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Fear will always do one of two things:

Keep you stuck. 

Or make you fierce.

The result depends on you. Are your fears holding you back? Or are they helping you become fully engaged — living a purposeful life true to yourself?

Our guest today on MarieTV will help you recognize where you fall. 

Koya Webb is a celebrity health coach, activist, and founder of the international yoga school Get Loved Up. She’s also the author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce: How to Turn Common Obstacles into Seeds for Growth

Koya knows a thing or two about fear. She writes, “I’ve lived in it. I know firsthand how abuse, depression, and suffering can make you afraid to live and crush your dreams.” But that’s just the beginning of her story.

Our perspective can bring us to a paradise, or it can keep us in prison. @KoyaWebb Click To Tweet

The truth is, “You are not a victim; you are a creator.”

This conversation made me laugh-cry and cry-cry as Koya told me about her promising path to the Olympics, her hilarious first time doing yoga, and the series of personal traumas she tried to ignore for years.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Reverse any limiting belief using 4 simple words.
  • Break the cycle of burnout (KEY for you overachievers!).
  • Recognize the voice of your intuition.
  • Release negative emotions.
  • Heal the childhood wounds that are holding you back.
  • Take back your time with a handy scheduling trick.

Whether or not you’re struggling with fear or anxiety, this episode is a must watch. Koya’s joy will lift your spirits, guaranteed.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn 3 steps to be ambitious and still have inner peace and let the first lady of yoga, Colleen Saidman Yee, remind you that you’re enough as you are right now.

Now, Koya and I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, answer these two questions:

  1. What’s your biggest insight, takeaway, or aha from this episode?
  2. What’s one action you can take towards your dream — from where you are, right now?

You’ll never rid yourself completely of fear or self-doubt. There’ll never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams. There is only now.

As Koya says: “You can help people right now. You’re good enough right now. You don’t need an Olympic gold medal. You can start.”

Speaking of… if you’re looking to fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results, and save yourself years of expensive trial and error, B-School enrollment is OPEN.

Koya herself is a proud graduate and I’d be honored to support you in building the business of your dreams.


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  1. Vida Nugent

    That was deep. Your issues are in your tissues
    Turn my limiting belief into liberating affirmation

    • Dave Cobb

      It’s challenging to keep a strong front all the time were i live people will feel your weak.

  2. You both are “ GOD’s LITTLE WINK “ to me this morning. Two souls that will help accelerate a vision & my Soul’s purpose to help correctly realign & increase the vibrational frequency of humanity’s impact on nature.
    God bless, protect and continue to shine through you !

  3. Dave Cobb

    We Are good enough right now! Amen!


    I’m so glad I watched this interview! Koya is so full of love and positive energy. As a trauma survivor, Koya put into words something I’ve known subconsciously : the trauma is in our cells. Healing the trauma and cells, emotionally, spiritually – is a practice. I’ve always believed we are never fully healed until we leave this earth, but I’m invigorated to keep working on it as I have been. The breath is spirit and creating healing within is a daily practice. Namaste (Thanks Marie !) <3

  5. Thank you learnt so much from this one and also surprised it covered so much, vulnerability in our trauma and even going into limiting beliefs.
    Grateful for watching this today.

  6. Not seeing your self as a failure when you get new truths that alter your previous ambitions. At the same time, it’s okay to not fully lay some of those old ambitions down, but instead look at what you feel led to do in the chapter you’re in right now. This all hit so close to home!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful episode – love you ! No matter what happened – I´m still committed to my purpose. I´m still committed to my truth. That´s what I am. XO Françoise

  8. My take away was “breath thru pain to let you shine.” I love that Koya is so tapped into spirit. She definitely shines!
    One thing that I will do now is purchase her book.
    Thank you!

  9. just loved this episode Marie. thankyou to you and Koya, super bright light!!
    My take aways
    Remember your why!
    limiting beliefs= more love and attention
    Sentence stem, I am working on….
    look forward t reading the whole book
    love Bernadette x

  10. Maureen Mills

    The trauma/issue doesn’t define you. You become stronger from it; and still create from this position and be better. A confidence builder.
    Physical, spiritual, and mental prowess leads fulfilling the dream head on even though it may be a round-about way of achieving the dream.

  11. Linda Fleming

    Just what I needed today! XOXOXOXO
    Knowing we all are always in this together, meaning we are all on some path of healing.
    Another huge takeaway of this: No matter the situation or state of life that we are in, we are always enough and able to make a difference in other people’s life.
    I, as a teacher myself, will definitely follow up with more content to learn how to pass on that light and believe to others.
    God bless and namaste

  12. The concept of not going so outside of ourselves to help others: that’s the core I found and the entire reason I began Rooted Reinvention. We are multidimensional and when people feel “back to square one” I point out that spiral: the view may be similar but you are different and you aren’t back in the exact same space.
    As a wellbeing practitioner I also loved the emphasis on feeling our feelings and the links between beliefs and emotions.
    “We need more attention” – I think this is collectively my message to the world nowadays 😛

  13. Anne Marie

    Loved, loved, loved this… it was exactly what I needed to hear, and to remind myself of, this morning. I took a nice long walk and listened to the entire conversation and found myself nodding, getting emotional, and I even allowed myself to see that while I am struggling at this moment, it’s an opportunity to do the hard work, and to most importantly, believe in myself. Koya, you’re a pleasure to listen to! Thank you for the nudge, the reminder, the helping hand you extended to all of us.

  14. I think this might just be my FAVORITE Marie TV episode yet (and that’s saying a lot because I’ve seen just about all of them).

    Thank you so much for sharing, Team Forleo – and for introducing me to Koya. I’ve got a new book in my Amazon cart today!

  15. When you and Koya both shared your traumatic experiences as young girls with your singing voices and being told to “shut up” or “pipe down,” I knew I had to reach out to you. It is my life’s purpose and mission to help others heal from voice-related life experiences that deeply impact them and encourage everyone to express the truth of who they are by using their voice.

    I guide others (esp. women) in connecting, expressing, and celebrating the fullness of their authentic voice through the practice of “HeartSong.” HeartSong is a sound healing and sound energy practice I have taught since 1998. My own voice healing journey brought me to the transformational practice of HeartSong.

    How many millions of women have learned, consciously or subconsciously, to be seen but not heard? How many millions have squelched the power of their true, inner voice and its full potential to “fit in” or have been deeply traumatized at a young age through off-handed remarks or rebukes that have had lifelong impact? The practice of HeartSong addresses these deep felt needs.

    I’d love to share with you and introduce to your community the wonderful practice of HeartSong. As a brief introduction to the practice, I’m attaching my YouTube video from my YouTube channel as well as the link to my website.

    I truly believe that I was called to reach out to you today as you were so vulnerable in sharing the impact of your childhood experience on your own voice and your desire to sing. I hope my life’s mission and the far-reaching impact HeartSong can have on millions, will compel you to contact me. I welcome sharing HeartSong with you and your tribe.
    fyi – I am a Jersey girl too!
    Sending Blessings of Love and Light to you,
    Kathleen McDonald
    HeartSong Center Founder
    Certified HeartSong Teacher

  16. Barbara Spikes

    This is super amazing. I really love the idea that trauma lives in our tissues. I am really going to look at this learning and see where it leads me. In a year where my massage practice has had a big change, this feels like the next step to understanding my clients needs. And as you say, there’s always a gift I am supposed to share. Thank you both for sharing yours. Blessings, Barbara

  17. Wow, this conversation with Marie and Koya was so timely and really hit home! I too am a multi-passionate person and entrepreneur who thrives on writing (I’m a CopyCure graduate), philanthropy, travel, and so many other things. In the past week, I’ve crashed big-time and find myself in a major funk.

    Aside from feeling stuck (like many of us), thanks to the way of the world, a trauma that I’ve suppressed from years ago has recently come to surface. And, while I don’t feel defeated, I am depleted. I’ve reached a place where I just want to hibernate and crash.

    Listening to Koya share her insight; especially about reframing limited believes and addressing trauma, has made me feel validated. This isn’t my first rodeo, and while I still feel like I’ve been hit by a ton of bricks, I know that where I am now is an opportunity to get where I want to be.

    Marie and Koya, thank you for the candid and meaningful conversation.

    – xo,
    Marla S.

    With gratitude,
    Marla Stein

    • Odile

      Courage to you. I am also dealing with trauma healing. Things can really change ! We just need to believe and do the work. I had tremendous results with the realization process from Judith black stone

  18. Perfectly imperfect…someday that will be a reality for ME deep in my soul!!

  19. JoAnn

    The lessons Koya learned about self care resonated with me. The other topic was scheduling. I always have a to do list and I love checking off tasks. I realized I need to schedule things that feed my self care and my passions, instead of scheduling necessary, but mundane chores. This shift in focus will help me keep my energy flowing for the things that are important as I make progress through B-school and in my entrepreneurial pursuits. Thank you Koya, for such energy and joy ! Thank you Marie for continuing to find such incredible people to interview and share their gifts !

  20. Edith

    When Koya talked about changing vehicles. But the why stayed the same helping
    people with yoga, coaching etc. Still allowing yourself to grow and share. Expanding the why ! It is so good to hear that and recognize it. That by switching you are not letting yourself down change is good and its ok.😊
    Marie when you talked about your brother and singing. I rember that you showed us how you were taking singing lession. A postive way to expand on something i stead of holding yourself back !
    Good stuff thanks for sharing.

    • teamforleo


      So great to hear that you reinforce your “why” and recognizing that change is OK. Great insight, thank you for sharing.

      – Antoinette

  21. I loved this episode thank you so much Mary and Koya, I love her energy. I can relate so much to so many things that you both said. I am also Multi-passionate: dance and education and healing and singing and music wouawww. So good to feel and hear. It’s comforting for me because I am in the process of visioning my year to come and going through some internal struggle about creating time for my passions. Sometimes I hear little voice say that I should do Less but I have decided that in 2021 I will dance and sing more than I have done before and that I will also grow my business and make more money it’s a challenge but I want to go for it , And most of all my body and my soul so deeply need it. I realize I just need to organize better so that I can fit my passions in my life properly. So yeah for more discipline let’s go ! Thank you so much for the inspiration ☀️💖💫💫 Blessings to both of you Beautiful beams of light.

    • teamforleo


      So lovely to hear that you gained so much insight after watching the episode with Koya. Thank you for sharing your comments. Share the love!

      – Antoinette

  22. Kay

    I am a multi-passionate, spiritual empath being and so happy to hear that there are more me’s in the world coming out and sharing their story and letting the others know it is O.K to be different. For too long the world judges those who are not the same instead of appreciating each others differences and understanding it is alright to agree to disagree. Heck we may learn a thing or two by opening our minds and becoming more conscious.

    Thanks Marie for doing what you do and Koya for sharing the TRUTH!

    Cheers to endless learners of life! As long as we have breath we have opportunity to be more than we were the day before.


  23. Triva Yoham

    My aha moment was that you are enough right now. I don’t have to have years of experience to share and care for others in a way that will have a positive impact in their lives, therefore living my purpose today not tomorrow.
    What I can do right now is something I have always struggled with, scheduling.
    You’ve both inspired me to schedule the most important things in my life to become my best me and that is self care. I am grateful to you both for brining so much love and light into the world. Thank you!!!
    Sending you my Love,

  24. Neha

    Thank you for this amazing conversation!

    Something that stayed with me was around finding freedom in discipline and making time for the things you love, as a multi passionate individual!

    The way I’m going to out this into action is to (right now!) schedule my ideal day, and make sure I schedule time for the things that I want to work towards and invest my energy in.

    Thank you again Marie and Koya for this heartfelt and honest conversation!

    Lots of love,


    • teamforleo


      Yay! So excited to hear that you are going to action plan around your passion. Thank you for sharing your feedback from the show.

      – Antoinette

  25. Ginny

    This was so uplifting and real! I loved the energy and vulnerability you both shared with all of us. “I am a creator” not a victim resonates with both my heart and mind – something to remember when I judge myself harshly.

    • teamforleo

      YES YES YES! Thank you Ginny for sharing your comments and super happy that the messages resonated with you!

      – Antoinetet

  26. Wow. I didn’t know I needed to hear this.
    ‘If something is in your DNA you really can’t just say it’s done. It’s there’ ❤🧡❣💖

    So many useful information. Thank you Marie (and your team), thank you Koya 🙏

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for sharing your feedback from the show. We agree that Koya shared so many nuggets of rich information and takeaways. So glad you are a part of our community.


  27. Malu

    Oh i just love the vibe and the energy of Koya 💕i felt a little down before and just listening the comversation gave me such a nice feeling you Know, i guess it was just what i need it at the moment. Aftet that my Day start to develop just magical, it was a great Day and i felt so Good at the end. I just Love the attitude of Koya 💫 i think i have been some kind of the situation of been working so hard for something and feel that you are not getting anything like the universe is saying it is not the way and i would like to have an attitude like her knowing that i don’t need to get that that i want in order to fullfil my purpuse or desire 🌟

    • teamforleo


      It’s wonderful to hear that you were inspired and uplifted from listening to the interview with Koya. You will find your purpose and we are honored to be a part of your journey.

      – Antoinette

  28. Karla Padilla

    Wow! This episode was powerful. What struck me was, “When something is in your DNA it’s there, it does just not leave.” It is okay to go back to something you did before that you loved. I have been fighting this for so long, thinking that I should be doing something different that what I was doing before. Also, that I can be multi-passionate and make it work as long as I am focused and do the work. Woohoo! My call to action is to gain CLARITY of the things I want to do, make a PLAN, and take ACTION everyday. Thank you! God bless you both.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Karla,
      Yay! So wonderful to hear that you gained insights and learnings to further your business journey from this episode. We are here cheering you on.

      – Antoinette

  29. Laurie

    What a beautiful and inspiring interview. Love Koya so much!

  30. Koya! I watch Marie TV all the time and this is the first time I’m leaving a comment because I resinate so much with what you are doing in the world. As an RYT and trauma focused mental health therapist who serves mostly women, I very deeply share your same passions that we are all here for a purpose and that the best focus to have in the face of adversity or mistakes needs to be on the lesson and how we put it to our future because that is all that matters. I also loved the concept of admitting something happened does not make it define you but it gives you permission to glean the lessons and become an even more improved you. Much love!

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for sharing your empowering feedback from the show. So many lessons to be learned and I’m sure your role in healthcare, you have lots of experience in supporting individuals, thank YOU for what you to do to help others. Thank you for being a part of our community!

      – Antoinette

  31. Tina Denman

    Thank you for this – LOVE Koya! “Your issues are in your tissues” – and that I am enough. It’s sometimes hard to keep that positive focus & turn those limiting beliefs into liberating affirmations! Writing down those limiting beliefs on one side of a piece of paper and turning them into affirmations – then REPEAT DAILY!!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Tina-
      Wahoo! So glad you enjoyed the show. Agree, that Koya is amazing and I loved that caught “Your issues are in your tissues”. I love that have gained so many learnings from this episode. Wishing you the best for 2021.

      – Antoinette

  32. Alicia Randolph

    “Your issues are in your tissues!” resonated so deeply. Like a breath of air-awareness to connecting certain events to body pains and nerve disconnection. Wow! Inspired to take my limits into liberation!

  33. I got so much out of this. But the two that is resounding in my mind and heart right now is the message about incorporating the multiple things I am passionate about in order to be my authentic self. The other is to make room for my fears and traumas. Like you guys, so often when I go through a hard thing, I just don’t want to dwell in it. I move on. And I have been learning (and in all honesty, need to learn) to acknowledge it, work through it and then progress. Thanks for this powerful episode Marie & Koya!

    • teamforleo

      Love that, Mai! Here’s to working through things and then doing ALL those passions. Yes! – Sarah

  34. So many takeaways from this, and I’ll be reading the book for sure! One key point was about not allowing events to build a prison for you and that you need to face the fear and process it instead of burying it inside and trying to forget about it. And the closing quote from the book left me with the reminder that we have enough love to overcome whatever fear the world throws at us. It may take a few days to process it sometimes (or longer), but we can do it.

    • teamforleo

      Yes we can, Edward! Thanks so much for being here and for being part of our community! -Sarah

  35. OMG I’m crying! “This event does not define me.” and “What can I create where I am now?” I can stop feeling like a victim, and start feeling like the creator I know I am. This past year has been so hard, emotionally traumatic, and way out of line with my plan. That loss has really been getting me down lately. This is exactly what I needed to hear today! How do you always do that?! Thank you both for this amazing episode!

    • teamforleo

      We’re thrilled you’re here, Jenna. So happy that this episode resonated with you. You got this! We’re here for it and believe in you! -Sarah

  36. AT

    What a beautiful interview. I relate to Koya on so many levels: as an athlete, a multi-passionate person, and having an obsessive drive at all costs.

    Growing up, we stacked two TVs on top of each other to watch two Olympic events at once. Sports was where I excelled and the one area in my life I could escape my shyness. I, too, had the Olympic dream and very nearly made it until I self-imploded. The trauma I never wanted to give my time or attention to came pouring back in. I remember times lying on the bathroom floor bawling my eyes out, but those were also the times when I became truly free of it.

    I won’t compete in the Olympics myself, but I’ve since learned that my Olympic dream just might have always been helping someone else get there. Of course, as athletes, we can be so tunnel vision, but sport is never truly just about winning.

    And I also remember practicing the trumpet proudly because I had declared to be good at more than sports but that ended shortly after my mom—like Koya’s dad—told me to SHUT UP! I didn’t take it personally.

    Thank you so much for this interview. You both are such beautiful souls.

    • teamforleo

      Wow, awesome to hear Alison how much you enjoyed this interview! We each have a path and it’s so lovely that you have found yours as well. Thank you for sharing this experience with our community as we all learn so much from each other’s experiences.

      – Antoinette

  37. Magda

    Thank you for bringing Koya and her amazing energy to the show! I am obsessed.

    • teamforleo

      Yes, we love Koya! -Sarah

  38. Hey Koya,

    I love your style and personality and we have so much in common. I was also a college heptathlete, after coming to Oklahoma Baptist Univeristy as a high jumper. (not too far south of Wichita State) I would LOVE for them to hear you speak and to talk about this life transition and acceptance to yoga and personal growth. You would be an amazing speaker for the athletic department and the school!

    • teamforleo

      Rachael – It sure does sound that both you and Koya have a love for track and field! We are so glad you enjoyed this episode as Koya is amazing. If you would like to reach out to her, please feel free to do so at her website Thanks for being a part of our community.

      – Antoinette

  39. Yeah, I agree that we should not let fear decide of our life. That’s why always challenge myself of fighting with my fear. Because i know after i overcome my fear there will be happiness.

    • teamforleo

      Mikkel – Fantastic that you challenge yourself to over obstacles to achieve the happiness that you want and desire. Thank you for sharing! – Antoinette

  40. Yes, For me sometimes fear holding me to achieve that happiness that i want. But i always challenge it. Hearing from you both give me insight of really should i do when it come’s to overcoming your fear. Thanks 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Yay! So happy to hear that this episode resonated with you! – Antoinette

    • teamforleo

      So wonderful to hear and we are so glad that you are part of our community.

      – Antoinette

  41. Mariza

    So glad I watched this!!!! You two are two beautiful humans, thank you for sharing.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Mariza – So glad you enjoyed this episode! – Antoinette

  42. So glad I watched this. tnx

  43. You have done a great job. thanks a lot for sharing

  44. Nice work. thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  45. LOL


  46. O wow! thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  47. Mind blowing post. i really like it.

    • teamforleo

      Yay! Thanks for sharing Paul, we love that this episode resonated with you.


  48. Marissa

    Thank you Koya and Marie for the blessed and Inspiring episode. You have provided such insight on what I have needed to hear right now. Koya I identify with your story so much I paused midway to purchase your book, as I know it will be such a positive point of reference for me. I too want to take my traumas and pain points and shine a light on them so they no longer hold negative power, in hope that I can overcome them and hopefully heal others too. I am looking into Yoga too to bring balance to my mind, body and spirit. I know my journey to healing will take daily practice but I am inspired by you to make the commitment to myself. Blessings and love, and Thank you for sharing your light.

    • teamforleo

      It’s so wonderful to hear that Koya’s interview really spoke to you in a powerful way. Like anything in life, healing takes time and practice but the rewards are extraordinary! Sending much love to you in your journey…
      – Antoinette

  49. Wonderful as usual, Marie! Thank you for being you and for your generosity. 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Thank you Jivan for the lovely comment!

      – Antoinette

  50. A wonderful and thought-provoking piece. Having just read the book The Body Keeps Score, this resonated deeply. Thank you!

  51. Dear Marie and Koya, thank u so so much for this episode. Loved this to bits!!!
    It is a giant leap of faith from being a victim of circumstances to becoming a creator. I always knew that I am a creator either with hand or with words. So, I chose it as my profession to become a professional writer. It pleases me a lot to write content and make websites which is kind of hand-made/crafted. It satiates my creative hunger and keeps me happy. So long as I make things, I realize that I am happyyyy!!!! Proud to be a maker

    • teamforleo

      YAY Renjini!! We are so happy you found your creative outlet and that you are enjoying our episodes. We too, are happy that you are a maker and that you are pursuing the dreams that make you happy!


  52. Aline

    This episode resonates with me so much. Been watching MarieTV for almost 2 weeks now, and I always ended up either smiling or crying or pumped up whenever I finish one. Thank you so much for sharing Marie. Bless you.

    • teamforleo


      Hello friend! And blessing back to you! We love to hear that this episode resonated with you and that you also watch MarieTV–Wahoo!


  53. Love this episode! So good! Got to meet Koya in Atlanta with an Acro Yoga class! Such a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your story & light in the planet!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Katrina,

      So glad you enjoyed this episode! And fantastic that you had the opportunity to meet Koya as well. We are honored to have you as part of our community.




  56. In achieving my dreams I make sure that I include a timescale for when I want to achieve those dreams by, how I will measure success, and what I need to get there. If possible, start breaking dream down into small, manageable steps. It might take years, but every step, no matter how tiny, can be enjoyed, even the struggles.

  57. Pretty good article. I just stumbled across your blog and enjoyed reading your blog posts. I am looking for new articles to get more valuable information. Big thanks for this.

  58. Wow Koya, that story about you singing and how you closed that with recording and producing your own song is unbelievably beautiful; resonates so much with me 😊💖✨

    • teamforleo

      Hi there friend,

      It was such as beautiful empowering story wasn’t it? We’re so glad it resonates with you. Thank you for sharing and being a part of our community!

      – Monauar, Team Forleo

  59. Jeannette

    1. Realized it is OK to be multi passionate. I always felt until I heard Koya and you speaking that I should have been focussing on one thing only and I find that so very difficult. My mother growing up and my husband now would always say: stick to one thing! I realized by listening to both of you that you are indeed multi passionate. I realize and I’ve always known that I had talent in certain areas, more than one area. And now I finally feel at the age of 59 that that is totally OK and that I can schedule and work in the different areas.

    Now I will continue to work on my scheduling and I will feel released that it’s OK when I work in these different areas. The past few months I’ve started working on taking those half hour to one hour breaks for myself. Prior to that I felt guilt if I sat and had time for myself in the middle of a busy day. Now I feel I have permission to do so. Now I feel that it is OK to do so.

    I totally enjoyed watching this and I can’t wait to read Koya’s book.

    Thank you both so much.

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