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I’ve just returned to the states after an honest-to-goodness life altering trip to Sicily. If you’ve watched my Oprah talk then you know that taking time off is a relatively new habit for me.

Besides the mouthwatering food, everflowing wine and jaw-dropping scenery, what I really was able to do on this adventure was grow into more of my true self.

I was able to see (and let go of) some habits and behavior patterns that — frankly — did nothing but create unnecessary stress and strain in my life.

I was also able to communicate more honestly with Josh in a way that was much less combative. And (surprise, surprise!) in doing so — really saw how unbelievably stubborn and irritated I get about things that, in the grand scheme of life, really do not matter.

Sleep is a performance enhancer and affects every aspect of our health. @ariannahuff Click To Tweet

Want to know one of the things that sparked these breakthroughs?

It wasn’t the pistachio crusted cannolis or perfectly al dente pasta. (Though those were pretty damn life-changing.) It was actually something much simpler.

In a word: sleep.

Real. Quality. Sleep.

Look, I have to be honest. For years I’ve been one of those people who actively works on ways to make myself sleep less. After all — I can’t really learn or grow or get more things done while I sleep so what’s the point, right?


You see, a few months ago I did a deep dive into the science behind sleep and learned how our cultural dismissal of sleep as time wasted compromises our health and our decision-making in some pretty shocking and devastating ways.

Not to mention the power of sleep as a performance enhancer and how it impacts nearly every aspect of our health – from our brain, weight gain, diabetes and heart disease to cancer and Alzheimer’s.

I learned all of this because my friend Arianna Huffington sent me her new book, The Sleep Revolution. I read it cover to cover and invited her on MarieTV today to tell us more about it.

If you or anyone you know sees more sleep as a waste of time OR you want to sleep more but can’t seem to do it, this episode is for you. Listen in and you’ll learn how to take back control of your life, one night at a time.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, Arianna and I would love to know:

What’s your relationship with sleep and what strategy or insight from this episode can you put into action, starting tonight? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you, as always, for watching, sharing and allowing me to be a part of your week. It’s one of my greatest joys!

P.S. Got a friend, client or colleague who struggles with sleep? Share this post  — it could spark the breakthrough they need to take back control of their health and life!

With all my love,


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  1. Yes – I schedule my sleep religiously!
    It’s an important part of my daily (or nightly) routine 😉
    This was an amazing episode and TBH a lot of people and entrepreneurs as well ditch sleep in pursuit of success, but what will success mean with poor health or if you’re dead?

    Love it!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So true, Kelita!

    • Dale Saylor

      And if you are dead, you can’t have your morning coffee…or anything else.

    • I really do think it’s a bad trend, this “badge of honour” as Ariana calls it, of being “too busy to sleep”. I see entrepreneurs pushing themselves to pull all-nighters to “keep hustling” because that’s what they hear other successful people do, yet they’re totally less productive and creative because of the lack of sleep. Even worse, they beat themselves up that they’re not “trying hard enough” if they do get a regular nights sleep! I think awareness around the issue is very necessary — couldn’t agree more with Ariana!

      • Lisa Cox

        Completely agree with you, Andra! Hustle and working hard is important – to a point. I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs burn out when parading their “badge of honour.”

    • Marianne

      Ditto to Kelita’s comment. Not sleeping makes me irritable, impatient and intolerant, and those around me-students, colleagues and family- pay for it. I become a nasty creature.
      I’d also like to share that my father taught me to nap for 20 minutes or so every day, before my afternoon activities, and that makes all the difference in my performance. Sleep enhances the functions of body, mind and spirit. We should never underestimate its benevolence.

  2. Lisa

    I have embraced the power of sleep for years! If you were to ask my kids “is your mom ever crabby?” They’d say, “yes, when she’s tired.” And that’s rare because I closely guard my sleep time. I have never been able to sleep more than ~6 hours a night, but I take a 20-30 minute nap almost every day – since I was in high school! Sleep is undervalued. BIG mistake! There’s nothing like waking up from a full night’s sleep – my feet hit the floor, look out world!

  3. Amen!
    I created my whole career out of my love for sleep and now I am an adult sleep coach. What I found is that the women I work with all figure out at some point that they need sleep to give it their all to their business and families and it is so easy to sacrifice sleep but in the end you want sleep as your ally. Because if you neglect sleep it will take its revenge by making you slow and so many other things.
    I myself am also very disciplined about sleep because if I don’t get enough my whole body is just starting to ache and I turn into a viscous gremlin!
    So glad you touch on this Marie.

  4. Lee

    Hi Marie (and Marie Team!),
    I can relate to this greatly, and with each sentence in your email I was smiling more and more as it was so accurate to my personal experience as well. For 4 years in a row now my husband and I take a mandatory yearly break from it all, get on an airplane and recharge – not only in sleep and valuable couple-time, but with passion for life! In the past year I have also made it a habit to actually rest before going to sleep, otherwise my brain doesn’t shut down as willingly. That means a ritual, as Arianna mentioned, of decluttering my mind and embracing the sleep-kid within 🙂 Love your episodes, thanks for doing what you’re doing.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Lee! It’s wonderful to hear that you and your husband prioritize recharging and connecting. So beautiful. Thank you for commenting and for tuning in!

  5. Frieda Hanlon

    For years, stress robbed me of my ability to sleep. Although my journey back has been a life changer and very well worth it, take it from someone who knows for sure; sleep is one of the sweetest things we can give ourselves. It’s right up there with good food, safe shelter, and yes, love. For those of you where sleep is a choice, take it, love it, and let it love you back. It is one of the pivotal keys to health and nothing, NOTHING can replace what it can do for you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      “Let it love you back” — that’s so beautifully said, Frieda!

  6. Fortunately, I don’t have trouble sleeping and I am aware of the importance of having at least 8 hours of sleep every single night. I am one of those (lucky?) persons who can function with just 5 or 6 hours of sleep but I don’t allow myself to do that in a regular basis. When I’ve had a stressful day and I’m still connected when I go to bed, reading is my most effective solution.
    Thank you very much for sharing all this valuable info, as always! 🙂

  7. Elisa

    Marie. Thanks for your new advice to read the new sleep book. I have had a year off from my career due to pain. I have explored eastern and western medicine to help relieve pain. I have done Whole30 since 1/1/16. It has helped. But 8 hours of sleep would be the best. Still hope to achieve it soon. Thanks. Glad you and Josh had a good time together. Elisa Barger

    • Jill White

      Yes! Those of us in severe and chronic pain can’t just”decide” to get more sleep. I’ve not been able to sleep more than three hours at once for years and I know its killing me but no one seems able to do anything about it. Yoga and meditation help, they can get you to a calm restful state, but they aren’t sleep.

  8. Yes! Sleep is the key. I had ADRENAL BURNOUT, which is beyond adrenal fatigue, and I was depressed, struggling with getting my life moving forward, and generally unable to live the dream life I desired. To heal I changed my diet, changed my thoughts, and changed my sleep.

    By committing to be in bed and, if possible, asleep by 10 PM every night, my whole life shifted. It was hard at first, but pretty soon it became a boundary I am only very rarely willing to violate. If you are reading this, and you think sleep might be the answer to your LIFE, then simply try getting to bed by 10 for a week. If you can commit to three weeks, even better. Xo

    • Shona

      Adrenal burnout! Your description of your symptoms sounds exactly like what’s going on for me right now! I’ll google that and look for ways to heal it!! I have the exhaustion, plus the feeling stuck, unable to make decisions, going round in circles like a hamster on a wheel. Thanks! 🙂

      • Shona – Adrenal burnout is so common and it hit me like a ton of bricks in my early 3os. When I went to my regular doctor, she prescribed pills… Of course that was her solution! I got myself to a naturopathic dr and never looked back. Acupuncture, CBT (I’m OCD) and sorting out my cortisol levels took some time, but I am finally sleeping well. Sleep is the game-changer if you want to live a happy, productive life! I hope this is helpful info for you 🙂

        • SARA

          Oh, and be careful with licorice teas! Licorice root affects cortisol levels, which can either help or hinder sleep… Best to do a cortisol test first so you know where you are at. Cheers!

    • Thank you, Marie and team for this episode and thank you, Natalie for this reply! I have a four-month-old baby boy who isn’t sleeping through yet, my husband works abroad and I have just started working again – so sleep is luxury to me. Having said that, when I read your message, it got me thinking that it’s definitely feasible for me to be in bed by 10pm, at least most nights. I herewith commit to getting to bed by 10pm starting tomorrow night (it’s 11pm right now…) Moira xoxo

  9. OMG yes – sleep is so important. I start to crack up if I get less than 6 hours…

  10. Shona

    Hi Marie,

    This interview topic so relevant for me right now. It is amazing how we can sometimes be so blind as to something so basic, so simple. I worry that I might have all sorts of mental illnesses, that perhaps I’m unfocused, unclear, stuck…when in fact I’m just not getting enough zzz. Part of the reason I’ve let myself fall into bad, sleep-depriving habits is that I am working through pain of loss of a marriage and find nights is when the lonliness really hits; so I’ve been staying up later and later trying to distract myself with work, work, work (or sometimes endless facebook and net-surfing!) in front of the computer, to put off going to bed, where I’m alone with my worries and sadness. But then I’m finding it really hard to switch off my brain, as Adriana says. I do listen to a lot of guided meditations and I have a quick pre-bedtime shower. But I like Adriana’s idea of immersing in a bath as a ‘soak away all cares’ healing and slowing down process. I’m finding it very hard to get up in the mornings…and I miss out on doing my exercise cos I linger under the covers to long, exhausted….then I don’t eat as well as I could…and it’s a whole negative cycle…but easy to start turning around!

    Another factor for me is that I don’t unfortunately have Adriana’s billions…I mean, she could cease working any time she chose and not have to worry about paying the rent! In my case, my financial stress has increased post separation (and my situation wasn’t great then either) and I am living pay to pay, month to month, hand to mouth, bill by bill. While I am grateful that somehow I do manage to scrape up the resources eventually to cover everything (and begging utility companies, etc. for lots of extensions meanwhile) and that I’m not on the street, financial stress, if you’ve never had it, is by nature a sleep-killer. And I have to work long hours, just to make ends meet. I don’t know how to get out of this cycle. Even so, it gets to a point where I have to tell myself to ‘stop’…that continuing to work and not rest is counter-productive. And that said, being nearly midnight in Melbourne, Australia, as I write this…have a nice, hot shower…put on some gentle music and GO TO SLEEP!!! Sending love and greetings to Marie and all readers on this forum. xoxo.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Shona, financial stress is definitely a sleep killer, and one of the worst ones, I think. It’s so tough that in our culture there are so many people who aren’t able to get the sleep they need due to working long hours just to make ends meet … when that very sleep itself could potentially be transformative.

      I love that many of the things Arianna shares can be done even in a very short amount of time, so even just a few minutes with a meditation and no screens can make a tremendous difference and ease our minds from stress. This is all definitely part of the ongoing conversation about the importance of sleep, and we’re so grateful that Arianna is getting the word out there.

  11. I’m a clinical psychologist and a parent coach.
    I know that sleep has a lot of power: the power to brake someone or to make someone.
    Sleep deprivation is really very similar to being drunk (when we talk about the impact on the brain).
    Good sleeping habits must be created and maintained since birth.
    I do a lot of webinars (I even have a facebook professional page under my name) and offline courses/workshops about tantrums and bad behaviours in children’s. One of the first things I assess with parents is their children’s sleeping habits and their own – parents – too.
    Lack of sleep can cause lack of attention, difficulties in managing feelings and emotions and it also tends to make people become less patient with themselves and other’s, just like Marie point it out here when she gave her own life as an example.
    This video can help you rethink about your own sleeping habits and your family’s as well as help you understand the true importance of sleep.

  12. Mary

    I have sleep deprived for about 15 years. Working full time and being a caregiver makes it hard to get enough sleep. Now that I only caregive for my 93 year old Dad, the others have passed away, I have a little more time to sleep but just can’t. It’s very frustrating.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      As someone who is also chronically sleep deprived, I completely hear you, Mary. It’s something that frustrates me too. So often I hear sleep advocates simply saying “get 8 hours of sleep” as though it’s easy, which it definitely isn’t for some of us. Especially if you’re working long hours and caregiving.

      I’m personally so heartened by this episode though — the strategies Arianna mentions are doable and actionable, such as turning off screens for even just 5 minutes, or listening to a calming meditation. If one or two of her tips really resonate with you, I definitely recommend giving them a try and seeing if that can help add a little bit of time or quality to your sleep.

      I’m sending you loads of good-sleep vibes! <3

    • Sandy

      I’m in your situation. I think many of us just can’t sleep enough because of circumstances out of our control. To me people who have a choice to sleep more but don’t are spoiled 🙂 Or they don’t have kids or other people they have to care for. I’d gladly turn in early but it’s just not in the cards. Also, a lot of people have to work two or more jobs just to survive. A lot of info in her book is simply unrealistic for many ‘average’ people.

  13. I think we’re reaching a point to shift our cultural ideas not only about sleep but about all drugs from big pharmas. It’s time to stop the commercials in this country. They are not allowed all over the world. We managed to get cigarette and alcohol advertising off the air. Now it’s time to ban pharma commercials too.

  14. I’m so glad you got a chance to really rest and relax in Sicily, Marie! (cyberspace highfive) As for me, I am a total stickler for getting enough sleep, and I really make an effort to close the laptop and go to bed. I felt so supported after watching this episode and then reading Arianna’s book. Thank you, Marie for helping to make my life better 🙂

  15. Amy

    I love sleep. I had a boss once (a very senior lady in a large corporate) who said that she did some work after dinner and then got up at 5am to do some more and I remember thinking…what!?!? so when do you sleep and worrying that kind of behaviour was ‘required’ for success! On another thought, I love the idea of the “romance of sleep”. For me it is that feeling of going to sleep on a Friday night early after a good meal and a bath and not knowing when you are going to wake up. Then waking up on Saturday morning slowly with the sun shining and having that ‘I’ll just luxuriate in bed feeling’ until hunger calls…Thanks for the reminder to joyfully and purposefully get some sleep!

  16. I was taking Lunesta for years. Started using a meditation app to get off it and haven’t looked back!

    Xoxo – Love your Brand!


  17. susan pachuta

    wonderful! and how appropriate – i couldn’t sleep and so decided to take time to look into my latest “MF” email….thrilled that i did…
    i plan to get ms. huffington’s book, but for now, my immediate take-away is the “a-ha” moment that happened when she mentioned the importance of ritual. i rely on (and create) ritual for so many parts of life-it connects me to our ancient ones…hearing it said aloud, though, allowed me to “hear” it for a first time in connection to my struggle for sleep. i am grateful….and hopeful! thank you, both of you amazing women, for bringing this to us all…be well…sleep tight!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What great timing, Susan! Thanks so much for sharing your a-ha, and I hope creating some beautiful sleep rituals help you get some more calming zzz’s!

  18. Carrie

    I love this episode…in fact, this is my first comment! I have learned recently just how important sleep is as I struggle with hypothyroidism. I am currently one that requires at least 9 hours of sleep. I struggle with viewing this as a weakness and I realize how that is detrimental to my well being. I am also reaching an “age” where hormones are affecting staying asleep and getting to sleep. I have been using my fitbit to journal my sleep…I am sure writing it down may help someone as well. This really helps me to see how I am doing with my sleep habits. I try to go to sleep around the same time every day and wake up at the same time every day. I, too, drink a hot tea before bed while I read or have conversation with my husband (we try not to get into serious topics before bed as that only makes it more difficult for me to fall asleep which can be easier said than done when young kids prevent you from having these conversations when they are awake…my husband falls asleep quite easily!) Breathing exercises also help for me to let go of the stresses of the day…breathing in deeply, holding it a few seconds, and breathing out slowly…seems to work best for me. The only thing I am still working on is that I use my phone as an alarm so it is right next to my bed and I catch myself checking email before I go to sleep. If I receive an email from a client, I am stressing over making a response or taking care of something in the morning which prevents me from falling asleep easily. Rest is so very important. Why do we make it weak to need rest?! Thank you for addressing this very important topic!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hooray for your first comment, Carrie! We’re so thrilled you were inspired to share your thoughts. Your question is a great one … people really do seem to think needing rest is weakness, when really it just makes us so much stronger.

      Thanks so much for watching and commenting this week! xoxo

  19. My sleep is a real indicator for me, when I have hard time to go to sleep, I know that something is going wrong in my life
    To take care of it I use the principle that Arianna, less light, a cup of infusion and
    My best tip is to shutdown my computer one or two hours before my sleep time ..and be in bed for midnight ( as much as I can). I have a high need of sleep under 8hours, I’m not in, I will do my obligations but all my creativity or relations will suffer of it.

  20. This is one area I’ve never had an issue with. For some reason I’ve always valued sleep ever since I was very young. I always naturally knew sleep was important to me and I’ve always given my body the sleep it needs. But I know that so many people think it’s not important, so I’m glad you’re bringing it up ?

  21. Mary

    How timely was this!! Sleep deprivation is where I now live and I know it has to change! I am a shift worker … Night shift 7p-7:30am 4 nights a week in a stressful environment. I am a RN in an Intensive Care Unit . Sleep breaks are not only frowned upon but also cause for dismissal where I work! That said … It is so important to get good sleep. My days off are completely affected by my sleepless working nights. Thanks for this eye opener! I too use a sleep mask to block light in the daytime when I must sleep but I generally get 4-5 hrs and know I need more!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Mary, oh gosh, night shifts are so intense. I’m so sorry to hear that sleep breaks could be a cause for dismissal at your work, when I’m sure you really need that sleep to sustain the stress and difficult hours.

      I hope some of the tips in this episode help you find a few ways to get a bit more sleep in, and hopefully employers will start recognizing the benefits of sleep more and more!

      • I have dedicated my career to this important issue, and that is my contribution to help change how our society undervalues and underappreciates sleep. Arianna is correct; most people just don’t understand how critically important sleep is to health. Many of the symptoms you struggle with day-to-day could be decreased by improving your sleep. Best tip to share: you need a dark dark dark dark room for quality sleep! Shift workers, pilots, firefighters, and anyone who needs to be ALERT and ENGAGED during their workday know how important this is.

  22. Sleep is underestimated until you cannot have it. I had a career in NYC that was very demanding with really long hours. I lived it. It just was. When my first son was born I expected some sleepless nights. But I didn’t expect 8 years. He has a diagnosis of SPD and the most challenging way it exhibited itself was in sleep. He would sleep for 45 minutes at a time. That is it. He didn’t wake up and go right back to sleep either. He was just awake all the time and often crying. At about year 3.5, I simply couldn’t take it anymore. My resiliency in the workplace got hit first. Then my self confidence. Eventually I gave up and we relocated our family to Atlanta and then to Richmond. We crashed and burned. It has been a slow road of complete reinvention and at 8 years (2 years ago) we finally found some key missing links that changed everything. But that isn’t why I am commenting. I am commenting because I you never get that sleep back. I am just now functioning close to my former self. Your body will eventually shut itself down if you don’t sleep. So be serious about it. Sleep restores. It can help with how reactive you are in situations. It helps you greet the day as a new opportunity as opposed to something you need to drag yourself through with a pot of coffee.
    I do believe our lives are a journey and we learn along the way – I wouldn’t change the past. But I will tell you when sleep is not a choice it is all you can think about. I now sleep as much as I can. I stop working when I am tired, I even take naps – but I have to work with my body and make sure I feel well. Just making me more efficient!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lisa, oh my gosh, that sounds like such a tough thing to go through, and I’m so glad to hear that everything is better now. Thank you so much for sharing your story about how truly important sleep is — I think you’re right that it’s something people underestimate far too much.

  23. I worked a vintage at a winery in Sicily – 11am to 11pm 7 days a week, home by midnight, pizza and then bed. We were lucky enough to be given an apartment above the pizzeria (yum) with cold tile floors and mega shutters.

    On the odd day I had off, I was just amazed how deserted the place was in the afternoon. Shutters were shut (it was 40 degrees C outside), village silent. Everyone asleep. So we learnt to do the same.

    And then I understood why everyone was in such a good mood during the evening promenade. They were so well rested! Thanks for the reminder.

    (And the Sicilian cannoli reminder.)

  24. The beautiful work that I get to do wakes and keeps me up at varying hours. This makes going to bed and rising at consistent times, well, impossible. So. Having a ritual makes going to sleep much easier. Whether bedtime falls at 9:00pm, 4:00am or noon, my brain recognizes the bath-lavender-book routine and knows that it’s time to catch some Zzzz’s…
    I would like to implement the – NO SCREENS IN BED – advice. It will be fun to see if both my body and my brain feel more rested in the morning!

  25. Kristin

    We are ‘doing’ a lot during our sleep. It is restorative and a necessary time for our souls to really go to work. To connect with our divine, to realign, to dump and purge, to gain insight and clarity, to renew and refresh. I have always been very protective of my sleep and also for my children who are now teenagers. Sleep allows your soul to work on a level not achieved by our awake state and facilitates so much healing for our physical body. Say YES to sleep! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      “Say YES to sleep” — I love it, Kristin!

  26. This was so needed for me. I work from home and have my iPhone surgically attached…and use it for my alarm. I check it when I wake up in the middle of the night, too. Ack!

    I have a lot of trouble turning my mind off. The two things mentioned in this video that really hit me are:

    1. “Retire” my devices before laying down to sleep. I’ll have to find an alternative to my iPhone alarm.

    2. Make my last thoughts be about what I’m grateful for rather than dwelling on negative thoughts. This one hits home for me because I lost my mother last year and it seemed that every night when I closed my eyes my brain would jump on the regret hamster wheel and replay every word I wish I wouldn’t have said, every opportunity I missed with her…and on and on. The funny thing is that we loved each other deeply and shared our closest bond during the last year of her life. I was there when she passed in her own home. A lot went right but I guess because you can never go back your mind and heart dwell on the things you wish you could change.

    Thank you for reminding me to focus on being grateful!

  27. This episode could not be more timely – it’s my first time actually commenting, too! I was talking to my mastermind ladies last night and although I have so many business goals as I am just bringing my coaching business online, I said this week my goal was to rest. Get some real sleep. As my husband is moving to a new country this week and we are packing up our lives again – which I love! I realized the stress that I didn’t even think I was experiencing was causing me to lose sleep. Last night I finally slept and could not be happier to wake up really rested. To get that sleep this is what I did:
    1. Shut all curtains at 7pm (where I live in Canada this time of year it’f light out until 11pm).
    2. Made myself some Big Chill tea from David’s Tea.
    3. Went to get in bed and read at 9pm, set my alarm(s) for the morning, no need to look at my phone again.
    4. Read a REAL book (Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me) so my brain could relax with the easy read and finally.. I fell asleep.
    It was amazing…. additionally, I unfortunately resonate with the drowsy driving message. In university, I worked at a restaurant and would often finish at 2 am and drive home, exhausted. Once, I woke up heading straight for a divider only to swerve at the last second, another time I actually drove onto a median and a 3rd time I woke up from the rumble strip on the right side of the road… when I last remember driving on the left lane, 4 over. I am so thankful no one was ever hurt and I am so aware of how tired I am any time I get into a car now and I hope others are too!

    Thank you for this wonderful episode, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Kaitlyn! Thank you so much for sharing your sleep ritual — it sounds lovely! We’re thrilled you were inspired to leave your first comment today and so glad to have you in our beautiful community 🙂

  28. Rebecca

    Sleep has been a huge factor for me after being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. Getting a fitbit and being able to see my sleep quality and time, helps me stay focused on what I need. I’ve changed my evening habits, and still working on it to get the hours I need.

  29. Wow! I really enjoyed this video! I am that person that grabs the phone when I get in bed at night to browse social media or finish working on a project. And I usually stay on it until the light from my phone bothers my eyes so much that I’m forced to turn it off. That’s terrible, I know now. I’m gonna start scheduling a wind down before bed. Even if it’s just 5 min. Thank you for sharing this. I’m also interested in the book.

  30. Yes, yes, yes!!!! I actually include chapters on sleep in TWO of my books – 52 Small Changes and 52 Small Changes for the Mind.

    I have personally seen the impacts, as well, two times – when I had my son, and when my cat was terminally ill and I couldn’t sleep. I had insomnia for about 3 months, and I was MISERABLE. Moody. Negative. Unhappy. Depressed. Angry. All negative. And once the sleep issue was restored, I was reborn again.

    Finding how to fix it, however, was a process. Here is what I found:
    1) I tried acupuncture – didn’t help for me, but does for some. Find a really GOOD acupuncturist though – get recommendations from people you trust.
    2) I also have ensured an optimal sleep environment: blackout shades, white noise, comfortable bed…really important…your bed is your home for 8 hours a day, it must be comfortable!
    3) But what I found REALLY helped, was restoring my sleep schedule with melatonin for a SHORT duration (don’t use it habitually, as it will create a dependency).
    4) And, once restored, Sandalwood and Lavender essential oils on my wrists and under my nose, every night.

    Thank you for bringing this to light for everyone! I still struggle with getting to bed at a decent hour, as my inner night owl fights it, but I try hard to remind myself of the benefits.

    • Oh…and one other thing…my white noise is ALSO an air purifier…double duty for a good sleep environment.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely tips, Brett! And I REALLY love the idea that your bed is your home for 8 hours a day — I never thought of it that way, but it really resonated and that’s definitely going to stick with me!

      • I had a really uncomfortable bed for 10 years. I know…ridiculous! I woke up in pain every day and I was in my 30s! I have an amazing bed now and don’t wake up that way anymore. It is crucial!

  31. I have no problem getting sleep. I shut it down and fall out. 8 hours nightly.

  32. Kelly-Anne

    I overcame a sleep disorder as a teenager and now I’m an entrepreneur who helps people deal with the same issue (among other things like anxiety and chronic pain). What Arianna is talking about is something called sleep hygiene. So important! – – and good sleep hygiene is possible without spending a dime. Let’s get creative and think of ways we can practice good sleep hygiene without buying anything. Here’s a few more ideas for those of you who need to stretch your penny around the block (sorry Marie, I stole your line):
    1) Try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every day – even on your days off.
    2) Eating or drinking too much before bed can really get in your way. If you can avoid it, do!
    3) As you lie in bed, focus on 1 body part at a time. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release all the tension from that body part. Start at your toes and work your way up to your head. This gives your busy mind a chance to slow down, relaxes the body, and helps calm the nervous system (which can sometimes be too revved up to support healthy sleep).
    4) If you find yourself tossing and turning for more than 30 minutes, get up, go into another room, and do a quiet activity for 30-45 minutes (like reading a novel, drawing or meditating). Then go back to bed and try step 3.
    Cheer up Sleep Jeans! You can sleep easy – it just take a bit of practice.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Great tips, Kelly-Anne! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  33. Conscake

    Sleep is soooo key! I truly start realizing that after having my daughter about a year ago, which also coincides with the beginning of my permanent sleep deprivation state 😉
    I do not like to be around myself after I had a particularly bad night, I am irritable and moody so this video is a great opportunity to make a shift. I commit to 5 mins sleep routine starting from tonight! Zzzzzzzz

  34. One thing that I always tell people is that “you can do anything but you can’t do everything”. When we operate under the belief that we can do everything, our health will suffer. I am lucky that I learned the value of sleep at a young age. Having chronic pain in my 20’s I know from experience that lack of sleep makes pain and other chronic conditions worse. So, I learned to make sleep a priority in my life then. And I credit part of why I feel so much better today at 46 with the fact that sleep is still one of my top priorities.

  35. This is all so true…….. I’m a desperately bad sleeper since my teenage time and I often feel exhausted, looking the whole time for tips on how to get a better sleep… 🙁 and knowing what sleep deprivation does with your body stresses me even more (and stress is not a good thing if you want to sleep well………)
    But this confirms that sleeping pills are definitely not something to start using! I think I will dive more into meditation to find more ways to relax 🙂
    Thank you for making this great video!!
    Love to Team Forleo

  36. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I get between 4-6 hours of sleep per night, and with two young kids, I often wake 1-3x per night to help my girls get back to sleep. That was the case last night when I was “scheduled” to get 5-1/2 hours of sleep and my youngest woke me up twice. As a result of my exhaustion, I slept through my alarm(s) and had to rush my oldest out the door this morning.
    I am not the person I want to be when I get such little sleep. I’m not happy with myself. I overeat, I over-caffeinate I’m irritable and honestly, exhausted every day. Then my workdays are not productive. I’m in a fog.
    The ironic thing is, I write about health and wellness. I eat well, I exercise, but I don’t give sleep the credit that it deserves.
    Lack of sleep has always been my downfall and I’ve always felt that I lose productive time when I sleep. Thanks to your video, I NOW see that I’m losing productive time throughout the day and with the people I love because I’m NOT getting the sleep
    my body needs.
    I now have my nightly ritual and sleep time scheduled in my planner so I can wind down and get a full 7-1/2 hours of sleep per night. I feel this is a pivotal moment in my life. Thank you,

  37. I looooove my sleep and I don’t compromise my sleep. I notice how people who DON’T sleep as much for work have aged faster and get more wrinkles. So, for me this is a good enough reason to make sure I get sleep (plus I love to dream which I do often) and make sure it’s deep sleep.

  38. Hello Marie!
    That was a very interesting conversation on a favorite topic of mine!
    My mantra is “Sleep only when you really feel like sleeping”. I have no such time called “sleeping time” and the clock does not decide when I should sleep. I love my work and constantly keep exploring ideas and their creative expression – there are times when I go to bed at 4am and wake up super fresh at 6! I am a freelancer by choice and no one sits on my head, driving me nuts – no targets, no deadlines! My sleep kit consists of a pocket note book, mini torch and ballpoint pen beneath my pillow – just in case I am inspired to scribble a few lines of poetry while enjoying the cosy warmth of my blanket! A morning walk to plan the day and an evening walk to prepare for the next – watching people, listening to conversations, a moment of prayer at the temple and a small bowl of boiled corn. After a physically and spiritually filling day, cuddle on my sofa watching my favourite films till I “really feel sleepy”…

  39. Anny

    Marie, does Arianna talk about doctors in her book, who do 72hr shifts, with no sleep whatsoever, and then operate people?? this is a norm in hospitals…

  40. Sleep is essential to the growth of your spirit. It’s the single most important opportunity your spirit has to leave your body to reset your energy.

    I have had some of the most extraordinary personal breakthroughs by working in my dream state. In fact, I get some of my best work done while I’m sleeping. Everything in my life is better when I get more sleep!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love this, Samantha! What a great reason to get more sleep 🙂

  41. Susan

    I love her sleep kit ideas. I will definitely add a sleep dedicated iPod to mine – brilliant! Having my phone by the bed is not good. The three things I love from my sleep improvement experiments have been:
    1. Regular meditation – even if only 5-10 minutes.
    2. Doing something very satisfying during the day – something physically vigorous and fulfilling for me – like riding my bike to go somewhere instead of driving, free dancing outside, or working outside (something physical). Helps my deep sleep…
    3. I use a PEMF Bemer mat to improve circulation and with regular use at night, I sleep so deeply. I notice a difference if I skip a few nights
    Looking forward to reading and sharing the book. Thank you!

  42. I have a bad habit of falling asleep on the couch or bringing my phone or Kindle to bed. Now that I am motivated, however, to get some major things done in my life early each morning in order to grow my business, I am starting to make going to bed at a decent time a priority. Of course, my dog knows better than me and always tells me when it is time to go to bed!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Carol, my dog does the same! When she gives me a specific look and then heads upstairs, I know she’s ready for us all to call it a night 🙂

  43. Kathy

    I have grown to know how important quality sleep is to EVERYTHING in my life. I used to beat myself up about wasting time….”I can sleep when I am dead”, I said! 🙂 I think it is an American thing. People in Europe seem to have a much more laid back approach to life! My son, who is 43, has experienced interrupted sleep for years because of night terrors, addictions and so forth. But he has finally found the key to sleeping better at night. Of course, I used to tell him that a dark room promotes sleep and the blue light from the television screen disrupts sleep more than any other type of light. He would never listen. Now, though, he has finally figured it out and is experiencing the healing power of good sleep for himself. Less depression, more focus, more energy, less dependence on substances, more productive, the list goes on!

  44. Whilst I am still guilty of burning the midnight oil occasionally, I do make my sleeping conditions a top priority in my life, to the extent that I moved to a very quiet and remote place. Yet, I still have to use ear plugs just to turn into myself. I use the cylidrical foam ear plugs which do a very good job, and they can be washed a few times (much better fit than the conical ones). The trick is to roll the tip to form a cone and quickly inserting them before they expand again. Lift the top of your ear which expands the ear canal when inserting and gives a better fit. Many people complain about the pressure of the earplug against the ear when pressed against the pillow. To avoid that dig your fist into the pillow to form a small dent where the ear goes. That way the head is supported but the ear feels no pressure. This works best with loos fill pillows. Also, the foam will soften a little with body heat.

    Buona notte 🙂

  45. Paula

    Great interview!! Lovely to see someone so high profile and successful promoting the importance of sleep.
    I have managed to make the transition in the last year from watching TV in bed (a habit of 20 years!) to reading a book. Consequently my quality and length of sleep have noticeably improved.
    My next goal is to make my evening gratitude journal a more consistent part of my routine. At the moment I do it very sporadically but I agree with Arianna that it is so important to go to sleep with an attitude of gratitude. Finish the day on a positive no matter what.

  46. I know all the science about sleep, but I court it romantically…I never want Sweet Sleep to ditch me! Sure, I tried to pull all-nighters in college but it was the only “fail” I got. I couldn’t function. And if I get off my sleep schedule and bedtime routine, the day is a wash.

    I am so into sleep that I started Sleepytime Club so families can have a 20-minute bedtime routine in story, song, and quiet mindful activities. Sleepytime Club is bedtime made simple. When the next generation starts respecting sleep and their bedtime ritual at an early age that will stick until adulthood…and imagine what an awesome world this will be if we all have enough sleep in our tanks!

  47. I’ve been working on limiting screen time before bed for a few months. Some nights are more disciplined than others, but I have definitely noticed a positive effect. I LOVE the idea of a dedicated meditation/music iPod to use before bed to set a relaxing ritual (without the temptation to check social media or email). Definitely doing this tonight!

  48. This is definately hitting me at the right time (God wink)! I just started going back to school to get my Masters, have a 5 month old, and run my own Graphic Design business so sleep always gets pushed to the back burner for me. And yes if there was an ideal t-shirt in my closet it would have said… I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Thank you so much for all that you do and for sharing this with so many! Years ago I decided I would never have a TV in my bedroom but as of yesterday I didn’t take the little screen out – my phone. So my starting point tonight inspired by you and Arianna: No more phone in the bedroom. Paper backs, journals, prayer, and sleep for this single momma!

  49. I have an autoimmune disease, so sleep quality and quantity have been really important for me in the last 9 months.

    My Fitbit is a huge help in reminding me to start winding-down, but now I’m usually ahead of it — I count that as a victory!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Definitely a victory, Alison!

  50. YES!
    I have been saying this for years and I teach tips to help clients get better sleep as well. GREAT video and I am going to make this book suggestion to clients as well. I think getting this from another source helps them to see the validity of it!
    Thanks for doing this!!

  51. Kris

    What about alcohol & sleep?
    Please discuss – as I feel it’s a huge problem as well.

    Thanks for all you do!

  52. Sleep is my number one priority <3 Way ahead of Arianna on this one! Now let me figure out growing my email list 🙂 <3

  53. When I saw Arianna’s interview about sleep, it made me realize that I am really missing a lot when I lack sleep. It’s true that we are taking short cuts in making sleeps–many are into meds but natural ways are more effective especially in the long run. Turning off all devices are important before going to bed. This is something I will try doing–baby steps though. xx

  54. Hey Marie,
    Thanks so much for this post. I loved Italy when I went last summer (Cinqua Terre) it was pure paradise and I too had so many breakthroughs about life from just being in such a relaxing place outside of my element. I tend to be more of a “relaxer” than a sleeper. In the sense that I could never take naps (not tired enough during the day) but I could lay on the couch for hours if I wanted to. Even when I should go to sleep at a decent hour, I can never fall asleep or maybe I just don’t want the day to end but in the morning I have always, since childhood had great difficulty getting out of bed. A very unhealthy cycle I know. I have chalked it up to either I haven’t wanted to change it or my bed is too uncomfortable to knock out in when I lay down for sleep 🙂

  55. Richard

    That’s why I’m relocating to Italy, away from The Netherlands and its crazy 2 million rules & regulations, telling you what NOT to do! Did I mention I’m also getting away from those zillions of immigrants and 150+ nationalities that are taking over this once beautiful ( and rich) country? I’m outta here; Ciao.

  56. Thank you for a very interesting interview!
    Starting tonight I will introduce a “hot bath ritual” to my going-to-bed routine. And switch off my phone 🙂

  57. Rita Marshall

    Really good information, very much appreciated. From today onwards, I am adopting Transition time as a norm. I know that if I go to bed absolutely exhausted, I find it much harder to get to sleep. So, taking a bath, feeling luxuriant in delicious scents, is a far better use of my final half hour of the day. A new ritual for me to play with. Thank you Arianna and Marie.

  58. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Have listened both of you now after a pretty much time since I have not seen you Marie TV., But it is not good as I feel it immediately much much better when I can feel you that it is really good. And when you read. Regarding the “Sleeping Revolution”, I have also some things to say which might be for Arianna Huffington and which are as words of understanding . Should every person sleep in her/his house when she/he knows about an overcoming priority?

  59. I know I don’t always sleep enough, and that my ideal sleep time is 9 hours. I often get to bed too late (my fault), but I also get woken up by pain, or noises from the kid or the pets.
    I always turn off the sound on my phone and put it away when going to bed., and I take a nap early in the day if I didn’t get enough sleep during the night.

  60. Natalie

    Yay! This interview is much needed. I know from having a young son the importance of sleep. I see how much my little one thrives when he gets his sleep. I love when Arianna stated that she didn’t like being with herself when she did not get the sleep she needed. Keep spreading the great wisdom that sleep is essential to our overall wellbeing!
    P.S. I have just bought the e-book, promise to read way before bed time 🙂

  61. I work as an Acupuncturist in the Phoenix area. One of the many things I hear on the second visit is “My sleep is soooo much better!” I call it the number one good side effect of Acupuncture. I also suggest Chinese herbs for people who have more trouble sleeping. Chinese herbs are fantastic, they are nonnarcotic and incredibly effective. Make sure you go to somebody is Nationally board certified in Chinese herbal medicine. Blessings, Lea

  62. Four years ago, I had a major heart attack. I was not sleeping, maybe 3 to 4 hours a night. I would go to sleep, and wake up in an hour or two and be up for 3-5 hours. Then the heart attack. I not sleeping contributed to it.
    My mind would not shut off and I still had difficulty after the heart attack. Now I focus on sleep much more and know what my body needs. I also switched mattresses four times to get the right one for me.
    I do take a natural drug free supplement that helps align up the neurons in my brain. One of the side effects is marvelous sleep! It sure makes my life easier and my concentration better too.
    Sleep is necessary for our bodies to function as they should each day. I am a better person with the right amount of sleep.

  63. Hi Marie & team, great episode as usual. Sleep deprivation is a hot topic – and I hear you shift workers / night workers / those who have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet… we should give a copy of Arianna’s book to all managers & CEOs out there and ask them to write a summary to make sure they’ve read it! Definitely agree on the rituals (playing sudoku somehow works for me… zzzzzzzzzz) but not always easy to implement if your better half insists on checking his social media until the phone battery runs out (usually after 3am… by which time I’m hesitating between murder and divorce… needless to say, finding sleep again after that is difficult…). Separate bedrooms do help but tend to lead to … ermm … additional disagreements…. oh well! in any case, a very good interview, but Marie, you looked very tired indeed! Hugs to all

  64. I have always been a big believer in sleep. My friends have often made fun of my adamant need to get 9 hours of sleep. Part of the reason I quit working in film production was that the very early call time hours following ending the day late just physically did not allow for 9 hours of sleep, like Arianna I noticed I was anxious, grumpy and super irritable. I could also tell you so many stories about people in production going over budget by tens of thousands of dollars because the crew were working on so little sleep that they were making mistakes and not working well. Because of the societal stigma shown by people joking and making fun of me has made me feel bad and guilty and lazy about it. Now seeing that someone as successful as Arrianna Huffington treasures her sleep I don’t feel bad about it! So thank you. I love the lavender spraying ritual, I will implement a sleep ritual tonight! I teach yoga and always stress the importance of savasana because of the same reason that Arianna mentions to let the body get a nice longer rest to rejuvinate and give the body time for all the benefits to kick in. Tomorrow I will be teaching an evening class and I will mention Arianna and her book and the need to respect your sleep and Savasana! Funny when I saw the title of this video I thought nahh I dont need to watch this as I know my sleep is important but I got alot out of it. Thank you team Forleo!

  65. Uli

    The video encourages me to get one more hour of sleep. I used to need eight hours now I am at seven or even six since I wake up regularly at night.

    Before I switch off the lights I read a few minutes in a spiritual or self-development book. It is really important to me to fall asleep with positive uplifting thoughts.

    After the reading I take my great sleeping „medicine”: Sudoku. It gets me completely out of thinking, I can leave the thoughts of the day behind and after a few minutes of sudoku I get too tired to continue, switch off the lights and fall asleep.

  66. I’d do anything for more sleep! I have an amazing “village” helping me care for my little one and get to pawn him off in the morning so mamma can sleep! Then by the time his first day’s nap comes along, I can get my work done. I’m sure I could work a little more, and I would LIKE to get more work done in a day, but I never feel right if I don’t get my full 7ish hours of sleep in.

  67. This video was extremely helpful! My mom has a lot of trouble staying asleep– she almost always wakes up in the middle of the night for hours. She’s been telling me that she feels that her lack of quality sleep puts a strain on her life. I’m so excited to share this information with her, and hopefully, starting from today, her sleep will improve. 🙂

  68. I LOVE TO SLEEP!!!! In my bios I usually include something like “lover of naps”. I’ve never considered myself a morning person or a night owl…I’m a day kinda girl! And that’s because I like going to bed around 9 or 10 and waking up around 7 or 8!! I got rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago and sometimes rest is exactly what I need to feel better. I love that Arianna talked about saying no to things that might take away from getting rest. I have to do this too. I think my relationship with sleep is pretty good…but I love the ritual she was talking about. Tonight I will not be on my phone 30 minutes before bed! Yay for sleep 🙂

  69. Safena

    The interesting thing is when I imagine someone successful and then I hear they have very little sleep I immediately do not consider them a success. I feel they are deprived. I know how I feel with very little sleep and it’s no way to live. I have heros and mentors in my life and when I hear that they are healthy and happy that is what I want to emulate. I feel our Heros put this perceived pressure on themselves. And really no one wants suffering. Please put yourself first for the good of all!! Thank you to you and Ariana for this episode and you both have my well wishes for a blissful night sleep!! Nite nite!!

  70. As a working mom with a type 1 diabetic child diagnosed at 19 months, sleep is gold at my house. Because we check him every night at 3 am (the dreaded 3 am) my husband and I tend to lose that restful deep sleep. Because of this, I have noticed decreased concentration and of course, a shorter attention span to details which is much needed in my new business adventure. We have moved to 2 nights on, 2 off so we rotate who is getting up while the other one sleeps but honestly, the worry sometimes takes the night away. There is no one else that can help us by taking him for a few days in our family. It has been over 6 years now. This will be our journey until there is a cure or a better way to monitor his nights. By the way, he is an amazing kid and usually sleeps through all the checks and dosing we having to give at night so his sleep is great… All 11 hours!! Sleep is amazing when you get it so never take it for granted. I think before he was diagnosed I didn’t realize the luxury I had.
    By the way, I truly enjoy your videos and blogs, it is a great way to start my day! Thanks!

  71. I’ve made nighttime ritual commitments before and haven’t kept them. One thing I don’t waiver on is 8 hours of sleep. I appreciate my brain too much to compromise on my sleep. Thank you for this fabulous interview, I will review my ritual, and commit to change. (I love how you disclosed your own past habits with sleep. Thank you for your honesty Marie.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I LOVE this, Deanna: “I appreciate my brain too much to compromise on my sleep.” Yes!

  72. I find that the time I get in bed is directly tied to how easily I fall asleep. For me, if I’m in bed after 11pm, my mind races with anxiety about not getting enough sleep and feeling crummy the next day. Tonight, I will make it a point to get in bed at 10pm with a REAL book and leave my phone downstairs in the charger…so I too can recharge!

  73. When I was in grad school and also working full time in a start-up, I was taking Benadryl and Ambien to sleep, especially when I was in hotels. It was awful. I learned that lavender essential oil works really well for me! I put it on my feet and sometimes diffuse it in the air and I am out like a light at night and I sleep so peacefully. I haven’t taken anything for years. Now I run a company and I am stressed a ton, but I can get my brain to switch into sleep mode by turning down the lights in my house and stopping work about 45 mins before, then I get into bed, read a non-business book (not on a screen!) and have a cup of tea. Works like a charm! Sometimes I listen to soft music or meditations too.

    I noticed my production crew will become very sleep deprived when they are pushing hard on deadlines. One day, everyone was in a horrible mood and they had several 15 hour days and just decided to go home and sleep and come back the next day at a normal time. The next day they came in refreshed, and shot the same number of files they’d done in the 15 hour days in 8 hours. I am such a “sleeper” myself, but I can’t force anyone else to do it, so I was really glad to see them figure this out!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lavender linen spray is great, too!

  74. Daisy

    Sleep is very important to me, I always have a hot shower before bed .I usually sleep for eight hours when I can, if not I get really cranky .

  75. Raelene

    Awesome topic, I have a soft alarm set on my phone for the past three years to remind me to turn off the electronics and go to bed. Everyone in my house knows it’s my bedtime cue and I very rarely ignore it! Although I wish I had that genetic mutation sometimes, I protect my sleep schedule because I too don’t like to be with myself when I’m deprived!

  76. Kelley Cass

    I’ve always been a sleeper. Even in infancy I would sleep through the night until 10 a.m. My parents were so blessed! But coming up I developed a push-and-pull relationship with sleep. On the one hand I knew it was vital to my functioning and yet I incorporated conflicting messages into my psyche… “successful people don’t sleep as much as you.” “You have to sacrifice sleep if you want to run your own business.” “Sleeping is lazy. YOU’RE lazy.” And yet I knew that without sleep (which I LOVE, by the way) I was ineffective, unhealthy and as I grew older the lack of it would show up on my face. I’m still struggling embracing my sleep requirements but it really helps when more and more experts are recommending it and celebrities – successful ones like JLo – expound its virtues.

  77. Nicole

    I have a 3 year old daughter and 5 month old son. I’m nursing and working full time. I live in northern Virginia and work just outside of DC so my commute is a bear. The only way I can “beat” the traffic (I say it with quotes because you’re never really beating rush hour traffic here) is by leaving my house before 6 am. My son is up every 2 hours or so (sometimes more!) and no matter how early I tried to go to sleep, I am still under sleeping. Not to mention I can’t go to bed too early because I have a 3 year old that still needs mama’s attention. (Don’t get me wrong, dad does a lot – but nothing replaces mama.) all this to say that I found myself having a really hard time keeping myself awake on the road. The first time it happened I kind of went into hyperdrive bc I was shocked. I figured it would be a one time thing and that I would try to just get more sleep that night. Well, it happened three more times after that and i realized, I can’t mess with what my body is telling me. I am fortunate enough to work from home, and I changed my schedule to half days in the office (working from home in the evenings) but that was only because I have the opportunity to do that. I am very fortunate. I know I can’t be the only one going through this; not everyone has the opportunity I have right now. The problem is that this country has a shitty view on working mothers and families in general, and our maternity leave sucks. (But that’s a completely different topic) My point is – how can we deal with sleep deprivation when we can’t afford to take the time? (time off work, time away from young children)
    I also related to Arianna’s example of how we put our kids on a schedule to get them ready for sleep – bath, bedtime stories, etc. It really put it into perspective for me.

  78. Sleep a secret to success and helps you feel your best!
    Big love to both of your amazing woman making a difference in the world.

  79. Sleep hasn’t been my ally recently but tonight I’m going to stop using any form of screens at least an hour before I go to bed and make this a new habit. I’m also really astonished at the facts about accidents caused by driving while drowsy and have made a mental note to myself not to spend so many hours on the road after a long day of training. Great interview as always!

  80. Love this episode. I have made sleep a priority for a number of years now, and Arianna is right. It makes decision making very easy. I am still guilty of taking my screen to bed with me at times, and I find I do much better when I read a book before bed instead of watching tv. I love the idea of a sleep kit, and I’m going to create mine ASAP. Thank you again for such relevant, timely content!

  81. Julie Jensen

    “Sacred ritual.” That’s the ticket. I got so excited about creating my own ritual that I had to rewind and pay mindful attention.

    Awesome interview, Marie! It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about; you always put me in such a positively charged mood and I get stuff done. I’m going to start watching all the archives I’ve not seen, every morning, just to get me going. You are a wonderful motivator!

  82. Gail

    HELP REQUEST from the members at large or sleep professionals. I am sleep deprived because of my husband’s medical issues (soon to be resolved by surgery, we hope), plus a million other situations going on in my life over the last decade. One of the things we desperately need is a new King size mattress, but our beloved vintage Mid Century Modern bed only takes a 7″-8″ tall mattress (no boxspring). Apparently there is no such thing as an innerspring mattress with such a small height these days. All I can find is a pair of foam twin mattresses made for RVs. If anyone knows of a manufacturer that makes a low-profile, King sized innerspring mattress, please post the name (not a link, which is not allowed here). I’d appreciate it! Thanks so much for any help.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Good luck, Gail! I hope you find what you’re looking for soon!

  83. Carrie

    This episode was a breath of fresh air for me. I need 10 hours of sleep a night (I know, its a lot) to really feel my amazing self and I struggle to get this much (because its not normal). So it’s nice there is someone out there who is spreading the word that sleep is not a waste of time. That we need it to feel great and do great work. Maybe more people will get on the sleep train with me and I won’t feel like such a weirdo for needing the amount of sleep that I do in order to function at my best. Here’s hoping! And if you’re somebody out there who needs 10 hours of sleep like me, just know that 1) you’re not alone, and 2) you do not need sleep hacks to improve your life. You need sleep.

  84. I love the idea of creating a ritual. I am just like she described. I work till the last minute, get in bed, lie there for a few seconds, pick up my phone and then watch youtube videos until I wake up at 4am to go to the bathroom… and start that routine again. The idea of leaving my phone and ipad out of my bedroom will be tough, but I am going to try to do it.

  85. I’ve definitely been a life.long victim of the ‘I am going to miss something if I sleep!” syndrome. Last night was the first time in 2 1/2 years, since I launched Global Scribes, that I took a hot shower (tonight I’m trying the bath…), made sure my bedroom was cool and calm, and actually got into bed withOUT my laptop and phone–I haven’t slept that well in AGES! It may not have been eight hours, but when I started my first call early this morning with Australia, I was rested and ‘on’! Thank you so much, Arianna and Marie–micro.steps, but I think I am on my way taking a little bit of my life back… Happy Day! Cynthia

  86. Thank you Marie & Arianna,

    I’ve been a constant gold medal level sleeper, it has been one of my super powers and things I do well in life. Recently, though, I had a high-stress period that involved many tragic events beyond my control. I realized that even my 7-8 hours was not enough which really surprised me. I needed more and was displaying sleep deprivation symptoms, even though I was sleeping 6-7 hours and eating well. I had to stop, (sleep more) and take care of myself in order to be able to take care of others. Last night I had 8 hours for the second time in two nights and feel so much better.

    We live in times that place extraordinary pressures on us and that places extraordinary demands on our biology. I’m grateful for this interview and the reminder for self-care, less screen time and more self-love, from two women who model it well.

    Love and gratitude,

  87. This episode came at the perfect time for me. In order to complete my Yoga course, B-School and get my new business out of the starting blocks, as well as take care of my daughter, my husband and do my day job, my day usually starts at 5am. However, I have I have been on holiday and took my foot of the accelerator. Some mornings I slept until 9am!! OMG! I was feeling guilty, lazy and unproductive for being seemly so decadent but now its seems obvious its exactly what I needed. Sleep. My body and my mind needed the sleep, the downtime and the time to chill out and reconnect with family and friends whilst away. Sleep is essential on so many levels for our health and energy and we do ourselves a disservice to neglect it. Thank you Marie and Arianna X

  88. I always feel like I never get enough sleep. It’s not that I don’t get enough sleep, but the fact that I don’t seem to truly relax to enjoy. It’s like I’m always on alert mode, even when I’m asleep. I love Ariana’s tips and will sure try to improve the quality of my sleep by turning off my devices and meditating before bed. Hopefully I can truly turn off and have some quality sleep 🙂

  89. 3 Words, in Italian – dopo pranzo riposo …

  90. Sleep is my medicine!
    I’m a busy blogger, mental health therapist and fibromyalgia warrior. Sleep is life or death for me because of my fibromyalgia pains. Adjusting my work and rest schedule helps me be more productive and show up for the people in my life who rely on me. I’m glad you’re part of the Sleep Revolution now!!

  91. Kendra Vowell

    I needed this gentle reminder as to how important sleep is to help make a better “me”. I add much more value to my personal and professional activities when I have had consecutive, good sleep nights. I will take advantage of the tips offered starting tonight. Thank you!

  92. Welile

    It’s very true sleep is very important to mind and body.
    At sometime back I used to be able to manage well my schedule and resting time,unfortunately it’s very hard for me currently because I walk shift and every time I work night shift fatigue kicks in because I only sleep 5 hours during the day.

  93. Carla Lazzari

    Amazing interview. So full of truth.
    But I need to say: I am the complete opposite. I have the problem of sleeping too much, and not because I need more hours of sleep. I lose 10-12h a day sleeping and than I wake up destroyed, sad and without any disposition.
    So far, I have found that it has to do with my digestive system (low lactose diet is miraculous to me, although I’m not lac intolerant, doctor says) and emotional issues (you know, parents – Freud already knew). So psychoanalysis and healthy diet/eating habits is working fine to me.
    I believe that insomnia has also a lot to do with digestive work. So I would add to what Arianna says: investigate how your body respond to food! Discover the foods and the habits that makes you feel better.
    If you know a good doctor that can help you, great. Doctors were useless to me in this matter. I had to try and discover things for myself.
    So don’t wait for answers if they are not coming. Go and try. Try, try and try until you find it.

  94. I have been committed to full and complete sleep for many years nevertheless I am still regularly put down by my partner for needing and wanting 8 hours of sleep regularly. Todays MarieTV has really solidified my resolve to be complete in my sleep. I know that I get great work done and I am happiest when I have slept fully. In order to do so, one particular practice has helped me HUGELY to go to sleep and stay asleep. I discovered on a trip to Mexico that the sound of crashing waves was particularly lulling and I had never felt so energized by sleep while on that trip. I came home and purchased a 10 minute Ocean Waves soundtrack called ” Bliss-Exceptional Nature Sounds for Relaxation Meditation and Deep Sleep by Nature Sounds” and it is so wonderfully fantastic–I put it on repeat and listen all night and in the morning when I awake, it is the perfect accompaniment to my wake up ritual too!

  95. Choir here! Yes and Yes. I learned the very hard way – as a 20 year insomniac – literally 2-3 hours a night of sleep during grad school – to PRIORITIZE SLEEP. I do everything Ariana teaches and I teach it to all my patients, too (I’m a psychologist and sex adn couples therapist).

    One thing to add? Orgasms are great for sleep. Really. And for love, connection, peace of mind, and heart opening. And that is with, or without, anyone else in the bed.

  96. VINNY

    I have to say that I sleep far better by myself without anyone next to me in the bed. So my partner and me have made the decision to sleep in different bedrooms. We are still intimate, but sex and sleep are two totally different things, and so for us the decision to sleep separately means that we both get a good night’s sleep. Which in turn means we are less ratty with each other and cope better with our individual lives and with each other. This is not conventional, but it works for us, as we both value the benefits of sleep.

  97. Gave a toastmaster speech on Sleeping so I realize how important it is. The best ritual I do concerning sleep is going to bed earlier and the same time each night. I’m most productive in the early morning hours so going to bed early and at a regular time helps me get up earlier!

  98. Stefanie

    I usually have no problem falling asleep but then wake up at 2 or 3am to pee and then start thinking too much and can’t get back to sleep.

    I definitely like the idea of taking a bath and really embracing a ritual before bed.

  99. Love this! It came at a perfect time too. I’ve been taking prescribed sleeping pills for years and have thought recently about trying to wean myself off of them but its a scary thought. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to sleep at night (and I love sleep!). I’m definitely ordering this book. Thanks so much!

    Seriously, I was so upset a few years ago I noticed i wasn’t sleeping as well as I used to… even doing all the sort of ritual you spoke of… then not much longer I my health was thrown “a curve football in the gut” The wonderful outcome of healing my immune system : I had to balance my hormones… aaaaaah Zzzzzzzzz has returned and with ease LIKE A TEENAGER!
    I LOOOOVe me some SLEEP.
    In fact, I want to take a nap now.
    Thanks for all you do Marie

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wow, such good digging and self-knowledge Mitzi! Glad you got to the bottom of it.

      • Me too Chelsea and enrolling in B School in 2015 was also a big part of my continued healing! Onward and upward XO

  101. Maggie

    Thank you so much for this. I have been struggling with sleep for many years. I can’t stand myself when I don’t get enough sleep either. 🙁 I’ve tried SO many different things but nothing has worked consistenly. I love all of the ideas, especially the sleep kit, what a great way to treat myself with the gift of sleep and as a result clarity, peace, energy,etc. *I commit immediately to reading books and giving thanks before I hit the pillow. I’m so excited to start working on that sleep kit! Thanks again.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay sleep kits! 🙂

  102. Hillary Drinkell

    I love this episode. Arianna says that sleep research is fairly new, but the ancient healing science of Ayurveda considers sleep to be as important as food for health and wellbeing (simply put). I love that science is now proving what has been know for thousands of years. So wonderful that such a prominent figure is speaking out about something that is such an influencer in our decision making – we need more people to have good quality sleep so that we can all be part of creating a peace-filled world. Thanks Marie for sharing such great with all of us. This is a must read book for me:-)

  103. Mariza

    Dear Marie,
    I feel soooo lucky to have stumbled upon one of your videos and discovered you.
    I just joined your newsletter a couple of days ago and already you are helping me so much shift my perspective and allow myself to believe in me and in my potential to live a happier and more fulfilling life.
    This video with Arianna….! So needed this! Sleep diprived most of my adult life I have to confess I used to believe sleep is for losers and lazy people. Not for productive oversee formers like myself….. I have kept on running on empty and pushing and pushing myself for more. I don’t want to do this no more. I am going to give this a real try. Going for the boundary tip of removing smart phone and devices out of the bedroom. Thanks Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Mariza, we’re delighted to welcome you on board as a new member of our Insider family! Thank you for being here 🙂

      And so glad you’re taking to heart these sleep tips from Arianna — it’s SO important.

  104. Sheryl Childs

    Thank you for this interview with Arianna. You two are fabulous!

  105. Sharon

    What an authentic delight Ariana Huffington was/is and so many great take-aways she gave during the interview. Love the sleep kit idea. Think I will start with a calming tea and meditation tonight.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So glad you feel that way too about Arianna. Happy tea sipping and meditating!

  106. Diana

    Sleep is my favorite thing. Sometimes, life gets in the way of it. Not the other way around, haha. Thankfully, I don’t need to work on this. Everything that everyone thinks they’re accomplishing is simply an attempt to get closer to “being.” Well, sleep is something that already exists that naturally improves our state of being without having to “invent” anything new.

  107. Charlene Quiram

    My husband and I stopped watching the news before bed… for obvious reasons;) I love the idea of counting off what you are grateful for as the last ritual of the night. Excellent advice that I’m going to try tonight!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Charlene!

  108. Wow. Extraordinary coincidence Marie.
    Problem: Work is so ‘crucial’ I have for years delayed hitting the pillow until 1 am (yes, that late). But the thing is, I HAVE to be awake at 7am for work, which means 6 hours sleep max. The result is often catching colds, not fully focused, stressed etc.
    But this month I have been dragging down the time I hit the pillow from 1am, to 12.30, then 12.00, then 11.50, then 11.30 now down to 11.00pm. That’s uber-early for me . The difference has been life changing. It’s like night and day. Problems and worries in life never go away, but my newly fresh, rested mind is giving me the blessed power to deal with almost any problem now.
    I feel alive, alert, almost stress free.
    Spread the word re sleep Marie . You speak the truth .

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Ah SO glad to hear that Jonathan! I love what you shared about having the blessed power to handle and deal with what’s coming your way. So true.

  109. Andy H

    First of all thank you for all YOU do – love the interviews, subjects, tie-ins and messages!

    I’ve averaged 4-5 hours per night for 25 years since I was 16 and have always felt refreshed and have never burnt out. I’d love to know for certain if I have the short sleeper genetic mutation – is there a way to find out if I do through a test of some sort? It’s always been at the back of my mind that perhaps I should get 7-8 hours sleep as we all know most people should. Strangely when I do get 8 hours for a few nights in a row I often feel more tired!

    In my teens and early 20’s I worked at a grocery store on weekends through College and University starting at 4am Saturday and 5am Sunday and would usually go out Friday and Saturday nights. Then in my mid 20’s and early 30’s I’d regularly go to bed at 5am ish then get up at 8.20am to go to work and would do it day after day. Now in my 40’s I’ve gone from around 4 per night to around 5 per night. I never take any drugs, supplements or equivalent and do not drink energy drinks. I have a couple of cups of tea per day and 1 coffee mid-morning.

    Would love to know for certain about the genetic mutation for peace of mind, thank you in advance for any helpful information.

    Andy H

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Andy, I think it really is all about listening to yourself and knowing what you need for your own well being, relationships, tiredness, work ethic, etc. It sounds like you’re paying attention and may just need less sleep than other people. You still might enjoy Arianna’s book, trying out some of her tips and observing what happens, and doing some research to see about whether or not you have the mutation!

      Thank you so much for your kind words too — we love knowing how much you love our work.

  110. Amy

    Over the past few years, I’ve taken my self-care regime to another level. And, I love to share that if I can only fit in one self-care activity (when my schedule is jammed full of work, life, etc.), then I go to bed. If nothing else, I can sleep and take care of this essential that helps me restore and rejuvenate my precious body temple!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen to that, Amy!

  111. Megan

    Sleeping has seemed not important for during a working week UNTIL I fall into a heap on Friday night! I’ve just had holidays and three weeks of blissful deep sleep and I’m determined to create healthy new boundaries that include this in my daily life!

  112. Thanks Marie for another great interview.
    Eating earlier and ramping down sooner before bed.
    Trying to avoid any negative conversation and only talk about
    plans that fun and exciting. Washing and showering can jazz up
    your blood pressure so those things should be done well before sleep too.
    Trying not to have dessert is a tough one sometimes but I’ll just have to suffer for it.



  113. Helen

    My sleep “patterns” are fairly pitiful, and more suited to a baby. I wake up almost every 2 hours on the clock to use the bathroom. 🙁 And in between that I am quite restless. (My fitbit HR tells me just how bad it is.) I always hear “take a bath before bed” but I don’t have a bathtub, only a shower. I would not be able to go to bed with wet hair but I have a shower cap. So tonight I may try taking a short shower before bed to see if that makes a difference. At this point I’ll try anything! Great video Marie and Arianna. Looking at possibly purchasing Arianna’s book.

  114. Janel

    You’re preaching to the choir! I used to think I needed 8 hours because that’s like the average, right? But if it is, then some folks ate doing less, and I found I needed more! Yep! Gimme 10 hours every night and I am a highly effective and happy big city gal! I mean I don’t always get that much but I know the true value of it, and plan my Zzz-time accordingly!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Fantastic, Janel!

  115. Charge my meditation ipod 🙂 Great guest. Love. Thanks Marie & Ariana for sharing

  116. LOVE, Love, love this!!

    I love my sleep.. and this just makes it better
    I also LOVE tip#2 , I started a gratitude journal which I write in at night about 2 months ago and it’s been life changing! There’s nothing better than going to bed with a grateful heart 🙂

  117. Since listening to Lewis Howes’ podcast, he has had multiple sleep experts on, including Arianna Huffington. Between that and Hilary Rushford’s Elegant Excellence course, I’m approaching my life and business in a way that goes completely against the normal American entrepreneur attitude of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Well, that attitude will get you there much faster. Thank you for sharing this Marie. It is such an important message that entrepreneurs need to hear. We will be more effective and reach more people when we are on our game….taking care of ourselves first so we can contribute to others.


  118. Arianna was spot on. I find in my work as a psychologist that lack of sleep is a huge problem for many of my clients – asking about their sleep patterns is always part of my initial conversation with clients, and what I have found is that people dealing with poor sleep patterns – or the effects of sleeping tablets – tend to have increased levels of stress and anxiety. For many people the thing that prevents sound sleep is being unable to ‘switch off’ their mind, so a ritual is key in preparing their mind and body for sound sleep. Whilst sleep is often seen as re-charging our system, the focus is often on the physical, but the mind is the powerhouse and needs as much, if not more attention.

  119. Marie, I cannot tell you how much I loved the interview with you and Arianna !! Sleep is so vital for our lives I use to take it so lightly and never take the time to give my body the sleep it needed. I thought it was so funny when you said ( we’ll sleep when we’re dead) that’s one of my husbands favorite sayings, I worry so much about him. I learned to take the time for myself when I got tired of being sick all the time. ? I was chronically ill for 13 years, I suffered 2 Heart Attacks, Blood Clots in the femoral arteries of my legs and COPD. I was on 31 Medications and food changed my life, I was able to change my life through food, meditation and my spirituality. You need to really know that you can change anything in your life , you are so right Marie everything is FIGUREOUTABLE!!!?

    • Lynda Evans -WOW! Thank you for sharing!

      Marie! First of all, SO glad you had such a phenomenal trip! It’s amazing to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul!
      I am thrilled that you have addressed the subject of sleep. It is overlooked far too often and in these days of so much media to make our way through daily, it can be a sleep deterrent. I have followed Arianna for over a year now and being older, I find it is truly time to sleep and enjoy it and God forbid….NOT feel guilty about it!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wow, that’s amazing Debbie. Good for you for sticking with it and allowing the full change to take place. I agree, it’s the perfect story to go with Marie’s message that “Everything is figureoutable.”XO

  120. The Art of Sleeping should be a course taught to each of us from birth…imagine if students by their SAT test were actually trained to sleep peacefully, instead of pushed my parents and peers to pull all noghters! The scores would skyrocket and the individual could relax into college with excitement.

    For myself, I’m finally turning off the laptop an hour before I go to bed…and now will be turning off my phone, so as not to be checking it when I do wake in the middle if the night.

  121. Marie and Ms. Huffington are two formidable ladies! This interview was a pleasure to watch and enlightening.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much 🙂

  122. Omg – she nailed me. So guilty. O.O

    Always tired. Never sleeping. And proud of it! I’m an idiot!

    Beddy bye time will now be a much looked forward to part of my day rather than something I desperately put off until the wee hours of the morning.

  123. I found out hard way how crucial sleep is. I always sacrificed my sleep time to accommodate family life, & work. However now i need to learn to say no to somethings in life. It was great advice in this video regarding having sleep rituals. Thank you

  124. Oliver

    I am in a transitionary stage of my life where I am learning to be more disciplined and trying to tackle more responsibility. Since I am training my mind to respond to more stress and endure more creative and strategic thinking until recently I was pushing the barrier of enduring little to no sleep. Then I went to a physical more recently and my blood pressure was high. It was also high when taken at the dentist. It was high during an annual check-up with the military reserves. I saw a trend and decided to accept reality and realize I had maximized my marginal utility value from enduring little to no sleep. In fact, I may have stopped deriving benefits from it two months earlier and was in denial. To adjust to this realization I adjusted my relationship with sleeping by sleeping more and in turn maximizing my productivity when awake. This meant being more organized, focused and not allowing myself to lull into non-activity while awake thereby increasing time for sleep.

    To get into the mood of sleep I experiemented with sleeping on the ground and being closer to the earth’s gravitational pull. It helped for a little while. Recently I shifted to experimenting with listening to meditaitive music posted on YouTube espousing the need to open one’s third eye as I lie down to sleep.

  125. I set the alarm on my phone at 930pm from sunday to friday to remind me that is time to shut down, close whatever I am doing. And start to shut down myself.

  126. Barb

    Just finished Arianna’s book and found it so insightful, especially with the sleep medications.
    I plan on creating a sleep kit and have valued a sleep ritual but unfortunately still haven’t not achieved getting a restful 7 hour sleep, I know it’s coming though.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, Barb! It’s absolutely possible, and we’re excited for you to keep unpacking it and trying things until it’s a reality.

  127. Barb

    Just finished the book and found it so fascinating. So glad we are finally acknowledging that sleep is not a sign of weakness but one of self-care and strength.
    The pharmaceutical companies and the advertising of the medications and the side effects is just amazing and how we are being manipulated.
    I love the idea of a sleep kit and look forward to having a good nights sleep.

  128. Lexie

    About 5-6 years ago my health went down the drain. I was completely exhausted, my thyroid went out of whack and because of that other organs started giving up functioning. It was a matter of life and death, and after a number of various ‘organ’ specialists offered surgeries, you know, for some reason they don’t work together and don’t see that it’s one me and one body, I went for holistic medicine.
    The 1st thing I had to change was – my sleep time!
    Working 16-19-hour days and almost no weekends for decades and being a devoted night owl, I finally was willing to reconsider how much I really wanna be a night owl. Since the other option was death, I started listening.
    Today, I’m a devoted early bird! Get up at 5 am and jump straight to work, full of energy and clear-minded. I go to bed early, 9-10 pm, and if I feel sleepy at 7 pm, I’ll go to bed.
    No surgeries were required, I don’t take any prescription drugs, my system is rebuilding itself (still not 100%) but waaaaaay better.
    So yeah, that was a major revelation (unfortunately, it had to get that bad before I’d listen).
    So girls, go to bed!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wow, Lexie — good for you!!

  129. Marie thank you, it is the most important part of our 24 hours that God gives us each day. Arianna’s book is amazing, we all need the sleep kit and our very own ritual, here is to peace and happiness. love you

  130. I have to say that I have rarely been able to sacrifice sleep! My body doesn’t allow me to miss my bedtime (10pm or earlier). And I am not ashamed to say that I sleep 10 hours a night regularly! It’s one of the things I know makes a positive impact on my life every single day!

    <3 Sara

  131. I find sleep to be incredibly productive. When I have decisions to make or something that I need guidance about. I write down my question before I go to sleep and then I listen for the answer. I find that my conscious mind does not run interference and I can hear my inner wisdom’s guidance clearly. I’ve been doing this for decades and it’s never failed me!

    • That’s pretty cool! I might try that tonight!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that Larue!

  132. My plans are to have a sleep routine, stick with a sleep time so I can get at least 7 hours in, and make a sleep KIT. I’m thinkibg sleepy time tea, ear plugs, classical music (my fav) and meditation music on deck, and my comfy throw. Sleep here I come. Literally, I’m off to bed now people. Lol!

  133. So…I watched this video and am commenting at 10:49pm…in bed. Oops! Tonight I am putting the phone down and switching to a paper book. Tomorrow night and beyond I pledge to stop the “bedtime scroll session” and cut off all screen time at least 15 minutes before turning in. I’m excited to learn more about sleep science from Arianna’s latest–thanks for all the valuable info and inspiration Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Ha! Sounds like a great plan, Christina.

  134. My relationship with sleep certainly isn’t the best… though it could be worse!

    On average, I get roughly 5-6.5 hours of sleep each night. However, I do manage to squeeze in 7 hours on a good day. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time that I’ve gotten a solid 8??? Uh-oh!

    I’ve known for a long while that this is not healthy, and that I do need to take better care of my body. However, I find it hard to do so when working a full-time job, helping out around the house, and trying to build my own business. On top of that, life has been throwing so many curve-balls at me lately, that my life has been thrown all sorts out of whack. Ugh! So much to do, so little time!

    Arianna’s and your video have helped open my eyes to the fact that sleep is not in fact something that is optional, but necessary.

    As a woman in my early 20’s who has the aches and pains of some who are many years my senior, I know that I need to make sleep a priority in my life (and in turn, make the lives of those around me a bit less stressful!). This video has inspired me to take action on getting better sleep for a better life. So, as always… thank you!

    Let operation “Unplug” commence!

  135. Marion Singleton

    Great show! Thanks Marie and Arianna for bringing the truth of the need for sleep to the world!
    I personally gain weight when I forego the 8 hrs of sleep I need nightly. Getting back on track means unplugging and deep breathing which sends me to nighty night!

  136. If I’m being honest, I have always made my sleep a priority! I feel sleep deprivation quite easily, so I always make sure I get 7-8 hours. A couple of weeks ago, my colleague who is a Naturopath told me to make sure I put my phone on airplane mode before I go to bed.

    It was something I had never thought would effect my sleep, but I went home that night and got my husband on board. When we jump into bed, we switch our phones onto airplane mode (the alarm still works) and I can say the quality of my sleep over the past two weeks has been incredible! Much less “noise” in my dreams and my mind feels calmer, so I wake up a lot more easily. It’s incredible! My husband has noticed a difference too.

    Another added benefit of switching my phone to airplane mode has been that I’m less inclined to jump on and scroll through social media or emails before bed. It’s been a game-changer and will definitely be recommending it to all my clients moving forward!

  137. This was such a powerful reminder and eye opener, thank you.
    Despite running my own business and there is a seemingly endless amount of work, I find when I am on my own at night I do very well with the sleep rituals, I love them and it’s a joy to do them. However, my challenge is that I am rarely on my own living with my boyfriend of 9 years. He works very long hours too and then will watch TV until he is overtired because he is addicted for whatever reason, and I like to sit with him as it’s the only time we spend “together” or I’ll work on the computer until he’s ready for bed because it feels strange to go to bed before him and also because there is no peace in the house with the TV on. I never get enough sleep this way and I struggle every day because of it. This is messed up for many reasons, and while I’ve tried for years to stop his addiction to TV, I’m realising now I need to just do what is right for me. So that will mean setting a bed time that works for me, removing myself from his side or the computer, going into the bedroom and closing the door to read, sip tea, reflect, be grateful, burn lavender oil, meditate by candle light, and all the wonderful things that sleeps rituals can include.
    Thank you so much for the motivation to actually do this! I’m feeling more excited about life already just thinking about this! xxoo

  138. Paula

    Sleep is enormously important – I agree with that a 100%! Especially in these hectic times. I suppose that getting the right amount of sleep (though sometimes it was really hard to fall asleep) helped me not to get depressed over the last two years when I have been struggling with incessant career issues and a longer period of unemployment. This has been really a challenging period for me, but I see the light at the end of the dark tunnel now!
    However, no matter what is going on in my life and how hard it is, right before every night of sleep I sum up at least 5 things I am grateful for and also try to organize all the things I am wishing to do next day (even if these are so trivial and would be of no importance for anybody else). Doing so, I feel relaxed that I am doing well no matter what and also that I have a plan, which gives me a reason to wake up and get going. I feel at ease and relaxed and then I can easily fall asleep for circa 9 hours (my privilege, I know, as I don’t have kids yet). These 9 hours give me fuel for the next day – no matter what happens! I cannot tell how much this helps, I just recommend that anyone who is going through a harsh period try it with no regrets! Sleep helps every time 🙂
    Thanks Marie for another great episode – you are my rock star!

  139. I can so relate to Ariana, I’m not a nice person when I’m sleep deprived and there’s no way to escape myself! Solution go to bed earlier. I also keep hearing about screen downtime, I think it’s time to implement this. And finally… I think there’s something quite therapeutic about real books, time to revert back to the real thing?

    Thanks Marie and Ariana for a very timely message.

  140. For me, sleep is the difference between a productive day where I’m creative and a day spent sprawled on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I literally cannot function without 8 hours of sleep.

    Luckily, I go to bed early and fall asleep quickly. As I get older though, I’m finding it harder to STAY asleep. I’ve started using ear plugs and a nice silk sleep mask and that’s basically solved everything.

    I’m also a big fan of the nap. If I’m feeling cranky or slow, nothing fixes me right up more than a 30 minute nap. There’s a bunch of awesome brain wave meditation music on YouTube that puts me into this crazy trance. Highly recommend those. Once I do that for a bit in the afternoon I can usually plow through a few more hours of highly productive work.

  141. Miriam

    Ciao Marie! I know exactly what you’re talking about because I am Sicilian and I can totally say that here in Sicily we take sleep very seriously, and people from other countries (countries where life is “faster”) constantly make fun of us because they say we’re lazy…but you know what? Apparently we’ve always been right!
    P.s. I would have loved to meet you by the way!

  142. Sleep is actually one of my top values and I hold it almost as dearly as my morning cup of coffee. I know when I compromise my sleep I am not at my best the next day and I refuse to not show up with everything I have, because I want to be the best for my clients and everyone else that I will run into that day. I can show up at my best with just 7 great hours of sleep but I try for 8… granted I don’t have kids yet and that will change, but so will my role in life! <3

  143. Paola Testoni

    Mamma mia Marie……you look sooo much more relaxed and motherly, welcoming… you are taking the time to finally breathe….I’m sooo happy for you, also a little biased there being Italian…that you took that trip to Sicily…..:)) It altered your entire physionomy, your traits, even your hair, all about you is so much more imbued with a more humane, not perfect high pumps hype hairstyle and fashions but a more relaxed presence…. Do not misunderstand me I love your other hype Marie ways, in fact I think you impersonated that hype role in the most incredibly nice and kind way ever possible, and I thank you so much for all you share and the debate your are contributing to raise about what really counts in life, but I must say, that as much as I loved watching your news, you also transmitted quite some anxiety to me at least, with your wonderful hype. I am a slow beat but warm hearted woman so I really appreciate the shift, and I am sure it will bear beautiful fruits for you and your family and community here. So to slow living because life thrives thanks to mother nature’s timeless wise rhythms!
    Ti abbraccio, a big hug,

  144. I don’t have trouble falling asleep because I get very exhausted throughout the day and basically pass out within a minute, but I realize that I should be getting more sleep in general. I loved what Arianna said about not regretting giving up certain things that she wants to do, but won’t do because otherwise she will need to sacrifice her sleep. I need to be refusing more things and getting more sleep instead.

  145. Simona

    Thanks so much for this! Yes, the world needs to take this seriously. I’ve suffered disastrously because of too little sleep probably since I too succumbed to the lure of keeping sleep really low on my priority list. But I learned the hard way that without adequate, deep, restful sleep, I am unable to function at my best or be calm when a crisis arises, or even be nice. And I now know all three are important. My ex-colleagues mocked me gently about my strict sleep diet with jokes about how I need to be in bed by 10:45 pm latest. And even more so when I would squeal with joy about touching the 8 hour mark more than once in a month. But I didn’t care then or now, especially since I struggle with being both a late night owl and an early bird, so I have to be careful not to burn the candle at both ends.
    It helps to follow rituals so I unwind my busy mind before sleeping and I have a morning ritual of journalling and lighting an essentil oil candle while sipping on tea, to ease me into my day.
    I know though, that I am truly blest to be able to fall asleep within seconds of laying my head on a pillow. The only exceptions are being unable to sleep on long haul airplane rides, when I’m sharing a bed/room and if it’s even a little bit noisy. So I ensure that I make up for it in these situations, with a backup plan.
    Another amazing secret I’ve discovered, a short mid-day nap can do wonders if you’re lucky enough to take one. This is especially important for folks like me, who start their day super early.

  146. Three days ago I was driving with my son to visit friends, it was a 5 hour journey and I began to get drowsy. I found a side country road and pulled over, put the seat back and snoozed for less than 15 mins. It totally did the trick and I was recharged for the rest of the drive. I felt grateful to myself for making such a good choice, to be safe for me, my family and others on the road! Thanks Marie and Arianna, for always supporting us to be the best-version-of-ourselves! Krista Duarte

  147. I became a teen mom when I was 15, but stayed busy as a student, student leader, employee, and a mom from high school through getting my MBA and throughout my career. My practice has always been to go to sleep when I get sleepy. Simple. I knew that I would no longer be effective once I was sleepy. I put away whatever I was studying, shut down my computer, or stopped writing and went to sleep! Got back on it the next day well rested.

  148. Stefanie

    I agree with all of this, although I notice that those that jump on the sleep train are super successful entrepreneurs who have endured a decade or more of sleep loss to become mega-successful. My question is, can you become your best and outperform your competition without sacrificing even a little sleep? Both Marie and Arianna admit to stretching themselves thin in an effort to becoming the success stories they are today. Now they can focus on sleep, because they’ve already found success.

  149. Thank you Marie & Arianna:
    Here’s a tip for others out there who can’t quit having the phone by the bed. Mine is always charging there throughout the night. It’s my clock, my flashlight and my communication safety net since we don’t have a landline. Recently, I’ve been putting my phone on airplane mode before going to sleep, so when I do wake up and need my phone for a time-check or a flashlight to check on my sleeping kiddos, I don’t get bombarded with notifications from anywhere. Not till morning when I’m good and ready for the day do I switch the setting back and the notifications come barreling through. It helps. It keeps things “quiet” at night. It’s a start.
    Hope this helps even just one other person.
    Peace, love and zzzzs,

  150. Jenn

    I used to have bad insomnia where I would lie in bed half the night thinking about anything and everything. My brain would not stop! It was so frustrating that I learned to read Braille so I would have something to do with the lights out.

    I now have a sleep ritual that helps me quickly shut off my brain and fall asleep no matter how much other stuff is going on in my life. I know people say not to use screens, but I find reading (anything other than textbooks) to keep me up and thinking for hours. So I now listen to an audio Bible (my “meditation” track) and play Sudoku on my phone (trying to limit light as much as possible). This relaxes my brain by letting it focus on something simple but challenging enough that it quickly gets tired. And just like that I fall asleep.

  151. Valerie

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have a 6 month baby girl and have been struggling with sleep since i became pregnant. This really motivated me and made me think of different ways of getting to sleep. My main concern is getting up every 3 hours for my baby and the trying to get back to sleep in time before she wakes again. I def want to get the book so i can learn more about sleep and better techniques to falling back asleep. I am very impressed with how big pharma was exposed to show that they are a major problem with sleep today.
    Again thank you so much, this video came to me right in time 🙂

  152. I totally know how much it affects my performance when I don’t get enough sleep and often warn my husband/business partner when he wants to have those late night business talks after a few glasses of wine! hahaha

    I used to work for a downright evil woman that bragged constantly about how little sleep she got the night before and how early she got to the office and it lent her a lot of time to snoop through the office to make notes about how she could drum up problems to make her agenda reality. I wouldn’t want to live like that and think that if she would have just slept, she would have been much happier!

  153. Teresa Trunzo

    Marie as always your topics are spot on and relevant. I am always pleased with your choice of guests and the way that they share there personal experiences with us. This enables us to feel the oneness we all share and how we all have the ability to make a difference in other peoples lives, regardless of who we are and what we do. I actively practice Yoga Nidra which is a sleep based guided meditation. This practice has changed my life and enhanced all that I do and feel. I wish that everyone regarded daily meditation like they do there daily cup of coffee. The importance of sleep is paramount to health and wellness and I hope this episode opens the inner dialogue for each and every one of us to say I am worth it! I am important. I’m going to start today.
    Thank you,

  154. One of the gifts I give myself is sufficient sleep. I spent most of my adult life sleep deprived, and need 8-9 hours of sleep. I rarely set an alarm and allow myself time (15-20 minutes to wake up), instead of jumping out of bed. I wear a mask if I need to and have taken my clock radio out out of my room, as I was looking at it all night long. And sometimes…I even take naps;)
    I love my body and believe that this is a gift I give myself everyday. I am a much nicer and happier person when I get enough sleep. As a 58 year old women, I know now that sleep is important for our health and wellness.

  155. John

    Sleep rocks ??
    Especially late afternoon power naps especially when it’s a deep state – ?
    Look forward to reading the sleep revolution


  156. Evita Nicole

    I loved the entire interview almost as much as I love sleep! My biggest takeaways (or in your words “micro steps”) were her last tips to kick start this sleep revolution. Especially the one where she discusses establishing a transition from our waking-life to our time or rest/recharge. It constantly amazes me how with everything I read, the recurring theme of treating ourselves or reverting back to how we were as children. In complete harmony and in tune with ourselves. Living life as we naturally feel it and falling asleep even during a large and loud family gathering! Let’s all revert back to our natural state and if we feel like napping in the middle of the day so be it! Speaking of naps, I am curious of her perspective on their benefits, if any, or if it’s a sign of sleep deprivation from the night before? Thank you for this piece.

  157. Fifi

    In the past few months I’ve watched myself disintegrate day by day. my performance at work is getting poorer (even if no one notices), I can’t remember names, dates, to dos. Even my performance with extracurricular activities is at an all time low. I feel really stressed out and I know sleep has a lot to do with it. I can’t even think straight about the strategies I need to get my act together. I just know there’s a dark cloud covering my creativity, my personality and my thought process. I will try to break the cycle. Something’s gotta give.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Take care of yourself, Fifi, and yes start with sleep and some of this sage advice from Arianna. Sending you loads of love and support from us. XO

  158. SO GREAT Marie! It’s the simple things: eating when I’m hungry, getting a good, full nights sleep (when I sleep at least 4-6 hours in a row I notice a HUGE difference in how I feel in the morning vs. when I wake up every few hours to use the bathroom, etc.), going to the bathroom when I need to, and resting when I need to that get me the most results, oh, and leaving 5 minutes earlier than normal to get to a gig or event!

    It’s priceless, the little things!

    Thanks for highlighting this and for your transparency!

    Love, Sarah Haykel from Buffalo, NY with the Hawaii phone number 🙂

  159. Mel

    Ya’ll I slept in today guilt free! I needed a catch up and a reminder of how important my sleep is. Thanks again Marie for your timely advice!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay Mel!! Good for you 🙂

  160. Some tips:
    To be successful in business, follow the French way (wonder why French people are so productive despite their 6 weeks and plus of vacations?):
    – take vacations
    – enjoy life (food, drinks, laughs…) with family and friends
    – get a rest when you are tired (including sleep)
    + some additional tips from Marie’s previous advices:
    – physical activity, even walking in a park, cleans your brain and balances your mental energy
    – meditation: I started to save 20min every morning, for meditation; reduces stress and helps you to be focused on your tasks. It’s an amazing and enjoyable tool to manage to just “relax” your brain for a couple of minutes.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great tips, Eric!

  161. Thank you very much for presenting this so interesting interview and this important theme. Enough and constant sleep are so important for health, for Body and Soul, and for children is enough sleep also so eminently important. Really great blog!
    Kind regards from Austria, Kathi

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kathi!

  162. I reached one of my main goals and bought my house last year. All of a sudden I started having no problem sleeping. I traced it to the fact I finally felt secure, I had a nest.

  163. I miss sleep. Nothing drove home the importance of sleep for me more than having two kids in three years. Can’t wait until the kids are both sleeping through the night at the same time! Until then, naps whenever possible.

  164. Simone

    Sleep depravation nearly killed me. I woke up on the other side of the road to on coming traffic. I watched Arianna Huffingtons TED talk and it reaffirmed what I thought about sleep. I used to get compliments on going on only a few hours. Insane!!
    I also blame weight gain on sleep deprivation. I lose weight when I’m away on holidays because I get the sleep I need.
    The best drug out there is s good nights sleep…every night.
    Fantastic interview, thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh gosh, that’s scary. We’re so glad you’re okay, Simone! Drowsy driving is a scary thing, and it’s crazy to think that we spend so much time praising lack of sleep in our society. Thank you so much for watching and commenting!

  165. Such an advocate for a good nights’ sleep! Love seeing this, and picked up a couple things to try. The big question I’m going to ask is what my inner child would like to end the night with… I feel like that will be a good way to figure out a bedtime routine that winds me down best. Bedtime stories seem like a good thing to bring back. Hard copy books FTW! 😉

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What an awesome technique, Mikael! I love the idea of asking what your inner child would like to end the night with. Thanks so much for sharing!

  166. Maria

    So good to be reminded..
    Chinese medicine has always known the importance of sleep..there are particular times in the night where particular organs rest or cleanse or regenerate.
    Thank you..last night and hopefully every night to follow..i turned off my phone ..which im about to do now an hour before bed ..and took a great book to bed ??

  167. Leila

    Schedule it!! My sleep routine, that is.

  168. Meegan Ward

    Thank you, thank you, thank you MF & AH!
    I am the entrepreneur (on top of being a mother and wife) that most here are referring to, so much never ending work to be done chasing the ideas, passion, relationships and collaborations, there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done.
    My awakening happened about 18mtys ago though, after burning the candle at both ends, when one day I just collapsed and was bed ridden for 5 days from exhaustion.
    I follow another amazing Entrepreneur, Robin Sharma, and decided to follow his advice and join the 5am club. I have never looked back, I rise early, salute the sun and complete my hour of power. This early rising almost forces me to go to bed earlier because I’m tired earlier from having so much daylight exposure, not to mention getting my vitamin D fix. I now retire with approx 9hrs sleep per night and am the most productive and happy I’ve ever been!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Meegan! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, and it’s wonderful that you’re the happiest you’ve ever been. xoxo

  169. I was definitely from the ‘sleep when you’re dead’ school so after years of working long hours on the trading floor on limited sleep I burnt out and had no option but to make changes in my life – so learnt healthier eating habits, got into transcendental meditation, yoga, holidays you name it I looked into everything so I thought.
    It wasn’t until I saw Arianna’s TED talk that a switch flipped in my mind regarding sleep. I had made all these changes but I was still a lousy sleeper.
    Just being purposeful when it comes to sleep has made a big difference mentally.
    I like to do a wee meditation before I get into bed and I find that puts me in a restful state. I love candles, very soothing. I go through a gratitude list.
    The biggie is I have learnt to sleep with my phone turned off or to just leave it out of the bedroom (really hard to do when you manage a global team but I’m doing it).
    My sleep has improved in that I feel rested but it is still only for 5-6 hours per night so I think of myself as a work in progress.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I’m definitely a sleep “work in progress” myself, Reena — I so hear you! It sounds like you’re taking some great steps forward, and we’re sending best wishes for happy zz’s!

  170. Jasmine Lewis

    I recently stayed in a Residence Inn in Norfolk, VA and when I got my room key, I noticed that it said “Thrive” on it, which reminded me of Arianna Huffington’s book. And then, on my pillow, I find a little card with her picture on it and some tips on how to get a good night’s rest. Since then, I’ve been making an effort to sleep in darkness. Now I just have to stop checking my messages right before I go to sleep.

  171. Really great post. Now i learn new things in the social media opportunity to growing business. Thanks for this article.

  172. I always tought that sleep was my number one priority. Si Arianna’s book is the tool I’m going to use to help my clients with a sleep problem. I cannot understand the people that think that sleep is a waist of time 0_0!
    I love the idea of a sleep kit. Great give a way.

    Tonight I will have a Lavender spray added to my ritual.


  173. Dallas Polite

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing, I know sooo many individuals that have trouble sleeping, gratefully I know that I do not function well without sleep! My two school aged kiddos helped me to realize that! I also realized they don’t function well either without good sleep on a regular basis. During the school year we are on a schedule like clock work with few exceptions in between. I will definitely share this video! 🙂


  174. Sleep is vital for our health! I learned many years ago when I started teaching at the age of 30 that I could not stay up late reading and do a good job the next day. As a favor to my students, and myself, I started getting my shut eye and now at 56, I’m glad I do! I currently am a certified health coach and I always include “sleep nutrition” as a part of my regimen with clients. Thanks Marie and Ariana for a great one!

  175. Pamela

    I like the idea of the last thought of the day being appreciation.
    Tonight I will bath before b ed. And use my precious essential oils

  176. Claire

    Re the sleep ritual: Epson Salts…it is available in lavender scent.
    Re “ screens in the bedroom.” I started that practice about 9 years ago. There is no television set on the dresser. Want to see a show? The news? Watch it in the den or livingroom, then shut it off and GO TO BED. Even the alarm clock is a good ole fashioned wind up. No electronics, and kept dark. Nothing stored under the bed. This room is for the “R” words: rest/relaxation/restoration/rejuvenation/romance. There is a sign on the bedroom door that reads: “You are entering a stress free zone.”
    Re: a sound sleep: for the past 5 years I have been sleeping on a “grounding sheet”.

  177. Loved this! I have teenagers and I often hear their friends “bragging” about how little sleep they got. I was always been disciplined in this areas as I learned early on how it affected me negatively when not getting enough. Fortunately my boys have adopted that as well and they are pretty regimented in their sleep (for now at least!). I wish more and more people were aware of the many problems associated with not getting enough sleep. Needless to say I’m buying the book for a few of them!

  178. Personally in the year that I began down the entrepreneurial path to creating Legacy Leap, I can admit that my average sleep per day has to have gone from maybe 6 hours a day to 4.5.

    When you’re first starting and you have that hunger and a million and one ideas running through you head, you have to grind. Extra sleep is a luxury at that point. Whether that be as an entrepreneur or someone working a 9-5… you put the 16 hour work days because you have to. But after established my site and building it to where it is now (which I’m quite proud of), I’m probably back up to 6.

  179. Rosanne Feneley

    I’ve listened to this interview, on sleep, whilst I’m insomniac.

    Thank you for the interview – I’ll read Arianna’s book & try to put an end to this phase of insomnia, consequent to reliving past trauma.

  180. Diana

    I would like to sleep better. I know I am really sleep deprived.
    My son has had mental health problems on two occassions and I have been forced to stay up until 3am for 5 months! This has really affected my sleep pattern!
    My father died 3 months ago and my mother is selling the family home and leaving to go and live with my sister interstate. So I feel really sad and you just can’t change that, it is a process you have to go through and sleep is just not happening for me at present, even with natural sleep aids.
    I think sleep deprivation due to overworking, is different from sleep deprivation due to grief.
    I will try to create more of a sleeping ritual for myself and turn off my computer an hour or two before I go to sleep as I have tried telling myself all the negative things that will happen to my body if I stay sleep deprived and that doesn’t work either.

  181. Sooooo, first off, I adore you!! I’m currently going through B-School which I’m obsessed with & which has taken me a bazillion years longer than I thought it would because of all the little rabbit holes I find myself falling into & exploring with reckless abandon! Tonight, while sick in bed, I caught up on your emails & episodes & watched your most recent Tony Robbins interview (the first one literally changed my life & was the FIRST one I watched during B-school MONTHS ago & what began the rabbit hole exploration!) & again it transformed me in a way I cannot adequately express.
    After that, I was able to watch this interview. I now love you AND Arianna Huffington. I’ve never left a comment before, but couldn’t resist after seeing the homepage of Netflix just seconds after I’d finished this (to watch the rest of “I’m Not Your Guru”) & there is a new show called: “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” – seriously. (I wanted to paste a screen shot!) I really hope you’ll read this & give a little giggle at the ridiculous irony! Thanks for taking the ick out of my sick & for being my little bit of sunshine today. xo Tricia

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Tricia, we SO understand the rabbit holes. You should feel proud of how you’re sticking with it, taking action, and allowing your heart to explore at whatever pace. The content is yours for the keeping. 🙂

      We love having you as a B-Schooler, love that this is your first comment, and love that we got to spend a sick day with you. Hope you feel better! xoxo

  182. Gina

    I started making sleep a priority approximately four months ago. And here is how I how I know, for me personally, I have to have 7-7 1/2 hours of sleep. A month ago, my daughter had a, for brevity, a health crisis and I traveled to stay with her a few days. Three days in a hospital, plus very short nights and lack of sleep showed two days after returning home. I spent two weeks sick with a sinus infection and bronchitis and nearly two weeks just “getting over” the congestion and coughing.

    Looking back at the times I have gotten sick over the years? It is the same recipe: Stress (studying for finals, job,etc) plus lack of sleep can pretty much guarantee I will get sick. I realize now, I should have set a boundary about returning to the hotel for a nap at least. P.S. I did not get any gold stars and, since I had taken time off work already, I couldn’t take time off to recover from my illness. 🙁

  183. Steven

    I found this episode super helpful! I personally love the second tip advised by Arianna that giving the closing scene of the day to what you are grateful. It really works for me.
    Now I can more easily fall asleep with less worries and stress.

    No doubt, sleep is essential to our health which is the foundation of the success.

  184. I simply can’t not sleep. Lol I’ve never been able to trim corners around my sleep! I need 7 hours minimum, I schedule 8, and if I can get 9, I’ll be in my best form!

    Thanks for this conversation. Reminds me to ask my coaching clients about their sleep patterns too!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Christine!

  185. Becki Whittington

    I wish the medical educational society would pay attention to the lack of sleep. My daughter is in her third year of her residency and she has 30 hour shifts! I worry about her driving home. And who really wants a doctor who has been up that long?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen to that — couldn’t agree more Becki. Any shift longer than 8 hours really seems crazy for a job that’s so important like that and so taxing!

  186. Renel

    I’m inspired by both of you, but especially inspired tonight to shut down my electronics (screens) 1/2 before bed time. I’m starting right now, as soon as I post this comment! :>)

  187. This is fantastic! I have to mention what saved me….speaking about the new information available to us regarding brain health these days, I started taking a high-quality magnesium supplement AND krill oil before going to bed. This was at the suggestion of Dave Asprey (Bulletproof) and how to get better sleep naturally. I was suffering from severe insomnia for about a year after having my daughter and it literally stopped once I began this regimen. It’s worth looking into for yourself, along with the suggestions in the video. There are ways around medications!!!

  188. Valerie

    I could absolutely cry at the thought of getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed. I realize after listening to this interview that I have been sabotaging myself. Changes I will make: 1. Buy and read the book; 2. Get my Nook with Sudoku games out of my bedroom. I had been playing Sudoku till I turn out the light and then, when I can’t get to sleep- I just reach for the Nook and play some more; 3. Get and use an eye mask- there is just too much light in my bedroom- (smoke detector, alarm clock, the moonlight coming in through sheer curtains, etc.); 4. a grateful end to the day- ending the day on a positive note. I love the transition idea and the bath ritual sounds great, but I have a stall shower. Would a warm shower in a candle lit room with lavender scented shower gel/body lotion work as well? I’m going to try. Thank you so much for your so important insights and information. I feel very hopeful.

  189. I have trouble sleeping in a strange beds! I’m going on tour with my band in March 2017 so this is a great episode for me. I think for me it’s recognising that I need more sleep than most but also not being afraid to say this is what I need to do in order to get to sleep properly. So when I’m on tour, making sure that I’m in bed early enough, that I have my own space if possible, but if not, ear plugs at the ready. Counting and breathing exercises I find help, but I’m definitely going to sort out a dedicated iPod for sleep. yay – thank you so much Marie and Arianna. Infinite gratitude for you. x

  190. Thank you so much Marie and Arianna, for this extremely helpful video. I’ve had sleep issues for quite a while and have been worried about what I should do about it. I’ve been shutting my electronics off about an hour before I sleep for a while, and it has helped. Now I’m going to get a silky eye mask and start ending my day with gratitude, I love that idea. I also love the idea of a sleep kit – I travel a lot and have a difficult time falling asleep on airplanes or in hotels and I think this will really help. Thank you for giving me hope!

  191. Hello,
    it’s been a while ago since I watched your video. The situation when I watched it, was quite hilarious.
    It was a daily struggle for me getting to bed early, even though I felt that I needed to do that. It was on such a night, I went to bed far too late [again] and nevertheless still scrolling down on Facebook… that was THE moment.
    I watched your episode, it couldn’t be on a better moment …
    That was the beginning of change! Apparently I had misunderstood the whole concept of sleep, my entire life!

    Just now I wrote a blog about sleep, and how my life has changed ever since. I also created a link in it, to this page. Maybe others can relate to your story.
    But I also want to thank you both for your inspiration. I’m a creative entrepreneur from Holland. Excuse me when the sentences aren’t completely correct .


  192. The post is so great, now I know the importance of the sleep. Luckily, I sleep very well every night so I am not worried at all. Thanks!

  193. I totally agree with you, Marie. Over the years I have worked hard. Now, the time I have to pay attention to health to balance life and happiness. Thank you for sharing. Oh, the book “The Sleep Revolution,” it’s great, I have to read it.

    Thank you so much.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re wishing you so much health, rest and happiness Julie! You deserve it 🙂 XOXO

      • I wish the best to come you, i always look forward to your latest post.

  194. Tara

    This episode reminded me of great advice I’ve heard in the past but seem to have forgotten about lately. Last night I left my phone in the den, ran a bath with lavender, read a magazine and had the first 8 hours of solid sleep in weeks. I will be reinstating this as a nightly ritual, thanks Ariana and Marie!

  195. I, of course, absolutely love this episode and Arianna’s book!
    This truly backs my work up at The Sleep Nanny and I just wish more people, especially mums, would listen up xx

  196. I knew about the no devices before bed and not in bed. But I hadn’t thought about treating myself as I would little kids who need their bedtime ritual. Thanks for that!

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