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What if you could sit down with your coffee and pour out words that spark an aha, a revolution, or thousands of clicks to your “buy” button? 

What if you stopped second-guessing yourself every time you sat down to write and the words just flowed — sounding as good on the page as they did in your head? Imagine: no more writer’s block, website shame, or devastating silence in response to your work.

Guess what? You can. 

Those words — the words in your blog posts, emails, sales pages, headlines, business tweets, and all over your website — those are called copywriting. Or, “copy.”

They’re the words that inspire emotion and action. They’re words that sell. If you’ve been having trouble writing in a way that sounds like you talk, and gets people to love and buy what you sell…

Good copy can work miracles in your business.
And yes, you can write it.

Over the last few years, thousands of ambitious creatives and entrepreneurs have gone through our stellar writing program, The Copy Cure. Our students have seen enormous growth in comments, fans, and sales. Some even before they finished the course. 

  • By Module 2, Mohamed had built an international community of over 6,000 members — from scratch! And in English, his third language.
  • In just 3 months, Carolyn and Cynthia went from $54,000 in sales to $119,000. Three months! And the only thing they changed was their copy.

If you’ve been a fan of this blog for any amount of time, you know how committed we are to serving our audience at the highest level. 

Recently, our company did something big.

We took The Copy Cure, which had been doing well, and decided to make it 10,000% better. We analysed over 16,000 survey responses from people who were struggling with their writing. Then we created even more training, tools, and exercises to help solve those exact issues, once and for all. 

The response to the new program floored us. I was fielding DMs on Instagram and even my team members were getting texts from their friends.

Our students started sharing results like this: 

The Copy Cure Marie Forleo Laura Belgray write copy that opens hearts and wallets

We believe in the power of using the right words
to create positive change in the world.

We believe your voice deserves to be heard. We believe that your message matters. We believe that the world really needs that special gift that only you have.

That’s why we’re offering a handful of scholarship seats to The Copy Cure.

This Scholarship Program Is Based On The Honor System

Getting an education isn’t easy. My early journey was filled with work-study gigs and, frankly, anything I could apply for that might possibly ease the financial burden on my family. 

Education is the most powerful tool we have to transform our lives.  

If you’re familiar with my work, you know I believe that talent is universal, opportunity is not. That means we strive to make sure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from what we create, regardless of economics. It’s why 99% of our creative work is offered free of charge.

To be clear, our company is a for-profit business. 

Our paid programs not only fund the production of our free content but also pay the salaries and benefits of everyone on Team Forleo who works to help produce what we feel is some of the best, most inspiring, and educational training in the world. 

We’re grateful to host an audience that spans 195 countries. We’re aware of the vast range of economic realities that comprise our beloved audience, both domestically and abroad.

So our 2020 Copy Cure Scholarship Program is based on the honor system. Please, only submit an entry for a potential scholarship if it’s truly needs-based. I’m entrusting you — on your honor — to apply for a scholarship because, without it, improving your writing skills with a program like The Copy Cure would not be financially possible right now. 

In our selection efforts, we strive to focus on creatives from underserved and marginalized communities. Check out the details below, and get started. (Act fast, because the deadline is Monday. May 11th at 3pm eastern US time.)

The Copy Cure Scholarship Program

What it is: Complimentary access to The Copy Cure digital program. 

How to be considered: Read the following questions and post your answer in the comments below. Make sure your response is 250 words or less.

  1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
  2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
  3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

Everything You Need to Know 

  1. You apply with a written comment below. Yes, it must be public. No email entries will count. 
  2. We’ll award a handful of scholarship seats. A specific number is not predetermined.   
  3. The entry deadline is Monday, May 11th at 3pm eastern and the recipients will be announced on Friday, May 15th by 5pm eastern.
  4. No purchase is necessary to receive a scholarship.
  5. We’re the judges and our decision is subjective and final. We respect, love, and appreciate you more than you know.

Remember: We’re looking for heart, creativity, kindness, and the ability to follow directions. Show us how stronger writing will help you reach your dreams and create meaningful change. 



Our minds are BLOWN! Thank you so very much for all of the goodness, heart, and soul you shared. We read each and every word of over 3,400 entries. Huge congrats to the following winners. Our team will be in touch with you via email about the next steps.

  1. Atira
  2. Sarah Crocker
  3. Timothy L. Smalls
  4. Barbara Fox
  5. Heidi Harmon
  6. Becca Love
  7. Carla Gover
  8. Jean Marcley
  9. Pavel Blaha
  10. Alecia DuCharme
  11. Cindy K.
  12. Sarah R.
  13. Pamela Villa
  14. Dolly Parikh
  15. Nancy Bradshaw
  16. Lindsay Bassett
  17. Carol Ann Sicbaldi
  18. Deidre Wright


With huge love and appreciation,


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  1. Mea

    This sounds like the gateway to fulfilment ?

    • Regina Love

      My biggest struggle in my writing is remaining true to my thoughts and the order of the words that flow through me. I second guess what I write and struggle with detaching from the techniques, proper form I was taught from elementary through college BRUH. Even now honestly.
      Stronger writing would allow me to speak up more freely about the things I believe in, and what has impacted me and whatI see impacting my community. My goal and who I’m currently working to serve are men and women who are pushing toward their goals in life and their career despite socioeconomic obstacles. I’m working towards writing a book, but it scares the living daylights out of me. I also plan to speak to groups who fit the demographic I explained above.
      I want to show up as me; always. I want to be able to discuss and write about the yin and the yang. I believe Copy Cure will help me do just that.

      • I spent my formative Grammer years in the hall outside of the classroom. I was a class clown a talker. I never thought I would need writing down the road.
        Well I am wrong I’m a business owner now. I have to write social media copy, numerous emails. I have a hard time being specific and I just get lost.

        • Leann Stickel

          1. My biggest struggle is really putting my heart in my writing. I know my story can help so many but not while it’s in my head.
          2. My work is helping women coping with chronic illness. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 29 & have learned how to thrive inspite of my illness.
          3. This scholarship would mean so much to me, my family and the community I serve. I know that my story and sharing it through the written word would help me succeed. Success means I’ve reached people & earned money to offset the expense of chronic illness. Thank you for considering me ?

    • Jeanie Neira

      My biggest struggle with writing is being vulnerable and clear with my thoughts so they make sense and are impactful to the reader. I used to be a homeless addict and have transformed my life through mindset shifts, hard work and various podcasts and newsletters that I’ve subscribed to as to support my own well being. Shame tries to creep in sometimes and I lose my flow of thought and ability to be clear.

      I am a message therapist and esthetician and serve those who have needs to support their own well being through massage, skin care and image improvement. My mission is to support others in their well being, mind, body and spirit.

      It would give me a practical way to share health and beauty tips, reminders, resources to my family and community in a way that is meaningful, makes a difference and can bring improvement in their own physical and mental well being. It will help me get over myself and focus on serving others.

      • patricia faithfull

        I am amazed by your strength. ?

      • Seana

        You’re amazing. Keep shining goddess ???

        • Festus

          My biggest struggle with writing is English vocabulary. This is because vocabularies are important in writing good sentences and good paragraphs. Presently, my vocabulary is below average. I am a security officer in one of the Universities in Nigeria. It has been my goal to open internet business, but opportunity is yet to come. If the privilege of Scholarship to copy cure is extended to me, stronger writing will help me to open internet business. Internet marketing requires effective writer. It is my belief. Security job and internet business means two ways of income to me. There is a saying that two are better than one! I totally agree in that statement. The reason is because if one should close, the second way remains open. Two jobs will be good for me financially. Presently, i am stuggling with money. In my place of worship i am the secretary. Stronger writing will help me to be a better secretary to my brothers and sisters in that communinty. I sincerely thank you and your team for giving me the opportunity to communicate with you in this way. Thanks!!

          • Esha

            This was so heart warming and honest, Festus! Taken by how you are doing your best to be your best.
            I have a suggestion about improving your vocabulary since that is how I grew mine. It is through reading. Reading allows you to discover new words AND understand how they are used. So useful in the long term and the everyday. It was how I was able to build my vocabulary since the 5th grade. I hope this was helpful in some way!

    • My biggest struggle with writing is actually me and my insecurities. I often feel like I write the way that I speak. With grammatical errors, incorrect form of speech, minding my words, all of it brings about such a huge discouragement in my capabilities. And honestly I’m tired of giving up in that area.

      My career and actual nonprofit is veered towards girls of color in an underrepresented community here in the Pinole/Richmond/San Pablo area in California. Our target age group is 10-16. Our code to live by is “My Voice Is Power”. I speak and encourage everyday but I would love to be able to turn those words into books/workbooks/workshops and to also teach them to do the same unafraid. Words are powerful whether spoken or written and with the right tools we can not only empower ourselves but the vast community of other girls and women we encounter.

      My heart breathes for this because I am a success story of “Life is a journey and where you end up is what matters, not the who, what, when, and the how. Everything else in between adds strength to your character.” Tracy Youngston

      • patricia faithfull

        I am amazed by your strength. 😉

      • patricia faithfull

        If you don’t get the scholarship, I wanted you to know that you can literally conquer your first fear with technology! There is an app called ProWritingAid that can do a world of wonder for your grammar, style, redundancies and sentence structure. It’s a Word plugin that you can download and it’s not terribly pricy. Don’t let it get in the way of your of your amazing work!

    • Tasha Brewer

      Hi Marie I love everything you do! First, my main struggle with writing is writing that captures the audiences attention. Also, I am a virtual assistant who is starting out and wanting to specialize in content and copy writing from teaching. My mission is to scale my buisness enough to be able to hire people who may not have had the opportunity to be exposed to online work in my poverty stricken hometown! This would make a difference in be becoming a homeowner who can pay off my significant student loans and also help others achieve their own dreams!

    • Roni Krauz

      First of all thank for the opportunity, it’s not taken for granted.
      My biggest struggle with writing this days is probably my lack of confidence about everything I write. I never satisfied with my outcome what causes me to re-edit again and again but it’s just never good enough in my eyes. (so does the answers here).
      If I need to guess why it’s because I used to be a poet and poetry requires different qualities but for sure it less judged.
      My business, my new book and all my content is dedicated to create a better world, to help adolescents get closer to themselves and love themselves. I’m here to serve struggling teenagers, to love them, believe in them and make sure they have a safe space to grow.
      Stronger writing would help me attract audience, the ones I can truly give something meaningful to, it will help me be more precise with my message. I’ve worked with kids and teenagers for more than 8 years know and today during quarantine there was an increase of 760% of reports of domestic violence against children and youth in Israel, and I know those kids need love and faith. Tangible, specific difference would be creating a safe space online, community, circle of giving and love.

    • Heather Marie Scholl

      1. My biggest struggle is aligning my voice with the words on the page. I know part of my block is fear, fear of being an expert in my field and of others opinions. I know I struggle with trusting the ways my voice is different than others. I often spend way too much time editing and agonizing over what to say.

      2. I direct Confront White Womanhood, anti-racism training for white women. I believe in supporting women in finding their personal investment in racial justice. To see their choices and actions in the context of history. And through an embodied understanding of that connection, shrink the gap between beliefs and actions. I do this through exploring white womens historical roles in white supremacy, honest self reflection of the harm we have caused and the ways we can show up in more accountable ways. My audience is predominantly white women with ages ranging from 16 to 80.

      3. The biggest impact improving my copy writing would have is on my reach. On all the women that I know are ready to do the work of examining their roles in white supremacy, but don’t know I exist because I haven’t found the language and avenues to tell them. I am ready to grow and no longer play small. I know that I have an important message to share, but my writing block has prevented my growth.

      • Esha

        You have taken on some challenging work, Heather, but I am struck by that very fact + how it is needed. Not just in America but elsewhere. Scholarship or no scholarship, I admire your endeavour and wish you the best of luck with it!

    • Angie

      My vision for my business is a renewed relationship in our society, to shift from separation to connection, to amplify in the inner knowledge each person carries and to allow that knowledge, the gifts they carry to change the world. I can see this vision in my mind and I carry it forward with me every day, however, there are times I struggle to articulate this vision onto paper which is one of the main reasons I would like to participate in The Copy Cure. It feels as if there is a block when it comes to translating what exists in my heart and mind onto the screen. I want what I write to inspire those around me and the people I work with to connect to their own inner source and use that knowledge to transform the world but I cannot seem to make that connection. I struggle to move into the flow, I can capture brief moments of writing flow, but just as quickly as it comes it is gone again. I would use the opportunity to participate in The Copy Cure to move though this block and trust in the knowledge that I have to share as self-doubt is another block to writing. I want to move though these blocks and I believe The Copy Cure is the answer to the request I have put out to the universe to help me in this endeavor.

      • Brooke

        Good luck Angie. Sounds like you have a good heart.

    • 1. My biggest struggle is creating content that grabs my audience’s attention, while reflecting my authentic voice, i.e. “Five Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line” may grab their attention, but it just isn’t me. I also have trouble with creating copy consistently.

      2. I am an actor turned facilitator and coach, whose mission is to create company cultures of creativity, empathy and trust, starting with how people communicate and connect with one another. I use improv-based exercises and principles, that teach the importance of listening, being present and valuing the thoughts and ideas of others, in order to have positive, creative and collaborative conversations and relationships. I believe that our world would be a better place if people both actively listened to and valued what each person had to bring to the table. It is my mission to help organizations across industries on their journey (yes, accountants and engineers can learn by doing improv!) The fun thing about this is that the people who I work with, bring these skills home to their families and communities as well. I’ve had people say, “I’m going to use this with my son/daughter.” and “I think you may have saved my marriage!” 🙂

      3. If admission fell in my very pregnant lap, I would be able to spread the word about what I do more effectively. Right now, my reach isn’t very wide, but all of the people I’ve worked with have been consistently thrilled with our work together and experience shifts in the relationships of the people on their teams (so I know I’m on the right path and it’s making a difference!) Once I’m in front of them, they’re in, I think it is my copy that is getting in the way of capturing the attention of those who could use what I have to share.

      I do really well with instruction, right now I’m kind of winging my copy. If I had knowledge and structure to follow, I’d soak it right up and implement it right away!

      I would LOVE to refresh my website and have some really stellar copy banked and ready to go (blogs, social media posts etc.), so that once I have my baby girl in September, I’ll be able to keep my visibility up, while I care for a newborn. This would lower my stress level, allow me to be more present with my family during that time and provide a sense of safety, knowing that I’ll have exciting work and meaningful relationships to return to.

      In the long-run, I want to be a great example of a mom and business owner, both to my kids and to other women who are hesitant about following what they know in their heart is their purpose. Getting my copy game strong and being able to communicate exactly how I serve my clients…to my potential clients will be a huge help.

      I also volunteer my time with not-for-profits that serve women, using this same approach to help the women they serve to re-discover their own creative voice. When I know that my family is taken care of financially (I have clients and plenty of leads), I have more time to serve my community in this way.

      • Esha

        OH MY. Using improv for all that?! I just got excited tingles in my gut. It’s like… Genius! And I bet clients love this fun way of learning. All the best to you, Caitlin! Your amazing unique work deserves to be out. Your daughter will have a creative mama to look up to. 🙂

    • My biggest struggle with writing is that I feel my authenticity and desire to serve gets lost ( even in writing this comment!) I feel I overcompensate trying to get my message across and, write an alphabet soup and then nobody ends up understating the value of my services. This along with self-doubt and perfectionism leads to well Nada happening.
      I am a Physical Therapist who’s job is severely affected now and undoubtedly for the future. I am also a functional diagnostic nutritionist and health coach and want to serve student athletes and their parents to have the tools, skills and habits to properly nourish and care for their minds and bodies. My goal is to properly communicate my life changing knowledge and support to serve my IC and create a new revenue stream that will provide for my family.

    • Maria Cardoso

      Imagine you have a strong dream and you know you can make it real. Imagine you’re taking little steps and you’re closer to your mission each day.

      Now, imagine you have two little daughters and your ambition is to show them that “everything is figureoutable”.

      This is me! I’m a Portuguese virtual assistant, Co-Founder of Academia de Assistentes Virtuais, an online academy to inspire and teach new virtual assistants and improve the credibility of the job in Portugal.

      My biggest struggle with writing is optimize the copy of emails, landing pages and sales pages to convert in sales as I don’t have any technical skills or guidelines in this area.

      With Copy Cure I’ll be able to help people who want to become Virtual Assistants in Portugal, teach them all I know and to be confident to start working in what they love, alongside costumers they are aligned with. Also, I’ll show my daughters that we can achieve all our goals, even if it means leave our comfort zone and confront our weaknesses (like I’m doing).

    • Hi Marie!

      Thank you so much for your offering this scholarship! It shows that you have a big heart and want to give back to the community.

      I’m a creative from an underserved and marginalized community.

      What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

      Having the proper guidance from an industry professional like Marie to help me to transfer my natural writing skills and creativity that I have used to create some success in screenwriting to the copywriting world, get advice about finding the right people to write for, and to be able to use my marketing knowledge in copywriting.

      I also face some financial issues in reaching my dreams.

      What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to?

      To help businesses, non-profits, and other people/organizations to communicate their visions to their target audiences.

      Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

      To be the best possible communicator to whoever I am trying to help!

      If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community?

      Help these groups to simply, clarify, and articulate their messages!

      What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

      Stronger writing will help me to effectively communicate to target audiences so that they will become aware of new messages and take action as a result of those messages to create meaningful change!

      With complimentary access to The Copy Cure digital program, I promise to reach my goals! Thanks so much!

    • In my writing, I struggle with grabbing the reader’s attention. I feel like I can’t convey my feelings and emotions as easily through writing, and that makes it difficult for others to really get a sense of my purpose and drive. This may be because I don’t use effective language to form a connection between my reader and the message. I am on a mission to serve mothers and children in my area, helping them to more comfortably transition into motherhood as well as provide necessary resources and education to them when they need it most. As a single mother, I know firsthand how challenging and sometimes scary those first weeks with a newborn can be. That’s why I want to help other mothers learn the necessary skills and gain the confidence to become the mother they are meant to be, while hopefully getting some rest as well!

      I believe that with better writing skills, I will be able to secure more funding to help my cause, enabling us to have medical professionals on staff and better technology and amenities to give mothers a safe and supportive postnatal experience. It will also help me to be a better networker who can clearly communicate our needs with others who can help our team. A powerful message will really help us to reach out to potential volunteers, staff, and the guests who need our help and support in the difficult and often overwhelming and isolated time after giving birth.

    • My biggest struggle is that I procrastinate because I want to say so much, yet I can’t focus on one single thing and get writer’s block often. Too many ideas overwhelm me so I end up doing nothing. I’ve been given the opportunity to write about a topic I am passionate about for a magazine and I can’t do it because I lack confidence in writing. I feel I am missing out on a great opportunity.
      I am a multi-passionate dreamer—I went to school for journalism because I love to write and later on in life discovered that I am as passionate about nutrition because learning how to eat the foods that bless my body has made a tremendous impact in my life. Because of this, I decided I wanted to share my knowledge and the power of food with others—I have acquired knowledge by reading and researching as well as completing two nutrition certifications with hopes of launching a side business as a nutrition coach, which I will want to grow into a career. I want to serve those who have lost hope in losing weight, those who starve themselves thinking this is the only way to be at a normal weight and those who feel it is normal to live feeling tired and sluggish—there is another way. Proper nutrition translates into all areas of your life and allows you to live a fuller, happier life.
      Admission into The Copy Cure will be an avenue to reach the audience I am looking for. With my writing and my nutrition coaching services, I will help people have more energy, be healthier, happier and confident.

    • My biggest struggle with writing is that my content does not lure a captivated audience. Being an introvert seems to be my curse and my blessing, not only in solitude, but in social settings as well. Public speaking has never been my favorite. The butterflies in my stomach are already going wild just by hearing those two words and the thought of “speaking” my words as copy on paper or on the internet makes me nervous as well. All because I want it to be just right, just perfect and I either give too much detailed information or not enough.

      For about four years now, I own and operate a salon business in holistic hair care and hair loss solutions. Part of our core values is “LAUGHTER is the best medicine. Whether the client is older or younger, we strive to put a smile on every face that walks through our door. We LOVE our profession, our clients, and our colleagues. Spreading that joy makes our day a success.”

      Social media and the Web are important tools of communication. If I can get the nerve to put my thoughts out to the world and receive The Copy Cure as my arsenal, my passion and knowledge can be shared more around the community. It also feels really good when I turn a frown upside down by rejuvenating the client’s hair and uplifting their soul.

    • Sy

      Being placed in the bottom group at high school didn’t help. Told I couldn’t read, spell or write for 5 years has had an impact in my belief. I’m holding down a job as the breadwinner of the family and every day I think about the story I have inside of me waiting to get out. Cliche I know but this genuine urge has been held back by the feeling I cannot write properly

      I spent a lot of time travelling. Life on the road has its challenges; No fixed abode; Packing and unpacking constantly; My kid aged 9 and 12 with no stable friendships. It’s been a lifestyle choice with lessons to last a lifetime but I feel trapped by circumstances of my own doing, living a paradox. Working to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. We lack the freedom to have a garden, own a dog… Because the landlord says so and no financial means to change it.

      There is so much wisdom to my journey which comes from my understanding of ‘self”. As a teacher and Leader the ‘self’ is the poignant part of life. I know that mindfulness is a missing ingredient in the high school education setting. This knowledge is profound and needs to be shared with the utmost diligence and impact. That’s what the copy Cure scholarship will enable me to do. Share my journey, my passion and provide tools for students, teachers and leaders in the world of education.

    • My biggest struggle is being able to communicate concisely. I don’t have a fear of writing or putting things down, but I find that I lose people early on, that clients don’t even read my emails to the end.
      I have a soap company and my mission is “…to inspire people to break free of chemical laden body products by providing the best quality All Natural Soaps for daily use….” Although my customer base are people who can afford good soap, I’d really like to get EVERYONE to ditch all the toxic products – a huge part in our overall health, a revolution is needed!
      If I were granted admission to the Copy Cure, it would help my business get noticed and relay the message to the masses. Although this is a business I started ten years ago, I struggle to get people to notice and to take action. My website’s “ok”. I’m making headway on social media. I’ve been paying for SEO for a couple years, and although I’m high in the searches, it’s just not taking off. I believe that my company is on the fence of never becoming more than it is OR turning into the vision I know it can become – a leader in change of thought around the world.
      I’ve followed Marie for a couple years (found her thru PepTalk) and have used much of her free content. This would help immensely and I just can’t make it happen financially.

    • I am afraid to be seen …
      I am always writing and rewriting whatever I write and then asking others to edit “me”. I have done this my whole life. It is exhausting. Even writing birthday cards makes me sweat.

      It’s the opposite of how I am in person…
      I love speaking authentically and having heart-to-heart exchanges with customers, colleagues and friends. I waste so much time doubting myself and dodging the inevitable – success .

      Everything would change if…
      I started to write easily and with confidence in ways that helped others achieve their vision.

      I started to trust my words in writing…
      I need to learn how to translate my authentic in-person voice to a meaningful on-line presence to better support, connect and network with our community.

      To help change the world for the better
      My company is small with a big heart. With our support, thousands of people have started and continue meditating. Although we are primarily a cushion company, our mission is to help people who are changing their worlds – in big and small ways – with respect, authenticity and kindness.

      If admission to the Copy Cure landed on my lap, I would feel grateful, honoured and blessed

      Taking the Copy Cure is the key to connecting with my authentic voice in writing. It is a way to reach out and connect to the world – something I have never been able to do. I can’t imagine it – YET!!! I am even thinking of writing a book.

  2. This sounds exactly what I am in needing to get my business pushed!

    • Dennisse

      My biggest struggle whit writing is that my content is simple and non-innovative. I have a hard time putting on my personality in my writing because of fear: it is not good enough or does not attract attention, I know I need to develop my writing skills and I’m sure that The Copy Cure can help me achieve this. I’m making the change from employee to self-employed, I’m from Mexico, I’m a virtual assistant and I would like to dedicate myself to work at home full time. My mission is to support other entrepreneurs in doing all the administrative work that “steals” their precious time so they can dedicate themselves into growing and making their businesses more profitable. I know that The Copy Cure can give me the skills to create a community of assistants where we can give ourselves information that will help us to get more clients, have greater financial stability in this job and, why not? moral support when is needed. I want to create some technical knowledge courses, work tools and / or soft skills training that can benefit other people to become a virtual assistant and to reach that goal in less time. I feel that this profession is highly undervalued and I would like entrepreneurs, assistants and any professional to realize how important our work is and all the value we contribute to make businesses work properly.

      • I have always wanted to start a blog, there I’ve said it! One that is heartfelt, authentic and reaches ALL the way to the Soul, the core that can uplift, challenge imprisoning beliefs and propel a life perhaps previously unconsidered. So what’s stopping ME from doing this? F.E.A.R. Who me, well no can I Do all that? Can my message truly change the course/the heart confirming limiting beliefs of maybe a lifetime?
        I say why not? I love to write, I love to make a difference and I would like to do just that. Yet, a know how and basics would go a long way to getting my “unborn baby off the ground”. So, that’s it in nutshell, thanks!

  3. The Copy Cure has everything I need! I would love to be considered for the scholarship!

  4. Jane Fish

    My biggest struggle with writing is finding ease and flow. I am a freelance web designer and marketing consultant and writing stellar copy is something I strive for daily. My work is dedicated to helping women businesses with empowering missions and tends to land in the wellness space. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my spandex covered lap, it would mean that my clients are getting their missions heard out in the world, and making more of an impact.

    • Susan Hughes

      I’m applying for the scholarship because I work in a field where are only 2% are women.
      I need Maria’s strength to bolster me.

    • Hi Marie & Jane ,
      Trust all Marie Forleo Team is safe and healthy!
      Here is a quick `Why?` I would like to attend this workshop.
      I don`t have choice really. It`s 2020. To appeal to millennials and gen x a traditional messaging isn`t working anymore, the world is evolving and copywriting becomes more emotional, to teh point, with value in it.
      I don`t wanna be left behind and missed an opportunity to share on how I can serve people today, not yesterday.
      That`s pretty much it!
      P.S. #selfcaresaturdays slay

  5. This would be a dream come true! I have such appreciation and gratitude that something like this is offered!

    • 1.
      I never aspired or ‘wanted’ to be a writer, so I struggle with seeing myself as one, imposter syndrome is my number one obstacle as I strive to poignantly share this journey on the road less traveled.
      My ultimate goal is to be an ambassador/mentor for at-risk adolescents, having been one, I know that if anyone had made me aware that I didn’t have to be what the world wanted me to be and that there ways to circumvent the hard choices I had to make, I would have listened and maybe suffered less.
      I would be so honored and grateful to be chosen, I would endeavor to use these skills to love forward the message for at-risk youth and to eradicate mental health stigma. There’s a reason I survived molestation, the streets of NYC, drug abuse, domestic violence, PTSD, 2 years of suicidal depression, Hurricane Maria, etc. My missteps now serve grace instead of shame. The more I use my ‘gifts’ and blessons to help myself and other the higher the frequency and vibrations are around me. Hurt people hurt people but healed people heal people, so refining my copywriting skills can only serve the collective as I share the journey even more powerfully… helping to elicit hope for those who find my work, which would be exponentially more powerful, if I had these copywriting tools to help hone and perfect my message!

    • Hello Team Forleo
      First and foremost I want to say thank you for all you have done for us creatives. Your passion and dedication is admirable. And with that being said . I will probably look disgusting lol but I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. I recently just launched my T shirt line and I can find the words to express myself when it comes to communicating my thoughts to others. My biggest struggle is that I have it all beautifully in my head and as soon as I connect pen to paper it vanishes. Aaaaahhh I NEED YOUR HELP MARIE.. I. NEED THIS. BADLY. I did your B school in 2018 and it helped me out so much in getting my business. And now I have it and can’t write to save my life.. I have so many ideas and topic that need to be birth and I just can to it. Can’t put the word together. I want to write about matters of the heart . About forgiveness, healthy relationships, healthy communication, healing of the heart . My heart with my business is to draw people closer to the love of God. And for people to know that they are loved and adored!! My God that we are born with a purpose in our lifes. That we carry life in every word we speak. I want to see families transformed in love and see while healthy families. That is my heart and what I know I will see and experience . This program will not only help me with opening up doors of opportunity for me. But it can help me understand DEEPER the POWER of understanding the reader. It can also help me with creating courses to help people out in these very real topic of life. It can help me with hopefully one day talking in nations with important leaders in bringing solutions to situations that have had no hope. I want my writing to be a light house for someone in NEED of hope. And I also want to help others in learning to write and better communicate with others. To build better schools for our children. Marie I WOULD be so BLESSED with this you have no ideas. I NEED THIS . This change my life and the people I will touch so much. I will not that this for granted . I want to learn all I can from you and this program. I NEED THIS FOR ME .BUT MORE FOR MY TRIBE .. Thank you so much Marie . God BLESS

  6. Kim

    I have had a blog for many years now. I get a fair number of views but hardly any new sign ups and no comments except from a supportive blog share group. I have about 80 members. I also get views to my business page but no business. I never give up. Please help.

    • Evie

      What is your website? Can I take a look at it?

  7. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is second guessing myself and re-writing it so many times that it strays from the original intent. Why? I am never sure when a creative flare or professional tone is required.
    2. I have a strong global corporate background and when I fell pregnant with my first born I decided to take my foot off the gas and focus on a career which both filled my passion as well as kept me flexible for his needs. I succeeded in getting my digital marketing solo agency & online e-commerce business running and 3 years later I fell pregnant with twins! I continue to split my time with my kids, home and my businesses, however I also donate my time to assist security companies within my area, as well as run all marketing & PR for an imperative campaign driving awareness to Gender-Based-Violence.
    3. Admission to The Copy Cure would help me tremendously as I would be learning and gaining insight from the best there is. This in turn would filter into all my work I am doing within my businesses, at home and my community projects.

  8. My biggest struggle is getting over blocks sometimes, I feel so stuck and at other times it seems to flow so freely with no problems, I struggle finding balance in my work life because some weeks I can come up with endless content other times I can only seem to think while I’m driving.

    My business is dedicated to single moms, and moms that struggle with feeling that they fit in. In addition to my blog and instagram I have an online support group for moms. I also have a big focus on helping out mom businesses, and helping moms learn how to promote and market themselves online.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I feel like I would be able to write better content, on a more regular basis for my audience. It would make it easier for me to reach out to companies and brands for more collaborations. It would help me to create better content, and feel more confident in myself and my writing. I am also in the beginning stages of selling online Pasta making classes and selling handmade pasta, this course would help me learn how to correctly market that to clients, in order to fill my classes and make a profitable business

    • Karen White

      Hi Marie,

      My biggest struggle with writing has always been trying to find the right words to put pen to paper that will keep any reader that reads what I write engaged and not bored. I don’t want my writing to sound boring and uninteresting to my readers.

      I haven’t started my business because I feel like I’m struggling with trying to find the right words. I don’t want to just throw a bunch of words out that don’t make sense to the reader.
      I want to start a food blog and create an e-book for my recipes and later possibly offer class tutorials on baking and all of this requires lots of writing. I know what I want to say, but not knowing how to put it together in a way that my readers will understand and want to hear more from me has been a struggle.

      If I received admission to The Copy Cure, It will help me be able to communicate better in writing. It will also help me to build confidence in my writing and that will in turn help me with my business goals. I will have the knowledge to be able to move forward in my business goals.
      I can also use this knowledge to help others in my family that may need help in their writing and in my community. I think the difference it would make to me and those around me is having the confidence and knowledge to be able to communicate effectively in writing.

      Thank you Marie for this opportunity to help me learn and grow my writing skills.

  9. I love writing and paying attention to all the little details about it!
    Even so, I am not able to attract new customers or even followers with my current copy!

    • I love writing and paying attention to all the little details about it!
      Even so, I am not able to attract new customers or even followers with my current copy!
      I am a professional translator and offer translation services for all kinds of documents and situations. I also teach English.
      If The Copy Cure fell into my lap, I have absolutely no doubt that it would be a game-changer. I´ve followed and have been enormously inspired by Marie and everything I have built up to now, over 5 years, after deciding to take the risk and go it alone, being my own boss, has been largely because I was inspired and felt confident enough to do it, thanks to Marie.
      I would give anything to take a course with her, however, I have not been and am currently not able to afford it.
      Either way, Thank you.

      • Sonia

        Dear Marie,
        I have met you nearly in person in Westminster in London for your book presentation. You were incredible!! Your energy stayed with me for days!! I had heard you on the radio and fell in love instantly, and quickly went to buy one of the last tickets available, and I was sitting on row 3!! WHOOOP!!! You looked perfect!!! Love hearts, love hearts, love hearts! ( I am on word and I have no idea, where to find my beloved emojis!)…sorry!
        I read your awesome book( I love your mum btw) and I have watched many of your videos and the rise up challenge took me to this awesome opportunity. I do not want to talk from a place of lack but as of now I do not have the funds to purchase the copycure even though I want it so much. Hence this application for scholarship. The reason I would love to learn from it is that I understood from your starter emails what a difference good copy can make and as I am Italian( your mum likes me already, I just know) but have lived in the UK for 20 years on and off and I do realise every time I try to write something even just on facebook posts that there must be a better way to put across what I mean but my Italian background and the fact that my husband made me realised that I speak “English for foreigners” as he kindly puts it, always makes me doubt my ability and 9 times out of 10 I end up deleting and moving on to the next task that does not involve writing. I still don’t have a business online as every time I think of something my fear of writing badly stops me, I feel that my way of writing is too old (I am 48) that I have been a mum for so long that maybe it is just too late to attempt better and more fulfilling things for myself and there I stop. I mean I don’t lack the ideas, I have an eruption of ideas on a weekly basys, I have given ideas away to friends that went off and made it work for themselves but I always stop myself from doing it for myself. My inner voice( just like your little bugging one that guided you to your awesomest!!) always comes and tells me: c’mon Sonia! Are you serious? You don’t even know punctuation all that well, how can you think of staring a blog, or a fb page, or a fb group or a membership or an Italian language course or an Italian holiday blog ( as I just love my home country and I would love to have to work out of there for my DOLCE VITA business) that needs constant new content and excellent copy…I mean You are no Seth Godin ARE YOU??? NOT YOU ARE NOT!..sad emoji face..with the tear! And there I retreat again! All this is to say that I don’t have an audience I serve yet but I would really love to have one and I would love to make the world a better place by helping and giving to others the clarity of their individual greatness, whatever they do!! Even if that is just a tour of all the best gelaterias in Italy…as I know most of them!!greedy emoji face!! I know I would give it my all I would be empathic and loving and supporting and I would engage with them day and night and I would bring them all I have and then some!! But I also know that to do that I need to be able to write in a way that is welcoming and kind and fun and humorous ( with proper jokes that are not a translation from my Italian jokes and sayings….as that NEVER works!! NEVER!!!!EVER!!!!).. orange angry emoji face!!
        So basically learning from you Marie and your team and your community with this awesome program that I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to join, would make a huge difference to me as a person, as it might just help me find the strength to reach for my dreams and serve an audience of Italian accent and icecream (…if we get to that!!) loving people and it would give me financial independence as my business dreams could not fail once I learned to write good copy and that would help paying for my son’s uni ( he is supposed to start in September…might be ZOOM uni!!) And my husband would finally come to terms with the fact that speaking English for foreigners with an Italian accent is not that bad after all considering it is now paying for our dream holiday in Sicily..( my grandad home). Thank you ad I love you Marie! or should I say GRAZIE e TI VOGLIO BENE!!!

  10. My biggest struggle is simplification and focus when writing…
    I serve therapists and help them thrive with their clients.
    The tangible difference would be changing the life and economic situation of professionals who help people recover from psychological and life issues.

    • I’m a Filipino passionate about content-curation for social good, but without formal training and feedback, I’m left grappling with intense anxiety-inducing perfectionism and *lots* of blank pages.

      SDG4 is my advocacy, particularly equipping kids with skills that *aren’t* taught in schools: design thinking, evidence-based study techniques, the science of habit-formation, growth mindset, and so much more! Their lack thereof keeps the youth from reaching their full potential *and* taking care of their mental health.

      I’d know. For years, I was sleep-deprived, unconfident, struggling lots in STEM subjects that teachers said I looked depressed all the time. Now, I’m a rising engineering freshman and student leader! If only I learned cognitive psychology and meditative principles earlier.

      I led a nonprofit training students to become innovative thinkers, but this isn’t enough. Emotional mastery, time management, and basic executive function programs are extremely expensive; I’d love to make compelling content educating others on them.

      How would CopyCure make a difference? Influencing other, much less inspiring self-awareness and habit change, ain’t easy! CopyCure would help me craft thought-provoking pieces students actually want to read. Also, great copy would convince people to fund our educational programs *even* in a third-world country where basic survival issues take the stage. In the short-term, CopyCure will help secure financial freedom for my single mom and I.

      When Maria said, “Talent is universal, but opportunity is not,” I couldn’t agree more! The ROI of education isn’t immediate, but for those we serve, its impacts are far-reaching *and* transformational.

    • Jeanette

      Marie, Thank you for your generous offer to help others succeed!

      1) Biggest struggle with writing and why.
      To condense my thoughts so that my concepts are easy to understand and implement by the people I serve. Even if I have the best ideas and products in the world, if I can’t communicate that successfully, the people who need my offering won’t know about it!

      2) My business is dedicated to women who want an alternative skincare solution that is beneficial to their health with anti-aging benefits. My formulations incorporate the latest ingredients to aid the microbiome of the skin which is an emerging trend that is even more advantageous with the current outbreak of viral infections to protect the skin.
      My mission is to bring a new skincare range to market that is afforable and within the reach of women who care about their well-being.

      3) How The Copy Cure would help me and my community.
      At the age of 62, I’m starting over. After a divorce and losing everything (material assets), I hit rock bottom for a while. However, I’ve dug deep inwardly, and still have a lot to offer the world. By developing skincare products with integrity and transparency that is compatible with the skin’s microbiome, I can help women (including those with severe acne and sensitive problem skins) achieve healthy younger looking skin which in turn boosts their confidence.
      Why this course would be a life changer for me? I’ll be able to support myself and others as I plan to employ disadvantaged women in the production and other areas of the business, giving them a chance at a meaningful life too as I understand how hard it can be to start over.

      Take care and thank you!

  11. Natalie Hahn

    My biggest struggle with writing is that the words don’t flow. I get stuck with expressing myself properly. I have a dream to serve women entrepreneurs so they can make an impact in the world through their business, the more women I can serve the more we can impact the world and eradicate systemic poverty. If this opportunity landed in my lap, I would be able to gather more women into my tribe and together we can change the trajectory of our families, communities, and ultimately the world.

  12. Mj

    My Biggest struggle with writing right now is the quick pivot I need to make. Since starting B-school We’ve encountered financial changes couple with the decision to launch a non profit to create jobs for women rescued from trafficking. I am working toward a model that is not dependent solely on donations but creating revenue streams. I need clear writing and I’m a bit overwhelmed.
    I serve women as a minister and my calling is to connect women to helping women who have been rescued from being sold in Romania, DR and Guatemala. These aren’t pie in the sky ideas-we’ve already had a team helped Roma women open a shop. We now want to help women in agriculture based businesses for a sustainable model. I’ll never be able to unsee the 9 year old sold into prostitution; my own daughter is 9. No one should live in this evil.
    If admitted, this would allow us to clearly communicate our short term and long term plans, create enough revenue to launch our sites and help women go to work. Women need to be seen and to be valued for the life they live and not for the financial gain form being sold.

    • Esha

      Ah, such wonderful work you are doing MJ. I hope you win the scholarship so you are able to continue fulfilling your mission. ✨

    • Samantha (Sam)

      Girl, I am so inspired by you! Keep going for your dream!

    • Hello Marie + Team! What’s cracking? I did your free 7- day writing class and it’s been soooo helpful already!

      I find writing copy excruciating! I can’t seem to find my voice! I’d love to make my writing fun and engaging to ensure people stick around to get to the juicy message I’m trying to share. I’m also a jokester and would love my humour and playfulness come across in my writing.

      I’m a nutritionist with a deep burning passion to support individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, brain fog etc. We support our clients through supplementation, nutrition and cognitive and behavioural interventions. I’ve had a long struggle with anxity and panic disorder myself so I know firsthand how difficult and helpless it can feel!

      It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but I’m happy to say, not only am I on the other side safe-and-sound but through this crazy journey I’ve gathered the tools necessary for purpose, empathy, joy, laughter, fun, freedom and peace in my life!

      I want to yell from the rooftops!! “You don’t have to live this way! Let’s squash this thing together! I’m here to support you!! It’s not all doom and gloom!”

      If I’m chosen for the internship, I know my ability to convey our message accurately and with some va-va-voom will increase 10 fold. Then BOOM! This will put us in front of the folks who truly need our support!
      Big hugs,

    • patricia faithfull

      Good luck to you!

    • Radu

      Hmm… funny that I have to write to be able to enrol. Here we go …
      Getting what I have in my mind out on paper, everything looks good in my mind until I put it on paper. Growing up in an environment where creativity was discouraged, from the family where the message was study to get a real job you don’t have talent for arts to the schooling system (former communist country) where creativity was to write what was taught to you using the same words you were taught in, if that makes sense.
      Whit the covid period things are not looking good, I’m working to help people grow and have confidence in them, to help the ones that they think they can’t make it or don’t have what it takes. I’m a teacher for adults, teens get me also
      From what I saw, not sure my lap is big enough to fit all the content in the course , The Copy Cure will help me deliver clearer and more inspiring information to people in need looking for a way to make it out of their problems. I’m teaching about how the mind works, how our way of thinking and behaviour can be seen on our faces and how to deal with it so that we can upgrade our lives into happy ones. Tangible would be to start writing articles that connect with the reader and better manuals for my students that they would want to read even home.

      Thank you for the opportunity,

    • Annika Wirth

      This is incredible! Thank you for the work you are doing!

    • Leeann Keirl

      Writing is something that I have always struggled with. It takes me hours to write a 150-word discussion post for my classes each week. I understand the concepts of putting a paragraph together, but I feel I miss the mark and I make it harder than it should be.
      I will graduate with my Associates Degree in Graphic Design, December 2020. I am at the top of my game right now with a 4.0 and a member of National Honor Society. I want my business to be focused on “awareness” campaigns. My mission is to help others bring awareness to their causes.
      If given the chance it would be amazing. I am 56 and I have struggled for years with alcoholism. I have been sober for 3.5 years now and my life is truly coming together for me. I am setting an example of hard work pays off to my grandchildren they always say how proud they are of me. This would help me to be able to put together stronger documents and emails to potential clients, better creative briefs and stronger marketing plans. Together this could make me more appealing to potential clients or employers.

    • Thank you for your important work MJ!

  13. I opened my business with the idea to awaken others through yoga and spirituality. I thought it would be easy, offer and teach and they would come. I realized quickly a majority of the business would be marketing and I knew nothing about it and had zero training in it so I made it up and followed what I saw other people and brands doing. However, I still struggle to find my own voice and speak in a way that gets people fully engaged to commit to coming to classes or signing up for my workshops, programs, and teacher trainings. I feel uncomfortable still trying to manipulate people with their pain as I’ve learned from marketing. I always wanted to uplift people not traumatize them more and bring up their hurt so I could solve it, there must be another way! I would love to learn how to authentically speak to others in a way that uplifts and creates the perfect connections and makes it easy to get clients and students and not like a desperate struggle as it’s felt at times searching in the dark. I’ve never felt I was the best writer and would like to step into my power with this tool, especially during this time with my business closed and not sure of the next direction.

  14. Dear Marie
    I really want to do this program but my current situation will not allow me to take it
    I’m looking for someone to fund my jewellery company – I have been a recipient of many awards including the highest in Jewellery Design – the De Beers Award in 1998 to the Indian Gem and Jewellery Council Artisan Award this year (2020)
    Until I secure the funds – I have to not only save my business but also my workshop and craftsmen

    With these writing skills I wish to up my communication strategy towards my customers, to get new customers to also start my online course ( I’ve also been teaching jewellery design on-site for more than 20 years

    Basically the plan is to survive n thrive with these new set of crucial skills

    Given this opportunity I assure you of my extreme sincerity and I promise you – i can even come back and pay for the the course – once my situation improves

    I have the time to do it now
    But I don’t have the funds right now

    That’s the reason I’m applying and praying that you’ll consider my earnest request
    I’m an ex B schooler so you can trust that if I had the resources I would not have taken this route

    ?thank you for this opportunity for people like us – atleast there’s hope
    And I know and I’m
    Glad that atleast someone like me will benefit because of your generosity in these difficult times !!

  15. I would love to receive a scholarship for this course. I’m a single mom of three who’s recently lost my job.

    I’ve been a follower of Marie’s since she appeared on Oprah years ago. My future goals are to develop a online business that utilizes my skill set and passion. My weakest link is writing to capture my audience in a inspirational and effective way.

    I look forward to hearing back.

  16. My biggest struggle right now is emotion and belief. My focus is on Renaissance souls who have been told they’re weird or not good enough their whole life, despite being talented and able to juggle multiple hats. I had my focus, but as I rebound from fifteen miscarriages and years of failed fertility treatments, my imposter syndrome and fear of failure is at such a high, I have fallen back into losing the belief of my potential, letting it cloud my copy. With this class, I can refocus for the launch of my new project, One Little Weirdo, to help other Renaissance souls love their passions in one beautiful package (themselves). The confidence and clear copy would allow me to reach and nurture other’s who also need to hear they aren’t broken, failed, or unworthy and they, too, can shine.

  17. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle with writing is using my voice to connect. Connecting with my audience in a way that serves them and then want to take action. I also struggle with adding value then suggesting a call to action.
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I help women gain the capacity to heal and love their mind + bodies so that they can take back loving themselves unconditionally, manage anxiety, and feel their best from the inside + out. Bloom with confidence
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? To create more connection with those I serve. Connecting them in a way where I am able to tap into my own authentic self and connecting to my audience to action.

  18. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is trying to get my point across. I have a lot to say, great passion behind my work, and yet I fumble around with a lot of words.
    2. I am a functional nutritionist. I serve people who are struggling with health challenges and are getting no answers from their conventional doctors. I treat gut health issues, fatigue, hormone imbalances, and more. Their lives are better, after treatment.
    3.I’d be able to get my message of healing to more people and make it clear there is hope and options.

    • evelyn

      hi diane,
      i too am attempting to help people through veganism. i like that your work exists and would love, once my business is up and running, to collaborate with you.
      if you are interested: [email protected]

      • Dianne Barnard

        I’ll collaborate on the veganism idea as well!

  19. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    -My biggest struggle(s) with writing is/are that I strive for perfection, and that can take away my authentic voice (and cause stage fright). I also get tied up that others won’t need/value/like what I have to say, so I end up not writing at all.
    -I’m a Reiki Master Teacher and Reiki Practitioner who passionately wants others to know, share, and experience this healing energy work that is absolutely life-changing.
    -With this scholarship, I WOULD create stronger content that helps get out the message that we have the innate ability to shift our energy and change or lives for the better! I’d reach an audience who is ready to begin a journey that’s so powerful, they will hardly remember their lives before. I’d connect, share, mentor, teach and help so many people, it would be a palpable shift in the collective consciousness. My family (husband, 2 littles, forthcoming puppy) currently benefits from Reiki (and breathwork, and yoga), but in the practice of growing my business and audience, I can not only continue helping them at home, but also provide for them while cultivating abundance. My community would continue to grow, expand, and connect through this opportunity to reach their hearts with words that matter.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    With Light,
    Nicole Walter

  20. I want to do this program, but I just had a baby and was furloughed from my job, only to be brought back for 8 weeks. I am nervous about investing in myself amidst so much uncertainty. However, I am hopeful this program could be the thing that could help me finally launch my side hustle into my full-time hustle.

  21. 1. My biggest struggle with writing has always been dyslexic. I get things backwards or my mind is going a mile a minute and I am not jotting everything down appropriately.
    2. I am in my beginning stages of starting my business to uplift, inspire, show the way to self love and the
    integrations of masculine and feminine energies.
    3. Oh my goodness if the copy cure landed on my lap I would be dancing and partying like it’s 1999. It will TOTALLY help me get my point across with personality, depth, and pizzazz! I would be so honored to receive a gift like that. ?

  22. Alex Z

    1) My biggest struggle with writing is connecting my head and my heart. I have difficulty injecting emotions into writing and being happy with the final product. My perfectionist tendencies seem to prevent me from being perfectly happy with the piece or accepting of what has come out. I judge the writing too harshly or callously act indifferent towards it. I need to find some semblance of balance in my writing. I want to be fearless and explore my creativity without self-judgment and feeling that it isn’t good enough. I know with the right training and tools I can push through this resistance and become a much better and dedicated writer.

    2) I am a full-service digital marketer that wants to help people take their businesses to the next level through sales and fundamental online strategies. I work with local businesses and even local governments and want to connect people to each other. My passion is people and the diversity we all have.

    3) It would help me help others with their business and would allow me to get to the heart of their offering and be a beacon of connectivity in my community. I would be better able to communicate effectively with my peers, clients, and family. I believe this is the ultimate gift anyone can give to humanity.

  23. Michelle

    I struggle to get complex ideas across in a clear and succinct way – I tend to use way too many words, and sometimes get a little long-winded leaving the copy sounding boring.
    Our startup is working on removing the stigma surrounding mental health and making it as easy to go to a therapist as getting your hair done or going to a yoga class – and having it be something you can be just as proud of.
    Stronger writing skills could increase engagement on our social channels, as well as help build our email list, and sell more tickets to our workshops. Bringing in much needed money to grow our business to having its own physical space, so that we can help people lead happier, healthier lives.

  24. I struggle with writing because I worry too much about what people will think of it. I have so many things stuck in my head that need to get out. I need to be productive for my business to be profitable.
    My sole mission for my business is to help young people and women start and grow their own businesses.
    If I had more confident writing abilities I would be able to pay off my student loans with my increased income and finally be debt free. I want to get a bigger house for my family but that requires more money from my business. If I am able to help other women have businesses that support their families they can stop depending on low end pay jobs that don’t pay their bills. I want to help them have businesses that pay their bills, put healthy food on the table, and that fulfills their life goals.

  25. Jihan

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? I am a person who serves. I can empathize and give my time and knowledge but sitting to write copy does not flow naturally for me.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I am a life and business women’s empowerment coach. I mentor and motivate women to reach their highest potential in business and mindset mastery. I work with women who want to discover their authentic selves, get unstuck, and live the life of their dreams.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? I know that content is key to my business and to getting my brand to the next level. I need to be able to take advantage of this skill set yet I am not. This program would enable me to get my message out into the world.

  26. My purpose is dedivated to making the best personal care products and soaps to world. I contribute as a research and development chemist who is currently making sanitizers and soaps for the masses at a corporation during the pandemic. This writing class would help me to better communicate to my community and tribe with better information in more impactful ways. This tangible gift will also help me launch my business that I’ve been trying to get start to help my family and student loan/ teacher companies.

  27. Nadia

    My biggest struggle with writing is cutting it down to more concise segments. I’m in the yoga and wellness space. My mission is to help people find their health their inner teacher, to know when to push themselves, when to pull back, to build strength in their minds, bodies and souls. I want to serve every BODY, regardless of age or background. Health is a right, and it’s up to us to tap into that.

    If an admission landed in my lap, stronger writing would help me to write copy that will ultimately serve my community in a broader and more efficient way, and help my business which will help my family and home to survive right now during Covid.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  28. My biggest struggle in writing is my email nurture sequence. Apparently I write very factual statements, which does not entertain, only educate, which comes across as possibly boring. I’m in the middle of creating my offer after having just started this business July 2019. I help aspiring home cooks become personal chefs without the need for culinary school. My target market are moms who want to be home for their kids, but have a few hours a day available to cook for their clients. They can make so much more money for their family doing this rather than working a desk or retail job and all it takes is a love for food. With a message better crafted toward my target market, I could better help these struggling moms have a better life where they look forward to going to work and they’re proud of what they do for a living.

  29. 1- My biggest struggle with writing is the expression of thoughts in a well curated format. for my business and brand, I often come with a lot of creative campaigns but what keeps me from running them is the inability to curate the words in a format that would engage the audience and the fear of it being rejected.
    2- My brand is dedicated to reusing and reducing the textile waste that exists in the world. I want to start by reducing the carbon footprint of my brand and those associated by my brand. I make handcrafted and hand-embroidered jewellery products out of waste fabric.
    3- Stronger writing would help me get my campaigns and my content appear impactful and engage more audience. It would also help my artisans to get more work due to more business. It will help all of us boost our confidence overall.

  30. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is the insecurity of sharing my passion and then asking people to pay! I love love love what I do, and I have a few clients, but I know I’m bad at selling myself because of the insecurity of ‘who am I to ask you to pay for this’ (though I obviously wanna make a full-time living!) I’m lost in how I can express my gifts AND confidently ask leads to become paying clients.

    1. Helping people explore their inner worlds by combining Psychology and Spirituality. I’m a certified life coach & I have a specialization in positive psychology, but I also work with energy and spirituality, and I combine the two to help people deepen their relationship with themselves. I serve male & female clients between 20-45 y.o. My mission is to guide people inwards, to help them understand who they are, help them question themselves & re-create themselves with intention and awareness! Rather than continuing to live by subconscious, habitual patterns.

    3. It would help because I would be stepping into my FULL power and not shying away from my gifts. I know that my gifts need to be shared with more people, and strong, confident writing skills would help my business because I would be able to have more financial freedom and thus give back to my family and community. I would reach & serve more clients. I could create a program that could reach even more people.

  31. When you open your email and Marie Forleo give you this opportunity you take it! I would love to be chosen for a scholarship because I am great connecting with people with verbal communication and then when it comes to writing I turn into a robot! Please help! I have such a big vision for helping people and I’d love to learn how use words to further my messaging. Thank you!

  32. Syreeta Mackey

    I am a newly single mom after 12 years of staying at home at my then husbands request to raise our children. After verbal and financial abuse and 2 occasions of physical abuse I decided to leave. As a result he has used his finances to control and manipulate the courts. I have always been a woman who has taken care of myself. I let my guard down and now I am crawling out of this hole. Even though I don’t have income now I’m know with my prior skills and awareness I can get back in the game and win it. I’ve come back before and I’ll come back this time. I’m the come back queen. I know what I want to do but writing has never been my thing but I am willing to do all I can do learn this valuable skill to provide for myself and my children. After my recent diagnosis of a brain tumor I will not let that will not stop me either!! It will be removed and my plan will continue. I must do this for myself and my 2 young children. I am dedicated! This is my why!! The copy is my missing link. I’ve attended bschool and did some amazing things! I will be delighted to win this scholarship and be a success story that you can use to help other women rebuild their life, who may have experienced financial abuse from a spouse. All I need is a chance an opportunity!! This copy cure class is just what I need to advance my business idea!!! Thank you for this opportunity.

  33. I am a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher and trained doula ready to launch the coaching part of my business. I support individuals transition to parenthood. I believe in what I do wholeheartedly, but I struggle writing engaging copy. I create a ton of content but I need to work on how to drive actions to courses and classes. My mission is to help as many people as possible have a better prenatal, birth and postpartum experience. With better copy I will be able to reach more people and make a bigger impact. Thank you for the work you do Marie and for considering me for this scholarship program!

  34. This will help the unadoptable dogs find their furever homes and grow the rescue.

    • My biggest struggle with writing is putting my thoughts on paper and making it sound good. Not to sound stupid, grammar will get me every time.

      I own and operate Simple Girl Doggie Haven, a dog rescue for special needs dogs. Typically, these dogs are deemed unadoptable and may sit in a shelter environment longer due to being shy, lacking confidence, dog reactivity or may have a medical issue going on. My mission is to save these dogs, let them decompress, rehab them through medical and/or training with the ultimate goal is to help these amazing creatures find their furever home.

      I feel that writing is one of my biggest weaknesses. I want to sound like a professional rather than someone just writing words on a piece of paper. To take The Copy Cure would be absolutely amazing for me as individual and for my animals. I am a firm believer in that what people read can be a game changer in the success of the rescue. Especially with finding volunteers, fosters, and the much-needed donations that are critical to the survival of the rescue. I also find that when I feel comfortable in what I am writing the easier it is to get the point across in a professional manner. For the community this will help with the high stray population and find these pups a new home instead of living on the streets.

      • Samantha (Sam)

        Darlene, your story and mission speak to my heart! You are a true gift to this world. Thank you for everything you are doing for animals. Keep going for your dream!

  35. Lana

    My name is Lana , I’m originally from
    Bosnia and Hercegovina from a city called Sarajevo. What brought me to England .
    I was just 8 years old when the war broke out in my country. I grew up during the siege of Sarajevo in the 1990s. My memories as child before the siege are beautiful family times and going to my weekend house in Blagaj (Mostar) regular trips to jahorina skiing every winter, which the war then torn apart. During the siege, the army encircled the city, targeting civilians, and for years citizens of Sarajevo lived in fear. Thousands of children and people were killed and many more were robbed of a normal childhood this included me. I spent years in a state of fear and deprivation, dreaming of chocolate, fresh fruit, playing with friends and other luxuries stolen by the circumstances, often cowering in cellars during shelling. My generation that was raised in the Bosnia war were forced to grow up prematurely. Today, this is a reality for children in conflict zones all over the world, and those who survive the violence often suffer from health and psychological problems long after the conflict ends. No one thinks about what it is like to be a child during war and what it is like to grow up during war. What it’s like to have your parent on front line and not see them for two years and no contact. But war does not end just because the guns are put down. War lives on, passed down to future generations and disseminated. I had no choice but to become part of a war story. So here I am, we eventually came to England in 1994. For me my own life journey that has been my biggest teacher for me. I’ve gone from unconfident ,and limiting my beliefs that held me back due to thinking I can’t do that , I don’t deserve that , to an authentic and loving relationship with myself. And it is my deepest heart mission to want other women do the same, I want to share my knowledge with women and be able to express myself in best way possible to reach out to the public. I struggled for years a to find the right words to even share the above. I want women to know that’s it’s doable no matter who you are or where you stand today. You just need to be willing! This would be an amazing apportioning for me as I have always worked so hard for everything I have in my life. I have achieved something last year that I never though was possible. My training academy I build up over 10 years won best training academy of 2019. This was massive for me and sure it gave me confidence. I been working on my life coaching certification and during lockdown this has been my biggest aim to try and push. I absolutely love coaching women and I love being able to make people change their life this is an absolute passion for me. Thank you for reading this ?

    • My heart goes out to you and all those effected by the Third Balkan War. Blagaj is a most beautiful town with the source of the Buna river. I’m also deeply moved by your journey shared here and the shift you have made to be able to have a loving, authentic relationship with yourself. You have overcome much and I wish you and your coaching business the most success!

  36. My education took place in a school system without resources and I never caught up when it came to my writing. I am smart and a good verbal communicator, but I told my lack of communication skills is holding me back.
    I am ready to leave this season of being a pastor and start my brave next chapter as a coach. I want to pour into the next generation of female leaders in New England. I want to speak life over those who don’t believe deep down they are who they truly are.
    I think Copy Cure will be the partner with B school to allow me to become the confident coach to women that I am created to be.

  37. My biggest struggle with writing is making sure my audience is understanding what I’m saying. It makes sense to me but I always get questions, which makes me think my messaging isn’t as clear. My work is dedicated to helping women reach financial success through proper budgeting and money management. Writing stronger would allow me to speak to more people and really get them the help they need (and that I know I can give)!

  38. I have never been fully able to embrace my writing style. My mother has written two books and she is a stickler for “proper writing” so I’ve never felt confident about my own writing because she has never really given me the approval as a writer. I am a footwear designer/entrepreneur my mission is to inspire other woman to be confident in themselves, drop the labels, and go for whatever makes them feel free. If I was awarded this opportunity I could better express this life long mission I’ve had to set people free, not only can I be more impactful from an inspirational perspective, but I can employ, mentor, and also use my earnings to work on other charitable projects I dream of centered around education, self-esteem, and financial freedom for women around the globe. I have a lot to say I just have to get it out.

  39. I love to write and when I share what I write, inevitably it creates connection, but I struggle with putting my message out there. When I write in private, the words flow, but as soon as I begin writing to publish or social-share, I freeze. Even the limited character set for Twitter takes multiple revisions and sometimes I still chicken out. I want to write to the heart of my audience, to connect with my tribe, and get on with my purpose of helping others level up their life.

  40. Autumn B.

    Good morning. I struggle with connecting to people online. I’m a delight in person, but I struggle to translate that connection and generate the same level of enthusiasm in an online environment. I’m a hiring manager and I have incredible resume writing tips. I was put here on this Earth to write a resume writing book (I’d love to sell the book online at Amazon). I want to help people get the job they’re applying for. I want to help people obtain meaningful work and contribute to their family’s financial bottom line. That is my passion. I need the help, knowledge and tools to bring this book to life so I can expand how many people I can help.

  41. 1) I think I have 2 huge struggles – 1) the confidence to write in a tone that would engage folks; and 2) a system/inspiration/superpowers to help be excited to write. Oftentimes, I place other tasks and responsibilities in front of writing.
    I do feel like I have something to say. I’m just not sure folks want to hear it.
    2) I’m writing to crafters, primarily leather and paper for planners. I’m way OCD and have searched for years for the perfect purse. Not able to find it, I decided to take up leatherwork and make my own. Same thing with planners – couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I’m learning to make my own.
    My mission is to empower others to do things they don’t think they can. I want to provide the tools to create the patters for others to make or to use in their own business. Creating things keeps me sane.
    3) If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, stronger writing would help change my family’s lives. We’d like to move out of state. I’d build a nice workshop where I would write and make things, helping others to learn to do as well.
    I’d love for my husband to retire. He’s done some crazy work (like wading through maggots to fix trash compactors). He has a heart condition now and is not able to do the same things as before. We care for my mom who lives with us. Good mental health for all.

  42. Zoe

    What can I say. This would be an absolute privilege to be part of. Writing copy is one of the hardest things for me and feel it’s something that lets my business down. I make great products but really struggle to sell them through writing! So yes… It would be amazing to be part of this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  43. YES! Please consider me for a scholarship spot!
    My Biggest struggle with writing, is self-doubt, clarifying my message clearly.
    My work is dedicated to helping women nourish themselves with self-care through yoga, meditation, and community. My speciality is opening deep conversations and holding space for all to be witnessed and heard. I have suffered from chronic illness, Crohns disease for 35 years. My body knows pain and resilience! My mission is to support women through the challenges of life! I have lived through Financial struggle, Health problems, Divorce, Single parenting and have overcome addiction!I live in gratitude, joy and my life is filled with LOVE! Supporting women and showing them what is possible when they learn the skills of SELF LOVE through community and adopting a healthy lifestyle
    The scholarship wold help me get my message out to reach more women to help them THRIVE! I am a single mom of 3 children and my health at times takes a toll on me financially, energetically and physically. I am a committed to serve my TRIBE!

  44. Hi Marie, I love your sense of humor and your writing style. I connect with it. I find it difficult to communicate with my audience because English is not my first language it is a struggle to translate who I am wholly. I work helping people through yoga therapy, with focus on mental health. When I finish this course I am going to improve my website language and finish a book that’s been in the oven for awhile now so we can contribute to heal the planet. I hope I get this scholarship. Thank you!

  45. I struggle with writing Marketing copy that connects and converts into paying clients. I work with teen athletes but their parents are the ones I need to connect with initially. I would use the copy cure to grow all aspects of my business – social media, my blog, newsletter, webinar content, website, and sales pages.

  46. Margo

    Hello, team Forleo!
    1. My biggest straggle with writing is that my emails do not inspire people to respond. From every 100 emails I get 2-3 answers.
    2. I’m a freelance translator, my work is dedicated to connecting people speaking English to Russian speaking audience.
    3. Stronger writing would help me to find new client, launch new projects, connect to more people.

  47. I would dearly love to be considered for a scholarship for the Copy Cure this year. My name is Atira, and I am the executive director and founder of a grassroots, volunteer-run charity who support the trauma recovery of child sex slaves in Asia called Art to Healing (

    As you probably know, funding is challenging to seek as a not-for-profit, and I have struggled to find the balance in my passion and devotion towards ending the vicious cycle of child sex slavery and having to also focus on my own business as a trauma therapist and teacher to make ends meet.

    As a non-native English speaker (I was born in Singapore), I have always struggled with writing, and overcoming limiting beliefs around expression and my writing skills. This challenge has also been evident in the non-for-profit, where we have relied on the skills of other copywriters or grant writers to help in our grant writing and fundraising and communication activities.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would not just help me in my own business to provide my clients and audience with tools and resource to recover from trauma, but I would also learn how to communicate to Art to Healing’s audience, spreading awareness on child sex slavery, ways of resolving trauma for these women and children, and gain ways on raising more donations and support for our cause of ending the vicious cycle of child sex slavery in the world.

    • Samantha (Sam)

      You are amazing Atira! Your work is so inspiring!

  48. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    The content and knowledge I have is big, but then I struggle to get the message out there. I think I’m missing some kind of way to get people more interested. I watch other people communicating the same message in a more convincing way.
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I’m a happy, healthy, and yoga lifestyle blogger. I have my online site with programs and clases that I share in order to make people happier. I created my own podcast that have very successful episodes. I want to spread the message to get to more people that the only wat out is in by sharing tools that can create an introspection.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I will get the message more strongly, I will help more people know that the peace comes within. Many of my work and programs are free. I have my free meditation program, I teach free yoga classes and in my heart is the big desire to keep helping people be more peaceful.

  49. Monica

    Not thinking I have anything worth saying or listening to

  50. I am super self conscious in my copy writing. I am always afraid to sound too much like I am doing a hard sale and I don’t want to sound like I am bragging on myself. I design quilt patterns so my product is an extension of me which makes me hyper critical. My patterns are designed to help people find a creative outlet. I have the worst time writing newsletters so I rarely do. The pandemic has caused some economic hardships that would make this scholarship a real godsend. Not only because it would allow me to take the course when I wouldn’t have normally been able to but also because it will help me to get my business to the next level at a time when my family needs it the most.

  51. I thought I was safe from the volatility of the market because my business has several income streams but they’re almost exclusively IRL! My newsletter readers like hearing more from me now that I’ve incorporated a few of your tips from the free series. That list isn’t growing or being shared the way I know it could if I took your program. Would love to be part of The Copy Cure.

  52. Yemi Morrison

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is not using the right words to convey the message that I have in my heart. I know that I can help people, I just don’t know to TELL them I can help.

    2. My business is helping female coaches and course creators who are not tech savvy, learn how to build their own websites without getting overwhelmed and even if they don’t have a lot of time.

    3. Being able to write better copy would mean the world to me because I’d be able to pour my heart out to people in a way that I know would benefit them. I LOVE technology, and I love web design, but I always struggle with writing copy. If I got access to The Copy Cure, I would be able to tell my story and talk about my experiences in a way that would resonate with my customers. It would improve sales in my business, which would allow me to take care of my parents and my siblings. I hate watching my brothers struggle to survive everyday and it pains me that I can’t do more to help them. I really hope that I am considered for this scholarship because it would change my life and the lives of those around me.

  53. Teaching classes I can make myself heard and understand by other people.
    I believe that the power of words is your biggest magic power.
    On social media and email it’s definitely a challenge and it’s so different!

    I would love, love, love to get the right touch on this.
    I am an acupuncture therapist and yoga meditation teacher.

    Big Love, Smiles and Good Vibes from Netherlands!

  54. I really struggle with coming across with my voice, my ‘true self’. I worry that I’m not able to get my thoughts in order and have the ability to still provide value to my customers so I often give up on my writing and resort to just bare bones facts. I sort of frighten myself about it I suppose and convince myself I’ll never be good at copy so I often don’t try.
    I’m both a fiction writer and a graphic designer who focusses on bringing quality, accessible graphic design to writers and bloggers who need help creating artwork that means something to them and their own businesses. I’d love to get into more copywriting to help my customers out with book blurbs and blogs, but I lack the confidence in my own abilities.
    If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, I think it would really help me with my overall confidence for my business and work. Right now I keep changing my website copy because it never ‘sounds like me/sounds right’ and because of that I never get my business going the way that I had hoped. Getting my business off the ground would be a confidence boost that I need to really make my business work so that I could help support my parents in their retirement and to help myself become the entrepreneur I dream of being. It would allow me to serve my clients better by telling them how I can help them with my book and social media design, and also help them with their own confidence when it comes to blogs and blurbs that will truly mean something to their own small businesses.

  55. 1 – I’m italian and getting to know English like I do now took me most of thirties. Now I’m in a better position to influence and be effective with my writing, I just need the right teachings.
    2 – My mission is to spread the Vegan Lifestyle through my blog. I truly think this is why I’m here for.
    3 – The ability to reach a broader audience and engage in proficient conversations where I’m able through the written words to be more effective and inspire a change that lasts longer than a blog post.

  56. Hi, I’m Ananda. I’m a life coach for millennial women. I started my business in March 2020 but its been a couple of months in the making. I’ve invested over 25k into learning through courses and very recently into coaching. Better copy would help me to reach more women and share my message of self love and of course recoup my initial investment that came from savings and student loans.

    I am now 100% comitted to my business and chose to leave my college degree to pursue my coaching business. I know, you’re probably thinking she invested that much money without making any in her business and left school. But I know that if its any place that will be understood, it would be here.

    I really believe in my message and in my ability to coach. Not just from coach training but also from learning as I offer free coaching.

    I know that killer copy would mean so much to my business to make more sales to my small but mighty and growing email list, make sales through Instagram to my cureently around 1222 followers and on my blog ( currently in progress)

    Ps. I believe that self- love is self-responsibility and that we owe it to ourselves to embrce our messy-ness, have our own back, take action on the things that scare us but while being totally compassionate with ourselves and keeping our word, to ourselves.

    Help me share this powerful message with women worldwide.

  57. Kate

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is having the confidence in what write to share with others. When I write I think of my audience, but also think of my (potential) critics which may be a bad habit. I fear that what I write will be ridiculed and mocked, that it won’t be good enough.

    1. My business is Massage therapy but overall it’s dedicated to health- mental, emotional, spiritual. I see clients that struggle with the same things I do, mainly anxiety and so I want to help them overcome that for good. This would be my mission. That’s why I’m looking into offering alternative therapies such as tapping, or other EFT. I will eventually need help in marketing these newish ideas to my current and future customers.
    3. Stronger writing would help me express myself and connect with my audience. I feel that my writing can be somewhat impersonal and flat. I am currently working on improving my copy writing skills so this Scholarship opportunity would compliment that effort. Thanks for reading!

  58. I’ve never taken the time to properly learn to copywrite but recently I’ve seen the need to do so. I’ve learned that copywriting is the cornerstone to basically creating the income because it allows to sway the motivations of people.

    I believe that once I begin to understand it that it will completely turn my business around and give me a skill that can be used in anything I put my mind to in product creation, invention, marketing and advertising.

    I’d definitely like to apply for the scholarship. Who know’s maybe it will help me eventually say goodbye to my 9 to 5.

  59. My biggest struggle with writing is conveying my personality and voice via written word. On video & face to face, I feel conversational, but get me writing a sales page or email and it’s snoozeville… choppy, awkward & frustrating ?

    I serve a community of women—mainly work at home moms, spiritual entrepreneurs (like yoga teachers, massage therapists, holistic health consultants, mlm-ers, wellness coaches etc) My mission is to equip these women with the solid marketing strategies, business development & mindset support so that they may build and sustain viable businesses within their chosen areas of expertise.

    Admission to the Copy Cure would be a dream come true. I’ve been waiting & watching for this course to open, but now in the midst of family financial crunch (thanks COVID ?) I was bummed to have to pass, so I you give me a scholarship, I will do a cartwheel in my front yard (for real)! The difference I hope to make I to totally re-write my sales page & email sequence to attract more clients and work with more women to build their dream businesses and finally have the tools and confidence needed to be successful. I would pay it forward by offering a scholarship program to my future business retreats (when we can leave the house again, that is). Please pick meeeee! ?

  60. My biggest struggle with writing is coming up with interesting ideas without sounding boring. I’m an artist, for me it’s easy to draw but to write has always been a block.
    I need to learn to write for my business, I create custom animations and illustrations for women entrepreneurs. My mission is to create gorgeous authentic brands.
    The Copy Cure will help me greatly to write newsletters, posts and ads. I really struggle in this area. This would produce more engagement and sales. Women will connect more to my offers.

    Thank you so much!! I dream to be part of this program.

  61. I actually feel that I AM a good writer, yet I have not attracted the kind of business/volume I think I could/should. Even though English is my second language, I feel that with some help I could learn that insider tips and tricks that will make my coaching courses succeed.
    I am dedicated to helping people understand and let go of the wounded behaviours that we call emotional triggers. Helping people getting so aware of their breath and bodies that the early signs of being triggered are detectable and the whole trigger drama can be avoided and healed from the inside, instead of all the external drama.
    I am a single mom of two kids, an immigrant. I have not received any financial help from my children’s father for over 2 years. I know I have something special to offer and I have already helped many students. I just really need to figure out how to scale my business to become a sustainable, reliable source of income for myself and my kids.
    I see so many people struggle with their inner wounding playing out in draining and dramatic ways that take away from embracing their creative powers and manifesting what they love. I want to reach more people and help them achieve the emotional freedom that I know is possible.
    Thank you for considering my request.

  62. I have always struggled with creative writing. When writing sales copy, I’m not sure how to trouble shoot what’s not working so I don’t try. I started my business 4 years ago with the mission of helping service-based entrepreneurs learn the true meaning of sales, which is my acronym Sales Anyone Lovingly Effectively and Successfully. For small business owners to master the art of sales, they must be a problem solver and provide a successful solutions. Currently, reaching out to prospects with empathy and curiosity to provide solutions that that solve their problems is a key to surviving. If selected, I would have the ability to expand my reach online. Thank you

  63. Hi there!
    My name’s Rosh and I’m the writer and founder of Rhosyn Avenue, a digital creative writing studio dedicated to helping badass, women-owned brands and businesses connect with and cultivate their audience through powerhouse, personality driven writing.
    When it comes to writing copy, the numero uno thing I struggle with is the art of persuasion, which is essential when trying to convince clients to purchase from you.

    With Rhosyn Avenue, I aim to empower womxn in the entrepreneurial world, especially queer women and women of color, since being a WOC myself, I am all too familiar with the barriers women face in business. My brand has a definite feminist angle, and I only work with companies that are either women-owned, or led by women.
    The Copy Cure would be greatly beneficial to narrow down my specific niche and enunciate clearly to my target audience how I can serve them and help them to achieve their goals in a creative and safe environment. Additionally, it would be easier to explain why exactly I prioritize womxn empowerment over anything else, enabling me to offer my services to mental health and sexual assault survivor help organizations.

  64. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Me: I cannot seem to find my real voice when I write. I end up being inauthentic and sometimes pushy. I prefer my writing to reflect what I truly desire to share and the value I bring to my clients. Really need help here the most.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    Me: I am a therapist, coach and facilitator. I am transitioning from one on one sessions in person and group coaching to creating online programs and I lack confidence in the way I write. Things like sales pages, etc are damn scary for me. I serve clients who need support emotionally, mentally and physically.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community?
    Me: Being a single mom and recently divorced I have a LOT riding on me. From parenting to running my home and earning. It’s overwhelming and even though I am good at what I do, I know I can reach more clients if I learn to write better copy that my clients would trust me on. It’s literally the only piece missing. I really have a deep desire to make a difference to the community and transform lives. P.S: the increased income would be a blessing as I have rent to pay and a kid to support and put through school. I am not earning as much as I know I can!

    What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Me: I do blog sometimes, I’d like it to be more regular and in that way, I can support those who cannot afford my sessions. I share a lot of insights and information so this would help. I want to create more videos and host a podcast too for them so my content has a greater reach. With a good copy, I can do all of that and more. For my online course creation, I require to have good writing skill to be able to present it well and let people know what I am offering, why it can add value to them and have way more enrollment. Creating sales pages, webinar pages, opt in etc are ok but my writing really needs work. I do not want to come across as desperate. So this is where I’d like to use this course.

  65. Mel

    Blessings to all.
    My biggest struggle with writing is probably more inner than outer. Im passionate. Im kind. I just fear no one wants to read what I write. I dont know how to grab attention.
    My mission in life is to guide people towards understanding their worth. Im a domestic violence survivor. Coming out of that relationship was the hardest, yet most rewarding journey I’ve ever traveled. Realizing how I have sold myself short for so many years opened my eyes to a different life. Ive been working on my own “im not good enough…” mentality since. Its been my goal to make sure any soul I cross paths with knows how worthy of love and respect they are.
    I work in a factory right now. Its a daunting job. It pays the bills, however, and im forever grateful for it. However, it causes a ton of anxiety. The atmosphere itself is just covered in anxiety ridden vibes. I am a being of love. But when my anxiety is high, my loving nature is shut down. I shut down. The thought of doing something im passionate about, a creative release, fills my heart with pure happiness! The difference that would make in my vibe would be tremendous! My family would see me in my authentic nature. Pure love. They would feel unbelievably supported without my anxiety hanging around.
    My love can change the world. My soul can heal the world. You gifting me with this scholarship would change the path of so many around me. I can feel it.
    You want to change the world, don’t you?

  66. Dan Ali

    1. I was most recently a VP of Strategy & Analytics for a 1B+ company. I am now starting my own company and found myself in a predicament: I know nothing about writing copy. My understanding of how the consumer thinks mostly came on an analytical level versus an emotional level and the product that I was starting was emotional. It is very different to A/B test a button than write cohesive brand consistent copy. To be honest, I start at square 0 and would love to do it with The Copy Cure.

    2. Our business is dedicated to all of the people that pour their heart and soul into their home purchase and never actually own it. This takes them out of the driver’s seat when it comes to selling their home or buying a new one. We aim to provide insights that would dynamically alter the way that homeowners and homebuyers pave their path to their own American dream.

    3. We could actually communicate the brand value and value proposition of our product. Real Estate is an industry surrounding by big players and being an underdog is always exciting but never easy. The Copy Cure could help position us to communicate better with our target audience, and help get the free product in their hands. Our entire mission is based on creating a safe space for our customers, and without great copy this won’t be possible. I’m very excited about where The Copy Cure can take us.

  67. My biggest struggle with writing is getting what is in my head to paper in a way that actually lands and is understandable to others-clarity is my friend yet oh so hard for me to achieve. Since my mission is huge for the horse world, I really want to sit with this and be able to craft words in a way that compels people to take action-whether they buy from me or not. Ultimately, I want to spur action in the horse world and being able to effectively convey that will help me impact more horses lives positively.
    My work, business, life, everything I have and am is dedicated to helping horses via their owners to create real change and a lasting impact in the horse industry. We can train the horses all we want, but until we shift the approach from the human side of the equation horses will still suffer needlessly. This literally keeps me up at night, wakes me up in the morning, and has changed the course of my life time and time again in ways I never saw.
    It would help me with more effective writing, more clients (meaning more horses served and lives changed), and allow me the freedom to live my life as proof of my work. How? I would be able to buy a ranch as my business grows where I can retrain horses, rescue others, and hold clinics teaching people what I have learned to be an effective and life changing (for horse+human) approach to training. The better I can communicate, the more confident and abundant with my words I will be- as with horses, confidence creates results.
    Basically, it would change my life and my impact from the minor leagues and local rodeos to the world stage and nationals. Which is where I will end up since I only know how to swing for the fences.
    (I’d also be able to write this way more compellingly and probably will after I go through the Copy Cure).

  68. My biggest struggle with writing is finding my authentic voice. My business is dedicated to helping businesses, small or large, market themselves and best represent their values, mission and voice through graphic design and art direction. Stronger writing skills would first enable me to get more clients by writing more compelling proposals. Then, I would be able to better communicate their needs to a wider audience. I am realizing, in the midst of this pandemic, that my business is to be of service to others. That is clear to me now. Thank you Marie for being a shining guiding light to us all!

  69. 1. Biggest struggle is finding the right words. I know I need to sell the solution,not the product. I get told I have great ideas but cannot get to the point of potentials pressing “buy”. I feel like there’s a piece I’m missing
    2. I’m a certified Wellness Coach specializing in Stress Management. I create workshops that help clients manage time, prioritize themselves with self care and boundary setting.
    3. Stronger writing would make me look more confident and experienced. Therefore, I believe people would be more inclined to go all in. This would mean becoming debt free, owning a house instead of renting, saving for a future for my kids, travel. It would also mean I could be more available to them and not as reliant on my day job (which was affected by Covid. I want something that will have need even in times of crisis).

  70. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is facing the paralysis and insecurities that grip me at the top of every writing task.
    2. My work is dedicated to children ages 2-18. I own and operate a performing arts studio, and I am currently training myself in deeper levels of writing, marketing, and business in order to take my work to a level that can reach children outside of the physical studio (where we are limited by walls, parking stalls, and proximity). My mission is to build confidence, technical skills, and strong performance qualities in kids so they shine on stage and in life.
    3. I understand the concept that copy writing should focus on customer benefits and that every word I write should be in an effort to connect with my customers. One of the things I have a hard time wrapping my head around is that my customer is actually the parent of whom my service will ultimately benefit. I have a hard time writing to the customer about a service that feels abstract or may be unfamiliar to them. Often, it’s the child who wants performing arts training and the parent has no clue what that is. A scholarship to The Copy Cure would be a huge blessing right now, as my business doors are shut (COVID-19) but I have time to develop these writing skills and make our comeback at re-opening stellar.

  71. Dee

    Hi. Such a wonderful initiative!
    I have my wellness blog since 2005. I rank for a few keywords and get a handful of visitors daily. But I feel like my writing misses that zing to keep the visitors hooked onto the website for long and sign up to the newsletter.
    I feel I have so much to share that just stays buried inside my head. If I could write more engaging and heartfelt copy, I believe I can help people really take the next steps in their personal growth and wellness journey.

  72. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is staying consistent and not getting lost in the details. I have a bad habit of editing as I write, so it takes longer than I should, then a lot of times, ends up deleted. This will be followed by becoming uninspired, which then becomes a vicious circle.
    2. My mission is to inspire others to keep working through their insecurities no matter how much the world may tell them to feel victimized. Every single person’s emotions and feelings matter. No one should feel diminished and underserved because they are surrounded by people who are acting only in the capacity of their own life experience. Feeling uncomfortable in any given situation is a sign that we have moved on and while it’s scary and emotional, it’s best to NOT ignore it and put it under the rug because it makes other’s uncomfortable. My goal is to help others walk through this energy of change by healing body, mind, and soul.
    3. Stronger writing would help me by allowing me to make better decisions about what is pertinent to my business and the message I would like to get across. Not only is this important to my business, but to my life in general. While on the surface a skill like this seems useful, it actually goes beyond into teaching a more useful way to communicate. This is a skill that can have a positive boomerang effect as it can be taught to peers as a job skill to give back to communities in areas that weren’t thought of before, which contributes to a more positive and diverse society. If I were to benefit from this opportunity, I would use it to teach others in the community so that they can learn a skill they can take with them no matter where they are.

  73. Juanita Kwarteng

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My name is Juanita Kwarteng. My biggest struggle with writing is not believing that I can be a good writer and content creator. I have lived with depression since I was a child and it manifests in my life through my belief in myself. I have thoughts that my writing does not matter so these thoughts have limited me from moving forward with my dream of being a meaningful content creator. Since I was a child, I wanted to be a journalist and my own belief about myself has come in the way of creating this content.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I have always wanted to be a content creator to talk about mental health issues and stories. I believe that it is important to share stories around mental health so that individuals living with mental health no longer feel shame about who they are. For a long time, I hid my mental health issues out of shame.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    I feel like being a part of this program would give me the confidence to do something that I have always dreamed of doing since I was a child: to create meaningful content that tells a good story. My hope is that my content can inspire others to love themselves as they are. I don’t have a website yet for this dream in my mind.

  74. Julia Gritzbach

    1} My biggest struggle with writing is after the outline to put my ideas to paper and to Trust myself that I know what I write, that people and myself will want to read it and get inspired by it.

    2} I am a full time leasing professional for an apartment complex, but on the side {until I can make it full time}, I’m an actress, singer, and writer. My passion is making others smile, to have people follow their dreams confidently & authentically, and to be there for everyone around me. ?

    3} If I got the chance to get the gift of the scholarship, it would change my whole life in the best way possible! It would help me aspire to be the writer and person I know I am & want to be, as well as to inspire everyone with my stories, experiences, and it would just be such a joy to win! I would be honored ?

  75. Hi, I am Tanya, a trainer from South Africa. I am very effective at communicating in person but struggle with writing engaging copy which entertains and educates at the same time. A lot of the work I do requires my students to read and complete worksheets which would be much easier if I was able to write effectively.
    I am a trainer and work primarily with underprivileged youth from rural backgrounds in South Africa – mostly with girls although boys often do want to join in on my training sessions. . My focus is on self-awareness and financial education with a focus on property investing because I believe that if we can teach the younger generation how to understand themselves AND their money, it will create a new generation of independent, self-sufficient women. I also teach children (aged 10 and up) how to express themselves by writing books. Once lockdown is over, I will start working with a group of men in one of our local prisons who want to write about their experiences and guide the youth away from a life of crime.
    A scholarship with Marie would be life changing, I LOVE her work and know that being able to write effective copy would enable me to grow my platforms giving me more credibility and therefore allow me to reach more children and graduates and have a bigger impact in our vast underprivileged communities.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  76. Hi Marie! Thank you so much for this golden opportunity 🙂 My biggest struggle while writing is to focus on how I may help others. Sometimes I feel I write too much or too little to express myself with clarity. I devote my work into helping people to connect with their own unique light though meditation, holistic coaching, spiritual arts and circles of women. My mission is to share all the tools that I have so that everyone can shine their magical potential and live their light to the fullest! If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would totally love to connect with more people through the alchemy of words! I can’t wait to call in the soul family even wider than before. We can feel more connected and weave a stronger community to unite with kindness around the world 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you! Good luck everyone!

  77. Alecia K

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is transitioning from academic/professional writing to engaging writing/storytelling for digital marketing. I also get stuck in my head with it, overthink it, and lack confidence.
    2. I want to serve Moms to create their own positive and less stressed experience around Motherhood, especially when you have children with unique challenges (ADHD, Mental Illness, ASD).
    3. This would be an amazing opportunity for me and my family. The ability to tell our story in a way that helps those that really need to hear it. They need to know they aren’t alone and it’s OK to feel the way they do and here is how to walk this journey in a less chaotic and stressed way. When I needed support, there was none so I know there are more out there just like me and I’m ready to step up and lead. I just need to be able to convey that better in my writing.

  78. •My biggest struggle is writing authentic content for newsletters and product descriptions that would convert readers into buyers.
    • I am an artist and through art I create greeting cards that are designed to cultivate, heal and restore relationships among women. My mission is to aid in the process of restoring what has been broken and cultivating what could be great for our lives. I am also passionate about reducing the stigma of mental health through my art.

    •It would help me to use my current strengths of art to effectively communicate and connect with my customers in an authentic way so that they will want to restore the relationships that lay dormant sometimes because of pride or not knowing how to break the ice. I want to encourage women to stay connected with not just art but words so that’s where the copy cure would help my business. Thank you for the consideration.

  79. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Focus. I’m a details person, so sorting through the most important information- IT IS ALL IMPORANT- is difficult for me. If I was writing for myself, this would work, but I know most people want much more straight-forward. Keeping my audience in mind while not dumbing down the content so I lose/insult them…
    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am a life coach focusing on assisting women who are recovering from domestic violence from a Christian perspective. Very few resources currently. I want to help women become empowered, healed, moving forward and away from toxic relationships because they value themselves and have learned the importance of protecting who they are with healthy coping and relating skills.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Stronger writing would allow me to write the books I have in my head, which will have a much more global reach than small group e-courses and individual coaching. It would also allow me to be more effective in writing the curriculum I have and will continue to develop. As my income increases, because people are able to better receive my clarified message, I will reinvest a good portion of what I make to grow my business.

  80. Chadvee Appanah

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I have difficulty to create a good enough hook and confidently sell without sounding sale-sy. I think I lack the confidence to show in words that I know I have the solution for them. I am a great teacher and “content” writer but copywriting is a whole other world. I am great at elaborating at “how I can help you” without feeling like I’m close to just giving away all my content and knowledge because I am trying so hard to convince my audience. It’s hard for me to be like “Hey, I’m the one you’ve been looking for!”

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I come from a small island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius. Our population is tiny but even more than that is our job opportunities. On top of that, we have a culture of always teaching our kids to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. And parents go to the extent of taking huge loans to send their away to learn how to become these people. I had a similar fate and today after nearly 10 years of graduating university I still find myself in massive debt with a degree. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to experience university as I recognize that this is still a luxury for many but I feel that I have a bigger purpose. As a colored woman from a tiny country, I want to show to others in my country that we are not different from the Marie Forleos, Tim Ferris’s and Elon Musks in the world. We too can choose to take that leap of faith and turn our business dreams into reality. I want more people like me in Mauritius (and other parts of the world where they feel “stuck”) to stop thinking that dreaming is for idiots and everyone ends up working at a job they secretly hate waiting for the day they retire. I want to become a business coach to help more people shift their mindset from “employee” to “entrepreneur”. In countries like Mauritius, this mind shift is critical to the future development and success of the country.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Being able to learn copy and spread the knowledge of great copy coupled with other business knowledge will help others no longer feel scared of just getting out there and doing the damn thing! I want to have the ability to convince the masses through writing and other forms of content that this leap is not as scary as it seems. I believe there should be more and more entrepreneurs in the developing world as innovation is really what allows a country to move forward exponentially. I feel that the copy cure can help me in every day to grow my influence over others like me, directly or indirectly. Just the fact that I am determined to reach my goals as strongly as I am will turn heads to those younger (and even older) than me and get them to reprogram their way of thinking. No more relying on the lack of jobs or jobs that don’t satisfy that burning desire to create inside of us.

  81. Cathi

    In school I was really bad in writing and I was always told I cannot write. So writing is, what holds me back in everything like my offers, my website, … I write from my heart and there is no concept behind it, so structure and I delete it.
    My business is dedicated to all the woman who don’t belive in their self, that feel lost, alone, unworthy and think they cant’t become what they want. My mission is to activate the power within themselfs, show them how they can change within und everything outside and to start a business they love to make a difference in the world. I want to make a bigger impact to let them shine their light an crack open ther hearts. Because I thinkt the world needs more love, peace and happy people.
    Last week I was on my meditation pillow and I felt this mission in my heart and it made me cry, because I was so overwhelmed by the thought of serving these women und the world and beeing able to do what I love, to grow, to create a peaceful place for my kids, to have more time to show them how to live in peace and full of joy, to see them grow up in an environment that is full of bliss, whith nature around us and also to give people hope and the opportunity to grow and to serve for a higher purpose and bring my business to the next level of serving.
    This woul be a dream come true and I would be so grateful to be part of the copy cure.
    Thank you and best regards ♡

  82. Louise Smith

    I am struggling to believe in myself. I lost a lot of my confidence after 3 bug family bereavements. Since having my toddler, I feel my identity has gone too. I studied writing but I have never “made anything” of myself.

    I keep starting blogs and then giving up. I keep going to register a domain name and start what I think is “it”, the big idea, but something is holding me back. I think there’s this massive fear of failure. And I think I need to learn how to write to the best of my ability to bring in my audience. I want to make my daughter proud of who her mum is and the difference I am making in the world by sharing with other mums, particularly those who struggle with PND like I have. I also have chronic illnesses which affect my energy, so I feel I’m so behind in my life because of this. I want to channel the energy I have into something good, into improving how I write so I can make a difference.

    I think I just need a win, and someone to believe in me.

  83. Merritt Mayer

    Aloha! Hello! Bonjour! Buenas Dias! Guten tag! I’ve been reviewing your site awhile! I was editor in chief of my college’s newspaper! I miss journalism and editing! I’m in a bitter, – nasty like a tsunami spattering fish, houses and cars all about an ocean town -divorce . I’ve been a fool and he stole or usurped every last thing of mine. Thus I must start anew! I’ve homeschooled the children the past 5 years! I’ve 2 children and I must rise from the ashes as a Phoenix! This exposure, with a scholarship, would uplift me and put a bright smile upon me which could shine out of my work! I’d love this golden opportunity to help me get back into the copy and writing world that I’ve always loved! Thank you!

  84. After 18 years in the classroom I am leaving to pursue my business of teaching adults how to organize their digital pictures and I create custom photo books to preserve all the memories that most of us keep stored in our phones by the thousands! I have been teaching writing for a long time, but am brand new to business at 41 y/o and am learning how to write for a completely different audience & purpose! I would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best (I saw you at RISE Business and that conference changed my life and future plans)! I am a lifelong learner and hope as I get more momentum and am able to save money & attend B School too!

  85. OMG, if a scholarship to the Copy Cure “fell on my lap” it would help me share with the world the amazing ideas and things I can do but can’t really “tell” people! I’m a single mother of 3, so my time is scarce (REALLY scarce!). I’m a bookbinder and illustrator, and I want to be able to share with my community the beautiful books I make so that people can fill them with words and drawings and share their ideas with the world. My dream is to be able to give books to people who can’t afford them, and I could do it with every book that someone purchases – but for that I’d have to be able to sell well. And for that, I need to be a good copy writer! Help me, Marie! <3

  86. Thank you for this opportunity ???

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    My biggest struggle with writing is framework and language. While implementing the information from B-School this year, I realize how much I need to learn about developing the language OF my ideal customers. HOW do I write so that it is appealing to them, not just me? How do I find the confidence to write in such a way that reflects who I am and the tone of my business without feeling like I have to compare it to people who have been writing copy forever? Framework, language… and I guess a little confidence ?❤️

    1. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I am a Culture Coach. My work is to help organizations and individuals move from monocultural to multicultural in their work and lives. I am also an Artist, Speaker, and Author. I use music as well as a vehicle to communicate new insights. I envision a world where people engage in a proactive movement towards unity and understanding relating to culture & come-from.

    1. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    Being able to implement what I learn in the Copy Cure will give me the language, framework, and confidence I need to communicate about culture and ethnicity in such a way that those I serve will see a way FORWARD in multicultural work and life – proactively.

  87. i’m an email marketing specialist extraordinaire… and a natural born cynic. i’d like to keep up with my blog and add some edgy linkedin posts, but everyone has already said everything rather eloquently. i’m at the point in my career when it’s time to pay back peers, associates and community. i need to take my unique perspective on the road and refresh what’s out there, but i don’t know how without repeating blah-blah-blah-yadda-yadda-yadda. the cynic in me has me stalled out, but every other instinct i have is hollering at me to move forward. whenever i do brainstorm something and tweet or share the tip, the response is thankful. there’s a seed that needs to be nurtured. help!

  88. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    First of all, I am Italian, so I need to practice a lot more to become more fpuen in English. And, second, I need to learn how to be effective with my writing, how to real reach people.

    2.What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to?
    I am a yoga instructor and, also, a journalist.

    3.Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I LOVE helping people. I woul like to reach more and more people with my job, and, the most, women with social and personal issues. I am a volunteer in a centre for young refugees here in Italy, and I love so much all the young souls that I can meet during my service.

    4.If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community?

    I would have the opportunity to reach more people and to help them. I will be able to earn money, the most in this difficult time. Here in Italy we had to close my yoga studio in February because of Covid emergency, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to re-open. So, I’d really like to improve my ability to write, to communicate and to be a secure person for my clients.

    5.What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I will be able to reach more people all around the world. In these months I am really struggling with my job, and I am out of money. I woul like to invert that tendency and to be able to do my job at my best.
    So, I’d like to spread my job even out from Italy, and to do so I must learn how to communicate in the best way

  89. Elena Georgiou

    Hi and thank you so much for this opportunity 🙂

    My name is Elena and I am currently working to make my side job and love my main source of income (I create and sell candles). My vision for my company is to creating something bigger than that; pass a message of spreading love and be the light.
    I know that the only way to do this is through writing the correct way in order to pass my message and inspire whoever stumble across my page to feel, be and do better.
    Thank you so very much, and I cannot wait to work with you. xx

  90. I have the words, I know I do. They come out clearly in my head and when I’m whispering them in front of the mirror. They’re precise, clear, logical. But as soon as I’m in front of a keyboard my thoughts seem to overlap or get lost and I’m unable to write what so clearly came out a little while a go. I’ve done a coaching course, I’m studying psychology and I want to turn that into a blog that can help others. I know I have a unique perspective and I know that I can identify with a lot of things married women go through. Especially in my community. I have written. I have them in my notes, in my email, on my computer but nothing posted yet. My path has not unfolded as yet and right now I’m following my instinct. This has led me here. If Copy Cure fell into my lap I would start my blog as step 1. I’m interested in writing about women over 40, women getting close to 40, relationships, self healing and I’ve also had an amazing journey moving over 20 times in my life and this year I’ll be moving to a new country. So I would like to write about that too. How it impacts kids, how to help them cope, how to help yourself manage not only the logistics but the emotional journey as well. Thank you.

  91. My biggest struggle with writing is that I don’t have a medium to sport my writing talents. A big medium with a lot of exposure. Or atleast one that pays me. I do have really good ideas and I do have the talent and knowledge and tools, only the thing restricting me is a medium. And why I don’t have one? Because of the maintenance cost of it.
    I am a professional marketing consultant and I love it. I help people with growing their brands stronger. I love it. My mission is to have more people like me doing it from wherever, whenever. I serve the people with help that’s valuable and strong.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, It will be a great experience to be the one with good skills and I will be able to support my business and family, while my community will enjoy better content. The tangible difference will be more value for ‘them’.
    P.S. It was a writing course, so instead of sharing a link to my webpage [a boring lead catch], I am sharing the link to my blog.

  92. Colleen Weston

    I am a social media / marketing manager in the real estate industry. I recently started my own business after being a regional marketing manager for a real estate brokerage for almost 10 years. Most recently my ex-husband passed away after being out of our lives due to his alcoholism. I have strived to be a parent that is actively present in my daughter’s lives, schooling, events etc while being the only one financially providing for them. I spoke of my ex-husband’s death because it sparked me into realizing that working 40plus hours for someone else was only allowing me to barely get by and not be present when my children needed me to be. My business is geared toward real estate industry professionals that look for guidance in marketing themselves as individuals in conjunction with their brokerage firm. This opportunity would allow me to continue to grow and further excel in my career as a business owner. My biggest struggle is believing what I write impacts people to want to buy.

    • What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle in writing is that I write like it is a thesis. All this stuff comes pouring out with just trying to solve or discuss one problem. It just flows, then it almost looks like a book. The issue is that I am a coach who wants to write impactful content and messages that connect and are on topic. Words that do not lose focus on what I am trying to bring to the world. I feel like I have so much I want to say and share, but no one is engaged by there not being a strategy and focus on the content that you are presenting. I want to be more focused and spot-on when offering to my clients. They want to know why it is worthy of reading 10 minutes, not omg get to the point.
      What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I coach single women and mothers to create and cultivate relationships in life, love, and business. I help women connect with their innermost desires for connection and purpose. I want to build a community of women who support each other. The single journey over 40 can be daunting. I want them to feel seen and heard, but most importantly, I want women to connect and know that they are more than enough. And take that spirt into every relationship that they want to deepen and connect with the people that matter in their life at a deeper level to help them know that they are more than enough as well. And if they so desire, they gain the courage to date with a high rate of success because they bring their authentic self to the table, they do not take a “no” as rejection but consider it a gift to leave space for the right relationships. They stop taking it. They know their worth and value. They stand firm in their beliefs and boundaries. Committed and focused with resiliency on making all the right connectin that help them flourish.
      If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? I believe that relationships are the most important thing we have. The relationship between our family, children, friends, and partners need to be nurtured and cultivated. But it truly starts with us. We are the centerpiece of the masterpiece.
      See book. SMH

  93. Emma Ottesen

    My biggest struggle is that I waffle! I also write as I speak which sometimes helps. But I feel I could be more succinct and professional, I just need to know how to not lose “me”, I want to continue to be authentic but reach a wider audience.
    I work with teenagers and my mission is to help them reach their true potential and live the enriched life they truly deserve. It has always been a tough world but with the introduction of Social Media growing up just got a whole lot harder to do!
    Gaining a place on this course would not only help me to expand my client base, it would also mean I am reaching more children and their families and hopefully helping build their relationships, self esteem and confidence.
    My family would also benefit as increased clients will equal a bigger return, something I used to feel ashamed about but we need it so I need to aim big!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  94. My biggest struggles with writing are understanding what readers want to read about and being able to clearly express what I am thinking. I feel that sometimes I want to write about the topics that I feel passionate about instead of what my audience wants to read. My mission is to help women define their goals and create realistic action plans so that they can achieve the success they dream of for their lives. Stronger writing will increase my confidence in spreading my message to my ICA. Stronger writing will improve my blog posts, my emails, and my product descriptions for my courses, membership, and physical products. Improvement in these areas will ensure I am able to help my ICA break through her barriers to success and see the greatness she holds within. Stronger writing will also help me to grow my business, allowing me to hire a team that will help me to increase my reach and help more people. Growth in my business will also create freedom in my life to focus on my business full time and spend more time with my family.

  95. I struggle with translating my personality on a page while coming across as professional and learning better writing will help me as a business woman. I am a multipassionate entrepreneur so I run a VA agency, I run an event planning biz, I also help lots of life coaches and online course educators with things like slides and Pinterest management and learning better writing will help me create more quality content for them. I love helping others and I want to communicate that effectively. Money has been a small hindrance to my goals as much of my money has been going towards personal family emergencies (health, house emergencies). Admission would help me write better, hopefully attract more quality leads to my business, and give me peace of mind to serve my community. It would also specifically empower me to perhaps one day write my own business book and make a longterm impact.

    Much love, a fan from Toronto, Canada

  96. Hello! My biggest struggle with writing is the mechanical part of writing. The SEOs, the categories, the tags etc. Currently I work full-time, but I decided at the end of 2019 that I wanted to start a publishing/freelance business so I did! I decided to offer an empowering partnership to share a writer’s voice. I would love admission to this course, I love learning and I can only get better. Thank you for your consideration.

  97. My biggest struggle with writing is getting my words to match my intentions. My world is all about what’s spoken which is vastly different from how one writes to convey emotion. Twenty-five years ago, I started as a corporate trainer. I was truly awful. Yet, I was determined to become the best and to teach others, so they didn’t have to suffer through those awful experiences. I achieved that goal in the corporate world and now I serve other coaches and online entrepreneurs who have a great message and awesome expertise yet dread recording videos and avoid going live. My business is called The Presenter Mentor. The Copy Cure would help me learn the how specific to email and social media marketing, (both are a nemesis). I want to love and enjoy writing as much as I love presenting. I know I can serve others and help them achieve their goals – they simply aren’t aware I exist. Success in my business means my husband could quit a job he hates and we could work together in our business and serve more people. I have a dream of creating a similar give back/scholarship program where once a quarter I share my programs to those truly deserving. Thanks for your consideration.

  98. Selina Davis

    Dear Marie Forleo,
    Please see my submission answers below:
    1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I don’t always know how to convey my personality and professionalism into words. I have so much to say but I have an underlying self consciousness that people are not going to want to hear me. I remember my mum always having issues with spelling as she took years to complete courses with dictionary upon thesaurus on her bed. She was determined to not let that be an issue why she couldn’t complete it and she did.. As a mother of 5 children I want them to have the ability to express themselves creatively and I want to lead the way for them.

    2. I’m a recent starter company (April 2020) called Nostalgyx. My heart mission is to pave a way for families with children to not have to struggle with the areas I have had to struggle with trying to make end meat. My number one heart crushing question asked of me was “What sports do your kids do”.. with 5 children of course they should be doing something however my reality is that I can’t afford for them to do anything. I plan to donate a percentage of my business profits to serve communities were sports/activities access is an issue.

    3. Should I be blessed with the opportunity to land a Copy cure scholarship this will significantly change my life why? Because it will give me the ability to share my story not only thru podcasting but also via blogs and other platforms that will allow my story which ultimately is a victory story for others.

    Thank you for reading

  99. My biggest struggle with writing comes from my issues with self-trust. A constant battle with myself, I often second guess myself and my ability to create, whether that be writing or photography. I want to be able to trust my unique voice, and put my content out there, there is a growing part of me that wants to be heard!
    While I am in the business of holistic skin care I really feel that my work is centered around providing care and connection. Working with clients both in providing facials as well as doing consultations, really helps provide a sense of nurturing and touch that some may have never recurved in life. It is my hope to foster a sense of connection with the body, and through that, a sense of belonging and connectedness to earth. I serve all individuals who have skin but who also want to put in some work in letting go of habits that may be harming the skin, as well as creating some changes in a holistic sense, basically clients of mine know that I’m not just selling a product, but an entire lifestyle of wellness. In a most basic sense, I want to connect people to resources that makes them feel nourished, starting with their skin.
    If I were admitted to the copy cure I think I could better articulate all of these thoughts and ideas that swirl around inside of me that involve something greater, I think it would allow me to connect with a broader community, and define myself and my work more clearly, so that people know who I am and the work that I do. I want to share my knowledge and resources through writing to make it more accessible, and I want that writing to feel more effortless so that I may co tribute and connect to my clients, followers or people who are looking for the work that I do, on a regular basis. A dream of mine is to have a blog that I post to weekly, sharing knowledge and resources of self care, for people who may not be able to afford my services, to be able to incorporate the work that I do in their daily lives.

  100. 1. I’ve always been a decent writer – I used to have a blog and have been known to put up funny Facebook post, but I am dying to know how to write to CONVERT. I don’t have a grasp on the right words and phrases that make someone feel connected to my mission, my story, and incites them to take ACTION!

    2. My business is coaching Recruiters. I was a Recruiter for 14 years and I experienced a ton of success, and I’m eager to bring the strategies that made me successful to those in the industry. Too many recruiting courses are recycled sales training programs, and I’m excited to bring my unique flavor to it. I’d also love to properly teach THEM the impact of good copy, because recruiters send a LOT of emails and messages on LinkedIn!

    3. I’m tired of being recruiting’s “best kept secret!” Whenever I’m 1:1 with someone, they gush over the impact they get from my teaching and our conversations. Going through Copy Cure will help me refine my message of what exactly it IS that I am able to do with my clients – in my direct email messaging, Sales copy, About page.. I want everything I say in writing to reflect me, and get a struggling recruiter excited about the changes we are going to make. Big Hairy Goal: I want to recruiters to come off less salesy, survive this recession, and kick ass at helping others find jobs post-COVID!

  101. My biggest struggle with writing is how to write in a way that it gets people to engage with me. I know what I want to say, but it’s so hard sometimes to convey those thoughts and feelings into words and action. I’m more of a do than say person so this is something that I struggle with.

    I’m dedicated to helping survivors turn their trauma into triumph. I serve those who have overcome traumatic events and turning those events into a positive truth. It’s so difficult for people to see the positive or growth opportunities of struggle and I help them to see that, to embrace it, to claim it, and to move forward in a more joyful and loving way. Hurt people hurt people, or themselves, and I help them to overcome the hurt and see all the possibilities.

    If admission to the copy cure landed in my lap, it would help me to be able to better connect with my clients. I have a mission to help 10,000 people within the next year turn their trauma into triumph and this would help me to reach that goal of helping so many people who are hurting begin to heal. I know I was meant to help heal the world and this would be a tremendous step in the right direction to living my truth and my purpose and would give my life so much meaning to be able to help so many people live healthier and happier lives.

  102. My biggest struggle is expressing my thoughts and deciding what to write about and share.

    I create handcrafted pet products. I offer pet parents a way to express the joy of their pets. I want every pet to feel loved and valued.

    I believe Copy Cure would help me build the confidence I need to share my love and passion for pets and a build a sustainable business that supports my family.

  103. As an African American mental health professional, my work is dedicated to helping women from marginalized communities push past limiting beliefs and prioritize their mental health and self-care. My biggest struggle with writing is avoidance. I avoid putting pen to paper because I have a deep seeded belief that I have nothing valuable to offer. Having The Copy Cure land in my lap would liberate me from my own limiting beliefs, therefore, allowing me to leverage my knowledge/experience to empower women globally.

  104. I have been blogging since 2008 without really ever gaining any traction. I received Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy as a birthday gift a little over a year ago. I have been workign it and managed to push my site to 2K viewers a month…then got stuck. I need more viewers because I know there are so many more women out there who need to hear my message.
    I am the wife of an addict who is also abusive, but working on recovery. On my blog, The Muchness Mama, I vulnerably share my story as well as the tools I use to heal. I teach women how to stand up for themselves, set boundaries, and no longer accept a substandard relationship. I educate them on addiction and abuse, as well as the trauma that they cause in victims. I then try to teach them how to heal that trauma and overcome the past.
    Finances are my #1 hurdle. I am a homeschooling mom of 8 kids ages 2-12. Getting a regular job is out of the question because of the cost of daycare. I’d have to be making $22 an hour just to pay the expenses that would be incurred by my working, and that’s only if I also enroll them in public school! My husband is an over the road trucker, gone for up to 3 weeks at a time, so I’m basically doing this parenting thing on my own. I’m also doing it in a 980 sq ft mobile home, 2000 miles away from my parents and sibling, because we can’t afford houses in our area or theirs.
    I am hopeful that if I can improve my copy I can a) get more viewers to my blog and b) successfully sell the products I create. My dream is to make enough money from my blogging income that I can get my family into a good house and pay for my kids to do dance, baseball, art classes, and al the other extra activities I have had to tell them no to.
    Thank you for your consideration. I love what you do and look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox. They are the ones I always click on first. I need to learn to write like that!

  105. Sheina Galo

    Hey Team Marie! I’m Sheina ?‍♀️
    My biggest struggle with writing is showing up to promote my work, because I worry about coming off as “salesy”, so I just don’t do it. ?
    I’m a therapist and relationship coach and work with women struggling with relationships and life transitions (especially new moms dealing with the new dynamics in their relationship after baby!). I teach them how to work on solutions and challenge the thoughts and behaviors that keep them stuck, to feel more fulfilled and nurture a happier relationship and life. ?
    If I learned the skills in The Copy Cure, I would be able to scale up my work into a product that could be shared more easily and readily and have more time for my family and to practice my own self-care as a working mama of two! That 1:1 time is limited and I try to do as much as I can but it’s a tricky balance to avoid burn out. Having the skills to create and market a course with the skills I teach would help me to be a present mom and wife while impacting and helping thousands of women, and would help other moms and wives show up for their partners and children in a happy balanced way, creating better relationships for all! ??

  106. Excited for the opportunity, we have pivoted our salon business during this time to start helping other salons get to their A game by starting a coaching website and classes online to help our community. Would love the opportunity to learn better ways of writing and copywriting! I am currently in B school and working on this new website as well.

  107. My biggest struggle is that I get word tied. I want my copy to sound exciting and true to me and I’m also worried it sounds cheesy.

    I am a potion maker (skincare biz) and my goal has always been to make amazing products that are affordable and accessible. I’ve also used my witchy wares to inspire other women to follow their dreams.

    Becoming a word wizard will allow me to craft better social posts, and product posts on my website. Not being able to peddle my wares in public has made it necessary to portray myself and my personality through writing online. I want my business to thrive so that I can show people (And my kiddos) that no matter what life throws at you, you can always choose how you move forward!

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

  108. Ana Taylor

    Hello Marie and Team Forleo,

    I’m Ana, mom to a wonderful blue-eyed boy who’s 7 years old, non-verbal, and in the autistic spectrum. We live in a small town where therapy options are limited. There are lots of children who need specialized services and parents who are lost when it comes to dealing with this diagnosis.
    Now, with this COVID pandemic, everything is closed and there are no at-home options available. My dream is to found a non-profit that offers in-home therapy sessions for children in the autistic spectrum and psychological assistance for parents.
    Since receiving the diagnosis, many parents experience isolation and social distancing. Most of us live in constant anxiety or even depression.
    I could use the CopyCure course to be able to write content that connects the hearts of our community members and develop a program that makes sure every child in need gets at least one free hour of therapy per day. We need a powerful message and a story that moves the persons who can afford to donate and convinces therapists to join this cause.
    Thank you, Marie and team Forleo for all the amazing resources you’re making available to the public! And good luck, everyone!

  109. 1. My biggest struggle right now has been to grow my reach beyond word-of-mouth referrals to grow my business. I have tried writing FB Ads and landing pages but it has not received the reach and impact I was hoping for. I believe that sometimes we are so close to the work that we may overcomplicate how we explain the value of it.
    2. I run a Mind-body Weight Release Practice, focused on pre and post-menopausal women, using real foods and lifestyle changes to balance their hormones naturally and greatly improve how they feel. My mission is to bring a new level of care to the weight loss industry, what I call weight release, to actually give women long-term results and emotional support, without relying on diet pills/diet foods/empty promises or extreme diets. I have transformed my health significantly over the years and it brings me great joy to serve others with similar struggles.
    3. I left my corporate job Sept 2017 to pursue my dreams full time, which represented a 62% reduction in our family’s income, so I am all in. I believe learning to write compelling copy would allow me to reach the impact I am after and help a greater number of women. The joy it brings me when I see my women getting results is such, that I know my family will also benefit to see all my hard work turn into something tangible.

  110. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I want to be able to share ALL of my knowledge and give all the good FEELINGS that I get from my products/my home but just can’t seem to find the authentic words from myself and find myself looking towards other and try to write like them but then it doesn’t feel right so I give up.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I believe in cultivating a beautiful home! Home is a powerful tool to manifest the desires you have in life. What you put in your home is essential to your well-being, what you allow in is carefully thought out decision and shouldn’t just be seen as “decorating”. I serve all the growth-minded ladies out there that are always striving to improve their life especially those who are seeking to find their path and purpose.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    My most important goal is building out an editorial (it’s our blog but I like to see it as an online publication because it’s reputable or it will be one day). I’ve always dreamed about being a magazine editor ever for as long as I could remember but life doesn’t always happen that way. It’s difficult trying to explain the importance of why I selected the specific products on my shop and the thought process. I want to communicate philosophies of living from different cultures and how to evoke feelings of comfort and nourish the sense with every piece of content that I create.

  111. Hi Copy Cure Team! My biggest struggle with writing is that I have a tendency to be too creative and I over explain using too many words. (My first draft of this was 377 words!) I understand that clear and simple is better when it comes to writing well, but I really want my readers to “get it” and to get “all the feels” when they connect with me.

    I am a graphic designer and brand strategist. My work is dedicated to helping others present their brilliance to the world in a fresh and effective way. My mission is to help entrepreneurs and content creators design a brand that is authentic and that reaches the right people on purpose. I do this through graphic design and brand strategy & coaching.

    I’ve wanted to be a part of The Copy Cure since the first time it was released! Stronger writing would help me produce clearer copy allowing me to impact more people! I’m quitting my day job this year to do my business full time and I am creating more content than EVER. This program would transform my content writing, sales writing and business. Ultimately, I do what I do for my family, my husband and my spicy little girl. With the success I will experience after completing this program, we will be able to move to a better neighborhood and secure a better financial future. I would be honored to receive one of the scholarships to this amazing program.

  112. I am a Traditional Naturopath who teaches practitioners and clients. I come off as too clinical and sparse in my writing. Often I have been told I think my audience is smarter than they are which makes them feel stupid. I need guidance or a gauge to figure out how to best reach my audience. My message is important – “Health is for everyone, everyone can make healthier lifestyle choices no matter where they are in their journey.”

    My specialty is neurotransmitter and hormonal support. I have my own cancer health story and the health story of my adult son who was diagnosed Asperger’s. I need to attract a bigger audience in a friendlier way. I would use the Copy Cure to extend my reach to two audiences:
    1) General public who would like to make lifestyle choices but do not know where or how to start
    2) Professional practitioners who would like to transition their practice into integrative clinics
    I am hopeless at social media and sales about my services. I would use this to better communicate online and in person what I do, how I can help and who I serve.

    Thank you,

  113. Hey Marie,
    My biggest struggle with writing is knowing what to write, what to say, how to deliver the message in such a way that is clear, concise and persuasive. Other times I want it to be useful yet interesting and useful.

    I sometimes struggle with this as my business is website design and it’s not the most interesting topic for most of the business community. Everyone is interested in content and instagram, etc. Deep down inside people know they need websites but I want to be able to bring a unique voice to speaking about it and having persons compelled to work with me.

    I put out an insane amount of content, I love creating content because above all I am a creative and creator who just loves to self express through her content and educating persons with value content. I actually have fun with it most days but then hit burn out because I feel I am not getting the push and reach and sales as I would like too, and I know a huge part of that is copywriting.

    I also would love to have my improved copywriting skills to have people coming back for more like a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode! Looking forward to my posts and opening their emails. Yes! That’s what I hope to achieve with steller copy writing skills and I am fully confident the Copy Cure can take me to where I want and need to be. I already experienced the freebie offering and I learned so much I just want to tap into more of that.

    As a mom of two small kids and being the sole breadwinner through running my business full time, it would mean so much to me and my family.

    Bless xoxo,

    • 1. What is your biggest struggle with writing and why?
      My biggest struggle with writing is my focus. I have so many ideas in my head all of the time and so many boxes to check with writing for my website that sometimes I don’t know where to begin. I will start on one project and then get distracted by another project until all I am left with are half-completed projects. It’s frustrating and overwhelming. I am trying to figure out how to run the website end of my business with no formal training. I need to write blogs, about pages, product pages, and SEO and I don’t even have a customer email list for the email campaigns I know I need to be doing. So yes, I would say that organization with step by step instructions would greatly improve my focus and therefore improve my writing because it would help to clear my mind so that I could actually write something amazing. On that note, if I were able to complete my work writing quickly and effectively, I could move on to other writing projects that I want to do as well.
      2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what is your mission?
      My business is dedicated to designing and building unique small motorcycle parts and accessories. My husband and I design and he crafts everything by hand. We believe that quality in the small parts and details matter and can bring joy to a project build. Our goal is to manufacture components that other passionate bike builders can use to complete their projects regardless of their skill level. We make it very straight forward. I love designing parts and figuring out a better way to make things work, I also love wiring the bikes. My husband loves designing the overall look of the bike as well as the small individual components that make up all of the great detail. He is also a passionate and talented craftsman. The enjoyment that we get by working together on these projects as a couple is something that we want to share with others. Our mission is to make the process of building a motorcycle from the ground up simple and enjoyable.
      3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, your community? What tangible specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
      If I were to be given a scholarship to The Copy Cure, stronger writing skills would help me structure my business and communicate in a way that sells. This is important to me because if my business succeeds it would enable me to mother our 10-month-old son while at the same time monetarily contributing to our family. I am very generous at heart and I know in my bones that I can make a difference in my family and my community if I had the money to do so. I am also multi-passionate and I am one of the 80% of people that feel they have a book inside. I believe that The Copy Cure could help to unlock more gifts I am meant to share with the world and that with excellent writing and communication skills I could make a positive difference in myself and in my community.
      Thank you for this opportunity,

  114. Silvi

    Could I make a difference by the vibrant words I use?
    How could I make the words convey the message I have?
    Could I be concise and still touching with my words?
    Would you take me to the Babylon and back?

  115. My biggest struggle with writing is keeping it simple and to the point. I tend to over-explain and get so involved with the story that I lose my audience. I know I have a gift, but on the flip side of my greatest strength lies my greatest weakness.

    My work is – ironically – dedicated to writing. I am an author and artist, and also have a tiny fledgling copywriting business…but…for that to really fly I need a fierce Marie mama bird to kick me out the nest!

    I know I have word-twirling inside of me that the world desperately needs. I enjoy being transparent and genuine. It’s the kind of authenticity that resonates with a world that is hungry for connection. I know that with a bit of tweaking my writing style will truly shine.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, the strength and confidence it would offer my words will allow me to expand my writing business, solidify my expert status, and allow me to finally earn a proper income (no more “starving artist” for me thanks). It will provide tools to help other entrepreneurs by using my new skills to sharpen their copy, especially those who can usually not afford a pro.
    Seeing others succeed lights up my world – and brilliant copy can do that.

    The Copy Cure will be the elixir my business and writing soul needs most right now.

  116. 1) Narrowing down my exact target market and the words they use. I find that thinking I know what motivates my customers and what actually motivates them, and writing to address their fears desires just outside my reach.
    2) I’m dedicated to teaching kids to lear to cook and love their veggies so they can enjoy a lifetime of health. I want to help busy moms achieve any of these three things 1) building a relationship with their kids in the kitchen 2) helping their kids fall in love with healthy cooking 3) teaching kids a skill they’ll have to be self sufficient in life.
    3) If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would help me reach the people that really need my service. When kids learn to eat healthfully they will have the vitality to achieve their dreams, give back to their community, and feel incredible while doing it.

  117. My biggest struggle with writing is that I am very intimidated by it. My thoughts run a mile a minute and I find it challenging to effectively articulate my point. So I tend to procrastinate when I am required to write or I immediately assume that I won’t do a good job, especially when it comes to sales copy. I have a small email list and some presence on social media, but I am not taking advantage of the audience because I shy away from writing ANYTHING!! I don’t communicate via email or SM….I feel so embarrassed especially because I stress the importance of engaging and being consistent with my own clients.

    I am a graphic designer that supports startups and new entrepreneurs with discovering and developing their brand blueprint. I believe good design starts with having a solid strategy so it’s extremely important for me to be able to communicate not only what I do, but how I can help clients translate their vision and goals for their business into captivating designs and messaging that will resonate with their audience.

    I am a single mom, raising two kids while juggling running my business and still working a full-time job to ensure ends are met. Admission to The CopyCure will help me to gain the confidence and knowledge I need to stand confidently behind my services instead of shying away from emails and social media. It will allow me to attract the right audience and support my marketing efforts in converting leads into clients with powerful messaging. I also would like to be able to support my clients with their own brand messaging by feeling confident and equipped with the right tools and resources to support them in creating GOOD + ENGAGING copy.

  118. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I am a poet and I do some non-fiction writing periodically on my blogs. My biggest struggle with writing, is finding time to write on a consistent basis. Especially during this pandemic, I find myself doing more editing than actual writing. And while I do need to edit, I would rather be able to prepare, write, and schedule some fresh material as much as I can.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My professional experience has consisted of 20+ years of working in Higher Education with a variety of audiences including students and alumni. And while Event Planning has been my main area of passion and expertise, recently, after being let go from my job in January, right before the COVID-19 outbreak began, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, to think about what I want to do next in my professional career. I’ve been allowed to focus more on my writing projects and imagining a career as an author and figuring out how to manage it all. My intended audience and mission through my writing, podcasting, etc. is to reach people who are 40 and over and dealing with what being an adult means in the 21st century. This group, incidentally, is also the group who is often in need of services such as resume writing, editing, and social media and tech training. I feel like it’s part of my mission to provide these services to my audience.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    If I were admitted to the Copy Cure, it would help me by allowing me to add a new set of writing skills to my resume and being able to offer this skill set to others as a service, welcoming additional income to my life.

  119. Lily Nguyen

    I am in my early 30s and I have 3 beautiful children. I’m currently in the real estate & insurance industry, and also do health&wellness on the side. I do what I do because besides making money to support my family, I love to help people. Growing up, I love reading and writing. I can be very creative, I used to have a journal years ago. But lately, with 3 kids and all things going on in my life, I feel like I’m very busy. There are so much in my mind, so many ideas to share but I’m getting stuck. When I pick up the pen to start writing, my mind getting stuck behind a locked door. There’s something want to come out, but it’s getting stuck. I’m having a hard time writing lately and so I need help. I know with this copy cure, I can set my thoughts free. I want to share with the world and how my products or opportunities can help people. So I’m looking forward to being a part of this scholarship. Thank you, Marie.

  120. If you visit Norway for the first time, you’ll love it or you hate it. I always say I have the most besutiful job innthe world, realising dreams, building wooden dream houses in Norway for my mostly Dutch clientèle. I hear from my customers that it would be nice if my pasion and the way I work with so much love and dedication would be nice to be seen on my website. However that is difficult for me to write about myself and get the business better started and running. Covid19 has hit us hard even as some difficult years, but I always look at the bright side of life! So I found this scolarship and if you don’t go for it, you’ll never get somewhere.

  121. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is finding the words to really express my true emotions, to let my potential clients know that I hear them, and have them see themselves in my copy. I find that my copy ends up sounding canned, just text: the information is there, but the emotion and the connection seems to be lacking. To make things even more difficult, my audience is split into two languages. Therefore, I have to write it in a way that the feeling and connection is there not only in English, but also in French, making my struggle even greater.

    2. My work is dedicated to helping dog owners become their dog’s natural wellness advocate by offering them individualized coaching to guide them through all the different natural wellness modalities and teach them how to take care of their dog in the most natural way possible, eliminating the need for chemicals, extending the health and lifespan of their beloved dog, and therefore significantly lowering their vet visits and bills. I serve people who are already into natural health and wellness for themselves, are concerned about the environment and ecology, shop locally and organically and now, after having seen the benefits to their well-being want the same for their beloved pet. My mission is to teach pet owners that there is another, better way to take care of their pets and I am here to guide them along that learning path.

    3. Admission to the The Copy Cure would make so much difference to all aspects of my business, as well as my family and community. I would be able to effectively reach people who are looking for a way to increase the health and wellness of their dogs by really speaking to them directly, with emotion and familiarity, to connect with them effectively and make them understand that they need my services in their lives. It would also allow me to finally sit down and write the book that has been in me for some time related to living holistically with your pets. This in turn would allow me to increase my income, making my life easier and the lives of my own dogs more comfortable and allow me the freedom to pursue my dream of having a rescue farm for at risk farm animals, and use this platform to showcase how natural wellness can be applied to all animals, not just dogs, increasing awareness of alternative methods for caring for all animals in line with mother nature. In addition, it would allow me the ability to give back to my community by offering free wellness services to the most at risk of euthanasia shelter animals, working with their behavioral and physical issues currently limiting their adoptability, helping them heal and giving them a second chance for a forever home.

    • Samantha (Sam)

      Corine, your mission is amazing! Keep shooting for that star. Thank you for everything you are doing for dogs!!!

  122. Kalea

    My biggest struggle with writing is feeling ready to start, and also imposter syndrome. I am a social worker working as a mental health worker in K-12 schools. It’s important that I use the write words in my presentation and in the content I create or my message might be lost on the students and the teachers. Networking and creating awareness is a big part of the role and to do that you need written skills as much as verbal skills especially now when all of our work has moved to online. My passion is to help kids. Writing is how I express myself and how I work through things and honing in on that skill will help me grow personally and professionally. I will be better equipped to connect with kids in a way that is personable and authentic to me.

  123. The Copy Cure scholarship would be a dream come true.
    My biggest struggle with creative writing is that I am an analytical thinker first. I’ve never considered myself a creative, and while it is a skill I want and need, I need help. I’ve noticed that other resources surrounding copy and creative writing appear ungenuine and “salesy”, but that is not in line with who I am and the image I want to portray. I believe that The Copy Cure is exactly the resource I need.
    My current business is two-fold; I have my “9-5” job which is as the business director of a small tech company that provides 3D movement analysis. We serve movement professionals from rehab specialists to fitness facilities. Our mission is to improve the way people move by providing affordable and objective assessment tools. I’ve been thrown into handling almost every aspect of our operations, including marketing, content creation, sales, etc. I could use the help. However, my personal business is where I would really find value from The Copy Cure. I have two children with Down syndrome, my wife and I adopted both of them when they were only a few weeks old. We have grown very connected to the Down syndrome community and my greater purpose in life is to serve them. I help work with a few organizations that focus on providing services and resources for the Ds community. I have a vision of combining my movement experience with the Ds community by providing courses to parents to assist with unique ways to help our kids develop their gross-motor and speech skills; both of which can be very delayed. I believe this course would help provide the skills I need to help these organizations and my business grow while providing a meaningful impact for the families and kids with Ds.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  124. My biggest struggle with writing is my doubt in my own voice. I actually went to writing school but unfortunately, as time went by, I began to doubt my own voice tremendously and now every time I go to write copy there are a million voices in my head, encroaching upon every word.
    My work was inspired by the idea that if we can become aware of and heal our subconscious minds, we can heal the world at large. So, through the creation of mind-bending drawings and paintings, diagrams of our brains and bodies, and philosophical blog posts, I share these ideas with the world. Each work of mine can be viewed by a different perspective each time it is viewed. Hidden pictures jump out that you may not have at first noticed. I encourage the viewer to take this way of viewing the work into their own lives as a way to examine their own inner processes. I believe we can change the world through self-examination.
    The Copy Cure would help me to share these ideas in a way that makes sense to the world, expanding their ability to positively impact its viewers. By sharing the science, psychology and theologies that lead to deeper peace and balance, we increase the world’s ability to adapt (in very uncertain times at that). I deeply believe in what I create. Art is an essential aspect of human existence and will help us to navigate and cope with whatever life throws our way.

  125. Verena Hirschle

    Hi Marie, hi Team Forleo
    1. my text do not sound like me, they are not convincing and take too long
    2. after my bachelor’s degree in June, I will build up my own business to help people realize their dreams.
    3. First I will focus on my blog and write articles that encourage and help. Then I would offer more individual help through coaching.

  126. My biggest struggle is conveying my message in a meaningful way so that I can provide value and build community. My business is outsourced bookkeeping/cfo services. I am dedicated to serving my clients but I struggle with building a community. Building/ growing my business would mean everything to my family. My husband has a very demanding and dangerous job and has struggled with some medical issues that are exasperated by his job. I would love for him to get some additional tests but our medical coverage isn’t great and the tests are costly. Having my business be more substantial would mean he could get those tests and he could reduce his hours and possibly change careers. We also accumulated a large amount medical debt when my daughter was born prematurely and as she needs a lot of follow up. Business growth would mean paying it down faster. We also have dreams of moving out of our state but we have aging family that we want to support in whatever way we can. A business that is growing would mean helping family in a meaningful way. Not just financially but having the freedom to physically be available as well. I wanted to join bschool, I wish we had the financial resources to do so. Not only have I struggled with copy but also with marketing. And this current situation has made it even harder on our family. All the best. Thank you for the opportunity to be considered.

  127. My best biggest struggle in writing is how to get my words to flow. For example, when I sit to write, I “feel” stuck/blank/hindered. I’m a certified transitional coach specializing in grief and loss. I work with widowed and divorced Christian women who need help recovering from grief and loss so that they can restore their sense of belonging and renew their purpose in life with hope and joy. If Copy Cure fell in my lap, I believe it would give me the tools I need to get in the flow of writing and creating content that would speak to and inspire the hearts of my potential clients/clan/friends. I want my help my client’s to honor who they are, own and embrace their calling, and lead with their Spirit.

  128. George

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    That would be finding my voice, not knowing how to be enganging and authentic when it comes to writing.. I’m assuming because I haven’t had the guidance yet.

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    My desire is to become the copy expert for the future vegan businesses in the world that want to make profits and a difference. I want to use copywriting as the expertise that can help them multiply their impact by increasing their sales.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    It would definitely improve my copy “chops” drastically and allow me to contribute more to those I care about as I’d be able to serve other businesses better.

  129. My biggest struggle with writing is getting out of my own head and writing from the heart. I journal my thoughts all the time but when it comes to shifting that “heart speak” to my professional writing I freeze. I want to be more confident and comfortable just being me in my writing.
    2. I equip people to manage and embrace change so they can create success. Obviously now more than ever my message and work are needed. My life has been a masterclass in change–Katrina, surgeries, bankruptcy, divorce–you name it and I’ve probably experienced it. I KNOW what I have can help countless people, but it does no good if no one knows about it.
    3. I’m at the point in my business where I need to level up if I want to make the impact in people’s lives that I know I’ve been created for. This is what I need to make a difference. This would equip me to build an audience and a following to grow my business and finally after 15 years–move beyond being the best kept secret to making an impact in the lives of others.

  130. I’m an Australian living in France with my amazing husband. We have a company in Australia which we run remotely with a team on the ground. Recent Australian fires, floods, major customers going bankrupt & now Covid has taken its toll & after 40 years…. we have succumbed to declaring bankruptcy!
    We have no assets… nothing.
    I am a Goldsmith & have been making jewellery using Antique and vintage French buttons. I love repurposing, so I also use recycled gold and silver. I’m passionate about making the world aware of buying ethically sourced, sustainable products. I love bringing these pieces of history back to life & spreading the story, that even “used” things, can be transformed into a different thing of beauty, which has not harmed our precious environment.
    I have absolutely no money to pay to do your copy course that I KNOW will help me express the importance of the jewellery I am creating.
    If I were to win a scholarship, it would mean life! I could see a future again. I could turn my complete despair into positive energy. I would put my heart & soul into the course, because my very livelihood is depending on it.
    The world has dealt me some wonderful cards & I have had a blessed life, but in an instant ALL that has been ripped away & I’m struggling to get back up. An opportunity like The Copy Cure is exactly what I need to have purpose, drive & that hunger to make a positive change in the world.

  131. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I am a visual thinker and struggle with my words. I want my words to flow and be almost poetic for the descriptions of my pieces. I want people to feel about them the way that I do, but it always comes out the same… product descriptions. Not poetic at all.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I create custom jewellery from scratch by working with each client from sketch, to render, to finished piece. The majority of my pieces are made from recycling my clients sentimental jewellery like their grandmothers ring, into a new engagement ring or wedding band.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    My clients love the work I did for them but I only receive one new client per month on average, not enough to do this full time. I am good at what I do, but I am not a good salesperson. So with increased clientele, I would be able to make more money and do it as a full time job. That means more time with my family and better able to provide for them instead of working 3 different jobs.
    I can also make a difference to each person simply by creating their own unique piece. With such sentimentality and meaning to each piece, it would be great of I could somehow convey that to potential clients so that they know what they too can have. There is something very special about having your own historical meaning attached to something you hold dear. That is something that I can offer everyone, but it doesn’t come across in my copy. With training I would be able to convey the feelings I want to show and be able to give more customers something meaningful. They would have something new and beautiful with their own memories attached and able to wear it forever.

  132. My biggest struggle with writing is that a lot of the time I don’t sound authentic. I feel like I’m trying to write what people want to hear.
    My career is dedicated to helping people. I am a corporate trainer and I run my own podcast, and the goal is to make people smile and help people be their best selves. Along with podcasting, I would like to start a newsletter as a recap of the week/month.
    If I were to get the scholarship, I feel like it would help me share more thoughts and ideas in a way that was authentic and real. I think it would help in my career to elicit more buy-in when I’m training. I’m a knowledge sponge and I will soak up anything everything you can teach me.

  133. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is confidence in knowing what to say. I have thoughts, but they never are more than a few sentences.

    2. Many people wake up and ask the question, how did I get here. My business is dedicated to helping women discover their personal identity, develop into the person that they were created to be, and to use skills and tools to make choices that are authentic to them and not live some else’s life.

    3. If admission to the Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to make an immediate impact in my business, and to the women, I’m called to serve. I would be able to express myself in writing that would give them and me an immediate boost to our confidence. I would be able to describe their struggles and provide hope with my words. It would be an answer to a prayer that I made to God to help me with this. I would be the answer to that prayer.

  134. I have created three different e-commerce businesses in different niches, all solving some sort of problem for people. All of them started out in order to help out the person who became my partner. We focus on getting kids off screens and into nature, on making life easier for moms, and on providing non dairy delicious ice cream to lactose intolerant people!

    I have learned a whole lot regarding online advertising, but I feel everything I achieve is being affected by missing proper copy. I have business school and banking background, but I am lacking the confidence whenever I try to grow my businesses as I am not sure if I’ll be able to engage my target audience.

    Every time I need to sit down and write a copy it I struggle with how to find the proper way to convey my message in order to engage readers.

    In the last two years, my life has been turned upside down by unforeseen events. I ended up losing my job and depending fully on the income provided by these enterprises. This has made it essential for me to involve myself deeply in these small ventures that have incredible potential, but also cut my education budget!

    This course could help me understand HOW to create the missing link to explode everything else I do! It would be a blessing to be able to learn this from the best!

  135. My passion is helping moms by writing about the truth of our experiences so women feel less marginalized and alone. I love writing, I do it every day. I have poured my heart out in a blog thinking it would raise awareness and create more support for mothers. Unfortunately, people don’t read what I write. There can be no revolution or call to action if there is no readership. What if this course helped me reach people so we can work together to provide the infrastructure of support that is so lacking and deserved?

  136. Heather Huber

    1. Biggest struggle with writing and why.

    My biggest struggle with writing is making a meaningful connection. I’m all business and no fun! This isn’t who I am, but it is how I present myself both personally and professionally and I’d like to see that change. Marie’s style is enviable and I’d hope to embody more of her spunk after the class.

    2. What’s your business and who do you serve?

    I’m a social entrepreneur on the verge of launching a non-profit called Better Together. We are focused on inspiring and facilitating collaboration with the non-profit sector across sectors and cross-culturally. The aim is holistic community care worldwide.

    3. The tangible difference Copy Cure would make…

    It would help get this initiative started on the right track from the beginning. I’m working on the first iteration of the website right now. One of my goals is to bring people along, inspiring them to become more knowledgeable about the issues worldwide and get involved. These last few years I’ve been traveling in Africa, Europe and Asia to learn while helping local NGOs and feel I’ve inspired more jealousy than educated anyone. I’d really love that to change.

  137. Simone Ilett

    My biggest struggle with writing is writers block. As a long time sufferer of anxiety and depression, there can be days where no matter how hard I try to silence those negative voices, those are the days my writers block sets in.
    My career is dedicated to helping and coaching people in their jobs, but I would like to finish my book to help fellow sufferers of anxiety and depression and let them know that mental illness doesn’t need to define you or stop you from achieving your dreams (this is my vision and mission).
    Winning a scholarship and becoming a stronger writer will help me to communicate my message more effectively so that it resonates with the reader and more people can relate to it. Another of my dreams is to write a series of books; why stop at one? God gave me a voice and I don’t want to waste this gift when I’ve got so much to say. Love and light, Simone x

  138. I’m looking for strategy’s that helps me move forward my business.
    This course is a very important key to success.


  139. Rose

    My biggest struggle with writing copy is the ability to write how I see things in my head and making it sound amazing enough to read and absorb. I have all these ideas racing in my head but when I get a pen and paper, I simply can’t do it and if I can, it doesn’t flow well. I outsource all my copy tasks and when I get it back I still don’t feel like it represents me but I just can’t write it myself.

    I work on supporting female led businesses to grow their influence online by increasing brand awareness with paid advertising and save more time with marketing automation.

    My mission is to help 1000 mums live a life on their terms by running a business that does not run them but supports their family and lifestyle. Many moms in a 9-5 do not have this option but it’s possible with a great offer, great marketing and a business does not consume them.

    It would be great to be able to write my own copy so that I can successfully speak to my audience on social media and attract more clients from my cold outreach and not just referrals.

    If I could write better, I know I can close more clients through social media and email marketing. I will spend less time second guessing what I am saying to prospects.

    This means I will spend less time online and more time with my 3 boys. I have 2 special needs children and a little 1 year old. I will be able to understand exactly how to help clients with their messaging without relying on contractors and hoping they know what they’re doing. I will be able to be a stronger advocate for my clients and write for them if I need to.

    It also means that increased income means I can stop relying on my ex husband for maintenance who currently uses that to control me as he feels that this business will not last and I will go back to him when this phase of my life is over ?

  140. I named my business Confessions of a Frazzled Teacher because I understand what it is like to be a frazzled teacher. My mission is to support other teachers so that they do not feel frazzled with their teaching, students, parents, or their classrooms. By supporting teachers, I am supporting all those students as well.

    My biggest struggle with writing is knowing how to reach out to new people without sounding like I am giving a sales-pitch! I hate to sound sale-sy to teachers but I know that I can share so many resources that will help make their lives easier. Once I get teachers on my mailing list, as followers on social media, etc., they are very loyal and stick with me because of the content I give to them.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to reach more teachers and help make their classrooms run smoother. This in turn would help countless students. I would truly be able to get my message across of how “I am a frazzled teacher so you do not have to be!”

  141. My biggest struggle with copywriting is having the courage to write the words I know will emotionally connect with and impact our community, and then present it to staff and leadership as something that’s “different,” but important. I’ve learned to approach marketing as if I’m talking to one person at a time. Deep down, I know this is the right way. But being transparent and vulnerable like that is still new and scary for many in the nonprofit sector, despite great teachers like you! I’d like to keep learning, do the very best I can with copywriting, and prove that being human and being helpful is the best way to reach people.

    Our organization is a community music school, but with the global health crisis, we are evolving to find ways to serve people way beyond our community through online private lessons and classes. As we grow and improve these programs, we’re looking to provide a quality music education and opportunities for people who can’t afford lessons, physically can’t get to our onsite programs, are suffering from social isolation and the health consequences of that, and those with mental/physical/social/developmental disabilities. We feel strongly that everyone deserves to enjoy and create music – a successful launch of our new online programs with humanized, relatable copy would give us the momentum we need to really impact so many.
    Thank you for your consideration! -Kelly

  142. This opportunity is magical. My biggest struggle in writing is FOMO-OTBW (fear of missing out — on the best word). I’ll write copy for my website, blog, social media, and then fret. I’ll go back and change words-paragraphs 10 times because I’ll worry if I wrote differently, I would have made more of an impact. I am the business owner of Simply Chickie (–an organic baby and toddler clothing business. My mission is to save the planet by making people understand that what they put on their bodies is as important as what they put in their bodies. I just finished B-school, and my big takeaway is consistency–so I have been writing a blog every week and pouring over my website to make it the best it can be. By completing Copy Cure, I’d be confident in my message by helping people (mostly Aunties–because that’s who my ICA is) understand that their fashion choices will help save the planet!

  143. I struggle with consistency. I need help with formatting or making the content sound and look appealing to read. I have experience and a ton of value to share with anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

    I am a local realtor in Orange County and help families and investors buy and sell homes and investment properties in Los Angeles and Orange County.

    If I could consistently produce content well I could help more families invest in and find their dream homes.

  144. I’m truly thrilled for this opportunity. I’m a pediatrician in a low income country. I currently make 1500 US dollars a month. I have this huge amount of expenses that really limit my investment capacity. In order to try to improve my current finantial status, I’m trying to create an online platform dedicated to children’s health that can actually help me get more patients. It has not been easy. The platform is not growing enough. Probably because I don’t have a good communication strategy. I really, desperately need some kind of guidance to thrive.
    Well, being a full time working single mom hasn’t been easy. But I’m really trying! Please pick me up!

  145. Hey Marie,

    My biggest struggle with writing is knowing what to write, what to say, how to deliver the message in such a way that is clear, concise and persuasive. Other times I want it to be useful yet interesting and useful.

    I sometimes struggle with this as my business is website design and it’s not the most interesting topic for most of the business community. Deep down inside people know they need websites but I want to be able to bring a unique voice to speaking about it and having persons compelled to work with me.

    I actually have fun with it most days but then hit burn out because I feel I am not getting the push and reach and sales as I would like too, and I know a huge part of that is copywriting.

    I also would love to have my improved copywriting skills to have people coming back for more like a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode! Looking forward to my posts and opening their emails. Yes! That’s what I hope to achieve with stellar copywriting skills and I am fully confident the Copy Cure can take me to where I want and need to be. I already experienced the freebie offering and I learned so much I just want to tap into more of that.

    As a mom of two small kids and being the sole breadwinner through running my business full time, it would mean so much to me and my family.

    Bless xoxo,

  146. Annabe

    Marie, thank you for your generous offer and spirit. The metaphor in my mind is you – bright with woo. That is what the idea that I want to put on paper looks like. And then as it moves to my hand, it becomes spasm and freeze – no woo. The words have left the room! I work with older people and I am striving to build a pathway where old and young can meet to have conversations, share stories and build solid community in a world that is different; a world where co-operation and co-creating will be an integral part of living well. That’s why I need to write and invite – we cannot meet in the park or church at the moment and for some months to come. What better way than someone’s story to leave a legacy of who he or she is?

  147. I struggle with clarity and focus on what to put into my copy. I freeze when it comes start thinking it has to be eye candy to capture someone’s attention. I know I can write from the heart but I tend get discouraged by others ability to present their work so beautifully and start thinking “it would take forever” to learn the how.
    Who do I serve? People on the spiritual path who have had a lot of trauma . They have healed some but are still stuck in old patterns of thinking. I guide them back to their soul – to listen intuitively to their own voice and break free from cycles emotional pain.
    In the past 7 yrs I have been unable to go back to my full time job after losing my 17yr old child to traumatic experiences. I became escavating my soul to find purpose and meaning again. I now serve people looking for healing and this is the work I am meant to do in the world. As a single Mom to two amazing girls. I know that we can have more freedom to live life on our terms once I invest more into launching myself into the work in a brand new way. We are the book we write. I am so excited for my next chapter.

  148. Judi L Bogardus

    My biggest struggle with writing has always been one simple thing. I have all of these wonderful ideas and visions floating around in my head and cannot for the life of me put them into words on paper that convey the same meaning.

    I am trying to create a sustainable agricultural business that not only proves we can farm with out chemicals and destruction of wildlife but rather create a viable eco-system that enhances the environment. I am currently offering eggs, honey and a limited amount of herbal products and berries but hope to expand into a great fruit and vegetable market. As I am a vegetarian myself there would be no products that involve harming animals in any way. I would hope to create enough profit to offer even great discounts or free food to veterans and seniors.

    If Copy Cure landed in my lap I might actually be able to write a great marketing ad to earn the revenue required to expand. I would hope that this would lead to greater opportunities to help those in need and be an example of a more organic sustainable lifestyle.

  149. My biggest struggle with copy is making it sound NOT robotic and NOT like a 5 year old wrote it… Grammar has never been my strong suit (hello limiting story) so copy is literally something I dread. Like I feel an energetic block.
    I am yoga teacher and coach that inspires people to create their dream life!
    If the copy cure fell in my lap, I would learn what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right! Hello confidence!

  150. Keitumetse Seepaditlhare


  151. My biggest struggle when it comes to writing is knowing what to share in what order when my brain is simply overwhelmed with information I want to get out to my audience. I guess you could say I lack structure and order.
    I’m a wedding photographer who helps photographers stand out, brand with confidence, and become profitable. My simple mission is to be the guide I wish I would have had when I started out 7 years ago. I truly believe photographers don’t have to be starving artists and that the world needs their contribution; it’s my honor to guide them in the business growth side of this.

    Learning to improve my writing with The Copy Cure would mean reaching even more struggling photographers around the world with trainings and a free community to connect them with solutions. Most of my audience are women in their 30’s with kids, and helping them to make even a few extra thousand dollars a month on photography can be life-changing.

    Thank you for this opportunity Marie + team!

  152. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? I can come off as a bit Salesy unintentionally. I’m a quick learner and know I can benefit from following a proven system or formula of writing.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I am a mindset coach who helps stuck Female entrepreneurs shift their mindset to one of success. I host classes and trainings on mindset and have a online learning platform where my clients can take courses they need to help set up their business systems for automation.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? I believe that writing is the only thing standing in the way of where I am right now and where I want to be. I keep outsourcing my copywriting and it’s eating into my profits. I have 3 children which are my big Why and I would love to get this down so I can spend more meaningful time with them and my husband. I would like to have the option to homeschool my youngest like I did my older 2 while they were young. I know my programs can help so many people but some might not see it because my copy is a bit sketchy.

  153. Mileti

    I’m a Marketing Automation manager and am attached to all things email and text based as well as social media. I not only handle the technical aspect of having automated campaigns, I am the core of developing strategy. Therefore, I have great ideas and don’t always have the right words to project them out there. I’ve ran some successful campaigns but I spend the most time trying to get my thoughts out on paper. This class can definitely help broaden my horizons in this area and push me out the box of “safe” content. This is not only beneficial for me career wise but in my personal endeavors, as I am working on a script and a new cosmetic business. Marie’s podcast has been a good blueprint for my entrepreneurial ambitions and having this copy training would be the topping on the cake I need.

  154. ✨My Biggest Struggle With Writing ✨

    I haven’t mastered how to communicate the value of what I do to reach the women I serve. I practice and am actively learning but I know I have a ways to go. This limits my reach. I am determined to get better at this skill because the women I am meant to help are worth it.

    ? My Work and My Mission ?

    I am dedicated to helping women turn what they already know into online courses so they can boldly walk in their purpose and help others AND make money. My mission is to give them the step by step guidance and encouragement they need so they know its possible for them. Women give so much and often look at everyone else as worthy of reaching their potential, I want them to know they are worthy, they are loved, they are chosen.

    ⭐The Difference The Copy Cure Can Make⭐

    I am very grateful for what I’ve accomplished in the last 3 years but 95% has gone to expenses. I am ready for this year to be my first profitable year and I believe launching my Course Creation Academy with my sales pages and email sequences touched by the Copy Cure will help me get there. It will happen. I celebrate in advance! ???

    This opportunity means a lot to me because I haven’t reached the point where I can pay myself yet, and since my health conditions changed in 2018, I’m not able to work like I was then to invest in my business. Being able to have a profitable year would allow me to keep my business open. It would help me be able to hire the help I need, serve my people at the highest level and reach more of them, finally pay myself, and have a business, not just an expensive hobby.

    ?I know what I do makes a difference, now, I just need it to start making an income so my impact is not limited. I believe the Copy Cure can help with that.?

  155. I really want to get the scholarships of copy cure. Answers 1. My biggest struggle in writing is English is my 2nd language . I’m a nurse from the Philippines and at present serving the senior population , a frontliner too . I need help to serve that community and I believe in the power of using the right words to create positive change in the” Senior” world.2. I’m a senior care nurse specialist and dementia care Practitioner and I want to serve the elderlies not just physically but with a mission to reach them with my teaching via writing . 3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it will help me a lot to share my knowledge , it will help my business a lot too because with your help , I can better write my topic therefore I can reach my senior clients And will be known and be trusted and will be calling my caregiver /homehelper provider agency name “Angels Over Us “when they need it and will have more income . Once I have more income then I can help more poor people in my area by expanding my free urgent care clinic in the remote area in the Philippines and save more lives . At present , we only have 2 rooms but we saved many lives already bec most of them have no money to go to the clinic or hospital in big cities. If I have more income then I can add another room and buy more supplies in our FREE urgent care Clinic , located in a remote place in the Philippines . I’m praying I will get this to help more people . It’s nurses week and Mother’s Day too , getting this scholarships will be best gift ever during nurses week .

  156. Hi Marie! Thank you for this incredible opportunity! I am inspired by your generosity. My biggest struggle in writing is feeling repetitive and lengthy. I love details, to a fault! I find myself wanting to be witty, creative and thoughtful, but often end up rambling… see what I mean? In 2010, I founded a grassroots dance festival to inspire the world, empower young artists and bring more culture and diversity to a fairly conservitive area of Michigan. The festival provides performance opportunities for artists of all genres and backgrounds, and offers a professional training program for serious dance students. It’s amazing! Most importantly, we dedicate a portion of our proceeds each summer to donate to local organizations and to support scholarships for our internship students – we’ve given away over $55,000 in 10 years! The Copy Cure would help me hone my skills and continue broadening our reach so we can make an even larger impact on our community. I feel I am a “good” writer, but would love to become a GREAT writer! Being able to take the festival to the next level would allow me see my childhood dream flourish, generate more income, and support my community. Thanks again for the chance to apply. I hope everyone reading this is staying healthy and well during this time.

  157. Mel Watson

    Wow. This would be a dream come true.
    A very dear friend of mine has always spoke spoke so highly of this program and your product. I need the assistance to share my vision, light and energy into words. A dream of mi e for some time. Recent blog, socials have started to get me going, now just for the knowledge and accountability partner to learn!!

  158. Hi Marie & Team,
    Hope you are all safe and doing fine during this time of crisis. My name is Thania, 27 years old and I am from Mauritius Island. I was waiting impatiently for today to come and now i am all excited and having butterflies in my stomach. I have rehearsed quite some time (p.s. Always at about 2am in the morning haha) about what i will write to you to convince you to give me a chance for this scholarship. Right now, all my words vanished and all that is coming is straight from my heart. I joined my family business some years back and although i love the work,my environment depleted me of all my energy and my mental health took a blow. I was bitter, angry,unhappy,jealous of everyone around me. When Covid 19 happened and i was forced to stay at home, i got the time to work on myself and to reclaim my life. The only things that helped me calm down were reading and journaling they are my go to. I started reading all the self help books i had and journaling. Writing keeps me sane.
    One night I got like an impulse..a need..inspiration came past midnight. I wrote wrote wrote..about what? About struggles..the lessons i have learnt and what i now know. I got a wake up call..i discovered my purpose. To serve the world by sharing my message: You are not alone. To empower women to stand up and reclaim their lives. That depression, anxiety,suicide is not the way.
    I sent an email to Marie Team and they were so kind to me and helped me a lot to understand how i should proceed with my writing. They gave me amazing advice and motivation and i cannot thank them enough.
    I used one tip from the Copy Cure i got from an email i signed up for and this completely changed my writing. It is like a world class level as Robin Sharma( he saved my life too along with you Marie- both of your books showed me the way and inspired me to aim for a world class life) would say. I cannot imagine how amazing my writing would become if I have the chance to win this scholarship. It would help me write so much better and help my hopefully future readers to grasp my teachings, lessons, and my message to them. My writing will inspire them just as you great authors have inspired me. I hope to make a positive impact on other people’s life. Even if i touch one person’s heart, this will make my soul the happiest. Because finally my soul will be at peace and in sync with my calling, my life purpose.
    And writing better will not only help in my first book but also in my family business. To be able to connect to my clients better and retain the attention of future ones.
    Writing will also be propel to another level and this will definitely show in all aspects of my life.

    I thank you Marie & whole Team, you are amazing human beings. Thank you for giving me this golden opportunity to see my dreams come true. Thank you for being here for me, all along especially when I was in darkness. Your videos and quotes have helped me a lot. You can’t imagine the way knowing you all has had a great positive impact on my life.

    With all my love❤️

  159. 1) My biggest struggle with writing is getting started and out of my own head. I have good ideas and think this could be good for a blog or article but then I second guess myself and tell myself I’m not a writer so why do I think I can write an article to publish and have the world read it and say “Why would she write that? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about”.
    2) My business is marketing strategy consulting. I am also partnering with someone who does market research and she is a writer. I want to pull my weight with this partnership and contribute to the writing, but I get into my own head again. I am in the energy industry and what I’m getting involved is really exciting and I’d love to be able to put that excitement into words. The transformation of the energy ecology over the next 5-10 years with renewable energy and technology is coming fast and I am bringing all the stakeholders together for webinars and working groups. I’d like to be able to put into words what I am learning from these stakeholders to let others learn about it.
    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap and helped me become a stronger writer, the tangible difference would huge for my confidence, my business, and my family. I would have the ability to write articles that I know people are getting a lot of money to write and I could that myself. I could also contribute more to the market research side of my partner’s business which is where the contracts are worth a lot of money. The financial benefit to my family would be amazing. I was laid off last July so I started my own marketing company as I looked for a new job, which I am now thinking that I was meant to be in business for myself and I am driven to succeed once I get over a few hurdles. My husband got sick with heart and liver issues two years ago and can’t work as he is waiting to get “sick” enough to get on the transplant list, even though he’s too sick to do anything else. So, he only has social security disability income coming in, so I am the main breadwinner. I have a son in college who is going to be straddled with student loan debt if I can’t find a way to make more money to help pay for his New York City tuition. I would be forever grateful to win a scholarship to The Copy Cure to help me, my family, and advance my career and business.

  160. Javes Lee

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is not having the flow in my head. When I practice writing copy, I can think of stories and interesting concepts that would pull in and compel the reader to read on. But once I transition into the pitch, my mind often finds itself facing a brick wall, and I end up staring at my screen for quite some time just to churn out a few sentences. I think this is mostly due to my inexperience, which I’m working to improve on by hand-copying email copy and writing copy daily. But I’m also working on my analysis paralysis which makes me want to write a ‘perfect’ copy on the first draft although I know that the real magic happens after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th draft.

    2. I’m currently 16 years old, so I haven’t embarked on my entrepreneurial journey yet. But I see copywriting as a skill that would open doors not just for myself, but for the businesses that I could help bring in revenue as well. I’m currently focusing on email copywriting, and I would love to use that skill to help local online businesses to thrive while improving my skills.

    3. I would cherish this amazing opportunity to learn from a mentor as I haven’t been able to afford courses and would work as hard as I can to make sure this scholarship won’t go to waste. I want to master copywriting, which would greatly help me in starting my own tech startup in the future after gaining more experience from internships. The main motivator for my hunger for copywriting is because I want to quickly earn money to ease the financial burden off my parents.

  161. I’m am a yoga teacher practicing and teaching for 20 years. I feel I have a lot to offer students but don’t trust my own voice… and struggle to take what’s in my head and put it on paper.
    I think I have a lot to share and have been thinking I have a training manual in me that could benefit so many – traditional practice is being lost in modern yoga and I have an idea to make the teachings accessible…this program may be the answer learn to trust my voice and learn to translate to that to copy in a manner that is interesting and accessible to others.

  162. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is bringing my ideas (which are 99% of the time very detailed) into a simple and concise image for my clients and potential clients.
    I am a Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner. English is my second language and despite the fact that, I passed the stage where I feel I cannot write because it is not my primary language, I still have a little voice telling me writing and connecting is still an unconfortable task.
    Which is very weird, because I can connect just fine with people in a 1 on 1 setting.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I love helping people move to the next step in their growth and healing. I am a healer as far as I can remember, or I should say a heaing facilitator because there is nothing from my ego that I will allow it in my work.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    It will help me reach a group of people I currently cannot reach. It will help me get to my clients (in their email, in my blogs, in my future books) and share with them knowledge and teachings in a way that I am not 100% sure. It will offer me the extra boost and confidence that I need to go out and reach to those people in need of my work.

    Thank you,

  163. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is I don’t know how to get the words on the paper to convey what I’m saying and how I’m saying it. I’m a great speaker, funny, witty, & intelligent. But I feel like my wiring is blah. I want to express my true self through my writing, not some boring person that I am not.

    I actually self published a book on Amazon during this quarantine. I wrote it for my coaching clients. It’s OK. But I actually think it could be so much better. But it’s too late now cause it’s out there. It’s like to write more. A full book based off each chapter in my first. And I’m going to need your help for that.

    2. I have a lash bar that I built in the middle of a nasty divorce and $200 in my pocket. I had two young children. We were by ourselves. I built that business up to support us and I’m so proud of it. I now coach other women in need. Generally single moms who are in beauty school or just graduated… Or working in less than desirable situations. I work with them to build a small beauty business that they own. We keep it small so they have all the control in the beginning and they can build it around their life and kids.

    3. I believe if the copy cure landed in my lap it would help me reach more of these women. It would help me communicate to them they they don’t have to be stuck. If I can tell a compelling story, it may give them confidence to work with me. I know I can help them. I’ve done this myself. I just need to attract them. Being a single mom doesn’t mean life has to be hard, it doesn’t mean you have to struggle financially all the time. My mission is to show hundreds, maybe thousands, that you and your kids can thrive through business ownership.

  164. Michelle Howe

    I am starting to try and launch my own online healing service and would love to learn more tips on writing marketing copy. I am a former B-school student and I could go back and look through that material though. I definitely do not want to take away this opportunity from someone who might need it more.

  165. Thank you for this opportunity, I have been eyeing this program for years.
    1. I love language and the practice of writing but my biggest struggle with writing for an audience is the fact that I doubt my ability to get my message across with clarity or use language in the most effective way.

    2. I am a teacher. I teach yoga, meditation, self care, personal ritual and home herbalism. My community is made up of folks who have interests in these various topics and I feel blessed to get to work with many inspiring people. My mission with my work is to educate and to inspire, to support others in cultivating practices that nourish their own lives.

    3. If I were able to participate in this program I feel that I would gain greater confidence in my use of the written word and could support my students with increased clarity. I also think it would be very supportive in terms of explaining the programs that I offer, making it easier for folks to discern whether or not my programs are a good fit for them. I would like to be writing more and feel that confidence is a hurdle for me so this program could help me to move forward and commit to sharing more of what I really want to say.

    Thank you!

  166. RM

    I’ve been told I write exactly how I speak and that’s actually a problem for me, I tend to sound like a teenage high school girl vs a professional!
    I’m in Sales and I’m working on a social presence however I freeze with the words and can never do it. So currently, I’m a secret agent:/
    I have a community of past clients who deserve and want to hear from me and I’m currently failing them.
    It would create credibility, which would create more business, which would allow me to better service my existing and new clients better.
    I’m confident it would catapult my business to another level.

  167. Amber Dawn

    My biggest struggle is confidence…and frankly, subject-verb agreement. I took a writing seminar in college and the professor said, “We all have a fatal flaw when it comes to writing. Your job is to identify it, then look for it while proofreading.” For years, I’ve used that process. I write, then look for my seemingly rookie mistake. While I think I’ve gotten pretty good at this, I also know that it has taken a hit to my confidence. It’s held me back from sharing my work and doing nonprofit consulting, a true passion of mine.

    After many years of being urged by family and friends, I’ve finally stepped out on a limb and started doing consultant work for nonprofits. I’m a fundraiser and a storyteller, and I’m done letting my insecurities hold me back from making a larger impact in the world. Copywriting is a huge part of my work, and I want to be the best I can be!

  168. Kristin

    My biggest struggle with writing is self-doubt and fear. I write and re-write over and over again because I want to make sure that what I’m writing makes sense and that I’m not offending anyone. I want to write in my voice but I’m typically afraid that my voice isn’t what people want to hear so I try to sound like someone else. These are blocks I want to overcome.

    My mission is to end the pain & suffering of women experiencing the symptoms of IBS. I know that IBS is a name given to symptoms that can’t be physically explained, and I believe these women are being given a huge dis-service from the medical community. I know that I can help them because I understand this condition and have healed myself through the right diet and nutrition.

    The ability to reach these women through my writing is critical. I would be able to help thousands of women who are struggling to take care of their kids, work and provide an income for their family, and live a life free of worry & pain. I would be giving these women their lives back.

  169. I feel like my biggest struggle with writing is that I come across as someone who really cares, a friend. Let me explain: people read my website or my email newsletters with my offerings and I receive emails, FB messages, IG messages from women who, after reading something I wrote, felt connected enough to reach out to me for help, but they want that help for free. I am a friend, I do care, but I need my copy to SELL my programs.

    My mission is to teach, equip and empower women to heal. That looks different with every woman I serve. I’ve helped women heal their physical bodies by teaching them nutrition and simple daily strategies. (My business grew out of a desire to show others what I did for myself when I was completely healed of rheumatoid arthritis.) I’ve helped women heal their hearts after tragic loss. I’ve helped women heal marriages, mindsets, money issues, and more.

    Stronger copywriting skills would help my business by empowering me to reach a wider audience and serve more women. It would help my family financially. (My husband, the breadwinner, recently lost his income. We aren’t sure how much longer he’ll have health insurance and we have two kids with special, and very expensive, ongoing medical needs.) Stronger copywriting would help my community because I could make that community larger! I have a small group of women who have gone through my programs and continue to work with me. The ripple effect of what I do is evident in their marriages, their homes, their circles. My vision board this year actually has an image of the longest outdoor dining table I’ve ever seen. I have a dream to welcome more and more women into my circle of influence so the wave of healing just grows larger and continues to flow out wider.

    The tangible effect would be changed legacy. Generations are impacted by what I do. For example: when I was sick I lived life on the couch, exhausted, in pain, dreaming of the day I would be free of pain and living out my purpose. There’s no ripple effect when someone is just surviving. My work with women sparks energy, creativity, freedom, and generosity inside of them. When women are “healed” they live full of energy, free to dream, creating with purpose and intention… and the world becomes a healthier, happier, more beautiful place to live. Children watch as their mothers come alive and find joy in whatever they are called to do. Marriages are strengthened as women learn to use their voice and stand in their purpose. Businesses are born and books are written when women dare to dream again. I’m already seeing these tangible effects in the lives of the women I’ve served. If I could *just* improve my copy the ripple effect would be larger.

  170. Lawanda Johnson

    1. My biggest struggle with writing has been deciding on which topic to write about. The reason is because writing takes me deep within myself and sometimes feeling emotions that are unpleasant or painful, I avoid. I have to be ready to go there.
    2. My work is dedicated to those who need joy, a reason to laugh and love life again. My mission is to help those in despair (anxiety, depression, PTSD) to find a way out through finding joy in the little things in life.
    3. The Copy Cure would help me to be more confident in how I communicate; help my work to be more effective and reach more people affected by depression; help my family to understand me better; help my community to heal. The tangible difference for me would be I would grow and expand as a person, the healer being healed as I write. The tangible difference to those around me is that they would find the courage to allow themselves to be whole again to live a more joyful life.

  171. My biggest struggle with writing is grammar. I’m one big run on sentence. My biz is torch made glass beads & jewelry. I would like to be able to engage & excite customers more & of course make more sales. I also teach jewelry making & beginning lampworking in my private studio. With this virus keeping everyone apart, it’s a struggle to stay in biz. I also work with a womens prison reentry ministry. I help the women sell their handmade items to support their recovery. Most of them are unable to work at first. I would love to be able to explode their FB page so they can sell more. I feel this opportunity would help my business success but also paying it forward to these ladies that need a hand up. Thank you!

  172. Writing is something I have struggled with my whole life. Growing up not knowing what the issue was and learning as an adult it is a learning disability. Despite the cards life has dealt me I run a successful business and have a wonderful family. I know getting better at conveying my message can help serve my audience so much more. Bschool is helping me grow in incredible ways and I know this would too. I’m a lash artist and business course creator, I love empowering women to reach ultimate levels of success!

  173. My biggest struggle with writing is to make it personal and draw my ICA in. I have a big heart and want to launch my new business GODDESS AM SHE to help empower other women. I moved to the heart chakra of the planet Glastonbury England in 2017 and want to teach women empowerment tools so they can blossom into their full goddess potential. I want to share everything that I’ve learnt in Glastonbury and my life to help other women love and accept themselves. I want to make it easy for women to find me with good copy writing as I know that I can help them, they just need to be able to find me. I have never asked for any help like this before! I am a giver and never ask for help. But I feel like I’m not asking for me I’m asking for the scholarship so I can help others through my business. I have been struggling with a chronic illness flare up for the last year and I’m on reduced hours and pay. I took a real leap of faith purchasing B School and putting the split payments on my credit card. I love everything you guys are doing Team Forleo and Marie. I respect your decisions and understand if others need the scholarship more than me. I want to become better at copy writing so that I can start a women’s self love revolution – just like Glennon is doing with her Untamed book!

  174. 1) My biggest struggle with writing is articulating the purpose of my content without adding too much deadweight. I often feel like if I don’t say too much then my point won’t be made and I know this is a big problem in today’s attention deficit world. Please help!

    2)My mission has always been to empower women to show up for themselves. I’m a new Personal Brand Coach BUT I’m not a new entrepreneur. I’ve run several businesses since I left Nigeria. Including a social media agency, a dance company (Marie please check us out Dancebody with a recurring streak as a fitness and food influencer.

    It sounds crazy but I’ve always believed “Everything is Figuereoutable too!”

    In recent months, I’ve had some massive mindset shifts and I realized that the one thing that successfully held ALL my projects together was my personal brand, which I’ve managed to build over the years online and offline.

    So I’ve decided other female entrepreneurs NEED to know this, and I’ve become obsessed with helping other entrepreneurs who “prefer to stay behind the scenes” to harness the power of their story to build their businesses.

    I feel like my journey entrepreneurship would have been WAY easier if I’d been able to communicate my pains when I was feeling them and not “endure” like is common place in a Nigerian households or for women in general.

    I know how to tell my story but I’m learning that my approach might not be a one sized fit suit which is why I would love to learn the common writing threads that can help other female entrepreneurs authentically communicate their story and show up for themselves

    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    Stronger writhing for me means 3 things.

    1) I can help other female entrepreneurs find their it factor, purposefully connect and authentically communicate their expertise! This we they teach more people and create more opportunities for themselves and those that they love. Plus those who hear their stories will be inspired and know what is possible.

    2) I can make more sales in my business, which means I can easily support myself and my family despite heavy hits to our foundation as a result of the recent pandemic

    3) My ultimate goal is to write a book, I’m obsessed with how easily Marie flows in Everything Is Figureoutable. Reading that book felt like watching her speak. If I’m able to communicate in that way I’m sure my story will reach more women a can help convince them to show up for themselves!

    I do hope you’ll consider me 🙂

  175. Kristin Hamm

    My biggest struggle with writing is that I get in my own head and then I get stuck and can’t move forward. I think too much. I love helping others improve their writing, but for some reason, I can’t help myself. For some reason, I have zero confidence when it comes to my writing. LOL
    I am a licensed attorney, but due to a series of brain surgeries, I no longer practice law. I started doing editing and proofreading because I needed something that made my heart happier than the legal work I was doing previously. I work with businesses and authors around the world on advertising, business documents, and novels. My mission is to help others while maintaining their voice. But, oh, how I would love to find my own voice in the process.
    If admission landed in my lap, stronger writing would definitely help me and my family by allowing me to take on a wider range of projects and help a greater number of clients. This would allow my family more financial comfort, especially since I’ve been furloughed from my main source of income, due to the pandemic.

  176. 1. My struggle with writing is knowing what/how to say what I am thinking. My mouth goes faster than my mind, and I struggle with spelling & grammar.

    2. I’m dedicated to helping others with their wellbeing using all-natural supplements and skincare. My mission is helping others to become the best themselves they can be via health/wealth/happiness.

    3. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I feel I would be able to use this skill not only in my business to reach others but also allowing me to help/train others in what I know. I would also be able to use it in my day job and helping my daughter with your schoolwork. My daughter is in Ag, and this will help her writing to potential buyers for her FFA projects and thank you letters plus any school projects. I feel this would allow me to see a difference in my confidence and mindset in communicating with others.

  177. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I struggle with overthinking . Because I want so bad to relate to my audience I over think what that looks like and then sometimes I end up not posting or sharing at all. I also deal with a lot of mindset blocks around this because I was told I was not a good writer and it messes with my mind making me feel like a fraud to share and support others. I know for a fact that I am called to do this I would just love to have the tools to do so.
    1. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I work with women healing from things that are difficult to discuss (trauma, divorce etc). I started off coaching people with writing their books, but the deeper I dig into this the morning I realized so many people wanted to share powerful stories but were still dealing with triggers around it. So that’s when I stepped into the coaching aspect ! It was a natural shift because I am a licensed counselor. It’s been nothing short of amazing to support women through healing AND helping them share their story to in turn help other women !
    1. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    In my business if I had been granted copy cure I will be able to show up more in my business. I believe this would directly relate to me being able to support and impact more people. Through my ability to help support and impact others I will be given a chance to help them be able to share their stories with the world as well. I have read books regarding online copy and taken trainings, but would love the chance to really have practical tools I could incorporate into my business. Thanks for this opportunity and consideration.

  178. My biggest struggle is to be creative and engaging when writing. It feels like everyone has one formula to write that comes and flow easily, to me I feel stuck and many times see my design work being undermined because there is not a good text attached to it.

    I am a UI/UX Designer and I have many great hard skills when dealing with visual design, I am very passionate about what I create daily, many times I have ideas that I wish to pursue that I believe will make the difference, but with a good copy missing, the projects won’t have life nor be understood.

    I serve micro and small entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams, I help them with their logo, corporate identity, social media, landing pages, name it. I am a whole package that helps them create a company online from scratch. I have found my passion for design and my mission is to help people do what their lovemaking the world beautiful and meaningful.

    If I would be part of The Copy Curse, I would learn how to communicate better, and communication in a collaborative world is a must. It would help me improve my business, write my own website copy that really expresses myself, create an ebook to help others become freelancers, travel the world by telling my experience living in 11 countries, improve my relationships as good communication is a big part of it. I wouldn’t feel neglecting myself anymore with my dreams by not have good writing. And this is the only thing I still feel is missing.

  179. WHO WANTS TO BE CATHOLIC? (Crickets….that’s problem #1)
    I know I sure didn’t! But God found me and transformed my ENTIRE LIFE! Heck, I left my Executive Career to share my faith! My goal is to help others find or deepen their relationship with God. I want peace and freedom for everyone who is like me (for 42 years) who is enslaved to insecurity, fear, other people’s opinion of them, never–good-enough syndrome and constantly searching for something more BUT never finding true happiness, peace or acceptance. I believe Copy Cure can help me entice people to “check this chick out” as I share my horrific past and how God changed EVERYTHING! The tangible result – He can transform YOU, too! There is a better way to live – with peace, joy and love that surpasses ALL UNDERSTANDING – and I want this for everyone! I want to walk with you and help you on the journey – being raw and honest along the way. COPY CURE – HELP ME….HELP OTHERS!

  180. My biggest struggle is trying to get what is in my head and my heart written in a way that is clear, to the point and motivates people. I struggle with finding the right words and spend way to much time redoing or just procrastinating all together, my project is years in development because I feel stuck
    I, myself do not like wordy lengthy emails or online courses. Get to the point already. I want to do that myself. Short to the point with flare.
    My business is as a health coach/transformational coach teaching people how to take care of themselves, be there own hero. Be their best advocate, no one is coming to save you. It is my passion to leave my job one day and do this full time.
    If this fell in my lap, I would finally be able to pursue my dream and give back to my community with free giveaways as well to people that really need it. Give to give, If I receive, I will return the gift 10 fold. btw, webpage is in progress almost complete, copy has been my biggest struggle, the person helping has very wordy templates and I have been trying to edit.

  181. My biggest struggle is getting the feelings in my head and heart written anywhere but my journal. Who wants what I have to say…
    My calling is to assist people in their soul evolution. My mission is for all to know what unique fascinating souls they are and that life is a playground
    If Copy Cure landed in my lap I would be ecstatic! With B-School and my current unemployment status I have the time to let my voice be heard and help others. With Copy Cure I bet my audience would evolve and have fun as I would also! Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the scholarship????

  182. 1. I have trouble writing conversationally. My background is in academics so I tend to write like I am putting together a research paper which, I understand, can be boring. I need more punch and zap to my writing to boost engagement and get attention.
    2. I help people become their most vibrant, healthy and energetic selves by teaching them small steps that make a HUGE impact on health. I do this in an easy, fun and spiritually uplifting way. I serve families who have felt let down and disappointed by the healthcare system and want to approach wellness from a natural perspective. I believe it’s not normal to feel rundown, tired, frazzled, on edge, or miserable all the time. The new normal we are creating is one filled with spiritual fulfillment, limitless energy, strong bodies, happy families and peaceful minds.
    3. The Copy Cure would help my content get heard by those who really need it. I want to provide good, persuasive writing that can spark a revolution. I want people across the globe to live their best, most healthy lives and opt for natural remedies instead of traditional medical treatments that provide short-term solutions with detrimental side effects.

  183. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is finding a balance within my content that supports what I do without feeling pushy. I have my own internal dialogue and problems with not wanting to be inauthentic or manipulative with my services. It is very important for me to be honest, authentic, and not make false promises. I am struggling writing content that allows me to communicate that effectively.
    2. My passion is in helping children. My background is in education and school counseling. I am a relatively new business and am still at my current job as a school counselor. I am dedicated to teaching parents and educators how to support the social/emotional and creative needs of students. I have created an online course on helping parents support their child’s anxiety. I would also like to expand my services to include workshops for educators and coaching for parents. So many children struggle with self-regulation and creativity and my mission is to give them resources for success and fulfillment.
    3. I would learn how to create meaningful and impactful copy that would allow me to advertise my services more effectively. My goal is to be an entrepreneur full time so that I may have an enhanced work life balance. I would be able to help more parents and educators support their children/students effectively. I would feel fulfilled as a contributor to the protentional of children.

  184. 1) My biggest struggle with writing copy is standing out from the crowd in a day of information overload, as well as getting enough trust from the potential customer for them to “opt in”. My clients are often in a state of chaos, burnout or just plain hopelessness, so trust can be challenging to build.
    2) My profession is stress and trauma coaching. I am dedicated to helping people turn post-traumatic stress into post traumatic growth. I primarily help veterans but have successfully helped many other types of trauma survivors.
    3) I feel admission to The Copy Cure would reap exponential benefits, not just for me, but also for the thousands of people who suffer from PTSD. The information in my online program is groundbreaking, and the most powerful process I have seen for overcoming trauma to date. Getting these tools into the hands of trauma survivors will pay dividends to humanity by creating stronger and healthier moms, dads, teachers, coaches etc. so we can break the cycle of distress that is involved after trauma and become a healthier world for future generations.

  185. When writing I feel most comfortable free writing(brain dumping w/out direction), so for me this mean I feel completely unconfindent when it comes to planning for structure. Grammatically I equally suck too lol. Or it might just be I compare my tone, flow and word choice as armature to professionals and not giving my self space to learn and grow to get better.
    I am in the profession of SALES, which allowed me to simplistic transition to digital marketing strategies which is where my heart lies. My family & I has had a traveling door to door sales company for 25+ years where we employ 1099 agents to demonstrate and sale or product city to city, state to state. The most compelling aspect to it all is we target underrepresented young adults, with an objective to teach them how to understand the essentials of running a business under our parent company. My mission is to provide a educational platform/Avenue for young adults who join our organization to learn how to start, operate, scale their book of business with an omni offline and online marketing strategy(work smart not hard making money while they sleep). As a by product teaching them how to leverage our door to door sales program in order to be able to raise their own capital to one day fund their passions and dreams.
    This scholarship would be a tremendous blessing , because SALES is copy & COPY is SALES and if I’m great at it verbally speaking, writing for my self and business would open up many opportunities. Like saving money on hiring a copy writer, lowering disappointment because the writing would be from my heart, increase our sales revenue because we could blog more to attract people into our online sales funnels, and convert higher with digital ads. In addition, becoming a better writer will position me to execute for PR pitch opportunities and so much more! I’m so excited for this oppertunity because once I properly learn my staff, team, and those who we influence in business will learn better in turn do better too. Win – Win God Bless and Stay Well ⚘

  186. My biggest struggle with writing ist that I am rarely satisfied with what I write. I have all these wonderful words, pictures and visions in my mind, seeing mountains of snow, rainbows, sparkeling waterfalls,… and when I sit down and write what is in my mind, the magic is gone. Bright snow turns into grey, rainbows fade away and the waterfall: a muddy puddle.
    But sometimes, if am lucky, magic resists. Readers are able to see the powdery snow, the brightness of the rainbow and they can feel the force of a waterfall. But i have no idea why it works sometimes – and other times not.

  187. My biggest struggle with writing is overthinking every word and thus feeling as if I’m never in flow. I have a lot of ideas but it never translates easily into my writing. I tend to overthink and judge myself for how others will perceive my work. I hold myself to high standards, and thus I want to also write really well, but feel like I can’t express myself in the way that I want to.

    I help new and aspiring female entrepreneurs release limiting beliefs and step into their fullest potential in life and business. I’m dedicated to empowering women with confidence, providing them with the support and guidance they need to follow their passion and build their online business. I want to grow a powerful community that inspires generations of women, reminding them that they are enough, that they are powerful, and they can change the world.

    With The Copy Cure, I know that I’ll be able to have more confidence in writing, which will translate into my entire business. From building more powerful marketing assets that will attract more of my target market, to creating products and programs that can come from the heart and are so filled with clarity that I can easily impact and inspire more women. In turn, my business will grow, and I can support my family better, give back more to my community and work on creating even more impact in my business and in my personal life.

  188. My biggest struggle with my writing is my fear of being seen. As a therapist who is brand new to private practice, I am used to my work happening behind closed doors. The therapy is confidential for the clients, but I also find comfort in my best work happening in the comfort of a private relationship. I dedicate my work to accompanying survivors of sexual violence and other traumas, such as the trauma of living in a larger body in a fat-phobic society, on their journeys of finding peace with themselves, their experiences, and their place in the world. I know from my years of experience that I am gifted in this, but I am uncomfortable talking about it. Before branching out on my own, I was assigned clients without them having the chance to know anything about me. We built relationships together, and now as a business owner I am recognizing that the relationship starts with clients before we ever meet. I want to share my gifts with the right clients, and I need to develop a way to connect with them through my writing. In the most concrete sense, I want the people who need my help to know that I am capable and available and that they are not alone. In order for them to see themselves reflected in my copy, I need to become more comfortable with allowing myself to be seen in my copy.

  189. I have 2 kind of big struggles when it comes to writing. The first one is definitely the more major one… I struggle to speak in a way that my ICA can relate to and understand. I teach personal transformation and spirituality the people I am looking to connect with are not quite there yet… they are average people looking for a solution, they feel unhappy, unfulfilled, they don’t understand their purpose. I constantly talk about my idea of the solution but they don’t know that what I am offering IS the solution and so there is a gap between where I am and where they are. The second struggle that I have is time… I struggle with writing so much that it takes me SO long to write a single blog post. I create weekly videos that are beautifully crafted and full of information but when I go to write the text associated with those videos… its a flop! My headlines are slowly getting better to grab more attention but sometimes its a pretty disappointing conversion.

    I already started to talk a little bit about what I do. My mission is to really awaken people to the truth of their being and to help them live fully and blissfully by aligning with their higher truth, I do this through talks, online courses, in person retreats and hopefully someday a book. My second mission is through my financial success to support causes that educate women in other countries. While learning about the experiences of women in countries like Zimbabwe and Pakistan my heart has been shattered. So with each product/course/book/service launch that I do I want proceeds to benefit women who are oppressed.

    Admission to The Copy Cure would help me communicate with everyday people about the solution to their lack of fulfillment and happiness. It would also help me to finally write that book and tell my story and share how I have overcome hardship. I believe that my testimony will inspire and support others on their healing journey. My hope is to dedicate my first book to an organization like Central Asia Institute or Tererai Trent International Foundation. Having the ability to use my words to support humans around the world would be a dream come true.

    Thank you marie and team forleo for this opportunity

  190. My biggest struggle in writing or even more In general in showing up is that I believe that I’m not original. Everything I would like to say/write is already done by others, and some much better that I would do. I don’t see how to express my own voice.
    I’m in the coaching business and I’m very good in one to one coaching, I believe/see/feel the potential of my clients and can trigger them to take action and to follow their heart.
    Stronger writing would help me in order to reach more people. A lot of people are struggling with their professional career, life is too short to do something they don’t like, that doesn’t give them energy. If I can reach a larger community I can help more people.

  191. Michele Langbein

    My biggest struggle with writing is overthinking what I’m writing and not wanting to post until it’s perfect. Postponing either causes it to be late (not as effective) or not to get completed.

    My work is dedicated to women empowerment and encouraging people to overcome their personal struggles and make a difference in society. I dedicate much of my time to charity work. I am an educational advocate for special needs children. I have helped families fight for the special services that their children need to be effective in school.

    I believe with additional training, I could be even more effective in getting my message out there and be able to help change the lives of even more people. I think I would be able to help inspire others to follow their passions. Together we can all make a profound difference in this ever changing world.

  192. My biggest struggle with writing is putting my thoughts to words that explode on the paper. I struggle because of lack of confidence that what I have to say is important.
    I am a health and life coach. I work from home. I don’t have a team to help when I “get stuck”. I help men and women who struggle with controlling their diabetes. I help them find what is getting in their way, and live a healthy life with great food while not letting diabetes control them.
    If the copy cure landed in my lap I would be able to finally write my bio. I have had a website for a year now and have never finished it to make it public. I want to go public with confidence. I want to be able to write online programs to help clients to live a happy fulfilled life even with diabetes. I want my thoughts to finally get to “paper“. This would help my family so that I can move forward with confidence in my writing skills to create the programs and get them out to those in need.

  193. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is to incorporate SEO. I write way too long which is totally me but I guess people like to read less and I need to be found as well. I need to learn to strike this balance.
    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am a certified health coach, meditation expert, and culinary expert. My mission is to empower every man and woman with knowledge and skills to enjoy their best quality of life and to preserve it for future generations to come.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    A stronger blog would attract much-needed traffic and I can share my knowledge with a wider audience. I would be sharing the knowledge boundlessly and It would help women and their loved ones make better choices to achieve the quality of life which is by far the most critical challenge we face as a species.
    My children are the bearers of this goodness in the generations to come. With the monetization of the blog and other channels we would be able to spend more time as a family and start that hobby farm we dream so much about where we would be serving the communities with organic produce, family experiences for women and their families who look for time to bond and hands-on skill development for women (meditation, yoga, cooking, etc).

    Even as a five-year-old, I donated my favorite school bag to a child who could not have one. There is so much good to go around and I have the plans to start an orphan girl empowerment program in Sri Lanka.

  194. Jennifer

    My biggest struggle is trying to get my thoughts on paper. I will write an email then delete it all and start over again. I find my writing confusing and sometimes too emotional. I now write in point form to ensure I get my point across but there is no flow! Speaking I am funny and a little over the top and when I write it sounds strange and rude.
    I started 2020 with the determination to quit my day job and start my own business. I want to have cabin rentals that help people resource. No internet, no noise except the Birds and the brook. I have the location, I have the type of simple concept lodging, I have the spirit of the location but I still do not know how to put it on paper. I truly feel that all adults, mothers, fathers, and starting to understand the need for self reflection and I want to give them that space.
    If I was able to do this course I think it will give me the tools that I need to express myself with clarity and to draw the right type of person to me.

  195. Tori Bateman

    The biggest struggle I have with copywriting is avoiding filler and “fluff” and giving real value and a clear path to the CTA for my audience.

    I currently am split between three (tiny) streams of income. I’m a handmade small business owner, contract writer, and now just starting my branding strategy, design, and copywriting services to serve other small shops who are ready to create an eternal brand and enable a lifestyle that serves them best.

    If this course fell into my lap, it would give me the confidence to be a steady source of income for my family. I’m going to get real vulnerable here. Last year, I was working my dream job as a special educator. In the fall of 2019 I developed a severe migraine condition that causes debilitating episodes that mimic a stroke – sometimes lasting several weeks. Needless to say I lost my job due to this, and sometimes a sense of who I even am anymore.
    I’m working so. hard. to try and support our family – I was previously the breadwinner – and it’s so hard to see my hours of work returned with such small gains – made even more difficult with my condition. I want to be able to make a difference in people’s lives again – at my own pace and regardless of my obstacles.

  196. My biggest challenge when it comes to writing in the lack of confidence I have in my abilities. I also struggle to portray my thoughts in to words so that they connect with my audience.
    I help moms get fit and feel fabulous, so they can show their whole world just how awesome they are.
    If the copy cure landed in my lap, I feel it would be a game changer for me. It would help be get better at serving my community of moms as well as help me get my first clients through the door.

  197. I am trying to figure out (Everything is figureoutable, right?) how to pour my words onto a canvas that speaks to people. I am not trying to sell, but trying to build community with my spread out (worldwide) military spouses. I am part of a non-profit called InDependent and we really try to keep all of us together, though we are apart. I have experiences to speak about but end up tripping over my own self when it comes typing or old school handwriting it all out. I just want the experience to be felt and the community to hear my words…..Thank you for consideration Marie and friends!

  198. I struggle with confidence when it comes to writing. I am not a native speaker and always feel I can’t express myself the way I would in my mother tongue. I am struggling to find my voice and be true to myself.
    I run a health and fitness business dedicated to women’s strength, empowerment and freedom. We work with women and help them be active, enjoy exercise, feel confident in their bodies and connect with other likeminded women. As part of our mission to help create a world where every woman feels confident and has the opportunity to create a life she truly loves we work with a group of Syrian Refugees and are in the process of setting up a foundation to offer schools and communities confidence building fitness boxing classes for girls. The Copy Cure would help me overcome my fears about writing and putting myself out there in order to grow our community of strong women to a size where we are not just a group of amazing women but a movement. A movement for stronger, happier and more confident women.

  199. I struggled with writing in a voice that is natural and authentic. I know that when I speak I can capture the hearts and minds of the women I’m speaking to, but some how that doesn’t seem to come across in my writing.

    I’m the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Network we help women pursue their dreams of financial freedom thru real estate. We are a young company and growing very quickly. I’m dedicated to building a community where women can come to not only get resources but also get support from other women who are kicking butt in a male dominated industry. Oh, and we like to have fun while doing it.

    I think stronger writing would help attract more women to our community. I’ve see the transformation when women start following their dreams and making money. They help their families, communities and other’s around them. Seeing this ripple effect happen on a larger scale makes a difference in individual lives and in our world as a whole.

  200. My biggest struggle with writing is conveying what I perceive is A LOT of value into a digestible amount of information that pulls on the heartstrings of my ideal customers.

    My business is dedicated to providing a better learning experience for dancers based in authenticity, both in terms of the dance being taught (Bachata) as well as in authenticity of teaching and learning. I bring my training from my Spanish education job into my event design. I create an empowering learning experience for dancers who want to feel connected and inspired by the workshops and who want to experience growth both inside themselves as well as on the dance floor. Ultimately I would love to transform the way the Latin dance community approaches teaching so that all types of learners can find success and be nurtured, not just the “natural” dancers.

    Stronger writing would help me reach more ideal customers and would funnel all the extra time I usually spend trying to craft compelling marketing into giving more to my dance community as well as the friends and family that often get sidelined by my work. The world needs more people who feel whole, loved, and empowered to reach any goal they set for themselves, and I see myself accomplishing that both at school with the youngest learners (I teach grades K-2) as well as with adults who either lacked that support in their upbringing or who have gotten beaten down by their experiences.

  201. Danielle

    1. I struggle to post because I struggle to trust myself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written a post, stared at it, said “screw it” and deleted everything. I want to find a solid voice so that I can feel confident in my writing!

    2. I’m all over the place! I’m currently in a course for health coaching trying to develop cohesion. Here are my issues: I love holistic health (so do a million other people, cool), and I’m super into eating/lifestyle for disease prevention (not exactly a selling point). My mission is to help women become the best versions of themselves, I love the coaching process (and even feel that I’m good at it!), I’m just really struggling to “niche” and find my authentic voice. HELP.

    3. First off, I’d be so happy I’d cry. It would help me feel fulfilled to be able to express myself creatively. It would help my business produce consistent content without changing my “audience” every two seconds. It would help my family trust that what I’m doing is legitimate. And it would help my community feel like they had a real person to connect with, not just some robot listing research. I genuinely believe that if I am granted this privilege, it would lead people in my community to finally take the leap to make changes to their health habits so they can live better, more fulfilled lives.

  202. My biggest struggle with writing is the self doubt that creeps in after constructing a piece of content. Will my audience resonate with this? Is this too spunky for them to really take to heart? Do I turn down my personality to be more like the herd? These are frequent questions that run through my mind and often leads me to edit excessively and never love the finished product.

    My business is Meliora Media and we help aligned coaches and course creators spread their mission and touch the lives of many by helping them launch and market the course of their dreams. Our mission is to spread education and the idea that a better life is not out of reach. Our business name translates to “toward better things” and we believe this to oir core that every woman can reach better things, whatever that means to them.

    Of admissiom to the Copy Cure landed in my lap, the possibilities for impact are infinite. Not only would my business be able to help coaches and course creators solidify their own copy to better serve their audience but I would also have a new found confidence in my writing ability. Every legacy starts with a story and every story starts with words, the ability to tell my story in a new light as well as others stories could make ripples that validate other womens dreams of becoming better and sprinting toward their loftiest dreams.

  203. My biggest struggle writing is that I have a hard time getting the message narrowed down to be effective in fewer words. I love to tell a story, but often while the reader wants entertainment, they want it quick. My husband says I like too many details!
    I work as a realtor but have started branching out to grow a digital business that creates marketing and branding tools for ‘personal service providers’ (real estate agents, loan officers, anyone working under a brokerage). I want to help others in business create their identity to be one IN a million and not just one OF millions. My mission is to get professionals to stop reaching for the ‘low-hanging fruit’ and be authentic to themselves, knowing this attracts your ideal client if you allow it.
    Admission to The Copy Cure would allow me to continue fine-tuning the business skills I have been working on for the past year through mindset and business coaching. I know I have the ability to create strong copy, but could thrive more by producing effective copy if I were working within a program/coaching that allows me to tap into the craft and connect with my reader/potential client. My goal is to move away from in-person real estate and focus solely on the digital arm of my business. I desire flexibility because I have a young daughter and husband who travels for work and I am my best self when I can be present for school pick-ups, ballet practice, etc all while working from my laptop vs running around showing houses at night. I also lend my marketing talents to a local non-profit to help with fundraising campaigns and most recently, we launched a one-day giving event that raised 10k in one day and I can’t help but think my ability to map out content through design + storytelling helped send the public the message, without desperation, yielding funding for this fantastic arts organization. I would like to not only write better copy for my business but to help non-profits with fundraising by volunteering my services once a year to keep the good things happening in our community. I would rather write copy than work a bake sale!

  204. I’ve always had a lot to say, but not really been sure how to translate those thoughts into clear messages that resonate with others and properly communicate my feelings and intentions. As a self-employed freelancer I managed to get by on word-of-mouth clients for my design work, but now that I have just started a business dedicated to helping others go remote and work from anywhere with the skills they have, I’m in need of being able to put the idea of this life and it’s possibilities into words to attract people from all around the world who are in need. I want to use this business not only to lift others up out of their brick and mortar office job to the freedom they can find working online, but to use the profits of the first course launch to give back to organizations like ComputerAid who are dedicated to bringing internet connection and computers to impoverished areas so that every person has access to information and the ability to earn a living. My mission is to have it be rare to hear “I couldn’t do that” or “I don’t have the skills” from people that just don’t believe in their gifts enough yet or understand the potential of working remotely. I want people to believe in themselves, be opened up to the possibilities of remote work, and in turn find the freedom and flexibility they dream of. If I was admitted to The Copy Cure, I hope I would be able to find the right messages I need to state loud and clear in order for this business to have an impact. I want to use copywriting to draw people in to this course to be able to pay the proceeds forward to those in need, and be able to use those writing skills in the future to continue to raise funds for the business, but also with the intent to start a foundation. I want to see people be able to earn a living from wherever they are, no matter the circumstances they were given in life, and I believe what I’m missing most is the clear messaging needed to make that change a reality. I’m learning so much from B-School that I will never forget and will always revisit, but I believe The Copy Cure is my missing link to help.

  205. Kelsey Boyer

    Yes please!!! This sounds like exactly what I need to start ramping up my business 🙂

  206. Thank you Marie for this amazing opportunity!!!
    1. My biggest struggle with writing is I have too much to say and my words becomes confusing and clumsy as people cannot not relate to my message. I would like to be able to add the emotion and my passion to my copy with ease. Adding a bit of drama, excitement, and a bit of fun. That’s what I am like!!
    2. My mission is to make a different to people’s lives. I want to bring joy to others in anyway I can. I was so so inspired by Marie’s video with Laila on building Soma Source. Though my mission is not as grand to end poverty. I still believe anyone can be an entrepreneur and anyone can lean on their superpowers from within (gifts, talents and determination, creativity, git etc.) to create their dream business or career path. I am a Transformation & Success coach. And I help women (especially from Asia) to embrace their entrepreneur journey. Asian women struggles with a lot of cultural limitations/restrictions like boys are more important, follow what parents expectations – marry, children & job – not be seen but quietly support their husbands. I want to help women to get over their mindset issues, feel empower and take on the world.
    3. I explained a lot on how I help those I serve above. After 3 years in my coaching practice, I have added how to start a business with the mindset offering. My website needed a revamp. (I had a teacher 3 years ago who taught me a horrible salesy format). I am working hard to engage with people I can help and I want to let them see my website in a new light. One that speaks from my heart (being Asian) myself and I want women to be able to relate, find encourage and want to take action. And this goes with all the copy I write, my e-newsletter, FB postings, emails for product launch. And I want these ladies to see how I do it and build my business online. And be inspired and take the entrepreneur journey like I did. Be the leader in their lives. Live their truth.

    Thank you.

  207. This is so kind of you to offer Marie! I am a dietitian and find that I write more “education and academic” in style and I want to learn to concert this to a more creative style. I have so much to offer but need to work on catching the eye of my reader more. I took Amy Porterfield’s DCA and your BSchool. I created a launched a course that has the tools to change parents lives when it comes to nourishing their children. 13 moms signed up and it is going well, but I think if I improve my copy then I could get 50 next time. I would love to have a scholarship for this course as money is right right now as an entrepreneur/small business owner. Thank you in advance! Noelle

  208. Khanyo Zibi

    My biggest struggle with writing is that I tend to second guess myself, I know what I want to say but it just doesn’t show in the copy that I produce and that is largely tied to me not being able to fully trust that what I have to say matters and I am constantly working on improving that. I work as content producer and that means that a large part of my work is dedicated to telling other people’s stories and I would like to do that better. Admission to The Copy Cure would help me to improve my story telling abilities and although I work, I am unable to pursue my education further due to financial constraints. I am passionate about writing and telling stories and I would like the type of copy I produce to reflect that.

  209. Approaching retirement from public education will not bring the end. My intention is to continue to serve. I have created some courses and downloads that I have given away during this global pandemic that are for teacher well-being.

    I need help with how to get the word out. I need help with how to write in a manner that reflects honestly what these products will provide.

    Thank you for the consideration.
    Principal of elementary school

  210. I would love to apply for this! I’ve taken this COVID time to completely re-brand my existing business, as well as to launch a second business, and all that is missing from both sites is strong copy. Before work shut down, I was planning on outsourcing my copy, but now I really want to learn how to craft compelling copy on my own!

  211. Stephanie Willis

    Thank you for considering me ?
    1. My biggest struggle with writing is the difference between how I want it to read/feel and how it comes out. It’s also super tricky here because there’s a lot of legislation around what we can and can’t say in our advertising, and even though I’ve had my business for 10 years I feel like I still can’t get it right.
    2. I have a chiropractic clinic in Melbourne, Australia and our focus is on pregnant women and children (I have extensive postgraduate training). Our mission is to improve the lives of every person we encounter, and to honour each unique individual.
    3. If I were admitted to The Copy Cure, it would allow my business to grow, I could employ more people (so important now!), we could all provide more care for more patients, we could do more within the community in terms of donating our time and resources (so important right now!); it would allow me to further develop free digital content for my community (I just started a podcast and I’m planning more!); it would allow my husband to attain his dream of leaving his job and staying home with our 2 sons, and would permit us to go in a holiday – we haven’t had one since before I had my first baby 5 and 1/2 years ago.

  212. I am a coach on the mission to teach and help humans to communicate authentically, genuinely and in accordance with their personal values. I help them to get to know themself and dare to stand up for who he or she is.
    Even though I call myself a “communicationscoach”, I am afraid of written communication – oh the irony!
    My perfectionism tells me that I am not skilled enough to write.
    The result is that I have neither a newsletter nor a blog and I struggle to make posts on social media.
    This means I have trouble getting customers – so much that I have to close my business if it doesn’t change soon 🙁
    That would hurt so much because I love what I do and I know I have a gift for being able to make people stand up for themselves and what they believe in.
    Getting this Scholarship would mean the world to me and my family, so I could show my little boy, that it is possible to carry out ones dreams and make a difference in the World.
    /Love from Denmark

  213. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle is with my style of writing. I use alot of very descriptive words (my ex used to call it flowery writing) but I lack in my ability to tell a story. The powerful copyrighting I have read tells a story and attracts the reader to want to make that story their own or at least to want to create their own story of success. I feel like my writing “loses” people and they don’t follow me, get the story, or get inspired.
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I am currently a real estate agent. The flowery writing has served me well in that and I feel that my other marketing skills are pretty strong. However, corona virus is hitting our industry hard and I find myself wanting to use my real estate skills to help people sell their homes themselves while I apply my marketing skills to help them and consult for them along the way. It is my mission to help home sellers get the equity out of their home and save their equity by making their home sale less costly. Saving that huge commission, so that they can use that money to move forward with their lives.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? HUGE!!!! I am just launching this business and in the current economic environment I am watching every dollar I spend, to be honest I am trying to keep my employees and contractors paid and this shift in business/new business would do so. It impacts their lives so much. I have watched them getting married, buying cars, homes, having babies. It means so much to me to be part of their lives in that way and I would be devastated to watch them struggle and lose those homes, worry about feeding those babies…..ugh, I can’t even think about it without getting sick to my stomach. This would allow me to keep my employees, keep them as active economic members of the community, keep the other small businesses in my community going, and most importantly help home sellers save thousands on commissions. Save their equity!!!! They can do so much with that money. They can buyer another home in the country, or retire, or just pay their bills because they lost their jobs. I write copy for every home I sell and when this business is up and running I hope that number to be huge hundreds or even thousands of people selling their home and taking their equity to improve their lives. I never thought about it that way but 1000s of people helped would be hugely impactful. That would be millions of dollars saved by my clients in commission. Wow! Thanks for drawing that out of me. :)and thank you for the opportunity!

  214. Rebecca Kiehl

    My ultimate goal is to help individuals persevere through this roller coaster of life, either in the form of a blog, or perhaps even a book. My journey has taught me the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity, I like to call myself “The Accidental Advocate”. I am finally gaining the confidence to advocate for myself and would love to help others find their voice. The past several years have been extremely difficult for me, currently my fiancé and I are now in the third year of a civil suit against the property group that sold us our house. With determination and perseverance, I have now uncovered evidence of their fraud and while I am confident in a successful outcome of our case, the COVID-19 pandemic has extended the timeline for our case even further. In addition, we have also struggled with my fiancé’s emergency double by-pass surgery in 2018, and this past December he had major depression and anxiety that resulted in hospitalization.
    While I consider myself an OK writer, I am struggling with the confidence on how to get started on getting my message out there to make the most impact. The Copy Cure would provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to make the most impact on my audience. Words cannot express how much the Marie TV podcast has helped me maintain a positive outlook on life while dealing with so much adversity, thank you!

  215. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is feeling that what I write is not good enough. I constantly feel that the way I write is not smart or good enough for an audience and I convince myself no one is going to pick up a book I write or finish an email I took time to type out. I’m confident my story is important, I just struggle with thinking the way im trying to tell it is not good enough.
    2. My work is dedicated to all the black and brown queer boys out there that have never felt represented. My mission is to tell our story from our perspectives and share in my experiences so that they know that they are not alone. So they know that we can be successful and not be ashamed of our lives.
    3. Stronger writing would help me to tell my story in an impactful way. A way that allows me to express my experiences in a way that other people like me can feel that they belong too and that is real. It would empower my community to speak up about or experiences more and not hide because we are made to think that no one cares about us. It would affect generations of kids, teens and adults to speak their truths even if it doesnt sound like the person next door. It would make us a stronger, bolder and loving community because we can understand each other more.

  216. My 15-year history in B2B marketing and corporate communications has led me to struggle to bring personality to my writing. My writing is short, sweet, and quite frankly, dry. With my shift to business owner and entrepreneur of a b2c company, I need to learn the tricks of the trade to up my game on my website, in emails, and across social media.

    I am the founder and owner of Veg’n Out, an up-and-coming juice, smoothie and salad shop in Lake Nona, a community focused on health and wellbeing. Or mission is to share our love of whole, plant-based food with Lake Nona residents and visitors who have – or may one day have – the same passion for healthy and fulfilling food that feels good from the inside out.

    A seat to the Copy Cure would give me the tools I need to communicate with my audience in a fun and engaging way that not only shapes the perception of the brand but positions me as a thought leader and influencer on the important topic of using food (and other self-care techniques) as medicine for the mind, body and soul.
    I cannot justify the cost for the Copy Cure at this time due to the substantial costs we are currently enduring for the buildout of our storefront in combination with my husband’s loss of income due to COVID-19 and its unknown long-term effects on his entire industry (onsite video engineering for corporate and association tradeshows).

  217. Cameran

    1. I struggle with writing mostly because I’m afraid to commit to the words. I write something to start my website then when I read through it, I tell myself I’m not ready. My writing doesn’t seem to be something I’d enjoy reading.

    2. For my business, I make patches and street wear style clothing from vintage bedsheets. Part of my mission is to reuse fabric that may otherwise go to the landfill but the real reason I love it is to see how excited people get to see their childhood bedsheets unexpectedly. My goal eventually is to start a fashion line using 100% existing fabrics. (Also, currently I am making masks)

    3. If the copy cure landed in my lap, the confidence from enjoying my own writing would make all the difference for me to start my website and market more consistently on my social media platforms, as well as start a newsletter. This would help my business tremendously because the response I get from people at my real life events is so much stronger than my online presence. People constantly ask if I have a website and have trouble finding me online. This would make all the difference in the world to my business, allowing me to share my gifts, talents, and cool, sustainable clothes with the world and with my community

  218. Hi, my name is Kim. My biggest struggle writing is expressing myself in a concise and compelling way and putting it out there despite making myself vulnerable. I once won a writing competition for the Oprah Show and then chickened out letting them come to my home to video me… who does that?! ?‍♀️?‍♀️ After many life challenges and changes for the better, I’m ready to put myself out there now.
    I have a unique way of looking at your home as a foundation for your lifestyle. My website is called Lifestyle Foundations where I blog about the eight areas of the wheel of life and how they relate to your home and making your best life. I also write about a theory I have for the foundation of your life, just like the foundation of a house, which are the three M’s… Master, mission and mySelf.
    I am a realtor that specializes in helping people in life transition… Divorce, death of a spouse, having babies, job loss, move for a job… Sometimes I even save marriages by coming up with a compromise for the couple. I especially like to serve women in crisis… And have served many men in crisis as well as my eyes have been opened that it’s not just women that suffer in divorce. However, Women in transition are my target market.

    Amongst other skills, I offer some life coaching skills in order to get my clients to their next phase of life and hopefully a better one! Because I’ve been through so much in my life, I have been able to remain calm in the process of getting my clients to their next phase of life and their new home.
    With my education, background and sometimes surprising life experience, I have a lot of knowledge regarding how you can maximize each of the eight areas in the wheel of life and the foundation you need to get through the hard times and into a better life. I have pages and pages of writings that I’d like to get out on my website but struggle with where to start and how to best express myself in a palatable way.
    The Copy Cure would help me to organize these ideas in a way that is compelling, easy to read and easy for people to digest.
    When I have explained my theories and writings to several people they have been very excited about my unique way of looking at life change. It’s called Lifestyle Foundations. My slogan is “clarity in your life from home that suits you.“
    I feel compelled to put these ideas out there and need some guidance regarding the framework for my website and how to present all of what I have in my head in a clear and concise way. I’d also like to put my heart out there and get over the vulnerability.
    If a scholarship to Copy Cure landed in my lap it would put me at ease financially as business is very slow right now and my two young adult children have lost their jobs so I am supporting them at the moment. I transitioned from a career being an accountant to a realtor three years ago and took a financial hit as I changed careers. I am now quite successful but business is very slow due to the pandemic.
    I really feel like as people come out of this pandemic struggle they will need guidance to assess how their life styles have changed and how to adjust to the “new normal”… Which in many cases will also be a new home. I am also a strong believer that finding meaning after a crisis and or loss is paramount to healing… That is why I want to do this! I have lived through loss and crisis and want to help others.

  219. Thank you Marie for this amazing opportunity!!!
    1. My biggest struggle with writing is I have too much to say and my words becomes confusing and clumsy as people cannot not relate to my message. I would like to be able to add the emotion and my passion to my copy with ease. Adding a bit of drama, excitement, and a bit of fun. That’s what I am like!!
    2. My mission is to make a different to people’s lives. I want to bring joy to others in anyway I can. I was so so inspired by Marie’s video with Laila on building Soma Source. Though my mission is not as grand to end poverty. I still believe anyone can be an entrepreneur and anyone can lean on their superpowers from within (gifts, talents and determination, creativity, git etc.) to create their dream business or career path. I am a Transformation & Success coach. And I help women (especially from Asia) to embrace their entrepreneur journey. Asian women struggles with a lot of cultural limitations/restrictions like boys are more important, follow what parents expectations – marry, children & job – not be seen but quietly support their husbands. I want to help women to get over their mindset issues, feel empower and take on the world.
    3. I explained a lot on how I help those I serve above. After 3 years in my coaching practice, I have added how to start a business with the mindset offering. My website needed a revamp. (I had a teacher 3 years ago who taught me a horrible salesy format). I am working hard to engage with people I can help and I want to let them see my website in a new light. One that speaks from my heart (being Asian) myself and I want women to be able to relate, find encourage and want to take action. And this goes with all the copy I write, my e-newsletter, FB postings, emails for product launch. And I want these ladies to see how I do it and build my business online. And be inspired and take the entrepreneur journey like I did. Be the leader in their lives. Live their truth.
    Thank you.

  220. My cursor blinked for ten minutes before I composed this sentence. It’s a flashing representation of the doubts I have in my writing and my ability to speak to my customers. To be frank, I’m scared of what they might think. I’m bland or not authentic enough. I want to help my customers, but I cannot do so when I’m afraid to connect.
    The film company I started less than a year ago is dedicated to helping outdoor brands connect with their audiences through visual content. I know how difficult it is for outdoor brands to get noticed in the digital world. That’s why I create effective visual marketing content so that brands can effortlessly connect with their ideal clients.
    If The Copy Cure landed on my lap, I would finally be equipped to reach my audience and help the outdoor community in a meaningful way. The small businesses in my community are struggling for exposure, now more than ever. I am confident I can help them if I use the right words to get their attention. I am pained with every ‘permanently closed’ message that comes up in my Rocky Mountain community, knowing that I may have helped them survive through a time like this, and thrive amidst a more stable economy.

  221. I’m VERY interested in attending the Copy Cure (with a little help from my friends) because I feel destined to be a catalyst for change in my world, and gaining the skills this opportunity would give me will make a BIG improvement in me delivering the full impact of the gifts I feel responsible to share with the world. I am an amputee (since 2012) on Social Security Disability of less than $850/mo, that being my only consistent form of income. I have been a home-based travel agent for the last 19 years, but haven’t really ever made enough to NOT be labeled as a “hobbyist.” I’ve committed 2020 to be my “breakout” year for training and taking my business to the next level.
    My niche is Senior/Medical, and Special Needs travel. I don’t use the “D” word because NOBODY can “Dis” my abiliies. I don’t use the “H” word, because I’m not a race horse on a track. Those who are “physically challenged” deserve to see the world as much as everyone else, and I try to convey that is all my expressions to the public, but I can use some “help!” THAT’s what Copy Cure would mean to me. I want to be able to instinctively drive people who have felt noone would help them, NOONE could understand them and their needs, and that Nobody CARED! WE ALL DESERVE TO TRAVEL TOO!
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  222. I’m a writing coach dedicated to helping new writers get their ideas onto paper get that paper looking like an organized piece of literature. It is essential for them to know their ideas and stories matter, that they are the author of their own story.
    Ironically, while I’m a fiction writer, my marketing content to get and hold attention is, tragically, lacking. This is my biggest struggle: I have too much to say in my blog, and little to say in my newsletters without sounding like a car salesperson.
    I believe that through expression we all are able to process the world around us. If I can reach those whose form of expression is the written word, then they will have the tools to cope with difficulty in their lives. In turn, their stories can help others. Furthermore, I believe that expression is a spiritual act, one that is essential to growth. Writing and reading enhances compassion- and empathy-development, toward both self and others.
    Thus, if the Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to reach more people who need what I have to offer. I believe that it will help me provide better courses, create more concise blog posts, enticing emails, and thus be able to share my free and paid services more readily. This of course would provide an expansion of income, which in turn would provide an expansion of resources to invest in to make myself more accessible.

  223. 1. My biggest struggle is to put the right message Out there !
    2. I am currently a personal stylist helping female entrepreneurs to look and feel great with the way look.
    3. I am planning to expand my business as a content writer for fashion brands, my mom is a English professor and she is gonna retire in few years. I want my mum to join my business as content writer so that she stays with me as well as it keeps her busy. I would gift this copy cure to my mum so that she could learn more about content writing and marketing and help female others entrepreneurs with this !

  224. kim

    Hello Marie, iam a 60 yr old woman. After helping my husband with his business. Raising three kids. I think it’s my turn. I have an unique product. Scan-able photos/invitations. I need to learn how to make my potential customers to understand my product. Thanks. Funfunfum

  225. I wish I could find the words to match the good my hands are doing (I’m a massage therapist). The lingo in my domain is worn to a thread.

  226. My biggest struggle is feeling confident in my voice. When I feel like I’m being authentic I get a lot of backlash from those closest to me and they say that’s the reason people aren’t driven to what I’m doing. It’s not what I’m saying but how I’m saying it and this is something I’m constantly trying to work on. My business is dedicated to serving others so that they can help themselves and take care of their families in a safe and environmentally friendly way while being rewarded for it. My mission’s to get these resources and tools into the hands of everyone willing to take hold of their home.

    If this blessing landed in my lap, I feel it might just be the first real stepping stone in my business journey! I’m in desperate need of financial independence right now and after everything (trust me it wasn’t all sunshine and roses; the sun can burn and roses have thorns) I just want to do what I love. I’m trying to go back to school in the Fall of 2021 if the Universe is willing. Everything I have, I’ve worked so hard for and for once I’d love for karma to be on my side. I desire to help not only myself but my brother be able to move out of state and have a fresh start. He deserves it more than I do and he’s been my only true number one supporter. He makes me a better person.

  227. My biggest struggle with writing is finding a consistent voice that speaks directly to people. I feel that I have to water down what I write to avoid being seen and felt as too direct. I work as a hypnotherapist, EFT and Thought Field Therapist, and mix in other alternatives therapies. Think straight-talking life coach with a strong spiritual bent. I am dedicated to helping those addicted to psychics, and also those childless-not-by-choice, to help them see a path forward.

  228. My biggest struggle is that I never learned how to write and I am a horrible speller this has always hurt me since grade school and I have never had the confidence to write or speak up when I have so much to say.
    I have a handcrafted jewelry business where my goal is to build confidence, community, and beauty. I feel like a fraud at times because I’m not confident in myself when it comes to writing and I’m scared that that comes across.
    If the copy cure landed in my lap I feel that I could finally learn the skills that I need to feel confident in my writing and therefore I would be able to help build that confidence and others. I would know what to say in my blogs and for sure know what to say in my captions and just my communications with people online.

  229. I am in awe with the timing. Yesterday I realized I need to get a divorce. Although, as a therapist, my business is closed due to the pandemic and so I am “stuck” in my overdue relationship due to financial crisis. I then thought I should take it to the other level and have an online platform. But then I thought : I don’t know what to write, how to write and even if I am a geek about health I will probably suck trying to sell myself. If it is my purpose, it shouldn’t be so hard, right? – And now I read about the course. Plus the scholarship! I need to be financially independent to move on and live and amazing life! Everything is figuroutable, right? ?♥️

  230. Gosh where do I start! Writing has been one of my weakest capabilities since high school started making us write boring stories! I’m now 28 and still suffering from this condition.
    I specialize in equine/western art for the professional equine athlete. But my art was just the beginning, designed as inspiration for the bold. My mission is to speak to the fearless, wild woman and inspire other to be bold in pursuit of their dreams. I really want to branch out into coaching and blogging as well as sell my own art online. I can sell commissioned paintings in person like nobodies business but when it comes to an online presence it falls flat. Therefore I have been hesitant about starting amy blogging. I know this is my purpose, I know I’m not designed to work for someone else. I need to make this work and it’s my last shot at turning my online presence around and building a community to bring out the fearless woman.

  231. Z

    I love to write! However, I don’t know how to translate writing to dollars in a way that allows me to bridge the gap between my current status and my ultimate visions. I produce textiles, paintings and accessories to bring a sense of beauty to the world. Having a sense of beauty, to me, brings joy and hope. A business minded sense of writing would allow me to further my artistic production–i.e. support myself monetarily and continue to bring this beauty out into the world.

  232. JC

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    The mapping out process. Without it I struggle to get started. A book, a blog, an article… these have been significant non-starters due to this struggle.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My work entails helping students — specifically those headed into and in professional school for example, medical and dental students. These students are our future healthcare workers — there is significant research that show a pattern of burnout that is experienced by them in the process of trying to complete professional school. Not enough of them are aware that help does exist to mitigate this type of burnout in my opinion. Some are even ashamed to say admit it. I hope to write more to help change that.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Stronger writing can bring about the change I hope to see in the current culture of student-physician burnout that can cause so many errors in treating patients. The more that people write about the factors, symptoms, influences, and support systems that are not really discussed openly, the better we all are aware community who depend on these professionals in various settings. I’d prefer a surgeon who can recognize his/her sleep deprivation can affect my surgical outcome than one who is ashamed to admit he is overworked due to the embedded and archaic culture in medicine and other healthcare fields. Personally, I would feel more confident in seeking out help from these professions within my society. Hopefully stronger writing helps promote awareness of this as well as influences others to look deeper at the need to bring about these changes.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  233. Sage Ambrose

    1. My Biggest struggle with writing is I used to do it fluidity, continually, it was a source of expression and expansion, but then I tried to get important information across, tried to really get out all the facts and knowledge and it was halting, and stalling, and puttering and then it just died. Since then my source of writing, source of the connection, has felt cut off and I have lately been searching in vain for that expression and spark to write from the center of me.
    2. My business is still morphing into reality. I am passionate about helping people be the best they can be raising them up to do all the things their heart is telling them without their thoughts of fear getting in the way. I am passionate about men and women living together in understanding of each other in celebration of each of our strengths. Women and their magic and intuition working right along side men and their strength and logic and commitment. I serve the energy of love and my mission is to illuminate the fears, misunderstandings, and hurt that goes along with that for most and transmute them into humor and kindness and gratitude for a truer richer sense of self and partnership for all.
    3. Admission to The Copy Cure would be my teacher and support in getting me to write out all my knowledge and research and first hand experiences to share with the world. To show people how amazing men are, how powerful women can be, and that together (romantically or not) and individually we are unstoppable sources of creation. To allow them to digest my information from a book I write that gives clarity, understanding, excitement, and a whole lot of ohhhhhhh’s.
    The difference this course would make to me and those around me is the difference between me sitting with so much to share with the world but only doing it one at a time in my life coaching. For me one person who is on their hearts path is a treasure to this world. At this moment helping one is wonderful and empowering for me but that power Im creating with my clients is not expanding to the world like I know it can. To be in this course and get my message out to help all of those who want to help themselves is the whole point.

  234. Laura Russell

    The biggest struggle I face as a writer is owning my voice and have unwavering faith that the voice that I have is valuable. My business is Implementrition, which is all about wedging the gap between nutrition information and action. Strengthening my voice in my profession is important as nutrition and health are very sensitive topics and while I have some very strong opinions I never want anyone to feel ashamed for the health issues they have in their lives. I want people to feel loved and supported and safe to be vulnerable as through healing is where the magic in growth occurs. My mission is to use my voice and knowledge to empower those stricken with lifestyle related diseases to regain control of their health through the power of food! Having The Copy Cure come into my life would allow me to gain my voice and confidence. Communication has never been a strength in my life and improving that would improve not only my business and how I’m received by my clientele but it would give me a skill that I was never taught growing up. I now realize the fear of my voice has always been about owning my self worth and knowing that what I have to say is valuable. That people want to hear what I have to say. The Copy Cure experience is gaining the opportunity to learn my voice and the power of words and the reach they have in creating change. Thank you!

    • susan cole

      I am on the verge of starting my first ever online business as an artist, and I am feeling stuck about building my website because I am blocked on what to write in my copy. I have just finished reading Big Magic and wished I could write and go to a writing workshop, and I have reached Module 6 in B School and so want to get going with building my website, when I recieved this opportunity in my inbox from you.

  235. My biggest struggle with writing is being engaging and to the point. I often hear that I am longwinded and I fear that most don’t make it to the end of my blogs, newsletters or through the complete video on YouTube.
    I’m Nancy Bradshaw and I’m an airline pilot and flight instructor. My work is dedicated to aviation information, inspiration and motivation. I hope to inspire people to go for their aviation career, and particularly those that want to fly as a second career. I hope to change the stereo type of a pilot. I am a 37 year old bi-racial woman from The Netherlands, not what most expect to see in the flight deck.
    With The Copy Cure I want to write stronger newsletters that can really help my audience on their aviation journey, write scripts for video’s that will reach more people and write strong content for my first book that I am writing to help aspiring aviators become professional pilots without spending a fortune. Flight training is extremely expensive and unfortunately your starting salary as an airline pilot does not reflect the amount of time and money you invest to get to that office in the sky. Just for perspective: I am likely going to get furloughed due to the pandemic, and if I draw unemployment I will “make” more money than when I fly.
    I want to help people spread their wings, in a time and cost effective way. Especially those that think they can’t.

  236. I would like to thank you for this opportunity.
    I am a passionate photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn and children custom portraits. I have had to close my studio since March 13 due to covid. All my business overhead still needs to be paid. With having three small boys and being a single mom and the sole income earner I don’t have the capacity to invest in any courses at this time.
    I have been working with a small portion of businesses for the past year for branding photography. I was hoping to expand my skills with social media content writing services to go along with their pro branding photos.
    This course would help me to create killer content. Right now, I find myself lack flow or I write way too much. This would help me create blog posts in my current business as well to book additional portrait shoots once I can shoot again.

  237. What a beautiful gesture indeed, I wish to thank you and your team for this opportunity. My struggle comes from the fact that English is not my mother tongue. With that in mind, I am not always sure that my voice will come across as intended. I often think and rethink my words, and as a result, I lose my confidence, and yet, writing is my greatest passion!
    My field of work is education through writing and courses. The topic is Vedic astrology and spirituality, and I feel a lot of responsibility to teach what I have learned from my teacher without diluting the message across different languages, cultures, and beliefs.
    Often it is more about how it is said, and we have a small window of establishing a relationship with someone. Being and feeling authentic in my writing would mean that I did my level best in spreading the knowledge the way it is intended. Love, Branka

  238. This is such a fantastic opportunity that I’m grateful just to have the chance to be considered, so thank you.
    My biggest struggle with writing is probably that I procrastinate instead of just getting stuck in. I have some sort of aversion to the blank page. When I get going I tend to find the flow but I think I might be too honest and maybe some people find that off-putting. My writing never converts into sales.
    When I left my job for maternity leave my company went bust so I decided that I’d try to build something for myself and work from home to be with my son. I started a blog about all things parenting (what else,right!) and trying to raise greener kids. I wanted other women to know that even though we all follow those beautiful, perfect mamas on Instagram, that’s not the norm and that’s ok. The messy life is beautiful in itself. Been working at it for a while but haven’t made any money from it yet which means that if things don’t change I’m going to have to start looking for work when the “Rona” thing calms down.
    I hope that if I could make my writing stronger I’d be able to build a community with my blog. If I could make it work as a business it would mean I could be with my son and support him too. I’d love to go on to market products that are being made locally here in Portugal and help small businesses achieve greater sales. Building something up by myself that is actually successful would be something I could be proud of, and would make my family proud.
    Thanks again.

  239. Hello,
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    1. My biggest struggle is actually writing content in a way that connects with my audience and grabs and keeps attention.
    2. I am a licensed cosmetologist specializing in eyelash extensions. I have developed 3 training programs for eyelash extensions and lash lifts. I long to serve the lash artists community by offering support. My tag line is “Lash artists supporting lash artists” My goal is to provide lash artists the correct tools to host their own training and be good educators. One problem in the lash community is people are hosting classes for a quick buck without giving much thought to the quality of their class or supporting students. I have put together full courses that will solve that problem, and make it easy for the trainer to offer a quality class and support for their students.
    3. If admission were to land in my lap that would make a world of difference for me. Due to Covid-19 I am unable to work on clients and make any money. Aside from that my business could really use that boost. I am going from just working on clients to hosting some local classes on eyelash extensions to trying to make this a full scale training and supply company. It is so important that I learn to write great copy. I feel my business now depends on it. As for my family, if my business was bringing in enough income my husband could focus on finishing his degree, and we would have more time with our kids. For community, my goal is to bring a community of lash artists together who support each other and become successful through that support.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  240. Dawne Muth

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I have always wanted to be a writer. I know I am good at writing. I need the PUSH. I’m very shy. I worry about what people think of my writing. I was criticized all my life for not writing well because I cannot hear well. I worked so hard to get a scholarship at University of Colorado Boulder on White Bison American Indian Fund. My major was in political science. My professor asked me how did I get into college with the writing I had. It crushed me. I had to take ESL courses even though my first language was English. I left college to raise 4 children. Now I went back to school. Taking writing courses again. I believe I am more organized. My grammar is simple. I want to inspire. I want my message to be as powerful as love poured out spine chilling message.
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I used to motivate the deaf community. I had an event planning business. It was a flop. It crushed me. I went into downward spiral. I moved to North Dakota from Colorado. I am ready to shine. I have so much to share. I want others to know failure is not the end!
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    If I was admitted into Copy Cure, I would either cry or dance with joy. Following Marie since 2013, she’s been an inspiration. I love her interviews. They are open and raw. There is so much negative support in the deaf community. They destroy you to the bone when you fail. I was alone when my business collapsed. I never want to feel like that again. I want others to feel like it is safe to fail. It is okay to make mistakes. That there are people that will support them when they rise AND when they fall. I wanted to support deaf business owners. After recovering from my failure in the past year, I decided to go back to school. I am majoring in computer information science. I got accepted into their honors program. I believe in the power of affirmations. I believe as a deaf person I can be examples to others who believe they are a barrier. I want to touch the general community not just deaf community. I want to be the light in the dark world for those who cannot hear AND can hear. I want to leave a mark in this world. Knowing that I did make someone feel loved. Knowing that I gave them hope. I want my writing to inspire others. I want to be a life giver. I want to be a messenger of LOVE. I want to be a messenger of HOPE. I want my words to melt peoples heart. My love for people is genuine as my love is for myself. This is my healing process. My amends to the community through the power of my words. Please help me get my message out.

  241. My biggest struggle with writing is finding the words to fully express the feelings and commitment I have. I have so much I want to say and express, the words sound right in my head but when I put them down – they seem to lose impact. I coach midlife women who are trying to re-invent their lives after becoming empty-nesters or leaving a life long career , maybe newly divorce – women who are in need of change in their lives but stuck as to how to have that change happen.
    This scholarship would help me reach/serve a larger audience because my messaging would be clear, concise and impactful. Im especially interested in working with women coming out of domestic abuse who I believe could benefit so much from this type of support once they are safe and ready to start a new life. I want to be able to collaborate with the right people for this next level of support for these women. Overall, I believe this would help empower women which I know is such an over-used term but if you’re empowered and can see choices your world can change.

  242. I have a problem having new patients booking appointments. Maybe by writing isn’t empathic enough or I’m not beeing bold enaugh. I’m also shy when writing.
    I’m a therapist from Chile. I help woman overcome anxiety. Most of them have suffered trauma and tend to be isolated.
    I want this program so much, Ive been hours researching this topic. I would be able to impact much more woman, and that would give me the joy of beeing able to live my purpose. I give a lot of free consultation and give many resources to woman who can not pay. I am passionate about this work, it’s my life mission. The bond I make with my patients is beautiful and seeing them become more free is priceless. I promess my new writing would bless many people. Please pick me❤️. Greetings

  243. Chantell Sain

    My biggest struggle with writing is finding my voice and staying consistent. What I mean by consistency is, sometimes I can write great copy and then other times, most times, I’m so off! It’s like I have to be “in the zone” and that’s not often. I need to be able to write great copy when needed so I can be productive.
    I have a coaching and consulting business on the side that serves small businesses, non-profits, and ministries with supportive services. From 9-5, I’m a Marketing Specialist for a non-profit Community Action Agency providing services to people experiencing poverty.
    My mission in life and business is to help people impact the world by helping them build their dreams, especially women with families who lead in their home and in business.
    I believe Copy Cure would help me be a stronger writer by being able to communicate better and get my message across. From my website, to emails, to my courses that I hope to have soon.
    I’m a recent enrollee of B-School but I haven’t yet published my website. Part of that reason is simply the copy. I struggle from being able to write good copy. I’m ready to move my business forward but I struggle when it comes to writing. I’m ready to change that!
    I’ve been interested in the Copy Cure for years but haven’t been able to join. I’m hoping through this scholarship that I will be able to.

  244. My biggest struggle with writing is second guessing myself and then getting so overwhelmed, I just don’t do it! But even when I do finally write something, it takes me ten times longer than it should because I read, reread, reread, reread…well, you get the idea. My coaching is in a transitional phase at the moment. I have been focused on helping women reconnect to the Divine Feminine within to help them live their best life. I am currently in training to become a sex, love & relationship coach and am beginning to transition to that. As a SLR coach I want to help people discover more intimacy, passion & bliss in their lives. I would like to reach even more people by teaching workshops, both online and in person. Besides my coaching, one of my passions is facilitating Women’s Sacred Circles and my writing would help more women understand the power of circle.

    If admission to The Copy Cure Landed in my lap today, it would help me get my message out so that I could help more people lead a more pleasure-filled life. By reaching more people & attracting more clients, my income would increase and the stress of having lost clients due to the current situation, would be lessened.

  245. Hi, my name is Catalina, I was born and raised in Mexico, and even though I studied up to 9th grade in an American School, my biggest struggle with writing is finding the right words to give my message and be able to help others. For the past 17 years, I have been a healer, teacher, and coach helping women to transform their lives by helping them to tap into their inner power, find their purpose, and become their most confident and free selves. I just did my webpage and I am searching for a tool that will allow me to reach and help millions. I fully believe that anyone is capable of achieving spiritual, mental, and physical transformation if they learn to look and heal from within. If I had the opportunity of delivering my message properly, I can help women turn their pain into power. My mission is to help middle-aged women to transform their lives and step into power. My clients are women who feel stuck and they don’t want to keep living the same way but are unsure what change is supposed to look like. I need beautiful, empowering, and guiding words to show the real change to these women. Thank you!

  246. 1. My biggest struggle is writing the parts that are more sales-oriented. Basically, I struggle with how to build up to the point before getting someone to take a certain action on a landing page, ad, site, etc. I do a lot of research and work at finding a good angle, I talk about the benefits of a product/service but I find it hard to actually write in a sales-oriented way.  
    I try to avoid making it sound too sales-y and I get blocked. I would need some help writing headlines, blog post titles, CTAs, etc. which would ultimately help me to not get blocked. 
    The reason why I have this mental blockage is that I don’t want to fall into the “cheap” copy category. I’d like to find a way to get people excited about something and also seamlessly get them to buy something.
    2. I work in Marketing in an ad tech company and also do freelance work as a copywriter. I truly believe in the power of words and how the right ones can literally change your life. It happened to me when I first met my best friend, my now-husband or when someone whole-heartedly recommended some books that I now hold on a pedestal. I love this craft because of all this. 
    My goal is to transition to fully working as a digital copywriter and my mission is to bring joy to people’s lives with good copy that will make them smile, laugh, or even get emotional. 

    3. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would jump with joy and call my best friend! Better writing would help me make the final step into copywriting as a freelancer. 
    I have a couple of collaboration right now but I strongly believe that by getting better and gaining more confidence, I could find bigger clients which would literally change my life and that of my husband’s, plus my dog would be crazy happy to have me home all day. 
    I also think the community would gain from having an extremely enthusiastic, energetic, and motivated copywriter who will use the power of words only for the good… like Superwoman but for writing… Copywoman. 

  247. 1. The struggle between a concept I have in mind and how it is interpreted in my writing has remained intense for me. Streamlining all the words in my mind into short simple write-ups has been difficult for me. How do I focus on what’s important? How do I identify the information that is important?

    2. I am a blogger and I run a business where I sell different products to pull myself through school.
    I recently set up a digital media company Prime Woman Africa. My team is made up of young women from different African regions. As a Nigerian who witnessed my cousin being breast-ironed first hand has let the pain and powerlessness I felt propel me to educating younger women.
    We are particularly committed to pulling young women out of poverty, sex slavery and technological illiteracy for Young African Women.

    3. Getting to write better copy would mean a lot to me as it would boost my communication skill. I would land better freelance copy writing gigs. I would also teach my teammates so we could all relate to possible sponsors and fund all our local projects.
    This scholarship would open a lot of doors for me and the people connected to me.

  248. I love to write, but I struggle with making sure my writing is concise and clear to all parties who might read it. I run a consulting business where I support small business and select non-profits with operations, marketing and development — having the opportunity to hone my skills in a class like this would support me and my clients immensely!

  249. I have a block around writing. When I was little I knew I wanted to be a writer. After the lights were turned off by my mom, I remember sneaking out of bed and going to my “writer’s desk” it was a card table set up in my room, unzipping my plastic brief case and pulling out my latest “Mr. Know-It-All” story. Then in 6th grade my English teacher gave me a sideways glance and laughed when I said I wanted to be a writer and then said, “Really?” That was it. Right then and there my dream died. I know longer want to be a writer, so I thank him, in part, for helping me to go down the road I really wanted. I am the Director of The Love Project and the Center for Inspired Education.
    My mission is to have education be less the transference of information and more the transference of inspiration. My dream is to have workshops, retreats, programs for ALL types of learners, blog and podcast to inspire educators, parents, and students to inspire themselves, and then the world. Basically to carry the message into the field of education that to live an inspired life, we need to be our source of inspiration. Why do we spend a gazillion years teaching our children algebra, but not that?

    My other mission is to launch the Love Project all over this frickin’ fantastic world. What if every family had a Love Project that was part of the mission of their family. (a) How amazing would that be for families’ to have mission statements? and (b) How much yummy goodness would be happening if every family committed to doing 1 thing per month for their project (homelessness, global warming, elderly, etc.)
    I feel like I am often an uninteresting writer and so stop in my tracks to work on my website, or start a blog, or to send an email. Meanwhile I am cutting the world off from my message.

  250. My biggest struggle is knowing where to start. I have so many ideas but I get overwhelmed and don’t do it or I make myself a deadline but then procrastinate and put it off until I HAVE to get it done so it’s delivered on time. I have an incredibly DEEP desire to serve. I am extremely intuitive and passionate about helping people to understand the essentiality of the mind, body, spirit connection and being spiritually aligned because it literally saved my life.

    My mission is to help people remember the truth of who they are in their wholeness. I feel very called to working with the Divine Feminine and helping women reclaim and embody all she has to offer…authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, intuition, receptivity, abundance, connection and tons more.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would help me to do my mission! YES PLEASE!!! Which in turn would help me be fulfilled and inspired and a beacon of light to others that I know in my heart I am meant to be.
    It would help my family be happier and healthier and more connected because Mommy would be lol!
    It would help my business by me being better able to serve my clients and the world. It would help to heal people and help them claim their gifts and step their calling so they can live their best lives!! Which would in turn create happier. deeply fulfilled people and families and communities and the world!!
    If I am blessed with receiving this I would pay it forward ten fold. I would give ten scholarships away to my Your Most Extraordinary Life Course which helps people heal deeply and remember the truth of who they are and what is available to them.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Massive love and light xoxox

  251. My biggest struggle with writing is being able to clearly articulate the benefits of my business to others. I find that even when I share that message clearly, it doesn’t land well among my target market. I’m not quite sure as to the reason why, or what it is that I’m missing.
    My business is dedicated to serving mainly women of color from 25-44. I help women heal emotionally, reparent the wounded inner child, recover from Narcissistic abusive relationships, and learn how to value themselves and hold space for healthy relationships in the future.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would make a tremendous difference in my understanding and learning of utilizing effective copy for my business. It would make a difference in increased enrollment in my programs, which will help my family financially. As a single mother of 4 kids, I’m willing to sacrifice so my kids never go without. Sacrifice also comes in the form of taking the time to learn new skills to apply to business.
    Whether I’m chosen or not, I truly respect and appreciate the opportunity for scholarships to help enhance the life and business of the recipients chosen. In a time when things are uncertain and downright scary, this is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those chosen. The Copy Cure Team is appreciated.

  252. 1. I feel I am lacking that secret ingredient that would make my writing more comprehensible, more available, more down-to-earth and less researchy, scientificy. Often times I write to impress rather than make my brand loveable.
    2. I am a Business English Language Coach and a Business Coach (with session in English for those who would like to improve their EFL). It is dedicated to enabling solopreneurs and mompreneurs create a valuable and value-setting entreprise, regardless of what their service or product is.
    3. It would help me gain confidence, it would boost my business, it would lift the weight of unsuccessful business off the shoulders of my family and what I gain in time and energy I would “give back” to my community in the form of pro-bono coaching and career consultation for teenagers and young adults. It would inspire and motivate me to do better and feel better about what I set out to do in life.

  253. My biggest struggle with writing is pushing past perfectionism and letting my authentic voice shine. I know that it’s underneath all the voices in my head telling me to just “sharpen that one sentence, take out that curse word,” but I obsess over the details and eventually edit my work to death (even resisting the temptation to edit this post!). My career is in politics but I want to start my own business (starting as a side hustle) where I help women recover from heartache. I need to build an audience first, with writing and posts that show them how I’ve bounced back from my losses and struggles, but I need that punchy copy to get things going. If the Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would first give it a big ass hug, and then I would use the lessons to start writing the inevitably vulnerable pieces to start building the blog side of my website, and also formulating a plan for a newsletter. I’ve already been practicing (speed bumps were an amazing lesson from your newsletter) but I freakin’ love structure and the Copy Cure would be an incredible opportunity to push my learning (and I am one nerdy bizzle who loves to learn). I want to shape my message so that it becomes something women can lean on, put trust in, and ultimately grow from. I want to build a community that grows together.

  254. My biggest struggle is that I lack the confidence in communicating what I can help people with. Communication is definitely a weakness of mine and that’s not a good thing considering I run a service based business

    I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist and personal trainer and help people suffering from crohns and colitis get into symptom remission. I personally have ulcerative colitis so I know what it’s like to suffer with the symptoms they’re oftentimes suffering with (frequent and urgent diarrhea, pain, bloating, and gas). Cute, I know lol but that’s why its my mission to help bc it can be life changing to gain control over these symptoms.

    I would be able to help more people with crohns and colitis get into symptom remission and be able to live their life without constantly focusing on their symptoms. My inability to effectively communicate how I can help is truly getting in the way of changing peoples lives for the better. I really need to improve my communication skills so that I can help more people.

  255. As a therapist, empathy fuels every aspect of my face-to-face work. But it’s far easier to convey empathy in person, than in my writing, which can get bogged down with clinical jargon. I serve children and families dealing with mental illness and trauma, and my mission is to reach more families and teach simple ways to promote mental health wellness in daily life and the parent-child relationship. The Copy Cure would allow me to connect, teach, and comfort more people through my online writing, generate more digital product sales, allowing me to keep my in-person services small and intentional. This would allow me to be present at home with my three small children, and live in my values system while serving my mission to both my family and community.

  256. My biggest struggle with writing is using an active vs. passive voice to make information POP in a positive, “go get it” manner! I struggle to provide enough information while being concise enough that my target audience doesn’t lose interest.
    I just accepted a position at a not-for-profit senior retirement community and have been in the nursing home industry for over 26 years. Working in an industry that is often vilified and misunderstood by the general public is a weird dichotomy to the actual work – helping people and their families age gracefully, or as best as possible, and making their final journeys meaningful. I serve primarily the elderly but really, truly the customers are also the families, usually adult daughters, AND my team members. My mission is ultimately to help ALL people age gracefully and successfully and expand professional development in the industry so EACH team member can go home knowing they’ve done a good day’s work.
    Stronger writing skills will help me expand the marketing and community networking, improve our media presence and communicate better with our families, team members and community. These improvements would tangibly help fulfill not only MY mission, but the company’s mission to help people over 60 live as healthfully and independently as possible because our communication would improve.

  257. My biggest struggle is reaching and connecting with my avatar. My blog and more recently launched online boutique serve women by inspiring them to relax and rejuvenate. I share my story about how stress from working at a Fortune 125 company adversely affected my health and how I learned stress management techniques. Women will do anything for those they love, but often don’t take a few minutes out for their own self-care. Stronger writing would help me reach a wider audience to help more women. I don’t specifically blog for this group, but when my blog and store are successful, I would love to give back to the local women’s resource center to empower women pulling through difficult times.
    Thank you for offering these generous scholarships – Covid-19 has hit our area hard. (My partner lost his job in March, was denied unemployment by missing 4 days to qualify, and has not received the tax stimulus check.)

  258. I’m an Ottawa based singer-songwriter who is in the process of releasing my fourth record. I love my craft and am devoted to releasing music for the rest of my life. The new title to my record is, Transcend. My biggest struggle as an artist is monetizing my music. I am working on updating my website (so it is down for one more week, please see my instagram page), and adding a payplink to all of my livestreams. I want to be able to talk to fans in a way that doesn’t seem to “sales” oriented. I have been so inspired by Marie and everything she is doing to help entrepreneurs. This course would be extremely valuable to me at the moment as I prepare to launch my upcoming single worldwide on all streaming platforms on June 1st, 2020. I also will be releasing several more singles this year. Thank-you for considering my application and for offering this program.

  259. Okay, so here’s the thing. My copywriting sucks because I’m constantly trying to be WAY too fancy. I majored in English Language and Journalism, so I should be good at this, right? My biggest struggle is simplicity. I don’t want to communicate my message in a floral, fancy pants way; I know my clients don’t resonate with that.

    The irony is, I’m a poet. Yep, a poet who can’t write copy. I write bespoke poetry for couple’s wedding ceremonies. I can speak in rhyming couplets all day, but copywriting makes me go cray! (<see what I did there?). My mission is to create show-stopping memories for the most special day of people’s lives using witty, personalised ceremony poems. Instead of plucking the closest reading from Google they come to me and I craft a pristinely perfect piece that showcases them as a couple. It’s so beautiful to see their reactions when they receive their poem!

    Stronger writing would set me up for a lifetime of success for my small business, so I no longer need to outsource my copy and work in a dead end job that makes me want to curl up and cry every morning!

    I want to be the go-to poet for bespoke wedding ceremony poems one day. Big goals right here.

    My baby daughter Willow just turned 8 months and she is my “why.” When I look at her I realize that everything I do is for her. As soon as a nail my copywriting skills I can quit my 9-5 corporate job and spend time playing with Willow at home, whilst I run my business more calmly and confidently. If I could stop freaking out about words, copy and selling I would feel a whole new level of relief and clarity in my entire life and business.

    It may seem ridiculous to you that you need to help out a poet who can’t “write” your support and guidance would allow me to sell from the heart rather from fear.

  260. Samantha

    My biggest struggle with writing is lack of confidence. I have yet to launch my business because I have fear of being less than adequate in a world of others who appear to have it together more than myself. Stronger writing and copy skills will help me to move forward past my fear, boosting my confidence.

    My business idea is to write books and blog posts geared towards single moms that struggle with parenting alone and helping them to realize the importance of self care, while also inspiring them to make their business/career dreams a reality.

    If given access to The Copy Cure, stronger writing would give me the push I need to finally launch my business, which would help me to generate a secure income while helping others, as well as being able to work from home and be more available to my family. My children would benefit because they would see their mom going after her dreams, showing them by example that working toward their own dreams is important and that success is in fact possible. Our lives would be more comfortable and we would no longer have to struggle financially, which would relieve a considerable amount of stress on daily life!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity Marie, and good luck everyone ?

  261. 1. My biggest struggle is reigning in my heart. I’m a passionate love-monster and I slobber all over my audience. This leaves us both exhausted and wondering what just happened. 2. My work is 100% dedicated to empowering people to realize their own worth. I mainly serve women and teen girls recovering from trauma. 3. Stronger writing would help me more effectively communicate my true medicine with confidence. This would help me scale my work, feed my family, and attract more people to the local groups I hold for free or low cost. I believe stronger writing could potentially give me the independence to buy a home of my own and cast a wide healing net for those who need to connect with their own sparkly goodness. Thanks for offering this scholarship opportunity! XO

  262. Joanne

    Writing, another way to give value and connect to my people! I truly believe that finding the balance of consuming and creating is essential to keeping our cups full. We were made to create and give value. The copy cure is another way to learn and then give. I would use this course to learn and then give value back into the world. I imagine this course to be one of the many great steps in the direction of moving my life coaching business forward. I can’t wait to get learning, writing, and serving.

  263. Erin Burchik

    I’m a part of a new children’s publishing startup , and in a few moths we will finally be getting funding. This means we have to be ready to hit the ground running on our website build out, but the thing we’re lacking is good copy. I know how to write good stories but it’s not translating into good copy (yet). Please help us find the right words to launch our company that will be publishing diverse and inclusive children’s books!

  264. Kayla Price

    My biggest struggle with writing is making sure that I am not only professional but relatable to my audience. I try to accommodate everyone, but sometimes the message does not translate as intended. At this time my focus is on my insurance business (life and health insurance) and assisting people in the community (and educating them). I eventually plan to start a nonprofit as well. I serve mostly seniors who are Medicare age or soon to be Medicare age. If I were admitted to The Copy Cure, I would be able to reach a larger audience and build a stronger business that will reach beyond the people that I work with now. And, It would also increase my confidence in business. This opportunity would provide me with more tools to not only reach and educate members of the nearby community but people who live elsewhere. That is important considering the concerns with healthcare and health insurance now.

  265. My biggest struggle with writing is knowing what to say. I am not confident in my own voice. I have a lot of knowledge and love learning but the output side is a struggle for me. I am dedicated to teaching the world about science. I think it is more important than ever to understand the principles of science and how they affect our everyday life (good health for ourselves and the environment). Admission to The Copy Cure would help me launch my business. It would help my family have more financial security. It would help my community have more understanding of how their bodies function and live healthier lives. It would help more kids on their paths to college.
    Thanks for your consideration. Looking forward to this amazing program!

  266. 1. My biggest struggle with writing seems to be moving the audience to respond. Quiet Instagram posts. Free PDF’s people don’t sign up for. Email sequences that don’t sell. At all. Maybe I’m too shy to ask for what I want. Maybe I’m not hitting the right pain points. Who knows?! ( I’m going to switch to a plural pronoun because my husband and I work at this together- he provides the expertise and I write.)
    2. We have a website dedicated to helping high school athletes get recruited to compete in college and sell a guide to walk them through the process. Athletic recruiting services can cost thousands yet getting recruited is something any high school athlete can do by themselves! Families who don’t have thousands shouldn’t go into debt to help their kids fulfill their athletic dreams. It shouldn’t be this way and doesn’t have to be.
    3. Stronger writing would help us gain an larger audience and actually provide this information (both free and a paid product) to the families we want to help. We genuinely hope to take the confusion, stress, and expense out of the recruiting process for as many people as possible. Recruiting often takes advantage of the families who can least afford it.
    It would also be a huge blessing to our family. My husband coached for years, then decided to transition to a new career. Unfortunately he’s not sure what that is yet! Right now he’s working as a manager at a fast food restaurant. We’ve been broke and stressed for a couple years. With college age kids of our own we can relate to our target audience. We’re not part of a marginalized community. We’ve been blessed in many ways in life. But we have hit a rough couple of years. I sign up for as many free webinars as possible, but could not afford a course like this. A website that worked could provide much needed income for us, in addition to making dreams come true for talented, hard working athletes.
    Whether we’re offered a scholarship or not – I live that you’re giving people who can’t afford your course a chance. Thank you.

  267. Aylin

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    With writing I just can’t get out what I feel in my heart. I can’t find my unique voice that sounds totally like me AND sells. Other websites even sound more me than what I write. Even after hours working on just a tiny bit of text.
    I’m a soul and purpose coach and trainer (like so many others, so sticking out is even more important) and I help women to move their life from what they think they should to what they want deep in their heart and soul to live a conscious and free life full of meaning.
    My problem is that I’m a great coach, but a bad writer.
    Stronger writing would help me to get my message out there, so that the women how would benefit from my service would find me. I could finally do the work I’m born to do on a bigger scale and inspire other women to do the same. It would help me to have the confidence to get out there and be seen, which I stalled for the most part up until now. Quit hiding.
    Finally, it would be a big boost for my business that has totally crumbled at the moment so I could provide for my family.
    Thank you. Bless.

  268. Sayak kundu

    1) Greatest challenge- Write like I speak
    2)My mission is to Teach people trust and use their Intuition to overcome any challenges in life.Also I want to build a community of Women Entrepreneurs around the globe.

    3)Stronger writing will help me and my community to find their voice in world.It would lead to me and my community to being appreciated and valued for our worth in contributing to world

  269. Thank you for the opportunity. It would be a great honor to be a part of the Copy Cure.

    1. To translate my feelings and mission into my words.

    2. I have been serving women age 30 do 55 from the Ex Yugoslav region since 2011 through my blog and since 2016 through organizing workshops and free meetups where they can connect and build up their self-esteem and network. Over 1500 women went through my workshops and meetups so far.

    3. I would be able to communicate in a better way and get my mission across to a broader audience so that anyone can see through my words and feel inspired to take immediate action, throw away that potato chips bag, and get their ass off the couch.

  270. Thank you for offering scholarships – it is a testament to your commitment to see others succeed. A scholarship at this time would mean the world, as I am working to rebuild my life – three years ago, I got hit with a divorce that has nearly wiped out 25 years of retirement funds and all of my savings. As the then breadwinner, I was also left with paying all legal expenses and alimony. Shortly after, I was laid off and remained without work until late last year. The story is much larger, but in essence, I am now working to rebuild. This course will help give my new business a jumpstart. I hope you will consider me for a scholarship.

  271. My biggest struggle with writing is not being able to get down in words my passion of what I want to say in an elegant, flowing manner. It is frustrating as I write blogs for my business and am asked to write articles for a local magazine. My confidence is lacking, and I feel this is holding me back from writing for a larger crowd.
    My business is personal styling for working women. I help women find their authentic style while building confidence and self-acceptance. Several of my clients or ideal clients have been through some sort of life trauma.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to better speak to my potential clients and let them know I understand and can help. I would also be able to grow my business by becoming a guest writer and hopefully land my dream of being published in popular magazine. Writing is critical to my line of work because it has how people are first exposed to me and how they connect with me.
    Additionally, I want to empower my two girls by demonstrating to them that hard work and dedication can land them the career of their dreams. I am a fiercely driven woman who has worked hard my entire adult life, but I always felt great writing was something I have been missing and yet never dealt with it due to fear. Today, I am facing that fear. Thank you, Marie for this opportunity.

  272. My biggest struggle with writing is honestly the fact that I am an over-thinker. I feel that I know how to capture an audience but at the same time I dont know how to have clear message to showcase what gets stuck in my brain. I also struggle to balance my time as a wife and stay at home mother. I have gotten better but can definitely polish my routine.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My work is dedicated to inspiring people to read and enjoy life to the fullest while making choices to elevate their lives. I am in the beginning stages of y work and I know that I have a small audience that appreciates my knowledge and personality. My mission is staying on top of new information and trends. Learning what I can do to spread positivity and knowledge to make life simply amazing, with empathy, trust and thoughtfulness.

    I believe that if The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to really have the extra tools to take myself from the beginning stages to the next level of my goals, plans and use my influence for the greater good.

  273. What I struggle with and why. I find it easy to write about topics close to my heart when I do so for my nearest and dearest and I’m a whizz at curating, repurposing and editing for others.
    As a freelance marketing, social media, and communications consultant, most of my remaining clients (post the COVID-19 lockdown) only use my services for social media management or curating content.
    I took a nasty knock when I lost all of my event-related work, and on top of that one of my more challenging clients told me “I can see you don’t really know how to write…”. This despite having a post-grad comms degree and finishing a content creation course cum-laude!
    I want to improve my writing skills and never hear that ever again! I want to write for myself, in my business, about my passions, and share my knowledge with others. Scaling up and turning words into a viable business remains a challenge.
    I’d appreciate the opportunity! Thank you, Marie & Team

  274. Carina Yeap

    1. Biggest struggle with writing is getting my point out from my head, I think thoughts in pieces and it is not helpful when I go around in circles just to explain a point across and I really want to do concise copy that answers to the people I am serving.

    2. My work is dedicated to mental health practice, rapid hypnotherapy on freeing people and changing their thought patterns to change the outcome of their lives. I aim to help individuals struggling with self-esteem and self-worth issue to inform them they have a support system and that they can be freed from childhood hurts/ stories that are no longer serving them. Also, to encourage them to take the responsibility to care for themselves by delivering coping strategies.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed on me, stronger writing will help me connect better to the individuals I am here to serve, it will help me reach out to the exact audience and to answer to their needs so they know I am available for them all through their journey. Coming from a traditional culture which finds hypnotherapy a weird woo-woo specialization, I wish for the difference to be that more people see the benefits and are receptive to hypnotherapy that they are willing to go to the root cause of their issues and be cured quickly than to self-medicate or turn to addictions as a way to escape reality.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment, appreciate all the free resources Marie and Team Forleo has been putting together all these years! xo. Carina

  275. My biggest struggle with writing is making the time for it and feeling overwhelmed by the process. My business career is dedicated to inspiring others to live more authentic lives. My mission is to help individuals, couples, families to slow down and make more conscious choices that contribute to their growth and evolution. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap it would help me reach my goal of reaching more people at a time with my message of using mindfulness practices to reduce depression and anxiety and tapping in to the truth of who you are. I would share my personal story in hopes of inspiring others.

  276. Dear Marie and MF Team

    I work with energy, all that is energy, I am passionate about inspiring people to see inside themselves, the truth of who they are, not who they have convinced themselves they are, need to be or could become in the future.

    I use many techniques to get them to be aware of when they criticise themselves, as this is a common action in all cultures, we don’t know what our thoughts and words do to us and those around us.

    When I see the impact Conscious Listening has on myself and on people, I feel a rocket in my heart launching to the stars, with such power that nothing can stop me.

    Because I work with energy and I am Empathic and highly sensitive, I get to see the past, present and future of a person, and sometimes their successful future self comes to a session with powerful messages that I, as a messenger, need to pass on to the client. But sometimes this is difficult to put into words on a website.

    Receiving the Scholarship for the Copy Cure could help me to improve my communication skills and put my mission upfront. I must admit, I am 44 years old and it took me that long to come out as an Empath but I have been a coaching people since I was a child.

    This could give me the opportunity to gain knowledge on how to offer my services on a global basis creating an online course or workshop for example. It will help me to be CLEAR, TRANSPARENT and to communicate with compassion the many steps to embrace being extremely sensitive and to CREATE a life that we know is possible to live it not just with purpose, but with PASSION.

    I believe that our nature is to be kind and gentle. That is my motto 🙂
    I created my own website, following Marie’s advice from many videos I’ve watched. I am also helping family members put their businesses and services online by creating websites for/with them, at the same time as being a carer for my 42 years old sister who has Cerebral Palsy. This has been the hardest most difficult thing I’ve ever done, ever, but the hardest part is to continue and carry on.

    I know so many people will apply for this scholarship, spacially now, so I just want to say thank you for your inspiration. Thank you. Just to know you are there with the videos, the books, the tours, the podcasts and social media touches my heart as it shows me that one day, I’ll do that.
    To all of you, Thank you.

  277. Wagner Souza

    My biggest struggle with writing are two syndromes: Impostor Syndrome and Blank Page.
    Today I dedicate myself to serve small entrepreneurs and write a copy for online courses with a low ticket from a pastor who carries a message for families in Brazil.

    The opportunity to join Copy Cure would take my copy to a high level of clarity and authenticity for my copies.

    This program will certainly help me to write in a simpler way and have my texts understood by audience. 

After this course, I will have the skills necessary to improve my income and keep my family safe.
    This is the greatest opportunity to combine my passion with the sustenance of my home, and I will absorb every word of this material.

My clients here in Brazil will be pleased to have a professional that serves them at a high level.

  278. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    -My biggest struggle is overcoming the fear of rejection before the words even hit the page! It’s like I get a big, fat, extra-tall wall in my brain that prevents me from writing because it feels insurmountable and like no one will care what I have to say, and it’s impossible to please everyone, even within my niche. I can easily write for clients, but writing for myself is a whole different story.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    -My work is (ironically) dedicated to communication coaching for small businesses in the hospitality sector. I serve people who serve us in eat, stay, and play capacities. Right now, especially, having clear and strategic communication plans is essential to keeping business going so that when things do reopen, their brand is top of mind.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    -Stronger writing would help me promote my own business to be able to help more small business owners reach their own goals. It would help me learn better positioning so that I can create more mutually beneficial relationships with clients and within my community, which is very small-business focused. The tangible, specific difference is that it would allow me to learn without the burden of finances. It will make me a better coach for myself and for my clients, it will help me learn to get over my own fear and/or impostor syndrome, and it will help me create more meaningful communication for my clients.

    • Wow! Yes! I totally get this feeling too! My heart resonated with your words girl! I hope you get the scholarship too! 🙂 God bless!

  279. Hi Marie! Hi Team Forleo! It’s so exciting to be running for this scholarship 🙂 Truth is I see myself as a natural-born writer, but I’ve had a career as a sports journalist and my struggle today is that my writing has been put into a box that doesn’t speak to the public I’m willing to reach now, as my work today is way more connected to the heart. Since the pandemic started, I went online to offer a program I created called “Transição de Vida” (Portuguese for “Life Transition”), for people who are willing to make the transit to a new life but don’t know how. My mission is to offer them safe space and tools to face their fears related to the transformations their hearts are asking them to do, and help them cross the bridge of courage to land on the other side, where the new life they want to create lies. I have a group with 16 people but I know there are more people out there I could reach. Everyday I have at least one great insight I KNOW I could turn into content to help who is struggling, and who could benefit from joining the Life Transition Journey, but I feel stuck in my “past life”. The Copy Cure means a step towards freedom — to me, for sure, but also to people who could be touched by what I have to share. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Much love, Vanessa Ruiz (Brazil)

  280. Thamara

    As I am building my business in Coaching people, I want to write the adequate words to help, influence and give value to people. I want to write one day my self help book about my personal story and include life lessons learned and give people hope.

  281. My mission is to help the soul-preneur build a biz that sets their soul on Fire! I had a near death experience and I know how meaningful it is to live life with your passion! I want to get out the word more but I definitely need this help to do so! I want to speak with the why behind it all so I can help others with is on their soul and empower them to chase that dream! This would help so much to impact more lives!

  282. 1. Writing is agony for me! I feel this scrunch in my tummy because I know I can’t do justice to the magic I can perform. I know I don’t clearly explain what I’m offering and the benefits so people leave before they’ve even got to know me. (Which is why after doing B school, I gave up on “blogging” and started a podcast. I’m much better at talking! But I still need some copy on my site.)
    2. My message is that we can all lead healthy and happy lives. And it can be easy and fun. I mostly serve busy mums but my message is applicable to everyone. Our health is in our hands! And the best way parents can teach their kids healthy living is to demonstrate it themselves. I want everyone to feel fit and fabulous!
    3. If I could do the Copy Cure, it would help me explain what I’m offering so I could attract my ICA and build a stronger, more engaged community. I could help more people and sell more coaching and products. I could turn my “enterprise” into the thriving business that I know it can be. It would impact the families that I work with, including children who’ll grow up loving healthy food and healthy living. (Instead of growing up with health problems.)

  283. Amber

    My biggest struggle when it comes to writing is education and direction. Writing has always been my passion (if you would have asked 10-year-old me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always author). But I pursued a more “stable” career – 6 years of post-secondary education and a ton of debt later, I was miserable every single day in a job that didn’t serve me. I was SO lucky to be hired by my sister (who runs a badass women’s health clinic) about a year ago and have been writing for her (and so much happier) ever since. We are advocating for women’s right to better health care – to being heard and treated with respect and results – to not being dismissed and told it’s all in their head when they know something is wrong. With The Copy Cure, I would bring the message of health, of sisterhood, of power to not only the women in our community, but to be able to reach the women that we can serve virtually too. Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than receiving a comment or email about copy I’ve written that resonated with another women, when someone that says they wish they would’ve read it years ago and how different their life will be. I want to bring that message to as many women as possible while growing as a writer with my sister’s business that helps so many women.

  284. As a doctor of physical therapy specialized in geriatrics, my biggest struggle with writing is shifting from academic, professional, legalistic writing style to creative and engaging copy that sells. This problem extends to all area of my business including my website, emails, and social media.

    In geriatric physical therapy, I saw all too often the negative downstream effects chronic disease takes not only on patients but their family. I was tired of treating disease retroactively, and wanted to help people be more proactive about their health without being bound by insurance regulations dictating the type of service or education I could provide.

    My mission is to help women 50+ lower their insulin resistance and inflammation to lose weight for good and lower their risk for chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, cancer, and arthritis. I want them to be there for their kids and grandkids.

    I’m 39 weeks pregnant with our second child. I strongly value work/life balance while doing work that is challenging and allows me creative autonomy, without a financial ceiling.

    Running an online course and membership business will allow me to strike that balance I crave, but if I can’t make a living doing it, I won’t be able to continue it forever. Improving my copy would increase my leads, conversations, and sales so I can create a profitable business to help provide for our young family and relieve some financial pressure I feel from my husband to better our marriage.

  285. Marie!

    First of all, I know that this course will be golden and help bring success in my business, because I have followed your content for years, and know that everything you create is exceptional. I know you are someone I can learn from, because I trust your advice and love your style!?

    I write for women struggling in unhealthy relationships. I have a book for young women about how to let go and walk away from a bad relationship that is causing them damage. I ran it first as a blog and now it is a book, and I have received SO MANY emails from women who have read one or the other, and are finding true wholeness and healing through the journey.

    Because my book is self published, it is up to me to generate every ounce of marketing and traffic. I would love to learn how to communicate my core message in a way that is succinct and appealing, to help draw women into the deeper content of the book.

    I’m also building an email list for married women to help navigate healing and intamacy struggles in their marriage.

    In addition, I sell a couple of products on my website, to which I get a lot of traffic, but would love to have some better insight into writing better copy for these pages. Here is an example:

    I know these are several different areas of my business, but I know that you all, better than anyone else, understand the uniqueness of a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” ( I love this phrase!)

    I have a great vision for my business and all of the ways that I can help women find healing and wholeness, while doing what I love!

    I would SO love your help, partnership and blessing in this way.

    Thanks, Marie!
    With hope,

    Audry Cece

  286. evelyn

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    confidence. i am descendant of a writer and risking criticism and or comparison to this famous writer paralyzes me.

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    entrepreneur in the making, trying to get the proper tools now so that when i do start, my copy is polished and more likely to be a good thing out of the gate instead of an improvement as i go and learn through trial and error. i am a vegan chef and am attempting to get the attention of those who have not given veganism a chance because they don’t know how or think cooking and eating plants is intimidating. i want to make it accessible to everyone but especially those who think it is too complicated to make/replicate and that they are not creative enough to do so.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    i am career changing and this time i want to do things my way and be my own boss; that is why i decided now is a good time to venture out there and give it a try. to me, covid 19 has been a blessing, giving me the push i needed to seek out the resources and guides that would make me a true entrepreneur. the world would be a better place if everyone were vegan; also if everyone practiced the golden rule we could do some real good.

    thanks for this opportunity…

  287. Geralyn Ochab

    I am a bullet point girl. I have always struggled with long form writing. I’ve admired those who can write engaging copy on any topic!
    We have lost the art of writing today to many people are copy pasting and not creating.
    I don’t like redundancy and repetition
    I am coach able and would appreciate the scholarship.

  288. My biggest struggle with copy is sounding salesy … I created my business while chronically ill and my passion is helping creative and spiritual entrepreneurs with their business , either with social media marketing, website, design, putting together sales funnels or creating branded graphics. I also am a certified in Reiki and am working towards my Holistic Medicine certification. I want to show people that is possible to create something from nothing and to change your financial situation.
    I am a creator by nature but have always lacked confidence and I think that it often comes across in my writing. I spent several days participating in the Rise Above Challenge picking up tips that I could implement. There are so many people who have inspired me to keep working towards change even through difficult times.

  289. Lewis Culliver

    I would love to sound more authentic, but still professional; to sound more down-to-earth, but not like I’m trying too hard, or being too “cheesy”.

    I just need a little help finding the right words to get my message across in a succinct way.

  290. My biggest struggle with writing is being able to get into my consumers head. I KNOW what my message is, but how can I portray that to someone who is not me? How can I write words to bring tears while offering up the solution… and desire to the women I want to serve so deeply? My business eliminates shame and guilt around pelvic floor dysfunction such as urinary incontinence, pain with sex, prolapse, diastasis recti, and assists women on transitions during pregnancy and postpartum to continue with fitness and health related activities. I serve women, women who are willing to step into their magic and use their bodies to do everything they have also dreamed of doing while loving themselves. As a new entrepreneur, I started my business to serve and impact women who are silently suffering with things that can cause so much shame and guilt. With admission to The Copy Cure, I would be able to tell my story more confidently. My story of my sexual assault and my own pelvic floor dysfunction. This would change everything because I want to allow these women to read FREEDOM and love and safety through my words. I would be able to impact one to many, I would be able to show up for my family more, and I would be able to rest knowing I made a difference in many lives.

  291. 1) My biggest struggle with writing is sounded too salesy. When I write for clients, I want their target audiences to feel like they are hearing from a friend and not someone who just wants their money.

    2) I’m dedicated to helping my clients make pivots in their business by using savvy and effective copywriting. I work with a lot of small business owners who are just getting their feet wet in the proverbial business pool.

    3) There’s nothing like a brush with death that makes one reevaluate her entire existence and a new lease on life. I survived COVID-19 because God knew that my work on earth hasn’t even reached its zenith. The Copy Cure would be the panacea or President Trump’s beloved hydroxychloroquine in mitigating me overthinking and finally making a pivot in my writing business. As an African American copywriter (an anomaly within itself), I plan on exposing inspiring African American copywriters to this wonderful world of copywriting.

  292. First, thank you for this opportunity!
    Oh, how I struggle with writing… I go from “Dang! I’m a good writer!” to “For heavens’ sake, my writing is guano…” I would love to be more consistent with not only my writing, but my confidence. I suffer from imposter syndrome, age-insecurity (I’m 55) and being overwhelmed. I know I have this in me, but I need a little (LOT) of guidance.
    I was an elementary art teacher for years and I am an artist. I am trying to develop a new career in arts-based copywriting. I want to have my own blog and free-lance writing business. I strongly believe that the arts are imperative to our humanity. I just know that I have much to contribute regarding art. Art shapes us and helps us define who we are and what we communicate. I loved working with young children and now I want to add another layer.
    I know that were I to suddenly find myself in this course (which I cannot afford at present) I would be SO EXCITED to be able to move things along much more quickly and be where I want to be. This makes emotional and financial sense for my family (happy mama is better mama). I have always had the drive to help students find their voice through art and this would help me do this on a large scale.

  293. My biggest struggle with writing is detail! I find myself to be too detailed when I need to be more concise when creating copy. It’s a blessing and a curse depending on how you look at it.

    I am a digital marketer, more specifically I have kept myself on a nonprofit track because of my love for helping others. I work at a college foundation and have been working in the nonprofit world since I was 20 years old because of the feeling I get from serving others. There is nothing like it.

    If I had the opportunity to be admitted into The Copy Cure it would completely be a game-changer for me. As a Digital Marketing Manager working at a nonprofit, my words mean everything. My work supports students in Miami who don’t have money to pay for school. While we have fundraisers on our team, my role is just as important, my words have an influence on scholarship funds and generate opportunities for the college and community. The better the writer I become, the better I can create the vision our nonprofit is trying to create, especially now during a global health crisis. Impact is everything. I need to have a strong foundation in my writing beyond just social media content. Moreover, as I continue to grow in my career, I want to know I did everything I could do be the best at my job.

    Thank you.

  294. 1. Nailing my butt down! Once I get there and prioritize my time to do so, I have a blast. The old not good enough might be lurking there. Oh dear
    2.I serve women in their 50s and 60s who are freaked out about aging and decline. I guide them to learn that Menopause is not the End of the Road– Its the Beginning of new choices in health and fulfillment. Old fashioned Aging is for Wimps and Sooooo not necessary!
    3 Im now launching my Telehealth practice after 30+ years in the clinic and great copypwriting would rocket my successs online, I am sure giving me success in getting new clients.

  295. I completed Bschool in 2018 and it was great, however I do struggle with writing. I created my blog but as I am originally an engineer I seem to get to the point and not have any good storytelling. I have been struggling to get my blog and business off the ground and don’t have any more money to put towards this and it would be a dream to be able to write something compelling that people would actually click on and would like to subscribe to.

  296. Leo

    Hi Marie!
    I find my writing kind of not flowing and honestly sometimes quite boring. My business is dedicated to teaching my mother tongue and it is about time I manage to make a shift to get a better future… as what I am doing is kind of shaky now. So I am just getting started with a second career as an energy healing practitioner, studying very hard at night when my kids & my wife sleep to give high professional standards to my potential clients. It´s been a long time since I started working 100 to 200 times harder to try to make a giant leap and to give a better future to my kids. I want to contribute to the “world community” with my message that everybody can learn how to heal themselves and transform. I finally understood, after devouring “everything is figureoutable” multiple times, that I have a mix of unique gifts that I don’t wanna hide anymore because it would mean stealing from the rest of the world as you say and I agree. I need that spark in my writing that I don’t have right now to get my message through and be heard. Everyone could make his life so much better from learning how to energy heal him/herself. I feel I need to market it also with words in an effective and appealing way. The copy cure would definitely give me a major help to make that giant leap complementing the amazing B-school program. Thank you!

  297. My biggest struggle with writing is I’m very to the point and it seems to lack the connection of why someone should follow through with my call to action in a way that speaks to them.

    I have a blog dedicated to lifting moms up and I’m a virtual assistant mainly working with coaches who work with small businesses. My biggest mission in life is to genuinely help others. I want to help that new mom see past a changed body and to realize she’s still just as beautiful or to stop comparing herself to a “perfect” social media influencer and have that self security of she is a wonderful mom even through the rough times. I love helping those with the knowledge and skills I have especially small businesses as it’s so important to support them and a total joy to watch them grow and succeed.

    Stronger writing would be a game changer for my business. I feel like that’s probably the biggest area where I’m lacking. I feel like I could grow my business more and be able to support my family better while still fulfilling my dream of being home with my daughter. Bettering my business also means I could help my community much more, I have a huge dream to start a nonprofit and getting my business to a point where it can sustain not only my family but also fuel that nonprofit to give back to others in need would be unimaginably amazing.

  298. Michael Nathan Stone

    I came back home from New York in 1991, leaving a music career, to help my family business grow. By 1999 we had 6 successful Hallmark Stores (which I ran) and 1 was the biggest in the country (19,000sq. ft.). Unfortunately both ecomonic and, well frankly, Hallmark corprorate helped us close our doors (we couldnt even sell) and my parents retired and I tired to find other work. Finally the minimum wage jobs took its toll and I lost my conmdo to foreclousure. I moved in with my parents and cared for my father till his death last year and now care for my 80 year old mother. My minimum wage job is wonderful (love my boss) and helps fund my many onlines courses! I started a childrens book last year (utter inspiration) and actually have 2 publishers wanting the goods (based on synopsis and phone chats) It is both educational and fiction in the vein of Winnie the Pooh. I may want to self publish (as it will be printed in many languages and profits going to help save the rainforests) and find myself in constant rewrites. I know when it comes time to be my own boss again I want all the tools necessary for unstopable success….his shall be ONE!

  299. My biggest struggle with writing is writing clear and powerful copy that makes the sale. I tend to ramble on and confuse people. I also struggle with connecting to my target audience in an authentic way.

    My stationery business is dedicated to those who want to live in a world of handwritten notes, pretty things and gold sparkle everywhere. A greeting card with a handwritten message inside brings joy to both the sender and the recipient. There’s nothing like seeing your grandmother’s handwriting in a card she sent you on your birthday 10 years ago. Laughing as you write a funny joke inside a get well soon card for your best friend battling cancer. Crying while writing a long letter to your spouse who has been deployed overseas for six months. It’s not the same in a text or email.

    A gift of The Copy Cure would help me, my business and my family by giving me the knowlefe and skill to improve my copy and sell more of my cards. It would change our lives as it would help is go from paycheck to paycheck to a stable financial future. It would help my community because the more cards I sell, the more cards are sent between friends, family and pen pals. Connecting them through their handwritten messages in my cards strengthens those relationships and brings joy to more people. We all could benefit from more joy in this world.

  300. Good Morning Team Forleo:
    My name is Andrea Smith-Morgan and my biggest struggle with writing (even as an English/Special Education teacher) is conveying my crazy, unshakable, undeniable energy to my incredible community of supporters. My training for the past 25 years has been in education, speaking to my scholars, inspiring and motivating them to be the best version of themselves. It’s transitioning that to paper, i.e, my website that I struggle with.
    I am a Special Education/English teacher of 25 years near Marie’s hometown of Montclair, NJ. Three years ago, I started a nonprofit called Mindful Awareness Academy for Children (MAAC). MAAC was designed to address the achievement gap that is pervasive in urban/suburban areas. We are a year-long after school program that provides academic, wellness, and community support to our high school scholars. We are dedicated to a mindful approach to education that encompasses the whole child. In addition, MAAC offers a two-week summer Bootcamp that gives scholars the opportunity to receive advanced levels of instruction.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, MAAC would grow exponentially.
    I would be able to target a bigger audience and begin to change the lives of so many high school scholars. My website and Facebook presence would convey my true self. My dedication to my students and my community and so many, could feel my energy and commitment and possibly attract some funders. As an after-school practitioner, I have had to “shut down” MAAC (temporarily). I want to re-emerge as an ALL-NEW MAAC!! I would welcome the opportunity to re-invent myself and imagine the possibility of creating MAAC centers all over the world. Copy Cure would give me the opportunity to present my genius in a systematic meaningful way. I am ready to change the world!!

  301. My biggest struggle is partly seated in my learning disability, which heightens my perfectionism. I often have a lot to say and write about, but ultimately get overwhelmed by it all. And so I start, but never finish. Often times it feels like laborious feet. That often times takes a while to get down. I am one who is long winded and takes the long and windy way to a thought. Which means I take time to get it all down, and then take even more time to get it edited and more succinct. Sometimes I’ll capture what I want to say and it flows easily. But it is often in a instagram post, rather than a blog or larger article. I am currently looking at my website and wanting to better share and word all that I have to share and be of service in the world. And I know that being able to keenly share who I am in this world through words is a big part of conveying my mission and attracting clients to work with. So not only is it writing itself, it is also the content I want to make clear and share. That anti-racism and energy healing go together and ultimately needed to intersect in all white peoples lives. That white folks across the world have a lot of investigating and reflecting, and ultimately healing and lament to truly show up authentically and in corroboration with folks of color and those on the margins who are murdered and oppressed by our lack of self reflection and action.

  302. Afifa

    Hey Marie,
    First of all Thank you for your service it truly means so much for my new biz startup and branding.
    1. My biggest struggle with writing is to convey my customers to buy my delightful baked goods. I don’t just want to make them try baked goods but be truly delighted by it and bring smiles to their faces. Ultimately my goal is make my customers happy,
    But I don’t know how to sell in a delightful way.

    2. I am passionate pastry chef who wants to serve my customers and make them delighted, I want bring smiles on people’s faces and therefore please Allah (God) too.

    3. The Copy Cure Scholarship will help me tremendously in my goals that is to make my community be delighted. Make my parents and siblings proud when they’ll see me grow financially and emotionally as well. The Copy Cure can help in spreading Smiles all around me and my community with words that truly matters. I really appreciate you offering The Copy Cure scholarship, it inspires to be more open to volunteerism and making difference in my community.

  303. Dear Marie,
    Last year I took a chance on myself and joined B-school. I had been building my consulting company for over 3 years but had failed to make sustainable revenue that was comparable to what I was making in my previous job. Through B-school I was able to understand that I was not serving my ideal client and I created a shift in the network I surrounded myself with as well as refinding my offerings. It has been a year since that happened and I’m still struggling to find clients and keep my marketing consistent. It has been a financial burden, especially now.
    The reason why I haven’t been able to get more clients is because I don’t feel like myself in my marketing. I struggle so much with newsletters and social posts they always feel so far away from the person who I am. They don’t feel genuine and therefore I am lacking connection with an audience or building an audience at all. Every time I write something it seems either to pretentious or too saracastic. I don’t know how to find a middle ground. I feel like it’s not until I find my voice that I will be able to be comfortable in my consulting business and really fulfill all the dreams I have for myself. My passion is and always has been to help women think bigger about their business and give them to tools to grow. I want to write a book. I want to help women raise capital and change the world. I believe that learning and understanding how to communicate myself and writing better copy will change the game for me, my family, and my business. It would be the deepest honor to be able to receive this scholarship and hopefully get my life and business on the right track.

    With gratitude,
    Tori, Miami FL

  304. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle with writing has been creating content that sounds professional. I can get on camera and talk all day long but writing it out is where I struggle, it’s time consuming and I just feel my writing flow doesn’t match my business sense.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I actually serve two different communities. My full time career is acting as a remote office manager for mental health practices so I serve the practitioners and patients suffering with mental health issues. My side gig is for wine consumers!

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? If I received this scholarship I think the ability to create better content would open up a whole new world for both my business, my clients and my community. I have always wanted to be a guest blogger, etc to pass on my knowledge but never had the courage to submit content and I have also always contracted out for content writing, so this would be beneficial to myself, my clients and potentially the community if I could contribute to other sources.

  305. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    My biggest struggle with writing is that I often feel blocked, when it comes to it, I overthink, feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start and what to write as well as being unsure about what tone to use when engaging with my audience.

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    My business is dedicated to women who want the best for their babies and the planet. My mission is to help people on their journey transitioning from disposable products such as diapers to safe and easy reusable alternatives and to simplify the transition for them.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    Stronger writing would help me to grow my business, provide for my family and share knowledge and positivity with my community in a way that translates. If I am able to better nurture and grow my business and community I believe I can inspire people to hope and believe that we have what it takes to make real changes for ourselves, our families and the world. I want to provide for my kids and create a better world for them.

  306. Anas

    1) I have different struggles because I am coming from engineering background. First, idea generating. Second, my tone of voice. I was reading about branding and how in branding someone should control the tone of voice. In addition, can’t decide what words to use or not. Third, Right Sequence What to include or what not to include, what comes first what comes last. Finally, I don’t know how to write with different purposes, for example don’t know how to write to sell, to educate or to entertain.

    2) My business is in online fine jewelry. We serve couples getting married, friends or family members want to give luxury gifts expressing love or appreciation and for self-reward or self-love. We bring people unique pieces from different cities around the world designed and handcrafted by independent designers. I believe luxury industry need extra focused texts and right words expressing right emotions. Luxury industry needs more details in all actions.

    3) It will help me to become better communicator in print channels. I would be able to express clearly and directly my values, my benefits and my ideas with customers or business partners, which insures that the flow is continued without limits. I imagine myself after finishing this course I will be able to do public writing, just like someone learning public speaking.

  307. My biggest struggle with writing is staying organized and focused. Then, by the time I get something out, a lousy rough draft, I’m exhausted and depleted of the creative mo-jo to really make the writing juicy, interesting and irresistible to my audience. (I only JUST discovered my niche and fine-tuned who my audience, by the way. ??‍♀️ #ImmaLittleSlow) I’m getting better at this process but I have a sneaky feeling the Copy Cure could lead to the transformation in my work that I’ve been looking for.
    My business is a nonprofit Emotional Intelligence Training Institute serving Black and Brown Millennial Women Leaders and Influencers by teaching them practical tools to cultivate emotional intelligence, self awareness and self-actualization.

    Stronger writing will help me in my business by allowing me to relate to my audience more/ vice versa. I am re-building my business, I can’t afford to miss the mark with my business this time around. I have my 6 month-old daughter depending on me and I’m never giving up this time. Stronger writing will allow me to attract my audience members, create solid marketing copy and write better courses and products— written just for them. I could serve them in a way that is relatable, touching and personal. Better writing will make me feel more confident about my posts and I would post more often-free of anxiety. Wow. As I type I realize, this could really change my whole life.

    Can you please choose me for this scholarship, oh Powers that Be at Marie TV? Amen. ?

  308. As a college admission counselor, I work with teens to help them find their next steps in education. I am passionate about helping teens find what gets them excited not what someone else is telling them to do. I love helping them find the perfect college for them not the one that US news says is perfect. My passion is to provide programs online that are affordable for all students not just the elite. I struggle with writing copy, I get in my education head too much. With COVID parents want online opportunities for their kids and they are looking for affordable options.
    Being able to be part of this class would allow me to impact our future generations. As a business owner, my income has been impacted, and being able to have a scholarship would be a tremendous blessing.

    Thank you for considering me
    Gena Lester, Education Prep Center

  309. Hello – My biggest struggle with writing is to find the right words. I have many ideas on content in my head, but rarely find a way to put them in writing. Adding to the challenge is that while I am great in English, it is not my native language and I often hold myself back thinking I am not good enough, I may not sound professional. It is almost a limiting belief that then causes me to just share a link instead of creating my own content. The few sentences I add rarely get any responses and if I ask questions there are close to no reactions.
    While I have a corporate background, I obtained a holistic health coaching certification to help people with improving their lifestyle and wellness at no charge. My mission is to make people passionate about making healthier and educated life choices, especially the ones that cannot afford expensive programs to teach them. It is rewarding to do this in my free time, but due to my lack of content I have not been able to reach many people.
    Stronger writing skills would help me reach more people to genuinely help. I would be able to generate my own content and share it with those who could benefit from it. I would grow my audience, hopefully inspire a few people to make better choices. I may even find a way to pursue what I am passionate about for a living, and thus give my kids a better quality of life and be a role model for them, showing that anything in life is possible and teaching them to never give up and that life often happens for you, even if the situation looks grim. The Copy Cure would help me develop the right skills and allow me to significantly improve the life for my family. Thank you so much for your consideration and for all you do.

  310. I am a photographer and artist first, entrepreneur second, and someday, I hope to say writer third. As a photographer, it’s easy to hide behind an image and to let it speak for you. As a writer, your words are raw and exposed, often meaning different things to different people, something I’ve struggled to get comfortable with or fully trust.
    My work has always been about creating connection and impact, my mission to help save the planet. From inspiring and transporting the viewer or connecting someone deeply to a cause (my passion project Render Loyalty partnered with non-profits focused on threatened species), words and images can move people. I serve our clients through my destination wedding photography business, other photographers through my digital course, and clients through my two print shops that are partnered with non-profits focused on wildlife and environmental conservation. While there is vast diversity in who I serve, one thing remains the same, and that’s the more clearly I can communicate my message, the better I can serve them all.
    If given the opportunity to hone my skills, I would dive in fully. I’d embrace it as a sign from the universe that I’m moving closer to my purpose and the potential impact I can create. I could step away from relying on expensive copywriters to relay my message and take ownership of my own words and message, growing my business to reach new heights and help more photographers, clients, and students and create change.

  311. My biggest struggle with writing is getting it out there. Connecting with the clients I want, who are willing to pay me, and wanting it PERFECT instead of just doing it. As a single parent I want to show my son that we can accomplish whatever we set our mind to. I want to be able to work from home to be with him and travel to create amazing memories but I work 12-14 hours a day running a company that isn’t my own and then handling a few low paying copy clients. I know I holding myself back because of fear and perfectionism.

  312. I am a journalist so in theory I should know how to write and I guess I do. However I would not always like to depend on the media that want to publish my work but I want to create my own content and get the readers interested. I want to write not only about breaking news but about things that in my opinion matter. Especially now there is so much negative information in the media concerning covid that people need some motivation and some happy news. I feel that my admission to the Copy Cure will improve my writing but also help me to build my own audience and create positive and not negative content. As a journalist I want to make a change in this world and I am sure with this course I can make it happen.

  313. I have a form of Dyslexia that makes it hard for my thoughts to come out as writing but my dream is to write a best selling book. I am always second guessing myself and my writing. My issue is that I know I have a story to share, I just need the confidence in my writing ability to just do it. My desire is to continually learn and improve myself and to be a good role model for my 4 children.
    My mission is to inspire and empower people to discover and live their purpose and create a life of joy and abundance. My passion is helping women be more than their present circumstances dictate. To empower them to connect to their purpose, and to raise their children to do the same.
    Taking this course would help me expand my confort zone in the area of writing, and would give me the strength I need to fully commit to my dream. Thank you for your consideration

  314. My biggest struggle with writing is that I know I have the knowledge and expertise, but I have the hardest time putting the pen to paper. Or if I do it feels forced and formal.
    I’m a branding and web designer for beauty businesses, and while looks and design are important the copy is even more important to get my message across and support the design.
    Admission to the Copy Cure would help me formulate my thoughts in a way that gives me the confidence to sell to others and inspire them to buy from me. Giving me the chance to support them in the same way Team Forleo has supported me. And it would also make such a difference in the way I speak about my business to others knowing that I now have the full suite of skills.

  315. I’ve never been a good writer and have ALWAYS been in awe of those that seem to have words flow effortlessly. It’s without a doubt my number one struggle. I usually sit down to draft something and either end up hating what I wrote or just didn’t write anything at all. Due to COVID-19, I am forced to close my day spa permanently. So, instead of being sad I decided to start my dream business of having an online, handmade bath and body products company. I just finished B-School and ready to dive in! I can not wait to serve women with AMAZING bath and body products that they can use to provide themselves with some self care with a little luxury! I even have plans to provide women in need with free products! If I was given this opportunity I would use my new skills to create beautifully drafted emails and blog posts! I need this business to work so that I can have an amazing business all while providing my family with the income that I lost in the pandemic. Plus, I’d love to show my girls hows to turn something bad into something amazing! Thank you for considering me!

  316. This sounds like an opportunity to grow my skills, I have a blog and a new YouTube channel! I have lots of great ideas and a lot to say but sometimes getting what’s in my head out on paper is more difficult than I think it should be, especially if I’m suddenly asked to prepare or present content for a Bible study.

  317. Alexa

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    –> I do not know how to express myself clearly sometimes and take a step back from my writing to look at it with fresh eyes: While I try to be customer oriented I always struggle to find a balance between the technical content and the more “soft” content (benefits etc.)

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    –> I am addressing B2B Customers in a conservative industry as a freelance copywriter for manufacturing companies. So my paying customers are the conservative companies but the ones reading and interacting with my content in the end are their customers. I dream to bring more entertainment into B2B content, as it is so often just boring or full of marketing blah blah.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    –> It would definitely help the end customers to actually get what the products are about instead of being overwhelmed by technical features and data! So it would make their life way easier. And with that impact that the copywriting would hopefully bring, I could also improve the opinion people still do have about copywriters very often (“anyone can do it; i mean anyone can write!” ); and personally it would ease my life so much if I could overcome the struggles mentionned above!

  318. 1. I am a multipassionate and multiskilled entrepreneur and my biggest struggle is to explain the different ways I have to help people find health and well-being through the space they live and work. I have merged all my capabilities into my business philosophy and it makes sense for me but, does it make sense for others too?
    2. I am an architect specialised in interior design for health and well-being through Vastu Shastra and Yogic principles. I help spiritual entrepreneurs and yogis to be more centred in their soul through the space they work & live. I think my mission is to create awareness in the influence that the space has in your health and well-being as well as aware consciousness in the architectural field towards a more conscious approach to design.
    3. It will definitely have an impact in my blog readers, courses am planning to offer to architects interested to learn Vastu Shastra, social media followers and also in the books am planning to write as soon as I finish my PhD. I think I am good in academic writing but I feel the need to communicate to the world in a way that’s natural and faithful to who I truly am. I would like to talk to them as if they were already my dear friends, rather than clients or students…

    Thank you Marie for this opportunity! Sending lots of love from Spain to you and your team! Julia xx

  319. Hello, I’m Taiwo Hakeem and a huge fan of Marie forleo, we literally have so much in common.

    – My biggest struggle with writing is probably striking a balance between use my “personal” writing tone as opposed to a “professional” one, I’ve very good at writing articles and composing information but indeed I’ve come to find that the right amount of emotions in one’s copy is the secret sauce, I’ve always followed your “start before ready” advice and I’m in my second year of blogging as a travel blogger, I’ve done a full rebrand and a part of the things I want to change is how I communicate with my audience, I want to build a thriving, engaged community, provide value, and finally monetize my blog especially during this hard times, I believe that the copy cure is where this part of the puzzle comes in

    – I’m a travel guide blogger who strives to provide high quality, practical and insightful content to better ease the life of all travel bloggers, they have a passion for adventures and I have a passion for them, I want to be their shining star, in addition I create lifestyle content to promote micro lifestyle changes with a macro effect

    – Stronger copywriting will help be create far greater captivating copy, drive more sales and increase traffic retention, with this I can generate more revenue and opt for more helpful subscriptions and automations, more income will also help me afford more things for me and my family during these hard times and more importantly, create more income generating passive streams. And as for my community, I literally have so much I want to offer them, but each level of service requires more amount of investment (money), I’m so passionate about creating more blue oceans and providing value to the travel community that I dare to say: I want to be the next thought leader for the travel industry.

    One final note, I’ve seen your Instagram videos, you’re very charming, charismatic and bold, I’m more of a reserved person but I want to be better for my community, for my brand, being in the copy cure community will allow me to spend more quality time with you, and hopefully, some of your fine traits will rub off on me, that’s about it, Thank you for considering me, and regardless of your decision, I appreciate all you’re continually doing and I respect you as a person, stay safe and have a wonderful day, Mrs Marie Forleo ?

  320. Melissa Kipe

    I am a crazy ENPT with way too many passions and I get so distracted when I write.

    When I write I want to know that I am writing about what matters, in a way that will resonate with those who read my work, and not just get their attention but help them to become the people they were meant to be.
    The problem is I alway second guess myself. And my other problem you probably already guessed it: I use the word I way too much. Oh to be Shakespeare and have such literary gems and ambrossial words drip from my pen…(Marie Help!!!!)
    So you asked about my business well it’s real estate but that doesn’t often get people excited espeically women, but I think it could with some help from you Marie ; )
    Real estate it’s largely a man’s world but it doesn’t have to be, women can rock this. Besides I want to show my eight kids that it’s ok to have your own little kingdom !

  321. Hi team, Danielle here. My biggest struggle with writing is identifying the singular person I want to speak to, and speaking directly to her without hearing the hum of 100 other voices with different reasons for using my product. This waters down my messaging, and means I’m talking to no one. It’s been frustrating as hell to write sales copy and never know if my ideal customer is connecting with the message or not, and when I do service my ideal customer, which messages she was connecting with most.

    This Covid world is full of different emotions & needs than before, and as I’m about to revamp my messaging to infuse it with the hope, community-needs, and other emotions that my ideal client is experiencing in relation to my service, I need to pinpoint (quickly) where to identify these messages more than ever.

    Stronger connection to my ideal client through copy would mean more receiving my services/ know that I exist when they are ready to receive. More ideal customers will connect with the message in my heart in their own words. I run a plant-based food company and a martial arts academy with my husband. Plus, I’m a full-time mother. So copywriting time needs to be as efficient as imaginable.

    I also feel like lessons can help me communicate better with my young children – to use their language, to meet them exactly where their needs are, and this daily practice will translate to greater communication effectiveness in my business.

  322. Jen

    I would love to have this opportunity! I have a story and I know I’m meant to write it. I would like the knowledge to do that well. Thank you for the chance!

  323. First, thank you for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. My biggest struggle in writing is having a block, or not being able to write what I feel in a concise, clear way. Many times I either don’t write enough or I write too much because I am always second guessing myself and my abilities. I’m a self taught fashion designer and an artist. I create custom figure skate costumes. I aim to serve those who desire a custom, one of a kind piece of art (costume) and would like to buy American made (stay / work at home mom and military wife).
    A goal of mine is to be able to gift costumes to skaters who otherwise couldn’t afford a competition dress- specifically for skaters who are pursuing a career in figure skating from underrepresented communities. If I were to receive the scholarship to the Copy Cure, I could not only help support my family in a reliable way, but impact figure skating for less fortunate skaters and help ease the financial weight my husband carry’s while serving our country. Thank you for your consideration Marie & team!

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

  324. I love writing and have been published in several forms, yet I have a couple struggles. I struggle with meeting my readers at their most comfortable communication level. I have worked in a very professional biotech sector most of my career and though I am a well-received speaker and communicator, my writing style doesn’t reflect my communication range. I also struggle with overthinking my writing so much that I lose my passion for it. As a recovering perfectionist, I am very concerned with representing myself in anyway less than the standard I have for myself (ex: this post).
    I know from feedback from others that if I was able to more effectively communicate with those who need the information I have to offer I would be able to make such an impact. I am a passionate advocate for small businesses and have a vision of unifying the voice of small businesses whereby they create strong competition for multinational corporations. This allows independent communities and cultures to thrive and empowers people. As a business strategy consultant I am highly invested in every business I work with to maximize their potential to the level they are comfortable with. With Copy Cure I hope to bring all the expierence I have to elevate both the businesses I work with and my family to have the ability to serve our communities on a larger scale. I also would LOVE to finish the 3 books I have parked on my hard drive (writers block). 😉

  325. My biggest struggle is wording and content. I am a travel agent (home based through a host) that works with people who love to cruise. I need to be able to write effective blog posts that catch my audience/potential clients’ interests and lead them to my site and encourage them to book an appointment. I started my business mid December , and as you know the bottom dropped out of travel. I had 2 bookings and few others I was researching trips for, for early this year. My 2 bookings were cancelled due to covid. I am currently doing education for both marketing and travel but really need to be more effective so that when travel starts I can start actually making money to eat and pay my bills.

  326. My biggest struggle is making sure I can stay authentic to myself & my “inner Marie” without offending anyone. I tend to use expletives and “tell it like it is.”
    My business is helping others who sell on Amazon. Only 26% of those who sell on Amazon are women. My goal is to help both men & women believe in themselves so they can create successful, sustainable businesses on Amazon. I do this by helping them create a mindset shift & connecting them with other positive, winning-minded people. I write every day, particularly publicly for social media. Within a year, without much intention, I have created a following on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook but now realize the importance of being intentional with words. The Copy Cure would help me to channel my “inner Marie” & create more powerful written content that is intentional towards my Ideal Customer Avatar while being authentic to who I am. This would directly translate into more phenomenal content that could change the world. It would also result in more clients for myself which would lead to more successful business opportunities for them.

  327. Hello!! I am a the owner of a small cosmetic tattoo studio who focuses on helping women from all backgrounds, but especially women who have suffered from Cancer and Alopecia, bring back a sense of normalcy in their appearance. Many people believe that what I do is superficial- they don’t understand how impactful it can be on a client’s life. The main pillar of my business is human connection. I care about the story behind each client and I focus heavily on delivering a service with empathy. I struggle with the confidence to put myself out there and share clearly and concisely the impact of my business as well as discuss how much beauty and psychology are linked, especially after something like Cancer. I would be so grateful to be given the opportunity to partake in this program in order to gain the knowledge on how to successfully communicate who I am, what my business stands for, what I do and how impactful it can be. I am ultimately looking to bring a deeper layer to my business. Thank you!

  328. I understand that the path to self-development is winding and full of pit-falls. My desire is to walk alongside people and help them along that path, towards their best selves. I have a successful business with both therapy and coaching for business owners and also other people who wish to develop themselves, so that they can then impact others and their planet. I have developed (@leavebetter) to branch out beyond the individual mentoring that I do. My biggest struggle is in the digital space. I have a desire to write, but I lack the discipline to be consistent. I get overwhelmed with which project to put my energy into – is it the blog (or vlog) or the IG post or the book or the lead magnet? I believe having a framework and some accountability, tools and mentorship would help me expand my influence from the one-on-one to the larger audience, with the goal of people expanding THEIR good that they bring to the world.

  329. My biggest struggle with writing is writer’s block and creating effective copy that doesn’t result in “silence.” Sometimes I feel very much in the flow. Other times, the real message gets lost in translation and isn’t as effective as intended. I’m very motivated and determined, so when there is “silence” from a marketing campaign, I analyze and continually try to improve. I know I don’t always have the answers, so often I’m just going on gut instinct. I know The Copy Cure would be so beneficial with proven strategies and advice.
    I’m a teacher with a writing/marketing side hustle. When I’m not teaching, I am using my writing skills to serve a local nonprofit and small business. I volunteer for a local nonprofit that supports children’s education in Uganda, and right now my paid gig is for a local home furnishing/interior design shop in my hometown for a young female entrepreneur. My mission in my work is to help others, ultimately creating positive change and a better world (as cliche as that sounds). I’m dedicated to using my time and skills toward causes I really believe in. For instance, the nonprofit’s mission is to improve the lives of impoverished children by providing school fees for orphaned children and improving their learning environment, and 100% of donations go directly to these efforts. I really believe in the small business I write for as well– the work we do and the passion we have. (We source furnishings from family-owned businesses throughout the U.S. and really seek to create peaceful homes/environments for the clients we help.) I also would personally love to continually be building my side hustle as a writer. My mom is a life/business coach, and we have discussed collaborating on both workshops (and potentially a book) designed to help people both personally and in business.
    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I’m confident it would be life-changing. I would gain skills to write more clear, effective copy that could help me make a real difference. It would improve my community, directly impacting the nonprofit I volunteer for, along with the small business I support. From more donations (to the nonprofit) to increased click rates and sales for the small business, I’m excited at the possibilities. During these interesting times, I’d love to see the small business I support succeed. I’d love to be able to increase donations (from people who are in position to donate) to the nonprofit so we can help more children get the education they deserve. The Copy Cure would also benefit me personally, as I think I would be able to write with more ease and clarity. After a long day of teaching, I would love to have this come more naturally and quicker to me. I could also use the tools to fulfill personal dreams of increasing my side hustle business and providing more financial stability for my family.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for this generous opportunity.

    • Samantha (Sam)

      Blair, I am so inspired by your story! Thank you for all you are doing for children’s education in Uganda. Keep going for your dream!!