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This is the most important sentence you’ll ever write.

The fate of every click, share, like, and sale rides on one little line…

Your hook.

Why is it SO important?

Because whether you’re a business owner, creative, or professional, we all need to use our words to influence and inspire people to take action.

If you can’t hook your reader, it doesn’t matter what else you have to say.

Cole Schafer, creative copywriter and poet behind Honey Copy, is a master at crafting hooks and headlines that grab attention and get results. He’s a featured masterclass teacher this year in The Copy Cure, and today he’s on MarieTV to teach you how to write words that accomplish the #1 goal of all copywriting — getting your reader to take action.

It’s all material — the good, the bad, and the ugly. ~ Cole Schafer @honeycopy Click To Tweet

But Cole didn’t start out as a copywriting king.

He quit a cubicle job in advertising to earn fifteen bucks an hour sweating it out as carpet tech while honing his copywriting chops on the side.

After an entire year of ripping out old, dusty, cat-stained carpets by day and writing by night, Cole launched Honey Copy and scaled his freelance business to six figures within five years.

In this episode, Cole shares his best advice on how to hook your audience, hold their attention, and get results.

You’ll learn:

  • The 20% rule to writing world-class headlines.
  • How to use pain as a motivator (without fear mongering).
  • The *only* two reasons people buy anything.
  • A copywriting exercise to pinpoint exactly what motivates your audience.
  • How to know if you’re on the brink of a breakthrough.
  • 7 examples of the best hook sentences of all time.
  • How to turn your life experiences — good and bad — into genius writing.

If you’re ready for more clicks, shares, and SALES, watch this episode — and take notes! 

Then join us for The Copy Cure to watch Cole’s class, plus 7 other advanced trainings taught by award-winning writers at places like HBO, Nike, and Intuit. Plus, writing feedback and support too.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn how to overcome resistance with Steven Pressfield and try this one tip to improve your copywriting fast.

Now Cole and I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, let us know your biggest insight and how you will put it into action in your life or business.

Remember, whenever you’re trying something new, you probably won’t nail it the first time, or the second, or even the twelfth…

To bridge the ambition gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Focus on progress not perfection.

Or in Cole’s words:

“Make do, then make better later.”


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  1. As a fiction writer, the idea of transferring that ‘hook’ into all of my writing was a really good reminder. My entire business is wrapped around the idea that we have the idea power to reinvent how we see ourselves, how we feel about life, and how we have superpowers through changing our thoughts and behaviours. When Marie spoke about deconstruction of headlines and hooks, I thought about how I do this with so many things – my thoughts, human behaviours, people in the line in front of me at the grocery store…

    “There’s always going to be a gap [between your ambition and your ability]” – My brain just heard that and was like “that’s the point – ambition is defined as the pull or drive to get from where you are to somewhere better/higher/further along, so in order for it to be further or higher, there has to be a gap of At Least one step, else it isn’t ambition. It’s just “present.”

    ‘Everything we experience can be turned into something beautiful’ – this is another example of deconstruction – we can take the event, deconstruct our emotions and feelings and perceptions about it, and then rewrite the story as Cole did with his dog to then be content that helps illustrate a learning point for others. As he said: “It’s all material.” Such a powerful reminder of our own innate capability.

    Thank you for this episode – even though I’m a writer and educator of cognitive change, the reminders of core concepts I “kind of knew” but hadn’t remembered to USE is so appreciated.

  2. I LOVED this episode. In addition to all the obvious magic in this conversation, I found it really helpful to hear Cole very briefly mention the time frame for writing… the 80/20 rule, but it wasn’t even that… it was when he said if you spend 5 hours writing a sales page you should spend 1-hour writing headlines. Sometimes I get stuck on how long it “should” take me to write. How much time to spend writing… How much time to dedicate to a project, on average, is something that I don’t have much experience doing. I know it’s different for everyone, based on our own skill level and the project… but when I sit down to write an email, do I give my self 2 hours or 2 days? How to plan my time around writing is something I’d like to be better at.

    • teamforleo

      Suzy, that time element is SUCH a big thing that we sometimes don’t even realize we’re doing it. Track and see how you’re doing and what each thing takes you with curiosity rather than a ‘should’ label and see what happens! – Heather

  3. Hello Marie,
    Awesome I love your content thank you 💗
    I am a Bikini Fitness Athlete & Mindset Coach with a love and passion for Health & Well Being, on a new exciting growing business venture.
    My approach is creative writing and your video with Cole, beautiful highlights the differences.
    Thank you in advance.

    Warm regards
    Amy 💗

  4. jackie

    I am in retail in a small town. I find it hard to find the words to attract people to come into my shop. I find it hard to attract new viewers on my instagram page. Help.

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for sharing that with us here, Jackie. How can you create copy that pops with some fun? Moves people towards that pleasure that Cole talks about? When you look at other Instagram accounts that give you the same feeling you’re going for, what are they doing and how are they making you feel? Start playing around with your content and watch the numbers to see what’s working and what’s not. Measure it all! Hope that helps a little bit!- Heather

  5. I am a film student and the hook line is as important for films as it is for copy. It really made me think.

    • teamforleo

      We love that you can see the correlation, Jane! How cool is that? – Heather

  6. Biggest insight:
    That copy is about inspiring someone to take action that is in THEIR best interest. And that applies to a WhatsApp inviting someone to a dinner party as much as to website copy.
    How I’ll put it into action:
    Before I write words (on social media, in WhatsApp messages), ask myself: What do I consider is in the other person’s best interest? Then reverse engineer the words with that outcome in mind. Approach it as a game, a curious exploration, something I’m playing with.

    • teamforleo

      Such an awesome way to approach copy in whatever form it takes, Corrina!- Heather

  7. Phil Strachan

    Great interview Marie
    Headlines really matter – They have to engage, challenge, leave you wanting (needing!) more. They say that a picture can paint a thousand words – but sometimes only a few carefully chosen words will do.

    • teamforleo

      You’ve got that right, Phil! They really do matter. Taking the time to how some fun with them and brainstorm a bunch can really take you far. – Heather

  8. Yes, the biggest insight (which gave me goosebumps) was: Life experiences can be taken into something beautiful. Quoted by Cole. The insight for me was ~ to look for the sunny side of a situation and turn it into a learning opportunity or perhaps what I deem as “how am I ever going to get through this” maybe I’ve been through a lot of challenging situations in my lifetime and I have always come through them. So basically I’ve been through something similar and I can do this again because along my journey I have built a foundation of strength, resilience , empathy, compassion , insight, and self-love. So Okay Universe lets keep accruing these qualities so one day I become that!

  9. Cole’s comment of “It’s all material” really struck me. Ok, pretty much everything he said did, but… I love the idea of it. I think it will help turn around crappy situations from ugh, whatever this is just happened, into — hmmm, how can I use this? Not only is it going to fuel my “material” but it is also a bit of a mindset shift. I love it!

    • teamforleo


      Yes, we couldn’t agree more. So wonderful to hear that Cole’s views on copywriting resonated with you. He’s pretty amazing.


    I just finished B School thinking that I now had everything in my tool kit to make it happen, and along comes Cole! I just loved and appreciated Cole’s gift for explaining the real nitty gritty concepts of both copy writing and life! He further clarified for me why people buy. I loved the “toward pleasure and away from pain” explanation, and that was clearly the best take away for me. I’ve been a little stumped trying to get my ICA to identify their pain points in buying jewelry, but it is begin to slowly evolve. Thank you, Cole, for shedding the light on how round worms in vomit can help me sell jewelry!

    • teamforleo

      Myrna, we LOVE that this episode is adding some tools to your already robust toolbox. Who knew that roundworms would be a part of that?!- Heather

  11. Kathy

    I love the comment about hook sentences and especially the 20% rule! Super helpful!

  12. Noël w

    Well it worked. I happened to click this one out of alllll the emails I’ve ever received from MF! Lol and I happen to be from Indiana so boom! There ya have it. I worked for a hair extensions company for 6 years and learned this through trial and attempt. I’ve never been one that was fond of words, but now all I can do is dissect the words and content I see everyday! If only the hesitation would leave me alone when I’m trying to create then I’d be going places. So I’m definitely going to take this interview serious and apply! I’ll check back in in a few months!

  13. Loved this podcast! I’ve been on Cole’s email list for a least a year, purchased his “snowcones” guide and I can honestly say that I read every one of his emails. I had a few “ah-ha” moments in this and I really appreciated the talk about comparing your work to that of the greats (your 1 vs. their 10). It’s so true. Sometimes we just need to take imperfect action, because at least it’s action!

  14. I’m a pet portrait artist who sends a twice monthly newsletter to a hundred subscribers. I seldom write more than a few lines with the six or seven pictures of current work and scenes from my farm life. The line of type that folks see when my email hits their in box is my hook. That’s where I’m going to concentrate now on upping my creative game. Who wants to open my newsletter after seeing the same old “Here’s my latest commission…” ??? Not me!

  15. For A SUPAH CHILL DUDE…Cole sho delivahz some SICK INSIGHTS!!! Once again I come away from the Interview View with NEW Insights to Implement!!

    Gratitude to the BOTH of YOU for Bringin’ Yo Magic into Our World!!

    Stay Strong & Share Your Strength!!

  16. On track completing my second full poetry collection. First one due out Fall 2021. Cole’s tips most worthwhile, esp, make do, make better later. Sometimes a poem just doesn’t quite work … so … keep it in and come back to it. If it doesn’t fit after 3rd 4th draft, pull it and put it in a drawer for later. If Billy Collins can do it, so can I.

    • teamforleo


      So happy to hear that Cole’s tips resonated with you. Keep going and the best of luck with your poetry collection.


  17. This was a great video…and boy do I need help. I am a health coach and yoga teacher and work with women who are struggling with menopausal issues, unwanted weight gain, low energy, motivation, brain fog etc. There are times when I think my niche or clients are reluctant to sign up with me, click, etc because their pain points are just that, “pain points”, and by admitting their pain they are showing some vulnerability. I could be wrong, and they could just not want to sign up with me! Either way, this is where I struggle with my copy.

  18. It’s about Sharing, not comparing.
    27! What!?
    At 54 and stuck in the doors of the nursing world, I feel so far behind chasing my dreams. And I remember, with the help of the MF Team & us fans, it’s not a game of comparing.
    Cole, Thank you! for Sharing 🙂

    • teamforleo


      Great insight, don’t compare. Let YOUR light in this world shine brightly as you have unique talents and skills like no one else.


  19. Victoria Sexton

    The hook is everything. I’m a financial coach but I write a TON for my business. No matter how good the article is, no one is going to read if it doesn’t resonate with readers and it’s a total snooze-fest. The writing has to resonate with readers and has to be compelling enough for people to actually read it.

    • teamforleo


      Fantastic insight! Thank you for sharing it with the commmunity.


  20. Pamela Joy

    Cole certainly is amazing! I cannot believe he’s only 27. So smart and wise – beyond his years. I enjoyed the interview, immensely.

  21. Danielle Boone

    “Perfection Paralysis” WOW…that part! Thank you for this Marie & Cole. I really needed to hear this right now, today.

    • teamforleo


      So glad “Perfection Paralysis” resonated with you, we know it did for many. The AHA Moment…


  22. Lorna Macintosh

    Everything you, Marie, and Cole shared on our behalf was just excellent.
    I was hoping he would read a poem or two but I know that would have been
    off script with no embedded CTA.

  23. “…mind the gap between ambition and ability” really helped settle down some huge frustration I was feeling this morning about where I’m at. It made me stop, relax my shoulders that were pinned and starched stick straight up to my ears, and breathe! Thank you! -to the both of you for these great words today 😊

  24. Extremely valuable concepts, especially the importance of hooks. I am the marketing assistant in my sister’s real estate business, so hooks are very important in our videos, emails, and blog posts. Always looking to improve! Thank you!

  25. Thank you! Thank you! This short video was Fanastic! I was introduced to copywriting about two months ago, and I love it! I have learned so much recently. I am inspired to write more with knowing who my true audience is.
    I find so many nuggets in this video.
    – Two “P’s” for Motivation
    – Hook sentences
    – 20 percent Rule
    -Avoid Perfection Paralysis
    – “It’s All Material” (Crap happens)
    “Take life experiences and turn them into art”
    So grateful I watched this video. I dabbled in writing for a few years. Now is the time for me to grow my writing, take it seriously, and make a difference in people’s lives.
    Thank you!

    • teamforleo

      Bravo Doug!

      Fantastic nuggets of learnings from today’s episode with Cole. Thank you for being a part of our community, Doug.


  26. I’m so glad I clicked on MF email this morning. I needed to listen to this especially today, as I’m struggling to write Our Story for our website. Love Cole’s words “it’s all material”, and overall his transparency. Thank you Marie for another great episode, and I’m looking forward to diving into my copy cure course again.

  27. Awesome sauce! Thank you for this. Big take away on this one was to just put it out there and then double back at a later date when you feel it needs an update or revise. Thank you as always for great content.

    • teamforleo


      TOTALLY awesome sauce! Glad that this episode resonated with you.


  28. Sometimes shit literally does happen…

    A couple of months ago, I taught my first class on the Water Element, from a Chinese medicine perspective. The slow, deep, hidden qualities of Water are NOT a big part of my constitution, so I was pretty nervous about it. About 45 minutes before the class, my partner yelled from the laundry room. Our septic system had backed up and was coming up through the drain in the floor. I just stood there with my egg-on-toast in my hand thinking, “I’ve got 2 choices right now. I can freak out, or I can roll with this.” After a few frantic phone calls (and a lot of bleach), I started my class with my story, ending with the punchline, “And this is one reason you’ve gotta take care of your internal plumbing!” This was the perfect segue into my class, and the laughter helped me relax and have a good time.

    Thank you both for the reminder that even our shittiest experiences can be beautiful… 🙂 I look forward to seeing your Masterclass in The Copy Cure, Cole!

    • teamforleo


      We couldn’t agree more! So glad you will be joining us in Masterclass, some fantastic content, and materials for Copy Cure 2021.


  29. Ok, now I’m super pumped to hop into Cole’s master class in the Copy Cure! (I’m a B-schooler alum from ’19 but just joined the Copy Cure last week.)

    Great interview, Marie, as always – can’t wait to learn more!

  30. Joana Correia Costa Pinho

    I loved this episode, Marie!
    I am B-schooler and I am right now putting together my website with WordPress and I thought I was ready to launch it and almost done….when the first person I asked for feedback was my boyfriend and he was brutally honest with me and told me that “about” page is confused and that I am only telling a story for myself, he couldn’t understand anything that I wanted to sell. I was a little torn but I appreciated so much his feedback! I am now redoing all the page and I am taking soooo long! I didn’t know copy can be this hard! This episode brought me hope though! Cole just normalize feeling mediocre when you finish your copy and don’t like what you’ve done. I am going to keep going because my WHY is bigger than this obstacle. I really want to launch my website and start this business. As always you are a big light in my life! Thank you Marie and the team! Joana

    • teamforleo


      We hope you are having an AMAZING experience with the B-School Program! So glad you joined us for this episode with Cole as well.


  31. Kim

    I struggle with hook sentences and the idea of spending time on them as well as the content I’m sharing is just as important.
    I also appreciate the reminder to ask myself what I want the person to do after reading my writing. If I want them to take an action I have to ask!
    I will definitely pay more attention to what hooks me about other people’s content and be more creative in the pleasure/pain area. As someone who is both an artist and sole proprietor of an organizing business my head can feel split in two, so these ideas are very helpful!

  32. Melissa Sylvester

    Great interview! I have struggled with copy writing, but it’s more about ideas for me. I loved the 20% rule and will definitely spend more time on that piece. I also like that “it’s all material” the good, the bad and the ugly! I am reading Everything is Figuroutable and I have gotten past the “mind the gap” section, but was not thinking about it applying in this context. I think the “make do, then make better later” really brought that home for me. I have a daughter who is a writer and I think I will get her to watch this, because I really think it will help her confidence. Thanks again Marie for sharing your heart and helping us all to make the world a better place.

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for being a part of our community! We are so happy enjoyed the interview with Cole, he’s pretty amazing! Enjoy “Everything is Figuroutable”, I read it twice and gained more insight and learnings.


  33. Mohammad

    just enjoyed so much watching it. I see that there is an another human being inside me that poke me constantly to expand my ability to be useful for others. It happens as listening to positive conversation when people make something out of suffers or struggles in life.

  34. Tricia Rand

    ThankYou Marie and Cole. Valuable info here. Applying right now. Note for Cole: Roger Love fixes the squeaky hinge… check it out. 😉

  35. I like the idea of checking Fiction books for Hook sentence and Subject line. Thanks Veronica

  36. The biggest takeaway is that I’ve probably always gotten the title or headline wrong because I only think creatively long enough to come up with one. I will pick up the practice of spending 20% of the writing time on the title. Cole’s story is also a story that makes this all seem doable. Sometimes stories can be too heroic and seem like only that hero can do it. Great show!

    • teamforleo


      So happy to hear that this episode resonated with you and you’ve got takeaway learnings!


  37. Anitra

    Wow! Hook sentence consciousness … I never thought about a hook sentence. I just thought all of the copy that I wrote would grab and persuade … yikes! So glad to have watched this video with Cole. He gave us some great tips and insight. His humility, commitment, and determination are admirable. “Make do and make better later” hit home. I get analysis paralysis because I try to create the perfect copy. Minding the gap between ambition and ability is also a great way to gain a better perspective so that allow me that time and grace to grow.

    • teamforleo


      Glad that you enjoyed Cole’s interview with Marie! Glad that you enjoyed his explanation of the hook sentence, brilliant.


  38. Amazing !
    He sounds like Steven Pressfield who was driving trucks and worked on his dream!!!
    What an inspiration!
    Thanks soooooooooooo much Marie for another amazing interview !!! You are such a Goddess!

    • teamforleo

      Le Pham,

      Glad you enjoyed the episode with Cole! Thanks for being a part of our community.


  39. I loved this episode. Cole showed me how you can be both an artist and business person. I got a lot out of looking at his website, too and love the way he communicates his value in a clear, simple way.

    • teamforleo

      Yay! Rachel, so happy this episode resonated with you. Cole’s simple and clear vision of his writing is pretty darn amazing!


  40. Amazing interview…Was struck with how genuine and down-to-earth Cole is. I loved the 80/20 concept. I knew it was important to write a good headline (hook) – but didn’t realize that you should invest that much time into it, and what a huge difference it can make to the response you get. Thanks Marie and Cole!

    • teamforleo


      Yes, Cole is very down to earth and his passion for writing really resonates when he shares his story. Thank you for being a part of our community.


  41. Hi, Marie!
    Thank you for this interview, and can’t wait to watch Cole’s masterclass 🙂
    What I took from this are the first sentences that start a novel.
    I’m taking a writing course at Harvard and this couldn’t come at a better time, as I too will start a running list of great hook phrases.
    Timely as always, and thanks a million,

    • teamforleo

      Hi Llyane,

      Wahoo! Cole is amazing and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for you to watch the interview.

  42. Love all your people Marie, but was especially drawn to Cole’s simple clarity and words … no wonder he’s so successful! I am in the Copy Cure (alumni) and look forward to this new Masterclass
    Copywriting is my pain point!! Bravo 👏🏻

    • teamforleo

      Hello Syndi,
      So glad you enjoyed the episode with Cole! Simplicity is a great thing! More importantly, bravo to YOU as a Copy Cure alumnus, may you continue to gain insight and learnings from the golden nuggets of material and content.


  43. Thomas

    Wrapped in the comfort of a grey-suited world, his soul is screaming ‘run’ from his belly… <<< that's my attempt at a hook sentence.

    As an accountant working in finance, with a creative soul – I don't know which direction to turn. Am I actually any good at being creative? how should I be creative? do I have any talent as a creative? am I too old to change paths? You see, I can do almost anything I turn my mind to, as arrogant as they may seem – so should I do it because I can, or should I do it because it's in my soul?

  44. I love this. Such insightful information. I love the concept of make do then make it better later and the hook lines. Both really resonate.
    So many times we get hung up on trying to get things put together perfectly. Then we miss the opportunity of getting it out there. When that happens our dreams can end up locked away in a cabinet waiting for that perfect moment.
    I have to remind myself that done is better than perfect and that I will improve along the way.
    Learning to write great headlines or hook lines is really important for sure. We’re competing with a lot of people trying to get their content out there. Knowing how to capture a reader’s attention enough to open our email, blog post or other copy is an essential skill. I definitely need to practice writing multiple headlines to build that skill and acquire headline consciousness.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    • teamforleo

      Yes, Adanna, YES! The trying to make it perfect often gets in the way of the creation – as Marie says, “Clarity comes from engagement not thought” which means taking action often provides the insight and clarity we’re looking for. Including those hook lines 😉 Thanks so much for watching and for being here with us. – Heather

  45. Really enjoy watching the video. This give me idea on how to be creative and fix my writing and attract visitor to site.

  46. It summarized my problem..I think that I’ll make do now and improve later…
    Thanks boo and stay Elegant ☺️❤️

  47. Corinna

    Love the 20% rule and hearing that writing a sales page may be a 5 hours undertaking and that an hour to brain storm a headline is normal. Makes me feel good about the writing I do and the time it takes. So I will be certain to apply this to my work as a Sustainable Brand Developer (I do a lot of writing)

    Also, love the notion of everything in our life being “matter”. I will apply this to everything really. It gives a sense of ease to whatever right be happening in my life. Its the same notion as accepting what is in mindfulness, etc, but I like the aspect of thinking. of all of it as something we can make art out of so much. Just another great way of saying it, and a sweet reminder.

    • teamforleo


      So glad that the episode with Cole resonated with you and brought you simple reminders in your writing. We are glad to have you as part of our community!

  48. This is what I am taking with me after reading this interesting piece of yours; ‘Remember, whenever you’re trying something new, you probably won’t nail it the first time, or the second, or even the twelfth.’
    No one really knows when the ‘EUREKA’ moment will strike and so we certainly need to keep on working hard.

    • teamforleo


      Wow! Thank you for sharing your insight with the community, you are right on target, and when that “Eureka” moment strikes it’s fantastic. Hard work is too important to achieving what your heart desires.


  49. Hi Marie

    I live in Sweden and I have listen to you a lot. Now I have to write and ask you the question: Do you have an ide, interest to include children and families to be more creative healthy and economic in a thinking of the environment health and many ( we often spend to release a pain for many reason)?
    I hope you can understand my blurry (abstact) idea in my writing above.
    i m thinking of the hobby in what I’m starting to understad and hopeful do to a business of it in the future.
    Go to my website and it show more of my hobby business.
    (sorry for my writing is not so correct)

    Hope you the best


    Britt-Marie Auno

  50. Such a nice insights. Thank you 🙂
    Well, one I always consider also is the credibility. Sounding credible means that people can trust and believe you , and trust what you say. 🙂

  51. Wow! Thank you for sharing your insight with the community, you are right on target, and when that “Eureka” moment strikes it’s fantastic. Hard work is too important to achieving what your heart desires.

  52. I am so glad I discovered this article and interview of yours. Writing is simply a difficult task for me. I definitely need to practice writing for my new job rule. Thanks Marie and Cole for sharing your ideas!

    • teamforleo


      Glad you enjoyed the episode with Cole. We are sure that nuggets of information will support your writing.


  53. This was a great insight into hooking readers! I’ve always worried about spending too much time on the headline and beginning, and I loved your 80/20 rule. It’s okay to spend time getting the hook, so they will then want to read the rest. –Ryan

  54. Address the pain – and have a great hook!
    That’s what I took away from this video. Thank you, it’s already started working in my head plus I have started a list of awesome hooks. The title of this video is the first entry in it!

    • Melanie Floyd

      That’s a great idea Sabine! To create a list of awesome hooks!

  55. This was one of my favorite episodes (aren’t furry family members just the best?) and I’m really looking forward to Cole’s masterclass since I’m already Copy Cure Alumni.

    There was so much awesome in this episode to just pick one thing (I took so many notes). But if I have to pick one I’d say the simplification of why people buy down to either moving toward pleasure or away from pain. As someone with ASD reading subtlety and vague or deception emotion or language is extremely difficult for me. So being able to simply language toward one of two goal trajectories makes things infinitely less stressful and easier.

  56. Melanie Floyd

    Loved the hook sentence concept! This is what I am taking from today’s chat. Going to incorporate this with my free content. Also, love how he narrowed down the 2 reasons people purchase something…for pain or pleasure, loved his examples. Thanks for this Marie TV episode!

  57. thanks a lot.

  58. I am so glad I discovered this article and interview of yours. Writing is simply a difficult task for me. I definitely need to practice writing for my new job rule. Thanks you

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  60. Thank you for posting such a great article! It contains wonderful and helpful posts. Keep up the good work

  61. Thanks a lot for your sharing! Your tips is help me to finish my project

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