business. That is going to be a game-changer!

  14. This is GOLDEN advice!!!! This is what i tell my friends because it worked for me three years ago when I was caught being a stay at home mom with a dream to be a Voiceover artist. In January 2017 I just launched. No real idea of what I was doing but I did it. Now I have repeat business, a growing successful career and I became the First Female Voice for Hispanic channel Unimás (Univision sister network) for all US! I meannnnnn! If I can do it, anyone can!!!!!! Thank you Marie + Team Forleo for all your expert and caring work! I love what you bring to the table.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Zania!! That’s fantastic!

  15. Hi, I’m Stevie! After March 12 I will be shifting from a 3days a week Main money making job, doing my independent massage practice & art business on the side to working a couple days at a greenhouse and mainly focusing on growing my massage business and art business! I knew I needed to leave the job I was spending most of my time at in order to create more space to direct my energy towards doing what fills me up and brings me joy. I’m scared, I don’t know what this is going to look like and I’m also so excited to grow! One action I can do right Now is sign myself up for more local festival booths/craft show booths to sell my pieces and connect with massage clients. To anyone out there wanting to do less time at a soul sucking job and more time doing what you love, it’s worth it! You’re worth it. There are so many odd jobs out there to move you along and once I Realized I can work a couple days a week somewhere in the dirt and with plants, instead of in a sterile fluorescent environment my heart went…oh yes. And expanded to all the possibilities out there! Trust your heart, do what brings you joy, you will be taken care of.

    • julie

      That is so exciting! I am so happy you are following your dreams and finding such creative great ways to do it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats, Stevie! We’re so excited for you and can’t wait to see what your dreams have in store 🙂

    • Valerie

      Hi Stevie!
      My heart is jumping with joy for you! When you believe in yourself and your work, others will start to believe it too. Keep putting yourself out there and watch how you’ll build more clientele and your businesses will blossom!
      I’ve been going back and forth about quitting my job because it truly does not make me happy and I feel like I don’t have time to pursue my passions. Your story inspires me to take the plunge. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Julie

    Wow! This is a great one and so appropriate for me! I would like to take action – start a free facebook page to share my program! I am looking for a name for the group. Working on it! I am a LCSW and also a holistic health coach – my program will be 12 sessions/6 month with private sessions and FB group and weekly live call. I work with women who want to make peace with food and feel good in their skin so that they can stop suffering from disordered eating and poor body image. Some ideas I have are: Embodied Queen, Body Love, Body Freedom. Would love your feedback!

    • Love it!!! Great idea!! I would love to join your Facebook group <3

    • Christina Minneci

      Embody the Goddess within! I love your ideas and the concept! It’s such important work. ❤️

  17. Today my action step is to focus on my new coaching biz and reach out to places and book a workshop! Talk about starting before you’re ready…I’m freaking out (but in a way that’s both nerves and excitement, so that’s a great sign!)

  18. Its takes a lot of courage to think to leave that regular job which pays you at the end of the month. But if you have done it or going to do it to fulfill your dreams… Don’t look back. Just go for it. GO ahead to achieve your dreams that you have in your eyes. Its difficult, its challenging… how on earth anything is easy. Just wanna say you guys ALL THE BEST… Believe that YOUR CAN DO IT.. coz EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE

  19. Penn

    M – firstly, pat yourself on the back for taking responsibility for your ‘stuckness’ and being open to new ideas. I too am in a phase where it is easy to look at my well-educated professional peers and judge myself (or blame others) for being where I am. But so many resources and ideas are surrounding me and encouraging me to take those many years of flailing around and what I have learned and leap into a new opportunity. I’m excited about B-School and have decided to run a focus group this week. I am inviting anyone who might be interested in my skills, knowledge and yes – my weirdly unique viewpoint – and giving them some ideas they can implement in their own lives, then asking their advice for shaping my business. Yoiks!

  20. Bee

    Hi Arthur,
    You’ve got the clarity and experience it takes! And I bet that your 8 years sober has changed you for the better and brought you right here today – ready, renewed and focused. Above all, it shows you that you CAN meet a challenge. You got this! Good luck on the one step you are taking today!

  21. Lance Smith

    What’s up everybody! I am going to find someone or schedule an appointment to get my pro shots taken, have website up, and sign up for a networking/social event happening asap I feel my audience will be, today.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exciting! Good luck!

  22. Patti

    I am Patti,
    I studied interior design many years ago, I love design and renovation. I have lived in 9 different homes and worked on Reno’s and design on each. Due to raising 3 children solo I had to do other work my entire life. Fast forward to 58 years old! I am always helping family and friends with design, decorating and floor plan revision. I want to open an online business where people can request answers, be aided with design and colour choices, or shopping out best deals for products for them….scared but ready! I joined B School with Marie❤️❤️❤️❤️, wish me luck! Good luck to all of you!

    • Hey Patti,

      OMGosh! You were the first person’s comment I read and I got goosebumps reading your post. You have worked so hard already. Raising children is the HARDEST job ever. You raised three and all on your own. If you can do that, you can do ANYTHING!!!! P.S. I am an online interior designer (Orangetree Interiors). I literally just announced yesterday that I’m going to add coaching services to my service offerings. I’d love to help you get up and running. Contact if you’re interested. If I don’t hear from you, all the best to you. You’re already a rockstar! Val

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So cool, Patti! Welcome to B-School! And as someone who is design-challenged, THANK YOU for the work you do. I’m in awe of people who know how to put things together beautifully.

  23. Rene

    To everyone here, to Arthur and his enormously brave phone call, to Ali for supporting herself instead of others for once :-), to Zania for doing it, despite not knowing what she was doing, to Amanda for turning away from the screen to the bigger picture, and everyone else………I salute you!
    You all carry the commitment to life with the uniqueness of you, and I’m sure we can all imagine the beaming smile that creates in Marie’s heart. I admire you all for overcoming your individual hurdles, and for making that leap of faith. I would say ‘good luck’, but luck has nothing to do with it – your strength and belief in yourself does, even when it’s a voice that’s sometimes drowned out by all the noise. The beauty of silent strength & belief though, is that it’s always there, you can’t take it away once you’ve realised it’s there – you can only temporarily cover it up.
    I hope you all have the most joyous and profitable time in BSchool, and in your new adventures.
    Maybe I’ll join you, once I’ve worked out how.
    Isn’t this the most uplifting environment. It should be taught at real school – how wonderful the world would be then 🙂

  24. This video came at the PERFECT time for me! I’m already adopting the “just act” philosophy, but I always seem to get caught up in trying to make everything beautiful and perfect. I’m an online interior designer and I’m going to start coaching brand-newbie entrepreneurs how to get their businesses started in the online space. I am going to commit to creating some pricing packages TODAY! I’ll make everything look pretty later. Thanks Marie! Sincerely, Val | Orangetree Interiors

    • Good luck 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Val! There’s no time like the present. 🙂

  25. I want to be a speaker, so I contacted a guy who does speaking and he gave me a few tips. One of them was to contact my local Chamber of Commerce to pitch my ideas. And so I did! Now I have a meeting on Thursday and so exited!

    • Helana

      That’s amazing, Jessica!

  26. This episode made me cry. Why? Because the world so badly needs us to get out of our comfort zone. Go ahead Adina, the kids need your talent and your support!

    Yesterday after my return from a long vacation (BTW, it’s so much fun when you don’t have to worry about what you spend after long years of dedication and work as an entrepreneur!) I went back to a part-time job that I took in the last 18 months after returning to Quebec from Costa Rica (from which I will retire in two months to devote myself to my passion, that is to help people to make their light shine). I spoke with the organizer responsible of the centre’s activities to find out whether a conference with new information collected during my trip would be appreciated (from Costa Rica where I offered workshops for 15 years). Her response was: “My calendar is full for the next two months, but for you, I’m going to make room because people ask me when your next conference will be!” (I already gave two) I am not ready for this one, but I knocked on this door knowing that it can help people, while giving me the opportunity to grow and reach more people with my message. I am 65 years old and still need to go out of my comfort zone:-).

    Over the years, I have learned one thing (um, a lot, but this has helped me grow in a way that cannot be explained): no one will say yes to you until you say yes to yourself.

  27. My action step TODAY is taking my journal proof for a quote from a local printer.

    • Yes! I see you taking your journal proof out the door and heading to the local printer, Diana. I’d love to hear how it goes. <3

  28. Oh my, Marie — I feel like you were in my kitchen this morning, telling me to get off my ass and get to work on my business. My action item: share my chill coaching for parents and kids with 5+ people today, offering to coach for free. Thank you!

  29. Talk about starting before you’re ready – I started teaching moms how to stop losing their temper daily, and I was still losing my temper with my kids about once a month! But teaching others made me an even better mom, and now it’s been over a year since I’ve lost it and yelled with the kids. You can do it, people! You only need to be a few steps ahead of your clients to make a difference in their lives, and it makes a difference in your life too!

    • Heather

      Amazing!! That’s so awesome!! That hits home to me!! I am a Registered Nurse who has been on a personal growth, health journey for a very long time. I want to start a coaching business for people on the brink of chronic disease. Help them achieve “Attainable, Sustainable Habits” that will turn their health around. There’s though when I feel like a hypocrite because my habits aren’t the best sometimes. I have quite a few good ones, and at times have more than others, but my biggest skill is having the mindset to know it doesn’t have to be perfect. Still doesn’t stop me from wondering if I can actually do it? So proud and humbled to see everyone here doing what it takes though. Gives me hope that I can do the same!! Great job everyone!! ❤️

      • Emily - Team Forleo

        Thanks for sharing, Heather! That is an awesome idea and it sounds like so many people could truly benefit from your expertise. It’s time to kick that perfectionism to the curb and get those gifts out into the world! We’re rooting for you!

    • Wow, I needed to read this! Okay, instead of keeping inside any wisdom I don’t exemplify yet, I’m gonna share it. Thanks sincerely & God bless. ?

    • vivi

      i love what you do jeanette. it is so thoughtful job. as a fellow moms, i lose my temper oftenly, and it brings me big guilt after. i love my kids, they are the all the reason for me. im still learning, i realize that the more i give myself a chance to express myself, i become more energize, happy, and even im so overwhelmed, im not throwing it to the kids, and they are more happy and evolving more good character. that is all that matter. i know that i have to love myself deeply first, then i could give all to my kids. thankyou for what you do!

  30. Kelly

    Hi M,
    Just wanted to reach out and say, I could tell that you are a very giving person with special gifts and a caring heart! Business owners that do not have a clear understanding of the accounting cycle of their business, could greatly benefit from your practice! I also love that you give back to women in 3rd world countries! M, I also worked in the Accounting field for over 2 decades, I have since changed careers and started my own business. Like you, I was against branding myself personally and plastering my face and brand online to get sales. The biggest reason for me was, I was afraid people would judge me..and I’m also very shy. I knew my business was suffering because of I started searching online for help and discovered Marie Forleo’s website and B-School, after spending some time on the website, I knew B-School was the right fit for me. I encourage you to spend some time on the website so you can see what the program has to offer and if it’s the right fit for you!
    Wishing you great success with your business practice and in changing the lives of others!

  31. Donna L Burney

    1 action step before I’m
    ready: I have 16 years of experience in Coaching increased quality of life skills. People tell me my questions help them think about their problems in a different way, and are encouraged. I can Invite 3 -4 people to have a free strategy session with me to help them figure out steps to take towards solving any problem.

    • Hey Donna, I love the idea of giving a few free strategy sessions to help people, rebuild your own sense of confidence in your skills and get those much needed insights out in the world! You have got this <3

  32. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for been my biggest motivational coach without even meet me or even know my name…by the way my name is Angela, CEO of (BFT) Business Fun Trips, a travel agency who’s responsible to create a plateforme for Businessmen and Businesswomen, all entrepreneurs whose open to expanding their Business worldwide while exploring the World…

    Long story short, I brought your book last December, taking it with me on my first international trip to Egypt and Dubai……then boom ? by the second chapter I’m already started before I was even ready (brought the domain name, check places for our first business trip destination etc). Then, when I came back to United States I told my best friend about (BFT) Business Fun Trips and I wanted him to be my business partner; since he’s the one who has all the connections as an established businessman without no further questions he just jumped on board….and I’m like “this is what Marie Forleo was talking about “Starting before you’re ready”!!! We’re already planning our first Businesswomen retreat in Bali for 2021. My dream is to have you host this retreat! I wish God hear my prayer for this one specifically. And yes again I’m starting before I’m ready!!! ?

    Looking forward to share more with you all about this new adventure!!!

    Marie, Thank you ?? for all your weekly motivation, curated tips & tricks, emails, and specially your book. Keep them up coming!!! The world is blessed to have you!!!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story with us, Angela! We’re so glad EIF helped you start before you’re ready and brought *amazing* results. Keep walking forward toward your retreat plans, and all of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on big time! ???

    • Wow, what a fantastic idea! Being able to explore the world and network with other entrepreneurs/business owners sounds like something Travelpreneurs would take up on 🙂
      I can totally relate; am managing a small tour agency in Taiwan myself, but moved back to my hometown (Singapore) recently and am working remotely. The Bali retreat sounds tempting!

  33. Melanie Dahl

    I’m one month away from going for certification as a relationship coach in a program I believe in strongly. After 20 months of “not being ready”, a few weeks ago I decided to take the leap of faith and GO FOR IT. I’m excited and happy about the challenge but I still see myself fence-sitting. Maria’s video is timed perfectly (good sign I’m on the right track). My action steps: 1) Make a list of all possible volunteer clients; 2) invite 5 or more this week and attempt to schedule them; 3) let go of fears of being judged & making mistakes and, instead, trust myself and that the support will be there; 4) continue to focus on the successes I’ve had as a coach trainee and how fantastic my own marriage is now as a result of practicing relationship skills I’ve learned!

    • This is so awesome Melanie!

      Sounds like you’ve got a clear list of next steps, and remember we all fear being judged and making mistakes: it’s what makes us human and it’s how we learn!

      Keep going!

      • Melanie Dahl

        Thank you, Katy-Rose, for the kind reply. It feels great to be heard online here and it’s very encouraging. I’m excited to move forward! Yay!!

  34. I’ve been pitching to podcasts even though I’m not fully sure how to explain what I do: and the podcasts I’ve done have been awesome fun and I know that although I haven’t used the same exact sentence each time, my core is clear in all of the different conversations =)

    • Melanie Dahl

      What is it you want to do??? Be a guest on more podcasts? Host your own podcast? Whatever it is, you keep going too. (Thank you for your encouragement of me – see above) Sounds like podcasting makes you joyful! I get it!

      • Guesting is my current aim. Keep thinking about starting one but for now, getting used to speaking out and hearing myself, and sharing conversations with others <3

        • Melanie Dahl

          Cool! I acknowledge you for putting yourself out there. Just wondering… if you were to start a podcast, what would be your favorite topic/focus?

          • For me, it would be the merge of ‘self help’ with ‘intuition’ and how mental health and wellbeing are actually our internal compass. Essentially my mission is to help those driven to improve see the link between science, mental health and spirit, so they can understand the power they already have inside them. 🙂 So those would be my topics 🙂

  35. Catherine

    To everyone; take the first step. It will undoubtedly free your soul and what a magnificent feat it shall be for all the wonder that is to come; with the opportunity to enrich your life and others as well.

  36. Helana

    I really needed this today. Thank you for this video, Marie!

    I’m still in the process of figuring myself out and what I really want. I feel that I’m getting close though. After living most of my life with an un-diagnosed mental illness, and issues with love addiction and unhealthy relationships, I’m finally learning how to love myself.

    I’ve always loved photography. I had my own photography studio in my early twenties, around the time I first discovered Marie Forleo and B-School – I’m a proud B-School alumni!

    *Developing My Bias Towards Action*
    Today, I’m going to post an ad for free photography session. I’m also going to make my Flickr account public – to round everything out 🙂

    PS/ I can’t wait for B-School 2020!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaas! Way to go, Helana! A bias-toward-action-habit is absolutely priceless, and it sounds like you’ve already taken tangible steps toward growing your photography business and practice. Keep going! We’re rooting for you big time, and we’re honored to have you in the B-School community. ?

      • Helana

        Aww, thanks! That means a lot. Yep, one tangible step has been taken. I’m excited because I’m already seeing opportunities where before… nothing. #BiasTowardsActionHabit

    • Hi Helana,
      I went through something similar. I was focused on giving everyone else what I thought they needed from me and took this (maybe somewhat nobly founded) impulse to an unhealthy level. Like you, I’ve been learning to tune in to and hold sacred my own needs and wants and it actually helps me be more authentically responsive to others. If I have self-compassion I’m coming from a more human and humane/sensitive place when dealing with others. It also helps me tap into more meaningful resources creatively.
      Thanks for sharing your story. A lot of folk need to hear they aren’t alone in healing from trauma, braving the world, and like, “turning their mess into a masterpiece.” God bless!

      • Helana

        Hey Adalib! Your message was not only well-received, intuitive and uplifting, but also perfectly articulated. And meaningful. (You’re not alone either.) Thank you for everything you said… it put a smile on my face and energetically, I feel stronger after reading. I really love the part about self-compassion and how tuning into our own needs allows us to be more “authentically responsive to others”. Like I said, perfectly articulated. God bless you as well!

        • Adalib

          Thank you! ☺ I feel like I learned a lot from both your comment and your response.

  37. Rebecca

    Thankyou Marie! Another wonderful episode and you also shared two examples which are doe able. I’m still on the starting before your ready train and the ideas are amazing. I did bschool but my problem is staying patient

    • I’m dealing with staying patient too, trying to balance wisdom with bravery, building slowly with starting before I’m ready. You’ll find your way – we both will. Just keep going!

  38. I have been a guide on the side for friends and family for years, and after retiring from school administration where I coached my staff I began the process of creating a coaching business. I share my skills regularly and can see their positive affects, but haven’t yet figured out how to turn it into a paying business. I’m back to B School again to learn how to connect with my target audience.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yaas, Georgie! We have lots of B-Schoolers come back year-after-year to refine their ICA and offer. You’ve got this, and we can’t wait to see what you create! ?

  39. I sent two inquiries today as a first step towards building contracts – way before I was ready, and I’m making plans to send an email to my group next week offering coaching slots for my program that is scheduled to be published on March 15 – both way before I’m ready! After one year in business (which really is just a hobby at this point), standing at the start of my second time through B-school, I’ve realized I’ll never be ready until I go for it, so I’m going for it!

    • Aya

      Yesss! Go for it 🙂 I’m about to kick off my (officially) first time with b-school! I signed up 2 years ago and let excuses get the best of me. This time, it’s going to happen! WE GOT THIS!

      • Definitely! I made myself go through the modules as they were released last year even though I was in graduate school and working a full-time job from home and homeschooling my kids, and it worked – I learned so much from the modules that I had a website within a month and started building my email group before that. You’ve got this!!!

        (on a side note, all of that time I was wrapped up in working and schooling meant very little time to spend with my hubbie, so he went through the modules with me and even helped me with my website – so B-school was like our daily hour or so together, and it was a huge relationship builder!)

      • Aya! Yes! I am with you. I started Bschool in 2018 even though I new I couldn’t do it live, I started before I was ready but then I kind of dropped the ball. We will get out of it what we put into it so I am cheering us both on to really make the most of this new season! If you lose your steam feel free to reach out for support, I am out here if you need me. 🙂

    • Congratulations! I need some of your pro-active energy. 😉 In the end it’s always the mental part ahead of time that is overwhelming and can paralyze. When you have finally done it, you ask yourself, what took you so long.

      • I’m totally in that boat still – expending way too much mental energy when I really just need to pull the trigger. What made me pull that contract trigger yesterday was an extremely negative encounter in my full-time gig. I wish it didn’t take that to make me take action, but now I’m trying to ride that one negative thing for all of the positive energy it can bring!

        I hope you find what it takes to pull the trigger too – and that it’s not as negative as mine!

  40. Denise

    Eight years clean is a lifetime! I had a lot of years that I spent using and leading a life that didn’t really work, I wasn’t happy, or productive in the way that I had envisioned I could be. I don’t miss all the negative things that using brought into my life. Let the new Arthur take his place, addiction-free and crafting the next few years by your own design.
    Use your music to get out of your own head, get distracted from all the bs, and all the old scenerios looping over and over again. Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza “How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind” on Impact Theory on YouTube. I had to listen to it like 5 times before I started being able to put it into play, but I promise you he’s onto something, it’s excellent content. By throwing away the addiction you cleared the way to put down really good life tracks, you didn’t really lose your mojo, it’s just time for a new one! NEVER SURRENDER!

  41. Aya

    My 1 action plan is to make a list of parents and start hearing their voices behind their experience as a family of kids with disabilities. I want to serve parents feel inspired and resourceful in building their system of support. Happy parents make happy kids 🙂

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Yess, Aya! We love love love hearing that. Well done on coming up with something specific. We can’t wait to see you grow in B-School– welcome to the family!

  42. Hi Everyone,
    To answer question #1, I am currently creating a sustainable lifestyle brand. I built the website that I constantly update, which is necessary for what I am doing, and I started blogging. I am very clear about that my next step is to build social media platforms so I can reach a bigger audience for the very helpful information I am looking to convey and spread. I also put a lot of thought and work into the blog entries, but until my site gets traffic (I did all my SEO homework), which will take time, they are just sitting there. My friends, who subscribed to my website, read it but that’s it. So social media is next. I am flat out terrified. I absolutely hate it. I barely post on my Instagram as a private person. I deleted my Facebook page years ago and never missed it. I have been procrastinating this issue for nearly 2 months! Social media is on my to -do list again this week. The good news is I have signed up for this year’s B-School. 🙂

  43. I was just listening to an interview with Stuart Dybek on the First Draft podcast. He gave some advice about starting before you’re ready. “One of the things that most inhibits younger writers is you can become a fairly good critic a lot faster than you can become a good writer, and they allow that critic to have at it a lot earlier than they should, and it puts them out of commission.”

    After hearing that and then watching this episode of MarieTV/reading the blog post and emails from today, I feel more committed to learning from engaging with the work.

    Last year I wrote a lot I don’t know if I can even use. But if I hadn’t gone through the process of learning what works and what doesn’t work from cranking out those (often really) suburban sentences and paragraphs and getting the painful responses from readers and hearers, I wouldn’t be as competent as I am now at generating better ones much faster.

    Thanks Marie, for the (as always) punchy advice, and thanks everyone for being great examples!!!

    • ADALIB,
      I’m also a writer, and I’m simply in awe of your ability to write something and let other people read it. I still struggle with that all the time. So hats off, my friend! Congrats on starting before you were ready, as well as learning from the experience. Maybe your next step is to start publishing some of the writing you’ve been holding back. You never know who it could speak to. Either way – keep going!

      • Emily - Team Forleo

        We love this thread, Adalib & Kirsten. Great perspective from Stuart’s podcast. It’s so true! We applaud you both for pushing yourselves to start before you’re ready and get those words out of your head and onto the page–it takes courage but it’s so worth it. (And Kirsten, we’re rooting for you as you launch that blog!)

      • Kirsten! While reading the ‘about’ page on your website, I realized we have a funny thing in common that also shows how we sort of arrived at the same place from opposite directions. I grew up getting blank stares from people who couldn’t figure out what I was trying to say to them because I talked so much it was tiring and overwhelming. Writing alternately imposes discipline so I can spare details when I should, and leaves me free to share all I need to when that’s allowed. Thanks for the encouragement to get my work published! I will try to quell the fear and dare to just do it. Your site is full of good advice. I’ve subscribed to the newsletter. ☺

    • Helana

      Adalib you’re amazing! You’re doing great work. It takes courage to write and share your words with others so like Kirsten said, I commend you. You’re an inspiration to me! As a creator who has written a lot in her life, I understand how it is to have compiled soooo much work to sift through. That’s kind of the exciting part though really, don’t you think? What’s important is that you’re taking action, starting before you’re ready and putting yourself out there. Marie is on point with this video- you’re definitely in the right place to nurture your creative mind and build yourself professionally. You’re on the right track, Adalib! Keep going, keep showing up and responding to that fire in your belly. You’re a shooting star!

  44. My action step it finally write the DAMN blog! I’m a blogger without a blog, and that has to change. (I’m feeling a new #EIF goal coming on…)

  45. Teresa

    Congratulations, Great work You got this!

  46. Bridget

    SO many inspiring brave ideas from all of you for taking that ACTION STEP today. I’ve been stuck on trying to figure out (…everything is figuroutable! EIF EIF EIF EIF..) MARKETING and Facebook and IG and …. it feels like eating an iceberg one bite at a time – actually I’m loving all the marketing advice and tips from Marie, a new love is beginning to bloom. But I have to start before I understand all of it. I’ve been stalling while learning and actually stopped moving forward. I’m going to write a personal message to my tiny (but growing) list. Tell them about one of the classes on offer at my acting school and not bombard them with all the info… just one class just one age group – just START ALREADY!! Thank you Marie and this massive loving community!!!

  47. Rachel

    I watched this on my lunch break and have got my butt straight up and started brainstorming session ideas for online courses and retreats. I’m determined that I use my experience with therapy, domestic abuse, and recovery to become a force for women as lost and abandoned as I was when I finally escaped….I was worried I wouldn’t have enough material….I used every peg on my board and STILL have more ideas coming! Good luck with your next steps Guys!!!

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Rachel! We are blown away by your strength and commitment to helping others. Bravo for taking that next big step.

    • Helana

      You’re amazing Rachel! You’ve overcome so many of life’s challenges… I admire your strength, determination and desire to help others. As Emily said, bravo! ?

  48. Wow this was huge for me. I’m been procrastinating and self sabotaging myself for too long. I know I can help as a matter of fact I’ve helped hairstylists for years 25 to be exact. So it’s just a matter of doing the damn thing!!! Loved the action steps you gave on the video. I’m definitely gonna put some of these into action.

  49. I could be brave and contact the three women who I know could be an active connection to the work I hope to do. Get this, I know them, I have their contact info, they even like me! But I live in France, French is not my native language, and while I am brave just chatting with people on the street, I get chicken shit when I have to pro-actively reach out and contact someone… my plan is to get these three calls made next week. Maybe I can make one this week… eeeks.

  50. Hello everyone! I’m a lover of literature and have my own editing business. I want to edit more books and take on more clients so I’m not worried about the next one. I also want to scale my business. One action step that popped into my mind was to message people directly who are writing a book and are close to finishing on Twitter. But that sounds absolutely terrifying! I don’t want to bother them. Ugh. The struggle is real sometimes to do what you desire.

  51. Michelle Edwards

    OK here is the “scary” part that I need to do.
    I am taking courses to be accredited to be a life coach. I want to focus on people with anxiety, thinking they can’t do it etc. Also I lost a special needs son (17) to cancer. I know what the dark side looks like. But I meditated and read a lot of books!
    I deal with anxiety, have techniques that have worked for me. Also the techniques in the course that I am taking. I signed up for B School. I have to start before I am ready! My mind of course went into” NO you’re not ready” to “who do you think you are to do this?”
    I am going to email some people to let them know I am ready to start my business. I will start by doing the work for free. Then I want to do a class at the library for my community. (aacckkkk)!!!!

    • Gin

      Michelle, I am celebrating your action to move forward with your calling! As one who suffers from anxiety, I commend you on taking on the challenge you’ve been lead to. Don’t stop! Yes, it’s scary, I’m in a similar boat, but if you wait until you were “ready” you’d never get there.

      Don’t limit your challenges…. challenge your limits.

  52. Gin

    After receiving a very direct and no doubt sign from the universe about my true calling, I’ve struggled with the next steps. I briefly lost clarity on the how. I know I am here to help women of maturity free themselves from whatever is holding them back. Regrets, abuse, culture, family dynamic, politics, fear, lack of belief in themselves, whatever it is. Women should be free to “LIVE” their lives and not give up because they are “too old to matter”.

    It seems like every time I start getting fired up and plowing a path, that little voice in my mind is saying things like, “you aren’t smart enough to do this – soooo you think YOU are going to help other women – HAAA! You’re own life has been a train wreck – If anyone could do it wrong, ITS YOU!”

    The truth is I will NEVER be ready. If I was, I wouldn’t have the life experience to understand the very people I am reaching to support. Each day I learn more about my resilience and I am thankful for it.

    The time I have invested in Marie and Gabby Bernstein’s philosophy has enabled me to MUTE that voice a little more each day. Let’s follow our pah. Let’s be the light others need. Let’s be the love this world needs, no matter if you’re selling insurance, becoming a doctor, a life coach or a hair dresser.

    Always know, you enough to be the change.

  53. Dalina

    Hello!. My online spiritual business is about putting together two worlds (Scientific and Spiritual) through my own energy. I feel kind of lost in a couple of things:
    1- How can I offer some free samples?. Which social platform/s can work better for this?.
    2- I do not possess all the scientific data I have generated over time (through my work), however, I have some!. How Can I manage this part?.
    Thank you All for your support!. Love❤.

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      Hi Dalina! It’s really about taking whatever it is that you’re selling (whether that’s a product or service around combining those two worlds) and sharing that with people in exchange for feedback or testimonials or whatever you need. While I’m not completely sure what you’re asking regarding the data, we always recommend starting with whatever you have now and working from there! Similar to the idea that you don’t have to have a fully formed website with dozens of pages– start small and evolve. But the main thing is to *start!* We’re rooting for you, Dalina!

      • Dalina

        Thank You so Much Team Forleo. Any idea about how to start a website?.

  54. “Threw the baby out with the bath water!” is a million dollar statement! Way to go…never give up on YOU because the job or place didn’t work…you do!

  55. I can relate to the question — a lot! Thanks, Marie, for giving a response. Your two examples are very inspiring. I enrolled in the B-school last week and looking forward to learning and taking my business forward. And thank you for the wonderful and warm community of people here!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Mariya! Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here and we can’t wait to see what your dreams have in store for you <3

  56. This is one of my favorite episodes of Marie TV– great breakdown and examples of one of your primary principles. Thank you for the reminder and inspiration!
    Hannah in VT (B-schooler!)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So happy you enjoyed it, and thank you for being a B-Schooler! <3

  57. I have been qualified as a vet for 9 years now but left full time about 4 years ago to follow my passion of competing horses in eventing (fancy stuff and jumping- google it, its awesome). I retrain horses off the track and sell them, I love training them, however I am not very good at selling them, whether I procrastinate to get them to where they should be too slowly, or have too much on my plate to get the work done. I have a lot of horses in my care, amazing horses to ride and train but so much more outgoings than income. To make what I should, client’s wouldn’t be able to afford it.
    I am hoping to jump into online courses, I already have a youtube channel, mostly vlogging which I love and I love when my clients succeed with their horses and want to reach more.
    My actionable step today is to start getting on with my first Mini Course.
    I am already actioning catching up on my accounts and trying to figure out so that the income is greater that the outgoings!!
    Motivation is low and that often doesn’t help.
    Any kicks up the butt welcome!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Jodie!! We’re cheering you on as you’re creating your course and meeting with your accountant <3 You got this!

  58. Jen Richardson

    I’m a life coach and I’ve been trying to figure out how I can help people and which people I want to work with for over a year. I think Im using this as an excuse to not get going. I want to help women who are struggling with a transition in life – full of indecision and nerves about getting it wrong or making the wrong choice. This feels really important- raising kids, relationships and bereavement- we have to handle it and we can get stuck with just accepting more of the same. I’m going to make some offers today to coach some people for free in this area so I can get testing what works.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart, Jen! Marie talks more about that in this episode: We’re rooting for you and have our fingers crossed you’ll get some fantastic new clients.

    • Hello Jen! I don’t know when you posted this, but yes yes yes! Getting the word out that you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS with your PHENOMENAL COACHING! People will be inspired by your own personal journeys. So thrilled to see you are sharing yourself in this way.

    • Yes Jen! Do it for free because if we work for money we become enslaved by money… but if we work for free (eventually you’re going to get paid for your work anyway because people will want you) then freedom becomes our master. ?

  59. Sharmaine

    Marie, thank you! I am in good spirits after loosing my apartment and now my car has been written off, toatalled thankfully it was parked when it was it and everyone is alright. I have my family and my job so all is not lost. My product is currently in the pattern making stage so we can make the prototype. Our issue is funding, to join your class, to bring the product to market, we need funding, how can we make it happen? Love you do much❤

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We love your positive outlook, Sharmaine! And we’re proud of you for sticking with your dreams amid turmoil with your apartment and car. We’re rooting for you and sincerely hope things get better soon.

      We don’t have any resources on funding since that’s not something Marie has personal experience doing. There may be small business incubators in your area or crowdfunding options that could be worthwhile to try. We hope you find the perfect funding source for you soon. <3

  60. Claudia

    Thanks so much for this wonderful tip! The one action step that comes up is to send my new article to a publication (or a number of them) on

  61. Thank you team of all y’all! I’m in the supervisory-phase tail end of my Financial Coaching certification. I have a performing website and have been procrastinating getting up my new website for money relationship coaching, so today!?
    My task: I’m gonna add a page to my performance website, be my whole holistic self, and start there, knowing that eventually I’ll probably do a separate coaching website.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Way to go taking inspired action, Olivia! We’re cheering you on, and wishing you so much success with your coaching business!

  62. Thank you so much Marie. ???

  63. Julia Estrela Maia

    Hello, I am Julia from Brazil. Since very young, the experience of my passion for being in the kitchen transforming flour in cakes and breads or fruits in juices, was so magical and colorful.

    Me and my 2 brothers were for a big time raised seing my mum cooking for outside while dad was unamployed. That was a hard time, which I think put in my mind the idea that cooking was stressfull, messy, sad, and didnt make money.

    I become a web developer, and left my creative mind sleep in the back of my personality, but time to time, I have tried some kind of side business with food (what includes different types of products and working in super stars restaurants while I lived in Australia), but never really putting faith on that.
    Anyways, the fact is that people love my food and I always receive encouraging to go for that.

    Now, after 14 years trusting my financials to the IT market, I was fired and I finally decided to put all my energy in creating my vegetarian food business.

    In 2019 I suddenly lost my dad in my hands, and on that same period I found Marie and all this amazing material and help. Since then, I have been developing trust, ideas and now I feel I am ready because I also dont have another option. I am unamployed and month to month figurint out how to pay to rent.

    My faith is huge, I am working hard to come up with my business and be sucessful and in peace with myself.

    There is a lot of details but the core idea is to delivery vegetarian food with quality, love and the diferencial will be the sacred way I relate to food and to people who work with the project.

    I have splited the ideas of the business in pieces and right now (probably March 11 when Mercury will be no longer retrogade :P), I am lauching the first phase of that with just some part of the menu and services so I can start before I am ready!!!

    Huge thanks for your service to the world, Marie.
    Huge thanks for all of us trying to make a better place, better relationships, better ways.

    I am very gratefull for your time to read me and will be very happy to read any comment about.

    Love from Rio, Brazil.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Julia! Wow –– thank you so much for sharing your beautiful heart and story with us. We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad, and we’re sending you a big hug from all of us on Team Forleo. ?

      Your business idea sounds absolutely wonderful (we all need to eat more veggies! ??) and we’re cheering you on big time for your upcoming launch –– you’ve got this! Thank you for being in our community, and please keep us updated on your success.

  64. Hi Arthur!
    Congratulations on recognizing who you are, what you have to offer. One phone call a day, is a good start! Not too much at once. You’ll feel soo much better each day you do this. I’m a musician as well. collaborative pianist. I’ve learned how important it is to follow our dreams, what we feel called to do. I think if you surround yourself with those you know are supportive of you,this will bring in other leads, ideas.
    All Best Wishes! Warmly,

  65. Beautifully written. This topic precisely covers why some ideas don’t become an actual project.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So true, Manash, glad this resonated with you!

  66. Cheryl Grealy

    Thank you, Marie,
    This episode just ignited an idea!!!
    I read this morning the Chapter on Fear’ in your book “Everything is Figureoutable”
    I declare with this episode layered-up with the Chapter about fear has inspired me to JUST START, take ACTION, SHARE what brought me back to Life!
    I completed my Diploma in Coaching in 2017 and just haven’t taken the step-yet’.
    I was made redundant a week ago due to the COVID epidemic with no financial entitlements. This is now My Calling . . . Hubby and I purchased a farm just over 3 months ago, this is when that light bulb moment happened, with my intentions to pursue being a ‘Cut Flower Farmer’.
    So the light bulb moment . . . My idea, now that I have the perfect platform is to GROW Flowers & People! This brought a fresh SMILE to my face . . . not to just grow flowers but… New life within people too!
    Nature is still blossoming, so can YOU! The best thing about being lost is being found.
    Much love to you all XO

  67. I like this one

  68. Thank you for sharing! Starting before you’re ready is the scariest thing but it will be worth it in the end. No matter how many experiences I have that confirm that, though, its always a struggle with every new “not ready yet” situation, haha. Working on a blog inspired by you and can’t wait to get over my fear of putting myself out there >.<

  69. Mani

    Thanks Marie! You bring the brightest ray of hope in the bleakest, darkest of the days!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You’re so welcome, Mani – this means the world! ☀️

  70. Hey team! I’ve been studying chiropractic neurology for the past 3 years under one of the pioneers in the field. I have learned so much and still am, but I’m not getting paid nearly what I deserve to be getting paid as a specialist 3 years out of chiropractic school. I feel like my time is almost up on getting my experience under the safety net of someone else… and starting my own practice! I’m terrified of not being able to collaborate on care. I’m also terrified of networking with other medical practitioners whom know nothing about what I do. I have some amazing people in my corner to get me going business-wise, but I know NOTHING about business and they know NOTHING about what it is I do and why what I do is barely comparable to what a regular chiropractor does. The first thing I need to do though is either find a space, or a clinic to join.. so I’m sending an email to the one major lead I have on this. Here I go!!

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