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Is self-doubt getting in the way of what you really want? Whether it’s getting paid what you deserve or overcoming shame from past failures, here are three words you need to commit to memory: 

Know your worth. 

I believe with all my heart that prosperity — in every sense of the word — is your birthright. You deserve to feel safe and secure in your relationships. You deserve to get paid for your time and talent. You deserve to dream, and when that dream doesn’t work out, to dream again.

On today’s MarieTV Live Call-In Show you’ll witness two incredible multipassionate entrepreneurs reclaim their worth. You’ll hear Moradeun, a Jill-of-all-trades, figure out how to set boundaries around her time, talent, and resourcefulness so she stops working for free. You’ll hear Monica, a 57-year-old teacher, let go of old business regrets, so she can focus on a new project with renewed joy and passion.

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If you’ve lost sight of your worth, it’s never too late to reclaim it. 

When you trust the value that you offer, the outside world will take notice. Even better, you’ll stop settling for less and start asking for (and getting) more.

Short on time? Here are some timestamps to get you straight to the goods:
3:30 — The real reason you may be underpaid (or not at all).
8:15 — How to make sure a project pays you enough money.
12:00 — Got big regrets? How to reframe your past so it works for you.
15:00 — How to try out a new business idea without huge financial cost.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. Is there any area of life that you’re settling for less than you deserve? How might life change when you value your time and know your worth?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration.

Your story may be just what someone needs to see things from a fresh perspective.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. 

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  1. Just ❤️ you guys… Saw you last week in Brisbane and I had a question very similar to this that I didn’t ask…started and failed at a dream and haven’t had the courage to do it again despite it nagging at me every. single. day.

    The past is complete and I can reimagine a new, more beautiful future project…thank you oh wise one 😉 xo ❤️

    • I am not on Team Forleo, but… if it is nagging every day, then you should go about it. You have been burnt, that’s okay. That happened to me… I took some time to lick my wounds but couldn’t let go! and came back to it with an attack plan!
      There are reasons why you failed – you made mistakes, or selected the wrong environment, whatever. As much as it hurts, go through all the decisions you made that led to this. so you won’t make the same thing again! Also, has anyone a life/business a bit similar to yours, in any respect? Look at what they did that led them to the results, and model what they did!

      • Thank you Audrey…and you’re 100% right. It’s been 4 years and if I’m being honest, I didn’t establish boundaries with my business partner and I had an equal part to play in it’s demise. I’m scared because I keep thinking…what if I put myself out there again in front of everyone and I fail again? What if it’s wrong timing? What if I’ve missed the boat?
        One part of me = oh get over yourself and go have fun…who gives a shit.
        Other part of me = eeeeeeeeekkk!
        I’m feeling both parts and going with it anyway…plan is to relaunch in March 2020❤️

        • Mary Lahti

          Love this reply/response, Bamik and Audrey. Thanks for sharing and all the best to both of you. Mary (just a listener)

        • Hunny, I too 100% resonated with this episode and am in Adelaide and felt compelled to reach out and say you’re not alone (we never really are anyway right, it simply feels that way somwtimes).

          I too am flexing that ‘leg go’ muscle and moving into a new vision for my business.

          Hey – if your interested in having a solid accountability buddy then I’d be so thrilled to buddy up!


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Bamik, we’re so thrilled you were able to connect with Marie in person in Brisbane last week! We ❤️ you too. And we’re so glad this episode covered a topic that’s been challenging for you. YES to reframing that past effort and reimagining a new, more beautiful and aligned project that you’re creating now. We’re cheering you on! Also be sure to watch this powerful episode:

  2. This was super useful, guys! Thanks a bunch 🙂

  3. Dennyse Kerr

    I’m reading your book “Everything is Figureoutable”. And it’s true. I want to get back into teaching piano, doing network marketing, And my newest Health Coaching. So I decided to try all this on me. In other words teaching Me. And then when talking to someone just think outloud. What do you think?
    I love all your energy.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Dennyse! We’re happy that you’re reading the book and it’s inspiring you to launch your own business and share your passions. So exciting for you! Starting small and taking consistent actions in each of these areas will be a great place to begin gaining more clarity and experience – both in terms of your approach/teaching style and direction. I have a feeling you’ll find this episode really helpful in the process of putting yourself out there!

      Also be sure you’re doing all the Insight to Action Challenges in the book – I think you’ll find those incredibly helpful in figuring this dream out 🙂

  4. My biggest take away is to make sure I or the clients I help stay in the creative force of life, state of flow. Becoming mostly aware of the levels of energy and ensuring they’re at the best possible.

    Thanks for sharing and creating such insightful episode. Keep it up!

  5. Alison

    I love this episode. “Owning your worth is a lesson that all of us have to embrace” — I’m one of the millions who this applies to. It’s taken alot of inner work including referring to a set of money mindset quotes (including Marie’s) each time I set my prices:

    – Self-worth = net worth
    – empowered, wealthy women will change the world
    – money = power (the more money we have, the more of a force for good we can be in the world)
    – people’s negative views on money don’t need to bring down my value or self-worth
    – doing something that makes you happy is valuable
    – price tells a story

    • This episode is so great and, yes, Alison you are SO right. What you said really hit the nail on the head!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Marie….you are sooo good at finding the exact spot where attention is needed. Woohoo!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE it, Alison! These are all so powerful. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with owning your worth here. We’re glad this episode resonated with you!

    • Coco

      Alison, thank you so much for sharing your quotes with us! What a great and helpful mantra set. Love it! And yes, Marie nailed it again with this episode. Money is a tough topic for us creative, multi-passionate souls. My daily mantra is this: “It´s getting better every day!” Wishing you all the best!

  6. Now to me: I think I settle for less than I deserve in my marriage. I am wondering whether it is us, it is him, it is me, or if maybe we are just wrong for each other.. or if these are the circumstances. We are getting our finances back on track after he overcame his business addiction. I still feel angry at him, often, and while I am working my butt off to make my dreams come true and make my daughter’s life easier, when he comes back from work he plays a bit with her, then sits with his laptop and complains that he is tired and life is hard. Yes life is hard, ours maybe especially. Or it is challenging and full of opportunities to do something that matters. anways, it only gets easier when you actually do something about it! I feel stuck with him, uninspired… and also I feel the distribution of household tasks is unfair. It also begs the question: If I can do so much in one day, earning money, creating my business, spending hours of quality time with my daughter, staying fit and healthy and good looking (if I may say so myself!), and doing all the housework on top of that… why can’t he at least figure out something to do?!! A bit of a rant here, but it feels so good to let go of the frustration by screaming it on the internet, to people who might understand me!

  7. I love the idea of reframing: when we cannot change how things have happened, we actually have a huge sense of power in how we let ourselves remember, relive, and redefine our experiences.
    “What is this wasn’t right or wrong, what if this was as it was meant to be, for that moment?” So much around our language and self-talk is part of our secret weapons. Thank you so much Marie for sharing this- for giving soul-seekers that opportunity to reinvent how they think, feel and act <3 It’s exactly why I got into my mentorship business.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, Katy-Rose – it’s such a powerful reframe for all of us to apply in some area of our lives. We’re glad this insight resonated with you!

  8. Eef

    Thank you. You are so right. Enthusiasm and joy are the key words to make thing (wanna) happen.

  9. Michele

    Loved the call in video. I think we all experience this. I am a fitness professional, health coach, and yoga instructor. I have invested a lot of time, energy, and of course money into my chosen profession. Never, when I decide to take a course, or get a certification would I ever say. Wow!!! I would really love to get certified in abc fitness course but 297.00 is a lot, could you do it for 197.00? I deal with people who sometimes do not have the respect for what I have put into my career and I have to say NO. I went through a lot of growing pains to get to that point. People do not respect what they do not pay for and if Chanel purses only cost 5.00, they wouldn’t be worth anything. And I buy services from professionals. I never look for the cheapest. I am willing to pay for people who are more educated, experienced etc. I always say you can have good or you can have cheap but rarely will you get both. So, ask for what you are worth and pay other people what they are worth. You surround yourself with people who share your mindset of high quality service or products, and it makes you improve.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      AMEN to all of this, Michele – so well said. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this topic with us here!

  10. 1. Greg with his Calligraphuck notebook had me with my hands in the air because that line
    2. I loved the scripts you gave around increasing/ creating rates. Transitions are hard, and as women, I feel like we’re so much more likely to “be grateful to be here” than to be like “pay me what I’m worth”. Thank you for action steps!
    3. Holy Moly, Mama. Just when you think you know where Marie’s going to go, she drops some fire like, “imagining a perfect ending”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That’s such a powerful tool for any area of your life where you feel like it didn’t end like you wanted it to. Taking it and telling everyone! XOXO

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear your takeaways and that you loved all of this, Amanda! We hope these tools serve you incredibly well going forward. Thank you for being such an amazing part of this community! XOXO

  11. Rukmini

    Thanks for sharing the Wonderful insights regarding one’s time & worth!


  12. Hello, I watched/listened to your video about knowing your worth, and have to say I have always struggled with low self esteem due to childhood abuse. So that’s what caught my attention initially. I am 49 years YOUNG, married for almost 26 years to a wonderful, doting and protective man. We have 3 grown children (the YOUNGEST got married last year at barely 18). We are also now foster parents- adopted our first foster child in January 2018 who is now 4, and are in process of adopting our 2nd foster child who is 18 months old.
    I have a huge passion for protecting children from sexual abuse and abduction – human trafficking is all over the news right now. Back in 2004, our super social 4 year old daughter went out the door and into a neighbor’s house before I had a chance to get my shoes on, but the neighbor and I saw each other so I knew where she was and caught up with her a few seconds later. When I shared this with my husband, he was concerned and said someone should write a book about protecting their kids… that night I had a nightmare about losing our daughter and when I awoke the entire book was in my head. I got out of bed and hurriedly wrote it all down so I wouldn’t forget. I was home schooling our kids at the time, and printed out several copies of this little book to give to my home-school mom friends. I thought we could maybe get the book published, so I started sending my manuscript to publishers, and then found an agent, who turned out to be a scam. That was the end of trying to get published until 2012.
    In 2011, my husband and I attended a two-weekend marriage retreat, where I was finally “forced” to face my past childhood abuse. It put incredible strain on our marriage, on top of the fact that my husband had just injured his neck and shoulder, lost his job because of the injury, and we were having to live on his lump sum retirement. BUT because of the time he was home recovering, we had the ability to communicate and face my issues together. Though I still had a long way to go, and we had several other very difficult situations to overcome, my passion for protecting children grew strong again. I found an editor , updated my book, and had it self-published. But, as I said before, I have always had a very low self esteem and did not know how to promote the book. My hubby and I became facilitators of Stewards of Children Trainings through Darkness to Light and started a non profit with our church to be supportive to victims and their families as well as to train adults how to prevent child sexual abuse. We had purchased $2000 worth of our books, and literally GAVE away 90% of them over the years to people who attended our trainings, other events, and most recently to non profit organizations. I felt like they weren’t worth enough for people to spend the money on them. I just wanted to get them out of our house and hoped that maybe even one person might be blessed.
    Through the years we had also wanted to become foster parents but something always happened to prevent that from happening. . I am REALLY trying to keep this short, and I’m leaving A LOT of crazy stuff out… having to sell our hobby farm as a result of running out of retirement money, losing twins after 3 months of loving on them ( that we were BEGGED to adopt by their family) because bio mom took them back, one son going into the AF, the other graduating from high school, … getting just enough $ from the sale of our farm to buy a house with cash (no income yet), spending a year just healing in that house, and then selling it for nearly double what we paid (another amazing GOD story) and buying our current modular home with cash and then 3 months later receiving our foster license, and 2 weeks after that our first foster child!!
    So in the fall of 2018 after I had listed my books on my Etsy store with the offer to ship large quantities for non profits for just the cost of shipping, I suddenly got a request for a box of books!
    It was a forensic nurse in Wisconsin who educates and trains adults on the epidemic of human trafficking. She was so excited to find a book that is directed to children (to be read by their parents) in the YOUNG ages of 2-12, and also Christian, which is non existent. So I sent her the books and didn’t hear anything for several months. I thought she didn’t like the book after all once she got to read it.
    But then in January or February of this year, she asked me for MORE! I was shocked when she said she and a friend had formed a non profit and at each of their awareness and prevention trainings people were snatching the book off the table. The problem was that I only had a few boxes left. I fired our publisher so I would not be able to get anymore books. Unless I updated and republished them . I wasn’t sure it would be worth it. This lady got her friend on the phone – a 3 way call – to convince me to go for it because of the great need.
    Well, I spent a lot of time praying and working through that book, got in touch with Elm Hill/HarperCollins Christian Publishing (I had talked to them a few times over the past couple years but money is always a problem).. A friend suggested I do a Go Fund Me campaign, which I did and raised the funds within one week to have the book published! I chose to publish under a pseudonym to protect the identity of my family since we adopted from foster care and the birth parents know what I look like.
    But this time, I had friends that I had made through the non profit we started in 2012 (it fell apart soon after we got the twins.. way too hard for me to do both). The Executive Director of the child advocacy center in our city LOVED my updated book and endorsed it. The original ladies who run the human trafficking non profit also endorsed it, and several friends helped proof read and edit. The book came out in September, called Raising PEARLS: Prepared, Empowered, Armored, Restored, Loved & Secure Children. I started a website & blog, and have also designed paper dolls to be used with the book for interacting with children in different scenarios they may find themselves in.
    The problem is, publishing under a pseudonym means starting over. I did tell A LOT of my friends who I am so that they would join my new fb page, etc.. but after giving away 50 of the new books, (more than half went to people who helped me in some way with editing, raising funds, etc) I have still not gotten even one review on Amazon or on my fb page. A few nice comments on my page that disappear as more things are posted, but people don’t follow through with what they say they are going to do. I feel bad for asking in the first place, and I don’t want to keep asking repeatedly. I know my book and my mission are needed, but nobody wants to listen or get involved with such a horrible scary subject, even though I have presented it in a positive light – how to EMPOWER AND PREVENT this from happening not just to YOUR kids, but ALL our kids around us.
    So I have only sold a small handful of books – of course to my family and a couple of my closest friends. Other than that, the child advocacy center bought 36 of them to be given to parents who attend their prevention education classes. They told me they would like to develop a training around the book itself… and then a couple weeks later the ladies from the non profit in WI also said the same, so I just connected them so they can collaborate.
    But I am so busy with my two little ones I don’t have time to learn how to really get my info out. I’m wondering if I should turn my business Genie’s Wishes 4 Kids ( into a non profit, but then I would need a board and all that stuff that goes with it again.. I don’t want to be the president of an organization again.. i don’t like that kind of role, and I’m not a good speaker, although I tend to get very passionate when I’m talking about protecting kids.. I can’t get my face into public spotlight because I need to protect my/my kids’ identity. I have sent letters to a few churches about educating their young families, I have sent copies of my book with letters to large organizations hoping for some kind of review at the least… but nothing. I only have a small handful of followers on my blog, and 3 sales. Since August. Christmas is coming. I really really want to make a difference for children. Is it wrong for me to want to actually make a little money too? After all, my husband drives a city bus and I’m a stay at home mom for the 2nd time. We are not going to have much of a retirement and we don’t want to be a burden to our children in the future.
    I’m so sorry that took forever. I hope you have some kind of positive advice.
    Thanks for reading.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Genise, thank you so much for being here and sharing about your journey and incredible work with us! Wow, you are absolutely amazing, and such an inspiration. I want to tell you that the work you’re doing to protect and empower children is so incredibly beautiful and important. YOU are incredibly valuable and important, simply by being you. Your heart, and your passion for this mission shine through so brightly. The world needs your gifts, Genise, and you absolutely deserve to be paid well for sharing them!

      It’s so wonderful that you’re seeing a need for this work by educators, nurses, and nonprofits working in the field and that your Go Fund Me campaign was successful! Stay focused on these wins, and your ultimate vision for this work. We know that you can absolutely find a sustainable way to make this work for you financially with patience and continued effort.

      We’d love for you to check out our B-School program, if you haven’t already, as it could be a great fit for you in terms of making this a financially viable venture in the long term, while spreading your work and increasing your reach. We offer full scholarships to the program every year, and would love to have you apply in 2020, if this is something you may be interested in.

      Lastly, there are a few other episodes of MarieTV touching on the topics of building confidence in marketing your business and asking to be paid, which I think you’ll find really helpful:

      We’re rooting for you over here, Ginese – keep going! Sending so much love and support your way.

  13. Laura

    I seriously cannot identify MORE with your first call. Being the resourceful person and compassionate soul that I am I have been taken for granted many many years and it is recently that I’ve been owning my worth more and more. I so understood where Moradeun was because that was me. Let me do this, let me do that… everything for free… and then the resentment. I believe a lot of us women stand in that place and I’m so blessed to be getting SLOWLY but SURELY out of that rut which helps everyone but me.
    Then… you hit us with the second call with Monica which blew my mind even more than the first. The fact that we have to seek joy, leave old stories in the past and forget if we are 27 years old or 57 years young. AMEN SISTER!!! AMEN!!! Cannot wait to read your book!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Laura, we’re so thrilled you loved this episode and Moradeun and Monica’s stories resonated with you deeply. We’re cheering you on big time for standing in your worth and joy more and more and writing the story you most want for yourself!

      • Laura

        Thank you for the support!

  14. Gabriele

    ”Clarity comes with engagement & Re-imagine your goal.” I love it, this was an AHA moment and motivator for me. Thaaaaanks. Warmly Gabriele from Germany

  15. rachel

    Marie, how do you ask for payment when it is always friends – usually close friends – that you help. They help back in many other ways, looking after kids, helping out at difficult times, etc. So, how can I monetise the help I give (on mental or physical support for their children or themselves) when it is just close friends who are receiving it?

  16. Graham Lawrence

    I can’t remember how I discovered Marie Forleo, but I’m glad I did. A quick look at all this stuff leaves the impression that it’s just full of young gushing women American entrepreneurs, caught on a “high” in between the real life of shouting at the kids or arguing with their partners, but I’m an old English bloke and I just love Marie Forleo. She’s an asset to the world. I realise the UK has its fair share of problems right now, but if you could see how the USA looks to the outside world these days…! Between gun massacres, Trump, the rejection of scientific reason by the hyper-religious – it’s as if what used to be a post-Enlightenment beacon or example to the world is determined to re-enact a Zombie Apocalypse instead. I think maybe Marie should wear the stars and stripes, like Captain America, as a representative of the best that the positive American spirit still has to offer the world. I may yet sign up for B-School – I don’t have the funds at present, but somebody told me that everything is supposed to be figureoutable, right?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re SO glad you’re here, Graham, and YES – everything is figureoutable! It would be such an honor to welcome you to B-School when the timing is right for you, and do keep in mind that we offer full scholarships to the program each year. We’d love for you to apply in 2020 if this is of interest to you. We’ll share all the details about how to do so early next year, so make sure you’re on the B-School mailing list!

  17. Della Pitre

    Wow, wow, wow…this episode had so much content in it for me! And even reading the comment section…had some insights there as well! I, too, am a “Jill of all trades” and never valued my self worth. I used to run a wedding/event decorating business and am realizing now that I didn’t value myself in my pricing back then as well. Hence one of the reasons I had to close it because I wasn’t able to grow bigger then I was. I played small and stayed small. I also find because I am a creative, people come to me for help with “x, y, z” and want help, knowing that I most always say Yes to help (and then end up feeling like I should have said No because part way into it, I end up feeling used!) I will remember the advice here and use it to reclaim my worth…I NEED to work on that part of myself. I KNOW I have amazing skills in creativity and it’s what brings me to life. I just never realized that money is energy and every time the situations didn’t go as planned financially, that it was taking it’s toll on me mentally in my self worth. The two are connected. I also felt shame for a long time for having to close my former business…I lost a huge piece of my identity as I did it for 5 years. I had many reasons for closing it but most were for how people (including my husband) made me feel. Now I realize, those are all things that I have to work on with inner work. With the help of Marie (her Marie TV, Podcasts and especially her book, Everything Is Figureoutable), I believe I can finally figure out the next chapter in my life. I even connected with the advice at the end where she called out, Monica about her age. I have been doing the same thing and I’m only 53…so need to change that mindset as well. Sooooo much to think about and work on…thank you so much, Marie (and Greg) for everything you do to help people like me find and feel more like themselves! I’m working on finding my identity and find ME!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Della, we’re so glad to hear the conversations in this episode resonated deeply with you! It sounds like you’re absolutely doing a lot of incredible inner work in these areas, so keep up the fantastic work. We’re excited for you and this next chapter, and just think of all you’ve learned along the way through your previous experiences, and can more effectively build upon this time around! I have a feeling you may also find this episode supportive:

      Thank you for being here and sharing! XO

  18. Rachel

    So this is the 2nd email that’s dropped to my inbox today about shame and it’s intrinsic link to self worth ( the other was about recovery from trauma). It’s really been a “shit I do this” kind of day…so we, yeah off to work on that now!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Don’t you just love those synchronicities from the Universe, Rachel?! We’re sending you big hugs and lots of support as you do this inner work – it’s not easy, but so worth it. Please know you’re NEVER alone in experiencing these things – we all go through it in our own ways in life ❤️

  19. Beth

    Your advice to Monica resonated 100% with me. Thanks for the reminder that those of us in our 50’s are still vital and have so much to still contribute to the world!

  20. Jacqui

    That part about reimagining/rethinking it is the best take away for me too.
    Thank you!

  21. Benson Modie

    Great tips….thanks! I have done a lot of freebies myself but that was when I had a full-time job. But now since my contract came to an end earlier in the year I have taken a break from giving free service. However, I know I will do so again in the future because it’s something that seems part of my culture, particularly when it comes to my purpose-drive.

  22. Elizabeth

    I loved this episode and especially appreciate your ways to discuss money. If you are told there is no pay for your service that has been requested, how can you say no just as powerfully and eloquently? I would love to hear your suggestions. Thank you Marie and team Forleo! XO

  23. Yes – know your value! When I am approached to provide free services that I just can’t help with I always have a list of alternative solutions for those people. If they can’t afford my services then there are a ton of resources out there or perhaps more affordable businesses that can help.
    Also, by bringing up the subject of pay immediately it avoids the awkward conversation down the road and it’s really doing both of us a favour. No one feels good about themselves taking something from someone else but they just might not be in a position to pay. So getting clear at the onset helps both parties. Thank you Marie and team so much!!!

  24. Anfal

    Marie! Today’s episode is a GOD sent, because I needed to hear both of their situation and what they were going through (usually this does not happen) since I do have a problem with getting paid for what I do as well as I am currently in the phase where I removed myself from my business for a few months and now I am not sure on how to go back and how to structure it.
    The thing that triggered me to start investigating into myself, especially with the fact of not being paid is the word “resentment” (besides the self worth) as I have been thoroughly investigating into what makes someone feel this way, and I realized that this has been the reason of many things that have happened with me and now I am trying to completely uninstall all the symptoms that made me feel resentment.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear this was just what you needed, Anfal! While it’s not easy, it’s so powerful that you’re working through your feelings of resentment in different contexts. I think you may also find this episode helpful in the process: XOXO

  25. FUCK YA. Yes. Yes. Yes. OWN THINGS & GET PAID. I am so behind this.

  26. Dude – this episode was like a one-two punch for me!
    I totally related to Moradeun (and Josh – I’ve done MORE than my fair share of ‘opportunity’ acting projects!). I’m capable, reliable and have a reputation as someone who ‘getts shit done’. Hearing those responses like, “This sounds so great, what’s your BUDGET?” – G O L D – what a great reply – this is going in my toolbox- thank you!!

    And ‘Follow the joy’… yes! I’ve been toying around with returning to being a shopkeeper – I loved it so much and there is an opportunity for me to do this where I’m living now – I’ve put it out there and have been waiting for the space, and I can feel in my BONES that I’m chomping at the bit to get started, whether it’s in that rental space I’ve waiting for or not. Thank you for helping me to identify this feeling as JOY and that it’s time to shed these other ‘occupations’ and move forward w/out FEAR!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, Dawn! We can feel your excitement and love that you’re committed to following your joy. Excited for you as you feel your way into your next joyful steps!

  27. You all are so inspiring! We all need a bit of reinforcement. I just recently launched my own business and I am trying to figure things out, which I think the most difficult part so far is conveying my passion to others, especially in a competitive market place; there are good days and days where I second guess myself, it comes in waves…but trying to push forward and not give up, and hoping all of my work pays off at the end providing me financial prosperity. xoxo

  28. What a powerful episode! It felt so good to hear that if I don’t succeed in fulfilling a goal in the past, it doesn’t mean I can’t try it again. You’re giving me the courage to continue to transition my business to one that truly lights me up! I’ve been using the daily practice and book to train my mind. This video just pumps me up to keep going!

    Thank you!

  29. Lea Peters

    This completely resonated in me today! I just “lost” a career opportunity because I asked for more money and said I felt I was worth it. I was getting down on myself, and even regretting asking for the amount I asked for, but this episode made me feel so much better! I am worth what I asked and it’s unfortunate he didn’t see it, too! Thank you, Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Way to go, Lea! We’re proud of you for asking for what you’re worth. And glad this was reassuring for you! Keep standing for your worth, we’re cheering you on over here ❤️

  30. Donna Murphy

    Good morning Marie,
    This is a gigantic issue with me. Universe is always at work, just have to be alert and seize the signs/direction. I say that because deep in my core has been brewing on this subject including points that might not be popular or understood but is my story and my real life experience. Thank you.
    Have a beautiful day.

  31. Amy

    This is a super timely episode! I’m in a small group of women supporting each other as we grow our businesses and yesterday we were just talking about charging what we’re worth. I can’t wait share this with them!

    For me, though the biggest take away was the statement, “Clarity comes through engagement, not thought.” I paused the video wrote it down, rewound so I could hear you say it again! I’ve stuck it on my computer monitor so I’ll be reminded of that regularly!

    Thanks so much for all you do, and the wisdom you share!

  32. Isa Lamarre

    Thanks again for that beautiful and inspiring moment. I am 36 years young and somedays I feel like 92 years too old. I understand that the joy is not enough in my life right now and only me, myself and I can bring it back. Thanks for that reminder. Peace and Love.

  33. I am 62 and always growing and begin again attitude it takes training of the mind . Yes for the new 60’s love the energy you put in the world…. thank you

  34. Mona

    Your reframe for Monica’s situation was exactly what I needed to hear on so many levels. I can apply ‘what if I saw X to the perfect end’ to my e-shop as I want to focus on redefining my career. Closing it down is just the ‘perfect end’ to that iteration. What’s liberating about this reframe is that there is no guilt, shame or feelings of failure for doing so. When the time comes I’ll be able to birth a new iteration without much resistance.

    The other situation I can apply ‘what if I saw X to the perfect end’ is to a friendship that recently came to an abrupt end. I was troubled by the ending, I felt powerless, rejected and full of self-blame. I knew that I had to assign an empowering meaning and this is the missing step I needed prior to doing that. Now I understand what Marie meant by saying ‘see life as working for you instead of to you’ in EIF. I’m no longer the victim in this situation. Hurrah! I get it! Much ? Marie & Team Forleo.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Mona. Way to assign those empowering meanings, even to life’s more challenging situations! We’re proud of you and are sending lots of love and support your way ? XOXO

  35. This is coming at the perfect time for me as I’ve just raised my prices in my business and it has literally paralyzed me as this outside shift wasn’t reflected inside. Gotta do the inside work first! Thank you <3

  36. Annie H.

    I watched it and it brought great joy to my heart. I’m a stay at home Mom. With no pay check. My husband and I built our own straw bale home. I help him manage his construction business and manage the home and family. We have two beautiful teenage boys aged 15 and 17. I studied in fashion design and have worked making clothing, leather goods, shoes, millinery, draperies… I grow a big garden and raise animals to be as self sufficient as possible. I can chop wood, start a generator, drive a tractor. You get the idea!?I have often been told, that because I stay at home, that I do nothing. I struggled with this a lot in the past. But I am claiming my self worth and today’s MarieTV drove it home. I’m going to put myself on the payroll! I will revisit BSchool and figure out how to get my creative juices flowing again and get a creative business of my own going. Sending Love and Light your way Marie and Team Forleo! You guys are on FIRE! Keep on doing your beautiful, inspirational work that brings out the best in everybody!!!?✨?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      You are simply AMAZING, Annie! Look at all of these incredible skills and talents you have, while also being a fantastic mum and wife. We can feel your excitement about expressing your creativity in new ways, and putting yourself on the payroll. Hooray! It’s SUCH an honor to have you as a part of the B-School family. Please keep us posted! XOXO

  37. GREAT show. Totally noticing the subtle image of you and Oprah included on the right

  38. Anastasia Kingsley

    Dear Marie (and Greg)!!

    This episode really rang my bell. I feel like a combination of the two women. I am both multitalented, underpaid (first woman) and have a dream but somehow stuck in the mud and aged 57 years.

    I just left a relationship and found a bright spacious apartment for my family. That was a month ago, and I’m beginning to rekindle my dream. I started a vision board of learning and writing blog entries every week. I love writing but just need to shift into consistency and better organization.

    It’s all coming together, actually. I too like Monica have a safe income as a sworn translator. My income is too low, but I haven’t quite figured out how to change it. My dream is to work as an all- purpose relocation coach for wanna be expats to the gorgeous and sublime Republic of Croatia. I gave some ideas ?- and they are multifaceted but in small, medium and large packages. Basically I hold your hand while you get assimilated – residency, health care, language, schools, cultural idioms and how to start your own business. I had to figure all these things out myself.

    I heard, if you are trying to leave the past behind, create yourself a future you can be proud of. That’s what I’m starting to do now.

    Marie you’ve had an amazing impact on my life. Thanks for keeping it real.

    Big love ❤️ ,

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re sending so much love your way for this next chapter, Anastasia, it sounds like you’re off to a wonderful start and your mindset is amazing ❤️

  39. Once again I find myself doing things in the right way, business wise, yet can now tweak my thinking to bring in the income I desire. I’m not cheap, I’m inexpensive. Cheap is quality while expense is abundance. My goal is to reach out to those folks who have the hardest time developing their mindsets to rise above the ill waters they are in and give them the means to excel beyond their wildest dreams. I want my prices small to allow these good people the means to rise up above their set points and into their abundance. Then they will be able to expand and grow with my colleagues who can take them further into their abundance, like your b-school program, as an example. My charge, at $100/session, will then become more beneficial when it becomes a personal growth issue. I believe in working with both the client and my fellow coaches. We are a team that can work very well with one another to build our collective abundance levels to even greater abundance for ourselves.

    Right now I’m not making any money from my coaching, but I’m working with people who not only have no money, but are way too scattered in their thinking in order to allow themselves the benefit of a more disciplined structure. Once they get to that point, I’ll be able to charge my rate to them so that they become more disciplined in their thinking and will be able to excel beyond their wildest dreams. I have the financial backing which will allow me the time to build the clients I do work with, as allow me to progress my sideline jobs to bring in my abundance and excel beyond my own limitations and build even stronger alignments through my colleagues’ structures.

    I see, by your shiny example, that you do pretty much the same thing, but a little differently than me. Together we build the world unto a greater tomorrow. Thank you for allowing me to grow with you and be able to reach others in a manner not available on our own.

  40. Marie, your comment to Monica about reframing her belief about closing her studio made me cry my eyes out. I really needed to hear that. I had to close my studio gallery years ago to pay off my student loans, and am getting back into the swing of connection by being a resident artist in a gallery in an arts collective. I’ve been showing at artwalks and now have a space in our gallery to do healing through art classes. I had to take on more side job work after getting rear ended in a car collision, it changed my ability to lift and sell at 3rd party venues where I have to take all my stuff there and do setup and breakdown. Doing less work for my business, after a year of almost doubling my profits because I added new offerings, and now working more for 2 other companies to pay the bills (instead of just one side job), has been very demoralizing. I do feel that because I am a small person physically it is better for me to have less physical labor involved in my business – so that version of pushing myself to be Shera all the time came to it’s perfect end. In this time of adaptation and my spirits being down, being confused about how to prioritize, I feel the day to day challenge is not being pissed off about the unknowns of the process. I understand it’s putting me on a trajectory towards something healthier in how I make money, I honor the process, but my levels of overwhelm sometimes get the better of me. For the last year, even when having barely enough to feed my husband and I because of my lost income, I have saved for B school and I am almost at my goal to be able to start in February of 2020. Your wisdom, depth and practicality have helped me so much with just your free offerings, and I am SO looking forward to being a part of the B School community soon and having personalized help. I appreciate you so much, Marie and Team Forleo, for your beautiful hearts. I can feel the huge love from here. <3

  41. LeeAnn

    Wow!Marie you really using your gift much appreciated.God Bless you .Ann

  42. Vibeke

    A magic moment. I sent out this topic and questions yesterday to the universe and here they come. Thank you for your uplifting knowledge and intelligent advises. Lots of love, Vibeke 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Vibeke – we LOVE that! So glad this arrived at the perfect moment for you ✨

  43. Love, love, love this! Both calls spoke to me. Knowing my worth. The example that Marie shared about her beau, Josh, hit me between the eyes. After that call, I paused the video and responded to an email invite for me to participate (once again) on a committee. I declined, for the time being. I’m working on getting funded (I run a nonprofit). Once I begin receiving funding, then I can participate. First, get paid, then do the work, now that I have the experience (just like Josh), I’m in demand, yet knowing my worth, will keep me focused on the $$$ AND the work will follow. It’s not a this or that, it’s more a this AND that. The blessing is also ridding myself of the feeling of being taken for granted. I’ve watched as they (agencies) have brought others in as paid experts for events when I know that I too could show up in that capacity. I felt the shift when I sent the email. Thank you!

    • Helen

      Ditto! I’m in exactly the same boat and that message was GOLD to me also. It is within OUR power to create our own boundaries and make our own choices. Follow that joy ?✨

  44. Toni

    I love the concept of not seeing something is a failure but as ending complete where it’s supposed to be. Thanks for the motivation to move forward with a new vision!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Toni, we hope that reframe is SUPER helpful for you. That’s always our goal. Bring that vision to life!

  45. Amanda Sloan

    Following the joy, its such a good indication. Also what do you think about commission on work that’s accepted? Like do the work etc and then if we like it buy it? Thanks.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Amanda. That’s a great question that would, of course, depend on the situation, your gut hit, your business needs, and the relationship with the person you’re dealing with. The most important point that Marie wanted to emphasize was getting your worth and being happy with your decision. You’d be the perfect judge of that. We hope that helps!

  46. Darini

    Hi Marie!
    Thank you sooo much for today’s episode! I’m an adjunct professor who puts in a lot of service at the university I work at, and recently for various reasons mostly because of I’m underpaid and always put my students and the institution first I decided that from now on I will ask to be stipended for my faculty initiatives wherever I think there might be funds that can be tapped into for my unpaid service & not feel guilty about renumeration for my labor but owning my self worth.

    I also working on my PhD while teaching full time at two colleges, and have been struggling to get my mojo back to work on my PhD everyday like I want to. Once my semester was in full swing my PhD too a back seat to my teaching but if I learned anything from the second half of yr episode is to imagine the joy and engagement I have when I work on my PhD, and that I can just work on a small aspect of it to bring me into that joyful space of engagement instead of feeling bad about dropping the ball on my PhD work routine and pick it back up and stop wasting more time feeling bad about falling behind or feeling stuck. So it’s about jumpstarting one’s mojo! Thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Rini, goodness you’re amazing! Look at all that you’re doing and the lives that you’re changing. Most of all, we LOVE hearing that your PhD work can be joy and mojo filled. That’s awesome and know that we’re so PROUD of this thought and work. You’re doing it. xo

  47. Amazing Reframe re. that studio shut-down, Marie.
    OMG…..Thank You!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You’re SO WELCOME, Heloise. Thanks for being here with us. xo

  48. This was the first MarieTV episode I have watched. I started listening to Everything is Figureoutable a couple of weeks ago, and finding Marie could not have come at a better time! I have had a pretty lucrative career in real estate for a while but long to do something more meaningful, especially after a recent loss and bout with depression last year. I spent hundreds of hours reading and researching in order to figure out how to find my way back to happiness and peace again, and I long to share my journey and what helped me with others. I finished writing a book about it a couple of months ago, got my coaching certification last month and started a blog two weeks ago. While all of this is exciting, it’s also daunting. It seems like a giant mountain to climb with no map showing the best route to take. I also have a daughter in college to consider and thus cannot work for free. This was much-needed encouragement today! I will continue listening until I figure out this next step of my life as well!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Jennifer, WELCOME WELCOME! We’re so glad that you’re here. Congratulations on all the amazing work you’ve done and what you’ve created already. That takes so much courage and we’re so happy for you. xo- Team Forleo

  49. I have to agree with Greg here about that little reframe you did for Monica. I so often get stuck in the past like I’m going to time travel and pick right back up where I left off, but that’s not quite how reality works. Reframing unfinished business as finished for that step or that experience was kind of mind blowing so I’m going to try and do that with some projects I haven’t been able to let go of and see what happens! Either way, I’m excited to close those chapters!

  50. Thank you Marie for bringing light to this very important and often difficult topic! I founded my company Own Your Worth to give women the tools to change their relationship with money, negotiate for their value, and create the lives and careers of their dreams! I left my corporate career in Human Resources to shine light on the negotiation process so people can have the tools, language and skills to effectively do their great work in the world and be paid competitively. Your practical advice here is so appreciated. <3 Ashley

  51. Kerdu

    It’s amazing how Marie can just shift your mind in a different direction with a simple yet very productive advice. I feel like there’s something new I can learn from her every day?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We believe the same thing, Kerdu. She’s pretty special and we’re so glad that you see that too. xo

  52. Ilana

    Hey Marie, I’ve followed MarieTV casually for a couple of years and recently subscribed to your CopyCure emails, which eventually brought me here.
    I love this idea of you doing a call-in show – this is my first episode watched! So great how you were able to individually inspire people who opened up with their particular struggles and, I could tell, you listened carefully to what they were going through and give them advice on their own level. I have to admit that when people talk about “following the joy,” I tend to roll my eyes because when you’re stuck in a rut sometimes EVERYTHING can seem either joyless or just terrifying! But what I took away most from this episode was the retrospection exercise you did in order to re-frame the caller’s view of her past ‘defeat’ as instead an opportunity to re-do the whole venture in a way that truly reflects her mission and what she would love to do with her time (and none of what she doesn’t). I look forward to seeing more!

  53. Any Retap

    He laborado 16 años para el estado, con un sueldo minimo, trabajando horas extras y con la amenaza de que no tendre mas contrato de trabajo. y he tenido miedo de dejar este empleo, siento que no se hacer otra cosa mas que tramites administrativos, y este post de Marie Forleo me impulsa a continuar estudiando y practicando un tema que recien conoci, no me rendire, y le dire adios a mi jefe.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so sorry to hear what you’re going through with your job but know that we believe in you and will be here to inspire you and cheer you on every step of the way.

  54. Love the insights that following the joy and asking for what you worth are not inborn practices or frequently instructed principles. We have to work hard to believe and activate these things.

  55. Words of wisdom all the way through, as usual. Monica if you are reading this, I’m 54 and attempting to write my first novel. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Also, my father is 96 and he is the oldest person to run across the U.S. You can google him. Last news video I’m aware of by CBS was aired on July 4th of 2019, “95 year old vet will run across the U.S. for a second time.” When he started this journey, he told me “I’m not sure I’ll make it this time BUT I’M SURE HAVING A LOT OF FUN TRYING!!!!” He is my true inspiration!!!–Other than Marie Forleo. I also want to add the winter I started writing my book (2017) is the same winter I discovered Marie, so thank you Marie. What matters the most to me at this point in my life is the journey and how much fun I have moving toward my destination. So have fun Monica with this dream of yours. The spark in me has returned and I’m in my 50’s too 😉

  56. I know Marie just dropped some serious wisdom, because Gregory and I just said “oh my god” at the EXACT same time.

    I wish I was making this up. lol

    “What if you were as successful as you could’ve possibly come, and you did see it through to it’s most perfect end, and then life supported you by bringing you a set of circumstances that required you to close down your original studio, gain some perspective, so that you could come back and give birth to something new that was more aligned with the who you are meant to be now?”

    Cue: “oh my god”

    Marie is the QUEEN of dropping wisdom but this almost takes the cake. It just flew out of her mouth so effortlessly… like a slip-n-slide, and I could tell how clearly she believed and meant it.

    • Sara

      Malory, yes! I felt exactly the same way. This one really hit home for me. Thanks, Marie, for offering alternative ways of seeing our world!

  57. Loved watching this one so much!!!!! Thank you for encouraging us all to own our worthiness and be paid for what we do best! <3 I resonated to having done lots of things for the sheer joy and ability to serve and know I have been learning this lesson and am ready to continue taking these steps! This felt so empowering!!!! So much love and gratitude!!! Thank you Marie and Team Forleo!!

  58. Barchi

    Ahh pure gold! I don’t know the name of the first woman but would just love to thank her for sharing her question … I wish I could hug you all … I felt my heart expanding as I was listening to this.
    I too can so relate as I can do many things and quite good I must say … and a lot of times I feel that I am just giving away these gifts as a saying in my country goes: throwing pearls to pigs. I need to start appreciating me and not waiting for the world to change .. thank you so much for this.
    It also came at the perfect time as I made some really stupid decisions which made me without energy and without any compensation whatsoever … I am not blaming anyone not even myself as it doesn’t help 🙂 But let’s go forward from here and make some new empowering choices … it is about time <3
    Thank you so so so much … big hugs

  59. Sally Oz

    Ok, going to say it straight up I don’t normally get into this stuff. I signed up for your email a while ago on recommendation from someone else and haven’t really looked at any of them…until today…
    WOW. In juts 20 mins of video I have written down 4 different major points for me. This video was so relevant to my life right now. If I needed a sign about my direction I have now well and truly received it.
    I love your sentence stems for bringing up payment for work. I have written these down on a sticky note and placed them on the side of my computer screen so I can memorise them!
    I also wrote down ‘clarity comes from engagement not thought’. I need to think over this one a bit more and would love some further explanation form you but I think it is relevant to me as I have drifted too wide and needed to go back to narrowing my focus.
    The final sticky note for me was ‘follow the joy.’ YES! Going to be having some ‘thankyou but no thankyou’ conversations after this video and I will now not feel guilty about them. I know where my joy is.

    Wow. Thankyou!
    Just so you know, I will be reading every email from now on 🙂

  60. Gotta follow my joy! So many moments made me tear up this episode. So grateful for you both and your team ?

  61. Emelyn

    I love this episode. Owning your worth is such an important takeaway for me. That really does show your confidence and allows you to take that leap towards your dreams. I am currently trying to make that happen, which brings me to a question that maybe I can get some input on. I want to start marketing myself online/social media. I have my personal account, which already highlights a lot of who I am. However, I am not sure if I should start a completely different account to market to my audience or just revamp my personal account. Just really want to put myself out there but not sure of the nest way to do it!

  62. Helen

    This was special. I just LOVE these live call-in shows but this one really touched my heart ?

    Moradeun’s situation is so relatable – and Josh’s story too! I appreciate the advice that the boundaries can also include work for free, if that is what you want to do – and the reminder that we have control of our own choices. Resentment be gone! ?

    And that was some serious #MarieMagic shifting the perspective for Monica.
    “You’ve got to follow that joy and follow that energy. It’s a real indicator of your life force.”
    Boom!! ?✨

    Much love & gratitude, and big thanks to Monica & Moradeun for having the courage to get vulnerable so we could all receive Marie’s wisdom in response???

  63. Sylvia McIntosh

    I loved the idea of being led to start again without the old baggage of what the old art business included that she didn’t like.
    I also needed the reminder that I must claim my worth before anyone else will recognize it. Thank you!

  64. Just really on point.

  65. Hi Marie! I’ve just stumbled upon your video via YouTube. I’m from the Netherlands, 30 years old and for almost 2 years now I feel really stuck in my life. I had a bore-out where I lost my joy in life. Getting your mojo back as spoken about in the episode is something I also want. I also am multi-talented but it feels that what I’m doing now as a freelance designer isn’t what gives me fulfillment any more. I’ve read dozen of self-help books, watched hundreds or even thousands hours of YouTube selfhelpguru’s and listen to lots of podcasts. It feels like I’m stuck at a certain level and I want to become better but I don’t know how to get myself in the flow again. Working feels like a filthy word. In the past I had joy in what I did and got some great clients in branding design, but after a while I did work just for the money and trying to learn webdesign and lost my vibe because I failed and got lots of complaints from clients. Since then it feels more of a struggle and now I’m so focussed on making money to paying my bills. Just the focus on money makes me sick, but I need it. How can I come back in that vibe of doing what I love and get paid for something I’d really love, like coaching or making music or just writing. And even more, how to stay in that vibe and not falling back after a while? Wish you all the best and thanks for your inspirational content and loving attitude!

  66. I love this idea of following your own joy and excitement – paying attention to what you say and how you sound – to what lights you up. Also I thought the advice you gave the caller to start small in reinventing her project was such a simple, perfect solution to the fear and overwhelm: just make a start! I love every reminder to take action instead of ruminating in my little brain spiral. Owning my worth is most definitely something I have struggled with as well. Thank you for these important ideas of guidance that you offer.

  67. Train that mind like a puppy to come back to the thought you want, to this moment.
    This is my best reminder from this episode!
    Thanks Marie & Team

  68. Becca

    I love the piece advice where you said “what if that dream, project, etc. had reached the perfect ending” totally blew my mind.
    I have been really hard on myself lately in trying to follow my dreams and passions because of so many other “failures” in the past. I’m inspired and super motivated to try to re-frame my thoughts from ‘something failed’ to ‘that project, passion, or learning experience reached it’s perfect ending!!!

    • Anji Harris

      I agree, Becca! That piece of advice has literally just shifted something within me. It resonated so deeply. I feel like years of heavy baggage I’ve been carrying about past failures were just lifted.
      Hope you continuing moving forward with this new mindset and make something beautiful! Best wishes.

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        We’re so happy this was a powerful shift in perspective for you, Anji and Becca! ❤️

  69. Follow the Joy! Love It !

  70. Alison

    This was a really helpful episode – thank you. In particular the reframing of the past. I’ve just started a new job and it has brought up feeling of a previous time that didn’t work out as expected. Reframing that previous experience will be really useful going forward.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Alison – we’re so glad to hear this reframe was helpful. Wishing you incredible success and joy in your new job with all the wisdom you’ve collected from previous experiences!

  71. Anji Harris

    Wow! It’s like 3:08 am CST and I was going through my email and saw this week’s episode. So glad I clicked and watched! Both questions were so in line with where I am today that’s it’s almost a little scary. I felt like Moradeun and Monica were like kindred spirits. I too have many gifts and talents that I offer to people just because I love helping others and seeing others realize their full potential. However, I end up doing a lot of work and not getting paid. Even though sometimes people will ask me upfront what I charge and I still won’t charge and shy away from setting a price. I don’t know why I do that. I guess I felt like because I wasn’t formally trained, schooled or experienced that I couldn’t charge. But like Moradeun, I’m like a sponge when it comes to learning and adapting. I can pick something up and know it well in little or no time but I guess something in me feels like an imposter, so charging for my services would be wrong even though what I’m producing is high quality!
    Then Monica’s experience with wanting to get back to her passion but feeling stuck was again, something I am experiencing. I tried launching this same business twice in the past. The second time I got much further along than the first, but I felt bad that I didn’t finish. It’s been challenging starting again but this dream will not let me go! I’ve been wanting to try again but I’ve been hesitant because it’s like I had this pattern of starting but not finishing well. But Marie’s amazing advice to reframe that thought “that I was as successful as I could have possibly been and that I did see it through to its most perfect end!” has literally just set me free!! That was a WORD I needed to hear. It just puts a different perspective on everything. That subtle shift in how we think can make all the difference. Thanks, Moradeun and Monica for sharing your stories. I wish you both much success as well as all of you on the platform pursuing your purpose! And THANK YOU MARIE!! For always sharing your gift, heart, passion, and wisdom with us. You are truly a gift. XOXO

  72. Follow the joy! THANK YOU

  73. Extraordinary! On the money! Sooo helpful!! Loved the 57 young, focus on our joy and the future, ask for what you need ($$), seeing ourselves in a beneficial light, and how encouraging and lovingly supportive you are! Suberb! Will watch it again! (My website needs work! I’ve got to get my vidoes done. You’re a great support and inspiration, THANK YOU TONS!)

  74. This is such a powerful episode from every way. I resonate with her story massively. When I was in Corporate & serving in >7 industries money was always discussed first – however within limits. I was side hustle queen for years –

    However, when I became full-time entrepreneur, I realized where worth was tied to external, vs eternal & internal, and limiting beliefs of “I can’t create what I love & make money abundantly”. Massive focus on love & reframing beliefs.

    And, totally agree with prosperity is our birthright & not a mindset I grew up with like many of us.

    Love that you cover we get a choice if we want to do for free (which I do). And, I did put myself in positions like she mentioned where “why didn’t they bring up” vs stepping into power up front.

    So different, now – clearly have outlined with our online & events & brand retrainers. The shift is amazing & continuing to shift.

    Just finished your book as well & Day 2 of the Day 7 activity &today doing the 100 year activity from my future self. LOVING IT & so so sso grateful for your heart & soul & service to the globe! Joined your Kiva team too!!!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Go, Katrina, GO! We love hearing about your journey with this, thank you for sharing it here. Such powerful shifts! So happy you’re taking action and doing all the activities in the book, too! Team Forleo is wishing you much continued success and growth. XOXO

  75. As always I love your helpful advice and comments and learn so much . I agree there are times one should work for free and I do, but another way looking at things is not just about your self worth but realizing that if you do this work for free you are taking food away from someone who desperately needs the money and who may be asked to do the work for money if you refused to do it for free. You are in effect not only devaluing yourself but the work and that of others in your industry, making it difficult them to earn a decent living.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What an excellent point, Mason – thank you for sharing this incredibly important perspective here!

  76. HI Marie and Greg- Great shares on some very valuable and practical information:-)
    What I have been looking for is the ‘actual’ dollar amounts I should be charging clients when I do provide my services as ‘paid’ services rather than the parts I provide ‘free’.
    For example how do you decide and actually set dollar prices on your single sessions, packages, etc. for what you provide; ie. coaching sessions, consultations for a service(s) you provide?
    Many coaches say to charge a small amount, many say to charge larger amounts and their clientele ‘will’ pay those amounts and your clientele will get ‘weeded out’ to who you ‘really’ should/would want as your clientele.
    I’ve created a very ‘unique’ product/intangible service/business so even with ‘research’ there may be some people doing something ‘similar’, but not even close to ‘the same’ type of work so I don’t have anything to ‘compare’ it to when researching my target market, niche market. general market.
    So much of what the woman in your interview/transcript here really resonated with me because I too am what is now referred to as a ‘multi-passionate’ and although we may have been referred to in the past as ‘jack/jill of all trades, master of none’ We know ourselves that that is oftentimes very far from the truth and that many of us are in fact Masters of many.
    I have combined two things that I am very good at and really enjoy into One business that I offer options in but I do not know ‘how to’ find the actual ‘prices’ in dollar amounts to charge people and I don’t have any more ‘energy’ in the form of ‘money’ to keep paying out for finding this out and for doing the actual things like paying a webmaster, etc. * Like many of us who are multipassionates I have learned on my own things like photography/editing, website building/maintenance, etc. but I cannot sustain all of this on my own any longer. Several times I have had to put this business and passion ‘on the back burner’ but each time I do this, I know in my heart of hearts and top of mind that I am not utilizing the gifts, talents, and life experience that I have been so gratefully given and this once again prompts me to pick it up again and see how to move forward in different ways.
    So, back to my main question: How do we actually decide on a monetary price that we are ‘worth’ when we are providing our services?
    * secondly- since most businesses, even small ones operate in some form online, how can we get help with things like creating buttons/ plugins in order for clients to click on to Pay us via services like PayPal, etc.
    Alot of creatives, multi-passionates know ‘how to’ provide our services, our passions but we are not ‘technically’ inclined and may not have the money as an energy exchange to get that necessary help that would help our businesses take off and this ‘how to’ like creating a pay button on our website may be a 10 minute simple task for someone in the the technical web developer world.
    Any helpful suggestions, guidelines, etc. would be most appreciated 🙂
    ~namaste and thank you

  77. SK

    Just watched your podcast: “Secret-to-getting-paid-knowing-your-worth-overcoming.”
    Inspired. Several takeaways like follow the (your) joy & focus keep coming back to the inspired moment. Liked the prompts concerning paid for your work when it comes to those soliciting your work. The convo prompts like sounds exciting, “What’s your budget & here’s my day rate/ hourly rate, makes working it into the conversation upfront less awkward. Thanks

  78. POWERFUL RESPONSE to your second caller. Unfortunately, I don’t think she saw the power in your response. I loved it. Word in this season.

  79. tina johnson

    Marie – I’ve just recently started listening to your podcasts. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of identifying exactly what someone needs to get moving in the right direction. I’m always inspired. …and still working on putting your words & insights into action.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Tina, thank you for those kind words! We’ll be here rooting for you as your spring into action on your dreams.

  80. Diana López

    Thank you for that : I decide what activities do for free. It sound so empowering!!! Thank you.

  81. Yes Greg… oh my G-d! Marie you’re brilliant… new vision and starting from a better place! Soooooo happy to have heard that, I’m resurrecting my personal chef service in Cape Town and this is the perfect way to look at it!

  82. Marie, You guys are just beautiful! Tearing up here – thank you for all you do to inspire and help people out of their funk and step into their power! Beautiful xxx

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad it struck a chord in the best way. Here’s to people getting out of their funk and stepping into their power!

  83. People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. So if you don’t know your self worth, you’ll sell yourself short and others will mishandle your talents and abilities. Sometimes we are kind to a fault. So I understand that mindset of expecting others to treat me the way that I have treated others. But there will always be someone or people who are always looking for a break, a discount, or a favor simply because of your kind disposition. But let’s face it. You can’t operate your business and expect to grow exponentially based on doing a favor, giving a discount to EVERYBODY that you feel is a nice person. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

  84. As long as you think your clients will not pay you, they won’t! If you THINK you are worth blank amount for said work, despite what some of your competitors may be charging, you will GET PAID. Also, the burden isn’t on you to say yes, or no. It’s on the client to decide. You just need to state your price confidently and shut up. Often, we take the mindset of the client, decide they can’t afford it bla bla bla. Stay in your own head, state your price and again, shut up, no apologizing, no excusing.

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      Great thoughts and insights, Cathie, thank you so much for sharing!

  85. Gretchen

    Yes! I’m crying with the aha moment with the first caller, as well as others are I’m sure! I’ve been complaining about working for 3 years with no raise, keeping the children of a family…I call myself a “professional parent” because I’m doing ALL the things parents do in the afternoon with 2 autistic boys. No mention of a raise has EVER been approached, and I’ve been feeling resentful for quite a while now. I know I’m worth it, they most likely don’t have a clue as to what I do/deal with on a daily basis….this and I’ve been trying to get an Organizing/Unpacking (unpack clients after moving) business off the ground. It’s been S L O W going, and I’m thinking relators/movers/builders would love to gift some of my time to their clients but can not get anyone to bite… feeling that I have talent/knowledge/dedication to this but don’t understand why I can’t get any work. Which leads me to question my talent and wonder if I can ever make this business fly? thank you 🙂

  86. We catered a wedding recently and the bride is a Transpersonal Art Counsellor. Monica’s passion around her studio reminded me of this and I wondered if she had looked at any more formalised methods to deliver art and connect with the community in different ways? Just thought I would pass this along.

  87. EsMe G

    You guys are AMAZING!! You make my day better!! Thank you for your incredible contribution to this world! ??

    • Sarah – Team Forleo

      Thank you, Esme! We truly appreciate that ?

  88. Tanya

    I absolutely loved Marie’s advice about how past « failures » could actually be perfect completions to those projects because better ones were waiting for us in the future. Never perceived situations from that angle before but I love this alternative perspective!!! Thank you for verbalize it so eloquently and sharing it with us .

    • Sarah – Team Forleo

      Pretty freeing isn’t it, Tanya? We’re so glad this episode hit home for you and gave you a new perspective. Thanks for being here and sharing with us!

  89. I LOVE the nugget o’ wisdom!!! I talk about this in my work all the time but I love how you said it — “Owning our worth has to be an inside job first because when we own our worth, the world starts recognizing that we’re not going to budge.”

  90. Susette

    Thank you!,
    My 3 nuggets of wisdom from this session:
    1. money is an exchange of energy
    2. starting small doesn’t mean thinking small!
    3. clarity comes from engagement, not thought

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      Such great takeaways, Susette! Thank you so much for sharing!

  91. nataly arias

    wowwww that is such amazing insight. The way it ended was the perfect ending at that moment and now I can reimagine everything.

  92. Thank you thank you thank you and please come to Adelaide next time you visit Oz Marie!! It’s a small city yes but you would be shocked at how many would flock to see you!!

    It broke my heart I couldn’t get to another city to see you in person but I followed the journey and this episode truly resonated and inspired me to act!

    The biggest ah ha although there were many through the multiple times I watched this episode – ‘clarity comes from action not thought’. It’s really that simple right, I need to get out of my head and into clarity through implementation and action.

    Back to the daily practice to increase consistency.

    Thank you as always xx

  93. Renee – Team Forleo

    Yas, Tiffany! We’re so glad Marie’s journey inspired you! Clarity comes from engagement, not thought is one of the most powerful lessons. When we have *lived* experience and knowledge, that’s when real change happens. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, and have fun with that Daily Practice!

  94. I listened to three episodes today while driving and every word was meant for me. I appreciate the reframe of “not finishing” something to seeing it as having a perfect ending. It’s so true when I look back. While I trained and tried many things, not all of them were a “10” for me. However, I can see that none of it is wasted and all of it can be incorporated into what is now my “10.” I know that at my work is with family caregivers, supporting and affirming the work they do. While not all aspects of a business are what I enjoy I know I can find others who can help make my vision a reality. I know it’s all figureoutable! Thank you for your ever-present validation.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yes, Kathy! So glad these episodes brought you beautiful ah-ha moments! One of my favorite of Marie’s sayings is, “I either win or I learn, but I never fail.” And it’s true! Wherever life takes us, we can see every step of the journey as a learning experience. Thank you for sharing your heart, Kathy, and keep going!

  95. You know … you made me think, I never looked at it that way. If you are loyal hard working you should be aware of your word! Thanks for the thought!

  96. thank you so much marie for this
    m sure it gonna help many people in many ways

  97. Felt a profound shift when Marie said something about staying in the stuck place of something that didn’t work out before…I know logically that past experiences are goldmines of learning experiences, and yet it can be challenging to shift out of the disappointment energy of it. The “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” statement was really key for me on this issue!

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      Hi Jenny! It can be so challenging to move on and make a change, even when we know that past experiences haven’t worked out like we hoped. You’re absolutely not alone there. We’re so glad this resonated with you.

  98. As someone searching for answers on the how much and when to charge for services, this episode made an impact! Thank you !!!

  99. Thank you for this! My biggest takeaway from this is that money is an exhange of energy. If you’re using/providing your energy for someone else, why shouldn’t they pay back the energy (money)? I’m a small influencer and I’ve only done deals on trade basis so far. But after watching this, I am encouraged to start charging (at least a small fee) in exchange for my time, energy, and work.

    • Emily - Team Forleo

      That’s incredible, J! Baby steps are a great place to start. You’re absolutely right that you should be paid for your time, energy, and creative genius.

  100. Ana

    You know what I’m stuck. I like my job, I like being a mom. I’m so freaking good at so many things but I don’t get paid for all I know and do. I know I have a passion for helping people, I like training people how to get the job done. I’m incredibly social and able to speak in public without much fear. I’m Great at giving advise but can’t seem to focus my energy on one thing that I love. I don’t even know what the right path is for me. I see myself living in the house of my dreams and having enough money to not worry about much of what I worry about now. I see myself helping people and also helping big companies be aware of community needs. What is my calling. What is my perfect job. Why is it so confusing. How to I get there?

  101. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. The one advice I will always remember is also the mattress strategy. Loved it!

  102. Everyone should overcome shame, and one should always know thy worth. Thanks, to blog I have been inspired to create my passion, to start a blog “a guide to best loans in Denmark! “

  103. Simona Berman

    I am crying in the bathtub right now & my bathtub is about to overflow, but my cup runneth over as well LOL 🙂 Im so happy! I’ve never left a comment here, tho I listen to your podcast & just bought your book. I was falling down a dark hole today. A hole I’ve not looked down in a while. Trying to start my new career as a health coach, revamp my voiceover career, running a dog hosting business, volunteer at Campaign Against Hunger & working a job I don’t like w/a negative boss I have to deflect daily. As well as taking care of sick & broke parents. With a close to empty bank account myself, no savings (45 yrs young), & an unemployed husband. Oy. I’ve gone down dark holes before that led to a suicide attempt. Spoiler alert, I lived. 🙂 But today I found myself wondering why again. Why do I want to thrive in what seems like an often chaotic world, constantly struggling and not knowing my worth? I felt drained. Tho Im aware there are people in worse conditions. But sometimes… it just takes one 20 min podcast to turn everything around. That’s exactly what this episode did. The smile that grew on my face as Marie gave out advice & the hearing the callers turn their frowns upside down in their voices, was like, & yes I’m going to go there, the best orgasm ever! *Don’t tell my husband :)* I know it’s still a challenging road ahead, but apparently I just needed that one bit of light & sense of community to smack me on the ass *in a good way :)* THANK you so much for being you & all the challenges that went into creating who you are today! I am sending out light, love, & acceptance to everyone else out there who is struggling, no matter their circumstances. Let’s not give up! XO (exhale)

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Simona! Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your huge heart and story with us. We’re beyond grateful you’ve found inspiration and hope in Marie’s work. It’s funny how the messages we’re seeking always find us when we need them most. We’re honored to have you in our community, and keep going! All of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on.

  104. Joana

    You are really one of a kind, Marie! What a spectacular Coach you are. Loved the today’s episode. Thank you for lifting us and making us believe. Loved the Skype dance! What a laugh!

  105. Maja - Team Forleo

    So happy you enjoyed it, Joana! Thanks for being here!

  106. Kelly

    Thank you so much for this episode! I really enjoyed the power that you give to others to follow their joy.

    My favorite part of the episode was you two dancing to the Skype music. I do that too, and my husband always rolls his eyes. It brings me joy! 🙂 Thanks for being people first and professionals second.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES to dancing, Kelly! We’re so happy you loved it and are remembering to find the joy in all you do, too! Thank you so much for being here and watching.

  107. amy

    Thank you Marie,
    There are some tips that I so agree is that we do have so many gifts. However, we have to focus at one. By focus at one, we can take one step at a time to go small so that we can gain satisfaction and that motivate us to go further.
    The tips is Focus, go small and give yourself appreciation even there is no praise you.

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