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You’ve got a million and one projects competing for your time, energy and attention. You get excited about each new idea, but know you can’t pursue them all without burning out. Your mind keeps racing, trying to figure out which is the best thing to focus on first.

Sound familiar?

If you’re feeling scattered, overwhelmed and confused about where to spend your limited time and energy, know one thing: this is such a common experience, especially for multipassionate creatives and entrepreneurs.

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In the latest MarieTV Live Call-In Show, Eli & Joseph are trying to figure out what project to focus on, Esther wants clarity on her niche and Roxanne is afraid to open up about her past in case it detracts from the expertise she has to offer.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to find your niche when you’re interested in aaaall the things.
  • The 3 steps to getting hyper-focused on what matters most so you can maximize results.
  • Why the first few years of business are like throwing spaghetti at the wall.
  • How to be real about your struggles while maintaining credibility.
  • … plus, so much more.

Check out this episode on The Marie Forleo Podcast

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, let me know which question and answer resonated most with you, and why. Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Tens of thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

As these conversations confirm, there’s no such thing as a perfect, struggle-free life. No one has it all together. We’re all works in progress. What we need most are folks who are real and honest.

Whether you’re looking to niche-down, or level-up, it’s the simple act of sharing the real you that’s the most generous and courageous act of service you can offer. ?

With endless love,


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  1. Ellen Frances

    Hey hey Marie! Thanks for today’s episode on Finding your niche & sticking to it. So the things that stuck out the most with me was Just do it! I’ve been hemming & hawing for a couple of years now. Blaming my day gig on not being able to really get down with my side hustle… & I’ve been kicking around 2 side hustles that I would potentially do when I ‘retire/leave’ the day gig. So I’m jumping in!!! I want to do Interior Design & Staging… and… I want to do consulting for parents… my day gig is a Juvenile Probation Officer… so I got some parenting ideas to help families navigate & stay out of the system! Also, I get a pension to support myself during the beginning… I know, that’s a blessing!!! Thanks again. I’d like to call in at some point to really get some straight talk. Ok, bye girl!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hey Ellen! Love your clarity and honesty with yourself here about how to best move ahead. It’s beautiful that you’re wanting to support families and help them thrive using your experience as a probation officer – the work you do and compassionate energy you bring to it is SO important. We’re wishing you all the best as you commit to bringing your side hustle(s) to life and yes – just do it! We’re cheering you on.

      You may find the tips in this episode helpful as well:

  2. Rosa

    Honestly, were you thinking of me when you wrote this? Marie, I follow you since 2008, when I saw you in the atrocious DVD by Cris Carter. Then I read your book and, coincidence, I met my today husband straight away. You have made my life better, really. I am happy today and it is great that the world creates some great humans like you to help all the rest.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Aww, Rosa – we’re SO happy to hear that Marie’s work has been supportive for you! This means the world. Thank you for being such a loyal part of our community and for sharing your kind words! XOXO

  3. Marie, as a psychotherapist, I was taught throughout my educational journey, not to “self disclose,” or “rarely” self disclose. That’s just not me. I always tried to make sure that I used my story when I knew it would help the other person but I did it a LOT. I so identified with my clients! I had been through an alcoholic childhood, teen marriage and motherhood, drug abuse, rape, serious mental illness myself, divorce, the suicide of family members, health issues (including two brain surgeries and a broken neck!), and on and on. This powerfully impacted my clients because they knew I was not sitting there silently judging them. You are so “right on” about this subject. Thanks!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Linda, thank you so much for sharing your experience in your practice with us here. How powerful that you’ve trusted yourself enough to share your own struggles with your clients – this is so brave and healing. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing in the world, it makes such a meaningful difference in the lives of others!

    • ita teigman

      you are such an inspiration! G-d bless you – and keep showing people what’s possible! you remind me of Louise Hay – a serious world “shero” who’s transformed humanity.

    • Ashley

      Thank you so much for sharing this and for the work that you do! First of all, I can relate to the majority of what you mentioned. Secondly, it has been a burning question of mine in pursuit of trustworthy mentorship/guidance/support if mental health professionals are willing/able to be vulnerable to the capacity that you seem to be mentioning here. Having the knowledge and belief that we are not alone in our deepest pain is not only healing, but so very fortifying…. so THANK YOU!! 🙂

    I love seeing you doing your thing here and this here quote and the way you said
    “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. There is no magic business ‘crystal ball’…”
    OH you break my heart with how much you care and I LOVE IT!
    Just… thank you. You make me feel normal.
    Bowditch xo

  5. Not gonna lie, the highlight of this for me is the fact that Marie is finally swearing and being her real self. I took B-school back in 2011 and she used to say that in “real life” she was sweary, but in her Marie TV vids she always toned it down. Now we’re seeing the real Marie and I LOVE it! Thank you for showing us who you really are, without the filters. That’s real leadership. The people who don’t like it *aren’t your people*.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We love hearing this, Heather! So glad you’re enjoying Marie and her unfiltered self 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, we absolutely adore having you in our community. xoxo

  6. liliane

    I have been hearing you, and my question is Why I am struggling with the same issues, I tried a lot of strategies but does not work for me, I am so tired to move on and no see results. I am committed to achieving my goal, For example, I am studying for five years and I do not feel comfortable to get a conversation with native guy or do a course in English. Look likes simple but that example makes me feel a failure.

  7. Fabienne

    “Simplify to amplify” is going to be my new motto, in every aspect of my life. Thank you Marie!

  8. Véronique JULIENNE

    Hi Marie,
    So amazing ! I was feeling soooo low this morning, and your show arrived to me, answering the exact issues I felt overwhelmed by ! What really stroke me was to « simplify to amplify », and also remember that my coaching clients only care about the benefits I can provide them. I feel much more energised after hearing you, as if you had been an angel coming to me on the exact time when I was feeling so lost and depressed. Thank you soooo much !

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re thrilled to hear this episode was just what you needed today, Véronique! These are really powerful takeaways that will serve you so well in your coaching business. You’ve got this!

  9. Marcia

    I’ve been waffling on choosing a business & niche and this video was so on time! Marie, your comment about needing to have a deep, heart-centered love toward my audience is gold! I never thought about it that way. It’s different from thinking about who I can serve. It’s almost like who do I love and want to be with all.the.time. and deeply want to help. And the reverse, who do I NOT want to spend all my time with because there’s no connection.

  10. You two are so funny! I just love watching these episodes.
    What resonated with me most? “Being a Guide on the Side” instead of a “Sage on the Stage”.
    Why? Sharing my authentic story, being me, really sharing what I have done to improve my life and actively taking myself out of the places I have been in order for someone else to hopefully learn from it.
    I have a weekly video blog where I post my updates and it feels right to me to keep on keeping on… even if I am not earning the money that I want as a Life Coach right now.

    To be fair to myself, it it is a new year and I am setting myself up for success and I believe I have just discovered my niche so hold on to your hats, folks! 🙂

    Thanks for all you do, Marie and your entire team!
    Hugs from Sweden!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Åsa! It sounds like you’re absolutely on the right track by sharing your journey of growth in order to help others do the same. Here’s to an amazing year ahead for you – sending big Team Forleo love and support your way!

  11. Mary

    This was really wonderful, what resonated most was the fact that you can’t do everything now,take one or two things and focus on it,if not you would be so burned out, which I am already am because I am so multi passionate about a lot of things,I believe now I can choose which to really work on,,Much love from Nigeria

  12. I love all the stories, it’s just what I needed to get unstuck in this modern slavery workforce for blacks and foreign people. Thank you and please continue I will get my friends to read and watch your message so they can wake up.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for being here and sharing with others as well, Barbara. We’re glad to hear this episode was just what you needed!

  13. Your A to the Q of all three callers were spot on for me today. This was one of the most relevant episodes because all three callers hit on my current pain points. Your advice of “Simplify to Amplify” and “finding those niches that set your heart on fire” spoke to me. I am a B-Schooler for life!!! Thank you for your wisdom and for your confetti-fun personality (it’s nice not to always take business so seriously)!

  14. Marie;
    I loved all three questions. No matter what business you’re in you must balance your life (physically, spiritually, financially and mentally). When either component is off then it can throw you so far out of the water that you may never recover. Take Shaq for instance, as big as he is, had he lost something as small as his big toe on either foot that could possibly have prematurely ended his whole basketball career. As you told Esther, sometimes when unsure, you must take a step or two or even three back on a ocassion to to rwally focous on what’s in the heart. as you told the guys don’t quit when it seems hard, it’s not necessary to take every webinar, class or every seminar on a topic but ony as needed and it’s not my businees name, it’s not me but me delivering the promised results to each and every client/customer/guest!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      George, thanks so much for watching today! We’re happy that Marie’s advice to these callers resonated deeply with you and we love what you shared about the importance of finding healthy balance in all areas of our lives. It’s such an honor to have you tuning in!

  15. So much goodness! And perfect for exactly where I’m at, thanks for speaking to my heart Marie.
    The point that resonated the most for me, is giving my business an actual financial goal and using this as a measure for all my ideas. Which is amazing, because finances is the big area of my life I’m focusing on right now and simplicity is one of my values I love my life by so it’s a conscious practice to keep my creativity focused in on the things that really matter, rather than the 50 billion that don’t matter as much.
    I also really loved how straight up you were!!! Damn lady! So the other aspect i loved and resonated with is narrowing down, simplify to amplify and really actually give myself the chance to work with the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with by focusing on delivering the results for them, therefore growing the income and less of the running around doing a billion things to make money when really I’m an epic coach and it’s my true joy. So just doubling down on that, it is my gift after all. Which I’m grateful for! Thank you for your service xx

  16. wow, i really did enjoy this video Marie, its content spoke to me really especial with Roxanne’s question s e.g not knowing how to approach what she wants to do….. , Esther have so many ideas and not knowing which one to tackle. these are the same thing i dnt seem to overcome or something. At varsity i did Public relations and events management separately. i love organizing , planning, managing people and marketing. i have long registered for my company focusing on marketing and events. i haven’t even started to organize even single event or secure a client , i been procrastinating, a little fearful of how how do i uniquely sell myself and services because these industry is super saturated. But i do love it though, how do i become different from the existing marketing and event agencies who have already secured their niche market?

  17. Thank you, Marie! I literally ran for my notebook to jot down “Clarity comes from engagement not thought.” So timely! It’s too easy to get caught in the mind swirl. I’m an artist, writer, and holistic health practitioner with a very disorganized nature (I guess creative would be the more positive word to use!) and my mind gets so cluttered with wondering what I should be doing. I also have Sign-up-itis. Too many online courses! They all call to me but I finally (kind of!) put a stop to signing up. Anyway, thanks so much for your food for thought, Marie! It was just what I needed to hear today. ?

    • ita teigman

      so good to know that i’m not alone! working on our weaknesses gives us power! G-d bless us all in our mountain climbs – then we’re most helpful to others!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Barbara! So happy to hear Marie’s words were just what you needed today. I can tell that you’re incredibly creative and perceptive, so keep tuning in to what’s truly most important and exciting for YOU in this moment – you’re definitely on the right track 🙂

  18. Hey Marie.
    First of all, a huge thank you for all your hard work. You are a SUPERSTAR!!!
    Now, on to today’s episode. Great uplift, as always!
    My learnings, or better say, reminders, from today’s show:
    1. People care about results you promise to them ( and aiming to achieve with them).
    2. Your walk through the idea selection process:
    Financial aim – Select ones make your heart flutter – Understand who my market is – and.. HIT IT!!!
    xxx Lots of Love

  19. ita teigman

    Synchronicity? or just the same issue most of us creatives have? My goal is to educate the world on something that we’ve become so disconnected to – the concept of building resilience in body, mind, and soul from whatever point we’re at and transforming education to inculcate powerful self-trust and accountability in all students from the littlest cherubs. My current mentor is revolutionary mama: Carla Atherton of Healthy Family Formula and the Lotus Health Project. I grabbed the opportunity to become a Functional Health Coach from her first coaching course and was feeling overwhelmed to finish all the assignments because simultaneously I’m studying to become a conscious birth doula – ALL just to educate people of the phenomenal possibilities to experience the most vibrant health and function possible – if we remember all the necessary “little” contributions towards health and to be careful of the “little” contributors that pull us the wrong way.
    Well – there is just SOOO much to learn that I’ve been getting bogged down – but today’s video was SUPER helpful, so much so – that I’m getting back to my focused study and have the confidence that I will get there responsibly in due time to serve my beautiful precious human family. Please join the movement and look up Carla!

  20. Suzanne

    Hi Marie, thank you for another informative and encouraging video! Your advice is always so helpful, and I appreciate all that you do. I’ve had a number of projects rolling around in my mind for years now, and I’ve been stuck on which ones to pursue. Your lessons today helped me clarify some things, and have given me inspiration to set a direction and then move forward. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Suzanne! So happy to hear Marie’s advice helped to give clarity on how to best choose your direction and keep moving forward. We’re excited for you and all this year ahead holds!

  21. Kurstin

    Great answers to all of the questions! Your answers about how to choose what to focus on based on what inspires and lights you up the most I def what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  22. Sabina

    Hey, Marie. Thank you for this video. I liked the last conversation the most. Because currently my head is really overwhelmed with all the ideas i have and the ones that keep coming. It is really hard to focus.
    Hearing your advise about choosing one idea and project to focus i will try to put my whole energy to one-two projects. I hope it will go well.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hey Sabina! You’re SO not alone in feeling overwhelmed with ideas. It’s because you’re so darn creative and talented 🙂 Focusing on what feels the most exciting and energizing right now will be really powerful for you. Keep us posted on how it’s going!

      You may also find this exercise really helpful if ever you find yourself sinking into overwhelm and having a hard time focusing:

  23. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It is SO HARD to get momentum in the online space, so this Q&A was helpful. Specifically, setting money goals. I tend to want to just offer help—I write about marriage resources for entrepreneur couples. I tell myself “it’s not really a business, it’s a service”, yet I have invested a lot in learning, online classes, etc. So I will do some work today around financial goals and allow that to direct my work.
    Love you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Kathy, you’re offering such incredible value to couples through your hard-earned wisdom and knowledge and you absolutely deserve to be paid for this service! It’s beautiful that you’re coming from such a generous, heart-centred place of genuinely wanting to help others in this area and this will be a powerful advantage for you in business.

      In case it’s helpful as you consider your financial and business goals, I wanted to share these episodes with you as well:

  24. Jackie

    I found everything helpful. What resonated most for me was ‘things take much longer than we want them to especially in business’
    This has kinda given me permission to find a side gig or two that brings in some money.
    I left my career in fashion in 2016 to ‘start a coaching business’ and still haven’t yet got a paid client. Things are moving much slower than I thought they would.
    Now I see this will all be OK once I’ve taken the pressure off having to generate income, pay the bills and attract my first paying clients.

    Yes this online business hype can be so misleading!!

    Thanks Marie!

  25. Hello Marie,
    Thank you for who you are and the wonderful information that you share. I am at the beginnning of my business journey. I am an Herbalist – Apothecary, Consultant, Edible Landscaper, Teacher – and I grow Food and Medicine for my husband and I. Today’s video was right on time as was last week’s Imposter Syndrome. I am moving into the blog aspect of my business which I would like to bring in funds to support the other aspects of my work. You got me through Imposter Syndrome last week and this week you are giving me focus. Thank you! Sharing vulnerability without losing credibility is the big one for me this week as I have to pull away from a couple of projects I was involved with last season and have to step out and increase my network. Ask for help! Egad!

  26. I wish I could choose! But my heart pulls me between fiction writing, graphic design and photography, and making music. So they are all part of my business(es) but have different readers / clients / audiences. I can’t imagine not doing any one of them, but I know if I could focus on just one, it would probably be better. Maybe. 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Autumn 🙂 You’re not alone in having this dilemma! Being an artist, you of course do need to follow your creative inspiration, so keep trusting that and where it’s guiding you. Perhaps you could focus on building one part of your business at a time, without abandoning any of them in the long run. This episode of MarieTV may be helpful, too!

  27. Megan Renee

    I’m compelled to comment because I am one of your creatively inclined corporate accountants in the audience 🙂 I’ve been a fan for a couple of years now and I’m finally stepping out to create some side hustle and it’s all because of you, Marie. My energy lights up when I think of taking my talents and using them to mentor and coach artists with their business. My heart glows with the thought of someone else being able to successfully follow their passion because I help them foster basic business skills like budgets and forecasting. You have helped me personally refine my niche and 2019 will be [email protected] because of it. Two clients in so I must THANK YOU! (Side note, thank you for the phrase “Everything is figureoutabble.” as it has talked me off so many self-doubt ledges!)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Megan! We’re so incredibly proud of you! Keep using those talents of yours to be of service and you’ll be unstoppable. Your passion for this work is infectious and we can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for you 🙂

  28. Thanks, Marie — today was great! I loved what you said about not worrying about the name. I’m going to listen again because, even though I have (finally) figured out who I am helping and what problem I am solving, I am stuck on what to sell. By that I mean, I have a Solution Session, an Audit, a Workshop, One: One work, etc. I am trying to figure out if I offer all of these options or just one or two. I think I will start with three levels (and price points) and go from there, seeing which ones work. Loved BSchool!

  29. OMG! The last part of this stuck with me…. “Stop taking e courses and commit to what you already know!” Yeah, that’s me…. So, I’m jumping off of here and starting my online course RIGHT NOW! Blessings to you Marie <3
    And I want to hear Greg's story! <3

  30. Keith Mitchell

    The second caller was the one most similar to me

  31. Pam

    Your advice on how to figure out which business idea to focus on was very helpful!

  32. This episode was an answered prayer!! LOVE YOU MF!! I have been sooo unsure of what my next Level Up was. All these E-Courses, Coaching Retreats, Masterclasses being offered were feeling like “maybe THAT’S what I need to DO to get clarity”. I was feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, even insecure. Yet my INTUITION kept saying; stay calm, all is well, be happy in anticipation of what is coming, you had a great 2018, you’re on track! Then this video!! HUGE take-aways…stay enthusiastic, clarity comes from engagement, innovate, do what i LOVE most, simplify to amplify, most businesses develop over 2+ yrs and my fave “Take Risk on the Things you Believe In!!” So YES, my intuition is right. All is Well!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Yay, Theresa! Really happy to hear this episode resonated with you so much. You’re right – all is well 🙂 Keep connecting to and following that strong intuition of yours. 2019 is going to be amazing for you!

  33. All three callers were interesting to me since Marie provided great insight into how to solve their issues. I feel I am missing clarity in my own journey and so this topic is what I need right now. I feel like I am failing at business since I have tried starting three businesses and they have not gone well. I am at a turning point and really don’t know what to do now in life. Help!

  34. Elaine Dolan

    Hello Marie,
    All of the examples in this episode have relevance to me. Here’s the difference however–
    I do have multiple and multi-faceted interests. I’m now of *retirement* age, but hardly can afford to retire– pretty typical.
    I love art, but the fire of painting that happened years ago has gone out–feels like a waste of time and money….the creation of future trash from a green perspective. Writing has become like being thrown daily flap-jacks….yum yum for about 5 minutes and then they are gone, and a dime a dozen… (except AWAI is trying to convince me to copywrite which can be lucrative)-okay, but who wants to go on and on and on about ONLY how *awesome* things are, a half truth. Psychology, or Art Therapy requires an M.A., as does teaching at a college level, and truthfully, would you sign up for what amounts to a second mortgage, at retirement age if you were nor already a millionairess? There is a constant chatter of somewhat time-tested NO’s going on in me, even in the case of part time and volunteer work. Do not feel that I have that *something special that only I can give*–though I tried to give what I had while I had it. That enthusiasm expired in my early-to-mid-fifties. Here’s my question….Do you think it is possible to rekindle life-passion?

  35. Kathy

    Thank you so much for today’s program. I particularly resonated with Esther’s concern. The subject you chose, working with dementia care is aligned with the business I am creating working with family caregivers. Because the realm of this field is so broad it’s sometimes hard to focus on one or two aspects. However, when I am honest with myself the part that makes my heart sing is working 1:1 with family caregivers or teaching classes designed to help them focus on their self-care. The caveat to measure this against the revenue stream (currently very low) and declare money goals is one of my primary goals for 2019. Getting clear, honest, and response-able with money has been hard, but as you say, “Everything is figureoutable!”

  36. I definitely struggle with that “how much to share to be capable yet show I’ve been there” line.
    Niching was so hard for me too! As a lifelong learner and seeker of my own truth… so many aspects I want to share <3 That Clarity comes from action piece is so true, and is that “seeing what sticks” because we only know that if we’re out, throwing the spaghetti at the wall, so-to-speak!

  37. This episode resonated with me greatly, maybe more than any other on MarieTV. I love, and need to be reminded of, Simplify to Amplify. It’s so simple (ha), yet so hard to do sometimes. I definitely have succumbed to the “I want to do it all” mentality with my VA business, and while it has helped us learn more tools and strategies, I feel like we’re still struggling to identify who exactly we serve and how. I like the straightforward approach of “Do more of what works”, and hope to follow many of the tips offered in this episode. Great stuff!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear these tips from Marie resonated with you deeply, Mike! So many of us have been in that “I want to do it all” space at one time or another, so you’re not alone. We hope these strategies serve you well in your VA business!

  38. I think what most resonated for me today was that I need to keep doing more of what works. Like I have in my head what I want to do and what I hope people will respond to, but it’s hard to argue with the actual numbers. I think I’ve been fighting myself a bit and pushing myself in one direction whereas my clientele seem to prefer a different one. So maybe it’s time to focus my energy more in that area and see how I can maximize that potential. Thanks for another great show ?

  39. Thank you so much for taking our call, Marie! Your wisdom, heart and enthusiasm for our programs was like a shot of Vitamin B — inspiring us to keep going, keep focused and share our heart and our message with the World!
    We so appreciate you and Team Forleo for all that you do to keep us inspired and engaged, sharing our message with the World.

    The way that you show up each day is a godsend. Truly!
    Thank you! Eli + Joseph

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      It was such a pleasure to have you on the show, Eli & Joseph! We’re thrilled that connecting with Marie was inspiring for you. Keep sharing your amazing gifts with the world – we’ll be rooting for you every step of the way! XO

  40. N. Johnson

    I was killing my brain trying to get clarity through thought, which caused me to have thinking and information overload and overwhelm. So thank you for clarifying that (no pun intended). Also, some really great nuggets, I have to go back and write them down.

  41. Hi Marie! I’m a B-schooler and I’ve been following you for years, so THANK YOU!!!!! What resonated with me the most today was your advice on sharing our personal stories. My business is centered around helping people discover and unravel their emotional histories through movement and energy work. At least once a day, I think about how much or how little I should share of my own life. There is always a fear that oversharing will drive people away, or pull the focus away from them and onto myself. It’s sooooo important to be reminded that sharing ourselves and being vulnerable will actually help us connect to our clients. I really needed this reminder today. Thank you!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Happy to hear this was just the reminder you needed, Julie! Sharing some of your own story and bringing it to your amazing work will absolutely help to make it that much more impactful. This type of connection through sharing our stories and struggles is very healing for all involved. Keep up the incredible work you’re up to in the world – it’s so needed!

  42. Deb Damm

    All I can say is HOLY SH*T!!! I stumbled upon Marie and this video this morning as I was taking a break after feeling frustrated with my new biz. Coincidence? I think not! I recently quit a very hostile, toxic work environment (which I had been at and happy in for the last 15 years until new management came onboard) with the support of my awesome husband. I decided to take my years of executive assistance experience and start a virtual assistance business. I loved being a EA and supporting others.

    I have been struggling to find a niche (I mean, come on! How can I know what I want to do with whom if I haven’t done it before? Right now, I just wanted clients and to start earning!). Marie’s advice on the “financial goal -> what makes you feel alive? -> Who would you want to hang out with all day? ” stopped me in my tracks! YES YES!! When I thought about certain industries, certain types of people, it helped me decide (at least for now) who I DON’T want to work with! Half the battle right there!

    “Clarity comes from engagement – not thought”. <<<<— This jewel right here!! AMAZING! For the past two weeks since I left my job, I've been working 8-10 hours a day trying to get everything right, everything perfect. I have to have it all figured out before I can start….. NO! Hell, I'm never going to have it all figured out, and if I wait until I think I do, there be something ELSE to figure out! Take a step, Take action!!! Thank you!!

    And finally (lol sorry for the long comment, but I am so super stoked!!)
    "Simplify to Amplify" – Sister, I am the Queen (or at least a Lady in Waiting) of e-courses! I have at least 3 I am vested in right now, and always feel…but wait, there's more! NO MORE! I am committed to committing to what I know.

    Thank you SOOOO much for this video and these jewels of encouragement! You have given me clarity and food for thought! LOVE THIS! Thank YOU! <3

  43. Barbara

    Wow! That was just what I needed to hear. I am a massage therapist. And I have found myself going to all kinds of different classes to learn different techniques to help people. Most of my clients are happy, it’s my self doubt that is the problem. I have been thinking I need to decide what kind of work I want to focus on, and stop spending energy on other modalities. This helped clarify that that’s what I need to do. Thank you. And since “clarity comes from engagemment not thought”, I can now see that the work I do love is where I need to focus. Again, thank you for all you do.

  44. I’ve been enjoying your weekly emails for years and loved this episode. Thanks to you and your staff of amazing people for all you do!
    We’ve been artists for over 45 years in music and painting and fine crafts like jewelry and glasswork. We’ve had a number of shops and galleries in Michigan, owned an Inn, redid 40 houses and generally stayed busy while raising our 4 children. Our focus has been mostly in the arts and we have been well to do and broke and we much preferred well to do!?
    Since the season in Michigan is so short in our resort area where we lived, we had to include Florida in the winter months and traveled back and forth for 15 years to make a living. Getting older makes it difficult to continue shleping our stuff to shows and my husband having a bout with cancer the last few years put us in the hole financially. We decided to open a gallery in the cute historic town of Inverness, Florida last year and it’s doing well already, actually paying a few of our bills! We struggle though with doing it all as we love to create. We have too many interests and can’t seem to let go of any of them. We have a leather shop in back of the gallery, I make silver jewelry and chainmaille, I started learning how to create hand painted scarves recently, my husband is a successful acrylic artist having sold over 3000 paintings already, I have a stained glass studio in boxes in the garage as I had a gallery with mostly glass at one time, we are considering doing a clothing line…and we’re exhausted!
    “Simplify to Amplify” sounds like such a great powerful thing but how do you do it? We are definitely engaged in all of it so “Clarity comes from engagement” should apply here but…it doesn’t seem to work for us.
    I love your question “what in your business works and how can you improve it?” In our case, John, my husband’s paintings sell but he is turning 71 and getting tired of going to shows where he makes most of the money. He has to be on a drug for his cancer that makes him foggy and very tired all the time. We spent all our financial reserves doing a natural “remedy” for his cancer and being artists has paid the bills but not provided us with much retirement.
    I am going to try very hard to simplify and start getting rid of other choices. The gallery had a great first year and we have included some other artists for variety. Our best sales are with my silver jewelry and John will continue to do shows until we can count on the gallery for our income. I think we’ve been too scattered but can’t seem to help it. Music was always our passion but you can’t really make a living with it. We’ve started sitting in with some local musicians just for fun to enjoy our passion.
    My question is…can you please add a few more hours to my day? ?
    Thanks for listening and for all you do. My immediate goal will be to start getting rid of choices and honing it down to making only a few things that sell consistently.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Rosie! Wow – you and your husband are simply amazing. You’ve done and achieved so much in your lives this far and we admire how much you’ve followed your creative passions – SO inspiring! It sounds like you’re approaching an exciting new chapter of life where the structure of your business and life is changing shape again. We encourage you to get super clear and what’s lighting you up the most right now, yes – what’s working, and what you most want to spend your time doing now and in the coming years. Allowing this to guide and focus your next steps will be hugely clarifying!

  45. Thanks, Marie, as always this episode is inspiring and your coaching is wonderful. I have been multitask-er forever. Now building my coaching business I found out being perfect everywhere is just not working. So, I am focusing my attention to just three projects in my life. I have to get rid of one, which is scary, but I am very close to making that decision. I have to sacrifice it, because it takes too much of my life, it is not going to be something I would like to do in the future even though it brings me some money. I’d rather direct my attention to building my practice now and not loose any more time an energy on what is going to go away anyway.

  46. Oh my goodness, this episode literally brought tears to my eyes. So many things were exactly what I needed to hear in this very moment… I spent this morning recircling again on “what exactly is my business anyway??” after I thought I had figured it all out. I was feeling frustrated that my plan wasn’t more “baked and proven” (and generating money). I love the reminder that this is the time to throw spaghetti on the wall, follow the passion and see what works… and give myself time. There are exciting things happening (and I love them all) so I will just keep trusting the process!! Maybe it will end up being something I haven’t even thought of yet… btw, I think I have done B-School 3 times (looking forward to my 4th LOL!) and I can be a bit of an online learning addict…so I appreciated that caution as well :PP

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awww Beth! Happy that this was just what you needed to hear. Keep trusting the process and your own timing – you’re doing amazing. We love how passionately you throw yourself into things and couldn’t be more honored to continue serving you as your business evolves! It can always be helpful to revisit Start the Right Business and Module One whenever you’re feeling unclear on your business’s direction – keep that in mind 🙂

  47. Thank you so much for taking all of these questions! I am a therapist who recently started opening up about some personal struggles I’ve experienced in the past and while it has felt authentic to me I wasn’t sure that it was fully appropriate. I have also been working on that niching process in order to grow my online coaching business and loved hearing the reminder that I will be doing these several hours a day. That was extremely helpful! AND, being patient in that process of building the work I want to do without becoming an e-learning addict was definitely needed at this time. A lot of my questions and worries were cleared up in these 3 calls! Thank you!

  48. Lisa

    How did you know I was thinking of five different directions at once? Yes, you helped me through the crossroads because you said focus on what makes my heart sing. I am picking the 3 MOST important directions for my creative/business soul and I know what they are – Thank you… stay well and I appreciate your work so much.

  49. Oh Marie! I’ve been wrestling with the Sage on the Stage vs. The Guide on the Side thing because I DO have the expertise and always am mindful of not sounding like I’m exempt from life’s challenges. The model has changed and I was trained with the “never let ’em see you sweat,” model. Trained to speak from the healed, whole, have helped tons of others model, not discussing my personal challenges in which I applied my degrees and knowledge for healing and dealing with things myself. So it’s a huge paradigm shift for me and I was grateful to hear it. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      So glad Marie’s perspective on this was fresh and helpful, Terry! It’s never easy to make these shifts when we’ve been doing something a certain way for a long while, so trust that it’s always okay to grow and change the way you’re approaching things when it feels like it could be helpful to share your own experiences.

  50. bosberg

    As usual, EXCELLENT conversation.
    Thank you so much Marie and Team!

  51. Kim Funk

    Good morning Marie and Team Forleo!
    Today is the first day I’ve watched an episode of Marie TV ~ loved it! Great interaction and great topics ~ thanks!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Kim! We’re so glad you checked out MarieTV. We release new episodes on Tuesdays and hope you’ll tune in again. 🙂

  52. Chris

    I am overwhelmed with ideas and stalled by the fear that the one I pick will be a mistake. This session popped up on my email AND I read it (I don’t read all my subscription emails) and I just thought “wow – timely or what!?”
    I took notes. Thank you!
    I think I should probably look at B School, I just don’t know if I can afford it, but maybe I can’t afford not to.
    I have been selling my creativity and innovation too cheap for years or even just giving it away. I need to make a living by charging for what I bring to the world rather than just selling the hours of my life.
    2019! It’s time to get real!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! We love your positive attitude and we hope 2019 is your best year yet! We’d be honored to see you in B-School if you decide it’s a good fit.

  53. Great advice for Roxanne! Many feel uncertain about exposing their vulnerability and their ‘underbelly’ to the world but I think it is the risk we MUST take as creatives.
    🙂 thanks!

  54. Oh Marie, every single piece of nugget from the three callers resonated with me and my business adventure. I love you so stinking much for all the wisdom you bring into my life. The phrase: People come to you because they want the results that you can get them will stick me forever. That’s what business is all about, right? Providing a solution to a problem, to the right kind of audience, doing something we are completely passionate about. You are the absolute BEST ever.

  55. Thank you Marie and lovely team for this episode. I always find the shows entertaining, interesting, thought provoking in short worth my time to watch but today’s episode was as if it was made just for me. Have you perfected some weird thought reading technology that can reach all the way to New Zealand? Anyway I’ve watched it twice already and taken notes and now I’m working through my planner updating my tasks and plans with the things I’ve learnt about focus, vulnerability, being real, setting goals but also most importantly for me what I’m not going to do. The projects I was planning because I thought I should but they were making me groan if I’m honest or raising that awful ‘stuck doing this’ feeling. This episode felt truly liberating for me as I think it was what I wanted,needed and was ready to hear. It felt like the team were there for me when I needed them. Weird cos I’m sitting on my own, in my kitchen, eating breakfast with just the dog for company?? Thank you so much ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YAY, Diana! We’re so happy this message spoke to you. And we love that you took notes and are taking action! We’re super excited to see what 2019 has on the horizon for you. 🙂

  56. Emma

    I loved these topics, I needed to “talk” about this with other people.


  57. Hi Marie,

    I can so relate to the “taking two years” to start a business for the long term. I’m a Realtor. Building my business took a hiatus for 8 months in 2018 due to illness. I am so grateful that although I couldn’t talk (bronchitis), I spent the time building my database and preparing drips and value.
    That down time helped me take a forest view rather than be swamped in the weeds. I’m putting people in place now to help scale my business and help more buyers and sellers. Thank you for all you share and give of yourself. I so appreciate the MF Team!

    Best regards,


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Building a business takes time and we’re really proud of you for sticking with it and doing what you could while taking care of yourself. That’s wonderful! 🙂

  58. Creative cul de sac!!! What a gem piece of advice, thank you!

  59. Dee

    Thanks Marie, Great episode – loved the reminder that developing my business is going to take time. I still have those periods of thinking “just get on with it already”. I am at the stage of developing my brand and website – which I know all I have to do is go over Facebook and tap into the wealth of my B-Schoolers family to help me with. It was inspiring to hear that I’m on the right track to just keeping going.

  60. Martez

    Amen to being REAL about our journey!!

    People’s past can influence their future in many ways. For some, it can instill (real) virtues of hard work and motivation. For OTHERS, it can be a (secret) stepping stone with benefits that provides a (cover) for success. Hard work always wins in the end.

    Learning the things (we don’t know) has a way of putting things in perspective and leveling the battle playing field in this game of war called life. The courage acquired from that can re-route all stones (thrown) in our path.

    Wisdom, discernment and knowledge has the power to deflect all of life’s (shade) from the stage(s). True (calling) is not a (script)!! It’s a (real) life journey and experience that’ll take you places you’ve never been before, doing and creating new and different things to the left of toxic people–In the midst of positive and (genuine) caring souls.

    God is Awesome!! He knows all things!!
    And may he help us all in our (true) Quest for success.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so true, Martez! It’s easy to forget how people’s past experiences can influence their future endeavors and we’d hate for people who are starting from scratch to compare themselves to others and feel down. Wherever you are in your journey is valid. 🙂

  61. Diane Eberle

    Hey Marie, I really loved this call in show especially the parts about finding your niche and focusing on what parts bring you joy. I also liked the talk about finding a way to share and still remain as a guide. The biggest problem I have right now is two fold. I feel like I have a lot of dreams of where I would like to go, but I am not sure where to start first. I have not been working for about two years due to an illness but now I feel stronger and ready to get back to work, but my previous jobs were definitely not something I loved or even liked. Do I go back to that area (accounting which I can do well but doesn’t excite me) because I really need additional income right now? Also, some of my dreams make me wonder if I should go back to school to learn more before diving into a new area. I am interested in going into an area where I can be of service and help people and wonder if education in psychology or counseling would prepare me and put me in a better position. How do you know if you need more education or if you can just maximize the skills you already have? I am interested in focusing on areas where I can motivate people and help them get a greater understanding of themselves and becoming the best version of themselves. I feel I have been through a lot of trauma in my life and difficulties that I can use to help others truly understand that you can regain optimism and come out on the other side. Any ideas would be great!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re feeling better, Diane! It’s exciting that you’re getting stronger and thinking about your new beginning. There are a ton of successful entrepreneurs without advanced degrees, so we don’t believe advanced degrees are a requirement for success. However, depending on what you want to do you may need to seek training programs (not necessarily degree-based ones) to help you get the skills you need to bring your dreams to life.

      Two MarieTV episodes came to mind that I hope will help give you clarity about this:

      Getting your feet wet working with people and figuring out if you really need more skills or just enjoy the learning process can help you decide if it’s really more school you’re looking for or if you feel comfortable diving right into your business.

      In terms of taking a job that pays the bills even though it’s not what you love, Marie has some wisdom on that as well:

      We hope this helps and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for you!

  62. Helen

    Saying no, peeling things off my plate, and getting “laser-focused” was exactly what i needed to hear to know i am making the right decision about letting some things go, and prioritising bringing ONE new project into being.
    Your timing is always impeccable, thank you! ?

  63. Nice episode! I connect with the struggle of finding a niche. I am truly a multi passionate when it comes to my art and it makes it SO hard to market because all I have to market is my style, no specific subject matter. And even my style changes because I consider myself a constant work in progress.
    I often try to do more of what is selling, but then I also have projects that are more true to my heart and it is very hard to find time and energy for both.
    Art seems to be a weird business. Rules seem to be on the grey zone and I often find myself struggling on how to be creative versus being a business woman.

  64. I feel like this episode was catered to me because it spoke directly to the challenges I’m facing right now. Typical psychic Marie! 😉 The first and last questions specifically. I’m a health coach and I’ve been writing my ‘about me’ page for my website, and your answer gave me the reassurance I needed to be vulnerable with my audience in sharing with them that I’m still improving. But still assuring them that I am qualified to guide them to success, using techniques that have worked and still work for me. The last question spoke to me as well because I am still within the first year of business, and a lot of that year has been the ‘learning’ phase. It’s always great to be reassured that anything worth having is worth working for. And that success often does not come overnight.

    I’ve vowed that this year will be the year of ‘action’ for me as I soaked in all of my know-how and info last year; this is the year to implement it in full gear. As always, magnificent work Marie & team. Looking forward to doing B-School again this year!

  65. This is the best damn episode ever. It came at the perfect time. You know, beginning of the year, taking last years vision board, creating a new one. But before I do that, yes please let me go ahead and use my B-school filters of money and passion and THEN visualize and create that reminder for myself of what I want to focus on. Brilliant as always! Sometimes there are gold nuggets but this time I felt like gold overflow.
    And THANK YOU for reiterating that we are all always a work in progress. There is so much to learn and It’s really not about getting to one point it’s about advancing consistently. Hugs to Marie and Team Forleo and I will be starting B-school again with fresh eyes and more experience this year. Love Gaby Boddy

  66. This could NOT have come at a better time! I’m 2.5 years into biz and am so burnt out + can totally relate to the whole “throwing spaghetti at the wall” metaphor. I decided to look back at what is “working” and it seems that the areas where I have most attention from followers also happens to be an area that isn’t bringing in the most margin due to expenses, so I’ll have to rethink if this is an area I can make work. Thanks for the motivation!

  67. Benson Modie

    Thank you Marie and Team…….great wisdom there!

  68. Susan Jaehn-Kreibaum

    Thanks for an informative Q and A and for sharing.
    I run the Empty Nest Bed and Breakfast in Carrying Place, Ontario. I also work part time at a nearby winery.
    I discovered journaling and literally believe it is a life-changing tool that I “need” to share via a book, or workshops. So for me, what resonated with me from your show was:
    1. How to Find Your Niche and Eliminate Business Overwhelm.
    2. Get clear on your financial goals -ie yes, I do need to make money with this. (the journaling.)
    3. Getting clear as to WHY I need to share this passion!! That is the biggest question that stops me before I even leave the gate! Maybe just DO it. And stop hiding behind the “addictiveness of e-learning”, taking more courses etc. But, my favourite comment of all was your final one:
    “The world needs this very special gift that only I have”.
    Kind Regards

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Susan! We’re cheering you on with all the beautiful work you’re doing in the world. 🙂

  69. Massive fan of this new format Marie – thanks for this awesome episode. Can you do more Q & A formats like this please?????

  70. WOW! So timely for me. Literally the night before I was googling “in a perpetual existential crisis!” I apologize in advance for my lenghty post, I feel I just needed to let it all out!! I have done so many different jobs “gigs” in my life. My main issue is a combo of not knowing what to do out of all the ideas floating in my head but mainly and something I have not seen asked about WHERE IN THE WORLD I want to love to do this!!! I love traveling and my “block” is will my ideal location that I want to move to – Hawaii is on the top list be possible for me to do this??
    I started out in TV production then transitioned to study acting which was always my secret dream. For a good eight years I was all in on the acting with supporting myself through restaurant work, entertainment journalism, different production gigs, event planning, teaching languages to toddlers… and some rando things in between! Then after getting a small role in a studio film I thought I had finally made some strides but was not booking anything so feeling really depressed I decided to not focus on acting anymore. I found myself so down and stressed that I needed a time out. Still from time to time going on auditions and booking the occasional voice over job. Meanwhile I got offered a scholarship to a yoga teacher training just because my yoga teacher saw something in me as I was going daily to class, then before I knew it he offered me a job as a yoga teacher and six years later I have been focusing mainly in wellness including sound healing work. I then got offered a very well paying daily yoga job teaching yoga/ meditation, and doing sound healing and Reiki for Alzheimers. The thing is is that I am naturally very intuitive with this work but I can’t say “it lights me up”, as a matter of fact it has the opposite effect, it drains me so much and it’s so heavy. I feel bad as it is definitely “being of service” but I can’t say I enjoy it very much, though everyone goes on and on how I am great and in my head I am like “how did I get here? I do not want to do this!!” My heart is still in film and TV and particularly there is one niche of Voice Over that I ABSOLUTELY love, it is a part of post production and in New York where I live it is very limited (it’s a very specific niche called “looping”. Everyone tells me LA is the place for this ADR work but I don’t think I want to move there. I want to start a family (I just got married to an awesome guy!) and want to live in a tropical place as that FOR SURE LIGHTS ME UP!! I guess my question is how can I move somewhere like Bali or Hawaii where the opportunities for this voice over work are non existent?

  71. Cassandra Kali

    This was awesome! I LOVE the advice given to Esther about looking at her business plan through different lenses. It was super helpful! Thanks so much, Team Forleo! <3

  72. Hey Marie, thank you so much for this episode and more being consistent in providing quality comment with a quirky fun flair. I resonated with both questions! I’m also a private person and am learning the skill of vulnerability to make genuine connections, it’s a scary place but listening to your call helped so much. In addition, I was also helped by the niche questions. I’m also passionate about upcoming projects and find it hard to fight against the temptation to offer everything. Thank you for bringing me back and remembering to focus on what I’m good at and what I love (not to mention what sells best).

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Our stories are what connect us, Michelle. There are people in the world that need yours and will be ready to hear it when you’re ready to share it. Keep bringing your beautiful passion to life- one thing at a time.

  73. Loved your comments and responses lots of them resonated for me thank you both
    for being their for me and many others warmly Mary Llewellyn

  74. Emma

    Hi Team Marie
    Two main points that resonated with me:

    • Clarity comes from engagement and not thought. Start doing and start engaging. It is by taking action that we gain clarity.

    • Don’t get hung up on worrying about your business name. All that matters for your clients are the results you get for them.

    Keep doing the good work 🙂

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Results over name all day every day, Emma. You’ve got this!

  75. My absolute favorite line was when Marie mentioned something about growing in one’s capacity for creative output. I’ve been feel challenged lately about how I create enough original content and just to hear that one’s creative capacity grows was such a comfort. Thank you!!!!

  76. Brooke

    I noted, “Focus on what brings you to life, what makes you come alive, what makes me want to research and talk about and learn about and test literally until my eyeballs could fall out. That’s how passionate I am about the things we say yes to.” As someone who sometimes juggles multiple creative ideas (I first found you via your “Big Magic” interview with Elizabeth Gilbert), I sometimes don’t know which idea to focus on, so then I get frustrated when I’m not passionate enough to see them through. That filter will be so helpful to me. I also loved the idea of a creative cul-de-sac. Can you make more content about that? Have you already? ❤️

  77. Thank you!

  78. Marie’s answer to the caller who was wondering how much to share really hit home with me. I’ve been sitting on this post that is pretty personal to me & exposes some things that I normally don’t share but I was called to write it because the message is something that people who have been through abuse need to hear. I think I’m going to publish it now…

    Thanks Marie <3

    • Same here! Mine’s related to abuse too, and there’s so much shame and hiding around it, that is actually not serving anyone. So I believe the more of us share, the more we inspire others to be brave about sharing theirs, and open the conversation about how to be better support systems for each other (’cause that’s its own thing too!).
      Yes, post it. I’m gonna do the same with mine.

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      We see you, Corina. Thanks for being here. xo

  79. What resonated most was Roxanne’s question, because I’m at a similar point, with a similar struggle and calling. But your feedback was amazing, and it helped me decide how much I wanna share, and the value I want to bring people through that sharing. So thank you!!! This whole episode was amazing!

  80. My favorite moment was when Marie said, “OMG I hit 6 figures in 6 months…”. For most, if not all, of 2018, this is what I chased and it made me feel I wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I followed the strategies and yet I still can’t find my first paying client. I kept investing (even after doing B-School) in more programs & coaches who I thought would help me hit those “6 figures”. At what point do we just give up? This journey has been increasingly challenging and at times I just want to call it quits. I’m glad Marie keeps reminding us of how long it took her before she finally saw the opportunity to do it full-time. And, I know with every fiber of my being that this is the work I’m called to do. So, I’m about to throw another “spaghetti at the wall” and see if it sticks. 🙂

  81. Thanks for today!!! I realised I’m totally addicted to learning! I laughed out loud when you said it’s an addiction. Time to put into place all I’ve been learning!
    Also just wanted to say that I love that your videos remember where you left. I’m in Australia so it’s school holidays & I got interrupted 3 times when watching this.
    Love your work ???

  82. Kiki Wykstra

    Hi Marie and team! I am a teacher, and I loved the part about being a guide on the side. I have been working hard to not just teach my students, but learn with them. It was super affirming to hear that in a different context, and a nice reminder for me.
    Thank you so much.

  83. Hi Marie !!!
    I really resonated with the “Focus” question because I’ve being doing do many different things for the past 10 years… I’m mainly a online social strategist but my true passion is digital collage and astrology. So I’m trying to figure out a way to shift towards my true passion – and make a profit. I think I’m a bit slow because I’m so focused on my client work but I try to take a step every day / week to reach my goal.
    Thank you so much for your insights : and you’re totally right that the “online learning” business can be a hard drug ! I need to be careful with that !

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Keep listening to that intuition of yours, Paula, and follow the nudges that lead you where you’re meant to go. We’re cheering you on.

  84. Marie….I Looooooovveeee you!!!!! You are my spiritual big sis…I learn so much from you and am constantly inspired to take action. Thank you for what yo do and your passion to help multi-passionate entrepreneurs like me get focused by providing the most relevant, heart-felt business information. You are creating a new generation of business professionals that are taking the world by storm!

    One of the biggest things I gained from this talk was the fact that there is no crystal ball when it comes to your niche market and finding ‘what sticks’. After you’ve tried a few, choose one and hit it! Because as you often say, clarity comes from doing, not thought. I am a thinker by nature and I almost make myself crazy by getting sucked into thoughts of solving it all and having one right answer.

    Simply to amplify and hit it hard! Thanks again Marie!

  85. Arlene

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for all those useful tips! What I think stuck with me the most is “Simplify to Amplify”. I most of the time get overwhelmed with what I wanted to do and what I feel like I should add to the business that I am about to start. Also, I know for sure that I am passionate about what I am working on; however, I feel like things get overwhelming sometimes. Even though I am the brains and brawn of my business, do you think it makes sense to partner with another person who could be able to help me? I mean, I have a vision on how things should be run, but I might not be physically and mentally prepared to handle a huge task. Would partnering with someone help?
    Thank you so much in advance for your reply. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon your ad as I was one day just idly browsing through social media!

  86. Wow, this episode hit the mark and came to me at just the right time. It was eerily coincidental, too, that the second person you spoke to — whose question was essentially the same one I’ve been battling with — is Esther, too! I felt like the stars aligned and you were speaking directly to me. Thank you so much — I’m going to use the three recommendations you provided to Esther to help me also narrow down my focus, choose one, and hit it. This was just the encouragement I needed.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That just gave me the chills, Esther! Wow. We’re so glad you felt a nudge to tune in to this episode– we totally believe you were meant to hear that message at this moment. We hope Marie’s words continue to provide a boost of encouragement anytime you need them!

  87. I watched this episode and what resonated much to me are the ideas of having a financial goal, have a laser vision in pursuing a few goals with passion, what clicks with the target market (they want results) and simplify to amplify. I am teaching Japanese now and if I lose focus it could be intimidating for me to see other fellow teachers use the highest available technology to teach their students. But I want to focus on teaching the students how to read and write correctly by literally checking the details of their hand written strokes and coaching them until they can read their own writing and hear their own voices talking in Japanese. In this way, I made it very simple for them to learn a very difficult and confusing subject matter. To such a point that they themselves have not said any single word after two weeks of sessions that Japanese is hard to learn. Instead, they are gaining confidence to face their future dream job and achieve their life plans. I really love this saying of yours, “Simplify to amplify”.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job with your unique approach to teaching, and you’re getting great results for your students! Keep going with what’s working and stay in your own lane. This will be so powerful for you! Cheering you on 🙂

  88. Granita Richardson

    I can’t remember which story really resonated with me. But two quotes really did. “Simplify to amplify.” and “Engagement brings clarity, not thought.” I agree with honing your skills and staying with that which brings life to you when you’re doing it. I want to give my clients my best quality work every time. Furthermore, in terms of gaining an understanding about the business, experiencing it will bring about the needed clarity for optimal operation.

  89. Deb

    Thank you for this episode, so much insight gained. Love the fact that playing it safe stops us from informing us where we need to go next. Simplify to amplify oh yeah. And the big nudge…….clarity comes from engagement not thought. I sometimes get stuck in my head and don’t move. I now have a new mantra to get moving……much gratitude

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES! Keep using these mantras, Deb. We really hope they’re helpful for you in moving through that common stuck feeling! Thanks so much for being here and watching.

  90. Thank you Marie! Exactly what I needed to hear today! 🙂

  91. Thank you so much, Marie, I loved all the stories; and all three resonated with me especially Roxanne’s Q.
    Reflecting that I am truly a “Guide on the side” I love this!
    My biggest struggle is sharing, so I’m NOW ready to TAKE ACTION keeping my heart open to get OUT ONTO THE FIELD . . . taking that light to be of service.
    Another part I loved that EMPOWERED me was “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought”
    Thank you beautiful, love your work and creative bright spark! and confetti 🙂 XO

  92. Hi there! The advice I think I needed the most was to stop taking online courses – it does get overwhelming, because there’s so much available out there.

    The thing I’m struggling with is how to prioritize and organize tasks – I am running a business by myself (launched last September) and I’m about to launch my online store but I can’t get my head around what to do first. I have to deal with the website itself, with the products, suppliers, email marketing, social media, pricing, logistics, aaaaah! I don’t know where to start and how to prioritize.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We totally understand, Renata––starting a business is a lot of work! Marie has some advice on how to prioritize in this episode: And if you’re considering B-School (enrollment is coming up in February) the course covers many of the things you’re wondering about.

      • Renata

        Thanks, Mandy, I’ll watch it right now. 🙂

  93. Kimberly Roblin

    CURB yourself from signing up for anymore stuff!!! Brilliant!

    One of my problems in getting ME up and running. I keep thinking I need another course before I can start. I have the tools… time to use them!

  94. Anusha Narayanan

    I relate to the multipassionate problem. Not being able to decide on the one thing I want to dedicate myself to. Using the “do I see myself doing this for a long time” filter works but sometimes it makes no business sense and that has made me indecisive a lot of times in life. Also, financial planning, for me, if the toughest part of the business…because I have been rather carefree when it comes to money. Not that I have a lot or was rich which growing up – quite the contrary- but just never “worried” about it. Financial planning makes me anxious. Wondering how to make a good plan. Any help?

  95. The first caller talking about vulnerability was really helpful for me. I teach tapestry weaving online and I hear an overwhelming chorus of voices from my students about their struggle with feelings of inadequacy. I also have struggled with this specifically with the journey of being an artist and even a teacher. So talking to them more personally about how important it is to move past those fearful voices (I haven’t been to art school so how could I possible design a tapestry; I am bad at color; I am bad at –fill in the blank–) and just dive in. Trust yourself. That is for me and for the people I teach. Thanks Marie! Such a helpful conversation.

  96. Mar

    I sit here, writing in my journal looking for the answer to a question that has been plaguing me for a long time and then fell upon this link. Sadly, I’m at a computer that doesn’t allow videos so I cannot watch this yet; however, I am glad I found this as I hope it can help me gain clarity. I’m 13 years into my dayjob but have been working really hard on my “side hussle” to create my own business at home ( which will hopefully allow me to leave the dayjob someday ). That said, what advice would you guys have for someone who is multipassionate? I am a writer AND a painter, I cannot imagine a world where I would have to choose one or the other; that said, I realize that without being able to put 100 % of my free time into ONE or THE OTHER, I am not realizing my full potential in either one. How does one choose a passion and leave another behind? I, sadly, end up spending more time trying to figure THIS out than working on either one right now, so any advice would be helpful. Thank you! 🙂

  97. Stephanie

    This was a great episode! What really spoke to me was when you said simplify to amplify. And I probably should have simplified a while ago. Now I know going forward ?

  98. Sharon

    Hi Marie, Thank you for today session & those interesting callers, Im a Natural Health Practitioner working as a sole trader & my business does fluctuate. Yes I was so happy to hear you speak on all the Social media stuff / courses we supposedly need to take to succeed ! Ive personally been so confused for past 2 years & invested $$$ with no results, I just keep plodding away & hoping to make a breakthrough. You have kindly cleared my head today – thank you. Im just at the end of a book which was never ever in my plans – my life experience of growth, learning & what’s worked for me with Action plans for the reader. Just about to hand to my publisher with Fear, Excitement & Apprehension all rolled into one. Ill keep listening to your down to earth, honest advice. Blessings & thank you it’s a confusing world at times ! Sharon

  99. Thank you so much for this article.
    The biggest confusion in life and the hardest decision to take is what is best for you.
    Even in studies, it feels so confusing which subject to choose.
    Because if such decision comes out to be wrong one then it leads to wastage of time and energy.
    So thanks for this article and for choose this topic to write on.

  100. Hi Marie, thank you for this video! Your advice is always so helpful!! I’m starting now with my business and it’s hard to define my goals. Your answers are perfect to all of the questions!

    • Jessica Richardson

      Hi María! You are not alone. I am just starting out as well & defining goals has been a struggle for me as well. Keep pushing forward and best of luck to you! 🙂

  101. Great show! I’m a product designer trying to focus my expertise at work as well as my entrepreneurial interests. Your advice for Esther was particularly helpful. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  102. Barbara Bell

    Wow! This was really good. All of the questions helped me. I was encouraged to act more than think. I am educated, talented and experienced so no need to keep researching. You told one of the guest that they will figure some things out while engaging.

  103. Jessica Richardson

    Hi MF Team,
    Thank you so much for this clarity! I am currently in the learning state with my entrepreneur journey and have a gazillion ideas. Watching this definitely helped me figure out how to narrow down my ideas. Between providing creative services that require my beautiful singing voice, selling art, and blogging. Pinpointing which to start with first has been the first big battle so far. Instead of being consumed with fear of failure, I will counteract with faith and follow through !

  104. Celina Paquette

    While I was watching this episode, it made me sit down and write out who my niche audience is, which is something I have been struggling with. Thank you, Marie for explaining the why and the how of this process with clarity! I feel like I’ve finally unlocked something pretty magical.

  105. Ines

    So great content!!

  106. I needed to hear your thoughts on figuring out your niche!! I love how bluntly you put it, Marie and that’s exactly what I needed to hear to help me take the next step. I was literally having a conversation with my husband about this last night and hemming and hawing about how I wanted the clarity before I did anything! So, thank you!!

  107. Jamie

    Hi Marie, thanks for the words of encouragement. I have so many ideas, but I can never seem to get them off the ground. In short, I am a failure and frankly I am envious of those who do their dreams. I have never been this low, and I have no energy to do anything. I am broken and I don’t know if I can rise above this. I am a failure in every facet of my life. I am not looking for pity, that is no my style.. right now I am scaring myself with how low I feel. I don’t have the funds to get help either. So I am just drifting along each day with no sense of purpose. I don’t know what to do and can’t get myself to do anything.. Sorry, I know that does not make any sense.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Jamie – 
      Thank you so much for reaching out to us here. Please know all of us on Team Forleo are sending you lots of love and hugs. You are NOT alone or a failure. That’s simply false, and brings to mind one of my favorite ideas I learned from Marie: “I either win or learn, but I never lose.”
      Your feelings are valid, and know that everyone who’s achieved some form of success also experience dips and low points, too.

      Lastly, your note reminded me of two MarieTV episodes that may inspire you:
      What to Do When You Feel Useless and Alone:
      When You Doubt Everything and Just Want to Stay In Bed:

      You’ve got this! All of us are wishing you well, Jamie –– keep going! ?

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  109. Linda

    Great interview!! I have been struggling with zooming in on exactly how to expand my online presence in piano, music education. I wanted to do something nobody else did, differently because I see how the online teachers go too fast and overwhelm their audience. The result students give up. They come to me in my private studio frustrated and sad that they couldn’t follow an online curriculum . I’ve been thinking there’s got to be a way to help people to practice at home so this doesn’t happen. I need to buy these books and I need to start making lists of the pain points. My industry hasn’t changed for a couple hundred years!
    I will definitely be following this lady. Thank you for another great inspiration Marie!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This sounds like a fantastic niche, Linda! Your care and devotion for your students and industry shine through beautifully. We can’t wait to see what type of unique offering you’ll create!

  110. I’m new to your show and I absolutely love it!

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