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If you’re a writer, or any creative type sharing your personal work with the world, this episode is a must watch.

Dani Shapiro is one of the great memoirists of our time. She’s the author of a whopping four memoirs, five novels and has been featured everywhere from This American Life to The New Yorker. Her most recent book, Hourglass, is an intimate look inside her marriage (it’s fantastic — highly recommended).

If you’ve ever wanted to share a personal story with the world, or express your heart through your art, Dani has hard-won advice on this topic.

The idea of ever waiting for the world to grant you permission is a waste of energy, emotion, and time. @danijshapiro Click To Tweet

Tune in and learn:

  • How to tell your story when it involves other people.
  • The 2-word prompt that will immediately supercharge your writing. (When Dani shares this exercise during her retreats, not a single student hesitates before putting pen to paper.)
  • Why creativity shouldn’t feel good all the time.
  • Why it’s so important that you spend time with other artists — especially when you feel like a fraud.
  • The surprising — but critical — difference between confidence and courage.

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After you’ve watched, Dani and I would love to hear from you:

What’s the one insight that meant the most to you?

Most importantly, how can you turn that insight into action for your creative life? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

As Dani says, “To be an artist is to witness the world. Open your ears, open your eyes. Notice the gifts around you.”

Thank you so much for taking part of your day to be here and share your perspective and gifts with our community.

All my love,


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  1. Right on time, Marie! I find myself wondering do I look like a copy cat but you said it perfectly that we are all influenced by others. Thank you!

  2. Ania

    One day… I’ll…write My Story, thank U so much for this interview, for Yr time and Energy.
    Today I’m inside big black hole, bu trying to enjoy it.

  3. Julie Johnson

    I loved this episode! I’m a Jersey girl and a writer too!
    Dani Shapiro is so thoughtful and a true inspiration.
    My favorite insight was: “Is it true and is it useful?” Not only is it applicable when writing from an honest place but in living a life with integrity.

    • Iulia

      Julie, that was my favorite insight as well. Love that you’re applying it in life 🙂

  4. Sandisile

    I’ve been hearing that critical inner voice questioning my authenticity, who I am to write this, whether the world needs this, the quality of my writing, etc. So reassuring to hear that it’s part of the process.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes!! That was one of my favorite insights too, Sandisile – it’s so helpful for all of us 🙂

  5. Karen M.

    Of all of the interviews I’ve watched. I believe this was my favorite.
    I could listen to her forever. There weren’t any favorite parts because it was ALL excellent.
    I sincerely thank you for this.

    • Ashley

      I agree?

  6. Marie your insights always seem to show up on the right day for me. This morning I sat down to build a new program dedicated to inspiring people to have brave, honest conversations in their lives, organizations and communities. It includes a book, training and speeches. It builds on 25 years of working holding space for really tough conversations so people can find each other, and solutions that work. And it scares me to death, taking this next step into this work. Shaking in my boots fear. I love Dani Shapiro’s work, and this video inspired me to keep going: “Gifts are nothing without endurability” and held me steady “#timetomakethedonuts”. It gave me freedom to keep going despite the fear too, reminding me that courage is being afraid and doing it anyway. Thank you for today (and all your messages) from the bottom of my heart. Right day. Right message. Keep up your beautiful work in the world. It matters.

    • Esther

      Thank you for your comment too Stephani! I’ve just read some comments before hearing the interview. And I am excited for your program, book and courage.

  7. Great interview! I am always trying to convey to others the difference between confidence and courage. My view is that courage is what gets you experience, experience is what gives you confidence. But I am pondering Dani’s take that confidence can also be used as a ‘mask for insecurity’. I think that comes from not facing your fears, but by ignoring them altogether. It really is an important distinction.

  8. Cheryl

    There were so many interesting points here and many moments when I found myself nodding in agreement as I was listening. The words that really hit me and kept coming back to me is the idea that I am waiting for permission. It is exactly inline with who I am as a person and so it makes perfect sense. I hadn’t realized before now that as a writer and as a person, I am always asking for or waiting for permission. This hit me hard and is exactly what I needed to understand what holds me back ❤️

  9. As I begin to write a book I want to write, but really don’t know how to do it, Dani’s words that inspiration is a myth is super helpful to me. Now I know that if I want to write my story, my book, then I can do that, but knowing now that it won’t just flow out of my brain. I will have to chip away at it every day and take the time I need to get the words on the paper. Even if that is a year or 2 years. Long term goals for me are hard. They are over whelming and daunting. I have found that to make any progress, I just have to sit and work every day. It might be 10 minutes worth, it might be 2 hours worth, but I have to be okay with whatever I do every day. Thanks Marie for bringing awesome inspiration to me every week!

  10. Terri Gregory

    WOMANNNN! Writing my story without hurting others is something I went to sleep thinking about and woke up to this!?!?! Really? Than you, Marie, thank you, Dani, thank you Universe.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Terri! The Universe is talking! 😀

  11. Alaina

    This video was amazing! Thank you so much Dani for your beautiful insight. You really struck me when you talked about the difference between confidence and courage. I’m terrified of trying so many things, but that uncomfortable feeling may be a good thing.

    Thank you again! xoxo

  12. I’m always worried about telling the “whole” story… so I appreciate Dani sharing about how my story is what happened on my side of the door. We each have “our own” truth and so our responsibility may not extend farther than that.
    Wonderful talk today ladies.

    • loved all the nuggets of wisdom. so much. I appreciated hearing her story and experience in writing…I’m often needing the reminders of being patient and persevering. having the courage to show up rather than focusing on being confident (or not enough)…not minding what people think…enduring! Act anyway (despite the inner gremlins)..Thanks so much!

  13. only word for this interview…INCREDIBLE!! my favorite was the comparison of confidence versus courage, so incredibly insightful. We too often as women seek the self love, the pervasive “confidence”, that we internally believe will help us get to where we want to be…If i ONLY was more confident, i would worry less, i would not think “what if”. SOOOO wrong…it was an AHA to realize that it is courage that takes us to the places we want and dream to go…. I know how courage feels and I know I can achieve that!!!! WHOOOHOOO xoxox Thanks as always for bringing to us these incredible individuals who can help so many with their words and approach to life. xoxo #allaboutcourage

  14. Jackie Stouffer

    People have always told me, “You need to write a book”, but I have worried about violating the lives of those who are part of my story. I loved the side of the door analogy. I will begin by “writing it as if no one will ever read it”. My side of the story is my story to tell.
    Thank you!

  15. So many great nuggets. I write quite a bit for other people and find it easy and fun and invigorating, but find it blazingly impossible to write about myself in any sort of positive way. Even on my own business page, I had to write about myself in the third person in order to manage a positive description. I love the two-word “I remember” prompt. Even in my head, as soon as Dani mentioned it, I was able to come up with memories and narratives that were wholly positive and emotion-inspiring. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh you’re SO not alone there, Kim. It amazes me sometimes how we’re the most critical of ourselves and how hard it is to be positive for many of us when we’re talking about ourselve and our work. Using “I remember” is a great strategy for this, so thank you for sharing your insights!

  16. Marika

    Thank you so much for this episode and inspiration every week. It was so great this time it even made me leave a comment which I usually don’t:) I’m not a writer but I work as a Pilates teacher. It is a creative job for me because before every single group class I am trying to create something new about it, either approach or new exercises and the inner voice has always been there. Especially when new experienced people are coming or instructors to take a class, I hear that voice saying : who are you to tell them.. they already know.. this is boring :).. what are you going to tell them now:). It was so good to know that I’m not the only one going through this. Very inspirational and motivational. I also loved very much the question before you write – Is this true?Is it useful? Thank you so much again for a great interview.

  17. YiRan

    This is my favorite interview so far—there are so many pearls of wisdom by Dani Shapiro. I loved “Courage is facing your fear and doing it anyway. Confidence can be this overrated mask of insecurity.” Also, “Give yourself the permission to refer to yourself as a writer before the world refers to you as a writer.” (I’m paraphrasing.) And, “The sense of urgency comes from an internal place.” Finally, “Kishke—the inside place—that’s where the best work comes from.”

  18. Dolly

    I’m not a writer. And don’t aspire to be. But this was still truly inspirational. Thank you. Keep keepin’ on.

  19. As a independant software developer I found that this interview was right on mark – not just for writers but for most any of us folks. Thank you for your insight and work!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right on, Mike! Dani’s insights definitely apply to anyone doing any type of creative work 🙂

  20. Hi Marie! I am a student of Dani’s. I was delighted to see this interview in my inbox– the chemistry between you two is wonderful and I’m sure will inspire many, many people. As it happens, I’m nearing completion of a manuscript that discusses my family, work life, and friends, which at times has been scary to write. Now, at the point where I know it’s likelier than ever to be seen, there’s a new level of scary. Tense conversations, lessons in humility– all worth it, and more to the point, necessary. So, your and Dani’s words about courage and permission could not have come at a better time for me. Thank you.

  21. Allison

    Wow, I needed this, thank you!! I love the discussion of productive despair. That’s where I am right now, and hearing her talk about putting aside 200 pages, helps me see that I can restart my novel, that it’s OK, if I don’t like it, I don’t have to keep it simply because I wrote it. I think I’m getting to the bottom of the ocean floor.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Allison!

  22. Dear Marie, as always you are fantastic on your interviews!!! Dani Shaphiro is also very special and so open with her answers. I already wrote a book and had a problem with my family as many writers do. And now I am writing my second book and it was so important to listen to both of you, to bring my confidence to be able to make the best spiritual and practical orientation on it.
    I love what you do and I thank you specially for your great results!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad Dani’s wisdom was helpful, Nancy! As she mentioned, the second book is often the most difficult, so we’ll be sending lots of love and positive energy your way as you’re writing your second book. You got this!

  23. “Productive despair” is the big takeaway for me. I feel waaaay less lonely knowing others wade through this complex emotion, and that it’s actually a good sign, something to relish, use it as fuel for better! Thanks Marie and Dani!

  24. “I’m a seeker who likes to live in the questions.”
    Absolutely love this quote, it gives such an accurate description of who I am. And I suddenly feel it’s ok to be that person. I’m going to live in the questions and seek some more. Thank you so much, Dani and Marie.

  25. Kelly Summersett

    Loved this interview and found it beautifully freaky (I see you Universe!) that I wrote about this very topic yesterday, including talking about the ‘muscles’ we need to develop to turn our gifts into success. Love it! Crazy cool how this showed up in your interview today.

  26. Bea

    The timing of this interview with Dani Shapiro is impeccable! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this pep talk from an inspirational writer, to an aspiring writer like myself. ❤️. I loved how she encouraged writers to write especially when they don’t feel like it. That’s my #1 excuse to not write most days, aside from the fear of throwing my loved ones under the bus. I will write now, no matter what the demons say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marie and Dani!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It really is true that sometimes your best work comes out when you don’t expect it to and on the days you didn’t feel like writing. 🙂

  27. Alix

    My insight from the video is how kind Dani is and how, even though she is tough on herself, she pushes through and does the work. I think we can all relate to being hard on ourselves and that maybe with habit and a learned kindness over time, we can be honest with ourselves and yet, still be kind.

  28. Hello Marie & Dani
    I have not watched THAT many episodes of MarieTV to date, but this one has been my favourite so far. I am not a writer, but I can apply a lot of what Dani shared to my life. Suddenly I don’t feel as if there is something wrong with me and that everyone else is doing so much better. Dani seems to have a level of self-acceptance and humanity that is contagious.

    Thank you both so much

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re doing great, Kathleen! It may not always feel like it (gotta love the negative voice in the back of our heads), but there’s nothing wrong with you. Marie actually has an episode of MarieTV about feeling behind in life that I hope you’ll find inspiring and encouraging:

  29. Christie Fisher

    This was awesome! Dani is so authentic and genuine! “Courage is facing your fear and doing it anyway.” I’m an artist and this is CRUCIAL for getting your work done. Its the energy of your passion and your joy DOING art that is your guide to KNOW THESE ARE THE GIFTS YOU CAME HERE TO SHARE. “Don’t wait for the world’s permission.” Do it anyway! I loved when Dani said about feeling in the flow of confidence and how that is when the “worst” work can be generated. It’s when you’re more in the despair or sinking down (then pushing up from bottom) when maybe the best work comes. WOW! Thanks Marie and Dani!

  30. Amazing. Amazing! To everyone involved in helping bring this interview to us, many many thanks.

  31. I really needed this today as it helped squash my daily self doubt. Thank you to everyone who created this episode! My favorite insight was “to be an artist is to notice the world around you.” I aspire to do that in my writing…to be aware enough to catch the tiny threads that others may miss. It’s in those threads that we are all connected and the strongest, most powerful stories are waiting to be uncovered.

    Thanks again!

  32. I love Dani Shapiro! Her book ‘Still Writing’ was life-changing for me. I love the idea that the ideas that come with ‘blustering confidence’ can often fall flat, whereas the ones that scare the crap out of us are the most powerful. Also, the idea that cleverness and showing off are never okay. I had an acting teacher in university who despised cleverness and always encouraged us to find more genuine answers. Creating authentically is hard and scary and those feelings of fear seem to be good indicators that we’re on the right path!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! Sometimes fear can be a manifestation of our intuition trying to tell us something good.

  33. Amazing talk. I loved “I remember…” and I’ll check out Sirenland since I live in Sweden…and Positano isn’t so far!

  34. This is so timely. It’s so reassuring I’m not alone in the productive despair ring. Also, thought it was just my process that feels so dour. I love the #timetomakethedonuts call to arms.

  35. Fabulous ! Persistence, patience, durability and endurance. I’m working on my 3rd book right now and this fit the bill for me .. thank you Dani ! AND as always Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Melisa! We’ll be sending good vibes your way for your third book and all you’re creating.

  36. Hannah Knies

    Perfect timing, thanks so much Marie! My biggest takeaway (as I have just started writing my 2nd book): Inspiration won’t suffice. So, I am going to dedicate 45 minutes of my time to writing every single day (altered my calendar accordingly while the video was still playing). Plus: I’m not going to leave the page until I actually put something down on it. Inner censor: You better get prepared. <3

    Smiling with gratitude. Thank you so much Marie for all you do! Sending heaps of love your way,
    Hannah xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YEAH! That’s a great action plan, Hannah! That inner censor better run and hide now. 🙂

      • Hannah Knies

        Hehe ?

  37. This episode was the boost I need to start my book. It is one of my big resolution for this year and the years to come.

    Today, I finally open a new document, plan and words come naturally. It’s a new adventure and an act of love to myself.

    Sacred space and consistence, courage and confidence. I know I will come see again and again this episode along my journey of writing.

  38. Yazminh

    Oh my gawd. I needed to hear all this so badly. THANK YOU, Dani, for allowing us to know we have permission to be completely true to our story, to our side of the door.
    And as always, thank YOU, Marie, for bringing such wisdom to share with us! Love you, your B-School, your crew, and all you do and stand for! XOXO

  39. Amy

    My favorite part of your interview with Dani Shapiro was the prompt, ” I remember”. I have dabbled with writing. I have been told I should be a writer for many years. I have been encouraged by your courageousness to step forward to trust my story too is worth telling. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Amy! And there are lots of books out there with writing prompts. I have one called The Daily Writer that’s really good.

  40. How should I answer the question, “What do I do?” With no upcoming exhibitions to promote, no creative project in the works, only an urge to pursue my dream, I should answer, “I’m an artist.” Now, #timetomakethedoughnuts.

  41. Dani’s comment that ‘The feeling of having inspiration is a myth’ is enlightening. Therefore, we should ‘Create Anyways’.
    Thank you for that.

  42. Oh man, I cried watching this. I know I need to write what is hard to write, I’ve known this for a long time. First take away: “If it is scary to write, that is what you need to write.” I am pittle-farting around with my writing and have avoided writing the real stuff until this past September when I started my own memoir. It is spilling over and I am being more honest (less afraid to speak my truth and show people who I am) in other parts of my life and work. I KNOW this is good advice as a writer and human being.
    Second take away: “Be resilient.” Because I suffer from a life time of not liking myself, putting myself out there was my first challenge. I understand now that it is just part of the process and the world will never be void of critics nor will my head! Also, I have notice the things that are hardest for me to put out there get the most positive feedback.
    My biggest take-away: “Is this true?” and “Is this useful?”- I will use these questions to guide me. I have a lot of truth I need to get off my chest about being a birth mother at age 16 and fighting depression since my 20’s but I also must make it useful.
    Thanks ladies, I am going right now to see if I can take one of Dani’s classes.

  43. Hello, I loved this interview!! What was the book/writer who penned the “I remember” prompt?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question! It’s I Remember by Joe Brainard.

  44. Best Marie TV ep yet! This came just at the right time for me and Dani is fantastic! Thank you for doing what you do.

  45. Joseann

    Great interview, thank you so much. I thought that the part about the inner critic and how “inventive” it is was very helpful. After the interview I had this curious feeling that “yes, I could also write a book, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to be a writer”. Funny. Can one write a book without being a writer?

  46. As a Jersey Girl as well, I took copious notes and totally absorbed every word Dani said. Great questions Marie too. I need to watch it again and again to get my courage up to start writing. I am an Abstract painter which comes naturally as did dancing. One would think self expression is easy… but Iam not sure why the “inner sensors” are loudly telling me..why bother but each time I think about writing. I listen to inspiring, warm hearted writers who tell us their how, why, what, when, where… And an excitement is stirred with in me. Thank you for stirring my brain. Big Xxo Katrina NJ/ CA(East Coast/ West Coast Girl)
    Marie, I love these podcasts. Great job!!!!????????
    P.s. love the paintings. Marie did u paint those???

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this episode, Katrina! It means the world to us that you like Marie’s podcasts as well. The paintings were commissioned several years ago (Marie didn’t paint them), but we’re so glad you like them! We appreciate you tuning in and are really happy you’re sharing your artwork with the world. 🙂

  47. Cynthia Restivo

    My favorite episode thus far!
    Thank you!!!
    Favorite lines:
    Write this same book, 10 years later. (I am doing this now and this inspires me to dig in)
    Productive Despair; allow it to become creative recklessness that cuts through; hit bottom and push up from there.

  48. I love how Ms. Shapiro says, “Confidence is an overrated mask for insecurity”, when applied to one’s self.
    Kimberly Wilde-Warfield

  49. Ann

    I spent years blaming my problems on others. If everything is someone else’s fault, it’s a glaring sign you have to work on who you are, and what are your own issues. Until you look in the mirror and really address your true self, you don’t have the right to tell your story. It needs to be YOUR story, not blaming others for your contributions to your life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such a good point, Ann. A lot of the work that goes into writing (like processing events and making sense of things) happens off the page because it’s happening within ourselves.

  50. Steph

    I love how Dani described the ideas of shaping one’s own schedule by using little rituals to create a sacred space of focus; that no one else will give you permission for, or even request your work; that “gifts are nothing without endurability”. Her words gave me a sense of my own power over my time, work & art.

  51. Debi Simmons

    Silent tears filled my eyes as I listened to this. I have a story, a message. I have written three adult books and four children books and the writing of them were catalysts that led me to a whole different world of understanding. I have another book nearly done that is powerful and dear to me. This video gives me courage to move forward and the feeling that maybe there is someone out there that I can relate to and that will understand what I am feeling and why it is so important to me to share. Thank you, Debi Simmons aka Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! Your words are meant to touch others. That’s just one of the many magical things about books––they can make people feel less alone.

  52. There was a lot of food for thought in this conversation. Thank you for bringing it to us. I’ll be pondering the endurability needed as a companion to gifts. That’s tough. Persevering on days when I’d rather do anything else, be anywhere else is really, really, really hard sometimes.
    I’m encouraged though and I thank you both for that!
    I’ll wait somewhat patiently to read your book Marie! “May the wind be always at your back.” 🙂

  53. Elaine Dolan

    There simply was not JUST ONE THING. This interview with Dani Shapiro is an accurate depiction of the quivering aspiring author. Confidence, what’s that? In short order, what do I have to offer? Who cares. How will they eviscerate me? And family, OMG not one of them knew what was going on, or would have the same opinion of it if they did. To say that productive despair exists and is actually useful, in fact, a positive indicator of deeper insight, is very encouraging. Please slather on some day to day persistence, okay? The obvious considerations of what will they think?… and the beauty of the realization that no one is going to feel or respond to your words the way you have internally sweat over and predicted for years after your first insight…and then instead, they will attack from some surprise place you could never anticipate! I’m still taking it in that we must have readers because we cannot see our own writing clearly–even when readers may never have been to those personal extremities. And I loved that simple *I remember* exercise. It’s true, no one cannot finish that sentence. It’s a beautiful connector of memory beads in a string. Thank you for the share!

  54. Surelys

    Dani’s sharing was so powerful! I was moved by her humanity, honesty, and the details of her process. Hearing how she struggles, wrestles with the same deamons as me and her grit. It was like listening to a friend, a mentor, and my own inner wise woman talk all at once. Very surreal. Thank you both!

  55. Ah!!! Thank you so much for having Dani on your show. The timing of this for me, coming today, was amazing, crystalline and poignant. Thank you!!

  56. So powerful and I’m not even trying to be a writer. I’m an entrepreneur, 9 months into my company’s journey which has been filled with magical ‘ups’ and discouraging ‘downs’. I keep telling myself that it’s all part of the wonderful journey called life but getting reassurance from you and Deni has brought me to tears today. We try to stay positive, sometimes fake the smile when it’s ‘time to make the donuts’, but deep down I do believe that I’m on the right path helping to heal the world from dis-ease and contributing to the greater good to make our planet a happier place.
    On that note, lunch is over…time to make the donuts 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The first year of entrepreneurship can be tough, but we believe in you. We’ve got our fingers crossed that 2018 has lots of ‘ups’ for you. 🙂

  57. Molly

    This was fantastic! So many insights shared and captured.
    A few for me were about setting boundaries around the time and space to write – in solitude. As a mom to two teens, my summers become mayhem and gettin’ outta dodge has been my respite!
    And the writing prompt – “I remember…” – I’m not much into writing prompts but this one fits – with any topic – any day!
    And I so appreciated Dani’s perspective on writing about experiences that are shared among family members. It’s a healing process for me and one that just may initiate someone else’s. Connecting in the mess is good stuff.
    Thank you Marie for all that you share – of yourself and others who inspire you!

  58. David

    Hi, Marie
    This is actually the first time I’ve commented on one of your interviews, though I’ve been a fan for over a year. I absolutely love the work you do, please, don’t ever let that inner critic discourage you, as there are many of us who truly appreciate you and all the cool things you do.
    Today, I had to comment on your interview with Dani Shapiro. What a blessing it was. Her insights and thoughts definitely touched me deeply. I especially liked the quote she made from the Sabbath prayer: “The days pass. The years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles.” What a powerful thought, and it drew me to make the commitment to never allow myself to be sightless again.
    Thank you, so much, for having the courage to make yourself visible. You are indeed a miracle, and I’m so glad I got to see you today. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, David! That’s so kind of you to say. We’re really glad you commented today––you’re welcome to anytime––and we appreciate you being in the MarieTV family.

  59. Marie in my opinion, this is the best interview so far. I have been afraid to even think about writing a memoir, and I do like to write and I do think I have at least a few stories to tell. I took a workshop and gave up after I went from empowered to discouraged in the first two classes. My inner critic is infinitely more very creative than my inner creative writer is. Thanks to this video, I now feel a freedom to allow the creative process to do whatever it does and go wherever it takes me, to unfold, to flow, to get stuck, to revert, etc. The funny thing is, I have an new awareness that this may result in a book or not, in a move or not, in a new relationship or not, in notoriety or not. The greatest gift I got from this interview is knowing that the only permission I ever need is my own and that is a gift that will keep on giving. Thank you Marie. Thank you Dani.

  60. Paula

    “I remember…” this is what I will start with tonight. I’ve been praying my rosary for inspiration and guidance for to start writing again. As Dani Spiro just said, “look around for guidance, mentors and see what is there to help you.” were the words that spoke to me. This interview feels like an answer to my prayer. Every question, every word spoke by Dani spoke to me as if it were a guidebook just hand down from heaven. Thank you so much.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Paula! There may be someone you haven’t met yet who can help you or even someone who’s been in your life for awhile who you hadn’t thought to ask for help. We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll find help and support for putting pen to paper.

  61. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marie and Dani!
    I’m working on rewriting my second book, while prepping my third book, researching my fourth book, and developing a documentary project; all this after a year of “productive despair”. I feel so blessed to have started my writing day with listening to y’alls discussion. I took a lot away, but the two poignant lessons are “gifts are nothing without endurability” and the Sabbath Prayer, “the days pass and the years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles.”
    This is my encore career, even though I’ve been writing since childhood, I never had given myself permission to see it as a legitimate profession, even after writing my first book. I self-published as an Ebook, and was told by a dear cousin, “That’s not really a book, because it’s not in print.” Not one of my family members bought the book, and they simply didn’t want to respect me or my work…it halted my flow, until I realized that I truly had come to a “fork-in-the-road moment”. I would either live true to me or live for acceptance; I figured, since I’d be leaving this world by myself one day, I might as well walk it by myself, if it meant living a half-ass life. Thank you again for the insights and brightening up my day! Joy to all, Cindy Gonzalez

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear your family hasn’t been supportive of your writing, Cindy. That doesn’t diminish your truth––you still have dreams to share with the world. We’re super proud of you for not giving up. It really is true what Marie says: “the world needs that special gift that only YOU have.”

    • David

      Like Mandy, I too am sorry to hear that your family chose not to respect your dream. Unfortunately, those buried in mediocrity and cowed in fear often respond that way toward one who wishes to take a step up in life.

      But I just wanted to let you know that even though you chose to walk the road by yourself, you really aren’t by yourself. I truly believe you have a whole lot of folks right here who are pulling for you to have that big win you are dreaming of, myself included.

      You have truly inspired me by your comment: “I’m working on rewriting my second book, while prepping my third book, researching my fourth book, and developing a documentary project; all this after a year of ‘productive despair’.” What great courage you have shown. Wow. I don’t know you, but I admire what you’ve done. I wish you all the best.

  62. Juan Antonio

    I really enjoyed listening to your conversation with Dani Shapiro.
    I had to get a pen and paper to write down some inspiring passages.
    I think her points on “Courage and Confidence” are right on.
    Today I met another important THOUGT LEADER.
    Love you and your work!

  63. Angela

    Thank you so much for this! I have been getting a lot of messages/signs that I should write. And I think I want to. But I don’t believe I’m a writer…yet. Great info in this interview for a newbie!!

  64. jen

    I really enjoyed this interview! I think that the two takeaways that are going to float in my thinking are “Every day a new indignity” and “Don’t be sightless amid the miracles.” Gonna go find some indignities and miracles now!

  65. This probably arrived in my inbox at a time I needed it most. I (sort of) run a travel blog and I’ve not written anything in a while. My last post was a downer, literally, it was about death, and I’ve not been inspired to write in a very long time. It’s something that’s been nagging at me at the back of my mind. On one hand, I excuse myself by saying that writing is my day job (content marketer) and by the time I’m done with work, I just don’t want to write anymore. On the other, I desperately want to grow my blog and inspire other women… Which obviously means I have to write on.

    I liked that Dani, in the sweetest voice, told me to quit being a baby about it and just get to it. I never realised how much of a gift it was to have moments of quietness to get lost in words and to write like a motherchopper. I want so badly to create and I know that words are my medium… I’m rambling because I don’t know how to express that “time is of the essence” vibe I suddenly have. I’m so thankful that this interview has rekindled that sense in me.

    So what action am I going to take? (Sharing this here almost feels like I’m marrying someone, publicising my commitment is scary but what the heck.) After work each day, I’m going to mentally restart my day (another great piece of advice) and take 20 minutes to write. I’ll start with 20 minutes and if I enter that flow state, great. If I don’t, at least I’ve trained my writing muscles. Winning either way.

    Thanks, Marie and Dani for putting out so much wisdom and inspiration and giving me a good kick up the rear to get moving. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Nicole! That’s a great action plan! I once heard a writer say the secret to writing is staring at a blank page and not getting up until you’ve written something. He said eventually you get into that space faster and faster because when you know you’re not going to get up until you write something it trains your brain to get moving.

  66. Wow! Just ONE insight?

    This gem was a firework spectacle of truth-and-love-and-wisdom-and-kick-in-the-booty bombs one after the other. Thank you so much Marie — and Dani!

    I religiously watch your shows, yet rarely comment. And I’m realizing that part of the reason is that I haven’t really (I mean REALLY) given myself permission to truly, fully express myself. I’ve certainly gotten much better… and, it’s definitely a process that I often feel like a snail trudging through molasses.

    This episode has been such a beautiful mirror for how I take baby steps to move forward but, honestly, still notice myself keeping the brakes on. I tend to keep my Inner Artist caged in, only letting her take flights in short spurts and even then making sure to keep her on a short leash.

    As soon as I’m done sending this post I’ll be turning this particular insight into action by committing to setting a timer for just 9 little bite-sized minutes to begin writing something I’ve been putting off writing. I will devote myself to this process for the remainder of this week and check in with myself on Sunday to notice and reflect on what else has been evoked. I figure sometimes Creativity just needs a tiny nudge of momentum to get Her to show up. 🙂

    Thank you, ladies. So much!

    • Jan

      That’s a great idea, Sylvia. I’ll set my timer along with you 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart! Little chunks of time can really add up to big things. 🙂

  67. Susan deGeneres

    Thank you for the lessons and insights of this interview. I guess I’ve always known that I am a writer, but like many I suppose, I lost that knowledge in a lifetime of self-doubt and striving to meet other people’s sense of value and expectations. This past year, I’ve been caring for my aging parents and thinking about writing about that experience. The “I remember” prompt is a perfect way for me to create a journal that will form the foundation of my book. The best thing is – I can jot a short line or two while waiting for a prescription. Or, write in more detail and depth as I sit by my mother’s bedside. I guess if I can have the courage to help my folks through this stage of their lives, I can find the courage to write about it.
    So thanks again and here’s to writing about you kid. Lol.

    • Jan

      Hi Gigi, I spent last year by mother’s bedside, too. “I remember” is a great prompt. Heartfelt wishes to you as you write about this highly emotionally charged time in your life–it will definitely strike a chord with many. Good luck 🙂

  68. gigi

    I didn´t find my own voice and gave up too early but I can do it now! Thank you so much.

  69. Real good interview. The only thing that would’ve been helpful is for her to share resources!! There are writers who are ready for the next step. It would’ve been good to hear from her on choosing the right publishing companies, agents etc.

    I hope she did and I missed it somehow!! :)))

    Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a good point. Dani didn’t talk too much on finding publishers and agents (that seems like a super in-depth conversation that could take hours or days), but she does have workshops and blog posts listed on her website: That could be a great place to find the resources she recommends and get her thoughts on those topics. I hope it helps!

  70. “Gifts are nothing without endurability.” – Dani Shapiro
    This quote is so incredibly powerful and is the difference between getting your gifts out into the world and inspiring humanity…or not. LOVE this. It inspires me to continue to endure as I plug along doing what I love. Thank you!

  71. Thank you so much for the gift of “calling yourself a writer”. Although I’ve written a children’s series that rhymes- I often dismiss that I am a writer. That mentality has made it more challenging to write for another audience. Well – no more! I’m a writer from here on out. Thanks again for the great mind shift!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s right! You’re a writer and you’re allowed to claim the title. 🙂

  72. nadj

    amazing itw, she reminds me my artist’s work as a songwriter! thank you for this!!!
    my insight is to continue my work of creation even if I’m 43, even if I didn’t meet great success, because it makes me feel alive and give a sense to my life.
    thanks to remind me the hard process of this, deep and powerful as well, to give birth!

  73. My favorite insight was….spend time with other creators…calling yourself a creator is super important and something I struggled with for a long time. I’m a writer, a painter, a landscaper, and a whole host of other creative things. I had something in my head that since I didn’t make my living doing any of those things, I couldn’t use the descriptive for myself. Claiming that language for myself has been somewhat of a rebellious act that has had unforeseen benefits in my creative outlets. Thank you for confirming it further!

  74. Virginia Reeves

    I remember.
    Like that simple trick to delve into yourself. You memories will unveil beliefs, high and low points, attitudes, hopes realized or not, goals met or still need to work on, and so much more. Thanks Dani and Marie for sharing these thoughts with us.

  75. This was so timely for me. I started writing my memoir 17 years ago! I tried to share it with the world in 2012 and freaked out, hit a wall and fell into massive fear. I finally published my first book, but with very little of my story in it. Now people are asking me to tell more of my story. What I’ve been afraid of is how ‘so and so’ will feel when they read my version of the story. I loved the statement Dani said about that guy who described the abuse of his brother and how one side of the door was his perspective to tell. This was a pivotal comment for me as I am the witness of some horrendous abuse, but I am the witness so I have felt weird in telling someone else’s story. I now have a reframe and a boundary I can keep while sharing. Thank you Dani and Marie for this insightful conversation!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Amelía! I’ve even seen some writers put a “disclaimer” of sorts in their memoir that says something like, “this is how I remember things, but memory is subjective and a lot of time has passed, so I’ve done my best to do the story justice and reconstruct the memories that inspired this memoir in the truest way I know how.” Memory is fallible, so sometimes writers just have to do the best they can and know that they’ll never get a story with a 100% objective viewpoint.

      • Oh thanks Mandy, I will remember that disclaimer! 🙂

  76. Colleen

    Loved the interview with Dani Shapiro…
    I remember the first time i sat down to write….

  77. It’s really interesting,
    Thank you.

  78. Jan

    Thanks, Marie and Dani–wise words I took to heart today. As a writer who has survived three years of drastic life upheaval, I’ve been finding it difficult to get back into the practice of persistence, which had always been one of my most valued and valuable assets. When Dani described persistence as a muscle, it was the nugget I think I’ve been searching for. I am trying to delve back into solid days of productive writing, yet that muscle of persistence must be exercised and built up again. So, I’m reframing and starting my day–and my 2018–over again right now. Thanks again 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Jan! We’re sending high fives and happy dances your way as you’re flexing your persistence muscles. 🙂

  79. Dani Shapiro…my kind od mentor:) thank you for this eyes ears mind and heart opening interview Marie!!

  80. “I remember”…. what an incredibly powerful message. So many amazing thoughts and memories emerge just by starting with these 2 emotion-evoking words. I will use this exercise when I am stumped or blocked in my writing.
    “The idea of ever waiting for the world to grant you permission is a waste of energy, emotion and time.” I love this!! The time is always now. Thank you for another incredible interview. Much love! Gaby

  81. Insight that stands out for me: you can restart your day anytime, regain that dreamy state.
    I’ve been struggling with a schedule. I’m mostly retired and morphing into writing and teaching writing full time. I manage to post a blog post once a week now, and now I need to ramp up more. I write first thing in the morning but often that derails other things such as breakfast and exercise. Seeing that I can reboot anytime makes it less scary to do something else first, trusting that when I get back to writing it will still be there.
    Thank you soooooo much.❤?

  82. I LOVED this episode. You two were speaking my LANGUAGE. I was just talking about this idea of waiting for permission in an interview I did this morning, then to see this title?? Amazing.

    Thanks again for clarifying the difference between courage and confidence. It was so on the nose and courage taps into a deeper part of who we are. That innate desire to make our world a better place.

    So, so good. Thanks for taking courage when you were just starting out, Dani! (And Marie!) You’ve created beauty that the world (perhaps) didn’t ask for but certainly needed! XOXO.

  83. Kim

    Thank you so much for this one! I started writing a book 3 years ago and shelved it when life got too busy with work, moving house, kids etc. I have decided to finish it in 2018…and it’s such a relief to know that my concerns and fears are normal. My biggest takeaway is that there will be days (weeks? hope not) where inspiration doesn’t come, but you sit down and write anyway. Also, for years I was worried what my family would think, so the trick of writing it as if no one will ever read it is one I will keep in mind. Thank you so much Marie and Dani!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a great goal, Kim! 🙂

  84. OMG – EXACTLY what I’m going though! My next book is coming out in less than a month that’s about the wise and wacky sayings of my Grandma Esther. To explain her sayings and what was behind them I had to relate a LOT of family history. What I did NOT realize that this writing would end up being somewhat auto-biographical. I found myself revealing things about my past that I’d never published before, and wondering if I should! I tried to tell my grandmother’s story without vilifying her in some cases, but I wanted to tell the truth. My mom (her mother) read the draft and said I told the truth without disrespecting her mom. That was so important to me and, as Dani said, I was totally prepared for my own mother to have “veto power” in the story. What a great interview – thank you! (AGAIN!)

  85. “Time to make the donuts!” There were many, many great insights in this lovely interview, but I particularly love the simple metaphor of the baker getting up every morning to crank out those circles of joy (regardless if one is in the mood or not… it’s a commitment). For me, it’s a reminder to just keep showing up and to keep putting the words down on paper. Thanks for the incredibly gracious, heartfelt and illuminating interview :-).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Curtis. Writing is an art, but in some ways it’s like a job too and requires that same constant commitment to move forward. We’re so glad you liked this interview!

  86. This is one of the best interviews I’ve seen – not just inspiring but also actionable. Thank you Marie & Dani!

  87. Paola Testoni

    That’s exactly how I grew up and lived all my life: doing it even if scared and having to do it on my own, I became courageous, because I was brave and I had so much to give to the world….!! BTW I am still doing it of course, after so many changes and setbacks, and a few real gifts and successes….I just tune out the noise and tune into my creative soul to express the best I have to offer …!
    So true, I keep saying I do not clock in and out in an office where someone is giving me instructions and goals and tools…But being an artist I am constantly challenging my own beliefs and fears to midwife my creative process since creation for me as a dancer, is constant flow and change.
    Thank you, Marie, for bringing Dani to us sharing her wisdom and spreading her reassuring, calm, grounded yet light and nurturing presence. This was a GIFT!

    Many Blessings,


  88. Maria

    Thank you Marie and Dani for your gift of this wonderful interview.
    There was so much that resonated with me and will be helpful as I continue my journey writing. Much to reflect on and to put into motion. For me, the prayer passage touched me deeply. It was very beautiful and really powerful. I stay to myself and feel alone often, perhaps not noticing the gifts around me. I want to begin noticing the
    miracles around me. Thank you.

  89. Y. Schwartz

    Is my first time on your blog and I truly enjoyed this interview. Was humbly empowering and inspirational. Thanks Marie and Dani.
    Certainly, as Dani said, “everybody has a book in it” but the hardest part comes when you feel/want to write that book down. This conversation gave me great advices to consider.
    My favorite insight was: “You have to believe in yourself before the world believes in you as a writer. Give to yourself the permission to refer to yourself as a writer”.

  90. Kristin

    I absolutely loved this! What a beautiful calming and wise spirit she is. Thank you for sharing this with us Marie, I took away so many nuggets from it that I will use in my everyday life! XO

  91. Kalil

    Love the comment, “Is it true and is it useful?” Your writting lasts forever.

  92. Annmarie

    Wonderful, inspiring and timely message! So many takeaways, but two realizations struck me the most: 1. I’ve been writing my whole life in one way, shape or form yet never refer to myself as a writer. Something to reflect upon…
    2. In the fall, there was an amazing and completely unexpected shift in my journey. While it has a profound impact on my future, it has become clear that it ties together so many elements of my past in a way I never thought possible. People’s reactions to the story are so strong and REAL that I am feeling compelled to write every day. I feel that I am meant to tell this story. I don’t know what it might become, but in the last several days I have been wrestling with how my telling of this story impacts the others involved. I couldn’t have asked for a better episode of MarieTV to greet me this morning. Thanks so much to both you and Dani!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode came at just the right time, Annmarie! You *are* a writer and we’re proud of you for putting yourself out there and sharing your story.

  93. Debbie

    Stop waiting for permission or for the world to come to me and say, “we need this”
    Loved it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! The world needs art, but it doesn’t always know to say that. Sometimes the world doesn’t know what it needs until it sees it, so artists/writers have to keep on creating and trust the universe that their work will reach those who need it most. 🙂

  94. Mary

    Wow! Dani, what an inspiration you are! What would you say if I told you the story I want to write was actually to tell my late husband’s story? His life was so inspiring and could help so many. Is that possible? But I do not know where to begin. Perhaps with “I remember…”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Mary! Dani told the story of her parent’s accident two ways. First in fictionalized form, which allowed her to imagine the perspectives of characters who weren’t herself, then later in memoir where she was limited to her perspective. There’s value in both, so it may help to consider what feels most natural to you and what you feel will do the story justice.

  95. Sue

    Productive Despair really stood out for me (amongst all of the other insightful points). I will embrace and even feel gratitude for this feeling as this is when my best work will come. Hit that place and push up from there. See it as a creative recklessness to cut out all the noise – fabulous!

  96. Liz Violet Newell

    The most impactful part for me was about all the doubts and fears and voices that keep challenging the creative process. I really liked hearing that that was normal for writers.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Totally. Being a creative person is having to quiet a litany of fear and doubt to keep creating, but it’s worth it. 🙂

  97. Thanks for the thoughts about distinction between confidence and courage – courage allowing us to face fears and do it anyway. I am a performance psychologist, writer, and equestrian show jumping competitor. I am starting off a new competition season tomorrow and will carry this with me as I push past resistance and show up for the experience. I look forward to seeing how this spills over into the rest of my life and work.

  98. Thank you so much for this. As a child, teen, even young adult I had plans of becoming a writer and I constantly questioned, “why the hell would anyone want to hear what I have to say?” I feel inspired to share parts of my life now, because I know they are relatable, important and needed. Thank you. Xox.

  99. I love the idea of writing like no one else will read it. I feel like it gives me permission to move forward – not that I needed it 🙂

  100. Ally

    I’m guilty of waiting until inspiration strikes to write. Instead, I need to dig deep and face the despair. This was just the wake-up call I needed!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Sometimes inspiration is like cooking a good meal. We have to make ourselves create it, but the more we do so the easier it gets. 🙂

  101. Kathi Wright

    I have only read STILL WRITING but it remains one of my favorites. What you said about the daily voices, WHO DO I THINK I AM? WHO IS GOING TO READ THIS? I CANNOT WRITE A BOOK !, et al. resonates deeply with me. I write memoir and have wanted to write a book. But those voices….

    GREAT interview. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  102. Elan McAllister

    What an inspiring interview, thank you!
    I especially loved and draw encouragement from the insight around the fallacy of inspiration and how some of our most provocative and important contributions come from a dry place where we struggle for each word. I also appreciate Dani’s distinction between courage and confidence. One has a replenishing depth, the other a hungry superficiality requiring constant feeding.

  103. Great interview! Very informative for writers and creatives of any kind.
    I loved Dani’s relationship with her husband and how she reads her work to him. ❤️
    I agree with what Dani said about revenge memoirs. However, “Heartburn” by Nora Ephron was pretty darn good. Can’t wait to read Dani’s latest book!
    Here’s to endurability and making the donuts ? ❤️
    Thanks Marie xoxo

  104. Netilia Brown Williams

    Gifts are nothing without durability. Courage is facing your fears and doing it anyway.
    Indignity- criticize: Thank you for helping me to acknowledge that I have put my career on hold for 6yrs for fear of being criticize. I always told myself I did not know enough to teach others about health, I did not qualify, even I would speak one on one with potential clients. I continue to learn never launching out, then I decided enough is enough and take the necessary steps in talking about what I do.
    My first group Presentation will be on 2, Feb. Thank you Marie, by listening has really motivate me. Bring it on world.
    Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good luck, Netilia! You’re going to do great at your presentation. 🙂

  105. Lisa

    Insight – The reminder that “cleverness at someone else’s expense is no good”. Stories around loved ones should not be written if there is no distance, perspective, compassion, or sense of irony. Hurtfulness serves no one.
    Action to be taken – Write from my side of the door. Nicely stated.

  106. Great interview. I’ve met Dani a couple of times and heard her. I’m a published memoirist and teach memoir writing. We started a new 6-week workshop today, and Dani’s words were with me, passed on to my old and new adult students. “Still Writing” is a favorite memoir/craft book. I’m so glad I watched this interview and will share it with others.

  107. Hi Marie
    The calmness that Dani radiates is vey empowering.
    Thank you for interviewing such an inspirational, wonderful writer.
    “Gifts are nothing without endurability.”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It really is––I felt more calm and at peace just watching her! It’s interesting how Dani talked about blustering confidence being a mask for insecurity. Her sense of calm feels like an embodiment of true confidence. 🙂

      • Hi Mandy
        I could not agree more with you and you have described it so beautifully and eloquently, “Her sense of calm feels like an embodiment of true confidence. ”
        Thank you

  108. Valerie

    Her comment that you can start your day over at any time resonated with me. I need to remember to put this into practicel

  109. Valerie

    Her comment that you can start your day over at any time resonated with me. I need to remember to put this into practice.

  110. David

    Thanks Marie and Dani, you, Dani and all your guests are all awesome and amazing because you are forever contributing to my growth and enriching my life. Much appreciated with gratitude for your graces and invaluable contributions. Much love, David.

  111. Wow, I really enjoyed this episode of Marie TV. Such an inspiring woman to listen to. I always have had this feeling I needed to write. I have written several short stories in high school but it didn’t continue. Maybe this is my activation for just begin doing it, alongside my job as entrepreneur in the branding business.
    Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      The best time to start is always now. 🙂 Even if you write for just 15 minutes a day, it’ll really add up.

  112. I loved, “Is it true? Is it useful?” as a guideline. I’ve tried to draft this comment so many times, but the best I can say is that it’s helped give me both parameters and validity regarding what I choose to share about my story – which is always designed to connect and inspire, not to be vengeful. Thank you again!

  113. satinder

    Super Super show. The questions by Marie and the answers by Dani just amazing!!! Loved Dani’s demeanour, calm, clarity of thought and inner strength. Every word was worth it. I saw the interview twice already and will be sharing it too.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy you enjoyed Dani’s wisdom! Thank you for sharing––we hope it’ll help any and all writers who need the encouragement. 🙂

  114. Angela Gabriela Horne

    Oh my God.
    That’s it!
    For years I have castigated myself for feeling vulnerable and crappy while writing my novel-memoir – my first book, publishing this year.
    This interview has been liberating.
    Thank you so much Marie and Dani. You have saved my sanity.

  115. Angela Rodge

    What a beautiful and insightful discussion. Creating and setting up your creative time and not just waiting for that “inspirational moment” was key for me as well as understanding those despair moments and when reaching the bottom, pushing yourself up like a deep sea diver who has reached the bottom of the ocean. For in moments of despair we often strike gold. And so I have to buy a book for my book club. Now I know whose book I am going to purchase 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love what you shared: “For in moments of despair we often strike gold.” How true that is!

  116. Tanya Wilson

    love the #timetomakethedonuts … or is that doughnuts? Anyway, I’ll be using that when its writing time in my house! Thank you for an awesome show, so many pearls of wisdom in there, I’ll be watching that episode again for sure.

  117. Cathy Aicardi

    The insight that resonated most with me is: ”Gifts are nothing without durability” – so very and painfully true. I’ve seen it with others and in myself. This year , after putting down on paper what I would like to accomplish, am taking the step by necessary steps. If I can do that (again and again), with times of productive despair and with courage, then for me…success. Thank you Marie and Dani for this great interview.

  118. sabrina alcaraz

    Marie, thank you so much for this interview. Dani was so humble and calm sharing her experience, that I could really relate to her words. I loved all her message, but the best part for me is the feeling that we all struggle with fears and demons, but we are also a big net that can contain each of us. As Dani said, look around you and notice people who can mentor you. We are not alone in this process, and we don´t need to show us like super humans. Love this episode!

  119. Christina Thomas

    Thank you again Marie and thank you Dani. I am well into my memoir of my abusive marriage and have struggled incredibly with how my story will impact my children and offend my ex-husband.. who will then further impact my children. I want my story to provide inspiration for others who have experienced marital abuse, but my fears have kept me mute. I needed to hear this, how to navigate through this process, how to approach my writing from ‘I remember.’ I will return to my book in earnest with mindfulness and compassion.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Sometimes stories can impact people in unexpectedly helpful ways. If your children witnessed the abuse you suffered, reading your perspective (assuming they’re old enough to do so) may help them better understand what happened. It’s hard to know the effect our stories will have on each person who reads them, especially the subjects of memoirs. Some memoirists choose to change the names of those involved, so that may be an option if it would make you feel better about sharing your story.

  120. ‘What happens on my side of the door is my story and what happens on his side of the door is his’…wow! That just freed me up! Thank you for this interview!

  121. My biggest insight is to accept that criticism and creativity go hand in hand. This is an important message for me to embrace right now as my very first book is being published TOMORROW. Low star reviews on Amazon – eeek! I’m bracing myself, but fully realise that there’s not a book out there that appeals to absolutely everyone. Thanks to both of you for a super inspiring interview!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your book being published, Kelly!! It sounds like you have a healthy perspective, and you’re so right––you can’t please everyone. We’re proud of you for putting yourself out there and are glad this interview was helpful!

  122. I loved the concept of “productive despair.” I often start pieces and get so frustrated when I’ve finished 5 pages only to scrap it all later. As a New York actor, writer, baby juggler (master babysitter is my side hustle), efficiency has become my motto. But writing/creating doesn’t understand efficiency or control. The process is long and gruelling at times. It was great to be encouraged in that process. And be reminded that I’m not a useless time-waster.

  123. Anne-kirstine Klitmark

    Just what I needed to listen. I have come into a place where I need a reboots of courage, and the deep inside are many, one is that I needed to hear “Courage is facing your fear and doing it anyway” it helps me to take action with my calling in life! The last part of as well was so helpful too, as I also now I need a bigger support team to walk with me to sustain my courage.

  124. Jenny

    Late to the party but loved this interview! Productive despair – oh yes I recognise this. So true in so many other arenas of life aswell as writing. I help women to breastfeed and I see this at their lowest points, just before they push off. I have also experienced this recently with a course I have started , now I am on the way up.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Productive despair means you’re going somewhere! You got this, Jenny. 🙂

  125. I loved this interview so much. Thank you for asking such perfect questions, Marie. I loved the quote about how we walk sightless among miracles. Very inspiring to stay aware of the world around you and keep your imagination alive.

  126. As an editor as well as an author, I found advice in this interview that I can not only use when I’m struggling to write my own books, but that I can pass along to my authors when they are feeling those terrible doubts. I’ve often found that part of a book editor’s job is to talk authors off the ledge, and I have some new helpful tools here to do that. Thanks Marie, thanks Dani!

  127. She said the day she believed that she could trust her imagination. I’ve never thought of it that way, especially as a visual artist. To trust list the images inside that need to come out and be shared with the world visually. Thank you for that

  128. Hello Marie and Team Forleo;
    This episode was spot on as I am currently working on my memoir. Thank you, Dani Shapiro, for providing valuable information about writers craft mindset. What sticks to me the most is a writer needs the distance, perspective, compassion, and the ability to be ironic. Also, the Buddhist saying Is it True? Or Is it Useful? I spent the whole month of November writing my memoir. Right now as I write the feedback, going thru the edits with my writer tribe. As Dani said before “courage is facing your fear and doing it anyway.” Talking about my life circumstances is a scary feeling, and I am ready to share my story and leave a legacy of my true self.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      It is scary, Sandy, but you’re doing it and that is so courageous and amazing. We hope that this episode provided you a zap of inspiration just when you needed it. Congrats on the book!

  129. I dare say this is my favorite episode to date. Such a great interview with so many takeaways especially as I finally step out as a full time creative entrepreneur with the idea of a Book floating around in the forefront of my mind. Thank you Marie & Dani!

  130. Miriam

    This interview was such a soothing thing for the soul. A great way to start my day. There were plenty of ‘Nuggets O’ Wisdom’ that resonated with me (all of them, to be quite honest), but the one that rings true especially during these times is this one: “To be an artist is to witness the world around you. Open your ears, open your eyes. Notice the gifts around you”.
    Thank you, Marie and Dani, for sharing your light, creativity, and wisdom with us.
    Truly grateful,

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YES! Miriam, the gifts are all around and we hope that you can see them and use them as fuel for your art in the world- whatever that may be. xo

  131. That she had a story she needed to tell and worked on getting ready to tell it. That’s how I feel about the book I’m writing. So much of it is my own story and it’s incredibly personal. But I know that I can tie it to how I overcame those problems and help other people who are going through a similar thing are looking for answers and solutions.

    A big part of why I’m here is because of Brene Brown, Medical Medium, Gay Hendricks, Tim Ferris, and more. The book list I’ve read is massive and each one has something or several things in it that unlocked another piece of the puzzle.

    And that’s what I want my book to do for other people. To unlock something that helps them get that one step closer to being the happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled version of themselves. Thank you, Marie for another amazing interview!

  132. Anik

    I so much appreciated the discussion around using the personal stories of loved ones: something I struggle with. I guess it is up to each writer to come up with their own set of guidelines for what they will or will not do. I for one don’t think think it is in my personal culture to share someone else’s intimate or unresolved story. I am currently reading the explosive Neopolitan novels, and the author Elena Ferrante is a pen name. I think pen names are important for this reason because they allow truth-telling (which is interpretation anyway) and privacy. I wonder how much more truth we’d have in the public if it were easier to publish anonymously. A century ago, women routinely published under men’s names, and after learning about the number of death threats women writers get (see Elena Favilli’s article in the Guardian), I wish it were more acceptable for women especially to write anonymously today. To me, it is unfortunate that in literature we expect real names. Other art forms don’t. Banksy, Lady Gaga, Satoshi Nakamoto: I’d have them by no other name.

  133. Lou

    I have been really hit by the ‘courage not confidence’ & ‘waiting for inspiration’ segments of this part of the show. For a while now I have been telling myself that I will find the confidence and inspiration to write. This has really shown me that to be authentic is to admit I am scared that I won’t be good enough, have nothing to say, have no imagination – that I cannot claim being a writer. Courage is truly the key!

  134. I love the concept of “productive despair.” Whether you’re an artist or a healer, it’s so important. Near the end of my first marriage and through out the divorce, I kept thinking, I want to remember how this feels and how I get through it. If I was going through it, I wanted to gain something from it. I used those dark times as an opportunity for self-growth. Since then I’ve been able to help others going through similar times, somehow makes my story feel like it matters more.

    Thank you for sharing this Marie!

  135. Eva King

    So inspired by this interview… Thank you deeply! Impossible to narrow down one nugget of gold as there was so many… From beginning to end I was glued and so grateful with a lump in my throat and tears pressing as I felt so honoured to receive all that goodness! Thank you!!

  136. Lya

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and am very amazed at the kind of person that Dani is – I think it’s her sincerity and wisdom, coming from the heart (or gut?) that are so striking. The humility, patience, deep consideration for others – I love it. All I want to know now is how to become such a person. All the gems are just an added bonus.
    Thank you so much for this inspiring episode!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you could see those qualities in Dani, Lya. She truly is an inspiring example of humility. May her words be the fuel to your own heart today. We’re so glad to have you here in our community.

  137. My father use a sentence-IN MY DICTIONARY DO NOT EGSIST WORD I CAN NOT-IN MY DICTIONARY EGSIST WORD-IDONT WAN-Wen everybodey sayed that was destiny me to be invalid with 17 years I reminde of my fathers words and sayed I dont wona to be invalid,and goona do evderything to rehabilitate not writed my book on a paper and do not published,because writed my book on my brain and bodey.

  138. Oh wow! I felt like a mask fell off my face … the idea of writing some episodes of my has been taunting me for years now. Weather or not I’ll write hmmm still need the “courage” yes courage, because you both mentioned that is not confidence but courage what conquers our fears … most of I would write has to do with “growing (personal) pain. Questions which I’ve only have courage to ask my older sister -a half sister! And with that said. Thank you Marie, and Thank You Dani ? Namaste ?

  139. Jourdie

    “Every day a new indignity.”
    Thank you so much for this. Even though I know that undertaking a creative endeavor, or any endeavor, really, that involves other people, will involve facing opinions, difficulties, and even just emotions that are uncomfortable or even painful, being reminded that it’s not only sure to happen sometimes but, rather, sure to happen all the time helps take it more in stride. Go courage!

  140. Jess

    I’ve been listening to these on the podcast and this is one of my absolute favorite episodes. I love how Dani describes the difference between confidence and courage and that confidence is really just a mask for insecurity. As I work towards getting a new business off the ground, I’m constantly battling insecurity and negative self-talk and I’ve learned, like you said Marie, I just need to have the courage to keep showing up. This whole episode really resonated with me and was exactly what I needed today. Thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep showing up for your business and dreams, Jess! Your courage will be sure to inspire others around you – including yourself. You’ve got this.

  141. Jess

    Thanks Heather!

  142. What really stayed with me is that you don’t wait for inspiration. You show up and write every day. And if she has waited for inspiration, she would have had one thin book instead of 9 novels.
    Also what she said about the writer ‘Showing -off’ in any way – why that wont work. And what she said about the revenge memoir, waiting for that one peron to read it, because that means the writer is not detached enough to have real insight and irony about what happened.
    And the part about creaivity not feeling “good” all the time & and about real urgency and desperation to write.
    So many other things, I will be coming back to this video again and again.

    • Hailey– Team Forleo

      Those are all awesome takeaways, Vineeta! We’re so glad Dani’s message resonated so deeply with you and we hope this interview will continue to inspire you along your own creative journey. Thanks so much for tuning in!

  143. What a heartwarming conversation and a great reminder and poof of where you can get when you’re DETERMINED to make something happen, whatever that something is! #timetomakethedoughnuts is a great way to set your intention in the morning and start the day with an end goal in mind!

  144. This has been the most profound, helpful Marie TV episode for me thus far. Thank you for creating it. My big ah insight was hearing Dani talk about chipping away at a vision she has. Many times I have written from either emotion or experience. Every once in a while I meld emotion and experience to create a greater writing vision. Hearing Dani identify it as writing from a vision, and discovering that nuance, gives me a whole new approach to writing. (It also makes me feel like I just graduated.) Wonderful episode! Thanks again. #timetomakethedonuts

    • Hailey– Team Forleo

      What a beautiful “aha” moment, Jamie! We’re so glad you enjoyed this interview and we hope Dani’s message will continue to inspire your own writing process. Thanks for being a part of our creative community!

  145. Diana

    The thing that stuck most with me didn’t have to do with writing at all. It’s that we can start our day over whenever we’d like. What a great, important, relevant thing to remember each and every day when bad crap happens.

  146. Donna Burney

    Daily override and Productive despair.

  147. Having confidence and courage are two different things. I am always so deathly afraid of the judgement of others, but it is better to tell my story because it can inspire and impact someone who was and is going through the same thing. This is my courage to keep going. In creating our story, and writing our own stories, we have every right to tell our sides of the stories just as much because their lives and our lives impact eachother wheter we want them to or not. As in aspiring writer, at heart and growing up I always wanted to write children’s story; I know, odd, a child, wanting to write children’s story, but because I had children’s stories that helped me, this was something I wanted to do. I just don’t know where and how is the best way to do it. I know it takes money to start, but I would also love the rest of the logistics to get to good started. I really loved this segment of your show, and so I want to thank you for using your gift and sharing it with the world. I hope to get the chance to share with you my story too someday and look for your guidance and insight and input as well. I’m not sure if amongst the many comments and emails if you will ever see this one, but should you do, know that I am so very grateful to let my little life be heard by you. Thank you and I hope one day in this life time of mine, to be able to meet you myself.

    • Hailey– Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your kind words for Marie! We’re thrilled that her work resonates so deeply with you and we’re grateful that you’ve shared a bit of your own story with us. It’s clear that you have a strong desire to connect with others and we think children’s books are a beautiful way to share your gifts with the world.

      It’s wonderful that you’ve experienced first-hand the positive and profound impact books can have on your life over the years. As artists and creatives it can be difficult to know where to start when sharing our work, so just know you’re not alone. In fact, this topic has come up on MarieTV and I’d love to share a few other episodes that may provide a bit of clarity for you as you take the next steps toward your dreams:

      I hope that helps! We’re so grateful to have you in our community and we’re all cheering you on.

  148. RAYMOND

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. There were so many takeaways that I actually took notes. What stood out the most, the courage you must have within to conquer and move forward in the face of the fears that will appear to shut you down. That the process might lead to some turbulence along the way, but you must have a tenacious persistence to cross the finish line.
    Thank you so much!

  149. Maya Holihan

    Marie, thank you for your interview with Dani! I just completed my first manuscript and am meeting with a publisher next week. I’ve begun writing my second book, which is deeply personal. I love that Dani expressed we have to validate ourselves as writers first, before anyone else. We will have supporters, and we will have critics, as long as we believe in our content that’s all that matters!

  150. dechen

    Hi – That inspired me to get my pen moving – thanks the take way for me was …’ i remember …’ noticing people who were around, me helped and supported me ..
    to get me started – gratefully Dechen – South India

  151. Wow. Thank you. Creating books with my paintings and words is what I want to do. I was in B school last year, first time. Just started a newsletter with my paintings and my words. I love putting the two together. All about animals and self empowerment. The God/Love/Universe/Creator inside of us is where we go for answers, the Animals do it automatically no sidetracking. The newsletter teaches people how to whisper with and solve their animal problems through pictures and stories. I’ve just taken a jobjob as I figure myself out. My next book, I have started I am drawing the Bible. Very excited. I can’t quite speak about everything I am figuring out right now. Thank you Thank you Thank you for this episode. Love and Light Christine and The Animals

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love hearing from our B-Schoolers! Taking a bridge job while you figure out your next steps is incredibly smart. And don’t forget that you’re always invited to come back and retake B-School year after year as an alum. We’re wishing you all the best!

  152. Mimi

    Thanks for sharing such an enlightening interview! It really resonated with me when Dani mentioned that if she waited until she was inspired/motivated to write, then she would only have written one very thin book rather than the several that she has.
    I guess my time is NOW!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES, absolutely Mimi – the best time to begin is always now! You have such important things within you to share, just waiting for you to sit down and let them out 🙂

  153. Thank you Dani and Marie it was especially important for me to listen to your conversation. I loved the I remember prompt . I’m now waiting for my first book ‘EFT Constellations” to be published by Balboa so your sharing comments about your feelings is particularly helpful bless you both and thank you.

  154. KG

    Interesting conversation! Thank you!!

  155. Dear Marie,
    this episode was so inspiring that I finally cut it off before the end to….get back to my writing quick! And that’s a pretty good sign 😉
    Thank you ladies, thank you for your honesty, and your simplicity in saying things.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That’s definitely a good sign, Lili! You clearly have important stories within you that are ready to be written and shared. Keep up the awesome work!

  156. JB Lenz-Mandt

    Pay attention to what is around you. “And write with great specificity.” Love this interview so much. I think I listened to it at least five times!

  157. Dani is mesmerising. What a profound interview. I see parallels here with how my own life has unfolded. I walked out halfway through class in year 10 to go and pursue what I hoped would be an authentic life. It was a liberating (and terrifying) way to start my journey in this world.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Peter. You’re an inspiration. Keep on following your own path, listening to your intuition, and following your fear towards the life that feels true to you! We’re so glad this conversation with Dani resonated deeply with you.

  158. Too many beautiful things to pick the one that stands out the most. So much of her interview resonated with me. I threw out a 100-page manuscript once and started over. It feels good to know Ms. Shapiro has done the same.

  159. Sheila

    A writer needs the distance, perspective, compassion, and the ability to be ironic. Those words resonate with me a lot. The entire interview was a pleasure. Great questions and great answers. Thank you both.

  160. Tina

    Notice who’s around you, notice who can help you ie: wake up. Loved that advice.

  161. I’m reminded of the quote: Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal.
    We all need to use whatever we can to find inspiration. As long as we tweak it to make it our own, come from an authentic place, and bring a new fresh perspective, its all good : )

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Sara. As long as it’s coming from your unique perspective, it can’t possibly be unoriginal. Keep on being true to you.

  162. Kirsten Michel

    Much of it was inspiring for me, from being able to call myself a writer+why me to the singular work module+insights to the mother+writing experience and compartmentalizing. I have one boy and I get up with him every morning and get him to school every morning, still. I come home after and swim in my thoughts. I will work on the “I remember…” prompt and wish I could have more of Dani’s insights to continue to push me forward. I too have always been a writer and consistently say that one day a book will come out of me…thank you for the time and the inspiration today.

  163. So many stories in my head. Life experiences.
    How do I begin to write? Waiting for inspiration?
    I love what you shared about inspiration. We wait to be inspired before we sit down.
    My take away. Time to trust and be and allow it to flow.
    You are true inspiration Dani.
    Thank you.

  164. Michael McClure

    Fabulous interview, Marie, my thanks to Dani as well of course. I love the way Dani crafts her replies on the fly and provides such thoughtful insights. There were many things that stood out but my mind went off on its own for a while when she spoke about inspiration. I don’t seem to lack inspiration but I’m not all that thrilled when it comes along because I’m always in for more work than I would like. This is because anything I write from that place ends up being weak and sometimes incomprehensible and I wonder what in the world I was getting at. It’s when that inspiration wanes and the writing continues that the good stuff comes. I see exactly where that happens when I review it and what comes before can probably just be deleted. So I certainly agree with Dani on that and I’ll be mindful of that the next time it happens. It’s almost as though inspiration is only meant to get me going and then, like starter fluid on the coals, it just burns off.

  165. LOVED this one! Thank you Marie and Dani

  166. Marie and the Gang,
    Your email has been in my inbox for a bit now and finally got to it today. As we say here in Apple River Nova Scotia, it was a real gooder! Thank you Marie for bringing us Dani!
    So much affirming wisdom… and I remember working at the Wild Cat Cafe in Yellowknife Northwest Territories in the early 80s. I made the bagels, not the donuts. It was a bit of a daunting task but I persisted any way, regardless and I became a darn good bagel maker.
    Like all creative endeavors, some days were diamonds and some days were stones, the vital thing is to persist and to endure come what may, cause life’s to short not to get on knowing it’s time to make the bagels!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love this, Catherine! We’re so glad Dani’s message resonated with you and brought you back to your bagel-making days. As Marie often reminds us, any creative journey is about “progress, not perfection”, and you summed it up perfectly– not to mention, we’re all now craving bagels!

      • Ha! Oh I know, I relate! Only one thing I loved more than making bagels, eating them! Funny… today I made baguettes! Sliced those babies up, slapped on some butter, followed by cream cheese with minced garlic. Oh divine! Oh the drool. Oh the humanity! Okay I’ll stop now 😉

  167. Greg DeGuglielmo

    What an inspiring (can I use that word?!) person. Thank you for bringing Dani Shapiro into my awareness Marie! She is a cogent life force… as tender as she is tough… I really like her description of the “penultimate” moment, right before you push off into a creative current…

  168. Deborah

    So many great nuggets. I can’t tell you how the timing of this hit me. I have been listening for about two years and sitting on the sidelines. Hmmm…I heard something today that allowed me to move that bourndary line forward. I have found permission to tell my story. My heart is right. Now to be able to tell it in a way that does not leave a path of destruction, rather one of freedom. Thank you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Deborah – we’re so happy to hear this was good timing for you and has helped you feel inspired to tell your story. Follow your heart, it will guide you towards the right way to share this with others. Cheering you on big time over here!

  169. Ronda

    Hi guys!
    I think I would throw the question back when they say “Have I read your work?” I would ask, “That depends on how well read you are.”

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE it, Ronda! 🙂

  170. I crossed paths with Dani several years ago while visiting Kripalu. We struck up a conversation in the cafe and I naively asked her why she was there to which she graciously replied that she was leading a writer’s workshop. She didn’t mention any of her books, but I found them featured in the adjacent bookstore…I purchased two and have been devouring her books ever since. I’ve had a memoir or novel in me waiting to come out years. My life as a business owner and CEO has left little time for creative pursuits and I’ve felt stuck and stagnant in recent years. Just a week ago, I looked Dani up to see if she had a writer’s workshop upcoming that I could attend. My goal was to feed my creative soul and be inspired, to make time in my life to do some writing. And then there you both were in my inbox! Coincidence? I think not. My take aways….Don’t censor your writing…Is it true and is it useful? I also appreciate the ‘I remember’ prompt…I tried it immediately. As Dani said, a natural association flow can come out of using that. Not planned but eye-opening and telling. Finally, the courage over fear conversation was so helpful…I’ve always wanted to write but haven’t felt ‘worthy’ of doing so. What would people think? Who am I to think I can be a writer or tell a story well? How can I even consider attending one of Dani’s workshops or writer retreats where surely everyone else will be a more seasoned writer? This interview has helped moved me beyond that thinking. Hopefully, as has happened in so many other areas of my life, the mask of confidence will eventually morph into courage to simply write my truth. Grateful to both of you.

    • Hailey– Team Forleo

      Amazing, Lisa! It’s so cool that you met Dani years ago and that her work has been a source of insight and inspiration for you ever since. We’re thrilled that you enjoyed her interview and that it gave you a few powerful takeaways to implement in your own writing practice. Writing, like any creative muscle, gets stronger the more you use it and practice leads to greater confidence and clarity, though as Marie often reminds us, it’s always about “progress, not perfection”.

      While a memoir or novel are amazing goals, writing for just a few minutes a day, even if you don’t share it with anyone else, can have a profound impact on your creative process. Seth Godin and Cheryl Strayed have also shared their writing habits and tricks for overcoming creative roadblocks in their MarieTV interviews that you may enjoy:

      Thanks for being a part of our world! We’re all cheering you on.

  171. I loved how she navigated the delicate terrain of other people’s stories. I just published my memoir (Giant Love Song) and had to find the sweet spot that lived between my own gentle hand and the nod of my sister’s permission and approval. I am proud of the end result and happy that I could share the past without murdering our future. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting another great episode.
    Fellow Jersey Girl

  172. Something so simple as writing down things that “I remember”….wow!
    That was my “aha” moment – Thanks so much!

  173. This is great. I loved the video. It was surely an eye opener video.

  174. Gail Holloway

    Thank you so much for this beautifully insightful episode, I’ve haven’t heard Dani speak before and it was a joy to be apart of.
    I have often dreamed of producing some type of work but I’ve never really known what to write or where to start other than my diaries. The key points for me today were, ‘You don’t have to be inspired to begin’,
    I don’t need to invent a story I can ‘Write about my personal experiences’ which are many
    ‘I Remember’ I feel is a wonderful idea to tap into parts of you that may have been lost.
    ‘Witness the world around you’ Is something to make a conscious effort to do as I think so many of us blindly fumble through our days without looking up or truly being present.
    Thank you once again, It was a wonderfully gentle way to start my day xx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Gail, we’re so glad to hear you enjoyed this conversation with Dani! It sounds like you absolutely have lots within you to share with the world, and we’re excited for you to begin experimenting with these prompts. Thank you so much for watching, and happy writing!

  175. Marie, You told me about this episode on the last Alumni Call for B-School this year. Thank you so much for pointing it out! It was perfect. I never compared what I’m looking to do as similar to writing a memoir, but it is. And it takes artistry. I could related to so much of the courage and burning desire Dani speaks about, in addition to her point that we can’t censor ourselves initially because we don’t know what the art will be yet. That’s exactly what I want to show / teach people about emotions related to trauma. We have to learn to let ourselves feel what we feel, without judgement or censorship because we don’t know what the bottom or truest truth is until we do and let the layers fall off. I’m sending you such a big hug! Thank you.

  176. Carolina

    “Why me? I am just a seeker who wants to live in the questions!”
    This is such a legitimate feeling that brought me to tears. This notion is so good to identify with. Now I can choose whether is the time to nurture the questions or look at this mesmerizing feeling in in the eye and deploy urgency to move on.

  177. Amazing video! Thanks for posting it and give us pleasure to rewatch it when desperation from losing inspiration will come again. Thanks for so many insights I’ve got from a great person.

  178. Beautiful interview. Lucky those who can study with her.

  179. Monica

    So inspiring! I can now feel like I can write without worrying about what others think. I love that she says write from the heart. Also, live the “I remember..” prompt.
    Love y’all!

  180. Jillian - Team Forleo

    Yay Monica! We’re excited for you to experience so much freedom in your writing. Have fun getting a jump start with the ‘I remember’ prompt, and feel free to keep us updated on your progress.

  181. I just discovered Dani Shapiro on CBS This Morning today, re her 5th memoir. She is most impressive., and honest.

  182. Mariza

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview! I wish Dani was a friend and we’d have cups of tea together and discuss for hours. Loved the idea that you can restart your day 😉 such a great insight!

  183. Stephanie

    Love this! A lot of insight into writing regardless of whether you have motivation or not.

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