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“Don’t make me a hero!”

Whenever you put someone on a pedestal — including yourself — you set them up for failure. Why? Because you don’t need to be superhuman to make a difference. Even a hot mess can change the world.

You just have to keep showing up.

Luvvie Ajayi Jones, who delivered the iconic TED talk Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, which has over 5 million views, is on MarieTV today talking about how to get crystal clear on who you are and what you stand for.

She’s the author of the New York Times Bestseller, I’m Judging You, co-creator of the #ShareTheMicNow global movement, and host of the Professional Troublemaker podcast. Luvvie’s new book, Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual, is SO good I wanted to squeeze the darn thing cover-to-cover till its eyes popped out.

The thing that people want you to quell, the thing that they want you to be less of, it's typically the thing that you are gifted at. @Luvvie Click To Tweet

If you’ve ever wished for the clarity to know exactly who you are, and the confidence to show up as your full self in any room, this episode is a must-watch. You’ll learn:

  • How to set — and hold — healthy boundaries.
  • Why Luvvie turned down TED twice (before giving a talk that went viral).
  • The power of “Oriki” and being crystal clear on who you are.
  • How to be true to yourself — even when the world tells you not to.
  • The Game of Thrones secret to achieving your dreams.
  • What to do when someone says you’re “too much.”
  • How to distinguish valuable feedback from heartless criticism.
  • Why pleasing everybody is ruining your career (and what to do instead).

Watch this episode, then turn your insights into action below the video.

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Wasn’t that AWESOME?

Growing up, Luvvie always got in trouble for running her mouth. Now she’s a celebrated speaker with a wildly popular TED talk. She says:

“So often the thing people want you to quell, the thing they tell you to be less of, is the thing that you are gifted at.”

Now Luvvie and I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, answer these two questions:

  1. As a kid, what did you most often get in trouble for?
  2. What gift or superpower do you have that comes from this same quality?

Walking through the world with your light on isn’t always easy — you’ll face critics, fears, and your own self-doubt — but it’s worth the risk.

Because the world really does need that special gift that only you have.


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  1. Stacy Hamm

    I LOVED this episode! Luvvie Ajayi Jones is a powerful soul! I can’t wait to read her book, Professional Troublemaker and I’m excited about her grandmother’s stories! She’s so brilliant and wise to break this down in the way she does, about how people tell us were too much in so many different ways. I’m not sure what I got in trouble for! I’m gonna have to journal on this 🙂 But what a unique way of looking at your superpower. Thank you sooooo much for this gem!

    • teamforleo

      Yes! Get to journaling, Stacy. We’re so glad you’re here. -Sarah

  2. Well that’s two new books going straight onto my TBR pile!!!

    I love this so much. It sounds like this is the the other half of my own mission: I want to help people take that motivational inner fire, and teach them to use their neuroscience, their psychology, their energy abilities to take real action and organise and direct that fire. It sounds like this is the perfect place to reignite those embers after a bad day!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us <3

    • teamforleo

      We love your mission, Katy-Rose!-Sarah

  3. I was always too loud and outspoken! Crystal talked too much, she was too opinionated, too much energy and needed to chill.

    Today, I use my voice for change, healing and helping others. I inspire and motivate with that loud voice and never ending energy!
    I found my life’s passion at 39 and I am never looking back! I’ll be a trouble maker forever!

    • teamforleo

      Heck yes, let that voice be loud, Crystal! -Sarah

  4. I am big fan of Luvvie Ajayi Jones.
    I just can’t wait to read the books written by her.

  5. Hi! Personnally, I was always in trouble for being “too shy”, or silent. Well, I’m not the best at talking but I know how to listen. That’s my gift. You can tell me everything.

  6. SOOO GOOOD👍🏼😁‼️
    RE: “I NEVER call myself an “EXPERT”…”…

    I had a sales mentor in my former Corp America career (God Rest his soul) who had several insightful one-liners … one of my FAVz … his definition of an “EXPERT” … “An “X” is an UNKNOWN and a “SPERT” is a DRIP UNDER PRESSURE…” 🤣😂🤣

    Take that for what it’s worth … Interpret it As You May 👍🏼😁‼️

    Stay Strong & Share Your Strengths‼️

  7. Ann

    I appreciated the social media boundary settings. I recently had two incidents of unauthorized posting that felt minor, but not good. I appreciate the clarity brought forth. Thank you.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I’m accused to be “intense” and “blunt”. I hurt others without even trying; and I don’t want that. I also look for justice for everyone, even if I have to “scarify” myself. I hold myself back to avoid hurting others, but I agree that being intense and blunt is part of my “charm”. I just keep my distance so I can be myself and no one gets “hurt”. Luvvie Ajayi Jones and Marie, thank you for being a wonderful trouble makers. It’s always an inspiration.

    • teamforleo

      Your intensity and bluntness can help others be heard… keep going, Elsa! Use that superpower. -Sarah

  9. YES! This was such a powerful episode. I cannot wait to get Luvvie’s books. I am a strong personality and over time, I’ve acquired a good list of people who for whatever reason do not like me…and sometimes it gets to me…but this was so meaningful. I loved how you both discussed how not being liked means you’re standing for something. And, if you’re liked by everyone, you’re not making an impact. THANK YOU!

  10. Loved this interview! Growing up my report cards/progress reports would always say, “She’s an excellent student but she just talks too much.” Lol. Year after year it was always the same thing. Teachers would move my desk around the classroom and it didn’t matter who they sat me next too, I found a way to strike up a conversation and start chatting up somebody. I’m an introvert who loves a good meaningful conversation! This comes in handy as a brand strategist, because I get the opportunity and privilege to really get to know people and locate their brilliance and infuse these amazing parts of them into their brands. So yeah, I absolutely agree with the fact that your gifts show up early and you can (and should) definitely use them to locate and live in your passion. Great episode Marie and Luvvie!! Thanks for your amazing work!

  11. Love, love, love this episode. Great conversation with Luvvie. It takes a lot of courage to walk with your lights on because so many people have opinions of who you should be and what you should do.

    Thanks, Marie and Luvvie for reminding us to shine even when it’s hard.

  12. Ilana

    Just wow. I dropped I’m Judging You first book into my cart within a minute of the beginning of this episode. Everything you two talk about here fired me up, and I’m so excited. Thank you!

  13. I loved this.. So much insight and and I appreciate everything Luvvie shared with Marie. I especially resonated with the “too much”, I am more comfortable at 36 living fully and showing up as me but it took a lot of work. It especially resonated with me the idea of being of someone asking you to be less! As I am launching my new business and doing B-school, that inner critic does pop up sometimes and asks “Am I being too much?’ so it is great to hear this episode at this point in my life! Thank you both for this!

    • teamforleo

      Lean into what makes you “too much” Tom! We’re so happy to have you in B-School! -Sarah

  14. Dana

    Loved this. I’ve added Luvvie’s books to my to-read list.

  15. Sussi

    What a fantastic episode, and the timing was perfect for me! I am job hunting at the moment and have taken the tact of pre-interviewing the employer before I apply. After building rapport with the contact person by going through all the job requirements and identifying preferable skill sets, I disclose I am on the Autism spectrum and state this is a perfect job for someone on the spectrum. This opens up conversation on what reasonable adjustments can be made and what it is like to work with someone on the spectrum. If the culture isn’t suitable I openly state where exclusion could happen. In most instances I am strongly encouraged to apply for the job. I am so getting this book!! Thanks Luvvie Ajayi Jones and Marie Forleo xxx

    • teamforleo

      Love your process, Sussi – being ALL of you and interviewing the potential employer (genius!). We’re wishing you much success on finding the perfect fit. -Sarah

  16. OK, so first comment? I have to go back and take deep notes. The reason is I wanted to be in the moment take it all in, and now I need to go back and make those notes.

    Second comment: no matter what level or stage of hot mess you’re at? You can still be a success. That is proven by anyone who has lived through their 20s and I had done anything useful with their life after that.

    I can’t tell you how important boundaries are. But I can tell you, how long it took me to understand what they are and how to set them. Especially with family. So Be kind yourself is what I’m hearing, but and learn how to do it ASAP.

    Ain’t nobody gonna be here Jesus. So do not assume anyone is perfect or put them on a pedestal.

    As Marie is always saying, if that favorite Italian restaurant had thought it’s all been done before, you wouldn’t have your favorite Italian restaurant. So, if she had not written this book about being a professional troublemaker, and sharing so many things to which we could all relate, we would all be that much further behind in our own personal development.

    Good on you

    • teamforleo

      Such great take aways, Elena! -Sarah

  17. Eva

    Thank you – Loving getting to know Luvvie better! Very inspired and excited about the premise of this book. I am definitely part of the troublemaking tribe she speaks of, and embracing that may be the key I’ve been looking for to find my voice and power in the way I express that.
    I have a distinction to point out. I love my dad and think I respect him, although maybe I need to explore what that means. He has a history of interfering with me in ways that are not helpful, even though he believes he is doing them out of love. It is a codependent kind of thing, trying to manage me and the risks I take for reasons that look to him like care, but are actually about him. He was a rager when I was growing up and there was an abusive dynamic to our very combative relationship.
    As an adult, he responded to a request for help in an intentionally mean and hurtful way.
    I do get that the people Marie is referring to when she says people you “love and respect” are the people who are on your page, and my dad is NOT. So it just seemed relevant to point out that some of the people who love you the most are not on your page and may have very dysfunctional and harmful ways of criticizing you because it’s just all they know how to do.

    • teamforleo

      That’s an extremely important distinction. Thank you, Eva. -Sarah

  18. Edris Thomas

    I’ve been rocking with you for a long time now. And to this very minute you still inspire, surprise and bring things into my sphere that make me sit up and CRY! This interview was everything!

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for being in our world, Edris! -Sarah

  19. Anna

    What a powerful idea, that the thing people might find “too much” about you is your strength and your special gift. Such a strong argument for giving yourself permission to be yourself! I don’t want to be nobody, stand for nothing… so much better to anger some so I can raise others up.

    When I was a kid I’d get in trouble for running away, sneaking off on adventures. I can see that translated in my adult self as being a seeker, always itching to head out on my own, explore, and find out more about the world.

    What an inspiring conversation, thanks Marie and Luvvie for sharing 🙂

    • I love this story, Anna. I have a kiddo who has always been one to sneak away and go on his own adventures. It was frightening when he was little, but now I can see it’s his superpower too. A really good superpower to have.

  20. Ahhhhhh, I’m so happy you interviewed Luvvie! I can’t believe it 🤯. I freaking LOVE THIS WOMAN! She’s legit my spirit animal😂. Thank you SO MUCH for this interview Marie and I’m happy to see you love this woman as much as I do.🖤

  21. I am SO fired up after listening to this. Just like you, Luvvie, I was always called out and even shamed for talking too much as a young child (and even as a young professional too), but now that’s my superpower for helping moms the most.

    Thank you, Luvvie and Team Forleo, for this inspiration to keep going!

    • teamforleo

      Let your voice be heard, Celeste! -Sarah

  22. Elizabeth Morobane

    I truly loved and enjoyed this podcast, WOW as a fellow capriconian, Luvvie is on point re.capricon and boundaries, I couldnt stop laughing coz I could truly relate. Thank you so much Marie for shining your light because you have allowed others to do the same.
    I can’t wait to read Luvvies work and acquaint myself with her thoughts on professional trouble making.

  23. Brandy Ferguson

    This episode is brilliant. I will be getting Luvvie’s book asap.
    I have to say though, I’m a capricorn and I STRUGGGLGGGGLLLLEEEE with boundaries with certain people. This episode has inspired me though to start protecting my peace; I’ll be putting it intro practice.

    • teamforleo

      Protection is key, Brandy. So glad you loved this episode! -Sarah

  24. The email announcing this episode came into my inbox at just the right time!
    I’m grateful to Luvvie Ajayi Jones and Marie (not Maria) Forleo for sharing insights on how to leverage my genuine self as part of my business.
    And now I have two books to add to my reading pile!

  25. Rebecca

    Marie, you and Luvvie are G-d sent. I can not tell you how timely this episode is, personally. What resonated with me most was Luvvie’s definition of a “professional troublemaker”//9:40… it is SO true that we feel a higher calling to speak our truth, to “disrupt” and/or not-conform to what Luvvie references as those external, societal pressures. Listening to the 2 of you speak on this so openly, understandably, and passionately is motivating and comforting, to say the least. From one to the next, may your words and message continue to inspire all (the outcasts, at best) who need to hear and live it most. <3 with Love and Blessings,

  26. Pure magic, thank you both. I ordered the book. I am listening to my voice and its authoritative power. This is confirmation.

  27. LOVED this episode SO much. Tears and laughing out loud, I go into my day fortified, with a book on the way to my doorstep, I can’t wait to dive in. It was so fun to be with you both today, thank you!

  28. Denise

    Exactly what I needed to hear today.
    So inspirational, so grounding, and so from the heart and soul, true spirit!
    Love you both, thank you, thank you………funny, heartfelt and real. Cheers to continued growth, allowing, acceptance and love minus ego! I want to be there in person to hug you!

  29. Alyson K McDonald

    WOW!! Lots of nuggets. Such a lovely lady with wisdom beyond her years. Verbal communication is her gift. I’ll be settin’ me some boundaries. If I don’t then I shouldn’t complain.

  30. Pearl Zondi

    Thank you for a Wonderful and Inspiring podcast from start to finish. Thank you also for reaffirming that it is okay to set boundaries in one’ relations. Hey

  31. loved this conversation, thank you so much.
    I’ve ordered my copy.
    R xo

  32. Nisha Khanna

    I CANNOT wait to watch the rest but already had chills and inspired by you both. I see myself in each of you as I watch this. It’s a moment for sure that will be a catalyst for things to come. But, I mean….can I just say I love the name Luvvie??!!!

    I like Nisha too. Because I like me, but LOVE to all of you out there!! I have been out of the loop for 2 weeks due to focus on my son’s learning needs, and I am soooooo f’ing thankful to be back and feel all the warm and fuzzies inside.

    This mommy is definitely on a mission!! Peace out until later…

  33. Nisha Khanna

    Still am watching but I feel like I should be IN this conversation!!! So, I’m just writing my words down. Just wanna say I get this 100% and spend so much time teaching younger people with anxiety learning how they need to be a little uncomfortable in order to get past. I usually tell them that if they are uncomfortable and stop and think or stay in the moment a moment longer than usual, its progress. And when people are scared of what will happen around them that may make them “think” they are being judged or looked at, I always tell them to …..just go to the bathroom. Reset. Reenter the space as yourself. Not the person you weren’t ABLE to be in a moment of fear.

    The bigger picture is that we need to be ok with ourselves and not apologize as long as we are not doing anything hurtful to ourselves (AND that’s for us to decide if it’s just embarrassment to someone else, lol) or others. xoxoxo

    …I’m hearing right now about “petty” and as long as “petty” isn’t purposeful in hurting anyone, its human freaking behavior…..xoxoxo

    “IM A HOT MESS” who loves myself and can teach others and learn from others….love this

    • The work you’re doing with these young people is essential and I’m happy you’re dedicating time to teach this: that we can reset, that we don’t have to believe every thought that crosses our minds, that being uncomfortable in some situations is part of life and that it helps us grow and expand our comfort zone.

      Interestingly enough, we can teach this to anxious dogs too and I think we, as humans, can learn a lot from canine psychology. The technique is called “engage disengage” and it uses desensitization and counter-conditioning.

      It’s fascinating how much we can learn from each other.

  34. Nisha Khanna

    one more thing for MARIE…25 years spent on loving to learn how others learn and practicing and applying first with children, their families ,and school staff, but more importantly it paved the way for the hardest years of my life. Boundaries came easy because I was teaching them to young kids. CRAZY though that before I learned by teaching and studying, and internalizing and letting go of my shit and continuously learning. The actual science of learning is my passion. MARIE you are doing this with adults and I with kids. I appreciate you. There is so much input I have its insane.

    I hope to one day be sitting on the other end of one of your interviews. OR if you ever would like a sidekick who LOVES to ask questions for the sake of learning, lol, give me a buzz. LOVE LOVE LOVE you all….we are all at different places of learning not only who we are, but what we care about versus what we learned to care about based on others and our experiences.

    I’m gonna watch this again and again and again. Really appreciate this conversation. But whenever I watch something inspirational, or something I want to speak about, I journal as I’m watching (and yes I have to rewind a lot or remember to press pause…lol) and that’s only since I read your book Marie and the thought of carving out two hours a day to do me, has turned into a force to be reckoned with so thanks. xoxox

    And Luvvie….if you are reading this and ever in NJ, can we like hang out for a bit? We have so much in common. Marie as well. I’m the one who wants every child to figure out who they are, be proud in everything they are, and realize that everything else is irrelevant. Our kids need to know they have that choice, and I raised my twins to know that. And I continue to make it a priority.

  35. Vesna

    Thank you so much for this interview! So inspiring. Growing up I was always dumbed down. I wanted to do things that were different- not because I wanted to BE different, I just had different ideas or ways of expressing myself. Now I see that my parents and most teachers didn’t know how to accept the individuality that I represented. It’s easier to deal with everyone when they’re the same as everyone else.
    Thank you, also for reminding me to keep setting boundaries. Since my separation it’s been challenging to do so.
    So much love and gratitude to you both.

  36. Curt Church

    I am struck by the discussion around personal boundaries. Once I have shared those boundaries, I can forgive someone for stepping over them once, but if occurs repeatedly, I must do something differently. The person does not seem to value me in way that I want to be valued. I will need to re-evaluate my relationship with that person. If my decision is to disallow contact with the person, I am sure I will feel better because I do not have to feel the negative emotions of my boundaries being trampled time and agian!

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for sharing your personal insight from the episode. You are the most important person in your life! You are a gift friend.


  37. Marla

    I loved this episode, specifically the importance of boundaries, and the idea that the thing you were put down for, as a child, is the thing you need to share with the world. I grew up in an era where the motto “children are seen and not heard” was so prominent. I wasn’t allowed feelings-I felt shame for feeling sad or angry-these feelings were never validated in my home. My parents didn’t know how to comfort me. Is it any coincidence that the profession I chose was psychotherapy. I validate my clients’ thoughts and feelings, & appreciate the importance of feeling heard & understood. I honestly feel that my upbringing has damaged me in many ways, but I believe it is because of my own experience, that I’m able to ensure that my own clients receive the validation they so deserve.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Marla,

      Thank you for your honesty and openness. Your special gift will help others and we know it comes from a beautiful place. Thank you for being a part of our community.


  38. Sibahle

    Wow. Just a re-assurance I needed! I believe in justice, truth and authenticity. So I always question things and challenge the system especially at work, and of course that makes me a trouble maker. Thank you so much for this Marie & Luvvie. I found the part about boundaries very powerful… I’m definitely getting my hands on the book. Love from South Africa

    • teamforleo

      Hi Sibahle,

      Love back to you from Team Forleo! So glad you enjoyed the episode and being a part of our community.


  39. Wow! This interview was amazing. I literally had tears when she said that her editor got a promotion after reading her book and it changed her life. I am anxiously waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Sharonda,

      Fantastic to hear! We hope you enjoy Luvvie’s book and relish in the incredible learnings.


  40. Annette

    The world needs more originals like Luvvie and Marie. Women who say it like it is rather than as “the world” has instructed. Who encourage rather than swat down. Who celebrate rather than compete. Who laugh and cry when it’s how they feel, and don’t apologize for those feelings. I’ve just ordered Luvvie’s book for myself and my 29-year-old niece, a budding entrepreneur. How lucky she will be to read a book like this at her age — and how fortunate I feel to have it now at my age (I have 30 years on her!). When you’re ready, the Universe delivers. Thank you both for creating your work, for being who you are, and for expressing your experiences so generously and masterfully.

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for sharing your feedback from the episode. Fantastic that you’ve ordered Luvvie’s book, enjoy!


  41. Ela

    What a wonderful and energizing conversation!!! I loved it and laughed out loud so many times! I absolutely love the message – “what they tell you you’re too much of, is most probably your biggest gift”! Wow, so true! I’ve often been told I’m cautious, observant, wait too long before giving my opinion or that I ask too many questions! And yet these are the skills which make a good coach and mediator! I think I’m going to listen to those “critical voices” with even more attention from now on 😉

    • teamforleo

      Hi Ela,

      Fantastic that you’ve identified your special gift, always share it with others as you are unique and wonderful!


  42. Love. Love, Love this!! Once again you introduced us to someone we didn’t know how much we needed in our life! Thank you!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Linda,
      So glad you enjoyed the episode! Thank you for being a part of our community friend.


  43. Christina

    I just listened to this episode and it was so inspiring! I’ve been going through the “dark night of the soul” and one of my friends passed away last night, listening to this podcast while baking muffins for my coworkers really lit me up! I laughed and smiled and it was exactly what I needed after having an emotional day. I didn’t feel alone. It was exactly what I needed and now I can’t wait to get the book.

    Thank you both.

  44. Rebecca McKee

    You have NO IDEA how much I need to hear this right now. Been stuck in the “middle of the road” for a long time now. Time to be AUTHENTIC! and run the chance of pissing (most) people off!

    • teamforleo

      GET IT, Rebecca! We need the authentic and amazing you. – Heather

  45. Astra Thijm

    OMG YES!!! I loved this so much!!!!
    Especially the part about how people make you feel or say that you are “too much”. I have definitely received that message and I think that in general, that has made me hold back a little in life. The boundaries part I love too! You need to communicate your boundaries, how else will people know they’re crossing them.

    • teamforleo

      Astra, you’re just the right amount of you. Don’t hold back your magic- the world needs it. – Heather

  46. I am big fan of Luvvie Ajayi Jones.
    Thanks for sharing 👍

    • teamforleo

      So. Are. We! Thanks for being here, Ranjit! – Heather

  47. Kat

    I really enjoyed what Luvvie had to say because I’ve had a lifetime of being shushed. Of being told I’m “too loud,” of being called a “social butterly” of basically being told I’m “too much” while at the same time being asked where did I get “such confidence” or “how did you get to be so brave.” It’s so endlessly frustrating to one day be penalized for being me and the next be praised for it. It’s not my fault I’m wired this way, and I shouldn’t be made to apologize for being neurodivergent.

    But that’s how society is a lot of the time, it likes to praise people for being different, but also punish them. One can be said to speak the unvarnished truth while another is called blunt. It’s all a matter of perception I guess.

    The Nigerian rice dish sounds unbelievably delicious, unfortunately I’ll never be able to have any as sadly I’m deathly allergic to tomatoes.

  48. Chantal

    WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for this brilliant interview! You guys brought tears to my eyes. I did not know Luvvie before watching your episode and I am IN LOVE. I bought her book right away. You two are amazing role models. I was in a down moment and you gave me a spark back. Thank you for your great work, Marie (and team!). Love you!
    Chantal xx

  49. Emily Maher

    Loving and growing, loving and growing. Thank you so much for this interview.

    • teamforleo

      We always appreciate your support, Emily. – Heather

  50. Melanie Floyd

    Ok sooooooo, I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! I can’t express it. You asked for the one thing I am going to take away. I don’t even know where to start. I know that when you have boundaries, people don’t necessarily like it, they think you’re mean, but I guess what really landed the heaviest was the permission to NOT apologize for my boundaries. I think that is something I struggle with. Protecting your peace with boundaries, gives you have a protection over your creative space.

  51. G

    Much like you Marie, what a breath of fresh air this woman is!!! Holy smokes! Buying her book today and need her message now more than ever. I also just kept thinking about raising my 8yo son…her words were such a reminder as his parent…never to dull his blinding shine (albeit “loud” at times) to satisfy the status quo or to appease society. The biggest aha moment for ME was the middle of the road life I have been leading wanting to be cool with or liked by everyone. The biggest take away was to embrace my suppressed boldness and be crystal clear on WHO I AM. Time to re-wire. Loved, loved, loved this episode with Luvvie & Marie!

  52. Bahar

    As a child i used to to share the things I knew with others and also when no one liked to listen to me I used to tell the things I knew to my dolls and It has helped me now to know what my abilities are and what i should know

  53. Loved this! I’m buying this book now! As a fellow Capricorn I can so relate with the boundaries, so this made me chuckle. Marie I love all your interviews 🙂

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