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Before you say “good riddance!” to 2020, slow down and listen up. This is important.

I have some big news to share that’ll help you have more clarity, confidence, resilience, and success in the new year.

It has a lot to do with what my mom used to tell me as a little girl growing up in Jersey. 

“Marie, nothing in life is that complicated,” she’d say from halfway under the sink as she fixed a leak. “You can do whatever you set your mind to if you roll up your sleeves. Everything is figureoutable.”

I talk about this a lot. Everything is figureoutable was the theme of my Oprah talk and the title of my #1 NY Times Bestseller. Why do I keep harping on about it?

You are a one-time mega event in the universe. Don’t waste it. Click To Tweet

Because if you’re having trouble solving a problem or reaching a dream, the problem isn’t you. And it’s not the dumpster fire of 2020, either — truly. It’s that you haven’t yet installed this one belief that changes everything.

So here’s the big, exciting news:

The paperback edition of my bestselling book, Everything is Figureoutable, just launched today!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, my team and I were in New York City doing the book launch to end all book launches. We had a massive event in NYC that kicked off a world tour with in-person gatherings around the globe. How the world has changed.

The Paperback Cover Reveal: New Look, Same Unstoppable Results

When we first released Everything is Figureoutable, I wanted the cover to be powerful, fresh, and exciting.

It took hundreds of hours collaborating with my team and the publisher to create the hardcover design you know and love. We even released a behind-the-scenes MarieTV all about the design process.

When it came to launching the paperback, we had a choice. 

Stick to the original? Or create a whole new design?

You know me — I couldn’t resist a challenge, and I’m thrilled with the result.

Now, you may know that the words “everything is figureoutable” came from my mother’s little Tropicana orange radio. As a little girl, I knew I could find her somewhere around the house by listening for the tinny sound coming from that radio.

This radio became a symbol for me — that everything really is figureoutable — and, since the launch of this book, thousands of you have adopted it as a symbol for yourselves.

This past year I’ve needed the “everything is figureoutable mantra more than ever. Even as I write this, I’m still recovering from an emergency hysterectomy that I definitely didn’t see coming.

But you know what this year of uncertainty, crisis, and change has taught me? What my team, our community, and YOU have shown me again and again?

That everything really is figureoutable — no matter what the circumstances.

To celebrate the life-changing impact of this book, we’re releasing a brand new cover design for the paperback (check it out below). Plus, you’ll get to read stories from folks who’ve used these three words to transform every aspect of their lives. Yes, even during a global pandemic.

I’m grateful I got this book out into the world in time to help people navigate the-year-that-never-ends.

And I’m excited to introduce it to you again in its whole new form.

Featuring, of course, my mom’s orange radio.

You can listen to an excerpt right now on MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast.

Proof That Everything is Figureoutable (Even in 2020 & Beyond)

Want to test human resilience, creativity, courage, and fortitude? How about a pandemic, a social revolution, a harrowing election, and a stacking of personal loss, crisis, economic devastation, and illness? That’ll about do it — thanks 2020, you can stop now.

While I’m eager to welcome 2021, I’m also deeply grateful for getting Everything is Figureoutable out into the world when we did.

Over the past year, we’ve heard from SO many folks who’ve not just read the book, but DONE the book and created extraordinary results in the process. Read these three letters to inspire you to use the figureoutable mindset to create the life you want.

Hi Marie,
I wanted to thank you for your leadership and wisdom. I read your book at the start of this pandemic (back in April, which feels like a century ago now!) and it helped me completely transform my life.

Pre-Covid, I was a “starving artist”, working in a restaurant at night and auditioning for musicals during the day. When all the restaurants in NYC shut down, I knew it was my chance to get out of the restaurant industry for good, and find something else to do for money that would use my innovative creativity and storytelling skills. 

Since April, I have started a thriving digital marketing business, and I’ve picked up 2 part-time jobs — one Creative Director position and one Marketing Assistant position. I cannot believe that in the span of 5 months (and in the middle of a pandemic!) I would be able to find work that I am passionate about.

Thank you so much for all your wisdom and for kickstarting the idea that I could figure out anything if I set my mind to it. I feel like it was fate that I stumbled upon your book when I did.
~Sarah, New York

You don’t have to figure everything out at the same time. This next letter from Ellen shows how figuring out the small stuff first builds momentum to achieve your big dreams and pass on a legacy.

One day my car tire was nearly flat and I had no clue what to do. I remembered Marie’s mantra and Googled my car model and tire air pressure at the gas station and sorted out my flat tire in two minutes. This gave me proof and confidence that everything IS figureoutable. 

I’ve since gone on to get a well paying job and run my own business on the side. I have a range of power tools and my very own toolbox to flip a new four-bedroom house by the sea in Ireland. I passed Marie’s mantra on through word and action to my four children. Three of them have flown the coop and are studying law, accountancy, and psychology. They are living and working independently from me without a single loan. Marie’s mantra is their mantra as well as mine and I know they’ll pass it on to their children in the future.
~ Ellen, Ireland

And then there’s Bradford, who’s story makes me cry and cheer every time I read it.

I just thought I’d share with all y’all my own story of “figureoutable”… I am coming off a 7-year life stint that began with my mom coming down with Alzheimer’s. One day I got a call from my dad who let me know that he had to have my mom picked up and sent to the hospital, at which point we were told she’d never be able to go home again. We knew this day was going to inevitably come but we were devastated. We also had NO IDEA how to handle any of what was happening — or what was to come. 

Long story short, in the throes of heartbreak, we got my mom placed into a good memory care facility and began the process of figuring out the legal and financial matters. Again, with NO CLUE how any of this worked or how it would all come together. Then I had to pack up and sell our family home, move my dad into a new place, get him settled, find out within 6 months of moving in that HE had Alzheimer’s too (!!?!!), sell his new place, move him up to live near me so I could be his caregiver (while working a full-time job), eventually find him a memory care facility, plan their funeral arrangements, and — within the past year — say goodbye to both of them as they passed away. I had no fucking idea going into any of this but, in the end, it was indeed, figureoutable.

So, on the heels of all of that and with a new and deeply profound appreciation for the preciousness of life, I am now wrapping up my job (with healthy savings in the bank, mind you) to start off on a new life journey as an artist. Do I know exactly how I’ll get there? Not really. But now — more than EVER — I know that I’ll figure it out. And I’m thrilled to have your insights and inspiration for my journey into this new chapter.
~Bradford Crowder

Beautiful, right?

This is why I wrote Everything is Figureoutable. The exercises in this book retrain your brain to think more creatively and positively, even in the face of the most horrific setbacks.

It won’t always be easy. Or straightforward. But once you’ve ingrained this belief into your operating system, the inevitable obstacles, pain, devastation, and challenges that come with life won’t be any match for your inner resolve, creativity, and strength. 

Your Future Is Figureoutable

In the comments below, let me know one thing you most want to figure out in 2021. Do you want to sleep train your infant? Start a photography business? Tackle the climate crisis? Sing karaoke? It’s all fair game. Share your dream below — you never know when it might inspire someone else to do the same.

And, if you haven’t already, grab your paperback copy of Everything is Figureoutable.

Remember — no matter what happened in 2020 or what you’ll face in the new year — you have what it takes to figure anything out and become the person you’re meant to be.


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  1. All thanks to you for your support and the support of others to live a better life. I am very grateful to you

  2. Patricia Spahn -Borrageiro

    Marie, (and your whole Team!!)
    you are amazing…..I am still creating my “thang” but I would never have even began the dream if it was not for you….and someday…I wish to be half as good a dancer as you…ok 1/4 I’ll take! 🙂
    will you have some more dance jams soon?

  3. I love the new cover <3 It's slightly more.. whimsical? I think if I didn't know Marie already, the design would definitely get me to pick it up and read the blurb ^_^ Great job!

    In 2021, I want to embrace my wild (my word of the year) and help others do the same. I quietly shared with my mailing list at the weekend that I'm opening up a community for reinventors who want to merge their inner wild instincts with the self help skills and science (I have an MSc in Neuroscience) and have already had 20% of my list say "i'm in." <3
    So my goal for 2021 is to bring that vision to life and help other seekers and self-reinventors like me to harness our inner power. <3

  4. OMG. I LOVE. LOVE. LOOOOOOOOOVE the new cover.
    EEEEEEEverything about it. and so fitting for a paperback.
    In 2021 I’ll be creating MORE, sharing MORE, and enjoying MORE being the CEO of my Self-Magic Branding business!
    Cheers to a New Year, health & happiness! 🎉✨✨✨

  5. I’m already a huge EIFO fan (reading through the book for the third time right now), but it looks like I need to buy another copy just for the cute new cover!

    Thank you for all you do, Marie and Team. Encountering your work has been, and continues to be, life-changing for me.

  6. Love the new cover! I have bought several copies of it in hardback for friends and it was a thrill to get an autographed copy when you were over here in London.
    What I’d love to figure out in 2021 is finding a serviced apartment in Madrid for 4 months (moving there in January for hubby’s job) which will allow my two Bengal cats! AND getting the two cats smoothly into Spain from UK after Brexit. There are a lot of moving parts to this move (and travel rules constantly changing…) but with my guiding mantra “Everything Is Figureoutable”, I know it’ll happen!

  7. The New Cover is amazing!!
    It is filled with joy and zest like you!
    On 2021, I will support the world by helping people being more creative, on a personal level I will give my creativity structure to serve better and be more efficient in every way!

    Thank you Marie for all your beautiful energy and support!

  8. in love with the new look 🧡

  9. Your cover is gorgeous Marie! Like YOU.

    This year my goals are more internal – I have a successful business (thank you B school), loving marriage, good friends, etc.. Most external areas of life have come together – it’s the internal world that still needs work. It’s true that success doesn’t bring happiness or even confidence. I’m determined this year to cultivate more compassion for myself and others…and find more inner peace so I can finally truly celebrate the outer accomplishments.

    Thank you for inspiring much of my journey Marie, happy holidays! 💛

  10. Nicola

    Thank you for all that you do! You are incredibly inspiring and I am sending you so much love and healing vibes for a speedy recovery from England.
    I actually prefer your original cover because it’s great to see an empowered woman like you doing her thang, but I totally understand why you wanted a change.
    2021 for me is about clarity, aligning with my truth and rebuilding my life in every sense. Thank you and god bless 🙏🏾💖

  11. I’m a newcomer to Marie TV and have not read EIFO, YET! Before this pandemic hit I was already suffering from anxiety and being an extreme introvert.
    This 2021 year, I want to implement sincere behaviors that bring about connections. Connections between myself and family, friends, followers, fellow artists, and patrons as well as nature and ultimately our Creator. I’m so ready to figure this out! Thanks for the hope.

  12. I bought, read and did the work in “E-I-F” in 2019. This mindset encouraged me to sell my gym at the end of 2019… good timing no doubt. I’m pursuing my dream as a T2 diabetes health coach in a membership format. So, for 2021, I’m going to tie up loose ends and get this to a 6-figure biz while transforming people’s lives. The “E-I-F” mantra is always there as I work through the tech and bust through the hurdles that stand in the way. This is just a puzzle that I’ll figure out. Thank you, Marie, for being a key piece to this puzzle. This has such a cascading effect, it’s crazy to even comprehend. Rest up and get better Marie. The world NEEDS you!

  13. Misty Sanders

    Thank you Marie! I’m praying for your recovery from your surgery and have no doubt that you will be up and dancing around in no time!!
    I am 53 years old (it still sounds so wrong) and I am a full time caregiver for my 11 year old son who was born with Esophageal Atresia, AV Canal Heart Defect, Laryngeal Cleft and Down Syndrome. He spent the first 2 years and 2 months in two different hospitals (second one in another state) and he’s had 61 surgeries. He is non verbal and still on oxygen and a feeding tube but he’s a miracle many times over!! As I’m writing this, I’m realizing we had no idea what we were doing but with our faith, support and help we figured it out!!
    This year I want to figure out a way to get out of debt and be a giver!!
    I have always lived with insecurity and believed I wasn’t smart enough (no college degree) and now I’ve been believing I’m too old to start something new but I believe that what your mom said and how you live your life because of it is true! And I’m going to figure it out!!
    Thank you!! Love and blessings to you!
    Misty Sanders

  14. So excited to read your book, Marie! It’s in my cart right now!! I know this is exactly what I need to rocket my dream forward of publishing my kids’ magic adventure mystery book…with the bigger purpose of supporting Mother Earth. Thank you for YOUR magic and wishing you a splendid, peaceful, healthy New Year.
    Much love,
    Michele xoxoxo

  15. Phemelo

    I am getting my driver’s license and buying my first car. I am using it in my business and to travel the continent of Africa. I would like to connect with people like me and share their stories with other people who have not had a chance to go out and see how we are all the same and how much love there is out there to be shared.
    Spiritually I am doing great and I am releasing a lot of my fears around who I am and sharing that with others.
    I would like for you to be well Marie. Even if it means you have to leave us for a while or as long as it takes to figure out how to do that. I love you and thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Re a leboga. We are grateful.

  16. Anna

    The shadow makes absolutely no sense. I like whats inside the book though 🙂

  17. Hi Marie – Thank you for all you do, your energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious and you give so generously through your work. So thank you once again. I am a full time artist so 2020 had its challenges for sure but it also gave me the kick in the pants I needed to think and act more creatively. The old way of earning a living was gone but I was not defeated. I knew there had to be a way to not only survive but also thrive as an artist so I found new ways to share my work and earn living from my art. 2020 was the catalyst for change and it has been my best year ever. You and your mom were absolutely right everything IS figureoutable if you have an open mind and a willingness to embrace new challenges and opportunities. Thank you once again for your continued encouragement – You Rock

  18. This is the cutest book cover I’ve ever seen, cannot wait to grab my hands on this new paperback version! 😍😍😍

  19. Adriana

    In 2021 I want to figure out how to be a succesfull woman in the areas which I love – writing books, empower woman to achieve whatever they want. I want to figure out how to earn as much as I need for a comfortable life and still have a lot of freedom to decide what I want to do with my time and energy. I want to figure out how to love and be loved.

  20. I love the personal stories you posted above, and am I right to assume that there are more in the book? Since the orange is the iconic symbol on your book, I have a story to share with you. When I was young I helped some friends out in their food booth at a Saturday Market and made some whole wheat tarts with blackberries and apples that I had picked in order to fly to Hawaii to an island a friend had told me about. While there, I explored a remote valley called Kalalau (meaning ‘valley of cleansing light’, or ‘spirit’; light and spirit are interchangeable in the hawaiian language). I hiked up to the outer reaches of the Hawaiian terraces built by the ancient Hawaiians and on the uppermost terrace next to an insurmountable stone monolith discovered the largest, most magical orange tree I have ever seen. Huge oranges covered the terrace and the tree was overflowing with the orange fruit. They were the largest, most juicy and sweetest oranges that I have ever tasted. Life is full of surprises. Sometimes they can be pleasant ones.

  21. Congratulations Marie! This is one my favorite books of all time. The content plus your style and delivery is on point…truly inspiring.

  22. CW

    I love this new cover! What a beautiful way to honor your Mom and the idea she planted in you 🙂 Plus, the art is dope. Cheers to everyone! May we all live a more awakened life in 2021!

  23. Hi Marie,

    Between your Copy Cure Course and videos, I stay inspired to write and push against my own limits all the while knowing everything truly is figureoutable!! This year, I tackled a ten year old dream- launching my new show Visionaries and Tuthtellers.
    I also began investing for my family’s future and making documentary films. Next year,I’m launching a new online business (don’t know what kind or how and I’ll figure it out).
    Thanks for all you do!

  24. Mary

    My beautiful Marie, you are a gift to this world!
    Love from Mexico

  25. Lisa O'Sullivan

    Love the new cover! Every time I think about you and EIF, I picture the orange radio!

  26. Marie & Team Forleo . . . Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work and efforts ! I tell my story here in the hope that it will help to inspire other entrepreneurs to never, ever give up on their gift that they need to share with the world. Everything is Figureoutable (EIFO) is one of my top books of all time, right up there with the Road Less Travelled by Dr. Scott Peck. I authored a book Marie and know how hard it is to accomplish that goal . . . your story, your writing style and delivery is truly inspiring to me. I’m a huge EIFO fan (I bought, read and did the work in EIFO in 2019) and purchased a copy for my daughter so she will gain the knowledge of your valuable insights. My family & friends have learned my EIFO mantra!
    I can honestly say that discovering your work and B-School has been life-changing for me and now your EIFO book. Love the new soft cover look!
    This year, (2020) I tackled a ten year old dream of launching my online business with my Leadership work. A new website, blog and soon to be released eBook!
    Long story short . . . I did my Master’s thesis work on a new leadership model for the 21st century, then wrote my book the Power of Leadership Foundation First, then did B-School. Then was involved in a rear-end car accident which put me out of commission for quite some time . . . neck/spine injuries and lose of focus & concentration. Worked super hard to recover so I could add value and make a difference with my leadership work. Then worried I was getting too old with 10 years passing me by, then my husband’s cancer scare and my own surgery in 2020.
    B-School taught me everything to start my online leadership business , then your EIFO book made me realize some important things that were key to my own personal & business challenges’ learning and growth:
    – The exercises in your book helped me train my brain to think more creatively and
    positively, even in the face of very challenging setbacks and came to me at just the
    right time when I needed it most [ I believe you need to hear that 🙂 ]
    – EIFO is ingrained in my belief system so that the inevitable obstacles, pain,
    devastation and challenges that ALL OF US will encounter in life (and as as
    entrepreneurs) . . . will NOT be a match for my inner resolve to never give up &
    perservere, think creatively with a growth mindset, and continue to build strength
    & grit to get past the tough stuff! My mantra is EIFO!!
    I definitely feel like it was fate that I read your valuable book. Thank you so very much for all your wisdom and for helping me bring the idea of EIFO to all my personal & professional problem-solving & brainstorming.
    What I’d love to figure out in 2021:
    I am pursuing my leadership work/dream and creating online courses to complement my leadership book so I can add real value & make a real difference in transforming leaders and leadership! I need to figure out the best possible online courses from my book so leaders will take real action! I also need to figure out how to be a thought leader and influencer with my leadership work :)!!
    Your EIFO mantra is always there as I work through all the techy stuff and business start-up hurdles that challenge me. For 2021, I’ve developed my business plan and goals with a timeline to make sure it happens. Now I need to create my own unstoppable action and momentum!
    Sending Love to You & Team Forleo & Wishing You a Speedy Recovery after surgery Marie and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year! The world NEEDS you and we need you!

  27. Marisha

    Dear Marie & Team Forleo,

    Thank you for all you do and give to the world. You have inspired me to grow, change, and find a path to dreams that had been asking for clarity.

    My goals and dreams for 2021 are to launch a health coaching/focused practice and online course, and meet more people. (I’ve others but these are the big ones) I have been introverted much of my life, and I want to embrace that part of personality while sharing the many gifts, knowledge and talents I have with those around me, and make an impact for better in this world while I’m in it.

    Blessings to you all and a speedy, restful recovery, Marie. <3

  28. AH MAH GASH! I loved the original cover so much I couldn’t fathom liking the new cover… yet WOW WOW WOW!!! It’s so great!!! I think they’re both two of the best book covers I’ve seen in a long time. Congratulations 🙂

  29. CONGRATULATIONS, Marie, again!!!
    Your work is my inspiration and my ‘home’ to go back to.
    Looking forward to B-School again and reading your book too.
    Happy New Year!
    May you be healthy
    May you be happy
    May you have joy

  30. Your new book cover is gorgeous !! Loved you on the hardcover cover, and this one is a fresh and vibrant look that’s perfect for paperback. Thank you for your constant inspiration, dear Marie and Team, and these stories you’ve posted here today are hugely uplifting, too!! Wishing you a blessed and awesome New Year, and take it as easy as you need in order to recover beautifully. x0

  31. Johan Swart

    Dear Marie,
    You are such an inspiration, and many thanks for always reminding us of our very special God-given talents.
    As we travel this interesting journey of life, the road will appear!
    Wishing you all of the very best in 2021.
    Take care.

  32. Don Haney

    Reading all these comments is inspiring!
    My first thought when I saw the new cover was, “That will stand out!” I really like it.
    This year, I’ve been typing for myself: “Publishing my eBook and starting my blog is figureoutable.” Both of those things have been done.
    For 2021, my focus will be on driving traffic to my blog. So, “Driving traffic to my blog is figureoutable.”
    Best wishes on your recovery! The world needs that special gift that you have!

  33. Juhanna

    Congratulations Marie! 🎉🎉 The cover design is super cute. 🍊

    I believe can-do attitude is so important and I hope a lot more people on this earth will be able to open their minds so they can believe that “everything is figureoutable”.

    One of my dreams for 2021 is to get my health back on track. And yes I believe it’s figureoutable! I figure, part of it is not to expect too much from myself (at this point of my life), and that’s a huge challenge in and of itself 😱

    Love, 💕

  34. Such a beauty full post, I love this post thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  35. Thank Tyson much for this amazing book! I’ve been reading it over and over again whenever I stumble in my business or life. Especially when I have doubts and fear that I don’t have what it takes to make my nutrition coaching business a success. So in 2021 I really want to figure out how to pivot in such a way that I reach as many people as possible and can help them make more wholesome plant food choices. I want to do that while staying engaged and present with my family. All while having fun 😀 Thank you so much for all your work and encouragement through the years. It means a world to me. Xx

  36. Sher Powers

    You continue to inspire and astound.
    I’m grateful for your sphere of influence shares through social media, blogs, videos, and appearances. You are a force for good! I have just purchased the Kindle version of your paperback to carry and read on my phone and look forward to the continued momentum it offers.
    Though I’ve felt disappointed and limited by the virtual world, I’ve watched your example and determined to find opportunity and make the most of it. You were ahead of the curve, which means I didn’t need to reinvent the process, just emulate until I find my virtual balance.
    Your enthusiasm is contagious, and I’ve been upping my Zoom presence with clients, students, and board members by considering how you work to present as polished, professional, yet authentic. I learned how to light and manage good sound and video. I prepare for meetings and classes, always making sure my makeup, hair, clothing, jewelry are well done, well lit, and good to go. I’ve worked on voice modulation (loved that interview!) and it’s helped me do virtual classes and meetings and keep everyone engaged. I have a mirror next to my computer to remind me to stay present and to have a focused, interested look on my face when someone else is speaking. I’ve taken classes on virtual instructing and presenting, which has helped me learn the technology and continue to improve my serve.
    As I let go of disappointment and embrace what is, I’m finding I enjoy it and love the challenges of creating a virtual presence that I’m proud of. Even in the midst of pandemic, I can deliver excellence!
    Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.
    Thank you for all the ways you touch my life — and happy 2021!

  37. I’m a big fan and would like to give the new paperback version of your book to several people who I think would love your message as much as I do. Where can I find it?
    Also, hope you are feeling better and recover fast.

  38. Rev. Maureen White, EdD, SPHR

    Everything is figureoutable – and shoutoutable.

    Blessings as you recover and surpass your strength
    and Brilliance.

  39. Yes for sure 2020 was unlike anything ever experienced in this world! When 2020 rang in I thought this is the year I’ll start my business, gain financial freedom, get back with my ex, travel… then on March 11 everything shut down. I lost 2 jobs, income cut in half, and had to learn Zoom in a minute, just to name a few!!!!
    Ok, this thing will be over in a month or so I thought…yeah right. Sooooo since then, I have adapted to the quarantine way of life, still thinking we’ll get back to normal. Sure. Cut to Dec 20, 2020, I packed and shipped all my belongings back east, sold my condo and kicked the ex to the curb where he belongs, boarded a plane from San Francisco back to my hometown in Connecticut to live with my mother until I get settled. I’m 62 yrs old.
    Talk about a silver lining. I look at the past 5 years as my Master of Life Degree. I realized that I could teach art to people all over the world because of Zoom!!! Since March, I made friends via the web with other artists from all over the world, became the best teacher (if I do say so myself), kept my teaching position at a junior college in CA, and sharpened my skills that were dormant for years PLUS found the confidence to take on anything. And I mean anything!!!! Yes, I kept saying to myself everything is Figureoutable, and when you let go, things always turn out to be ok. I survived again!!!!! Onward.

  40. Mary

    2021: Finally get an active Website up and running. A Blog or Vlog of some sort….

  41. Stefani

    Hi, I’m Stefani.
    I’m going to figure out how to get into B-School, write and publish a book and become a public speaker.
    Thanks 🙏

    • teamforleo

      Stefani, we’d love to have you if the timing is right for you and your dreams. Stay tuned- B-School 2021 dates will be announced soon!

      – Heather

  42. Hi Marie & Forleo team, happy new year to you all! Love the new book cover, I may treat myself to the paperback version, much easier to read than the Kindle – I like to turn the pages on the books I’m reading, sorry I’m being old fashioned here! Definitely an inspiration and a book to give away to many friends (thanks for the paperback version!!). Best wishes for a prompt recovery, Marie and all the best to the rest of the team xx

  43. Sue

    Thanks Marie, just ordered the book from Amazon! I’m at that time of life but I’m not able to retire so need to figure out how everything is going to work for me as there’s no time to make mistakes.. lol

  44. Amy Rebecca

    Hi Marie! I have been listening to your audio book, in fact just started this morning on listening to it for the second time. I recommend that, by the way….there’s so much I seemed to miss the first time around!
    I bought the paperback to help me with doing the writing exercises. If I can hear And read hard copy of something I absorb it much better.
    So thankful to have discovered you, I NEEDED this book NOW. I first heard of you through Gabby Bernstein. I am sharing your book with my kids and with people I know.
    You are such an encouragment to me. Thanks for what you do!!

    • teamforleo

      Thanks, Rebecca for sharing your insight on the audiobook. We agree with you, listening twice ensures one doesn’t miss out on all of the beautiful nuggets of the learnings! Love to hear that you sharing the book with others too…


  45. Love the whimsical new cover. And I wish you continued health, happiness and a speedy recovery!
    In 2021 I want to restart my indie publishing business. I had to take a health sabbatical for the last 2 years after being diagnosed with two rare chronic illnesses. However, I think I’m finally at a point that I can move forward again (though in a slightly different direction than originally planned).

    • teamforleo

      Wishing you tons of healthy vibes, Kat! Take things one step at a time. -Sarah

  46. Congratulations!

  47. Love the book!

  48. you are amazing, Wishing healthy, happiness and more crativity

  49. Nice to find someone reminding us of our very special God-given talents in this busy life.

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. It’s truly amazing that you have continued your family legacy in craftsmanship; you must be incredibly proud.


  50. Thanks so much for sharing this great information! I look forward to seeing more of your posts as soon as possible!

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