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One might think that as a former Nike Dance Athlete, I’d be fairly competent at the whole hand-eye coordination thing. Nope.

As you’re about to learn, I had a painful spill while filming. Worse, that injury meant I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take part in something fun that I planned months in advance.

Trust your gut and do whatever it takes to squeeze all the joy out of life you possibly can. Click To Tweet

Potentially useful aside: Following strange intuitive hits always pays off.

My friends and I were heading back from a grocery store run when I had a strong sense to make a fast left turn into a random Dollar Store that I’d never been in before.

After tooling around the aisles for a few minutes, we stumbled upon the perfect gear for our outing later that night. It was like we hit some sort of magical 80s costume jackpot — all for less than $30 bucks.

Moral of the story: trust your gut and do whatever it takes to squeeze all the joy out of life you possibly can.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, let me know:

  1. What’s one joyful activity you’ve always loved but haven’t done for a while?
  2. Tell me your most random story of following a gut hit and hitting a jackpot so to speak

Share as much detail as you can. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a breakthrough.

Thank you SO very much for taking this journey with me for the past few weeks. Your comments and shares are everything to me!

With so much love,


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  1. Amy

    Love! Love! Love! the vlogs. I was sad to see this is the last one for now 🙁 I love MarieTV too, though! But, the vlogs have been a breath of fresh air ?

    • Kimberley

      I completely agree… I love MarieTV but the vlogs are a great reminder that you can run a massively successful business and still have a life filled with love, fun and laughter! ?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Amy! We had a ton of fun so there are very likely some more vlogs in the future 🙂

  2. Kimberley

    I love the Marie Unplugged vlog – great to add a little sunshine to my day! 🙂

    Dancing brings me so much joy but I haven’t danced the night away in a long time – definitely need to do this as life’s too short!

  3. Joe

    wow … just … wow …
    remember …. HAVE FUN! … fearless love to all!

  4. Cecilia

    This video. I love them all, of course, but this one was fun, fun, FUN!

  5. I love these videos! So fun. Celebrating life with friends and being silly together. That’s what it’s all about.

  6. 1) There is NOTHING like roller-skating. Nothing.
    2) I say this with love, but Josh has GOT to get rid of that mustache. I’m not sure what dudes THINK they look like with a mustache, but they need to know that what we see is the opposite.
    3) You know what makes me giddy? Waterslides. Not the super scary ones, but the old-fashioned spiral-down-in-the-sun waterslides. I always feel like I’m 8 years old again.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oooh waterslides are the BEST! I hope you get a chance to go zip down some waterslides this summer, Katrina 🙂

  7. Amanda

    So I just watched this on mute since I am at work. But um, I think your friend was in The Knick (the girl with no nose!) and I love that show. And I love these unplugged videos 🙂

    • She IS! She’s amazingly talented — you’ll see her in a lot more shows coming up 🙂

  8. Edris Thomas

    Thank you for sharing these slivers of joy, friendship and fun! Kinda sad they are coming to an end but I know it was a break and now back to more fun—bizness!

    • Oh, there will be more Edris — just not this month 🙂

  9. Emily

    Love it! Your vlogs have been a TOTAL refreshing blast of fun, giggles and energy. So awesome to see you hitting the roller rink w/your posse – think I’ll have to find myself an ice rink or an 80’s dance party 😉

  10. Hey Marie, mine would be just what you did, go rollerblading. I haven’t done that since I was a teenager. And unfortunately, they don’t have any studios around here. I used to love going to Studio 54 with my high school friends, we’d sneak mickeys in. 😮
    I also would love to go Ziplining. I have never done that and there is a place just down the highway from where I live. Largest one in Ontario. Every summer I just don’t seem to make it there.

    My gut, was starting my business. Hugh leap but did it, now 5 years later I am so glad I took that leap.

    Thanks for the vlogging and all of the great videos you do. Keep it up.

    • Kim, you should set a date and DO IT!

    • Jenna

      Kim, ziplining adventures and skate nights with your friends don’t just happen. You have to schedule it! (Marie says above that they had planned this night months in advance!) Go open your calendar right now. Pick a day to go ziplining and commit to it by adding the event and setting a reminder, just like you would any other meeting. When the day comes, give that meeting with yourself priority and actually GO – don’t make excuses about how you have other things to do that are more important! There will always be a never-ending to do list! Oh, and HAVE A GREAT TIME! 😉

      • Thank you for sharing. Thought I was alone and haven’t made short important things on my life happen. Your encouragement helped bring a happy to my sad heart! Being in business is a balancing act and right now it feels like I get swept away to a place that feels like Ground Hog Day! Changed it up girl! This blog is just what I needed this morning.

  11. Caroline - Team Forleo

    Jimmy, we have over 325 episodes of MarieTV, and you’re more than welcome to check those out anytime ( And of course we’ll be back next week with MarieTV too.

    If you have any specific topics you’re interested in learning more about, feel free to reach out to our team anytime – we’re always happy to suggest some episodes! You can reach us at info AT marieforleo DOT com.

  12. Marie!! Thank you so much for sharing your activities with friends!!
    Vlogging a success!! Thanks for your contribution to this world 🙂

  13. Megan

    I love to crochet! I haven’t done it in months and I’m going to get back into it.

    I have a recent story of following my gut. I recently got called for an interview for a new job. I wasn’t that excited about it, but I thought you know what? I’ll go. What can it hurt? Turns out the job is awesome and the people are great! I took the job offer today!

    I love Marie unplugged! Please try to keep it going. It’s so refreshing to see another side to life and business we could all use.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Congratulations on getting an amazing job offer, Megan! And I love crocheting too 🙂

  14. My joy is my Cazzasize films, fun fitness!
    And an absolute WIN was dancing on stage with Chic at Glastonbury Festival wearing one of my sequin party capes and my summer 2017 peace, love and happiness fans, the topping was Kimberley, a Chic singer taking a fan and we fanned each other to Good Times! Watch on Music Friday in June, 58 mins into the Chic show.
    Thank you Marie for your inspiration, Cxxx

  15. Lorri

    You kill me with your personal Vlogs I am laughing my ass off because you are so blessed to have a life filled with love, family & friends and sometimes I envy you because your always so happy…some of us don’t have that life not because we don’t want it but there are so many things in the way…I know I can watch you and see myself there with you maybe one day….but for now I wait for your love in your Vlogs and MarieTV showings each week. Thank you for always be you the real you and not what you want us to believe is you….

    Imperfectly Beautiful

  16. Phoebe

    Well that was fun. =)
    I hope your ankle is completely healed now.

  17. Dawn

    Skate on! As 80’s children my husband and I take the kids whenever we can to the local skating rink. It’s so much fun. These playful moments are so important for resetting your brain. All work and no play makes me a dull girl for sure!

    • Love it! I’ve been dancing all over the place these past 2 months and loving it (ahem, flashmobs!). Thanks for reminding me of my other true love for skating. My kid’s been asking for a skateboard so think it’s time I get myself some skates again. Play on playaaas xo

  18. These vlogs are the most fun I’ve had in a while! Don’t stop making them, please. And thank you!

  19. Mtizi SInnott

    Y’all are cray! Luv it.
    2 weeks ago went in Family Dollar first time in years, got a 10 dolllah pic that’s perfect for my new kitchen. Whaaat what??

  20. I am just sooooo lovin’ these unpluggeds!!!

  21. Ok, that was HILARIOUS! You had me to the end. LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Thanks so much for giving me a smile on this beautiful day in paradise. Kiss Kiss!

    (proud BSchool alum!)

  22. OK, first of all, it’s really bugging me that your tube socks only have one stripe. They always had 2 or 3 stripes. I’m a stylist, details like that bug me. I still love you, I’m just sayin’… lol!!
    One thing I haven’t done in a while and love is going to live rock concerts. Especially in the summer at the outdoor theater at Jones Beach, in NY. The old bands are touring, all my old friends come out, I relive the 80’s and rock my socks off. (Not tube socks, ha ha) I just haven’t had the funds to buy tickets. It makes me sad.
    Random jackpots happen for me when I can push through my introversion and talk to people. I’ve made important connections just by going to an event when I really wanted to stay home, or just talking to new people when I really didn’t want to. Or even just sending an email with an invitation for coffee or lunch. Not every time, but it goes to show, you really do have to show up.

    • Adrienne – I hear you. I had 2 and you know what, it did NOT look right (legs got too short LOL), so I had to make that VERY important judgment call to go with singles.

  23. I cannot tell you how much I am LOVING Marie Unplugged. It is so refreshing to see such a successful business woman being normal and having fun.
    More please!!!!!!

  24. Surely

    I’ve always loved art and making things, especially for people I love, and I haven’t done it in a long while. Mostly to dedicate my time to the hustle. Watching your videos and reading your blogs remind me how I’ve got to focus on ALL the joys of life, not just the work part.

    Thank you for sharing your silly self, your life and joys and your gifts, Marie.

  25. LOVE these unscripted and real vlogs. For me, they were a huge reminder of what is missing in my life.

  26. Tom Foley

    Marie, First off Thank you for caring I have been unemployed for three years my wife has been supporting Us, you have helped picked Me up from thinking Ill never be able to show her a good life before I die and you have done that Im trying anyway God bless you


    What’s one joyful activity you’ve always loved but haven’t done for a while? Play golf
    Tell me your most random story of following a gut hit and hitting a jackpot so to speak nothing good comes up this morning

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful note, Tom. Living a good life doesn’t have to take much time or money – sometimes it’s the smallest moments that make our lives amazing. Thanks so much for tuning in with us!

  27. Lisset

    Marie this is such an eye opener for me. It shows how sometimes we (or at least me) take life too seriously.

    1. My joyful activity would be believe it or not roller skating. Being from Chicago. It was something we did weekly as a cheap activity cause my parents had a dozen of kids (rofl). I enjoyed it as well.

    2. Still working on that one… be continued!

    P.S. Is your friend Chris Carr. I might have spelled her name wrong. My apologies. Did she appear on the documentary Forks over knives? The reason I ask is because she was ill and changed her diet completely and was cured. First it is so nice to know she is doing well and second does she also have a blog one can follow?

    • Rollin!! Laughin with ya’ll!! Took me back to my little skater days, sticking my tushy out and living FEARLESS!! BTW my guy just rolled his ankle and broke his 5th metatarsal some dancer injury? Jones fracture I think? He thought he had sprain but now he’s in a boot. You might still get an x-ray if you haven’t.
      Peace, Gratitude, and Healing, shan

    • Yes! That’s my girl Kris Carr alright. She’s magical and indeed has a blog here 🙂

  28. Mila

    OMG.. Ur last Vlog is soooo inspiring.. Have an awesome holiday. Greetings from The Netherlands

  29. Lynne Klippel

    Loved this series Marie! Big hugs from a friend from long, long ago who still knows you rock!

  30. Jacobs

    You silly side is fun but cant have such fun down here while engaging terrorists
    Thanks for sharing.

  31. It’s Andrew, breaking in this girl talk..

    ehr…. a joyful thing I haven’t been doing for a while… ehr.. you know what I’m going to say, but I won’t say it…

    Gut hit: being invited to a dinner, and then meeting the people who gave me a new home…

    blessings, I love your show,


  32. That vid cracked me up!!! )$$$$ Store wwwwwhhhhhaaaatttt!!! Go there all the time…great deals on stuff…Roller Rink…so many good memories & fun times when I was a youngling!!! What I remember the most…is the awesome Music blasting from the mega speakers overhead…great place to Rock!!!
    Round Rock Texas could use one?
    Things I use to do that I enjoyed & don’t do anymore…
    Cruising on my Motorcycle…Wow!!! So much Fun…cruisin’ up PCH …unbelievable?
    Photography…I was one of those guyz who never left the house w/out the 35mm in the back seat
    Last but not least…My Guitar…left it SoCal when I moved to Texas…had every intention to retrieve it later…it disappeared some how?
    Marie, I Love You…Uplifting & Refrehing You Are…Appreciate You I Do!!!???
    Keep Rockin’ …God Bless Y’all

  33. Loved Marie unplugged …. you are preaching to the choir honey bunny!

  34. Ilka

    Roller skating……thanks for this vlog……made me remember those fun Friday roller skating evenings back at the school gym in the 70’s…..Love

  35. Love the fun in the unplugged series! That’s what summer is supposed to be about, fun and of course trusting your gut. Thanks for the inspiration to have some fun in life and go roller skating this weekend.

  36. I cannot wait for more vlogs! Thsee have been so inspiring and have gotten my fun meter blowing up!

    One of my favorite things to do that I haven’t done since I was a kid is roller skating. I think I need to work on bravery before I try that again though. In the mean timw, a favorite thing to do that I haven’t done in a long time that I am going to fit in this weekend is bike riding. I haven’t been on a bike in at least two years.

    And I am in the midst of a jackpot moment. My summer has been spent feeling like my dream and passion for said dream was dying and I have been having a crisis of faith in all the things. The past week has been nothing but random moments of reminding me why I love the healing field. I also had a completely random phone call from someone I have never spoken to in real life, only on a message board over a year ago, and I had just spoken about this person to someone else the night before. And she is also in the same healing field I am. So not huge jackpots but little ones that are adding up.

    • It’s all about the little jackpots Monica. You string them together and what you get is a truly magnificent life 🙂

  37. Amy

    I ? Roller skating too, so that was a delight to watch! I use my intuition everyday, but similar to yours, found myself bee-lining to the clearance section of anthropologie (a store I rarely ever step into), only to find myself standing in front of a solo swimsuit skirted bottom. It looked huge and for a much older person…my gut wouldn’t let me before trying it on, and discovered that it fit perfectly AND covers my abdomen scar from my prophylactic BRCA surgeries!! Plus it was cheap, especially for that store! I can wear it with confidence with my pink frilly Betsy bikini top and feel somewhat sassy again?

  38. Love this video…its probably because I live in the Hudson Valley and enjoyed seeing you in my hood. I have skated many a laps at Skate Time 209…with my girls in tube socks and knee pads. These vlogs have been fun to watch…I get a little burnt out on content designed to teach and infom. It’s fun to see you having fun. And next time you are in the Catskills looking for an adventure, hit up ZoomFlume for some water park fun. I’m sure your crew will dig.

  39. Why do your vlogs need to go away?!!!!!! I LOVE THEM. The element of fun NEEDS to be a part of everyday life. And you do this awesomely.

    • Oh they’re not going away for good, just for the last bit of August since we’re on company vacation 🙂

  40. Ellie

    Loved the unplugged Marie! Seriously, if you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed watching them, please continue doing them!

  41. this is the best thing I’ve ever seen!

  42. Ive always been proud of my 4generations of living italian women in my family – since i was a kid. and for my 25th wedding anniversary my husband and I went to sicily for me to see the street that was in a photo I had from my great grandma from 1923. A random trip. When we arrived to this “one street” town of Sperlinga Sicily we were introduced to The Town Scholar who traced my family tree just from my grandmothers name and walked me 4 doors down to my Great Aunts house who opened the door with tears in her eyes. She had a box of photos that not only had my grandmother but also my mom!! We didn’t even think we had any family left in Sicily. So I called my grandmother, who’s been living in NY since she was 5yrs old and she got to talk to this family member for the first time in 50yrs…My wish on this trip was to see the street, have Sicilian squid ink pasta, and have dinner with a real Italian family. I just didn’t expect that family to be my own….

  43. Holy smokes, I love this!!
    You are my virtual mentor, xo!
    I am so grateful for all you do and have modeled my business after your work 🙂
    3 years ago B-School was the first thing I did to get started and I have used it over and over throughout. Getting ready to shift into the next part of my B growth and heading over to watch some modules! Thank you!!!!
    I’m adding you to my Dream Board, along with my girl Oprah, as someone I want to meet and create with 🙂
    Look out…things happen when they get on that board 😉
    Much love and gratitude for all you do! xo

  44. OMG I LOVE this!! I used to roller skate all the time, up until I was ten and left England to come and live in Portugal where there wasn’t really anywhere to skate 🙁
    I bought myself some skates a few years ago but I haven’t used them so much. I MUST change that!!! I wish we had a ‘roller disco’ here LOL!
    You rock, Marie!
    Suzy xx

  45. Love, love these vlogs!!! Summer is a time to be free and carefree, and totally unscripted!
    So thank you for reminding my inner child!
    And made me realize I need to do more spontaneous, silly, fun things!!!!

  46. Well roller skating was definitely one thing I used to do through my teens and into my adult hood. SO fun! Haven’t done it in years.
    Thing I did was when I turned fifty, followed my gut and took up belly dance ( belidi) and then started performing for small venues. It was the best thing ever that I’d always wanted to do, and in the footsteps of my late mother who danced in the privacy of her own bedroom. Now I perform in the privacy of my own home and sometimes spontaneously wherever I happen to be when I hear some good jams, then I shake my bodonkadonk!
    Sure glad there were no ankles rolled in your last vlog and that no badonkadonks were busted! Just so enjoyed this past two weeks of you unplugged! You gotta do it again!

    Catherine Meyers

    • Love that you took up dance Catherine! and THANK YOU – yes, there will absolutely be more of Unplugged 🙂

      • Thank you Marie…I always danced but Belly Dance was the bomb! I’m learning to play the button accordion that was given to me by my cousin, it belonged to my dad’s father. Gonna squeeze some joy outta that baby! It’s a Hohner Corso a real classic!

  47. You guys crack me up. The unplugged vlog is a great moment in my “so much to do I am just sitting here staring at the screen” day. I think I may be on the wrong side of gettin’ up there for a foray into the roller derby life style – but I am definitely inspired to do some things I might have left behind a bit toooooo long ago. Love seeing Kris Carr too – she is one of my heroes! You are definitely my WOW, LIFE is so fun inspiration today.

  48. I’m loving the unplugged vids!!

    I SERIOUSLY need to get back into surfing. I miss it <3

    I'm flying out next Tuesday to go to a convention. I KNOW it's gonna be the jackpot of pure awesomeness!!

  49. Vanessa

    My dear Marie, don’t stop your vlog videos. I love that <3 Please 🙂

    • OH, I’m not stopping! You will absolutely see more 🙂

  50. sonja

    Roller skating, climbing trees, badminton tournies, Friday night at the movie theater in the balcony. . . but one activity I really miss is playing volleyball. I can no longer play without paying a cost – I have RA in my hands so hitting that ball puts on a hurtin’. Ah well!

    Gut turn? Quit my stable, well paying job, went back to school and became a massage therapist (waiting on my license!) and am trying to start my own biz. Keep getting shot down on a space, but I will keep on looking (cause I need a job!!)!

  51. Hey Marie and Team,
    This was really fun! I don’t normally post things online like this, but I wanted to let you know that this is great marketing. The music you all are using is awesome too! If you ever need more original scores, please look at, and contact me. It is my dream to sell the music written and produced by my husband, Arron Sturgeon. So far only the online streaming companies are making money off of his hard work! Can you help us with this? With much gratitude. I’ve enjoyed all your videos, thanks for the inspiration!

  52. OK this totally made my day! I live near a roller derby rink that has been untouched since the 80’s… its glorious. This brought back lots of good memories. Love the bad a$$ girls photo as you bust in LOL. Marie unplugged is fabulous 🙂

  53. I love you, and this, and all your friends so much! I’m so sad this is the last vlog for now. I’ve never enjoyed a vlog this much! But any content you put out, I’m all for it. Thanks for giving us all a look into your awesome life!

  54. now I know it: I’m gonna vlog too… I can feel it in my gut…

    ehr… Marie, I definitely hope there will be guys joining in too. You know I once was on jazz-ballet and I was the only guy, then I went on Zumba, and was the only guy too. Perfectly blending in though…
    Now I’m the only guy here, it’s better I grow two of those things on my chest …


  55. Vlogging is HARD, and I have just all kinds of respect for anybody who can do it. Also, I busted my fibula falling a few years back and it SUCKED, so sending some healing mojo for you. Get fixed fast.
    Music was my joy until it became my work, and then it was my work and there wasn’t a lot of joy. So I’m trying hard to get back to the joy. I’m having to reinvent myself a bit to do it, but I feel like I’m making progress.
    What I haven’t done in a long time that is just sheer breathtaking fun/play (at least for me) is have a good old jam session with some killah musicians to just wail and fly and get totally lost for hours. It’s been a couple years, in fact since my nephew Slim died (he was the bass player with Aunt G & the Stone City Nephews). We all kind of fell apart and nothing has been the same since. One of the other nephews moved, and the other other nephew has gone fishin’, literally, and is playin’ archtop guitar in an old time jazz band. So . . . I guess I need to go find some new jammin’ buddies.

  56. A

    Great vlog! I’ve already loved to write fiction, since I was a kid.
    A jack pot story: got lost on the high way with a friend and we decided to go to the beach from there.

    • A

      Always not already lol

  57. Monika

    Thank you than you thankyou to Marie TV and the team. I love your inspirational videos. Hugs hugs hugs. I love to be silly ? have to look out for more people like this. A lot are very tight. They look at me like an Alian.?

  58. Ron Clifford

    OMGlorious! I just had to watch this one and smiled from ear to ear all the way through. This brought back some wonderful nostalgic memories!

  59. Clare

    Complete and utter sidebar – is that silver-haired fellow the funny actor who plays Lauren’s creepy dad on Younger?!

  60. I have loved watching your summer vlogs. I think that house is adorable and was wondering if it sleeps all of you? Or are your friends coming in for the day to visit? It is so cute. I would love to more about its history. As a photographer, I would go crazy there!
    Anyway, I roller skated all my teen life living in Japan on a military base. It was inside, but had no roof. Super cool!. And when we moved to Hawaii I carried it with me. And also roller skated in college. I loved it and haven’t done it in so long. Mostly afraid of hurting myself.
    One joyful activity I haven’t done in awhile would be hiking with my camera and taking pictures of little surprise nature finds along the way. I broke my leg last year and had two surgeries. Still recovering but the doctor says walking is the best therapy. I have been afraid to even move for fear of falling again, and being a little off balance, but I have the doctor’s okay and your fun inspiring video, so this weekend I go hiking and picture taking.
    A Jackpot moment was taking an unexpected trip to visit a friend. We headed out to a beach, and the tide was so low you could walk all out into the coral, and stone. We were walking down the beach and I said “I wish a beautiful shell would just roll up in front of me”. And it did. A big beautiful shell and a quarter that has turquoise patina covering it followed right after it. It was amazing. I still have them!

  61. What I enjoy the most about your videos is to see how simple and down to earth your lifestyle is. Blessings to you, your husband and beautiful dog.
    Gracias por compartir!

  62. OMG – thank you for bringing fun (FUN FUN!!!) to the work day!

  63. Kim

    MARIE!! It’s so nice to see you having fun with your friends and loved ones. Of course it seems like you always have fun on MarieTV but seeing you behind the scenes in a more natural state is really wonderful. Bravo!

    Something I get a lot of joy from that I haven’t done in a while is dancing tango. Makes me feel so vibrant, feminine and sexy. And while tango can be an intense dance, I’m probably the happiest, smiliest tango dancer you’d ever see. Just fills me up!

    Regarding a gut hit, I’d say when I recently had to choose between attending two very special career events on the same night (couldn’t do both). I listened to my body – when i thought of attending one event I felt no energy, no spark. And when I thought of attending the other, I felt energized. So i went with the spark and I had the most exhilarating, magical time! I felt more invigorated than I had in years. So I knew then I made the right decision.


  64. LOVE !!..YOU GO..Your Vlogs, brought a smile to my face when I needed it most. This last couple of weeks were a stressful time and watching you have fun made my days bright!. Thank you. You also inspired me to get my ass out there and do some fun stuff . Love you guys to bits .



  65. Okay…this was like watching a live version of my Vision Book!!! This is my dream-come-true Video! I have a vision of my house on the Cape, by the water, and having weekly parties with singing, playing and biking, etc with a group of couples that are my dear friends! Yahoooo!!! I take this as a sign of land…my dream must be starting to manifest! Way to go, Universe!!! I Love YOU!

  66. LeE

    I have absolutely LOVED these unplugged segments! I used to be so fun loving, random, silly, etc. – doing anything to find joy! Just like you have been in these videos! And somehow I got away from that a while ago (probably when I started caring what people thought too much)…these videos brought that desire to find and create joy back into my priorities! Thank you SO much Marie! You really are such a blessing! Enjoy the rest of your Holiday! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Lee! I hope you have some fun rediscovering your own joy 🙂 xo

  67. Scarlet Rose

    Good Morning funny, sexy people!
    Something that I get a kick out of that I haven’t done in awhile is to do exactly what you are saying!
    This morning I decided to engage in a really fun process that I like to roll sometimes.
    Get centered, grounded, through a few deep breaths and going within. Ask, listen and trust. No matter what the answer is. Follow thru and see what happens! Its fun.
    So, this morning, I decided to focus on creating success on all levels.
    The resounding answer was, ” Go online and the first post you have regarding creating the life you want, take it seriously and follow thru on whatever it happens to be.”
    The answer was ‘Marie’, and this post and now I am writing this and listening, again, to “How To Get Anything You Want”.
    I plan to ‘play ‘ this game from moment to moment as I remember to.
    Firstly, committing to and completing answer to answer.
    Does anyone else enjoy doing something like this? what have been your results?
    I have so many stories over the years of following this voice, it is not foolproof and it will always lead you somewhere interesting!

  68. Aah these crack me up! Love em! Something I haven’t done for a while is rollerblade outdoors on the walking paths around town or dance. Love them both!
    Gut feeling we listened to was a pull to move back to Colorado when we were living in VA. We took the leap and made it happen (oh was not easy). Been here 2 yrs and loving it. Feels exactly where we are meant to be.

  69. I adore my Marie time! You always make me laugh and give the goods on the real. As usual, you deliver and keep a girl like me pushing forward. xoxo

  70. I’ve learned a whole lot with your Marie TV episodes, but I have to say I’ve super inspired with your vlogs. Maybe it’s just because of my personality, but I find it takes a whole lot more guts and confidence to just go out there without a script, go with the flow and just have fun.

    Speaking of fun, the one fun thing that I haven’t done for a long time is to travel just for the sake of relaxing and enjoying the place. Although I still travel every now and then, the fact that it’s business-related has somehow sucked out the fun in it. After watching your vlog, it got me thinking of saving up to head out and go somewhere and just have fun. And who knows? Maybe even do a little bit of vlogging in the process. 🙂

  71. This is so crazy — my GF’s and I did THE SAME THING in LA! There is an OG skating rink in LA called “World on Wheels” that just re-opened, thanks to rapper Nipsey Hustle. It was like a ‘hood staple growing up in LA, but it closed down a few years back. When we heard that it was going to re-open, we LOST OUR MINDS!! The lines were around the building and we had sooooo much fun at the 25 and over “oldies but goodies” night (can someone explain to me how music from the late 80’s is now called ‘oldies’???). So glad you ladies had fun on your skating adventure, hope it’s the first of many :)!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Late 80’s music being oldies? Nooooo!

      I hope you and your friends had a fantastic time roller skating, Kongit … so much fun!

  72. Love, love, LOVE this, Marie!!! I was a skate-girl when I was young. I love and miss roller skating! You’ve made me want to see if there are still any places around here and GO!! 🙂

  73. I am a dance party freak and even have a disco ball that hangs from the ceiling in my home office, and another small tiny strobe ball thingy with colours that I can play for added ambience. My reputation for kicking it back dance style is well known, and I even had a friend FaceTime me on the weekend because she felt like dancing to some KC and The Sunshine Band and wanted someone to dance with – she MAY have consumed a little wine before she called…
    It’s my favourite way to take a break and recharge, especially when all my sista’s get together and we let loose. Always a fun time and tonnes of laughs. As a creative, play is extremely important and a must to add into my day! And I LOVE that Marie is such a spaz! (That may be a Canadian only term…sorry – haha!) I feel a kindred spirit for sure :).

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Fabulous, Trish! It sounds like you know how to throw one heck of a dance party– disco ball and all! Don’t worry, we’re all familiar with the term “spaz” here on Team Forleo. Thanks for laughing along with us today!

  74. These have just been such a breath of fresh air! It’s fun and made me smile, but I’m the silly one who also had tears in my eyes. In the past year, I have gone through so much and for my own mental health, I had to let many of the people in my life go who I thought were my true friends (and most of my family). I hadn’t seen just how toxic my narcissistic mother was and how she had poisoned so many of my relationships.

    I am lighter now and working with a life coach I found through B-School, and I realized as I watched these vlogs over again just how much I am ready to call in some TRUE friendships. I have my amazing husband by my side, but as we prepare to make the move to Charleston, my biggest prayer to the Universe is to bless us with great friends like these. I work so hard in my business, but play has been neglected, and watching this, I can see just how much my soul NEEDS it. Thank you, Marie!

    *And that last shot of you and Josh holding hands and skating is priceless!

  75. Sea

    So great to see you doing this! Yes I LOVE meandering I call it. Long ago I’m told that for example Native Americans and other indigenous peoples around the world used to find berries and other foods foraging by noticing signs in nature such as birds calling, a tree even could be swaying a certain way and using our senses (more than five!) to lead us… after realizing that and learning a thank you walk over the years I realize that slowing down to be able to take those turns off the main highway can be some of the most exhilerating and surprising experiences! Universe, God, angels, helpers your own intuition, whatever you want to call it, it’s yes–as you say–MAGIC!!! 🙂
    Such a very cool clip of you roller skating I love to roller skate.
    Something fun I haven’t done in a while is performing at open mikes.

  76. Christine Moran

    Your vlogs has been a blast! We need MORE laughter than ever!
    I think your ability to enjoy yourself with your buds is contagious!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for tuning in, Christine! We’re thrilled that you’ve enjoyed Marie Unplugged so far– and not to worry, there will be more where these came from 😉

  77. Zsu

    I love this Marie! You always make my day!


  78. PLEASE !!!!!!! Don’t stop these magical little treats forever. I love MarieTv but this the unplugged is very special.

    • Oh Kim! I’m not stopping Unplugged OR MarieTV 🙂 XOXO

  79. Love this story about not letting anything stop you even a little injury.

    Marie living your life with fun + friends is what life is all about!

    Thanks for reminding me to go and have some fun with your BFF’s

    Its been way to long.. life is be crazy since July 4th my Mom fell she is 89yo she didn’t break any bones…in hospital 3 days , then rehab for 29 days, back in her assisted living..
    scheduling OT, PT, Nursing for 4 weeks…

    Today I felt really burnt out so watching this inspired me to take care of myself + go and have some fun!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this message resonated with you today, Michele! We’re sending your mom our best wishes for continued healing and hope you’re able to find some time for the things that fill up your cup this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

  80. Love this! You guys are too cute…I’m currently building content for my vlog. This is a great lesson to add in a big dose of fun!

  81. Chrystal

    This was supacalafragalistic vlog! Love you Marie and Josh is super funny! Insightful to see the other side of the your personal life:)

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this episode of Marie Unplugged, Chrystal! We love seeing this side of Marie, too. Thanks for tuning in!

  82. Marie, I love that you take time to be silly and have fun while running an amazing business! I was taking myself a bit too seriously and a couple of months ago decided to buy some bubbles and a Bob’s Burger coloring book. Instant stress reliever! And our cats love the bubbles, lol.

  83. Oh my gosh!! You have inspired me to go back in time to when I was a rink rat! We are totally going to do one of our ladies events at the rink!! Socks and all!
    Love this video and can’t wait to get our roll on!! You’re simply the best!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love this, Debi! We’re so glad you got a kick out of this episode of Marie Unplugged. Have a blast rockin’ and rollin’ around the rink. Thanks for stopping by today!

  84. Jack Taylor

    Go-carts are the best! Haven’t been in one for 45 years, but some great memories!

  85. Dawn

    Most recently followed “gut hit”:
    Stolling in Loveland, CO (real name) in the pre-dawn light, I was inspired to walk down a steep slope with non-visible footing to the fence surrounding a cow pasture. -Seemed like a bad idea, but I’m endeavoring to get excellent at hearing and following my intuition and I wanted to get the result of that experiment. It was sketchy in moments, but once I reached the fence I could see a Mama Cow (-with long horns!…didn’t know Mama’s could have horns.) nursing her adorable baby. My heart blossomed out over that field in response. Mama and baby came right up to me. I placed the back of my hand where they could sniff it if they chose to. Those amazing dark globe eyes looked right into mine. The baby licked my hand with it’s cat-like corse tongue and then Mama mouthed my hand all over, ever so gently, with her velvety lips. …Magical moment.

  86. Tons of fun!

  87. Happy You are Having a Good Summer! Keep up the Fun 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for the kind words, Mary! We’ll be back with even more Marie Unplugged goodness after our company break. Have a beautiful rest of your summer!

  88. Nita

    Marie, I love your carefree childlike spirit and the fact that your friends got involved and willingly participated is fantastic. It makes me smile yet jealous that I have often ignored my inner child because the response would be “people our age don’t do that anymore”. ❤️ Thanks for sharing.

  89. True story: Gay Pride, San Diego, year 2000. I was planning on going and witness a ‘mass commitment ceremony’ that the Pride organizers had created, complete with live music, a minister, TV stations and wedding cake. And then suddenly, I wasn’t going. I had lost interest. And I heard a voice, and honest-to-god voice that said “GO!” “But I don’t want to go” I replied. Again, the voice “Get on your bike and GO!” “Alright already, I’m going!” I found my way to the festival’s commitment ceremony and asked myself “OK, I’m here. What’s the big deal?” The ceremony started and 30 seconds later, a handsome stranger standing next to me tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hey, you wanna do this?” and we immediately started shyly repeating the vows to each other. When the minister gave the vow, “I promise to support you to your highest potential” the as-yet-unnamed stranger said “Make sure you say that one out loud.” And I knew. When the ceremony was over, we gave each other a little kiss and I said, “now that we’re married, what’s your name?”

    Last year, when it was finally legal in California, we got married again. Under the same tree where we had married 17 years earlier!

    • OMG!!!! I’m DYING! I love this so so so so so so so so so so much!

      • Thank you, Marie! We LOVE to inspire people with our story. If you ever want to interview us for a MarieTV episode, we’ll fly out to NYC. Let’s do it!

  90. Really fun!!! You my dear (Marie) have really nice friends. I can feel the love here.

  91. Joy

    No way to put into words the awesomeness of these vids!!! THANK YOU! Just amazeballs! You’ve been crushing it, Marie! Really have enjoyed all your joy! And seeing Kris Carr having fun with you makes me beam; she’s part of my healing tribe and I am forever grateful for her beautiful spirit and nourishing wisdom.
    I love singing and dancing and need to get back to more of both! I am blissful when I’m lost in the moment, plus I’m sharing my gifts, and need to get back into the world and be more fully me! Thanks for the sweet reminder to have fun AND follow my bliss.
    As for following a gut hint recently, totally nailed it! Really wanted to go and felt the nudge to be there for my niece’s bridal shower out-of-state, hadn’t been able to visit in quite a while, honey’s work schedule happened to work out for the weekend, and I found a great last minute flight…so, I was able to go and surprise her! The look on her face was beyond PRICELESS, it meant so incredibly much to me to be there to celebrate her!! And I got some wonderful connection time with my bro and his partner in their beautiful home and city! Bonus! Winner!!!!!!!!! Sooooo glad I followed the nudge. Still beaming…
    Love and blessings to the entire MarieTV crew! Enjoy the holiday!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      So beautiful, Joy! That sounds like an incredible weekend filled with so many special memories. Sending tons of love right back at ya– thanks for tuning in today!

  92. You’ve inspired me to take my hula hoop for a whirl! Thanks for sharing your summer vacation.

  93. Stephanie

    ha ha ha Marie! This is TOO GOOD! Loved it 🙂

  94. Gloria M Keys

    Hahahahahaha! Love this. My boyfriends daughter and I found amazing wonder woman power strength love shirts in the girls section in Wal-Mart!!!

  95. This was my first chance at watching one of the vlogs… sharing with the girls at work for our admin team and using these two questions as our icebreakers!!! I always open the meetings with a question so we can get to know each other outside of out work-selves 🙂

    One thing I’ve always loved doing was dance. Life, marriage and parenting hit, and I stepped away but finally this year made the decision to go back to my passion. Which brings me to the second questions, I’ve always loved flamenco dance, and searched to see if there was any local beginners classes, I stumbled on a style of dance called ATS, showed up for a drop in class and thought what the heck, why not… it is the best thing I have ever done for myself in YEARS!!!!! Everyone around me is like you’ve changed. I accidently found my happy place and a tribe full of the best dance sistahz. My heart is full.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      What a fun story– thanks so much for sharing! We’re thrilled that you’ve been reunited with your love of dance and are having a blast learning alongside your new tribe. When our hearts are full, they spill over into other’s, so we hope these questions help spark some great conversation with your co-workers. Keep on shining!

  96. Jill

    Love the unplugged videos!!! Keep doing them!

  97. LOVE THESE vlogs. As a product of the 80’s, I really think rollerskating should be mainstream again. Right?! xo

  98. Hey Marie,
    Thanks for lifting my spirits here in South Africa : ) So important, this playing time – deeply nourishing … these are the memories we will cherish when we look back. BTW I don’t agree with one commenter : I actually think Josh looks sexy with a moustache…

    • Leila

      oh and BRILLIANT editing…

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for tuning in from beautiful South Africa, Leila! We’re thrilled that this message resonated so deeply with you and that you enjoyed this episode of Marie Unplugged–we’ll be sure to give Josh’s mustache your message 😉

  99. CDJ

    I haven’t stayed up all night laughing and hanging out with friends in YEARS. Now we are all older, “responsible”, some married, some with kids etc.. so our “fun” times seem to have been vaporized in adulting. I miss having moments that we would still remember and talk about 2, 3, 7 years later…recalling it just like it was yesterday. I miss being fearless. I miss being fun. I don’t mind working, but I certainly miss living.

  100. Anna

    I love your vlogs so so much!! It`s always such a fun break from work for me. Pleeeeaaseeee don`t stop! I want moooreee!!

  101. Ewa

    So refreshing! Short and sweet. A real breath of fresh air 🙂 Love your creative nature Marie. Thank you for all the positivity in these troubled times. Your Polish fan.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Ewa! We’re glad you enjoyed this episode of Marie Unplugged. Thanks for being a part of our vibrant global community!

  102. Rini

    I’m so glad you asked the question. I used to love making videos! I grew up with videography/editing parents who owned a small business and operated from the house (they mostly did weddings). I grew up both with cameras in my face, and in my hand! In my teen years, I was always messing around with the camera with my friends. Even if I was a lone, I would film my dog! I haven’t made a film in ten years. I think I’ll take advantage of that little camera in my phone until I can afford to upgrade to a camcorder! (do they still call them that?)

  103. Oh Marie, Marie, Marie… Takin me right back to the eighties! Only you can pull this off.

  104. Joyful activity:

    -having a hot man take me to the cinema

    Gut hit: Usually happens when I’m sitting still watching birds/nature near water

    LOVE you Marie. I would love to see more of these plus them merging with formal Marie TV xoxoxoxox

  105. Launie

    So much fun! Love the whole 80’s vibe you got goin’ on! That was the best time wasn’t it?

  106. Valerie

    So damn fun! In a world of ‘how to attain this’ and ‘to be more successful do this’ etc., this vlog is silly, joyful entertainment that made me laugh! Nice balance!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode of Marie Unplugged, Valerie. Thanks for tuning in and laughing along with us today!

  107. Super fun … and love peeking inside your goofy world. Feels like spending time with my bestie at home. Perfect balance to Marie Tv’s smart older sister. Keep rockin’ ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Laurie! We’re so happy you’re enjoying the goofiness! 🙂

  108. Ah Marie, you don’ t know how much I needed this reminder! Work hard without forgetting to play hard too… Thank you very much 😀 A hug from Kyoto to all the team

  109. I loved this video so much! All of it!
    But when the for of you girls were walking in, I laughed so loud!

  110. Marie super love this. Now you convinced me to overcome my fear of skating. I should give it a try cos it looks fun. I love how we are able to see a glimpse of your life. It makes you more genuine and closer to us as your viewers. Ready to receive more inspiration from you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so awesome, Kassey! I hope you have fun skating. It takes a little while to learn, but it can be super relaxing and freeing just being able to fly across the floor like that. 🙂

  111. Christine Marston

    All I can say is that I need to find some fun loving pals like you’ve got Marie! You’re killin it as always!
    Big love from one Jersey girl to another!

  112. Bob

    There is “No Doubt” that our guts are meant to be followed. My story is a story that can only happen if someone truly trusts their gut. I had been a financial advisor working for a large investment firm for over 20 years. I have also been a high school softball coach for 13 years. 4 years ago I had made the big decision to become and entrepreneur and open and independent financial planning practice in my own name. I had my new office in place, and the night before I was to give my notice that I was leaving my old firm, I was working in my new office preparing my paperwork to call all of my clients and tell them about my new company I was starting. While working on a this Sunday evening, I started getting a funny feeling in my gut. I kept working, preparing my paperwork for my clients to sign so we could transfer their accounts to my new firm. As I continued working, the feeling in my gut became more intense. Not a pain, but an incredible uneasiness. As the feeling continued to get worse, I finally sat back and evaluated what was going on. About 8pm, the feeling got so bad I decided to pack all of my belongings into a box, and carried the box out to my car. As I turned off the lights, and locked the door, I told myself, “I’m not coming back here”. They next morning, instead of giving my notice to leave my old firm, I called my new landlord and told him I had to break the lease. I told him why. I told him, “I don’t know why I’m not supposed to be making this career change right now, but I have to listen to my gut” I know the thought I was nuts. The landlord tried to tell me that I was just having anxiety about making this big move. Well, I decided not to make the move, and remained with my firm not knowing why I was supposed to remain, but all the time trusting that my big decisions were to be made with my gut, and the little decisions in life were to be made with my head. Exactly 30 days after making this decision not to change jobs (where I would have had to pay 50% of all medical expenses out of pocket), my wife of 26 years was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. After rushing her to the emergency room one evening for incredible abdominal pains, they found a tumor the size of a baseball in her colon. Bottom line, after a major surgery, 3 weeks in the hospital and the beginning of chemo treatments, we would have been devastated financially had I left my company 4 weeks prior. With the firm I had been with for 20 years, I had incredible health benefits, and had almost NO out of pocket expenses for her hospital stay and chemo treatments. If I had made the career change at that time, we would have had hundreds of thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses. Bottom line, today my wife is in remission and doing great. She is an incredibly strong person who is beating this disease with a positive attitude, healthy diet and surrounding herself with people who expect to get the most out of life. For me, 18 months ago, I finally did make the career change I had been seeking for years. This time everything felt right in my gut, and my career has taken off in a direction that matches my strongest desires. I have a saying that I have taught our 3 children when I speak of the importance of following their gut. “If there is doubt, there is no doubt” Meaning, if there is doubt in your gut, there is no doubt, that you need to turn and walk in the other direction. If everything feels right in your gut, keep moving forward with both eyes wide open and ask many questions along the way. I believe if children were taught this concept while they were young, we would have a lot more people on this planet experiencing the life of their dreams. “Make the big decisions with your GUT, and make the small decisions in life with your head”. Thank you Marie for all you do. You are a HUGE inspiration to both of my daughters who are in their mid 20’s and working hard every day to become the person they were born to be and to live the life they were born to live.
    Make Today A Great Day!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so, SO much for sharing this story with us! I’m really glad you trusted your gut and that your wife is feeling better now and got the care she needed. It’s fascinating how we can know things instinctually within ourselves and how following our instincts can make all the difference. I’m so glad everything worked out okay and that your career is going well and that Marie’s videos are inspiring your daughters. We’re so grateful that you and your family are in our community!

  113. Ok, I gotta say “Thank you!” for this vlog. After a difficult day of feeling frustrated, trying to find time to work on my own blog, this brought a smile to my face and reminded me to enjoy the moment and chill.

  114. OMG I want to go rollerskating RIGHT NOW!!! I caught my reflection in my computer screen while watching this VLOG and my face was beaming. What a great start to the day xxxx

  115. Laurie Roop-Comeau

    Lighter and all the happier for your glorious gift’s!! Laughin’ all night long!!
    Hey, for fun?? Went down to Glitz Town (Vegas), and visited with my sister for first time in four longgg year’s! Was a blast and still we laugh a week later!!! Thank you, Marie and Team!
    PS: Here’s to those mag sock’s 😉

  116. Marie, thanks so much for sharing your fun with us. I definitely can’t roller-skate, now or ever before. For some reason my balance is quite poor and I have the knees from hell. Even in my teens and 20s, any kind of skating, skiing, balance activity was out of the question and I had the bruises to prove it.

    The time I followed my gut that panned out to gold was meeting this guy at a dance night club, back in the 80s. He was there with his mates after going to the movies. At that time in Australia, pubs closed at 1030 so the night club was the only place to get a beer after the movies before they went home. We talked for hours, he never did ask me to dance, and I was a boogie queen back in the day (still am, limited to chair dancing these days).

    Anyway, on the way out he walks me back to my car, and he asks me out to dinner the next week. At which point we realise we haven’t even introduced ourselves to each other. So we exchange names and decide time and venue and say goodnight and head home. At which point I realise, I have no contact details, I barely learned his name.

    Do I or don’t I turn up to this dinner date, I have no idea whether this was a real invitation. Anyway, the guy seemed nice and genuine. So I take the punt and turn up, making sure, more than usual, that I was there at the agreed time, not too early, not too late. As I walk in the entrance to the bar section, there he is standing at the bar. Turns out he was as nervous as I was about whether to turn up, for the same reasons.

    We had a lovely dinner together and that was 32 years ago. We have been married for 31 years, it has been a ride, and that gut feeling that this was a good guy paid off.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a sweet story, Leanne! I’m so happy you both took a chance and showed up anyway, even though you were nervous. Your heart (and gut) knew it was meant to be. 🙂

  117. These were so much fun!! Look forward to seeing future ones. Loved seeing this side of you.

  118. suzie

    I love you Marie!
    I haven’t gone to see live music in a while and that is my magic activity. It sets my soul on fire and makes my world glitter.
    I love gut hitting experiences too, can’t think of specific one right now, but I wish it happened more often…
    Love Suzie xo

  119. So much fun!! Love the Fearless shirts especially!
    I haven’t had a dance party with girlfriends in too long — the kind when you’re dancing around like a kid and don’t care what you look like — the goofier the better!
    As far as a gut hitting experience — I recently turned down a full time promotion at work to go part time and be home with my baby, and I couldn’t be happier with my arrangement. It was scary at the time, but I just knew right away what I needed to do, and watching MarieTV has certainly helped me become more in tune with messages like this. Thank you!

  120. Rianjacobson

    You known you’re a lifer when…..
    Yeah every one of these videos is making me feel more and more like I gotta go see the team in NY. My BfFs and I used to roller skate in similar outfits to promote restaurants in the Bay Area during parades. First time and were roller skating uphill for 7 miles. Say what?? Thanks for sharing! You’re inspiring me to get out and do more fun things. Today the kids and I had an impromptu pirate picnic and used Amazon dry ice to make a cauldron and cast spells including dead mans toe. I’m
    Literally scheduling fun on my calendar and have commanded my high tech Silicon Valley guru of a husband to also join in on the fun. Thank you!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool you’re a roller skater too! Isn’t it fun?!

      Your pirate picnic and cauldron project sound delightful! It’s wonderful you’re getting the whole family in on the fun. 🙂

  121. I’m loving these vlogs. It’s awesome to see you having fun and sharing your life with us. I’ve watched Marie for years and I love it. But it’s such a good reminder to cut loose not be solely focused on business and have FUN!!
    1. I went zip-lining this summer and I’m going to go horseback riding next month for my birthday!!! I can’t wait.
    2. My computer died today. So I went to the store looking for deal. I had this calling from deep within to go to this Office Depot…… anyhow after talking to the 2nd staff person with my one last question before I left empty handed. I showed him what I’d seen online and he’s like “Oh yeah, we have that” It was the best deal ever!!! I saved over $300 and got a faster computer than I imagined. I’m super happy I listened to the calling from deep within 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay, Carissa! Gotta love it when your instincts know where the bargains are. So glad you got a fast computer, and had fun zip lining too! 🙂

  122. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for all the inspiration that you give to the community. Your vlogs are awesome and fun.

    For me, I recently bought some gold ornaments and something from within me told that the price of gold is going to go up. And look at the stock market, it’s peaking new heights and now it’s taking a U-turn; atleast that’s how it looks like 🙂

    And the gold price has already gone up as I guessed. And I’m happy to get a good bargain – may be that’s how you build your wealth.

  123. Lucretia

    You are scaring me. Skating and filming with your phone in hand. STARIS and filming. Not good. Please get a GoPro.
    And I do love these videos!

  124. Maria Mentzou

    Marie I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and it’s clear to see that you have a gift for connecting with your audience. With these unplugged series you are taking the connection to the next level. Thank you for the sharing your stories; they made me smile laugh and even shed a tear.
    Thank you!

  125. Marie, I’ve LOVED your vlogs over the last couple of weeks! I hope there’s more to come. And this video gave me Beyoncé in her “Blow” music video vibes! SO GOOD!!! Like you, I really love dancing, and I wish I’d be more okay with looking silly and just “dance like nobody’s watching” 🙂
    The only gut-instinct-jackpot I can think of right now is when I was at a store and I saw a pair of beautiful burgundy patterned shorts, but because I didn’t have a matching shirt, and couldn’t find one in the store, I didn’t buy them. Then, a couple of weeks later I went back to the store and immediately saw a shirt that would match the shorts, and then not only did they still have the shorts in my size, but they were ON SALE FOR ONLY 5 BUCKS! I was so happy I didn’t buy the shirts earlier when I didn’t have a matching shirt and they were still full prize. Now I have a super cute matching outfit and it was a bargain! Love you Marie! xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Elisa! Sounds like your gut wants you to look fabulous. 🙂

  126. JulieR

    LOL OMG you guys are my people! Wish I could roll with you! ……… 😉

  127. Rollerblades – lov’em!!
    I have the in-line… or however you kids are calling them lol
    Have fun,

  128. Oliver

    In my early 20s on early Sunday mornings…I use to get some gear on, find a secluded area of the neighborhood or woods and do some biking.
    A habit of following the “pre-ordained’, and now experimenting with, “Gut instinct”, – is bringing about its unexpected share of glory. Most of these moments, outside of work, are normally found while driving.
    Last weekend in unfamiliar territory I felt some glory when I unexpectedly found some rolling hill horse country without GPS and then bottomed out at a familiar cul de sac.

  129. paddy faller

    girls just wanna have fun!

  130. So fun, I love it!
    One joyful activity I used to love was bouncing on one of those big trampolines in the backyard. Oh yeah, that and catching tadpoles in our stream.


    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Those trampolines were SO much fun! Thanks for sharing Alexis.

  131. Thanks for the Vlogs Marie. Loved watching your summer fun!
    I.m miss out y’all. Gonna make my summer fun, still time!
    awesome and joyful

  132. #LOVE

  133. Marie, I freakin love you! You are FEARLESS!!! Loved this vlog.

  134. Tatiana

    I like a dollar shop too! I love your vblogs!

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    2) I had just moved to London at 24 years old and the the magic of the universe was palpable, I could feel it in my heart and could see it all around me. I stopped to listen to a busker play his saxophone and as he finished his Charlie Parker rendition, I whooped and hollered to commend his talents. He told me I could learn too and all I had to do was practice, practice practice… I put a few coins in his hat and proceeded to take the tube anywhere it wanted to take me. I popped back above ground at Notting Hill Gate station, with the sounds of the saxophone and the truth of endless possibilities playing in my ears when I was drawn to turn left, and left again. I stumbled upon a teenager trying to sell his saxophone to a thrift shop employee. “We don’t take saxophones” she said in a matter of fact way. My eyes grew big and I knew this was for me…”I DO!” I declared from my position a few feet away on the sidewalk. We did the deal, 40 quid, she was mine. Maxine (my sax) has led me to many more visceral encounters where I left knowing with certainty, my place in this beautiful universe. While I have not mastered the instrument by any means, I believe it has taught me to never be afraid of being a beginner, and to let the world teach you. Maybe time to practice, practice, practice again…

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Stephanie! What a lovely, serendipitous series of events! I love that your gut, your heart, and your ears all led you to the possession of your charming Maxine. I’m sure the two of you will continue to make beautiful music for decades to come.

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      We’re so glad you’ve been loving the Marie Unpluggged series! And while this is the last one we’re releasing in August, there very well may be more of these to come in the future, so stay tuned!

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      Brian, we love hearing about this gut hit! It sounds like you made the right move, and we’re wishing you many many more years of happiness with your wife.

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      We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed Marie’s Unplugged series so far, Georgia! Thanks for stopping by. We hope you’re able to get back in the saddle again soon!

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      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode of Marie Unplugged, Lisa! We hope it sparked some happy rollerskating memories for you, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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