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Do you ever feel like if you had a bit more money (or connections, advantages, etc.) — you could really get your business going, grow your brand or finally make that impossible dream come to life?

It’s common to think this way, but it’s not necessarily true.

Countless start-ups burn through piles of cash starting a business that never fully gets off the ground. Big-budget, mainstream brands often stumble — no matter how many people they employ or know.

Now consider this.

What if having little to no resources could actually be your greatest competitive advantage as an entrepreneur? 

Just let that sink in for a minute.

It helps to be so hungry that you have no other choice but to succeed. @TheSharkDaymond Click To Tweet

Because, as you’re about to learn, imagination and a ferocious drive to succeed can help you tap into a power far greater than cash or connections. It’s a power that’s within you right now. The best part — as long as you know how to use it, you’ll never run out.

My guest today is Daymond John, a star on ABC’s Shark Tank and founder of FUBU, a $6 billion dollar brand he built from scratch from a mere $40 budget. Watch and discover:

  • Why desperation often leads to extraordinary innovation and extreme creativity
  • How Daymond struggled in school not knowing he had dyslexia, and still found a way to thrive
  • The truth about the long game: why even when FUBU started to look like a success, Daymond was still working a day job at Red Lobster
  • The 27 times Daymond got rejected from banks and how Mom’s advice saved the day
  • How losing $750K during year one of Shark Tank taught him the expensive lesson that money does NOT solve business problems
  • Why mentors are great — but, when it comes to success, cheerleaders can be even better

I’ve known Daymond for a few years now and just adore him. He’s a phenomenal entrepreneur, funny as all hell and real about what it takes to make your dreams come to life. Pick up his book, The Power of Broke, for more on how limitations like a tight budget can be your greatest asset when starting a business.

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DIVE DEEPER: Do stories of successful entrepreneurs make you feel behind? These three revealing truths about overnight success stories should slow your roll.

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  1. Holy fire. Seriously, I keep telling myself that because I’m so close every month with not having leftovers and I basically start from scratch, it’s strength training my faith. Seriously, I do think struggle and hardship are more powerful than a hand out or an inherited trust fund. Seriously this talk bites something fierce. (I just got food stamps this week and I should have gotten it like 9 months ago – but I was afraid.)

    • Shay

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

      • Just keeping it real. I applied to how many jobs and I think a vast number of people underestimate my power and authority. I loved taking listen to your customers. Because this whole week I was stumped on delegating. I don’t have any money to hire anyone. SO then the lightbulb went off, my customers are paying me to create. They are part of my board just as much as God (at this point) is or myself. I seriously love learning and this interview really puts things into perspective. Haha..I feel something big is on the horizon. It’s a giant burning sun of light. Moohaha.

    • Just love your realness Bernhard and I agree….I feel stronger after listening to this…Im happy but in debt and have to find my way every month too <3

  2. Tom

    No excuses, just F’ing DO IT

  3. Thank you so much Marie & Daymond!! I was honestly not focusing on starting my fashion line as much as I should be but this was sooooo uplifting and inspiring that I took action immediately reaching out to the fashion coordinator for fashion week in my city as well as a seamstress for creating my samples. Just picking their brain and getting as much information as I possibly can!!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Nisha!

  4. This video interview has to be one of your best talking to a real person who really started with nothing his desire to be something other then a waiter and took on a dream that he had no idea of what he was doing is OUTSTANDING and I just order his book and started following him on instagram. I can see where he is coming from and I feel that I can definitely become the business I dream of everyday for 3 years now…I am 57 I love what I create I am a image transfer artist I take your stories and transfer them onto pure silver/bronze metal clay, wood, ceramics, glass & base metal I know I’m good at it but struggle to find the right “Dream Clients” Daymond has made me smile and I know I can do it…Thank you Marie for this interview…Eye Opening

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Lorri! I hope you enjoy checking out Daymond’s book!

      • Lorri Carnevale

        Oh I am thank you for being awesome

  5. Oh, how timely this video is! I’ve recently launched a new business with no money to spare. I’ve kept thinking, if only I can get the money to have a professional do my website, if only I could afford a PR person, if only… Here’s what I do have in spades: a deep belief in what I’m doing, an even deeper desire to make that succeed and some great cheerleaders. Thank you for helping see the riches I do have, not the ones I don’t.

    • Simone

      YES! I agree so much with what you’ve stated.

  6. Shay

    This interview is exactly what I needed to hear! Daymond is perfect example how you hustle with wisdom.

  7. absolutely true. I’m in the art-business, and you might say every other field of work you might take 15 years to get succes, in the field of art you can double it: 30 years. When you are creating a luxury product on which no-one is waiting you got to have a very long breath…

  8. Leslie

    Loved this! Biggest take away – no one is going to save you!

  9. You both have such great personalities! Wonderful information. ♥

  10. Christina Gouveia

    DAYMOND & MARIE!!!! Speak it!!! You don’t have to spend a chunk of cash to get yourself out there. It’s always starts with a small investment. Yes. That’s how I started my practice and I’m stoked buy this book. Thank you for being in my inbox every week with awesome content. I always look forward to Tuesday!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We look forward to Tuesdays too, Christina 🙂 We ♥ having you in our MF Insider family!

  11. This is great! I think the biggest takeaway is that we need to keep reinventing to keep up with the times! Sometimes with all the work we need to do, I forget to set time aside to evaluate this place for improvement. 🙂

  12. I like this guy Daymond. He doesn’t use or talk excuses. If he does he knows it. So refreshing to listen to someone not blaming someone or something else for their life.

  13. I’m taking these 3 things. Greaaaat interview!
    – Not leaving a job right away in order to launch your business
    – Health!!!
    – The importance of trademarks

  14. Marielle avila

    Madame!!! “Success = access”…that was a word! I wrote it down and will never forget it.

  15. Solenn

    Finding this episode so inspiring! I have been really struggling and the “no connections, no business education…” excuses are my lot! And i’ve been stagnating for a while even after taking B-school, this feels like a kick up the b*** to get out there and just do it. The part that resonated the most for me is the “go into a field where you would do it for free, you are fascinated and have a passion about”, as I have been practising (I’m a holistic therapist) for no money just to get people to know me, but always felt bad about it.
    This episode also took away the guilt Ifell for keeping my corporate job whilst I get my business off the ground. I’ve got pressure to jump but am scared of the loss of financial support when i do so, so knowing Daymond and you Marie kept your other jobs until the situation turned around gives me confidence I’m not so silly after all.
    Thank you for yet again another great episode! xx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right on, Solenn! It’s absolutely not silly to go for your dreams at all, and having a side job or full time job until you’re fully up and running can be an amazing strategy!

  16. Very timely…I feel stronger after listening to Daymonds experiences and advices. I know I dont need much money to be happy but I loose it now and then. Now Im fine again and will go for printing cheap beautiful cards to hand out in to my network when I meet great people next time. Yay for networking!

  17. Love the idea of “keeping scrappy”. I always find I have my best ideas when my back is against the wall. However, as soon as I have a cushion and some breathing space, I don’t keep so keen. You’re right when you say it’s more fun so, this mentality is what I hope to take away from this episode. Thank you so much as always Marie x

  18. Vee

    This was so good thank you Marie for this video w Raymond.

  19. “Every overnight success has taken 15 years” I loved that line. The takeaway for me both from Marie’s story as well as Daymond is that we must love what we do and be at it till it succeeds.

  20. Also, I liked listening to how Daymond thinks through a problem. There is a kind of song in his laying down of a problem and then his taking it apart and testing each element to see if there’s another way of looking at it that opens up and makes the whole thing flow again, that makes the whole thing start to sing.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a lovely observation, Fiona!

  21. What a testimony about Life-Long-Learning. It’s not only the money!

  22. This was very relatable. Not because I’m at a place as an entrepreneur where I’m operating at this same level yet, but because I felt validated that taking my time and using my creativity, even if it takes 15 years, is ok. I have always been a go do type person, but with care and caution. But I feel like I’m already a winner because every step I take, I get wiser, more confident, and have time to reexamine my why. When you are rushing around, trying to break down doors all the time, or have motives that don’t align with the real you, or you don’t realistically evaluate where you are, you end up making rushed unhealthy decisions as an entrepreneur. I don’t mind the beginner grunt work. What’s just as important as my next level, is that I also enjoying my creative journey. So thank you for reminding me that this isn’t an overnight thing, like I see being pitched all the time!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Nherie – being a winner in every step you take is a beautiful reminder to enjoy the journey 🙂

  23. My fave nugget of wisdom . . .
    Love the reference to the 80/20 principle. Letting your business pull you away from your job slowly because the demands and income are so much more. Not giving into making a run for it at the first good sign.
    I think this is great advice because exiting too quickly can set you up for failure or even worse, bouncing back into corporate and giving up on your dream.

  24. Andrew Zeegers

    so… the single thing..
    start from scratch, and he says he is dyslexic and started from scratch. so you got to face yourself as you are and at the point where you are. if you have not much confidence because of certain psychological issues, of money issues don’t get discouraged but still move on. I’ve got a serious lack of concentration or easily depressed. Still, I’ve got to move on. I have a great business idea, I know it is going to work. How it will come about, I have no idea… 🙂
    also learned to get a steady job as support

  25. What a true gem of a human being. SO giving and humble, kind and inspired. Loved this interview. Also couldn’t agree more that we should all be learning about finances at an earlier age, teaching a scrappy and creative mindset with money instead that of scarcity and greed. This is something I am really learning about having done B-School this past year. Also SO much gratitude for my Day job! This past year I’ve really kicked the shameful narrative of “not-working-in-my-passion-full-time” and try to pass it along to other like-minded creatives in my field. Having just-enough financial security to create opens the Creative Muse for me 100% of the time. Thank you Team Marie.

    • Nellen Dryden

      Oh and “success is access to information”!! YES

  26. Krystal

    What an insightful interview! Thank you for sharing this. I especially appreciated the move critic comment. Thanks again. xoxo

  27. This episode is one of my favorites and possibly the most relatable. I love how he points out the magic pill sales tactic. Overnight success isn’t real. I think the biggest lesson for me was constantly evolving. Times change and business has to adapt.

  28. Divya Mathew

    I like what Daymond said about using the power of broke to keep you hungry, keep you asking questions, and keep you learning and evolving all life long. It doesn’t matter if you’re a scrappy solopreneur just getting started or a multi million dollar brand, these principles still apply. Inspiring! Thank you ?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Divya! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode 🙂

  29. Katell Le Guern

    That was an awesome video! I really enjoyed the content and feel that much motivation to start my own and not use the “no-money” issue as an excuse. I will be re-watching this video again in the future.
    Thank you for the great content!

  30. I watch Marie TV when I can, and this subject line was a must do. I am really glad I watched. For one, I am watching while waiting for my doctors appointment, so, there’s that. The only episode I have watched walking away feeling inspired in business, family, keeping it real, and colonoscopies! This gave me insight for my own biz and inspiration, AND for my clients who need to be reminded it takes time. I never want to be the answer box or “fixer” and this video was affirmation of that and more! Thank you for keeping it real.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Gina! We’re so glad you found Daymond’s wisdom as inspiring as we did. He’s amazing. 🙂

  31. MC

    Yes, indeed. Having too much money when you’re starting your business and believing that money could solve the problems is more a curse than a blessing. There is power in being broke, starting small but thinking big!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Definitely, MC! And Daymond is proof that you can start out small and turn it into something big. 🙂

  32. YES! Let’s start teaching financial “intelligence” in 3rd grade, and I love the nugget about having a “now” thing until you are ready for the “next” thing! Awesome!

  33. Sandy

    Biggest takeaways – do something you would do for free, you are fascinated by it and have a passion for it. Then look for like-minded people. Also, start where you are. Daymond started with selling hats. I keep pausing because I lose the passion for the things I do love and want to do when I start working on it and thinking I have to go about it in a certain way and having to be a certain type of professional, putting all the things into it that I actually don’t love and have wanted to stop doing. – which is maybe the point where both Daymond and Marie talked about getting pushed out of the circles they were in at the time because they were wanting to do something different. I’ve been on the fence with that one for a very long time and have now started building connections with other people who are more like-minded and can support me when I start taking the more public jumps. That one step has helped me feel so much more possibility.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Sandy! It’s so good to hear you’re finding a community around what you love and that it feels expansive. We hope you continue to find more and more great people. 🙂

  34. Hi Marie & Daymond! This shifted my whole day. What hit home most for me was Daymond’s emphasis on the long game. I’ve been building my plant-based vegan cheese business business since 2008 – first in Thailand and now in California – and it’s been a journey of “on-fire” success, then embers, then some more success, then holding the torch and now I’m one step away from receiving my Processed Food Registration license, so I can finally start selling legally in supermarkets, etc… But even with that license to sell anywhere, I resonate with the Power of Broke mindset and can’t shake the feeling that online sales via Shopify are the way to go to keep margins slim. Anywho, loved the video and already forwarded to entrepreneurs in my circle, including one who’s starting his own hip hop brand of hats. Thanks for the morning inspiration!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Reenie! We appreciate you sharing this episode with your entrepreneur group and we’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll get your license soon. Congrats on all your success so far––it sounds like there’s more to come! 🙂

      • Thanks Mandy!! I really appreciate the reply and well wishes! I’ll keep you posted :-))

  35. Network one word
    I know I need to grow that skill to the next level to make my business go to the next level

  36. Aha – yet Duh! is that when you explore and do what you love, you find a new tribe; colleagues who “get” you and what you are doing as an entrepreneur.

  37. Leslie

    “Stay scrappy.”
    Thank you, Marie & Daymond.

  38. HUMONGOUS fan of Daymond. I had never heard the factory house story! Big take aways–be scrappy, keep the day job, know the downside, and BE CREATIVE, DON’T PAY OUT. That’s what I neeeeeed to hear right now. Recently I’ve made a lot of headway, and I’m looking around and freaking out a little. My new mantra is: Be creative, don’t pay out. I’m gonna put my website up for the first time in over a year, even thought not all the buttons are working yet. This will force me to get my mailing list set up. I’m gonna be a girl with a website again. Yay! MUCH LOVE!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Go, Emily! I know it’s hard to put things out there when you feel like they’re not where you want them to be, though you can always change things you’re not happy with over time. It’s totally okay to think of your website as a work in progress while you’re doing other important work for your business.

  39. I love that part he talks about Kevin Olerie…as a miserable bastard.hahahaha…. I love that gentleman- Kevin. But Daymond beginnings is quite inspiring. The way traded T-shirts with artists without dry-cleaning it. This is an awesome show. I enjoyed watching the Show. Marie keep on with the show!

  40. What I got out of this most was knowing when you love something enough to do it for free, it is a great business for you to be in. Also find like minded people to surround yourself with. And, it was great to hear how helpful it is to have a cheerleader. All wonderful points- and so many more. I think this is a re-watch!

  41. Thank you Marie and Daymond!!
    For your generosity. There was so much to take away from this interview. My top takeaways were.
    1. Keep on top of your Health with regular exams.
    2. Keep reinventing yourself , keep evolving.
    3. Trademarks
    4. Go into a field where you would do it for free and that you are fascinated and passionate about.

  42. Laura

    Dear Marie, I don’t have a business or any interest in ever being an entrepreneur BUT I find you and all of your content so incredibly inspiring! I’ve been following you and watching your videos for years and think it keeps getting better and better. Great interview! Just overall great life advice. Go, Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much, Laura! We appreciate you tuning in and are so glad you’re feeling inspired. 🙂

  43. Rita

    I use to be a FUBU customer back in the day for my oldest son when he was a teenager. Still have one of the hats that my husband wears now. Great interview with great tips.

  44. Renayle Fink

    This episode was the right place at the right time for me. In fact, I have not one, but two takeaways from it.
    “Connect with like-minded people” was the best one. I have so many friends who are working on growing their business on the side, and every time they post an event, I don’t go. I come up with excuses, but the truth is, I’m afraid to speak up and say what I’m working on. My fear is stopping me from my greatness. I will go to the next event a friend has and get a chance to pick their brain.
    “Taking out loans is a lie.” This is the best advice ever! I’m keeping that in my back pocket! 🙂
    Also loved the advice on not spending a lot of money on college. I wish I could have met Daymond years ago so I didn’t waste my money on student loans that I’m still paying for. Don’t get me wrong, I think college can be a valuable asset, but find ways to save money now and headaches later.
    Every week, I love hearing watching Marie TV. The insights she provides give me a weekly boost of motivation. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love these takeaways, Renayle! We’ll be sending good vibes your way as you’re going to events. You got this! 🙂

  45. Silviya

    Such a value-packed interview. I love the story behind Daymond’s business. I love the tips on the different ways to finance your business endavours. And I couldn’t agree more that kids should be taught finance management and other essential life skills in school.
    P.S. I love 90s Hip-Hop, too.

  46. You are both amazing 🙂 !!! That’s my takeaway 🙂
    Thank you for being who you are.
    Bets luck to ya’ll 🙂

  47. Shemika

    Wow! I sooo needed to hear this! Just b/c Daymond wanted to start a clothing line and was on set, he didn’t quite his job! I can relate of not being smart when it comes to not taking care of your credit! I know I can’t go to any banks although I have faith…but I’ll find a different route that works for me! I enjoyed listening to this podcast! It was a treat for me!

  48. This has to be one of my favourite interviews. No nonsense, straight-up advice and insights from an honest and engaging man. Always good to be reminded that you don’t need a lot of money to get things done, and the power of connecting with my tribe. Last year I invited some artist friends here in Victoria, Canada, to form a collective. We have shown our work at a local municipal hall twice and this Easter we were invited to make and show work for a local church. In September we have our first “professional” curated show, and we have another show and sale coming up in November. The only money we have spent has been on art supplies and a domain name.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Clare! Congrats on connecting with your artist friends in such a meaningful way and forming your collective. And we’re really glad you enjoyed Daymond’s no-nonsense, straight-talking business wisdom too. 🙂

  49. The trademark instead of the patent was helpful. My problem is getting it manufactured. Great insight and loved the show!! I have a lot of respect for Daymond reaching out to help others and of course YOU MARIE!! Thanks, Sherry L- San Diego

  50. Donna Williams

    Great, great info on how to find mentorship and like-minded people. This session gave me confidence that I too can follow my dream.

  51. Sandy

    Hello Marie and the Forleo Team;
    Thank you again for a powerful episode. The great message to me personally is having a support system and financial intelligence. I have finally written down the qualities of people who I want to build up social-rich friendships and relationships that are like-minded individuals. It has been a struggle for networking with people who are creatives, but I am finally getting it. “Everybody in the world has to reprogram the way we think. We have to reinvent ourselves constantly in this evolving world.” Daymond thank you so much for giving us the inside scoop with Kevin O’Leary. (Make sure to watch the entire episode you know what I mean LOL) Marie and Daymond thanks again for a fabulous episode. Stay great.

  52. VonB

    I really appreciate Daymond’s candidness about business. A good dose of truth regarding what it really takes to start and run a business matters more than ever.

  53. There are so many nuggets of knowledge in this video for me to digest! One thing that stands out is the “scrappy” mindset. In the tech world, I liken it to the “hacker” mindset, and this creates a bridge that I can use to connect my ICA to the technology industry, the industry I want to provide coaching and consulting services. Surprisingly I am going to a meetup tomorrow hosted by the Product School here in Los Angeles on “Bootstrapping Your StartUp” by a founder of a technology solution that built his company starting with nothing. I want to get as much about this process as possible to empower my ICA to go for her goals and not hold back from starting where she is at with what she already has. I will review this video again and take notes and also start digging deeper into the resources that Daymond has provided as well. Thanks Marie!

  54. Rowena

    Thank you for such a wonderful episode. I love hearing those wise words ‘to reinvent ourselves’. For me it is like to step out of my comfort zone.

  55. Wow! Just happened to have picked up The Power of Broke last week- coincidence or destiny? My biggest take away is to never lose track of strategy or depend on money to solve problems. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome timing! 🙂

  56. This video was so amazing!! Happy I got to watch it this morning. The not having to get loans or starting off with loads of money resonated with me. I feel like I’m constantly limiting myself because I have little funds for my business but that shouldn’t matter. I have talent, ambition and a shit load of creativity. Thank you for this!!

  57. Thank you Marie and Daymond! This was an incredible talk! I’m an interior designer, who runs my own design business while still working full-time. I related to this post so much. Especially the example about 6 minutes in that about “reprogramming the way you think as an interior designer” .. That is so beyond true and can be applied to ANY industry. If you aren’t growing; you’re dying… I am constantly learning new things and evolving with the times. That is one reason (of many) that I enjoy most about being an “entrepreneur” that I feel like am constantly reinventing myself. Everyday I am becoming a better version of myself and I just can’t wait until the day when I am running my company on my own!

  58. The biggest piece of wisdom that I heard was that “every overnight success took 15 years to get there”. It’s so easy to lose sight of this and feel like a failure after you put a little work in and you don’t reach your end goal. I have a new found respect for those creatives who have put in the time and embraced their passion in a smart and strategic way. THANK YOU, MARIE AND DAYMOND!

    Jamie Miller

  59. Debbie Carlson

    Loved this interview!
    As a mom and a teacher, I was very interested in the idea of teaching financial literacy early. You mentioned 3rd grade would be a good time to start. What exactly should kids and young people know and are there good resources available? If you know of any books or have advice about this, I would love to read it. I agree with you both on this topic and would like to be able to provide this type of education to the young people in my life.

  60. Awesome interview/conversation. Getting The Power of Broke immediately. I love the importance of sharing information, and adapting to technology. It is a real skill.

  61. Absolutely love this! Picking the brain of someone as successful and smart as Daymond was exactly what I needed. The part about not quitting your day job and being smart financially was my biggest takeaway. The hustle is real and so is putting in years before becoming successful. I’m in it for the long haul!

  62. Thank you Marie & Daymond,

    Excellent insight,
    Loved the statement by Daymond “when you are activating the power of broke, you ask questions”.

    & Marie’s thought process “How do we get most out of the least amount of investment thats new and innovative.”

    Love you Marie, More strength and power to you

  63. Eniola

    Inspiring and motivational!
    Love the nuggets : Everybody in the world has to reprogram the way they think, constantly re-invent yourself…
    Success is access to information , it’s not money…

  64. This was sooooo inspirational and real. I loved every moment of it! Thank you Marie for being you and inviting Daymond to be interviewed…. I would have been so nervous but you pulled it off (because you’re you!) and had great questions for him. The whole interview was so natural and relaxed and both you and Daymonds’ words of wisdom, stories and advice have sparked my artistic entrepreneur spirit. There is too much information out there on building a business (so over it!) but honestly I could not stop watching this interview, it was so real and compelling. I am bookmarking this interview and will watch many more times!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So happy you enjoyed it, Robin! 🙂

  65. Helen

    What most resonated with me was the idea of budgeting and creativity and the link between the two. Leveraging the power of broke means you’re forced to be more creative and that’s – usually – where the magic happens. Thanks Marie, thanks Daymond. Such a refreshing, inspiring, chat.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” 🙂

  66. Judy Pratt

    That’s why is watch Marie t.v. the best spent 30 minutes of today. That was all heart and inspiration, laughter and knowledge. Thank you so much .

  67. Li

    “No one is going to save you.” That was it for me. Thank you.

    I really appreciated this episode. It was very touching.

  68. The power of broke – an idea that I’m learning as I grow my business – thanks for confirming it!

    Also, that a part time at Red Lobster is never something to turn down 😉

  69. This episode is powerful. Marie – a big thank you comes your way.

  70. Marie and Daymond,

    Thank you for sharing your stories! I appreciated the reminder that it takes time to create an amazing company—over night successes take years. 🙂 Good timing for me to hear that! Thanks again!

  71. Wow, I love this so much! So cool to hear more about Daymond’s story (LOVE Shark Tank) … And I really appreciate the reminder that you’ve got to surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s tough letting go (or even decreasing time with) those who don’t get what you’re doing.

  72. Maria Rossoto

    I am inspired by the message to be creative at all times, to keep it real by holding on to some “scrappy roots”, as Marie put it, and to surround yourself with like-minded people. Wonderful episode, Marie – thank you!

  73. Throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve it.
    Thanks Daymond

  74. Laurie Culp

    Plain and simple, Daymond is a real person. How utterly refreshing. What I heard from this interview is that you can do what you set out to do, but don’t take the entire floor out from under yourself or others who are helping you. Oh, the hope that it gives to this 52-year old Iowa girl!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! We believe in you, Laurie!

      • Laurie Culp

        Thank you. All of you, please keep doing what you do. It gives rest to the weary and water to the thirsty soul.

  75. JK

    Going into a field I’d do for free. That makes the most sense for creating a business for those who struggle on what business to start. that helped me a LOT.

  76. Shelley Fritz

    Every overnight success if 15 years in the making! I feel inspired to take steady and consistent action.

  77. Nai

    This was an awesome conversation! Thank you!

  78. It is a marathon, not a sprint.
    “Every overnight success has taken fifteen years.”
    That’s the clincher. Once you’re ready to go the distance, that’s when you’re in the proper mindset. Patrick Ford of Bone Suckin Sauce told
    me that at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show.
    The other one is not to borrow money. My father in-law says you can
    be as big as you want to be. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.
    Listening to everyone around you tell you that you should be in this store and that store and to go on Shark Tank, etc. All you need to do is keep your life manageable.
    Pay your fees and your dues and keep your head up.
    I did go to one of Daymonds seminars but as he just said, don’t spend $5,000 on those sort of things. Use it in your business and learn from all of the free knowledge available online. What was taught by Tim Payne at the seminar was valuable but I’m glad I did not spend the money on the program they were there to sell to us.
    I’ve learned so much from Marie, Creative Live, Richard Branson, Tim Farriss and so on. It takes a certain personality to go out there and sell your products. But it is what you have to do. No matter if you want to be a salesperson or not. It helps to be passionate. Then it’s a no brainer. It just oozes out of you. I make a Spanish sauce and when I start talking about it and letting people taste it, they can’t resist. They get hungry and they want to make something new on the grill tonight.
    Be you, be passionate, but do the leg work. Especially when naming your brand.
    Don’t go out there and create a name that you haven’t researched. That is the biggest mistake in a startup. Life is about legwork.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are great insights, Jay! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  79. You two are the best!

  80. Great Interview! Love the side notes, but Daymond saying, “Noone’s going to save you!” stood out. My “infant” is dying on the vine. I’ve done everything but raise money. I’ve tried, and I need to raise capital, but I faint at the thought of asking for money.

    I have to save me!

    Thanks – Pat

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds really tough, Pat. I don’t think Daymond or Marie would say you shouldn’t spend money on necessary business expenses––businesses do need some money to thrive. Their point is encouraging entrepreneurs to not throw a lot of money at something without seeing if it’s going to work or continuing to throw money at something that isn’t working when there are cheaper and more creative alternatives. Their comments weren’t meant to cause shame or anxiety around spending money on your business, but rather to encourage entrepreneurs to be thoughtful and wise about how they spend money in their business. I hope that clears things up and helps put your mind at ease! We’ve got our fingers crossed that things will get better soon.

  81. Debbie Smith

    I started a company as a one person consultant in my basement. With lots of hard work, creativity, a solid reputation in the industry. In 3 years, I was sought out by a NY based company for a merger. Within 5 years, I was part of a successful IPO, netting (with lots of experienced negotiating) $2 million stock sale. The company died soon after, something obvious to me, and catalyst for the sale. Years later now, as a result of medical expenses, personal losses, etc., I am reengaging the power of broke. I’ve never lost my entrepreneurial spirit. This time, however, I’m venturing out of my comfort zone and am still trying to learn how to take a physical product (invention) from idea to market. I always worked on no borrowing (2 Masters degrees with no loans!), but may come up against it this time. Thanks for the no BS reality with built-in pep talk.

  82. B

    My favorite interview by far!!! I love how he bootstrapped his first business and is still humble to this day! NOW I want to read his books! 😉

  83. Eileen

    I love the creativity & “Power of Broke” – Having to fight tooth and nail really gets the creative juices going. Constantly reinvent yourself. Having financial smarts (getting them if you don’t) and how that translates to success. If you don’t have the smarts you can get them as you go if you jump in before you’re ready. Spending time around like-minded people.
    So many golden nuggets here that I will watch this one several times!

  84. It’s basic, but I always appreciate the reminder. Keep the day job, work hard, and also follow what you really want. Love how real this talk was.

  85. Therese O'Connor

    Hey Marie! I’m a recent follower of you and your MFer brand, and I got to say I am absolutely Blown Away. Thank you so much for all you give!
    Today’s interview was awesome and Daymond made many comments about lack of financial intelligence when he was starting out. You also had agreed with him. So, who today, would you recommend if you were just starting out, to help teach the financial intelligence so as not to make so many Financial mistakes?
    Thank you again for all you do.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Therese! There’s a MarieTV playlist about money that you may find helpful: And if you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit this question for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday episode.

  86. What is one thing I took away from this? Please. This Maria TV was filled with gems.
    Keep reinventing yourself.
    Get around other entrepreneurs.
    Get educated on finances.
    And the best one was the last thing Daymond said: “no one is going to save you”.

  87. This interview was amazing. I have taken Daymond’s free seminar & even went on as a guest to the real estate investment training ($2,000, which someone else paid for & got to bring a guest for free). That turned out to be one of the pyramids that he mentioned about being full of crap in your interview. The goal of the $2,000 seminar was to get you to buy a $20,000-50,000 real estate training package. What I learned in the $2,000 seminar over 3 days was not worth the $2,000! So when I saw you interviewed him, needless to say, I was skeptical to watch it. However, your bullet point about him still working at Red Lobster intrigued me because all they toted at the seminars was how he started with only $40, which I later found out wasn’t exactly true.

    I really loved that he set the record straight with you from the get go that that’s not really how it went, but then went on to explain the actual story. That gave him much more of my respect. He seems to be quite an interesting person that I now can say I admire, thanks to this interview.

    I really loved his quote about activating the power of broke. I not only could relate to that, but made sure I wrote it down in my inspiration/quote book, because I believe that is something that is crucial to always remember, no matter what. Also, I’ve been wondering about trademarking my brand, especially since I’m considering moving to a place where companies have the same name, but slightly different line of business.
    The distinction between relative importance of trademark vs patent in regards to priority really answered a lot of questions I had. I now have a much more clear direction about where I’m headed. Thank you, Marie! As always, your content is engaging, intriguing, & entertaining. I appreciate you & Daymond for this half hour, well spent!

  88. AH

    What I’m taking away:

    1) no one is going to save you
    2) trademarks vs. patents
    3) it takes time!

  89. Debbie Evans

    I love Shark Tank, love Daymond’s story, and loved this episode! And of course I LOVE Marie 🙂
    Biggest takeaway for me is that being broke sparks creativity and can actually be more of an asset than a deficit – love that!

  90. Phyllis

    Reinvention is key! Technology has definitely changed how I will interact with and hope to find new clients. I need to find someone to work with me. This episode didn’t give me direct instructions for this, but to keep open to seeking. I wsetorked in a retail store for 5 years, and gradually worked my way to quitting that job, going full time in my business in 2014. Being open to learning was one of my favorite reminders for today. Change is the reality we live. Instead of dreading or fighting it, embracing and enjoying challenges is the example shown in this video. Thanks!

  91. This video was right on time for me. I ‘ve been in business for ten years and recently step out to run business full time. I really needed to see this today, I was feeling overwhelmed due to several issues with my business and your talk with Daymond helped tremendously. Thank You!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear that, Kim! I’m thrilled this video came at just the right time and that it was helpful. We’re super proud of you for building your business––congrats on going full time!

  92. Lisa

    I loved how Daymond reiterated to people that overnight success takes years. Unfortunately as consumers we are not always privy to how long it has taken the business to succeed. As an accountant I am always telling clients that they need to chip away at success. It is awesome when my advice is confirmed by successful and famous people. Wonderful episode. Makes me want to do more for my customers for the love of my business. Setting a strong foundation takes time but it saves you in the long run.

    Thanks Marie, amazing as always.

  93. Helen

    Excellent lesson in keepin it real! Thank you Marie & Daymond. Perfect timing as i step into more money, after being “scrappy” for so, sooo long, and feeling a bit out of sync with spending on things i know i don’t have to, just because it’s now an option… I shall keep my mentality “scrappy” regardless of how much money comes in.

    I love your interviews Marie, you ask just the right questions to bring out the best in people – and it’s so great being introduced to top-notch folk like Daymond (not in the US, so he’s news to me!). Really appreciate his history, ethos, and humility – what a dude. No BS, no excuses, just a totally inspiring story… Encore!

  94. Alina

    Overnight success takes hard work actually. Good lesson!
    It is harder in the beginning to find like minded people especially when the people close to you don’t really understand what you are doing or just assuming you are losing your time on a fruitless pursuit. They don’t understand that it takes time, effort and work and to grow anything. Only the people going through the same path can understand and share their support. I hope I can meet more of these people in my everyday life.
    Love your shows Marie and I am glad you build your own success from ground up organically. You are an inspiration!

  95. Such a refreshing episode; I won’t need to shower for a week!
    Seriously – it’s so good to hear someone keeping it real and dishing out the medicine no one wants to take. Great to hear a bit of your background, too, Marie. I’ve had a pair of Fubu shorts for over 20 years, so it was cool to learn about the man who created the brand and the work it took to realise his dream.

  96. No one is going to save you. Also, all the regular checkups you need to have longevity in your life and save your health. That was like the nail in the coffin for me. Time to dig my heals in and really proactively take my health to the next level.

  97. GK

    Oh, the comment about student loans vs. business loans: this NEEDS to change! Thanks for pointing that out. I spent 11 years paying back school loans (and I did pay ALL off even though unemployed for some time) but getting a business loan? Totally another story.
    The nugget for me is HEALTH!!! The Dalai lama said “He sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.” Sure, we all need to pay bills and money can do a lot but then if you don’t have your health???!!! I believe our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Taking care of our health is showing appreciation to the Divine for our lives. And in turn, we can spend more time with loved ones and be a good example.
    Thanks to both Marie and Daymond for this great talk. Had me nodding my head a lot and gave me more than a few chuckles. And Daymond? Your mom ROCKS! Or should that be your mom HIP HOPS….

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great quote from the Dalai Lama, GK, and it’s so true! Daymond definitely made me want to go get a checkup.

  98. Kristin Berge

    Hi, Marie! Your so insperational and i just found you about a week ago and i’v learned so much. I’m telling everybody that i think will benefit from your videos about you. I’m a norwegian girl living in Tanzania and i see and meet so many people that are hungry for sucsess. And i have seen how you can have a business from just building a small shop out of scrap wood with room for just a few items and one person. But the best exempel i have is a guy that was standing by the road with just a sugercane juice squiser and a small stand and now its growing slowly like now he has a small juice bar. Its amazing to see! Keep up the good work! Best regards

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Kristin! We’re so glad you found Marie and that you’re enjoying the show. It’s so cool that you’ve gotten to see the man’s juice bar grow over time. Starting small really can lead to big things! 🙂

  99. Deepika Dinesh

    This episode came to me at the right time as I was in some serious need for motivation to move forward with my business ideas. I am just out of college and am currently trying hard to launch my first business which is an online store for curated stationary products. I am practically starting it with the least of resources. I am new to the field of business and there are moments of self doubt and anxiety. Plus the investment sum freaks me out every time I think of it. But some voice inside keeps telling me that this is what I should be doing right now. And even though I don’t see it as the end, I certainly think that this could be the beginning of many more wonderful things that’d come my way! Thank you so much, Marie, for doing what you do. Because if it wasn’t for your videos, I would have buried this idea deep inside me, long time ago.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Deepika! It’s so good to hear you’re starting your own business and following your heart. It’s okay if you don’t know everything before you begin because business is all about learning as you go. We believe in you! 🙂

  100. Jacqui

    What an amazing interview, what an amazing guy. I loved it!, it was so down to earth and real. Have written down the tweetables. Thanks Marie you’re awesome. xo

  101. Where do I start! So many great nuggets that a really needed to hear.
    I’ve been trying to start my own teen fashion brand for just over 18 months while working freelance, I realised the mistake I keep making is stopping my freelance work too soon by going all out on my new business, expecting it to make money quickly.
    Then ending up back broke! It’s like being on a trampoline! So it was really good to hear how long it took for Daymond to build up his brand before giving up the day job. 🙂
    I’m also going to re-look at how I utilise brand ambassadors ( customers ) to promote my brand for me. Thanks again for another awesome episode. D x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are great insights, Debbie! As Marie says, “everything is figureoutable,” so we believe in you. You got this! 🙂

  102. Sekina Titilayo Okonu

    This is a very inspiring episode. I’ve really missed not been on this platform for sometime. I can relate with this because recently ive been thinking I have a lot to dish out but little resources to get things going. My take home
    *No one is going to save you.
    * Engage in projects you are passionate enough to do for free.
    *Build a platform of like minded folks who are interested in what you do.
    Thanks so much Marie &Team forleo for the insights!

  103. Coming from a very entrepreneurial West African culture where you know that the guy selling frozen ‘iced water’ all year round and the woman selling food in the container on her head, did not get a loan from the bank and will never get a loan from bank but is still able to take care of her family to the point were some of these same people have grown their businesses with no Capital yet, many have succeeded in owning property abroad and sending their kids to school abroad ‘in cash’. What was subconsciously ingrained in my mind as a child seeing this, made me believe and know that, one does not need a cash injection from the bank or family to run your business and make a success of it. These entrepreneurs have nothing except their skills, a mindset that propels them forward to believe that they can make ends meet so why can’t I? That’s the same take-home I got from this brilliant piece on Damon John. Thank you Marie for sharing this with us.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it! This is such a great perspective and story. 🙂

    • Well said and a humbling perspective. Thanks for sharing.

  104. The reminder that we all need to surround ourselves with like-minded people, to keep thinking “shabby”, and to continually be open to developing your own business. I also loved Daymond’s story as well as sharing about his recent health issues. We all owe it to ourselves to keep on top with our health. (I also say with a warm intention that I hope he has looked into an autoimmune ketogenic diet for his thyroid (e.g. Isabella Wentz, Dr. Mercola) if he doesn’t already. And as always, you are a wonderful interviewer Marie! Thank you for the inspiration!

  105. What an inspiring interview Marie and Daymond. I learnt so much from this interview. Thank you. For the last few months I have felt stuck with regards to growing my own communications and PR business and have wondered if my decision to reinvest what I earn through the business into the business again and to put in the long hours to make it grow is a wise decision. We so often get told that taking out loans or getting investments is the way to get ahead but this has just never felt right to me. While I can understand the need for loans or investments in certain instances, I don’t want to create debt if not necessary. I also still work part-time as a communications and PR officer for a university while growing my own business and have been doing so for the last 4 years, so it’s good to hear that it can take many years before one can really do what you love full-time. You have really inspired me. It’s exactly what I needed to hear today.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Lynne! There’s a lot of pressure to constantly grow businesses to be bigger and bigger, though that’s not necessarily what’s best or what aligns with the entrepreneur’s goals. Marie talked about that in this episode: Definitely trust your gut and go with what you feel is right for you.

  106. Thank for the all the great advice and info….
    The one that stand out for me is: « Success is access to information, it’s not money ».

    Love you all!!!

  107. paddy faller

    Don’t try to be too fancy – keep it basic!

  108. Marie & Daymond, Thanks for keeping it real and for pointing out it’s those who work for it that see results and success. Other important take always is that everyone is a customer (even those who can’t afford it yet-treat everyone with respect). In regards to your health scare…so true, if shit is there it’s not going to go away on its own. Wish my husband would take his health seriously and use the benefits he pays & works hard for.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Such a great perspective, Dorene! Respecting others and taking care of our health are two of the most important building blocks for a successful business– if we can’t do those things well, we have to reevaluate our circumstances, for sure. I hope your husband is able to find a healthy balance. Sometimes the best motivation is having an accountability partner, so I’d love to encourage you to find ways to be active and make healthy choices together as much as possible. Thanks for stopping by!

  109. Alyssa Olinger

    This was inspiring and eye opening. It is great to see someone who is portraying only himself and opening up himself to help others who are trying to climb the ladder as well.

  110. Ginger

    The most inspiring and uplifting thought is, that the key to success isn’t money but information and networking. We don’t have to do it all on our own and this inspires me to take learning and gathering of information for my future business more serious: I want to study more to become an expert on my field. Knowledge can never be taken away from you and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to gain. Thank you Marie & Daymond!!!

  111. Plus … there’s no greater motivation than the fear of not being able to keep a roof over your head.

    When the money you make from a business is ‘that’ level of important, you don’t suffer from a lack of hunger or drive. It’s not a matter of wanting it, it’s a matter of needing it.

  112. Ok… this is just my fav!! Thank you Marie. I already LOOOOVED Daymond John, but hearing you two discuss startup growth, business tactics that really work, etc… helped me know I’m on the the exact right path. Thank you, thank you. No one I know really understands me playing the long game. They see me working day after day and wonder what I’m doing. It’s wind beneath my wings to hear you two confirm staying lean and using the “power of broke”. Today’s entrepreneurs need to know and understand that it isn’t easy and no one will work as hard as they will for their dream. Just know you’ve got to put your nose to the grind stone and be willing to stay the course if you want it to pay off. Standing ovation for this interview, Marie. Thank you. 🙂

  113. This just made excited to get started where I am and then eventually get to the point where I am successful enough to need to reinvent.
    I love learning. Right now, I am becoming fluent in B-School. I have mastered a few languages and they usually take me about 2 years. So… 2 years to get fluent in B-School, a couple of years to enjoy my success and then BOOM! Time for reinvention and something else fun and exciting.
    The idea of continual growth and staying on the pulse is PRIME. I love it.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      This is so awesome, Caitlin! Congratulations on all of the awesome progress you’ve made so far in B-School and becoming fluent in several languages– that’s incredible! We’re grateful to have you in our vibrant community and for the opportunity to support you as you take the next steps toward your dreams. Keep shining!

  114. Your shows are always wonderful and appreciated! However, this interview is now one of my fave!! I had no idea Daymond was so down to earth. I love his honesty and willingness to share his truth. Absolutely fantastic! Definitely gives us all something to think about as we pursue our goals. Thank you, thank you!

  115. Steven Haas

    Thank you both for that video! This was very insightful and gave me enough glimpse to see that Daymond John is a true dude with honesty/integrity. My only question regarding the ” go into a field that you would do for free” statement is: What if that field is seemingly over-saturated with too many players? Getting paid well eventually ,has to come into play at some point even if it is your passion. At least that is how I imagine success to be in America. Being able to acquire things that you can leave for your family; Being able to acquire things that you can enjoy for yourself? I.e., I personally would sit in a studio daily and try and make hot records or would love to be a movie star but, if I’m not the best, following a passion I would do for free could prove financially fatal. Anyways, this video was very inspiring and insightful. You both did an amazing job of getting straight to the point and being candid. Daymond John….you the man and Marie is slammin! Thank you guys

  116. Camryn

    My biggest takeaway was “find what you’d be happy doing for free – that’s your business.” So right on. I’m starting my long, long game of transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, and it means so much to hear reassurance that following what I love is the right start. We can never get too much encouragement, right?! Thank you Daymond and Marie.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Giving us all the chills, Camryn! Thanks for this awesome reminder, so glad Daymond’s message resonated so deeply with you. Thanks for tuning in this week!

  117. Rosie

    What a fantastic interview. Daymond is inspirational. Keep learning, surround yourself with like minded people and look after your health. Obviously, being broke isn’t all bad. And the icing, reinvent. How awesome is that? Re invent, yourself, your business, your life. And success doesn’t need money but information and networking. I have so much to learn.

  118. Steven Haas

    Here’s a question I have beyond what I previously posted: What kind of pointers would you give someone whom has knack for finding passion in a whole variety of fields?

    • You’ve got to decide what life is about for you, Steven. If you want to explore many things, that’s a choice. All choices have consequences — some you might see as positive and desirable, and some you may not. You can also choose to earn a living in one field and use your free time to explore your other areas of interest!

  119. Steven Haas

    What about the guys/gals who have the “idea” but, don’t have the technical nor social skills to present those ideas in the proper light? What would the suggestions be for them?

  120. Steven Haas

    Here’s a scenario: A person is in school and, for whatever reason, the person has a hard time comprehending the technical aspect of the subject yet, they have brilliant idea(s). What if that person(s) has some of the best ideas of all time yet, because they don’t understand the technical knowledge of that idea, they become ousted(for lack of a better word)?

    • Hey Steven. You have two options: either learn the technical knowledge or find a partner to work with who already has that expertise. Both approaches work!

  121. I love the idea (and have experienced first-hand) of how when you follow your passion, your current friends might fall away, but then you find your new, like-minded friends.

  122. There are so many takeaways from this conversation but one that stuck out to me was “Success is aaccess to information, not money.” Brilliant little nugget. Information and network are key to growth.

  123. I saw him speak at a Flipping Formula seminar in Brooklyn, NY this past Spring. Immediately afterwards, I purchased Power of Broke. Great read! Taking my time & re-reading the sections that truly speak to me. Because of him, I’ve dedicated my career (and life) to helping rebuild my Brooklyn neighborhood in the interests of THE PEOPLE. Thank you, Daymond.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Auria! Thanks so much for sharing. We’re so glad to hear that Daymond’s work has inspired your own creative journey. Keep doing amazing work, we’re all cheering you on!

  124. There are so many takeaways from this conversation but one that stuck out to me was “Success is access to information, not money.” Brilliant little nugget. Information and network are key to growth.

    • Hi Paul, I agree with you. In my opinion I think it’s often a combo.
      Information – Network – can lead to money; via others wanting to invest, loan, or whatever. Money is still a key element, but not the only one.

  125. Thank you, Marie and Daymond!
    This is the first time I see Daymond outside of Shark Tank. I loved how down to Earth, simple, real he is.
    My biggest insight was about success. That success is knowledge/information (don’t remember his exact words).
    I was also inspired by his creativity and resourcefulness regarding creating his business. His mom must be proud 🙂

  126. I’ve been struggling lately now that I’m back in the 9-5 routine – coming from entrepreneur freedom and living a life of adventure. But the Red Lobster chat was super! Thanks Daymond. It was great to get the reminder of how I can utilize my current 9-5 to harness resources, experiences, ideas from my co-workers and the business to fuel my next entrepreneur endeavour. I’ve been resenting my boss and the business lately, and now I feel much more comfortable about serving them knowing I can prosper from their insights.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Laska! As someone who worked several “bridge jobs” while building her own business, Marie is a huge advocate for using them to gain experience, network, and support our bigger dreams. So often we think that we need to keep our “day jobs” and “dream jobs” separate, but I’d love to encourage you to speak up about the type of work you’d love to be doing and see what doors may open for you, in your present circumstances and beyond. And of course, do keep us posted!

    • Bravo to you Laska for shedding the resentment you had for your job and boss. Not only can you leverage the knowledge resources you rub up against in your 9 – 5 job, but releasing those negative feelings has helped you in untold of ways. Carrying that type of baggage zaps our creative energies.

      Here’s something else to consider.

      I love my day job and admire my boss to no end. In our annual kickoff meeting this year, like he’s done in previous years, my boss shared his personal and business goals with the entire company. He encouraged all of us to hold him accountable by checking in with him throughout the year on his stated goals.

      He also put the challenge out to all team members. If they wanted to, they could share their annual personal and business goals with him. I took the plunge and shared my goals with him (I’ve been setting my annual goals for years now).

      When he heard about some of the items on my goals list, he offered to help me. I was a fan of his already, but when this happened I became a true fanboy. For someone sitting in the C-Suite to help little ‘ol me, was incredible.

      In your situation, you may want to consider sharing your business goals with a trusted team member. You never know who might be willing to help (in whatever capacity they can). This can be a delicate situation. So, if you do decide to take the plunge, take your time to find the right person to share with. Envy is real.

      Wish you the best!

  127. I’m definitely taking away from this episode that there isn’t a clear cut path to success and our ability to adapt, think creatively and go for what we want because “no one is going to save you” is so true!! Thanks for an amazing episode Marie & Daymond!

  128. Anne-Marie

    This was a great show, Marie, thanks so much to you and Daymond for the insights! I loved so many of the nuggets, but the insight I starred and underlined the most was Daymond’s question about his purpose and place: so many people have gone through so much worse, why am I here today – that’s my big question and it’s great to know someone else sees his place in that light. For me it’s being a military veteran and knowing that plays a role in my work in the world, and for whatever reason I’ve been “spared,” granted with my own brand of trauma, but also with a lot of inner resources and drive to do SOMETHING with it, that I hope is helpful to the world. So it’s forming… anyway there was so much great stuff here, but this is what sparked in me. Thank you!!

  129. Great interview. He is such a fascinating guy and I love his approach to business and life.
    The best bit I got from him was that it takes at LEAST 10-15 years to succeed. No one ever tells you that.And I TOTALLY agree with him when he says that all these people who say they will teach you how to succeed quickly, are making their money FROM taking yours by so called teaching you how. Too many scammers out there doing that.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this week’s episode and have a few great takeaways from Daymond’s message. As Marie understands from building her own business from scratch over nearly two decades, there’s truly no such thing as an “overnight success”, so you’re totally right to be weary of anyone promising to teach that. There’s no substitute for hard work and consistency– both of which require time. Thanks for tuning in!

  130. Oh my goodness!!!! ABSOLUTE GOLD!
    Thank you Marie and Team Marie Forleo for getting this interview out for us to gain from!!
    I could relate to Daymonds humble beginnings more than most successful entrepreneurs that I’ve watched on your show and I appreciate the inclusion of talking about his mothers part in his process, his journey as I’m a mother also and thanks to that role I’ve also been blessed with the extreme force of creativity and resourcefulness that comes with being a Motivated Mama who is determined to accomplish her entrepreneur goals that will create the time and financial freedom I’m working on for myself, with my husband and to teach onto our babies.
    Mega takeaway – I’m not the only one who feels like a freak or outsider in my usual social networks and although I’ve felt like this for a long time due to the way I operate and move in life ie – Believing in myself to strive and thrive for the things I want and believing I deserve them for me and my family….in comparison to most of the people that I’ve been surrounded by since I was a child who just accept what their current circumstance is and don’t bother to visualize beyond that but continue to complain about being broke etc……There’s no power of being broke in their mindset unfortunately but I’m definitely gonna buy the book now that I know about thanks to your interview discussing each of your own personal experiences on this topic!! 🙂

    I continue to work my way through is adopting specific tips and guidance from the lessons of all the successful entrepreneurs I resonate with like yourself Marie and Daymond however my (MEGA CHALLENGE) that I’m equally excited, amped but also fearful for at times for my capability to grow to where I need to in order to accomplish what I’ve announced I will, I’m if I’m being honest.

    Unlike many of the entrepreneurs that I’ve gained great value from, they aren’t all Mothers and like me who are expected to be everything to everyone and everyone’s everything 24/7 and trust me when I say twenty….four….seven it’s no exaggeration especially since I gave birth to my third child 11 months ago, which co-incidentally happens to be the time I decided to go all in to pursuing my entrepreneurial mission, funny that huh lol, so although this is a season of my life that is majorly challenging and I pretty get a few measly hours to sleep each day as working on my dreams and goals time starts mainly when everyone in the house is fast asleep…..I love it, it fuels me and I’ve been doing it for free for years, technically I still am but I’ve changed the game on it.
    In order to ensure my families needs were met especially for my children and in my marriage, I identified the need for me personally to release my full time job, then my part time job and eventually the contracted secretarial / VA (mostly work from home) role I had secured for a local heritage events venue from my absolutely full plate!
    I made the major decision with hubby to move our young growing family of 5 from our 2 bedroom town house rental of 9 years to a one bedroom space in my mothers very humble government state 3 bedroom (total) home that she shares with my 4 neices and nephews she has taken custody of to help my little sister.

    My choice to inconvenience myself and my family is our temporary detour to get where we’ve been wanting to go for years – 1st home ownership for our family and frequent travel back to the states to help our Kiwi – American babies connect and bond with their American aunts, uncles, cousins and great grandmother as their immediate grandparents have sadly since passed on. The purpose for this goal is also for them to learn their American heritage in person and enjoy all the traditional American fun holidays that their father has only ever been able to share with them through his childhood memories.
    Those two are my big drivers for depriving myself of sleep on the daily to work on my business in between all of the do do’s, don’t want to do’s but must dos and figuring out how to give “harmony” to ME and my loves as a Mama and Wifey, unlike Gary Vee who I respect and admire for being completely raw, honest and REAL – I’m ok with the fact that I can’t go at the pace that I’d love to like a maniac even though it truly gives me a high that brings my best out of me that I felt he described in one of his speeches but the vehicle that I get to utilize to grow my business is a product that actually helps me feel and look great for someone who gets under 5 hours sleep each day and is also in alignment with my personal passion of helping and others to thrive in life so I’m a keep on keepn on with where I am and taking the best from what you, Gary Vee, Daymond, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Tony Robbins and all the rest of the people that I consider my mentors and use it to empower me and all that I was sent here to do on this earth. X

    Lots of love

    Erena Thompson

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Erena, we’re so proud of you for knowing which steps to take to best serve your family and your dreams! It takes guts and determination to play the long game, and it sounds like you’re willing to stay the course and move forward in a way that’s setting such a strong example for your little ones.

      Make sure you do take time for self-care; burn-out is a very real thing, and you’re going to want to replenish those energy reserves from time to time! Marie talks about that over in this episode as well:

      Keep going; we’re cheering you on!

  131. Nini Humphrey

    My biggest take away is reinventing yourself! I have been doing the same type of work for over twenty years and need a change. Thank you so much Marie and Daymond!! There were so many valuable lessons I learned in today’s episode.
    Keep up the wonderful work,

    • Hi Nini, I’m excited that you recognize needing a change. In today’s world, change is the new currency for sure. It’s better that we preemptively take matters into our hands, versus having some life-changing event thrust it upon us unexpectedly. Good for you!

  132. Michael Heong

    Excellent show Marie! This is my first time listening to Daymond John over here in Malaysia. Great sharing and yes, he’s got ‘heart’. Thank you both.
    Warm regards
    Michael Heong

  133. Such an inspiring interview. Thank you Marie and Daymond!! I was thinking about quitting my day job to focus on building my health coach business but I simply can’t b/c I need the money and am supporting my family. I’m going to continue working 80% of my week and put 20% into my business and keep working at it, surround myself with like minded people and keep the creativity going. And adjust my time as the business calls me. So many good tips. My favorite: keep evolving and learning. Thank you. Thank you!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Lianna, it sounds like you’ve made a smart and powerful decision here! So many business owners, like yourself, Daymond, and Marie, work full-time and part-time jobs well into the life of their businesses. Taking that financial pressure off your budding enterprise definitely helps to spark creativity and keep your excitement fresh and growing. We’re excited for you!

  134. Kristina

    I loved the comment about needing cheerleaders sometimes more than mentors. When I surround myself with people who are cheering on my drive and passion I stay focused, however when I start listening to those who question my drive and think I “do too much”, I start to feel my energy drop. I remember to look at the source of those negative comments and realize those people are living in a lot of fear and are happier to stay in their box. I don’t make them wrong, but try to remember that they aren’t the people I need to be around who are going to help me along my path.

    I also loved hearing about how long Daymond was working another job before he went full time into his business, that was good confirmation of my instincts that are telling me to do the same thing.

    Great interview!

    • Kristina, I’m with you. Marie and Daymond are testaments to finding the balance between diligently working our side-hustle-soon-to-be-full-fledged-business and our day jobs.

      And here’s another thought. What if you love your job? Yes, I want my own thing to augment my life and have an expression path that I wholly own, but, I love what I’m building with my day job company.

  135. I’m so excited about what I heard here!

    As a homeschool mom to a future entrepreneur (not going the typical college route), I had a huge Ah Ha moment when you talked about Blueprint and Co.

    Just this week, I’ve been planning to put together masterminds for young entrepreneurs. Therefore, I’m looking forward to finding communities that are already out there to collaborate with.

    After attending incredible masterminding events myself, I see how empowering they can be. My vision is in helping the next generation of young entrepreneurs have a place to gather, collaborate and inspire one another, so they can help change a hypnotized society.

    As a baby boomer who got into entrepreneurship recently, I want to help charge our younger generations out of the dumbing down and support them to dive into their unique creative abilities sooner than later.

    I’m passionate about helping young people take action on their unique strengths, so they don’t just go in debt trying to figure things out at a University. I want parents to know there are options besides the typical higher education choices they had after High School graduation and feel they have quality options for their student(s).

    I’m finding there’s nothing like supporting your child’s love and strengths, so he/she can live a life of joy and purpose in their work from the start!

    Thank you both for an enjoyable and empowering interview!

    • Hi Pamela.

      I agree with your commitment about masterminding. I’ve been trying to start another mastermind group for some time now. I was first introduced to the concept when I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Back then it was not a mainstream concept like today.

      Co-working spaces seem to be a rage now, for Daymond to invest time, energy, and money in it, speaks volumes! I live on the east coast but came across this interesting co-working space on the west coast called The Hivery founded by Grace Kraaijvanger. It is an absolutely gorgeous space. I’m jealous, I wish their were a coed one near me. The Hivery caters to women entrepreneurs.

      I love your idea for young entrepreneurs! I wish you the best of fortune.

      • Pamela

        Thank you for your comment Thomas! I’m researching the potential and starting a focus group now to find out if it really is a good idea. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Pamela! xoxo

  136. Wow, Wow, Wow! I have seen him on the Shark Tank but did not know his story. Amazing, when I first decided to start my own business telling my husband that I needed to learn more about Facebook because that was where customers were, that was six years ago, and he thought I was crazy. The one thing that I do is continue to learn to broaden my skills. Knowledge is power!

    • Hi Elizabeth.

      I used to use that phrase “knowledge is power”. I don’t anymore. Applied knowledge is power, i.e., what you did. You did not simply acquire the knowledge you used it.

      I think we miss that part some times. I know I am guilty of it.

  137. I love his philosophy on success. Sucess is access to information. Hell yeah!

  138. Biggest takeway for me is how I see a shift in online products. For years, freemium models were the range. Now, big names like Daymond are playing in the space of on-demand-for-a-fee. The pendulum is swinging in the other direction with moves like these. All of us need to take note.

    Marie, you are indeed one of my most favorite people on the planet. Thanks for showing up to the world in your unique and big way, sharing your gift with the rest of us.

    I agree with Daymond’s angle, when you’re broke (read: just starting, few resources, etc.) IF YOU ARE OPEN TO DOING SO, it sparks a level of creativity that otherwise, we sometimes find hard to tap into.

  139. It takes fifteen years to be an overnight success? Very inspiring. I also liked Daymond’s comment about keeping his day job, and also about BSers lining up to take your money. Thanks for another great episode!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Marie-Therese!

  140. What an amazing authentic and inspiring man! Beautiful energy from the both of you. Thanks for sharing.

  141. This is an absolutely incredible interview. being broke can do wonders for your creativity. It helps you see things with perfect clarity, and can help you prioritize what you need to do to better your lot almost immediately. Key takeaways from this include consistent reinvention and improvement, find a goals partner -preferably someone with more experience- who will hold you accountable, set even bigger goals and finally, take loads and loads of massive imperfect action. Thank you for this interview Marie.

  142. Love Shark Tank. Love this collab video! This video was just #realtalk. No BS. Keep it up!

  143. Hardeep Singh

    Simply love this conversation. Creativity comes out of necessity to change something or make something better. The Power of Broke is an awesome read and motivational book. I recommend every one to read it.

  144. Thankyou Marie and Daymond for sharing the timelines of your businesses –
    Daymond continuing to work 5 years as a waiter even when his business was taking off, and Marie working 7 years as a waiter and in fitness as her business also became financially viable.
    I’ve been working 2 years in a call-centre for a furniture retailer, and lately I’ve been thinking when do I get to leave? At the same time I’ve been making artwork and starting to sell it, getting a few commissions, doing a little bit of teaching. My artwork is getting much better but I’m nowhere near self-supporting yet.
    To hear that you two worked for at least 5 years in “pay the bills” jobs at the same time as pursuing your passions is great.
    And Daymond pointing out that it’s not just paying the bills, it’s also the benefits you get from ongoing employment – holiday pay, sick leave, etc and the amount that you can learn from your place of work as well, that make having a job more than worthwhile.
    My job is supporting me as I work at my passion.

    Favourite quote: “every overnight success has taken 15 years”

    Thanks again!

  145. RawleHurry

    My name is Rawle Hurry and i attended one of Daymond john success formula seminar about three months a go i was motivated to opening a online boutique selling woman clothing and accessories even thought things are alittle slow i am just keeping the faith that things will pick up.

  146. I din’ t know this man. Whaw!
    His energy is really the energy of the heart!

  147. Mariza Mentzou

    Powerful stuff Marie/ Halfway through this video, I felt so privileged to be able to connect and partake in this conversation between you and your guest, it felt like being part of a most interesting and intellectual dinner party.
    Key takeaways for me: the motivation of broke, learning and innovating, helping your weak become stronger and getting your strong to support you in different ways. Listen to your customers, they are supporting you like no other.
    Your videos are gold. Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Mariza! We’re so glad you’re enjoying our videos and this one in particular 🙂 xoxo

  148. MD


  149. Ariel

    This episode was so dope! I feel it sparked a fire in so many viewers.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yay! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Ariel!

  150. Andreea

    This was awesome. What stuck to my mind is that everyone is a customer. Thank you, Marie & Daymond. You are amazing!

  151. Lori McCausland

    Wow! I just love Daymond AND I love you Marie! What a GREAT episode! My biggest take away from this episode…well there are 3 that I want to mention is:
    1. Hang with like minded people.
    2. Social media – always stay on top of current trends and never assume a specific social media channel will not “work” for you.
    3. Networking is one of the most powerful ways to extend your brand.
    Thanks so much for both your and Daymond’s time on this episode. You both ROCK!
    Forever grateful,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your insights, Lori. We’re so glad you loved this episode!

  152. LOVED this interview! I am a Shark Tank junkie and such a huge fan of Daymond – and, of course, Marie. It’s so fantastic that he emphasized the importance of trademarking – it’s one of the most important legal steps you can take to protect your brand.

    My Legal Love Tip: Be sure you do a thorough trademark search before you file an application. A number of B-Schoolers have come to me for help after trying to trademark on their own to save money when they’ve run into a problem with the USPTO. Yes, trademarking is an investment, for sure – but it’s worth it to at least talk with a lawyer before you begin to be sure you are doing it correctly, so you don’t waste your time or your dollars. #bizlove #bschoollove #trademarklove

  153. My takeaway: ENJOY THE GRIND and ALWAYS keep your grind…GRIMY!
    So, I shifted my priority list and it reads:
    1) My GOD
    2) My GIRL
    3) My GRIND that should stay eternally grimy
    Honestly, after this video, I created a t-shirt with these priorities on them.
    As always, Marie and the Crew were awesome! Have a great week!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      This is such a fun take-away! We love hearing how inspired you were after this interview. Wishing you a great week ahead too!

  154. Porsha

    Thanks so much for this amazing video! I often struggle with thinking that I need to quit my day job in order to fully focus on my dreams but it’s good to know that every overnight success story is 15 years in the making! I’ve haven’t read The Power of Broke yet but I have often found myself saying that desperation in the best motivation. Great minds think alike! I’ll be sure to continue to grind with my financial stability and health insurance during the day and focusing on my passion by being a nighttime/weekend warrior! I also appreciate Mr. John’s definition of success, which has completely changed my life! Thanks so much for this.

  155. Wowsa. I waited too long to watch this one.

    I’ve been running my own gig for 10 years now, and at first, I was also working part time. My work has gone through many iterations: massage therapist, yoga teacher, and now mentor/coach/helper. It’s always been about helping women find their way.

    I got hit with some personal issues and my biz has been struggling. I finally gave in and got a part time job again. I was beating myself up over it…and today I watched this video. This job will help me get my feet under me so I can keep moving my biz forward. Thanks for the reality check, Daymond!

  156. KG

    Love Shark Tank. Daymond was a great guest! Loved his comments on Customers. For me his attitude about customers was the single biggest take away. I also appreciated his myth busting of instant success. It’s just not true! Money is definitely not your greatest asset it’s your friends and networks. And loyal cheerleading customers who love you, yet will tell you if something was off in their customer experience that helps you grow and be even better.

  157. Milly P.

    What an incredible podcast! One of Daymond’s quotes – “Success is access to information. It’s not money.” – was an eye opener for me. That statement brought me back when I was a young child who used to believe that money does bring you happiness because my parents and I were living on foot stamps and other government assistance programs at that time. I used to believe that we will never get out of this situation. Now as a young adult, my perspective on money has changed because you can’t buy materialistic things and use them to create the character that you want to become. It usually takes years from learning the challenges that you overcome and adapting to constant change to create and fortify the character that you were meant to be.

  158. Success does not come overnight!

  159. Hi,
    Thanks the nice info and blog.

  160. Hi Marie and thank you for the great interview with the Daymond. This episode brought one question into my mind. I have always been a quick developer, I mean I myself develope quickly and my own knowledge grows also I want to take my business to that new direction also. I have started with one particular area 5 years ago when I started my business and while doing work in that area I really found out what I am good at and I worked my ass of last year to build a new foundation around this new knowledge I have about my skills at the moment. Even though I know this new idea of mine will be successful in years, I am struggling now thinking weather I should invest my time still with the old idea as people are really into it, although my own heart is not there any more, just to earn some exrta money… or should I just invest all my time to this new idea trying to bring this new me and new way of thinking up to the people as many different ways as possible? I know I could get some extra money from the old idea, but at the same time it would take time away working with my new idea which is not yet profitable, but I have a sense that it will be one day… What would be your recommodation on this issues? Where to invest my time? To carry on building old a bit longer to get money out of it or to invest my time on new idea which is not yet bringing the dollars in? I am talking about new product within a same business field, but time seems to be limited and I feel like I have to choose between these two. Thank you Marie ones again for your great show, it has been given me so much strenght as an starting entrepeneur!

  161. This is a great interview. Thank you so much for sharing!

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