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What do you really want?

Just for a second, ignore what your friends, Instagram feed, culture, and coworkers say you should value. Because if you get quiet and ask your soul? I bet we’re not that different.

“At the core, all of us want to be true to who we really are, make a contribution that matters, and be well-compensated for the contribution that we make.”

When today’s MarieTV guest, Rha Goddess, said those words, it struck a deep chord.

After starting her career as a “starving spiritual artist,” Rha became the CEO and changemaker behind Move The Crowd, a coaching and consulting firm that’s been featured in Time Magazine, Variety, Essence, and Fast Company.

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She’s a social entrepreneur, activist, and author of the brilliant book The Calling, a step-by-step blueprint for finding your purpose and making your highest, most profitable contribution.

Whether or not you believe you have a calling, don’t miss this conversation.

You’ll learn:

2:59 — How Rha went from starving artist to world-changing CEO.
7:30 — Six spiritual steps to transform any area of your life.
10:32 — How to release the victim mentality… for good.
11:38 — An unpopular truth about abundance.
19:23 — What 2020 is trying to tell us.
23:28 — Rha’s go-to daily journaling routine.
30:39 — Three sacred practices to create lasting fulfillment.
34:00 — Why you should STOP searching for your purpose (and what to do instead).

If you’ve ever longed for a purpose, you’ll love this episode.

Rha speaks with such presence and poignance. You’ll see me shout, “I love you!” throughout our conversation, because I just couldn’t contain my adoration.

Hit play to watch now or listen on The Marie Forleo Podcast.

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DIVE DEEPER: Answer these three questions to be true to yourself and find the work you were meant to do in this interview with Chris Guillebeau.

Your Invitation to Take Stock
Rha Goddess is calling all visionaries, high achievers, and game changers to join her Move The Crowd coaches to Take Stock of where you are and set a map for where you are going. Access this free guide to finish open projects, celebrate your wins, and set new goals.
Click here to join them in Taking Stock.

Know what time it is? Yup, it’s insight-to-action time, love.

Rha believes generosity is our natural state of being and contribution is a fundamental human need. She says, “When you align with the truth of who you are, you’ll have no choice but to give. You can’t stop the giving, because when you are fully realized, that’s all you want to do.”

Are you living a life true to yourself? Fully realized? Overflowing with generosity?

To reflect, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where am I being true to myself in my life and work? Where am I out of alignment?
  2. What’s one action I can take to realign with myself?
  3. What specific ways can I earn and spend that provide more good than harm in the world?

In the comments below, share your answers with us. We’d love to cheer you on. 

The world needs you to step into your fullest, highest self. Or as Rha says, “Enoughness is a very powerful place to be.”


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  1. Thank you Marie and Rha Goddess!
    I loved The Calling. Had it in my earbuds and printed out the worksheets. It’s my favorite business textbook. I’m done with the frenetic desperation, anxiety, and fatigue, thank you for putting your finger on it.
    I love economics, and I think you referred to the etymology which means “the keeping of the house.” Eco means house and Nomics means management. Yes, it’s time to come home.
    I noticed that I am so much happier constructing safety and stability for those close to me who got hit by all these challenges, than I ever have been going out and searching for “more.” I’ve created a bigger family as a result. I live in a very loving community here in Bogota. There are so many interesting opportunities here too, now that some things have fallen apart and can be rebuilt better.
    Thank you. Still thinking all this through. Excited for high tea! So much love.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful perspective, Emily! Thank you so much for sharing how this message resonated with you today. Getting to rebuild something better than it was before is such a gift and we hope you continue to find peace, joy, and clarity in the process. Wishing you well, always!

      • Thanks Hailey! I appreciate you so much. Wishing you well too. All that you do keeps me going strong. <3


      Emily!? Are you joining Hai Tea? I think I might!! I need this……and you. I’ve been meaning to schedule. xx

      • Hey Michelle! Love you! Yessss, we need to stick together. Let’s do this! Can’t wait to see you there.

      • I’m going to order The Calling!
        It really hit home when Rha said (verbiage a little off here…) You can be at the mercy of your circumstances or you can vision and shape your future. Even though I’m aware and have subscribed to this same thinking, yesterday after watching this video, these words really hit home. They helped me step up out of some “I’m at the mercy thinking!”
        Anyhow, I have a question that stems from Marie and Rha’s discussion. They talked about using social media less. And I too am hesitant, yet wondering How else I can share with others, beyond my subscribers. Can you point me in the direction of a post or additional info on this topic? Marketing with LESS social media! Thanks so much!!!

  2. True. More is not better. I want to be rich in good deeds.
    Thank you for this interview.

  3. Amanda Steinberg

    I’ve known Rha since 2002 and she’s changed my life multiple times. Like, profound directional change. First as my meditation teacher and then as the catalyst behind my former business DailyWorth. I lovingly refer to her as my “oracle.” Read The Calling, y’all. LOVE YOU RHA (+ big hug Marie)

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Amanda!! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing the love today. We’re thrilled to hear Rha’s work has had such a deep impact on you over the years and we hope this interview sparked even more ideas! Thanks for being here.

  4. 1.I’m doing what I need to do making sure I have a great job with my voice and artist I am right now where I want to believe in myself and following my dreams and I have been a job before I left for telephone call usa and insurance and I hated it to be talking to so many people in the world 🌍 I lost my voice and then I couldn’t talk for weeks and then I was fired 😅 I have been blessed to get my voice back and then I finally able to share my art work thanks to the husband for letting me not work but from Mississippi 🇺🇸 home.2 I think am right now I where I need to be 3. Share my art work and music 🎶🎶®️☯️✝️ with world 🌍😅 I have PTSD axentiy asthma and antisocial from bad things when I child but I will always love music and arts 💟

  5. Patsy G Clark

    I truly enjoyed reading what you wrote here and I will also listen at the podcast as well.

  6. Martine

    Thank you Marie and Rha. I am so grateful and inspired by you two. I sometimes watch webinars and can’t help walking away with the feeling that it was more about plugging something to the audience, then actually bringing something truly meaningful as well.
    I can’t describe what I felt watching this, listening to your every words, the energy it radiated. I tell you, my vibration was high and still is now. That, together with a kind of calm, a knowing.
    I have been out of alignment for quite some time in life and work. I have been denying myself to take action on ideas I have (had), procrastinating, hiding from myself, my inner source. And I have started taking (sometimes just baby)steps to find my calling, to go inside, to trust and be open. The email from Marie with an invitation to join you two was a gift. One action I can take to realign is to show up for myself daily and take the time to be still, ask and listen. A specific way to earn and spend that provide more good than harm is to earn based on my source, trust myself and go for it. By helping others through my experiences, humor and ability to write. I thank you both for your sincere conversation, sharing your wisdom with me and many others. I will take this feeling with me and pay it forward. Thank you again, from the Netherlands, Martine PS: I am ordering The calling now!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing, Martine! We’re so grateful today’s conversation was a source of insight and inspiration as you continue along your journey. It sounds like you’re already well on your way to designing a life that’s aligned with your truest values which is a beautiful thing. We hope you enjoy Rha’s book (we have a feeling you will!) 😉

  7. Samuel Felix Ampiah

    Thank you Rha Goodness, I want to read more of the book, can you send me the soft copy please.

  8. Diane Elam

    I would like to say thank you so much! It was so ironically that I had a question of seeking for my purpose & I got two answers: Stop seeking & then I received this video! Thank you beautiful ladies so much. I believe I have what it takes but I’m in need of a little push. I definitely appreciate you all!

  9. Tharaya Abri

    OMG, This was the best talk with an incredible soul . Thank you for being inspirational. I get it, I had the 2020 invitation and my life had been so much changed from inside out. I barely recognize my self and the self growth I had during this year. I ‘m grateful.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing that, Tharaya! Experiencing so much change all at once can feel scary but also provide so much growth and clarity. We hope more peace, joy, and freedom lies ahead for you!

  10. elsebeth nardi

    thank you from heart for this conversation….Marie F and Raw G….from Copenhagen Elisabeth Nardi….

  11. ilona

    what wise words she utters is absolutely true. Everyone has a certain talent with which they were born. You just have to know them.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Teresa Autrey

    Thank you so much for this video Marie! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The video with you and Rha let me know I’m living within my vibration. For me in life, I don’t create, I co-create. To hear Rha express co-creation today filled my soul with tearful joy. I’ve been struggling with expressing co-creation with others and Rha blessed me with what I needed. We don’t create ourselves, but we are blessed with co-creation as we evolve and get to know ourselves. Thank you ladies and may vibrations allow me to meet you both one day.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for being here and adding your words of wisdom to this conversation. We’re so glad Rha’s message felt so aligned for you. Keep up the beautiful work you’re doing, we’re grateful you’re in our community!

  13. That was awesome!! Thank you for this conversation 🙂

  14. Heather May Evans

    I am spending as time as possible with my kids and grandchildren because this is most important to me ♡
    I need to earn more money for the personal care I provide. Daycare is how I make money and I need to kick it up a notch and make more..see more..give more..
    Thanks 😊 🙏

  15. The thing that came up for me listening to this was to be still. To listen, to connect to myself. To not drive myself in the form that others have created but to change my motivation, to work from a place of inspiration and love. I don’t have all the answers on how, but I really appreciated this conversation. Thank you.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful takeaway, Elayna! We’re so glad this conversation provided a starting point for you. We really appreciate you being here today!

  16. Love it. I’ll listen to it a few more times 🙂

  17. Dave Cobb

    Stay true! Luv it! I don’t want to keep up with the jonses, I just want to serve and be true to myself. Great lady here!

  18. Maria

    What a wonderful gift to be on this planet having a chance to enjoy meaningful conversation like this. I truly believe that the real good change around us, start within ourselves. Gratitude is a very good way to start so thank you both for being.

  19. About minute 21:00, Rha was speaking into my LIFE chile……
    Oh so good! What an important conversation for all of us to be having right now. Everything we want can be found on the inside. Everything is already provided. And the more I know this, the more I realize my own power. And the more I recognize all of our power. All I can say about this episode is YASSSSSSSS.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Reshanda! You’re so right. That’s where we must find our foundation and live, and work, and grow from there. We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode as much as we did! Thanks so much for being with us today.

  20. Deep yet fulfilling in such a beneficial way. Much of the things that Rha was saying I was having the conversation with myself. Plus the way that I was feeling. It was as though Rha was reading my mind and feelings. The connection was incredible. If anything the talk realigned me with the thoughts and feelings going through me. Thank you for the confirmations via this podcast and webinar, as I was seeking some kind of external confirmation to the inner musings and feelings regarding the energy of Infinite Source and the Universe about my own spiritual journey in this 3D world. Clarity restored. Faith in myself restored. Belief in myself restored. Knowing in myself restored. Vision in myself restored. Thank you ever so much Marie for engaging with Rha and having this incredible interview. May the energy of the Universe and beyond flow with abundance on both of your own personal journeys. Thank you again.

  21. Best one yet and yes, I’ve watched what I deem your best ones (Brene, Tony, etc.). Holy crap. I cried 2 or 3 times and shouted at my screen too! God bless Rha Goddess. I am getting her book. Exactly what I need right now… exactly. I signed up for her Hai Tea (funny, I always thought it was high tea, as that’s what we had when visiting my grandmother (and family) in Trinidad everyday at 4 pm). I couldn’t get a scheduled spot, so sent an email and crossing fingers.
    Thanks Marie for this. ❣️👏

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled you enjoyed this interview, Kristin and that it has secured a spot in your list of fave MarieTV episodes! 😉 We hope Rha’s work and words continue to spark new ideas for you. Thanks for being here and tuning in today!

    • Cynthia Lamberth

      You are correct, it is High Tea or afternoon tea. Rha Goddess is being creative in calling it Hai which is so smart as it sets it apart from a ton of other stuff on Google! This was a great episode, so much honesty and enthusiasm.

  22. Dee

    I was loving the dialogue until you both got to this part “You see something, you want to have a conversation, don’t call the person out. Call them forth. Invite them in. Have a grounded, honest, vulnerable, courageous conversation that leaves room for their humanity and yours. Right? And before you step to have that conversation, look at the mirror, What else can I be doing?”

    In terms of what is going on in the world right now with the BLM movement and issues of race, Black folks have been trying to have the honest conversation with white people about race, racism and discrimination for over 50 + years in the way you encourage and it has done nothing for us. At some point it has to bubble up and folks need to be called out and that is what you are seeing right now. Don’t blame the victim because sometimes having that civil conversation is not enough. We have been pointing the finger at ourselves and internalizing it for too long and it shows up in our community in many negative ways. This is the first time in a very long time where many of us feel powerful because we are doing more than just having those conversations that you are talking about. Like I said you had me up until the “don’t call the person out” part. SMDH!

    • Hey Dee,
      Thank you so much for this. I know precisely of what you speak. The pain and collateral damage in our community is real. My prayer for all of us is that we can find a way to be full voice and not rip each other apart. I know how important it is for us as Black people to STAND for the room and space to be expressed right now, and I know some conversations are hard and painful to receive and we DO have to work through that. AND I know that it ain’t always pretty and neat. I believe that we deserve room AND I also believe that room and space to be heard is necessary. Thank you for this reminder. They are not mutually exclusive – every single one of us is gonna have to grow here. I appreciate your honesty and that you took the time to bring your truth. I receive you. And am thankful for you. Love, Rha

  23. Wow! What an impactful interview. I feel the need to be a part of this community. I have a huge vision and am working toward my goals which involve holding space for women to “come home to themselves” and create, telling their stories, sharing their truths. This so resonated with me. I’m off to journal and see what comes up. Thank you Marie and Rha!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love that, Anne! Journaling is a beautiful way to go within and honor your inner voice. We’re so glad Rha’s message gave you an extra boost today! Thanks for being here.

  24. Kellie

    Wow! That was powerful. Really needed to hear this today, and sent to a friend who needs to hear this now also. I agree that this is a portal opening period and we have the opportunity to come out of it so much better than we were going in. It is my hope and prayer. Thank you for your words about working on yourself first, and not tearing down others instead of having conversations. We’ve developed some frighteningly terrible online habits, especially. And in order to move forward we have to curb and break those. Thank you again for this discussion.

  25. Pamela Joy

    Wow! Thank you for that introduction to Rah and the conversation! I loved EVERYTHING about it!
    Pamela Joy

  26. Alison

    Today’s episode came on the exact right day. This whole year feels like working three times as hard to get half as far. It’s been exhausting. Your conversation has breathed light and hope that things will be okay—that there is a higher wisdom that we may not see or understand right now. Thank you Marie and Rha.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      You can say that again, Alison! We’re thrilled this conversation was a source of insight, inspiration, and light for you during these difficult times. Thanks for stopping by and sharing this space with us today!


    Oh My God. I just love this interview. This is such a great calling toward your real truth about your life. Thank you so much…for sharing this. I am going to come back to this and listen for a couple of times. Thank you Marie and Thank you Rha for giving that joy to the world.

  28. Louise Malcolm

    Thank you Marie and Rha

    I knew that I was watching and reading too many news feeds because I’d feel drained and overwhelmed afterwards.
    Listening to Rha I felt inspired, hopeful, and thankful for her gifts. The interview was lengthy but offered so many useful insights that it was well worth watching. I will definitely purchase “The Calling” as it’s obvious she has found hers.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that this spoke to you, Louise! And we hope you enjoy Rha’s incredible book. Thanks so much for chiming in.

  29. INES

    I had a feeling like Rha understands all the good people on earth 🙂 May God protect Rha and Marie who made this wonderful presentation possible for us.

  30. Oh Marie and Rha! The synchronicity of this podcast in my inbox this morning is uncanny! And of course …right on time. Given the nature of the topic, Rha’s energy and wisdom, Marie’s platform and my own inner desires and vibrations, brought forth a morning that has affirmed me. Thank you thank you thank you!! I had 5 pages of notes at only 18 minutes in!! The whole episode was ‘A-ha’ and ‘YES’ and ‘mmhmmm ‘ and “That’s ME!” I think the biggest take away for me was ” be aware of the pressures that make me want things I really don’t want” and to begin to pay attention to what distresses and pisses me off by asking what it is about and how I can use it as an opportunity to move from victim to vision, which ultimately comes from acting from my truth. Also, to stop seeking my purpose so it can find me. WOW! everyday I am distressed by “seeking my purpose” and then doubting what comes. The actions I will put in place are to slow down and listen. Limit my social media to once per day check in’s and act when I feel inspired, joyful and elevated! Much love, peace and gratitude, Meekah

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Those are all such beautiful takeaways, Meekah! Slowing down, listening to yourself, and moving toward the things that feel aligned with your values… that’s what it’s all about. We’re so glad this episode sparked so many ideas for you to continue to nurture!

  31. Bridget McCormack

    Thank you Marie and Rha!
    Love. Truth. We. enough said!!! My prayer for this whole time is that we all will have the courage to be vulnerable enough to look in that Mirror and start with Us. To hear and answer the call to work together for the greater good. We are all one. When we all come to know that truth, we will see the change manifest. Bless you both for shining your light into the world and bringing Hope for a New Beginning moving forward.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Bridget…your prayer and vision is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and shining YOUR light in our comments today.

  32. This calling was my second one to Marie TV and another inspiring interview introducing me to another wonderful soul in Rha Goddess. The last one I found in my email also move me to write in after hearing Dr. Edie holocaust survivor.
    This content in these Conversations encompassing personal to professional development and our humanity are my essence, my conflicts, my raison d’etre, which I better figure out soon before I drive myself well, to somewhere not good to be.
    Offering real tangible ways to get involved, I am writing here as suggested, I went to the high tea to try to choose a date for direct interaction but it is awful and so I do hope there is real way to connect to others and an ongoing basis to really manifest and live these conversations in words and not just boost the ratings of the others who are trying to make a name for themselves.
    Finding my name is who I believe this is speaking to, So thank you for a rather if you provide real steps in our connection and Journey.
    Rha speaks beautifully, with great insights and concepts and that I hope are supported with her real action and how to organize and connect in our communities in real time as well as online which is now global, fast and exciting but we really still need to come home.

  33. Kathleen Carr

    Rha! Rha! Rha!
    I love you too. I love you Marie for speaking those words to Rha.
    She is a Goddess, Angel, Special Spirit and soul.
    I know my gift is Teaching Children, Parents friends and Colleagues.
    I am pausing so my fullness can align with sufficient pay……..
    I raised my hand when you asked Rha.
    I needed to come back to my eternal wealth. I went to a Therapist once and the last thing she wrote on a piece of notebook paper is YOU ARE RICH!
    I am accessing the riches inside while I pause
    I have a hard time sitting still and not moving
    I am mindful, I fast a lot in every way.
    I will keep my vibrations high with my energy and smile, I am enjoying to care for myself and others, I know how to be uncomfortable.
    I am ready for this new EconoMe
    Love, Truth and WE
    Thank you Rha and Marie
    Ordering the book now
    Love Kathleen

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your comment, Kathleen! This part really spoke to me…” I am ready for this new EconoMe. Love, Truth and WE”
      YES YES YES. We’re rooting for you and hope you enjoy the book!

  34. Camille Seabrook

    Marie and Rha, Thank You Both for this BLESSING!! As I am taking daily leaps of faith along My Life Journey, this conversation is definitely showing me that I am going the ‘right’ way. I know my neighbors must think that I am in a ‘tent revival’ with the number of times I shouted out AMEN and SPEAK SPIRIT!!! I am currently living in the moments of not being a victim, to manifesting my vision. Thank you Rha, for declaring and confirming that while there are many folks out there offering the same services, no one will ever do what I do the way that I do it (wrote that down to repeat to myself in times of uncertainty).
    Marie, thank you for your encouragement, inspiration, support and guidance through your podcasts/blogs and other means of communication!!!!
    Love and Light, Camille

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Camille! Thank you so much for your comment and positive energy. I loved what you said, especially this part, “no one will ever do what I do the way that I do it.”

      It reminds me of what Marie always says…”The world really does need that special gift that only YOU have.” It’s so so true. Thanks for being here with us.

  35. Mitsou Eva

    This was the best conversation ever. It moved me to tears several times because it felt so true and meaningful. Love, love, love!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed it, Misou. Thank you for watching and being part of our community!

  36. This was amazing! Thank you for this! So needed to hear this!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      I love it when things come to us at the perfect time. 🙂 Thanks so much for chiming in.

  37. lisbeth

    WOW SOOO MY SOUL…IT IS !HUMAN TO HAVE THE DESIRE TO CONTRIBUTE…AND HAVE IT BE MEANINGFUL…YES!!! felt like first time someone made me feel normal..not alien

    GIVING MORE…for me is the RICHEST, most abundant feeling always.

  38. Paula

    Thank you Marie and Rha for bringing these new insights to us. I loved the interview and I’m going to get The Calling. I do have one request for Rha, though. When talking about tattoos, you started a sentence with, “My husband won’t let me…” and it sent an all-too-familiar chill down my spine. Now I know you were kidding, but as person who has studied the impact of language on a society, these words ring too true for too many women. My request is: would you kindly consider rephrasing such statements? Maybe something like, “My husband would much prefer that…” I know it seems small and silly in the grander scheme of things, but language is a vital element of the human condition that affects our self-esteem, and in this case, the sense of ownership and agency over our own bodies. I thank you and send you love. And I am in deep appreciation for what you brought us today.

  39. Sometimes it’s just a moment, in which you decide “I want THAT”. There are no ‘But’s’.
    Can’t wait to start reading that book so full of quotes, insights and steps towards ones light.

  40. Elizabeth Jett

    Love love love Rha. Thank you so much Marie for introducing me to yet another great perspective and resource. So many powerful concepts beautifully expressed. Sharing now with everyone!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching and sharing, Elizabeth! We’re so happy to hear that this spoke to you. Thank you so much for chiming in. <3

  41. The conversation about “What’s really going on with 2020 energetically.”
    whoooooo my goodness. I’ve known that energetically, MORE was going on here, and we needed to pay attention (and the world was giving us the opportunity with this pause to do so.)
    But, I got goosebumps with Rha’s explanation of it.
    We all needed the reset.

    • This episode has had me teared up the whole time. Such vision and Truth. This actually felt like The most organized episode, because it made perfect sense in flow on a soul level. Thank you Rha. Thank you Marie.

      Economy is Home.
      How can we make sure that Everyone, including earth, is Thriving.
      Going and hanging out where the Love is. And noticing what I don’t like, and asking myself from there how I can make things better.

      Having courageous conversations that honor others’ humanity, and my own.

      Show up, whole and self composed, not looking outside myself for my salvation.

      OK. Right now for me, this means finishing getting my house in order. Succumbing to the restfullness that feels upwelling as I am doing that. Completing that process. (Marie Kondo has got my back there. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!)

      And then, as I have felt to be true during this whole period of time, and as Rha has affirmed, I will be in perfect position to allow myself to joyfully give myself over to true creative self-expression in the world to make the changes I want to make.

      I am very grateful to hear this affirmation! It feels great to be affirmed. It feels like I am walking in step with you, Rha. This whole talk feels like it was made Just For Me, and I look forward to sharing it. Thank you Rha. God/dess bless! 🙏🏼

      • Amy Sundari Finlay

        Clarification: I look forward to Doing it, and sharing it after putting it into practice. Good stuff!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear that this spoke to you Lori-Grace! And I know what you mean by goosebumps. Anytime I get them it means something really spoke to me. Thanks for chiming in and being here with us.

  42. Franklin Liao

    Wow! Rah is so relatable….Such an amazing and incredible talk with so much to unpack. Truthfully, I’ve been hiding (though I never described it like that). It’s more of a feeling of inertia. There are days when you know exactly what you have to do to realign your true self with your gifts you are here to share. You write your action points and then you just freeze. Rah’s three economies 1. love 2. ownership 3. WE have helped put some things in perspective. Beautiful conversation Marie and Rah 🙏🏻

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Franklin! You are definitely not alone in the feeling of inertia. Thank you for summing up so well what I know a lot people often feel. We’re so glad you enjoyed this conversation. Thank you for chiming in.

  43. lisbeth

    LEARN HOW TO SIT IN UNCERTAINTY….BOOM! true challenge to TRUST, FAITH…so so what I learned to see this time about….THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL EXCHANGE MARIE!!!

  44. I don’t normally make the time to write in comments sections unless it’s something close to my heart, but OMG… this definitely is. What a super conversation. Rha for PRESIDENT!! From abundant sufficiency to new world economy built on enough-ness.

    I am IN…

    So many pearls of wisdom in this conversation and so much goodness to banish despair at this time… keep talking… I am listening x

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Ha! “Rha for PRESIDENT!!” just made me giggle so thank you so much for that. 🙂 And thank you for being here with us, watching, and commenting. We’re so glad this touched your heart.

  45. Beaja

    Oh, my – I so loved this conversation. Thank you, Marie and Rha! I have been hiding out, aware that there is a lot circulated on social media and by mainstream journalism that is not about presenting facts but about presenting a narrative that may not have at its intention or heart, a “story of us,” but intent on presenting for some purpose of their own (or so it seems to me) that seems to tear down. This has been an area of distress for me because I haven’t known how to point out that this situation without others coming down on me, or being dismissed as being of the “other” side. What I’m taking away is that if we come down to *Heart* and unity — what brings us , *all* of us — and allow my companions to fill in the blanks of who *all* is for them and to widen that to include folks of other ________ [beliefs, background, fill in the blank] together, and what moves all of us forward, as well as our beloved Earth — then I can speak from a place where mutual musing and perspective may flow. This is an inflammatory time, with, perhaps groups and organizations having agendas of their own or being caught up in the agenda of others — even organizations I ally with, and so much I see seems to be “cherry picking” to present agenda. How do I ground, listen, act and speak from the heart, not to tear down but to raise awareness so that we look again, widen our perception, step back from possible manipulation, and look to what really might bring us together? I’d just love to see us having conversations with one another, with folks who we may stereotype as other (in politics, in background, in …), and being willing to listen to one another’s fears, hear what we each hold dear and are attempting to protect. There is love there, and the potential for true change when we truly listen, hear and voice the hurt from a place of witness and compassion, understand that we hold so much in common — we are human *family*! And then we set to work, with helping better our corner of the world, right where we are. This is what I believe is possible — or want to — but it can seem so pie-in-the-sky and impractical and [whatever fear argument comes into my mind]. In so many ways, your conversation today spoke to these themes, to the strength of love, what each of us cares about most about, and of us together — and that it’s essential to water and nurture that within us that doesn’t seem practical or have a place in this world, embrace it and flow outward from there. Thank you.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Beaja…wow…your vision for yourself and the world is so so beautiful and I love what you said about watering and nurturing that within us. So much yes to that. Thank you for being here, watching, and chiming in.

  46. Eva

    My grandma would say she is like a bread and butter. What a beautiful and powerful message!! Love you Rha ❤️

    Love Eva

  47. Diana

    So inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  48. Rah and Marie,
    You have no idea how serendipitous this moment is–that you had this amazing dialogue today, when I’ve been having so many doubts about my true purpose. It felt like you were speaking directly to me.
    I’ve been preparing to launch a website and digital course designed to help people bridge the gap between what they think about themselves and who they really are. It’s a method born of a decade battling my own limiting beliefs.
    But I started having doubts. Who am I to guide others? Why should they listen to me?
    You reminded me that this IS my truth–I’ve tried to hide from it, but it keeps making itself known every chance it gets.
    Thank you both for gifts you give to so many, every day!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Wow Laurie! It sounds like this was quite serendipitous indeed! And I find that Marie has quite the knack for delivering exactly what I need to hear each week. We’re so glad this spoke to you. Thank you for sharing.

  49. Celi

    Thank you Marie for introducing me to Rha…I love her!!! Definitely putting her book in my cart. This episode has deeply resonated with me .

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Celi! We’re so happy to hear that this episode resonated with you. We hope you enjoy Rha’s incredible book!

  50. Dana O Smith

    This girl was speaking my language from the get-go. Spot on! The great reset and why we needed it. I signed up for Hai Tea too. I am also interested in hearing more about Marie’s comments on “The Social Dilemma” which has flipped my world around too. I have watched it twice, I feel the need to help in this area and it is overwhelming, because most people don’t understand what AI is doing to us, but I want to do SOMETHING about this topic. Maybe this may be a career change for me. I gotta find it, Great interview! Thanks.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Dana! We’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed this episode. And I can hear how important this topic is to you. It’s so important to our whole world. I’d definitely say to follow that passion and curiosity and see where it take you! Thank you so much for chiming in.

  51. Charlotte Marcy

    I love this “enoughness” so much… For me it is an “enough nest”, a place where everything starts and where I can learn to fly. Merci for such an uplifting and true conversation.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Ooooh! “Enough nest” is such a fun take on that! Thank you for sharing Charlotte and thank you for being here with us.

  52. Lydia

    You mentioned it all, you said it loud out. Very, very great insights.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy you enjoyed this episode Lydia! Thank you for being here with us.

  53. Claudine Grimwood

    Loved the talk with Rha Goddess and that enoughness is ok. So many powerful points she discusses, including be careful of our sources , learn to sit in uncertainty and one I can totally relate to , purpose and calling fatigue! There is a higher wisdom and our job is to show up!
    Thankyou Marie xx

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Claudine! Thank you for taking the time to comment and you’re so right that it is our job to show up. Thank you for “showing up” here with us and being such an incredible part of our community.


    mMany thanks Marie and Rha! Wonderful Ideas and energy.Whenever the topic involves Purpose and Prosperity,I always smile and return to Rumi’s Wisdom…as in: ”Failure is the Key to the Kingdom.” Always,the true prophets and masters speak in deep paradox.Holding and resolving the tensions of our own lives often calls us to do the same.Whenever I reflect on Purpose and Enlightenment…I also reflect upon Don Juan’s statement in the Castenada book: ”Clarity is the 3rd greatest obstacle to Enlightenment.”As a longtime shamanic practitioner I understand how the Path of Poverty can also lead to Unexpected Riches & Blessings that nothing else could ever buy.I also know that if we are overly confident about our purpose(..but the ego is still driving the bus)….we may miss the boat as well as the bus.I intuit we each have a Greater Purpose and accompanying Prosperity…but,that our purpose will also shift & change with the requirements of our Soul’s and life circumstances.Some purposes may be lifelong while others more transitory.However the River flows,the fishing is always better in the river than beyond it. // Meanwhile,I have a crazy and more temporary,temporal wish.I would like to go Dancing with ”Maria” or Rha or both.You know,for just 5 mins…given Covid.Safe enough to do online and I doubt I could manage more than 5 given my current heart failure.Nothing seductive you know.It’s just that all the Deep Smiles and Laughter can be so very heart-warming & inspirational.Again…thank you!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Rob! Thank you for sharing your incredible wisdom for us. I really resonated with what you said purpose sometimes being transitory. That can explain when folks have multiple things they’re called to do, like so many of the multi-passionate people in our community. Thank you for your perspective and for chiming in.

      • Rob Two Hawks

        Thank you Sally for responding! Ha….Wisdom has no ownership but is a Well from which anyone can drink(…if they first discover the Well.) And,I must add that you have a very cool hat and a nice smile too!

  55. Moana McLaurin-Smith

    🦋Love Truth We🦋
    Our worldly economy in three powerful words and so it will be.. 🙏🏽
    When knowledge is gathered Enlightenment will follow.. 🙏🏽
    I am definitely visiting my tattooist🌹
    Big Love to you Marie and to Rha..
    Thank you 🙏🏽 thank you 🙏🏽 thank you 🙏🏽

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh you must share a pic if you get a tattoo! 🙂

  56. KP

    Wow! THANK YOU, Marie, for introducing me to Rha. This conversation is exactly what I needed right now! So much good stuff to dig into, it warrants a repeat listen. In this moment, my key takeaway is to get still. I often hear myself saying I don’t know how to relax. I appreciated Rha’s mention of her journal practice. After I close, I’m going to hunker down with my own notebook and see what inspiration comes.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      You’re so not alone, KP– discovering what true rest and stillness feels like is a lesson many of us are learning this year. Journaling is such a powerful way to tap into your inner wisdom and we hope your time of reflection is deeply rewarding. Thanks for being here!

  57. Helen

    YES. All of this✨🙏😊💕

  58. Thank you! Rha’s words spoke to my soul. For starters, that abundance is not about the material. That wealth is not always measured in dollars.
    I’m a firm believer in knowing your worth, even if it took me half my life to believe that for myself. Still, my needs are desires are simple and don’t require multi-millions. I felt relief today that it’s fine to want what I want – and that I am not “undervaluing” myself to seek my own vision of value and worth.
    I recently made a choice to dedicate my full-time attention to building a dream. It’s one that I’ve walked away from many times in the past 15+ years. I’m almost 53 and scared as hell, but crazy determined to finally be true to my inner calling, my voice, my wisdom. Time to share my gift.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Annette! Your message is SO inspiring! Thank you for being here and sharing your thoughts. What a gift to realize that what you want is completely OK. Beautiful.

      As for building your dream…that is so exciting! I really get how scary that can be and have seen in my own life that some of the most amazing things I’ve ever done, were super scary at first. I’m so glad you’ll be sharing your voice, wisdom and gifts with the world. As Marie always says “the world really does need that special gift that only YOU have.”

      • Thanks so much Sally
        Marie and this community have been a great inspiration over the years. It took a while, but the message and my courage finally aligned!

  59. Joy

    So many nuggets of goodness at such a time as this, truly. But this really stood out for me:
    Whoa. Whoa. WHOA. Major moment from this amazing conversation (thank you, both!!), as I’ve been hiding for years. And this quote from Marianne Williamson that revisited me in my inbox the other day hit it home for me as well: “…Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine…”
    Rha said this sacred pause, this time, is about coming home to OURSELVES. I realize I have the opportunity to break free from the conditioning of ‘not enough-ness’ that really has kept me playing small my whole life. And running from my true self. It’s probably kept me sick, too.
    I HAVE a calling. Time to do the work. Know what is true for me, not what I think everyone else wants or needs. Gulp. It’s never too late. And I want to make a difference. I’ve got to be open, be vulnerable, be fully me. STOP HIDING from the world.
    Love, love, love the idea of doing it in a “Love/Truth/We” economy. Rha’s insightful wisdom is so needed in these times.
    Thanks Rha, thanks always, Marie. No one is ever going to do what I do. The world needs my special something that only I have.
    Maybe now more than ever.
    Love, peace, prosperity, safety, good health & good energy to all

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Such beautiful takeaways, Joy! Doing a happy dance over here for you. So glad Rha’s words resonated so deeply with you and brought to mind that beautiful quote from Marianne Williamson. You have so much wisdom within you and we’re all cheering you on as you step out into the world!

  60. Nisha

    Excellent conversation Marie & Rha!

    The prefix Eco comes from the Greek meaning of Dwelling or Home.
    This can be interpreted for the abode and area that supports it. Nature is a part of home, not separate from it, but modern thinking ignores nature and sees it and humans as commodities.

    Environmental economics has been around for over twenty years. It takes into account ‘cradle to grave’ planning and does not promote infinite consumption as realistic or desirable. The ‘circular economy’ is a modern version of this planning.

    As with any natural system, inputs and outputs must flow for optimal operations. At any time the balance it out, we witness negative consequences.

    People say we can’t go backwards, but, we can get clear on what Rha calls our ‘personal economies’. Because individuals have different preferences, there is enough for all. The planet and it’s systems are enough!

    Sadly, in the early 1900’s, well-meaning scientists introduced the concept that the planet could not provide enough food for the world’s growing population, highlighted by the fact that people were starving in Third World countries. This premise justified moving away from naturally-grown food to industrial grown food based on Industrial and technical food growing techniques. This new modern way was promoted as the saving grace. However, it was not food growing capacity of the planet that was the problem, it was the distribution of food, combined with foreign ownership of land, that were the main issues.

    At that time, we relinquished local control, in North America, of noble, nutritional food growing. As a result, food production has been hijacked by corporations that sell seeds that are dependent on fertilizers & pesticides, and it’s a worldwide practice now. This expensive growing system supports who exactly? Right on. You know who. Who is benefitting at the expense of the health of the general population? The same corporations who run the oil companies, by the way. In many cases, farmers can’t even use their own seeds because these powerful corporations will take them to court over proprietary rights, and who wins?

    By the way, if you want to talk about the real numbers of environmental economics, talk to savvy insurance underwriting companies who create actuarial projections based on climate change. They make these projections because their survival depends on them. Because of their influence, large corporations are being required to “green” their policies and investments.

    I am so excited we are having these conversations in the general public. What do you say, time to clean house?

    You really got me going on this topic!
    Love you!


    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Nisha! Thank you so much for sharing all this incredible information with us. I can tell that this is a topic that speaks to your heart. I’m happy too that we’re having these conversations. Thanks so much for chiming in and being here with us.

  61. Jael

    This was an amazing conversation, with so many insights. For me the takeaway that I am focused on is moving from victim to vision and becoming the conscious active shaper of my own destiny.

    I just got The Calling on Kindle and I will be going through the book, with a spirit that is open to transformation. Thank you for your love and wisdom Rha and Marie!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      “A spirit that’s open to transformation” – that’s SO beautiful, Jael! Just imagine the difference if we all moved through the world that way. Thanks so much for sharing!

  62. God Bless Rha Goddess! God bless Maria. I am so inspired! I can’t wait to join the “high tea”.

  63. Rha makes me miss church! Can’t wait til the world is safe again.

  64. Maureen

    The 1973 book, ‘Small is Beautiful – A Study of Economics as if People Mattered” by Dr E.F Schumacher I read in the late 90’s which put faith back into my believe that business could be a wonderful vehicle to do good and serve. I needed hearing this after graduating from a high ranking Honours Business degree in the mid 90’s which greatly disappointed my faith in business at that time due to the constant university teaching of ‘more & more is better’, ‘expand at all costs’ (to the detriment of environmental & social costs, etc).
    However after working in corporate world for a while I didn’t continue my career as it was not aligned with my values. Switched to Holistic Naturopathy which had loved at the time, yet now living in another country and so unable to practice professionally without redoing all training, etc which I don’t wish to do. Our Children are almost grown up so I’ll be creating a brand new career & business with my own values and unique purpose to serve & do good for the environment, health, family & society – because it all matters.

    Thank-you Rha and Marie for allowing your wonderful, soul uplifting conversation to be listened to & a reminder of that kernel of inspiration planted by Schumacher so many years ago. Looking forward to purchasing Rha’s book and getting back to finish reading Marie’s book (moved house just after purchasing it & packed away so, so sorry it was outta sight & outta mind!).

    Final step is taking the plunge to start a new business….just in the interesting process of trying to figure out what it is to be. Haven’t a clue yet! Passions have evolved over time. But, we all know … everything is figureoutable!!! 😀😜 ….had to say that of course! Thanks again Marie & your whole team for the heart warming & inspiring work you contribute.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Maureen! We’re so happy to have you here and thank you for sharing your dreams with us. This part in particular resonated with me: “so I’ll be creating a brand new career & business with my own values and unique purpose to serve & do good for the environment, health, family & society.” I was saying “YES TO THIS!!!!” while reading. It’s so important to not only do personally fulfilling work, but also make a difference in the world and it sounds like you’re already there. Beautiful.

      What a rich time of exploration for you! As far as starting a new business…that is SO exciting! If you haven’t already checked out B-School, it might be a good fit for where you’re at and could be a step along the way in your journey of discovery. Either way…keep that dream alive! Feel free to reach out to us if you ever have any questions.

  65. Silva Mirovics

    Thank you Marie and Rha. This was so special. I see that I have the intention but I have been hiding. No more! I am committing to journalling every morning, and taking it from there. Bless you. Thank you.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s a beautiful place to start, Silva! Thank YOU for being here this week.

  66. Vesna Pew

    Thank you so much Marie and Rha!
    As always there were many parts of this interview that I had to rewind and hear over and over to get it at a cellular level. Goosebumps kept happening and tears flowed. My husband asked for a separation at the end of July. I was in shock. Never expected it. Were together over 30 years. I’m standing still. I don’t know which way to navigate because I don’t know what it is that I want. When Rha asked what is it that we truly want – not what we think we want, I froze and paused the video. I don’t know what I want. I paid more attention to the needs of our kids and my husband than I did to my own. This interview is a keeper and I plan on ordering the book today.
    The two of you are such beautiful souls. The love you both have for humanity poured through the interview. I could feel it in my heart. It’s been a while since I felt warmth radiate from my heart center.
    I’ve been a subscriber to this channel for a few years and I’m so grateful that one day I clicked on a video and watched a young woman, Marie Forleo, speak with such passion and love. Thank you.
    With love,

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Vesna…WOW. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and it sounds like it brought up some really powerful realizations. I loved imagining you pausing the video to see how it applied to your life. What an incredible experience!
      It’s so easy to put others before ourselves so I’m so glad this sparked some inspiration in thinking about what YOU want as well. Thank you so much for watching and being a part of our community.

  67. This interview with Rha and Marie was invigorating to my soul. Rha spoke to me. “I can not look for something to make myself feel better that is out of myself.” When she said that, I got chills. Thank you so much Marie. I really needed this.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      And you just gave ME chills repeating those words back, La Shawn! Love it. We’re so glad Rha’s message connected so deeply with you!

  68. Creece Rubia

    Thank you Marie for bringing in your wonderful connections and this time it’s Rha!
    Time-out is my take-away from this beautiful episode. For years, even decades, I had been wishing wistfully for a super grand time-out to rest and care for myself and fate gave it. So as not to become out-of-place, I have this crazy notion that fate stopped the entire world, if not most parts of the world, so that I can rest without being self-conscious as the rest of humanity had to do it too. I feel affirmed by Rha of my ‘suspicion’ that covid-19 lock downs are not done to us, but FOR us who deserve a super Time-Out, so to say.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Creece! Sometimes the world brings us just the thing we need, at exactly the right time and it’s so beautiful when that happens. We’re so happy to hear that this episode resonated with you and you’re finally getting that respite you’ve been wanting. Thank you for sharing.

  69. Carolina Herrera

    You guys are pure light. So grateful for this episode!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      And we’re so grateful for YOU Carolina! Thank you for chiming in.


    I love you both. I can feel your emotion Marie, and I get it – because Rha is so real and full of love in her wisdom. I am happy that I am already on step 4 from the 6 you covered in this talk – all on my own! Yay me. I will celebrate myself – because there sure ain’t anyone in my corner. I always say “there but for the grace of God, go I…” also, especially when I see homeless people. I don’t have my business off the ground (yet), I haven’t figured out why I’m still here… but I know there are good things on the horizon still and every day I keep learning how to control my energy and accept who I am while creating who I want to be. Thanks for all you both do. <3<3

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Michelle…YAY YOU indeed! That’s incredible that you’re already on step 4 of 6. We’re in your corner, cheering you on.

  71. George Edwards

    Marie you are amazing! I appreciate this video so much. My big takeaway was the way Rha explained the new economies especially the economy of love. Wow! As an aspiring entrepreneur who is aiming to help improve individuals and communities through sports arts music mixed with cultural awareness I have a whole new way of looking at my journey and my reasons. I cannot thank you and Rha enough for delivering such valuable content. Continue strong 💪.
    George Cephas. Much love!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi George! Thank you so much for watching and commenting and we’re so happy to hear that resonated with you. It’s such a different and incredible way of looking at things. We’re cheering you on along your entrepreneurial journey!

  72. What a great and loving conversation! You’re so both beautiful, powerful and loving.
    To listen to Rha, two things caught my attention, to name a few:
    1) “To make love visible”.
    2) “You will never be delivered by anything outside of yourself, except your relationship to source. ”

    Just last weekend, (regarding # 2) something happened that took my life to a new level. Knowing that I would never, ever jeopardize my relationship to the source for a relationship made by men (i.e. being despised for my truth that does not match theirs). The power that I felt at that point was so powerful that I had to sit down at my computer to start creating writing that I know will inspire other women. A book that will probably be the best of my creations:-). Yes, let’s make love visible!

    P.S. I must add that I’m feeling sad to see that so many who are highly sensitive with a high potential are often ignored … so as not to get into the box where most people find themselves.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      What an incredible realization Monique! Thank you so much for watching and for chiming in.

      • Thank you Sally for your answer. Keep going this great work!

  73. What an AAAwesome episode….I am SHARING…THIS WAS SO IN ALIGN WITH WHAT I WANT FOR ME AND THIS WORLD!! Thank you Ra and Marie:-)

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for being here and sharing your excitement with us, Marie! We’re so grateful to have you as part of our community.

  74. THIS THIS THIS!!! <3 <3 Rha is soooo amazing. What a wonderful, wise, needed conversation about ways to make us whole and society more whole. What a gorgeous summary of so many important concepts. Thanks Marie for interviewing such an amazing person!

  75. Viv Katahena

    Dear Marie, I’ve always found your conversations with all your guests, awesome, life-altering and life-affirming. But this one with Rha Goddess, has taken me to a different new level!
    I’m lost for words, but cannot leave without putting down, just a couple of what I’m taking away from this conversation today:
    1. Rha’s definition of power.
    2. Leave it better than you found it.
    3. Rha’s definitions of victim and vision.
    Thank you, Marie, for introducing me to Rha Goddess! And thank you for all that you are doing for the human race!

  76. Hi Marie
    I have followed you for ages and never arrived here in the comments section even though have had the intention given the brilliant content you consistently share, but the show today with yourself and Rha moved me so much I wanted to comment.

    I felt like you were talking directly to me and everything seemed relevant, I am reading the book you referenced Kate Raworth & Donught Economics its brilliant, and I read Rha’s book The Calling this year on a visit to Nantucket which felt like a brilliant paring, an island, the sea and Rha!
    I just launched my first digital course “Finding your why its been a year in the making and I got crickets. I want you to know, I have served, given away free content, I love to teach I love to share and I love to help others in their business. I reach a challenge and then go straight to the next without drawing a breath, I have been going flat out moving home, launching courses, changing all aspects of my life. So after the crickets this week I did the most uncomfortable thing ever – I decided to be still, do nothing, no lists, no learning, no nada zippo nothing. It was so so hard and am just about to write a blog about the benefits and the beautiful window of nourishment and creativity it brought out of me and then listened to this podcast and it’s exactly it word for word, it made me weep thank you.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Keep going, Jan. I love that you took the time to be still and are now going to share what you learned in that process. We’re all cheering you on!

  77. This conversation with Rha was on a whole other level. At one point I had to grab a pad and take notes. Amazing. Thank you Marie for being such an inspiration from the inside out. I feel blessed by you and this.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Thank you for being here, Tash.

  78. Nafisah

    Thanks Marie and Rha
    This was simply profund and poke directly to where I am right now; the need to be deply fulfilled and earn a livng with ease on my own terms. I had so many aha moments and some of it was “I will never be delivered by anyting outside of myself except my relationship to source”, the 3 sacred practices amongst others. Ordering the book right away. Thank you for all you do Marie and for letting Rha come on here to ignite the fire in me all over again.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy to hear this episode ignited the fire in you, Nafisah!

  79. That was the bizness, all of it! Thank you.

  80. Rha gave me hope that I can find and define for myself success and contentment by listening to myself, staying true to my values and aligning my professional and personal actions with my values. I am going to look for more opportunities for stillness and journaling, so that I will be comfortable with and trusting of my beliefs and choices, rather than looking for external validation.

  81. Carmen Peskin

    I loved everything about your interview with Ra! Everything that was discussed resonated so much with me. There were many light bulb moments for me, but what stood out were these:
    1.Through prayer and journaling, connect with God and ask how you work needs to get out into the world – how do I reach the people who are divinely guided to me
    2.Authenticity, originality and courage – AMEN! The old way wasnt working…..
    3. Keep your vibration high…
    4. Doing what brings you joy and having fun – you purpose will find you….

  82. Such a beautiful, inspiring conversation. Thank you both for sharing!

  83. Dawn Engler

    When you point your finger out Marie, the thumb is pointing back at yourself. If you need a visual for your question on looking to ourself instead of others!
    Love this video and already reading the book!

  84. That was just the conversation I needed to hear!!! Thank you both for sharing!!! I can’t wait to listen to the book and do some good!!!

  85. Fernando

    Thank you for the interview. I will buy the calling. Thanks for sharing, first communicating with the high self, an inner trip and for the values you are transmitting of honesty, true, love and we. Thanks

  86. Carol

    Thank you SOOOOO much for this incredible sharing this morning. Everytime I tune in I say, Wow, Marie did it again, where does she find these awesome people who have just the right message, and are speaking directly to me. I love Rha Goddess!!!! Such an inspiration, such clarity, such spiritual truth. She’s the real deal. So many AHA moments, I can’t name just one, but here are a few … Move from a place of not-enoughness to recognize we’re aligned with an all-providing, all – sufficient Source.
    You can’t create from a disempowered place.
    2020 has been our opportunity to literally go home, and stay home, to go inside and reconnect with that interior Self, and in the stillness, listen for the ever available Guidance, and realign with your Truth.
    Amazing! Thank you. Nuff love (as we say in Jamaica).

  87. YES! Today was the perfect timing to hear this. I was feeling frazzled, overwhelm at the mountain ahead.
    This has reminded to rely on Source for wisdom and direction. This has reminded me of my sisters, that I’m not alone.
    I’m going to head over to high tea!
    I’m so thankful I found you in 2018 BSchool. You and the wise people you share with us are guiding my path to help the world.
    Ps I’m an international magician as you might know. Covid has stopped all showbiz. But how wonderful! As Rhea said, this new portal has called us to re-align with our true soul’s purpose. I’ve been inspired to do my biggest magic trick ever: to spin Spun Into Gold out to MILLIONS of readers to Inspire and Encourage!
    I’ve no doubt that will happen. The wisdom you share is the wind under my wings. Thank you!
    Sending big very socially distanced hugs from England!

  88. Ah, Marie and team, you’ve done it again. Thanks so much for connecting us to another incredible human. One of the big insights for me: Try living from humility, gentleness and love. Like, all the time. We tried the other way for thousands of years and it has been exhausting (and bloody, exploitive, unfair—but I digress). Rha Goddess is a visionary we need right now and I’m ordering her book. I hope with all my heart that we’re freeing ourselves from dominator/scarcity culture so we can move upward and inward. Thank you, Rha Goddess and Marie. Yours in the love, RT.

  89. Thanks Marie and Rha, my car broke down today and as I was waiting for the pick-up truck to arrive I saw the email reminding me to watch this. I was nearly in tears, hoping that this would give me a much needed boost as it comes after a weekend of soul-searching having heard on Friday that we’ve been banned from teaching yoga in our area of France for three weeks. Until now I’ve managed to see Covid and it’s fallout as a sacred pause but this was the final straw for me. As a B-schooler I’ve looked at lots of ways to continue to run my small business during uncertain times and have decided to send video classes to my peeps while restrictions are in place. It was a hard decision as almost everyone else I know in my industry in my area is railing against the restrictions and shutting down their classes. I strongly feel we need to roll with this and see it as an opportunity to create Covid-proof ways to share and grow in the yogic tradition. So Rha’s comment, ” Sit in uncertainty to develop trust, faith in what we cannot see and what we can’t control” filled me with faith that this was my process, I received the desire to continue via video and that’s what I’ll do. Minding my own business. Thanks Marie for bringing it back to me and what works for me. I’ve also just finished Do Less by Kate Northrup so integrating her ideas, Marie’s and Rha’s is inspiring me to keep showing up for myself AND my peeps. Namasté.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      Vixie! We’re all cheering you on as you pivot to video. Maybe after the lockdown this will open up a new continued stream of income for you. Keep going, you got this!

  90. BOOM 💥💗 …”you have a responsibility to protect your own enthusiasm… to care for your joy” Oh Marie and Rha Goddess…what I’ve been feeling so guilty for being even more particular about who, what, information etc. is in my zone for months now. I’ve been staying wisely informed, active in sharing myself as inspired & when I’m needed… hearing this helped give my whole body, mind, spirit system a HUGE breath of relief. THANK YOU both for your lovely presence on this MarieTV 🦋🌟

  91. I am currently working through The Calling in book and ausio format…all I can say is wow!!! I stubbled across this book at the right time. I have been going through some massive changes since Covid hit, digging dip, removing major obstacles and stepping out in faith. We just did a major cross country move to a new province, from Ontario to Nova Scotia, I put my business and myself on Sabbatical in May and have been digging, growing and pivoting ever since. I am amzed at the growth and healing I am experiencing and am starting to really look forward to my next steps. Not bad for a 60 year old hippy! Never to late to start fresh. My passion, empowering and lifting others up, especially woman, both young and old, one day at a time.

    • Sarah - Team Forleo

      We love your passion, Heather!

  92. Astonishing insight expressed with true passion! This really brought me home to where I need to be focusing in my life. Such a joy to hear both of you, tonight, just when I really needed to receive this message! I will be writing this interview down as one on the things that I am immensely thankful for. Thank you Marie and Rha Goddess for lifting my spirit!

  93. Ana Paola

    Beautiful and inspirational conversation! Thanks for your love to the world 🙂 <3

  94. Tamela R Hart

    Takeaways? Too many to write down. By far the BEST interview I’ve seen in months! I ordered the book during the interview – I couldn’t wait.
    “You have a responsibility to protect your enthusiasm.” BAM – I know this, but couldn’t articulate it.
    Thank you for this rich discussion. I shall be saving it and re-listening when I need her energy.

  95. Gosh, this feels like the first time that I’ve heard someone in an open platform talk so openly about the issue of us trying to strive for more and more and more. And yes, it does feel relentless, especially if it’s not anchored to anything meaningful.

    After having a wonderful well-being week off, I’m gently assessing what I do and why. This interview has fitted in perfectly. It was all so good. It all spoke to me and resonated on a deep level. Thank you Rha (and Marie) – such an amazing conversation, I’ll be listening to it again!

  96. Marcus

    No doubt behind every powerful man is an even more powerful wombman! Give thanks for the Goddess. I will forever honor Mother

  97. Mirjam

    Wauw, so soulblowing.
    I take home; economies of truth, love and we. To become sourceful of being resourceful. Generosity to others and to myself
    Thank you!

  98. Akasha Anata

    Thank you so much Marie and Rha! For some reason I landed at this interview and Boom, it was exactly what I needed to hear. So many Aha moments. From the Mercy of your circumstances to the Economy of Love! Transforming Depletion, Obligation and Perfectionism into the Breath of Sacredness inside all of us. It feels good to know that so many of us are now awake and aware and willing to do the good work onwards. Not that we didn’t do it the past decade, but it becomes sweeter and deeper with every single layer that invites us into love. I’m ready. Best of wishes. AND lots of sparkles, after all we have to celebrate this new era of light bringers in all forms. Mahalo, Akasha

  99. Thank you so Maria and Rha! This is my first time commenting to your blog. I’ve been reading your blog for almost amount now. You inspired a lot of people on your blog. Just want to say that, that’s why i comment to your blog. Keep the good work. 🙂

  100. Just. Wow. I’m just in awe of that entire hour. The questions you asked and Rha’s incredible responses. She 100% connected to the positive and intentional way I’ve been trying to view this year’s events. Rha’s words were so relevant, powerful, and elegantly put – I’ll definitely be getting her book, digging into Hai Tea, and finding all the ways I can tap into her incredible energy. Thank you.

  101. I will return to this episode many times again. Thank you two for this deep diving conversation. I can’t describe what I learned from this by now. But It’s a total mind shift and I have to process it over the weekend. I love you Marie and Rha. Many Blessings ❤️.

  102. This soul level, generous and heartfelt conversation moved me to tears. Not of sorrow but from the joyful, deep recognition that I am not alone in my unfolding approach to life. So much wisdom and love between you two – thank you for this conversation.

    This year has been huge for me personally – the end of my 20 year marriage and a relocation during the ‘pause’ has seen me starting again at 50, rediscovering self-love and reassessing everything. I’ve been doing sacred work those last 20 years, in myself and in how I contribute…I’ve very slowly built a small soulful community around pausing, presence and purposeful living – but never made it sustainable. This year that’s beginning to change, because I’ve stepped into a new level of responsibility and rediscovered my innate happiness. I’ve finally owned my heart’s desire to write for a living, so I can do the rest from a place of fullness, fun and love. As a result, work has fallen into my path without me looking for it.

    My biggest aha moment (and there were many!), was around the definitions of economy Rha offered. They made me feel so excited about how I step up to serve my community and support myself. I realised I previously conflated wealth and success with an internal image of selfish, greedy, hoarding white men who hold all the power. No wonder I distanced myself from that! Game-changing insight. Blown away and delighted to be introduced to Rha ❤️

  103. I believe we have to take life easy. Often are times, when we find outlives way much later at our lives, than we would expect it …
    who we are
    what we what to do
    who we want to serve
    good for those, who fines themselves early in their lives…
    but for majority, i believe, it comes much later

    we study , pour our time, money and energy going to college and and believe that college will teach us the lessons and will teach us the skills we need to become somebody we think we want to.
    but …
    after years we realize that’s not what we want to do. And that’s purely OK.

    Now, that i am in my 40′ ties, I believe that after school go and do different type of work-it might be the best decision ever.
    well…unless you are 100 % sure you want to be who you want to be 🙂

    it is easier to pick who we want to be after we try different work places, different organisations, and sometimes different cultures and even maybe countries….
    don’t listen to OTHERS. listen you your own self.
    you can take the advice on board, but its YOU, who call a final DECISION .

    I was looking for myself for years…yes, i knew i wanted to be in a Business World since when i was a little girl. I just didn’t know what was it.
    Business WORLD was something that i admired…and still admire up to this day.
    there are so many businesses and titles that you can get lots ans its soooo broad…
    so i was in business and felt a lack of Digital Marketing…
    i went to college to study Digital marketing to boost my online business.
    i studied at home day and night.
    i got sooo addicted to Digital Marketing…
    There are so many ways to turbo boost your BUSINESS…
    i wanted to learn more and more…
    even when o’clock showed 2 at nigh, 3…4 …and 6 in the morning…i got so addicted.
    along the way, i helped my fellow colleges
    shortly afterwards the feedback i got BLEW MY MIND.
    i doubled, 3x their engagement, revenue, and sales.
    the feedback put the wings on me. I felt as if i was flying….it was the highlight of the day, weed, month and a year…
    i then helped a woman AMANDA , a woman who is worth a BOOK. a tragic life story, that ended up so well ( grew up without parents,met the love of here life,had a LOVELY life, but lost her husband when she was pregnant wit their 3rd child and ended up homeless- in her mother’s in law basement)
    she contacted me on my Facebook page, without even realizing it was set up for college, it wasn’t real business.
    hearing here story i felt i had to help..
    sure i always wanted to help PEOPLE…
    can you believe it- a day before i watched Jay Shetty video with the moral- help others if you can- it could cost you a little, but for those could mean the WORLD.
    i mapped out a strategy and applied all the skills i knew.i believed it would help and grow.
    ohh. i was right
    i grew so quickly, that i didn’t even expected
    within few months she was making 10 K a month…
    i the felt Digital Marketing was calling me…
    she offered a payment, i refused.
    i asked her to donate the amount she was comfortable with to the charity of her choice. she has helped kids hospital and a few charities.

    God, i am making a chance… a am impacting the world.
    I am in a space i belong…

    no, this is not something i even dream about or even imagined…
    God no…
    i wanted Business, yes, but i have never imagined being a Digital Marketer.
    i am SHY. I do not like attention. I am an INTROVERT….
    But something stepping we need to sep out of the comfort zone…to make it happen. to help and make an impact.
    I was doing workshops and consultations, and to improve the situation i then started TOASTMASTER… was just in the door and got won some competitions…yes, i could speak, but only I know what i felt inside…
    with the COVID i got a slap on the face. I now flipped everything up and I am creating an online course- to HELP Small Business Owners.I want to help more people! I want to make an impact.

    If my story inspires 1 or 2 people that read it, it would mean a lot to me

    Do not push yourself too hard.
    take your time and think- who you care, what makes you happy, what do you what to do and who do you want to serve.

    i HOPE you FIND your sweet place 😉

  104. Evanise Lyons-Mitchell

    “Practice the discipline of Fasting from those things that aren’t good for or health” “Keep your vibrations High”
    “Protect YOUR Enthusiasm”
    Profound facts.

  105. Sarah

    This is my first time on your website. I found you when Derek Halpern gave a shout out to your blog during his interview with Convince&Convert. I am so thankful you spotlighted Ms. Goddess. I have been doing some serious soul searching this holiday season, and this is exactly what I need to take the next big step in my career. Thank you.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Sarah! We’re so glad to have you here with us and glad that you found our little slice of the internet! – Heather

  106. Thanks for this. GREAT way to go into the new year. I downloaded the audiobook immediately upon hearing Rha’s intro. I really loved the concept of setting (or not setting) goals based on someone else’s idea of what we should be doing. I’ve been struggling with this thinking I should be a manager by now as I see younger colleagues making moves and getting “titles.” In my freelance writing business I’ve been debating (re)incorporating and making it “big.” But no, I don’t want that either.

    Rha actually touched on what makes ME happy and successful and that is having my FREEDOM. Right now I’m 3 weeks into a 5-week stay in the desert. I was also here this past summer for 6 weeks. SO many people *wish* they could go and work from wherever they want, whenever they want. Even with lots of folks working remotely because of the pandemic, they can’t do that.

    I took a $24k/yr LOSS in salary to accept this role (pre-covid) simply because of that freedom/remote option. While I’m feeling the sting of that loss in $, I now see that I definitely don’t want to go back in the office, I think I’d be selling my soul to do so. Instead I will focus on finding new ways to make up that financial loss while keeping true to self. Nothing beats the freedom of being able to take breaks between work and meetings to spend time in nature with my dogs! I actually just signed a freelance contract that will help make up some or more of that loss, so I know this is the way to go.

    Much love and many thanks for a timely message of support. (God/the universe knows what we need, when we need it; this has been sitting in my inbox since Oct. 20th)!

  107. If you want to know why the world looks the way it looks
    If you really want a better world STOP HIDING
    Own your GREATNESS
    Own your POWER
    Own your MAGESTY
    Let’s go!

    Wow… This episode of Marie TV really resonated. Marie Forleo stumbling across you one day while searching the internet for inspiration and ways to elevate and change my life for the better and find my purpose was a blessing. Thank you for introducing me to the powerful wisdom of Rha Goddess. so timely. Owning the fullness of who we are can be so scary and this has given me more fuel to keep pushing forward in that truth, authentically and fearlessly to stop hiding. Thank you so much ❤

  108. Nisha Khanan

    Soulful ride, I’m all for it.

    Thanks for making me feel like I am there already through all of these interviews. I can’t get out my journals quickly enough otherwise I’m talking and tearing up at the fact there are others that get me and get what I’m on this earth to do.

    I am so so so beyond close to where I want to be, but notice I did NOT say I wasn’t ready. I’ve been ready for quite sometime, but my kids are first. They are this world’s future and I want to make sure they have the start they need so they don’t have to wait until adulthood and just have to figure out who they are.

    So, I’m ready. And by continuing to be inspired by you and your guests, I get closer to getting what I deserve and where I am able to make bigger change.

    Your soul is your energy and where you put that energy is so so important. And kids need to learn this. That is what I am here for.

  109. Nisha Khanna

    AMEN!! I knew this week one into quarantine. And I welcomed it because I was constantly struggling to get through one trauma after another and I always felt like with progress with 2 steps, slipped away with 4 steps in the other direction. I chose to still try to learn from every opportunity but the PAUSE is what I needed and IT saved me. It is what made me find Marie Forleo and all these amazing people who think as I do and give me the faith that there is a huge presence that actually is verbalizing what I have felt and thought for past 10 years, but I was so deep in protecting my children from trauma while teaching them to be strong and their own selves and I realized, I couldn’t tolerate noise. I went so long without listening to the radio, because I just couldn’t. Not because of fear, but determination that my children would be ok no matter what. OK doesn’t mean “happy” or “ignorant” but rather the opposite. I JUST started living again once quarantine started. And I told everyone “I know this doesn’t really sound right but given the circumstances in our life in the past 8 years, this quarantine hit the much needed pause button for US, because we needed that, but more importantly it SAVED ME.

    Thanks for being progressive, useful, and inspirational.

  110. Kirsten Michel

    Thank you for working to share this philosophy with all of us! I’m at the point where I’m saying “I get to design my life” and where I’m listening and watching for my true calling, or looking for the open doorway as Rha puts it. Excited about where it will all go. To have the acknowledgement that I’m on the right track makes me feel what I’m thinking is right on!

  111. ANE

    WOW WOW WOW so many WOW’s that I’ve listened to this at least 3x AND ended up buying Rha’s book via paperback & audible. My ah-ha moment was the “stillness” and asking the question of “what should I do….”. Recently being laid off with no notice, my life has come to a standstill. This unexpected challenge has questioned my faith, my what am I here to do, and what am I REALLY passionate about. I’m looking forward in reading her book to gain clarity. This was a very powerful session!

    • teamforleo

      We’re so glad that this message reached you at just the right time for you and your life. We’re sending you lots of love as you walk through this next season of your life. Thank you for being here with us. – Heather

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