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You’re working hard on all the right goals… so why does it feel like there’s something missing?

Because fulfillment comes not just from achieving your dreams, but enjoying your life along the way.

If your day-to-day feels stale, stressful, or just lacks that spark of inspiration you used to feel, it’s time to bring back the missing ingredient —


Having fun shouldn’t be something you have to earn, but a daily practice. Research shows that being playful actually makes you smarter, healthier, and more creative. It also helps you avoid the #5 regret of the dying. But most importantly, prioritizing fun simply makes life more enjoyable.

In this MarieTV, I answer a question from Leona, who asks:

Fun is an inside job, always within your control, and a choice that you have to make every single day. Click To Tweet

Though I’ve been a single mom and gone through some pretty difficult circumstances, I have very few regrets. But I do have one thing I need to correct at once, otherwise I will regret it very much… How do I have a ton more fun in 2021?

If you’d like to have more fun this year, it’s time to rediscover that silly, playful, childlike part of yourself.

Watch this episode to learn three science-backed strategies to de-stress, be spontaneous, and start enjoying life again.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn how to be ambitious without stressing out all the time and avoid the five regrets of the dying with Bronnie Ware.

How are you feeling in the fun department these days? Are you a little fun-anemic? Do you need to turn up the dial on play? Or are you already enjoying your everyday life to the fullest? No judgement here — just be honest with yourself.

Whether you’re feeling stuck in a rut of stress, work, and responsibilities or you’re already a walking piñata bursting with whimsy and joy, turn your insights into action now.

In the comments below, let us know:

How will you #BringTheParty to your life today?

Remember, it can be as simple as a dance break or playing your favorite music while you do the dishes. The more you bring the party, the stronger your relationships will be, and the more enjoyable life becomes.

Don’t wait for permission. You deserve to enjoy your life — today and every day.


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  1. Helen

    Thanks Marie for your A, and Leona for this Q.

    This is timely as i just downloaded a book on this topic – Dave Crenshaw’s ‘The Power of Having Fun’. (I have only listened to the intro and taken a quick squizz of the book preview so i won’t give it a full rec yet, but it may be worth looking up!).

    I’m practising allowing myself to have more fun, and it’s a process of de-conditioning from a childhood of being shamed for having fun. I think that’s worth mentioning as not everyone was fortunate to have awesome parents! And especially where certain religions are involved, or dysfunctional families, many of us have been taught that we aren’t safe to just Be, to be ‘idle’, to feel ‘satisfied’ with ourselves, or ‘proud’ of our achievements. And that being visible enjoying oneself is a good way to get told off or slammed with yet another chore. In such upbringings, “having fun” goes deep underground, or becomes an act of rebellion rather than something healthily integrated into our lives. This exists on societal level too, of course, with conversations around ‘work ethics’ and judgments about being ‘deserving’ or ‘lazy’, and whether you’ve ‘earned’ your right to be happy, take a holiday, or generally find pleasure in this one beautiful existence..!

    So, i am contributing this as i find it quite triggering sometimes when successful, happy people give shout-outs to the support and encouragement they received from their parents. I do know there are also happy & successful people out there who didn’t have loving and kind parents – many people have had far, far worse experiences than my own – and it’s worth seeking out more of them to add to our rolodex of role models, to see that this is possible too… I believe that having fun is actually a radical act of self-love and acceptance, and it is breaking cycles of oppression and suppression that many of our cultures are founded on.

    Having said all of that, i do make my life as fun as i can, and it starts with the conscious choice to buck my childhood conditioning, and quieting the internalised shaming voices, to do so. For me, music, learning new things, and nature are what bring me the most happiness, so i try to include at least one of those in my life at all times as a baseline foundation for happiness. It’s a remarkably simple solution once you can identify your own personal ‘happiness triggers’! 🌝

    I’ll be adding the “When’s the party?” line to my toolkit too, starting today! 🎉🎊

    Thanks again Marie for role-modelling joy, light, and creativity – and best of luck Leona in your happiness journey too. There’s many of us walking that path alongside you 😊🙏💕

    • Amen. Just bought the book.
      Such an insightful and helpful answer to (yet another) insightful and helpful episode.
      Keep shining ♥️

    • teamforleo

      Helen, thank you so much for sharing your words and heart with all of us here. Breaking cycles and creating a new path for you and your life are some of the most courageous steps you can take. We can’t wait to hear how more music, nature, and adding the party to your days fuels your heart. We’re sending you loads of love. – Heather

    • LOVE the conversation!
      I’m with you, Helen! To stop the childhood-training of shame, I recently started a practice upon waking of lying in bed a few more minutes focusing my thoughts and feelings on loving myself and being the loving parent to myself that I always wanted, the parent I am to my children. Some days it’s harder than others, the default synapses triggered by circumstances of the week or hormones. But it is helping!

      Fun has always been a high value for me that–like you also mentioned–I became doubtful of in the face of societal norms at times. When my son’s soccer coach was yelling at his team, calling their play “atrocious,” we met with him (and the heads of the league) to point out that these were eight-year-olds. They were playing a game. And all kinds of scientific studies show that kids learn through play and exploration and FUN. Incorporating more fun would also create a lifetime enjoyment of the game and better team camaraderie. They didn’t get it. When we pulled him from the team, the other parents who had been complaining on the sidelines about the same thing went silent. Fascinating!

      I find fun in music (listening, singing, playing), dancing, nature, playing and cuddling with my dog, spending time with my kids and hearing what they’re excited about, trying a new combo of clothes from my closet or wearing the occasional new piece of clothing (so exciting when it arrives in the mail), fresh flowers in the house, a new aromatherapy candle, a fire in the fireplace, letting myself step wholeheartedly into my imagination, writing fiction and creative non-fiction and sharing great stories with others, reading uplifting stories, books-on-tape, family time (for games, geography, 20 minutes of reading or watching a show together), and planning little fun excursions or getaways ( a bit harder of late–Covid and finances).

      With the conversation about fun, I have to admit, I did immediately think of people in survival mode, whether from economics or circumstances. And I wish them also moments of fun, that they (we all) deserve some fun in our lives, and fun doesn’t just have to be the luxury of the more fortunate. But it would be a question I’d like to ask a hungry refugee, a poor kid in a gang-pressured part of our city, a single mom working two jobs: You deserve some fun, but life is not helping right now. Can you have some anyway, and what would you do for moments of fun in your days?

      Thanks so much for the episode!!

    • Molly

      Right on Helen, I echo your comments on being triggered when those who have had a support network/lifeline tell others how to “add fun”. I started out with negative equity, zero safety net and no support network. I couldn’t quit jobs I didn’t like, I was ‘lucky’ to have a job in an area of the country with 19% unemployment. Growing up I couldn’t risk being caught reading books or I’d be punished with yet more chores; my sister and I were regularly hit for laughing to keep us under authoritarian control – having fun was a punishable offense. Fun was not a choice as there was too much fear attached to it. We weren’t allowed to listen to music, let alone dance to it. It took estranging my family except my one sister (the other one being hit) and financial independence after decades of slogging, hard work before I could relax and really enjoy myself. I think there’s a lot of luck involved in being in a position to ‘add fun’ as, despite all my endeavors, without a little luck thrown in I wouldn’t be in the fortunate position I am now.

    • Yessss, Helen. I feel that way, too, sometimes. Way to call it out in a productive way to serve those of us who have had similar experiences.
      And thanks, Marie, for a great A!

    • Helen, thanks so much for your caring words and insight…
      Will be checking out that book you mentioned!

  2. Hi Marie,
    This is Leona and thanks for answering my question! I love your suggestions 🙂
    I practice mindfulness daily, and now it’s time for a daily practice of playfulness as well. Will be bringing at least one party a day into my life.
    Will also make sure I take a full day off each month to do something totally frivolous and fun: picnic on the beach, full-day craft project, movie marathon with friends…
    Looking forward to tons more fun in 2021!

    • Leona, what a fabulous question! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed this more than I realized. This is something I think about often but haven’t made a daily practice of – until now!
      And I so appreciate your addition of a full-day off each month. To just play. Brilliant!!!
      As a small business owner, I also appreciate Marie’s story about her family making work a party. Amen. That will be part of my practice, too.

    • teamforleo

      LEONA! Thank YOU for asking your question and sharing your heart and time with us. As you can see, your question resonated with so many people. Here’s to those days off filled with fun, while also bringing a little party to your days. Keep us posted! Sending you loads of Team Forleo love. – Heather

  3. Mary

    Do you live in your house? It is so spotless!

    • teamforleo

      When you’re on camera a lot, Mary, you tend to have an awesome background. Isn’t that room so cozy?! – Heather

  4. Oh my goodness as you say beautiful Marie. It’s Nyla, voice Coach in NC, we spoke on the Q&A with the other mentors on our #3 module AND as always you’re on point and on time. I gave myself a 4 day bday weekend and I didn’t give in to pulling out my laptop. I did pull out my journal and vowed to rest my brain with fun and lots of laughing. Loved the vid and book suggestions. As always you’re flubbing amazing —since taking my 4 days of play, I came up with the perfect way to articulate my new vocal program that spoke from the heart and to my ICA’s. The synchronicity is amazing from talking with you, to experiencing this long weekend, to getting an email from you on having fun in 2021. Always keeps me coming back and paying complete attention to everything you have to say. Much love from this Italian to another. 💕

  5. Virgilio Pedeglorio

    Good evening mam I need to your help me
    But I am a poor I am homeless
    No money to buy food or anything etc.please help me

  6. Thank you! Just had the idea for T-shirts-More Fun in 2021!
    I’m launching Fun Party’s at work for employees. Just had the idea but I’ll tie in the T-shirt and weekly things of fun for everyone. Maybe it will become contagious, maybe dare I say, a pandemic of fun! You just made me realize that I love my work and I find joy in it daily-but maybe others don’t. I’m going to try to bring the fun so others maybe can find their joy too! Thank you Leona for your question-exactly what I needed to think about!

  7. Desiree

    O, my goodness, Marie, you are speaking directly to me in this video. As the oldest child in my family for whom “exemplary” was the highest praise, and later the only child, who had to carry all the responsibility, it really is difficulty to let my hair down. It’s almost as if I feel guilty when I do. Also, I’m not really into music, which makes it very difficult to enjoy conventional parties. Nonetheless, I realize that it’s important to bring the party, whatever that means for me. So I’m going to try as Leona so beautifully stated to “have a ton of fun in 2021”.

    • teamforleo

      Desiree, we have a feeling that you know exactly how to make your own fun. May the figuring it out be a fun part 😉 – Heather

  8. Loving hearing you back on Q&A Tuesday!
    ABBA … that seems to be my “Go-To” fun music for some reason. Which isn’t important because I know how it makes me feel. I know I’m achieving my goal when my husband walked into my office, ABBA blaring out of my speakers, and he says, “ABBA? Seriously?”

    My work here is done! LOL!

    • teamforleo

      We see you, “having the time of your liiifeeeee”. Keep dancing, Terry! – Heather

  9. WOW, did I need this today! Even with the parts of my work that I’ve worked to create and look forward to have been suffering from “fun-anemia”. And if I’m not having fun, how are my audiences supposed to have fun? Music is always the way in for more spontaneous joy for me. Thanks so much for playfully covering this important topic!

    • teamforleo

      Crank the tunes, Ariana, and have some fun. We’ll bring joy! – Heather

  10. Thank you Marie for this point of view about what “party” means 😀 I definitely can do more cleaning parties or work parties or just make a party anything I´m doing 😀 great idea 😀

  11. Vesna

    This was exactly what I needed to hear – as usual! Thank you Leona for this question and thank you Marie for the answer! I’m definitely anemic. I’ve been going through a difficult separation and have been having a tough time finding something to party for. But, you’re right about bringing the party mindset with me regardless of what I’m doing. I usually turn up the music when I’m cooking. Now, it’ll be a party wherever I am because it sounds like a great way to heal in the process.
    Thank you so much!
    With love and gratitude,

  12. WOWZER!!!! Did I need this today as the fun side of me has been asking to be heard for a loooonnnnnng time and I have been ignoring her. Last March (2020) I ended up in the Emergency Room with a horrible feeling in my chest. To make a very long story short, this ER visit started the process and journey of going back to Cleveland Heart Clinic (Ohio) in June of 2020 for my 4th open-heart surgery. This was even compounded with more difficulty due to the pandemic. I am doing well as of today and am recovered enough to realize… I NEED MORE FUN!! I am very aware of what fun can bring to my creativity for my coaching/speaking business and the joy I feel in life PERIODT! I have together a super-fun-charged playlist from songs I have heard while scrolling REELS on IG and even though I am not a huge “rap” fan… these songs bring joy because of the videos I have watched using them. Now to remember to incorporate the music throughout my day. Great Answer Marie and thank you so much Leona for the question… PARTY ON! (ps… I am single, live alone, am 62 years young, and in the beginning stages of being a solopreneuer so having “fun” by myself is a little more challenging and yet not impossible as “EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE” Blessings to you all!

    • teamforleo

      Karen, we are SO glad that you’re here with us and that the amazing people at the Cleveland Clinic were there for you. May the next year be filled with good health, GREAT tunes, dancing, and one party after another. – Heather

  13. Irene

    Thanks a lot for your question Leona and Marie for your answer!! Loved the idea of making a party of the daily tasks to bring fun to our lives!! When we were kids, we used to celebrate the good things that happened during the week with my mom and my brother ordering pizza. Nowadays, singing, watching a movie and chatting with friends and my little niece and nephew are some of the things that bring fun to my day. Oh, and confetti, love confetti, so I always try to have some around!!
    Thanks for sharing the video of your dad dancing!! Brilliant!!
    Lots of love and lets have fun!!

  14. Merrie

    Great Idea especially when kids around, teaching them how to turn any negative into positive. I’m going to have a walking party at noon 🙂 in my neighborhood, will be saying hi to dogs, birds, cats 🙂

  15. Anjelika Pernstich

    This was so needed!!! Thank youuuuuuuu

  16. I make up silly songs, all day everyday. It sometimes drives my husband nuts, but usually makes him spray-spit across the room in laughter. His favorite song is one I made up about our cats, sung to the tune of “Somewhere in My Memory” from Home Alone. It goes:
    Somewhere in my foooooood dish
    There’s a piece o-of tuuuuuuuna fish
    Somewhere in my foooooood dish
    …All of the tuna
    …All of the salmon
    …All of the fishies
    In… my… MOUUUUUTH!

  17. Eg

    Thank you for this awesome video and insightful question. I realized this is something important as well. For me it’s a lot of jokes and silly, funny things I say. These jokes immediately take off the pressure and negative feelings from people.

    • teamforleo

      A good laugh is GREAT for every part of our being. May your days be filled with joy, belly laughs, and those tears that come when you laugh super hard. – Heather

  18. Thank you for this episode, Marie, very timely.
    I used to make a lot of fun happening in my life before the pandemic.
    The overall energy of the Planet certainly has an effect on our inspiration.
    I’ll be more insisting and organize more Zoom parties with friends. I had one for my birthday and I’m trying to make one happen every week.
    Wish me good luck! 🙂

  19. Join my improv community!

  20. Embrace the inner child. It knows how to have fun: anything from being giggly, silly, playful to watching great comedy 🙂
    thank you Marie and Leona for this fun conversation!

  21. I love the story about your family’s work party too, Marie!
    When our kids were little, we instigated “folding parties” to get laundry done and put away. I’m a big believer in “a spoonful of sugar” as Mary Poppins says! On their cooking nights, we encourage our teenage sons to turn on music. I LOVE hearing new songs and what they are listening to. We dance in the kitchen while we cook and set the table. I’m going to look for more opportunities to create work parties in our daily lives!! Thanks!

    • teamforleo

      That’s a genius parent move, Linda. Way to bring the party! – Heather

    • I love this, Linda. It’s exactly what came to mind as I watched this video today!

  22. What an awesome paradigm shift! Thanks so much, Marie. I’m definitely going to be bringing the party… starting with finishing these taxes. And thanks to Leona for the great Q!! Party on!

  23. I love this, Marie. I’ve really gotten into creating playlists since the pandemic started. They’ve been helping me break up the chunks of my day, especially when so much of my time is spent in the same building. At some point, I switch out the mellow “concentration” music for something lively enough to make me actually mop a floor. I’m going to introduce this whole party break to my family too. Brilliant! Thanks, Marie!

  24. Pam

    Great post, Marie! I love to #bringtheparty to my painting practice. I always put on music and dance before I start and even while I’m painting (sometimes I have to just listen when there are details to draw or paint). You’re so right: fun IS an inside job. It’s a choice. Great reminder and great question from Leona.

  25. I love this, Marie!

    I am the QUEEN of believing every day should have some fun (I even blog about it for crying out loud), but sadly, I’m not always the queen of making that happen every single day. (I even call a “laundry party” regularly in my house full of teenagers but fail to make it *actually* fun.)

    But after hearing this today, I called off school and work for a few hours in my house and called for an impromptu outdoor activity and cake party with my kids and you’re right – I do feel happier.

    Here’s me committing to building in more fun into every single day for myself and my family – and more music, too. Lots more music.

  26. I love the mindset shift of calling things a ‘party’ – I do this with the word ‘game’ a lot and as my MSc in Neuroscience supports, that language we use helps shift our perception of that experience and it have a real, tangible impact on how we feel <3

    Also, if the word 'fun' feels "not right" [I say this because I had some resistance to it] trying something else – find flow, find delight, find laughter, find "the party" based on this video!

    P.S. I dont like listening to your horn but I love that you have one on so many levels <3

  27. This is fabulous!

  28. Jenilee Fermin

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this video it’s like you were spying on me and knew what I’ve been missing. I constantly tell my friends that I feel like I don’t have fun because being a mom of a strong-willed child requires discipline. I’m realizing that a stress-free, light hearted, loving zone is the best approach for my daughter. I work a demanding job and being stuck at home stressed with deadlines makes me angry. I will be more intentional about late afternoon dance parties with her to help us de-stress and have fun with one another. Thanks.

    Jenilee Fermin

  29. Judith

    Love this so much, thank you for asking this vital question. Yesterday while cleaning I found a hula hoop, and started playing around with it around my wrist. It was so fun and I laughed at how silly it was and it flew off and around the room. I shared this with my husband and we had a great laugh as he twirled it around his wrist.

  30. Thank you, Marie for another great video! That was the perfect video to listen to before bedtime. This past year, I’ve started to bring the party into my life more than ever as I felt that it was such a necessity with our current situation. Taking walks on the beach has changed to also dancing on the beach. Riding my bike while singing ( and I don’t care what I sound like or who is hearing me) as I listen to my favorite music. Washing dishes with my family as we take turns with music. And now I’ve got my husband to start organizing and called it. Let’s have an organizing day party. As you said, it’s all within our control and mindset:) Love your work- thank you!!!

  31. Kim

    I feel like there’s next to no fun in my life right now. As a single gal, living alone and friends who are tied up with kids and boyfriends this pandemic has been extremely lonely and a fun free zone. The people I hang out with aren’t really ‘fun’ people, never any parties and few laughs, and I struggle to meet new people. Life really does need a big shake up post COVID.

  32. Right now I have a hard time…
    Many things aren’t going my way…
    so… I need more than ever something like that. Thank you Marie.


    • teamforleo

      Airi, we see you. We’re so glad you came here and shared your words because that means you’re taking action. Here’s to you having more fun and things going your way. Sending you a BIG Team Forleo hug. – Heather

  33. Cristina

    Hi Marie! Is this that the UE Boom 3 in white color?

  34. I freakin love all these examples…the puzzle party, the cleaning party, the cooking party! Sooo good!! Now I get why my hubby simply can’t clean up without putting music on…and your dads video, I literally rewound that three times cause he was sooo fun to watch! More partying…love it 🌟💃🏽

  35. Oh my goodness! YES – Fun Anemic!

    Just told my husband we need to implement this together <3

  36. Super timely Q Leona!!
    I’m a nurse. My husband is an Occupational Therapist in the medical field.
    The workload this year has been insane.
    The other day I thought, Humor holds our marriage together. Under the stress, we argue a lot. But we laugh a lot too. Our family, including our two young kids, knows how to ring the fun out of an event. We’re always the wacky family dressed up crazy with matching tees (our designs 🙂 party hats and horns. That has always fed our fun. Until everything shut down and we started working. All. The. Time!
    I Love this tip to weave Fun & Play into the day(s). I have a pattern to want to bulldoze through the work so I/we can have fun. But seems the work never ends! So looks like we’re gonna be bringing The Party with us. From the kitchen, to the den, to the yard 🙂
    Thank you! Marie, Team, and Community!

    • teamforleo

      Connie, we can picture you and your amazing family right now. Keep bringing the party because it certainly must be infectious. YAY! – Heather

  37. B

    Marie, you’re changing my life, one day at a time. Like you, I am multi-passionate, too. I found you on my YouTube feed one day, only a month ago, and I straight-up binged your content, including your book, of course. The book! It’s the guide I didn’t know I needed. I am still in school and I want to create impact moving forward. I used to think I was direction-less and fickle because I could never decide on the one thing I wanted to be and do in life (because that’s how I was taught to think about life). You came like a breath of fresh air and cleared out this fog and restlessness inside me. I now know that I am not meant to play just one role. I know I have a lot to offer to the world, and in many ways. So why shouldn’t I! Right now I am only teaching myself some basics to do with entrepreneurship (I want to build a teaching-learning platform for women in rural areas of some African countries- educate the woman, educate the nation) and then some more stuff I’d like to pursue, and I am religiously practicing my passions and hobbies (I, too, love dancing and want to teach professionally some day). For now, I am not doing the best, financially. But, I’m determined to enroll into B-School as soon as I have the resources (yes, I know you have scholarships, too, and I will, of course, apply for those as soon as the gates to B-School open again. However, if I don’t get it… yes, definitely not giving up; I’ll try again then). Meanwhile, I continue consuming knowledge, shaping my ideas, and eagerly await your emails and videos. Thank you and your mum for the “everything is figureoutable” philosophy; it’s literally what pushed me out of my self-doubt and into taking action.

    • teamforleo

      Hooray for you! We are so glad you enjoyed Marie’s book and utilizing all of the resources that we have available. When you are ready for the B-School Program, we will be there to support YOU 100% and look forward to having you as a participant.

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  38. Hi Marie,
    I listened to music on my old i-Pod shuffle today while baking gluten-free bread in the kitchen. The Cat Empire from Australia is one of my favourite bands to dance to, and it felt tingly all over to get moving again. It has been so long since I danced. When I was a kid I was always dancing. The added benefit of using earphones is that it blocks out everything else so people really have to need me to bother trying to get my attention (kids & husband). The bread isn’t awesome but it’s edible, and I brought the party for myself!!

  39. Enjoying life should be the motto of every human being on the planet, but unfortunately, the majority of them can’t enjoy the beauty of life. Anyway, your article is very informative, I learned a lot from it. Thanks for sharing.

    • teamforleo

      Hello Danyal,

      So glad to hear you enjoyed the material. Life is meant to be lived to its fullest.


  40. Wow, Great blog again. Yeah It’s good to have fun and unwind from time to time. Because in that way you can release your stress from work or from home. Life is to short to be stress. That’s why I always go to a vacation every month to relieve my stress from work. 🙂

    • teamforleo


      Bravo! Yes, giving ourselves to relax, unwind and play brings creativity.


  41. Bernadette

    Love love love the emphasis on FUN on this one, especially right now when we all feel like the fun rig was pulled out from underneath us during the pandemic…. On another note, I wanted to ask a Q to hopefully get an A from Marie– and I wasn’t exactly sure where else I should submit it… So, here it is:

    Dear Marie,

    First, I can’t thank you enough for your inspiring work! MarieTV is often times the (virtual) kick in the pants, hug, or pat on the back I need on any given day….

    OK, here’s my question:

    What’s the difference between, being truly grateful for all my blessings (there are so many!) — and settling for situations and relationships that don’t feel like they fully support & serve my highest potential, visions & aspirations in life?

    Thank you will all of me,


    • teamforleo

      That’s a great question, Bernadette. Marie often talks about noticing how something feeeeeeeels in your body. For instance, when you’re making a decision or you’re thinking about a situation or relationship in your life, as you ponder it notice how your body reacts in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. There are always clues within our bodies that will indicate to us if something feels light or heavy. Give it a whirl next time you’re pondering something. – Heather

  42. Alyssa H.

    Loved this episode! I’ve definitely been missing some fun in my life and have been so stressed recently. I do keep trying to turn some music on more frequently while I’m doing things because it always helps when I have something to sing along to. I’m gonna try to do this more often. I think I’ll also start using the “party” approach for more things, especially if my 3 year old is involved! I think this will really help him do whatever it is we need to move to easier than he might already be doing.

    • teamforleo


      This sounds like a terrific plan and I’m sure your 3-year-old will love it even more. Thanks for sharing your feedback.


  43. Nice Post. Loved Reading Your Article. Everyone Needs Fun In Their Lives And You Shared Some Very Easy And Interesting Ways For It.

  44. Love love love the emphasis on FUN on this one, especially right now when we all feel like the fun rig was pulled out from underneath us during the pandemic…. On another note, I wanted to ask a Q to hopefully get an A from Marie– and I wasn’t exactly sure where else I should submit it… So, here it is:

    Dear Marie,

    First, I can’t thank you enough for your inspiring work! MarieTV is often times the (virtual) kick in the pants, hug, or pat on the back I need on any given day….

  45. Thank you for your valuable and unique content

  46. Your content was great

  47. Yes, I agree that we should also enjoy our life if we are stress. For me every weekend after working for 5 days I take my bike drive to different city. In that way I release my stress from work and also enjoy the beautiful scenery. 🙂

    • teamforleo


      Bike riding outside sounds wonderful! Glad you have found an activity that releases everyday stress, so important!

  48. Thank you for this wonderful post! Have lots of fun today!

  49. Staying in the house can quickly start to feel repetitive or ordinary. When you find productive activities to do at home and you’re purposeful with your time, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish!
    Your ideas were pretty good. I will try to do these things.

  50. As we grown-up, we have every right to enjoy ourselves to have fun. Indeed, adults need play. George Bernard Shaw once said, “We don’t quit playing since we develop old; we develop old since we quit playing.”
    Always like your ideas. Will look at that book you mentioned 🙂

  51. You are the only one who can define or manage your happiness or enjoyment. It is up to you to choose pleasure and contentment over suffering at any given time. It isn’t something that just happens. Instead, it is the outcome of everything we do, and it is, at the end of the day, a choice we make every day. Other great advice Marie 🙂

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