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The world’s wealthiest countries have donated trillions of dollars in foreign aid but billions still struggle to survive, both abroad and here in the U.S.

Though our efforts to eradicate poverty haven’t worked yet, my guest today offers her evidence-based, economically sustainable solution. (Proving once again that, yes, everything is figureoutable ??. )

It’s about our collective imagination and building the kind of economic system that we all want to live in. @leila_c Click To Tweet

Her name is Leila Janah, and she’s one of the most intelligent, articulate and driven human beings I’ve ever met. She’s the entrepreneur behind the world-changing organization we’re proud to support called Samasource and the ethical for-profit skincare line LXMI.

Leila’s new book, Give Work, says the answer to ending poverty isn’t more free aid.

It’s providing jobs and opportunities to the ones who need them most.

How You Can End Poverty By Giving Work

Take a good look at your life right now. Think about all the times a door opened for you to receive some form of education, work, or life experience. When you’re given the chance to use your gifts and grow as a human being, the possibilities are endless.

Opportunities change lives. But not everyone has the same access to the same opportunities.

That’s why Leila Janeh is so passionate about giving work to impoverished communities. Whether you live in the United States or in a small village in a third world country — an income provides the means to a better future.

There are so many ways that companies, world leaders, philanthropists, and regular individuals can create jobs and end poverty. On today’s MarieTV, Leila Janeh will show you how.

You’ll learn:

  • The surprising wake-up call she got while volunteering in Ghana.
  • Why work is at the core of human dignity (and why it’s so much more important than any hand-out).
  • How a piece of hate mail from a guy named Joe led to an incredible transformation in her organization.
  • The surprising similarities between running a nonprofit and a for-profit.
  • Why it’s crucial not to “otherize” the people we help and why service is never mutually exclusive.
  • Most important, you’ll learn how you can become part of the solution to ending global poverty — for good.

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Once you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you. Which insight or aha was most impactful to you and why? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

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Make no mistake. We have the power to end poverty during our lifetime.

As Give Work teaches us — when you give work, you give people the freedom to choose how to develop their own communities. When you give work, you create infinite possibilities.

We must never forget that we belong to one human family.

As Leila so perfectly puts it, “It’s about our collective imagination and building the kind of economic system that we all want to live in.”

Speaking of giving work, our company is hiring. Learn more and apply here.

With endless ❤️,


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  1. Lorri Carnevale

    Thank you thank you thank you I started writing Why not here we have the same issues but then as I was listening I heard you do have a school here…how are we reaching our children isnt’ it there we should be teaching all you offer….and what is the cost for this? If there is a fee how can the lower incomes afford to educate themselves…I understand your one WONDERFUL person/organization but I feel that many do not even knows you exist which is very sad….I want to help give to one child/person at a time…I feel no one should struggle from a early age due to lack of income….I design and want to implement my work to help raise awareness and mentor children….if you know how I can I designed a coloring book that would help….thank you for what you do and I love your story….

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Lorri! We’re so glad this conversation resonated with you and it sounds like you have some incredible ideas of your own. Your huge heart and passion for helping educate children shine through beautifully and we encourage you to follow this! Starting with educating and taking care of one child at a time is absolutely a powerful way to change our world for the better, for generations to come.

      We truly believe that everything is figureoutable, and while we don’t have coloring book experience ourselves, I’d suggest doing a simple Google search to get you started in the right direction.

      You can learn more about SamaSource, the work they do, and how the organization works right here:

  2. I’ve been struggling to get off the ground for years now and have made great progress but there is still so far to go. This is exactly what I’m trying to do. I’m so glad to see that others are following the same path.

    I definitely want to follow up directly with this effort.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      William, it’s exciting that you’re following a similar path through your own work! We know it’s a long road, and it takes a lot of heart and commitment to make the world a better place, but we also know you can do whatever you set your mind to. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing – it’s so needed in our world!

  3. I love love love the ‘wait a minute’ before responding to anyone online/in writing in anger/resentment/hurt. It creates so much unnecessary animosity in this online day and age

  4. Oh my goodness I LOVED this interview…and have now bought both books! I run a social enterprise too on top of my coaching business. We support young people realise their potential and work with people who work & live with young people to better understand their brain development and as such how to communicate more effectively. Intra & entrepreneurship is CRUCIAL to a thriving society as it’s so much more than economics as being creative and solution focused help us get results but it’s also important to our wellbeing. And a thriving family able and supported to create new opportunities AND sustain them is good for everyone. Loved this join the dots conversation, it’s much needed.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Colette, it sounds like you’re up to such incredible work in supporting young people through your social enterprise. We love your solution-based, creative approach and focus on holistic well-being. You inspire us! Keep up the awesome job, you’re making such a huge impact on the lives of others.

  5. Terry Minion


    Thank you for this and all of your videos. I learn from everyone, and some really hit me where I am at the moment as this video has. I’ve already bought her book and am excited to read it right away. I’ve also been a huge fan of Seth Godin and just watched your video with him a couple days ago.

    For all you do, I send my appreciation and love.

    Terry Minion

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Terry, thank you SO much for this! It means a lot to us to know that you’re enjoying our videos, and that this conversation with Leila hit home with you right now. We love your openness to learning from everyone, that’s such a wonderful quality. Enjoy the book, and thank you for being an amazing part of our world! We’re so glad to have you here.

  6. wonderful wisdom – very inspirational

  7. Yo yo-yo

    Hi! I’m sooo glad you are talking about this increasingly relevant topic!! I agree with everything Leila said in the interview, and I’m glad she spoke about using our imaginations to come up with more ideas.
    I’d like to add for anyone here who wants to do more research and expand their economic imaginations:
    Google Charles Eisenstein’s book Sacred Economics. This book taught me how important it is for us to redesign money itself for us to survive on this planet, as well as redefine our very sense of identity, and how money impacts who we think we are!
    Also the gig economy will grow with time, but I believe it has its own harmful effects- I think it’s important to have employee owned cooperatives – to find out more information on this google Mondragon Cooperatives in Spain and see also a talk that Richard Wolff did on this topic. Richard Wolff also has a wonderful podcast called Democracy At Work which is absolutely wonderful to understand how we can work (literally giving people work like she said in this interview!) to change our local economies and secure jobs for people in America as well as Africa.
    We have so many solutions if we look outside the box we think we are in- but when we look closer we see the box was never actually there!
    What she mentioned here is a good start, and there are so many more solutions out there in addition to what she has shared here! Peace and love to all, ?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing all these additional resources here, Yo! We appreciate you 🙂 XO

  8. Ines

    Loved this episode Mary! Thanks so much! Thanks for the great insights from Leila! Thanks for the good news for those of us who love dance! and Thanks for wearing that nice blouse! Love the color!

  9. Dear Mari,
    I am a big fan of yours and all your amazing guests… Laila stroked me so much that I would love to serve the best I can to her/my cause.
    I have a small business for the last 20 year and helping people to be healthy and live a pain free life. Please let me know how I can help. Sincerely
    Simona Cipriani

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Simona! We’re happy to hear that Leila’s work inspires you. Congrats on being in business and helping people for 20 years – that’s a huge accomplishment! To learn more about SamaSource and how you can get involved, check out their website right here:

  10. I would love to be able to employ more people and give them the same opportunity I had to lead in my field in this contry.
    I know I am amazing on what I do but I have Soooo much to learn to run a company…. and would love to learn!!

  11. Ula

    Thank you so much for this beautiful interview. What an inspiring woman Leila Janah is! A true role model for every human being!
    Last week I felt deeply emotional and somehow sad about all the space travel / Mars fuss…, so when I heard Leila saying, “While I think it is so exciting that we are thinking about colonising Mars and spending billions of dollars on it, I also think we also have a chance to fix our own Planet, here at home”, my heart grew enormously.
    Thank you Marie and The Team Forelo, you are the best as ever! I cannot wait to read Leila’s book xxx

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      SO glad this was an inspiring conversation for you, Ula! Leila’s just amazing, isn’t she? Enjoy the book!

      • Ula

        Truly amazing, inspiring and hope-giving, as Marie herself and all You people creating this amazing platform. I will be always grateful for your outstanding contribution to make this Planet truly a better place. All my love to you!

  12. Very interesting about futur job.
    I will take look at give work guide and see how it can be apply where I live ( I’m outside the US/ FRANCE)

    Yes world is full of talent unlock. And from place of struggle lot of innovation arise.

    The evolution of Humanity since the beginnings find is fuel by make life better.

    I hope (and I trust in my bones) it will be for everyone and by respecting the earth, the living heaven we are blessed with.

  13. Sue

    Marie, I love YOU being so articulate and open about your desire to change the world. And Leila, wow, so, so, so inspiring!!!!! Thank you ladies! I love you pointing out how connected we all are and that we as buyers have power over changing things by deciding where we spend our Dollars (or €, as we do here in Germany). The thing that is puzzling me though: I see so many people loving Amazon … yes it is fast, easy, cheap. It is a brilliant business model with fantastic customer service, but in my understanding it goes totally against the approach of supporting local businesses. I really wish people did more “off-the-couch-shopping” at least for the parts of their wants and needs, that can be purchased without too much hassle. Would love to hear your perspective on that. In any case, thank you for emphasizing how powerful we are as customers, this is close to my heart to make people think about it. Much love, Susan x

  14. Pam Perumal

    This is simply amazing! Thank you Marie for doing this interview. Such an inspiration! I come from a country where my people especially women face increasing intimidation and loss of opportunities and this has just given me great idea and inspiration on how I can help them. You are equally amazing Leila! Keep rocking you guys!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Pam! We’re so excited to hear this sparked an idea for supporting women in your home country. You keep rocking, too – we’re cheering you on over here!

  15. KayCee

    Moved to tears and (finally) encouraged in a way I was about to give up on. Many elements of this discussion have been in my heart, forever. Yet, during a difficult transition, able and ready to take a new direction, I haven’t been able to see how to incorporate what’s important to me. I’ll be exploring every avenue, including the books, now that I’m sparked and believing in possibilities again. Thank you very much!

    It’s going to feel great leaving behind “mad as hell about the world” to become more a part of a sustainable future.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE everything about this, Kaycee! So glad you’re feeling moved and re-inspired to contribute to a more sustainable future for us all. We’re doing a big happy dance with you over to celebrate!

  16. I am very passionate about this topic. Money or lack of it is the way we humans are being manipulated in the U.S. – and I’m sure elsewhere. It feels like people are becoming slaves to a tiny few corporations in this country. It seems to me that the most detrimental human condition is greed – which is NOT at all the same being wealthy. Greed is about fear. Absolutely, every human no matter where they are from deserves work. Yes humans have a need to feel they are contributing, that their work is valued and they are compensated and appreciated. I’d like to see A LOT more focus on living wage jobs. Not just more jobs. Another thing I’m concerned about is something I personally experienced and I know happens to others: employers who have no scruples. There are employers who ask people to work for free in exchange for a promise of commissions. I recently put in two weeks of 16 hour days on a promise I might get this job – but was passed over – how is this ethical? (Yes, my own stupidity and now I’m just concerned about whats happening to others). And I love the conservation matters economic incentives too! Love the idea of innovations for jobs. But it only seems fair that with the advancement of technology that the benefits should be shared with all people in every country. We have plenty for everyone to work less hours, make more money, do work they love and make a living wage. And what about fair wages for women? Fair wages in general? What about basic income? Tax robots! Yes! dancing Yes! Give work is a great concept and I hope it addresses all these areas as well.

    • T.

      This exact topic has been on my mind recently. My question is always, why won’t the large corporations, that pay their CEOs and founders tens of millions of dollars, pay their employees a living wage and benefits? Everyone matters and it takes everyone to make the world go around, so why is it such a struggle to get corporations to pay their employees enough to, at the very least, support themselves? No one should work 40 hours a week and not have enough money to live decently and still have to rely on charity and/or welfare to still only barely get by. In addition, the government shouldn’t have to intervene and MAKE these corporations pay a living wage, they should want to do it because 1. they can; and 2. it’s the right thing to do.

  17. I absolute loved listening to Leila Janah thank you dear Marie for sharing these wonderful insights. It will be not just a game changer – more importantly a work changer. Blessings to you both you are truly inspirational love Mair

  18. This was an amazing interview. I’m a childhood abuse recovery coach and as part of my work, I’ve learned about the far reaching effects this kind of trauma in childhood has on people in their adult life. We’re (I’m a survivor, too) less likely to reach our full potential due to mental illness and even physical issues born out of living under constant stress. This means we often have less money, fewer opportunities. I guess what I’ve taken from this interview is that you don’t have to look at poverty in other countries – it’s all around us. Just helping even one person locally can have a knock on effect. I’ve bought the book ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ as the whole point of my work is that we can change the way we’re wired. I’m so fired up right now thinking about helping people to get out of the traps they’re in. I’m wondering what opportunities I can create through my business to give meaningful work to someone else. I can’t imagine anything better than seeing someone reach the stars.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What beautiful, important work you do Maria! We love that you’re feeling fired up and inspired about even more ways to help others reach their ultimate potential by overcoming the limits of their painful pasts. Such a gift! XO

    • Jana

      Maria, I’m so glad you mentioned trauma and abuse survival. Ms. Janah spoke primarily about African people benefitting from the give work philosophy. These people have been systematically abused for generations. It’s a beautiful romantic thought, very millennial, to give people work and watch them soar into success. As it sounds like you know from your work and personal experience those of us with PTSD (me too) have a lifetime of healing and recovery to function and eventually thrive. As I listened to the interview I wished Ms. Janah had addressed this and also stated her position on state funded social welfare programs such as universal health care. It think giving work has to include the protection and offering of critical services in maintaining the mental health of all people, particularly those affected by trauma. This should be a corner stone of giving work.

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Jana, thank you so much for raising this excellent, important point. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been on a personal journey of healing and recovering from PTSD, and absolutely understand that this is a long road that others who have experienced deep trauma are on as well. You have a great point, that when giving work, we of course need to focus on including those who have been affected by trauma and/or struggled with mental health. It’s our hope, too, that more companies and initiatives will begin to find creative ways of supporting those healing from trauma towards a sense of well-being, fulfillment, and self-efficacy. Thank you again for sharing this important perspective with us 🙂

        • Jana

          Hi Julia! Thank you for your validating words. ☺️

          I think it’s inevitable that the people we work with with will have some form of difficulty in their past. US statistics put one-fifth of the US population in the sexually abused category, for example. That means one out of 5 people have been sexually abused; and it’s very possible they’ve never received help to heal and are still operating in survival mode. Abuse stats across the categories will be much higher for places like Africa with its ever present instabilities. With giving work we will be able to address economic poverty, but the abuses that cause the subjugation of women and the emotional disconnection of men will still exist in the culture.

          So automatically including this knowledge in any efforts to give work or education and having the tools ready via universal access to quality healthcare will provide a solid foundation to the applaudible efforts of people like Ms. Janah.

          I believe that strong economies that serve the best needs of our people and planet, the stuff of life that actual improves the quality of the human experience, have to be grown in the emotional bodies of each of us first.

          Thank you for letting me speak to this topic and for listening. Blessings to you Julia!

    • Hi Maria
      I just checked out your website and love what you are doing. I signed up but can’t see where to contact you directly. Is it possible to get your email address. I would love to add to your resources list.

  19. It is so wonderful to see Leila on your show again. I loved her first interview. She is so inspiring and gives me hope for our world.

    I loved her statement about reinvesting the billions to colonize Mars into eradicating poverty. That would be an incredible experience to have in this lifetime.

    And the reminder to sleep in it before responding. It is a great practice and does wonders.

    Thank you again for providing exactly what I needed to see today. I cannot wait to get Leila’d new book.

  20. MD

    This was absolutely great! I have been struggling with how to give back while starting my production company. But I love the idea that the solution is creating work – not just giving handouts. Wow, this has given me a great start. So inspired by both of you ladies – thank you for your work and contributions to a better world!

  21. Hartley Holder

    Wow! As a speck of sand on a beach in this world; the vibe just transmitted has given me enough kinetic energy to empower the world. The mind is blown totally blown.
    Thank you, Gotta check out that book.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES Hartley – love this! Powerful, indeed. We hope you get just as much energy from the book!

  22. This was seriously one of the best episodes I’ve seen. Employing ex-cons has always been one of my big time goals for my business. It’s true that a lot of them go back into that life because no one wants to give them a chance. Right now it’s just me in my business but someday…

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We know you can bring your vision to life, Corina! What a generous goal to have for your business and way to create a powerful difference in the lives of others. So glad to hear you enjoyed this episode!

  23. Much appreciation for this video. I am also seeking to end poverty and hunger in my home town of Pleasantville, New Jersey. I have been getting a lot of negative and/or ignorance response from the very people I am attempting to help. I keep coming back with a new plan to get through to the community. The assistance is greatly needed for entrepreneurial training and all of the above. Most of my plan is still in my head because I am very observant and tend to do inner research first.

    I will take this information to ‘GIVE WORK’ and make a SupHerb effort to include it into our plan, hard-core. Thank you, again.


    • Julia - Team Forleo

      :Lanita-Derese:, it sounds like you have fantastic plans for helping those in your local community. Know that, whenever you put yourself or your ideas out there in any way, no matter how much good you’re doing, some people will criticize. We really hope you find Leila’s story about her conversation with Joe from Ohio helpful, in terms of how to create a positive and compassionate dialogue out of an initially challenging interaction.

      We’re cheering you on over here for all you’re doing to help others in Pleasantville, and are excited for you to bring your ideas to life!

  24. Katja Scalia

    T H A N K Y O U! Love this episode. Thank you both for the work you do. My takeaway: Sometimes I feel guilty because I want to be successful and to be a great leader of my own profitable company. It’s still a dream. Often I realize that this feeling of guilt and thoughts like „who do you think you’re“ and „just be happy with what you have“ stop me from moving forward.
    After this episode I feel more confident, because I realize that giving work to someone, can really make a difference.
    Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Katja, keep on dreaming big, and please NEVER feel guilty for the scale or scope of what you envision creating – the world truly needs everything you have within you, it makes such a difference! Watch this: xo

  25. Jenny

    I love the message of ‘give work’. I lived in Ghana for four years and spent two years of that time running my own chiropractic office in a rural area. The issue of unemployment and underemployment is the biggest issue in Ghana and the root cause of many other problems such as violence and corruption. I would also add that many times opportunities in Ghana (and I would imagine much of the world) are given based on who you know and your connections rather than your talent. It is inspiring to see an organization focused more on providing employment rather than handouts. I am in the process of starting a business focusing on another marginalized group in our country and around the world, the Deaf community, and this episode provided more ‘fuel to the fire’ so to speak for me to continue working. Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Jenny, thank you so much for sharing your experience in Ghana here. How inspiring that you’re now building a business to help the deaf community. Yes – keep up the great work, you’re going to positively impact the lives of so many people who may not otherwise have equal opportunities. We’ll be rooting for you over here as you bring this to life!

  26. Cheyl

    As always, outstanding!!!!

  27. Thank you for the good work your doing. I would like to join in the campaign with you. Let me know how I can help out. Am from Africa where poverty is at its peak!!!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Naome! We’re so honored and grateful that you’re wanting to contribute to this work. You can learn more about SamaSource and how you can get involved right here:

  28. I once read a book by Alexander McCall Smith called the Number 1 Ladies
    Detective Agency, placed in Africa. And in the very first of this series the character sad something that impacted my life. She said it was our responsibility to give others work. If she could afford to have someone help her in the house so she could work it was selfish not to give someone else the work. I’ve lived in Costa Rica for 40 years, and affording help here is easier than the US, but when I have a decision to make as to how to spend my time, I consider if I pay someone else to do this then I can do that. It’s also a self care thing. And we can do that anywhere. You had mentioned this in a video long ago, about giving others a chance to earn money and giving yourself time to devote to self care or whatever you are passionate about. Even if it’s walking your dog or something that seems small. A single mother anywhere in the world would appreciate work. My company donates 5% of its sales to the Kiva organization and I do look for women who are building businesses in Costa Rica. Kiva is about micro lending not charity and I love hearing about how the people are progressing as they pay back their loans. And I feel now they are giving others a chance because then I relend the funds to someone else. I’m looking forward to reading her book. Thank you for always providing such insightful interviews. My library and my heart thank you.

  29. Tina Huston

    This is childish, unrealistic, short-sight, and self-serving. This book tricks people and makes her sound like a hero. Providing jobs is not nearly enough. You have to figure out how to shrink the collective cultural situatedness along with shrinking the minds of the individuals. You have to figure out how to end alcoholism and drug use. I’m not saying don’t do anything, however, the focus is off and the loftiness of the title is not realistic.

  30. As a lady in her (40’s) tech is not my thing. So I went to a local print shop and I ended up meeting this girl who is helping me with my brochure and my business cards. We ended up hiring her and giving her as much opportunity for Skooly to help her understand her worth and her abilities and how she can be her own entrepreneur. I see her as my sort of daughter and I’m taking her under my wing and I’m showing her there’s a bigger world out there then just working for a print shop but to have her own print job and you do her own marketing and web design etc. She was shocked in almost wasn’t able to put a price on how much she should charge and I told her if you don’t believe in yourself and nobody will. That’s why I’m here and I’m going to make you charge me what you think you’re worth. Once you and I worked together I will help you by marketing you to my other associates and you can help develop their business and their designs. I’ve had several coaches and mentors in my life and I want to give back to her what they gave to me.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is so beautiful, Rebecca. You’re making an incredible impact on the trajectory of this girl’s life. We adore that you’re spreading the love – she’s lucky to have met you!

  31. Pierre

    Hi there Marie, me again here. First off thank you for sharing this insight, thoughtful and inovation to change the world around us.
    I totally agree with your guess as far as addressing the poverty here in the US and the rest of the word.
    This country is the wealthiest in the world and you can find pour people still.
    We can solve and correct that by providing working to them. But their is a process of training, orientation and opportunity of work. Why? people are different and have a different way of response and engagement and motivation.
    It is unconcevable to see so many laking of the basic while there is plenty and abondance here onboard.
    Leila went to volonteer and find an opportunity to launch a new line of product from what was there already and was being us by the local people in Kenya. Because of her entrepreneur ability, she innovated and cap into a product that today provide work and empower the people of Kenya. And changed Liela life. You see the reward of giving work goes a long the way.
    Poverty is a state of mind and lake of motivation or innovation. We can improve our word by engaging with our community and creating opportunities of work.
    Africa still have a lot to give and here you will fgind talented people on the street or poor.

    Again thank you great work and inspiration.
    Your a lovable talented and very kind women.
    With more love.

  32. Tina

    The gig economy ? Sure, there is plenty of flexibility but the down side can be pretty rough, i.e. no job security, no protections, no retirement. It certainly creates more opportunities to take advantage of workers, plus, businesses don’t always get what they are hoping for either. Many people are barely making enough to take care of their needs here in the USA and they are hustling to do what they have to do. Perhaps the gig economy will improve in the future, but it sure isn’t violets and roses now.
    That being said, interesting interview, I really appreciate what you are trying to accomplish. I agree that giving people decent work and paying them a live-able wage is key to changing lives for the better, no matter what country they live in.

    • Curious — what steps you’re taking to help end global poverty Tina? While the gig economy may not be perfect, what Leila and her team are doing is creating positive results for thousands of people, domestically and abroad. Watch this for just one example:

    • Tina, the gig economy (largely a byproduct of the digital age) may not be ideal for everyone, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The gig economy and the digital age are realities. Instead of complaining about reality, how about work to provide solutions to people suffering from the negative effects of this changing economy? I work for a social enterprise with a mission to prepare motivated, unskilled youth in the US for digital marketing careers. We do this by providing apprenticeships to upskill the workforce. This allows apprentices to get on-the-job training so when they “graduate,” they can start digital marketing careers making $40k+, all while getting paid above minimum wage. The alternatives for these youth are minimum-wage jobs with little or no upward economic mobility. Would love to hear your thoughts on how you’re helping create a better society.

  33. Stefanie

    Woooow! This is one of the best interviews that I’ve watched. Really impressed by what Leila is building up and how she thinks. Love it! Thanks so much for this amazing interview.

  34. Thanks so much. My most important insight is that it is still possible to fight this fight and have these conversations. I have tried a lot, won a lot, and failed a lot. To turn that insight into action right now, I can do: (1) a transfer of my mindset from rock bottom and fatigue to actively writing and contributing again (2) an overhaul of my website so it functions and looks better and makes it easier for me to offer products and services that give work. Thanks again; I found this paid attention to the difficult bits and shone a light on some possibilities.

  35. John Parker

    Really, truly inspiring. I have always had a notion that much of what we call charitable works are somehow back to front. Laila hits the nail on the head and clarifies this in a way that has eluded me until now. I have ordered her book and am looking forward to diving deeper into this whole subject. Thanks to both Marie and Leila.

  36. Jana

    This interview absolutely was inspiring. I think it would have added credibility to the interview if the success stories were included, too! Bring Vanessa on, she’s just as much of a change maker in this story, if I may be so bold to say. Especially considering her background and hurdles she’s overcome. As Ms. Janah said she is a product of luck, a winner of the ovarian lottery. She’s doing her part being from a wealthy nation to pave a path for them to walk. The people she is helping are courageous and they should be heard from in these interviews.

    The last thing I want to add is that I’m a little concerned that childless people are discussing AI as a future substitute for human childcare. This makes me want to get involved with legislating what Silicon Valley is doing more than anything else the author said. Eeek.

    • Hey Jana! Read the book and you’ll get all the success stories you could want.

      • Jana

        Hey Marie, I know your interviews are a platform to help sell the book and the products. And that’s cool! It’s your business to help people become better marketers and entrepreneurs. I worked in advertising and marketing for a decade and I have a broadcast journalism degree. Media sisterhood!

        I suppose my comment was more for you. As you know, you are a very gifted interviewer. You have a knack for curating a collection of change makers and I appreciate that. However, I often feel after watching the interviews that there is a level of depth that is just missed, like a fly-over that grazes the tops of roofs. Your interviews are SO GOOD. By adding in some additional experts, especially ones that speak to the dynamics of being in the trenches, psychologists or parents for example, these interviews could be even more powerful. You have an Oprah-esque quality and I dig it!

        Just a comment from a fan and one media lover to another. I’m excited to continue to watch you grow! Thanks for your work.

  37. Love this. My question is how can we find one of these individuals who wants to work? My husband is a master craftsman who owns a boutique flooring company. He has tried for years to find someone who wants to work and learn his artisan craft so he can eventually pass it on to him. He is a 5th generation (1st generation in America) master wood flooring artisan originally from Italy and has built his company from the ground up in the US often working 7 days per week over the past 18yrs and he longs to find someone who he can train & share his knowledge giving them unbelievable opportunities but in our area he has been unable to find such a person. Is there a way to connect and find some of these people who truly wants to work in the area of Boston & the North Shore?

  38. Jo

    It doesn’t play on my mobile. Do you have to sign up to iTunes first? Shame, was looking forward to hearing this.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Jo! We’d love for you to be able to check out this episode, and our site and videos are absolutely set up to also play on mobile. You don’t need to sign up for or use iTunes, so not to worry. I’d suggest making sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash downloaded:, and you may also want to try switching browsers (we recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

      You may see a little lightbox pop-up at first, which you can simply exit out of. Then, scroll about halfway down the page until you see the YouTube player with the play button in the center.

      We hope this helps get things playing smoothly for you, but if you continue to have trouble, email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be glad to troubleshoot further.

  39. Kash

    What a brilliant approach! Solving world’s problems is so at our reach! What worries me is that some leaders (many of them in case of Europe) don’t want to see this! Instead they want to build a fence! But of course it won’t solve anything. This is a sure way to foster hate, racism, contempt. And it is happening. The levels of empathy are so low at the moment it pains me. Seemingly well educated people are willing to give up their own freedom to not let the immigrants get in… the only solution they see is closing the borders! How short sighted! How self-destructive!
    Thank you Leila for spreading good energy, good change, great ideas. Thank you for spreading LOVE. Great inspiration!

  40. It’s so empowering to hear Leila’s trailblazing story. I love her point that these economic issues can be tackled better when we work together as a collective to be more creative in our problem-solving. Her work is bringing so much hope into the world and I’m even more inspired to know that the choices we each make as individuals can add up to make profound impacts. I hope to look to more creative ways to outsource printing and other tasks at work and hope to find social enterprises in my area that I can join forces with. Thank you Leila, Marie & Team!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Starting in small ways like this is exactly how we create tidal waves of change, so we love that you’re looking for resources to outsource in creative ways!

  41. The way we consume can and will ABSOLUTELY change the world. Great interview and so inspiring. I read Muhammud Yunus’s book Building Social Business a few years ago and I have the idea for a social business that really will eradicate homelessness starting in the UK and USA but currently no network to create it. and I’m focused on building my education business now. If anyone’s interested in finding out more, please get in touch!

  42. So excited to have listened to this interview. I have been working in Uganda for the past 8 years to bring low cost technology and project based learning to the teachers and students there (actually to Jinja, the Source of the Nile, that you mention!!! What are the chances of that! You have inspired me to think more deeply about funding my non-profit, Ventures For Good Foundation, with a for-profit business, instead of just running fundraisers. In fact that is exactly what I was up to planning this morning before I saw your video. Talk about validation for an idea! Thank you so much! I’m a bit nervous now because the rubber has to meet the road. Wish me luck. Keep on inspiring me!
    Joanne Clemente
    Executive Director, Ventures For Good

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re wishing you ALL the best Joanne! Your idea sounds incredible, and as more and more for-profits are funding non-profits these days, we’re excited to hear that you’re feeling inspired to create that link with your own business.

  43. Wonderful topic – and solution!
    I’m so happy I hired my VA from the Philippines – she’s amazingly talented and has such a professional attitude.
    Thank you very much!

  44. Samantha

    Amazing and inspiring interview! I also love to dance and dabble, so I know I’m in great company. I am an early childhood educator with a master’s degree in education, state teaching certification and decades of experience. It struck me that nurses for elder care earn $120k to start, while professionals in my field often earn below the poverty line without benefits for providing a strong foundation for children at the critical first stages of life. How do we elevate the status and income of those who do their best work nurturing young people? Thank you!

  45. I watch every episode of Marie TV and this has personally been one of my favorites on so many levels. It offers hope, it gives life lessons (wait before you act-because something powerful can come from repositioning your thoughts). Thank you, Marie, for always connecting your audience with powerhouse humans that make the world a better place!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode spoke to you on so many levels. It’s definitely one to rewatch and pick up even more take-aways along the way 🙂

  46. Another amazing episode! Thank you for enlightening the world on such important issues! I love the insights you and Leila shared. Being an EU citizen living in the UK I had a fair share of unequal opportunities before my country joined the EU, so I can really empathize with individuals around the globe who face existential problems. I couldn’t agree more that it is our responsibility to help those less fortunate and stop ‘otherizing’. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do and for being a great source of inspiration! 🙂

  47. Every point on point! F space, the US government should be spending all that money on cloning this woman… And then fixing a system that injects more funding into prisons than into schools.

  48. Angelika Goette

    What a great talk with Leila – like all other people, Marie. I absolutely agree with what Leila said. However, if we look at the big picture in the world, reducing poverty would also mean that not allowing dictators ruling a country, and the ruling class taking the major part of the money that is coming in from other countries, or profit generated from businesses in their own (e.g. oil business and from other natural resources). It also means big coporations paying their tax in the country in which they generate the profit. It means stopping ALL tax havens in the world. It means stopping wars in the world – wars business is the biggest on earth. I could go on, and on, and on…..

  49. Be

    Totally agree on the fact that people need to be their own life changers and power and that chronic unemployment is stopping human beings from having a fulfilled, healthy life all around the world. Funny how I actually thought of doing the same thing as Leila by working with the women in Senegal extracting baobab oil but I didn’t come through. My takeaway insight is this: when you have an idea inspired by human interconnection and empathy just go for it, regardless of anything anybody says, go straight into action as Marie teaches.
    Also, thank you for bringing up the belief that some humans are more valuable than others: rotten self service passed as nationalism shouldn’t be accepted as an argument . And yes, I know most of it comes from bitterness and unhappiness but it doesn’t help anyone to be cruel on top of it. Thanks Marie for today’s video, it’s very refreshing as well as inspiring.

  50. Leslie Canniff

    Thank you both (Leila & Marie) so much for this episode. As a woman enrolled in B-School & starting my own business in the arts (jewelry & blown glass), I knew I wanted to allow people to have work through teaching these things (jewelry & blown glass – a trade), as well as the business aspect (B-School) to homeless in Israel & America, as well as sex trafficed in Israel & America; so as to create a hands up not out. If either of you would like to get on board with helping me with this (especially with B-School), please let me know. I would love your help & insight with this. Thanks & God bless.
    Leslie Canniff

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We love reading this Leslie, and we’re so excited for you to explore this mission as you take your jewelry business through B-School. Remember, you can ask any questions and request feedback at any time in the Member Area comments, and the community will help you along. Your vision is beautiful, and we can’t wait to see what you create.

  51. Yes! Vote with your $$$$$ I’m so glad I watched the whole video. Great one.

  52. Hi Leila and Marie,

    coincidence doesn’t exist. A few weeks ago I was writinh a new concept for my own company to give people in developing countries the opportunity to start very cheap webshops where they sell there own Arts & Crafts products. Like micro financing. Let’s say Aboriginals, Indiginous people from America, Africa, or other groups of people like for instance people with certain handicaps. And then help grow economy in poorer countries. I’ve just written this concept two weeks ago.
    I have the website running…

    I live in the Netherlands, so I will be taking up contact with Samasource in the Netherlands,

    cheers and blessings,


    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Beautiful mission Andrew! We’re glad this episode was so timely and you’re getting connected with the right people in the Netherlands. We’re wishing you all the best!

  53. Thank you! I love watching MarieTV! I have started reading skimm from last weeks show and I absolutely love the idea of Give Work! It reminds me of the saying give a man a fish and you feed him/her once, teach a man/woman to fish and they eat for life! There is nothing more important than spreading the wealth, giving people dignity in their work and finding solutions in a very rapidly changing economy! It blows my mind that we don’t already house our homeless, give universal healthcare and free schooling, when there is already so much abundance in our world we could give everyone the opportunity to contribute. I know if folks weren’t worried about where the next meal is coming from or if they are going to freeze at night then they would be able to hold a job, and contribute to society! I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to create my own path with a new paradigm and I look forward to having employees so I can create a supportive, comprehensive paying job for them and myself. Thank you for your fun loving, informative and inspiring channel.

  54. Amber

    I loved Leila’s reaction to Joe’s email and this idea that we can view our fellow citizens of Earth as untapped assets rather than a costly liability. And, we all are instantly empowered to be a part of the solution to poverty just by choosing to do business with socially conscious companies (lookin at you, Team Forleo), whether we’re acting as consumers, employees, or entrepreneurs. Teamwork makes the dream work, yo!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay teamwork! 😀 We’re absolutely big fans of being conscious about where our dollars go.

  55. Amazingly Beautiful. Beautifully Amazing.
    Such comprehensive knowledge, information, inspiration…..
    pure Divine insight so articulately, naturally and modestly offered.
    Much gratitude. Much love.

  56. Pamela Murray

    Hi ladies, I really appreciated the candid and posative chat you were having, as well as to know what is practically being done. And what further can be done by ourselves.
    The first experience I had with the negative attitude you described was a woman whose husband was sent regularly, as an enginee to the Pacific island’s. She was commenting on our organisation’s work, and I was explaining how we train our friendswhile exercising or own skills in our building and restoration work. The woman said “I don’t believe it, you can’t train those people”.
    All over the world’s or voluntary workers conduct themselves respectfully and kindly. And they train as they go. ….. so when they leave the locals know something about special nogging, or laying electrical cables, plastering, roofing, landscaping. … and the list could go on. They therefore cam go forward with these new skills and benefit themselves and their families in a more profitable way. Or, we have had it the other way, where they have been in the IT industry and locked into the corporate ladder climb, and realising the cost to their time and health, have moved to be free, by going and selling ice cream. …… earning more dosh, and yet having more time to be with their families and to do their ministerial work. In one branch facility that translates and prints bible literature, with all volunteer labor, house keepers were taking of of cleaning and learnt to be draught persons in two months! Usually it is a two year minimum course.
    The whole precept works on the principal that “you can make the willing able, but not the able willing”.
    The people helped to do these things, have already shown such a willing spirit. Because they have started to live consciously, not assisting money any more on smoking, drinking, and gambling. And knowing the value and worth they have, using their gift of free will to choose. Hence the whole environment is peaceful and joyful. As everyone Is willing to serve. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I have rejoiced to see this happen locally and all over the world.
    The bible foretold in Daniel chapter 12 that the true knowledge would become abundant in the time of the end. I rejoice to see that you both are examples of the fulfillment.
    In my own case, I always try to show how what ever practice I charge for, wether it be cleaning or manual lymphatic drainage, I can show my clients self care. This saves them money. Saves my energy for other things, but I’m there to help as a back stop. And I’m going to finally write to local magazines like Mind Food and share further. Thank you for the work you do. I rejoice to know however, that there is a Government, already established that will soon take action for all people and the planet.

  57. Pamela Murray

    Just re reading the above, I am sorry I didn’t proof read first. I am recovering from concussion, so please forgive the mistakes ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you got a concussion, Pamela, and hope you feel better soon.

  58. Nice to hear from you couple. Your inspirations and aspirations are inevitable. Quite fantastic. I know as much as creativity is concern, jobs are prone to be created gradually or normally. It’s a matter of time and precision.

  59. Jennifer

    Ok. This comment is going to sound really superficial and perhaps it is superficial. I live in Pennsylvania and it is the first day of spring. This morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought how much I would love an effective natural moisturizer for my face. It is freezing today and we are experiencing a big snowstorm here…again! The weather is getting crazier and crazier. This was a long cold windy winter and my skin took a beating. My big take away from this video is…Woo-Hoo! There is a natural moisturizer out there that seems like it will help me, and by buying it, my purchase will help women who need money much more than the executives at Procter and Gamble.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s not superficial to want to take good care of yourself and we love that you’re being conscious about where you spend your dollars! 🙂

  60. Melody Abbee

    I truly loved this interview you had with Leila! I am currently in B-School right now designing my business and I would love to figure out a way to incorporate Fair Trade into my business. One thing we have learned in B-School is to create a business with Purpose. This interview is a great example of how we could incorporate a purpose into our businesses! As always Marie, you have given us another great episode on Marie TV, Thank You!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Melody! Fair Trade is awesome and we’re so glad you’re looking for ways to bring it into your business. 🙂 Thank you for your big heart and compassion for the world’s people.

  61. This was wonderful! This is the permanent answer to helping people not go without.

  62. Thank you so much for this absolutely eye opening gift with Leila. What an inspiration both of you are to society. Who would think the “path out of poverty” is to give work? This concept is completely changing the way of giving back. Filling someones untapped talent, and giving them the opportunity to rise in this world is the most empowering thing, especially if you can not take that stand yourself due to limited or no resources. Back in 2009 when I left an accessory company designing for “big names”, I left because all my products were being manufactured overseas. I felt guilty, I felt I was doing the American people a disservice. Shipping jobs overseas when at the time so many were getting laid off. I later came to read Lou Dobbs, Exporting America and that just added to the world wind going on in my head . I later wrote about the book and my views on it how disgusted I was in corporate America and what they were all about, in my eyes of course. You have changed my mindset! Maybe not for all of what corporate America deems as fair. But as for YOU, Leila, creating a movement and changing the way of life for so many to make them inspired and get up to work, to be empowered, to live and be expressive through being, doing, cultivating opportunity for them to feel worth it. That is a movement greater then just handing out food, and I applaud you for that. This has been one of the BEST talks I have viewed and thank you Marie for having such a fabulous guest. I look forward to more.
    ps… definitely gettin me some LUXE!!
    xo t

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Tarriss! We’re proud of you for standing up for your convictions and caring about people’s well-being.

  63. Benson Modie

    Very intelligent indeed…..and so inspirational….thank you! Continue to “give work” to serve, save and evolve the human species.

  64. Excellent interview, allowing us all a few things to think about, in regards as to the way we do things. I will definitely buy the book GIVE WORK.

  65. Ula Lars

    I would love to try LXMI cream but I am based in Europe – Amsterdam. Is there any possibility to get it over here?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Ula! It may help to check out the LXMI website at and it looks like it’s sold at other retailers too, like Sephora, QVC, and Amazon. I believe those companies ship to most countries.

      • Ula

        Thank you, Mandy. I have checked LXMI website, but from there they only ship to States and Canada. I will try with Amazon though.

  66. marika

    what an awesome mind….minds….love her and her ideas and what she
    has done. The interview is fantastic. Have not yet gotten her book, just saw
    the interview. Fantastic ideas, brain….. Keep up the good work….

    would like to buy a small bottle of her cream….where do I go?

    take care

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Marika! Check out the LXMI website at . It’s sold at several other retailers too, including Sephora, QVC, and Amazon.

  67. This is the reason I had to pay attention to the small voice inside, to take my skills of teaching photography and begin my own company, and why I am currently enrolled in B-School. Thank you for helping me learn how to build a business on the right foundation. While starting my business I have also, simultaneously, moved to Thailand to help grow the social enterprise, GOOD Travel, In order to join four women from four continents working to turn the tourism industry into a force for good, all around the globe. I have so much to learn, but I am inspired daily by the incredible women ( Leila and Marie) and men out there showing me there is always more good than bad in the world. Together we really can bring this world closer together and have more love for humanity and utilize the abilities that are born within each of us!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Erin! We’re thrilled you’re creating socially conscious businesses and are honored you’re a B-Schooler. 🙂

  68. marika

    Tap the untapped potential of people……give jobs….too tired to quote, but
    love her ideas ; she is an inspiration…
    Love her reactions (to the things that happened) …..fantastic……to the email she
    got…..Her ideas and wisdom are awesome….both of you….

    thank you….

  69. Oh my goodness! I remember loving her first interview but this one just broke me to pieces. She’s SO inspiring! I just bought her book on kindle and can’t wait to dive in. Once you understand that connection between opportunity and poverty you can’t look away.

    I’m a b-schooler and a business coach so I’ve just scheduled a meeting with our local homelessness charity here in the UK to see if I can help teach some simple email marketing and customer service skills to help them find work. I hope I can use my knowledge to help!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nice!! Thank you for the excellent work you’re doing in the world, Amber-Rose!

  70. Thank you for a brilliant perspective on “both…and” replacing “either…or.”

  71. Rhonda Collins

    Deeeeaaaaaaammmmm, Ladies!!! I say that with ultimate love and appreciation!!! I have full body chills on all of this. Can’t wait to listen again, share and learn more….
    So many things resonated with me on this, one nugget specifically: “shifting the dialogue” (Leila’s experience with the hate mail guy). Wow!!!! I just used that morsel of goodness in dealing with my alcoholic ex-husband! Too much to text here, but so much goodness oozing from this interview to impact our future from personal BS to global healing. I love it. I love you guys!!!! There IS hope for humanity….I’m in! Thank you thank you thank you!!! To everyone involved….Thank you for the links to learn more and be involved more – I personally would really like to help make a difference.

  72. Karen Drosnes

    “Volunteer at a social enterprise.” Brilliant advice for someone who was saddened and yet inspired, overwhelmed and yet energized by the information presented in this video from Ms. Janah on how a very lay person of social justice and human rights activism such as myself, can do something to help make a change. Thank you as always Marie for being the instrument of change in my living experience.

  73. Atena

    I love this video. Far too few understand this perspective and it is wonderful to have it shared. As a management consultant, I always said that the most rewarding part of my work was really to have given jobs and put money in their hands, provided them with potential other contacts for work. And most people never understood how that could be the high point of the work (over the subjects I worked on).
    Two side notes: (1) The Brain That Changes Itself is one of the best books you will ever read – thank you for mentioning it in your video! and (2) I worked on a consulting job in the Philippines about 2 years ago (incidentally it was a project sponsored by the WB to reduce labour gaps in the country) and most of our local staff consisted of nurses who couldn’t find work in their own field. All these people had education and there are no jobs for them in their field while across the World there’s so much opportunity.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Atena. Helping people help themselves is rewarding indeed!

  74. Jeff T

    Just watch Leila. I love her prospective really. For those of us that live in Africa, we know and understand what poverty feels like. Like what happened to us here in Liberia, we’ve had fourteen years of civil unrest from 1989-2003. That war brought a lot of hardships upon the ordinary citizens. Most of all, our leaders over the years have been so wicked. They have made corruption the order of the day and so, the ordinary people suffer a lot from day to day. What is needed in places like Africa is education and job opportunities for all. I’m sure if the people are given the jobs and education they need, we will have independent minds and people don’t need to involve themselves in acts like corruption where leaders take all for themselves.

    • Carolyn Nyiti

      Give work. Yes. So simple. It’s absurd to think that ‘aid’ aids. If it did, heck, sub-Saharan Africa would be THE booming economic hotspot on earth at this point, doncha think?

      As a white Canadian living in East Africa, people are always asking me for work, or if I know somebody who needs somebody… It’s heartbreaking because they really have nowhere to go. There are no jobs. There is nearly no hope at all for most everybody.

      It’s been my dream since coming here, 17 years ago, to be able to say ‘yes’ to anyone who asks me for a job. The goal I’m working toward is my ‘for profit’ business coming alive and running in its dignified, fun, happy, hopeful and empowering environment that encourages and promotes personal growth for its employees.

      Now that my kids are grown, I’m finally doing my thing, putting a few people to work with the goal of putting many more to work in the future. Most everybody who asks me for work are unskilled and uneducated, so I am designing simple handmade items that anybody can create with minimal training. I’m not so fixed on the product itself as the lives I can reach and transform by providing employment.

      It’s been challenging but I’m so grateful that my life took its unexpected detour and led me so far from my comfort zone and landed me in a place where I am forced to live with eyes wide open and and that I have the courage and will to take action. I’m currently working through B-School, learning how to get my dream out into the world to make a better reality for my friends and neighbours. It is an enormous help!

      Leila, you really helped me understand more clearly what my role here is. The lines can blur on the front lines, making it hard to get perspective. Everything you said was very relatable to my current situation and helped me feel very encouraged that I am on a track that is working for myself, for others, and the good of our planet. It is all about the humans, and all the humans are important and relevant. They must all be looked after equally. Thanks to both of you, Marie and Leila, for providing yet another inspiring step in my journey.

  75. Lol, you know I was feeling a little overawed by Laila’s beauty and intelligence and work and (etc etc etc etc!!) and of course as usual the same for Marie. And then you both said about Dancers and Dabblers and I felt like I could join in the party! Thank you for inviting us!
    And now back to Dabbling and Dancing and D-Walking da Dog!
    Great programme!!!!
    x Romany

  76. Sabrina Torre

    I just want to say, over the last couple of years I have learned so much from the topics that marie TV shares. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself, I will be looking to hire people in the near future and I will be looking for someone who might not get an opportunity otherwise.

    I also need to say that through my transformative journey over the last 5 years, coming out of a dark time in my life, something that I heard Marie say completely changed my life. I was once told by a potential boss (of an unpaid internship), that I was not hired because I didn’t seem to have any focus on what I wanted to do. I was 22 and was left alone to decide what that meant. Having no real mentors at the time, I decided that it must be due to my expressing my many interists during the interview, all of which I know would have benefitted that company. Anywho, I heard Marie say that when she was starting out, there was a pressure to focus on one business or get good by focusing (or something along those lines), but that she was a hip hop instructor and a life coach and she loved education…and leaving any of those out felt like she was chopping off a limb. YES!!!! Those sweet words!!! I now had proof that I was normal!!! NO ONE had ever said to me that I could be ALL the things I ever wanted to be. I quickly realized that I wasted too much time allowing a complete stranger to decide the kind of person I was by allowing him to dictate that it was a BAD thing to focus on more than one talent or passion. I brought the subject up to a mentor of mine and began a much more peaceful journey toward what I want to do and who I really am meant to be in this life. I can now enjoy all of my passions without feeling guilt or shame for not being able to ‘focus’. I just recongnize now that I was given a lot of talent in subjects that I happen to be passionate about. Yay me! ? Marie, you have been such an inspiration and a mentor to me and I just want to say, you are doing a great job at doing good in this world! Keep going sister because the universe has no limits for someone like you. Thank you Marie!?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful to hear, Sabrina! We’re thrilled you’re embracing your multi-passionate nature and are listening to where your heart is leading you. There will always be people who don’t appreciate multi-passionate gifts and talents, but that doesn’t make those gifts and talents any less tangible or precious.

  77. Carla

    Thank you SO MUCH for interviewing Leila Janah. While I love all of your guests, this one is extra special. I’m literally buzzing right now with thoughts and new approaches to social justice that were articulated so well during your interview. I’m inspired and motivated. So glad the world has you and Leila to help open our eyes to possibilities. Innovate to create. The important role of a job to lift individuals from poverty. Awesome!!

  78. Nicola Holmes

    Thanks for a powerful and inspiring interview. I really respect these two women and their missions! This got me fired up to dream on how my my evolving business (coaching and facilitating) could have a philanthropic component of finding a way to coach women impacted by domestic violence who want to move forward in their careers and lives- and who often can’t afford services like coaching, that can provide critical support and possibly access to useful resources and networks. I was really touched by the idea that some of the greatest impact we can have is supporting people who are marginalized to actualize their potential through work. I have worked in the non-profit sector with women impacted by abuse and violence for over a decade in the past, so I am inspired to dream up ways to draw on that knowledge and experience and find ways to create more bridges and supports for all women to access meaningful work, enhanced dignity, and greater security. Thanks again for this inspiration and ethical reminder of our global responsibility to care for one another.

  79. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing interview! You guys are such incredible women!

  80. Love hearing this interview. I work here in Barbados with variours non profits, and I have recently been thinking about what interventions are really effective. This is great food for thought and ideas for future endeavors. I am definitely getting this book!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for the work you’re doing, Safiya! We appreciate you.

  81. Omega JEFFERSON

    This was such a wonderfully inspiring interview. It just gives me goosebumps. I agree with so much of what Leila writes about. We as a society choose to allow poverty to continue and thanks to technology and new industries being created from this technology evolution it become easier to choose to stop it. In big ways through our political and corporate leaders and small ways by patronizing companies that are already making different choice. I thank you for having the conversation, I thank you both for your innovative spirit but the tenacity to manifest vision. Again, I am inspired to find a way to not only be apart of the discussion but to also be apart of the movement.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Omega! We’re so excited you’re dedicated to creating positive change and helping others. Thank you!

  82. kim

    Loved this interview…
    Prior to hearing this, I was a firm believer that–rather than charity/temporary hand-outs–the best way to help people is to ensure that people have work, ideally work where that only merits them a paycheck but something meaningful (e.g. they can utilize their skills, passion, benefits, work in a healthy setting, etc.). I have a small, young business….had to reschedule on one of my clients (she didn’t tell me that she’d been planning a charity event at her home). Long story short, my client, later chewed me out, because her home was decorated in time for the event. Mind you, this is a client that I retained due to the consistent work….though she paid rather inconsistently & less than the market value. But, I figured it’s work…and it’s steady.

    It irritated me that someone would throw a charity event for victims of domestic abuse….but she paid her workers less than the market value & inconsistently. I’ve noticed this pattern amongst some people I’ve worked for: have charity events but secure cheaper labor…it makes them uncomfortable paying certain folks—maids, window cleaners, landscapers, masons–what the fair market rate should be. My opinion has been that if folks really want to eradicate poverty or diminish the need for charity…then pay fair.

    I realized some time ago that one of the reasons I didn’t embrace learning about business was that many of the MBAs (and folks in the corporate world) that I’ve worked for always seemed to be looking to not only reduce costs via low-wage, transient labor…but eliminate such jobs and, often, denigrate such workers in the process. I remember going to Costco with a client….he remarked that he liked to shop there because they pay well & “treat workers fairly”. This same gentleman took many months to pay me then I settled with him to recoup some payment.

    My anecdotal experiences have taught me to “read between the lines”. People’s behavior, to me, is far more important than what they say.

    One topic I’d love Marie tv to cover would be government policies (e.g. NAFTA, etc.) & how those have hindered industries that I don’t think should necessarily be globalized (e.g. small farming). I absolutely cherish these interviews & have learned much (Thank you Marie & her team!)….and I don’t think acknowledging how the world got to where it is is “resisting” technology. I just think that technology isn’t the sole answer. Our politics & much of the way big business thinks (e.g. cheap labor at any cost) & the culture this creates (e.g. consumers–even those of means–taking on a religion that cheap should the the first/best/sometimes main consideration) needs work.
    Very glad Leila addressed poverty & underemployment in the U.S.

  83. kim

    One more (hopefully less disjointed) comment…
    Throughout labor history, my thought is that there’s always a tension between employers & employees. A former professor once told me that “employers want to pay the least & employees want to earn the most…somewhere those two parties meet in the middle.” It’s a blanket comment…but it’s also one I return to when I think about helping people via employment. One thing I think employers miss is that employees (at least in my field) not only want work but they want to be paid well enough that they can survive in their locality. In other words, it’s not enough to give someone a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). There’s a level of anxiety & resentment & fear when you work a J.O.B. On the other hand, overpaying somewhere more than they’re contributing to your business and more than the market rates can create anxiety for an employer….I’ve had to learn the hard way that when you “treat folks too well” they might over value their actual contribution, perhaps get too comfortable, and, perhaps, think the boss absolutely “needs” them. The key to any business—especially those not made up of folks with certain training (e.g. doctors, lawyers, engineers) is you never want your business to be built entirely on your labor or rest on them….or fall apart without them. This is another reason why workers should learn to start their own businesses—-as long as you work for someone else (in a model that is designed to function just fine without you), you can eventually be treated as disposable/incidental to the business.

    This is why I appreciate B-school. It engages folks to think like the boss & make honest evaluations (you get real feedback about what the private sector says your monetary worth is) via their own enterprise. Perhaps, most importantly, it can encourage people who were one workers & consumers to think deeper about the impact their purchases have. As consumers, we’re adept at choosing what will best serve us & solve our problems. The other aspects to this is how do our decisions impact the world—both local & global. Being a business owner (where there is pressure to source materials cheaply), I have to think about this more & it translates into how I live my life as a consumer.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Kim, you’ve brought up so many important points and these are most certainly all things that need to be considered in this ever-evolving conversation about the power of giving work and where we spend our dollars, both as consumers and business owners. Thank you so much for adding to this discussion and for being a part of the solution!

  84. Mariya

    I liked the video immensely. It is a really important problem. It is really good that people do smth to find the solution. And it will help Lots of people. It causes a lot of outcomes like immigration, poverty, poor facilities. And I liked a lot the ideas mentioned. We should donate money to the organizations.

  85. LOVED this interview with Leila! She is so inspiring. I can’t wait to get her book.

    I also admire how she took Joe’s comment to heart and waited to respond. Many times people want to fire off responses and let anger control them. So happy she was able to get support from her Board to find a solution.

  86. Yolanda Van belle

    Thank you Marie and Leila for presenting these practical, effective ways to help people climb out of proverty. I lived in a poor country in Central America in the 70s, and had difficulties of my own. I have never stopped thinking about this topic, especially with the huge increase in homelessness in my home state California in recent years.
    I’ve always believed in the ancient adage: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” So, as you know, “giving work” is not a new concept at all. However, how to go about it, is the question. Thank you for presenting your brilliant ideas on the matter.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear this conversation resonated deeply with you, Yolanda! We hope that together, we can continue to find new and more effective ways of giving work – for the benefit of all.

  87. Andrea

    I lit up when Leila talks about the fact that helping someone in China and helping someone in your hometown is the same thing , the goal is to help a struggling soul. The charity I donate to is from Africa and I live in Mexico. After talking to some of my friends I felt like I was betraying my country because I wasn’t helping “our people”.
    If your from Africa im still your sister, and I wish people where smarter and saw that we live in different areas but that does not make us apart from other human beings or part of a different category. Until the day I die I will remain loyal to souls who see past illusions and can see other souls .

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love that, Andrea! We’re all a part of the same human family and we have to take care of one another. Thank you for doing that. <3

  88. Thank you so much Marie and Leila! Samasource sounds like such an amazing and inspiring model for humanity and non-profits. What phenomenal creativity and vision, Leila! You are truly making a magnificently positive difference in the world! You provide a great source of hope for the future and entrepreneurship!

  89. I love the “Give Work Guide” idea! But I see that it is mostly for businesses in the US. Since I live in Europe, is there a similar guide or a complementary list like that for businesses out side of the US?
    That is exactly the kind of list I’d like to have and be able to better select the products or services I use.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Maria! Isn’t it a fantastic idea?! While we’re not sure if there’s a comparable guide for businesses outside the US or specifically in Europe, what you may want to do is when looking to buy a specific product or service, begin doing a bit of research on the company for yourself, to find out about their practices and values. Most companies do a great job of sharing this on their website or About page, and of course, you can also reach out directly if you have specific questions!

  90. Preeti T

    Yet another inspirational conversation! I try and spend my dollars at locally owned businesses as much as possible, especially the restaurants. Just ordered my very first LXMI product to support the women of Uganda and also live a little more organically! Thanks Marie and Leila!

  91. Ana

    It’s all well and good to encourage “Give Work.” But seeing that at least in the USA and I’m sure many parts of Europe right now, half the population is poor. I lived abroad intermittently in the past 15 years and 7 years ago an illness forced me to leave Japan and I’ve been in near-poverty ever since. I’m 63 so a decent-paying JOB-job is mostly out of my reach. I currently work a survival job that enables me to do just that — survive. Definitely not a living wage.
    So I wish you well in your Give Work endeavor, but please, please remember that a job does little good if it does not pay a living wage.
    I can’t afford B-school or I would have enrolled long ago.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Ana, we’re very sorry to hear about your illness and the resulting trouble you’ve had with finding well-paying work. This must be so difficult, and we too, absolutely support giving work that pays a living wage. Please know we’re sending lots of positive wishes your way.

      We do offer several scholarship opportunities for our B-School program every single year, and we’d love to have you apply next year, if you’d like to!

  92. Roach

    I am african born and have lived in africa my whole life. Why does no one ever mention that the main way to stop poverty would be through correct governance. Less corruption and better management of government funds. How can a handful of politician’s get filthy rich while the rest of their country starves? I have never heard the western/ first world complain about how billions of dollar’s can be syphoned off into swiss bank accounts while whole nations starve. When will this change?

    • Frances

      Yep from Africa too and agree entirely..

    • Hey Roach, I completely agree with your sentiment in that if we had fair and non corrupt leadership the world would be a much better place.

      Unfortunately governments are corrupt the world over. It’s the one thing we really have very little control over. Even the voting process has been thrown into disarray in the past year or so with very probable ‘tampering’ by other governments.

      On a recent visit to Cambodia, I was told that 80% of the people there wanted to vote for the new opposition government but that would never happen because of corruption and sure enough the incumbent is still there.

      It’s not that people aren’t complaining, it’s just that it’s a such a huge wheel to turn, so those that want to help create change have to focus on areas they can make a positive impact.

      What Leila is doing is trying to empower people to create a better life for themselves, their families and their community so that they can be in a better position to fight against corruption in all it’s forms.

      If we as a people can become a stronger force to be reckoned with, then perhaps as a collective, through education and empowerment, over time we can start to turn that wheel. 🙂

  93. Thank you for following your heart, and sharing your experience with others. It is encouraging to see people putting their beliefs in action, recognising that we all can make a difference in everything we do. Bravo. Yes, we can. Yes, we will.

  94. WOW! One of my favourite interviews on Marie TV so far! What an amazing woman! Thanks for introducing Leila to me, Marie!

  95. I work elders and their care partners. There is so much work to be done and I am wondering if there is a subset of solopeneurs here who want to stay in conversation about new ways bring workers into the field and pay them a living wage.

  96. Dawn Shipley

    Wonderful to see you bright young things attending to these challenges – Bravo to you both. Just wish I was younger so that I could help. regards DAwn

  97. KG

    Great idea, could revolutionize the way we think to affect global activism to end poverty. Akin to teaching people how to fish instead of giving them a fish. People don’t really want a handout. They’d much prefer a hand-up!!

  98. Simply love the passion you ladies share for making this world a better place, the world definitely needs people like you who focus on solutions rather than problems. Faith and persistence can transform everything.

    Keep on shining and inspiring others to do so.

    Love, love, love!!!

  99. This episode fired me up! I completely agree with Leila and am baffled by the fact that somehow, somewhere, our society thinks hand-outs are more valuable than opportunities. Giving people opportunities means playing for the long-term. It requires more strategic planning and creativity. Blindly throwing money at governments and one-off charities is easy, but we’re kidding ourselves if we believe that will solve the problem. I happen to work for a social enterprise whose mission is to provide apprenticeships that prepare highly-motivated, underskilled talent for digital marketing careers. Entrepreneurs are, by nature, creative problem-solvers. Not only do they solve problems, they do it at scale and make a profit. Imagine what would happen if we had more of them working towards creating social change. As always, thank you Marie for another amazing episode and thank you Leila for your incredible bravery.

  100. Is Leila’s middle name Theresa by any chance? LOL no joke. What she is doing is amazing and so strong – especially in knowing how right it was to not be soloed into only international work when there is so much need at home. Inspirational doesn’t event begin to describe her. My business is very small and I’m proud to say that in spite of its size, every employee I have hired, by the grace of God, has been brought to me at a time when I needed them most and they needed me, or the job that I had to offer. I am blessed and will continue to find ways to provide for those less fortunate wherever I can.
    Also – I have to get the book The Brain that changes Itself. When I get frustrated at learning something new I will dance and keep dabbling. I’ve always loved dancing anyway 😉
    PS – this video detracted me my B-school session tonight, but a worthy distraction I think.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Liz, a worthy distraction indeed 🙂 We’re so happy Leila and this conversation were inspiring for you! It sounds like you’re already doing a wonderful job of providing good work for those in need while also supporting and growing your business in important ways. Bravo to you. Keep up the awesome work and keep dancing, too!

  101. I love this interview. I love every interview. I just don’t know if I completely agree. “Give work.” There will still be poverty, even if everyone has work. They may not make enough to live comfortably. I am thinking this because I live in Silicon Valley where entry level positions do not pay enough to live in this area… just thoughts~ <3

  102. I am inspired by this in my area of service : health. We need to begin “giving health” vs curing the sick. Our whole paradigm needs to change for health as well as for poverty.
    Thank you for sharing this delightful message!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      LOVE that shift in thinking for your own field, Amy – so powerful!

  103. Anita Messica

    Love it! I started a cleaning biz after being a stay at home mom, and ending my 15 yr marriage and coming out of domestic violence. The first employees that worked with me were from dv shelters. I totally agree and will continue to work towards this end, it’s super rewarding. Great guest, as usual. I am and always will be a big Marie TV fan! Thank you!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Anita, you’re amazing! How inspiring that you’ve started your own cleaning biz and are hiring people who are also healing from domestic violence. Keep up the incredible work! We’re so honored to have you as a wonderful part of our community.

  104. I have been exploring ideas on my blog for five years and appreciate the people who have helped me get online beyond email or facebook. We can all help each other in many ways voluntarily. I will check out Sama School since I am hearing that. More safety and practical life hacks can be shared publicly also beyond the web. Thanks for the TV show and all the interviews. Hope to learn more and heard of you through Women’s Circles online network…another great resource.

  105. Loved, loved, loved this interview! It resonated 100% with me. I have often thought about what a difference of where, when and to whom, I was born, I have never heard the term “ovarian lottery”, but that hits the nail on the head!!!! I may not have been born into millions, but I had the opportunity to learn how to work hard, loved that 1st paycheck from pumping gas at my uncles gas station. It was so empowering! But I had the opportunities to work hard and advance in the corporate world. Opportunities that I would not have had if I had been born in a country as a female! And I too started an all natural skincare line after learning how many chemicals are in so much of our products. And after I discovered beautiful shea butter, one of Mother Nature’s wondrous gifts for our skin. And as I grew I realized how I too could impact lives by what I sourced. We now source our shea butter from an organization that sources it from an above fair trade, actually ethical trade. I may pay a little more, but it is well worth it to me! And listening to this interview made me realize the part I too am having in changing poverty. We now no understand that it is so important to not only source sustainable but also ethical trade. People want jobs, they want to be productive, they want to contribute. There is an old saying (and I know I am going to mess it up) give a man a fish and he can eat a meal, teach a man to fish, and he can eat for life. Or something like that. I so TOTALLY get this entire conversation! Thank you for this, Marie

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Marie- We loved hearing about your business, and personal, evolution in business and life. Thank you for being a beautiful part of the world creating products, and opportunities that make the world a better place to be. We’re so honored to have you in this community. Sending you loads of Team Forleo love. Keep up the amazing work. xo

  106. Being homeschooled is not “lonely and sad.” Being homeschooled allows children to learn these skills that samaschool teaches in the real world through meaningful pursuits (skills that are not taught in schools).

  107. A fantastic interview with a very inspiring lady. Thank you. 🙂

  108. Team Forleo…Please make sure Marie has seen this video called the Third Revolution:
    This is the global target that this interview with Leila Janah fits into globally!
    love Paula

  109. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing interview!

  110. Anya

    I am very thankful for seeing inspiring people who have made it to success. It is a breath of fresh air seeing you Marie Forleo. I hope that you may help a lot of people and you will be always happy whatever your circumstance. Thank you.

  111. Elloa

    Wow. This woman is a FORCE for good! Totally inspired. What a gorgeous way to wake up this morning. Thank you Marie for having such brilliant guests on your show.
    I am training as a consultant and the singular word that keeps coming up is, CONSCIOUS. Conscious consulting for conscious businesses. In terms of action, it’s time to work through Start the Right Business again. I joined B-School in 2012, life has evolved a lot, and it’s time to pause and refocus.

  112. I loved every minute of this conversation. Off to see how I can incorporate or support companies on the Give Work guide. Thank you for so much satisfying and useful information on what we as individuals and business owners can do to leverage the talents of people who may not have the opportunities many of us are born into. This was such a good interview.

  113. This is surely an inspirational article and video too is very interesting. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing wonderful update!

  114. Awesome its like i have seeing this first tie good

  115. Mitsou Bakker

    I so loved this episode! ? It gave such good inspiration to incorporate in my business idea. I love you both ? Let’s make the world a better, happier & more beautiful place together!

  116. I simply can’t say enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Leila Janah and Marie Forleo. Women, you are such divine inspirations! I echo with so many things said in this interview a thousand times over. This is why I started my passion project: to give work to underprivileged women. Starting in Cambodia. So very grateful for trailblazers like these who are leading the way, shining a light, and showing everyone what is possible. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  117. …and I’m trying LXMI Nilotica today ; )

  118. Hey Marie & Leila and all of the Marie TV team, thanks so much for this great interview. I am ordering Leila’s book and can’t wait to read it. What really resonated with me is the fact that technology doesn’t kill jobs – there are so many opportunities out there to care for young people and for the more “mature” ones… but that type of work is generally not appreciated and not rewarded (average salaries in the care professions tend to be on the lower end of the scale in the EU) – there are so many lonely people out there who just want to sit down with a fellow human being for an hour or so and have a chat over a cup of tea.. and yes, our local authorities should be more involved in creating these kinds of opportunities – and receive decent funding for doing so. Thanks to all for your great work, every episode of Marie TV is more inspiring than the previous one! Much love from this part of the world 🙂

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching and sharing your thoughts here Cecile. We love that you can see the creative opportunities for helping those in need. We’re also hopeful that the more awareness and resources we all raise, the more souls we’re able to help. Your voice is so appreciated in this discussion.

  119. Terry, thank you SO much for this! It means a lot to us to know that you’re enjoying our videos, and that this conversation with Leila hit home with you right now. We love your openness to learning from everyone, that’s such a wonderful quality. Enjoy the book, and thank you for being an amazing part of our world! We’re so glad to have you here.

  120. Holy moly!!! I’m dying over how amazing the interview was with Leila about Give Work… I have a social enterprise business that provides work for over 200 artisan group across Mexico and I couldn’t be happier to know about this book as it is truly affirmation to what we do on a daily basis. The wording is exactly what we strive to share with our consumers every day! Thank you for doing what you do…

  121. The world – the Earth lost beautiful soul… [‘]

    • Julia - Team Forleo


  122. Rest in Power Leila January 25th, 2020 this beautiful soul left us. We can continue to support her life’s work.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Suzanne. Amen to this – keeping Leila’s beautiful vision, spirit & legacy alive ??

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