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You’re about to watch an episode of my vlog series called Marie Unplugged. These videos are totally different than my award-winning show MarieTV. Vlogs by nature are raw and off the cuff. So wear headphones if kiddos are around because adult language is likely. Enjoy!

What do you get when you combine flesh-eating zombies, big drop rollercoasters, EFT and a Gospel brunch at Oprah’s house?

A damn good time, that’s what.

Few months back, I had a stark realization. In order to make headway on my next book, I needed an intermission from life in NYC. A break from my routine and surroundings.

I wrote my first book here in New York about 16 years ago — amidst juggling my then tiny-but-growing business, an even tinier studio apartment and 3 part-time jobs. But since then, life has grown exponentially more complex.

So I started imagining my own DIY ‘artist retreat.’ A week or two where my only responsibility would be writing. No grocery lists, no laundry, no outside meetings, no junk mail and no piles of dishes. It sounded so heavenly. I wondered, “Is this even legal?!?”

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how necessary this focus time would be to make headway on my next book.

When I shared this DIY ‘artist retreat’ idea with my best friend Kris, she wanted in. She also had some writing projects that deserved some dedicated TLC. We wrangled our calendars and it turned out — we both needed to be in Los Angeles for the same event in mid October.

Within a few days plane tickets were booked, bags were packed and it was go time.

All in all, I was able to devote ten full days almost exclusively to my book. While I still have an enormous amount of writing ahead of me, this retreat helped me get a foothold into my manuscript.

At the tail end of our first of (hopefully!) many artist retreats, my friend Kris and I squeezed in some adventures, too. In this new episode of Marie Unplugged, you’ll see:

  • The reason Halloween at Universal Studios in Hollywood is my new favorite place (if you’re a scary movie fan like I am, this place does it right)
  • Why, if I ever decide to change careers, I’ll be the world’s top #CoasterCoach
  • A novel and likely off-book use of EFT
  • Some behind-the-scenes footage from the inspiring The Wisdom of Sundays Gospel brunch at Oprah’s house

(If you’re curious, I did not film the writing part of my artist retreat. Why? Because I literally sat at my computer for 6-8 hours a day. You can imagine what that looks like, right? ?).

I gotta say, there’s one piece of this episode that’s particularly moving for me. It’s around helping Kris overcome a fear that, before this trip, would literally bring her to tears. Yes, I know her fear was about something playful, but…

Anytime we experience ourselves as more courageous and free,
it has a spillover effect on our entire lives.

Helping people (myself included!) create real and lasting change is part of my life’s mission. So I’m curious to know:

What’s one fear — big or small — that you’re ready to move beyond?

This doesn’t mean you won’t still feel anxious or get butterflies in your tummy. It just means you’re ready to take that next step and move ahead.

Or, is there a creative project on your list that deserves dedicated time, attention and focus? What would you do on your ideal artist retreat and who would you want by your side, if anyone?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember — share as much detail as you can in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for inspiration, and your story may inspire a new insight or breakthrough for someone else.

As always, thank you for watching and sharing, especially on this Unplugged series. I hope you have as much fun watching this episode as we had making it.

With so much love,


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  1. Natalie

    Love these unplugged sessions!! It’s so important to have people who support you and have the same zest for life, so I’m really glad you did this one with your BFF Kris.

    And you did EFT! So few people I feel like have it, but it can be such a powerful tool. One of my design clients uses EFT for nurses to help cope with stress and it is amazing to hear her stories. For anyone that does struggle with anxiety and has never tried EFT, you should give it a try.

    Now off to a brunch WAY less glamorous than Oprah’s, but hey, brunch is always a bit glamorous and soulful 🙂

    <3 Nat

    • Natalie

      Correction: So few people I feel have heard of EFT, but it can be such a powerful tool. Really need that brunch coffee to avoid dropping words from sentences, sheesh!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Totally agree … all brunch is definitely glamorous and soulful, Nat! 🙂 Have a fabulous brunch!

    • Every brunch is good brunch. Enjoy Nat 🙂

  2. Your vlogs are the best high EVER (no, I don’t do drugs!) so inspiring, leaves me feeling like ANYTHING is possible…thanks for such amazing content ??

  3. One fear I’m ready to drop like it’s hot (and I’m working on REAAALLY leaving it behind):

    fear that I don’t deserve everything I want.


    …and she walks away
    Thank you Marie for always inspiring us to reach new levels in the best way possible – by example. <3

    • haha there was a “mic drop” in there somewhere, but I used wrong brackets and it didn’t show. So I guess it was such an obvious mic drop that you don’t even need to say it.

      This fear needs to go… NOW. 🙂

      • Hey Kat! If I were you, I’d have fun with training my mind and soul with whatever belief is more supportive and joyful. Meaning, write down your NEW belief daily – at least 15X, and say it to yourself on repeat — especially when you’re moving, running, cycling, etc. It will train your subconscious 🙂 XO

  4. Thank you for the laughs and showing what a little EFT can do!

  5. Nicole

    My fear is not having a purpsose. I currently run a successful business with my brother that also pays for some of our parents expenses. My brother has young kids but my kids are in their early to mid 20s and my husband wanted to retire last year. He would like quit his job and travel all around the globe but I am afraid of not being there for my family. I have dedicated my life to my family and my business, so when I am not available anymore, then what? I love to paint and art. I signed up for your class to help provide me some guidance but have not had time to actually go through it or perhaps I procrastinating so I don’t have to face it. How do I find the balance between what I know and what I don’t?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Nicole, thank you so much for watching. So many of us are seeking our purpose too, so you’re absolutely not alone. We did a great MarieTV episode a while back that talks about finding your purpose, so definitely check this one out for a few great ideas:

      If you’re a student in our B-School program, know that it’s never too late to dive in and get started … all the materials are there waiting for you, so you can start exploring that anytime. The bonus program Start The Right Business might be a great place to get curious and explore some ideas if you’re looking to start something new.

      If you’d like some tips on how to start digging in to the program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at bschool AT marieforleo DOT com anytime. We’re always happy to hear from you!

    • Hey Nicole! If I’m getting you, that fear of not being there for your family, the business and your folks is really challenging — especially given that your husband wants to travel and you want to paint and do art. Curious, which course did you sign up for? (We’d love to help you). More important, here’s an assignment. I’d encourage you to start writing down all your ideas, fears and dreams: what you know, what you are afraid of and and what you most want. The reason to do this is that I bet you have so many thoughts and ideas in your head right now, constantly swirling around, that it’s hard to get clear on what you feel and want.

      The second thing I recommend is to watch this episode about 4 Simple Tests to help you make the right decision every time. It’s a REALLY powerful framework to help you get clarity on your feeling and begin to see paths to move ahead! ?

  6. Love this video! First time I’ve watched one of your unplugged videos.
    You both are so cute and it looked like you guys had tremendous fun with zombies, Gabby, Oprah, tapping etc…I wish I could have joined you! haha xoxo

  7. This made me so happy! What a lovely thing to do together with Kris, it looked like so much fun! I hope you got a tonne of writing done too 🙂

    • I did get a bunch of writing done too!! Win, win, win Laura 🙂

  8. That brunch looks amazing!

  9. The fear of rejection in my business.
    I’m so scared of promoting my business, which is silly because if I don’t, I have no business.
    Working on getting over it though. Getting out of my comfort zone. It’s got to be done!
    *Off to email some clients*

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it … go Jacquie!! Feel free to stop by again and let us know how it goes 🙂

    • Hey Jacquie! Given what you shared, you may want to play this MarieTV in the background too 🙂 “How To Promote Your Business Proudly — And Take the Shame (and Fear) out of Self-Promotion”

    • Fadzi

      Oh my Jacquie, you said the exact same thing I’ve been suffering from. Fear of rejection is a big one for me whether it’s in business or just life in general. So I headed over to watch the episode Marie suggested for you coz I too have the same challenge and I found the root cause, lights literally went on when she said “I care more about putting my ideas out than I do, trying to live my life, trying to be un-judged which is pretty much impossible.” Boom! That’s what I’ve been doing, I’ve been trying to live my life un-judged. It’s exactly that, I’ve been fearing this person’s and that person’s judgement, as though I know for sure what they are thinking, and as though I can control whether or not they judge me, haha. Wow, what an aha moment. Thanks Marie, I now see the futility in that & I know what I have to do now. What resonated for you Jacquie from the shameless self promotion episode? Would really love to know. Thanks for speaking up, your comment has liberated me.

  10. I’m so ready to move beyond this fear I have of not having the right “look” to do video content. I know that I have a valuable message, and I know that it will make a greater impact if I say it on camera, rather than just a blog post. HOWEVER, I cannot seem to get comfortable with the way I look on video. I am not traditionally pretty. I notice every flaw, and I get so scared people will reject me.

    I would have thought I’d be over these fears at this stage in my life, but this is the one thing I haven’t been able to move past! Perfect skin on every youtube video I watch isn’t helping, either! I’m learning that often it’s more about the lighting and angles than about everyone who films really looking perfect, but until I learn how all that works, I’m still living here in Fear Town.

    I’m so ready to move past this and just get started, already!

    Thank you for this video, and for giving us a glimpse of The Promise Land. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about the impact Oprah and so many of you have made in this world.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sarra, you’re SO not alone in Fear Town … you’re speaking so much to the heart of what’s difficult for anyone putting themselves out there online (or anywhere public, really!)

      We’ve done a lot of episodes about this, as it’s something that’s tough for all of us. One of my favorites is this one:

      We’re cheering you on as you’re getting started with your video … you’ve so got this!

  11. Natalie Palmadesso

    I finished my novel and I’m in the process of editing it. I feel like a mama bird not sure when and if this baby bird will be ready to fly. I’m just going to have to close my eyes pick a date in the calendar and push my baby out of the nest. Huge butterflies in the tummy just thinking about it.

    • CONGRATS Natalie! That’s quite a milestone. Your idea is right on. Pick a date in the calendar and GET her out there. Then, start your next one ?

  12. You are the manifestation queen. Thank you for the window into your (and Kris’s) world. Inspiring. I have to UP my game sistah.

  13. Kristi

    Thanks for sharing your adventure! I just might give a roller coaster a try. Love you guys!

  14. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Marie, I’ve been watching you for years and this was amazing! Thanks for letting us into your retreat and living what you preach. You are so inspirational. Much love!

    • Thank you SO much for sticking with me all these years Elizabeth ?

  15. That was so amazing… thank you so much for sharing so much of your time together and being just fantastic beautiful souls… loved seeing Oprah’s place and you guys hanging out together, you are the best.. x

  16. Melissa

    Y’all are so stinkin cute! Thanks for bringing us along on your artists’ retreat and reminding us that a change of scenery and getting out of your box (and your head) can do wonders. Cheers to the Promise Land!

  17. Terry McDermid

    Thank you for your uplifting messages!! For about twenty years, my husband has given me a weekend away as a birthday present and on Mother’s Day. I would head to a hotel and write for two days – all on my own. Then in 2012, I decided to go bigger and share this opportunity. I started organizing a Get-Away Women’s Writing Retreat twice a year, March and November, at an area retreat center. Friday to Sunday. Meals prepared for them and all they had to do was show up and write. Brainstorming/Visiting time during Breakfast and Dinner, Lunch come and go, otherwise, all your own time. Meditate. Journal. Whatever is needed.
    This November, we’re adding in a Thursday option. I just finished sending out an updated list of who has signed up. We can’t wait!!! It’s such a wonderful time for each of us to focus on what matters.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That sounds like so much fun, Terry! I hope you have a great retreat this November 🙂

  18. Thanks Marie! One fear I am ready to over come if – staying consistent. I feel I could start and succeed at anything, then I get anxious worrying about the commitment and my experience of being inconsistent. Did you say something about an artist retreat? Yes, please!!

  19. Fun times

    I couldn’t get into your other vlogs, but I really liked this one. What’s not to love about theme parks and brunch with Oprah LOL.

  20. OMG I’m in love with Kris’ unicorn! And still laughing about your EFT session 😀 Have to say, I’m also in line for your roller coaster coaching, Marie (motion sickness is my worst) and a writing retreat most of all – even if not quite at The Promised Land 😉 LOVE this episode, thank you both, and look forward to reading your new books! XX

  21. Hola Marie!
    My biggest fear is deep water. I will post a video the day I conquer that fear. It’s interesting to see how I am not afraid of altitudes though… I skydive… I don’t want that fear to interfere with my business or life decisions, so if I have to let my 6 year old nephew teach me how to swim in front of his friends (my munchkins), I’m down. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Fear of deep water is a big one, Katherine. You SO got this, and I hope you enjoy giving swimming a try and conquering your fear! 🙂

  22. Funniest thing ever!
    Great video Marie, there is nothing better than random adventures with your mates. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  23. Ankush

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Looked like u had a grt time. My best part was reaching LA before time and then spending it somewhere to be on time at the right place. Come to think of it, this what happens most of times with me with important events am excited about or looking fwd to or a little nervous about. I ALWAYS REACH BEFORE TIME :)……Well i guess its just good planning.

    Looking fwd for some more videos….take care 🙂

  24. Megan

    lol, very entertaining…silent witness to terror…omg, as if.

  25. Love you both! Watching and reading about your retreat made my day ahead a beautiful fun gift! Thank you both.

  26. sarah

    Made my weeeek!!
    OMG, this was the best episode so far <3
    Feeling the love and loving the vibe.
    Marie, keep on my friend. You are special


  27. M

    Now I want to go to Universal!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Halloween is a great time to go! 🙂

  28. I don’t usually have any fears but I’ve got a big one brewing… To be brief… I’m starting to suspect the Universe hates me. 22 yrs. of chronic illness, divorce (of course), unsupported single-mom to 4, divorce poison, deserted by family, even kids.
    Sick people are a drag on top of being an extroverted aspie who calls people out – and I’m super tall (seems to threaten a lot of men.)
    In an emotionally abusive relationship, REMISSION!!!(7 years and holding), carbon monoxide ‘accident’, brain damage (mostly recovered), gout (what?) and now a broken toe with painful complications.
    Amidst all of this crap, I had to feed my kids, get them educated, etc… so there was that. Now, I just have myself and my dog is dying. Soon, I won’t even have her and I’m starting not to care.
    I’ve been trying to get a website up and running since March, through which I can offer coping tips for others suffering from chronic illness and hopefully make an income through an MLM that does all the bookkeeping because I will mess it up. I’ve encountered some really bizarre roadblocks and I’m afraid this is going to end up another dead horse that I beat into the ground because it’s really hard for me to admit failure until it becomes absolutely dismal.
    I’m 58 years old with tons of experience, seemingly endless hope in danger of dying, and nowhere to go. I have to leave if I want to continue living but to do that, I have to step out blindly, like into deep space – and Winter is coming. I’ll do it, but I’m really scared. Wish me luck!

    • Marilyn

      I have no words of wisdom, but I’m guessing your own words will take you far. Your writing is engaging, funny, and shows us some of your inner strength. Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you all the very best as you keep on keepin’ on!

    • Heidi

      Hi Julie,
      Just wanted to send you some hugs.
      Sounds like you are going through a challenging time.
      Please remain hopeful and positive about your future – life can offer good surprises when we put ourselves out there. Find some supportive people who will at least listen to you and do let go of what is not serving you or adding to your life.
      All the best wishes to your success,
      Heidi xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, Julie. It sounds like you’ve encountered a lot of hardships and roadblocks over the years, but you have a resilient spirit and are ready to share your gifts and talents with the world in a new way. We’re so proud of you!

      I thought of a couple of MarieTV episodes that I think you’ll find inspiring on your journey:

    • Hi Julie, I am so sorry for what you’ve experienced. And the challenges you continue to face. What I really appreciate about you is your strength and tenacity. Based on what you shared here, I sense that you’ve still got that spark of fire in you. That you know it’s possible to turn things around. I’m having the team reach out to you with some resources that I hope you’ll find useful and supportive. Sending you an ENORMOUS hug xo M.

  29. OMG YOU GUYS!!! How fun was that to watch?!! And @KrisCarr…The way you looked at the unicorn at the end is legit how I look at each unicorn I see!! #Magic #SportTheCorn !

  30. Sandra

    My 2 favorite gals unplugged, doesn’t get any better than that! Thanks for taking us along – so inspiring and always leaves me feeling good. Thanks Marie!

    I mean, really. That was amazing.
    A fear that I am ready to move beyond: I am afraid to be really, truly seen.
    I’m done with that. I wrote a blog post recently and the quote that downloaded into my head before I stared writing it was:
    “You can only light people up if they can see you”
    It popped (almost wrote pooped) into my mind while I was watching the October full moon – the clouds kept covering it and I was trying to see THROUGH the clouds to get another glimpse at that magical moon.

    Then it hit me.

    There are people out there that need my light.. but I’m hard to find and they can’t see me.

    It’s time to shine, people.

    Get your shine on.

    • LOVE it all Caitlin!! Shine on, sister.

    • Priscilla

      Caitlin, this is so beautiful! I have a similar fear. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement for all of us! ❤

    • Caitlin,
      LOVE this!
      I to struggle with the fear of being truly seen, and I’ve found, for me, that it all stems from a fear of rejection. I’ve just recently started a project that encourages and pushes me to move the clouds aside. No easy thang, but with each step I almost feel a sense of relief. Time to get that shine on!!

  32. Nothing can scare you after the real “rollercoaster” of being an entrepreneur! 😉

  33. Rita Hooper

    Loved the unplugged episode (and I totally get it about not filming at Oprah’s house. You just never know). You two are the cutest. You seemed to be having so much fun! The joy just rubs off on those of us watching you guys! Much love to both of you.

  34. Joelle Calton

    First of all, you are so gotgeous and glowy. You are so genuine and relarable. I really enjoy these unplugged videos and wish I could be your fruend! Which I’m sure you hear all the time! Thanks for your aithenticity and humor. ?

  35. Yulia Glotzer

    Oh, Gosh! My absolute favourite “unplugged” episode by far! You, girls, are so natural and happy and honest and lively! Really cool!
    And I can totally relate to Chris`s tears when she cried over even a possibility of a rollercoaster! :)) Because I am afraid of height and especially when it comes to jumping from the height… so… as a Birthday present this year I gave myself a trapeze class at NYC trapeze school. Me and couple kids were doing it, and I was the only grown up crying every time coming down (I jumped quite a few times and even did some tricks on a trapeze… mama mia!!!!). It was THE BEST!!! I kept shaking for a couple hours after I was done with it, I think, it was all that adrenaline going through my veins! Nobody could understand WHY I did it to myself on my BD :)) But I knew why! It was sooo worth it! Overcoming your fears brings understanding that everything is possible in this life!
    I wish, at that day I had such friend as Marie by my side though :))

    Thank you, Marie, for keeping doing this work the WAY you do it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Yulia!! You’re so brave for conquering your fear. And it sounds like you had a really fun time! 🙂

  36. Kim

    I’m loving your vlogs, Marie! They’re so, so funny and it shows that the humor in MarieTV springs authentically from who you are.
    One BIG fear that I’m so ready to move beyond is my fear of flying. I haven’t been on a plane since 2006 and at that time, I actually had to de-board the plane before taking off because of an anxiety attack. I love traveling, meeting new people and exploring different cultures. I majored in international studies in college and my minor was French. I hosted a world music radio show for more than three years. International culture is my thing! And yet I haven’t traveled internationally in more than 10 years. I know I’m missing out!
    Perhaps I’ll give tapping a try to move me forward. Thanks for all you do!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’ll be sending positive vibes your way, Kim! It sounds like you’re a traveler at heart and we can’t wait to hear how conquering your fear of flying opens the doors of the world even wider to you.

  37. Helen

    Hi Marie, I love marieTV and promote to anyone who will listen, and now I love your unplugged films too. Its so great to see the real person behind the glitz and glamour. The fact that we can be both, and it enhances our work rather than detracts from it is so powerful. Keep going girl!

    • Thank you for what you shared Helen!! Your words warm my heart ?

  38. Hi Marie,
    I’ve been following you for several years now off /on and I did B School a few years ago. My creative business I was working on has not really become what I had hoped, but in my day job I am encountering the same block…feeling like a fraud. Wondering when they will discover Ive achieved all these things because of luck and people being nice to me.
    I’m guessing the two situations go hand in hand and I would like to know how to “make the bad man stop!”
    Thank you for all the insights you have given us over the years

    • Hey Kirstin! Since you’re already a B-Schooler, I hope you’ll come back for a free refresher in 2018 🙂 You’ve got to keep going!

  39. Love this! I’m ready to let go of the whiny “I don’t know what to offer; what transformation I provide; I have nothing to teach/coach on; I’ve not overcome any major obstacles (i.e., what could I make a business out of from my life experience), so maybe I’m just not entrepreneur material.” And yet I want it SO BADLY! For myself, for my baby girl. It’s been a dream since the last century.

  40. This was THE BEST! And although the brunch at Oprah’s was superb, I absolutely almost peed my pants watching the 2 of you tap for the barstools. Love you so much and thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us!

  41. I’m getting ready to move beyond the fear of launching my first online coaching course – I have butterflies all the time and fear surrounding it but I know that I have to just launch it and it will be awesome!

    • Do it Rachael — it’s all about learning and growth!

  42. love love love you, Marie. You are so real and such a role model to me of where I want to be in the next 5 yrs. Beautiful, happy and extremely successful ahahah.

  43. Love this episode and you 2 ladies! I just finished up the Crazy Sexy Business B-school bonus with Kris. It was quite helpful for growing my business, and a great adjunct to B-school.

    I’m proud to say that I’m not fearing anything right now. After struggling for the past couple years to grow my business, I’m working on a new model I’m super excited about and I’m charging ahead to make it happen. I’m comfortable and confident with myself and the process and know that no matter how things go, Imma be a’ight!

    Much love to you all!

    p.s. – Marie, I stay mesmerized by your hair! Lol.

    • Nicole —YES! I’m high fiving you right now from afar ?? Aaand, my hair really does have a life all it’s own 🙂

  44. Liz Baxter

    Ahh you girls – made me smile watching you have fun. Thanks for everything x ?❤️

  45. Love watching you 2! So great to have a true friend with so much in common. You girls rock! xo

  46. My favorite so far…this was a BLAST!!

  47. giovanna

    Hi Marie and Kris,
    That was the BEST!!!! I could watch you two doing anything together! It was just what I needed today. Loved your EFT about the stool, lol! Loved Kris’ overcoming her fear of roller coasters and prepping to go to Oprahs. It had a little of everything and it was fun to watch. I admire you both, so it was the perfect combo.


  48. Rachel Barber

    Marie, You and Kris have a way of making us all feel like your besties! Proximity is power, thank you for keeping us close. Love, Rachel

  49. I so needed to see this today. I too am petrified of roller coasters. I’ve been up in a balloon no problem and climbed up a sheer rock face. But roller coasters – eugh! I feel sick just thinking about them! But maybe I’ll try one soon though :). I’m also petrified to launch my new membership site soon. Big scary stuff. But I’m doing it :). Thanks for the inspiration as always @Marie xx

    • You need a good #coastercoach Rachel ? And, sending you ALL the best for your membership site!!

  50. Gina

    Marie, you are AMAZING. So funny and sassy and inspiring, all at the same time. Keep doing your thang! Can’t wait to get Oprah’s book. Thank you for being you!

  51. Wow Again. I laughed, I cried, totally wowed. Thank you for letting me see work, fear and love in motion. My greatest fear, Right Now, Right Here is putting Myself out there as who I am. Which I am in the process of doing. Animal Artist, Animal Whisperer/Communicator. I realize my struggles with Mailchimp and other computer stuff is just a way to delay. No more time to delay. I’ve unsubscribed from all of my gurus’ who I love. Marie on Tuesday is the only thing left. Totally Uplifting. It’s me and God working through me, Jesus holding my hand. That’s my higher power, it’s got to come from me. Thats the only way for me.
    Love and Light Christine Kowal and The Animals

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You got this, Christine! And don’t be afraid to ask for help with the tech stuff. I know MailChimp isn’t always easy to work with, but as Marie says, “everything is figureoutable.” 🙂

  52. Sandy

    Hello Marie and Team Forleo;
    I was having such a moment and your email pop in my inbox this morning. Great unplugged video and thanks for sharing those behind the scenes. What is Kris Karr attempting to find in Oprah’s closet? LOL!! What a fabulous moment for you ladies attending and enjoying the present experience at Oprah’s house. The one fear is publishing my memoir which is in the final stages of my creative writing. My ideal artist retreat would be to take a tropical resort to Fiji. Thanks for all you do!! Your work continues to progress as you stay focus on your A-game (MF).

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s awesome that you’re writing a memoir, Sandy! A writing retreat in Fiji sounds like an awesome way to put the finishing touches on your manuscript. 🙂 We’ll be sending good writerly vibes your way!

  53. Thank you for sharing the wonderful, not so perfect, parts of your life. It is so much fun! Love, love, love seeing you hang with your girl friends. Those relationships are priceless, and makes me grateful for the incredible girlfriends in my life.

  54. my fear? putting myself out there in a way that others can see if i fail, and that they will think I’m a loser

    • Hey Kayla! I absolutely understand that fear — AND, I’d encourage you to embrace growth and start to see failure not as a ‘mistake’ but as a VERY necessary step in learning. You don’t pop out of the womb knowing how to walk and talk, right? The only way you learn is by trying again and again and again until you start to get it right. The most accomplished people in the world run towards learning, growth and yes — that includes failure. You got this.

  55. So ready to let go of what people in my current profession will think of me when I put myself out there as something different…

  56. I love your unplugged sessions. It brings us in the behind the scenes of your business and shows even more your authenticity and that it’s possible to be truly yourself in business. Keep them coming and congrats on your appearance in Oprah’s new book.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Olivia! It just came out and we’re thrilled Marie is in the book. We appreciate you tuning in and are so glad you’re enjoying these unplugged episodes! <3

  57. Kimberley

    Hi Marie. Thanks for taking us along on this adventure and for the inspiration. I’ve been stewing on a plan to take my own DIY artist retreat. I’m stuck on a book project and feel like I need to step out of my everyday life to move it forward. You’ve shown me that it is not only “legal”, but necessary and a lot of fun. Making a plan today.

    My fear – getting over “who does she think she is” syndrome.

  58. Freaking love these episodes!!!! YEAY! YEAY! YEAY!

  59. Latifa Lipton

    Such a fun video…love seeing 2 of my fave rock stars together having fun, roller coasters… and OMG Oprah’s

  60. I love it all! I too am terrified of roller coasters. Perhaps it’s time to dive in!

  61. Katherine

    Hi Marie and hugs to both you and Kris, Love you both.
    The fear I am ready to let go of is….yikes! I get anxiety typing this…I am letting go of the fear of riding…yes horseback riding. Oh no, now I am having that cold sweat feeling. I am 65 years young and had a horseback riding accident when I was 18. I have ridden a couple of times since then, but with fear…The only thing I want to feel when I ride again is freedom! (tears, now) Thank you for sharing this it was fun and thanks for letting me share.

  62. That was fantastic.
    I love you two!

  63. Reading my work in progress in public is my current fear. I have done it twice recently and my voice shook both times. I got emotional and I don’t know why. I am a certified toastmaster, but I am many decades out of practice nor am I practiced reading my own work. Suggestions welcome.

  64. Anjolee the Free

    Marie!!!!! This was super cool.
    I was compelled to leave a comment.
    What fear am I ready to move beyond? The fear of speaking my truth!!! I hold my tongue…basically to avoid conflict.
    What project deserves my time? What would I do on my ideal artist retreat?
    The project that deserves my time is my EP “Bloom”. I have all of the music but just need to re-record some things, finish some of the music/tracks and get it all mixed. I’ve been working on it for a long time and having a lot of trouble getting past these hurdles. On my retreat tho?? I would spend my time listening to music/writing/reading …

    Thanks Marie and everybody on the team!!! Sometimes you just need a little push, a small (or large) piece of inspiration to keep you going. I really get excited to see your emails in my inbox.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds like the perfect retreat, Anjolee! We’ll be wishing you tons of luck with Bloom. I can tell you’ve been working hard and you’re ready to have your music out into the world.

  65. Patricia

    Well, all right! Each time I return to this space I pick up more breath while grounding at the same time. Is that possible? I guess so because it just keeps happening with each post, vlog, and interview.

    I am ready to move beyond the fear of what will happen when I return to my creative self. That quiet voice inside is asking me… no, telling me it is past time to nourish and enable creativity so that we can grow our relationship (creativity and I) again.

    Thank you MarieTV for loving the world with a wide open heart!

  66. Seriously???? My 2 FAVORITE girls together in this video! ET needed to mention you were at Oprah’s, but whatever!!
    Yay, getting over the fears Kris! I’m not afraid of the coasters, my belly is. EWWW
    Rock on girlies! Thanks for sharing.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Haha, I hear you, Dawn! I love roller coasters, but my stomach does NOT. We’re so glad you’re a fan of Kris’s! We love seeing both of them together too. 🙂

      • I found Marie and B-School through Kris! Seeing them together is just so much fun-ness. Really brightened my day.
        As for my fear ~ crazy fear of heights. Then I moved to Durango, Colorado and every part of the area I live in involves mountain roads, no guardrails, and cliffside hikes. Oh, and I went on the zipline, which, I would do again in a heartbeat!

  67. Ariane :)

    Hey Team Forleo! Thanks for the super fun videos and everything you guys do, it’s all great!!
    I’m ready to move beyond my fear of starting my own blog and killing it online. I am terrified and I realized that I’ve been procrastinating doing it for years!!! But now, I got myself all the tools that I need (B-School included!) and it’s going somewhere, slowly but surely.
    Thanks again!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Ariane! Baby steps really add up over time, so slowly but surely is the way to go. As Marie says, “progress, not perfection.” 🙂

  68. I am SO ready to move beyond playing small and keeping this boring-ass full time job for ‘stable, steady’ income and benefits! I can create more wealth than that! My art, message and support of animal rescue through art sales is fucking awesome and I’m stepping into my full power RIGHT NOW!! ☆

    My ideal retreat would be a lot of group time/support/uplifting, fun, leisure and work time. Lots of animals, nature therapy and meditation. Focusing on the great things we want in our lives and that we abso-fucking-lutely deserve them!!!

  69. Resi

    I really loved this MarieTV!

    All of the components … the sequence of events, the feed back following those events – I didn’t even realize that I was smiling !! ??
    It couldnt have truened out better & I think that that is exactly what happenes when AUTHENCITY rules! Really wonderful

  70. Hi Marie! Thank you so much! I am in awe of what you do. You give me hope when I feel like there’s none left. It’s amazing to see all the things you do and share with us. Life is precious and we are given one to live. And I intend on living my to the fullest even though I have fears that creep up. I’m realizing that it’s probably excitement. I just have conditioned myself to think of it as fear. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and being an inpiration. I learn so much from you!
    All my best,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You bring up a really good point, Jamie! Sometimes excitement and fear can feel similar, so it’s hard to tell which is which. There’s an episode of MarieTV about following your fear that I think you’ll find inspiring as you’re embracing the excitement of living to the fullest:

  71. Great video – so nice to see such a supportive friendship. My fear and the creative project that deserves dedication are linked. I’m ready to let go of the fear that no one cares what I have to say and dedicate the time, focus, and creative energy to finishing my memoir. It’s big and scary just to write it here but now it feels more real. Thank you for the push.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Barbara! We’re rooting for you.

  72. Thank you Marie for sharing that video, it was very cool to see you having a great time away from the norm. It made me smile and that’s special. Blessings to you and your team!

  73. Eva

    Marie, thank you so much for this episode! I was trapped in fear land for quite some time and am currently in un-fearing mode. Sure, there’s always the little voice saying “don’t!”, but I’m ready to smile and take an extra step. And just like Kris with rollercoasters, I’m starting to like it!
    I love every unplugged episode more than the previous one. They’re soooo good! And I love how you inspire through the little things in life. I thought so much of a couple of friends and I during this episode, and I found myself dreaming and feeling the energy of what each one of us does. I loved the concept of a DIY artist retreat. I can’t take days off right now because my young ones are still little (youngest is only one!) but I decided to book a morning -glam brunch included – a week. That’ll be my magic book writing time. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!!!

  74. Tap on, sisters… it’s all good – bar stools or whatever! What a thrill to chill with Oprah… congrats! Thanks for sharing a little of that magic with us.

  75. Loved it! I’m a writer and I love that you took some time for yourself to immerse yourself into your writing. Oh, and to have fun. Thanks for the gorgeous vide. Lots of love Leeza

  76. Tenecia

    Hey Mama Marie,
    Love your newest vlog post as you are a constant inspiration!
    It is so fitting that you would speak on fears and I have plenty of them but my biggest fear (it seems cliche) is of my own Success. I always get on the precipice of something awesome around the corner and I always do something to talk myself out of it or do something deliberately that my success slips away.
    I am building my own event production platform and have been for the last year and I can’t tell you how many different moments have crept up during this life-changing process where I just wanted to go back into my “comfort zone” of just being a worker bee, yet I also know that is no longer fulfilling either. I have one good sister-friend who has kept me in check and I do the same for her too as she is building her own brand. If I didn’t have her, I would have completely folded by now.
    Having that accountability friend helps big time as I am able to overcome this fear one step at a time.

  77. Martha

    Marie! This vlog is awesome! I love universal studios!
    I have a fear of not getting the “right” job. I have felt like a failure the last 6 months. I would get anxiety looking at my resume and thinking about submitting for a job application. I would stare at my resume and think it wasn’t good enough. That no one is going to hire me because my resume is boring and just not enough. It led me to a downward spiral of regret. I would ask myself why did I do the stuff I did and why did I waste all that time doing stuff that isn’t good enough? That would make me feel like I would never get a decent paying job that I loved. I’m still working on this fear. But recently I finally didn’t get anxiety when I opened my resume up on my computer. And I have learned a lot about the process of resume writing and cover letter writing. It became so clear to me that there’s a little extra spark in my resume and cover letter when I change my perspective and I focus on the difference I could make if I get this job position. I’m working on reminding myself that although I just want to leap into the perfect right job right now I need to find stepping stones in the meantime. Do you have any advice tools to help give me that patience in finding a job I am passionate about? Because it seems like that’s the first step for creating the life I want. Thank you! Congrats on being part of the soul sessions book!

  78. Hi Marie I’m a huge fan of your team and wait religiously for your updates every Tuesday. One fear I’m ready to let go of is my fear of not belonging, fear of being an outsider and not being seen as competent. I’m deaf and an Italian living in the UK and always feel the fear of being left out of the conversation and I feel personally rejected by Brexit with the rising intolerance against immigrants such as myself. Yet I need to remember that my differences are what make me me and credible in my job (I’m an diversity and inclusion advisor). I want to embrace that everything is ”figureoutable” and stop feeling linke an in-betweener: perhaps it’s an interesting place to be?

    • Ciao Maria! Thank you for watching and for your kind words AND for the important work you’re doing in the world. If you’re open to it, rewatching the recent conversation I had with Brene Brown on this topic of belonging might be perfect for how you’re feeling right now. Because yes  — it can be an interesting place to be 🙂

  79. Gina

    WoW! That looked awesome! Great fun and great laughs. Just what our daily life should be. Thanks for that as it was so uplifting.

  80. katie

    thanks Marie, for pushing me to face those butterflies… of not feeling good enough. Even though my boyfriend who this year became my husband and the father of our first child and the father to be of our next one on the way… i still get anxious of him running off to be with another, even though you could not find a more devoted man. its all in my head and i need to grow up and face it and be a role model for our daughter about fear and jealousy and anxious and irrationality. *deep breath!
    I am good enough.

  81. Loved this with Kris, as I’ve been following her for years, and truly appreciate the beautiful human being that she is. Same goes for you Marie! I don’t watch all of the vlogs, but the music is great and this one was just fun to take in. Thank you!

    Fear I’m ready to let go of ~ that somehow I do not deserve to manifest my dreams and wishes and desires that are in my heart. I know I am here to help people and bring healing into the world, but my blocks around money/abundance are holding me back ~ that it is OK to enjoy these things, and be spiritual and a healer. I know I have gifts to offer, direct from Spirit, and when I share them authentically people have amazing experiences. So, I know it is my path.

    I am going to tap on my fears of not being good enough, worthy enough, ENOUGH. Thanks for the reminder that EFT is an amazing tool available for healing.

    Glad you had a good time, thanks for sharing, Marie & Kris! Much love and infinite blessings to both of you for bringing your work forward in inspiring ways . . . love you both! xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing what you’re struggling with, Amy. You’re not alone in your blocks around money and abundance––so many people have trouble with that too, especially for spiritual people and light workers. Marie made an episode of MarieTV about it that I hope you’ll find inspiring and helpful:

  82. OMG…I loved this video!!! The best yet!!!
    I was disappointed however, that you never got to see Oprah’s closets. I bet she has the most enormous closets on the planet. And her clothes are so beautiful. OMG. Just the thought of what her closets must be like has me high as a kite.
    Loved you and Kris together.
    Keep up the amazing work!

  83. This is so funny because I had a little roller coaster change of heart just last month! I wasn’t totally afraid or anything. I’ve been on serious coasters when I was 13 or so. But I just thought that I was TOO OLD for roller coasters. Like I don’t need any more adrenaline in my life!

    BUT an old college friend invited me to the rides at Old Orchard and we went on bumper cars and a little roller coaster. It was nothing big but it was nothing I would have otherwise done. And it felt really fun! I did feel empowered afterwards. It’s hard to put into words but it energized me in some way. Opened me up to more possibilities. I’ve been noticing a lot recently how I’ve boxed myself up. “I’m not a gym person” “I’m not a rollercoaster person”. It seems harmless but it’s not. When we define ourselves in that sort of way we also limit ourselves and our life’s potential!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Katie! I’m so glad you had such a fun time with your friend. We believe you’re never too old to do what you love and that it’s never too late to change and try new things. We hope you have more adventures coming up! 🙂

  84. Oh my, you made me start to wonder if I should try roller coasters again. I fell out of love with them when I was in my early teens after losing my cookies. Although I love mountains and hiking, the height of roller coasters makes me oozy. The Oprah bit was cool, but the roller coaster lesson is going to stay with me (and possibly haunt me)…

  85. Anna

    Always like what you do but I am stumped … what is EFT? You mention it a few times? Thanks and keep up the positive work.

  86. Victoria

    I love you more than EVER!

  87. Awesome, thank you for the energy ! xo

  88. You won’t believe this, Marie! This morning I was having a fear attack about moving on in my business…went into meditation, drew some cards that busted into tears for the strength of the message from our beloved Universe. The Universe probably thought it was not enough, and showed me your video and this blog when I switched on my computer!

    Yes, I do have a creative project on my list! I would love to have time off from my usual routine and be in a place where I can have some focus time, be alone, yet be supported by people who share the same experience! It’s a journey to a different place, a nice house to hang out, a different lifestyle, be connected and know that it’s truly safe to be in this wonderland!

  89. Monica Templin

    This is my favorite insider yet! I think I may say that with every one of them. They just keep getting better and better.

    Kudos to your BFF Krista for confronting and overcoming her fear of rollercoasters. That was amazing to witness.

    My biggest fear is being a successful healer. I have my Reiki Master certification and I am a licensed acupuncturist. I have huge debt and a family to support. I am the primary earner. I keep moving to better paying jobs in my old field of work, working with recipients of public assistance. I have such a fear that I have wasted a LOT of money on my master’s and that I won’t be able to make it successful.

    I can picture exactly what my space looks like. I can even picture people there. Then I hear all the naysayers out there and the vision just crumbles.

    So I continue to work a 9 to 5 that doesn’t fulfill me and just practice my dream very part time.

  90. I f**kin love you Sisters. Thank you so much for spreading the JOY! xxx

  91. Nice … thanks for sharing. I think LA is more like Oz. It’s Springtime here right now and it’s just so lovely. How about a visit downunder, dear Marie? And bring Chris too

    • My apology – I meant Kris (not Chris)

  92. the. best. ever.
    love you guys x

  93. mila

    GOSHHH.. this is the best way to start my morning. So inspiring thanks Marie 🙂

  94. Hello beautiful!
    How gorgeous the two of you are! Iam looking forward to your European visit, when i can take you around of amazing spots and we can indulge into soul filling conversation!
    When do you girls have two weeks time?
    Ps unplugged are super cool! Honestly? At the beginning, i was wondering where you will take us and it has not felt 100% confi, but by now iam soo glad you are sharing with us the more spontaneous unplanned moments as well!

    Big LOVE to you both! Looking frw manifesting my dream to host you in EU!!!! Whatever you plan to discover from refugee situation to beautiful caribic like beaches just let me know! XXX

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so kind of you, Marie! Although Marie doesn’t have any European travel plans for the foreseeable future, we so appreciate your generosity and sweet offer. It sounds like you’d make a lovely tour guide! 🙂

  95. You fun, mischievous fun soul! Loved watching this, made me smile xx

  96. Girlfriends are the best! Thanks so much for sharing this. Smiles everywhere! : o )))

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We totally agree, Amy! Thanks for tuning in.

  97. Anne-kirstine Klitmark

    I love you two! So much joy and laugther to resonate with <3 Kris overcoming her fear was just an amazing little (big) transformation, that inspired!

  98. My Country is land locked & deep water fears loom giant in me. Am loving this episode. Thank you Marie!

  99. Laurie

    That was adorable. I usually don’t have time to watch longer videos like this, but I watched the whole thing and started my day with a smile. 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, Laurie! Thanks for starting your day with us.

  100. lina

    Ahahahahahahahaha loved the fun episode! The EFT cracked me up. Totally get it. LOL

  101. Trish

    Oh please, Please, PLEASE tell me that Kris is now the owner of that stuffed unicorn! Loved this Vlog (as always).

  102. That was awesome, you two are hilarious. “Oprah you did it” Damn. Way to do beautiful things ladies and make an impact on the world. You are inspirational. xoxo

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Stephanie– we think YOU’RE amazing. Thanks so much for tuning in and laughing along with us this week.

  103. Thank you for the episode. At first, I thought it was fun to watch but what tidbits did I learn? Then I realized…. HELLO, huge breakthrough… I’m afraid to put my crunchy self 110% out there! That blocks a lot of good things I want to share and do. I don’t want people to know all my crunchy deepness because they may judge it. I try to keep some of my “crunch” under the radar. After watching you both do scary things, fun things, and truly amazing things, like Oprah’s brunch, I realized I must be 110% me. Trying to hide the crunch doesn’t serve me or others who might like to hear something helpful that I’ve experienced. Tapping for a spot at the sushi bar was you truly being you! And it was fun and totally not mainstream. So thank you both for making my full “crunch” not so scary for me to share. Namaste

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love this, Stephanie! You’re so right– as Marie often reminds us, “the world needs that special gift only YOU have”, crunchy-bits and all. Thanks for bringing a smile to our faces today! Keep shining and stay crunchy.

  104. OMG! I absolutely love this video! It’s a treasure to see you and Kris as yourselves without the polish of production. I laughed so hard my eyes leaked. Great stuff!
    ” is there a creative project on your list that deserves dedicated time, attention and focus?” Such a great question for this time as a friend and I get ready to launch the online business of our dreams. Thank you Marie, Kris and B-school for giving us the tools to get on that rollercoaster!!!

  105. KG

    Fear of spooky stories that people, including well meaning friends and family, tell us about “how life is.” Life is a miracle and filled with extraordinary beauty. The rest is pure fiction.

  106. Great episode!!
    I’m so glad you reminded me about tapping. I’m definitely going to start doing that more often. You guys are beautiful beings.
    Thanks for your insights

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, Trista! We hope it sparked some new ideas for you. Thanks for being a part of our world!

  107. Just LOVE….loved it all…life lesson…be on time…but not too early… hehehe

  108. This is the first Unplugged episode I’ve watched and I LOVE IT! I’m so tempted to watch them all now but have to put my foot down and do some work. Thanks for opening up your life to us Marie, it really helps in getting to know you – even though I’ve been “knowing” you since B-School 2012. This takes it to a whole new level. Rock on honey. xx LOVE YOU TOO KRIS! xx Side note: whoever edits these videos, awesome job. 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Phoebe! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed this episode of Marie Unplugged and seeing a little glimpse into life outside of the studio. We’ll be sure to share the love with our production team (we think they’re pretty awesome, too)! Thanks for being a part of our vibrant B-School community– you seriously rock.

  109. Marie! This was fantastic! I was totally cracking up so many times because it’s only things that you can truly share with your BFF that makes those moments even more exceptional. Loved the roller coaster part and the lesson with it- on so many levels!! Keep doing you- it’s so great to see you chill. What was your favorite takeaway from the Oprah day?

  110. You rock, Marie!! And with Kris Carr, she’s one of my favorites. What a blessing during my time with cancer. I use EFT often, and I agree not many people know about it and it is an awesome tool. You are an amazing person, doing amazing things! Thanks for sharing your experiences. For a brief moment I felt as if I was with you all at Oprah’s (I have a really good imagination!!).

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We think YOU rock, Dawn! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your kind words for Marie and Kris. We’re sending you our very best wishes for health and healing, and we’re so glad this episode of Marie Unplugged was a bright spot in your day– just like you are in ours.

  111. You guys are hilarious and I love you and also… what camera are you using? At first I thought it was an iPhone on 4K but your halloweeny snapshots told me maaaaaybe not! Anyway totally diggin this. Love you loads!
    Arielle xx

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Arielle,
      We’re so happy that Marie and Kris gave you a chance to laugh! For these Unplugged episodes, Marie is using a Canon DSLR 80D camera to film, and then our crew back in New York does the editing and adds the fun (spooky) graphics. We’re so glad you’re digging this, and we’re wishing you a fun and festive week ahead!

  112. Andrea

    My biggest fear right now is performing on stage. My singing voice hasn’t been used in 5 years! I am desperate to find my voice again – get over stage fright and get back to rockin out!

  113. Maya Andreeva

    OMG, you ladies were in my neighborhood. I love you both and would have died if I sow you at brunch at one of my fav spots on Abbot Kinney 🙂
    I love Marie TV and all the wisdom you share with us.
    I am a pioneer CSY alumni and have been a vegan ever since the first day we started in September 2016. I also have been sober since then.
    Love you both and thank you for all you do!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode brought you so much joy Maya! Thanks for being in both our and Kris’s worlds, and keep rockin’ your incredible health goals.

  114. Dewi

    Hey Marie, Thank You for keep giving us love and being a great teacher for us. I have a question related to boudaries topic, In your wisdom Marie, How to set boundaries of our capacity (giving time, money or ideas) and still be okay or be at peace with consequences get people dissapointed. I am having difficulties to set boundaries for people because I am afraid of people not to like me, to be dissapointed at me. In family, if someone said they need money, I’ll give mine right away and it consequence my financial life that lead to immobalize me to do more to myself and be bankrupt! I know I need to say strict about the amount of my capacity to be shared, but I still couldn’t find the proper words to say no or to decline request. Wish your answer.

  115. Cindy

    What’s so fun about these episodes is that you find yourself smiling the WHOLE time as you watch Marie and Kris experience their various adventures! Despite all the famous people they have met, despite their own fame they still experience the things they do as we imagine we would, with excitement and anticipation and pure unadulterated joy! You go girls ~ and we get to go with you!! And being that I live in California I love seeing the familiar sights you visited through your eyes!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yay! We love hearing that Marie is putting big smiles on your face!!

  116. I am in my vacation now and I think about travel haunted house in halloween festival this year. You know I think I don’t have enough brave to watch horror movie or anything related ghost. It is just small thing but it is my fear for a long time so I think I should pass it to no more scare anymore. Your vlog inspire me a lot not only this vlog. Thank you so much because you make my life more meaning and colourful!

  117. Priceless moments. Thanks for taking me along.

  118. “I wanna go in her closet!” I burst out laughing so loud over breakfast when Kris said that!
    I was giggling along with both of you through this episode. Giddy with excitement for you, being at the promised land! Thanks for sharing your retreat with us Marie, the vlogs are so special.

    Love HAYLEY

  119. Greg DeGuglielmo

    That was fun!
    Thank you, Marie & Kris, for sharing.
    And it sounds like Kris is ready to join the Flying Wallendas 🙂
    ~ Greg

  120. Marieo!
    I LOVE this video!
    Thank you!
    -Milad From Iran

  121. Marieo!
    I LOVE this video!
    Thank you!
    -Milad From Iran

  122. Oh! Shoot!!! I was actually sitting at that Venice sushi bar that night on Sunday night the 15th of Oct ( I stopped btw to say thank you to you both for all of the amazing work you do in the world 😉 …but now… just really hoping I wasn’t the one dominating your favorite bar stool spot!!! hahaha! EEK! thank the universe for EFT!

    Psyched to see this episode from that weekend. Definitely made my trip to run into you both.


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  124. Interesting Episode 🙂

  125. Marieo!
    this video good!
    Thank you!

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