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What if you could sit down with your coffee and pour out words that spark an aha, a revolution, or thousands of clicks to your “buy” button?

What if you stopped second-guessing yourself every time you sat down to write and the words just flowed — sounding as good on the page as they did in your head? Imagine: no more writer’s block, website shame, or devastating silence in response to your work.

Guess what? You can.

Those words — the words in your blog posts, emails, sales pages, headlines, business tweets, and all over your website — those are called copywriting. Or, “copy.”

They’re the words that inspire emotion and action. They’re words that sell. If you’ve been having trouble writing in a way that sounds like how you talk, and gets people to love and buy what you sell…

Good copy can work miracles in your business. And yes, you can write it.

Over the last few years, thousands of ambitious creatives and entrepreneurs have gone through our stellar writing program, The Copy Cure. Our students have seen enormous growth in comments, fans, and sales. Some even before they finished the course.

  • By Module 2, Mohamed had built an international community of over 6,000 members — from scratch! And in English, his third language.
  • In just 3 months, Carolyn and Cynthia went from $54,000 in sales to $119,000. Three months! And the only thing they changed was their copy.

If you’ve been a fan of this blog for any amount of time, you know how committed we are to serving our audience at the highest level.

Last year, our company did something big.

We took The Copy Cure, which had been doing well, and decided to make it 10,000% better. We analyzed over 16,000 survey responses from people who were struggling with their writing. Then we created even more training, tools, and exercises to help solve those exact issues, once and for all.

The response to the new program floored us. I was fielding DMs on Instagram and even my team members were getting texts from their friends.

Our students started sharing results like this:

The Copy Cure Marie Forleo Laura Belgray write copy that opens hearts and wallets

We believe in the power of using the right words to create positive change in the world.

We believe your voice deserves to be heard. We believe that your message matters. We believe the world really needs that special gift that only you have.

That’s why we’re offering a handful of scholarship seats to The Copy Cure.

This Scholarship Program Is Based On The Honor System

Getting an education isn’t easy. My early journey was filled with work-study gigs and, frankly, anything I could apply for that might possibly ease the financial burden on my family.

Education is the most powerful tool we have to transform our lives.  

If you’re familiar with my work, you know I believe that talent is universal, opportunity is not. That means we strive to make sure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from what we create, regardless of economics. It’s why 99% of our creative work is offered free of charge.

To be clear, our company is a for-profit business.

Our paid programs not only fund the production of our free content but also pay the salaries and benefits of everyone on Team Forleo who works to help produce what we feel is some of the best, most inspiring, and educational training in the world.

We’re grateful to host an audience that spans 195 countries. We’re aware of the vast range of economic realities that comprise our beloved audience, both domestically and abroad.

This 2019 Copy Cure Scholarship Program is based on the honor system. Please, only submit an entry for a potential scholarship if it’s truly needs-based. I’m entrusting you — on your honor — to apply for a scholarship because, without it, improving your writing skills with a program like The Copy Cure would not be financially possible right now.

In our selection efforts, we strive to focus on creatives from underserved and marginalized communities. Check out the details below, and get started. (Act fast, because the deadline is Monday, May 6th at 3pm eastern US time.)

The Copy Cure Scholarship Program

What it is: Complimentary access to The Copy Cure digital program.

How to be considered: Read the following questions and post your answer in the comments below. Make sure your response is 250 words or less.

  1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
  2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
  3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

Everything You Need to Know

  1. You apply with a written comment below. Yes, it must be public. No email entries will count.
  2. We’ll award a handful of scholarship seats. A specific number is not predetermined.   
  3. The entry deadline is Monday, May 6th at 3pm eastern and the recipients will be announced on Friday, May 10th by 5pm eastern.
  4. No purchase is necessary to receive a scholarship.
  5. We’re the judges and our decision is subjective and final. We respect, love, and appreciate you more than you know.

Remember: We’re looking for heart, creativity, kindness, and the ability to follow directions. Show us how stronger writing will help you reach your dreams and create meaningful change.



Our minds are BLOWN! Thank you so very much for all of the goodness, heart, and soul you shared. We read each and every word of over 1900 entries. Huge congrats to the following winners. Our team will be in touch with you via email about next steps.

  1. Amy Kim
  2. Lucy Kelly
  3. Kate Alexander
  4. Mo Mellady
  5. Marc Durand
  6. Stacy Franco  
  7. Zeba Adiba  
  8. Brook Slick
  9. Kris Evans
  10. Nyssa Everhart
  11. James Berges
  12. Adela Mei
  13. Mike Vaughn
  14. Amal
  15. Bradlisia Dixon
  16. Bertram



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  1. Anaïs Bourdon

    1) I enjoy the process of writing (like journalling, when I remember where my notebook is), but I am STRUGGLING TO WRITE TO SOMEONE in order to sell. Like I love singing in my car, but won’t make (any) money out of it… 
    2) My mission is that mothers DON’T FEEL the need to be empowered anymore. Just powerful and strong, beautiful and messy, lazy and unsure, stressed and [FILL THE BLANK], as we are. It is time to stop listening to all the b.s. around, embrace our feminine and mothering realities and be what we were meant to be while we’re here. Mamapower is a space where mothers can share EVERYTHING. Share the good, the shitty feelings, shame, pressure, the much needed imperfections, guilt, jugement, FEEL OK and LAUGH about it. And MOVE FORWARD.
    3) The Copy Cure would help me FIND MY TONE and GAIN CONFIDENCE in myself in order to connect to my so-loved french and spanish speaking mums’ community. As I am starting building my list, use the right words from the beguinning will save me time and energy, 2 really scarce resources for me these days… I also want toCONVERT and MAKE MONEY, as we need to eat (organic) and buy (preferably expensive and fancy) clothes. Joke aside, thriving mothers are much needed nowadays. They need a voice to suport them, make them laugh and take action toward THEIR goals. I want to be that voice, but I need some (fun and powerful) guidance to do so.

    • Milly Darwich

      Hello and thanks for this opportunity! It’s funny I don’t feel I struggle with my writing but at the end I don’t get the results I expect. I’ve always been a very specific person writing clear ideas in the fewer words but somehow something is not working.
      I have been a yoga instructor for 17 years, I also have an instagram account on yoga philosophy and one of gemstone jewelry. Besides their beauty, I see gemstones as a tool for connecting and healing the chakras or the subtle body. I also like to travel to India and take women with me, I have done this two years in a row. As you can see I do many things, I’m passionate about all of them; and following your advice I haven’t quit any of them, but at this point I don’t want to.
      I wanted to take this course the last time but I felt overwhelmed with so many things in my life. This time I don’t wanna let it go.
      My main mission with the writing is get to spread the knowledge about yoga philosophy cuz I feel people do the yoga postures but don’t always take it as a tool for improvement. I would like to increase my gemstone jewelry sales and get more assistance to my classes and courses, as well as take more people to India so they can be as passionate about yoga and this amazing country as I am.

    • @anaisbourdon. Great mission! You go girl!! Mommas need you??☺️?

    • After reading your response, I feel that you and I are on similar paths. I’d love to learn more about your writing and what you create for mamas. Where can I find your work?
      – Katie ( (Instagram: yogiandthehounds)

    • Beth Tarbell

      Fun is an important part of it for me too. I think that takes the “pain” out of learning and growing, or allows us to work through it…

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to receive admission to The Copy Cure!

    Over a year ago I started a blog about living mindfully and with intention. I have struggled with my relationship with food, anxiety and managing difficult emotions most of my life and I want to share my journey as well as provide insight on the tools that have made the most significant impact in my life.

    I am passionate about helping people through the dark nights, the long days and the moments of deep shame that end up damaging their self-esteem. I’ve been there. I’ve felt the vast loneliness, and I want people to know there is light on the other side.

    My biggest struggle with writing is perfectionism. I want my writing to be authentic, honest and well written. My message to be timely, valuable and encompass all my ideas.

    I over analyze, second guess and stall out until I’ve sat in front of the screen for two hours with only a header and a flashing cursor staring back at me.

    To be a better, more efficient writer, I feel more confident to share my voice with the world. To become a voice for those who are anxious, depressed, and lonely.

    My goal is to take this hobby and turn it into a business. My husband works long hours, and I would love nothing more than to remove some of the pressure off him for our financial success and live life on our terms.

    With gratitude,

    • My biggest struggle with writing, particularly for my business, is not getting the effect and results I want or hope for. I believe I write well, but my newsletters, blog posts and workshop announcements don’t have people knocking down my door. I don’t know why.

      My business is dedicated to changing the world through greater conversations. I founded a soft skills training company that uses theatre skills to create fun & impactful educational and speaking events. We have worked primarily B2B, though I have volunteered mine and my company’s time with local school districts and have found joy in teaching high school students how to stand and speak well for themselves. In the past couple of years, we’ve developed more woman-centric programming because there is a real need and I want to be a catalyst for women to learn to be unapologetic in speaking about their skills and abilities.

      I am a writer. I love writing. Well, actually…”I hate writing, but I LOVE having written.” Admission to The Copy Cure would help me to understand what/where my authentic voice lies and how to communicate it “on paper.” I want to get people as interested and excited about our events when they read about them, as when they attend them. Better writing can help me create access to better, more profitable conversations. And I know that conversations can change the world. LB

    • One of my biggest struggles with writing is that I’m too wordy. If there weren’t a limit of 250 words, I’d probably use thousands to then, finally, get to my point. This doesn’t serve me well in business. The other struggle is that I hate writing – because I know I’m not good at it. I find it excruciating and it takes me at least FIVE times longer to write even the simplest email compared to others.

      I’m just now starting a new business, after 3 years of not having any outside income. I used to have a business with my now ex-husband, who summarily asked for a divorce 6 days after asking me to leave our company. Hence the need to be very frugal.

      My business is all about helping women 40+ who are wanting to re-enter the workforce after a layoff, caregiving, etc. but because ageism, are having a very difficult time getting back in.

      The Copy Cure would benefit me greatly because providing content about the subject is key to my business. If I can’t write good content (and importantly, in a reasonable amount of time) my family and friends suffer while I spend all my waking hours in front of a screen instead of them. I used to be a workaholic. Probably the biggest reason for the divorce. I don’t want to make that same mistake again with my current boyfriend.
      Thank you for your consideration.

    • Manon

      Hi Tanya,

      I feel like we’ve walked similar roads. I know the darkness you’re talking about very well. Where can I find your blog?


    • Biggest Struggle: Direct heartfelt actionable words Coaching women for Momentum Build up. My Business: Empowering Working mothers coaching them into their inner wisdom (using Strategic Interventions Robbins-Madanes certification) and beauty including sensuality. Online Coaching using marketing tools I learned in B School.
      I intend to serve working mothers who believe in God and love to have fun but need help in transitions of life.
      I learned from Copy Cure from Marie TV; email and B School.
      I believe the Copy Cure will help my words be Actionable (strong meaning) and concise for Busy Women.
      Empowering mothers give stability to family and therefore society. If are happy, strong and capable this has a ripple effect. Women are role models. Final outcome is eliminating: family depression, school desertion, drug addiction, and homelessness. Women who nourish their families are able to help society far more than any other change you can give a community. A stable house is a force for change no one else can compare to. Women are that stable force. Portions of my business profits will help continue to give more free education and feedingthe hungry homeless.

  3. Deatria

    It’s funny, this age of tech and inundation of distractions… it’s frankly a bitch. And it’s even funnier that this age of tech is also an ocean of massive opportunity for connections, collaboration and the human landscape to evolve. I’d LOVE to be a part of that evolution through reaching my people with writing that is a sharp, beautiful javelin that pierces through the modern conundrum of online clutter.

    I’m an artist. A creatrix. And I do it because… I simply must! I also do it to share. To inspire. To ignite some spark in others that enriches their life force, and oozes more depth in this wild ride….

    By honing my writing voice via The Copy Cure, my dream of founding an arts-based community providing creatives with space to live, work, collaborate and organize transformational outreach will be that much closer to realization (anyone who’s seen The Barefoot Artist knows the power of creativity can literally change a life, or many).

    Thanks Marie, for this badass path to powerful self expression that gets shit done!


    • What a wonderful opportunity! I respect the work you are doing, and know may people going through your programs. I love reading what people are doing in the world to improve peoples lives. Writing has never been one of my strong assets. It is easier for me to speak than it is to write. I get overwhelmed with the process of writing. My work is to help women find their real voice, using their real words to begin to speak out of their wounds and to begin their healing process. My mission is to help women begin to peal their masks off, find their voice, and through this process they will begin to heal. We all have have wounds and experiences that need healing. Having stronger writing skills will help me articulate my mission so that it attracts my tribe, so the healing can begin. There is a lot of pain in the world, I see it on a daily basis. We must help with all our heart and soul.

    • Hi! Marie, Thank you for all your work and your passion you put out there in the world, it touches so many lives, it certainly has done mine.
      I was raised in South Africa came to Lisbon – Portugal when I was 14 years old. Couldn’t speak Portuguese so they put back two years in school. I struggled with Portuguese and still do until this day. Every time I write a formal letter, somebody has to check it, and with english, I do the same.
      I had to dedicate my life to learn Portuguese and got left behind in my English. So I can not write properly, and I feel I am not fluent and can’t get my ideas out in words.
      I have a dance school dedicated to women, I teach from Burlesque and Pole Dance to woman’s fitness. I am taking B- School and want to launch a new product that is Burlesque Fitness. In order to write on my blog of my site, write newsletters, or even improve my social media posts, I really need to be able to write better English and in the right way.
      My mission has been to help women, I help women that are shy, or have lack of confidence, that have lost touch with there feminity, or have suffered from some kind of abuse or are going through a divorce, etc, the stories of these women are incredible and their life change after taking my Burlesque courses are incredible. So I wanted to step it up and teach Burlesque Fitness so I can reach more women and help them through dance and fitness.
      Denise do Carmo

  4. Highly appreciated Marie and Marie’s Team,

    First of all, I am truly honored to have this opportunity. Honestly, when I see you, I see a woman worth admiring.
    And I don’t know if you have used it, but have you heard of Silva method? I suppose you did. Are you familiar with the Laboratory technique?
    Well, you are one of my advisors. Second one? I think you know him. The Giant (in every possible way) you and I love so much. I don’t know what will happen, but I wanted you to know that you are really important to me.
    Anyway, why do I need this scholarship in the first place? Well, I want to help people (“Well, who doesn’t, woman?”, right?) I know, but my people, Serbian people? They really need help, I mean, support in every possible way. I want to offer them hope through my coaching sessions. I want to listen to them. I want them to feel heard in this loud world. I want them to hear and rediscover their voice.
    I know for sure that this course will help me to reach to them. First, I will heal Serbian people (Boy, that will be amazing journey!) and then the world is mine. 🙂

    Sweet regards from me, dear people <3

  5. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? I think I get caught up too much in trying to make my website copy newsy and informative and not sure how to make it more “sale” – able. I train doulas through my website – so it is important to sound professional. I feel like I am not as professional as I could be. I also have a website that helps mom’s in general (see below).
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I serve mothers who want to become doulas. I also serve moms in order to help them feel supported in pregnancy and birth. In fact, I started a pregnancy and postpartum support groups called “B.L.O.O.M.” Bettering Lives of Outstanding Moms. I feel like my mission in life is to provide loving support to mothers.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? I think it would really help my business since I feel like I am over killing on information sometimes and do not know real marketing or “sale-able” words to use on my website. I also see it helping community since I do want to get the B.L.O.O.M. groups growing more and this is a community project to help support pregnant and postpartum mothers.
    What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? I think a tangible difference would hopefully create more “sales” on my website. The other portion would be helping obtain meeting location to space to knowing how to create excitement for the B.L.O.O.M. mothering groups. I feel like I lack the knowledge on getting information out there about B.L.O.O.M. – so I need help. I have applied before – but do not remember if I had mentioned B.L.O.O.M. This is a special place in my heart to help mothers this way. Thanks! I am putting the BLOOM site as my main need for help – but my secondary site is for doulas in training.

  6. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle with writing is feeling that what I’ve written exceeds expectations – finding the “right” words, writing it so that the reader can’t put it down. I’m good, I’m close, I’ve done work that I’ve been paid for but a little here, or a little there. Not consistently and not enough to make a living. I LOVE writing, but I know I’m missing a certain something that would catapult me and it kills me not to know what that is.

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I’ve had a blog for 7 1/2 years and self published a book 3 years ago, as well as my website (below). I, too, did work study in college and was raised not just below poverty, but dysfunctional. My 3rd grade teacher made such an impact on my life that I ended up being a foster parent for 12 years, adopting 5 kids, having 5 stay long term and 8 biological children – after infertility. I’ve been divorced and now have a blended family (of course there’s a BIG story here!). I never finished college but I know I’ve done my best raising those 18 kids and I’ve never felt like I’ve given up anything. My desire is to have the ability to bring in money as a digital nomad – location independent. To help others bring content to life while supporting our family financially is a dream.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? I put a post on Facebook and then asked friends who are in the branding, web, writing world for suggestions on the best copywrite course. This one came up every single time. A couple times under your name and a couple under the course name. When I realized they were all the same recommendation, I knew I’d found my people. My business would flourish and finances wouldn’t be so stressful. My family could have more time with me and less stress. My community would know that when they come to me for their writing needs, I will exceed their expectations. Less stress, a relaxed environment at home, versatility in my workplace (digital nomad baby!). More of me in all the places we want me! I thought your pricing was great, but also it’s not financially possible. I’m convinced you would give me that something I’m missing that I don’t know I’m missing. I’m ecstatic to design the lifestyle we crave. More running? Sure! More adventures? Yes please! Walking the dog, taking a trip, but especially making an impact in the lives of those I work with. Watching their dreams unfold because of the small part I played.
    I’m grateful for the opportunity to apply for this. Thank you for that.

  7. Deatria

    Hi Marie & Team Forleo! Nerves had me blanked on making sure to address all points you requested, so here is my completed application:

    It’s funny, this age of tech-induced distractions… it’s frankly a bitch. And it’s even funnier that this age of tech is also an ocean of opportunity for connections, collaboration & for humanity to evolve. I’d LOVE to be part of that evolution thru reaching cultural creatives & those who yearn to be, with writing that is a sharp, beautiful javelin piercing thru the modern conundrum of online clutter.

    I’m an artist. A creatrix. And I do it because… I simply must! I also do it to share, inspire, & to ignite some spark in others that enriches their life-force, oozing more depth into this wild ride…

    By honing my writing voice via The Copy Cure, I will be a force for re-shaping lives formerly constricted, wounded, turned upside down -including my own. And my dream of founding a community for creatives to live, work, collaborate & organize transformational outreach will be greatly propelled. My electric writing will grow my art business by building my list of invested collectors, actively engaged in their re-awakening & deeper vibrance. This will create financial & time ease for me & my family, so material circumstances don’t over-shadow truly important moments.

    The inner censor is my writing Achilles Heel -creating doubt, nerves & clouded expression.

    Thanks Marie, for this badass path to powerful self expression that gets shit done!


  8. Ronny

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    When I write about my business I tend to overthink, I am always on the fence about how casual my message should or should not be. I tried hiring freelancers but they never seem to bring my message to life.nstead, they make me feel like I am in a 3 am infomercial selling ShamWow’s.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? I am a business coach I help female entrepreneurs go from side hustle to success.

    Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? Female entrepreneurs who want to ditch their 9-5 and create sustainable businesses and income. My mission is to provide them with a supportive community, give them the tools to succeed and inspire them to pay it forward to the next woman trapped in a cubicle.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I am a sexual assault survivor with the help of therapy and Mariska Hargitay and her foundation Joyful Heart, I was able to heal. I think my story is powerful not just for my business but in life. It will help me to become a better storyteller and strengthen my message to my audience and enable me to reach more people and truly connect with my purpose.

    Keeping my fingers crossed thank you for your time

  9. 1) My biggest struggle with writing is that I do not know how to handle my emotions in words.  Thoughts somehow can, but I can not reproduce all the beauty that we feel in our senses.  Why?  I’ve never had a teacher who taught us the beauty of writing.  I love reading books.  How does Elizabeth Gilbert manage to do that? To impress me?  How?  I do not have the talent but I want to learn the writing skills.

    2)  I am the mother of three boys who work from home. I live in a small town in Serbia with my husband and children. I work from home for a year. In Serbia, there is a small number of women who have the courage to work from home.

    Most of the women who were lucky to be employed work a job that hates and is away from home even after 10h of work. They have a lot of stress and they are unhappy.

    I want to record tutorials, write a blog about my experience and encourage them to make a change. On the other hand, there are mothers who can not get a job or have been employed but have been fired after they have given birth.

    I would like to make a free course for women in the Safe House who have been victims of domestic violence and want to help women with disabilities. It will always be free.

    I’m the only one from Serbia who currently attends B-School.

    3) If I were able to study Copy Cure, I could point out my words, not just as a blogger, but as a speaker. I could teach at workshops in front of a group of people, because I would not be afraid of my words, I could convey words from my heart in a wonderful way when I answer my clients. I could better talk to my three sons and teach them the beauty of the words. Success in the job would be very significant for my family, because I will be the person who will bring bread to the table.

    • I don’t know if you count I or a if to etc as a one word each ?

  10. 1. I have lost my voice. After a series of major setbacks in my personal life, I am struggling to find my voice in my writing. It’s now overtly formal and full of clichés. It’s easy for me to put my fears aside and help the woman in front of me get the job and salary she deserves when I am doing 1:1 coaching. But it’s a lot harder to do in copywriting. Even if I imagine writing a letter to my ICA, without someone in front of me, my confidence dips, and my writing becomes stuffy and pompous. I compensate by being clever, and that only serves to alienate my audience.

    2. I coach Indian career women through resume building and interview skills to become managers and decisions makers who can then make the workplace more inclusive. I also help them close the pay gap by marketing themselves with confidence and negotiating the salary they deserve.

    3. If I get Copy Cure, my coaching would reach more women who cannot afford to work 1:1 with me. With enough income from my online course, I would only offer in-person coaching pro-bono to underprivileged women who can’t afford to buy my course. I would be able to offer scholarships like you do.

    I have already pledged all my future earnings to B-School2019 payments. This scholarship would have an impact in remote villages in India where I would now be able to travel to teach pro bono which has been my lifelong dream.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to apply.

    • Siddhi

      Hi Marie and the team,

      Thank you for planting so much love into the work you put out for us and for this wonderful opportunity.

      1. I feel I lose my voice, my words in the stress of impressing everyone. I start getting discouraged even before penning down the first few lines. I’m shy and unassertive with some confidence issues but I sincerely want to make an effort to reach out.

      2. I’m a digital marketing specialist with a passion for writing. My professional goal is to promote brands that are consciously working on building a better tomorrow. My personal goal is to share my thoughts and stories with the world with confidence.

      3. The admission to Copy Cure will play a key role in bolstering my communication skills and help with my mission to deliver purpose-driven messages with an effective Call to Action. It will show me that I can earn scholarships and boost my Confidence.

  11. Kate Campbell

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is the discipline it takes to get my groundbreaking thoughts on paper, and the confidence to share what I know is going to be a blessing to someone out there. I know I’m designed to write, it’s in my blood, and not just for me, my gift in writing is created to bring freedom and boldness to others. SO, I am completely confident in the golden nuggets that hit me in the middle of my daydream, in the middle of a conversation with a friend or loved one, BUT getting them in writing takes a lot of time for me. You see, my inherent confidence becomes shadowed by a critical outlook on the words. When I really apply myself, with time and when undeniable inspiration takes the wheel, even for just a moment, I can write, and then I get stuck in editing, and I stay there, and nothing gets published. I guess this happens because I’m hard on myself and I need some training.

    2. My business, career and lifetime work is all incorporated into one dream. To see chains break off of people who are in bondage, I want to see revelation hit the lives of many people as they step into who they are. This outworks itself in communications across the board. My heart is to serve people and to love them, where they are at, on the way to where they are going. I resonate with Marie when she cheers people on. I want to sprinkle salt onto people’s hearts because salt enhances the flavour of what is already there. That is the essence of my work, the practical is in marketing, public relations, sewing seeds of hope through communicating well across all platforms online, in print and on the ground. I studied an undergrad in Media & Writing at the University of Cape Town, and need some input again, to fan my passions into flame again, for good. The student loan is steep and I need to knock it, but I don’t want to be driven by money, I want to be driven by this vision I mentioned above.

    3. Tangibly and specifically, getting the opportunity to do The Copy Cure, would build me up again into my confident, bold, creative and vibrant self, within the context of where I serve, work and live. I know I’m designed to write, I just need the opportunity to grow into these shoes, which at the moment feel too big. I want to contribute to building people up in encouragement, especially young girls and young women. There is too much anxiety, depression, comparison, heartache and confusion in the next generation. I want to be a voice who speaks a word of life into those lives, that can change this for them. I want to see purity of heart rise up again, and with the Copy Cure, I believe I’ll be confident in my voice, in what I have to say and that I can actually make a difference in the world through words that build people up and bring peace and healing and love. If we can build a generation of people up, into wisdom, purity, freedom, love, service, peace and honour, then I believe, we will see Cape Town change, and we will ultimately see South Africa change, for good. South Africa has a voice for the world, a voice that sounds totally different to anything the world has ever heard before and I really dream of seeing it speak to see this voice resonate through the earth and bring a global shift in climate, value, purity of heart and the truth about what real love can do.

  12. As a Health Coach, my biggest struggle with writing is finding a healthy balance between talking from my heart and then going in to make the sale. I would love to learn how to do it more lovingly, naturally and in a less sales-like or pitchy way.

    I am a Holistic Health Coach primarily dedicated to helping Artists around the world tap into (and find) their true voice, build their confidence, cope with anxiety and stage fright. I help them to remember why they became Artists in the first place. I want to make them feel like they belong and that they’re not outsiders, because the world needs more Artists and Creators 🙂

    I would be absolutely estactic if admission into The Copy Cure landed in my lap! The Copy Cure Program will finally help me to know where I am missing the mark and also help me to write beautiful, meaningful and inspiring copy that sounds genuine and not salesy. It would help me greatly to find the perfect balance between selling my program and speaking from my heart. If I can get the copy just right and if I can have more confidence in my writing and copying skills, I truly believe I can make my business successful. It would allow me to connect on a deeper level with my clients, and potential future clients, but also help me learn to express myself in all areas of my life, personally and professionally. That would be a huge gift! 🙂

  13. Cecilia Lee

    Being an artist, I have no problem writing fantastical, surreal, poetic text that can inspire and intrigue–in the right context. In the realm of marketing/sales/general real world, I struggle to find the right words to market/sell/be generally “realistic.” Stronger writing (plus B-school, which I enrolled in this year) would help me launch and grow my business: a clothing company that produces unique, very well-fitting (custom tailored) garments using recycled materials, handmade by people who are homeless, in prison or have been previously, or mentally/physically impaired, paid at least double minimum wage and given access to educational material for physical, mental and spiritual growth. A portion of profits will be donated to organizations who work with public schools to replace detention and other corrective measures with yoga-meditation. I am inspired by the Dalai Lama who has said if every 8 year old in the world is taught to mediate, world violence would be eliminated within one generation. Not too long ago, I thought it was necessary for me to give up art to focus on my spiritual path. I’ve realized that not only is it impossible to neglect my artistic side, but my creativity is a most valuable gift that I could use to financially support and spread the word about something I truly believe in, which is that every child in the world, and every other person in the world, would benefit immensely from the science of yoga-meditation. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo!

  14. Jay

    Being an introvert I have many thoughts and journal a lot, at times I look back in what my mind write from three years ago and think whoa! This is too high standing it should be shared. I would wish to get through this training to enable me feel confident enough to go public with my minds eye.

  15. Shavonne Williams

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? Greetings!! My biggest struggle with writing is knowing what to say and how to say it to grab peoples attention to make them want to learn more. Why? Because I’ve never taken a writing class or have even remotely been interested in writing until recently.
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I’m currently in the Air Force and I want to teach our Airmen to Own Your Thoughts. I want to teach them about mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, limiting beliefs and ultimately living a life they truly desire.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? It would help me communicate to the Airmen that they need to harness the power of their mind. I want to show them they have Thought power and they can truly do, be, see and have anything they want it life if they only believe they can. What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? It teaches them they don’t have to settle for what they see in front of them. The life of their dreams is there for the taking.

  16. I lost my way and my why.

    I have struggled with infertility for almost seven years. My life dream and goal was to become a month. For six years I’ve struggled to figure out who I am without that ability to have children and what would come next for me. I’ve began to find my way again and realized that I want to help other woman who are seeking to find themselves too. I found that my company has been a way of healing for me.

    Although I feel this awakening inside of me of how I can help others, I need a better way of putting it across in words. I just had this great feeling when I saw this opportunity in my e-mail and knew it was the missing piece that I was looking for to complete this vision of mine.

    If I were to be given The Copy Cure I would use it to learn how to write blog posts and emails to help reach those that who have gone through similar experiences and help them see there can be more to life after the lose of a dream.

  17. Thank you Marie and Team for giving me the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

    I am an Accountant in the UK and sell bookkeeping services. My dream is to move into online courses for entrepreneurs, to teach them how to do their own taxes and look after their own finances.

    I’m good at translating the accountancy language into normal everyday words but struggling to sell myself or my business.

    I’ve made a start but when I come to write up a sales page or a newsletter I’m just bloody stuck. The words won’t even pop into my head.

    I’ve just done B-School which was amazing but need The Copy Cure to get my stuff out there.

    For over a decade within my industry, I have had to write in a certain way. At one practice I worked at my emails were checked and re-written to fit the tone of voice of ‘an accountant’

    I need some help, please.

    • Lawrence Fox

      It’s one of the biggest challenges we accountants have — learning to write like a human being, not “like an accountant”.

  18. I procrastinate when it comes to writing for my business. I am doing a Masters in Creative Writing, but that doesn’t include copywriting and I need to write commanding copy for my business and my clients.
    I run a business dedicated to helping self-publishing authors bring their books to life.
    I also help business owners who struggle with their graphic and web design needs.
    My mission is to inspire and encourage growth, instill confidence and create the time for my clients to be the best they can be.
    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap my stronger copywriting skills would have major benefits. First, my ability to market my business with superior copywriting to promote my business to potential clients explaining clearly and succinctly how I can help them achieve their goals.
    My clients who are business owners would benefit because my skills would help them get top results in their business marketing.
    For the authors I work with, having great copywriting skills will help with the promotion of their books.
    The thought of how my superior copywriting skills would help my clients excites me!

  19. Biggest struggle? Finding the courage to get the message out in a authentic voice that will embolden women who have lacked the faith/ courage/ beliefs to find their true identity. This leads me to who I serve with my message: women need to know who they are in Christ and that they have value beyond the Standards which have held out way too long. Women need to deeply know that they are worthy and I’d like to use the woman with the issue of blood who touched Jesus’ prayer shawl tassels as a talisman to represent this worth. Each book would either have a tassel attached or the info page for the reader to make their own.
    The specific difference it would make is for other women in this world to know they are so very deeply loved and valued and worthy!
    Thank you for your kindness in offering this scholarship.

  20. Lilian

    Hi Marie & team,

    I’d love to be considered for the Copy Cure digital program. Thank you for the opportunity.

    My biggest struggle with writing is to put the message that’s in my heart, into words that align with my audience.
    I’m a holistic life coach and I help women increase their level of self confidence, so that they can live the life they love and feel worthy.
    For me to be able to write better content will for starters help my clients, if it makes them decide to work with me. It will help me to live my dream life because I’ve always wanted to do this & now I’m almost graduated and ready to start my business. And I’m a giver. I’ve done charity work since I was 14. Me living my dream life will also give me the chance to give back even more.

    With love,

  21. I have been a massage therapist for 25 years and made it my mission to provide massage to anyone who needed regardless of ability to pay. I believe God gifted me with the ability to heal with my hands but I’ve always had a heart for writing.
    As a writer I want my content to have the same ability to heal as my massage therapy has. I have started a blog called Conquer On, to show people they can not only face their challenges they can Conquer them.
    As a grandmother if 10 I am always helping my children and spending time with my grands. My dream is to someday be able to transition from working a full time physical job as a massage therapist to a full time blogger which would give me more time with my family. As I am aging I find I’m not able to do as many massages. This course would help my writing be stronger and teach me things I need to know to build my audience, in turn build my online blogging business. Thank you for your consideration.

  22. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Getting my words down on “paper” that doesn’t involve 1000 words. I have an idea what I want to say and usually it’s too many words to do it. Then I get frustrated when I read it aloud.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    0I wear 2 hats – I help my 60 year old husband with his web design business and I design and make memorial jewelry. Without sounding insulting, he’s not getting any younger and I’d love to remove “writing” as part of his client work to give him more time doing other things. For the memorial jewelry, it’s about bringing some peace and comfort to the person who has suffered a loss. They can keep their loved one a little closer, whether it’s a family member, friend or a pet. Only the person wearing the jewelry knows exactly what it is.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    -What I write would make sense 🙂 I’d be able to really define the message, which would really help with the work I do for my husband, especially to the local small business, but more specifically, I’d be able to write about a sensitive subject (suffering a loss) without being wordy. Get my message across about the feeling someone has when wearing memorial jewelry. To be able to describe clear as day. The idea that someone reading my “new copy” and saying “that’s me” or “she wrote this just for me” gives me hope. I also think that being able to bridge the mindset of who I’m writing for, whether it’s a web client or a mother who lost a child or a child who lost a pet, would be much easier when I know how to get my message across. Being able to help more people during a very difficult time.

    • Gisele Grenier

      see… way too wordy – I’d edit the count if I could 🙁

  23. Jessica Cervantes

    I have always been told that i should be a write, that i have a gift. However, that gift was used againstme for many years when i was younger, and now writing can be somewhat of a trigger for me. I have tried to overcome this fact, writing short stories and even submitting a true life story based on my personal trauma to a contest. I didn’t win, but the judges took special effort to send me an email and compliment me on what they called a “powerful, stunning work”. The thing i struggle with now is the worthiness off my message. I am a recovering addict, a sexual/psychological abuse survivor, and have been diagnosed with not only PTSD, but also ADHD which makes my focus iffy to say the least. However when i do set my mind to something, it gets done. I want to get over my writing being a trigger. I want it to be an emotional and powerful release for me, and i want to feel worthy enough that i believe people will read the words i write. I have a lot to say, but was told for many years to stay silent. Now that I’m finding my voice, i want to know how to use it in the most effective and meaningful way possible!

  24. I am a recovering perfectionist. I spend more time perfecting my writing than I spend adding value to the world.
    I help women end the struggle with their weight by learning to love themselves, love their food choices and love their workouts.
    I would gain confidence that my message is clear, inspirational, and insightful. I want to say to others what I wish someone had said to me years ago, in a concise and relatable way.

  25. 1. I take way too long to write EVERYTHING from a sales email to a freakin’ Instagram post because I feel I’m trying to rely more on logic than instinct. And uncovering what my “instinctive” writing voice sounds like is a challenge after so many years wearing different hats in my business.

    2. I’m a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher. My husband & I founded Bad Yogi, a yoga and lifestyle brand whose aim is to redefine yoga culture and remove the snobbery & pretense to make yoga more accessible. So superficially, it’s about yoga & fitness. On a deeper level, we help people who feel awkward/unwelcome walking into a yoga studio or gym form & maintain a sustainable, effective home routine they actually enjoy. You know how you might put a little cheese on broccoli when a toddler won’t eat it? I am the cheese, but for yoga. Think yoga’s not for you because you’re not vegan or not flexible? Or maybe you’re a cigarette smoking, SUV driving, Trump loving yoga skeptic? Unroll your mat, because we have a place for you here. We aim to create a space where even the least likely candidates for yoga feel safe to explore it.

    3. After 6 years on this (totally accidental!) entrepreneurial journey, I’ve gradually lost touch with my instinct and how to communicate from that place. As we’ve grown, so has my role, and I’ve gotten more into the strategic side of things which I’ve allowed to draw me further from the place of instinct and connection. I’m still incredibly passionate about our mission and our community resonates with it deeply. But I feel like I’m doing my business and everyone we haven’t yet reached a disservice because I’m losing the ability to truly connect with new people through our message. The yoga community is still an incredibly snooty, intimidating place for a lot of people, and I’m committed to being the voice of balance for people who swear it’s not for them. I’m also 6 months pregnant with our first baby and I *desperately* want to enhance my ability to communicate effectively before he arrives so I can work more efficiently. This will go SUCH A LONG WAY in helping me find a more natural groove when it comes to writing sales emails, pitches for partnerships, and even just writing social media posts from a more authentic yet effective place. I know this course will take us “from good to great” because the issue isn’t our audience or our products; it’s a tweak in how we communicate who we are, what we do, and what we offer.

    Thanks for reading, Team Forleo!

    • Bridget Agostinelli

      Erin! I love Bad Yogi! Keep up the great work!

  26. Hey hey! My biggest struggle with writing is being able to find the words that speak to the heart of the reader. I am a math person so numbers are my ish so I am not very confident with my writing. There are times that I can get into a flow but most of the time I find myself experiencing writer’s block.
    My mission is to support students around the world by supporting middle school teachers. I decided to go in business 4 years ago and couldn’t really get anything started until I started B-School. I have finally figured out what the hell I’m gonna do. I will be teaching educators how to create a loving, positive learning environment that will promote student achievement by teaching how to apply the Law of Attraction. I also going to teach meditation. As an educator of 13 years, no school system that I’ve worked with gave a damn about my personal/mental health. So I am here to save the day. Teaching is hard as hell and educators are leaving the field a lot of times because of stress and I am going to help.
    Stronger writing would really help my business because it would really give me the boost that I need in confidence and in content creation. I would feel certain about what I am putting out there instead of always second guessing myself. Strong writing would really help me start to generate some consistent income which would help me tremendously. My 17 year old is starting college in a few months and as a single mom, I need to get this cash flow rolling. I would also be able to do more in my community. I would eventually have more time freedom so I can help out more than I already do. I help community events for the kids but my time is pretty limited now. The combo of Copy Cure and B-School will help me build an amazing business. The tangible difference that this would make would be life-changing. I have been saying that I want to retire my parents for some time now and haven’t figured out how to do it. I know I would be able to generate enough income to accomplish that goal. My parents still work everyday and I can’t wait for the day that I can change that! My mom is a workaholic so not sure if that’ll fly with her. Lol But my dad needs to be done with work, he recently had surgery in his pancreas and I do worry a bit about him having to continue to work daily. Oh and I would be able to support my 10 year old’s slime obsession. Lol The location freedom would also make a huge difference. We live near DC now because of my job but we really want to live in Florida, where we grew up. This weather can be a biatch! The ultimate difference that this program would make is the consistent peace that I would have when it comes time to creating content.

    Thank you for having such a huge heart and even giving us an opportunity to apply. I really wanted to purchase but shit paying for B-School is a struggle so I couldn’t add anymore to my plate.

    Lots and lots of love,

  27. Hello! I’m super grateful to have this scholarship opportunity!

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is being able to turn the content inside out in my head so that I am writing for the target audience instead of from my perspective. So that may be more of a thinking struggle ? than a writing struggle! I would also really like to be more concise!!

    2. My work is dedicated to helping people who create clarity, uncover purpose, meaning and joy in their lives so they’re able to show up for all parts of their lives in an authentic, meaningful and impactful way. I serve people who are open and willing to do this kind of personal and professional development work. I am here to help love ❤️ the world back to health. I am here to help others see their gifts, their beauty and the incredible power of who they are.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, my stronger writing would help my message resonate with a wider audience, allowing me to help more people on this path of lighting up the ? while creating a financially sustainable business! As a single mom, there is nothing I want more than to be able to do this important work while providing for my family and showing my son it is possible ⚡️.

  28. Lou

    I absolutely LOVE writing, my biggest struggle is just not having the know how, I got this in B School and managed to build from 0-10 in a town where I know nobody and I have been so proud of myself.
    My work is dedicated to those who need guidance in life, spirituality, mentality and physically.
    I have been working my butt off since moving here 3 months ago and through B school, and as I write this I am in tears, I am about to throw in the towel, I am sad for those who are loving my course however financially we just can’t do it anymore, I have 2 children and we just can’t. I am devastated. Today I had the biggest breakthrough with one of my clients and I feel like I am being guided by something so much greater, however because of the gazillion hours I am working with not enough to show my partner and I fell out this evening and I have been looking for jobs, giving up my dream, I have a physical pain in my heart and I’m heartbroken. If I could only reach more people through The Copy Cure I know I can make a difference to more peoples lives, ! I just don’t have enough people to pay enough. Clients are going through pain and I am allowing a safe place for them to open their hearts and change their brains through teachings in spirituality and neuroscience.

  29. Sara El-Sayeh

    ? My biggest struggle with writing is the belief that I have nothing worthy of sharing, even though writing is one of my biggest passions, I always fear losing the reader mid content. My business (which I’m currently setting up) invites people to experiment in living, I call it the Serenity Lab and I invite people to experiment through writing and through somatic and energy healing modalities. My dream has always been to become an author, so a book is also in order! My business serves in a sense where it invites people to realise their own power to heal (I’m also a homeopath!) The Copy Cure would enable me to unlock my creative potential and create content that people would actually want to read and help me sell my services better. In doing that, I would be enabling myself and family to lead a more prosperous life. My son is two and we live in Cairo, Egypt where it’s around EGP 18 to the dollar and I know that my services would help my business and my family. My business is greatly service centered and accessibility is at its core.

  30. Hi Marie !

    First of all, thank you for your generosity and for your spirit. You’ve been a source of inspiration for years to me. I’ll make it quick.

    1) I have many ideas and concepts to share but translating the into words is tedious process. It takes me several hours to write a 800-word blog post and I can’t show up to my community and be of service as much or as regularly as I’d would like to because of that.

    2) I am a life coach in France and I help women debunk myths and beliefs that are holding them back. Watching their transformation, I am inspired to bring these tools to a larger audience. I’d like for everyone to benefit from game-changing concepts such as abundance vs scarcity mindset, not only my paying clients. The world would be a better place if everyone took action from a place of self-suffisance, love and abundance.

    3) Stronger writing would allow me to create more content and to reach people more effectively. I believe the right words can create a life-altering impact. Your words inspired me to show up differently in my business but also in my life, to join B-School and to have the guts to go for what I really wanted. For all those things I am forever grateful to you. It is my desire and my privilege to be able to create that for others, especially in French.

    Thank you.

  31. It’s my mission and dream to inspirer woman to live healthy with hormones that work for them. So that the mothers can be the rolmodel for their own children.
    My message is clear, we need to stand up and learn the reality about food, health and life.
    It’s my big dream to write more, I know I can, but my biggest struggle is how to find the right words, the emotions to bring my message on the right way.

    I know that I can reach more woman if I can write the messages that I have on a much better way. It’s time that it’s going to happen, I’m ready to stand up and spread my message on the best way possible. So that’s why I apply.


  32. Hi Team Forleo, my struggle is blank page syndrome and just not being confident in writing copy that’s going to resonate with young women. I’m nearly 50 and although I’d like to think I’m hip I know I’m not 20 anymore, yet that’s who I need to reach.

    I work for a breast cancer prevention charity and our mission is to reduce the number of women being diagnosed with this terrible disease. Over a quarter of breast cancer cases are preventable if people make smarter lifestyle choices

    We are at a crucial stage in our journey, we have a new website in development which I need to write some ‘s##t hot copy’ for, as Marie would say. We need to reach a younger audience (under 25s) and get them to make those simply changes to their lifestyle which could ultimately help them avoid breast cancer. We don’t want to scare them we want to inspire them. The earlier in life that women adopt a healthier lifestyle the less likely they are of developing breast cancer and other long-term illnesses.

    I know the Copy Cure would help us achieve our mission to prevent the preventable. It would help us grow our supporter base and increase donations which in turn would help us reach more people with our educational work. So much of how we talk about breast cancer (and cancer in general) is about treatment and cure, we need the focus to come on over to prevention!

  33. 1. Finding the time to write. I absolutely love writing once I am doing it, but to carve out the time to make it happen is a struggle. I always find something else more pressing or urgent to be distracted by. I think it is because I don’t link writing to income so time must be spent on income producing activities! Wow, that answer surprised even me!
    2. I have many businesses and wear many hats but it all boils down to empowering people, particularly women, to increase their financial literacy. I train people how to invest in property and train graduates how to be financially savvy. I am going to start working with high school children too as I believe financial education is something that is not given enough focus at schools and yet it is a crucial life skill. I believe that if you can understand and control your finances, you feel more powerful and able to impact your life, your family, your community and the world.
    3. Once I recovered from the champagne induced hangover and stopped squealing with delight at the thought of working with the incredible Marie Forleo who I have stalked for YEARS and YEARS! I would use it to make my training material and presentations more engaging and impactful and as a result, get more women empowered and in control of their financial lives! I live in South Africa and there is still very much a mindset of ‘men will look after women’ which is simply not true. Not only does that place an unfair burden on men, it makes women beholden to men which can never be a good thing. Time to teach the world to step into their power and make their lives magical – on their own terms!

  34. I have always loved writing as I am not very good at talking about how I feel, etc. It just takes me a long time once I have an idea so get it written, but once I get started the words flow. I have just recently had a website done for a VA business I want to get up and running so that hopefully by the end of this year I can leave my full time job and be able to work from home and be able to grow the business. There is nothing worse than having to live from pay check to pay check and have the freedom to go out to dinner once in a while or spoil my grandchildren without having to worry about if we will make it to the end of the month.
    I have two blog posts on subjects that are close to my heart but I would like to learn to write more about the profession I am in and generally improve on myself and writing skills.
    I am also, with my sister starting up our small sideline business in selling. We have two amazing products and I want to learn to blog about these as well on Social Media Platforms for selling ourselves.
    I volunteer in animal rescue for our local SPCA shelter so would also love to write about this without being too emotional and getting distracted about putting the message across.

    By being part of the Copy Cure stronger writing would help in promoting my business hence I can make extra/more money thereby alleviating the financial burden on my family and being able to give more to my local community animal shelter as well as a few homeless people in my area that I try help out every month.

    My ultimate dream is to write a best selling novel.

  35. Odette Hoffmann

    Hi Marie
    My biggest struggle with writing is that I am really verbose. I use 1,000 words when 100 would be plenty. I tend to over explain for 2 reasons: the first is that I am sometimes not confident that I am explaining myself well so I say the same thing in 5 different ways. The other is that I get passionate about my topic and get all excited and go into a rant. I’m a psychotherapist by profession. I have had a self-help book written (in the vein of the Celestine Prophecy) that I have had written for 4 years and I am petrified to approach a publisher in case it’s crap. The weird thing is that I get amazing feedback from clients who tell me I have an incredible knack for explaining psychological processes well. If I was lucky enough to gain a Copy Cure scholarship, I might find the confidence to reach my dream of being able to influence a bigger audience (change the world!?) as there are only so many people I can see in person. I have been doing this work for 25 years and I’m about to embark on a sabbatical to re-group my energy (find my inner Clarissa Pinkola Estes 🙂 ) Being able to work in this way could also ultimately bring a greater income to my family and help me spend more time with my daughter who is growing up fast. Many thanks for the opportunity to apply.

  36. I am a Kenyan freelance writer. For six years I churned out articles for a publication where I was employed as an Associate editor and I killed it! Fast forward two years ago, I stepped out to start my writing consultancy and it has been such a struggle as I seek to earn a decent living from my writing. My struggle is turning my skill to a paying business by providing content that stands out especially in this digital age where there is easy access to information and it is easy for your content to get lost in all the noise.
    My business is mainly writing and editing books and articles for websites. My mission is to use the power of words to tell beautifully crafted stories for individuals and organizations that helps them to connect with their audience and build their brands.
    Admission to The Copy Cure would be truly a dream come true. I am a student of life and this programme would help me create content for my clients that adds value and while at it make a decent living. Having walked the startup journey, one of my goals is to eventually incorporate training /coaching in my business especially for startups, many of which begin with no budget to hire a PR practitioner. Through my training, the startups can learn to write their stories as a way to brand themselves. This is my dream of impacting my community.

  37. Hi!, I’m Coty from Argentina, thanks for this opportunity :). My answers below:
    1) When writing I’m not sure if the content is too short or too long for my readers. Also, I feel only some of them conect with the general idea or the action I want them to make.
    On the other hand, I see few responses whan trying to interct with them, I find difficult to build my community.
    2) I started last year, I offer Project Management services for entrepeneurs.
    My mission is to help others by giving them tools and methodologies to help them implement and enjoy their projects (whether are personal or professional)
    3) Wow it would help in all aspects. In my case will make me feel motivated and enthusiastic about my project since I will see more interaction with my community and more sales. For sure this will lead to more clients in my business that will impact in my family that would be happy to see their quality of life will improve as a result of my work. And finally, my community will have more capable and prepared entrepeneurs that would be able to manage and implement projects like a professional lead.

  38. Hey Marie! Wow this would be such a great opportunity for me. I’m a homeschooling mama of two boys with a full time writing/art business.
    1.) My biggest struggle is writing simple. I know that sounds silly but I’m a deep emotional person and I struggle to simplify my message and what I want to say. I find myself jumping into the heart of things too soon and have a difficult time giving information little by little. I know I can be a better writer if I could learn to reel it back and take things one small step at a time.
    2.) I’m a Christian author, having self-published four books. I run an online for-profit ministry called Hello Awesome, which also includes a blog/shop/podcast, geared to inspiring and uplifting young believers to use their power of influence to bring good into the world, while also inputing good content within their hearts. I’m passionate about emotional purity, freedom from self-deprecation and accountability. I find myself serving more young ladies from all faith backgrounds who need an encouraging word and direction through challenging self-imposed limitations.
    3.) If I was able to be part of The Copy Cure, I know it would help me clarify and strengthen my writing by allowing me to use my time wisely, create clearer messages and accomplish more projects on my growing list. My husband works full-time and suffers from chronic migraines, herniated disc and premature arthritis at just 30 years of age. I want so bad to help us financially, to produce content that could help lift such a heavy burden off his shoulders. We’ve made the decision for me to stay home to teach and raise our children but in those pocket times I have with my creativity, I would love to use my time wisely. To serve those who need what knowledge I have, while also helping my family thrive financially. It’s been a dream of mine to be able to hand him a monthly check and I know it would be possible through The Copy Cure.

  39. Evette Champion

    1. The biggest struggle I’m facing with my writing is I feel like I only have one voice. Every piece of copy reads the same… Which I suspect is good if I’m running my own blog, but as a copywriter… Not so much. I tend to write how I speak, and as someone from New Jersey, that isn’t always a good thing. Especially if I’m trying to expand and grow my business.

    2. My business is still a fledgling. I’ve been a freelance writer for six years now and I’m all over the board. I’ve written a variety of topics for a variety of clients. I want to change that. I want to focus my business on helping women who feel like they’re stuck in a rut find a path that will help them feel good about themselves and find their true calling – whatever that may be.

    3. If I was to win a scholarship to The Copy Cure, I think it would help me change the tone of my writing so that my work is professional and trustworthy, rather than sounding like you’re reading a letter a friend wrote. Being a stronger writer would help me take my business out of the fledgling stage and finally become something real… Something that can catapult my life, my family, and struggling women in the right direction toward financial freedom, mental clarity, and a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.

  40. 1. I am a fantastic motivational speaker but I find it challenging to translate this on paper and the results are often hit or miss, I think I miss it most times?!! Help!!!
    2. I am an international architect and designer and after 30 years in practice I want to use these skills to improve lives either by the provision of adequate housing for all, especially in poorer countries, or community design that empowers children and their families by the activities and support provided.
    3. Stronger writing means no longer depriving people of my many talents, as a single Mum, architect, designer, role model, motivator, and leader. The difference it would make to me and those around me is I would feel fulfilled and much happier being able to help others effectively, and that would make it easier for those around me to find their light and shine as well!!!

  41. I can’t seem to get my brain onto the page – I complicate things when I try to write them down and it doesn’t sound catchy and appealing. I have great ideas and I feel like this is bringing me down. How can I translate my ideas and my mission and my love for my customers and my desire to help them into words that they are moved by?
    Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? My mission is to get women jobs through interview training and coaching. Statistics show that women won’t apply to a job unless they are overqualified while men do even if they fit 60% of the requirements. We all want this to change but no one knows how – I know one way. By building the Best and Only interview and career coaching program for women. I can show them for jobs to aim higher, create the best CV/ LinkedIn possible, and coach them through today’s interviewing process.
    I can’t seem to get the benefits across of interview and career coaching and how transformative it really is. Today’s jobs require 7-8 interviews, plus a stellar resume and LinkedIn and often an online brand. Women are stuck wondering why they aren’t getting jobs when they don’t even know they process and how to play the game. I want to teach them they can just need to learn the rules. How do I do that through words? I want to create an amazing e-book, customer converting website and online course. I want to use Copy-Cure to build these assets out. This would mean a world of difference to me – a single woman living across the other side of the world from my parents who I support. As a woman of colour I’m expected to support my family and I put myself last. This would help me put myself first and build something for myself, to support myself and build a life that is my own. In addition, I want to help women succeed through my course and build a community of successful, business women.

  42. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? I love to write, but not for me for others. But my struggle is carving out the time to dedicate to my craft and having the confidence that if I ‘throw caution to the wind’ and jump off this proverbial cliff into the unknown world of chasing dreams and following my heart, that God or the Universe will really step up meet me there and hand me whatever I need most. My biggest struggle is ‘ME’.
    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I have a passion for helping others, and my gift is listening, not just with my ears but my heart. I long for each person I meet to understand that God loves them and that they are worthy of that love. You are a child of God. And not just that. Our Great Creator longs to have a relationship with you. Not just any relationship, I deep meaningful relationship, the kind you long for with your husband or your best friend but can’t quite get there. God is connected to us. And that we can in fact hear God, not with our ear but definitely with our hearts. Once we begin hearing God, everything changes. You don’t have to question things like “Does God exist,” “Am I saved,” whatever that means, and “Does God know me, does God love me?” Everything begins to fall into place and life becomes a great adventure. I’m on the cusp of all of this. And it is exciting and scary all at the same time.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? I can only imagine that if The Copy Cure fell in my lap, that, one, it would be a sign from God/Universe that I am still on the right path and two, that God intends for me to share this message, to a larger audience. This would improve my writing and help build my confidence. I am currently writing a blog once a week and just self-published my first book. I intend to keep writing and continue to share my message. I have other books I hope to write but I am at the very beginning of this journey. I am currently speaking about once a month to small groups and although I love to write, I absolutely love to have a one on one conversation with someone where I connect in a spiritual level. So sometimes I wonder if I should not be doing some kind of counseling or coaching. Regardless, I know that small steps are really big steps and I am pushing myself to take those small steps every day.

  43. 1. I struggle with letting my natural voice flow into sales copy. I liken it to people with beautiful smiles that transform at the sight of a camera and come out looking like they’re biting into a cyanide pill embedded in their molar.

    2. My work – my business – is dedicated to helping people, particularly but not exclusively WoC, include self-care in their lives through an unapologetically woo-woo threshold that allows them to engage the psychological power of ritual and gratitude to strengthen themselves via scent, adornments, little treasures, herbs and tinctures and other witchy delights.

    3. To get professional guidance to hone in on what the blocks are to being able to write copy as easily as I can write an encouraging email to a friend, to bust out of anxiety-borne inertia and finish my web copy instead of those awkward placeholders, and use my hard-won email list for the FIRST TIME.

    The responses to my business are great, when I explain it one-on-one. People buy, buy, buy at shows when I’m there. My online sales are dismal in comparison, and are unsustainable. We have to limp through until the next show. And I know that’s all down to copy. I need a Cure, but the timing of another expense after rent just doubled and we have to move our home AND business, and work on reducing a massive “bootstrapped business” debt, makes this much tuition impossible for the third year in a row.

  44. I struggle with being able to speak to my ideal customer’s needs. I’m trying to focus on my customer but my sales copy always ends up being very feature-heavy. I just can’t figure out how to write something that truly mirrors my ideal customer’s inner desires and addresses their pain points.

    I serve small, local businesses like the dance studio owned by my brother. There are so many passionate entrepreneurs out there — talented individuals who have taken the time to master their crafts but who don’t know how to market the businesses they’ve created. My mission is to teach these entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses through Google Ads. Helping my brother grow the dance studio is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and I want to help others as well.

    The Copy Cure would help me grow my own business. My ads are converting, I’m getting leads, I have high email open rates, but my course just isn’t selling. Something is clearly missing when it comes to my sales copy. I’m unable to close the deal.

    Right now I’m struggling financially. I’m in a new country without a work visa so I can’t go back to my corporate job. I have no other income. Selling just 5 courses per month would allow me to break even and make the minimum payment on my line of credit. I just want to start contributing financially to my household and stop feeling so guilty about my partner being the breadwinner.

  45. My struggle with writing is getting started. And then staying on topic when I do. Lastly, make it my own. My work is dedicated to helping special needs families discover strategies and activities that support better living at home. I’m a special needs parent. I was recently certified through the state as a small business, minority and women enterprise. Now I need to get it down. I offer consulting sessions. I help come up with strategies and activities that support better living at home. I adapt IEPs for home for school aged children. And I create curriculum for functional life skills (grocery shopping, ordering food, making the bed). I emphasize progress not necessarily mastery. Helping special needs parents navigate the process of achieving progress through self-awareness, self-care, and self-love.
    The scholarship would help me with my website. I use it to share my consulting business approach. I founded a non-profit that’s about “Making places special needs friendlier.” I partner with community leaders and local businesses to provide services or programs for special needs families. And I want to write a book and would love to articulate my heart on paper.
    The Copy Cure would help me connect with others and hopefully break down stigma and stereotypes along the way. I’m sharing my personal story with others to connect, support, and create better understanding of an underrepresented and often, misunderstood community.

  46. Kim

    Dear Team Forleo!
    I couldn’t believe it, when I just received your email, because I’ve been secretly waiting for 2 years for this scholarship! So, here are my answers:

    1. My biggest struggle is that I don’t know how to write copy that converts. My family and my teachers kept telling me all my life, that I were good in math and sports, but not in writing. I think there affirmations worked pretty well -.-

    2. I’ve got two missions: First to build a proper company so that I can offer more people a fulfilled working life. I’m working in a restaurant and I love to see colleagues flourish over the time I’m working with them. My second mission: Helping bridal couples to plan and actually enjoy their own wedding. I want to serve those couples now, who can’t afford a wedding planner but still would like to have the support throughout the planning. Most couples are super stressed and often frustrated. It makes me sad to have a folder full of screenshots where brides share their disappointments and relief that it was “over”.

    3. I truly believe that communication IS the key. My verbal communication is quite ok, but if I could learn how to write it would give me the possibility to connect and help so many people I couldn’t reach so far.

    Please give me the opportunity to show you that this scholarship program came to life for a good reason! Thanks for reading and best regards from Germany! Kim

  47. 1) My biggest struggle with writing is creating connection with my audience. I feel like I’m talking “to” them. Not with them! For instance how do I build a story over time? Not knowing who knows what about what I have shared before?

    2) I’m an aware parenting instructor/coach and I am growing a business to support mothers in their parenting journey. Mothers who don’t want to resort to punishments and rewards. Mothers who value connection and are committed to heir own transformational journey.

    3) I’m positive that gaining the writing skills I need to engage my audience would help propel my cause for connected parenting. At the moment most parents don’t know I exist! There are so many ways that life could get so much easier for them, if only they knew they could get the support they needed rather then remaining stuck in self judgement and parenting methods that don’t work and damage their connection to their children!

  48. As a child I never felt truly loved or listened to, and I felt deeply disconnected from everyone around me. My struggle with expressing myself has always been there, and although I love writing there’s still a lot of blocks around me showing up and unleashing what I want to REALLY say.
    I’ve gone through abusive relationships, suffered from depression, and experienced the heartbreak of losing babies. All of this resulting in huge unhappiness, loneliness and lack of purpose – and to make matters worse I lost all my savings and dug myself into a crazy amount of financial debt.
    I’m a stubborn Sag and refused to quit. So I found myself travelling the spiritual path and have slowly made MASSIVE changes to my life. My mission (and my career) is now focused on serving other confused and frustrated spiritual seekers to find their own happy ever after.
    I’m still paying off my debts, so a scholarship for The Copy Cure would be an answered prayer. I’d be able to polish the writer that’s hiding, and sound more authentic to the people I’m born to help (making them connect with me more). By serving the tribe that’s waiting for me to get my butt in gear, I’d be able to clear the money I owe and invest more in myself and my business (and get my girls the new bikes I’ve promised them). I’m so ready for this and believe 111% in the potential power of my words.

  49. Muleya Mwiinga

    Uno: So, in my head, there is different voices. One says “psshh.. Serious wording is so expired”, then the other four say “to connect to people you have to speak their language using their own idioms”. So it ends up tasting like cheese curls and jelly.

    Dos: I am an Economist, part time work(side hustle vibes). But my business is a “home solutions” business, attempting to resurrect the family business. We serve clients who love their homes and value aesthetics. The big picture is to build a new city (current city is depopulating).

    Tres: Oh gosh!! It would help me connect to the community faster and effectively without having me going to speak every single week. Writing better will help my community be better neighbours. Secondly, it will help my business grow. Lastly, help me be a better communicator. Half of the skills you will teach me, will be used for the “Good Samaritan” cause in the community.

  50. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to The Copy Cure.

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I have SO many ideas – all involving empowering women to create and maintain a DivaStyle Life – but I don’t know how best to communicate that. I want to redefine the word “Diva” to include my choice of words: Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Authentic – because I believe every woman has those qualities within her.
    2. My business, DivaStyle Academy, is dedicated to helping women define DivaStyle for themselves and manifest it daily – living their most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Authentic life – by THEIR definition. This includes internal work on self-esteem and self-confidence as well as leveraging color, wardrobe and accessories to help clients love who and what they see in the mirror every single day.
    3. Being awarded a scholarship to The Copy Cure would empower me to further develop my mission and sustain myself financially, while dramatically increasing the number of women I can empower.

  51. Hi Marie,
    I am a new “Small Business Startup Coach’. I serve Christian women and minority women of color. My mission is to encourage more Christian women and minority women to become entrepreneurs and monetize their skills.
    For too long this group of people (including myself) have labored with misconceptions around business and making a better life for themselves and their family. My mission is to deconstruct these ideas and also provide these women with tools to start and run a business.
    I am putting on a free workshop on June 29th, 2019 to teach women how to build a ‘Lean Business Plan’
    This program that you are offering will help me reach my target audience for the workshop and other programs that I will be offering. It will also give me another skill I can use to help these women. As you know marketing carries a huge price tag and lots of the women I am targeting are not able to afford this price tag.
    Also I recently wrote a book titled ‘Releasing The Entrepreneur In You – A New Frontier For Christian Women’ in which you were referenced for compiling a free list of resources for online programs and apps.
    I also make handmade jewelry and being able to write ‘copy’ will be a huge benefit for this as well.
    Thank you so much for this offering.

  52. 1) My biggest struggle with writing is figuring out the right words to make my message #relatable while also keeping it concise enough (and fun enough) to not have the reader lose interest. (I’ve rewritten this a few times because I keep getting long-winded)
    2) I’m an artist/designer with many handcrafted product lines that I’ve designed for various boutiques and retail locations around the states. I’ve slowly grown my handmade-based business since I graduated high school in 2012 and I would love to be able to start teaching people what I’ve learned from my journey because ultimately my tribe is my fellow creatives- and they ask me ALL THE TIME how I do what I do (in a creative sense). So this potential content-based media would balance out the product side of my business really well! AND it would help me sell my products and design work as well!
    3) My wife and I just celebrated our first year of marriage. My business is growing steadily and I feel like what I learn from whittling my words down to to something more concise and easily consumed for my customers/followers can also teach me a little something about keeping my actions a little more purpose-driven, too! If that makes sense? This goes for business life AND personal life- or at least creating a little more structure/balance between the two!

  53. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    While I feel I am good at expressing myself with my words, I am not sure if the way I write is also good to make a strong sales pitch. My biggest struggle therefore with writing is that it is time-taking to think of a copy which will actually get me paying clients instead of just likes and comments on social media.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am getting educated to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. While I complete my education in July this year, the course allows me to start seeing clients now. I am in a bit of a sticky situation because I’ve had to quit my job in February because of my own health issues which started 2-3 months before I put in the papers.
    I do think it is a blessing in disguise because it allows me to focus on my education completely now that I don’t have a day job. It also helps me build my business full-time. Moreover, there is little else that gives me as much happiness as helping people live their healthiest, happiest lives.
    I am looking forward to work with women who like my previous self were not only struggling with self-worth and patriarchal societal set-ups ( where women are supposed to stay at home) but also with prioritizing themselves in a very literal way by putting their health needs first. If we are to look at numbers, we are right in the middle of a healthcare disaster and a lot of it is due to avoidable reasons and making small lifestyle changes could be a key. However, I realize that people can’t always make these changes by themselves. As their coach I want to be there to listen to them and empower them to figure out what works best for them.
    It has taken a lot of courage for me to start doing this – following my heart and putting my all in it. So I want it to be a success and am willing to do whatever it needs.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Admission to The Copy Cure would be a dream come true. At this point I have had to move to my parents’ house in my home-town. They are retired and while it is good to have a roof over my head, the lack of financial stability kind of keeps me stuck when it comes to money matters.
    At this point, I have my knowledge and skills to not only live my passion but also start getting money through it. It would also help me support my parents and invest in getting more support in terms of getting business mentorship.
    Since the day I have announced my foray in to this work, I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from friends and women who see it as something very inspiring and courageous. It makes me very happy to see them inspired, because I get to hear about similar struggles and I would want to tell them that it is all ‘figureoutable’ if you put your heart and mind to it. Apart from that, the gift of good health is perhaps the best gift after all. That is what I want to give to a society which perhaps needs to readjust its priorities.
    Through my business, I wish to restore the complete mind-body-spirit connection which seems to be broken in today’s world. I want to be able to serve women at all levels by creating service packages that address all their needs whether they are nutritional, emotional, physical, spiritual or mental.
    I want them to invest their time, effort, energy and money to build a life that is sustainable so that they can be good role-models to their children and families. While it is too early to say what exactly I want to focus on but some of the issues that come up repeatedly are hormonal and gut imbalances triggered by poor dietary and life choices.
    At times when I go deeper in to these issues it has got to do with what I call ‘primary food’ which includes relationships, career, education, home environment and the likes.
    Instead of giving quick-fixes, I want to address these underlying root causes and make these women into strong, confident women who always choose themselves first in life. A healthy body is a start to this change and a global good health revolution. I believe woman are the foundation of our society and if they are empowered and happy they will give that ten times over to those around them.
    For me this would be an opportunity to build a life and business that nourishes my own life and helps me live abundantly in more ways than one.

  54. 1. Hi Marie, thank you for the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. My biggest struggle with writing is not getting started but stopping, so the challenge of 250 words is tough! I love writing of any kind, poems, blogs and I have a dream to write a book one day! I know that I tend to write too much and have had experience of writing at an academic level which I know is very different from the kind of writing that I now need to learn for my website blog and newsletters.
    2. I am a nurse who has stepped out of paid work to develop my own online business as a resilience coach with a passion to help nurses develop their individual resilience in the workplace through coaching. My mission is to provide support and grow a supportive community for senior clinical nurses wherever they may be in the world. Something that is sadly lacking and I know from experience is needed.
    3. Stronger writing will help me enormously on so many fronts, I have started a newsletter, a blog and have a growing community of nurses on a closed FaceBook group as part of my coaching business. To be honest I am putting myself out there without much of a map of how to do these things. I am learning by my mistakes which slows me down. Nurses don’t traditionally consider or even get offered coaching at a clinical level and I know that I am going to have to work hard on my communication messages to make this work.

  55. Angela Church

    For decades, I have journaled and had a love and deep desire to write. I have dozens (probably tens of dozens) of notebooks, scrap paper, and other note pages of general “ideas” that potentially could be turned into courses, blog posts, articles, even books. BUT when it comes to publishing these ideas, my words stall out and seem to disappear.

    My business is dedicated to empowering and equipping others to live their own unique lifestyle – Faith and Freedom, LLC. This mission will be accomplished by using 7 Scripture-based fundamentals, or foundational principles, of achieving Life Balance.

    I believe the Copy Cure would help me find my voice and increase my confidence level so that I can get my ideas from my head and heart developed into the proper medium. I want to help others know that there is a Life Balance that will help them achieve their biggest goals and dreams!

  56. Thank you for this opportunity Marie and team Forleo!
    My entry below:
    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    Writing about vulnerabilities and taboo issues like mental health, harassment, discrimination in the dance music industry. I’m afraid to discuss these things as a “white privileged” female, who actually grew up below middle class, in poverty, in a developed country.

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    DJs and producers in electronic music who struggle with mental health, especially women and female-identifying persons in the music industry. I help them create a healthy, self-empowering mindstyle and want to make mental health support in the ‘fourth world’ more accessible to this group of people.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    First of all, I’d produce more free, self-help content in a shorter amount of time and reach more people faster. In turn, this will increase my visibility so that I can keep reaching people.
    Secondly, I’d get better and more confident at phrasing vulnerable topics and give more people a voice by speaking up more myself, and contribute to awareness building a lot more.

  57. Anita McKenzie

    Knowing how to put into words that which is in my head into a meaningful story is my biggest wall to topple over. I have known for 0ver ten years that I wanted to write a book and cannot get started. The whole atmosphere of being a writer should fill my lungs and set my fingers across the the keyboards typing ferociously. I crave alone time, being with myself in my own mind is a friendly place to be for me. I LOVE coffee! All the pieces seem to be there, I just have so much to say, I cannot get started. I am on a limited income, I retired early so my wife could move back to her hometown and be close to her family. I always hoped a writing career would support my gardening hobbies and add to our nest egg. Taking this class I am hoping, will give me the push and tools I need to get a book published.

    • Dorene Livia

      Hi Marie,
      Thank you for this amazing and generous opportunity. I am riddled with excitement!
      My biggest struggle with writing is the ability to stay in a conscious stream of thought to express my thoughts and not edit myself in the process. I become disconnected with the true meaning and value I am looking to provide to my clients and prospective clients. The reason why I feel this happens is because I have a lot of information in my head that I would like to share and I know I need a plan of action to get my thoughts down and then go back and edit and I could use writing tools like what is a proper outline for writing a clear conscience connectable story.
      My business career is I am an Integrative Health Coach. Currently I work in my community with individuals, families and corporations focusing on Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Physical movement and Nutrition. I believe in treating the whole person to impact their lives in a positive way and show them how to live their best lives, feel good and live a conscious healthy life. Working this way creates a ripple effect in my life and my clients lives that fosters positive lasting attainable and sustainable change.
      Should The Copy Cure land in my lap, first I would scream with excitement and most likely jump up and down with joy and then share the news with those I love and thank the Universe for this blessing.
      Stronger writing skills would enable me to share the messages I have. It would provide me with foundation I need to communicate with my clients and potential clients through my blog, newsletter, public access tv show podcast and books that I would like to write. I would like to touch as many lives as possible to create a lasting ripple effect in the world. I would like for people to live their best lives, light up the lives of those they touch and come in contact with and make this world a better place.

  58. I’d love to join you guys ♡

    Why? To get better at doing what I do for a living, giving, creating, commuting from A to B, my future – goals (B-school, being, seeing the world with new eyes)

    Thank you

  59. Marlene

    I´ve been writing seriously since I got into the University, I’m a social communicator and now I’m building my Communication, Image and Personal Brand consulting firm. However, once I decide to start my own business it seems as my muse just flew away!!!!
    But I do not give up and I am still try writing! And learning everyday from almost any serious source I found.
    Since my first language is Spanish, to get this scholarship will be a mega plus for me: to learn new structures, see opportunities, and of course improve my writing skills to help other people to express themselves accurately.
    I work with women entrepreneurs and I’m also a member of the Volunteer Mentors Net in a national program in Panamá called “Canal de Empresarias”, that help women to reach their business goals and help them to develop economic independency, through business, entrepreneurship, coaching, and self-esteem education.
    I´m so excited just thinking that I will have the chance to share everything I could learn with you and help this entrepreneurs to show their best, teaching them how to say it in a creative and strategic way.
    Many thanks!!!! Really hope to get this opportunity!!!

  60. Sarah Ukot

    Thank you sooo much for this opportunity, Marie!
    My biggest struggle with writing is moving the words I have in my head, to paper. I’ve been through a particularly rough creative block and I just know The Copy Cure would be very helpful.

    I miss writing easily, and I want to find that again. With plans to start a content marketing career, I need all the help I can get to find a writing voice that shows my heart, and build my confidence.

    I’m a Nigerian photographer, and I see so many young entrepreneurs starting businesses but having poor images. I want to help them make changes that bring in way more than change?.

    Getting admission to The Copy Cure would be a total game changer. I’m just beginning to seek clients, and the ability to reach my ideal clients through awesome copy would mean the world to me.
    Besides… the more money I make, the more I can save towards paying for my Master’s degree and saving my dad the trouble. He’s done so much for me and my sisters already.

    I volunteer as a social media manager at a small local NGO that focuses on girl child education, and I’d love to use my new skills to help them achieve their goals and also teach small business owners too.

    P. S: I’d love to pay for this course, but I haven’t started making money, and the Naira to Dollar exchange rate would bury me. ?

  61. I’m a writer. I’ve known it since high school but focus and follow through are difficult for me. Setting goals will help me. My biggest struggle with writing is getting to the point quickly. I’m long winded. People get tired of reading my long paragraphs. I need to learn to edit myself or write like I think and speak. A good editor is my best friend.
    My business career is dedicated to my clients and getting their market message aligned with their values and mission statement. Finding their core competency and communicating to their clients internally and externally. I also have a book in me and really need help getting it organized and out to the public. I would say my overall mission is to communicate well and get my clients to do so. And I also like to shake people up and make them think. Allow them to see if they aren’t happy they can change and create their best self. I enjoy helping people be the best person they know they can be. I’m also very keen on philanthropy and getting the money that’s out there to the people who need it.
    If you offered me the opportunity to attend free writing classes it would help motivate me to take action and write regularly so that I could improve. I would be able to carve time out where I could make it a priority vs. waiting for when I think I have the time. It would act as a catalyst to get me going. And I can achieve my goals of finishing a manuscript, regular blog writing, and connecting my what I’m learning to the final product. We don’t do anything alone. We all need a little help from the right people.
    Marie Forleo was recommended to me four years ago and I just came across this email today and clicked on it. There in lies the reason. Thank you! Tina Marie

  62. Thank you for this opportunity! My biggest struggle with copy is writing content that engages my audience. Expressing what I would like to say that keeps clients interested in reading it. Finding the perfect topics and tying them in to what I have to offer.

    My work is dedicated to the luxury events industry and children. I serve women who are getting married, or planning a large event. I help them design the event and sweets tables. We offer custom cakes and design services. We are also launch a mobile bakery for cupcake decorating birthday parties! My mission is to build this business in hopes to franchise the mobile bakery. I am also documenting my process to help empower & educate middle school and high school children by introducing them to entrepreneurship.

    If I had access to the copy cure I would gain the confidence to blog more, to build my audience and to help millions of people who struggle to design beautiful parties that create memories for their friends and loved ones. I would introduce a service that brings families together and highlights life’s most precious events. I can build a sustainable income for my family and secure my children’s future. I would have the resource to hire staff that would then in turn free up my time to give back to my community!

    I have built this business from the ground up with the help of B-School I was able to expand and create The Cupcake Carriage. Copy is my weakness, I’m excited to learn more and hone that skill in hopes to increase my exposer!


  63. Donna Caruso

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? I usually try to add humor and find myself ending with dull and worthless content.
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My husband and I are opening a wellness and relaxation spa, set for a mid July opening! That buildout comes with a large financial burden on us. With saunas, float tanks and salt room therapy, well be able to serve athletes to seniors to folks with the need to detox and release stress.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    This will allow us to start our social media and website for our new business on the right foot. A successful business will allow us to include the charitable component to our business by giving back and highlighting deserving non profits monthly. Thanks you for your consideration.

  64. I never realized what an art writing is until I opened my online jewelry store. I am a B School grad, and this was a game changer for me and my business. My goal for my business is to provide a unique, handmade piece of jewelry that the wearer feels awesome wearing. Writing better copy describing my products and goals would convey that message more effectively. I like to donate pieces as well to local fundraisers to give back to our community. Please consider me for this awesome opportunity!

  65. Korinda Riddington

    Hi Marie!

    I would love to win a scholarship as I have just had to quit my job due to be bullied at work. In addition my husband is working part-time while completing his masters, so we simply don’t have the cash available for a course like this. I also have some part-time work lined up, however that is going to go towards us keeping a roof over our heads and making sure we can feed ourselves, the dog and my horse.
    My biggest struggle when writing is conveying just how amazing my product is and also being able to put across that when people are buying my product that they are not just buy an item but they are supporting an emerging artist who needs the confidence boost just as much as I do. My aim is to create horse products for both English and Western disciplines which feature the work of emerging Australian Aboriginal artists. My mission to is show case Aboriginal designs in a way that has not been done before. In doing so I would be empowering individuals and communities by providing them with an income and a platform to showcase their work that is unique. I would like to make my brand international so as to have the biggest impact.
    A scholarship to the Copy Cure would be a huge benefit to me and my team as it would give me the confidence and skills to write great copy for free at a time when I am financially stretched. The flow on effect would be that my company would do well and my future employees will know that they will have a job for years to come.

    • I just completed B-School and was amazed at the results I’ve already gotten by ‘putting my insight into action’ so I know that The Copy Cure would be just as amazing, insightful and actionable.

      That said, I have SO many ideas but have such a hard time organizing my thoughts into a cohesive and succinct message that compels people to act. I am a health coach and a clean-crafted wine consultant. My clients are women in their 40s and up who would rather give up their food than their wine so I’m all about empowering them to make different, better choices that don’t leave them feeling deprived or like they’re on another diet. Thus, my mission is to spread the message that you can be healthy and enjoy life at the same time without dieting, deprivation or misery through the process of change.

      Another passion is anti-sex trafficking and to increase awareness and raise money by donating a portion or all of my proceeds from wine tasting events that focus on raising awareness and educating about sex trafficking. Because it’s such a heavy subject, lightening it up with some clean wine while educating people on how to get involved makes it a little more palpable and people love supporting a product that gives back. I call it “Wine with a Purpose.”

      I believe the only way to make a difference is through awareness and I know The Copy Cure will help strengthen my writing skills to empower people to act.

  66. Ava

    My biggest struggle with writing is being able to craft killer sales copy! I have blogged a lot since 2009, but I feel like I lack the ability to write copy that connects, informs and sells. I sit in front of my computer screen on some days and nothing comes out. The work of my clients comes first, so by the end of the day, my brain is fried.

    I’m a brand and digital marketing strategist. My business is dedicated to helping women build their business and their personal brands. But to be honest, I am struggling with selling my own products and services. People love what I do, but I keep hitting brick walls. They’ll sign up if it’s free, but not if I put a price tag on it.

    Is it me, or my copy?

    I assist my clients with writing sales scripts, bios, landing pages, e-commerce descriptions, social media posts, and email sequences (yikes!). See where I’m going with this?

    I know it’s very important for me to figure this stuff out so I can connect with my clients, help them in the most effective way, AND sell my own products. Not only would I love to be able to open up my laptop every morning and have some fresh content pour out of my skull, but I’d love to help my clients excel with their copy while improving my own sales copy.

    P.S. Thank you for offering this program ?

  67. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    I started a blog last year and I feel like I haven’t figured out what my spark really is. The couple of blog posts I have written are all geared towards inspiring personal development in people’s lives and I would like to harness and strengthen the message more.

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    Other than my blog which is geared to helping people find their light (the thing that sparks joy in them and in others). I recently resigned from my job as an accountant to set up a creative studio specializing in web design and from my research my competitors do not help clients with copy that reflect who they are and I would like that to my Unique Selling Point when looking for new business but currently I do not have the expertise to do so in the least.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    I started writing again last year since I was 12 years. I never felt like I was good enough at it but the moment I put out my first blog that’s when I knew that writing and using words is my passion. Strengthening my writing skills will help me put out better content for my readers and also help serve potential clients. Currently I do not have any clients and I feel, scratch that I know that The Copy Cure is my way out.

  68. 1. My biggest struggle with writing: being able to condense what I want to say into a succinct, but powerful format, whilst staying open to meaningful engagement. I’m told I’m a good writer, but it’s often wordy stream of consciousness stuff: who has time for that these days? I’ve also been told I have a tendency to not leave any avenues for discussion – a problem when engagement with an audience is key to growing your reach. I think the why is mostly about self protection.
    2. My fledgling business is about exploring our sensory responses in order to work out what we truly need, individually, in order to thrive. As a 47 year old woman who’s spent a lifetime being told that I don’t feel how I feel, it’s been a struggle to unravel and trust my inner knowing. The work I’m still doing around this has changed my life – not always in a pretty way I’m the first to admit! My mission is to share my discoveries with other women, to empower and encourage them get to know, love and trust themselves. It’s my belief that that sort of self knowledge can change the world for the better.
    3. How would admission to The Copy Cure help? It would give me hope to know I had the best tools to enable me to go out and share my message with those who need it. It would also help me provide a better life for my children.

  69. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is not in writing itself, as I have published my book, BUT in writing to sell…..I started my blog years ago to help people, mostly fellow veterans, live longer healthier plant based active lives together with their dogs. And not having those opportunities knocking on my door this is the door I want to build myself- and make my blog my full time career.
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? Right now I am unemployed, BUT trying to make my blog my full time career, as people keep telling me that I am a talented writer, photographer, and all. I love to research and to keep learning daily. Being able to help fellow veterans and shelter/ rescue dogs is huge in my book as well. Helping all animals, fellow veterans, and seniors ( as I have had plenty of seniors be it my parents help me over the years, to other seniors be there for moral support.) Giving back is so important to me- one reason why I enlisted in the military- I wasn’t thinking of it as a job to make money but a way to give back to my country (the land which I love).
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?If I am granted admission to The Copy Cure, if I have this land in my lap as you put it……I will be able to write more convincingly and persuade my readers to act now! As life goes by so quickly and we only have one chance at life. Being able to connect better with my readers and understand them better and get inside their heads to know how I can better serve my people!

  70. 1. I love to write. I write everyday! Love letters, journal entries, a few books-in-the-making, lots and lots of emails. But where my fingers freeze up like frozen French fries – sales and marketing writing. In fact, anytime I need to showcase MY value, offerings, or amazingness to the world, my mind goes dead-cold. As you can imagine, this a problem for an entrepreneur! I want to conquer this issue and feel confident in my sales writing so I can actually REACH the people who need me!
    2. I am a women’s health-focused herbalist. My passion is helping women with endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, fertility challenges, or any other issue that is holding them back from living their lives to the fullest. I believe that women should have a natural option for taking charge of their health and embracing being a woman, rather than be stuck in a cycle of hating their bodies for the pain they suffer.
    3. MAJOR SHIFTS. I am chock-full of ideas and offerings that I know will help women not only heal, but thrive. Getting it out there and getting MYSELF out there has been my biggest hurdle. With a dedicated approach to understanding how to write authentically for my business while profiting, I can finally let this thing take flight and watch the domino effect. Growing my business and finally becoming self-sufficient and financially free woman will help me create more programs and spread the message: work with your body, not against it <3

  71. Hi Marie & team 🙂
    I’m an Interior & Energy Organiser in London (UK). My business mission is to align interior organasition with energy work, to make it more mainstream and understood. I support people surrounded by ‘stuck energy’ to create happy and successful lives through decluttering and tidying, to become the badass people they dream of being!
    I’m initially focusing on people in transition, like new mums and new entrepreneurs, but my biggest struggle is that I’m not a new mum, so I’m concerned that I can’t communicate as well as I can for new entrepreneurs. I become overwhelmed, start thinking small, and then have to work on my own energy. It’s exhausting work, but I still feel called to help!
    I feel that the Copy Cure could be a guiding light for me. That helping hand to help me improve my writing, and speak so openly and powerfully to the people I’m trying to support. I’m done hiding in the shadows and playing small. If I had the courage and know-how to share my words, it would be life-changing for me and everyone I interact with. I would be living my truest life and offering my positive energy to my husband, friends, family and clients. It would be energy bliss as I have freedom to share my voice.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are so inspirational, and I feel so blessed to be in this community with your beautiful listeners.
    Love, Becky xx

  72. Thank you Marie and team for the inspiration in everything you do!
    I love all the tips you were sharing in Copy Cure emails and I want to learn as much as I can from you!
    Clear mind does not always convert to writing – and this is my biggest problem! I feel my thoughts can help my target audience to reach success but it looks dull when it gets on paper 🙁
    From the experience I know how difficult is to have a business you love and at the same time being seen, heard, and known. I feel my mission is to help these people to be more visible using social media and advertising.
    I am seeing Copy Cure as a tool that will give me this opportunity to let word know about so many wonderful people that are either too busy, too shy or just don’t have the writing skills as for some of them English is not their first language. I would use all my new skills toward connecting people that need each other!

  73. Nineveh Daniel

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I have such a block when it comes to marketing me and my services. I love using words but when it comes to marketing I think I get stuck because I believe I have to be ‘salesy’ to get anywhere..

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am a fully qualified naturopath and so passionate about helping others and now I’m ready to take it to the next level and help more people by doing something commercial with my skills to get even more people feeling good about their health and wellbeing..

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    It would so boost my self confidence, create leads, boost sales, and ultimately this will all help my family and community as the abundance I attract is shared with my beloveds, which includes the rest of the world!

  74. OMW! Thank you so much for opening this up! Been hoping and praying for this!

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? –
    I overthink and over-talk myself – I know that there is a fine art to writing copy and I guzzle all the knowledge I can get about it with out-stretched ears! But when it comes to sitting down and actually writing – BLANK! or on a “productive” day I overwrite and have too many words- long sentences and ramblings! Each and every module in The Copy Cure’s curriculum makes me want to click and learn. I struggle to connect with my clients in copy – in person No Problem – but copy…. bleh!

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My mission is to help small-medium tourism businesses in South Africa to learn how to do online marketing and go digital, helping them build their dream business. Many of them are rurally bases and don’t have access to funds to hire outside agencies to help with their marketing. They fear technology and feel overwhelmed by it – especially the 50+ students in my workshops. I host the workshops locally – but that means I need to convince them to sign up and pay before they know who I am – as I need to book venues close to them, organize accommodation and travel and get workbooks printed. So it would help to know I have atleast a few people signing up and paying out the gate to cover costs.

    In the tourism business there is so much potential to create jobs for the younger generation – if we can convince the older generation that they need to move from traditional to online marketing. The tourism industry in SA tend to be very isolated and many of them have been burnt in the past by marketing agencies that take advantage of their lack of tech savvy. Therein lies my problem… I can make an online course but my clients aren’t online – yet! ? – and they tend to not trust someone they can’t see and meet in person – Hench why I need to take the workshop to them – They are not very active online – so if I get them on my workshop registration page my words need to be powerful enough to grab their attention and show them how I can help.

    I want to give them the tools and knowledge to know what to do and then how to do it themselves – in the process showing them the benefits of training a youngster – with their born-in superpower using tech and working online – to help tell these tourism providers stories and run their online marketing.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    #1 I would be able to reach more people and give students more value by creating great content before, during and after the workshops.
    #2 Bit selfish,? but I would be able to hopefully write my words in such a way as to get my workshops filled every time – which would take away the stress of worrying about paying venues, travel, etc before each workshop – or in many cases cancellation fees for venues and accommodation…?
    #3 For my family it would mean that if I could get my workshops filled each time I won’t have to spend too much time away from them as I only have to host a few workshops per year & focus on giving greater value to my past students via online channels – seeing as they understand the power of online marketing once they’ve done the workshop!? Don’t get me wrong I love the travel – it helps me see our beautiful country and connect and build great friendships as I go – plus helps me understand the struggles my students face.
    #4 Community wise this would mean that our local tourism community in South Africa would be able to tell their own stories and take control of their own marketing. Especially the smaller companies or the young lady trying to start up a local village tour to create an income for her family – I want to show them the power of the internet and how it can level the playing field for everyone. It would mean our economy could grow as tourism is one of our biggest revenue streams in South Africa’s economy and offers countless employment opportunities. But as long as the tourism companies don’t get bookings they can’t grow and can’t hire more employees.
    #5 It would mean that I could start connecting tourism product providers with each other across our country – to help them give tourists a better guestcentric experience as they explore our beautiful, colourful and diverse country!??

    Darn it there I go again on a long “productive” day rant!

  75. Hi Marie,

    My struggle with writing is second guessing myself. I also tend to run on and add in extra fluff around the point. Sometimes I feel like I am dancing around the point when all’s I want is to get to the damn point of what I’m writing. Even in emails I find myself writing something and backspacing, wondering if it would be “good enough” taking like 10 mins to write a 2 min email. It’s because of doubting myself and feeling inadequate in the position that I am currently in. I am a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist and an Instructor at Institute for Massage Education in Kalamazoo, mi. The main class I devote time to prepping and instructing is Anatomy and Physiology part 1. I also have established my own business “Unwinding Movement” as a massage practice with a goal to branch into an actual movement of expressing: self care is okay/necessary, self love does exist and everyone is worthy of feeling it. I have found so much insight and tools on this journey and my main Mission is to share what I have found with a tribe that wants to listen. Typing this out I’m also realizing I pause while typing considering what word could be a “best” fit in a sentence. I have been tossing around the idea of creating a blog with entries relating to conscious awareness, self care, breathing, things one can do at home to reach whole-being. My running blog name is: Intelligence & Intuition. I eventually want to go into research with a team on these topics. I have so much passion and information that when I sit down to type I just end up spewing what feels like too personal information or information people don’t give a shit about. I also have no idea how to build a website and the thought of “what if no one even views it” crosses my mind all the time. I feel like everyone deserves to know these things, Education is so so important and I know a lot! Another block I tend to put on myself is my age. I am 22 and I scientifically/intuitively know how to reach conscious awareness, and relaxation. I understand structures & functions of the body on a molecular level, upwards and… I know good shit about how to uplift ones life. I am the only one getting in my way at this point. Eventually I see myself speaking in forums on self care and telling my story to potentially give inspiration to men and women that they deserve love and joy and to feel GOOD. A part of me also wants to smash the sugar coating of what it takes to feel good and how it is a courageous act of unraveling useless programming to reach higher levels of life. That is a scary as fuck thought having people(anyone/the public) hear my story. I want to serve as many people as I can, people who want to listen. If admission to copy cure landed in my lap I would be eternally grateful. I would take it as an opportunity to rise up and realize my worth. I would have to make the most of my life, this scholarship could have gone to anyone. Stronger writing will help my timing efficiency, it will support me in creating more blog entries and actually get me to post them publically. It will support and uplift my confidence with myself, I feel like I would understand deeper that I do have a tribe behind me supporting me and I am worth it to be heard. I will initially reach the followers I have on Instagram and then finish building the website and launch that. The tangible difference this would make to those around me is that they could hopefully find inspiration from myself, who has been through hell and back and is actively improving my life. And also to get more marketing out there to increase people on the planet who receive regular massage which is collectively engaging the earth in increased relaxation and well-being. It will also improve my instructing style so the students are more inspired, prepared and understanding of the awesomeness of feeling good and that exponentially raises the feel good bar, and then they get to go out and do their thing! I love it. I appreciate your consideration of my entry. Enjoy your day.

    Stephanie Lee Somerville, LMT
    Unwinding Movement: Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, LLC


    My biggest struggle with writing is to find my voice and get heard. Being more of an introvert, I’ve always been better at expressing myself in writing than talking, but I don’t really know how to connect with my audience. I feel that when I write in my own style, people will never read everything I have to say, and if I try to change my style, it doesn’t sound like myself.
    I reinvented my whole life 5 years ago. I was stuck in a job that did not represent what I believed in, and after a personal and spiritual crisis I took the leap of faith to leave everything behind and start afresh, with the desire to do meaningful work that would serve a community, not just big companies. Currently I volunteer teaching the local language to immigrants, and I just get by with freelancing. My dream is to serve women who need a fresh opportunity after seeing their life and dreams crushed and who need to work as well as to raise kids. I want to give them support at all levels, cover emotional as well as practical and financial needs, and therefore I need to get good at selling – something that has always scared me – and also to connect with a community and a bigger audience in writing. Besides, learning how to write good copy would help me with my current freelancing so that I could earn enough to keep up the volunteering while I build that dream.

    Thanks for the time you spent reading this 🙂

  77. Hi Marie and Team Forleo 🙂

    I’m Kate, and I like to think I’m a creative soul in certain areas, however my biggest struggle with writing, firstly is thinking about topics to write about.
    Secondly if my topics are right for my customer base.
    Thirdly sometimes I feel if I put my personality into my writing, I get nervous about sharing it on my social media pages incase people think, “what is this girl talking about or who is this girl, or if people think its a load of rubbish” so I just post the blog on my website which then gets very few views because nobody knows its there. I think sometimes writing can be quite personal and putting writing pieces out for all the world to be able to read can be quite daunting.

    I’m the owner of a ladies fashion boutique, which is also online, I’m coming up to my second year in business and I feel like I am building up a lovely customer base, both In-store and online. My customer base In-store is the more mature older lady, and I love this. I myself am 32 and I’m young at heart and I love the fact that I have customers who sometimes just pop by for a browse and a chat. 90% of the time they leave with an item of clothing or accessory and I hope they leave feeling happy about their purchase and themselves.

    My mission is to create a positive, friendly upbeat atmosphere, even down to the music playing In-store. I want my customers to feel comfortable, if it’s helping them find an amazing new top, bag, shoes or just having a chat I know can sometimes mean a lot to some of my elderly customers.

    If I were lucky enough to get a scholarship for the Copy Cure then this would help me immensely, as I said my business is also online and I’m quite active on social media. I’m slowly growing my customer list via the website. (Which is great but it could be better)

    The Copy Cure would help me have new creative ideas for my website, my blog, and help me write amazing product descriptions which hopefully would increase sales which would mean I could grow my business. I’d like to get to the point where I could take on someone to help me, as at the moment, I’ve been working a 7 day week for the last year and a half with the odd day off when my mum can help. I have lots of ideas and plans for my business, but I feel its lacking in certain areas and my copy is one of those areas.

    Thank you and fingers crossed for all who have applied.

    Kate xoxo

    • My biggest struggle with writing is overthinking how what I’m writing will be received by the viewer. I think because we live in such a changing and diverse world, it’s important to write in a context that resonates with everyone.

      My career has not been what I’m most dedicated to, so I started coaching people in life and business part-time. I serve a diverse clientele and my mission is to be able to provide even more motivation. A larger party of that is how the copy is written. Especially when working with teens starting college and the transition they go through.

      If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, stronger writing would help me to convey things much easier in words. I would more confidently be able to communicate with my family, my clients and build my business in a way I’m happy to see explained in words. Tangibley the motivation and insight I can currently provide would be redefined in an understandable, enlightening and motivational way; making an the difference to me and those around me. I’ve even completed a short coaching book, but have yet to release it, until I am 100% confident in how the knowledge is conveyed by the reader.

  78. “Wait, no that doesn’t sound right”. “No scrap that idea start again, you can’t say it like that”. “No delete that too”.
    That’s honestly the conversations I have with myself each time I try to write for my Instagram or Facebook. My biggest struggle when it comes to writing is, I just can’t convey the correct tone, the cross between being friendly or assertive, coming across too “salesy” or too corny. I absolutely love writing, and for as long as I can remember I was actually good at it, it’s probably the only thing in school I actually had some recognition for and it felt AMAZING !! I’d love to have that moment again when I was proud of myself and my words on the page.

    My business that I would love to learn how to write more emotional content for, and really show my personality is skincare for both men and women. I love to serve people and help them appreciate themselves and actually take the time out of their days for ”self love & care”. Far too many people these days, with the go, go, go nature of peoples lives, really need to be shown that it’s absolutely ok to spend 10 minutes on themselves morning and night, the world is still going to spin, and your actually going to have less wrinkles !

    Having admission to The Copy Cure would be such an honour, and honestly I have been trying to be an entrepreneur for at least 10 years and after many failed attempts it would bring so much joy to my partner and I. If I could be successful and he didn’t have to work 12 hrs a day for 14 days straight in the mine he works in that would be life changing. Not to mention all the beautiful new faces that would be totally in love with themselves all over the world. Happy smiling, non wrinkled and acne free and full of confidence. Amen prayers answered. Xoxo

  79. I studied accounting because It did not require a written thesis. That was my only reason at that point in time and the God honest fear of writing has me sweating bullets. I am talker and thinker and I write in my own way by talking to google docs on my own issues and this practice I have found very liberating.
    I started a blog a year ago and I have just been putting my “voice” on paper and It has been a healing experience.
    I come from a abusive childhood and this left me with obvious anxiety issues and I started a business with CBD oil, as it has been the only thing that has worked for my anxiety issues.
    My business website copy and written articles for my site is costing me a fortune.
    My fear of writing my own story and connecting to my own clients is costing me a fortune and it is costing me more so the ability to heal myself.
    I have been waiting for some outside force to give me permission to connect to other with my words in a “public” platform.
    The copy cure is me giving myself permission, it is me taking charge of my voice, my story and my business.

    My mission is to give a voice to my story to share the ideas that has impacted my life from having no agency to being a person.
    I have learnt very recently it is not my education or degrees that makes me a person to be noted, It is just the mere fact that I am a person and I am alive.

    The emails I receive from the copy cure this far seems genuinely authentic. This is the life I want to breath into my own website and my blog.

  80. Hello, thanks for this opportunity. I’ve been coaching people for 20 years and I’m also a Hypnotherapist based in the UK. I’m better at speaking than writing!

    Once someone comes as a client, the right words come, the energy comes, the magic happens. On a screen (and my website), not so much!

    I want to find the words (and my online voice) to express to people how I can help them. The difference I can make to their lives, the hurdles I can help them overcome, the confidence they can find, the weight they can lose, the cigarettes they can kiss goodbye, the soul they can be better friends with, the trauma they can heal and the depression that can evaporate.

    I need help! I’ve really tried (honest) but the written word is an art form and I want to learn, improve and grow. Quite simply so I can reach more people online in my business and communicate at a whole new level.

    I know good copy can change lives and I want to be part of that change. I also believe in right time, right place so here I am!

    • Eva

      Hey Marie,
      my name is Eva and I’m a natural gifted healer! I serve women to become independent in their spiritual growth and remember their truth. Our intuition, strong hearts and wisdom got lost over generations of suppressing the feminine aspects of life. And we experience that in all aspects of life! I believe we are in a huge awakening and the feminine is healing on earth in all genders and aspects of life. Healing comes with a price. We have to face and heal pain of generations. We need to remember that we are divine beings and act accordingly.
      I believe in a conscious society. I believe our truth nature is balanced, love and intuitive. I’m ready to serve.
      I’m struggling with communicating my message because I’m not a native speaker!! Also I’m suffering from a light dyslexia! My way of learning is intuitive and your videos going right to my learning center, my heart! I took B School last year and I learned so much and adjusted my business!
      I’m on my own in the US and I’m taking care of myself. But I have to work very hard and I’m ready to work smart and offer my gifts to the world.
      Thank you for your offering! I’m sure every single one deserves it.
      Much love, Eva

  81. I hope you get a scholarship Anastasiya. Sounds like you deserve it!

  82. I’m a young woman working in tech and today, I absolutely love what I do as a designer. But the path I took to get here wasn’t easy.

    Early on in my career, I experienced what it was like to be taken advantage of, and like many a woman might recount when you’re young, straight out of university, just wanted a job.

    I was brought up in a disadvantaged community before my parents gathered all their savings to put me into a good school for my final year. It was there, I had the chance to explore art and meet a kickass group of girls I call my support system.

    In search of this revered career satisfaction tied to my purpose in life, I’ve become passionate about studying the way we work and helping young women find their path, while navigating the challenges faced in our professional lives.

    I created a blog dedicated to sharing stories of being a creative entrepreneur, but my biggest struggle is with the speed and frequency in which I write. Because I tend to take a lot of time to write, I feel held back and find it hard to juggle my blog project with my new full time job.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, stronger writing would help bring value to my skillset in UX copywriting at my day job, while being able to once again turn the wheels of my blog and grow my community of young creatives.

  83. Hi Marie and the Forleo Team! SO grateful for this opportunity to share more about my business and message, and for the perspective of joining a program such as the Copy Cure. I’ve included my answers below (in 247 words!)

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Flow. I will have creative outbursts, sometimes at the ‘right’ time (when I can sit and write right away), but mostly when I’m on the go or working on something else. For this reason, I feel like it gets away from me.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My business is dedicated to helping humans feel good in their bodies and minds with the help of plants. I specialise in CBD, hemp and cannabis and my mission is to spread the wellness benefits of the plant to help us return to a state of relaxation and calm difficult to tap into in today’s fast-paced world. It is crucial for me to do this by respecting our gorgeous planet and giving back to those who help protect her (I am putting in place the 1% environmental model to make this an official part of my business and values).

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    The Copy Cure will help me reach more people, encouraging them to prioritise self-care and conscious calm. I believe my content is on a great path and I long for people to read it! Click on it! Identify with it and spread the love. This course would make a huge difference in my community, making it grow and making it stronger. I would get more clicks on my posts, more traffic on my blog, and eventually more sales on my website – helping thousands of people to return to their inner calm state, listen to their bodies, and explore life with a brand new loving perspective.

  84. 1. My BIGGEST struggle with writing is not knowing how to write in a way that catches someone’s attention and moves them to take action! I generally stay in a writers block for long periods of time, then my website, emails, posts, and sales letters don’t convert which leaves me frustrated with the whole writing process.

    2. My business is dedicated to women’s health. I help overwhelmed professional women navigate their emotions and improve their resiliency to stress while overcoming chronic dieting so they can take charge of their health & show up in life as their most energized & confident self.

    Having struggled with my weight, chronic dieting, negative self-talk, chronic health problems and negative body image for decades it is my mission to help women overcome these things so they can establish a healthy relationship with food, physical activity, and most importantly themselves. This way they can live a long joyful life filled with vibrant health, while sharing their expertise with the world instead of hiding in the back filled with fear & pain.

    3. STRONGER writing will allow me to create connections with the women I am equipped to serve. This ultimately is going to increase my sales & allow me to stay in business as I am just beginning. I am 100% CONFIDENT in my ability to serve professional women as their health coach but if I fail to CONNECT it will completely STOP me from being able to help those who need me.

    Positively Well is my online health coaching business and it is designed to help women not just in the U.S. but all over the world.

    For my future clients it means being able to wake up in the morning rested, having energy, and being mentally alert for work. Speaking with confidence and directing their energy to improving the lives of others. ( As many of my clients have been & will continue to be doctors & nurses.) It means them being able to live life free from type II diabetes, heart disease, chronic health problems and be healthy enough to conceive.

    I used to think everything I wanted in life was on the other side of service but I realized it is in the service itself. This is how I choose to serve so for me stronger writing will allow me to continue to provide for myself while doing the work that I love.

  85. Jacqui Padgett

    Marie Foleo & Team,

    So, my biggest struggle is not knowing who exactly I am meant to be writing to! Also where I am meant to start and really need some guidance to get started and some confidence!
    My mission is to help single mums who need a leg up and be empowered to make an income from there passion and empower them to be a warrior queen !!
    THis Opportunity would completely transform life and show my boys & other mums anything is possible when you believe and trust ❤️ Jacqui x

  86. Jay

    Glad I opened your email!
    1) I struggle to find the words to say what my heart feels. I’ve discovered I suffer from mild dyslexia and this is getting in my way to become a confident writer. I feel my copy is very functional and I struggle to find words that inspire and win hearts.
    2) My business is social media marketing strategic support for foodpreneurs. I want to help these inspirational startups see social media marketing as an opportunity to share their stories and tell their brand story. Most are really scared of it. I want to inspire them that they can embrace it and love it.
    3) My business would attract more clients than I am right now. I’m not the best communicator and need help. My family would see more of me becuase I live inside of my laptop and the Copy Cure would help me write better and with confidence without having check and rewrite my copy hundreds of times over again you. My community would get access to all the knowledge I have in my head so they could grow their businesses quickly. Tangible – Our family would be able to go on holiday, and spend time with family in the UK.

  87. For some reason whatever is in my heart and in my mind seems impossible to translate it into words on paper. I have tried different approaches when I write copy for my posts and my newsletters; a few personal notes and I then move to the reason for my post. I always aim to be honest and transparent and hope this comes across but it doesn’t translate into sales.

    My business is providing virtual assistance to entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches but my real passion is inspiring other women/ mums like myself to start up their own VA business. I created a workshop about 3 years ago where I teach in a classroom setup how to setup a virtual assistant business. This year I have decided after getting numerous requests to turn my workshop into a digital course so I can show women across Australia how to setup their own business and become empowered.

    If I would have the opportunity to learn from you how to write copy that would make women see that they have other options after having children that instead of going back to employment they can create their own income and be independent and empowered. This would mean the world to me to know we can change people’s lives. It would also give me a larger platform to work from instead of 20 women each month and frankly has become quite exhausting with my own business and two kids in school.

  88. Daniela Kasdi

    I feel absolutely grateful – as not to say thrilled – for the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.
    1.- my biggest struggle with writing is to find the sufficient number of and also the “right” words to paint a picture of what I want to share. After 2 sentences my flow is already dried out.
    2.- at the moment I am just writing copy (content) for online companies as to support my family financially. My goal however is to start a blog to serve all my expat sisters here in Algeria to get them connected, updated and also promoted. They are doing amazing things and only few people know about it. I would love to start a network where I could share my own skills, invite and motivate women to share theirs and spread usefel and so needed information. In the long run this is supposed to have an impact on the whole country which is facing a substantial lack of education, medical care and information regarding healthy lifestyle, nutrition, vaccination etc. I hope this makes any sense and meets open ears!
    3.- stronger writing would get me started with the above. I had this dream in January and gave up since I spent more time sitting over my empty piece of paper than achieving something.
    With love and anticipation xxX

  89. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is knowing how to write for business/marketing. I have very little skill set for marketing. What I do know is that my writing moves people. People take action when I post a call to action on social media. My SM posts and blog posts start conversation among my friends/ followers. My goal in applying for this scholarship- to learn how to effectively write in order to turn profit and move people to take charge of their health specifically in relation to pregnancy and birth care.

    2. My business is AnyaDoula, LLC. I offer birth services to women during their birth year to include prenatal education support, continuous labor support, and postpartum support. The maternal mortality rate in the U.S. is the worst of developed nations for all women. For black women it is 3-4 times higher than that of white women without regard to education, income, and healthcare access. My target market are working class and professional black women. My mission is to normalize doula care for everyone, but especially for the most vulnerable in our communities.

    3. This course will help me:
    Create more access to doula services for the most vulnerable families.
    Create a community doula program by offering doula training so the community solves it’s own health disparities and creates more women owned business.
    For myself and my family-building a legacy of improving health and creating business opportunities for our community.

  90. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I overthink EVERYTHING. I read and re-read every sentence and because of this it takes me weeks to put out my content. Much of this has to do with the leftover pieces of my perfectionism. But I also know it has to do with the way I learned to write. I’ve been in grad school for so long that everything is APA format and its not completely clear how to let my voice shine without sounding unprofessional.
    2. My mission is to make two-parent households sexy again, because I know the kids need it. I’m a Professional Counselor and I work with distressed couples to make their relationship stronger. I also provide divorce recovery to men and women so they can be healthy for the next relationship.
    3. When I meet clients in my office for the first time, I’m able to make a strong connection that helps them feel comfortable in sharing the intimate details of their pain. They SEE my heart is genuine and the help is real.

    Getting them to the door has been a problem. If my writing was stronger, they’d see ME faster. And finally, I could build a full caseload. My two kids and I have been living with my parents for the past 5 years since my own divorce and we could move out. And I could make so many divorcees healthy again and the help eliminate the vicious cycle of the 2nd and 3rd divorce.

  91. 1. I struggle with being able to connect with audiences from other countries. I have often been told that my writing is too “Indian”. In order to serve my clients better, my work needs to connect with people from diverse cultures. But in trying to make it better, I often end up making it sound more forced! I wish to connect with people universally without compromising on my own voice. I also want to get rid of the irritating feeling of knowing that MY voice is so near yet so far.

    2. I live in Mumbai. My businesses are dedicated to creating content. I work as a content consultant for brands – here my role is to put together content strategies and production plans. My other business is that of a communications’ expert for boutique design studios. Here, my purpose is to promote my client’s work and grow their business globally. I believe that Asia has tremendous under-publicized creative talent. My mission is to promote Asian talent around the world.

    3. Admission to The Copy Cure would help me find my voice and serve my community at large. My clients (Asian design studios) often tend to keep quiet, keep their heads down and produce brilliant work but forget to promote their work or grow their business globally. It would specifically help me use PR & Communication to make my clients feel worthy of global recognition. This programme would help me shine that spotlight on my community: Asian creatives.

  92. Hello Marie and friends,
    My first love is writing…then adulthood set in where being practical replaced the dream to be the next Wordsworth. With all the advancements since I first tapped on a typewriter, fast forward to now and I find myself with an idle blog and a static crafts page that needs a lot of love from me. The answer is content, and content needs great copy – not for sales or profit, but for me to be reunited with my first love – words.
    1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? – I usually need a good title to get started. Even if I know the body of my content, I can’t start writing without a title I’m happy with. Without it, I procrastinate and then don’t bother anymore.
    2) What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? – I work for the life insurance industry, but my blogs are dedicated to helping overseas workers plan for the future so they can come home sooner, while the other website is about paper crafts (my projects and some reviews of unsponsored products I’ve tried out). The first one is where I know I can make a difference. So many Filipinos plan to work abroad, but fail to plan about coming home for good. If they only understood basic personal finance, many would be able to come home sooner and be prepared for life back in the Philippines. The Copy Cure can give my blog the CPR it desperately needs, so I can do more to reach more.
    Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? – On a personal capacity, I really want to reach overseas Filipinos. Being the daughter of one, with a mom who has not come home for more than 30 years, this means a lot to me.
    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? – It would definitely energize me to give my blog justice, and the people I want to impact. Secondly, while I am not writing for profit (yet), I have no doubt that improving this skill will land me some much needed gigs to supplement my income (#breadwinnersrock). And lastly, I know that having an affair with words on a very intimate level will bring me back to that same fuzzy feeling of writing my first poem, a feeling that means I am still myself, and I am not gone; I merely need to be found. So The Copy Cure is not just about writing effective words that pop and influence action, but is also a means to rediscover who I was, and who I can still be.

  93. Mandy

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Personally, my biggest struggle is getting out of my own way. I know that sounds weird, but I have the hardest time trusting my gut, going with what I am thinking, and just getting my words down on paper. I struggle to come up with ideas, and also with thinking that my ideas are “enough.”

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I am a teacher during the day, and my online business is related to helping teachers improve their craft. I love to share ideas that are fresh and creative, new perspectives, and time saving tips. I try to produce content that I would like to read as a teacher! My mission is to share all that I have to offer to other teachers, which helps us both!

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    To be honest, this would be a game changer for me. I think that area that I struggle with the most is content creation for my website. I want to take my ideas, get them on paper, and share them with the world! I want to build my reputation and trust with my readers, so they believe in my product (teacher lesson plans). Beyond all of this, improving my business will improve my family life. I love my family, and I love everything we can do together. Improving my online business will improve my financial security! I can pay down my massive student loan debt, buy things for my classroom of low-income students, and save for a rainy day. There is nothing I would love more than to enroll in this course.

  94. B-School is AMAZING! But I’ve got to be honest, when Marie first popped into my inbox I was sceptical; she’s beautiful, successful and much younger than me. How can that be (I thought to myself). I’m older, I know better! But she’s also very compelling and the more I watched, listened and read, the more she inspired and the more I realised I needed her teaching.

    I’m at a turning point in life, been working since I was 16 and I’m pretty much self-educated (no university, college, nothing). I’ve always wanted to be a writer but trying to get a job in publishing, PR, journalism or some such without a degree is impossible.

    At least that’s what I thought, however, I’ve carved out a career spanning all of those over 30 years. It’s been hard and I’ve had to find a “back door” route, which has entailed much rejection and mean criticism.

    I’ve honed my writing skill through guesswork and feedback mainly, which seems to be working out but I don’t really know because I’ve never had any formal training. But formal training is not holistic enough for me – I want the B-School experience but for writing.

    I’m recovering from cancer so funds are tight but that’s another reason to do this right now to help transform my life into one whereby my writing can actually help other people transform their lives.

  95. Amal

    I was wondering for years if I can truely show the world my special gift with confidence.
    I’m Amal a girl from Yemen, where the basic dreams stolen every day.

    Whenever I’m alone many great ideas and words run through my brain like a storm which never settle, but once I put my head in paper… it’s gone. Shy personality and fear of others criticism, make me doubt and never share what I really love.

    My project that I finally get the courage to start is a program helping to rehabilitate youth to get direct and clear steps start working on their passion even with this war,

    I developed a program that can help in regaining confidence and courage to follow their life mission no matter what is the situation is, helping them know exactly where to start, what to do, find the right motivation and support to help unleash their strength and live the life they really want. But how can I reach my audience and convince them to believe in me and invest money on my idea without having good words that translate a heart voice!.

    The copy cure will help me get the right skills to overcome my weakness and help to share my dream with those who really need it.

    I wish I could pay for this program but the economy here is very low, I personally get ~300$/month so it sounds impossible.
    Much love♥.

  96. Well, there are so very many possibilities …which thread do I follow?

    I am a Woman with stories to tell to dis-Member The Silencing and dis-Mantle The Shame of wounds forgotten …casting Shadow …here …and there.

    I serve you who know the pain of Life …and who remember Hopes and Dreams …abandoned.

    …and listening …listen

    I have a Package of mystical storyTelling ready for Release.

    It is my Sacred Offering.

    Lynette ?

  97. Julie

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    1. Honestly, I am scared of writing in English, I am from the Czech Republic, living in the UK. I have built my online business to serve my Czech clients just because of being scared of using English. And yes run a business this way is a bit complicated:) Thanks to modern technologies it is possible. But I can’t offer Czech clients special offers from the UK online shops etc… Don’t take me wrong I could write in English, my husband is an English teacher, so he could check my writing mistakes, but as well he is my biggest critick. And some times (most of the time) it is discoursing.

    2. I am an interior designer. I love to help people create nicer homes and being happier in their personal spaces. I know a nice home makes a family happy and make one strong unit.

    3. Stronger writing will help me focus on the english speaking market (or everyone who can speak/read English) so I can help more people/more families with their homes. And as a cherry on the cake, it will give me more opportunities to make more money, because the english speaking market is much bigger than the Czech one:)
    So more money, more time for my daughters and husband:) Thank you

  98. Hi Marie and team, thank you for offering the opportunity of a scholarship for the Copy Cure. I am a stage 4 breast cancer thriver. I have managed to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. There is a lot of information out there about healing physically but for cancer patients there is not a lot of info on healing emotionally and spiritually. As a patient when you complete all your treatments and you get that all good sign from your doctors you are a fork in the road so to speak. Do you go back to try and recreate the old life that gave you cancer or do you create a new and better more abundant life? That is my passion and I believe souls mission, to help people along the second path. I have managed to do it myself and the transformation is astounding. My target customer is me, in other words an average middle to upper class woman, educated, interested in health and willing to make lifestyle changes.
    My business vision is starting with a blog and tying in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I have purchased my domain name and hope to launch it shortly. I know a course like yours would be invaluable in allowing me to reach more people and transform lives. I have ideas on where I would like to be in 5 years time and ideas on how to eventually become profitable. Once I start to make money I would like to donate a portion to cancer patients. I am most definitely thinking about this in terms of a business and not a hobby. My biggest obstacle at the moment is the overwhelming feeling of I’ve never done anything like this I am a little nervous, I have the ideas I need the tools. A gift of a Copy Course scholarship would allow me to fulfill my dreams that much faster!

  99. Hey Team Forleo,

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity. My heart jumped a beat when I stumbled upon your e-mail. See my answers below! (may they rejoice your heart too! 😉

    1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Getting down to it and doing more of it. Not letting ‘life’ and all my so-called more urgent to-do’s get in the way of really taking that time to sit down and not let anything else interfere. When I do get down to it, I love it.

    Also: becoming a pro. I occasionally write inspiring blog post type of articles, but I would like to know all the ins & outs of marketing copy.

    2) What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I currently make video’s and documentaries for projects with social impact ( which I love – however, I am in the midst of launching a new career in coaching. I am passionate about helping people reconnect with their true passions, which make them jump out of bed, feel alive, and help them develop their full potential.

    My work has a particular focus on Feminine Leadership – which is connected to my personal story. I spent years working hard and struggling to find joy and happiness, not understanding why I was assailed with eating disorders and other issues, when I thought I could have everything I wanted. It was a long journey before I realised I was deeply disconnected from my essence – my desires, my creativity, my intuition. The very sources of true joy, drive and direction. The road I have been on since then was incredibly healing, enriching and fills me with greater gratitude each day. Always deeply passionate about human beings and exploring our full potential, I went on a 10-year journey which has ended on a 3-year intensive coaching course. Today I am ready to give back.

    By coaching women (and men!) on developing not only the masculine of qualities action, goal-orientedness and focus on the outside world, but also the fundamental qualities of self-love, creativity and connection to our inner wisdom, the mission I am deeply committed to is to support the emergence of a new paradigm of feminine leadership.

    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    As said above, I am on the verge of launching my coaching business. I have started coaching sessions and am hosting my first weekend-intensive on Feminine Leadership in 4 weeks. I feel this is the exact point where I need to hone into my copy and marketing skills. I felt B-school would have been a fantastic next step – unfortunately I didn’t have the budget when it launched a few weeks ago and so I let it pass thinking I’d make sure I’d be in next year. But it’s only been a few weeks and suddenly the urgency feels STRONGER and STRONGER. A year feels like ages from now, I want to get my act going NOW !

    Hence, the Copy Cure Program would just be the most amazing gift ever.

    With incredible amounts of gratitude, and tons of love,


    PS. Thank you for all you do. Inspiring lady and team – you are an example to me every day. I would overflow with gratitude to be able to follow this course and work with you more closely.

  100. Michelle

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My writing has lost its spunk. The spunk got lost while I was writing on behalf of an ultra-conservative company over the last four years.

    When persons interact with me as a speaker, they get someone who is fun and engaging and I want my writing to again reflect who I am. My audience is getting two different personalities! Help Marie, I think it’s looking a little schizophrenic.
    Also I want to have better email and social media presence. However, I want to focus to be on the audience and helping them win. Most of the brand promotion examples I see are from person sharing on what they ate today, which radio station the spoke on, and/or which event they were at. Marie, I’m so uninterested in persons watching my fabulous life. Instead I want to help them to live their most fabulous lives instead. I know you can help me to do just that.

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I help corporate professionals who feel incarcerated by their circumstances to escape from their mental addresses so they can enjoy personal fulfillment and financial success. I am their personal development trainer and coach.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community?
    Me: I am helped when my business, family and community are helped.

    My Business: Copy Cure will help me to write passionately so I ignite my audience’s minds and stir their souls. My audience and I will feel a bond and they will purchase the great stuff I have just ready to help them. This means increased business Marie.

    Family and Community: I want to have a family, and I often wonder what kind of mom I would be because I already feel so overwhelmed with work, my business, and a growing church that needs me (I am a pastor’s wife). When I earn more I can better chose to work on my own terms or even leave the 9 to 5, if needs be. I will have the joy of work/life and financial harmony.

    I give heavily to the church community especially because about 95% of our members are very poor. When I earn more, I can give more.

    While we are on the topic of giving; as soon I make the cost of your course as a result of your course, I am willing to pay so you can keep on extending this financial benefit to the many others who need it.


  101. Sandra Niks

    My biggest struggle when it comes to writing is actually to start writing. Before I’m able to put pen to paper, I have thought up various versions in my head and made several lists with what needs to be told in the text I need to write. So if the Copy Cure would only solve that problem, I would be a very grateful person. I am convinced that it will also help me bring my writing back to the essence and that over-explaining will be a thing of the past. To be able to write real, warm, heartfelt, compelling and converting copy would not only help me with my own business but it will also make me a better service provider to my clients. With my business I want to help small business owners with their branding. I want to help clients create an identity that makes them beam with pride which will make them essentially one of the best marketing tools they have. I want to offer them an A to Z package and go on a journey with them in which they find their true voice that speaks to their ICA. Every component is a building block that will be compiled in a website that works! And great copy is essential for that. Being a stronger writer would be an important success factor to my business. And a successful business would grant me the financial room to give back and make a difference.

  102. 1. My biggest struggle is writing to sell. Writing is my passion, and it’s my primary tool for connecting with my audience, but I don’t know how to use words to promote my products and services. B-School helped me to understand marketing, but I believe copywriting is the missing secret weapon. It breaks my heart to share work which I’ve poured my soul into, only to see teenie conversion rates, unopened emails, and zero sales.

    2. My work, and my life, is dedicated to teaching people who suffer with extreme stress and anxiety disorders how to heal themselves using mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. I healed myself from anxiety and panic disorder, so I know it can be done! My mission is to make these tools more freely accessible to the people who need them, and to shift the way we relate to mental health as a culture. I dream of a world where drugs and therapy are not the only treatments available for mental health issues, and where young people grow up learning how to deal with stress and anxiety effectively.

    3. Stronger writing would help me to create more compelling marketing materials, which would help me sell more programs, which would allow me to work on my business full-time. This would take the financial pressure off, and allow me to 1) create more free content and 2) offer more pro-bono workshops and retreats in my community, for people who need help but aren’t able to make a financial investment.

  103. I have never considered myself a writer. Single mother of two, aspiring life coach of women, cat lover – yes; but writer, not so much. This has never been more evident than lately as I have been working to grow my side hustle posting on social media, creating blog posts and (the dreaded) weekly newsletter for my 10 subscribers, only because the numbers tell the truth. My inability to connect with my audience through my words is keeping me stuck.

    My mission is to help women between 25 and 45 recognize their worth, realize they can do more and be more, and teach them everyday tools to change their lives. I was this woman a few years ago. I didn’t realize my worth or that I was in control of every aspect of my life. Now that I have learned that truth, I’ve made it my goal to help as many women as possible to understand that truth as well.

    I have no doubt that the opportunity The Copy Cure would bring to me is an understanding of writing copy that speaks to these women I long to help. I believe learning how to choose better words and how to be more appealing from the starting line will allow me to reach more women. My business will grow. My confidence will grow. I will be an example to my children that their mom is the badass she aims to be! I can only go up from here. Thank you.

  104. Erica Barlow

    1. This is interesting: Despite having lots of varied writing experience, I’m a complete novice at writing to sell or convert. I’m worried that, especially for my own new business idea (see below), if I can’t attract the bees to the flowers, it doesn’t matter how great the flowers are!

    2. There are two projects I’m starting but they are both all about helping kids. One helps them eat better: I’ll be copywriting for my friend, a nutritionist who sends out fun, completely nutritious baking packs for kids. The other is my own project which, as an English teacher (and singer!), involves helping kids learn: I’m currently making some badass musical videos that make tricky grammar concepts super accessible, for free (I’ve taught many disadvantaged kids and know that they’re the ones most in need of such a resource). I’ve yet to figure out how to make this financially profitable for myself, but for now I just know I’ve got to make these songs, make them great and get connecting with subscribers.
    3. Stronger writing would help me make a sustained connection with those that need it most: the kids, their families. Eating better and learning better will create a knock-on effect by improving kids’ school performance, self-esteem, relationships and beyond. My own resource will, I hope, also lighten the load of those other trojans: the teachers. Beyond giving me invaluable satisfaction, I hope to ease the ‘sole provider’ burden for my overworked husband, who tirelessly supports our family of four.

  105. My biggest struggle with writing is confidence, and maintaining variety. I’m new, I have an excellent persuasive style, but I don’t yet have access to the multitude of various approaches that definitively result in sales, so selling my skill feels scary at this stage, and I don’t have the history, or ‘talk’ to back up what I know is real ability to adjust people’s thinking and attitudes.

    I could seek out mentoring, but really I know a paid course is the only way to broaden my horizons. After 9 years of spending money to make another career happen that has fallen flat more than I know how to understand, I’m finally coming to grips with my core personality and skills revolving much more around important conversations with people.
    My business work and career would be dedicated to creating a better, healthier life for myself, homeless, and friends and family. I believe other people can fulfill their dreams if they try, it’s time for me to demonstrate that my beliefs are true, real, recognisable by fact, instead of just supporting others along the way and getting nervous and backing out myself. (Don’t worry, I’m quite deep in to the process of changing my core subconscious beliefs to step out of the circle I previously ran around in).
    My business will seek to support large corporations, however my goal has always been to run a company which dedicates 1/5 of productivity to philanthropic endeavours. In this instance, my 1/5 would be spent supporting fledgling businesses with no cashflow and heartfelt working people who need assistance with general life scenarios, such as writing a speech for their son’s wedding, or delivering information about their plight to officials.

  106. My biggest struggle with writing is in knowing how to organize my thoughts and convey them with pizazz and punch!
    I am the “mom coach.” I work with women and moms to find “mojo” – more joy – in their lives. I believe that every kid deserves a confident, mentally-fit and joyful mom, and that every mom deserves to be her.
    In addition to 1:1 coaching, I lead women’s retreats (I’m speaking to over 200 moms this weekend in Kansas City), write a monthly “Mojo For Moms” column for a local magazine, and make a monthly appearance as a coach on a popular local TV morning show (Kansas City Live). But I’m still starting up my business and would love to attract more clients, and reach into their hearts, with the power of clear copy.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, it would be the kick in the as$ I need to FINALLY write the book that’s in my heart that I know would bless women and moms with finding more joy (and less guilt) in motherhood. I already have a lot of content from my podcast (Mojo For Moms podcast), but I very specifically need help tapping into a consistent writing voice and organizing the content. And I need to coach myself on the overwhelm! 🙂 The Copy Cure would also specifically help with my weekly e-mail blasts (I’m showing up consistently—back pat!) and the copy on my website, which could use some scrubbing up. Help me please!
    Having a clearer idea of how to organize my thoughts in copy would help tremendously in sharing more of my struggles, story, and coaching insights, and would help other women understand that they are not alone, and that they can tap into mojo (more joy!) in motherhood.
    Thank you for considering me for The Copy Cure!
    Wendy Connelly, M.Div., Life Coach
    Mojo For Moms Podcast
    [email protected]

  107. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    1. Hello Marie and Team Forleo. Thank you for the opportunity to step into the Copy Cure. I feel I am a creative writer however, I don’t have the appropriate skill to formulate and grammatically state what needs to be said. In addition, I am not sure even how to utilize my writing to stand out and make a difference that would align my business with people looking for me.
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I am a holistic practitioner, nutritional coach and re inventing myself toward women in midlife and the aging process. I serve women 45 – 65 who have an inner desire to continue putting the gifts into the world and aren’t sure how to harness that energy. They are feeling unseen and discarded. My mission is to change the narrative on aging for women. Radically, powerful, passionate and purposeful -in the world fully and making an impact.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Receiving this gift would 1. allow me the opportunity to start the copy cure now and not “tomorrow”. It would allow me to start the vital and necessary work that bridges women into a purpose as they age. I am laying out a book as well as personal growth opportunities that would allow a larger number of my clients to find me. I don’t even know how I will start this except that I must. Women don’t curl up and fade away when their estrogen stops flowing. In fact I believe there is a more intense source of creative vitality than they ever had with a focus that will ignite that – when they can shift their’s and societies belief about who they are as aging women. I also know when you have strong mentors in societies you have strong younger people. The younger women and girls will benefit by being raised and mentored by stronger older women.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  108. My biggest challenge with writing is my constant questioning of how to even begin. Since graduating from B-School, I have so many ideas swarming in my head and they’re so ready to be released on paper. The moment I sit down to create, I am joined by doubt, judgment, and limiting beliefs. Who am I to share my wisdoms, experiences, and nuggets when I can’t even organize my thoughts and ideas? When I put the words out publicly, I have been told they are like magic.

    As a 30 year veteran public school educator, I am experiencing the world of single parenthood, thriving through trauma, and continuing to seek my true soul self. I have a story to tell through my eyes and heart. I am a healer. My mission is to create curriculum and workshops for social and emotional learning for children, educators and parents. I have so much hope for our future, as we can change this world one person at a time. I often think of myself as a lighthouse, and I strive to shine so brightly that others of all ages will shine, too.

    I’ve invested my whole life to self-development and education. My savings has been poured into seeking more for myself, my sons and my students. Unfortunately, some unexpected life bumps have slowed down my progress in my dreams of becoming a storyteller and author. I am ready to do the work, so this opportunity and offer is arriving on divine timing. I am ready to pour my heart and soul into this work for our schools, community and world. I’m so grateful that I opened my inbox this morning. ?

  109. Hi!
    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    – I think is overthinking. When I write I want everybody to like it (which I know is almost imposible because I know that all of us has a potential client)
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    Today my mission is to make sure everybody learns about people doing amazing things that nobody knows.
    Being on a Island(Puerto Rico), which people are surviving, recovering and trying to bloom again is so important to have each others back and lift each other!

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you
    I’ll help us achieve more as a country! Its not about me! Its about the people around me that with resilience works hard each day. Thanks for giving!!! ?

  110. Every word counts…but sometimes I use too many! Writing doesn’t come natural to me…but hard work does! My biggest challenge in writing is knowing how to cut the fluff so I don’t lost my readers.

    I teach families to manage food allergies! Parenting is stressful enough but with food allergies, it can be really overwhelming. I believe families will thrive if they learn to plan well – eat safely & communicate clearly. I’m committed to showing other families that it IS possible to live a fulfilling life DESPITE food allergies!

    I’ve developed two products through our personal experiences with food allergies (my daughter lives with several severe allergies) and professional knowledge as a health educator. A food allergy 101 online course that teaches the basics and a weekly recipe subscription club of allergy friendly recipes. Eventually I’d like to work with schools and food banks to ensure all kids are safe, especially those who are economically disadvantaged.

    I’m bootstrapping this business while working as an urban educator and single parenting on one income. Both factors affect the speed of building my business. However, I’m determined to make it work! This Copy Cure scholarship would mean so much to me as it will speed up my learning and help me get my message to more people sooner!

    Thanks for all you do for the world…I love all of team Forleo’s content. Y’all keep me laughing and inspired!


  111. 1. I don’t struggle to write – I struggle to write well and in a manner that makes people want to take action. I’ve taken other writing programs and I feel I am being forced to write in a manner that is – well slimy and not authentic to me. I feel disconnected from those I am trying to connect with through words. My words stand in my way.
    2. I am a creative, currently my business is helping machine embroidery owners have more fun with their embroidery machines and if they want, make some money too. My mission is to empower embroiderers to use their creativeness to bring more joy and support to the world and themselves. Joy through their craft and support by giving away designs such as awareness ribbons to help spread the word for their favorite causes. Plus, guide those who want an income to do so.
    3. Stronger writing would help me communicate with my tribe allowing it to grow. Growth brings together more people for a larger impact. As a B-Schooler, I believe Copy Cure would help me help my tribe become more confident in their skills. Plus, help creative people pursue their dreams too. Yes, it would bring more money to my family. But it would also allow me to connect with other creatives and teach them how to embrace their creativity, instead of dreading it, to make a difference in their lives and worlds too.

  112. Laina

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this amazing learning experience!

    My biggest struggle with writing is getting the exact tone and heart behind my message onto the computer screen. I often do many re-writes and even after publishing I wonder if the message is coming across as genuine.

    I care so deeply about the women I serve because I was them many years ago. Struggling with insecurities and letting these cripple their beliefs of what they can do, who they can be. Letting the world dictate their confidence, their power and living frustrated, conflicted and settling for less. It is my mission is to help young moms who need true confidence and have settled with the way they show up in the world because of the lies we’ve been programmed into hearing.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed into my lap I would be able to connect with my audience and speak to them clearly in their own words. I want to remain genuine, sensitive to their current struggle and the part of the journey they are on. I will be able to use the new knowledge for my blog posts and emails to reach my small current audience. But even more so, I will be able to reach new women all over the country with opportunities that are powerful and consistent with my message. It will help me provide for my family, build my business to profitable measures and my dream would be starting to shape.

  113. Riyo

    I’m just so excited after I received the mail and learning so much from Marie. Thanks for helping and impacting lives.
    1) I always want to learn English and improve my communication. I came from a village background and had no proper education or any writing skills. And if my teachers doesn’t even know how to speak well and pronounce, who is to blame?No one, because there’s none who is well versed. But now I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to learn and grow from the best(i have access to a internet and a laptop:))
    2) I have just started but I’m committed to personal development and growth-Last Tuesday I witnessed Tony, Dean and Russell live training and it was so powerful. I’m committed to learn as much as possible and share and impact people’s lives.
    3)Definitely, my life improves and in turn my business(just starting), family and my environment. 99% won’t get the opportunity as I do. In order to change or get result I first to improve on myself(my best self)and the rest will eventually fall on my lap.
    If too many grammatical errors, my bad. Just learning-Who cares?
    I’m giving my best:)

  114. 1) My biggest struggle with writing is finding the most effective way to craft and communicate a message that creates impact and generates action. I become overwhelmed trying to find the “perfect” way to write. I get stuck in my own head and end up spending so much time writing a very small amount because I am so committed to the message I am hoping to convey. As many of these words tied with emotion reside in the limbic system, it is often difficult to find the best words to describe the beautiful picture I desire to paint that encompasses the totality of what I wish to convey to the reader. I struggle with organizing my thoughts. And, I get really wordy and need to learn how to edit 😉

    2) To inspire courage and compassion so that we may heal our collective souls and change the world for the better. I serve leaders and help them ditch the overwhelm, get inspired, break free and build a living legacy by focusing on personal leadership and wellness techniques.

    3) Stronger writing would allow me to capture attention in a concise and powerful way, lending a more powerful voice to the movement that is changing the way business is done today. To work with top leaders and effectively communicate how vital overall health is in being an effective leader (person) so that they may achieve a greater impact with their business. I would be able to scale my message, creating a new understanding and deep desire to change. These great leaders would begin to recognize the impact of trust, cooperation and true wellness. This profound personal transformation would be taken into their companies and transfer directly to their employees, creating a ripple effect of wellness. The specific impact would be each individual would begin to focus on their own personal wellness leading to greater work satisfaction, overall happiness and a better world. Through this process, I myself would gain freedom to create my living legacy of providing wellness to those that may not be able to afford it otherwise.

  115. Sarah-Jane Nelson

    Dear Marie,

    Thank you for this supportive & encouraging opportunity to participate in your world class writing program!

    My biggest struggle with writing is writing. I often wonder why this is so hard for me as I have much to say.

    Three years ago I took the first university course in Canada on the professional management of medical cannabis. With a background in nursing, a personal understanding of chronic illness & concerns about the public health crisis related to opioids, an advocate was born.

    I am a hopeful applicant for one of the first legal cannabis shops in my community. As a mother of three & peer volunteer for the Harm Reduction team, my mission is to end stigma, build compassion & save lives with education.

    I am grateful to have passion in my life & believe The Copy Cure would increase my confidence to write. It would allow my business to develop authentically. My goal is to support my community with making informed choices as our country takes this bold step away from a punitive approach for a public health approach. I believe the new stream of tax revenue from the legalization of cannabis can be put to use within our communities to improve our over all well being.

    Substance use is a health issue, not a moral failure.

    Thank you for this opportunity and for encouraging me to write!



  116. Elita Mosseri

    Hey Marie I am following you for about 3 years now and am dreaming on attending B-school and the copy cure.
    1. English is my second language (Hebrew is first). When I write a copy, or anything really, I have so much doubt that it always end up going wrong. I wrote a blog and had a business that didn’t work and I want this time to be different, because what I do is different and really is important to me.
    2. In the last couple of years I got into environmentalism and started a degree in Environmental Science, aiming to open a consultancy business to help companies reduce their carbon footprint. I feel like it’s a long way off now but to get this going I aspire to get my name out there and write for different magazines and organisations.
    3. Being able to write a copy would completely change my life I reckon. It will give a voice to my opinions and knowledge so other people could be inspired by it. It will help me grow a business that can influence the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. It will be a dream come true.
    Thank you so so much for offering this scholarship program xx

  117. Talent is universal, opportunity is not.

    I come from poverty, but was always a straight-A student.

    Anonymous angels created that opportunity for me through university scholarships and I will NEVER forget the impact that gesture of pure generosity has had on my life.

    I was handed opportunity and working my ass off was the best ‘thank you’ I could give in return. I double majored in Spanish and Theatre, and now I dedicate my career to paying it forward by boosting up artists and entrepreneurs who don’t speak English as their first language, if at all. I strongly believe language should never be a barrier to reaching the international market.

    Because talent is universal, opportunity is not.

    Copywriting and content creation are often the biggest assets I bring to the table during the effort to reach a wider audience.

    My biggest struggle with writing is often getting started. I create too much artificial resistance for myself before I’ve even begun, even though it feels so right once I start the flow.

    If I had the opportunity to embrace The Copy Cure, I believe I could add some vital skills and methods to my talent. I hope to channel that confidence and those results into this vibrant community of global creators who have been told that certain opportunities are not for people like them.

    I know that’s a bunch of BS and I want to evangelize that message with the results to back it up.

    With love,

  118. Cristina

    Thank you, Marie, for this opportunity to apply for The Copy Cure 2019 Scholarship.
    1-I’m starting my online teaching business soon and I’m completely missing the copywriting skills for building an online presence, bringing my offer to my audience and offering them the best experience. I am a chemist (so very technical) and I cannot find words to express my feelings, mission, my offer that helps my audience, so I need knowledge about crafting my message for bringing people into my world where I can help them.
    2-I’m Romanian living in Netherlands and I cannot teach in Dutch schools despite of having 15 years teaching experience, great passion and talent. Therefore I’ve decided to build my online business to can use my passion, talent and expertise for helping schoolchildren to understand and master chemistry, pass their exams and access future careers in medicine and life sciences. They need help because chemistry is a difficult topic and many of them simply cannot get it in the conventional school setup. During my teaching career I’ve developed a fast and effective method that allows them to get both strong knowledge and lifelong learning skills useful throughout their whole life.
    3-This business will bring me the freedom and happiness of doing what I love and also financial security to my family. I will be able to fulfill my mission of helping children so that they reach their full potential and become lifelong learners well equipped for a happy life in the nowadays society.

  119. AC

    My biggest struggle with writing is allowing my personality to show in my copy and not sound cheesy. I have a big, fun personality but I struggle with knowing how to write to convey my personality. My friends often describe me as the “life of the party” but I feel my copy comes off across more like “she’s not invited to the party.” Maybe it’s because at my full time job, I am writing about some serious things all day and it’s so repetitive that I’ve lost my creativity.
    My full time work is dedicated to ensuring the State of Maryland is free from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. We serve the public by investigating complaints of illegal discrimination and is often the only option the complainants have to being “heard.” My own business is dedicated to helping moms love themselves more and become aware of their power! The mission is to be a reliable resource for moms to live fabulously from the inside out.

    Stronger writing skills would help me is my career as an investigator and as an entrepreneur by teaching me to write compelling content that will benefit both my community of moms and the public that I serve. The Copy Cure would make a huge difference in how my message is presented. I’ll be more confident in putting my content out which will change the way my community relates and connects with me…the true, fun personality me. Ultimately, this will help my community grow!

  120. Hi Marie,
    I feel that I just can’t write without being all “professional wordy nerdy” partly from being a nurse for 40 years and part feel that I can’t reach deep to write from my heart. Why?? Self doubt, age, habits, lack of knowledge on how to translate my mumbo of thoughts into REAL words.
    I am a jewelry designer and have been in biz for 4 years. I intuitively create jewels more limited quantities and one of a kind to serve those women who need the most courage to be themselves and feel their uniqueness. I also started a 1 for 1 where for every bracelet bought I would take a recommendation from the client on a woman they knew who needed some encouragement, love, and support. I would create a bracelet ( not mass produced) and write a handwritten note and send that along with bracelet to that person. I had to stop as I didn’t have the help to continue. I want to revive this mission!!
    In reviving this mission armed with stronger writing skills , I could touch more women’s lives in personal writings, teach others to write on my behalf, and articulate the mission in a better way! I have a small family: son, daughter in law, 2 grandchildren who I want to leave this to as a legacy to preserve the value of the written personal word on paper:-))
    Thanks soo much for your consideration.

  121. All my life I’ve struggled to make myself clear. It’s happened at every job, in every personal situation, throughout my life. I’ve always known it. I really think that The Copy Cure could elevate how I talk about my business and my products without having to resort to hackney’d quips for a cheap laugh.
    My business is a product based one, where I illustrate animals that I then screen print onto tote bags and t-shirts or get printed up as greeting cards. Most of my work is of endangered animal species – many that people know, but also a few that people just simply aren’t aware of (like giraffes). My mission is to help as many wildlife charities as I can through my work so that these animals are protected for future generations to enjoy and to make people stop and realise the impact of what choices we make has on the animal kingdom that we depend upon for so many things.
    I believe that by taking the Copy Cure I would be able to clearly articulate my passion for my work and why it is I do what I do. It would help me to not only start making money in my business (and stop using up my husband’s and my savings) but also help me to get my ideas out into the world in a way that’s not only relatable but makes people stop and think and in turn, help the animals and protect them for the future.

  122. Hi Marie + Team,

    1) Writing when a creative urge comes and a clear message wants out onto the page feels easeful, it’s the time inbetween those creative surges that prevents more writing. I’m a solo parent too so being in the flow when the time is there is also really important. So, clarity and finding my voice to present them I need support with.

    2) I’ve been a complementary therapist for 12 years and in the development field for 20 so my work is to help people unlock their true self, their centre so they can function healthier and happier in the world. Since becoming a solo parent since pregnancy I have an urge to help parents pre and post children. Many of the tools and lifestyle I created before having my son carried me through pregnancy and after whilst having to relocate, leave a career, friends and start from scratch near homeless. If those tools worked for me through that, I got a good insight into what worked and what didn’t. My son and I are both healthy and feeling strong. I want to help people to know their centre better so they can raise calm, confident and alert children for a more peaceful world.

    3) If a scholarship landed on my lap (which I don’t believe anything really lands on our laps ??‍♀️?) improved writing would help me relay my message clearer so people can benefit from the content better. I have half written a film I would also like to light up by better writing, that film is written to heal hearts. Overall I want to serve greatly, to show my son the potential he has in the world. Success is not where you are from, what you look like, what you have, success is owning oneself and finding a way to shape that energy in the world into something lifeful.

  123. Hi Marie! Greetings from Malaysia. <3
    You won't believe it. Just an hour before I got your email regarding the scholarship, I was talking to my mentor about your program and how I would love to join it but that I can barely afford rent. 🙁
    She suggested that I write to you and see if I could get a scholarship. I get home and check my email, and there you are! Definitely a sign from the universe. 😀

    Aanyway, please find my answers below:
    1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Writing is my passion. I have experience in journalism, so I am able to write informative pieces but I can never write to sell. I tried writing a piece for a client once but they didn't like it and ended up looking for another writer. ?
    I think it's because they don't really teach you this stuff at school and I had never seen myself as a businesswoman. In my culture, you are supposed to sit at home, get married early, and be a baby producing machine for your husband. Thankfully, I was rescued by an angel who not only put me through high school, college, and university but also taught me how to dream. Now that I have finally found my passion, I find myself coming across this challenge which could be a primary source of income for my cause.

    2) What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I write to educate. I love to simplify complex concepts to educate the layman. I specialize in Finance and Economics so I write to inform my readers how certain policies and current issues affect them. A type of content that is quite hard to come by here in Malaysia. I write this primarily because I believe that knowledge is the tool that can help fight ignorance and indifference which is needed more than ever in the current political landscape across the globe.

    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I am a fresh graduate with huge student debt. Being a migrant, having been denied an education, and having seen extreme poverty, I know there's a lot to be done to make this world a better place. It breaks my heart when a girl isn't allowed to study in my country and is seen as a burden; to be married off.
    If I were able to write copy better, I would be able to make enough funds to continue writing meaningful content that educates my readers and raises awareness on not only political but environmental and human rights issues. I would also finally be able to afford a better laptop than the 4-year-old Intel Celeron run Acer I'm currently using, and I would be able to educate people on multiple issues in and outside my country. This is very crucial as being from a Muslim country, we have some laws that violate basic human rights.
    Also, a lot of people whom I've spoken to, tell me how being from an underprivileged family, being a businesswoman isn't feasible so OBVIOUSLY I have to do this to inspire young women like me to reach for the skies :D.

    I really hope that I get this scholarship from you Marie as I have SO much to achieve and you would be making it easier for me. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Much Love,
    Aish 🙂

  124. Hi Marie, first of all, English isn’t my mother tongue, but I try anyway. I’ve tried to get a foot in the health coaching business for several years now, but I am just not cutting it. It takes me hours to just write tiny little texts to my audience/potential customers – just wasting so much of my time trying to write something compelling, which in the end amounts to no new customers or turning my email list into customers. I am selling myself short (I know it) & it might just be a matter of self-confidence that probably reflects in my texts.

    Through my own hormonal health struggles (I have PCOS), I decided to help women like me to overcome hormonal problems naturally. There is so much information about hormonal health & natural remedies out there IN ENGLISH, but so few women in my country would understand the medical terms. Therefore, it is my mission to help women in my country to overcome hormonal problems naturally, because there are so desperate & it hurts my heart to see how they lose hope because doctors fail to educate them & instead provide them with “a solution” that is none (the pill!). I want women to thrive – naturally. And I want the same for me – financially. At the moment I am turning every penny & burn the candle from both ends. If I can thrive & put my word out there, I know I can help so many women in my country to thrive, too.

  125. Nihal

    Marie, you are my impact inspiration and I am forever grateful to you.

    My writing struggle stems mostly from having too little time to consciously write while my daughter naps. I chose to stay home with my daughter for the first two years of her life, to ensure she had a solid foundation of love, trust, and support. I am dreading going back to an office job so I am making it my mission to bring something of value to the world, while also being able to support my family and stay at home with my daughter.

    I am a mom to a toddler who has been struggling to create an online presence for mothers who “feel” too much, or “empaths” as many now call them. I want to create courses, share stories that help teach TOOLS that help the modern empath mama take care of her little ones, while also taking care of herself. I know with the training through the Copy Cure, I’ll be able to launch this idea into the world of reality. I really do. I have seen you grow over the last ten years and trust in what you teach.

    If I’m awarded the scholarship, I’ll be held more than accountable to make this dream a reality. I know there are so many mamas that feel drained from the emotions of others and themselves. It is my goal to teach others how to thrive with the gift of empathy and use it to empower themselves and their children. Because, this world needs more empathy, compassion, and it starts with mamas who feel empowered to teach it to their children.

    Lots of love to you all, and thank you, Marie, for providing this opportunity to someone in need.

  126. Creating a reality that you can be mentally healthy ( inspite of a mental illness) is the contribution I want to make to this world. I am Elizabeth and I have 3 diagnoses- apparently I got the full meal deal.
    As a successfully recovering mental health patient, I have been self-employed for six years. I have had some success,2 books several conferences and lots of cool experiences reaching people where they are at.
    My brand Being Mentally Healthy is a combination of dreamer and doer so the word I created to describe this is “creatress”. My creative approach to mental health has helped me be the recipient of Inspiring Albertan and the Lt. Governor True Grit Award. I want to use my creativity and grit to reach meeting planners,medical decision makers and people who are impacted by a mental illness diagnosis. I see a world that is stigma free. It is the last taboo and I want to change the paradigm so that people are not judged by their diagnosis but by their personhood.
    Treated psychosis is not scary and my diagnosis is not the whole of who I am.
    My friends, family, and community are depending on me to get this message out there. All of my work so far has been done word of mouth -zero marketing.
    I need help with copy writing and it the next logical step. Thanks Team Marie for considering me for the Copy Cure scholarship!

  127. My greatest writing struggle is expressing the intangible benefits that I can bring to my clients. I know what they are because they’ve worked for me in using art to heal and deal with PTSD, anxiety and mental health issues and I want to be able to expand my business to serve members do the community who have also been in abusive relationships or been sexually assaulted . I would love to be able to write content that allows me to offer both online self paced classes to women who aren’t ready to meet in person and offer classes in person for those further along with their journey or their story. I also serve those with mental health issues including depression, anxiety and PTSD which are all common among women who have been domestic abuse survivors.

  128. My biggest struggle with writing copy is understanding the audience I’m writing for because there are a variety of them and I am new to writing about cooperative economics. (Also, I tend to run-on.)

    My work is currently dedicated, as an Americorps VISTA, to building capacity for Co-op Dayton. Co-op Dayton is a non-profit whose mission is to offer infrastructure and process to groups of community members who want to build and cooperatively own a long-lasting solution to an identified community need. Our lead project is Gem City Market, a grocery cooperative being built on the west side of Dayton, one of the country’s largest food deserts. We write for: a general audience of over 5,000 email subscribers interested in keeping tabs on the cooperative’s progress; an audience of 2,000 Daytonians who have purchased community-ownership in the cooperative project; Partner Organizations, Donors and Foundations, internal communications etc.

    My work, in part is to create systems, allowing more people to meaningfully participate in development and management of cooperative businesses and solutions. I want to be able to write about a complex subject like cooperatives in a way that allows people to see a pathway to participation for themselves — through creatively educational, motivational, and inspirational copy. The Copy Cure can help us weave a connection between the people in our community who want to invest their time and talents into the GCM project in a larger way and the times when GCM needs to communicate opportunities for engagement.

  129. Help me spread a message from which ALL women of this world can benefit!

    I am an image and style coach for women who wants to make it in the corporate world – but on their own feminine terms. For women who want to tell the world it is okay to be a woman.

    It is ALWAYS ok to be a woman. It doesn’t make you weak. You don’t have to play being a mini-man in order to be promoted at work.
    And it is okay to say that you can be productive while having children, being on your period, being a wife etc. – because it is TRUE!

    Trouble is: being a woman can make you more trusting – and I trusted my husband with the login details to my bank account. Before I discovered his recent gambling addiction.


    Fast forward today and all the money I make goes towards paying back the huge credit card debt he got me in, keeping a roof over my daughter’s head and mine.

    And affording her the small treats in life (thank God toddlers can be amazed at anything!)

    I want to take my business online, to reach more women. Via group coaching, online courses etc.

    Trouble is : I struggle with the written word (being a lawyer in my former career set me up for writing pages-long nonsense, apparently).

    I am not a English native speaker, and will spread my message in French and German. Maybe in English once I have true-and-tested offers.

    But I do believe that what makes good copy is universal.

    And I do believe that YOU are the best teacher for me.

    So… I hope you will choose ME!

    PS: wow that was huge for me, to admit in the open that I was so naive to get myself into such a situation.
    PPS: the website IS sh**. It was a first attempt – I am saving towards paying someone to build my dream website.

  130. Jenny Tillard

    I have so many amazing things going through my head, so many wonderful ideas and stories that I want to share with the world but I often struggle to get them out on paper, the words get muddled or lost somewhere between my mind and the pen. I’m such a harsh critic of myself and a perfectionist that I stop myself from doing the work I know I was put on this planet to do, somehow I’m here to spread joy, magic and wonder and to help people live lives they love out of struggle. I know my words can be a vehicle for this but I need guidance so I can make maximum impact. I dream of writing a blog to help inspire and inform young women to love their bodies and fully embrace who they are . Can you imagine how wonderful this world will be if women could live fully from their own magnificence? That’s that message and change I wish to create through the copy I write, to lift people up, inspire them and fill every word I write with my passion, positivity and enthusiasm for life.

  131. Deborah

    Hi, thank you.
    1. Biggest struggle: condensing my thoughts. Why? I think because I saw writing as a lot of words on paper. Complicated work. As well as being intimidated by what it SHOULD look like as opposed how you show up when it’s just you talking to you. I hope that makes sense.
    2. Mission or goal is to help someone else. How? Without really judgement on their journey. To be that open space to say here. Why? I have seen the power of allowing someone else be where there at. Then seeing them see themselves to grow because they feel comfortable they can. And if I have to be the fool to do it then I think I have accomplished something great. With their view and faith journey whatever that may look like.
    3. If Copy Cure landed on my lap what is the tangible difference it would have? For starters I would not have the urge to delete everything I write nor feel inadequte to fail at it knowing confidently of what my intentions are. Secondly I would be a better communicator. Often in the past I either shared too much or completely shut down with no-in
    -between. Because there is a part of me that feels like there is more on the other side of this current door I am in and I have always wanted to pursue it but at some point that wasnt a thing you can actual do. So yeah, if Copy Cure fell on my lap I can see what I am really made off or for. On top of everything else.

  132. Anyone can “write”, but writing from the heart takes courage and vulnerability. I am a reserved person, so starting my business has been challenging yet transformative for me. One thing I treasure is writing to my email list. The precious people who have signed up to hear from me. I do my best to provide value for them and build meaningful relationships, but where I get stuck is “selling”. I want to offer what will be of service to them, without sounding “salesy”. Help!

    I serve mothers. Motherhood is a job that tends to get overlooked and undervalued. The job of motherhood is the work of guiding the next generation. What could be more important?! I want to empower mothers to care for and fully love themselves so that they have more to give. More Love. More Patience. More Compassion.

    If admission to The Copy Cure were to fall into my lap, first I would be overjoyed and probably do a happy dance! Then, I would get to work creating valuable courses and content to help support mothers. I believe that when we live from a place of Love and Abundance we can change the world!

    I am still early on my journey of creating a business from my passion, but I believe putting into action what I learn from The Copy Cure will help me to achieve my dreams and help mothers everywhere!

    Words cannot express how much I appreciate what Marie offers. I am eternally grateful.



  133. Hello Team Forleo,
    I’ve seen your scholarship offer and I’d like to give it a whirl.
    I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I don’t think many are interested in reading what I write. Perhaps my writing is choppy like my speaking style and I would love for it to be smoother.
    My short-term plans are for blogging to get me out of low paying retail jobs. I have 3 niches. I’m currently focusing on capturing an audience of people with food allergies and intolerances. The ICA has no specific age range, Food intolerances can strike anyone from infants to seniors.
    For over 30 years I’ve been battling with these issues. I have helped people in life and work to make adjustments and find new ideas for their challenges. I would like to set up a service where I go to homes to help address pantry food risks. Then go on a shopping trip helping clients find alternatives to support their new eating needs.
    I will help improve choices that don’t trigger risks for Celiacs, Diabetics, and dairy sensitivities where anyone may be adapting to a new eating plan.
    Ending my own poverty cycle, I will increase my contributions to food security and food bank donations. Donating allergy and intolerance safe foods will be crucial. The goal, being able to donate financially to large foodbank establishments.
    My other 2 niches include food also. I cover dehydrating your own backpacking meals and growing your own food and preserving it for further food security.
    Thanks for the opportunity to apply.

  134. Natasa H

    Omg I’m so excited!

    My biggest struggle with writing has always been finding my true own voice and believing in my writing skills. When writing copy I’m afraid either I sound too salesy or full of myself and people not wanting to buy.

    I believe I’ts because I’m always thinking what others are thinking and worried they would not like me anymore if I say something wrong.

    In life I’m dedicated to use my personal gifts to help as many people as I can to live a happy life.

    My mission is to help other moms to believe in themselves and help them and their families live a healthy, fulfilling, happy life and to reach their goals and dreams, at the same time raising confident, happy and healthy children.

    I want families to be able to spend more time together, and remember to concentrate on the important things.

    If I got admission to The Copy Cure It would change everything. Otherwise I would not have the funds (staying at home with my 20 month old daughter.)

    I’d gain so much confidence and my business would finally have a chance to thrive so my hubby would not have to work so much to provide for our family. I would finally be able to communicate all the big thoughts that are hiding in my head. People would finally understand everything I’m trying to say to help them! 😀

    Thank you Marie for this opportunity <3

    With so much love,

  135. Hey Marie & her wonderful team!

    I was born in Israel, and while we did have minimal English classes at school, I have learned 99% of my English from watching tv. At 21 years old I decided to follow my scary dreams and jump on a plane to America. Now 11 years later I own my own photography business and I struggle with the fact that my writing, as full of passion as it is, is not as strong as I would like it to be.

    Photography is amazing, but it is not my end goal. While my current goal is to teach other photographers how to grow their dream business, my next one is to influence mamas, creatives, and all dreamers that EVERYTHING is possible. I have struggled most of my life and I believe it was for a reason- that one day I will be able to show others that it doesn’t matter what cards life dealt you – if you work hard enough you are going to win.

    Improving my writing skills with the copy cure will give me more tools to grow my business, create a larger following and have the impact I am looking to have on others. I want to show the world that anything is possible.

  136. Jacqueline

    Hi Marie and Team,
    1. What I struggle with most is that I work my butt off every day writing for other people. I work a full-time job with a company and write copy and content for our clients. Many times the topics don’t resonate with me or are subjects I am not familiar with and trying to write about them can be frustrating and very time-consuming.
    2. I am a single mom of two girls, and I want to be a better example for them when it comes to doing what I believe in and being a successful woman. I want to write exclusively on women’s health, weight challenges, emotional insecurities and so on. I want to be able to offer support to women going through these challenges and someday be qualified as a health coach to provide effective solutions for them.
    3. With a seat in the Copy Cure I hope to be a faster and more productive writer. I want to get the pay-check work out of the way in half the time or less and focus writing on what I’m passionate about and and taking on other writing jobs to supplement my income. It wouldn’t hurt to double or even triple what I earn now. Also, I really just want more time to spend with my kids, they’re growing up so fast.

  137. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    When I sit down to write, I often feel like my heart and soul are bubbling with words and messages, as if my soul has this deep knowing of the truth it needs to speak and yet, when I sit at my laptop…absolutely nothing comes out. If I’m being honest, I know that the block is in my head. I want to create authentic, vulnerable and inspiring content, yet sometimes I think there are so many people already doing this, and doing a wonderful job *cough Marie cough* that who am I to step into the playing field? My biggest struggle is doubting myself and then worrying about what people will think about my writing! I want to honour my soul mission and allow the words to flow out of me like hot butter!

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My work and life is dedicated to empowering people to live a fuller life. I spent 18 years of my life being crippled with anxiety, to the point I was too scared to leave my own house, and ended up turning it all around and travelling the world by myself. Though those years spent hiding away were incredibly sad, I know in my heart that I experienced it so I could overcome it to help others do the same. I am training to be a life coach and have started writing pieces on Instagram to finally go on a blog I’ve created so that I can inspire and serve people, to help them overcome their struggles and know that a life of wonder is out there waiting to be explored!

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Stronger writing would help me build my audience so that when the time comes to launch my services as a life coach tumbleweeds won’t be rolling past! Since beginning to share about my struggles with mental health, I have had some friends tell me that they now feel less alone and are finally going to seek the help they need. With stronger writing and The Copy Cure I feel as though I could channel my truth into written word and reach a wider audience that engages with my content. I feel like I’ve been put on this planet to make a difference, to help people feel less alone, to be more vulnerable and to live a better life! I want my words to ignite excitement within people, to inspire them and offer them comfort and ultimately remind them that mental health problems needn’t be a life sentence. We can rise up and create the life we deserve.

  138. Julie

    1. My biggest struggle is fear. I am scared that what I want to write about is stupid or not good enough.
    2. I am currently in a transition stage in my life and I would like to go from teaching children at school to teaching women in a soul based business. Life is too short and I want women to follow their truth, learn to listen to and trust their feelings and intuition and to align their mind, body and souls in order to live their best lives.
    3. Stronger writing would give me the confidence to finally put my voice and knowledge out into the world in hopes of reaching other women, like me, who have been living to please everyone but themselves. It would allow me to share my experiences of reuniting my mind, body and soul in a way that would turn shame into courage. If I can learn how to make a change in my life, maybe I can inspire others to do the same.

  139. 1) I feel blocked and that limits my writing at the moment. I need to write regularly.

    2) I am a life coach and my mission is to help people get to the next development stage in their life with ease. I also enable people to live a life of meaning and purpose. A part of my commitment is to provide coaching to at least one not for profit organization that is providing something of value to the society. I work with professionals and students.

    3) (a) Since I am offering my service to individuals it is difficult to find paid work on regular basis. I have already got my branding done. I am in the writing content for my website. this is necessary to reach out to more people and influence them to take coaching. (b) I will write free blog articles to share knowledge and inspire many more people who may not necessarily want to pay for coaching (c) Once I attract more paid work, tt will enable me to provide more pro bono coaching for the not for profit sector in India.

  140. Evelina Muljar

    1.) My biggest struggle with writing is that I am not always aware of the right ways to communicate what I want to say and the words are just not flowing. This is probably because I have no experience in writing professionally or because I have never studied writing.
    2.) I am aiming to start my own business to have a career. My business idea is about helping others. I want to start a business that is dedicated to helping other people and empowering them. This idea has emerged from my own life experiences but I am still working on it.
    3.) If I would get this wonderful opportunity it would change a lot; my writing skills to get my business going. It would help me communicate more professionally and intriguingly to get people more interested in my newsletters, marketing campaigns, etc. It would help me stand out and get noticed. This would help me and my family to get our financial situation back on track. We lost everything 16 years ago because of my father’s death. This resulted in my mother’s depression, and me to lose the ability to plan my future and education because of the trauma and I was only 17 years old at the time. I have finally finished my university degree, at the age of 34 but finding the right job seems like a never-ending task. Therefore I believe that starting my own business to help others will offer the society something more and it will help me and my mother to get our lives back after 16 years of struggling. I don’t get a lot of opportunities and I can’t participate in important events or courses that will benefit me. This is due to a lack of money. Therefore this would be an amazing opportunity for someone like me. Your course would give me the chance to educate myself in this particular field; writing, that is not offered in my country (Finland), especially not in English and not for free. Starting my own business with the help of your course will give me more self-confidence to actually do it and do it well. If I make it then I can provide job opportunities for others in need and contribute to society.

  141. My biggest struggle with writing is knowing what to write, followed by how to write it. This creates paralysis, and then nothing happens. I have struggled with writing so much that I do not have a single post on my site. Sigh. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Soul Centered Coach, blending these two powerful techniques alongside nature based spirituality and self care into a program to help women who are ready to be authentically themselves, to transform their lives. I have lived the “should” life and have stepped into my own authenticity, and I am excited to help others do the same. Having access to this course would give me the skills to overcome my challenges, which would allow me to write truly valuable content on my website, allowing me to help even more people. That would be amazing! In turn, that would make it possible to grow my business, have it be my only source of income (no more part-time job and I can work from home completely!), which improves not only finances but also quality of life for me and those I share my life with. I will also be able to donate money to the causes I support such as feral cat spay/neuter programs, horse rescue and animal sanctuaries/placement organizations. Thank you so much for the opportunity for a scholarship!! Blessings to all of you!

  142. Marie, I remember the picture you posted last summer of you and Josh holding each other in Ravello.
    The look on your face is the feeling I try to see on my wife Mandy’s face everyday. So I’m writing for this scholarship on her behalf.

    Mandy’s a brilliant wife, mother of three beautiful girls, works full time, with a business on the side too. That business is her passion; she has the authenticity, but she lacks the magnetism or hook so people want more.

    Mandy’s passion’s promoting a healthy, natural lifestyle, using essential oils. After seeing them work in real time whether with my asthma, or the kids sickness, or even Lemongrass oil taking off nail polish like nothing (try it!)- I was on board. The company she works with practices sustainable farming which better the communities where these crops are grown. Mandy uses the oils to replace the toxic chemicals in household cleaning products, and hosts classes for people to try them for free. She loves promoting a mindful organic lifestyle- her business name is Mindful Organic Mama (M.O.M). She really is like mother earth personified. And she’s a real hottie 😉

    She toils for hours after fulfilling her family and job responsibilities on her side business, she’ll perfect a post for hours with little to no engagement. I think something like this for her would allow others to see passion and magic, to grow her business while making their lives healthier.

    Thank you, make a great day,


  143. 1. From a young age I adopted a fixed mindset, I believed you either have it or you don’t. It’s not u too my adult life that I transitioned to the notion that everything can be figured out. In school I thrived and excelled in math and science but writing took a bit more work. Due to my belief that you have it or you don’t, I never worked on it, in fact I avoided anything that would challenge the notion that I was smart. I started to believe that I just wasn’t a writer. The thing is, I LOVE to write. Writing is on my heart, and I love sharing my experiences and perspective to help others, from a “real talk” perspective.

    2. My business is dedicated to helping others, I’m a fitness and health coach. We serve members of our community, mostly women, to help them become the best versions of themselves. Our mission is to leave our community better than when we found it by sharing our knowledge in a way that is real and actionable.

    3. Improving my writing would allow me to help more people. We have some amazing programs (pre-diabetes program and a 55+ program) for under-services areas of our community but we have a hard time filling them. We’ve resorted to promoting “6 week challenges” which has a similar objective but not 100% where we want to be. Writing would help members of our community better their health and change the trajectory of what aging looks like for them. It would also help me financially contribute to my family, that would feel amazing. Right now my partner is supporting our family so I can fulfill my dream, bless his heart. I want to find a way to contribute to our family and our future too!! My partner and two girls deserve the best life and I want to be a contributor to that. I want to show our girls that everything is figure-out-able through my actions and hard work!

  144. Natalie Phillips

    1) Writing represents freedom to me: a place of pleasure where time does not matter. But I don’t have the confidence to write commercially or know that I am giving clients value for money. I have been waiting to launch my website for over 6 months!

    2) My mission is to give other families – especially women – the freedom to create their own life. The current setup in the UK penalizes us when we have kids and usually traps us into low-income, part-time jobs. I want to help them build businesses around their families and lifestyles: not in spite of them! It all starts with the words on the page.

    3) I would have the confidence and accountability to launch my writing business, finish my website and earn the funds I need to get that extra tuition for my dyslexic son. I want to mentor other mums (I have three single ladies looking for ways to escape the term-time trap). Above all, I want to be a role model to my daughter.

  145. Kalyn Simon

    My biggest struggle with writing is being confident with the wording and sharing of my thoughts, ideas, and other content. I always find myself writing in ‘true form’ (how it naturally flows out), but when I begin to proofread, I get caught up in trying to make it ‘perfect’, always re-wording and sometimes second guessing things I was sure about in creation.

    My work is dedicated to influencing self care and awareness. I believe that self care is required in order to care for others and focus on sharing ways to bring self awareness to my audience through personal testimony and physical results. I serve humanity and my mission is to increase confidence in others to learn and develop in true self so that we can benefit from the uniqueness we’re all given to share and improve the world.

    Stronger writing will increase my confidence in the ability make a direct impact on my reach, thus continuously inspiring me to keep creating content and living my purpose. My business will increase with chances of opportunity to grow and expand its ability to bless others. My family will see first hand how this will be an integral part of breaking generational curses, as will my small community feel hopeful and proud to have another resource. The difference this will make for me and those in my path will be the shattering of doubt and fear and the actual change necessary to put in the work needed to make a change.

  146. 1) I’m looking for new ways of comunicating with people and educate yourself with english with it I could write to more people (more people in earth now know english than polish although apparently in every part of Mather Earth we can find someone from Poland or related. I’m afraid that I will be not understanded (in whatever lenguage).
    2) I want to people know that is ok to be yourself and has pasions and hobbies even if it’s not something popular or something you can brag to everyone e.g. esotericism. And it’s starts with knowing yourself… later we can work on things we wont. If I have time I’m writing short stories too.
    3) It would make me better as a writer… maybe my book will finally stand in the shelf… but what more important I will be able to better show others that everyone have their own path and we can be a good.

  147. 1. I love to write and to express my self but I feel my writting is not great to sell. I often keep on writing using the same words and need some structure and spice ?
    2. I’m dedicated to teChing and shsring wellness. I have my yoga studio and an online yoga studio. My mission is to share and help people find peace inside through yoga, meditation and taking care of their bodies. Learning to know yourself is a mission everybody must have so helping people achieve this is my true journey. I think world peace stars with our inner peace one heart at a time. To expand this is my dream.
    3. I just had my second baby and bith my studios are economically struggling. I realy don’t want to close them. I need a bite of inspiration and structure to have more sells to keep on sharing and to keep paying the people who works with me. ?

  148. Doug Hanna

    My biggest struggle with writing is capturing the most compelling angle in a precise, effective way. I either don’t have enough details or I pile on words until the copy is too long. Learning to be a more efficient writer, learning to say more with less, will make me a more effective writer.

    I offer freelance marketing services to a number of nonprofits. I don’t usually get to interact with the people they serve “on the front lines” every day, but I love to hear stories of how my efforts encourage activists, give resources to struggling youth, and equip young adults to make their life count. Every day I’m amazed at how much impact one individual can have! I’m so grateful that my work has a positive impact on other people.

    If accepted to the Copy Cure scholarship, I would be able to reach more people for the important causes my clients promote. I don’t want to land more clients and make more money, I want to be able to serve the nonprofits I currently work with more effectively so that more of their resources can go to the work they’re called to.

  149. My biggest struggle with writing is being about to translate what I have in my head onto the page. It is a major block at the moment that has me frozen and struggling to get my business started. When I write blog post’s they lack personality and connection, and I have no idea what to write at all when it comes to selling items, or trying to express how an item may potentially help someone.
    I am in the process of trying to start a self-care and mindset coaching business aimed at Mothers. After spending two years in an extremely low place while being a single parent I longed to find connection with others feeling the same and to help by sharing how I pulled myself out of those times and the self-care I implement so I don’t fall back into that state and am able to be happy and present with my children.
    If I was accepted into The Copy Cure it would help me establish a business that I can gain my independence from, have confidence in spreading my story and helping others with theirs, share well written, motivating and uplifting free content, as well as confidently sell products online with well written product and sale information.
    This would not only help me gain my own independence and provide for my family, but I would be able to contribute back to my community through woman’s support and guidance in local centers and through workshops held locally.
    Thank you Greatly.

  150. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I have a tough time conveying value to my client in a concise way so that she understands how much I can help her to have what she deserves.
    2. I’m a home decorator, focusing on affordable and creative options for homeowners. By applying “use what you have” decorating, I propose shopping their house and upcycling existing furnishings before purchasing new. I have also been focusing on educating homeowners who are interested in doing it themselves, but are stuck or overwhelmed with the process.
    My mission is to help busy homeowners (primarily women) create a beautiful and functional home that they fall in love with and are proud to show off to visitors.
    3. I don’t feel that my copy is compelling, and that may be a speed bump in my business growth. I know that admission to The Copy Cure would be a great help to me in giving me the tools and skills I need to really capture my value.
    I left my full-time, corporate career almost two years ago to pursue my dream of helping people through creating their dream spaces. I haven’t been able to grow my business as quickly as I had hoped and our “safety net” ($) is gone. I know that once I can really begin helping others, the money will begin to flow as well and my family can live its best life as well.

    Save me, Marie! xo

  151. Amoya Bauld

    Good morning. I love words and how powerful they can be when used in a positive way. I have written a little book of original poems zt but when I tried to get in printed the company padded my bill and overcharging the me and I have still not been able to print them because of the cost. My life would be changed by receiving a scholarship like this because I would have the tools to provide for my family. . I have a seven years old daughter and aging parents without having to worry about money. I promise if I should be awarded I would use the access to improve my writing and be a star success story of this program

  152. Thank you wholeheartedly, Marie, for providing this scholarship opportunity.

    1- My biggest struggle with writing is mainly to be able to write in a way that expresses my love and care for my community, in order to inspire more and more people to unlock their potential and live a happier life. I would like my writing style to become more empathetic.
    2- I am a passionate transformational coach and speaker dedicated to helping people take control of their lives. I serve coaching clients. I am on a mission to help people think higher and feel deeper to create the life of their dreams.
    3- If I have better writing skills, I will definitely have better speaking skills. This will help me reach more people and influence many to change something in their life. I am willing to learn all the skills that I need in order to tailor a clear and loving message that inspires positive change.
    These are some of the tangible differences that better writing skills could make: More people are aware of personal development principles in my community, fewer divorces, a better quality of relationships, more confidence to step out and start a business, more people feeling happier and in control of their lives.
    Arabic is my first language, French second and English third. I write in all three languages.

  153. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    I’m blocked by perfectionism and I’m long winded. In wanting to do something well I can spend hours rewriting one intro, afraid to release because… is it perfect? I also find I have a tendency to be long winded so I’m constantly going back and chopping out words but at the end, I feel like I ruined something good because the new product has strayed from what I really want to say.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I have an online platform dedicated to inspiring millennials in Beijing, China to be ambitious – to chase their dream jobs, try entrepreneurship and just quit not living the life they dream about having because of excuses and ultimately fear.

    Our community is made up of both locals and foreigners. I, along with my team write stories that inspire and support millennials living in Beijing. We especially try to serve the ‘underdog’ highlighting ‘not significant enough’ people and shining the spotlight on the black diaspora living in Beijing, China. The stories we write are inspiring. They are encouraging for people who want to do/achieve more and they support the person being featured by giving them exposure which has lead to significant opportunities for some. The stories we highlight are not being told by local and other foreign media outlets in the city.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    How stronger writing would help me

    I’ve been investing my savings into this initiative to get it started however; to be sustainable I need to start making money from it to invest back into it. Since I’ve started posting my writing, several people have approached me with paid opportunities to write for their brand after they’ve read my articles. I feel that a ‘writing service agency’ is a feasible business model to support my initiative however; I’m doubting my ability to make this a profession because of how slow I produce work despite my love for writing. I also wonder if my work is meeting industry standards. Are there trade standards that I am missing because I don’t know, what I don’t know? I hope to use what Copy Cure will teach me to write more efficiently and give me the confidence to take on paid writing clients which can sustain my online platform.

    How it would help my community:
    Since starting my website several community members have come forth to write for us because they have dreams of being writers themselves. They look to me for advice on the matter despite the fact that I am not academically trained in the field. What I learn in Copy Cure I will be able to use to train our current and future writers. Not just to grow our initiative but for their future as well.

    Thank you.

  154. Hello Team Forleo, thank you, thank you, thank you, for this opportunity!

    1. My biggest struggle is that I don’t know how to write to sell or to let people know exactly who I am and how I can offer them value. I tend to write in a very formal manner, but when I’m speaking in my daily basis I’m very relaxed, flexible and funny. I want to learn how to express that to get my audience to really know me. All this, is because I’ve learned that being professional is taking shit seriously and I haven’t been able to find the balance with professional and authentic.

    2. I’m a Life Coach, I want to help people and guide them to find a more fulfilling, happy life, where they can feel free to be themselves, where they can create better and healthier relationships, where they can learn how to spend time with themselves and bring joy to their lives.

    3. A stronger writing can absolutely help me to attract my ideal client. It can help me express better exactly what I do and how I can offer value to others. Now, the people that see my profile can just have a vague idea of what I do and how I can help them, it’s not enough for them to be sure that I’m what they’re looking for. With the Copy Cure I know these are things that can be “cured”, but I need guidance.

  155. Carrie Whalen

    For ten years I have been trying to figure out how to put what is in my head into words. I lost everything and I mean everything 10 years ago this September. Today I look back at the events of that time and realize that truly what seemed like a darkness that would never end actually allows me to be where I am today. I still live below the poverty level as my sole income is SSDI, but I am living true to myself. I believe I have a story that needs to be shared in book form, but I simply do not know how to begin. My ideas swirl around and I know the message I want to deliver, and yet that is all it is right now is ideas. I really need someone to help me figure out how to unload this mess in my head into a book that I know will act as a guide to help many people who perhaps might be facing the same struggle that I had that literally dropped me into a living hell.
    I discovered an online school that was a year long study that gave me a Health Coaching certification. I was a counselor for 23 years and a good one – so Health Coaching is a new way for me to work with people to help them live their best life. I believe that after losing everything and then finding this Health Coaching career is actually what I am supposed to be doing. It seems that everyone I work with struggles with anxiety. I am the master at helping people with anxiety because I have lived with it and found my way out. I teach people all the tools I have learned and put them together so that when I meet with my clients- I am 100% prepared to give them back their lives. It is my mission in life to serve those that struggle with anxiety, depression, fear, lost self-esteem and may be living in that dark place. I am here to show them that there is hope. I know with everything in my being that as a result of everything I went through, there was a reason for it and it was simply to get my own life back so that I can best serve others to find their way.
    If I was admitted to The Copy Cure there is no doubt that I would learn how to put my thoughts into word form. I simply don’t know how to get to that step. I know that with education about how to write at all, I will be able to fullfill what I know in my heart is the next phase of my journey. I know that the book that is in my head is a true show of vulnerability on my part. I am not afraid to do this as I believe it is what I am supposed to do. Admittance to The Copy Cure will help me get out of the current state of poverty that I live in. I live in an extremely rural and poor part of upstate NY. I cannot charge as much for my Health Coaching as others that are making loads of money in this career. And yet I have helped many people over the course of the two years I have been coaching. A book would let me reach more people. It would get me out of the current state of poverty that I live in. I know when to ask for help and Marie Forleo- I need help. Please consider me as a candidate for a scholarship to The Copy Cure as I feel strongly that your expertise is what I need to be able to get this book out of my head and on to paper. I know everyone has a story…. I know mine will serve as a guide to help so many people that might be silently struggling as I was.

  156. Hello, Marie and Team Forleo.

    My biggest struggle with writing is knowing that I have a voice which creates the right tone for my prospective clients. Having written s formally for years I feel my creativity might be poorly pitched or sound patronising. I love the process of writing as well as all that I am learning through my entrepreneurial journey, yet I feel as if I am yet to truly speak effectively and positively as me. I want my copy to sound magically uplifting and persuasive yet I feel that it is dry, uninspiring and safe. I can feel this energy inside of me, yet I have to be able to successfully transfer its magic onto my website. I want to break my moulded voice, taking it back to my authentic, passionate self.

    My business is that of a private tutor and life coach for young people, mostly 121 with some small group sessions that I am launching int he coming 3 weeks – so excited! My mission is to change the opportunities for young people in my wider community plus helping them build a better understanding of how to create the life that they love. This is a huge passion of mine – my tuition side already has some clients and is growing whereas the life coaching side is still being ‘cooked’.

    This scholarship would enable me to empower young people, offer them a wider range of products created for them in the voice that they welcome and understand. By increasing my sales, I can offer my products and time to other young people, who lead challenging lives, for free, which is so important to me. My son would also benefit from this, as I can support his dreams by contributing to his University costs and being a self-made female entrepreneur that he can really be proud of.
    Embracing the power to change some many people’s lives for the better is what is driving me – I just need to conquer how to write in order to achieve so much more.

    Thank you!

  157. Deepti Umarani

    I am Deepti, I am a personal stylist. I teach people who to style as per their body shape, colour etc etc. Even though people are perfectly dressed they are still not conformtable with their body. So, after all this what I have analyzed is that no matter what brand or how you are dressed(ofcourse, style brings u confident) they tend to
    Complain about their body. I want women to love their body, develop their style and get confortable in their own body rather than hating it. People in life come n go, But your body is going to be with you till the end. I really want to teach them to love and embrace their body.

    My struggle with writing is that Firstly, i am not a native english speaker and when I try to talk to someone people are really not convinced with what I say or speak. I really want to be that girl who is heard and taken seriously. Yes, i am trying to be as creative as possible and learning as much as i can but the writing skills are taking setting me back !

  158. 1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? My biggest struggle is writing copy that sells. I enjoy the writing process a lot and have fun with it. However, I just can’t seem to write sales copy. I don’t know how to ask for the sale without sounding like I’m asking for the sale. I also want my audience to feel my enthusiasm and love for what I do through my writing- I think this is hugely important!
    I could also use help with writing blog post titles, e-mail subject lines, and social media posts now that I just learned in B-School they should all be different.
    2) What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? My work is dedicated towards helping women live a healthier, happy and more fulfilling life. Life is busy, over scheduled and can be hard these days. I teach women how to making eating and living healthy less stressful and more realistic for their specific lifestyle. Through my ICA research, I have found that women are craving support for personalizing a healthy lifestyle based on their specific needs and don’t want general recommendations. This is my goal/mission: to help women feel heard and to help them navigate a healthy lifestyle that suits them.
    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? Oh my goodness! If I was able to take the Copy Cure I know I would be able to help so many women live healthier and happier lives because I would know have to invite them into my programs and have them actually sign up, get more women to read my blog posts that they would benefit from and get them to open my e-mails so they can really feel like a part of my community. Being part of a community where women feel heard is exactly what I want to create in my business. I love working with women and seeing how much more fulfilled and happier they are when they feel good about what they are eating and how they are living their life. I’ve struggled with health issues all my life which is why my health and wellness business is so dear to my heart. At times, working a typical 9-5 job was extremely difficult because of my health issues and having my own business would allow me to take care of both my health and bring in money to help support my family. I’ve always enjoyed working- since I was a teenager- and love being an entrepreneur. I know with a little more help and guidance I can really take it up a notch and grow my health and wellness business to be my full-time career – which is my dream!

  159. Najma Mohamed

    This is a dream come true. The possibility of earning a seat in the Copy Cure has been like a second chance for me, to make it in life.

    1. My biggest struggle with writing

    1. I’m overly verbose in my writing. If you told me to fill 10 pages with adulations of my pet cat from years ago, I could probably do it. I doubt however that it would inspire anyone. I put my heart and soul into my writing—no spelling mistakes, near perfect grammar and near perfectly boring. I want my writing to pop. To inspire. To make people go “Holy Cow!” When they read what I’ve written and it hits the nail on the head.

    2. My business/ mission

    2. I am a stay-at-home mom from India. I’m also from a conservative Muslim family. That means that although I had the opportunity to pursue higher education, I didn’t have the opportunity to travel and work outside of the home( in my community it’s frowned upon for women to work—it’s considered improper and unnecessary—and essentially that deprives us of the ability to become financially independent and secure. I depend on my retired dad and my husband for money).
    My mission is to start an online nutrition/coaching business inspired by my own struggles to stay fit and healthy and hopefully help and motivate people who are in a similar position as myself.

    3. How would the Copy Cure help me

    3. To be honest I can’t tell you with a 100% certainty. What I do know is to start my own gig I have to be my own salesman. I have to be my own hero. I have to be able to draw people with the power of my words. Power which I currently don’t have.
    The Copy Cure I believe will be the equivalent of “on the job training” and would help me get the ball rolling. I believe it will get me started on my journey to financial independence.

  160. Hi Marie. I’m Yati and i hv been blogging for so many years but Im still not a millionaire. It must be my blog posts are so boring!
    1. My biggest struggle is i need MAJOR help in writing a good blog post, product description and email newsletter. I run out of words most of the time! And i feel that the way I write is boring, long winded and no fun. I want to learn how to sell on my blog/email and make them more engaging.
    2. My business is in the health and beauty sector. I help women get clear skin with beauty foods. I teach them what to eat, what to do, how to make natural skincare and i even teach how to manifest beauty. My mission is to help woman WORLDWIDE be pretty again… no matter how old they are!
    3. Im a mother of 3. If the Copy Cure landed on my lap, i will learn it immediately and apply the new skills to my blog. If my copy brings in profits, it will mean so much to me and my children. They will get to buy their desktop computer, new clothes, the list goes on. And i finally have a peace of mind that i can provide for them without depending on anyone else!
    Thank you Marie and team for reading my comments!

  161. 1) My biggest struggle is writing is selling my services to the general public. I tend to be a little too assuming. I assume people know more about health than they do and I become too scientific. I need clean, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand copy the consumer wants to read.

    I am a naturopath and I have created a 6-week program for those who may find the cost of uninsured holistic health out of their budget. My mission is to make it easy to gain control of your health without breaking the bank.

    3) At the moment, my services are for those with discretionary income. The class I created is being purchased by healthcare practitioners instead of the target audience. I think with stronger writing I could reach more of those suffering who are without insurance, without hope for health change outcomes and without the basic knowledge of creating lasting lifestyle changes that have positive health outcomes. I am looking to empower those who are struggling.
    I want to use my knowledge to make a difference to many instead of a privilege few.

  162. Margarita


    1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    Written and spoken words are more than communication. Words are our vehicles to convey priceless ideas and insights that can literally change our life’s experience. I spent the last 5 years of my life learning everything I could about psychology, spirituality, neuroscience, and epigenetics. And I never stopped since then (wait, my wedding day and my honeymoon were the only days that I didn’t feed my mind :D). Being able to put your wisdom and ideas into the right words is a remarkably powerful tool. Having all the knowledge in my head, I oftentimes struggle to find the right words to convey this wisdom to my family, friends, and clients.

    2) What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I serve everybody I meet. Yet, my work is dedicated to coach executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. They all studied economics but never studied life fulfillment. I chose this group because helping one person with high impact can transform the lives of thousands of people around them – their families, friends, clients, or employees. Showing my clients that who they are will always trump what they do inspires and fills me with joy every single day. I don’t know of a better way to spend my time here on earth.

    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    First of all, if it landed in my lap, you would hear my happy scream all the way from Barcelona :))))!!! Finding words for what I learned about a meaningful, fulfilled life will mean that I can transform the life of every person I meet and give people the incredible gift of enjoying the unique life that they have been given. Life is a magnificent journey and it is our responsibility to enjoy it. I am already now a member of the “Changemakers Group” in which we help those less privileged. By making a profit with my business (among others through the right communication), my goal is to contribute even stronger to all those people in need.


  163. 1- My biggest struggle with writing is trying to contain my emotions and not sound like a rabbling buffoon. I believe emotion is power and with great power comes great responsibility 🙂 I owe it to those I want to serve to get my message out clearly & passionately but still make it so that they understand what I’m saying.
    2- My business, career, work & life is dedicated to serving women & children in underprivileged neighborhoods by showing them the power of entrepreneurship. I believe you become what you see, I want to become the Lady Entrepreneur I needed to see when I was a kid. My mission in life is to show them that it’s possible to build a profitable business doing what you love.
    3- My parents left behind the country they grew up in, their family, all they knew to give my brothers and me the opportunity at a better life here in the good ol’ US of A. That alone gives me the drive to succeed, admission to the Copy Cure, aka stronger writing skills, would arm me with the tools necessary to get my message out there and make money. Making money doing what I love would not only help my business, it would also inspire my community & my family to take action! (If I could do it, so can they)
    The audacity of an American Latina to think that she can make a difference and a living inspiring and educating people all over the world would have a tangible effect on my community & my family that would ripple throughout coming generations!
    Thank you for your consideration ❤️

  164. My biggest struggle writing is taking I statements and changing them to reader benefits.
    In free workshops I have taken they talk about taking why you do what you do and turning it into benefits for the reader. Trying to manage this creates severe writer’s block for me.
    About 8 years ago I began having severe health problems, landing me on bedrest for almost 2 years. I lost 2 businesses, my home and the ability to parent in the active way I was accustomed. We lost everything and went from a comfortable life to homeless within a year.
    I decided I would learn how to “Mom Anyways” (the name of the blog I am trying to write). From learning how to clean house in 10 minute increments to making meals ahead of time on good days to starting jewelry making as a way to spend time with my two daughters. I want to encourage women with severe illness, pain, or depression, to learn ways to care for their family “anyways”.
    The jewelry making hobby I started to spend time with my kids while lying in bed turned into a very small business. I would use what I learn in Copy Cure to improve my product descriptions, newsletters, and email. Growing my jewelry business into a career that can support my family and the “Mom Anyways” blog, would be a double win, taking care of my family and helping other women with theirs.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  165. Ana

    1) Even though I work with clients from all over the world and I’ve already lived in 5 different countries, I still feel self-conscious sometimes being a non-native English speaker when trying to communicate to a global audience. The process for learning a second language is much more formal, and I feel sometimes my copy isn’t friendly, warm or spontaneous enough. I also tend to be too techy sometimes. This is a problem for me because I want my content to be accessible for those starting out. I want to create clear copy that that is helpful to others.

    2) My business is dedicated to User Experience: to make the web a better place where genuine relationships and trust can be built. My mission is making UX accessible to new entrepreneurs and those who are just starting out by creating group programs that anyone can afford and that are easy to be understood even by the non-tech savvy person. That way even smaller businesses can apply UX concepts to their business easily without the need for hiring a dedicated UX team.

    3) With Copy Cure, I’d be able to write better copy that’d impact these emerging entrepreneurs who think what I teach is too techy and complicated for them. Applying a user-centered process could change their lives and their businesses. Not only that, but they’d also be contributing to better online experiences, less spammy, more trustworthy, and focused on their users. This means, ultimately, making people’s lives better: both those who build the products and interfaces, and those who use it.

  166. Maa Mendoza

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    As all writers running out of words and content, this by far is my struggle being a social media manager by different niches in the business. We do have a lot of resources but writing from the heart is something I am standing by and marking myself as a writer.
    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and what’s your mission?
    Am a freelancer who is starting to build my brand and focus on a specific niche to be more productive and effective as a freelance Social Media Management and Marketer.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Having the opportunity would turntable around, like your advocacy. I believe in self-empowerment and helping women feel their worth and value is something I am working now and being the social media manager of the largest freelancing, parenting, entrepreneurial group here in the Philippines who support and help women focusing on a stay at home moms to be more productive and trustee parent as well. So this chance will have a significant impact on me and the people we help and support.

    Maa 🙂

  167. Thank you for this opportunity, Marie. It is funny how things happen: Today I was reassessing my approach to my work. The fact that I was not doing well made me cry. And before, this would become a mood… But today I cried a few minutes, wiped my tears off and opened my computer to find opportunities to act upon. And your email was there. Before I would never apply for things because I would think I was not worthy enough to get them anyway. Today I applied for several things and I am proud of it :). Thank you for the inspiration you are bringing with your example.
    – I speak more than 5 languages and I struggle to express myself in written form in all of them. I never liked to write: I thought it is something I am not good at. As it was necessary I kept doing but irregularly, and I did it with discontent and a big phases of procrastinating in between.
    Luckily, my mentality and approach changed drastically lately. Moreover, most of the change is due to me learning about the work you (Marie) and your guests do and the things you teach.
    Now, I not only know but I’ve also experienced that the way to being more creative is to constantly practice creativity in anything we do. Something I’ve always done with the design but failed to do with writing. If I want or need to write better, then the only way is to write more and learn as much as I can about it.
    I regularly struggle to express my ideas, especially to word them in the way that people will act upon. There is no way for me to inspire if the message I am passing is not understood by my audience. Also, it takes a lot of time and energy for me to word my thoughts in an effective manner.
    – I am a sustainable life advocate and work to inspire people to do more with less and use what they already have, with style. I seek ways to help them merge beauty and style with sustainability and meaning. My mission is to change the environmental and social impact of our lifestyles by empowering people to make small shifts on the individual level.
    What stops many people to adopt a conscious lifestyle and see the environmental and ethical impact of it is not the lack of information on the topic, but lack of creative solutions that actually inspire them to take actions and change habits. People want to be inspired by a positive example not told what not to do.
    I am good at design and creating solutions. Thus, I’ve seen how my work affects me and the people around me in positive ways. Yet, it is so hard for me to reach out to them, grab their attention and make them interested to hear or see how I can help. There is a saturation of information and I see many people get ‘turned off’ with topics such as sustainability, environment, reducing. I need to learn better ways to engage people that bypass the mentioned obstacles. I want to write better to spark curiosity and interest. Then I could impact more people and reengage the ones that already love what I do. I can only imagine how much difference would it make if I could only convince my close friends and family to for example stop single-use items, say no to plastic or stop unnecessary shopping by adopting new habits and speak about it to their peers.
    If I would write better I would be happy to see more people coming to my workshops instead of having to cancel them often. I would find more people reading my posts and leaving comments to tell me how those inspired them to commit to a sustainable lifestyle or maintain it. I would be able to organically and consistently grow my subscriber’s list of currently 30 subscribers and turn my project into a business that I can live from.
    I would be able to build a genuine ‘waste not’ community that spreads the waves of impact and that communicates back with me to give me ideas on how to serve them better.
    Finally, if I would have better writing skills and would do it with ease and quickly I would have more time and energy to focus on creating more.
    And if more opportunities are to come I would not spend this much time to write to have a chance to grab them ;).

  168. Hi Marie and team. I’m Monya, a girl from South Africa living in the US. I’m a former toxic relationship addict and abuse survivor helping others escape the cycle.
    Answer 1. My biggest struggle with writing copy is the seriousness of my mission and sounding stiff, scary and boring. I know helping other women who are stuck in abusive relationships are no laughing matter, but I want women who read my words to feel like they found someone who understands them. I want my words to be like a hug to them, and I want my words to give them hope and maybe even make them laugh.
    Answer 2. My work is dedicated to bringing awareness and education to women who feel stuck in cycles of abusive relationships. My heart is to do anything in my power to change their beliefs about their worth and what they deserve.
    Answer 3. I believe with all my heart, that if I receive The Copy Cure as a gift, that it will expand my reach to influence so many more Women’s lives and destinies. I’ve helped a lot of ladies escape abusive relationships, if I have the tools to help more ladies, it will be the greatest gift God can give me for my Birthday this year, which us on May 7th. Yup, I just guilt tripped you. Lol.

  169. The struggle I have with my writing is making it sing ! I know my audience well as I have the same issues that they do, and I know from the feedback we get from the families that I work with I have found a way of talking about Autism and ADHD that makes them feel confident and empowered to care for their children and themselves. But because of my own ADHD I can struggle to get my message across in way that encourages them to engage, most of my referrals come via word of mouth. I run a Social Enterprise providing support, information and training to all those living with Autism and ADHD. I have 3 children & a husband with a diagnosis. He gave up his career 4 years ago to be our middle sons main carer so I could develop the Enterprise knowing our kids are well cared for. However, I am now the sole breadwinner which can cause huge stress. I want to launch a global membership website to create a community full of up to date information, training, support and research so that I can reach more people and see them move forward with their lives with strength and happiness but that means great sales copy and content, something I struggle with. It would make the Business financially secure, whilst also securing my income to be able to comfortably support my own complex family and secure their future. Many thanks for this opportunity.

  170. Thank you so much! I’m going to dive right in since I don’t want to waste a single word!

    My biggest struggle with writing is I can’t seem to hit those “magic” keywords and phrases that are so important to SEO and attracting the right audience. I love to write but I know there are technical details that I’m missing! I’ve done dozens of other courses but I’m still struggling hard with how to write great copy for a target audience. Which is important because I have my own editing business and LOVE working with other writers. I truly believe everyone has an incredible story to tell and it’s my job and passion to help them uncover that story, to give life to characters that have never existed before but need to.

    Getting admission into the Copy Cure would be life-changing, as it would definitely drive sales and get me more profits. It’s been a rough few years for me; it doesn’t feel like I’m treading water anymore, but that I’m starting to sink. I need a breakthrough in my business, and I know that if I can just attract my audience better, I can deliver on the work and be successful with this editing business. I have a family of 14 (!) and I want to give back, help out and live the life I was meant to and make sure they can live theirs. The Copy Cure would help me do that. I’m ready! Thank you!

  171. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is being as clear as possible with my message. Somewhere in the process my thoughts become unclear, I second guess what I’m writing, and I forget who I’m speaking to. I want my messaging to be clear and direct but struggle with bogging it down with information I think I need to share (but maybe don’t).
    2. I recently started a holistic nutrition business, EM Holistic Wellness and my mission is to help those who suffer with chronic lifestyle diseases and disorders heal through nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle modifications. I believe everyone has the ability to live with optimal wellness- I empower them to do it.
    3. I am a stay at home trying to fit everything into the same 24 hours that we all have. Since starting my business I have very garnered very little business and my intuition tells me the hangup is in the copy on my website and my stale social posts. But I don’t have the financial backing to invest in resources to help me improve it (that will work!). I don’t want to give up on my business so early and I don’t want my girls to see me as a failure but I have to change something. Taking part in the Copy Cure will get me to the next level with my communications, allowing me to feel confident in my business and to follow through on my dreams.
    I want to be communicating more via emails, a blog, and social media but don’t feel confident enough in my writing to put a lot out there.

    I believe that everyone should have access to the resources that will help them live a healthier and more fulfilling life. I want to provide my coummunity with those resources and my services in order to create a happier and healthier world. There is a lot of confusion around nutrition and wellness and I want to clear the air, banish the misconceptions and help people feel their best. Who wouldn’t benefit?!

  172. My biggest struggle writing copy is delivering. I have so much in my heart and mind that stirs, that I’ve overcome, I know will help someone else but feel like my words fail me. How can I deliver what I know to strike through the hearts of mom’s that I want to encourage, uplift and set wild and free in their life? The words I say tend to come out too fluffy and circular.

    First and foremost my “work” is dedicated to Jesus, then to my husband and family. My audience is young mom’s with young children. As a stay at home mom, funds are always tight or void, and part of my mission is to help women navigate that. I’ve recreating my mission statement and don’t have it down yet. At the end of the day, I want women I speak with to feel wild and free in Jesus, home making and homeschool, sex and marriage and more.

    If I gained entry to this community, it would help me find and deliver my voice. Copy is my weakness and I know I can learn how to speak with kindness yet urgency, with love yet challenge, and lastly with hope. My community would benefit from clear cut and thoughtful personal and purposeful copy because my words manifest what I mean. Learning copy would affect how I write my blog, Instagram and even face to face social networks. I see a growth in finances, friendships and trust.

    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Much love.

  173. Hi, Marie.

    I’m so glad for having this opportunity at this very moment of my life!

    My bussiness is dedicated to teach people how to learn better, faster and having more fun. I passionaltelly believe those skills are essential in a world where things change so fast.

    I live in Brazil, and even among relatively educated people one can find a serious lack of basic learning skills. I feel very sorry for this, both for the people individually and for the future of the Country as well.

    My biggest struggle with copywriting is to make it my own, yet effective. When I follow a template too strictly, it sounds fake… Then, I try to get more creative, but it doesn’t convert very well…

    It’s so frustrating!

    Right now I have five infoproducts, and my students love them, I have almost zero refund rates! Nevertheless, I need more students buying my courses to make ends meet, and I’m really struggling to get there.

    A stronger copywriting will make me able to share stronger learning skills with more people. I believe I’m able to make a concrete difference for a lot of souls from every brazilian corner.

    Also, I have a lot of teachers in my list. That makes me really happy, because I feel I can have a even greater reach through them.

    Finally, with Copy Cure I hope to get out of debt. So I would be able to give my 16-year old twins the best formal education and also take better care of my aging parents.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  174. 1) I struggle with clarity and organization. I think they go hand in hand with one another and if I don’t present my points with clearitly and simplicity I know I lose readers attention.
    2) I transform golfers by improving the only club that matters – Their BODY! I’m a strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist.
    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Many of my industries leaders are all strong communicators, whether with written word or video’s. I feel both my copy for blogs, website and social posts along with my video’s could be much better if my ability to get my point across in a clear and organized fashion improved. I also feel if I could improve in this area (along with public speaking) I would have a better chance to solidify my longevity and success/authority in the industry. I know I have a wealth of knowledge but I also know I struggle to share it and therefore my business is nowhere close to where it should be.

  175. My biggest struggle in writing is persuasion. I’m a good writer but not a great seller. It takes me a long time to create content because I second guess everything I say and lack the confidence to suggest people spend their money with me.

    The businesses I run now sell tangible products. Writing better copy would help my products be seen, wanted, and bought. I get very discouraged when I have to rely on “luck” for people to find and buy what I sell. Worrying about making money is getting old.

    My dream is to write books and courses on how to improve your life. My main purpose is to help people in whatever way I can, and it turns out it’s more on the advice/how-to level. I feel like a fraud because I have no “formal training” on this topic, and have no clue how to sell myself or stand out in what feels like an over-saturated market (coaching), even though I possess a lot of knowledge and burning desire to turn this dream into a reality.

    Improving my writing skills would help me have the confidence to sell myself and my businesses. Being able to boost sales would relive a MASSIVE amount of financial pressure and stress, especially for my husband, who has been supporting our family the past few years. I want to feel empowered and able to create income instead of freaking out about how the hell I’m going to pay the bills this month.

  176. When I write I know I am doing what I came here to do. When I write I am terrified. This makes for a powerful cocktail. This means I don’t write nearly as much as I could and would. It also means that I won’t give up.

    It is just too important to me that I reach the other sensitive, creative souls out there who have been shut down by shame, trauma, bullying, depression and a deep sense of being an outsider.

    Why is it important that I reach them? In my work as an expressive arts therapist with people who have been oppressed by diagnoses, over-medication, social isolation and seen as lost causes, I have seen that I can help. Like I have, they can reconnect with their health, vitality and deepest creativity – so they can finally give their gifts to the rest of us and to this beautiful, struggling planet.

    I know in my bones that we need another way of being together in this world and that the creativity, love and healing that we sensitive outsiders can bring to the table is not just beautiful and good but urgently needed.

    If I was gifted with the Copy Cure I would reach the people who need what I have to offer. I could share with many people all over the world, create offers to sustain my business financially and give more away for free. Accessibly, beautifully, authentically. Not just to live my purpose but so others could too.

  177. Right now my hands are sweating, my belly aching my hearts is having flips of joy.
    Why because I finally took the courage to stop hiding and overcome all the limits that keep holding me back.
    So let’s begin…
    I am a dreamer! (You might be thinking right now. Great. Another one. Tell me something new) Yeah I get it all the time. The difference is that I have lucid dreams and firing those I see things and during one of those I got the message that I would be the voice to a nation. At the time I just ignored but then one day something happened… I found my voice and girl, o started talking…

    1) my biggest struggle is my Own-self ego. That mean invoice inside my head repeating zillion times that I am not good enough.

    2) well, I’m a multi passionate
    Mum(entrepreneur). I have a small retail shop where I sell herbs and local made natural and holistic products. I also have an online business I am fighting for to make it profitable to provide me enough to follow my dream of helping other Brazilian women to step into their true power and find their true passion.

    3- I truly believe that Copy Cure will teach me the skills and help me to permit me to use my voice to speak my truth.

  178. Jessie J

    My biggest struggle is being able to write in an inviting and persuasive tone without feeling like I’m “pulling the wool over someone’s eyes”. Imposter syndrome comes out to play in FULL FORCE. I enjoy writing to analyze and research, but facts and logic don’t open minds, an emotive and passionate message does! Being able to write in a candid, open hearted voice without feeling like I’m selling my ideas by shoving it in someone’s face is my biggest hurdle.

    My desire to start this program is so that my sister and I can one day create publish a graphic novel in print for our short stories about mental health and life as a bisexual women. My mission is to educate and raise awareness while making people laugh and giving them something beautiful to open their minds. Art has power but it’s reach can only go so far as my copy moves people to share it with others!

    Being able to enhance my writing with the Copy Cure would be life changing for myself and my family! It would give both my sister and I and huge chance to leap forward in our careers, hers as an illustrator and mine as a creative writer. It would also bring more awareness and hopefully acceptance to my community of women who love women and the struggles we face even in 2019. I want to make the world a more understanding and loving place for my sisters.

  179. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is finding the words to communicate. It’s not that I don’t have something to say. I do! My mind is swirling with ideas, emotions, and concepts I want to share, but I have a hard time translating them into written communication that connects with others. I am, naturally, a woman of few words. I’ve never been a big talker. I do better giving and receiving communication non-verbally (energy, facial expressions, body language).

    2. I am a fashion designer that loves to practice and talk about design (or try to)! I approach fashion topics from a designer’s perspective, a unique point of view as fashion designers tend to stay behind the scenes of the fashion industry. Fashion designers are vastly under-represented in fashion media, and I’m here to give us a voice. (Like lots of fashion designers, I communicate better through my designs than with words, and am working on a stronger voice!) Mentorship is lacking in fashion design. I serve aspiring, new, or seasoned fashion designers with knowledge on how to break into the industry, create career goals, and stay motivated throughout the ups and downs of a fashion design career. I also want to set up an artist agency to give designers the representation they deserve!

    3. If I were awarded a scholarship to The Copy Cure, stronger writing would help me ignite a community of confident designers that mentor, inspire, and uplift each other!

  180. My biggest struggle is cohesion and connection with my audience. When I learnt that to write it was formal and specific and my writing is often to the point and void of emotion. When I speak, I’m heard, when I write, I’m told I’m disconnected.
    My business is a beautiful sustainable fashion brand that I love.
    Farm To Hanger was established to prove that the pollution caused by the fashion industry did not have to exist in its current form. It’s purpose was to establish a zero pollution, carbon positive circular fashion business model and to ensure that the garments created were the best environmentally and ethically produced. The target audience are men and women who are eco-conscious consumers that span multiple age brackets. Our strategic vision is to wholly produce Australian made products with zero harm, zero waste and zero emissions by our very own minimalist 100% sustainable manufacturing facility, offsetting more carbon than we produce by planting trees with Greenfleet, by improving the lives of the community at large, by supporting outreach and charitable organisations and encouraging people to make eco-conscious choices, to shop locally, sustainably, ethically, less often and invest in better quality.
    Stronger writing skills will help me write blog posts, communicate better with my customers which will hopefully translate into more sales, more trees and more support for the charities we support.

  181. Hi Marie,

    My name’s Paden and I’m from Bangalore, India. I generally hesitate from participating in scholarship programs like these for fear of failure and getting dejected. But since I’m an avid lover of your work and mission, I decided to give this a go. (Without expectations:) truly)
    So, leaving my inhibitions aside, here’s why I would like to be considered for this scholarship program.
    I enjoy writing and I understand how critical it is to be good, if not very good at copywriting. As a business owner (a starter really), I am trying my best to learn and educate myself with whatever resource available to me.

    Without getting soppy on you, I am a struggling entrepreneur, who’s hustling to make my start up a success. I won’t go to the extent of describing the money scarcity scenario I am in and bore you with the details, but it’s suffice to say that it’s scarce!. Despite that I’m hurting and loving the fact that I’ve manage to create my own website, I create and publishing my own content and am trying to do whatever I can to help people through my platform.

    In case you do consider me for this program, know that you’ll only add to the value you’e already created in my life. With love and gratitude.

  182. My biggest struggle in writing is I am not sure how should I construct it. I got lots of info in my head, so when I am about to write, I don’t know how to start on it and I end up most of the time not writing at all.

    I am also aiming to be an Influencer on building online business dedicated in my country. I aim to show and tell about how to create online business and serve those who really wanted to start their own online presence. As I help them, they can also help others through their website specific to their niche. Well, I got the idea because in my country many people are great believers of online scams which I wanted to share something in the internet that’s why I am testing it on my end first.

    If I was granted a scholarship to this program like this, I would have better grasp of what I need to do, and need to be done, create contents that I could explain more my thoughts, and able to structure the contents that I wanted to share. If I did it effectively on my end, I would be able to share it in the future on how important copywriting is.

    I am not hoping but I am looking forward to courses like these. Thanks for having these opportunities. God Bless.

  183. Brenda M Prentice

    My biggest copywriting struggle is getting out of fiction mode and into sales mode. I get too wordy and descriptive.

    I have been an on and off freelance graphic designer for many years, but am now preparing to launch a branding and marketing design business. I specifically help world changers reach their people with their message through brand building and marketing collateral. It is my way of igniting change in this world.

    If the Copy Cure fell into my lap, I would be more confident in the success of my business and would increase my clientele. My services would spread life changing messages. I would have the opportunity as a single mom of four to support my family and be home with my kids.

    The increased income that Copy Cure would bring would be an amazing help. My part time job does little to support my kids and I. On top of normal expenses, I also have a special needs son who requires medication and therapy sessions. His needs keep me from being able to work full time, so increased income from my home business would also allow me to be home more.

  184. elisa

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this. Marie Forleo, you and your team deliver value in abundance and I am so grateful for that. I am learning so much from you!
    When it comes to writing I think it doesn’t come natural to me. I have the vision, but struggle in how to write it. English is my second language and although I feel comfortable, I think I could use tips and techniques to help me deliver my message.
    I am a motivational speaker in the making. Empowering women and teens is my passion!
    Having access to the Copy Cure would help me accelerate the process of getting speaking gigs and growing my business.
    Despite a difficult financial situation from my husband loosing his job, I reenrolled in BSchool. I decided to conquer my dreams to become a speaker and influence people with my message and energy. At this time, I can’t afford CC, but that wouldn’t stop me to getting better and focus on others. I am starting small, but I think big. I feel improving my writing skills would be “the edge” I need to be able to use the right words to deliver my message.
    Thank you for your generosity giving us the opportunity to apply.

    Pulling for you,

  185. While I have always been good with grammar, my biggest struggle with writing is how to present my ideas in a powerful way. I’m a 100% disabled US Air Force veteran who needed a virtual job due to my health issues. As a virtual assistant to network marketing industry leaders, my mission is to empower others to be the best entrepreneurs they can be, whether that means they need a little help with the day-to-day tasks, or a big boost to make that next business milestone. A large portion of my earnings is earmarked for The Patriot Blankets Project, a therapeutic project I created to crochet lap blankets that I donate to wheelchair-bound veterans in Oklahoma City, OK. I struggle with presenting my business to new potential clients, and I usually focus on my past clients’ referrals for new business. If I were admitted to The Copy Cure course, I could learn to write engaging copy that would help find new clients from other avenues.

  186. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved stories. I’ve loved to read them, watch them, and tell them. I’ve admired how people can write in a way that engages and incaptivates, and I want to do the same. I aspire to be an author and teacher, but need to be a better writer. For the longest I’ve shyed away from writing because I’ve told myself I’m not a good writer. In my current realm of self discovery I’m realizing how important it is for me to share my story and experiences, and to provide those disadvantaged the positivity and encouragement they need to prevail. I’m in a phase of figuring out who am, who I want to be, and what is that special gift that only I have that I must share with the world. I want to create communities for people who feel lost and alone in this world that continues to beat down people like me for simply existing. Creativity is in my blood but I haven’t figured out how to tap into it.
    For the past few years I’ve been consumed in being a single foster parent to my niece and nephew while attending graduate school. I want more than anything to get a life that I’m proud of and that inspires those around me especially my babies. The Copy Cure would help me to figure out my voice and how to best share it to the masses.

  187. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Composition is my barrier each time I begin. Like a song or a painting, I know that real professionals always have a great lead-in that grabs the reader and in this case, gains a new customer in the family. Something I need soon!
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    Team Forleo knows I’ve been around for a long time now. I make a Spanish product called Pintxo Sauce. With my uncompromising goal of using honest and high quality ingredients, I am dedicated to promoting a regenerative business and lifestyle.
    My customers look for something special. Something to represent themselves and who they are inside and out. But see, too many “ands”.
    My mission is to grow our peppers in the land of my ancestors, New Mexico. Chile country! To live on our own farm where we produce our product without compromising food quality or safety, while regenerating the soil and educating our community. A hyper-local market garden style farm. Found the perfect spot btw. Hatch, New Mexico.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    As an addict in recovery for seven years now I have faced many challenges. None more profound than being an entrepreneur. The psychology and stamina required of me can only be attributed to the steps and principles of my program. Fortunately for my group, we have meetings daily where some are not so lucky. Many suffer waiting all week and into the evening when they are likely to have used or succumb to their disease. As a busy entrepreneur, I go even when I don’t want to because that’s what newcomers need to see. That’s how it works. Supporting each other and reconnecting with the world and the feelings you have avoided.
    I am not only a chef but an artist. Both traditionally and digitally. My website, my blog, my press releases are all by my hand. It’s vital to me to be a great writer and to reach the community with a clear vision that impacts their lives. I was going to be the first to get a degree in my family but The Academy of Art stopped my funding and then raised their prices every semester making it impossible for me to afford to finish. Now my twenty year younger sister will have that honor. My community is a family of global pioneers in the field of regenerative agriculture and businesses. I have learned, with the help of my program to reach out for help like asking the mayor and the chamber of commerce where to find business help. I have so much to offer the community, and just want to share it like you do Marie. I want to have the impact that I know I can bring. Without asking for anything in return.
    Success comes from this state of being I believe. There are no scholarships for recovering addicts and that needs to change. Although we are anonymous programs something has to give. There is too much at stake and too many people suffer from some sort of addiction and self-obsession disorder that keeps them in chains. So I’m being totally honest with you and this community. I utilize every avenue I have at my disposal to share my experience, strength and hope. Just Google me. ?
    This class would be more than just a scholarship. It would be just one more community that could be open to sharing those experiences. In the process I hope to become a strong writer of some kick ass copy. ??

  188. My biggest struggle with writing is making it captivating enough to turn leads into customers. My business, Herbally Holistic, is dedicated to women over 35 who are struggling with life and want to create a holistic lifestyle that is naturally healthy, simple and blissful. This includes creating work from home and getting off of the treadmill. My mission is to help women create a life of their dreams rather than a life of struggle.
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would learn how to have better, stronger and more targeted writing to my audience. This would help me to become successful in my blog, be able to help women solve their problems naturally and gift 10% of my blog’s earnings to a local charity called End 68 Hours of Hunger which helps end childhood hunger by providing them with food for the weekend while they are away from school. This would help my community tremendously because there is a high rate of food insecurity in my state.
    My family would be helped by the increased revenue coming in from my blog and I would be able to pay the mountain of bills I have incurred by starting my own business. Thank you, Marie, for this opportunity!

  189. Hi Marie- Thank you so much for offering the Copy Cure! I’m so grateful for all your emails and episodes that have helped inspire me, as well as, taught me some new tricks to help my writing.

    In August last year, I took a leap of faith and quit my full-time job to pursue my passion as a children’s book author. And I first learned about the Copy Cure from Laura Belgray after she taught me some tricks with my subject lines.

    I have always struggled with showing my authentic self to my audience. Instead, I tend to write in a more informative/business-y voice, which does not always convert well. But I am not sure how to break away from that and liven up my writing for my audience. This is what I am hoping to get the most from with the Copy Cure.

    The business I’m building is centered around teaching other writers how to get their books published, through my own publishing journey. I serve other children’s book writers, and ultimately children, to inspire more books to be on shelves to boost enjoyment in reading. My mission has always been that education is the MOST important thing someone can give themselves, and the best education is through reading.

    Because by reading, kids learn empathy, creativity, insight into other cultures and history, and will ultimately become more successful in life. My goal with my site is to help each author know that there is a place on a child’s bookshelf for their story and that the story they want to tell matters to the world.

    If I received the scholarship, I know that I will learn how to write more engaging posts and emails to ultimately reach more readers. Which will help not only benefit myself to finally start making money online (Which my fiance would appreciate) but will make a HUGE benefit in the community.

    Through the Copy Cure, I will now have the confidence and the reach to extend to more agents and publishers, in order to give my readers submission opportunities. I will be able to shine a light on the dwindling number of readers in the children’s market (Only 27% value reading after age 9!). And I will be able to grow a business that will give me the financial freedom to give back to education and children’s literacy initiatives.

    I am so very grateful for the opportunity to not only have this amazing resource available to online marketers but for the chance at a scholarship. Since I am still working towards this goal, I do not have an income and cannot afford the course at this time.

    Thank you so much for your consideration!

    • Hi Brooke-
      As a new children’s book author (I’m a chef and educator and I write about real food for kids) all I can say is I hope you get this so I can reach out to you! I’m contemplating applying for this scholarship as well, unsure if THIS is the one I need when I came across your submission. Best of luck to you!


  190. What a great opportunity!
    1. My biggest struggle with writing? It’s how to write in the voice of another person – primarily my clients’ voices. I write more technical, fact-based communications as a result of working in the government and getting my business degrees at a later age. Ok, I probably can’t blame getting my degrees at a later age for my writing style. But, it certainly plays into it. I love to write and remember an instructor telling me I wrote too much in my papers. What?!? How can you write too much!
    2. My business is a virtual administrative support business. I work with such a wonderful variety of clients and my business goal is to make them look good and to have their clients feel loved and valued. My clients range from speakers to financial planners to marketing consultants. Trying to match their voice sometimes is challenging. Can we say I wish I had a hat I could wear for each one to make my writing support them and their businesses much better?
    3. This would help me help my clients save time writing and rewriting. It’s so much fun when I hit the mark by writing in their voice without struggling or sweating over every word. This can also be an additional offering my business and maybe the old fart (the husband) won’t have to climb internet towers and spend more time doing dishes. Well, maybe not dishes but ham radio and his hobbies.

  191. 1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    Although I love poetry and and amproficient in English, my biggest struggle with writing is to make it truly connect to the women I’m here to serve.

    I know I have SO MUCH to offer, and yet, my writing and work is simply not connecting well with the people who most need it. This kills me a little on the inside.
    Often when I read something that I wrote, it’s either way too vanilla or way too over the top and not me. People I go on coffee-chats with, mention often that I appear so different on a call with them than I do in writing! :'(

    I know as a service-oriented being, my work is meant to connect. And with better writing, I will be able to serve *so* many more women, which will allow me to give back to women all over the world, and do (more of) my part in creating a better world.

    2) What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I’m mult-passionate:

    As a coach: I serve conscious women with becoming more visible. I help them believe in themselves and spread their (often life-changing) message wider. Often, I help women with lower incomes increase their income and capacity, so they can create a better life or themselves and the people around them.

    As a (brand & web-)designer: I help women who have a service-based business to grow *their* impact, by creating branding design and web design that is truly authentic to them, is professional, and conversts.

    Seeing their professional new branding design is often the permission slip for the women I work with to take themselves more seriously and it can help greatly in spreading their work further.

    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    I feel that stronger writing is the missing piece to my business. When I feel confident and strong in my writing skills, that helps me to create consistency and helps me attract new clients & customers.

    More clients at better prices would allow me to build a team for my business, which will help the people I take on + their families and community.

    It will help my clients create a bigger impact, to spread their much-needed work and message, and impacts them and their families and community financially.

    I’ve often wondered why I can help other women make more money, but my own cash is lacking, and I think it’s that I’m not consistent enough in sharing my own message. And that’s because I don’t feel like I’m communicating the right things.

    I’ve made many investments in my work and have generated some income, yet it is often just or barely enough to cover living expenses. It’s time to start truly thriving, and I believe joining The Copy Cure will help me do that and pay it forward in many ways.

    Therefore, I hope you’ll consider me for this scholarship!

    • I realize I forgot something!
      2) My mission: Is it weird to say that my mission is ‘world peace’? Because that does feel like my main mission that I’m building with many others all over the world. I believe that when women are financially strong and independent and in touch with their inner-being, that makes a huge impact on our communities. Because world-peace starts on the inside.

  192. 1. I struggle with effectively and concisely describing our voice work to people who have never experienced it. Also, we live in Chile and Spanish is not my first language, so I’m constantly writing waaaay outside of my comfort zone to reach our audience, while forever playing catch-up with translations in English to expand our reach.

    2. We help voice teachers, performing artists, and creative therapists deepen their work with the voice as a path to creative expression and personal development, both in their own vocal journey as well as in their capacity to lead others. Our work innovatively explores the intersection between artistic, pedagogic, and therapeutic processes for professionals who offer their voices and fine-tuned listening in service to others, be it onstage or in sessions with clients. We help them experience transformative changes in their voices and in themselves, so they can discover freedom, self-confidence and soulful purpose in their unique voice and creativity.

    3. My husband and I are so fortunate to be able to live our dreams in service to others, and yet we’re falling behind on student loans and have not started investing in our retirement. I know stronger writing would allow us to serve more people and help us improve our quality of living. Lastly, we mentor advanced students who have begun teaching their own workshops in our studio. As always, I will apply what I’ve learned from this course to our work with them. We are passionately committed to helping our community thrive.

  193. 1. My biggest struggle with writing for my pottery business is that I have spent my career (in forestry) writing technical and scientific documents and emails for my job. Scientific writing is a very specific genre of writing, but when I need to write emails, or IG posts or finish the copy for my pottery website I really struggle to be non-technical! I’ve had people tell me that I write like I speak in person, which is not great if I’m over-explaining, too technical or use language that is not speaking to my ICA. Too often I have tried to be witty, or cute to improve my writing for my pottery business and it comes off being smarmy and weird. When I speak to people in person about my pottery I feel a real connection with them and it seems like they connect to my story and my ideas. I struggle to put that into my writing and make the connection through “printed” words.
    2. My pottery business is dedicated to making and firing handmade, functional pottery for everyone. I have my own home studio where I make mugs, plates, serving bowls, yarn bowls and a lot of red wine cups. This is a business that I have been running while working full time as a forester for the past 20 years. I love that I can work in my chosen profession of forestry and run my pottery business when I’m not working. This is a great arrangement for me at this time in my life and I love that I have such a great creative outlet with my pottery. In my day job I serve the public of Saskatchewan. With my pottery business my mission is to bring beautiful, handmade and affordable art to everyone, but specifically, my ICA is a 25-35 year old millennial who is wanting to buy handmade, local art and know the story behind the pieces they buy.
    3. Stronger writing skills would make a big difference in how I think about and operate my pottery business and I think it would also help my writing at work. For my pottery business, I have no problem explaining myself in person and I would love to have that confidence and strength to write about my pottery and my business better so I can bring more affordable art to people through the online part of my business and connect better with new customers I won’t ever see in person. For my writing at work, I know that better email and more personal technical writing will help me connect better with the students we hire for summer work, my colleagues and our forest industry. There can be conflict between the government and industry and through better writing skills I would love to make stronger personal connections though my writing. I have also noticed, now that my children are becoming adults and the new hires at work are also young adult ages, that I have stepped into a mentoring role in both my professional career and with pottery. I would love to have stronger copy writing skills to pass on to both my kids – who also run art-based businesses – and to young professionals at work. When you can communicate well, you connect better with people and our world needs more personal connection!!
    Thank you so much for your consideration…I feel really good now that I have put this in writing!

  194. My biggest struggle with writing is wondering if I am going to be judged by what I say or what I write. Writing, for me, is something that is cathartic, makes me vulnerable, but allows me to give back to others and help others. It brings myself out for others to see, and the light to shine within me, and creates a way for others to do the same. My work is dedicated to ministering to people in relationships, families, parents, and youth – as well as communities of arts, faith, and culture.
    The Copy Cure would make me a stronger writer, help me to own my truth, and to empower others to own their truth. I would be able to better market as well as minister to individuals as well as to the arts and faith communities, and provide content that they would find helpful and beneficial. My confidence level would increase and it would propel my business to the next level. I would be able to show other women that they can do what they are passionate about, own their own business and be successful, because I will be doing it. The tangible difference is getting the things they need to them through my writing. It would enable me to better articulate the importance of the above areas and share other people’s work in the above areas. It would also empower me to create more material, own my work, have the confidence to put myself out there, with my true and authentic voice, and knowing that is enough.

  195. Hi Marie & Team Forleo, My biggest struggle is trying to express what I feel in words. To create something new out of what already seems to have been done hundreds of times. To educate people about my art and lead them to love and understand the deeper meaning of what I am selling. I am an avid reader, I love words, quotes, books, and poetry. So I know it’s all swirling around in my head, I just need to learn how to express my emotions in my writing to inspire actions in others.

    I am an artist, a painter, and a photographer. My mission is to heal, touch souls, re-shape the normal, inspire hope and free thinkers. I have been around copywriting because of my previous day job as a virtual assistant for 11 years. But now that’s it’s time to follow my dreams and write copy for my own website and social media, I feel like I am falling short in the copywriting to tell my story that I hope will inspire other people to create and follow their dreams.

    If I were to be granted a scholarship into The Copy Cure, it would definitely help me find and use my authentic voice that matches my artistic vision. Which would help me to sell more paintings and in turn, create more time for painting, so that I don’t have to juggle multiple jobs in order to support my family and household, it would also enable me to contribute freely to my friends and community both locally and virtually.

    Thank you for offering this gift. Cheers!

  196. Mary Mooney

    I struggle to inspire people to follow, love or even react to what I write. My Mission is to increase the love vibration through out the planet. It is my belief that to create any change any where, we have to go to a higher place than addressing the human issues. I have to find a way to dig deeper and reach a higher level inside people. The more people love them selves and love their own lives the better the world will become and very quickly. Loving one’s self and one’s life will create a ripple effect that will effect the whole planet.

    Inside of me are the means for me to help me love themselves more and more. I require more help to bring this into reality.

  197. Same message as above – this time including a small add-on on the more tangible impact (3rd question). Thanks again and love. Emilie

    Hey Team Forleo,

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity. My heart jumped a beat when I stumbled upon your e-mail. See my answers below! (may they rejoice your heart too! ?

    1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    Getting down to it and doing more of it. Not letting ‘life’ and all my so-called more urgent to-do’s get in the way of really taking that time to sit down and not let anything else interfere. When I do get down to it, I love it.

    Also: becoming a pro. I occasionally write inspiring blog post type of articles, but I would like to know all the ins & outs of marketing copy.

    2) What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I currently make video’s and documentaries for projects with social impact ( which I love – however, I am in the midst of launching a new career in coaching. I am passionate about helping people reconnect with their true passions, which make them jump out of bed, feel alive, and help them develop their full potential.

    My work has a particular focus on Feminine Leadership – which is connected to my personal story. I spent years working hard and struggling to find joy and happiness, not understanding why I was assailed with eating disorders and other issues, when I thought I could have everything I wanted. It was a long journey before I realised I was deeply disconnected from my essence – my desires, my creativity, my intuition. The very sources of true joy, drive and direction. The road I have been on since then was incredibly healing, enriching and fills me with greater gratitude each day. Always deeply passionate about human beings and exploring our full potential, I went on a 10-year journey which ended with a 3-year intensive coaching course. Today I am ready to give back.

    By coaching women (and men!) on developing not only the masculine qualities of action, goal-orientedness and focus on the outside world, but also the fundamental qualities of self-love, creativity and connection to our inner wisdom, the mission I am deeply committed to is to support the emergence of a new paradigm of feminine leadership in this world.

    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    As said above, I am on the verge of launching my coaching business. I have started coaching sessions and am hosting my first weekend-intensive on Feminine Leadership in 4 weeks. I feel this is the exact point where I need to hone into my copy and marketing skills. I felt B-school would have been a fantastic next step – unfortunately I didn’t have the budget when it launched a few weeks ago and so I let it pass thinking I’d make sure I’d be in next year. But it’s only been a few weeks and suddenly the urgency feels STRONGER and STRONGER. A year feels like ages from now, I want to get my act going NOW !

    As a result of this course and stronger writing skills, I would develop confidence and motivation to promote my business at a much larger scale in way less time. I would not only feel fulfilled of finally entering what I have felt for years is my life mission, but I would be able to help many more women (and sometimes men) coachees in their lives more rapidly. We are in a world where way too many people are still craving for true joy, happiness, and the feeling of being truly alive and accomplishing their mission on this planet. I want to contribute to helping a maximum amount of people get there. The Program will help me increase my number of coachees and people I reach through writing: I love inspiring others not only through the people I coach directly, but through the texts I write in e-mails, blog posts, etc.

    Hence, the Copy Cure Program would just be the most amazing gift ever.

    With incredible amounts of gratitude, and tons of love,


    PS. Thank you for all you do. Inspiring lady and team – you are an example to me every day. I would overflow with gratitude to be able to follow this course and work with you more closely.

  198. I’ve been gleaning tidbits from you for a long time. You’re energy, creativity and humor are so authentic, I just love it.

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    My biggest struggle is motivation… Okay, maybe not motivation. It’s figuring out my voice. My friends read my blog and they say I provide a lot of great info, the pics are beautiful, but I sound like an instructor instead of myself. My BFF told me if I would just write like I talk and let my sense of humor and wit show, that I’d have a lot more success. So I try that. You know what happens? I get hung up on SEO and long tail keywords, and all the joy of writing just vanishes and I either don’t post anything or I post something that is so clinical and stiff that I might as well have not written anything.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I’m an artist and interior designer. My life is dedicated to making things beautiful. I help people create beauty and harmony in their homes so it is a place they can relax and unwind when they come home. I make people’s lives better by making their homes more beautiful with art, color and interior design.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I have Lupus. I’m unable to work in environments with fluorescent lights, which basically rules out any kind of job other than working for myself. My husband is a retired veteran having serviced in the army for 25 years. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to fully retire because of my illness. So The Copy Cure would allow me to feel productive, like I’m contributing to my family rather than being a drain–something I haven’t felt in a very long time. It would allow me to contribute to our income and possibly allow my husband to fully retire. He’s worked so hard, and I’d like to take some of the burden off him. And, it would also allow me to build a solid e-design buisiness that would help lots of people make their homes more beautiful and organized to fit their lifestyles. I’ve found that when people love their homes, they have a more rounded life.

    I don’t know if I answered all the questions right. All I know is I want to reach more people, to help them make their lives and homes more beautiful. In turn, that would help make my life better. I’m not reaching people, and I know it’s because my writing doesn’t speak to people. I’m great at what I do, I just don’t know how to communicate that words when I write.

  199. Lisa

    My biggest struggle with writing is my indecisiveness, kind of the should I or shouldn’t I say something in this way, which ends up taking double to triple to amount of time. I suppose it comes from that inner mean girl in my head saying “what are on earth did you just write” or “that’s not impressive”?
    My business is dedicated to helping moms give themselves permission to discover their purpose-filled life after infant/child loss.
    I serve baby/infant/child loss moms who are living the rest of their life on this side of heaven without their children. My mission is to help these beautiful, warrior women THRIVE in life, not just merely survive, through my signature framework incorporating physical, mental and emotional healing for healthy grieving, and to create a community where death is more than ok to talk about.
    Admission to The Copy Cure would help me articulate my thoughts and feelings to my clients in a gentle, yet effective way. My business would feel more elite, and legit, so I would be looked at as a real business and not just a loss mom grasping at an unachievable goal. My family would reap the benefits of all I learn as they are as much a part of my business as I. Our community will see the power in opening up to those who have suffered the tragic blow of burying a child with suggestions of what to say and do and to not say and do.
    The tangible difference would allow me to create my website to share my story, my desire to help break down barriers and allow death, which is part of the life cycle, to be normalized in conversations and not simply avoided. People need people and when someone experiences child loss, the most devastating and out of order death, they need support.

  200. 1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    The way my mind works is very literal. I struggle to inject storytelling, personality, and more of a conversational tone into my writing so that it’s more engaging. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to me.

    The good news is that I’m a quick learner, and I’m 100% sure it’s something I can improve at.

    I have no background in studying or writing English, yet my work revolves around writing.

    I need to learn strategies that enable me to hook readers in from the start.

    I need to learn how to entertain my readers whilst educating them.

    I need to learn more simple yet powerful techniques like those outlined in The Copy Cure email series.

    My writing is good. But to make the impact I want to make, it needs to be great.

    I just need the training.

    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    My mission is to help as many people as possible to feel better.

    Too many people suffer in silence and don’t have a deep understanding of their mental health and how to improve it.

    There’s too much emphasis on labels and diagnoses and not enough on helping people understand why they feel the way they do.

    I want to help people understand and address the root causes of common mental health issues… Trauma. High stress reactivity. Overidentification with the mind. Forgoing basic needs of social connection, sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition. Finding meaning and purpose in a world where 85% of people dislike their jobs.

    To do this, I run a non-profit called The Wellness Society which aims to offer high-quality, accessible psychoeducational in the form of website resources, books, workbooks, and online courses.

    I’ve compiled a free online library containing online guides, self-help methods information, and resources for situational difficulties such as relationship issues, money problems, and sexual violence (

    I have two self-published books that are available on Amazon:
    • The Framework: Understanding, Transforming and Reducing Stress, Autostress and Anxiety (The Fluff-Free Guide)
    • Understanding and Healing Trauma (The Fluff-Free Guide): A Collaboration from The Wellness Society

    To help people apply knowledge and create real change, I offer a range of self-help workbooks and have plans to create many more (

    This is what I’m most excited about, as I think it will have the biggest impact.

    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Improving my copywriting skills would impact all elements of my business—it’s what it revolves around.

    This reminds me of the Seth Godin episode of MarieTV. I hadn’t come across Seth’s take on marketing before: the idea that marketing is the art of selling ideas to people who need them.

    Adopting this mindset has helped me shift from feeling uncomfortable being ‘salesy’ to feeling compelled to persuade people to take action on their mental health.

    I know that the information I share has the potential to be life-changing for many, many people—just as they have for me.

    Stronger writing will help me get this message across more effectively.

    It’ll increase the chances of my next book getting traditionally published.

    It’ll result in more sales of my books, workbooks, and online courses, meaning I’ll help more people improve their mental health. The positive impact will be broad, extending to their families, friends, and colleagues.

    I truly believe that improving access to high-quality psychoeducation is one of the most important areas we need to focus on as a society.


    Because we’re amidst a mental health epidemic.

    It’s estimated that a whopping 70-90% of doctors’ visits are due to stress-related issues.

    The good news is that unlike a lot of diseases, we understand exactly how to improve mental health.

    We just need psychoeducation to be more widely available.

    That’s my life mission.

    That’s my purpose.

    I know I can help, and I know you can help me.

    Thanks so much for your consideration and for all the incredible work you do,

    • Rebecca Marks

      ARGH! Really sorry, just reading other people’s replies and I just realised the 250 word limit meant for the full response rather than each question. So sorry.

      • Rebecca Marks

        My 250 word response (I hope you can forgive me ?) —

        I struggle to inject storytelling, personality, and more of a conversational tone into my writing so that it’s more engaging.

        I need to learn more simple yet powerful techniques like those outlined in The Copy Cure email series.

        My writing is good. But to make the impact I want to make, it needs to be great.

        I just need the training.

        My mission?

        To help as many people as possible to feel better.

        In mental health, there’s too much emphasis on labels and diagnoses, and not enough on helping people understand why they feel the way they do.

        To address this, I run a non-profit called The Wellness Society which aims to offer high-quality, accessible psychoeducational in the form of website resources, books, workbooks, and online courses.

        Stronger writing skills would impact all elements of my business. It’d result in more sales of my books, workbooks and online courses, meaning I’d help more people improve their mental health. And this positive impact would extend to their families, friends and colleagues.

        Improving access to high-quality psychoeducation is of crucial importance to society.


        Because we’re amidst a mental health epidemic.

        It’s estimated that a whopping 70-90% of doctors’ visits are due to stress-related issues.

        The good news is that unlike a lot of diseases, we understand exactly how to improve mental health.

        We just need psychoeducation to be more widely available.

        That’s my life mission.

        That’s my purpose.

        I know I can help, and I know you can help me.

  201. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I struggle with knowing what to say to create a bond with clientele that will make them want to purchase my products. I don’t want just any sale. I want the sales that will convert to lifetime customers. I want my words to strike emotion in buyers that they will remember when wearing the jewelry that I’ve created. I can write about specific details of my designs but when it comes to creating the feeling of being empowered I strike out.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I design bridal and everyday jewelry. I create my pieces keeping the everyday woman in mind. I want women to be able to wear an elegant piece that will make them feel like a princess even when they are struggling just to get out of bed that day. I firmly believe that what we wear has a drastic effect on how we feel about ourselves. I want women to know that they can put on a pair of pearl earrings or a crystal necklace with a pair of jeans and a blouse and be just as beautiful as if they were wearing a stunning wedding gown walking down the isle to meet the man of their dreams.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I am recently disabled which resulted in my giving up the career I’d dreamed about since I was a child. Being admitted into The Copy Cure would give me the skills that I desire to be able to take this next chapter of my life from a hobby to a full blown business. I want to empower women to feel beautiful no matter what their circumstances are. Without the skills necessary to draw customers in I’m unable to share my hope and strength through the power of feeling beautiful with women around the world. I have seen beautiful women be so hard on themselves because they simply lack the confidence to dress for success.

  202. My biggest struggle with writing is often I can’t find the right words to express what I want to get out & I am self conscious about my grammar. I know I am not fully speaking my truth because I get that scratch in the back of my throat. When I talk to people in person my body language & expressions make up for the loss of words but how do I make up for that through just writing?! I’ve been called to teach emotional intelligence! It gave me access to truly believing & feeling that I AM ENOUGH! And I would love to give that access to others! Especially single mothers, the superheroes of today. My goal for all those around me would be to teach what I learn so they can be empowered and teach others. Small ripple to waves around the world! I choose not to do this on my own but through collaborations in where we all win. If you’re not winning I’m not winning either, that is my mentally! Anything is possible! Thank you for this opportunity!

  203. Kelly Scholtz

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am a dietician working in sub-Saharan Africa where I am involved in public health communication and nutrition education. This type of writing requires such careful wording that it often ends up dry and uninspiring. Improved nutrition requires accurate and appropriate widespread education, but it also requires motivation on the part of individuals. We need to motivate and inspire individuals, communities, governments and industry to do the right thing, and not just present the dry facts.

    Our business makes micronutrient blends for food fortification – mixes of micronutrients that are added to staple foods, such as maize and wheat flour. We are a very small African business in this industry, surrounded by giant multinationals and the only thing that seems to set us apart is that we really care. Of course we are selling a product, but we also do a lot of work on the ground with the communities that use the end product (fortified food) and we educate and support flour mills and governments about the role of fortification and the technical requirements to ensure it is implemented correctly. We also run school feeding and nutrition education programs through our non-profit foundation. We are passionate about the role of nutrition in the health of individuals, and by extension, the impact that nutrition has on communities and countries. We believe that when people are nourished, they can thrive – education, opportunity, productivity and success all become possibilities. I’d love to do this job better and I think that a focus on communication could be hugely impactful.

    • Hi Kelly,
      As a health-supportive chef and graduate student in clinical human nutrition and integrative health, I completely appreciate the work you are doing. It’s so true that once we are nourished, we can thrive. Much luck to you!

      • Kelly Scholtz

        Thanks Nathalie! It’s wonderful that you are combining culinary skills with a qualification in nutrition – that’s really getting practical with nutrition and exactly what the world needs! Yay, well done 🙂

  204. Hi Marie and Team Forleo,
    I came across your work relatively recently and have been binge-watching your programs. I only got to learn more about your B-school program and am a bit disappointed that I missed the deadline for this year, but I am thrilled to have this opportunity to submit this application.
    As somebody who is currently living with a disability, I feel that I am all over the place with my writing. I want to say so many things yet am not sure what is the most important and strategic thing to say when it comes to building an online community. Although I have been doing a lot of creative writing (as a screenwriter and playwright), I feel I am still searching for that voice that would be happy medium between “business” and “personal touch”.
    I have boiled down my callings in two areas. I am on a mission to teach dramatic storytelling from a heart-centered perspective. Having gone through film school and work in the entertainment industry, I can also relate to many structural and personal challenges that are faced by women and artists of colour. I want to help them develop their creative voice and enable their dreams.
    Secondly, as a woman with ancestral ties to Middle East and South Asia, I want to develop programs that address women’s health specifically related to violence against women. I want to use my online media and film school to fund my passion for global women’s health projects.
    Having Copy Cure would greatly help me in building the skills to develop content for my online media school. Currently I live on disability and having a successful platform would grant much needed financial stability to me and my family. Finally, it would help me fulfill a life-long dream of starting my own film school and serving the women of my ancestral communities.

  205. 1- By the time I have created a new design, physically made it, researched keywords, taken product photos and all of the other things involved in bringing a new idea to the World- I’m worn out! I just don’t have the energy to be creative with my writing. I also find it difficult to blend keywords into my copy naturally.

    2- I created the original online hand painted doormat business, Damn Good Doormats. I bring humor to your front door & give people a little break of enjoyment at least twice a day 🙂

    3- As my business has become more visible, it has also become more copied ): I need to do more to let customers know why we are better than the rest. I know that stronger copy would help distinguish me from the copycat herd. This is how I support my family & all the nibbles off my brand hurt.

  206. My biggest struggle with copywriting is my editorial career in book publishing! Ironic, right?

    I’ve spent 15 years working with authors to generate the most informative, clear, interesting, and relevant versions of their works possible, and can write up a storm around that issue without breaking a sweat.

    However, now that I’m launching a business as a nonfiction author coach (thanks B-School 2019!) I find myself befuddled by how to meaningfully connect directly with at-large authors about how we can work together, and why we should!

    My mission is to help aspiring nonfiction authors get out of analysis paralysis, imposter syndrome, and/or good old fashioned overwhelm, get moving, and turn their ideas into actual books!

    I don’t have products or beautiful photos to share, just my ability to clearly connect through the written word. Content is queen everywhere, but especially in this business. Stronger copywriting will allow me to deeply and effectively connect with more clients, increasing the number of people I can help fulfill their book-writing dreams!

    Having a solid client base will also mean fiscal support of my family of course! My wife has a small business, and I’m leaving my 9-5 this summer to develop my company full-time. It feels like launching into the abyss! Leap and the net will appear, right?

    I feel in my bones that The Copy Cure is that net. Thank you for considering me for a scholarship.

    With appreciation to ‘to all the ladies in the place with style and grace’!

  207. 1. I struggle with knowing what to say and how to say it. I am passionate, but that passion never seems to come across in my copy. I have never been a good writer. Copy comes with practice and specific tools and I need ALL of it.
    2. I am a health and life coach dedicated to coaching busy moms ditch the weight, guilt and self-defeating mindset so that they can gain health, confidence and joy.
    3. My business could actually grow. I mean, I am growing, but at a snail’s pace. I recently quit my RN position at a local hospital so I could dive all in to helping moms. I truly believe that if I can help moms that will have a massive ripple effect. It won’t be helping just one woman; it will be helping family. Not only that, but so many of my nursing co-workers believe that they are stuck. They think they could never do what I do. I want to show them what is possible. It would be amazing if I could even eventually hire a few of them in the future. And, on top of all of it, I have two girls. I want to show them that they don’t have to listen to anyone. No one knows their path better than them. The tangible, specific difference is that I would create more value in the world, receive value in the form of money, which would then turn into value I can give to my family, church and community.

  208. Sharon

    1. I struggle with finding and using the correct words and phrases needed to convey my product on a web-site. I don’t have any product selling experience in my past employment or personal backgrounds.
    2. I’m retired, on a fixed income, that doesn’t allow for the additional cost of The Copy Cure course. I make “One of a Kind” jewelry. I haven’t been able to finalize my goals and mission because I don’t know how to express myself properly in a manner that can sell my products. I would like to sell my product on my own web-site because of limitations on my ability to sell it in person.
    3. Hopefully, The Copy Cure will teach me the correct procedures needed to create interesting and informative copy. I would than feel confident to develop my business and web-site. This confidence would also branch off to my personal relationships and business interactions. The possibilities of the future benefits gained by my completion of this course are endless. The dream of being successful and using the correct copy to convey that energy into my presentations would be extremely uplifting. The benefits to my community might be realized in my contribution to paying in the earned sales tax.

  209. Sarah

    I tend to think that I have nothing to say or that my thoughts are unoriginal. The „committee“ in my head judges my wording as cheezy, wannabe-poetic, not on point- or too self-promoting, cold or superficial on the other end of the spectrum. I care what other people think of my work – ultimately, my art is what I want to be known for.

    I recently took a leap of faith and left my safe career as a teacher in Germany to pursue a career in music. I’m definitely serving the broke artist image at the moment but I have a long breath. The lyrics I write are supposed to spark a sense of „yes, I always wanted to say this but I never knew how“ in others, making them feel understood and maybe a little more upbeat in messy times. I believe that great music and meaningful lyrics are powerful tools for making change: a pathetic but cathartic cry-along in the shower can lift the spirits – a song played at a festival can embody an entire historic revolution.

    Strong writing is key not only to my art but also to market and promote it. It will help with landing me more paid gigs to stand on my own feet, so I can educate myself to make better art. It will help with growing a community to spread the message of a braver and kinder world, and to give back to my family and friends for supporting me all their lives.

  210. 1. Focus. That’s what I need. Establishing exactly WHAT I want / need to say, who I am talking to, what I would like them to see (in this case, why awarding me the scholarship would be just the right thing to do). So that’s what I’m struggling with most, too. Focus. And also (as I realise while typing these words) I need to overcome the feeling that I don’t have anything important to say — while at the same time making sure I do actually say something important and don’t just write (and publish, urgh) for the sake of doing so!
    2. My business is that of a digital educator. This works fine in real life, my classes fill without too much trouble, as they are very small (maximum of six participants at a time, and only about 9 weekly after-school classes), and mouth-to-mouth propaganda works very well. HOWEVER, I’d like to take the classes online, to help more young people become confident, creative, competent digital citizens through classes which are fun, engaging, and cooperative. As you can guess, my business is run on half a shoe-string, not much wriggle room for online courses.
    3. So… If magically (hello there, MFCC elves!) in possession of the Golden Admission Ticket for The Copy Cure, I would be able to hone my writing skills, to revamp my online presence and emails to possibly interested parents, and could unlock the digital world of digital skills for two, three, ten times as many!

  211. My biggest struggle with writing is me and the fear that niggles at my brain. If it’s for someone else I’m unafraid. If it’s for me, well, we’ll just say there’s a lot of ‘productive procrastination’ as I get EVERYTHING else on my to-list done but what I really want to do.
    My business and career are related to helping others. Helping teachers create fun and creative classrooms that make everyone (including them) excited to be there. Training teachers how to reach and SEE the traumatized kid and helping that kid become the incredible person they’re supposed to be. Creating curricula and content that makes learning not only hands-on and engaging but launches a lifetime of love for learning in each child and confidence in their ability to do anything they set their mind to.
    If admission landed in my lap it would be the means to help my family by helping other families. Learning how to improve my writing skills and leap unafraid, or at least less afraid, into would help me grow my reach with my newsletter and website. By growing my reach I can help other families, teachers, and kids. If I can get more teachers to my trainings it would allow my family to worry less about how we’re going to pay the bills. The Copy Cure is the first pebble in what could be an avalanche (crazy, scary, but life-changing) in changing my future and the future of a whole bunch of kids.

  212. Hi everyone!
    I even don’t know how to start, because the whole story is pretty much interesting. 🙂
    But starting at the beginning is always a good idea, isn’t it?

    My name is Maja and I’m coming from Slovenia. I just started with my own business a month ago, because I had enough of working for others as well as I really wanted to run business following my hearth, created by my feelings and absolutely evolved from me. So, this is how my brand Enjoy Enjoy was born. I’m selling outdoor products (well, it is just one for the beginning) and I’m selling it on my online store (just for EU). Soon I’ll start selling it also on Amazon in US. I have to admit that I don’t see myself as a person having problems with writing, I was always pretty good at it (please, don’t look at my english, because it’s not my mother language 🙂 ), but now I realized that I got stucked with all these selling things – how to write a post on social media that would convince people to actually buy my product and not just like my photos, why my friends that I know would need this product don’t buy it (being honest, this was one of the things that made me down the most), how to write an ad that would sell (I can’t believe I have such a problem what to write for an ad, because I was never like that) etc. The main question I am aksing myself these days is how to convince people to say “yes, I want that product”. Because I have so good feedbacks from people that bought it or tried it. Also I know this product is so useful, but all these questions are staying in my minds and I know they’re also stopping my sales in a way. So, I’m asking myself what is going on with me, because I never had problems with writing such things etc. … But being honest with myself, I cannot know everything about writing all this content. I realized there are some things I should follow that generate sales. It’s not just about my feelings. To be really honest. 🙂
    In all this crazy and a bit frustrating time I came across Marie’s course (btw, I follow Marie for years now) and it was love at first sight :). I immediately felt this was for me. I needed this. Nevertheless I actually love writing and being creative, I knew I needed some guidelines, some knowledge to make things work. And the next thouht was (this was conversation with myself). “Well, I spent almost all money to start my business and I don’t generate so much from the sales yet, so how can I afford it now? But I really want to. I feel this is the right thing for me now.” I was feeling so “yes, I want to do this course” that I even called my mum explaining her about it and she started to think together with me how to make it possible. And here is the thing. 🙂 I have a birthday on 6th May and she though this could be their birthday present for me, but it is a bit to expansive for a birthday present. Then she asked me if you have any schoolarship and I answerd being 100% sure you don’t have anything. We finished our conversation with certainty we would find a solution.

    And the day after I got Marie’s email about the possibility of scholarship and I was like … Is this really possible? Can this really happen that I can win a scholarship and the deadline is on my birthday? :)))

    So, this is the story. May be this course will really become my brithday present. Not given buy my mum, but from you. But neverthelss I would also feel like it’s my mum or my parents present, because she was so supportive and encouraged me to keep thinking how to find a way to get the money and to decide for the course. Without her I would probably stop. I don’t know. And to be honest, I got some tears in my eyes now, because I visualized getting this course and how would I feel getting information about it. It is so emotional, ful of gratitude to her, to you and to life itself. 🙂

    I’m at the point in my life, where I have to believe in myself more than ever. I’m creating my own business story, which is not just business, but it’s all me. And that is why I wish to have the best people around me and I wish to learn from the best. I’m sure that the knowledge from this course will raise me up and make everything I want to achieve possible for me (and I have lots of ideas).

    This is all about me. I hope you feel that I’m so ready to follow your passion, your knowledge and my dreams. 🙂

    Enjoy your day. Enjoy your time.


  213. Wendy

    Thanks for this generous and awesome opportunity. My biggest struggle is my thoughts about writing to sell. I was raised in a very religious culture and my brain persists in thinking making money or selling anything is wrong! Also, I like plain speech and tend to keep things short and sweet, sometimes sounding aloof or disinterested.

    My current work is advocacy for people with developmental disabilities. I love my work but it does not pay my bills. My creative side is also withering away. My mission is honestly “selfish”- I believe I already write well from a grammatical standpoint, but I want to learn to use my writing skills to earn enough to eliminate my debt and, gulp, even thrive financially while also adding to the good of the world.

    Thank you again for this opportunity.

    If a copy of your work fell into my lap I’d love to keep doing my lower wage advocacy work and also learn to create a profitable and creative side hustle writing.

  214. Niharika Sharma

    1. I am afraid to write under my name. I work as a writer with a Real Estate company and prior to this, I have worked with Capita and many other brands. I conceptualize, plan and execute campaigns across social media platforms, and I’ve done it on Internation level but I still couldn’t publish a blog in my own name! That’s my struggle. I fear being judged, what if I don’t stand up to people’s expectations.
    2. I have always wanted to be a writer. I am a creative head, I want to experiment, and I want to keep learning forever. I did my BCA and then a diploma in Creative Writing. As my parents thought writing couldn’t be a career, I was unable to study further. I have had my fair share of struggle in life but I always know there is a brighter side to life, I want to be on that side. I want to write without hesitating. I want to be published. I want to be heard, and want to inspire people.
    3. I am from India, it’s a developing country and we have a long way to go. I always wanted to pursue my education from a good university in the UK, not only is it way out of my reach financially but also the fact that I’m at an age where all my parents care about is getting me married! I want to change this, I want more women to work, to get paid equally, to become independent. I want to prove that we can be more than just “a female who’s expected to manage household chores”. I want to change and inspire others. I want to write fearlessly and clearly.

    I have been following you (Marie) and Laura for quite some time now. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw this opportunity. Lots of love to you…you’ve been simply fabulous.

  215. Hi Marie,

    My biggest struggle with writing is conveying the correct message to my audience. I feel pushy and inauthentic at times. I struggle to stand out in my market and convey the correct message as well as reach new people.

    I am an independent hairstylist in Austin, TX. I do all of my own branding and marketing so my clientele is a direct result of my messaging. As I’m sure you know from sitting in Gregory’s chair, being a hairstylist has far more to do with connecting with people than simply styling their hair. My goal is to not only connect with more clients, but connect with people on all stages of their hair journey and help them feel more confident along the way.

    If I were to receive admission to the copy cure it would help me be proactive in improving my writing so that I’m more confident in my messaging and to take some of the stress out of the marketing aspect of my business. I already have ideas for specific hair related blog posts to lead traffic to my site, but I get anxious about my writing. Working full time behind the chair and being mom to a young toddler doesn’t really allow for dilly-dallying on the writing front. I need to produce content confidently and put it out in a timely manner.

    Thanks so much for your consideration!

  216. I was in 4th grade and used “pandemonium” in an assignment. My teacher gave me an F saying, I clearly had my parent writing for me. It broke my heart. Moreover, my Latina mother’s English was not at a level where she even knew the meaning of that word! This was one disappointment of many that were disheartening and eventually stifled my voice. My biggest struggle with writing is feeling confident it’s good enough, especially in selling.
    As a child I had many dreams, but one that followed me was to become a writer. I wanted my writing to help others as it helped me, where in times of need it was my refuge and solace. My passion for writing reignited through my journey of healing and growth and in this last year it has grown immensely from DESIRE to NEED. I have to do this. I would serve women; teenagers and young adults. My mission is to create refuge and solace through my words; an emotional safe-haven to dream, imagine, and be inspired. Many creatives struggle in being outcasts and carry heavy labels. I want them to embrace who they are whole-heartedly and have courage to use their gifts to better the world.
    With admission to The Copy Cure, it would strengthen my writing skills to create with more confidence and clearly convey my mission to those I want to serve. It would allow me assertiveness to sell myself, my mission, and express my passion of helping others.

    *Thank You Marie and Team Forleo for offering such an amazing opportunity.

  217. Evelyne Ngugi

    Hi Marie!

    I want to thank you for the amazing work you do. You are awesome! Your company is awesome! Your TV episodes are awesome! Your emails always make me feel something… Anyway, I am huge fan!

    I think my biggest struggle is I feel like I need to find the “right” words which I know is kind of ridiculous because there is no such thing. And I think it’s because of the fact that I don’t have any technical training. I developed my skills (in highschool) because I loved to read. So books have been my teacher and have influenced my writing style.

    My current job title is Sustainability Coordinator at a hotel chain company. My job primarily is to provided thought leadership for the company’s Environmental and Sustainability strategy and develop new strategies to boost the company’s carbon footprint reduction efforts. It’s a great opportunity that I love and I feel is important work especially with the current climate conditions. This field is definitely one that I can see myself pursuing a long and fulfilling career in (along with my other interests *insert wink face*)

    I believe that it is absolute honor to be a writer, that it is pure magic that markings on a page can convey an idea, can articulate a thought or express a feeling to people far away. I would like to use this beautiful gift to not only effect change in my work but also move the world towards a more equitable society that sees no one be discriminated against, on any basis.

  218. My biggest struggle is getting out of my own way and showing up authentically. I have been told before I’m a talented writer but that’s often when I am not trying. When I “try”, I usually get that overwhelmed feeling and it becomes a chore. It’s like the words in my head don’t translate to paper – the thoughts are spinning around and I often can’t “catch them” and put them onto paper in a clear, concise, and non overly dramatic or angsty way. I know I have beautiful and funny thoughts – I want to merge them into wonderfully unique, entertaining and powerful words that will move people.

    I am a transformational life coach. I help women on the quieter side who are feeling unfulfilled in their careers figure out what’s missing and gain the confidence to become more visible and empowered. Additionally, I run a “Gives Back” program in which I offer pro bono coaching to up and coming non-profit changemakers around issues such as social justice, women’s empowerment, environmental advocacy and animal rights.

    My marketing and copywriting could speak to exactly the people I feel most able to support! When they read it, they will know, “Yes this is exactly what I need and this is the coach I need it from!” The more I can show up authentically and uniquely me, the more that contagious spirit will empower my clients and followers to do so in their lives and it’s a ripple effect from there!

  219. Jill Markle Hidaji

    As a resiliency and stress mastery coach, I have no trouble supporting and helping people verbally but when I sit down to write those same ideas I struggle to make it cohesive and compelling. The discipline to write comes and goes for me as well. I serve people struggling and stress and anxiety of progressing in their life and livelihood. With 20+ year in HR and coaching, I serve those in transition, wanting to move to the next level in delivering their expertise and pivoting into a passion. Using stress signals as clues instead of fighting your own stress signature is part of my practice. My husband and I also host PAUSE retreats in the mountains for those wanting to renew and reconnect to their essence through nature then build their own home retreats.
    The Copy Cure would bridge the gap in working directly with those I can serve through ‘stress mastery and resilience reknowing’ and just sharing good ideas that people like but don’t know they can take actually have more energy for their life and livelihood!

  220. 1.As a former assistant high school principal I was naïve about what copy is, how to write so that people would be enticed to invest. I have since learned that it is a very important skill to have and I am willing to learn how to do it so that my mission to help women live purpose driven lives in their post retirement is fulfilled.
    2.I don’t believe in the word retirement. My mantra is Refire Don’t Retire. Today there are more people in the U.S. over 50 than there are under 18.
    By 2035, 140 million Americans, more than 1 in 3, will be over 50.
    With decades of productivity ahead, adults 50+ are a growing and renewable resource we can’t afford to waste. I am on a mission to show women over 60 how to use their bonus years to discover new possibilities by giving back to the world and actively pursuing a cause they are passionate about so they could live with more passion, purpose & fulfillment. I not only talk this talk but I walk the talk by giving back through my non-profit organization whose goal is to ignite a spark in girls for (STEAM) science technology engineering and Math)
    0My goal
    3.Admission to the copy Cure would give me the confidence and the copy writing skills to show women over 60 they could make a real difference in their communities have social contribution impact and leave the world better than they found it. 5

  221. Fab

    In Marie words… ‘Oooh my goooooodnesss!!!!!’ (I actually love when she says) This is awesome that you guys are doing this. I really wanted to do the Copy Cure, but because it’s right after I just finished B-school, I am low on the mula now. (I stopped taking clients to restructure my businees with the tools I learned from Bschool) I am fortunate to have my trophy husband paying the bills for now, however trophy husband is not loaded to be financing this course.
    When we had the call with Marie – I asked her about this – English is not my first languageand I feel weird sometimes… she was so encouraging, as usual, but the insecurities are there once in the while, but then I read also Mohammed’s testimonial (that he got 6000 subscribers and English wasn’t his first language!) and I really want to do this right. I read gazillion times the text, have grammarly to help me- it is my number one insecurity in business!
    I am definitely not a shy person and know that my Italian accent can be an asset, but I want to be able to show my fun personality and love for people in my writing – in the fashion industry most, not all, people are so snooty, and I want to be able to show that I am very down to earth, fun and approachable. I know this might will sound crazy – but I closed my successful and profitable business 4 years ago – because I felt I wasn’t helping people the way I wanted to help – they were just giving me money because they like what I created- it felt very transactional (is this a word?) and no heart into it.
    I am happier making way less, but with passion and love, and I am sure it will get to a point I will be comfortable again and not depend on my sweet trophy husband.
    I believe when it comes from your heart always work! Thank you so much for this – I will continue to be grateful and love the Forleo lady and the team Forleo independetly of the outcome.

  222. Hi Team Marie! I always felt like a was a lucky person, everything I tried seemed to go well. That was until about five years ago when I moved across the country with my healing arts and jewelry business. I underestimated the amount of struggle I would face in a new town where I didn’t know anyone. I underestimated the amount of transformation that would take place after leaving an abusive relationship. I underestimated the difficulty in bouncing back from a head injury a year later.

    Through all of this transformation, I’m struggling to know what my story is anymore! My work is dedicated to merging vibrational medicine with design. The current manifestation of this is through feng shui and color consulting. My mission is to help others create positive change in their life, by making shifts in their environment. I support others in these shifts and help them create space to allow the transformation to unfold.

    I’m comfortable sharing what I know, but my ability to serve others is limited if I am unable to express who I am. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, my fingers would dance through writing these books that are stuck in my head. My words would find themselves in notes of gratitude to clients and colleagues. My voice would reach out to the many wonderful organizations my community has. I have so much I want to say, I just don’t know how to say it!

  223. Thank You Marie for this opportunity for a Copy Cure scholarship!

    1) Time. Straight up time struggles. I am a mother of 2 small children, CEO of the house, and teach 5 yoga classes a week. If I carve out a little time to write – it is never long enough and disjointed by interruptions by the needs of others. I second guess my words, my tone, my order of thought and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite! Where is the balance between engaging, inspiring, authentic, and motivating to press the buy button?

    2) My past experiences with infertility and teaching yoga have culminated into Fertile Body Yoga – this is my passion and a path I see with clarity. My vision is to support women that are having challenges conceiving by offering online fertility yoga classes and mind/body practices to decrease the stresses of infertility and increase the likelihood of conception. Empower women to see they have some control of their bodies and reproduction!

    3) The scholarship would be the greatest gift! Learning to write with more efficiency and effectiveness so that I can reach more women on their fertility journeys would be the biggest benefit. Since many women feel isolated at this time, the community (Sangha) created by the website would be an amazing resource. My family would be grateful that I’m not always saying 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes…for about an hour! Not to mention seeing an income from all this incredibly hard work would be beneficial to the whole family!

    Blessings – Kerry

  224. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!
    I’m a multipassionate entrepreneur who’s been wearing many hats for at least 25 years. I’m a mom, singer, coach and wellness guru who knows that my tribe is out there waiting for me. They are the Grown Ass Women who started their biz later in life and are looking for help to keep their businesses growing. These women have slowly killing their bodies and dreams by becoming workaholics. They set out to gain time freedom but instead they’ve become entangled in the “prove my value” story a.k.a the impostor syndrome. I have goals to help them reclaim their joy and health but also to help them grow their business by taking a pause from the fast-whipping carousel of life.

    My goal is to provide coaching and consulting to these women. The consulting arm would be done by helping teen girls gain website building and copy creation skills to earn cash for college.

    I’ve always been an advocate for girls with my volunteer efforts.
    But since I’ve been studying Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, plans and ideas have been deposited into my mind of how I can serve this community and our economy. I have a journalism background but that training is very different. I want to learn these skills to be able to reach more grown ass women and to cultivate a team of teen girls who can learn this skill and be virtual assitants, as well as, create websites. I’ve had the domain name of Girls Who Matter for 5 years now and looking forward to getting this movement off the ground with tangible skills for us all to thrive and step into our power as female creators. I am still building my business and my current income covers the fees of my own coach, which is paramount, zoom and verizon. This scholarship is critical to serving my girls and my clients. I want to be the next female Brendon Burchard-Forleo but this grown Ass woman needs skills to learn how to create the words that will come off the page and land into the hearts of others. In turn, I will pass on this gift to our future leaders.

  225. Michelle Morgan

    Thank you so much for this opportunity :)!
    1) My biggest struggle is WRITER’S BLOCK – I have all these great ideas, but when I come to write them they hide away. They shy away because I’m afraid I’ll loose myself in a swell of words when all I want is to be short and sweet and to the point. My confidence dwindles.
    2) I dedicate my work to people, especially women, in need of relaxation, of returning back to their true centre and power through personal contact, guided meditations and awareness work, both in body and mind. I love educating myself in the field of self-empowerment and am eager to share this knowledge along with my own observations in daily life, in nature, with children and animals with others on a blog that I’m planning to set up.
    3) Stronger writing would help me reach more people in a time where most of us are so preoccupied with all the actions of our everyday lives, that we won’t and can’t take the time to read or listen to long bla-bla messages, even if they might be ever so life-changing. Our attention is caught only when such a message is presented straight forwardly and clearly, chiming in with our heartstrings. And I firmly believe that The Copy Cure is just the cure for that :).

  226. Krista Erickson

    Hi Marie and Team!
    1. My biggest struggle writing is making a meaningful connection. I am a decent technical writer, but my true voice doesn’t come through. In person I’m loud, straightforward and get really excited talking about my products, but I can’t seem to convey that on paper. I hate feeling like I’m forcing a sale instead of just talking about how great my products are.
    2. I am just starting my self-employment journey and am in the process of setting up a website. I hand make minimally processed, all natural, cruelty free skincare that is 100% free of synthetic chemicals. My customers appreciate this unisex line of products because it simplifies their skincare routine and declutters their bathroom counter since the whole family can use it.
    3. My family has been surviving without thriving for decades. I’m ready to change that and knowing how to better communicate with customers is the key. In anticipation of our great success, my husband and I have committed to giving 10% of all sales to charities. We will be working with an elder animal adoption program and helping fight childhood hunger through our local school summer meal program. Plus I want to take a real vacation that doesn’t involve visiting family. My kids are 12 and 13 and we’ve never been able to take them on a true vacation!

    Thank you sooooo much for this opportunity!

  227. I currently help people discover their escape routes while simultaneously creating resilience through self-care practices. Through this awareness and strength, I invite them to show up and face what they have been avoiding. Our relationship with food, alcohol, work, sex and anything else that has us escaping the intensity of our feelings are gifts providing a doorway to what we truly desire. The challenge I am currently facing is creating the written dialogue to reach a larger audience.

    As an Intuitive Wellness Coach, Yoga teacher and Healer I have had the opportunity to work with individuals one on one and in group. Most recently, I have been feeling the nudge to share this work in a larger way. I am in the process of moving my brick and mortar business online and understand my ability to write in a way that is not only relatable but helpful is key. I love to write and want to communicate in a way that speaks to the hearts of the reader in a practical and grounded way.
    I believe words have the power and grace to inspire positive change in individuals, groups and the collective at large. Words tickle hearts, nurture a playful spirt and calm the fanatic high pace culture that has now become the norm for many. Words have the ability to inspire a movement and I yearn to be a part of something bigger than me. We all deserve to be our best selves and when we show up in this way it creates ripples all around us.

    I want to share in the collective experience of waking up by peaking the interest of those willing to open up to the guidance of their inner being. An inner being that for most of us has been dimmed in the background of our perceived concrete reality. My desire is to ignite a fire within the hearts and souls of readers and invite them to own the path that is being mapped out moment by moment from within. As we learn to honour our individual truth by trusting our intuitive knowing, we move together and create waves of change and possibility that benefit the whole. This is what I crave and I believe your program will assist me in this creation. I am eager to learn and am thankful for your kindness, generosity and wisdom.

  228. Katie Cressman

    I have been receiving your emails since sometime last year, and I do enjoy them. I have even created a folder in my email for me to re-read them when I am busy or have down time. You truly are an inspiration.

    My biggest struggle with writing lately has been technical. My writing feels robotic while my speech is much more animated, and I am struggling to blend my way of speaking into words on a page. I have two jobs; my day job is in Sales and Marketing for the hospitality industry. My other job is a small retail business that I am trying to get off the ground. So, if admission to the Copy Cure were to land in my lap, it would be an honor. I could not only use the tools provided to help me grow in my day job and improve my company’s revenue and marketing material, but I could also use this to benefit my barely off the ground business.

    But most importantly I believe in sharing the wealth. My mission in life is to learn as much as I can about as many different things as I can, so I can use the knowledge and skills I have accumulated to inspire and begin change in the minds and hearts of others. Whether that’s as a business woman, marketer, or a congresswoman, I’m open to anything. Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us and leading by example.


  229. Nadine Glad

    Life is like photography, we develop from negatives.

    After participating in your free online class about writing mistakes I realized that my biggest hang up with writing is that I am trying to be too smart. I have a background in law and I love puns and word plays. In everyday conversations they are a big hit, but when it comes to SEO and online copy my wittiness doesn’t get me traffic.

    Instead of being just another “boudoir photographer”, I take “sensual portraits of modern women”. Sounds good, but women don’t wake up and google that phrase.

    Nevertheless it is an empowering experience for the women of all ages, sizes and colour that I photograph and it can heal old wounds of self-loathing and self-doubt, like it did for me, when I started experimenting with self-portraits.

    Photography can be a luxury product. Unlike shelter or food you don’t “need it”. The women who need to go through such a transformative experience are the ones who don’t feel worthy of treating themselves to something that is just for them.

    This is not about sexy bridal pictures for their fiancé, this is about mind shifting new perspectives and embracing all of who they are and re-gaining confidence in them, to empower them to go out into the world and serve their communities with the special gift that only they have.

    Nadine (Berlin-Germany)

    Ps. Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for all that you do!

  230. Hello lovely people!
    1) My biggest struggle with writing is being terrified of the “stage”. I don’t have the confidence in my writing that people would want to read it, and that it would fall flat of what i’m trying to do with it.
    2) I am the manager of a gluten free bakery, I also have a side business, and I would also like to write a book (or 10) in my life. My mission with the bakery copy is to help skyrocket our growth, be sound in my knowledge and well versed to handle scaling up, and be able to reach people where and when it matters. For my side business, I’d like to make sales and present myself and my goods better.
    3)If this opportunity landed in my lap – first i would freak out – then I would dig into the course. I believe stronger writing will help me have more confidence in other areas of life, which in turn affects everything in my life – better communication with customers, employees, friends and family, confidence to tackle the steps to scale up the bakery, and then take over the bakery. The most tangible specific difference this would make for me – is coming out of the mud and having clarity and confidence in my words.

    Thank you.

  231. To explain what my biggest struggle with writing is easy. Lace of confidence. This will sound like an excuse, however I need to explain why I feel this way and how I have done everything to over come it. My father said time and time again, “You’re not a good writer so don’t even try”. My ex-husband would say, “You should spend more time on me and give up on your dreams”. I spent the majority of my life being beat down to think less of myself. Not having anyone on my side, no cheerleader while all the time being a cheerleader for other women. I’ve fraught very hard to keep my head above water for the past 6 years of being a single mom. Here is the ironic part, I basically write for a living. I write sewing patterns, instructions, blog post, YouTube videos, I write for magazines and other large companies blogs. Now I know I am not very good, mediocre at best, my work is edited but I do my very best to get my point across and it does touch others. I know because women write me and tell me how good my instructions are, how authentic I am and what a good strong mom I am. My job is a sewing pattern designer, a teacher, an influencer in the sewing world. I surround myself with other strong women, listen to Marie and ladies like her who build me up without ever meeting me face to face. My job is the same with sewing, I empower other women to challenge themselves and try new things, be the best version of themselves and to prove to themselves they are good at something or at the least having fun. There are 5-10 books in my home on writing and I read all the time in an effort to become a better writer. If given The copy Cure I would be able to pass along to my community, customers and 10 year old daughter and show them my strengths and growth. This past year I have focused on being authentic and grow from my mistakes. If given the opportunity to have a complimentary seat in this experience it would first save money having to pay others to edit my work, I’d be given more writing opportunities and maybe even publish a book, I’d be able to provide better reading experiences on my blog and build other women up. Most importantly I’d be able to get these words that ramble around in my head a place to live, either on paper or on the internet. I’d be leaving a legacy for my daughter, my customers and my brand. Thank you for the opportunity. Sue

  232. Hi Marie
    I’m a coach for stress-management and resilience training. It’s my mission to help professional women (40+) to rediscover their Joie de vivre in everyday life. I want to teach and guide them so that they can end the cycle of overwhelm, exhaustion and the feeling of still not being (good) enough by learning to recharge & rejuvenate and to deal with stress in a healthier and practical way.
    My biggest struggle? I am speechless. Well, actually more “wordless”. I would love to sound like the German version of you, or “a” talking shrimp, or Danielle LaPorte, or Gabrielle Bernstein. But when I read my stuff, it sounds more like a sleep-inducing presentation of a psychologist of a previous century. Or a civil servant with expert knowledge on stress-management.
    I’m desperately searching for the right (German) words to describe my offer to overwhelmed and exhausted women, signaling them: I hear you! To let them know that’s ok to care for themselves. And that the process of self-care and learning to deal better with stress can be enjoyable and not just an additional task (they don’t have the time or the money for).
    The German word for my struggle is “Wortfindungsstörung”. You don’t have to understand the word, just see it and you will understand why it’s difficult to find a “lighter” voice when talking about heavy stuff in German.
    Well, now you might wonder, why I want to do a copy course in English. I think we both know it’s not only about the (German) words. It’s also about inspiration, skill and self-confidence, and I need all three. I am struggling now for so long, my brain already feels like a sore muscle.
    In regards to the bigger picture: I think that we can only change what is expected of women when we stop being “over-giving care-takers” – at home and at work – , and when we start to really take care of ourselves, our needs, our health, our everyday life. Teaching women how to better deal with stress and exhaustion and how to experience relaxation and joy instead is the contribution I can make.
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

    • Katharina

      Ahhhh, the 250-word-limit … didn’t see that. Despite my pending disqualification, I am so grateful for this exercise. Just writing something down and publishing it – without over-researching, over-analyzing and agonizing over it – it felt soooo good. So thanks again!

  233. I have always struggled with the writing process, how much is too much, did I get my point/message across or am I just rambling and does my writing sound like a bad sales pitch. I have all these thoughts in my head that are racing around but have a difficult time putting them into words.

    I am a Virtual Assistant and I enjoy working with women entrepreneurs; specifically, bloggers as well as life, financial and health/fitness coaches. Life in general can be hectic, now add kids, a job, and being an entrepreneur into the mix and now you might feel overwhelmed and drowning. I started my business with all of this in mind and my mission is to provide the services that help women entrepreneurs work on their business and not in their business.

    I am very new to writing and blogging, sharing information on about myself or putting my writing out for others to see and read is terrifying. I am always thinking did I do a good job, or will they understand my content. Currently I spend more time spinning my wheels than I do actually writing. When I do get something down I am consistently changing it and I want this to stop. Admission into The Copy Cure would give the skills set I need to improve my writing skills and feel comfortable when I hit the “share” button instead of sweating and second guessing myself all the time.

  234. 1) My biggest struggle is creating consistent storytelling strategies that will amplify my work’s mission and purpose to my community so that they stay engaged, come back and spread the word. Why? Because I write so much copy per day for my day job, that sometimes the right words escape me for my purpose work, which can be a tough cookie to chew for a writer, energy manager and content designer. 

    2) My purpose business is dedicated to creating inclusive safe havens, on and off-line. I serve #theunapologetic, those who are brave enough to use their entire being (the good, the bad, the ugly) to share their gift so that they can live on-purpose, ism-shame-free and with integrity to serve the greatest good.

    3) This program would help me communicate with my community about tools, happenings, stories, and actionable tips that are useful resources as they navigate #theunapologetic life. The tangible difference would be increased: community members, engagement around activations and sales for energy – centric offerings that serve the community.

    Lastly, it would help me use my platform to amplify my purpose, which is to use my love to serve the greatest good, by helping 1M people free themselves of BS “ism-based” shaming so they can live #theunapologetic lives that is their peaceful birthright within the course of my lifetime.
    To Good Works,
    Davida aka #vgoodenergy

  235. 1)I have great ideas for other people but when I sit down to write copy for myself, the cursor just stares at me like a judgy mcjudgster. I love to write! It’s my jam but I’ve been experiencing a lot of huge life changes recently (newly wed, lost my dad unexpectedly last year, bought our first home and then moved all while growing my coaching and leadership development training practice) and feel like my brain is on strike.
    2)I grow leaders for a living. As a Certified Professional Career and Life Coach-My mission is to motivate and inspire others to take action in their personal and professional lives. I serve primarily women who are in transition (new to career, mid career or 2nd career). I incorporate self care techniques because I don’t want to see them burnout like I did. It’s a tough road to rebuild and reset. I want to empower and motivate my clients.
    3)I believe stronger writing would help me have the confidence that I can be a household name to developing stronger leaders in this world. That’s the ultimate give back. I want to be the next Oprah (global influence wise) while being 100% ME! I also believe that my newfound confidence would transcend to growing my business even more. My new husband (I make him sound like a new car, don’t I?!) wouldn’t have to endure hearing me whine about my writer’s block, and see me put off updating my copy each year. It’s like we’re living in Groundhog’s Day! I can then concentrate on building my life with him versus obsessing over building my business. He’d like that very much!

  236. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    When I sit down to write – when it’s not for business – it gets so personal. And I get scared of what I will find. I am scared because the only period in my life when I did sit down to write was when I was severly burnt out and depressed. Now I find that I – like Pavlov’s dog – have linked sitting down to write with pain, stress, a lot of sigarettes and a big bar of chocolate. And what’s most sad about it, is that the writing I did then is not worth reading. Honestly: It’s rant and ramble, even though it’s eloquently done here and there.
    Since then I have blogged and written for my website and business -and quit smoking – and I have found that I can go there, teaching and telling stories without cigarettes and chocolate. But to write the book I am meaning to write for 4 years…..I just am scared of what I will excavate. But I also can’t let it go.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I serve the earth. That’s what it feels like. I want to wake people up to the fact that we can and must live closer to nature. Wake people up to the magic that lies therein. Empower people to make a change where there are at. That your daily choices matter.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    I would see it as a life line which will help me go in to the writing cave. I feel it will help me just do it. I would see winnig the scholarship as the universe cheering me on 🙂

    It will be so freeing and awesome to have written the story in the end. For my daughters. So they know my path to empowerment. In the hope that it will empower them. And hopefully some other sons and daughters as well.

  237. While I’ve always loved art & color, for a long time I let my perfectionism get in the way of creativity – I could never get the project to match the vision in my head. Ironically, making things with my hands always helped lift my depression & anxiety, if only I could get going. Then I found art journaling – making art in a book made the “stakes” for any one page so low I felt free to experiment! I eventually grew brave enough to venture out of a book and express myself on bright, colorful canvases. Now I sell my abstract paintings at and am developing workshops to help others find more joy and less stress in their busy lives. My perfectionism has reared up again as I try to explain my ideas to potential buyers or students on my website; I struggle to tie it together into a cohesive, compelling narrative. With the extended reach I know is possible with better copy, I would be able to embrace an artful, slower pace of life for my family: my goal is to reduce my work hours enough to get my kids off the bus once they start kindergarten this fall, so that we can paint and play together – instead of putting them in the modern rat race of constant afterschool activities just to cover my stressful schedule. I want less stress and more joy for them, for me, and for those I could reach thanks to The Copy Cure.

  238. Healthy living doesn’t have to be intense, but it does have to be intentional. My brain is analytical, logical, and rational, but my heart is bursting with empathy for those trying to live healthier. People who know me understand when I rattle off stats, references and how-to’s it’s with the intention of helping.

    But online is a different realm. I live with an innate trust in the goodness of people and often forget others don’t. My logic can come across as cold, snide or apathetic. My quippish one liners (which are an exclamation mark on my bubbly, energetic personality in person) often don’t convey my eagerness and passion for helping people get healthy in a fun way online.

    If my brain and heart could make sweet, sweet copy love, I’d be able to guide my family, friends, and community (local and online) to finding their fun way to healthy.

    Finally, healthy living could be synonymous with self-love, rather than self-admonishment; exercise thought of as self-care, rather than torture; food a source of enjoyment rather than guilt; personal development considered part of adulting, rather than some woo-woo self-help thing.

    Learning The Copy Cure would expedite my online business dreams of helping people find their path from the latest health fads and misinformation to being truly happy with their health, and subsequently themselves.

  239. 1. My biggest struggle is connecting deeply and authentically with my audience. Ensuring that each person feels they are being spoken to directly.
    2. My work empowers women who are ready to step into their highest version of themself, and move towards what’s their deepest hearts desires are all while impacting the larger world at need. Eliciting much needed shift on the world and those around them.
    3. This type of copy writing support will help expand the impact I desire to make. It will support me as I recover at home from a neck surgery so that I can ask feel connected to my community and creativity, while delivery content that serves my community!

    I am so grateful for this opportunity! Xoxo Beth

  240. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is getting all of my ideas down on paper and making it make sense. I struggle with wording and making my message clear. I feel like my audience does not always understand what I am trying to say. If I do get all of my message down it doesn’t always make sense.
    2. My work is dedicated to my children. I want them to know they can be who they really are. I want to be successful for them. I serve women who have struggled with anxiety, depression and emotional abuse. I serve women who know they are meant for more, but they just haven’t figured out what. I want to show these women real happiness.
    3. Stronger writing would help me get my message out there. More people would see my message, understand it, share it and most of all take it all in. I could write a book about my journey to happiness. I want people to hear my heart! This would help my family greatly. My family is depending on me, and I want to show them that I can and I will make this work. I know I could be more successful if I worked on my writing. I would be able to show everyone around me why I am doing this. I think they would begin to understand what I am doing, and why.

  241. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    Thank you for offering me the opportunity for a scholarship.

  242. 2 years ago I was working for an international cosmetics brand, making over double my current wage and feeling a massive lack of passion. I quit, hiked over 500 miles and decided to dedicate my energy into having experiences and following the fun and creating inner joy!

    I am now in the process of making Trapeze Yoga (aerial yoga) and Kids Yoga instruction my full-time job and want to create an identity for myself as a teacher with a focus on making exercise into playtime for adults in a mind and body work-out, and introduciing the benefits of yoga, such as emotion management, breathing and physical activity for children through fun!

    My biggest struggle with writing is getting the initial attention to make people stop and engage, I believe that I have a lot of good to say and share but I don’t know how to encourage people to take the time to read it and not just flick on by (as I do with most emails that come into my inbox!) In my current communication plan I am attempting to write a bi-weekly content-marketing email to my contact list and have tested this with mixed results. I will soon be relocating and starting the business, brand and contacts from scratch and I think having admission to the Copy Cure would help me really create my voice and connect with people who can benefit from the joy of yoga-play themselves or share it with the little ones in their lives.

  243. I just got off the phone with one of my ladies. I coached her through the next steps moving forward. She had a lot of aha! Moments and felt really relieved.
    But, wait a minute! I remembered I had previously given her a free download, where I explained the same steps. Then, why didn’t she get me when she read the free guide as much as she did when I spoke to her?
    That really got me worried because I have also been suspecting that the low engagement that I get in my Facebook group was because I sound like the ‘professor’. I need copy cure because I want to learn how to be the guide by the side.
    I help young lonely wives, feeling unloved and confused to gain clarity on whether their marriage is worth fighting for and how to move forward. Most of them entered marriage with the intention of finding happiness in the marriage and from their husband. I teach them how to love themselves and become their main source of happiness.
    Copy cure will empower me to write copies that can give instant relief and answers to a confused unhappy woman. This also means I can market my product more effectively and have thousands of students signing up for my offers. I will be able to simultaneously transform my life, have the kind of life that I desire for my family, while also helping other women. This is so freaking exciting!
    With Gratitude.

  244. My biggest struggle with writing is the passive voice.I struggle with connecting to my audience and communicating what’s “in it” for them. I get so caught up in trying to share everything I know, I overwhelm my audience.

    My work is dedicated the experience of shame. The journey I want to take my audience on is learning to work with shame by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because shame is a deep emotional trauma, we bury it, because looking at it and working through it is very uncomfortable. I know this because I live with shame; the shame my parents used as a disciplinary tool when I was a child. The shame of being emotionally abused by my first husband. My mission is to create a safe place for women to come work through shame and to learn how to be comfortable with this uncomfortable thing.

    If I received admission to The Copy Cure, I would learn the skills to communicate a deep emotional subject in a sensitive and caring way. These skills will enable me to help grow my business and get my message about shame out into the world. The Copy Cure will give me the courage to start my blog, write my book and create art that speaks about shame. I will be able to empower women to get the strength to talk about their shame, to work with it and to turn it power so they can live a happy, fulfilled life.

  245. 1. It is so challenging to build positive relationships with people, which I learned is the key to successful businesses in B-School, while also asking them to pay. I want to reach more English teachers, because they deserve what I have to offer but I don’t know how to convey that in a way that doesn’t sound like I’m a manipulative sales person, because I’m not! I genuinely want to change the way that schools teach writing!

    2. My business is dedicated to writing curriculum for teachers that makes teaching writing easy and is engaging and motivating for students. My mission is to make the life of teachers easier, they are so overworked and overwhelmed. I also want to help empower students through their writing, they write essay after essay, it’s no wonder they hate writing!

    3. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap I am convinced I could reach more teachers and students with my message and curriculum. I know the power of writing. I am a full time 8th grade English teacher with a side business writing curriculum for other English teachers around the world. I am so passionate about writing. I know The Copy Cure would help me with my goal of teaching part-time and therefore having more time to write curriculum for hardworking English teachers who deserve what I have to offer!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  246. I struggle most with writing copy that doesn’t speak “above the head” of my target audience. I am a licensed counselor and coach for bariatric surgery patients.

    My business was created because I am a successful bariatric surgery patient of over 14 years with the added experience of a therapist, and I have hands-on knowledge in the emotional side of the journey that others don’t. There are literally NO other therapists who specialize in working with bariatric surgery patients anywhere near me and some people are willing to travel 2 hours to see me.

    I’m stuck as an employee in a private practice where I have to take insurance and split the pay with the practice owner, so the money is crap and barely pays the bills. As a coach, I can reach people worldwide, whereas my license limits me to my state. Right now, something isn’t working, because I’m not getting any coaching clients even though therapy clients keep coming.

    If I had access to the course, I could reach this VERY underserved group and provide them the tools and support they need to be a life long bariatric surgery success.

  247. Monica

    First: Hi! I’m Monica and I’m writing from Italy so, sorry if my English is not perfect!
    I love listen and I usually talk to people in person, looking in their eyes, having the opportunity to see their body and the expressions in their face. Writing is a powerful communication without feedback and this really is my struggle. I can’t correct along the way: what I wrote is wrote.
    I’m a mum (of a teenager girl!) and psychologist and I work with parents to help them in their so much important role. I’m trying to get my work online because I hope to reach more parents, especially the one who aren’t confident in asking help. Aware and supported parents can raise balance children and children are our only hope for a better world. And finally, every child deserves someone who loves hit not only with heart. Because “love isn’t something natural; it’s not only a feeling, it’s a practice”, it requires discipline, patience, a lot of empathy and some important skills.
    Stronger writing is THE definitive tool in my business to reach the heart of parents and help them to move towards a more conscious way of being parents. And this business is the second mission of my life (first, of course, is being a mother!) and I have to turn this into something real, in this way or another!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  248. You’re awesome for doing this, Marie <3
    I’m a professional writer, but when it comes to writing for myself, my clarity turns to fog. I’m constantly changing copy, getting in my own way. Am I too nervous to fully commit my full self? I’ve taken many courses marketing and writing courses, but itl feels like I’m spinning my wheels. I turn 35 this year and DESIRE TO FINALLY GET IT RIGHT. MARIE ARE YOU THERE? IT’S ME, EVA!

    I’m a collaborative creative company dedicated to providing platforms for people to get their stories out with small, niche publishing initiatives, which I’d love to scale; I host public talks and poetry workshops; I create content for businesses doing amazing work in the world. I sell paintings. I use my art world connections to create large weekend art sales that 100% benefit water health initiatives in Florida. I inspire people to be assertive and outrageous in their desires. I paint fun contemporary art that I exhibit and sell. I want to create systems of outreach that includes automation and classes on Skillshare.

    I’m loving the idea of being so relaxed and confident that I’m finally creating content to reach thousands of people and inspire everyone to invest in their own creative voice to serve themselves and their communities. I’d pitch myself to art reviewers and art publications to write about what I do, thus selling my paintings at higher prices, in turn feeding back into my business so I can further impacting communities.

  249. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is bringing myself to the space (mind, body, soul) where I can produce content that fully represents what I want to communicate to the world. I have real hang-ups around writing. It’s somewhat stress inducing from school deadlines and uninspiring prompts.
    2. My business which has been in floaty dream space for as long as I can remember is to create words and experiences that make the “green lifestyle” dialogue feel more relatable and fun. I want to unpack the very green, somewhat privileged, and stereotyped box that these important problems fall into and talk about issues on both a micro and macro level. How it can truly impact your life and the lives of those you love. This work is dedicated to future generations.
    3. If I could sit down and finally finish my website then create inspiring writing that touched the hearts and minds of people on a regular basis without fear or procrastination it would just be everything. Doors would open. Dreams would turn reality.

  250. 1) I don’t believe I’m “smart” enough to write what I’m feeling in my heart, and share it. I’ve been struggling with self doubt since I was young. It will take me days to write one post or email.
    2) I founded a community initiative called Stoop Meditation – free weekly meditation classes on my stoop in Brooklyn, NY – to unite community in a simple way, and make meditation accessible. Everyone in the world should have access to mindfulness and to community, to friendship. Whether you have a $2M home, or you are homeless, all are welcome on the Stoop. My mission is to spread the message of kindness, towards ourselves, and towards each other.
    3) I want to write Stoop Meditation talks that will help us to fall in love with ourselves AS IS, and each other AS IS. I hope my writing will spread a message of peace and harmony. I have so much in my heart, and care deeply about humanity, and truly wish that everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. People all over the world want to be Stoop Meditation teachers, but I delay growing globally, because I don’t think I’ll be able to share the growth online in the “right” way, or write all of the necessary tools that teachers will need. This workshop has been an answer to my prayers.

    • I absolutely love your mission! I wish I lived in Brooklyn so I could participate (and because I love Brooklyn)! Brilliant idea:)

  251. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    I struggle with creating copy that has a strong voice AND sells. I want to give people goosebumps. I want them to feel like I’m talking to them. I want to write without being nervous or second guessing myself. I want to get results not just for myself but for my clients–I super believe in my clients. But my copy is missing something. It falls flat.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    I’m a brand new freelance content marketer (working full time on the side and so tired). My mission is to use my marketing powers for good. I carefully vet my clients to make sure I’m working with people who want to have a positive impact on this world. That means I’m dedicated to serving socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and companies. This mission is close to my heart and drives me every day. I believe in the work my clients do and want to get them amazing results.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    I believe providing the best service requires being the best version of me. I 100% believe The Copy Cure would help me grow as a content marketer, not only by helping me connect better with my audience but by helping my clients establish a more sincere and powerful connection with their audiences. I know this is powerful stuff, and I’m committed to learning everything I possibly can to serve people better. I want to help good people grow their businesses.

    In my own life, I want to serve more. I want to be able to charge rates that give me more independence so I have time to be a part of my local community. I love to volunteer and give back. I also want more time to help my husband grow his business (he’s a meditation teacher that hates marketing). I know copy is the key to unlocking this potential in my life. I deeply understand that improving my ability to write better copy directly impacts my freedom and lifestyle because it directly impacts my bank account.

    I want to escape 70 hour weeks that don’t put enough money in my pocket. I want my life back. I want to help other people do the same.

    This isn’t just for me.

  252. Colette Ivey

    Thank you so much for this opportunity ? ??????????
    I believe my biggest struggle with writing is making it interesting so that my people will want to read the business/life transforming message I have to share. I think this is the case because I’m such a boring/dorky person. I’m just in a nerd trapped in a beautiful body. ?
    I’m a hairstylist of 20 years who discovered to formula for massive success , and my mission/passion is to teach positive life transformation disguised as business training to other hairstylists so they can have an incredible, abundant life and career. This is a ripple effect that affects their families and their clients and their families lives and so on until we’re all just a little more in love with each other and the world is a better place ???
    I’ve been working on my online course for four years, it’s almost complete and Time to market COPY, how to present my message so it’s juicy is what I need the most help with ??? Did you know the average hairstylist only makes $11.57/ hour?!? With all the specialized training, thousands invested and huge responsibility required with our license. Why not give up on our dreams and work at McDonald’s It’s a tragedy, and it doesn’t have to be that way.
    Even though I obtain massive success early on and can easily teach others to do the same, my family has suffered MANY tragedies the last 8 years. I do not have the extra income to invest in this program.
    If I was excepted into the COPY CURE, I believe I could get my message to my peeps, my struggling stylist, support my four little boys with a highly leveraged business model so I can have more precious time with them and finally afford the things I’ve had to put off. (new van, fix the holes in the house, etc.) I don’t want to tell a sob story, I just really, really, really, want to have access to this incredible program. I’ve had my eye on it since last year thinking if only I could take the copy cure?, how could I take the copy cure?? Then this opportunity came up.? Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to help a sister out ??? The fact that you’re offering this is incredible and says so much about you as a generous heart centered person I hope to be able to do the same with my program ?????


    1. When I write it takes me a long time and when I write “something acceptable” I have the feeling that what I really want to say goes far beyond what I have written, all my soul and spirit are outside of this writing.

    2. My mission is to help women to CREATE the life that they really want (in their health, in their body, in their life mission) through the magical power and use of the WORD, when we are able to define exactly what We want to achieve, new realities appear in our lives and are only the result of that verbalization, but to get to know what we really want, first requires an inner journey of self-knowledge, is something more than just saying a phrase, is to verbalize and Put in your mouth the deepest desires of your soul. I am the one in charge of showing this path, of making manifest the hidden thing, what you are not saying saying it, and what you are saying transforming it by words of power and creators of the reality that you really want.

    3. If my business is to work with the magical power of words and I am not able to transmit it clearly with all the power and transcendence that this use deserves, it´s a contradiction in itself. THE COPY CURE WILL HELP ME TO TRASMIT MY REAL VOICE, MY AUTHENTIC POWER AND SPIRIT THAT THOSE WOMEN DESERVE.

    Cecilia Guízar

  254. I was just thinking about how I can improve my writing– it’s incredible how quickly this opportunity has manifested! Thank you, Marie, for being such an inspiration to me.

    What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    Writing has always been my weak point. I think it all started as a kid, I learned Spanish first and during school, I was forced to learn the language by sitting in class. I think from an early age, I always felt insecure about my writing. Time after time, I had teachers write in red bold letters, “go to the writing center, after school.” As embarrassed as I was, I would attend and my tutors will always say, “wow, you have such incredible ideas but it’s not translating in writing.” Even today, if I am writing an important email, I find myself writing it several times before hitting [send]. I would love the opportunity to better my writing and regain my confidence back. I know I have valuable insights to share with the world but I am having trouble articulating it.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    After my father was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, I created ‘Trust Your Vision’ an online platform on a mission is to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging mindfulness. Trust Your Vision aims to remind people of the human in humanity by sharing stories of mental illness, gender, and personal growth to promote inclusivity. I am giving a voice to an underserved population that often gets overlooked. My mission is to humanize these experiences we have so that others won’t feel alone.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    Not only will I gain the confidence to write for blogs and publications but it will also allow me to be a voice for the voiceless. After my father’s illness, I became the parent of my household and I would be honored to build a business in his honor. It would make a world of difference in my life and for the people, I am serving.

  255. I have had Mummy brain for too long, that I find it hard to be eloquent, mature with a touch of sass! I launched today, I sell sterling silver jewelry that is perfectly packaged and comes with a sleek black plastic card that allows the giver the chance to Admit (name of my company) how they feel.
    Being touched by suicide, I am donating 10% of all profits to the American Foundation for suicide prevention in the hope of saving lives.
    Thank you for your consideration x

  256. I just completed B School and my biggest struggle has been writing compelling copy. B School changed my life and my perspective on my business. I own a shop that specializes in clothing and home goods made by women in developing countries. My passion is helping create opportunity for these women by connecting them with consumers who want to buy beautiful, artisan made products and clothing. More and more people care about who is making their clothing and want to be sure the items they purchase are made ethically and sustainably. My belief is that more and more people want beautiful things that come with a beautiful story. I truly believe this model is the way forward for retail business. B School challenged me to think about my business in a whole new light and to think much, much bigger. It became clear to me that my growth is going to come through on line sales which means that I will be able to reach a much bigger market which translates into sustainable jobs for even more women. I now have a clear understanding of how to drive customers to my site, but it depends on my ability to tell the story. The Copy Cure is going to help my business explode.

  257. Understanding how to communicate with my audience so they are entertained, educated and engaged. I get stuck making my message relevant & interesting. For 2.5 years I’ve written about my life after trauma – as a veteran living with PTSD I kept failing at living life in a healthy & hopeful way. Three years ago my brain accidentally turned back on and life changed. I share the truth of hope, how I manage my PTSD, and build community in order to normalize the conversation about trauma. My focus is to inspire those who’ve lost hope, equip those ready to do the work for change, and encourage the ones fighting to build on their progress.

    Copy Cure will equip me to write in a way people want to KEEP reading. There is an initial interest due to the nature of the topic but keeping their attention is a learning point for me. Trauma is a heavy topic and even those who want help/to do the work can get burnt out. Copy Cure will teach me how to add additional layers to my message so that I can serve Veterans and Civilians who’ve experienced trauma, discover relevant ways to share my message, and learn how to add humor and education to my writing so it’s not just my story. I’ll also discover how to write a sales page where I confidently communicate the value I bring with my journey and strategies managing PTSD, instead of hesitating because I feel as if I’m exploiting my time in service.

    • Trish Russell

      Oh no! 4 words over and I can’t figure out how to update the entry. Fingers crossed and hoping!

  258. Allie J

    1. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why? Candidly, my biggest struggle with writing is I don’t enjoy it. I have to really focus when writing and it makes me feel depleted instead of enriched. When I am concentrating though, I come up with some really creative pieces. I would like to find joy in the writing process because I think if I hone in on my skills, I could be really good.
    2. What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission? I work in Pharmaceuticals in the US. I’d eventually like to start my own business so I can work from anywhere in the world and escape the rat race of a corporate career. My mission would be to remind people not be afraid to do things that make them feel uncomfortable. Life is just a breeze in eternity. I actually visited Australia a few months ago and stayed with a French woman who happened to be the same age as me (29) and she worked from home as a life coach which I thought was really inspiring. P.S. she told me she follows MF and loves the content which is something we bonded over.
    3. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? I think it would be a universal sign that my purpose is greater than I thought and would give me a new lease on life. I’d be so grateful and work really hard to become better each day. I would use it as a stepping stone to creating my own business or brand. I could show those around me that going after dreams does not always have to be scary because sometimes, it might just work out.

  259. Biggest struggle: Writing succinctly in an interesting way
    What I do: Project management with creative hobbies on the side – photography, ethical fashion, cooking
    What I would do if I won: One of my dreams is to write a cookbook about food in Romania – typical Romanian dishes, but also regional food that is eaten there (Hungarian, German, Turkish, etc.)

  260. 1) My biggest struggle with writing isn’t the writing itself. Blog posts, novels, academic papers – no problem. My struggle lies with the ‘selling’ part. I’m apologetic about offering up what I do and asking for engagement or support. With stronger copywriting, this would come so much easier – without sounding salesy.
    2) I blog about folklore, legends and superstitions. Might not sound like much, but it’s those stories and sayings we share, even with complete strangers. It’s what makes us human and what keeps alive a sense of magic in the world. I write for those who believe there’s more to the world than what we ordinarily see. I also write for those who know it’s all nonsense…but they can’t help themselves from learning more. It’s their desire to learn that I’m only to keen to help them with. Whether they want to expand their minds, to give them something to talk about with the co-workers at their new job, or to help them feel less alone in the universe – I’ll share whatever I find.
    3) I got the following tweet from a podcast listener:
    With stronger writing, I’d be able to reach more listeners like her, touch more lives, and spread some joy in this sometimes dark and lonely world. In a tangible sense, this would help me earn a living so I could keep doing this work. But does it have to be tangible for those around me if my words inject comfort into their lives?

  261. My biggest struggle is figuring out how to sell without the dreaded salesy tone. I love writing—I’m a poet and even wrote a play in high school—and have creative skills to paint pictures but sales is not a strong suit of mine. I am dedicated to serving mothers, specifically in pregnancy and immediate post-partum. Women in the west are not supported during this physically trying time and many return to work just ten days after birth. I want to ease their transition through nourishing foods. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to reach out to clinics and midwives I am connected to in order to work with their clients and convince them that my services of exercise routines and simple nourishing meals would benefit their patients in the long run—even the health of their new babies.

  262. Dear Team Forleo,

    1) I would like to work on creating stronger story structure. I have trouble playing around with paragraphs to add suspense and intrigue to my work. I want to write copy that makes readers feel a certain way and sparks their interest in the subject matter. In addition, I’ve noticed that I often struggle to bring all of my ideas back to the main point. I do not want to lose followers because they get lost in what I am trying to communicate. For these reasons, I am applying for The Copy Cure scholarship program.

    2) The importance of creating a level playing field for women politically, socially and economically cannot be overstated. I am interested in applying to The Copy Cure scholarship program because I would like to create a business platform that invests in women on a global scale. The fiscal rise of women will benefit the entire economy, as it has the potential to yield both microeconomic and macroeconomic gains. Today’s leaders have incredible opportunities to create positive change, and I am committed to advocating for their support on these issues.

    3) I am determined to create breaks for female entrepreneurs and will take any opportunity to do this very seriously. I am creating a podcast to feature rising women in business (think Sophia Amoruso’s ‘GIRLBOSS RADIO’ meets the WSJ’s ‘Secrets of Wealthy Women’ meets NPR’s ‘How I built this’). If admitted to The Copy Cure, I will use what I learn to better communicate the stories of each business owner. It will be difficult to get listeners when there is so much wonderful work out there, and I feel that great copy will help in reaching a wider audience.

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply.


    • Kim Klassen

      Gabrielle, your podcast sounds great! I listen to all 3 of those, and love them. Yes do it! I just launched one too and it’s so fun!

  263. Hi Marie! In my copy, I struggle to sound like me, fun and upbeat even tho climate change is a serious issue, but someone you can trust. There’s no one doing exactly what I do, so it’s challenging to write a tagline that people get. I dedicate my work to helping people have fun learning tools to self soothe when life gets hard, because if we fill ourselves up on the inside then we need less from the outside to feel better. This helps raise consciousness and get connected to self, others and our environment, and then we automatically consume less and better. I want to serve the woman that is me 14 yrs ago. She got the education, job, career, house, partner and she’s still unfulfilled, over consuming contrary to her enviro values and wondering if she’s doing enough for the planet. The Copy Cure would help me write my message clearly and realize my vision of women rising up to play a bigger role in society in general and as a solution for climate change. My family wouldn’t worry about me anymore if I could support myself! And my community would benefit because we need all hands and creative minds on deck to tackle the issue of climate change. Empowered and strong women and the feminine essence is a change that’s needed to bring systematic reform to address climate change and other issues.

  264. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is simple: Confidence. I don’t have any. The story I’ve always told myself and believed to be true is that I’m not a good writer and I don’t like doing it. I’ve only recently starting catching myself and stopping myself from putting that out into the universe in an attempt to change the way I write but I also need real tangible tools.

    2. My business is dedicated to serving and educating women who struggle with blood sugar regulation, adopt nutrition and lifestyle changes to find their epic health. My mission is to help them change the way they think about food. To help them drop their bullshit low-fat-calorie-restrictive mindset and adopt a whole new freedom in how they eat and approach food. No food shaming here. I believe in the power of fat and I believe in the power of eating nutrient dense foods in abundance.

    3. The copy cure would help me in a variety of ways: I would create and opt-in offer to help grow my email list. I would write online programs/classes for people to create some passive income. I would create a class to teach in person. I would not be paralyzed by social media posts and not knowing what to write. I would write better nutrition protocols for my clients. I would HAVE clients. But most importantly, it would give me the confidence I need to get me where I want to be instead of stuck in this self-limiting mindset about writing.

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive a scholarship.

  265. 1.) Writing is something that I enjoy, I love explaining complicated scientific concepts and breaking them down into digestible tidbits of information that people can then use to empower themselves. It serves me well in the health & wellness profession however being able to succinctly communicate anything “sales” related is nearly impossible. I cannot seem to effectively communicate my value and often times end up way to wordy or fear coming of “salsey”
    2.) I’m in the integrative healthcare field, a naturopathic doctor, my mission is to provide pre-conception preparation education or women and men. We live in an incredibly toxic world, in addition, women are taking oral contraceptives for 5,10,15 years and experiencing issues regaining their fertility. Naturopathic medicine is not recognized by insurance and it’s a huge detriment to my ability to help patients. There is a void in the conventional health community and couple sunder the age of 35 must struggle with infertility for 12 months before their doctors will begin investigating. I’m taking a proactive approach to pregnancy preparation and fertility before it becomes a struggle.
    3.) There is a need for what I do in the world but I have no idea how to make people see me, hear me. I work tirelessly but so few see what I do, they value it but often not enough to seek me out. I’m helping couples bring life into the world when conventional medicine shuts them out. Infertility is a lonely time, it is also common (1in8, that’s a common as breast cancer) yet few are taking a proactive approach and hardly anyone is talking about it! I’m trying to help couples set themselves up for easy, health pregnancies and conception processes, empowering couples with tools so they no longer have to spend months in the silence of subfertility.

    Please consider me and help me help those struggling in silence! Thank you for all the good you do for this world!

  266. Sara Del Bello

    AHHHHH! So grateful for this generous opportunity!
    1. My biggest struggle with writing lies in the fact that I am so so passionate about the message I wish to communicate – therefore, when I write, it is long, it is detailed, it is packed with emotions and I feel like I hardly get to the point, I cannot seem to boil it down so that it speaks directly to where my ideal client is at right now. This passion, this fire in my belly results in complet, mumbo jumbo writing and while I DO want to keep it shot, to the point and “grab” my people’s attention, I never know how to go about that fearing to sounding incomplete…
    2. My work is dedicated to supporting and guiding professional women in the transitions related to motherhood, from pregnancy to work reintegration. I serve career driven women as they learn to integrate a new identity (mother) into their perfectionist, objective, control filled lives. I help them find a new flow so that they can thrive as professionals, mothers, partners – I believe in the “you CAN have it all philosophy”. My mission is for women to authentically experience their motherhood journey. With a professional background in talent management practices and HR strategy – having myself felt to unprepared, misinformed and alone in my personal transitions back into my career, I have made it my life’s work to support these women so that they can enjoy motherhood earlier and use this new identity as a superpower as they reintegrate their careers.
    3. Stronger writing would allow me to reach the women who need my support the most!! My ideal clients are a tough crowd, they have little attention to give, are very critical and generally don’t ask or feel like they need help….I am tackling a bit of a blindspot….therefore, I simply cannot get to them with my current writing…it needs a major overhaul!!! By reaching my ideal clients, this would indeed make it possible for me to contribute to my families finances and not rely on my husband stretching himself at work so much…our daughters need a healthy happy daddy too!! I wish eventually to spread my message in local morning shows, in organizations even, to raise the awareness around the solitude and challenges of the seemingly “I have everything under control” superwoman/mom facade professional women put on so well…Concretely, by grabbing my ideal’s clients attention, I could make this business one that CAN have success….one that my daughters will see me build successfully….my greatest fear is to let this passion die slowly as I struggle to reach those who need to be reached…
    THANK YOU for reading through to the end…hopefully is was not TOO painful…;)!!
    With loads of gratitude,
    Sara xo

  267. My biggest struggle with writing is being able to make a lasting impact, one that sells myself. I tend to overthink and judge myself too much when writing to the point where it ends up being a flop.

    Currently I am a full time college student, mother, part time employee and have a side hustle. so My focus is to lead by example and build a career I love while being able to provide for my son and I.

    My business/career is being a maker and photographer. Since I am still in college I try to use my skills as a way to make some income to help me pay for tuition.

    After conversing with fellow art students I’ve found that many fear being able to make art a full time career with an undergraduate degree. Our college lacks in giving us the business tools we need to make it in the world and are left to figure it out on our own. Therefore I’d like to use ‘The Copy Cure’ to first find my confidence and help myself succeed and also help students to better succeed in the world and help my towns creative community thrive.

  268. Thank you for this opportunity team Forleo. I’m currently going through B-School and still in the process of implementing some kick-butt changes on my site.

    My biggest struggle is conversions. My email list is less than 100 but growing slowly. I have a good open rate at 45-55% but I’m not getting many sales. I’ve used many of your free tips but obviously, need more help. Plus, I struggle with using a passive voice!

    I worked side by side with my husband for 30 years to make his business dream come true. My dream of making a living using my artistic talents was always on the back burner. Last year, I started working on my dream and in October, I launched two online courses teaching digital scrapbooking using Photoshop Elements. It’s my mission to guide women on their memory keeping journey. I help them to find their inner creative voice while learning the skills to take their projects from concept to stunning completion.

    I’m dedicated to doing everything within my power to make my dream a reality. I’m 63, so the clock is ticking but I know how important it is to make memories with our families and friends and to pass our life stories from generation to generation. The Copy Cure is what I need to help more women turn their moments into memories because memories fade, thoughts are forgotten, and stories can be lost forever. We all have a story that only we can tell!

  269. I love to write. However, most of my writing is memoir or long essay style. I struggle the most with writing pieces that sell my services. People can relate with what I’m sharing in my memoir/long essay pieces but once it feels “salesy,” my followers seems to skip onto the next thing. I want to engage them and sell them on the idea that rest can uplevel their entire lives.

    I am a health and lifestyle coach. My mission is to create a rest revolution. I believe that through rest, we can show up for life with more focus and with more to give. According to Ayurveda, rest is one of the three main pillars of health. I serve those who are willing to commit to their own health first and foremost as a pathway to healing the world around them.

    From my own experience with the practices I teach, I viscerally know the effects that rest and self care can have in ones life. If The Copy Cure landed in my lap, I would be able to express the effects I’ve experienced more coherently and with stronger writing which would help me be a greater contribution to the world. My business would be making enough money that I could finally quit my day job in commercial mortgage banking. I would be able to help my family get out of debt more quickly. My community would be more rested and healthful. The specific, tangible difference that this would have on those around me is greater agency in their own health.

  270. I’m a technical writer by profession, therefore, writing marketing copy doesn’t come easily to me. I just took B-School and halfway done since I was also in the middle of launching my new brand. While doing the exercises, especially the opt-in, and my website content, I realized how much my copy needs to improve! I need to get a steady flow of clients, not the one-off ones that come through WoM marketing. And for that I need to have really strong copy. I’m afraid to run ads because I know my copy won’t cut it, so the money will basically go down the drain. I serve women and want to help women understand that they’re already empowered and just need to step up. Much like I did. And if I don’t serve these women, our future generations will still be stuck with our old traditional mindset, lifestyle and education.
    My life depends on my business now as I plan on quitting my job and finally living my life after being a single mom to my son for 23 years and the only support to my aging parents and disabled bother.
    This scholarship would change the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of women, if I can attract them into my business! I’m grateful for your time, and grateful for B-School! But I’m super ambitious and now I need this too! 🙂 Thank you, Marie Forleo and Team!!

  271. As a stay-at-home mom, finding quiet time can be a challenge (my awesome initial draft somehow got deleted, and my 3-year-old barged in just now). That’s just the surface though. Deep down, my biggest struggle is my worthiness. With so many people out there doing the same thing, why should they come to me? (And I hate sounding sales-y.) Is this work worth time away from my son?

    I’m studying nutrition coaching. I dream of helping people live the life they’ve always wanted by having more energy, feeling physically better as they live more balanced lives. There’s so much unnecessary suffering that could be prevented just by living a healthier life. I believe my experience as a mom diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder adds more meaning and purpose to what I do. I wish many others could journey with me to a life lived well.

    It would get things rolling for me. Having no income for several years, this would be the big break I’ve always needed. So I can have a successful, productive business helping others while being there for my son. So I can finally get out of my dark cave and shine. So we can feel better and pursue our goals without jumping into the next diet fad (and looking great in that dress is just the cherry on top). With less stress and pressure, I can be a better mom, wife, family member, friend, and citizen of the Philippines, making a big difference in people’s lives.

  272. I want to write. I do. When I sit down to do it though, I can’t think of what to write or it sounds cheesy or too flowery or unclear. Then I second guess what I’ve written. I’m guessing I have a bit of imposters syndrome, that my ideas aren’t interesting enough or that I can’t tap into authentic communication.

    My work, my soul work, is to hold space for women to shine their light through nurturing, connection and that “woohoo, look what I did!” empowerment of making with their hands. I host retreats, where we work with our hands and create beautiful things.

    Retreats where they come to find time, finally, to get in the creative flow, to find friends, to learn a skill and have fun…but where they leave with a deeper connection (to themselves, their ancestors, their community and the planet) and also a shiny new sense that they are capable of providing for their own needs, that they can beat their own drum, and they’re capable of living with more meaning.

    If, through better copy, I could reach my ideal customers more effectively, I could hold space and lend strength to so many more women who live with loneliness in their hearts and a feeling that they are missing something fundamental in their lives. If my retreats could help more women to shine their light, then their lights would shine brightly outward and ripple out into the world.

    Thank you for this generous opportunity!

  273. True

    My biggest struggle with writing (business wise) is my inability to connect with my ideal client right away. I began writing about myself when it’s not about me, it’s about them.
    As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I help busy, professional men, entrepreneurs and executives who need to lose 30+ pounds so they could show up, be more present and have more impact in their lives. My mission is to help 1 million men lose 1 million pounds.

    If given access to The Copy Cure, the mindset & skills learned will allow me to capture my potential clients attention (“I feel like he’s talking to me”) and put them on a path to weight loss and a better version of themselves. As a result, I’ll acquire new clients and get closer to achieving financial freedom which would increase the quality of life of me and the kiddos. Specifically, getting to 10k/mos would allow me to walk away from the 40hr work week, build out my Health & Wellness company and impact more lives.

  274. Jo Gethin

    Not sure how to start really I would love a scholarship to hopefully give me the confidence in what I have to say well what I mean is how to write so people hear me. I feel right now that I’m just white noise in my own family so why should anyone else understand what I’m saying.
    I don’t currently have a launched business thou I am close to launching a digital shop and I will also have a plant based blog so I can tell my story on how eating a whole food plant based diet helped and continues to help my mental health. I’m 39 tomorrow and I hope the course would add to my skills that will enable me to be exactly where I want to be in 1 years time. Thank you for the opportunity.

  275. My biggest struggle when it comes to writing is finding my voice but also creating that connection with my ideal customer. I just launched a new site that is tips and resources for work from home entrepreneurs. I love the freedom of having my own online business and I want to share everything I learned so that others will be inspired that they can do it too. My mission is to show those who work from home on their own business that it doesn’t have to be 15 plus hours a day to make it work. My goal is to teach how to be effective and proficient with their days and get more done in less time.

    If The Copy Cure landed in my lap I KNOW that my writing would improve tremendously. I know how important copywriting is and with this program I know I will have everything I need to master this skill. The Copy Cure will allow me to make that connection with my ideal customers and let them know I understand them and I’m here to help them. This is the missing piece to my business and I know this will make a significant difference across all areas of my business.

  276. Cheryl Savage

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

    I know writing is in my blood, after many years of writing poetry, to express myself, when I was younger.
    I believe my confidence needs a gigantic boost, though. I am always worried about what others think when I attempt to show the world my work.
    I am now in network marketing on social media. I love what I do but I’m finding worrying about others opinions are inhibiting me, once again.
    With learning how to get the right words out of my heart and onto paper, I can follow my passion which is sharing with over 50 women that a social media marketing business can bring independence and success to their worlds.
    Thanks again for giving me this chance.
    Cheryl S.

  277. Anna-Mari

    1) English is not my mother tongue and I WOULD LOVE to become a PRO in writing in English. I want to feel the tone and know how choose the best words to describe what ever I’m currently trying to say to the world.
    2) I’m currently creating a kick-ass sustainable sportswear brand. The garment industry is the world’s second polluter after the oil industry and 75 billion people work in the clothing industry under unhealthy, unethical and even dangerous conditions. My mission is to change the whole industry to be more ethical and ecological.
    3) I got interested in The Copy Cure during the B-school, which I just finished. I LOVED the B-school, and after getting an e-mail about this scholarship I knew I must ACT immediately. As I try to be part of changing the whole garment industry, me becoming a stronger writer does not just help my business to grow BUT hopefully, I get better with communicating about the change and actions we need to make in a positive and fun way, and hopefully make a tangible difference in the whole world regarding being more sustainable.

  278. I’ve done two things in my life exceptionally well, even if I do say so myself: raised my children and cultivated a loving, long term relationship. With the support of my husband I studied to become a hypnotherapist and am a self taught photographer. But the nagging doubt of not being good enough meant I never fully developed my talents.

    However, I’m a determined soul and now design t-shirts for my brand: Dark Romantix. But my biggest struggle with writing is finding topics that are wider than just t-shirts because although that’s what I sell, my mission is to encourage women, especially creative mums who have perhaps given up/put their careers on hold to raise their families, to go for it, and understand it is never to late to express yourself and reach for your dreams.

    Admission to The Copy Cure would scare me (in a good way) for a number of reasons…the tangible benefits would be…

    1. The opportunity to use writing and storytelling to grow my business, gain confidence in my message and reach more people
    2. Sell more product…make more money…
    3. Grow the creative community of women who need support and a push to get started
    4. Treat my husband, who has always been there for me!
    5. Help my children move out…that would be awesome!

    I’d love to get a scholarship, look forward to hearing from you.

  279. 1.) What’s my BIGGEST struggle? Self-belief, nothing new there. I keep telling myself those crappy stories about how:

    – “I’m not good enough”
    – “not interesting enough”
    – “I’m dyslexic, they’ll laugh at those spelling mistakes”

    …and I know there are heaps of us out there in the same boat. I’ve managed to change some of those stories in other parts of my life but I haven’t nailed it regarding writing just yet. But….

    2.) This is 2 fold – I’m self-employed, a self-professed & proud nerd who helps local businesses to be found online so they can grow their businesses to serve their clients & free up time to get out and live life. It’s mostly SEO, oh those acronyms (yep I totally had to search for the correct spelling of acronym!) and other odd jobs as I still haven’t nailed selling what I do. It makes me uncomfortable (there is work to do there yet).

    And I’m involved in an amazing community-driven project here in Ireland to make remote work more accessible to rural communities. We’re passionate about enabling vibrant sustainable communities outside of urban areas (check out “Grow Remote” if you’re interested, we actually have a US chapter). We’re currently working on securing 5 remote jobs for a community we hosted an event in last month.

    3.) Stronger writing would mean self-belief first of all. That could then translate into financial security freeing me up to be more present for friends & family and to commit more to things like Grow Remote and enjoying downtime. I could reach more of the right clients so do better work, with more joy & then turn around and pour more effective energy into my volunteer work. And I can show others what’s possible.

    Thanks for the chance! Just writing this has inspired me. xoxo

  280. Millie

    My biggest struggle with writing is starting. I seem to go blank when I need to write. I have always struggled with writing because I question whether it’s good. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t going to even post this! My writer’s block has seriously affected my ability to write and it feels terrible. This is the reason why I felt compelled to join B-school, I feel tired of limiting myself. I know that my purpose is bigger than me I am. My deep desire to help people by sharing my story and creating an impact through my work would be a dream come true for me.
    My career and work is to inspire women in technology and project management. To help minority women in my community by being an influencer. To help them have a voice. I am extremely passionate about helping others to improve any areas in their lives and that is the reason why I chose to start my life coaching business. I want to create group coaching courses, form a mastermind group, and speak at live events. I believe that The Copy Cure can help me boost my confidence in writing. I can receive the support and guidance as I work to write content for my website, blogs, newsletters, and social media content marketing sites etc. I want to write from the heart and not my head so that I can touch people’s lives by creating content that moves them. Thank you for this opportunity and being considered Marie.

  281. Bridget Agostinelli

    Erin! I love Bad Yogi! Keep up the great work!

  282. Mal

    Hi Marie! Thank you so much for this opportunity! This is something I would love to be able to do for my clients too.
    I love writing, I did poetry and back in a day I was writing hip hop lyricks like crazy.
    Now I am stuch in my own head overthinking and even when I feel I did a good jon I opened uo I was giving my whole heart it just did not work the way I imagined.
    It seems I follow all tge rules and add my soul and I learn and learn and I feel like I am still not fully getting the way the copy will speak to my audience. Touch them right on their heart so they can feel how much I care because my work is my lives mission.
    I work with female coaches and I help them stand out online, help them start their coaching business build their offer and get out there on video to shine their light.
    I help others get results but I am struggling right now to get some for myself and after 3 years ago I managed to get out of abusive marriage that left me in debt, I quit my career and learned so much about me and what I can achieve of I change my thinking my approach and see myself and my talents.
    I want other woman to see that too and step into their power again.
    In corporate I saw bad culture, man treating woman badly and I could not stand that.
    If I would be accepted to the b school I know I cam feel it in my bones I would learn the skills and bow to finnally truly get my word out there with the energy and heart I want to.
    I would be able to do so much more for my community, help my parents and siblings in Poland pay of their debts, pay off mine and build inspiring business tjat changes lives , where I can do and afford free offers, take people out, donate and always wanted to do something for orphan children and unwanted anumimals. Now that I may become a step mum to this little 3 year old girl with some challenges I need to be sure I can support my family, providing life they deserve and I do too. Imagine me Polish girl that came to the UK and managed to maoe her dreams come true but also help so maby to do the same to remove sadness from the world and bring more joy.

    Thank yiu again I could write and write.

  283. 1. Hi Marie & Team, thank you for this opportunity as I’ve often dreamed of taking this course. I also believe that the right words can create positive change! My biggest struggle with writing is brevity. I have SO much in my head, that putting it on paper seems daunting. It’s difficult for me to make a BIG impact with a small amount of words. I am looking to change that.

    2. I handle growth & advocacy (all social activity/writing original content) for a young tech company that is trying to change the way people experience Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and hopefully one day be the tool that makes sure they never get it in the first place!

    3. Stronger writing would help:
    – Amplify our message to those that need it
    – Close the gap of understanding between GI’s and patients
    – Help us gain interest from investors (better proposals, etc.)
    – Clarify our goals so that the right people can hear us and see us at the right time (we need real champions!)
    – Finally, can we talk personal growth? Most of my adolescent life I looked at words as a source of comfort, writing poetry and short stories. NOW, they sometimes feel like the enemy. I am doing OK, but with the right tools, my words can be a real fuel for progress, for me and everyone around me. I also strongly believe in advocating for yourself, and with the right words, you can do anything!

  284. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I would be extremely grateful if I was selected!
    1. My biggest struggle is that I am extremely shy – even in writing copy. The words don’t flow as I tend to have doubts whether it’s good enough, whether it sounds silly, whether i’m getting my point across. This guidance would be a life changer for me. I have just started out as a Virtual Assistant, and this guidance would help me to FLY forward in my new venture!
    2. I have learnt that there must always be a “WHY” in order to succeed. My why has always been my family. We are extremely close and do anything and everything for each other. My why is to be able to travel across Canada to see my husband’s family more than once a year. To be able to help my mom financially so that she does not have to worry about her bills. My why is to be able to help family and close friends succeed in their endeavors. In taking this class, it would help me to gain the confidence of helping other small businesses get onto the web, through websites and social media. I have all of the computer skills and certificates needed to succeed, and just now need the VOICE. My mission is to succeed. To move forward. To be able to provide. In order to do so, I need to learn to unblock my writing skills. Be fearless in what i put out into the world. To feel free to express myself.
    3. If I succeeded to have the opportunity of taking this class, I would make it my goal to become the best VA in town! This would open up venues for me, that I wouldn’t of thought possible. This would make a difference in my life, would give me confidence, would help me to solidify that my voice matters.
    Good luck to everyone!

  285. My biggest struggle with writing is conveying my message in a professional way that’s also in my voice (approachable and easygoing). I have the ideas to share but it takes me FOREVER to get a point across. I feel like there’s a million drafts and I take weeks or months to get the verbiage right in blog post, pricing guide or IG caption.

    I’m a photographer working with small business owners. I love helping them shine, represent their brand and connect with their customer. I’m their cheerleader and I like to make my blog a resource for them, not just a place to hold pretty pics. So my blog is really important to me and I want to improve it! I’ve outsourced copywriting for the blog before (last year) but I prefer to do it myself.

    Most of my small business clients are in my community so I feel like The Copy Cure would be a great domino affect – I could deliver my message better, connect with my clients (small businesses) which let’s them show off their work via my images and build their dreams! I’m so proud of our mountain town full of artists, dreamers and makers – I hope to be here a long time working within the community that really thrives with these small businesses.

  286. My biggest struggle with writing is that I tend to sound really academic instead of sounding like myself. (Being funny, compassionate & badass, all rolled into someone who’s driven by love & service to helping others’ achieve their goals. I’ve been building my Life Coaching business for 9 years; limping along with some small wins & a whole lotta big mistakes. Rarely sounding like it comes from my heart.

    My heart’s desire, & mission are to help people create lives that allow them to feel UNSTOPPABLE (Hence my business name, An Unstoppable Life). I know I’m an amazing coach who offers far more than yer average bear… and I am not able to get that out to people in my writing. My mission is really to change the world & make it joyous!

    If admission “landed in my lap”, I would feel truly supported, knowing I have the expertise and wealth of teaching that you, Marie & your amazing team offer! These days more than in the past, words are power. Words get messages out- or derail them. I feel so deeply compelled & motivated to make my offerings known to the world- to be able to reach the people who would deeply benefit from my coaching and heal themselves, live happier, truly joy-filled lives. THAT’S what I would be able to achieve. I know it’s ambitious but people are struggling everyday because they don’t know how to be their own coach, & I want to help them understand the tools, and ways that they can step into their own power and joy for the rest of their lives!

  287. 1. My biggest struggle is to find myself reflected in my words. It is as if I have a lame filter that lets my words appear boring and flat and my message powerless. In the last years, I’ve been in a process of finding my true essence out and I want to be able to communicate it and really recognize myself in my copy, which is not the case yet.

    2. I’m a photographer and my mission is to reflect authenticity through my work. Especially when it comes to portraits and personal branding for entrepreneurs. I want to help my clients to show their essence in the portraits I take for them, so they can attract clients that really resonate with who they are.

    3. Stronger writing would help me connect with my clients, be more successful in my business and therefore I would be able to create the life that I want for me and the ones I love and give back to society in a much more effective way.
    I believe in the power of words, not only in the traditional way but also as a way of helping to reshape and reframe our reality and our world to make it a better place. I want to make a difference in this world being who I truly am and expressing it from my heart.

  288. Although I consider myself a good writer, I lack a Method or a Framework. I can stay hours looking at the blank screen. So I write something that is not my own voice, or that not touch the hearts…
    In my field, nonprofit, maybe more than any other, you must touch the soul in order to inspire a movement, to make changes in the world. I want to reach that Martin Luther King level of “I have a dream” and need help with this.
    My mission is to inspire nonprofit leaders to improve their social actuation, stay strong in the battle, aim for more impact in the word, be better storytellers, raise more money, be more effective and lift their self-esteem.
    On the other hand, I consider also my mission, to inspire common people and companies to donate more, improving the donation culture in Brazil, and Latin America.
    I see a movement of changemakers that is rapidly growing in the world. But I think this movement is slower just in places where it would be faster. Brazil, Latin America, India… As I have a big community in Portuguese and Spanish, and will begin the community in English, I think writing in a more inspiring way will help me, and all these people I already have an impact on, to accelerate the changes we want to see in the world.
    p.s. I´ll do the Copy Cure Course in a way or another, now or soon, when I have the financial condition

  289. Thank you for the opportunity to apply got a scholarship.

    1. My biggest struggle with writing is that I have a belief that I am not a “good” writer and that I cannot create compelling content. I am aware of the inner dialogue and try my best to work through it, but when I sit down to write, I am stuck.
    2. I am a life coach for women who are going through a quarter life (or 1/3 life) crisis. My work is dedicated to helping women with the same battles I wrestled with for most of my life. I want to be a writer one day and be able to put my story, and the story of others, on paper.
    3. Stronger writing would not only help me have stronger content on my website, but more importantly, I would feel confident in who I am as a writer and be able to express myself and my work in a way I never could.

  290. My biggest struggle with writing is moving from conventional – to catapult. As a career-long teacher, I have been in school for 39 years (student + teacher). I write “well.” But I want my writing to propel people forward and expand their minds and spirits. Because MY ICAs have the power to change the world. My ICAs are teachers. When I inspire them, they inspire their students – and when young people are positively inspired, we are ALL headed in the right direction.

    I just quit my teaching job – not a lucrative career in the first place – to continue my work with music teachers because I know I can make a difference. My mission is to transform students and communities by empowering teachers to rethink and revitalize their practice – to inspire students to be the leaders we need in our global future.

    With the help of the Copy Cure, I could increase my own ability to inspire educators and learners on many levels. My blogposts, website copy, and online trainings (all in the works) will amplify teachers’ and educational leaders’ senses of possibility in their classrooms, school and the broader scope of education. The model lessons I could write with the help of the Copy Cure would be filled with honesty, fortitude, and animating force; those model lessons will end up directly in the hands of students, asking them to call forth their best selves and reckon with how they can help us change the future and the world.


    (And thank you for the chance to share my story. You all are amazing, and I’m grateful to be a part of this community! You are MY teachers. <3)

  291. Vanessa

    First of all many many thanks for giving me the opportunity to get a scholarship, never had anything like that in my life.
    I do believe in the possibility for people to express their true potential and this is the reason why I decided to resigned back in 2014 from a company who gave me a 5 figures yearly income to jump into something new and to be build from scratch.
    When I started I had no contacts (at least the ones I wanted to worked with: I had been working in International company abroad). Despite all the struggles I do love what I am doing and I won’t give up.
    I am a Business Coach and Trainer focused on helping business owner to maximize their results and the performance of their team, the major part of a company’s success.
    In a SME world one of the great obstacle to the success is changing the status quo, the way they work with employees, the way thy communicate with customers, etc…and to succeed you need to change.
    My biggest struggle is finding the right words to talk to my audience and get them involved in order to trigger the change, that change that will make the difference in their business, the business they started with all the risks and struggles involved.
    I want to succeed in my business because I want to help people, especially the ones who cannot afford it and I know that in order to help others with no-profit foundations I need to make money that sustain them.
    Not sure this will be enough to get the scholarship but I am happy with the fact I put my face in public.
    Thanks again for this opportunity.

  292. 1. BRETT LAUREN is a contemporary fashion jewelry company that employs women and youth from local homeless and transitional shelters to hand-assemble our gemstone pieces. My struggle is – are we a “cause” based business (don’t get me talking about our team, I’ll never shut up!), or a “for profit” jewelry company that believes in “giving/working forward” and “giving back”. How to not go to heavily in each area and find the balance??? Here is why we love what we do and by purchasing from us, you can be a hero and help another woman with a job.
    There’s so much out there today about women’s empowerment, so setting ourselves apart, not overusing and adding to some of the noise out there, stating a clear mission and selling beautiful, fun, and very competitively priced jewelry. Ugh, did that make sense??? See why I struggle???
    2. Our platform/mission is to provide opportunity and hope to that segment of our community that wants to work, wants to contribute and reintegrate into society but doesn’t have the opportunity through conventional circumstances. ie. homeless, mentally ill, disabled, survivors of trafficking and domestic violence. People say “not in my backyard”, I want “them” at the table next to me…
    Internal company motto – ‘WE LOVE EMPLOYEE TURNOVER!”
    3. Ha! How would this help??? I can only imagine the scrambled message I’m sending, or not, to our customers…
    The ability to have a clear and consistent message, incorporating both sides of our biz, and that allows me to set the foundation and build from there? Priceless!
    The easier I can get our point/story/mission/goals across – through our website, blogs, and newsletters, the more time I will have to focus on sales, relationships and providing more opportunities for our amaze-balls team of cool, smart, funny, hard-working, lovely, generous, brave, sassy surviving and thriving team!

    If nothing else, thank you for the opportunity to share our story with you in the smallest possible way 😉
    Warmly and with gratitude,

  293. Sayeed ahamed

    I belive that it’t essay to faind a schoolership.Althou i need a schoolership for my stuady.

  294. Alexandra Ender

    #1 – Making a difference to those who read is what I experience as really difficult. I want to inspire but find it so difficult to stand out as there is such a huge overload of information and I don’t want to provide another boring content piece that people just don’t care about.
    #2 -My career is 2-sided – a classical corporate marketing job & yoga teacher. My dream is bringing (more) mindfulness into the business world, we so desperately need a more peaceful collaboration mode in this world. Meditation and breathing practise in all its variations would be such a big game changer! I would love to reach decision makers in companies, those who can lead this kind of change by starting their own mindful journey and/or by bringing this into their company.
    #3 – I believe that great content is what is needed to inspire and reach those decision makers: Strong writing would help me to catch their attention and inspire them to try out mindfulness.
    Having experienced the change of before/after meditation/yoga I can tell this would help others to feel more grounded, and get out of the fight-or-flight-modus which leads to defensive, aggressive reactions. Avoiding those reactions is the real tangible outcome that a strong writing would support in my case.

    It’s a great opportunity to be able to apply for this scholarship and I really keep fingers crossed (for me or and those who really crave for it ?).

  295. Joh Warren

    On my 70th birthday, I took a look at my life and realized that, with continued good health, I could live another 20 productive years on planet earth. What do I do with this time? I decided to go back to school and become a Life Coach. After all, “I’m old and I know a few things”. Well, I did that. I’ve been coaching (for free mostly) for a year and really don’t know how to reach more people in need of experienced guidance. I tried writing emails and newsletters, even took a look at blogging on line and quickly realized that I don’t know how to write in a way that will grab the readers attention and get a response. I’m Boring!
    My target audience is anyone who really wants to grow personally, improve their relationships or perhaps start a business venture. I’m particularly interested in helping those seniors who have retired and don’t know what to do with the rest of their lives. People forget that not all “seniors” are content to read romance novels, eat cupcakes and play golf. We may be older but we still have a lot to contribute.
    Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy. That was my first experience with a critical illness and I learned a lot about Patience and Faith. I’m recovered, feeling great, so my mission of helping as many people as I can for as long as I can is even more important. I have a wealth of experience but not a lot of wealth. If I got this scholarship I could reach more people and help them live their best life. Isn’t that what we’re here for – to love and help one-another?
    Thanks for this opportunity, you truly practice what you preach.

  296. What is my biggest struggle with writing…fear. I fear that I talk/write in circles sometimes. I fear vulnerability and lastly I fear saying too much. I am a mom first and foremost, I am also a paralegal, a photographer, a lifelong astrology student, and most recently I became an advocate for a rare disease that I was born with called Hereditary Angioedema. I have real knowledge of all of my passions mentioned above. However, I am unsure how to write and incorporate all of my passions. I have been told that my problem is I have too many passions. I do not for one second believe that. The more I write this down, the more it appears that maybe it’s not fear, but that direction is my biggest struggle. Learning how to manage all of my passions and expertise and mostly focus, in order to serve in the best manner I was put on earth to do is my hurdle. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in my lap, providing me stronger writing skills to share my story and possibly the stories of other people, either through pictures and/or words, because everyone has a story, and I believe those stories should be told, I would do just that. …and if granted admission to The Copy Cure, my dream is to be financially independent in order to not be dependent on being chained to corporate America, to have necessary medical coverage. Thank you for this chance to apply for a grant for admission, and how neat of you to offer!

  297. 1. Ever feel like you’re wasting your God given talent? This is my struggle. I feel things deeply and have a way of spilling my soul onto the page. My struggle is allowing that vulnerability out into world from beyond my journal pages. I know if invite them in to read my ramblings, other hearts can open and heal. I am a catalyst in hiding.
    2. I spend my days as a marketing strategist, improving brand messaging and the total customer experience for online health, wellness, and mindset coaches. My mission as a “brand experience” coach is to attract the most aligned audience to my clients while ensuring they are treated to a good carpet online experience with the brand. Ultimately, I make sure my clients’ customers are treated the way I like to be treated online. And yes, The Golden Rule is one of my core values.
    3. As a grad of The Copy Cure, I anticipate three specific outcomes. I would attract clients of greater influence so I could reduce my hours for larger retainers. That would allow me the time and space to unleash my messages and add my voice and brand to the healing collective. This allows me financial freedom to take better care of myself by hiring a few people to help me manage my business and time freedom to spend with a family and friends I love enjoying life again beyond the desktop.

  298. Emily

    I struggle with writing to sell – communicating the need for my product and the value it would provide in a way that feels authentic and not salesy.

    I’m a speech therapist creating courses that will teach parents how to support their child’s speech and language development at home, using the same strategies and techniques we use in therapy. Parent involvement and daily practice at home is one of the biggest factors in a child’s progress and success in therapy, but too many families don’t have the knowledge or resources to provide that support. My plan is to market the products towards higher income families, and for every course sold give one to a low income family with a special needs child (an idea I got listening to an episode of Marie TV – so thank you!).

    The Copy Cure would help me effectively communicate my message so I can reach the largest number of people possible. I want all families to have the resources they need to support their children and give them their greatest chance of success.

  299. Hi!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for complimentary access to The Copy Cure digital program.

    Here it goes …

    1) What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?
    I tend to write in formal (sometimes too formal) paragraphs in an effort to sound professional. And when I want to include feelings and other perspectives I either waffle on or go blank! So I keep tweaking and tweaking and that takes ages.
    My real stumbling block is writing to sell or market something. I fear sounding desperate. It could also be my perception that if an idea is great or ‘lofty’ why would it need selling in the first place?! I know from experience that isn’t true. So, I need help to transform my writing to present my lofty ideas to it’s lofty audiences.

    2) What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?
    I want my writing to tell a story. A story of a people from a little known small country in east Africa, Eritrea. I feel in my bones that our stories are worth telling because they are a worthy part of world theirstory,
    By exploring those stories I want to highlight some of the aches and pains that generations of us have experienced. No, I don’t enjoy torturing myself or others. That highlight would help me to put together courses and programmes that could bring about healing and forgiveness. I would also highlight achievements and successes. I believe we need that to bring about a shift in own definition of humbleness.

    3) If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?
    Just the thought of getting admission gives me tingles!
    1. I would be speaking directly TO my audience – at present I feel I am speaking AT them which is not producing results.
    2. I would improve the buy-in from my own community so they would share their stories with me and I would share theirs with the world.
    3. When it comes to creating courses and programmes, they would be tailored to the needs of my audience and thus have the impact of developing personalities and empowering individuals and thus communities.

  300. My biggest struggle with writing is sharing my own story. It’s fear-based and I always question myself: What makes me different? Why would people want to hear this? How could it help them? Am I getting too personal? Do I want to keep my life and story private?
    My passion is to coach other woman overcome emotional eating and develop habits that will help them finally lose the weight by developing a lifestyle they love.

    If I landed The Copy Cure scholarship, it would help me build the courage I need to get my story out there. I could share how I overcame my own struggles and pain and help other woman do the same. I could make my life more purposeful.

  301. I’m a failed perfectionist. For a couple of years, my blog writeforsanitysake” was the escape I had from the many voices in my head, it helped me put perspectives to the many circumstances happening in my life at the time. However, as I continued to write, I started second guessing myself to a point where I felt that I wasn’t getting better in my writing and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t improve, so I stopped.
    Just like Marie and many others out there, I’m multi-passionate. I ‘m a song writer, I love photography, I started a business that’s less than a year old. I also work a 9-5 and I help to run a very active dance club which has a gospel ministry at its core. Oh, did I mention I’m doing an online masters? Despite my busy schedule, I am more and more aware of the fact that I need to improve my copy; all that I do and work for requires it.
    I want to write because I enjoy it. I’d love my creativity to translate into better sales pitches for my next project coming up soon. And I wouldn’t have to keep cringing at and procrastinating on writing my school assignments because of my new found confidence.
    I may not get the slot to be admitted into Copy Cure but I’m grateful for the chance to try, because it’s made me feel that you believe in me. And that’s worth writing (again) for!

  302. Three years ago I was stuck in a soul destroying corporate career. I gave 15 years of my life to an industry I couldn’t relate to, to shareholders who didn’t know my name, to bosses who managed me as an expense and to colleagues who, just like me, forgot that they also, once had a dream. I worked long stressful hours in a small cubical for a large pay check that could afford luxuries to make me forget about my dying spirit and lost dreams. I was overworked, overstressed, struggling with my health and truly lost. I was slowly killing myself but somehow, I just couldn’t get myself to break free. Little did I know that, soon, I wouldn’t have a choice. On my 39th birthday, more than 15 years after I first walked into the opulent offices of my first corporate job, I was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease. So I started reading. Every free minute I had , I read up on the body and mind’s incredible ability to heal itself naturally. On the importance of having a holistic approach to health. On the dietary and lifestyle changes I had to make to optimise not only my health but my happiness. The next crucial step was to implement what I’ve learned. I’m now happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

    I quit my corporate job, discovered my passion to help people transform their lives, graduated as a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I’m now pursuing this on a full time basis.

    My biggest struggle is to write copy that results in engagement. I struggle to connect with people on a deep and meaningful level through writing. I’m on a mission to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world. But I can only achieve this if people buy into my story and my mission. It is a tall order, and I can use all the help I can get.

  303. I am an award winning documentary filmmaker, environmental educator and creative director. I run a zero profit climate education project called Solutionaries. Solutionaries mission is to build a web based platform for young people around the world to discover and share climate change solutions. I have several websites I maintain for these efforts and need to hone and craft the message and story. I hope you can help me to spread the W O R D about the positive solutions that we all can take on at this critical time. Mama Earth is awaiting for us all to take that big leap. Find out more about Solutionaries – and my facebook page where I post thousands of awe inspiring and powerful solutions from communities, cities and country around the world.

  304. My biggest struggle is making my content match who I am in person. I overthink it and then avoid it, so my professional blog is skinny. When I read and watch Marie’s emails, posts, and videos, I’m getting an authentic representation. I want my clients to feel the same.

    I’m a life coach emphasizing creativity as a way to progress in both your professional and personal lives, and my content has to display my own creativity, which puts a lot of pressure on being perfect. Ironic, since I don’t want my clients to feel that anxiety in themselves.

    While I work with all ages, teens and young adults are the ones I want to reach with this content. They sometimes have barriers (parents, money) that make it nearly impossible to hire me, so I want to serve them with free content that is accessible and simple. Printables like sample outlines and resumes. Videos on how to prepare for job interviews. Creative practices to help with anxiety. Tangible, easy to follow content. They’re our future. They need tools.

    Something else ironic? I have the word “write” tattooed on my right wrist. I’m a writer! Why is this hard for me?

  305. When I read the instructions to WRITE to pursued you to grant me a scholarship I literally started to sweat. I need this course because, while in person I could sell you anything, I have zero clue how to write and be just as persuasive.

    I launched my women’s clothing business to ‘bring color back to your closet’. Studies show that color=joy, and couldn’t we all use just a little bit more joy? All black or all neutral is a trap that women fall into when they don’t want to be seen. I wanted to create a beautiful, colorful, pattern filled wardrobe that helps women feel confident enough to step away from their black and white existence and be ready to be ‘seen’ again.

    Thank you so much for the consideration!

  306. What’s your biggest struggle with writing and why?

    My biggest writing struggle is that I have difficulties writing from the heart. I know in my mind what I want to say, but it ends up coming out a little cold and lifeless. I fear that I am being too concise with my copy and not allowing myself to open up in fear of seeming unprofessional.

    What’s your business, career, or work dedicated to? Who do you serve and/or what’s your mission?

    My work is dedicated to creating production style jewelry that makes the wearer feel beautiful and makes a positive impact on the environment. I am committed to creating a sustainable jewelry practice and using only responsibly sourced materials and gemstones.

    If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you?

    I would be able to truly reach my ICA and connect with them on a more personal level than I ever was able to before. In turn my business would be able to convert more lookers into buyers and long-term customers. I would be able to support myself on my own and not need to live with family. The Copy Cure would allow me to prove to others and myself that I am truly capable of running my jewelry business and I could change the lives of my family and my clients.

  307. Hello. Love that creating copy is tied to our phenomenal opportunity. Ironically similar to how a vaccination is intended to train our body to react appropriately to invaders. Thank you for the shot!

    (1) I sincerely desire to have words flow from my fingers as fast as they are spinning around in my head. However, that darn head of mine keeps them in just-in-case there is more I should know, research or experience. My “credentials” are solid, but the desire to ensure I say the right things the right way can be paralyzing. The Copy Cure sounds like the perfect opportunity to build confidence and leverage a proven system to get my brain to relax and let go. (reference: website is built, I can’t manage to finish a blog post)

    (2) I’m in the process of transitioning my work from corporate consulting to health coaching. My schedule was to start the work transition last November/December so I would launch my new business quickly in the new year. Unfortunately, we were hit by the Southern California wildfires, which wiped-out our home and nearly everything we owned. The trauma of the loss and the nearly seven weeks before our kids restarted school zapped my runway.

    My intention is to develop my voice as a powerful influence for those that need wellness guidance. I suffered from infertility. My body is programmed for psoriasis. Menopause hit me like a load of bricks right after I finished nursing my little one. Stress-induced illnesses have littered my health history. And yup…I recently survived major trauma and realized what I needed to do to heal. Instead of turning to prescriptions and medical intervention, I have been able to tackle every one of these wellness challenges via food, herbs, exercise, emotional connection and a dash of creative outlets. To support my first-hand knowledge and experience, I got a certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach so I would have the “papers” to do the work.

    (3) Today, I’m still poised to launch my passion. Yet, my damn brain keeps holding me back. Even to the point of second guessing my target and niche. (All of the junk in my own health background pulls me into different specific directions.) Feeling the need to make sure I’ve crossed every ‘T’ has me stuck. The pressure knowing we need me to make money SOON punches me in the stomach.

    Thankfully, the “Choose” book was launched at the perfect time and my corporate-trained brain is allowing that system and set of rules to take charge. My crazy head works better with a formula to follow; with a set of rules to execute. Coupled with my nearly completed target/niche re-work, The Copy Cure would give me the structure I crave to go do the darn thing. To sit down at my computer and let all of my years of experience, personal trial-and-error, passion and education finally help others.

  308. Sonia Wheelock

    I fled my country, Nicaragua, less than one year ago, because of political instability. My family and I are now rebuilding our lives in Florida.
    I have a background working with environmental and social organizations, doing evidence based advocacy and research. Therefore my writing style is very formal and technical-report oriented.
    I am starting a business (totally unexplored terrrain for me), a concept store offering high quality handcrafted sustainable sourced goods from Nicaragua and other parts of the world (think tropical hardwood furniture and handmade hammocks). The idea is to provide durable and atemporal items as an alternative to mass production (and disposable) products; and at the same support the livelihoods of the artesans in my home country.
    I also want to start an online platform to promote local environmental conscious/ sustainable businesses and products in my residency town I really believe Copycure would help me to get my writing to a level where I could be comfortable spreading and selling my message and products. My roots connection, my family, and myself will benefit greatly with the skills I could gain with the Copycure.

  309. My biggest struggle with writing is taking time to let my copy breathe. It’s also tough to give myself ample time to allow for drafts. I write and re-read too quickly amputating what could be a good story, message or headline.
    Today, I am a contractor responsible for outbound marketing for IDEA Health & Fitness Association. The goal is to grow membership and advertising clients aligned with the company’s mission to “Inspire the World to Fitness” by supporting fitness professionals with program, education and business tools. I’d like to move into a full-time role as Brand Director. They need one and an overall brand refresh. However, I feel my skills are rusty. I was laid off from my full-time job a year ago when I returned from maternity leave which, for no good reason makes me feel “less than.”
    My side hustle is a blog for women facing unplanned pregnancy over 40. As a new mom at 45 (really), it’s way more common than you’d think. No brand is talking to us.
    This scholarship would help be succeed at my contract role, move into a full-time position and then have the financial flexibility to spend time on my side business. Today, I’m trying to do it all without childcare and it’s too hard. I’d love to take the course and don’t have the financial resources to do it

  310. 1. My biggest struggle with writing is finding the balance between speaking from the heart and saying what I think people want to hear. I also struggle with creating attractive subjects/titles/headlines.

    2. My work is dedicated to people who acknowledge themselves as spiritual beings, helping them to re-connect to their divine nature by healing traumatic patterns from this and past lives. This work helps people to align with freedom, well being, living their purpose with confidence, enjoying a more loving relationship with themselves and others, and activating/cultivating their spiritual gifts.

    3. Stronger writing will help me feel fulfillment, confidence, and freedom by inspiring and reaching more people aligned with the purpose of this work.
    It would help create more freedom for myself and my fa