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While there’s nothing like a brand new calendar year to signal a fresh start, I want you to remember one important thing…

Life isn’t a race to push yourself through.  

We live in a culture that glorifies the hustle–24/7 mentality.

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that non-stop busyness isn’t sustainable, healthy, or joyful.

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Today you’ll hear my advice to Bianca, a stressed entrepreneur who thinks she should tone down her goals to be more “realistic.”

(My answer? HELL NO!) 

Watch the video to learn why setting “realistic” goals actually works against you — and what to do instead. 

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Remember, you are not a computer. You can’t hammer away all day without taking a break.

If you’re afraid to set more ambitious goals because you don’t have time to achieve them, you may need to tweak your approach to scheduling — NOT your approach to goal setting. 

For more on this, check out our playlist: Focus and Be More Productive or some of our favorite episodes on productivity:

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2020 was tough. And it made us stronger and more resilient.

Let’s build on those lessons and make this year about wisdom, peace, and JOY. 

Choose to respect yourself enough to stop running yourself ragged. Because more isn’t always better and “non-stop” anything isn’t wise.

Sending you enormous love 💗 and excitement for a spectacular year ahead.

LET’S GO!!!!

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  1. Maria

    Marie, you’re way of saying things really reaches me. I almost cried watching the video because I am in a similar situation: work work work at home, not going out of the room for the entire day, unidentified pockets of time, overloading, etc. But hey, you inspire me 🙂 I love the “architect your day” phrase. As of today, my “to do list” will be my “success list” with 2-3 major goals. Thank you!

    • teamforleo

      Maria, we believe that a message lands in your lap at the moment you need to hear it and we’re so glad that this was meant for you today. You’re in control and you’ve GOT this. xo

      – Heather

  2. I just need to hear this over and over again! Whenever I loose track I come back to this wisdom. Thank you Marie and the Team. You’re truly the best!

    And this episode is the best way to start a new year.

    I I love you!

    • teamforleo

      Ula, your kind words mean the world to us. Thank you for being in our beautiful community and for sharing a bit of your heart with us. Happy New Year!

      – Heather

      • It’s an honour and privilege to be in this beautiful community!
        Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Oh my goodness
    Thank you so much Marie. This was just what I needed. I can so relate to what you said today.

    I got so inspired that I have booked myself into my calendar every morning for journaling, intention and movement

    • teamforleo

      YES! That’s how it’s done! Awesome way to take action.

      – Heather

  4. This is exactly what I’ve ended up doing this year: My goals are all based on “i want to meditate and journal more, to do yoga weekly and to get to bed at this time each day” and then I made 5 goals from those habits 🙂
    Lifestyle design is so important, and I recently did a podcast on this too and my experiences of trying to actually ‘design’ my days and goals from those daily systems. We don’t build a flatpack table without getting the parts out, some of us without either looking at the instructions or at least knowing what the table should look like at the end (how many legs, all on the same side of the table top etc.) but we don’t plan this with our lives!

    • teamforleo

      Sounds like your 2021 is off to an amazing start, Katy-Rose.

      – Heather

  5. Dave Cobb


  6. Bianca, you describe me to a T- I am Miss burnout as I have a same work routine as you.
    Marie, thank you for the reminder of establishing a health routine and architect your day. Love this. I am on it. Fab video. Will share it to my networks 🙂
    Thank you 🙂 – another Marie

  7. Love It!! Marie, YoU RoCK!!
    Here are some people who have helped me “Figure Out” how to create a “Masterpiece Day”:
    Brian Johnson – Optimize me, (this is where I discovered Wonderful Marie!) – Architect your Masterpiece Day
    Emily Fletcher – Stress Less Accomplish More – Meditation
    Yoga with Adriene – daily yoga
    Coursera – learning how to learn with Dr. Barbara Oakley – how to segment your day with breaks for allowing your brain to function more optimally so you can accomplish your Masterpiece Day!
    And!! Marie Forleo – Everything is figureoutable, of course!

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for sharing these resources with our community, Steve. We’re honored to have you here!

      – Heather

  8. Hahaha! My computer isn’t made to run non-stop. I know because I worked it that way for the first three years of my business and even its ears started smoking!
    Thank you SO MUCH Marie. Loved this episode, it’s so true. One thing that I feel is really starting to come into focus is that my week has a much better balance between family, writing, health and client work. It wasn’t that way at first but I’ve learned it, and it’s SO GOOD to hear that yes, this is the road to success. Thank you for the encouragement. HOPE YOU’RE WELL!!! SO APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO!

  9. This is such an important message! We often lose sight of how crucial self-care is if we want to thrive in any aspect of life: business, relationships, or anything, really. For me, bullet journaling has been a great tool that helped shift my planning focus a bit from work only to work + self-care. Thanks a ton for sharing! 🙂

  10. This advice is extremely on point. Living actively and with intention is so important and seeing those pockets of opportunity for thinking and creativity pop up in my schedule really gives me goosebumps and excitement for what’s possible when I’m not filling all my time with busy work.

  11. Sílvia Magalhães

    Hi Marie,
    I want to thank you for sharing this meaningful message that resonates a lot with me.
    I’m setting an online business and definitely need to design my day with intention to feel energized rather than overwhelmed.

    Thank you again!
    With luv,

  12. Alysha

    I so appreciate the advice to slow down and take care of ourselves first. I started working out for 15-20 minutes a day for the last few months and I can say it has completely changed my days. I am so much happier, more focused and I feel better about myself. And I am finding that I actually have the energy to accomplish more in my day.

    • teamforleo

      Thanks so much for watching, Alysha. We’re happy to hear that you’re taking steps in life to feel better about yourself and we’re glad to have you in our community! – Monika

  13. Thank you for these important reminders, Marie & Greg! It’s easy to get caught up in our to-do-list and ambitions, especially here at the beginning of the year. What’s ironic is that I teach Gentle and Restorative Yoga, helping others learn how to slow down and nurture themselves! We teach what we most need to learn, right?! So many of us wait until we’re feeling burn out to stop and take care of ourselves (or the universe give us a smack-down; getting sick, some kind of crisis, etc.). I love the idea of architecting our days to so we can be inspired, productive, and healthy… and therefor able to serve from a place of overflow rather than overwhelm!

  14. So nice idea madam. Architect of the Day, Week and Month. Thank you

  15. Dulce Werner

    How do you get to make this call? What is the contact number?

  16. So I had a client cancel–last minute–argh!! but then it gave me the opportunity to watch this video. Yay! I have not watched an MF video in a long time because my practice has boomed over the last 2 years and I’ve been working diligently on a novel for the last three. So all that said, I was thrilled to see this subject and fantastic…SPOT ON…advice happening on my screen with Marie and Gregory. These concepts come up in cancelling over and over again: Be kind to yourself. Right ON!! Ask for Help. Absolutely, no question, especially asking for help with the things that tire you and/or don’t interest you so that you can put your focus on better self care and to do the things you love. Brilliant advice! And Design your Day (to include self-care). I am at a point in my life where I have been doing this for quite awhile and It Definitely Works. It frees you up mentally and emotionally so you can do your optimum work. I am rooting for you Bianca. I too am a health care professional and if anyone needs to follow this advice it is definitely people in the Helping, and Human Services, fields. Good luck Bianca. You will get there and thank you to Marie and Gregory for the valuable work you do. Hearts!

  17. Thank you for this! Bianca is not alone in being overwhelmed by big goals! Love that you broke this down to day to day, and setting yourself up for success. One of my favorite quotes is “if you don’t have 5 minutes a day to meditate, make 10.” So true that investing in our wellbeing is the best way to capitalize productivity and invite energy! Going to head home from the day job (currently building my business on the side!) and look at my daily routine to see how I can implement this magic. Thank you Marie!! XO

  18. Yes I can definitely relate with feeling exhausted with trying. So many disappointments… exercise is crucial, it doesn’t even have to be for 20 minutes, it an be just 9minutes of marching on the spot daily. Something to break the pattern of overwhelm and allow for future vision in the present. Exercise is certainly the key to living life well. Thank you for this advice I will be designing my dream schedule and including room for self care.

  19. As others have said this is just what I needed to hear! My question for Marie or Team Forleo is, myself, like others…I have a day job while trying to build up my side hustle/passion. I work for someone that takes on INCREDIBLY too much work for our very small team. I happen to love the philosophy of “simply to amplify” but happen to work for someone who has the complete opposite line of thinking – never say “no” and her goal is always higher numbers and more projects. It’s not sustainable. I’ve been there for 10 years, the income is reliable, yet I feel stuck! Just wondering if it’s still possible to somehow apply these philosophies in that type of culture (meaning prioritize my goals even if it means I can’t get to all my work) OR if the only solution is to find a new job that’s less overwhelming. I want to carve out time for myself and my side hustle and the day job is making it hard to balance it all. Thank you!

  20. As always wonderful advice Marie – thank you so much for this inspiring reminder !

  21. Megan

    That Skype ringtone… What a blast from the past 😜

  22. As someone who used to run marathons, ultra races and climb mountains, what I’ve learned more recently given I’m working full time and starting up my business, is it’s more important just to MOVE my body everyday. I now focus on stretching for 20 minutes or going for a walk in the evening vs “training”. Not only that, I feel way better and am still is super shape! It’s really just about making those moments for yourself and finding that JPM (joy per minute) moments in your day!

    • teamforleo

      YAY!! I used to run marathons and triathlons but soon came to realize I feel exhilaration from just MOVING my body every day and enjoying the moment and being in the moment. Thank you for sharing Laska!

      – Antoinette

  23. Thank you thank you thank you for this. As an Architect who designs houses, this episode resonates well with me, literally! I wish I could articulate the importance to use an architect as well as you’ve explained it. I just want to keep this video and clip around 9′ to show my network. On the actual episode, I have started to be inflexible with my precious private hours – hours to plan, meditate, affirmations and exercise.

    • teamforleo

      Wahoo!! So glad that the episode made such a difference to you and want to share the content with others.

      – Antoinette

  24. Daisy

    Thank you, Marie for your inspirational advice. I never thought of it that way – your goals are not the problem. It’s how I spend my everyday setting myself up for burn out. Many appreciation, and love, Marie. I love you!

  25. Nikele van Putten

    Thanks for the great talk, appreciate it. Nikele/Drago Nico (spanish Rainbow name).

  26. Super motivating way to kick off the new year and re-think how to create an inspiring schedule!! < 3

    • teamforleo

      So glad you enjoyed the show Bryce! Happy 2021!

      – Antoinette

  27. Libby

    If you’re looking for someone to interview in more depth on preventing burnout, the Nagoski twins released Burnout this past year. Based in a ton of research. Finished it over the break and think getting their word out could be an awesome add to the show!

  28. Marta

    Thank you so much for this inspiring messages, I was thinking on starting some yoga in the mornings but always putting of because I was filling already overwhelmed by so much to do things but now I remembered that what I was postponing is the pillar where to build the rest of the day, thank you!!!

    • teamforleo

      Yay! So glad to hear that the realization of taking care of oneself sets the day.

      – Antoinette

  29. Thanks for sharing an inspirational episode.
    To get going, I follow the four-step STAR process:
    1. Strategy: Review your strategic goals for the month.
    2. Tasks: Identify the tasks that support the achievement of your strategic objectives.
    3. Assignment: allocate time on your calendar to complete your tasks.
    4. Results: commit to your results.

  30. Thank you so much for this inspiring messages

    • teamforleo

      Hello Fardin-

      So glad you enjoyed the episode!


  31. Agree with the scheduling tweaks. I find myself over thinking all the things I need to get done and that can be overwhelming at times. When I start scheduling activities throughout the day, I can see exactly what needs to get done and how much time is allotted to each activity which helps me stay on track.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Clayton,

      Thanks for sharing, sounds like you have a solid plan that works for you! Keep going!


  32. I need to assess my timetable and make self improvements . So I may accomplish my objectives and dreams 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Marie, Gregory, and team Forleo!

  33. That was GREAT! Thank you. I needed this good post.

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