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Great advice everyone’s sick of hearing in 2020:

Look on the bright side!
There’s always a silver lining.
Everything happens for a reason.

Even as a relentless optimist, this year has brought seemingly never-ending reminders that we never know what’s coming next. It’s in these times of uncertainty that we need hope the most.

Today on MarieTV is a woman who knows about the resiliency of the human spirit. Dr. Edith Eva Eger survived the Holocaust, became an eminent psychologist and PTSD expert, and might be my favorite MarieTV guest of all time.

She wrote her first book at age 90 and just published The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life, which should be required reading for all human beings. This is not hyperbolic. I’ve read thousands of books at this point, and I assert this with confidence. 

Edith writes, “I can’t say that everything happens for a reason, that there’s a purpose in injustice or suffering, but I can say that pain, hardship, and suffering are the gift that helps us grow, and learn, and become who we are meant to be.”

I can't say that everything happens for a reason, but I can say that pain, hardship, and suffering are the gifts that help us grow, and learn, and become who we are meant to be. @DrEdithEger1 Click To Tweet

This powerhouse of a woman radiated strength and love throughout our conversation. We laughed. We cried. We high-kicked. She shows us all how to find the gift in everything, especially that which is most painful, difficult, and heart-breaking.

If you’ve ever been… human, this one is a MUST-watch, must-listen, and must-share.

You’ll learn:

1:19 — The story of Edie’s 1st day in Auschwitz & the decision she never forgave herself for.
9:52 — Want a good life? What to say to yourself when you get up in the morning.
10:49 — Why Auschwitz was “hell on earth” and “the best classroom.”
17:03 — How to comfort someone who’s in pain with just 2 words.
23:44 — The secret to staying young (and publishing a book at 92!)
26:42 — Her unbelievable response when a patient said, “I want to make America white again.”
36:34 — The difference between faith and belief.

Watch ‘til the end and you’ll get to see us both high-kick for joy. 

Hit play to watch now or listen on The Marie Forleo Podcast.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn What To Say (and Not Say) When Someone Suffers a Tragedy and How To Turn Negative Vibes into Positive Fuel

What’s your biggest aha or take away from today’s episode with Dr. Edith Eger?

It’s important to take time to reflect because our thoughts are SO powerful. As Edith writes in The Gift, “I now recognize the most damaging prison is in our mind, and the key is in our pocket. It’s possible to break free from whatever holds us back. It’s not easy, but so worth it.”

In the comments below, let me know one thing that is giving you hope right now OR share a time you found the gift in a challenging experience.

Your words are a gift to this community. Thank you for being here and for being YOU.

All my love,


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  1. “Meet people where they are but treat them the way they could be”.
    From here onwards I started taking screenshots… May be 20?
    Simply thank you. Your work has inspired me in a thousand ways, but this interview means all to me.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Maria, we’re so glad that this was a special one for you. Thank you for being here. xo

  2. Thank you – DR. EDITH EGER
    You remind me of my Grandma Miryam that was a holocaust survivor as well, and we miss her a lot.
    Shana Tova

    • Touche, Yonit!

      Shana Tova and gut yontif for this coming Friday. xoxo

  3. I know it’s a bit naughty for me to comment before watching the video. But I just received the email about this Marie TV episode and can’t wait to devour it!

    My grandparents were Hungarian Holocaust survivors. Just a couple of weeks ago on September 2nd this year (2020), it was the 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2. Holocaust survivors are still in living memory, but not for much longer. It’s important to speak to them and hear about their experiences first-hand while you still have the chance.

    Holocaust denial is already a huge issue and there are still Holocaust survivors alive today to tell the tale. Imagine how much Holocaust denial there will be by the time we reach the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 2, which is only 25 years away. I can’t even bear to think about it.

    Thank you so much, Marie, for doing this interview and using your enormous platform to share the stories and lessons from one of the few remaining Holocaust survivors.

    Shalom xoxo

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing these words with all of us, Elly. Here’s to sharing their stories so that others may bear witness to their strength and hearts. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we have. Dr. Eger is a gift.

      • I’m 5 minutes in and already loving it! Thanks again for choosing such an important interview subject – if for no other reason than because time of the essence. Holocaust survivors will all be gone soon.

        So far, it’s heart-breakingly relatable. My grandparents were also Hungarians from Budapest. My grandmother’s sister’s name was also Magda (it was only Magda and my grandmother who survived – their mother, father and all brothers and sisters didn’t.)

        There’s a chance Edith may have even know them or their family. My grandmother’s name was Clara Hoffman. Her married name (and my dad’s name) is ‘Klein’. I’m married, but kept my Jewish last name. Couldn’t bear to part with it. My husband totally understood.

    • Louise

      There is so much we can learn from the Holocaust survivors, their gifts through their experiences are ours to apply to make the world a better place, to live and not to chose defeat. So true when you lose everything you realise how much you had.

  4. Maria Hernandez

    Loved this interview with Edith, what a powerful lesson ?? Thank you.

  5. Zdenka

    This is one of the most beautiful interviews you’ve done. I have tears in my eyes … Thank you both <3

  6. Catherine Nelson

    As I scrolled through emails this caught my attention. What a gift this morning. Such wisdom. Thank you.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you opened our email, Catherine. Thank you for being here with us.

  7. Marie!
    For some reason I woke up super early today and decided to listen to your stunning interview with Edie. I was riveted, pulled in by her incredible story and felt transformed by the sharing of her journey.
    Curiosity, self-love, and choosing to respond – not react.
    Thank-you, Marie and Edie.

  8. dra

    Thank you so much, you moved me so much. Words and sentences that are so empowering and which guide you to keep going and see the positive, look for the positive. I hope many people of all ages will listen to ?DEAR (dear…) Dr Edith Eva Eger. WOW!!!
    ? Maria you are GREAT!!! thank you so much for every video, words. Beautiful interview.
    Have A Great DAY, MONTH, YEAR…. ??????
    ?Health to all?

    • Dra

      Maria=Marie 🙂 ?

  9. Anne-Marie Dekker

    I will be watching this interview again and again. Thank you, Marie and Dr. Eger. My middle of the night awakeness truly awakened me.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We will too, Anne-Marie. Dr. Eger’s words and presence are a gift to us all.

  10. Magdalena

    I was enjoying listening the story of dr.Edith and the terrible experience in Auschwitz, bringing her and to others strenght and wisdom , giving her purpose to help people who suffers through the life. She gives the best advices ever. I love watching Marie Forlie videos. Thank you Marie for giving us the opportunity to hear all the good and not so good stories, from people all around the world. I like you a lot. BEST WISHES, MAGDALENA FROM SKOPJE

  11. Stephanie

    Wow! This was the most powerful interview I have ever had the privilege of watching. I cried from start to finish and received more gifts for my body, mind, and spirit. I am so grateful to both of you. Caboose to engine is my new moto!

    • Camilla

      I felt the same way! This intervju was filled with so much power, truth and joy of life, it really resonated deep within my soul.

  12. Camilla

    what a beautiful space to be in. I write to let you know the impact, the meaning and strength this message brought me. SO needed in this world, to give permission and support each other and ourselves to heal our wounds and also at the same time really celebrate life! What a gift. Marie and Edith, thank you for your inspiration and your work. Sending you lots of gratitude and good energy, Camilla.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing this with us, Camilla. Here’s to all of us celebrating today and maybe throwing in a high-kick or two.

  13. Such an amazing and inspirational story. Thank you Marie and Dr. Edith Eger for sharing your gifts with us. The choice and spirit is something that no one can take away from us, unless we decide to give it up freely. Love your high-kicks.

  14. Shilpa Amarendrababu Sujatha

    The interview was filled with so much power, wisdom and knowledge. This is surely a must watch for everyone as we are going through unprecedented times! Thank you Marie and Dr. Edith Eger for this powerful session?

  15. Kattia Chavarria

    This is exactly what I needed to listen to this morning! I have listened over an over. So much to learn. This is by far the most meaningful interview for me from MarieTV . I want that book like yesterday. THANK YOU!!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We appreciate you listening and sharing these words with us, Kattia. May the book touch your life and continue Dr. Eger’s teachings for you and all of us. She is such a gift.

  16. Karen Drilling

    What a touching interview took me from joy to sorrow! When Edie talked about how spirit told her to find the bigot in her and she found compassion for the youth who just discussed killing all Jews I knew this is one of the lessons I am learning! Wow great interview, what an inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing the lessons that you’re learning here with us. Dr. Eger’s example of finding compassion at that moment is one that will stay with many of us for a long time.

  17. I had a beautiful cry at that one Marie. Even better, I had a visualization of myself at 95 and I loved how I felt about myself. One of the things I’ve been working on is called “toxic optimism” when you stay in a situation that is toxic because you think it is going to get better. When Eddie spoke about her childhood experiences, I really got it, that living in a toxic environment because you keep telling yourself that things will get better is very different from being optimistic. It’s like being in prison with the door wide open. It’s your choice to leave.
    Her optimism is based on knowing that there is always a choice, and to choose what will move you forward to live your best life. If you lose sight of your choices, you no longer see the wide-open door.
    Thanks again Marie, you certainly have some amazing guests and you truly influence the tone and message of those fantastic interviews.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Tammy, may every beautiful thing about that vision of yourself at 95 come true. You deserve it all, and more. Sending you so much love.

      • Tammy

        Thank you Heather, much love back at you and the team!

  18. Stephanie Chia

    God knew I needed this. I lost my closest cousin to brain cancer in March 2020, when Covid19 started to cause massive havoc around the world. He was 33. I flew back overseas after we bid him farewell by placing his ashes in the sea, but I went straight into quarantine/isolation all by myself without my family. I’d been see-sawing through my emotions, not knowing how to handle grief for the first time, missing him SO much, and feeling awful just texting my friends / enjoying the nice weather / allowing myself to laugh at jokes. I lost my appetite for making small talk – everything seemed to pointless and I was trying to reconcile this with my faith, navigating loneliness, a different world and a crushing loss. I felt no one would understand, my friends wouldn’t want to hear me talk about it, and I didn’t want to be a burden.

    The word ‘permission’ was so powerful. The tears just started coming. When Marie also started tearing up, I felt something crack. Perhaps a wall that I’d put up to help myself get through this, perhaps I’d wanted to stay strong because I didn’t want my family to worry. But if I can dance again even though my beloved cousin is gone, although I miss him so bad that my stomach hurts. His spirit lives. It doesn’t make things magically better instantly, but I feel lighter.

    Thank you, Marie and Edith. As a person who survived being trapped in a house fire 11 years ago, having sustained injuries and lost everything instantly, I came back stronger and more resilient. I discovered a much deeper level of compassion and empathy from the incident. I found God in the most miraculous way.

    But grief… grief has been a really different beast altogether. I was so ill-equipped to handle it. However, Edith is right. It’s not “Why me, and why our family?” It’s “What now?”

    And my second life lesson begins. I’ll also head down to my wonderful neighbourhood Readings Bookstore to pick up Edith’s book.

    A most sincere heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you for bringing this video to us. 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Stephanie, thank you for sharing your heart, words, and perspective here with us. We’re so sorry about the loss of your beloved cousin. May your amazing attitude and reflections carry you through the beautiful days- and the difficult ones too. Here’s to all of us asking, “What now?” with compassion and acceptance- and love. xo

      • Stephanie Chia

        Oh, thank you Heather for your kind wishes and acknowledgement. Indeed, here’s to all of us asking “What now?”. Hoping that 2021 will be much kinder to us, but we can all start by being kinder to each other certainly.
        xoxo Steph

  19. So good to hear elder wisdom, thank you Marie for bringing her voice here! She reinforces the wisdom that never changes and the strength of the human heart.

    What I’ve found during this time that people need a witness. To have someone openly listen with compassion. It’s not always easy to do this, when there is so much. When she says this same perspective of listening, it felt so comforting that even in moments of listening and witnessing that we are doing great work.

  20. My biggest take away from the fabulous interview was: “when someone throws out the rope, don’t pick it up” and “while you blame, you are still a child”. Such an amazingly powerful interview with many gold nuggets of wisdom. I took so many notes!!! <3

  21. As a counselor, in recovery for 28 years (from sexual abuse & neglect followed by substance use disorder), that was “everything you need you know about life”! I will be listening over and over to this one and sharing it in all my clients! WHAT A GIFT THANK! Thank you, Edy and Marie!

  22. Marilyn Haverly

    When the student is ready… Well, I was not only ready I was feeling desperate. Being reminded in such a beautiful way of the ability to choose a response even in challenging circumstances was just what I needed,–along with all the other heartfelt wisdom I heard in this conversation. I’m grateful and I’m going to get this book. Thank you for all you are and for what you offer, Marie!


  23. Joe Themens

    Thank you so much Marie
    What a powerful message from Edith. This is the absolute truth of oneself and I’m anxious to discover more through her book “The Gift”. Thanks again.

  24. Linda Freeman

    Thank you for bringing her and her powerful message on your show. I loved her approach…” sounds like…. and a feeling word.” “You’ve got to keep their feelings company” is just brilliant.

  25. Marie and Edith, I couldn’t possibly express myself well enough with words but so glad to see you – hear you and share you!

    My grandparents had my parents during the second world war in Europe and I have many times wished that this generations voices should be heard on full volume all over the world – now – this is som good.

    All Love to You and all the Stars involved

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We appreciate your words, Catrine. Thank you for sharing them with us. Sending love right back to you.

  26. OMG!! Marie, this was such an incredible moment of inspiration from you and your wonderful guest, the author of “the Gift “. It’s been absolutely amazing to listen to this wonderful podcast and interesting conversation about life and gifts that we all have within ourselves!! Absolutely remarkable!! Love you both for this amazing insight and thank you for keeping me inspired!! ? xx??

    • Rita Dee Porter

      One of the most epic interviews I’ve ever watched. My heart is full and the tears keep coming. So many jewels in one sitting! Absolutely amazing!!

  27. Wendy McClure

    Outstanding and powerful message Eddie! And Marie!! Forgiveness and self-Ish were my Ah ha moments. The past is gone but live your life in love and happiness – it is a choice! Thank you thank you!!

  28. Jane

    Oh Marie, what a beautiful interview! I cried at different points, but was left with an overwhelming feeling of compassion. For Dr. Eger, and for all who suffer in any way. What a beautiful, inspiring soul. She is a beacon of light and wisdom, and so my dear, are you. Thanks so much for sharing! xo
    Ps. I will be getting/giving this book STAT!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Dr. Eger is a beacon of light and wisdom, Jane. You’re so right. May that feeling of compassion stay with you and fill your tank today and the days going forward. We’re so glad you’re here with us. xo


    I will treasure this gift you gave us Marie. So much forgiveness and love to be shared.
    Thank you so very much.

  30. I love the concept of not arguing with others. I have heard “defense is the first act of war”, and the way you talk about not arguing here really drove that message home.

  31. Thank you so much Marie and Edith for connecting us to something so much larger than ourselves. Faith and love. What an incredible gift. Grateful to be a part of this.

  32. So many beautiful nuggets. The one that I most needed in this moment was NOT to hear that my struggles pale in comparison to those of others; to “look at the bright side”. Instead, I remembered that every pain and struggle is an invitation to grow and evolve and get live in ways that more strongly demonstrate my true essence. This interview helped me to shift from a place of a lack of faith and not believing in me. Thank you so much.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Yes, Cheryl. Yes. Here’s to you seeing that beautiful essence that’s within you through each and every experience of your life.

  33. Veronique RAMBAUD

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this interview with us. Dr Eger is a wonderful role model. I felt very touched by “it’s not why me, it’s what now?” and the phrases about victimisation. I am undergoing a depression, and I think these words will help me on my way. Thank you

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Veronique, may what Dr. Eger shared in this conversation walk beside you as you carry on your way. We see you.

  34. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to see two of my favorite women and biggest inspirations come together here! As someone who has had a major health scare this year, the two points that resonated most were, “The question is not ‘why me?’, but ‘what now?'” and “I go through the valley of the shadow of death, but I don’t camp there.” We have the power to choose hatred or love in every situation, the power to choose to linger in the darkness or to look for the light. Thank you so much both Edie and Marie for sharing your light for all to see. Can’t wait to read the book!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We DO have the power to choose, Aviva! YES!

  35. Tal

    Suffering comes to us to awaken us to a higher truth. To greater love. I loved that she asked God about those “messengers”, and the answer she found was “find the bigot in you”. It is the most powerful truth. We see the world as we are…if we can correct ourselves, we will see a beautiful world out there.

  36. Oh, my goodness. Words are not cut the mustard right now for what I just had the pleasure to see. Thank you. I just bought 2 copies -can’t wait!

  37. Michelle Bueche

    I truly loved everything you both said. I agreed with Dr. E. :). Marie, you are a good interviewer – great listing skills and knowing when to interject. Many things she said I am in practice of already, however listing to her put a whole new perspective on the words “respond vs react”. Everything she said she brought so much shining light and love to, my god she was the Gift as well!! Thank you for sharing her with us. I am getting her book as well as the one she spoke of on BoyHood. I’m leaving the interview with great motivation moving forward in my life as well as acceptance of where I am at and the peace of the permission of putting on my curiosity hat!-everyday!! I feel by doing this, putting on the curiosity hat, you then “let go” = peace & freedom.
    Thank You!

  38. Anati Bloch

    Thank you Dr. Edith Eger and Marie,
    What an inspiring outlook – the freedom of choice is the key to a happier life. ♥
    Wishing you health, longevity and Shana Tova!

  39. Charlene

    What an amazing interview! An incredible woman with such an inspiring story and hope for all of us struggling through different things in our lives. I lost my daughter to cancer when she was 23 so the part about the spirit always being alive gave me such peace. I tend to look at my life in “before” and “after” time periods but this has inspired me to embrace the 23 years that was given to me to appreciate every moment I was blessed with. Thank you Marie for another wonderful, heartfelt interview. You are a gift to all of us!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so sorry about the loss of your daughter, Charlene. May what Dr. Eger’s shared here today give you a little gift in addition to the presence of your daughter’s spirit. We’re sending you so much love today.

  40. Leah

    The part that resonated with me was the piece Marie read at the end of the interview. I struggle with the idea that “everything happens for a reason.” I struggle because I can’t believe that so many are meant to suffer so horribly, but I can get on board with finding the lesson in that suffering and not letting the suffering alone define you.

  41. Michelle Bueche

    LOOKING FOR THE BOOK SHE MENTIONED ON BOYHOOD. Any Chance you can ask her again. Thanks. I have a 15yr boy, I believe he can prosper from somehting like this, coming from a single mother.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Rosana Alberto

      Hi Michelle,
      I’m a single mom of a boy too, and was very intrigued to read it myself when she mentioned it. In fact, I was just googling it… The book (a novel) is called “Boyhood” by Leo Tolstoy, and it’s part of a trilogy that also includes “Childhood” and “Youth”. I hope this helps ?

      • Michelle

        Thank you so very much for reaching out and providing this information. I greatly appreciate it! Wishing you all the happinest! 🙂

  42. Rosana Alberto

    Every second of this interview was permeated with wisdom, light and love. Every sentence born of this fiery spirit felt like a gift, a confirmation for my soul. I hope as many people as possible get to watch this beautiful interview.
    Thank you, Marie, for sharing the gift Edith is with us; She IS the message! Her life’s journey and choices are indisputable evidence that everything in life is, as you say, Figuratable ?

  43. What an amazing woman and I can’t wait to read her book(s). I love the quote you posted because it really struck a chord. About 6 months after being hit by a car while crossing a crosswalk with my dog (the driver was turning left and didn’t see us) and suffering life-threatening injuries, I knew I was lucky to be alive but I was quite upset when someone asked me if I thought maybe it happened for a reason. That maybe it was a sign that something needed to change in my life. I felt very strongly that no, my life was great and this really threw a wrench in it. Perhaps a bit like this pandemic has for almost everyone! I think the way she put it is perfect. It’s not about whether something happens for a reason but it’s how you deal with what happens to you. You can either let it take you down and keep you down or you can grow from it. I chose and continue to choose growth.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep healing and growing, Vanessa. We hope that you’re on the mend and stronger than ever. Thank you for sharing your a-ha and perspective here so that others may see and feel it. We appreciate you so much.

  44. Karley

    Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. Women of love, healing and true strength.
    So many things said for me to sit and reflect on. As a step mom I often get a lot of hostility. I can choose not to be the victim. Choose the path of love.

  45. Ezza Kamarul

    This interview makes me feel that all my problems are so small, considering what Dr. Edith had to endure. Dr. Edith, thank you for all the great lessons. This interview reminds me to check in with my humility always. Thanks, Marie and team, for doing such a fantastic job.

    E.K. Daniels

  46. Wow‼️?‼️ What a privilege to be able to see and hear what Edie shared‼️?‼️ SO MANY WISE INSIGHTS it’s impossible to pick just one … As much as this could come off as cliché it TRULY IS SUFFERING that allows us to Learn, Grow & Build Personal Strength. And that suffering Prepares / Equips Us to Help others through their struggles. Not based on similarity and as Edie states definitely not in the mode of comparison, but in the spirit of understanding and compassion. Thank You Marie for featuring Edie. I’m definitely sharing this interview and looking forward to “Gifting” myself with “The Gift”?❤️‼️
    Stay Strong & Share Your Strength,


    Thank you. Shana Tova. You are a gift.

  48. Kate Sanders

    Thank you as always Marie. I really look forward to your Tuesday podcasts. The thing which resonated with me most was the phrase “meet people where they are but treat them the way they could be”. The interview brought tears to my eyes too. Doing a high kick now from my computer chair.

  49. Carol

    So beautiful ?. Edith is an inspiration to all and I will take so much of her with me for the rest of my journey. Thank you Marie!!!

  50. Maria

    This was wonderful. What an inspiring interview. Thank you SO MUCH! I will watch it again and again.

  51. Echoing the comments so many have written here before me, there was something extra that really touched me. This possibly made the whole interview so much more powerful (aside from the blessed wisdom, of course). The directness in Edith’s answers. No extra fluff, just the important stuff. There was nothing said that wasn’t truth and between each truth was space. She left us, as listeners, the space to take in the truth of what she was saying. I found that to be an honour as she was clearly honouring us as witnesses to truth. Loved this!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Great observation, Lucy. You’re so right, her answers were truth and just that. No fluff. Pretty amazing to witness, right? Thanks so much for being here to see it all.

  52. Jennifer Colbert

    Marie, this was an amazing episode. And you are right, everyone should hear Eddie’s words. We don’t have to live in the past, but we can gain knowledge and wisdom and strength from the past. It was definitely an emotional journey and I am so glad you shared with us. Thank you, Eddie. Thank you, Marie.

  53. Cindy P Cyr

    What a beautiful woman. So much wisdom here it’s hard to pick just one gem. A few of them… Prison is in your own mind, the key is in your pocket; What to say to someone when they are down, depressed –that will be so helpful I’m going to have to put a note up so I remember it; If you don’t like you, why should someone else like you; Find the gift in everything.
    Truly a brilliant interview… Dr. Eger is an inspiration. I’ll be getting her book. Thank you for introducing me to her!

  54. Debbie

    What a gift you both are in the world! The light shining from both your eyes was so bright and beautiful! This interview was powerful in countless ways…my favorite part was all of it! I just ordered the book and can’t wait to read it. Thank you so very much for sharing this illuminating interview! <3

  55. Maura

    What a gift to listen to this interview today. I was especially struck by the idea that if you are still blaming someone else, you are still a child. And, truly, there were so many more powerful insights in this interview. I cannot wait to read the book.

  56. Paula

    What an amazing and beautiful spirit Dr. Edith is. Marie you always bring us the best! Of course I cried throughout the whole thing. Tears of appreciations and love. (oh…I’m buying her book, too…)

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re sharing tissues, Paula. We understand. xo

  57. kim martinez

    Biggest takeaways- “It takes two to fight and one to stop” and responding with, “Sounds like…insert feeling word.” A beautiful interview. Thank you.

  58. Wonderful interview! There are certain Truths that become more clear in a prison envronment and E. E. expresses them quite well. (good questions, M.F.! I love your work, too). I am writing a book about my similar experiences which can hopefully lead people to empowering choices. I find both of you inspiraitonal! Blessings to you.

  59. Marie,
    Thank you for sharing this interview with Edie. To see so much life in this wonderful 92 year old woman is so inspiring. I am going to go and buy both of her books for my dear friends & family. Love <3
    Lori Jolin


    Beautiful woman and inspiring interview, thank you for this!

  61. Simone

    Brought a tear to my eye, this interview. So fresh, so uplifting, so thankful for showing us this interview and for Edith’s teachings. God Bless.

  62. ~Inspiration overload~

    Is there a feeling beyond love, a feeling that surpasses it? This is what I am bursting with and have no words to describe.

    “Find your bigot”…..then, “Please tell me more…”.

    The courage, love, awareness and control of self that Dr. Edith Eger expressed in that moment where all others would likely have raged and fought has left me in awe.

    I can’t wait for The Gift to arrive so I can devour it’s pages of inspiration❤️

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      She shared so many lessons in this conversation for all of us, Leesa. We’re so honored and glad that you are feeling inspired and full of love. What a gift!

  63. RuAnn

    Oh Marie and Dr. Edith – I was so excited to see that this conversation was taking place. The Choice is an incredible book and a must read – but these moments hearing her words and insight and feeling the tenderness within her leaves me with so many notes and so much to think about. I would assume that we all were crying. Thank you for every minute of this interview. Truly beautiful.

  64. Christina

    DUDE!!!!! It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to sit and listen to the goodness that is Marie Forleo. How fitting that a Holocaust survivor is able to connect to me directly what I need to hear. I legit have a pile of cue cards in Front of me while listening, rewinding and listening again for those nuggets of wisdom. I usually have my MF coiled notebook but I wanted to write the key items on my cards…..and now I have a pile lol.
    The past year has been SO stressful. Wedding, baby, husbands cancer diagnosis, me working full time with some help but it was often not “helpful”…… and now it’s been a friggin year. I needed this. Thank you.
    My main takeaways are several- here is what spoke to me most today:
    – Perfectionism leads to procrastination (let’s just say I had a HUGE lightbulb moment)
    – I can kill with my eyes and I can love you with my eyes
    – we are victimized NOT victims
    – Love is the ability to let go (and let God)
    – nobody is coming (do it yourself)
    – the body talks, you just have to listen. This one is what I tell my patience allllll the time.
    – last but not least, there is no forgiveness without rage.

    I had a terrible hip pain that I couldn’t release. And it’s my job to release soft tissue pain. Turns out, I was holding (literally) onto something that wasn’t serving me anymore. So I let it go. Like magic no more pain. Also, I am a perfectionist. But now that I’ve been able to identify that it’s unhealthy and have it reiterated that I’m a procrastinator is REALLY the truth. Want it to be SO perfect that I’ll need forever to get to it.

    Thank you for this interview. I laughed, I cried, I listened; I healed.

  65. I speak about personal drive, but “hunger for attention” is not far off it. And on a biological level, it’s all dopamine.

    But I loved these two phrases, which were both new to me:

    “The opposite of depression is expression”
    “Hope is an investment in curiosity”

    They both feel true on a deeper level, and definitely brought me into a space of reconsidering how I perceive expression in particular, as I’ve only been journalling for a few months.

    So grateful for sharing her story <3

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    Thank you, Dr. Edith and Marie, for touching my heart and reminding me that I have the key in my pocket… to open the prisons of my mind. I can hear you, Dr. Edith and love that I have you with me, reminding me of these gifts that are everywhere if I will be curious enough to look. Thank you both.

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    To suffer so much in life and to live passed 90, woohoooo- more power to her!!!
    1. The first thing she mentions is how she was separated from her mother by the evil- that is exactly what is happening to us today. The social distancing and the masks are just the begging of the abuse that we will be facing in the future if we allow socialism to take place. We are being manipulated by the Green Deal and COVID.
    2. She talks about seeking approval-something that we all suffer from since childhood
    3. Seeking permission-same coming from childhood
    I am so grateful that she is writing about this. It took me a long time to live my life with conviction and not seek approval. God Bless her and may she live many, many, more years. We need people like her to remind us what it means when our freedom is taken away from us.

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    Thank you!

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      Thank you for sharing this with others, Donna. We believe the more people that ear from Dr. Eger the better. We’re all changed for having witnessed her presence and words.

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    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Rachel. She’s remarkable isn’t she? Well, so are you.

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    As a spiritual director, I will post this on my wall: “It is up to me to create an environment where somebody can feel any feelings without being judged! WOW!
    Thank you so much for this powerful conversation!” Dr. Edith Eger

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Bettina, we’re so glad that Dr. Eger’s words in this conversation could release you from guilt. What a beautiful gift and we’re so glad that you took the time to share it with us here. Be well.

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    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing these powerful experiences with all of us, Kathleen. Your time capsule idea is a pretty cool one. What a memory and experience for all of you.

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    • Heather- Team Forleo

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      We think this is the perfect one to save your comment for, Kimberly. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. And thank you for being here today. xo


    .. Thank you so very much for the talk with Dr.Edith.I have struggled with the difficult memories & emotions of Auschwitz-Birchenau since I was age 15.This one was very heart-opening & inspirational! CHEERS to Edith for coming-through and Blessings to Marie for having the heart to share…

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      Rob, we sincerely hope that Dr. Eger’s words can give you a small gift of healing today. We see you. Thank you for being here with us.


        Thank you very much Heather!….

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    I am suffering at the moment from so much stress, going to the doctor with all my symptoms, he tells me, what you have to do is to FORGIVE! let go of the anger and the stress will go away.
    And then Dr. Edie comes along with Marie, ….
    This was really a great help, and I’m going to listen to this interview again and again, until I will make changes in my life.
    Wow, I am in total AWE of you Dr!!!!
    I wish you many many more healthy and good years, and you should always be an inspiration to the world
    Happy and healthy Shana Tova (new year)

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Rifki, we hope that you find relief from your symptoms soon. May this conversation be a source of ease and compassion for you and your journey. We’re always wishing you the best.

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      Maike, you make a great point. Each of our episodes come with Closed Captioning. If you click the CC in the lower right-hand corner of the video, you’ll also see a little “gear” icon on it’s right. If you click that, the Closed Captioning can be switched into any language as YouTube allows “Auto-Translate” in numerous languages. We hope that helps!

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    Marie and Edith touched me deeply today. So many wisdoms that really, really make sense. Today I also connected a few other Marie Forleo dots though. Specially the one: ‘stop proving that you are great, embrace your greatness’ . Connected to Edith Eger’s words (in her book and in today’s interview) it all comes together. It tells me that I have the greatness in me to graciously deal with all that’s happening now. The only thing I need to do is to embrace that greatness. So from now on: I will stop proving, start living&healing&caring&believing and thus, in honour of myself, Edith Eger and our beautiful planet, I will be wonderful me. Thank you Edith, for being who you are and writing about it. And thank you Marie for once again putting Edith in the frontlight. You are so right, everybody needs to read edith’s books.

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    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Mary, we love reading your words and how you can provide yourself with freedom. What a beautiful sentiment and gift. Here’s to more joy, love, and hope in the world. Thank you for being a part of it.

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  140. Truth. In every moment of our lives, and even in the face of death, no one or no thing can take away what’s inside of us and what we choose to do in each moment and how we choose to respond. Listening to Edith brought me back to one of the most powerful novels I have ever read called “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. It is about that. Thank you Edith and Marie for keeping your hearts wide-open throughout this interview. We, the viewers, got to witness your spirit. What a blessing!

    • Charlie Aitken

      That book has stayed with me too, Donna.
      Thank you for your beautiful summation above, I shall use this when discussing resilience with my own daughter.

  141. Leo

    Such an inspiring, moving and intense interview. So much practical wisdom and countless aha moments.
    What I am taking with me is “transforming hatred into pity”. Opening up our eyes and listen to the person who is telling something that we don’t agree upon is such a great lesson that I will treasure for the rest of my life.
    Love and respect and thank you.

  142. Marie,
    I have been following you for years and have heard so many great interviews, but this one? It brought me to tears…and I have watched Dr. Edith since her first book came out. I was so compelled by her story that I watched her Ted talk, other interviews. This one was especially poignant because of the time we are living in and the way she channeled her powerful story into advice for this period of history. Her heart is so huge and her wisdom so vast, and as she said, you did a beautiful interview that elicited so much humanity. Thank you both and I am ordering “The Gift”. Dr. Edith, you are a profound gift to the planet.

  143. Charlie Aitken

    “You may be victimised, but its only you who chooses to be a victim”

    I may have paraphrased there, but this really stood out to me. I have a daughter who is struggling with navigating friendship groups, after returning to school following nearly 6 months of lockdown. I will sit with her and explain this idea, that no matter what anyone says to her, she has the power to not let it affect her. Her teacher labelled her an ‘absorber’ and perhaps now I should not be allowing her teacher to label. But, it speaks to her personality of taking absolutely everything on board though, and feeling it all. Her feelings are valid and important, but I will do my best to encourage her to think, “What next” is what really matters, and how she is going to become more resillient in herself.

    Thank you for this beautiful episode. I cried, I laughed, I took notes and I’ve ordered the book! xxxx

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Your daughter is so lucky to have your support! We happen to see sensitivity as a superpower, underlined by kindness and compassion. Wishing the very best to both of you!

      • Charlie Aitken

        Sensitivity as a superpower – never thought of it like that before. I’ve read your comment to my daughter and she’s beaming from ear to ear – we are talking about her superpower and she loves that idea! Thank you Maja x

  144. Celine

    Thank you! I would like to become a psychologist and this talk was so valuable. I feel blessed that Dr. Edie shared her story with us and her clients and the world through her books. She is a good role model to be happy and fulfilled.

  145. I am changed for good. First, now I know the words to say to a depressed or hurting person. My biggest takeaway was gleaning the vital insight in the words I wrote to me during this interview ~ I’ve been a victim to mom’s suppression of X event. ~ As obvious as it is now, I could not see my life from this angle. I’m giving this mentality up right now, thank you.

  146. This interview was INCREDIBLE! For someone to go through something so horrific and then turn around and use it to help other people……it really makes you re-evaluate your own life. At least for me it did.
    Marie, you handled the interview with such grace.
    Thanks so much for sharing Dr. Edie with us.
    Her book goes into the ever growing pile

  147. OMG!
    Just viewing this interview was a GIFT in itself. I’m currently writing a screenplay based in Shoah (the Holocaust) and little did I know a big piece of my own personal growth was in that. To hear Edie speak is so wonderful. Her story, her perspectives and wisdom have given me the courage to look within in once more. Now I have deep hope that forgiving my own brother for his transgressions is actually possible, and forgiving myself for not seeing earlier how deep and wide our family swamp is. Edie is a super hero! Anyone who can emerge from such horrors and not just live, but THRIVE and BE so wonderfully happy and wise is truly a miracle. People like her give me renewed hope for humanity…and myself.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Morgan, reading your note had us tearing up. How beautiful that Dr. Edith’s story has opened up the possibility of forgiveness for you. We are so grateful you’re here. Sending you the biggest Team Forleo hug!

  148. Joy

    WOW. What a gift indeed. Thank you so much, Marie. THIS, THIS gave me such hope right now. My gosh, such insanely challenging times. And my mind has been my prison for so long. I pray I am brave enough to figure out how to do the necessary work so that I can eventually pass on the gift, as she says. Tears flowed as she repeated, ‘The spirit never dies.” May we all cling to that. And may we all have the ability to express ourselves fully in this life, no matter what comes our way, and may we always find the lights along our paths and be thankful for the timely, incredibly wonderful inspirations that move us and give us hope.
    “None of us were prepared for this, but what you do with it, you have a choice.”
    “…Not to say, why me, but WHAT NOW?”
    Mic drop.
    Thank you for blessing me, Dr. Edith. Much love to all. Stay safe, well and encouraged.

  149. Beautiful! Hearing to be “for” something and not against. So simple, yet so profound and is a life changer.

  150. Thankyou for the incredible gift of creating this interview with Dr Edith. This was such a compelling interview with so much wisdom to savour. The book is on its way and I can’t wait to read it. Thank you again for sharing Edith’s wisdom far and wide. Xxx

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We hope you love it as much as we did, Carmen. Thank you for being here!

  151. This just changed many ways in which I look at life. I cried. It was so deep. Thank you for the amount of wisdom you share.

  152. Linda

    Beautiful message. Ten years ago I got a tattoo that says, in Latin, “the spirit never dies.” I never knew why it was a message I wanted to wear permanently until I listened to this interview. It comforts me even when I forget it’s there.

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    I always enjoying Marie’s interviews but this one was my very favourite of all time on so many levels. I’ve shared it everywhere!

  154. I finally watched this and boy am I glad that I did. What a treasure she is. Thank you for introducing me to her.

  155. Laura

    Tears running down my face. And smiles as I heard this beautiful podcast episode. Thank you.
    I go through life believing everyone is a teacher. And I loved the lessons that were taught here. To never forget and to use the enormous power that we all have. The power of choice.
    Life is a gift. Observe – as a photographer I do this constantly. And smile with your eyes. YES! Looking right into your soul. X

  156. Irene

    Watched, listened and shared!!
    Thank you so much Edie for your words of wisdom!! And thank you Marie for giving us the chance to hear them!! God bless you all!!

  157. Oh my goodness…an extraordinary interview…and extraordinarily woman – a gift to us all. ?? Thank you for introducing us to Edith. Book on order! ❤️

  158. The overarching theme my heart connected to is “we are going through this, we don’t have to live here.” We may be victimized but we do not have to own the archetype of the victim. Such wisdom for turbulent times. These last few years, I feel more anger than I ever have in my life. That anger sometimes turns to depression and shame. So, when Dr. Eger said, “The opposite of depression is expression,” I sat with this and realized I had not been expressing myself; not truly. To some degree, I have allowed some circumstances to oppress me. I have not been singing, dancing, painting, writing poetry, baking, gardening, or self-expressing in any meaningful way for too long. As soon as I realized this, I turned on my favorite music and sung my heart out and danced with my dogs. This heaviness, this sadness, this hopelessness that I feel for the world suddenly became illuminated in hope. Hope. It’s not a word I use often. But I realize it’s power now. Dr. Eger defines hope as curiosity. It’s not making wishes or believing. It’s simply acknowledging the possibilities. There is tremendous freedom in that.

    • Ayana

      Wow! Way to go!

    • Connie

      Andrea, thank you for your extremely insightful comments; I have been feeling these exact same feelings of anger that often turn into depression and shame, but with too much stress and overwhelm to unpack it; I have copied your comments in my journal along with notes from Marie and Dr Eger!!

  159. Wowza! This was so touching to me… thank you both xoxo

  160. What an inspiring woman! Her words resonate so beautifully.

  161. George Edwards

    Hi Marie, you have just share one of the most heartfelt conversations I’ve experienced probably in my entire life. My life is so enriched by Edith’s story. I’m lost for words to say how this touched me. Thanks for sharing this and I will be getting her book and tapping in to her wealth of resources.
    George Cephas E.

  162. Ayana Riccardo

    How beautiful!-I must have gasped and teared up 20 times. I loved when she was describing empathy as “Giving their feelings company”, and how we have a choice in what we carry on from our own traumas… truly loved this interview, thank you! (*High-Kick!) I will be purchasing her book.

  163. Jacklyn

    My biggest ah ha was in telling her story of her mother and how the spirit never dies. I have struggled with the suicide of my husband of 30 years, for the past five years. I now know I didn’t lose him, his spirit is still here. I have known that on an intellectual level, but now I see that from my heart. Dr Edie, YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book(s)!! Thank you Marie for sharing this beautiful woman’s story!! I am so glad I am on your email list!! A shift of love has happened, for that I am so very grateful.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      He is with you always, Jacklyn. ❤️ Thank you SO much for sharing this with us – a shift of love is only possible when your heart is open, and that takes courage and vulnerability. We’re honored to have you in our world, and we’re sending so much love your way!

  164. Mary

    “I now recognize the most damaging prison is in our mind, and the key is in our pocket. It’s possible to break free from whatever holds us back. It’s not easy, but so worth it.” “Love is letting go.”
    What an incredible, beautiful, and moving interview. I was laughed, I cried, I felt the love. Thank you for sharing <3

  165. Brandee

    Thank you so much for the tremendously powerful interview. I resonate with so many of the comments others have shared on our personal power to choose our response to things that are outside of our control. I used to have a pattern of being a victim and I am grateful I am learning a new way. Among the many helpful lessons in this episode, is the “Edithism” that “perfectionism leads to procrastination.” I have sure experienced this effect in my life and can now bring more awareness so that I allow things to be imperfect and to keep taking action towards my dream. Thank you for this wonderful episode!

  166. Pamela Pieris

    This is what I posted on your You Tube channel
    Pamela Pieris
    Marie, this was so inspiring! So thankful for interviewing Dr Edith Eger and posting it at this time!. It gave me a new lease on Life! I am also doing 40 Days and 40 Nights with Jesus, (linked to A Course In Miracles) and on Day 12 the lesson is on sovereignty. The lesson is on freedom, the freedom one has to be a Creator! This lesson miraculously links with Dr Edith’s life lessons. What was my ‘awe’ moment? Discovering and recognizing ‘The Sovereign Self! ‘ Much could be said! This is just the beginning … Blessings to you and for all those who made this conversation possible!

  167. Remarkable lady.
    I am speechless, for once.

  168. Thank you! So much spirit here! I drank it in. 🙂

  169. An absolutely incredible, inspiring interview with two incredible, inspiring women.
    My takeaway (out of many) is the following quote by Edith. These are words that I’ll carry in my heart forever and share with many.
    “I can’t say that everything happens for a reason. But I can say that pain, hardship and suffering are the gifts that help us grow, and learn, and become who we are meant to be.” Edith and Marie, I’m sending you both so much love and gratitude.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Such a beautiful takeaway, Cheryl. We hope Edith’s words keep inspiring you and everyone you share them with!

  170. Rebecca

    Love is not what you feel, it’s what you do. The foundation of freedom is the power to choose. Find the gift in everything. So many words of wisdom!

    Thank you, Dr. Eger. Thank you, Marie. Sending a huge hug!

  171. No Words, just reverence. Bought the book instantly. Thank you

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you, Amber. xo

  172. Dear Lady, I love you ! May God bless you!

  173. Libby

    So powerful. Thank you both. I will share the sentiment, “The key is in your pocket,” with my children. That phrase will stay with me for the rest of my life.

  174. Ewa

    I cried and then I laughed and then I cried again! So much wisdom and so much heart. This interview also reminded me of my Grandma’s teachings. She was born in 1906 in Poland and survived both world wars. Her brother was in Auschwitz, and she lived in Warsaw in 1944. She raised me and taught me to be grateful for a bread, clothes, and a roof over my head. She showed me to forgive, respect and understand. Thank you so much for the interview and thank you dr. Edith Eger for your book. It is so important to remember those lessons.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Ewa, thank you for sharing a bit of your Grandma with us here. What a treasure she must’ve been. We appreciate you taking the time to bear witness to Dr. Eger and her presence.

  175. Marie-I’ve been listening to TONS of podcasts since the pandemic started. From many different sources. This episode is by far the very, very best. Thank you so much for sharing Dr. Eger. That entire podcast was one giant lesson in living a wonderful life. Edith is an amazing woman and I’m so blessed to have heard her message and wisdom.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Those are some high honors, Loreto. Thank you so much.

  176. Pam C

    Love Dr. Edie. I have told everyone I know to read her first book, The Choice. She has a great Facebook page, and a TED talk and now The Gift. She is an amazingly compassionate woman.

  177. Cindy Robinson

    Yep! You keep upping the bar, Maria. What Dr Eger had to say had a lot gravity. I related to her point about finding our selves. Before watching this, I experienced my own profound experience that resonated so to that of which she spoke.

    And she’s right, you are an excellent interviewer. Keep it up. Your are meant to reaach out to the masses.

    Cindy – Alberta, Canada

  178. Cindy

    Ps. I wrote that without my glasses on. Not wise! Lol they were on my head while watching the video and I forgot to put them back on my friggin’ nose! – was too excited about this interview

  179. Great conversation right there. I really enjoyed listening to the conversation of both of you. I agree that we should Look on the bright side because There’s always a silver lining in all of this. Great stuff right there Maria. Thanks Keep it up 🙂

  180. Marta

    My aha moment is to appreciate every moment spent with your beloved ones. Believe in yourself, talk to yourself if there is no one around, love yourself, read Tolstoy and Chekhov books, be wise not smart.
    Thank u so much, I loved this interview.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We love that so much, Marta. Being fully present with your loved ones and appreciating every moment with them is the greatest treasure.

  181. Dear Marie and Dr. Edger. I don’t believe in coincidences. I was meant to see and listen to this. Such a powerful interview with so many lessons that anyone can benefit from. I can’t imagine the horrors that De. Edger went through and she didn’t allow them to take away her attitude and mindset. I will continue on my own journey of healing my past because it’s a choice as Dr. Edger so eloquently put it. Thank you Marie! This interview has been hands down my favourite. Please keep doing these interviews. The world needs this kind of love right now.

  182. I’ve listening to a lot of podcast and I’m happy that I was a able to listen and watch your conversation with Dr. EDITH EGER. Your topic is so relevant of what happening to our surrounding today like the pandemic. I can’t imagine the horrors that De. Edger went through in the past. I just happy that she never allow them to takes away her mindset and happiness. Thank you Marie! Keep doing these kind of interview please 🙂

  183. I love you, Edith ?. I love you, Marie ?.

    My aha moment – ‘Find the bigot in you’.

    Now, I just let my Lover be.
    I don’t bother to take anything serious.
    I laugh and laugh and dance my life away, happily ?

    Have a beautiful day and a beautiful life!

    Sadé Tolani ☀️

  184. Angelica

    This is such a beautiful interview ladies. Such a beautiful, strong, wise soul, Ms. Edith. I’ve cried and I feel even more grateful for life and motivated to manifest my dreams.

  185. Ilana

    Marie and Team,
    I am so pleased and thankful you chose to give this incredible person and her perspective a space in your platform to share. I feel this a wonderful way to expand your recent campaign against racism. I so appreciate how, not only did Dr. Edie use her experience to become an expert in PTSD and help others, but she emphasizes that we can’t compare one person’s or group’s suffering to another. She escaped Nazi Europe and Russian Communism, both of which slaughtered countless numbers of her people, and came to America only to find there was still Segregation so long after Black slavery had ended here. So she used that outrage to speak out and march for Civil Rights, and to support all people who are in pain. And she is 92 years old, still putting her whole self into this task every day. Just incredible. What a tremendous person and a tremendous message for the world.

  186. N LYONS

    So many heartfelt and wise words to walk away with and hold in my heart for life!! Thank you for sharing your story, Dr. Edith Eger – blessings!

  187. OMG! This was wonderful! She put in so few words concepts I have been trying to relay for years. What a true gift she is!

  188. Listening to Dr. Eger share her story and tremendous strengths touched my soul. For Yom Kippur I was seeking ways to not react and to be even more grateful on a profound level, especially while sheltering in place during the pandemic. I have been able to turn hate into love with family members, but her idea of hate into pity with the outside world is invaluable to me. Thank you for the interview Marie and thank you to Dr. Eger for sharing such wisdom!!!


    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Leslie, it’s truly inspiring to learn how you were able to be even more grateful, and turn hate into love with family members. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  189. I bow to the wisdom and kindness of Edie, Mary thank you for this beautiful interview during this time, so many people can’t see throught the fog, she is a guiding light.

  190. Ladies – you both have exceeded yourselves. Thank You for Your courage and sensibility. With myself I take away “forgiveness”, “permission to joy”, “gratefulness”. It was one of the BIGGEST and most important interviews I have ever watched. Thank You.

  191. Hello! Loved the segment. Very inspiring! She said so many wonderful things, including be FOR things and not against them. So wise. I am wondering, though, what was the third author that Dr. Eger mentioned…after Anton Chekhov and Leo Tolstoy? I would like to read them since I am interested in psychology. Thanks!

  192. Hello Marie,
    Your interviews are always a gem, but this one, with Dr. Edith Eger, is the jewel in the crown.
    Thank you!

  193. Heather

    Thank you. I’m seeing a way to caring for my two young daughters while I’ve been going through a painful divorce, which has left me a new space where I will be creating a new life. It sometimes feels like it is bleak, and I love the part about not picking up the rope, not being against, but being “for” and “loving”. This gives me so much strength as I move forward and say, “what now?”. What beautiful and kind and loving spirits that came through (again!) when I needed it.

  194. “People don’t come to me, they’re sent to me” … I’m so challenged now with certain people who are close to me in my life and i would just like to runaway, but that is not a realistic option. Seeing them as some kind of mirror or messenger is helpful. Plus the statement, “don’t waste time being against anything, be for love, be for unity” is so helpful on so many levels. This interview is EVERYTHING! Thank you.

  195. Alana Cymerman

    This was such a stunning interview. I sent to every person I know who needed to hear it.
    “It hurts and it’s temporary”.
    “We are all victims of victims”.

    So many many nuggets but most of all was the feeling of survival and hope coming right through the screen.

    Thank you for this interview. It was my favourite.

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      This is so good to hear, Alana! We love that Dr. Eger’s wisdom spoke to you, and we’re grateful to you for sharing it.

  196. Jodie

    This was absolutely beautiful and inspiring beyond what I knew. Thank you for introducing me to this remarkable woman. Similar to what Edith said, I feel this podcast was sent to me this morning. So much love!!

  197. Stacey Guyett

    OMG, my heart.
    What an absolutely amazing and inspiring story, thank you, thank you so so much.
    Anyone needing a little perspective, this is it.

  198. Marly

    OMG – First of all, I am going to share this in my FB page.
    I got, at least, eleven quotes from Edith that have been the pillars of my career as a therapist. I will get The Gift and tell the world about it. She is, indeed, a miracle.
    Thank you Marie for having the brilliant idea to give us this GIFT.

  199. I must say as I was driving through Chianti to see visit a friend who had just lost her wife to cancer when I saw the title with ‘holocaust’ I thought oh no Marie I love you but I just can not listen to a sad story at this moment.
    Lucky for me the podcast automatically started and I was just blown away by Dr Edith Eva Egar. Her story, wise words and outlook on life made me laugh and cry all the way to through the rolling hills. Thanks Marie you definately make it hard to choose although this will have to be in my top 5 favorites of your amazing and inspirational MF podcasts. Can’t wait to read the book x x x

  200. Abhay

    Such a wonderful gift this podcast has been. It made me very positive and took off my gloomy feelings.

    Thank you for your wonderful work and appreciate what you do.

  201. This is my favorite interview of yours to date. Each and every one is so special that I’ve tuned to. This one though had such a grace, humility, love and honor. I had tears in my eyes multiple times as she shared her story and her choice continuously to turn pain to purpose. Breathtaking & truly like your email said one every human should listen to/ read & the book is on my list coming soon!

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Katrina, for being in our community and all you’ve shared here. We’re SO happy to hear this resonated deeply with you, and we hope you love the book as much as we did!

  202. Kelly

    One of the most beautiful interviews I have ever seen is with you and Dr Edith Eger. Her spirit and her books are transformative! They literally are changing my life and I am applying and sharing her wisdom to others because of you both. Thank you for sharing that with the world. If ever a time we need it as a global message it is now. Blessings to both you beautiful ladies.

  203. This interview was so powerful and inspiring. Thank you so much for putting Edie’s message out into the world. It’s the perspective change the entire world needs right now. Marie, this is hands down the best interview you’ve ever done and I can’t thank you enough for being a beacon of inspiration day in and day out.

  204. Christine

    This interview is a blessing.
    Thank you so much, Marie and Dr. Eger.?

  205. One of my favorite takeaways from this is that we are moving through this, and also how to shift from blaming others to moving ahead. So much wisdom here. I appreciated this interview.

  206. Superb interview with Sheri Riley! Thank you, Sheri, on your insight, authenticity and aliveness! What a gift. Simply wishfor I wanted to take heed to at 5:00 am this morning when I’m unsleeping and can’t sleep. ?

  207. Yanting

    Thank you Marie for this episode, it is beautiful. I really want to reach out here to share my story and the lesson of finding a gift in everything. When Dr Edith mentioned how we carry the blood of our ancestors, and they didn’t give up.

    It struck something in me, I suddenly think of how my mom used to tell me, “Back then I didn’t wish to have you, that I should have opt for abortion when I got the chance. Because there just aren’t enough resources for our family at that time.”

    Now, I have to admit that this statement has hurt me for a long time. It’s only until today, I’ve gained a newfound perspective. There’s no courage if there’s no fear. I’m very proud of my mother because she didn’t give up. I want to say, I am my mother’s courage. Her courage flows in my blood, I’m the proof of her courage decision she made at that time. And I’m super grateful.

    It’s just how you look at things.
    So, thank you Marie and team 🙂

  208. Laura

    Oh my goodness – I am late to the party, but so tremendously grateful to have watched this amazing podcast with Dr. Edith Eger, Maria. Her wisdom could change the world. She is a wonder! Thank you so much for this inspiring experience! Be well and thriving : ) XX

  209. Naomi T Ironwing

    Everything that comes out of Eva’s mouth is so wise, so enlightening, so powerful… she grabbed at my heart and poked my mind with nearly every sentence. She made me cry several times. I thought, “70 is not too late. I can become someone more wonderful than I ever imagined… I can make a difference for others…”

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