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Is it possible to be ambitious and maintain a sense of inner peace? Or does the drive to succeed somehow upend spiritual law and make us out of sync with The Universe?

At first glance, worldly ambition and inner peace seem like conflicting goals. You’re either a Type A driven go-getter working furiously to bring your future dreams to life or…you’re on a decidedly spiritual path and strive only for a greater connection with the Cosmos.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to choose. You can be spiritually awake in the present moment and also be driven, ambitious and committed to your future dreams.

You can be completely at harmony with the Universe and hustle for what you want. Click To Tweet

I’ve learned from personal experience, and from interviewing others, that both ambition and inner peace are indeed possible — as long as you cultivate the right habits.

It’s not a perfect science, of course, but it’s a lot more fun than feeling like you have to only focus on one or the other.

In this episode, you’ll learn three effective practices that’ll help you stay present and (relatively) stress-free while you work to bring your big dreams to life.

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In addition to meditation, these habits have really helped me throughout the years. I invite you to write them down, give them an honest try and observe the results for yourself.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Which of the 3 practices shared today could help you the most right now, and what’s one step you can take to put this insight into action? Let me know in the comments below.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you a million times over for sharing your voice and making this little corner of the Internet one of the brightest, kindest and most fun.

With all my love,


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  1. Rocking it as always, Marie! I love this, and I feel uber aligned with this as the business I’m building comes from an overflowing of inspiration and a passionate inner pull, rather than a desperate need to succeed.

    I also love the Desire Map and prioritizing the moment-by-moment felt experience of bliss, abundance, peace, sexiness and abundance.

    I also get a flashback to reading Make Every Man Want You, years ago, and your description of the “This Is It” way of living…

    Big thanks and massive love,

    • Oops, accidentally added ‘abundance’ twice. Glitch in the matrix. But I guess if Abundance was available as a brand of espresso, then I wouldn’t mind a double shot in my dirty chai. 😉

    • Daniela

      Just watched some of your videos Ronja. Thank You. Just this morning I had this thought: Where are all the conscious men? Believing that they are rare, but not very aware of my own belief. I am now integrating this wisdom. Thank You.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad this video resonated with you Ronja! And hey, there can never be enough abundance to go around, right? 🙂

    • Ronja!

      I loved that “This is it”
      It is so deep and profound!
      Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Daniela

    Incredible. Marie is so gorgeous and fabulous is this video! Great advices, loved! For me, I need to practice more the reminders to create joyfully, not stressfully. Oh, I really need to commit to it to release my anxiety and the overwhelming feeling.
    Thank You

  3. Hoot! Hoot! I will definite “Resist Nothhing’!!!!”
    Thank you Marie??Namaste!

  4. Ankita singh

    Wow! An amazing episode and really close to what has been in my mind for sometime. Thanks Marie! I think do not resist part resonates most with me right now, as i am set to embark on a new project with little knowledge about the sector. Grateful that this episode came out before i started!!! Thanks again and cheers!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Best of luck, Ankita! How awesome that this video is so timely for you 🙂

  5. Lisa

    Hey Marie! I think this is a really great topic that has a lot of depth. I loved your answer even more. I think that I will take “Commit to creating from a place of joy” out into the world. I know I have a tendency to go to a place of stress and negativity the minute things don’t seem to line up or I steam roller it from that place of stress. You are so right that we choose how we live our lives. Committing to being joyful in my creating is going to be a game changer. Thanks Marie!

  6. Anab

    Hugging it!!! Thanks Marie for that additional nugget of wisdom:)

  7. June Kellogg

    Always a JOY to listen to your words of wisdom… I wrote these in my “special journal”

    Love you, Marie !

    ps finally working on my website… #HUGTHEMOMENT 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, that’s awesome, June! Good luck with your website!

  8. Thank you so much for this, Marie! I was recently at the Mama Gena event in NYC and came away with this exact question. I appreciate the validation this episode gave me – you know, it’s not about finding the answers but about the practices and tools and the way you create and shape your experiences. Appreciate you and all you do!

  9. I was thinking about this today as I was building out some messaging for my work, it seemed more tough than what I am used to sharing, however, I see room for both and the importance of each!
    Yes, Harmony and Hustle can Coexist! The alliteration always helps me to remember the important points.
    Thanks Marie!

  10. Raquel

    Hi Marie, hi everybody!
    I think I am ready to go a step further from #huggingthemoment to #resistnothing. I usually solve problems in a very positive way and with no stress. But, as my line of work envolves a lot of “foreseeing” possible worst case scenarios and catastrophes, I feel I still resist to certain things. Also, with the video, I noticed that many times when I am planning, I am not creating from joy. So, setting the alarm to check is a great advice! I’ll start right now!
    Thank you, Marie, for such awesome advice!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Such a profound shift, Raquel. Let us know how it goes!

  11. Yaaaas! Resist Nothing!

  12. Monica

    Oh my goodness this is so perfect. I was just visiting with one of my mentors and counselors about the what next in my life, and I was sharing my struggle with finally being at a place to seek accept and receive more abundance in my life. I was feeling horrible guilt for asking for some basic things that will help me in my coaching business, and life, that will help make my life more enjoyable while I care for my daughter and a father who is ill. So used to giving that I had forgotten that it’s needed and okay to want more so I can have and live the best life for me. In turn, I can be better for others.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you accepted that you needed a hand, and reached out for help from the people around you, Monica. That’s huge — I think so many of us feel more comfortable giving to others than we do asking for help!

  13. Seriously Marie! This is my fave episode ever! I’ve been watching weekly since Dec 2012 when I stumbled upon your gabby+you manifest video… And this one is my brand new fave. It’s something I’ve always struggled to reconcile in myself.
    But to answer you question, I totally loved the differentiation with joyful vs stressful work. Reminder going on my phone now.

    Sidebar* Maybe it’s because you’re sitting in that chair now (instead of the stool!) it feels like we’re having a sit down chat. That’s enough fangirling. Thought I’d let you know I loved it.

    Love Jana xx

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you for being such a longtime, wonderful MarieTV viewer, Jana! And I’m so glad you feel a more personal, one-on-one vibe from the video. Love that!

  14. Marie you are an inspiration. I love the way you look at life, very in line with the way I am looking at life! The three things you mention in your video, I am trying to apply and being in tune to the present moment, not resist what is, accept, breath and move on. Not easy, but definitely the way to go.
    All the best!

  15. The three tools are good ideas…be present, come from joy, resist nothing. In reality, much harder to actually do. How can we come from joy when deep down we are stressed out, anxious, running around from morning to night? For me it was possible to have moments of joy, but true, lasting inner peace only came when I left my corporate NYC life to embark on an inner journey. Found myself in India with Sadhguru (His new book just came out, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy) and now can honestly say deep within there is an inner peace and stillness. No matter what is happening around me, I am not impacted. How? I had to fundamentally change the nature of my existence. To have lasting joy we have to take control of our thoughts, emotions and life energies. This requires slowing down and being still long enough to create AWARENESS. When we are aware then we can watch destructive thoughts come up, we can observe our reactions. Only then can we do something about it. True joy comes from knowing who you are, why you do what you do, and realizing our emotions and reactions mostly come from our perceptions…all driven from two places in the mind…imagination and memory. There is true power in seeing everything for what it is. I wish everyone the courage to embark on that inner journey where peace really does exist. We just need to become re-acquainted with this long lost friend.

    • Thanks Pamela for sharing your story. I managed to find inner peace when I started to really slow down, which was a real challenge for me (what would happen? was I allowed to slow down? etc.). You’re right, peace really does exist. 🙂

  16. Thank you for this!!!

  17. Lou

    Waaaaaaaah, I’m so happy the film footage showed up. That Live Your Dream campaign was a dream come true! Although I would have loved for Louise and Wes and his crew to come back and shoot it all over again! #hugallthemomentswiththemasmuchasican!

    Thanks Marie & Team for éverything. Loved it, as always. XO

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      We adore you, Lou! xoxo

    • Rob

      Awesome, Lou!

  18. The first one make it from place of joy
    And yes stop a minute and ask myself how I feel… and breathe to switch from stress to joy

    Thank for this episode

  19. OMG, this is exactly what I have been working out in my head and heart for so long. Keeping that balance can be SUCH a challenge and this video explains it all so well.
    Thank you, Marie for just being you.
    I absolutely love you bunches.

  20. I really needed to hear this and today was a good time to hear it! So thank you for posting this. I think the hug the moment/resist nothing are the most needed for me right now.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love that this week’s episode is so timely, Sylvia!

  21. Not resisting but looking at what fear comes up for me and seeing what is there and then I can release it… It doesn’t stop me dead in my tracks.

    Meditation and journaling are 2 I do as well. Getting out in nature even if the backyard or a walk and then going somewhere that is just nature …

  22. Candy Daughtry-Greene

    #resistnothing is for me!

  23. Thank you for this video, Marie! As always, perfect timing.

    The principle that resonated most with me was (2) resist nothing. I am currently recovering from a business collaboration gone south. Throughout moments of our collaboration when conflict reared its head I was not honoring my instincts, not speaking my truth, and, as you put it, resisting the reality of the situation.

    Moving forward, I’m going to hug whatever comes my way, and un-stressed-ly, joyfully speak my truth to stay aligned.

    Love, Felicia

  24. Giuliana

    On point for where I am in life right now. Thanks, Marie!
    The technique that’s been helping me “hug the now” recently is actually one I learned from Marie and Josh (ha!): “I’M BACK.” (link here:

    At first, I was like, “what the heck… Could it really be that simple? ”

    Yes. Yes, it can. Just takes practice.


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Awesome share, Giuliana. The “I’m back” tip is SO good!

  25. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. My business has been a struggle and I often let my stress seep into my regular life, where it gets in the way of my relationships and my own happiness. This past year I’ve been working really hard on working from a place of joy rather than stress. Whenever I start a big project I remind myself over and over again “This is fun. I want to do this. I chose this.” Telling myself that it’s fun helps me let go of the the pressure that leads to stress and anxiety and I enjoy the process so much more!

    I’m also committed to being present and enjoying the process, no matter how long it takes for things to take off. Because if we miss out on the moments leading up to the success, how will we enjoy the success when it comes?

    Thanks for a great reminder!

  26. The first idea, create from the place of joy, not from the place of stress is amazing! Exactly something that I need, as I often forget, especially at the workplace. Also, diminishing the resistance is…OMG, fabulous. Not easy, but necessary! Marie, thank you for these reminders.

  27. My take away from this is definitely the #hugthemoment! Thanks so much for sharing these tips!

  28. Katya

    I was very interesting to hear your story about the stolen video material! I would love to hear an episode where you talk about the stories like that – real practical situations from your business experience. Kind of connects to your Oprah talk – where you hit that make it or break point and stakes are huge. As much as we love talking about success stories, by the time we get to that silver lining, there’s such a huge amount of stress and unpredictability we have to deal with. Not everyone can relate to someone very successful, but everyone can relate to the blocks that are just beyond our control!
    Best, Katya

  29. I loved looking at the notion of resist nothing in a new way. What’s done is done and we can move ahead to problem-solving. So much time is wasted in fighting against the past!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Ah, so very true, Tammy. Nobody wins when you fight against the past!

  30. I needed this today Marie! Thank you!

    With our current food policy where problems and challenges are so loud yet little is being done. And I’ve felt that my little part is to fight like a dragon and continue creating but that leaves me feeling drained at the end of the day. So I will work on that hourly alarm. I will commit to creating joyfully and not the opposite. You are right, I can’t do much on what is being done outside of my control but I can start with my little community to drive that change – and doing it joyfully will be a lot easier.

  31. Teresa

    Awesome Marie!!
    Can u elaborate or give an example of hugging the moment . If you find yourself doing something that you don’t love how can I hug such a moment ..

  32. Anna

    It is great! Thank you very much for this inspiring video! I tried to resist nothing. And often I smile when say to myself: “Yes, i want it” (but really i didn’t). And i feel more power and harmony in my word with it. And yes, I will try others ideas. They are so tasty!

  33. Virginia Reeves

    Although you focused on business Marie, I’m using the “don’t resist” to stay calm about my brother’s recent (bad) motorcycle accident. He’s now had 5 major operations and a long journey of healing but he’s strong and a fighter so he’ll make it. (Fortunately for him, it was ‘only’ his lower back and entire left side from the waist down to the toes that had broken and smashed bones – everywhere else okay.) I’d like to add that having a good support group helps you to “hug it” as well. Knowing people are there for you helps you through those tough times – no matter what they are. We are sending him positive healing energy and high vibrations. Also encouraging him to visualize good things rather than having the pain and frustration override. I think that’s also important in a business endeavor.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Virginia, I’m so sorry to hear about your bother’s accident. Your mindset and the mission to stay calm in the midst of such a trying time is incredible. I hope he has a smooth and speedy recovery!

  34. I literally JUST posted about this very thing! I have goosebumps now….

    Thank you for this reassurance that inner peace can be maintained while shooting for the stars. I do daily meditation, workout 5-6 days a week, and allow some “me” time each evening to unwind and de-stress. 🙂

    Keep rocking Marie!

  35. Catherine

    You have no idea how this episode is so in sync with events happening in my life and how I choose today to act and react. I have to say that I tend to resist a lot and as my daughter says : whatever you resist, “you can go there kicking and screaming, you will still have to go there anyway, so you might as well enjoy the ride!” I would add that in order to act from a place of peace sometimes you need to step back and allow the solution to emerge. Thank you one more time to bringing a bit of sanity in the exact way I needed it. 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Your daughter is so wise, Catherine! I love that perspective!

  36. Marieeee! I never leave comments but this training punched me right in the gut. I’m in the process of building my own start up thanks to your bschool training and my inner “noooo!” is screaming! This video is exactly what I needed to hear, especially your first point about committing to creatiing joyfully and not stressfully. It’s so hard to put into practice but I think it will really change my mindset when it comes to getting down to work, and obviously if I start creating from joy, my inner resistance might actually cease! I’ve been stressing all day today about creating my indiegogo campaign for my business but this video was just the mind shift that I needed to create it from joy. You’re right, the future is a figment of my imagination and I have no control over how much money I can raise, I can only control whether or not I joyfully put forth an effort I can be proud of. Thank you so much! xo – Shayla

  37. I hugged the moment last night when a guy off the street walked into my nutrition presentation! Instead of freaking out and getting nervous, I calmly answered all of his off-the-wall questions.. and it actually made me look more knowledgeable to my guests! Remaining calm/ staying at peace during high-stress moments, is always key!!!

  38. Beautiful question and response Marie! I think it’s a fine balance between the two, but I love that we can truly be in “both” without compromising on our goals or inner peace. There’s something special about seeing people do great things, and yet not be attached to the outcome of what their doing.

    This reminds me of Steven Pressfield’s “Do the Work” book, where it’s all about showing up and doing your thang every day like a professional, and not being so stuck on the big goals. And yet, when we do it that way, it’s almost inevitable that things will work out beautifully!

    • Love this Nathalie!
      Thanks for sharing!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YES! Love that book, Nathalie. Thanks for bringing that up here. XO

  39. Lori

    Hello Marie, I’m going to definitely live in the here and now!! To be more present is the key. Thank you so much for your tips and inspiration.

  40. Bill Starr

    Marie , Your advice is good from the mind set you have, which is based upon your own experiences and personal growth. Living in the Moment or NOW is an important personal development skill. Accepting problems as they arise is also a personal discipline worth cultivating as you suggest. Allowing worry and stress in your mind and emotions will hinder finding a solution. Harmony with the Universe is a term I have heard, but do not understand what you mean? Are you speaking of an Intelligent Creator as a source of stability or harmony including His Creation the Universe and all that is in it? If you are metaphorically Using God as the source of all things and therefore in Control and a Living being who we can be in Harmony and He with us, then I understand and believe that is the answer to the question submitted. Controlling our Egos, Love & Respect for the Creator and HIs creation, building our Character from our Inner Soul which knows right from wrong, are the basics for being successful in the Material World while maintaining a compatible stress free life . Respectfully, Bill Starr ( a new Fan of yours )

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Bill. We love hearing them, especially how you’re able to relinquish control and stress in your life.

      We’re also thrilled to have you as a new fan of Marie’s work — welcome!

  41. I’ve struggled with “ambition” for a long time. I have wanted more out of life but driving and striving left me exhausted and unfulfilled. I want to create from a place of heart and spirit. I’ve recently stopped resisting my ambition and started being aware of where I am creating from. Thank you for the validation that ambition does not have to be a dirty word!

  42. I love this Marie! This mindset shift has been a huge part of my success in my business and life. I also recently completed an intense 90 day emotional intelligence course that taught me why and how I react to things. And why others react how they do. Amazing topic!! #hugit

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Devani, so glad you’ve dug deep with this topic in your own life already — it sounds like you were able to unpack a lot in the process. Thanks for joining this conversation!

  43. Rhona

    Fantastic advice so in tune with all I am learning and listening to just now. I am at the beginning of setting up my own business and yes have felt the ‘ stress’ of juggling it with my job, raising my son etc! So my actionable step is that I’ve downloaded the app Chime which goes off every hour between 9-9 to remind me to stay in joy consciousnesses 🙂 xx

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Rhona!!

  44. Wow–very powerful! I apply it to relationship stuff. Last year I found a sign at the Casey County Apple Festival: “If you want to be happy…be.” Life changer! I love that you illustrate these words don’t mean to just sit there onfire, too–graphic! I appreciate you!

  45. While there are times when I do tend to let the stress of things get to me every now and then, I feel that I am mostly able to handle any situation quiet calmly nowadays. However… I used to have a REALLY hard time figuring out what to do with stress when it came my way and was especially prone to “resisting the moment.”

    After years and years of dealing with such situations, I eventually came to realize that life goes on, and (although I didn’t have a term for it then) everything truly is “figureoutable.” I’ve learned to stop, take a breath, see things for how they are, and then go from there. A quick break to jam out to Shania Twain’s song “Up” never hurts either! ;D

    Great video as always, Marie! Tuesdays are more special because of them. 🙂

    Lots of love from the lake,
    -“Mermaid Phantom”

  46. Daniel

    Hey Marie! First of all I’d like to thank you for answering my question, it was truly uplifting to see that you take the time to reply each one.
    As some time has passed since I sent you the Q (I know that you probably have like a gazillion to answer 🙂 ), I got the chance to evolve. I analyzed my thoughts and emotions, I looked for patterns (when did I succeed in creating what I wanted and when did I push it away), I read, found programs and so on. The point is that I managed to break free from some of my mental blocks and negative thinking patterns, eliminating a great deal of stress and anxiety from my life.
    Now, when something challenging happens (like you getting your equipment stolen) even if it gets to me it doesn’t last. It almost comes naturally now to pick myself up, dust myself off and find a solution, and all this within minutes.
    Your three steps that you shared are basically exactly what I am doing and what help me a lot each day. Deciding you want to create from joy not only relieves you from a great amount of stress but it also helps you find better solutions.
    Understanding non resistance is also key to living a fulfilled life. It gives you the great power of adapting to situations, which can make a difference for someone whether their business will survive and strive or end up being a memory.
    These two are easy for me at this moment, the third one is the one that I am currently working on. It is a lot harder than most imagine but it’s worth the effort. I somehow feel that when you get this one right (and stop projecting about the future as I always did) and combine it with the first two, it’s like you said “you become aligned with the universe”.
    Marie, thank you again for underlining these great methods of how to make the most of your work and life.

    Best regards from, this time rainy, Romania 🙂

    p.s.: if I may I can write the authors who’s work has helped me a lot, maybe others will find it helpful as well.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Daniel, absolutely! Thank YOU for submitting your great question so we could answer it and share it with others. We’re so happy to hear you’ve been making progress and really digging deep to relinquish some of the stress. It sounds like you’ve done great work and have some really good routines in practice!

      • Daniel

        It does feel great to make progress!
        The authors that I talked about are:
        1. the fantastic and evergreen Eckhart Tolle with The Power of Now. In the book you can find a great explanation on not resisting and living in the now which open the gates of creativity in order to find the solutions for your problems.
        2. Paul Scheele and his Paraliminal program. When my wife found it I was a little bit skeptic but as soon as I listened to it I realized its potential. It helped me get over some fears, anxieties and negative thinking patterns that I’ve been carrying around since my childhood. And all this within days. I highly recommend this program, it can do tremendous good for anyone (especially that it has separate audio programs for each major problem).
        These are my suggestions to all of you who are going through any kind of tough times. Of course, since motivation is like shower, it doesn’t last, I also suggest a daily dose of Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins and whoever inspires you (yes, that includes your spouse as well 🙂 ).
        Thank you everyone for your great wishes, I hope you’ll find the strength to keep going because “the world needs that special something that only you have”.


  47. Your wise advice reminds me of what I learned long ago, but with different words. I learned to focus on problem-solving, only, which leaves no room for pointing fingers because that doesn’t solve any problems. Once the immediate problem has been solved, there is always a step 2: What can we reasonably do to prevent problems like this from occurring again? And again, no blaming, just problem-solving. So, I guess that’s hugging the current moment, then, eh? 🙂 Not quite. Life’s nicer for everyone if problem-solving is done, happily. I guess that’s where the actual hug comes in – hugs are happy, compassionate, and sometimes sad, but never angry or mean.

    • Paula,
      I’ve often heard that you should only spend 5% of your time on the problem and 95% on finding the solution! I think that is totally in alignment with Not Resisting!

  48. John Curnutt

    Love the video! Thank you for taking the time to air this one. #Hugthemoment is great!! I find this so relevant and applicable to assess the position you find yourself in, and identify a valid course to sustainability. It, of course, isn’t always easy.

  49. Kat

    I’m not creating my own business nor do I plan to but I find the insights from the MarieTV videos can be applied to any aspect of life. I have decided at the age of 45 to go back to school full time to get a degree in the geosciences,. The decision has had many challenges and the negative thoughts abound. A couple of friends don’t think I should put myself in a financially unstable position but this is a dream I’ve had for many years. The concept of #hugthemoment is one I want to practice. I find myself all too often looking at the far away, idealistic future and regretting the past. I plan to use the hourly timer for self checks to release any negative thoughts and to remind myself that my time is now, ‘hug this moment’. Thank you, Marie for your positive attitude and encouraging advice.

    • Jacqueline Dalzell

      I just had to comment and tell you to go go go. I feel people don’t mean to be downers but often they are not supporters. I get this all the time in my masters program now when I announce doctorate school is next (I am 43). I feel you can only listen to people who have your exact personality, exact past, and have done everything you are about to do. There is no such person, so the advice is incorrect. Keep smiling and living in the moment.

      • Kat

        Thank you for your encouragement Jacqueline! It’s good to hear about another going through school in their 40’s. Best wishes with your future endeavor of doctorate school.

        • Bethany

          Kat, I wanted to tell you that my best friend since my college years just went back and got her Masters degree last year and we’re turning 50! You only have one life– do what you’re feeling called to do with it because only you can hear that call! I find that people don’t like change but when you do this it will be your norm and your friends will come to accept this new thing… especially if they are true friends. You are still young!!!

          • Kat

            Thank you Bethany! It helps to hear about others who have also taken on this challenge. Tell your friend ‘Congratulations on her Masters’. That’s my ultimate goal.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Kat, thank you so much for sharing this! We love how you’re applying MarieTV to all kinds of aspects of your life — that’s our deepest hope when we’re creating the episodes. Applying the #hugthemoment philosophy to financial stuff and the dreams you have for the future sounds like a great plan. Thank you so much for being here with us.

  50. Patricia

    Wow! I needed to hear this – “stop resisting what has already happened” . Love it, Learn it, Live it!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear that, Patricia!

  51. Mary Ellen Thompson

    Hi Marie, I love you. You have helped me so much. I love the #hugmenow. That is
    one that I will put into practice today. You make my Tuesdays the best ever.
    Thank you again for all you do.

  52. Hello dear Marie,

    Thank you so much for your videos. I love them and they are truly inspiring. But I have to say that… as an interior designer… my attention is also attracted by the amazing painting in the background. Would it be possible, please, to know the name of the artist? I would be so grateful.

    Thank you for your wonderful work and have a lovely week!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Daniela, thank you SO much for your note! We’re honored to be a source of inspiration for you. Although we’re not able to share the name of the artist, it was a custom commissioned piece and we so appreciate your kind words about it. We love it too.

      Hope you have a lovely week ahead as well!

  53. Thanks Marie for another great video and some inspiring information. I’m a yoga teacher and I run my own business so inner peace and ambition go hand in hand! I love the phrase hug the moment which can be applied to business or on the yoga mat and I often use the lessons I learn in yoga in my business too 🙂 In love and peace Jaina x

  54. Jacqueline Dalzell

    Love the idea of staying in the moment. I work with people with grief issues. There are so many insights to realizing the past is gone. I appreciate the new ideas you bring to us every week.

    Staying Tuned


    • Jacqueline! Woah… you just gave me an idea for a client of mine. Thanks for posting.

  55. Cat

    I finally started doing meditation a month ago and have consistently kept it up. I’m so glad I did because it has definitely kept me sane and focused. I’ve also been minimizing and living a more sustainable life and it brings me joy to see my progress as well as how others are being influenced by my actions. So true that there’s a lot of things you can’t control and there’s no use dwelling on that. Accept and move on. Thanks Marie for sharing this!

    • Cat,
      So true! Don’t spend any time on things you have no control over!
      I also recently started doing meditation! I love the wisdom that comes from it!


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely agree, Cat! Meditation is a GREAT tool.

  56. I always appreciate a good message! And I think I needed this,in fact when she said Daniel, I felt it was meant for me Danielle. Hug the moment, and go with the flow. Good episode.

  57. girl, you have got your finger on the pulse! thank you for addressing this query with such wit and wisdom.

    this is something i have been grappling with so much this past week. i just returned from India and have been deathly sick, while also jumpstarting the creation of a new project i am creating that is all about following spirit calling (but has a short timeline before i must get it out!) it has been a challenge for me to take a break — which was obviously needed! i was working on resisting nothing in terms of acknowledging that i needed self-care and holding myself with compassion, working when i felt inspired and empowered rather than out of some place of fear or stress that i wouldn’t have enough time. i was wondering how to balance doing with being when i felt like i could do nothing, and accepting what is now. being sick was actually fun sometimes when i realized it was an opportunity to sleep, watch movies, or think about stuff like this. that was a place of progress for me!

    i love #hugthemoment because it goes one step further than “resist nothing.” to me it means don’t resist it, but also give it some love and kindness, celebrate its existence no matter what it may be. i am hugging this moment in which i get to witness you tap into the collective consciousness and enlighten on such timely and important topics. thank you!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sophia, we’re so grateful to hear this helped shift things for you this week, and we hope you feel better asap. Having also been to India myself, returning in and of itself can be quite a process, so we hope you take care of yourself and ease in a bit! XO

      • Chelsea, thank you for your empathy, support, and care!

  58. Karley

    Thankyou!! I love these simple yet overarching approaches!!! Xoxo

  59. Hey Marie!
    LOVE this episode.
    Resisting is my favorite, for sure.
    I’ve gotten (finally) to the state of zen in my life that, no matter what happens, I let myself “feel it” for a moment, then focus on a solution—if necessary.
    Life is too short and too beautiful to get caught up in all the bad.
    This is too perfect, Marie. Thank you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Sara — so glad you loved this one!

  60. Anamika Paul Rupa

    Marie, you are amazing 🙂 <3 <3

  61. Valerie

    How can I hug the moment?
    Apply for a job with your Guest Services Team~

    • lol, Valerie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Valerie! All the info. and specifics are at the link in the email or on our “We’re Hiring” page. We’d love to hear from you there, if it sounds like the right fit.

  62. Eve

    So many great tips here. I grew up in violence filled home, have felt terrified my whole life. I love being in that flow of not resisting, feeling joy, etc. I cannot simply will it. Often I am simply overwhelmed by the physical sensations. So to help me calm down, something I’ve found helpful to apply this, is have something that is easy to feel grateful, joy, love towards. a picture of a loved one, animal companions, or trees, or birds or a song, etc. I shift my focus to something easy for me to love. Then it is easier for me to connect to the deeper rhythm Maria talks about here. Easier for me to quit resisting. or running away. Love is the key. What is easy for us to love opens up the way to love what is hard for us to do.

  63. Irina

    i had the same question like Daniel. 🙂 Thank you for your answer and also for your video’s. With my best regards, Irina from Romania.

  64. Is it possible to be half pregnant? Is it possible to eat your cake and still have it? Is it possible to go north and south at the same time?
    No matter what techniques you use to enhance your alignment with your soul and your inner peace, there comes a moment when one has to take the definite spiritual journey. It may not be in this life time, which is all right. Eternity can wait.
    Ambition is of this world. It is always tied to strife and conflict. You may be able though, to achieve moments of peace, while living an ambitious life. But not the deep and constant peace, which can only be achieved by going beyond all conflicts and totally surendering the ego to Spirit.

  65. Thanks Marie & Daniel!

    Great question and something I have been shifting/cultivating within the framing of my life in regards to my career the past year. I feel you have to find what works for you….yoga, meditation, staying in the now and really deciding how you “feel” about what you are doing is where I have found this peace to be tapped in, tuned up, turned on and full out…divinely!!!

    This is a conversation that needs to be ongoing, as the world only keeps throwing more our way as we climb and expand! Thank you all for being fabulous blessings to serve and share on the planet!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that, thank you Apryl!

  66. Hi Marie!
    So many great tips in this one. 🙂

    Being in the present moment & creating from a place of Joy, not stress are my top two takeaways. I think when you are in the present moment, there is no stress or fear, so that’s the one I will focus on and creating from a place of joy will come naturally as a result.

    Thanks so much!
    Barbara Foxworth

  67. Belen

    I,m much, much better with resisting nothing and hugging the moment, but I still definitely need to check my joy levels with the alarm clock several times a day.. Great tip! Love and blessings!

  68. Jan

    Great episode, Marie. We can’t receive these reminders too much as we go through our entrepreneurial days and things go this way and that. Um, and, just being a Jewish mama, my apologies: is that a lovely engagement ring on your finger?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Jan! Yes, Marie and Josh have been happily engaged for a while now 🙂

      So glad you enjoyed this episode!

      • Thanks, Chelsea. I’m such a dork. Nice news and I guess I’m pretty late to the game!

  69. Liz

    Thank you so much, Team Marie! I have been struggling with this for what feels like the last month or so. I had just gone back to Desire Mapping to get myself back on track but was still doubting whether it was possible to hustle and be a force of peace and love in the world. THANK YOU so much for putting this into words (and a killer video), Love you guys so much and all the work you do!

  70. Kristin Davis

    Hi Marie,

    I absolutely love this video. I think is the one lesson that I needed to learn THE most! Among many others of course! Just gotta say that I was in the moment this afternoon, enjoying a chat with a new friend when I got a delivery for “Pussy”, Mama Gena’s new book! If that isn’t alignment I don’t know what is.

    Thank you so much for all your generosity and wisdom!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Kristin! I’m so glad Mama Gena arrived on your doorstep at just the right time. 🙂

  71. Lorraine

    Great video! Your application of your ideas into your own life is impressive. “Living in the now”; “resist nothing” are ideas I have gleaned from Eckhart Tolle from his lectures/books. Always interesting to see how different people take up these ideas.
    Thanks again.

  72. Hey Marie and Team

    Loving your insight. I cherish Wednesday mornings, when you email lands in my inbox! It’s always the start of a GREAT day. I totally resonated with the resistance theme. Let go, to be more in the flow!

    So much love your way

    Jude xo

  73. OMG this might be the most timely Marie TV for me ever. I am about to start writing my novel, and the whole idea had me terrified until I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book – Big Magic. Honestly an amazing piece of work that takes so much fear out of the creative process. BUT, the other night I found my self using words like ‘I have to get this written’, and I realised I was using the same language and tone as when I was back at uni, pumping out essays. I had to stop and say ‘hang on a minute! You’re not writing stuff you don’t care about anymore. This is not a chore that’s been imposed on you! This is what you WANT to do, and you can write ANYTHING you want! There’s no literature review, no ‘right’ answer, no external pressure. YOU are writing what you want to write, because you want to write it’. So Marie, when you said ‘create from a place of joy, not stress’ I was like ‘OMG YES!’ Make sure you’re doing what you’re doing because it is a source of joy, not because you’ve accidentally wangled yourself off your path. Thanks Marie!! LOVED today’s episode xoxo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Sarah! I’m so glad you’re choosing joy rather than stress. I can tell you’re super excited about your novel, so we’re cheering you on, too! 🙂

  74. This is a great topic. One of the things that works for me is that when things don’t go the way I would like – or think they should, I ask myself “What am I meant to be learning from this?” This puts my energy into a ‘learning’ space rather than a ‘frustration’ space.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wise, Merryn! Definitely good advice. I heard a quote awhile back that said, “I never lose; I either win or I learn,” which is such a beautiful way of looking at life’s difficult surprises.

  75. Oliver

    Training myself not to resist anything is the most applicable suggestion to create positive change in my developmental business.
    It is difficult to consciously observe how encumbered I am at transfering ideas birthed in mind to reality. If I try to resist this reality I won’t address the problem positively.

    Today a productivity bottleneck caused from anxiety at writing a casual business letter compelled me to rate my anxiety as a percentage to better equate how to overcome it.

    Two days ago the letter was so clear in mind, yet putting it to paper today was like messing with reality.

  76. Thank you dear beauty- always massively important, empowering and the magical messages to live- powerfully connecting to what IS and infusing it with one’s soul, spirit and vibe to expand ones own conscious awareness~ yum. delicious life available. Blessed. <3

  77. Joy

    Hi Marie! I just set the alarm for the Joy vs Stress. (By the way, my name is Joy so is everything I do coming from a state of Joy?? lol) This was a timely vid as I’m going through a very busy and stress-filled time at work and I have to remember to stop, breathe, go back to my bliss to be the best creative I can be, ignore the stuff i can’t change (go around it, through it, under it – whatever!). Thanks for the reminders.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Joy! I’m so glad you’re putting Marie’s tip to use. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it. (And I love that your name is Joy! Such a fun reminder to do things from a place of happiness.) 🙂

  78. I have pretty much lived by your ‘everything is figuroutable’ mantra since watching you and doing BSchool. The other day my web developer went awol with all my designs and $5K of my cash and I didnt react – I took a breath and worked out a plan to recover the money and put a plan together to get the website up and running with little emotional fuss. Normally I would have this huge meltdown and make it all dramatic and make it ‘the universe is against me’ but instead I just thought ‘ok this happens in business – what can I do to get this thing up’. The good news is the new website is now actually more cost effective (I don’t need an expensive plug in the developer was recommending) so I’m going to save $5K in licencing each year!! Sweet. Plus its only going to be 4 weeks behind schedule. AND with the Credit Card charge back laws in Australia I will get my $5K back even if the guy never returns my calls. Thanks Marie. BSchool and your show continues to support me in so many ways. #lifetimefan #hugs

    • Love this, Rachel!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Rachel! It’s so great to hear how you kept your cool and everything ended up working out even better than you thought in the end. It really is true: everything, even the most stressful things, is figureoutable. 🙂

  79. Anh Doan

    Dear Marie, love this Q&A. Love the fire and # hug the moment. Appreciated your team efforts. All the best, Hong Anh.

  80. Love this Marie! I loved your story about the film being stolen and how you were able to keep your chin up! I try my best to stay in alignment and flow and figure things out along the way and I think this video was a greater reminder to do just that during this next phase of my business. Thanks for another awesome video! P.S. love your jeans!

  81. This is similar to Marie’s first tip but something I do daily to check in with myself and make sure I’m both proactive in my business and stress free is ask myself “how do I feel right now?”

    I find if I ask myself that question it snaps me out of my negative mental patterns and back to the present moment.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart, Zoey! Thanks so much for sharing this great tip with us. 🙂

  82. Kim

    I loved what you shared, Marie, to “hug the moment” & live peacefully through the trials & tribulations of building a business. I must say, I felt as though the depth was comprised with the constant “hashtag” word. If you delivered this very same talk w/out saying that constantly, it’d be really powerful.

  83. Oh my goodness!! Loved this…I just finished The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Marie, you just drove it home!! Embrace the moment, love it and own it!! #hugthemoment will definitely help me the most, because, if you do this, then you will not be creating anything out of stress or anger…embracing what is and getting on with it is essential to leading a happy, healthy life and running a creative and fulfilling business!

    Thanks so much for this great A

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The Power of Now is such an impactful read. I’m so glad this video came right as you finished the book! Sounds like the universe is trying to tell you something. 🙂

  84. Amber Castano

    Marie! Practice number two is something I really needed this week! The last couple of weeks I have been experiencing a huge amount of resistance to my current work/new business-building time/money continuum. I seriously sat with it yesterday and accepted it in a different way. Your method explained in a better way how to embrace this purposefully and more efficiently in the future.

    One thing I have to add is I noticed a pattern in myself – I always get this with working in someone else’s business baby – there is the pain of not getting to apply my awesomeness to my own idea while I’m trying to save money and do whatever to get my own mojo going – and I get resentful and resistant. Rather than let it ruin everything I’ve got going for me I sat with it, asked what it was here to teach and what I can benefit from it. I felt new growth already – just sitting with it gave me a huge shift and I can tell you it’s not going to be the same issue next time it comes up. It’s like I’ve gotten to a whole new level of mario brothers by slightly changing my button-patterning!

    I definitely resonate with this. I would love to sit with it longer and see what it has to teach. Thank you!

  85. Ankur

    I’ve always been too lazy to check the comments section here. But somehow today I decided to glance through it. And I must say, an awesome community this is! 🙂

    For the video, fantastic as always! I’ve learned (with time) to #HugTheMoment but the thing with “resisting”, OMG! That’s a super challenge, and an eye opener. Now I know my next goal 😉

    Thank you Marie and team!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you checked the comments, Ankur! And we’re really happy you’re in the MF community. Thanks so much for tuning in! 🙂

  86. #huggingit !!!! thanks so much for making my day and the perfect message in perfect time as always God has our backs! thanks Marie so much !

    Best wishes,

  87. Flow-Peace-Power… Love these three words together. Thank you for the constant inspiration.

  88. So great… and totally needed to hear these tips today. I have recently taken on a new job and a massive amount of responsibility. It’s in a completely new industry and there’s loads to learn. I have to be really conscious of my bad habits and that part of myself (ego/dark side) that seems to want to “take me out” of the flow I need to establish to be successful. A negative thought leads to feeling tension and it all snowballs into a mess of addictive patterns. Maybe what I need to do is #hugthemoment… acknowledge the fear/wrong mind and let the thought go on its way.
    Thanks much Marie!
    ps. So amazing how you focused on the energy of the solution (a Danielle LaPorte line that I love) to resolve that situation in Rome.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your new job, Sara! It’s so good that you’re recognizing your habits and negative thought patterns so you can proactively address them. I think you’ll find bringing yourself back to the present moment to be really helpful, especially in those moments of overwhelm that can sometimes accompany learning lots of new information.

      • Sara

        Thanks! And JOY… That is something I am working on bringing into my life in all areas. xx

  89. Nevena

    It’s great videogreat attidudes and it is so truth.Sometimes it’s hard to find limits luke Mary sitting in the midle of the fire.
    Thank you for reminder.

  90. Harmony + Hustle. LOVE IT! Thank you so much Marie. Serena Hussain here from London, UK.

  91. I just set up three feel-good music alarms (songs: beautiful day, blackbird) in my phone during times of the day where I know my patience is usually waning…They’re labeled “Are you creating from a place of JOY in this moment?”

    Looking forward to seeing how it helps!

    Great advice, Marie!


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Dana!!

  92. Bethany

    Marie, I went through B School 3 years ago and finally launched my business (as I’m building it) on Oct. 1! This video couldn’t have come at a better time. I love what you said about choosing JOY over STRESS because that is exactly what I need to do! I love what I do (illustrating) but I have always let stress defeat me. This is a pattern in my life but NO MORE! I was created to do what I do! Hugging the moment goes hand-in-hand with joy. I had a great professional career, then stayed home with my kids to be a mommy full-time. They just both left for college in August… now I’m starting what I call my “Act 3”! Today I’m starting to work on my website so I’m going to choose JOY! Thank you!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Bethany! Congrats on starting your third act! 🙂

  93. JaNohn Bowen

    I needed this like the body needs water. I’m in a highly commoditized and saturated industry. Selling is tough. I’ve been contemplating my next moves in between working because nothing seems to want to go right. After watching and listening to this video, I realize the things that have not gone well have nothing to do with what I did. They are everyday events that happen in this industry to the best of the best. Soooo…I hug this moment. I hug it with warm slippers and a cup of Chai on this beautiful Fall day. I thank God I can work from home and provide a good living for my family. I take this moment and plan for greater ones with an expectation that I will learn from them; not perfection.
    I love this strategy. Sales people tend to be very hard on themselves and often driven by the what if’s. What if I don’t make my number? What if I don’t close this big deal. The “What If’s” are thieves…literally. I lost some serious beauty sleep last night.

    Marie, you were needed today girl. And as always – your hair looks fantastic!

    • Chrystal

      Beautiful comment so on this page! Go girl

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear that, Janohn. Enjoy the cozy chai and fall day! 🙂

  94. antigone

    Resistance has always cost me a mission to accept and always move forward is on! I’m training myself to resist nothing!
    Thank you Marie for the incredible wisdom you share and the huge inspiration!!! 😀 x.

  95. Chrystal


    Love you always this was so needed today. With all the excitement of the weather and Matthew the menace raining (literally) on my parade, I am taking deep breathes and making moves. Bless up Chrys

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, take care of yourself and be safe with that crazy Matthew brewing! XOXO

  96. Kathy Blaisdell

    This is just what I needed today! Rocking the good words as usual Marie! The idea of resisting nothing is a tough one for me but I’m learning to embrace the now as it comes. I was laid off from my job just days after telling them I would need to go out on Disability to replace my hip. That horrific situation has turned into one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have to practice staying in the moment and embracing it as it appears. Getting caught in the monkey mind loop of what I thought should have happened would have kept me from experiencing all the joy that came next. #hugit!

  97. Thank you so much for this video Marie! I have been deep into readings from Alan Watts, Ernest Holmes and Eckhart Tolle’s new book this year and the one point of conflict I keep stumbling upon is integrating these teachings into the life I lead in Hollywood. It seems incongruous to be present and egoless with being an actress and writer (especially as a female in this biz). Would love more of these types of videos, you obviously have some wonderful thoughts and practices on this topic!

  98. So good! Loving #HugtheMoment!! And the resist nothing idea is a game changer. I do this all the time … get so worked up about stuff I cannot change. Such a great reminder and one I’m taking with me! Oh and sharing with my tribe. XO!

  99. Bernardo Martins

    Hey Marie and Team. Thank you so much for making this. It is helping me so much. I’m so damn happy! You are spreading colors and making people believe they are extraordinary, cause they really are, every single one of them. Much Loooove.


    Hi Marie;
    as always we need reminders to keep on going; even of the things we think we know so well .
    What a timely reminder for me as an author, and as one individual which helps to makes up the universe of precious beings called people.
    I can become distressed when things seem to be falling into a pile of rubbish.
    But then to hug the moment is truly to let the past go and find the treasure or good difference in the present.
    I have arms, and its obvious to me they need to get used to giving a lot more hugs than they have ever done before.
    The one thing I can use right now is to hug the moment of reminders such as you have given.Thanks Mari.Luv Ya

    • Bernardo Martins

      So relatable 🙂

  101. Thank you Marie. This simple question that you asked – Am I creating from a place of stress or place of joy? – is really helping me. I have asked myself that question a few times in the last 24 hours and been able to take deep breaths and realign with joy.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Joan! So glad you’re using that one as a tool. It’s so helpful.

  102. Maureen

    Great episode!! I have just recently quit my job to pursue my passion. Being mindful of creating from a place of joy, not stress is what caught me. Knowing that the future path is uncertain and things will not always go as planned, I have to not worry about the what-if’s and just be joyful and keep moving forward.

  103. Debby Waisner

    Ambition is a masculine energy that has a fairly high negativity associated with it. People have given ambition a bad name because it’s been focused on acquiring power and money at the expense of others. One has to decide what ambition means to them. If your ambition is to serve and help other to achieve their goals or overcome obstacles, more power to you. For women a better set of words might include purpose, goals, intention, desire, aspiration or resolve.
    The energy of the world is changing and moving away from masculine energy. More women around the world are getting an education and starting businesses. I see the next 1000-2000 years being more driven by feminine energy than masculine energy.

    The don’t resist idea that Marie mentioned is a difficult concept for many people. It was for me until I decided to embrace all the setbacks and obstacles as necessary learning points. I acknowledge the setback or obstacle. Then I go do something else for a while. I don’t pound my head against the brick wall trying to force it. Take the break and come back clear headed and begin again. I sometime think the universe is playing a games or pulling a prank, just to see our reaction, to see if we’ve learned the lesson.

    Focus on joy or the why and who you’re serving and helping. As Marie said, that will generally keep you on track.

  104. I think I need all three! But I will focus on #hugthemoment
    For now!!!
    Thank you, Marie! ❤️❤️❤️

  105. Crystal Olszanowski

    I love the hourly alarm! As an accountant it’s easy for me to keep my head down and “power through”. Although “creative accounting” is frowned upon (lol), there are a variety of ways we can be creative in our process, our team building, our cross-departmental collaboration! Coming at this from the perspective of joyfulness rather than duty or chore-like can turn everything on it’s head. Thanks for the insight 😉

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Crystal! 🙂

  106. I love the hugging the moment! That is what I try everyday every moment. It does take practice but feels so good when you do it. More joy shows up and more experiences that line up with your higher self!

  107. OMG! This episode is such a serendipity for me! Thank you so much.
    I started my own business about a year ago after running my dad´s for over ten years. It has been an awesome experience but I´ve been struggling with that exact same question the last few days.
    I read an study a lot of awareness and mindfulness teachers and books, but sometimes found conflict between those teachings and my “go-get-it” mode.
    Somehow we think that if we are not “pushing” then we are not “working”. At least that is what happened to me.
    You have put it in such a practical and easy-to-apply manner! Thanks.
    Hug the moment is going to be my new mantra! ; )

    Pura Vida from Costa Rica

  108. Hi, Marie,
    As a Romanian business woman, this post personally resonated with me. The most important tip for me was to deal with things they actually are! Our country is not easy on us, as a matter of fact, setting up a business, working with public institutions, dealing with the bureaucracy etc is extremely and painfully stressful! But if you dare greatly and persist and fight for it, you will overcome all the challenges. I have the perfect quote for this: ” It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. Wish Daniel all the best!

  109. Ula Lars

    Hugging is the best medicine! Nothing has ever worked better in my experience. Therefore I am so extremely grateful for the “hug the moment” expression! It, in deed, does sound way much more convincing to me than “resist nothing” . Thank you!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Agreed, Ula! Hugging is the best 🙂

  110. First, I love Marie’s hair and the look, OMG!
    Second, this video fits me perfectly! Lately, I’ve been hating all the things that surround me in my life. And after this video, I realized that I’m just denying what life brings to me. So, I end up just creating more hate about it.
    Thanks for always helping me when I need.

    Kisses from Brazil (sorry for my poor english).

  111. Yes Marie!

  112. Daily meditation is how I’ve learned to balance myself, I love how much you mention it as a practice. I think if everyone meditated, the world would be a better place. <3

    Definitely going to try to check in with myself about creating from joy or stress. I never really thought about it! Thanks Marie and team. 🙂


  113. Marie i love you and your inspirational videos. I am so glad i accidentally discovered you online -(one night i was feeling very depressed and i typed on google bar something about desperation and your videos poped up!! Since then i wake up in the morning and watching your various videos.) I have noticed that everything you say refers to meditation techniques and messages that i have followed for quite some time. I need to start up again and synchronize myself with the present and with positive affirmations. I love the fact that a loving woman like yourself who is sweet and feminine simultaneously is a great speaker and a leader for women! Go girl!

    Freelance Artist

  114. Solveig

    “Resist nothing“is goingto be my new Mantra!!
    Thank you Marie, as always, for sharing your nuggets of wisdom so authentically and generously with us.

  115. I love #hugthemoment. Just this morning, I got into the stress mode with a complicated tax issue I was handling. Right at that moment, my son sent me a photo of my new granddaughter and said “Playtime – don’t stress”. It broke me right out of the cycle. I think it’s a practice to catch yourself feeling stressed and then stop and reset the gears.
    We’re all in process. Thanks, Marie.

  116. Michele

    Hi Marie – as always, a great episode. Really timely as I am struggling to move on from a business that no longer serves me but can’t decide what to do next. I’ve been stuck for 2.5 years like this and despite exploring all sorts of routes can’t move forward or work out what is blocking me. So I begrudge doing the day-to-day stuff and it takes 3 times as long. My take away is – live in the moment. I am not doing this on an operational level though I am on a strategic level. I LOVE? the setting a timer for joy check-in times throughout the day. I’m applying that from tomorrow. Thank you again Marie

  117. I have been learning to “resist nothing” in spades lately. Work has been CRAZY and I have a lot on my plate and sometimes it is like I am climbing a hill of sand ; however, when I decide to quit wishing it were different and be in the moment somehow I get through my work easier. And, when I decide to be present with every single guest (I work for a place called Voicebox in Portland making karaoke party reservations) the majority of the anxiety of having a long list of people to call dissipates. When I get off track and start resisting, then the work gets overwhelming again and I am in discord with my guests. Thank you SO much for this timely reminder. Much of our stress can be alleviated by not wasting so much time on the negativity, accepting what is and getting to work. This episode rocked!

  118. Wow! The second point – Resist NOTHING – blew my mind! Do you really mean resist NOTHING? I have a question based on a circumstance I find myself in right now: a high-profile person wants me to write a substantial piece of work on a topic that is not my strength and doesn’t really interest me (so it will be difficult). It’s tempting to work with the high-profile person as it is very prestigious, but am I serving my ego more than my heart? When I heard your advice to resist nothing, I thought perhaps I should do this and just get up to speed on the topic. Is that what you mean?

  119. Sarah

    OOh yes – create from a place of joy! I so often create from a place of stress or necessity and it feels nasty. I’m going to create from a place of joy from today & remind myself of this when I don’t want to do something that’s helping me create the business (& life) I’m striving for. Thanks Marie!

  120. Oh wow, I needed to hear this today. I’ve wasted SO much time the past few weeks despairing about a failed project rather than “hugging the moment” and moving on! Definitely plan on taking this failure as a learning opportunity and going back to the drawing board for more creativity! Thanks for sharing, Marie!

  121. Jessica Curbelo

    Dejar Marie,
    Thank you for yogur help. I do believe that the present moment is the only moment we have. I thank the universe because people like you shear your excellence.
    Best wishes,
    Jessica Curbelo.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s SO kind of you, Jessica. Thank you!

  122. My recent thing is actually meditation, so far I feel like it’s a little weird (been at it for one week). But will give it a month and hopefully I will be able to reach another state of mind than just sitting and staring :).

    Keep up the good work Marie!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Jesper! It’s great that you’re trying out meditation. I know Marie swears by it, and it’s something I personally enjoy myself, too.

      We actually did a MarieTV episode about meditation a little while back, so just for fun I thought I might share it:

      It’s a great one, and you might find some helpful tips for your practice!

      • It is! I downloaded it and use it often. Thanks again!

  123. LASTING inner peace is about:
    1. Being present and accepting in your body fully in any given moment.
    2. Claim the unique Treasure strength of who you are along with your purpose, and start working on what you’re here to create.

    Peace is a combination of skill to relax and accept in the present with fully claiming who you are and living it full out 🙂

  124. I love how you have articulated the importance of changing the everyday mentality. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and stifled by the events in your life, which you have no control over. But your ideas of “embracing what is” and “creating joyfully” radiate such positivity and internal comfort, that they makes it much easier to deal with life’s curveballs. Thank you for also sharing your personal experience and putting things into perspective. It’s easy to metaphorize, but practical examples really show the strategies in action. I, for one, am genuinely going to try and implement your approaches to finding a more positive psychic balance. Learning how to hug the moment may take some time, but I’m determined to give it a go!

  125. Thank you so much. I’m getting better at figuring out how to communicate with my target audience without the stress of figuring it out. Sometimes these monkey brains of ours can make things stressful that just aren’t. Figuring out your target audience is one of those. I thought if I don’t get it fast, that’s it, I’m doomed. Well, after hearing your story about the footage and equipment I’m done thinking that way. Nothing is really that stressful. It can all be fixed. Thank you so much!

  126. Fouad Al Zomir.

    Dearest Marie,
    You are pretty young lady and you know much you are Google of knowledge especially wisdom.
    Really I’M lucky and happy to be member of your beautiful world.

    God bless you Marie,
    Fouad Al Zomir.

  127. Brittany "BAM" Montoya

    I love this one, Marie!

    I have been struggling and haven’t really been able to put my finger on what’s going on…or even where to start. After watching this, I figured it out! I need to #hugthemoment!

    I have so much I want to do, improve upon, create, learn about. Although I pride myself on my imagination, creativity, and my “lightbulb” moments, I often overwhelm myself. I loved the idea of a “self check-in” hourly. CHECK YO SELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YO SELF!!!

  128. Create with joy, resist nothing and live the present.

  129. Diana Patterson

    Commit to creating JOYFULLY, not stressfully is a great reminder. I love this. It is truly important to be mindful and create from a place of joy.

    -Taking a break to get myself realigned is one action I will commit to making when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

    Thanks Marie!

  130. Maroua

    You re Amazing !! Am inspired and would like to be like u one day Marie

  131. #1 is super helpful to me! Commit to creating joyfully, not stressfully.

    I start out with my ideas, especially blog posts, wanting to share joyfully, then it turns into stress. I am going to remember to re-commit when I find myself stressed by reminding myself of the “why”!

    Thanks Marie! Keep on rockin’ it for the world!

  132. Hi Marie! Being in the present moment is something I address daily. It can be tough, but the results are amazing. I just took a class- Malas on the Beach. After a short intro. on the history and use of mala beads, we each had the opportunity to create our own mala. The ocean provided the music as we sat on the beach creating our beautiful necklaces. I use mine for daily mediation as well as to wear it on my wrist as a constant reminder to be present. Your advice is exemplary, timely, and as always, helpful.

  133. Thanks Marie, great encouragement for all us stereotyped Type A go-getters out there. Yes, I can be uber-productive but still blissfully happy and at peace 🙂 Meditation is key for those with goals to get after.

    #2 – challenges and setbacks are part of the process – embrace them! They happen and typically happen for a reason. The old cliche that you can learn from setbacks and failures, its all true! Your grit will pick you up and move you forward, and soon the setback is a thing in the distant past.

  134. #hugginit #hugthemoment I love to feel the flow, peace and the power that comes with releasing expectation and going with the flow. Thanks for the perfect hashtag. <3

  135. Great video! So how do I hug the moment without accepting where I’m at in my life?? My business is reaching its 1st birthday and I have to say I am no where close to where I want to be (in life). Resisting does make it more difficult I admit. But because of being unhappy with where things are, it’s hard for creativity NOT to be fueled by an energy of frustration. Hugging the moment has made resistance kick in… how can I move past that?? And btw, I am so grateful for all the videos, including the old school ones, they’re a tremendous help and given me a lot of courage and “know-how” I otherwise would not have had. ❤️

  136. almut

    thank you for another great episode, marie! love #hugthemoment, and i also realised that i began practice the letting go of resistance a lot – having a little child helped. there are so many things that go chaotically wrong, stuff that breaks, expensive cupboards that are ruined by scratches (you can still put stuff in them, you know), trains that are missed due to diaper accidents, sleepless nights, obnoxious toddlers and whatever. as my natural ambition is to be always perfect, punctual, and [you name it], it really took a while. the fact is – exactly as described by you, marie – that the resisting part is a waste of energy. the resisting part thinks that the cupboard is so important, the team and business partners will shake their heads sadly and disappointedly when you show up late… but actually, this rarely happens when i am aware enough to let go of resistance and remind myself: how can i make the best of this moment? how can this be a good time for my little child – what can he learn from the way i deal with things? how can i change a (big or small) catastrophy into a challenge and positive outcome? most certainly not by fuming and shouting. of course, i am pretty good at getting angry, and there are countless moments when i will just have to complain. still, this can be translated to many many moments in business. in my mind, resistance shows up as a whole in the road i fall into – if i stay there, i simply stop and waste a lot of energy to get out of the whole again. i have to constantly remind myself – and also deal with the surprise of others! some seem to think that not resisting shows a sort of carelessness. still, this may help to be very clear and state the benefits of non-resistance!
    what i really want to take not of: do i act in a joyful or stressful mode and feeling? there are times when – actually doing what i love and longed to do – i feel stressed by the fact that i have to do it right now or feel under pressure or think i should have done so earlier. so – this is my plan: set an alarm. step aside and think. make note. #hugthemoment. love the challenge. thanks.

  137. Paige Turner

    Action: I’m going to just accept that I’m WAY behind schedule today, and move on, choose what to do next, and let that be enough!
    Takeaway: I definitely JUDGE myself, and the moment, and I can see how that wastes SO much energy for me. It takes me away from just taking action and weighs me down.

    Thank you, Marie!

  138. Melissa

    So much what I think and want to show to my entrepreneurs coaches!!! Thank you Marie, again an amazing episode!

  139. Thank you so much for this – I definitely got some good things out of it! 🙂

  140. Great tips – thanks! I’ll certainly try to use it in my own life.
    Keep the great episodes coming. I’m watching them all.

  141. adi


  142. Thank you for sharing. Great words and still highly interesting here 4 years after in ’20.
    Henriette @ Denmark

  143. Great words

  144. Drive in general AND for your business is crucial. Love it.

  145. My recent thing is actually meditation, so i would try it in this corona time.

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