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Holy pumpkins, time flies. When I checked the calendar, it was hard to believe that we’re in our fifth year of writing and producing MarieTV. That’s 256 episodes and counting!

Throughout this experience, I’ve learned some hard-won lessons that I wanted to pass along to you.

Just because something’s an “opportunity” doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you. Click To Tweet

It’s a little peek behind the curtain of our show and the philosophies that drive our decisions, behavior and ultimately, the work we share with you week after week.

I know you’ve got something beautiful in you, that’s just waiting to come to life.

Whether it’s a book, a recipe, a painting, a new career or even your own show, my hope is that these lessons will fuel you ahead on your creative adventure.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Choose one or both to answer in the comments below.

Which of our seven lessons really hit home for you and, specifically, how can that make a difference in your business or life right now?

OR, if you’ve been in the trenches creating something consistently for a while now: What’s the single biggest lesson that you’ve learned so far that you’d like to share with us?

Share as much detail as possible. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for advice and inspiration. Your insight or lesson may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to move powerfully ahead.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

P.S. If you’ve got clients, colleagues or friends working their buns off to bring a creative endeavor to life, send them this post. They’ll thank you for it!

Big, big thanks for continuing to support our show and for your compassion and leadership in the comments. The kindness that’s consistently shared here renews my faith in the positive power of the internet!

With so much love,


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  1. Thank you Marie, this is so much help! Love the starting small insight, we sometimes wanna be successful from the start. 🙂

    • Virginia

      Hello, I am in business with my daughter Jazmine who is 22 and a makeup artist. She just opened a little makeup studio a few months ago which has been her vision this past year. I do believe in starting very small which she has and I see she is ready to move into a bigger place and I say oh no staying small for now! She has a regular job and her side business which Jazmine has so much passion for. Thank you for saying that because I believe it will come with time. I sent her your site to stay in tune. Your advice has been so real.
      Thank you

      • Awesome! Thats exactly how you spell my name too – Best wishes to you & your daughter!

    • Echoing Teodora. 🙂

  2. After a decade of writing, the biggest lesson for me is not making everyone happy. Not that I was a people pleaser, but I have a challenging time with my work being criticized. And there’s no way around it when you put yourself out there in any real way.

    I just have to constantly remember that my work is more important than fear of a bruised ego.

    Quite simply, it’s my obligation to honor my essence.

    • Kristina

      Beautiful 🙂

      • Thank you, Kristina. 🙂

    • Eve

      Well said, Emelia. Cheers to honoring your essence!!! Keep it up. 🙂 🙂

    • This is so true! I love this show and I love these lesson videos.

  3. Hi Marie, thanks for sharing this wisdom today! It was nice to see how you started out with your videos.

    The part of today’s video that resonated with me is that not all opportunities are the right opportunities. Now that people in my community are hearing about what I’m doing, I have been getting a lot of opportunities coming up. This is exciting for me because it’s like, wow somebody wants to work with me! Or wow, look at the impact I could make!

    I know I just need to stick with my vision in order to know which ones to take on or not…otherwise I’ll end up in a totally different place.

    Thanks girl,
    Maddie xo

    • I’m exactly the same Maddie!

      And that’s totally what I needed to hear today. “Just because there’s an opportunity there, doesn’t mean it’s for you. Or that you have to take pursue it.”

      Loved that.

  4. I can’t make everyone happy. I am just gonna focus on making me happy! <3 I love this episode! Totally want a Marie docu series on Amazon or Netflix lmao!!

  5. I love lesson #2: Consistency is not an accident. It is something I know I could do more of in my life and commit to getting ahead of schedule. This does, however, need to be tampered with a healthy balance of realistic expectations. There are many times in our company where we bite off way more than we can chew for a given period of time which can lead to feeling like you’ve let yourself and/or your team down.

    Planning, committing to a schedule, and staying consistent would all bring massive benefits to any business, but I believe it is paramount that you stay in that place of flexibility and forgiveness (see: the Murphy’s law rule).

  6. Gisella

    I also love the Starting small leads to be success, sometimes it feels like I’m digging in sand and that I’m never going to make it. I guess I just need to learn to be patience.
    Thanks Marie for the hope that if I’m consistent I’ll get there!

  7. Daniela

    Congratulation Marie!
    I didn’t follow you from the very beginning but I do know the brick wall. Since then I watch and share your show every Tuesday. I’ve laughed, I’ve learned, and a couple of times I’ve even cried. I like your sense of humour, your wisdom and your honesty. I think those are things that cannot be faked. Thank you so much for doing what you do and being who and how you are.


    • Well said Daniela! I feel the same way. Congratulations Marie & the rest of Team Forleo for your awesome success thus far, and manyyy moooorrreee (imagine singing) 😀

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        I hear the singing, Kimberly! Thank you 🙂

  8. Great learning lessons Marie! My biggest one is identifying and letting go of the *shoulds*. When I am being nudged to do something because I *should* do it I take another look and get to the why behind it and ask if it’s really in line with making my heart sing. Sometimes it is in line but sometimes there is no why except other people’s expectations and those have no say in who I want to be and my journey.

  9. Hi Marie!

    I eagerly look forward to each episode of Marie TV as it arrives on Tuesdays, and I drop what I’m doing to watch as soon as I can. I love your insights and I’m so grateful for the time you take to create these shows for us. Congratulations on 5 years and 250 episodes! That’s no small feat!

    The two lessons that resonated with me the most are “Starting small leads to success” and “Consistency is no accident.” I think these two go hand-in-hand.

    I was just thinking about this earlier today… I’ve been consistently blogging for about 6 weeks and I’m not seeing the traction I would like to see, so I was starting to wallow in a bit of self-pity and considering that maybe I’m just no good at this. But after watching your show I realized that I just haven’t given it enough time. I know we’d all like overnight success, but it takes time to grow a business – and a life! – we love. Thanks for the timely reminder.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your consistent blogging, Elizabeth! Definitely give it more time. Six weeks is really incredible, and I bet the more time you spend posting and being regular, the more traction you’ll gain over time. The truth us, most “overnight” successes taken years!

      • Thanks so much, Kristin! That’s such an important thing to keep in mind: “overnight” successes are just what we perceive from the outside. Many of them took years, if not decades, to achieve their success.

    • Rebecca

      Keep up the good work!

      When it comes to building web traffic or marketing, it’s easy to lose motivation in the beginning, we’ve all been there (I used to blog personally and I work for a business doing eCommerce and email marketing…I completely understand your struggle). After looking through your blog, I have some compliments (and a few suggestions) I’d like to give you.
      1) I like your call to action to encourage readers to share on social media at the end of your posts. (you may want to play with different ones like, “share it with the girls” or other suggestions that target your specific audience).
      2) Your posts have appealing visuals. (This is very important, and you started off doing this from the beginning…so kudos! You still have room to grow here though. I would suggest digging even deeper with your creative self and going above and beyond with your visuals in order to see more traction on Instagram or Pinterest.
      3)I love your about page. Your narrative writing style is so engaging. You are a great story teller (something you probably already know about yourself given your writing experience). I want to see more of it in your posts! Try starting off your posts with a story rather than telling readers why they should find whatever you are talking about useful.
      4) I like how you started a series! Your latest post states it will be one in a four part series, that is a good way to keep readers coming back for more! I would suggest organizing all your posts by a category similar to series style in the title. For ex, you did a lot of posts about products you like, the titles of product posts could say “Mother Must Have” at the top of every one so people know its a product post (you can create a category with “Mother Must Haves” or some other title…you seem like a master wordsmith…I know you will have no trouble thinking up these titles.) Then you can schedule these on certain days of the week…this will help with consistency and your readers will enjoy knowing what to expect on certain days of the week. (you mentioned a lot about art inspiration… maybe a “Monday Muse” series would work well to keep your inspiration posts consistent).

      Hope this helps! Please don’t give up blogging, I think you are doing fabulous for your first month and a half!

      *one last tip*…try not to obsess over the numbers, be proud of growth when you see it, no matter how small!

      Good Luck!

      • Wow, Rebecca, I can’t thank you enough for your in-depth and amazingly useful analysis! I’ve already implemented a few of your suggestions. They all resonate with me and make so much sense.

        I’ve been taking photography and branding classes and I’m already seeing improvement in my visuals, but I know I have a long way to go. 🙂 I’m glad to know I’m on the right track for the most part, though!

        I’ll take all your wonderful advice into consideration and keep moving forward. I’m extremely grateful for all the time you took to do this.

  10. Loved this. I watch every single Tuesday! Thanks so much for all that you do!

    My biggest lesson, which I just learned recently is the power of consistency and taking small steps. Pick one thing you can do regularly and keep doing it. It will take time to see results but, it will happen. Once you get that to be second nature, add a second thing and so on. Having a routine and schedule is so important as an entrepreneur.



  11. Start SMALL. And being okay with that! It’s tough to beat the comparison game, but gratitude helps me through it! 😀

  12. Thanks for all these videos! I watched some of your kitchen videos back in the beginning.

    I listen to your videos every week without fail. Probably the only weekly email I continue to participate in. Very true – everything from today. The only time I get in trouble is when I listen to other people instead of my gut…and it’s not their fault – it’s mine. I know better and they didn’t.

    Great lessons and immense value. Thank you and happy anniversary!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Cathy! Truly an honor to know Marie’s emails are one of the only you continue to read – that really means the world to us. 🙂

  13. Lulu

    I love all of them, really! but the one I’m having trouble is only work with the best. Right now I’m working with a friend, we just started a business but she’s not that into the “start with the why” business. And the thing is, I live in México and there’s no such a culture of meaningful business yet… I dont really know people that think like me, and it would be great to have a community here that understands me and obviously a A-team Work. Maybe I’m just hanging out in the wrong circles… But consistency is not an accident, I’ll keep trying! Great lessons!

  14. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHmazing! So on point Marie… you always help get the sticky unstuck <3

  15. Thank you Marie,

    I really appreciated you sharing the snippet of your earlier shows and speaking about the evolution of yourself over the past 5 years. It’s very valuable to be reminded that success doesn’t happen overnight! Love your commitment and courage!

  16. Hi,
    The lesson I am working on is not listening to what others think I should do but what I want to do. I am thinking of expanding from being a solo therapist to moving to a bigger space and adding an employee. I am so tired of everyone telling me what I have to do and offer when that is NOT what I want. I feel like I should be doing what they say if they have more business experience even if it is not what I want for MY business. It is hard overcoming my own self doubt.
    I love your videos they help boost my confidence in doing what is right for me. Thank you.

  17. Consistency is something that is tough for a lot of people because they get caught up in life being life! The market that I work with understands consistency but it often is the “THEY need to be more consistent and then things I am coaching them to do will be successful!

    Your stuff is great!

  18. “She sitting on a potty?” -my 2 year old Isadora.

    Seriously though this is perfectly timed Marie – thank you for sharing what you’ve taken away from your journey.

    xx Andrea
    Go Diaper Free + Tiny Undies

  19. Marie and Team Forleo,

    Woo doggie! I love this episode so much! It really speaks to how over time things grow and grow and as we keep showing up it begins to build on itself. Consistency is key.

    So currently I’ve been in the midst of an ongoing launch of my children’s book “The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation” and for the last two years I’ve been in the trenches of building my following as the book was being written and being made.

    Here’s what I can say – the biggest takeaway I learned through this process is as you put one foot in front of the other (sometimes having no idea where you’re actually being led because you can’t see it yet) the momentum will build and everything you do will start to pan out for itself.

    Here’s what I mean – when I wrote The Lemonade Hurricane in 2013 I was running my psychic biz and things were picking up traction. I didn’t necessarily have a “mindfulness” or “kidslit” based biz but I did know that the people I wanted to reach were women between the ages of 30-45 so there I was building my platform to these ladies and helping them get some insight and clarity and purpose.

    Fast forward 2 years later the book is finally released – and all of a sudden the momentum starts really taking off and why? Because I served my audience with what I had as best I could with my whole heart and soul not knowing that when my book released it would also be something that they would need and want and love too.

    I kept thinking “oh once the book comes out I’ll have to change it all up and start focusing on mom blogs and kids and change my tactics” what I didn’t realize is that as I was in the trenches of it all I was actually creating the perfect foundation for my book to be received as well.

    The ladies and gents of my tribe were the exact ladies and gents I needed to reach to sell my book because why? Because they were also interested in their children learning the things they had been learning along side me – MAGIC!

    So my message to you is this – when you’re in the trenches trust that as you put one foot in front of the other there’s things unseen that are pulling your towards exactly what you need. As you follow your dreams and teach from the heart things start to align even when you have no idea it’s happening and when you trust and are consistent then WHAMMO – it all comes together exactly as it should.

    Since the release of my book it’s become a best seller on Amazon, I’ve been featured in Boston Magazine, The Huffington Post, Publisher’s Weekly, and Barnes and Noble amongst other publications. I’m starting to book appearances on morning talk shows, and radio shows, and I’ve been asked to speak at schools and events. And I’ve been asked to write a second book!

    And all of this comes from the hard work of building over the last two years and now it’s all lining up going forward.

    I hope this helps and please – if you have any Qs – ask away!!!


  20. Consistency is the #1 thing I learned from B-School. Since B-School there are 2 things that I promised myself I will do, and I am happy that I have been at it. There is a 3rd thing I added, and I have been at it too. Consistency has given me greater self-confidence, that if I keep at it, the picture I want *will* emerge.
    People keep telling me about opportunities too – but I keep checking against my primary driving force, why am I doing x – and whether that ‘opportunity’ fits that primary driving force.
    Thank you Marie for bringing beauty to the world.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s incredible, Vani! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  21. Congratulations Marie!! YOU are the reason I’ve been consistent in my biz. The biggest lesson that resonated with me is to stay true to yourself. So hard at times when there’s so much advice being thrown at you and everyone tells you what you “should” be doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your years of inspiration and love.

  22. Marie, THAT DRESS!! THAT HAIR!! (I had to comment, amazing).

    I truly learned about the power of video from you, and was so inspired that I took a broadcast journalism night course at the New York Film Academy. I’ve started small–one man band producing, shooting and editing my own videos–and continue to dream big. Thank you for all of the laughs, inspiration and spontaneous dancing 😉

  23. Lesson #4: You can’t make everyone happy, and it’s a losing game to try. I’m getting that lesson in life. Need to post that on a wall somewhere. I love that you went on to say that when it comes to your creativity, you have got to do what you want to do. Make everything about what makes you smile. What makes you laugh. What do you consider joyful? That’s what’s most important for anything that you’re doing. It’s an important lesson that becomes easily forgotten when time and money concerns come along to smack you in the forehead.

  24. Hello Marie!

    Thank you for your content and big heart! I watch it EVERY week, religiously. I like the idea of starting small because you really have to get the Universe to trust you and know you are not going to run away from what you are creating. Trust takes time. So start small and trust – it will unfold 🙂

    Love you all!
    Bisous from France,

  25. Great video and congratulations!

    There were actually quite a few nuggets in here that have been critical to the health of my creativity and my own sanity! Lol

    You cannot please everybody.
    One I do not want to please everybody and two if I tried I still wouldn’t.

    Great opportunities are only great for you if they are right for you!
    Sometimes it’s worth it to take the risk and sometimes it just isn’t because it’s not in alignment with me or where I would like to go.

    Trust and allow your creativity to evolve!!! BIG one! More than anything with my little handmade business, I trust my creativity and the process and where it wants to go! Trusting this had paid off as it had validated the opportunities I did pursue and has pleased the people it was meant to please (which is not everybody)!

    Perhaps this falls under consistency and starting small…staying focused has been a big one for me. Everybody sees where I ‘could’ be and I just am here and now. I am tweaking and fine tuning and having fun creating and when I stay focused on that and pay attention to the nudges from the universe I always, somehow, end up prepared for the next step! 🙂 if I’d have been busy chasing those opportunities that were great…for someone else, I’d have been too distracted to care for and love what was present in the moment.

    Wow…feeling pretty good about the little things I’ve got going on right now.

    Thanks for the great videos!!!

    PS. Still totally in love with that bag rack in the back! Thanks for the info last time on where to find one. I’m totally going to DIY it 😉

  26. Uncanny Timing, I’ve been working on creating my own business this past year. While working a full time high pressure job that I’m so over…. Today however was just one of those days of feeling its taking to long and I’m overwhelmed, tired and stuck… but this clip was just what I needed to watch.
    Thank you for today’s pep up!! I needed it.
    Bad Dog Bakery,
    Amsterdam NL

  27. I needed this. Thank you. The piece I can never remember is that I can’t make everyone happy. Gosh I need to let go of that!

  28. Sony

    Marie. I adore you!
    I needed to be reminded that unwavering commitment makes consistency happen, but what really resonated (and is getting reposted) is your last point… “Just because something’s the right opportunity, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you”. Focus, focus, focus. Be clear on the vision & goals,and the boundaries set around them.

  29. The lesson about staying true to your vision and that every opportunity isn’t the right opportunity for me really resonated. I’m at a crossroads right now. I have a program to help people eat cleaner and incorporate more super-yummy meatless meals into their life and now I have an opportunity to create some local, organic meals (recipes and ingredients only to provide a simple and easy cooking experience) and partner with both a local farm and a local natural food business and…..I’m just not sure about doing it because truthfully, I’ve modeled my business after you, Marie. I love the idea that I can help people from anywhere in the world and be completely virtual. This opportunity is calling to me for some reason though and I can’t seem to put it aside. Ack!

  30. Honestly, making others happy. It’s such a torture. However, your video is a great reminder to make YOU happy first. You’re number one! And we must forget that. Thanks for the inspirational video!

  31. Hi Marie,

    The biggest experience/lesson I’ve learned from so far, is that it’s okay to pivot your idea, and change your business, if you realise what you’re doing isn’t something that you LOVE.

    Thank you for all that you do.


  32. Hi Marie – I love doing this exercise at the end of the year – I take off a week on a solitary retreat, and one of the things I do is go back and reread my journals from the year, and write down what I’ve learned. Because I believe my business is a huge learning experience for my life.

    And one thing I’ve learned is that no matter how small my footprint right now, I still can make a difference in the world – in the people I reach out to with my newsletters, the people who respond to me and tell me their stories – I’m always amazed by how many lives I touch every day… what a blessing!

    Thank you for getting me going on this path 🙂

  33. Congrats on hitting 256 awesome episodes, Marie–soooo exciting! I can’t wait to watch the next 256. 🙂

    The lessons that spoke to me the most were the ones about consistency and starting out small. Those two principles are the foundation of so many amazing things in my life, both business and personal.

  34. Julien

    I love how you started small then grow. I see the big picture of my bussiness but starting small feeling like I am stagnant. Def give me a great drive. Thanks sooooo much

  35. Dear Marie & Extraordinary Team Members,

    What a fantastic episode. I loved the point about consistency, starting small for big success, and not every opportunity is the right opportunity for you. It helped me re-center on following my intuition and vision, staying consistent No Matter What and it’s OK to play at the exact level I am, if I stay committed and consistent, it’s only a matter of time before I grow.

    Much love to you!

  36. Love this episode (and your fun and wise words)! For me the biggest lesson that I learned from you (and from Bschool) is that you can’t please everyone. Once I really understood that and was honestly ok with it, things started to click for me. Thanks for the awesome 256 episodes and here’s cheering you on for the ones to come! 🙂

  37. Hi Marie,

    Loved your 10 lessons and what a perfect timing to receive this video.
    After working in scientific research for over 10 years, I have just stated my own fashion jewellery business, BlueBell Collections,

    I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur but after following Marie TV since last year, I started to believe in myself. I can not thank you enough….

    I need to remember your 10 pearls of wisdom.



  38. Uh, do I have to pick just ONE lesson?! Every single lesson was a very vital reminder as I push forward with my new business. Consistency and investing the time in my business right now is vital, which means that I on’t be able to make as much money as I want to right now, but the time devotion will be worth it. Start small and let the growth happen from the content I create!

  39. The biggest lesson for me is to not try and make everyone happy. For this reason alone, I have chosen to live my life alone and run my business alone. I’ve spent a lifetime trying to make everyone in my world happy and in the end, I have exhausted and humiliated myself. This will NEVER happen again. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not mean or haughty to anyone. But in my soul, I know one thing for sure: this is me, this is who I am. Take me or leave me, but don’t ask me to live in the box that you think is best. My personal integrity is at stake here!

  40. Very well done Marie! Congratulations on this beautiful achievement. You should be proud of yourself – I hope you are!

  41. Consistency IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!!!!

    For real.

    Marie you preach this in B School especially even with the newsletter.
    What this did for my spirit and self confidence!
    I am so proud to say it now: MY BUSINESS!!!
    Whoooo that feels good!

    CONSISTENCY really made it real FOR ME mind, body and soul!

    And for my clients, they’re considering me more and more for work and for my fans they have expressed so much respect and admiration for me staying in the game!!!

    Thankfully it’s all starting to pay off. Weekly my schedule is moving more towards speaking, performing and workshops and less of working in my family biz. Which is all good but everyone there really believes in what I’m doing in the world too—-my calling!

    thank you my sistah Marie

  42. Those are SUCH important lessons and they are all great, but the last one really hit home because people always try to change you, what you do, and even fate is trying to TEMPT you to change your direction or slow down or just do something you don’t want to do. Because it’s “practical”.

    I have not built my life on practical, and yet, I’m in a good place right now. Also, I have finally learned to ignore the temptations and just say no, thank you. These days it’s so much easier, I want to cry from relief.

    Once you allow yourself to be YOU, magic happens. 🙂

  43. I started my own business 1.5 years ago. With a more flexible schedule, I have realized I have not created boundaries and ” working hours” set in stone. I have hired and paid for too many ” opportunities ” to make my business grow that wasn’t needed. I’m finally realizing while making a concrete structured schedule, not only will my business thrive I the days I want to work, but I can invest in other things that my Soul craves like teaching cooking and working with the youth in church. Everyone kept telling me that I had to work nonstop all the time to make my business work. Well my soul isn’t in ” 40 hours a week ” and the 25 I decide to take in is perfect. I believe I will thrive with the small schedule I set because I don’t feel overwhelmed with time and pressure. Thank you so much for the encouraging pep talk for my new business to thrive!!!

  44. Marie – I love the tip about not being able to make everyone happy and your examples were spot on! I am a people pleaser and this is the hardest thing for me to embrace. And, not that you need to please me, but I love your silly side. For me, you are gorgeous and talented and outgoing and amazing. Your silly side makes you also more human and relatable.

    Thank you for being you! Here’s to another 5-10-50 years!

  45. This episode resonated with me. I am about to record my 100th Episode of the Coach Glass Podcast. Like yourself I have a silly side and a professional side which I mix together on the show. I call it “Edumatainment” Part education and part entertainment. Some like the educational segments and think that I shouldn’t be joking around. Some like the entertainment and think it should be more of a comedy based show. All I know is that it is authentic to me. Like you said “you can’t please everyone!” Consistency and planning has been a challenge but somehow some way we have produced and delivered each week on time for 100 episodes. Thanks for doing what you do. Inspired and thankful!
    Cheers! Jason Glass

  46. Elisabeth

    Loved them all! But today the first one really helped – start small. I just finished making my list of things to do to get my business up and running. So often I feel overwhelmed at all I need to do and all the things I want to create. When I feel the pressure to move quickly I start to miss out on the joy of creating – which is why I started my business in the first place. I’m finding that if I take a longer view by developing a 5-year plan it all feels much more manageable. Starting small leads to big success. Thank-you!

  47. Hey Marie!

    SOOOOO glad you did this video. I was just thinking how I really wanted to know more about how you make this happen 🙂

    Your team is fantastic! I hope I can find the A gamers that ‘get’ me! It has been a challenge thus far. You are very lucky.

    Congrats on all your success!

  48. Marie, I remember the early days with videos in your kitchen and your car and I am so proud of how far you have come and continue to inspire and amaze me everyday. Someday I will have to tell you whole story about when I came to New York for Rich, Happy and Hot and walked into your event and started crying hysterically… Thank you for always being real and making everyone feel important no matter what level they are at! xoxoxo

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Marguerite, will you email us the story?! Would love to hear! xo (info AT marieforleo DOT com)

  49. Jacqueline Smith

    I love Marie TV. I also really enjoyed B school. Not every opportunity is the right opportunity for me. I’ve had to learn the hard way. You end up wasting TIME. You end up spinning your wheels on projects and people that just aren’t worth it. Now I’m more picky! It’s ok to be picky 🙂 Do what is RIGHT FOR YOU. Wish I had Marie TV back in the day! lol.

  50. Such a great video. Thanks so much Marie! You are so right, it is impossible to please everyone and you have to do what makes you happy!

  51. anna pilotti

    Hi Mari,
    Great show today. I like all of it and I love the humor and the self distance also transmit. Than you for the one with starting small I get that that is one of the biggest issues when just to start something , to get carried away with to big things not yet for the moment 🙂
    I would love to start something here in Europe. I live in Italy, come from Sweden and lived in most parts of the world for many years so – is now the time? And so what if I do not get it all right in italian?I get I will have to make it both in english and italian to have italian listeners and ….I might just need translators too – ok, now I got ahead, see what I mean! Pragmatic futurist I am. Now how can I use that to my benefit?Thank you for your inspiration and for your show Mari! XXOO Anna

  52. Kristine

    I need to schedule and plan more in order to keep being consistent! Thank you – I love your videos, so very helpful! Happy Anniversary!

  53. PS Marie I forgot to mention this… you said sometimes you get sick. Please try Wellness Formula. It’s on the tab on my website at the top of the page that says “Why I never get (or stay) sick.” That stuff is like Airborne x10. And very safe : ) I am guessing you hate being sick as much as I do. It sucks not being able to be productive. Hope you can try it sometime, it really kicks a cold in the butt.

  54. Congratulations! I feel so happy and inspired by the show and everytime you mention your crew, I can’t wait to have one. Thank you for all the effort and for keeping the dream alive, because it helps us keeping it alive too.
    Eveytime I tune in, there is a special phrase for me, that helps me in that exact moment. Today is “Stay true to your vision”. In my company we design clothes for kids in natural and organic textiles, but sometimes is hard to find good materials that are affordable. People have told me things like, buy whatever, whos gonna know!!! But i think my best practices, keeping it real and sticking to our truth is what is going to give us a chance in the industry and to change the world.
    Thanks again Marie you are GREAT!!!

  55. Thanks for all you do Marie and congratulations! My lesson is to continue to be TRUE to who I am. Consistency and planning are my two big take aways… again 🙂 XOMM

  56. Hey Marie,
    Just because it’s an opportunity doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you – oof, is that a good one to learn – being a YES person makes me feel like always saying YES! This was the exact reinforcement/validation I needed to hear. If you only work with the best, and keep surrounding yourself with people who are better than you, and more skilled…there’s only extreme growth and learning and excellence ahead. Onward!
    I’ve been here for years, love what you’re doing. Thanks for all you are and have done.

  57. Hey Marie! Congratulations on the 256 episodes! You’ve inspired so many of us by simply showing up. Thank you.

    This was so timely for me. Thanks for reminding me to keep my sense of humor and that it’s ok to start small. I’m in the middle of filming my first video series on intentionally creating happy relationships. I’m doing 21quick tips in 21 days releasing the 1st video on the 1st of November

    I’m filming by myself with just 2 lights and my macbook, at home, with interruptions from neighbor’s cars, neighbor’s dog, I love their little dog just not when I’m filming, then the mail man, sirens ….yep, yep, yep.

    Then there’s hubby working from home making cups of tea and toddler 🙂 playing in the background…… such fun! #mylittlepieceofheaven

    So yes thank you for reminding me to keep my sense of humor.

    Love, Light and Blessings x

    • Moira,

      Loved your comment! Made me laugh. Honey I can relate! I film at home too and never realized all the noises that can interfere with video production! About to do one now…is that construction I hear?

      Rock it lovely xox

      • Bella!

        Construction?! I don’t mean to laugh but it’s kinda nice knowing someone else is taking deep breaths with me every 10 minutes 🙂 and for a separate but equally trying reason.

        Would you believe, just after I wrote the 1st comment other neighbor decided to mow their lawn. I’ve resigned to playing with my toddler and decided I’ll some filming when the family and hopefully the neighbors have all gone to bed.

        Sending you virtual humor and patience vibes xx

  58. Congratulations! 256 episodes week on week is an amazing accomplishment. I also love how you are able to keep on creating and evolving and keeping things fresh. More power to you and your team.

    I’ve had a few “fails” in trying my hand out in business and I realized it’s because I am not consistent over time. I would be consistent for a month then I will not be able to follow-through. Sometimes I also get discouraged easily, like when I am consistent for say a month and I’m not getting any additional subscribers I just give it up. Then I pick it up again and when I’m in a slump, I let things fall through the cracks. So consistency over an extended period of time is something I need to work on!

    • Same here! I have some idea for marketing my services or getting new clients, I work a lot on it for a while, then I continue doing the regular work and I am not persistent on it. I think I will try to schedule like one hour a day for marketing no matter what, but I am afraid it would be an hour lost everyday…

  59. I agree with what everyone said about how encouraging this video was. Everyone had to start somewhere, even Marie Forleo, and it was wonderful seeing some snippets from the beginning. I’ve been working on my business for a year and a half and things are still pretty slow going. It can be discouraging but I can’t help believing that if I’m consistent and keep pushing my boundaries and doing what I’m passionate about that someday it will take off. In the mean time, I’m realizing that I can’t do this by myself. I have a great support network in my partner, family, and friends, but more than that I need to get plugged into a network and a business community. I’m an introvert so this has always been the most challenging part of any activity, but I’m finding ways to meet people in my own slow, quiet way and I’m excited about all the possibilities!

  60. Marie thank you for this episode lovely!

    I remember the brick wall and it has been awesome watcing you evolve and evolving with you.

    Loved like others have mentioned starting small leads to big success. This definitely resonates – as the core intention / the Bigger Why is the seed that starts it all and in essence stays unchanged even as the outer form progresses. In the mega-paced 21st century the unrealistic pressure to have an inspired seed suddenly become a huge and massive, gorgeous tree certaintly negates the process. You do a good job making it look easy but I know it is not.

    Murphy’s Law has taught me there is so much to learn on the path and when I do preparation and consistent action meets opportunity. So I love the power in starting small, answering the call and letting life teach me what I need to know next – how to deepen within myself, strengthen and mature and share more and more authentically.

    Invaluable episode lovely! Grazie! xx

  61. I think the very first tip hit home with me the most — I even started brainstorming some of the things I really want to do, but I’ve been too scared to attempt. I think that’s the issue, right? Fear can be a huge de-motivator, and I know I let it get in the way of so many things I might be successful at if I gave myself the chance to learn and grow in that area.

  62. Marie & your Team – CONGRATS!! What an accomplishment 🙂

    And by that accomplishment, I mean: Congrats on the team you have created, the consistent value you have delivered, and the lives you have changed who are all out there changing the world!!

    If I have learned anything from what I do as a creative entrepreneur, it is that the 256 show or the big results are simply results… It is in the WHO I am everyday on the job where the difference is made. And your show has helped me with that over and over again…. Thank you!

    Awhile ago, I hit 10,000 hours in my current form of Art-Work which is choreography…so people started to think – Oh, she has that stuff figured out! But honestly, the biggest lesson I have learned is that no matter how much experience I bring to that next client, it is in the Humility to be present to them – right HERE right NOW – that the work always happens.

    Bringing any past success and moving it forward, just doesn’t work for me. Instead, it is something foundational to draw from (maybe exercises that I can share, or a process that works for lots of people) but, my experience is not the main show.

    Each new routine (or episode for you 🙂 is its own pec of work and requires my present attention to create. Instead of comparing while creating or even thing of any outside criticism, I choose to divorce both he past and the future while creating.

    Humility + Presence = Inspiration

    Thank you for putting all the love and presence that you and your team do to create such great work in the world. I feel so blessed to receive your videos and to partake in your programs.



  63. Jay Westbrook

    Really like this video, really love you.
    The gem from the video was “just because something’s an opportunity, doesn’t mean it’s the opportunity for you”
    The gem from you is your role-modeling of integrity, hard-work, humor, willingness to grow, change, have fun, and “to thine own self be true.”
    You are a precious gift – thank you for sharing your joy, your skills, your laughter, and your essence.
    as always, in love & service – jay

  64. Oh, there are many lessons I’ve learned over the time, but the most important is consistency! I have an art journaling and mixed media blog – the first one in Romania – and what I’ve learned is that I need to be constant in my art creations and not only create, but write about and post them online! Sometimes the second part seems the most time consuming among all. But I love it! I love what I’m doing and this is what really matters.


  65. Marie, thanks so much for all your inspiring shows and the fun silliness too! It’s important to not take ourselves too seriously. I’m a relative newbie to your show, and the most inspiring part was seeing you in your kitchen without all the fluff and bling just doing your show and not worrying about it needing to look polished from the start.

    I’m very passionate about my healing work and getting it out into the world. So I want and need a team to help me with the videos and audios and bookkeeping and marketing and IT and everything else because I can’t do it all myself. Just have to be patient and let it grow “organically”, as you said. First step is I just got a bookkeeper. Woo hoo!! XOXO

  66. You are a genius! But heck you know that! 🙂 I need to be planning out my shows/interviews WAY more in advance!  I love this tip as I am always scrambling to get them booked, shot and out the door! I really need to reevaluate our process, and you have just encouraged me to do so, THANK YOU! 

  67. Michele

    Congratulations Marie ??? thank you so much for all of these lessons. Each one of them hit a spot for me. Once again, thanks to you, I’m inspired and I’ve got my game face on ? Bless you and watch out world!!!

    Michele xoxoxo

  68. Thank you so much for these great insights! I just had this morning a very bad comment on one of my videos and it really hit me in the face… It’s like it was meant to be for me to watch today’s show! Thanks again! 🙂

  69. Thank you, Marie! I always find your advice to be practical and timely! My favorite tip from today’s message was “Consistency is not an accident.” After several years of planning and working toward my goal, I was able to open my art studio: The Creativity and Wellness Center. I have found that setting timelines for projects, meetings, and goals has helped me to create the structure I needed to make my dream of opening my studio a reality.

  70. As my husband, his Fam and I end our 4th year
    with our business, I think one of the biggest lessons is
    to be resilient, enduring and visionary. that is easy sometimes and often
    not at all.
    with all of us in the family business having kids under 10, I am learning
    that ‘leaving work at work’ to a certain degree is necessary for a sane and nurturing home where you can actually listen to your kids :-).
    with your own business, you have basically another family member.

  71. Hi Marie,

    It’s Hadeel here, your B-Schooler 2015 graduate.
    You got me girl. You. Got. Me.
    I’m actually choking as I write this to you. I’m all in tears and I can’t think of anything to say….
    It’s just that you’ve been with me since 2013, in my darkest days, and I never missed an episode ever since.
    It’s definitely not the lessons of today, it’s the whole 256 episodes that you kept inspiring me to grow each and every day.
    I feel like a whole new person and yes I want to give you all the credit.
    From bringing your true self into the table to Susan Cain to Gary Vaynerchuk, and the rest of the amazing people.
    I can’t thank you enough.
    Yes, I’m an introvert, but I’ve learned to take my personality as a gift and I’m willing to share it with the world – as a new Kuwaiti fashion designer.
    I’m so proud to inform you that I’m starting my own show – for my subscribers only.
    But every episode will soon be public after a month – giving them exclusive content.
    Since, I don’t want to turn my message about my business, I just wanted to tell you that the day you decided to produce MarieTV, is the day I may not know how it came to be, but I’ll tell you one thing: It will always be in my heart and prayers to continue to evolve and inspire others.

    Thank you. Thank. YOU.

    With Love,

  72. Hi Marie,

    Good morning… The lesson that I resonated with is “just because it’s a opportunity, doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you”. With my business people are constantly telling me things that wouldn’t work for my business model or doesn’t fit my vision. This is a polite way of saying, ‘thanks, I hear you, but I’m sincere about my business moves and that is not something that I would like to do”.

    All the lessons were helpful, thank you….


  73. Dear Marie,

    Now I don’t remember anymore how did I landed for the first time on
    your website, but ever since I am looking out for Thuesday’s to watch the next episode of Marie TV.

    It’s a great series with a lot of wisdom, love and positive energy!
    I appreciate it, Marie, and I appreciate you and your team.
    Also I love the end’s of the episodes with your humor and fun 🙂

    What I have got confirmed today is:
    – the consistency and
    – keeping always the vision (and the WHY)
    in my mind.

    And what I also learned from you is to love myself
    more and more, no matter what!

    Thank you so much and
    God Bless you and your Team, Marie!


  74. Eric

    Lesson #2 is really what I’m planning to strongly work on: consistency and scheduling. Achieving this major step will definitively be a big improvement step.

  75. Margarethe

    “Just because it is an opportunity, does not mean it is the right opportunity for you” mind blown! I have learned that in my own life through trial and error. I’ve taken so many opportunities just because I have thought, and people have confirmed, that it is too good to pass up… All the while my essential self/soul/gut/higher self was warning me that it’s not for me… And none ever turned out “right”.. Although I do also believe there are no mistakes, only lessons. I’m glad for every step on the path of my life so far, but I can definitely relate to being an opportunity whore?

    • Completely agree with you! This was the lesson I resonated with the most too

  76. I really like the last lesson, it resonates so much for me! I’m at the beginning of my project and I like the idea of starting small and see things unfolding gradually. But so many people propose me to take on other projects and there is so much out there. It was a great reminder to trust my vision even if it doesn’t make sense for others that want to grow big fast , and just keep on going my way . Thank you Marie!

  77. Hey Marie, this was an extraordinarily excellent episode. It was inspirational and quite relatable, especially the first lesson about starting small. I remember there was an episode dedicated to that concept and it changed my life forever. It helped me kickstart my own journey.
    My biggest lesson that has come through my journey so far is about having Absolute Clarity. I like to say,”Clarity in mind translates to certainty in reality.” It’s when I have an absolutely clear schedule for my day when magic happens. Also, when I slack off on this, I slack off on all other things too. Like they say, everything happens twice, first in the mind and then in reality. Absolute clarity is magic.

  78. The lesson that just because it’s “good opportunity” doesn’t mean its for you…” Really resonated with me, because I have a web-series which is sponsored by So I was referred by a friend to someone who gets “funding for artist.” I was so excited to meet him because I want to make my project. But at the end of our 2 hour meeting he wanted me to sign up for his travel website and pay a monthly fee. Then I realized that maybe I should be patient and be more diligent about traditional means of getting funded i.e. grants.

  79. Kristy


    This really hit home for me. I had the idea for a youtube channel that was really fun and exciting to me. I loved it. I made 7 videos and put them on my youtube channel 2.5 years ago and then started second guessing myself. They were plain, in my dining room or home office with a poor background… I just didn’t think I could ‘compare’ with what was out there. Someone who knows me recently asked me why I stopped doing the videos because they were good and I’ve had some good views. I didn’t know what he was talking about so I searched out my videos on my old channel. One of them has over 2k views and some of the others have close to 800. That was with absolutely no promotion or even letting ONE SINGLE PERSON online know about them. For about 2 weeks now, I’ve been really bothered that I didn’t continue and just let it develop and be proud of my own voice. Who cares if there are 5 thousand people discussing the same topic? I’m ME and clearly I have a voice that connects with people. I had comments on my videos like, “This is really great” and “keep the good ideas coming” and “I never thought of this one.” One person even asked me to be a guest on their FB show a year ago. I missed the opportunity because I wasn’t sticking with it. Shame on me.

    But your video today really touched me – when you showed your old unpolished videos and how far you’ve come & developed. I admire you and while all of your videos are great, this one scratched a sore spot – I need to just be ME and focus on enjoying what I do, being consistent, committing to a schedule and letting my life bend to that commitment. While I need to further develop my vision – I think holding true to your vision is what makes it work. I heard Eric Thomas say the same thing.

    Outstanding video – I would love to see you do more like this about every 20 videos. (smile).

    Thank You!

  80. I have only recently started watching your show and look forward to it every week. Your comments about starting small and only working with the best really struck a cord with me, especially as you are so successful and happy with where you are. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Shelly x

  81. Thank you for MarieTV and for the creation of B-School. You have inspired me to reach greater heights with my business and understand that I truly have to be myself in order to succeed. I am WAY more productive than I have been in years. After starting a bricks & mortar business just after my 22nd bday (and 18 yrs later… gulp!), I have learned that I need to consistently nurture my inner person – my desires, goals, creativity — in order to stay centered and bring my best to the table everyday. It has taken me a long time to get there, but I learned how to say NO. Its a good word to get familiar with in business.

  82. Don

    You rock my socks off, Marie!


    My favorite take away:
    “Everything is figure-outable.”
    Could be tweetable, but needs more context.

  83. Loving your lessons learnt, especially number one and your point on being consistent. Even when things aren’t happening as quickly as one would envision, it’s so important to keep on pressing through to reap the rewards! Thank you for sharing Marie. 🙂

  84. Consistency is king! Er, queen!

    I’ve been following you for a while now, Marie—thanks for all that you do!

    I found this peek behind the scenes incredibly valuable. The consistency piece is a challenge for many of us multi-passionate, idea-driven folk (I imagine you’d count yourself in that). It’s hard to stick with something that isn’t getting as much traction as you’d like when your next idea might be the “right”one! Thanks for the reminder to see it through.

  85. Lindsay

    I love the start small first lesson. As a solopreneur just in my first year I sometimes wonder if I need to hire more people, as there is just so much to do, but at the same time in the beginning of my company I want to be involved. It’s great to hear that you also started on your own and grew organically. Thanks for all your great videos!

  86. Marie – Thank you for sharing that about your ma saying the ‘oh can’t you have more singing and dancing’ comment. That made me smile. I have a blog where I write and my ma is forever saying: oh can’t you make it funnier? Can’t you write about this a bit more… And I get bogged down, lost and so confused by that sometimes, so thank you for saying what you did and reminding me of the importance of staying true to what is creatively important for me. So hard! Laura

  87. Tanya

    Thank you for your wisdom. I needed to hear this today. You are lovely, keep blessing the world with your authenticity.Love T xxx.

  88. Hey Marie… How amazing is this episode. Thank you so much to share with us your backstage. You know, when I decided to be a career coach, I met you, and your spontaneity lighted my purpose up. The way you help people, doing what you love, using your unique voice, and showing us that we can be ourselves in a greatest way helped me to start. And it is really not easy… at all… The most important advice you told for me today is that I can’t make everyone happy… I know that, but it’s not easy for me. Need to practice more. And I know I can!

    Thank you again! You really inspire me!



  89. I loved this episode. It was full of great reminders. My two favorite were:
    1. Unwavering commitment is what makes consistency happen
    2. Just because something is an opportunity doesn’t mean it is an opportunity for you.

    These were the exact reminders I needed. I have been wanting to be more consistent with my blog and I have yet to make it happen. I knew I needed a set schedule for writing. I am going to create one this week, so that I no longer have any excuses. Thanks Marie. Love you.

  90. Nav

    Great episode Marie and a heartfelt congratulations to you and your team!!

    Your work is a blessing. You are fun, goofy, intelligent. I love you!

    My thing is consistency. I like something, try it, loose steam, don’t see results, and see something else that’s shiny and move that way. Any tips here?

  91. Arlene

    Dear Marie and Team,

    Thank you for these clear lessons. The messages you send out on Tuesdays always seem to pull together lots of themes that are floating around and make them more understandable and use-able. Truly a gift.

    The resonant message for me was to hold the vision. As a physician who is pivoting in her career in a big way, there is much inner work to do in terms of cultivating intuition and allowing it to take up more bandwidth than intellect when appropriate.

    In short, trusting my vision and saying a loving no to everything that doesn’t feed it. Forging ahead with what is true despite the messages (internal and external) that say it isn’t possible.

    Thank you.

  92. Carol Blawt

    Your videos are very everyday common sense ideas and suggestions. I can relate to everything you say. The problem that I have is the area we live in does not allow us to use many of the business principals that would be used in a larger population area. We live in northern WI where the entire county has a population of under 20,000. The county seat city is a population of 8,000. Small businesses seem to struggle in our area because of low household incomes where many are retired and the top pay is about $12 hourly. My husband and I are attempting to run 4 small businesses (2 used car lots, a gas station and a towing business) and I also work for our tiny municipality (population 350) as a Clerk-Treasurer. We are very much common sense hardworking people that typically put in a minimum of 12-14 hours per day 6-7 days per week, while raising our 2 remaining kids (ages 8 &13). We volunteer for a dog rescue group, fostering dogs and give back to our community in numerous ways. It seems like we are doing everything right but are getting more and more behind by each passing day. We need to consolidate and work smarter and not harder but the steps to get there have us lost and slipping quickly. We believe everything happens for a reason and it will all work out but the stress is pushing me to a breaking point I have never felt before. I feel out of ideas. So many of the ideas we feel are geared for large metropolitan areas. So my question is what ideas to you have for poor economic areas where things are very very limited?

    • Wow, how many hours of sleep do you get per day? I work just 6-9 hours per day, and I have no kids and I feel tired. How do you manage? Impressive… Good luck with your business 🙂

  93. Vinciane

    Hello Marie!

    First of all, thank you a million for this very witty and useful video!

    The lesson that particularly got my attention is the one where you say that no matter what, there will always be stuff that will go wrong, and this is fine!

    It makes me think of a question for you. You are a successful business woman ranking among great inspiring leaders such as Grabielle Berstein, Brendon Burchard, etc. (that I also follow). From an external point of view, one may feel that, as a successful person, everything goes well and is perfect in your life. Could you share with us some struggle you are still having in your life at the moment and maybe tell us about past failures and how you overcame them? It could also be the topic of a next video, what do you think?

    Looking forward to your answer,
    Best regards!

  94. Tiffany D'Souza

    Hi Marie,

    Congratulations on your success! I just want to say thank you for sharing such awesome wisdom in this episode, as well as throughout your series; I particularly related to the 7th lesson: staying true to your vision.

    Your words were an affirmation. Just what I needed to hear to stay true and focused on my chosen path and believe that each and every day I am that much closer to achieving my dream.

    Much love!

  95. Thank you for all that you do Marie! I’m so thankful for your consistency and all the lessons you share with us as a result 🙂

    My favourite lesson was about unwavering commitment making consistency happen. I’ve noticed that I sometimes need to make the commitment and coax myself into something I really want to do to keep up with it and I am so happy whenever I manage to do this, because the result of starting small and being consistent is so obvious, it’s ridiculous. Yet too much thinking always leads to not doing and that’s a lesson I think everyone can be reminded of on a regular basis!

    I also started thinking that when you know your own reasons for doing something, then it also gets easier to make decisions about what’s right and wrong for me. I like Simon Sinek’s ‘start with why’ approach, which he explains in his Ted talk. I notice when you speak about your choices that you’ve spent a lot of time figuring out your whys. Your words have an almost magnetic quality to them. Very inspiring, thank you!

  96. Marie, Thank you for all of your efforts and commitment to Marie TV. You and the show have become an important part of my weekly routine each Tuesday. When you said, “Work with the people who get IT and get YOU”, that really stopped me in my tracks. As you said, just like not all opportunities are the right fit, not all talented people are either and having a great team who gets and supports my vision are so important. THANK YOU!! Keep on rockin’ girl and live life in FULL bloom.

  97. Lynne Klippel

    Congrats Marie from someone who knew you long before MarieTV. You were a star then and shine even brighter today. I’ve watched every episode and learn something every week. Thanks for all you to do inspire me and others!

  98. Hi Marie, I’ve been a long time viewer as well as a B-Schooler. If you’ve taught me anything with your videos, it’s your commitment to consistency because viewers like me look forward to watching these videos EVERY week.

    Since doing B-School nearly 2 years ago my business partner and I are finally getting into swing with our business and it’s really exciting! Your reminder to start small really helped me take a moment to breathe and just TRUST that we’re on the right path and that as we progress we will evolve and grow. The journey and the bumps along the way are what shapes your story, just as you shared in your humble beginnings.

    Thank your personal flare, your honesty and your integrity when it comes to staying true to your vision. Well done!

  99. I’ve learnt that it is my duty to shine. All that is NOW is an opportunity for me to grow and learn.

  100. I want to thank you for all the insights. We share many of your quotes with our staff…helping us become better servants. Thanks for the humor and we continue to grow everyday. Go Team Forleo! Our focus for today is “Consistency is not an accident”

  101. Kim

    This was probably the best sharing I’ve seen on Marie TV…for me anyway! It is filled with wisdom, and I see wisdom as something that we already know, but that often needs a bit of waking up within. My big thing is being consistent, and also staying true to me. I’m in a place in my life in which I’m finally peeling away the layers of illusion that have had me catering to everyone else, being scattered with my time and attention, and ultimately keeping myself from creating the life and business I know is possible. This video was perfect for today, as I woke this morning and wrote in my journal…”Today, I rise!” It feels great….and scary…but so powerful! Thank you!

  102. Great episode as always Marie!

    I have been SO inspired by your work and that inspiration has propelled me to follow my little entrepreneurial heart and make the leap into building a business called My Curated Kitchen, which grew from my love of pastry and my experience working in a small cafe as a pastry chef.

    I spent about 6-8 months just developing my vision before launching my website on October 1st! I’ve really been taking my time trying to make sure that my business is true to my vision, which is A LOT harder than I ever thought. It’s really still in the beginning stages, but it’s starting to take shape.

    I’ll tell you, 2 of your lessons really hit home with me!

    First, is to start small. Even though I’m SO eager to be like one of those people whose businesses just TAKE OFF and you hear about them making $80k in sales in the first month alone, I know that it’s probably best FOR ME that things begin slowly so that I can really focus on my customers and just building a great business. This is a good reminder that it’s ok that things are building slowly and to keep at it!

    The second lesson is staying true to your vision. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for always coming back to this message! I’ve heard you say it before and I really do have to remind myself ALL the time, because everyone and I mean EVERYONE as their own perspective on how they think my site should look, what my products should be, how I should present myself in my videos, and pretty much EVERY single aspect of what I’m doing and how it should be different! And, even though I seek out and greatly value the feedback and the advice, when I find myself overwhelmed by the thought of trying to implement them all I realize that, if I tried to, I’d have to scratch the WHOLE IDEA and start all over! Not good for my momentum or growth. It’s been tough, but I’ve been working on taking feedback and using what I can that actually BUILDS on my original vision and take the rest with a grain of salt.

    So, again, thank you for sharing these lessons! They serve as reminders when things get confusing and as little lamp posts along the road to success!

    Much Love! -Elan

  103. You know we DO want to review one of those early videos, don’t you?

  104. Marie,
    You are a star in the truest sense of the word. You shine this light out into the world so people can see more clearly during dark times.

    A true ray of light and inspiration.
    Thank you for what you do.

    Hugs, love & gratitude,

  105. Patsy

    Hey Marie,
    I really enjoyed the show today, it encouraged me to follow my own vision, not what someone else thinks I should be doing. I am an Artist working to build my own business and I have a definite idea and vision of the work I love to create and how I want to share it with the world.. My family is extremely supportive and also has “great” ideas and “visions” for my Art, often telling me I should create a certain type of work “because you could make a killing with it”. I love them and their support but their vision is not my vision. So thank you for reminding me that in order to be successful one of the components is to do what gives me joy and fulfillment. Love your show it is awesome!

  106. Congratulations Marie and Team Forleo!

    I’ve only been a part of your community since 2013, but I love how you pour your heart into everything you do (and you have fun in the process).

    I recently left my safe, corporate job to run my business full-time and the biggest lessons that resonated with me from today is “to stay true to your vision” and “consistency is not an accident”. I’ll start with staying true to my vision.

    Many opportunities have come my way since I made the transition that could have easily taken me down a path where I would not be fulfilled. What has helped me is that I am very clear about my vision and what I want for my life. This has come after many failures. Now, as a result, I have been able to turn down jobs and clients that are not in alignment with what I want for my business. I know that if I stay focused on what I truly want and I continue to be consistent, it will come in time.

    I also understand that consistency is very important in growing a new brand, but it can be so challenging. I started writing and blogging over a year ago and my audience is growing slowly. So slow in fact, that at times I get a bit down. I know that I create great content, but it doesn’t feel sometimes like anyone cares. Sometimes I hear you in my head when I want to quit saying “stay consistent Franka”. I haven’t given up and I don’t plan to. I will stay the course and continue to share what I know to be special and unique, knowing that I can use my gifts to help other business owners.

    Thank you Marie for all that you do. I toast to you having 250 more episodes!


  107. Thank you for the reassurance that starting small leads to big things!!!! All of your tips were useful but the first one is what I really needed to hear. I don’t want to compromise quality because I’m in a hurry to develop content!!!

    Happy Fall!

  108. Lucy

    This is such sound advice. I often give up on projects because I try and start too big and get overwhelmed. Starting small is the way to go, especially as I have limited resources. Thanks for the timely reminder.
    Also, I always try to please everyone and that never works, so I should stop trying the impossible, as together with trying to start too big- it prevents me completing projects. The fire truck example made me laugh, as I live near
    a fire station and they only seem to go past when I’m doing something creatively important! (I know they are doing an amazing job, so I try to laugh it off). But it is so true that you always have to factor the unexpected and setbacks in and dust yourself off and carry on. Excellent tips as always – looking forward to many more.

  109. Hong Anh

    Many thanks for the efforts that you and you team make to build the business and inspire people around the world.

    All lessons that you mentioned are helpful and true.

    Looking forward to new video.

    Take care,

    Hong Anh

  110. Hi Marie! Your message so resonated with me. Deep down, I know my vision, but I occasionally get thrown off from a conversation about someone else’s vision for my work or by reading an article espousing advise that’s counter intuitive to me, then all of a sudden I’m second-guessing my own instincts. Thanks for reminding me to stick to my values while staying open to wisdom!

  111. Hi Marie,
    This was a great video, so helpful. Thanks.

    The lesson that stood out was the one about consistency. I feel like I know the others, although “surround yourself with the best” was great too.

    I have a question. How do I commit to my regular schedule of blog posts and newsletters when I don’t have a large readership yet, and the doubt creeps in of “what am I doing this for?” I feel like I have a lot to share in my writing but it is slow in getting readers.
    Thanks! – Therese

  112. Congrats on 250 episodes!

    There were many great points, I can see why those were your top 7. #7 was actually my favorite – this is what keeps me from chasing rabbit trails. This I remind myself at least once a week.

    Thank you for all of your wisdom!
    BE Blessed!

  113. Denise Wyche-Kenon

    Marie You’ve been a fantastic example and inspiration for doing what you love and serving others…and STILL making money. The 7 lessons in today’s episode were all gold nuggets. But I have a tie for favorites in #1 about starting small, and #7 staying true to your vision. Having just discovered you this year, I had no idea you started out with just you. I’ve been putting off plans for a show because I didn’t have the team I wanted. Now…there’s NO excuse. #7 because God has blessed me with several gifts and talents, but people tend to put me in the box they engage with me in that’s only a piece of my eclectic puzzle. At times in life I’ve leaned too far in the direction of good advice and well-meaning mentors and lost key elements of MY vision for my life and business. This I think has been the most refreshing episode ever for me. Thanks for all you do. -DWK

  114. Shi

    Congrats on more than 250 episodes! i love tip #1: start small. It’s great for allowing yourself to get get going with who you are (now) and what you have. It’ll lead to other things!

  115. This idea that you can’t please everyone and to just follow your creativity is THE BEST!! I’ve been in a constant learning of that lesson and it’s always wonderful to be reminded. Thanks Marie for all you do.

    xo The Fancy Hippie

  116. SO dang RICH!

    loved this one SO much…especially after following for three years!

    after penning Buddha Doodles for almost four years now, I’ve learned that you TRULY need to stay connected to your heart and what lights you up from the inside out. that doesn’t mean its always going to be fun, for example, what may be alive in your heart is grief, and that can act as an authentic catalyst for creative expression.

    that’s the creative side. for the business part {gift shop is only 2.5 years old, six figure business}, i also agree that small steps and organic evolution with A-players is super key. don’t underestimate the importance of any of these…

    and most importantly…the MOST important relationship is to YOU. money will go in and out quickly like the ocean’s tide day after day. i agree…success must be defined from the inside out.

    super juicy episode! i hope one day that i get to dance hip hop with you marie!


  117. This was such a comforting post. I opened my group piano studio for (mostly) children last February, and partly in thanks to Marie’s wonderful marketing tips the studio is already overflowing with almost 50 students and a waiting list.
    But after several months of teaching these kiddos, there is a strange lull and some students who were super-enthused at first are now hitting some low morale. Not all, just a few.
    I’ve been beating myself up about it, feeling like a big liar for over-selling my wonderful new “painless” piano method, but I have to remember that people have their own stuff going on, and I’m allowed to have a learning curve.
    Thank you Thank you- <3 Danielle

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Danielle, stick with it! Sometimes business volume ebbs and flows and we have to ride the wave, especially in a newer biz. Plus, it sounds like there’s real interest in your studio, which is fantastic and super promising!

  118. Cheryl McLaughlin

    Marie, excellent advice!
    As a big-picture visionary, starting small has been, and still is, the key for me (and a continuing lesson). And letting your endeavor, and your team, grow organically and slowly is also important. It’s often difficult to be patient and to trust that growth will happen, and that your audience will teach you (if you listen) about what’s working as you move along.

    And, thank you for your mix of fun, funny, great content that is oh, so helpful, and then back to fun and funny! Love it. You and your team do great work, and it’s clear that you have a strong rudder to your ship.

  119. Liene

    Thank you for this amazing video.
    I am happy that I think that way too that’s mean I am on wright path.
    The best what helped me in my small business is two things
    1) never give up
    2) look for different opportunities if old ones dose not work
    3) don’t jump too far before time

    I wish you and your team all the best and I am total addict for year every Tuesday I watch your videos

  120. Hi, Marie and everyone!

    I’ve created a daily video series called Daily Minutes with J’Ouellette®, for people to use and practice their French daily, and I have over 1,500 videos to date.

    While that is an amazing thing to do, looking back, I feel that I have to change the model, so I did. I will go back to do some of those videos in a different way, more entertainment included, but I also will create a video series that I feel I should step up to and inspire my audience more.

    The lesson I had from this experience is that starting small and being consistent builds trust, and also trusting my gut feeling when I have to change my model is very important.

    Thank you for this, and I’ll see you next Tuesday 🙂

  121. Kristina

    The biggest lesson that rang true for me today was “you can’t make everyone happy”. I experienced this exact thing today. I work full time in an office job and I also teach yoga so I started running weekly 1/2 hour classes at lunchtime. I had the vision to make the class inclusive for all levels of practitioners and a place where employees could come to de-stress and relax. A woman after the class, who used to attend my evening classes said “I really miss the Vinyasas! Please can we do Vinyasas!” I felt a pang of wanting to please her and then realized no, I’m, not running a “fitness yoga” class (which is what she’s looking for) and stuck to my vision.

  122. Panto Thenic

    Wow, what a question. You can’t make everyone happy. Big one. But they’re all important. My biggest takeaway from my own career? Do what makes you happy. I come from a background where we were brainwashed into thinking it was a “sin” to do what you want in life (yes this actually happened). When I do what I want in my career I still have family members who sneer viciously. F ’em.

  123. Marie, Thank you for your emails and these videos. I love this one and have shared it with many. The one that stood out for me is #5, Let yourself evolve. Our business has evolved and being okay with the way things are on the way to the way I want them to be is a key ingredient in my joy and peace of mind. We are constantly changing and growing both personally and in our businesses.

  124. Congratulations, Marie and Team, on another job well done. I’m late to the scene here (I did B-School this past year; also excellent.) and have only seen the last 10% or so of Marie TV episodes, but I am hooked. Your message is right on, professionally delivered, and inspiring (I love the closing line “Stay on your game…”). Keep up the good work. I look forward to my new weekly fix.
    Paul M Bauer

  125. Thank you Marie for the reminder to Start Small, emphasis on the START.

    I just went full-time with my business this month and I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to create the perfect offering to help my clients optimize their business processes and systems.

    I’m spending wayyy too much time brainstorming and second guessing myself instead of making a decision and focusing on getting feedback to make it better.

    It’s always comforting to be reminded that people I view as very successful have built up to where they are over YEARS and their first work looked very different from the work they are doing now.

  126. Mia

    I really have to stop wanting to make everyone happy. I’m 7 weeks out till I have to hand in my bachelors thesis. And I’m trying to make everyone at work happy (cause they are paying me to write it) plus my professor (who will decide over my grade) that I totally lost perspective of what I want out of it. We changed directions so often that I don’t even know what and how to write about the topic we came up months ago…. So I gotta put my foot down and do what I think is best. And hide in my apartment for the next 5 weeks to get it done in time.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Good luck with your thesis, Mia!!

  127. First and foremost; Criticism about your episodes? I can’t even…I love how you do what you do. (mom of course can say whatever she wants 😉 I love your point about every opportunity not necessarily being a good opportunity. I say No! more than I say yes these days, and it feels soooooo good. xo

    • Oh my! So here I am on the Marie TV 7 Lessons Learned Post and who do I see but the wonderful Katie Kay!? Hello my dear! I agree with you on “Criticism about your episodes?!” Such a wonderful lesson too. Don’t try to please everyone! Hope you are well and that we run into each other soon!
      In Health,

  128. Sondra

    Thanks Marie! Always love the videos. The biggest take away for me was Lesson #1: Starting small leads to BIG success. I’m in the start-up phase of my business, and there are times when I feel I should be sooooo much further along. You reminded me that even small steps count, so I’ll keep on stepping (Lol).

  129. Dana

    You hit the nail on the head this week, again.
    “Just because something’s an ‘opportunity’ doesn’t mean it is the right opportunity for you.” Just yesterday I declined a professional opportunity after days of deliberation between my head and my gut. Ultimately I followed my gut and…felt a GINORMOUS sense of relief when I chose “thank you so much, and no thank you.”

    Per usual, I look forward to next week’s nugget o’insight.

  130. Edie

    Hello Marie,

    I just love you!…you are such an inspiration to me. I have only been watching you for the past year, and visit your site whenever I need inspiration and energy!

    I have been working on a business plan for 5 yrs. (only to have nasayers…mostly family!…continually beat me up over it!) I finally had the nerve to take it to my local bank for financing, ( my “we support small business” hometown bank) only for them to shoot me down because they beleive I am too aggressive with my projections?.. #1″Starting Small”?!

    So, while all of your lessons learned are right on, I must say that #6 working with the best, and #7 staying true to your vision really hit home for me. I get off track sometimes and have to remind myself to stay true to my vision and not what others may think is best for me. I have to surround myself with postive and open minded people.

    Thank you for all your wisdom and keeping me inspired!…I am WOMEN and I WILL get there!!

  131. Rebecca

    Fricken LOVE this! My passion is dog rehabilitation and rescue, but through the last ten years, I know I don’t want to do it like everyone else. I have a vision, and it’s different, but it’s what makes my heart fill with joy when I think about it. I know it will be a challenge, but you are so on point with it today! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I love how your messages have really good timing. Keep it up team Marie!

  132. Natalie

    Hi Marie!

    I know this isn’t the topic of this video, but I need to know WHO DOES YOUR HAIR?!!

    It is amazing and I need to know your secrets! I vote a video on your beauty routine!


  133. Hi Marie,
    Wonderful video of some of your lessons.
    The one about only working with ‘A players’ is the one that I think has so much ‘juice’!~ Why?
    Because if you gonna work with A players, you’ve got to be on the track to B-ing one, and getting reflection from friends, peers, vendors, mentors, etc—and vulnerably is the only way I can see that happening. How did you temper getting ‘real’ with becoming an A player and then finding the A’s along the way?

  134. Michelle

    Hi Marie!

    I just wanted to do a quick shout-out to you! LOVE you! You are truly amazing. I love everything you said today. You are such an inspiration! I love that EVERYTHING you said hit home with me. Awesome!

    Thank you, thank you! Much love,

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’re so kind, Michelle!! xo

  135. Eve

    Hi Marie,

    The idea of making sure that something is the right opportunity for you really struck home with me. It has taken a little longer, but I have learned to stay true to my vision.

    Thanks for another great video,

  136. Loree Hollander

    I don’t think I have ever commented on an episode before (even though I am a regular watcher) but this one was super helpful to me. Specifically, the “Start Small” lesson with footage of Marie’s early videos was super motivational, and took away some of the fear I have with regard to making my own beginner level videos. Second, the “Consistency” lesson, since that is my biggest challenge right now and I needed to hear it. ;-D Third, the “Evolve” lesson resonated with me because it’s so very authentic for Marie to comment on those things like language, etc. So THANK YOU for the authenticity, and all of the incredible motivation I get from Marie TV. Namaste!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for stopping by to leave a comment Loree!!

  137. Katharina

    I love the ‘opportunity lesson’ as I can totally relate to what you mean. A few months ago, my friend forwarded me a job advertisement and the job seemed to be perfect for me. However, I just wasn’t convinced that I really wanted this job. I still applied for it, hoping to receive a ‘Sorry, but no’-letter. Crazy. I could have spared myself a lot of worry had I just listened to my first feeling…

  138. Denise

    Thanks Marie, you truly are an inspiration. I am starting a new career so it is so good to hear to start it out slow leads to bigger things. Starting is the important piece. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays.

  139. Marie and Team Forleo,
    I loved all the takeaways! It’s hard to choose just ONE as a major insight. But I’d say that two ideas struck me the most: (1) the importance of consistency, and (2) not trying to please everyone and follow our own joy instead.
    Especially as women, we’ve been so conditioned to be the carers, always kind and loving to our families, friends, clients and beyond, that it’s easy to get side-tracked from our own desires.
    What is more, our consistency to our own projects gets thrown out of the window as we put other peoples’ “you-do” lists ahead of our own “to-dos”.
    Thank you for the great reminder to keep true to ourselves and commit to our own dreams.
    With love,

  140. Marie – This episode truly spoke to me! My heart sang and felt acknowledged with two of your 7 lessons. “Stay true to your vision” and “Not every opportunity is the right one for me.” I have spent a great deal of time trying to work with some amazing opportunities just to have my heart and spirit cry out that I was not in the correct place for me. Once I stopped, did the homework necessary and became clear on my true vision, did I finally listen and make the necessary changes. I now continue to move forward with my true “purpose” and am able to recognize those opportunities, although good, are not a fit. What a powerful experience!

  141. The lesson that hits hardest for me is: “You can’t make everyone happy (and it’s a losing game to try.) This ties in with the whole idea of staying true to YOUR vision. Never sacrifice on the things that make you YOU. Don’t allow others’ opinions on what you should be doing cause you to alter your course.

    Thanks Marie for this!!! I will be using this to help grow my vision for

  142. Kristin

    Starting small leads to success is huge: you have to start somewhere and I think a lot of people (especially women and “perfectionists”) get hung up on this. Newsflash: It’s probably not going to be great from day 1, whatever you are doing. I have had a relocation company for almost 5 years now, and the first 100 relocations I did looked a lot different from the last 100 I’ve completed (we’ve done over 500). Everything is a learning curve but if you don’t take that first step, you’ll end up with nothing at all. I think that Liz Gilbert was saying that during her interview on Marie TV: there are a lot of people with potential who never actually created anything. Taking that first step and starting small is the biggest hurdle there is.

    Another great lesson from this video is: “When it comes to your creativity, you have got to do what you wanna do.” 1,000 times this! Everyone will have an opinion and their own ideas about what you “should” be doing – let them do that themselves if they feel so strongly about it. Stay true to yourself and your ideas – you are the only one who truly knows what you want to do and what you want to create. No one else can have your own internal vision and no one else can ever know what’s best for you or your life. This one is huge and a lesson I’ve learned a few times in the past.

  143. Marie,
    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the continuous inspiration! I look at what you are doing and find myself in awe. I often forget that everyone has to start somewhere. I have a dream of starting a video blog (among other features) to help build my brand, but often find it so easy to feel inadequate when it comes to the quality and content I have to offer.
    Seeing you share the struggles you once faced when getting started (and STILL continue to face) reminds me that it is OK and expected to encounter major speed bumps. Learning how to roll with it and stay strong in your resolve is such an important lesson that I hope will stay with me as I continue to grow as a Health Coach. Infinite love and gratitude!!!

  144. Hi Marie!

    I love all your lessons! Each and every one resonates with me. In this moment I can say that these two: “start small” and don’t try to please everyone” are the most actual now. Thank you for this episode and your work and your commitment.
    With love and respect. Sona

  145. Adam Bieber

    Starting small leads to big things – because I always think about where I’ll end up and sometimes it stops me from starting things.

  146. Perfect timing. Sometimes I second guess myself.
    Being true to myself is the basis of the joy that I
    have in my life. Thanks for sharing your insight and
    life experiences!

  147. Marie,
    I love this! Thank you for making it. Your video’s really help me out. I really loved that you shared how you started. I LOVE that you said just because something’s an opportunity, doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you. In my case, if I am 100% honest, I just want to keep going as an artist to do that, I have to have a team that will help me. Your posting about a team really helped! I can’t do it alone, and kind of suck at communication. Which you have to do well in order to succeed. I’ve noticed that in many video’s and it is 100% right.
    I actually learn how to communicate better when I’m out in the community. Paula Deen is actually a huge inspiration to me, as she also did not get out in the community until later. Sadly, there aren’t many in this location willing to open their minds enough to help those like me though. The only way I could make enough money to pay rent, medical bills, etc. is to continue creating for art therapy, but make it a job.
    That brings me back to your saying just because something’s an opportunity, doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you. Long ago, I did want fame, etc. it was all I really longed for. Today I really long for the strength to keep going in order to continue showing the world that they can to. There’s a visual arts show that I’m in each year called the “I Have Marks To Make” show. It celebrates the rehabilitative aspects in art. Due to my being so open about my experiences, I’ve had others open up to me about theirs. I feel an obligation to continue in order to help them know not to give up on life, but I also know that talking about my pain constantly is causing me pain. It’s causing me to live in that time, and not move on. I have the opportunity to help others with my story, but repeating my past over, and over is seriously killing a part of me.
    I want my art to be a job that I will have forever, something that will help me be free like others. I’ve been on tv. before for a fundraiser that I created to help the blind here in Savannah. Like you said though, just because something’s an opportunity, doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you. It tears out a part of me having to give up fundraising, but if it’s going to harm me then it wasn’t meant for me.
    Art, I will never give up though. I will keep watching your video’s for inspirational help. Thank you for making them. I hope that you never stop! I know that I may make some people mad, but like you said you can’t make everyone happy, and it’s a losing game to try.
    P.S. I think that you’re great!

  148. Marie, your shows have put my “Giving back” motion from a snails pace to currently in second gear and heading for the sprint. All the shows from the authors of” A Path Appears” ,”The Promise of a Pencil”, “You have hidden treasures within you, so do I, and so does everyone around us”, “Big Magic”, “yoga for life”, “The happiness of pursuit” amongst the most recent. I am still absorbed in reading” A Path Appears”.What a rivetting and touching book which hits my “WHY” on target. My goal is to read all these books that are in queue and emulate what each of the authors are accomplishing and take their inspiration and goodwill and big heart to meet my “Why and Giving” goals and make that an integral part as to why I am put on this earth. It’s simple just to GIVE 99 percent of times and receive just an infinitesmal back or even nothing. I do self development two hours daily. The books listed above is all I read in addition to self development. If everyone would just do a tiny proportion of what these great authors are doing, it would make our cruel and topsy turvy world a little optimistic and ending suffering in some parts of the world a reality though nothing can be further from the truth.

  149. Hi Marie!

    I remember the days of the brick wall, and I also remember a video of you saying “even the greatest oak trees started as a small acorn…” and I always carry that with me as a reminder to honor where I am in my journey.

    Along the lines of staying true to your vision, my greatest lesson is to always be yourself and be authentic. A long time ago I used to try to promote businesses via social media, email, etc and was speaking/writing like I thought a business “should” write (awful word, I know). I found that once I started embracing the fact that I am a human and embracing all my idiosyncrasies while letting my personality show through, people were much more responsive. Now I live by “just be you.” Or more importantly “Always strive to be the best version of yourself.”

    Success is not going to look the same for everyone and the path to get there is not the opportunities that others think are best, but the ones that resonate with our vision and who we truly are. Thank you for another great episode Marie! You and your team are always such an inspiration!

  150. Sharon Blasko

    Hi Marie, the one thing i have learned is, it is so much fun to watch u, & to take baby steps & keep putting one foot in fromt of the other. Thank u Sharon Blasko

  151. Amazing 250+ shows for free, inspiring people in every corner of the world, giving women the trust on ourselves we need. Thank you so much.
    For me, as for many here, number 1: start small.

    Many times I see people on the social media working as freelance just like me and making much more money and I feel not good enough. So I have to remember that being small is not bad at all, it’s just the beginning.

    Keep the good work, please

  152. emily

    My dream is to one day own my own business – whether that’s in addition to being a stay at home mom or working full time, only time will tell. I’m creative and resourceful but I haven’t quite translated that into what I want my business to be. I have a lot of ideas, but none that have totally been lightbulb moments. I’m trying to start small, but things can look daunting when I’m not exactly sure what direction I want to be heading.
    My question is, how do I stay true to my vision when I’m not exactly sure what my vision is quite yet?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Since you’re in the early stages of developing your business, right now staying true to your vision might be primarily about setting goals and following through on them, or perhaps creating a wish list around the business you’d like and how you see it, or maybe making manageable action items out of your list, and doing them. One thing Marie often shares is that “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.”

      Keep taking action, knocking on mental doors, and following your heart, and you’ll know where to go.

  153. Agata

    Ah, Marie, great episode. Thank you so much for your fantastic work. I would never ever say that you and your team shoot 4-5 times a year. That’s so reasonable. I thought you did it every week! 🙂
    Lack of consistency is my number one nightmare and a number one killer of my dreams. After watching today’s episode I’m on a mission to change this. Wish me luck!
    Agata :* :* :*

  154. Hi!

    Do you have any tips on how to build the right team with people who really ‘get’ what you are doing? How do you find them? Where do you look? How do you know they’re ‘right’?


  155. Great video! I do enjoy watching your older videos as well as they remind me that I can do this too. What stuck with me: Start small- Be consistent- Have fun- Stay true to your vision- Let yourself evolve! Awesome sauce!

  156. Nida

    I was thrilled to see you at ,kris Carr ‘s book launch and was sitting close to Josh ! I gave him a gift for you – a key chain with your name and Nida hug on it ! You have been a huge inspiration to me and the best advise is to not try to please everyone , I was so scared of putting myself out there I just didn’t for far too long , Cancer had to come back to stop me being afraid and just get up and do it , Thank you and I look forward to hugging you sometime soon x Nida hug ?

  157. Congrats on so many shows! The best lesson I like is 1, starting small leads to big success. I’m watching this at a corner desk in my pajamas but one day it would be great to have a team or another team member and another desk beside me creating together. The dog is not cutting it for me when it comes to bouncing ideas off him. Love all the lessons, actually, thanks! And I do forward your videos to my daughters and tell them “tonight after work, watch this!”

  158. Thank you Marie for all your pearls! I especially loved today’s video as it held so many great reminders of why and how we can all keep going. Thank You!! The biggest stand out for me are #1. Starting Small leads to Big Success and #5 Let Yourself Evolve! As they say the love is in the details, and we (my fiance and I) have taken the time to make sure the steps we take in our company are in line with not only what feels right, but what and how is best for the client, even if it’s a small step. We give it the time it deserves. And #5, evolving has been all we’ve been doing!! It’s a bit crazy making and Murphy’s law, but it keeps things fresh and interesting … for sure!
    Thank you again, looking forward to the next couple hundred vids. 😉

  159. Hey Marie,
    My business is in the infancy stages and I love your little nuggets o’ wisdom because they help me stay motivated. So right now, it’s “starting small leads to big success”!

    But for me, with absolutely NO business background I keep reminding myself over and over again: I don’t have to know how to do everything, I just have to know who to ask. I am blessed to have a lot of people in my life with a lot of different strengths and talents and their support and guidance is EVERYTHING. This is how I’ll get my business up and running.


  160. Virginia

    Marie – always a delight to watch you in action. Being true to what you want to do, what feels right – this is so important. Even if it doesn’t work out the first time you try it, you tried from your core level. I like the humor – especially the real laugh you don’t hesitate to use.

  161. For me, the advice of starting small and letting things grow organically meant a lot. I love to blog but when I see so many huge sites around its easy to get discouraged. Instead I try and stay dedicated and let my blog grows as it wants to and as I learn. Thanks for the validation.

  162. Start small and be consistence
    I remember when I start to watch your TV ( and yes already two years for me !!!) and I heard all ready the fact you start small.
    I decide to see you first video, and when I see it, I say to myself She start for this place and look where she is, it was a boosting.
    I say to myself start and don’t be afraid you will grow if you follow your path and don’t give up.
    I know I’m on my way, and after B school, it give me confidence to go deeper on my voice, my message, starting to pull some pdf, a daily energy on facebook and next step is a new website and a book, and some funny tools for the world.
    I enjoying my work life.

    Thank You Marie

  163. Starting small and knowing when it is time to expand. Planning. Not trying to please everyone. I’m checking everything on the list.
    As it happens I decided [snap decision] to have a stall at a local Xmas market. I have my list of things that need doing, dolls that need making, and my calendar mapped out. I’m working hard and not stressing because I’ve got everything planned with room to spare [in case something does go wrong].
    By the way, huge hugs and thanks to Marie and Team. You guys have become a constant part of my midweek ritual.

  164. Marie TV and the copy cure are keeping me going in this time of transition and new beginnings. I love the wisdom and the upbeatness. Shout out to my coach, Robin Feldberg, for pointing me here. BTW, the Copy Cure is loaded with stuff we all need to know – get the cure!


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Baron!! We love hearing that, and feel free to share more at thecopycureATmarieforleoDOTcom. 🙂

  165. Jas

    HUGE congratulations Marie and Team Forleo! This is such a big achievement. I have watched your videos from the very beginning, and have loved to watch how they have evolved.
    Your advice about consistency is really standing out to me. It’s one thing to be celebrated for your ideas and talents, but I’m starting to realise that without consistency and commitment, things can fizzle out and leave us feeling disappointed! I’m always impressed when I see a new video from you each week, with new content, interviews and support for us all. I am also seeing how important planning is to help consistency.
    The other advice that I am daily trying to take, is realising that you can’t please everyone. It can be a hard pill to swallow and can stop me from doing anything at all.
    Thanks so much for this episode Marie, it’s inspirational to see how you and your team produce so much value so regularly, and also that it takes hard work!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thanks Jas — we’re so happy to have had you in our world from the beginning days.

  166. Oliver

    Hello Marie,

    Of the Seven Most Important Lessons Learned Over 256 Episodes, consistency resonates as the most important. My lack of concern with consistency meant losing focus, which resulted in losing mometum. Each time I failed to capitalize on incremental gains I limited productivity and delayed results.

    Before leaving I also want to share what I am learning as I work thru the trenches on improving and helping manage organizations already in existence. One is facilities management where I am a custodial worker and the other is working with two (2) other officers in management of a small 4 unit condo association where I am a Treasurer.
    What I have learned is understand the people you are working with and know their expectations. It is simple to garner the confidence of others if you are able to communicate well and meet their present expectations. The challenge resolves around meeting future expectations and adjusting to unforseen limitations. Those limitations brought about by your colleagues’ user-friendliness and your ability to adjust to your own mission driven forecasting mistakes.


  167. Christine

    Congratulations to marvelous Marie! I am a die hard fan and wish you AT LEAST 250 more episodes!
    Consistency is not an accident. I know I could do so much more if I could get consistency down pat. I have several familial distractions, whom I love of course, but their stuff becomes my stuff and then my stuff doesn’t get done. Plus I am so easily bored with the tedious stuff. Alas.
    Tuning in to Marie TV is an inspiration to be sure. Tuned into the Kris Carr book launch too! I love you all! I will continue to support you and share you at every chance I get. Because you’re great, and because you are real. 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You’re so kind, Christine. Thank you!

      We love you back.

  168. Anna

    Thankyou Marie
    what I have learnt today is the overwhelm I have been in, trying to match other peoples success, and redefining what I really want. Thankyou.

  169. Kirsty

    Congratulations and thank you Marie and team for another amazing episode! As always everything you say rings true. I just wanted to let you know that it’s a short week here in New Zealand (Monday was a public holiday) – so yesterday I happily realised that with the time zone difference it would only be one day instead of two until your email popped into my inbox … and it made me realise how much I look forward to watching. You are one of the few mailing lists I choose to stay on these days, and open every week with joy and anticipation. Keep up the awesomeness! Thanks again! Kirsty x ~

  170. Thanks for the reminder Marie and getting me back on track. I’ve stagnated big time lately and I realise it’s because I am waiting for some magical external person or event to sweep into my life and make things happen. I have a big vision for prenatal yoga teaching but realise I have to work with where I am, make a more conscientious effort to get back on track with the long list of blog posts, audio and video ideas that I have been holding back on, partly out of fear of not being “ready”. So what if only my mom and husband watch it; maybe in five years I will be surprised by where I am! Onwards and upwards everyone. 🙂

  171. I loved that episode. It really had great advice for me. I liked the one about consistency and to surround myself with the right people. Thank you.

  172. Barb

    Loved this episode and especially the lesson about doing what feels right for you at the end of the day.
    I would love for you to also make a session about how your ideas apply to all generations and for those of us baby boomers who are getting the opportunity and confidence to really embrace our hearts passions with you help!

  173. Kylie

    Hi Marie, you are such a ray of sunshine it is wonderful to watch you every week! I love your work and message!

    What resonated with me the most was to allow yourself to evolve. I have just had that particular struggle in my life and it sure is a biggie! I have just resigned from a nice cushy gov job and have followed my heart elsewhere starting my own business (very small) and also helping a wonderful friend develop her business. It was just something that felt right but was oh so scary to do. Going from a nice guaranteed wage to a much smaller irregular one but still following our visions..

    Thanks for all your practical and fun insights. You are a joy to watch!

    My eyes are firmly fixed on the future xx

  174. Keeping it real Marie Forleo! Love that!

  175. Love this Marie! Yes to starting small. Nothing wrong with that as long as you start, right? I cant believe it’s over 250 episodes. Wow. Keep up the amazing work!

  176. Thanks, I loved this one Marie (no really surprises there – I love most of them!).

    All of the lessons were good, but the one that really resonated for me was “Let yourself evolve”.

    To me it captured a few things: a reminder to be brave and explore, to seek new solutions (innovative) and to acknowledge all lessons learnt.

  177. Sharon

    Best comment…staying true to yourself. I can get very sidetracked by WEB RESEARCH, when in reality I am “comparing”. Thank you.

  178. I love this video, so inspirational!

  179. Lisa S

    Love your videos especially the before and after clips/ bloopers. Stay on your game and keep filming MarieTV because the world needs that special gift only YOU have! Love you Marie ?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA! Love it. XOXO

  180. Dear Marie,

    This is my favorite MarieTV episode of all-time! I’ve got some tears in my eyes thinking about supportive your videos have been to me. All of these lessons hit home. Lately I’ve really been evolving in my understanding of what I need to move forward, and what ways of being I want to change up next.

    You’re an inspiration and have created one of my favorite communities. Thanks so much for sharing your light!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Ella, thank you so very much. xoxo

  181. Marie,
    I started small and grew to a team of 30.
    I am consistent in everything I do and show up every day, 150%.
    Life and business are unpredictable and one has to roll with the punches.
    People love what I do, some don’t and that’s ok.
    I have grown in unexpected ways, including running for mayor in my home city while also running my business.
    I am clear about what I want to accomplish and don’t go off the rails.
    The biggest asset to my business is my A team. My business is called FRED., but it takes an army of talented, committed and awesome people to make it work and me look like I do it all, effortlessly. I shout out to them every chance I have. I would be nothing without an A team to back me up. I am honoured to have them by my side, every step of the way.

  182. I sprinted after opp after opp from a desperate, lacking space Marie. For years. Only when I slowed down, calmed down and worked from a more detached, grateful, care free space did I act on opportunities which vibed with my direction. I learned how to realize that I need nothing, that I am whole and complete, for a little bit each day to reach this space. Congrats Marie, you rock.


  183. Megan

    I loved the re-cap over the hard work and time you’ve put into all your success. Thank you for sharing as that’s exactly what I needed to hear coming from a successful inspiration like you.

    From my personal experience, I’ve struggled with consistency. I’ve my had to learn the hard way to consistently practice things like working out or keeping a positive attitude even when all hope is lost. The lack of exercise clearly affected me resulting in a muffin top, but attitude also effected my achievements. While watching a lecture on manifesting your desires and the effects of your attitude in your life, I was stunned to discover the scientifically proven fact that a negative attitude actually hinders your brain from learning, or connecting neurons.

    This was incredible to me! I am a young woman focused on growing and educating myself in every way possible. Given that most of my family never achieved getting a degree or being very financially successful and seemed to do well only when they were happier, really opened my eyes. I thought, “My goodness, I will never have a bad day again if that’s the case.”

    My boyfriend and I have a large vision to start our own business. We love educating on health, as we’ve healed my fibromyalgia together and I have a passion for art and design. After realizing my need for consistency, my painting projects have been completed one after another and this muffin top is disappearing, woo hoo! Scheduling these things into my week or month has also been a secondary major attribute to these successes.

    Thank you as always for the information you share and for touching another personal life like my own. You are appreciated. ;]

  184. Awesome stuff. Thanks Marie for the great tips (as always) this was just what I needed to hear at this point in my business and life. Rock on.

    Health and happiness,

  185. Another AWESOME Vlog. Great advice. I am still trying to get to the point where I make a Vlog for my website…maybe a Vlog on how to start? What to consider before starting? Advice? If you already have such a Vlog, I would love to have the link:-) Thanks so much!!!

  186. Yvette

    Love, love this episode. I like the way you create “chunks” of information and the up beat energy you have when you speak. It seems that you are speaking directly to me in this segment. Start small and build organically. Consistency. Lots of just plain good stuff. Thank you. I am sharing this segment with a few folks that I think this message will resonant with.

  187. Celebration hugs to you Marie & Team Forleo on 250+ MarieTV espisodes! That is quite the milestone!

    Loved every invaluable lesson you brought up Marie, and one you mentioned that I’ve come to appreciate greatly is about opportunity. I’ve become very discerning about what feels truly aligned with me, my values and my work, so I wholeheartedly agree that not every opportunity is a good fit and saying no thank you in those instances is just as powerful as saying yes to the opportunities that do feel perfect-for-you!

    In reply to: If you’ve been in the trenches creating something consistently for a while now: What’s the single biggest lesson that you’ve learned so far that you’d like to share with us?

    For almost 4 years I’ve been publishing a newsletter – it used to be twice a month then changed to weekly. My consistency has been due to always staying true to myself (my heart). Whenever I’ve tried to plan my newsletters in a more structured way or ahead of time (since it works for so many others!), it just hasn’t flowed or felt aligned. Then I realized that I actually did have a “system” that has generated my consistency, based on my wholehearted commitment to my purpose. It’s been my ability to receive divine inspiration to best serve my Sacred Earth Connection circle at that time of publishing. Allowing Nature and Spirit to dictate what to feature in my newsletters each week has been my “structured system” that works best for me as well as serves my circle the best. I’ve learned that as long as you do what feels true to your heart, from your heart, things will always work out for the best, for everyone involved (even when at times they might not immediately appear that way, trust that they are).

    Thank you for another marvelous MarieTV!

    Lots of love! ♥

  188. Megan

    My biggest challenge hands down is consistency. Knowing what to commit to and being consistent in that kicks my butt! But right now I’m choosing to be consistent with a morning routine, and I’m excited about it!

  189. Alyssa

    The first lesson about starting small for big success really hits home for me. I’m currently struggling with that in starting my own business. I have so many great ideas, but my to-do list is so long that it’s becoming overwhelming. So instead, I do nothing, which is worse than taking small steps! I’m trying not to over-think things (like coming up with the perfect business name) and to save some ideas for later when my business expands. Thank you for reinforcing what I need to do!

  190. Illani

    what that has really really really stuck with me over the years would be



    Much love to you and the team

  191. Hi Marie,
    You asked about one lesson that we took home from yesterday’s video, I think, at least to me, it’s every episode that gives us immense inspiration. Ever since I started watching your videos, I began to believe. All the seven lessons that you shed light on in this video are backed up by self believe. I am still clueless and still in the process of figuring out how I am supposed to create an impact on this planet, but one thing I am sure about is that I really can. I believe in myself, I believe on continuing the quest and give all that I have to attain what I want and all these things I instilled in myself through your channel. You’re not an individual, you’re an institution that radiates inspiration. I truly appreciate and value all your efforts you made to enlighten us and to show the world a unique that only we got.
    God bless!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We’re so honored by your words, Nyda, and it means a lot to us that you are taking away immense inspiration from each episode. Thanks for being here.

  192. Yep, another ‘Overnight Success’ in the making 😉

    People just seem too quick to judge their success on the results of that last blog post or last Youtube video. You will be successful, but it’ll just take time.

    If your youtube video doesn’t get 1 million views tomorrow, or the next day, then maybe it will amass that many in a few years. Don’t stop producing content because something hasn’t worked for you. Give it time and let it develop.

    I just keep pushing through the weeds and know I’ll eventually look back to find they were actually sunflowers that just hadn’t bloomed.

  193. Among all lessons, I think consistency ranks the top. I remember one morning I was watching sunrise. It looked so beautiful and I thought “What a beautiful canvas in the sky…” Usually I would say a prayer and tell God how wonderful the color he created, but that morning I seemed to receive a very different inspiration – A very clear message came to me saying, “Yes each project is very beautiful, the sunrise, the moon, the star, the forest..etc. but without any order and discipline, none of them will be able to have a chance to show how beautiful they are, no beauty will emerge from chaos. Discipline and order are crucial to create space and time for each element to shine.”

    This was like 6 years ago but I still vividly remember that morning. I believe discipline (to me discipline goes along with consistency) is absolutely important if you want to make anything successful. But this is also the hardest thing for me to achieve (that’s why the message sound very loud and clear to me that morning 😉 Creative person really needs to set a solid frame work or time table to follow if we want to move beyond just idea.

  194. Thank you Marie for all the shows you have done and how committed you are. Please don’t ever stop! You inspire me every day xxx

  195. Dayanna Faye V. Lorono

    Hi Marie! This is Dayanna. I got your message in my inbox. I really love your episodes especially those episodes who give value to the “invaluable-existence” of life. Your episodes really explained what is the true purpose of not to be on the ‘mother’s-womb’ forever concept. It gave me the persistence to go on with life and have fate to what’s been done. Thank you. More episodes please.



  196. Lisa

    Thank you all that you do, Marie!! There have been so many impactful lessons, via your videos. The one that instantly comes to mind though, is the one about what to do when life hands you a sh*t sandwhich 🙂

    The thing that helps me move ahead, and wade through overwhelm is to just focus on the next small step. If I think about the whole future (for example – a completed project, and what it would take to get there; or ‘the future’ in its entirety, and what it would entail to live in it (plans, finances, things to get done) I feel like I’m drowning in ‘holy crapizoid’. But when I just focus on the first step to getting anywhere (personally or professionally) I feel calm, and zen, and productive, and like a smooth piece of ginger chocolate 🙂

  197. Hi Marie,

    The lesson to start small. I always think I have to be slick from the start. Inspired me to now begin my own video series.

    Watch this space!


  198. Wow it’s hard to pick a favorite because they were all so good! Number 2 really struck something inside of me though. I agree with you that having unwavering commitment and nonnegotiables are really what makes consistency happen. This is a constant struggle for me. I have great productive days, then days when I get nothing done, and end up beating myself up. It’s frustrating to know I am not living my potential every damn day! I will work on this for sure. Thanks Marie 🙂

  199. Hi Marie! Thanks so much for your video and for all the inspiration you provide. Seriously, I feel like I owe you so much! I wanted to start a food/nutrition blog for years but kept on saying, “oh but it’s already been done, what can I possibly add?” Well, thanks to your advice, I started one recently and I’m really enjoying it, it feels so good to finally be putting something out there that is mine, and really exercising my creativity. I would definitely say that your first two pieces of advice, start small, and be consistent, are the best. I have a lot of other things on the go, but in the long term I would really like this blog to become something even bigger, not only with a library of recipes but with information for people dealing with digestive issues and disordered eating patterns. It’s the dream! Anyhow, your advice is spot on and makes me feel so encouraged to keep going and sticking to what I believe in- oh, and I guess it goes hand in hand with what you said about doing what makes YOU happy. One of the things that kept me from making a move for so long was the fear of what people would think…. it feels so good to put that fear aside and just write what I want, and forget the rest. Even though I’m not a famous food blogger (yet), it feels so great to be doing something that is meaningful to me and exercising my creativity, instead of sitting on the sidelines watching other people do it. Thank you Marie!!

  200. Louise

    Hi Marie, it’s always good to watch Marie TV after a long day at work, it’s entertaining, funny and the lessons are so useful for my day to day life. A big thank you to you and your fantastic team 🙂

  201. kiprotich rop

    that is amazing video like what you say start small and grow into big biz. go big dear and be blessed

  202. Hi Marie, I’ve only just discovered you, but I love your work and am massively inspired by what you do. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in your funny, sassy way. The thing I’ve struggled most with, for most of my life, has been believing that everyone has their own special set of talents, idiosyncrasies and experiences and that we truly are all unique. For the longest time, I thought I had nothing special to add to the world, or that my talents and abilities weren’t worth much or weren’t different enough to make me stand out. Now I truly believe that we all are unique, and we just have to let ourselves be ourselves and find our own special path and stretch out in the direction that feels right to us. The better we know ourselves, the easier it is to be true to ourselves and to develop our own individual vision. I suppose it ties into your number 5 “let yourself evolve”; magical things start to happen when you find out who you are and dare to follow your heart. I love this quote: “The world needs that special gift that only you have”. This motivated me to read on and post today, as I really should not be faffing on the internet right now! 😉 Thanks for inspiring me. xxx

  203. Congratulations Team Marie on your success. I just have to say, I’ve followed you guys for some time now, and I always take something positive away. I’m inspired to keep with my vision. I understand people see the fluff, but they don’t see the scraped knees. As I navigate new concepts and work to bring my concept forward, its nice to hear you all share insights behind the scenes of a fantastic operation. I am staying on my game!

  204. Vincent

    I agree starting small and staying consistent will build your business faster with a better reputation.

  205. Sarah K

    Hi Marie, great tips!! I love the idea of staying true to yourself! I really want to start my own business and have things in interested in but can’t seem to get the idea to form into a complete business idea. Any tips or videos I should watch on how to make my muse come to life? Thank you!

  206. Hi Marie, thanks again for another great one ;).
    The 2 for me are start small (love it, as I knew that’s exactly what I should be doing, but; here’s another one, ‘don’t listen to anyone else, trust yourself’, which I didn’t do and now I’m kinda starting over, and doing these 2 things, it makes a huge difference and ultimately makes me feel happier, which is why we’re all doing this right?!).
    See you next Tuesday 😉
    Jo xx

  207. So much thanks and love.
    All these lessons are useful for me, as I am almost done creating and launch/selling is coming up.
    I am excited to find the right opportunities and clients for my business, and appreciate your lessons, esp #1, in remembering that starting small is cool. As I naturally evolve, the next lesson I embody is #2. Lesson #7 is a great reminder, it annoys others, just alone in getting my website ready, fending off strong suggestions of adding stuff on I do not want to.
    Very exciting time, cheers to another 250 shows!!!!

  208. Ian Versace

    Another wonderful MarieTV episode, thank you!
    Whilst all the rules tugged at me, Number Three really jumped on me and beat about the head with the Pillow of Reason. I am a Stay at Home Dad who is also writing a novella for young readers, and quite often my writing time is interrupted loudly and unignorably. So it occurs to me that, while I shall continue to try and keep Number Two going (consistency), I really need to embrace the likelihood of Number Three ambushing me at every turn and not getting frustrated with it, just roll with it and get back to my craft when I can.
    Thanks Marie and to your wonderful team, I really love what you are doing for the World.

  209. Thank you for sharing these seven lessons and the 256 episodes! <3

    I have created consistently during the past year.. I've doodled daily these little divine love bombs of mine. I just started and evolved and continued day after day after day. And miracles started to happen!

    I share those doodles for free and the biggest lesson for me has been that when you give love you get love back thousand times more! And it is thrilling where this is taking me! I just renewed my website and will start my own newsletter soon and have been figuring out paths to make it so that it brings food to my table too.

    And I have started small.. I don't have the equipment to make daily doodles with high quality. I just started with what I have.. And little by little I am saving up so that I can have the computer and programs that I need to start selling them, unless mu evolution takes me to some other direction where I could keep on sharing them for free. (I really love it!)

    Starting where you are is my lesson number two. I've fallen in love with gratitude towards all that I have. (Love bombing the world and getting it back multiplied really does the trick!)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Marie and the awesome crew!

  210. Holly McDonald

    Thanks so much for the effort you and your team put into each episode. I have been inspired each week. You are such an inspiration. Holly.

  211. Amazing lessons from true experience Marie.

    I really love the ‘start small, big success’. Watching your beautiful set, amazing team and lovely dresses every week, used to make me forget how much you have grown the business.

    I remember watching many of your early episodse and they are hilarious! Your language, your sets/backdrops but always great advice.

    Your journey is documented on YouTube and I love that.

    It reminds me that consistency is always the key.


    Marie and Team

  212. Be strong and courageous is the whisper i hear every time i am watching Marie TV. Now the greatest lesson i have learned so far is that i should be brave enough and courageous in whatever i am doing inorder to finish victorious. Given the kind of work i do in the world such a quality is required. Respect be to Marie she brought Change into my life and i feel like the whole world should go via Marie’s episodes.

  213. Marie ( and team) I always LOVE your vids and messagaes & imspiration and reality checks they bring. Here’s to 256 more!

    Two lessons
    Persistence trumps almost everything. Keep going. Just don’t be blind to learning as you go.

    You MUST reach out and get help , inspiration, interaction and new perspectives from others. It’s simple to fall into the trap of doing it all alone- But in the end it’s the energy and assistance you get from others that makes things work.

    Thanks for sharing all you know and do.


  214. Wow, more than 1 resonates with me. I’ve just leaped out onto my own and wanting to replace the paycheck right away really isn’t happening. But start small was good to hear. Consistency is a given. Can’t make everyone happy! Boy oh boy is that one a bell ringer. I think staying true to my vision will help me with making myself happy! Once that happens, it all falls into place, right?
    Thank you Marie…this episode hit home.

  215. Tony

    First of all, CONGRATS on 256 episodes.
    Someone recommended you to me last year and I have been watching ever since.
    Your videos are not only entertaining but also thought provoking. I’m building a Consulting business through Social Media promotions. It’s been a struggle, but this is my dream and despite people telling me to get back in the business world, I’m sticking to this.
    And that’s the point I love the most, staying true to your vision.
    Keep these videos coming each week. Your entire fan base loves them!

    • Keep it up! Is better to follow tour vision than anyone else vision ☺️


    In all of these, Marie demonstrates what it takes to create our desired success. What really stands out for me is how she listened to herself and it’s ALWAYS seems to come back to this; Her vision; Her clarity; Her long -term commitment to herself and her dreams.

    Lesson 1 – Slowly and organically. Small and consistent steps. Yes, yes & hell YEAH! I can get ungrounded if I move too quick which does me no good and I loved when Marie shared that it was ‘slow and organic’ for her. It feels so steady and un-knockable.

    Lesson 2 – Consistency is not an accident. Planning & scheduling in advanced and non negotiable. Life bends to support you. YES. I am challenged by this HOWEVER, I am slowly and organically getting better at this…..

    Lesson 3 – Murphy’s Law. Another YES! Allow for humour and lightness. GSOH is very NB. There are times when I get so serious so if I ain’t laughing, just where is the joy?? It’s a good barometer.

    Lesson 4 – BIG YES!! I’m a recovering people pleaser so I’m learning to listen and FILTER. Pursuing the joy…YES!

    Lesson 5 – Let yourself evolve. I will.

    Lesson 6 – I’m taking notes. Get super clear on my standards. YES.

    Lesson 7 – Stay true to your vision. Listen to yourself. The ultra clear thing again.

    Yep… all good. Anymore yes’s and the neighbours will think I’m savoring some afternoon delight. But no. Just some Marie TV is all. x

  217. Dami

    Love Love this episode. Finally at a place were i have figured out what i want to do and confident in myself starting the journey. Such good advice to key into now.

    And congrats on getting to 256 episodes. I love that you do what works for you and stick with it.

  218. Let yourself evolve. Love that. I think it can be very hard to shift. You wonder if your doing the right thing. I love that advice!

    Thanks Marie.

  219. eva

    I can attest that Team Forleo is amazing – always so loving and professional. Thanks for this Marie. It’s helpful for those of us who have been at this for a while and still going…

  220. Petrice

    Marie, this video was AWESOME!!! So encouraging!
    The lessons that stood out to me were (1) the one about starting small and (2) the fact that just because something is a good opportunity doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you- I LOVED it!!!
    [hitting “replay”……. ]

  221. Dear Marie Forleo Team,

    “consistency is not an accident” is something I need to work with ASAP,
    and stick to my vision, wich I think they come together like a bundle, stick to my vision helps me stay commited and practice consistency.
    This episode is pure gold! All 7 lessons are so valuable thanks for sharing, thanks for letting it shine you guys!

  222. Great lessons on building your business your own way, according to your own vision. Sometimes I feel like kicking myself for the snail’s pace of my business. “Why didn’t I do X, Y or Z, like so-and-so – I would be so much further along now!” That may or may not be true, but one thing I can say about my business, after 10 years, it’s all ME. The big lesson from this video for me is about consistency. I’m not consistent, and that’s probably the #1 reason that I’m not doing everything I want to be doing! I know I *should* be shooting more video and I *should* be writing blog posts and I *should* have a marketing calendar for my event coming up in five months. The places I’m not consistent are places I could really be growing.

  223. Samaia

    Consistency is not an accident! To this point in my career, I’ve been like lightning. Bright and electric, but never striking the same place twice. In the five years I’ve been watching MarieTV I’ve had two fledgling, part-time businesses that were successful but I had to relocate before they really got off the ground. I also climbed the ladder in DC with four, upwardly-mobile jobs in as many years. I’ve been good at many things, but never had to STAY good at one thing. Now I’m am building a YouTube channel. I know it will be great but also know I have to focus on sustaining it and that is incredibly daunting. So thank you for saying consistency is not an accident and takes much planning. I’m working on building my consistency and discipline muscles every single day.

  224. This might have just been the push I needed to go from blogging to vlogging – even if it is with my computer’s camera and me sitting on my bed. Thanks Marie!

  225. Hi Marie!

    Lesson 1 really hit home for me! I’m starting my business on spiritual and holistic guidance, motivation and inspiration. This past week my ego kicked in harder than ever making me compare myself to others that have been in the business for a while.

    Sometimes all you need is to express what you’re thinking or feeling to someone else, and this other person may give you insights that you weren’t seeing clearly ’cause your ego was in charge. This sure helped me this week plus your video!!

    Congrats on your 5th year, and for many more to come.



  226. Great video Marie!

    The lesson that resonated the most (although I think all of them are absolutely fabulous!) is consistency.

    I recently got back into blogging for my retail consulting business after going a month without a post. I’m trying for weekly, and batching content. Even though I don’t get a ton of engagement on the blogs (not many comments), my email open rates have increased. Just showing up matters, and doing it consistently.

    Thanks + congrats on all of the amazing episodes!

  227. Hi Marie and your Team, I have to be honest I was so scarred watching your episode in case it was some ‘lead up’ to say ..we’re off creating something else..! So I was so relieved when I realised you were reflecting on your awesome gift..I’d be so lost without YOU..your my Angel..all of your points were so relevant..but the last one resonated so strongly with me..everyone always gives you (most of the time great advice) but without that ‘Gut’ feeling we are lost! I ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of my heart! Everyone who needs support at some stage I say go and watch ‘My Marie’ hopefully your gifts have become part of Me! X

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beverley, we aren’t going anywhere and have lots more episodes coming — some even in the works right now!! We love being a part of your path. XOXO

  228. beth

    Let yourself evolve! And let that evolution show. As a teacher, I will tell my students (all the time) that I learn as I go and time makes me smarter.

    PS, I still miss the brick wall but I get it. I’d love it if it could come back for a cameo.
    PPS: Every Friday I do a fun riddle as my opener in my class. I am totally using Impasta!
    One for you: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

    Cuz it didn’t have the guts!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  229. Very Inspiring Marie. Thanks(:

  230. Hey Marie – Always lovin on your show & appreciate you sharing the ride you’ve been on for the past 256 episodes. You make such a valuable point about being willing to evolve. It takes courage to genuinely reflect on ourselves, our audience, our actions and keep it all aligned with the big vision. But you’ve done an awesome job of it! Thanks for always droppin awesomeness in my inbox. [fistbump]

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We’re honored to be in your inbox each week, Aaron. 😉 [fistbump back]

  231. Thanks Marie, my favorite lesson from today is: Consistency is Not an Accident! I am SO impressed with your consistency. AND find it really interesting that you only shoot 4–5 times a year. Wow! What a concept. That kind of strategic thinking and foresight is amazing to me.

  232. Josh Lu

    Hey Marie, I am from Taiwan, I really like all of your episodes, you give me lots of positive energy, and sometimes when I felt confused I watch your video to search the way to solve my problems. I will continue to subscribe everything about you!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Josh!

  233. The lesson that sunk in today was that You do not include outside advertisers. I like that. I like that your page, and video are clean of all the clutter. I did not notice the lack of outside advertising before; and I have decided that is what I am going to do too. Thank you Marie.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Melissa! Advertising can work well for some people, but so many people think it’s required when actually, it’s totally up to you. Coming across sites without the clutter can definitely be so refreshing in such a distracting world 🙂

  234. The lesson of starting small really resonates for me and is something of which I have to regularly remind myself. Whilst still in the early stages of my new business I often want to run before i can walk and the whole comparing myself to the big shots also doesn’t help and so I have to get that big reminder that i’m to start small first and then increase bit by bit. 🙂 That also helps take the pressure away too. x

  235. Jen

    The biggest lesson I have learned in 2014 is the – not all opportunities are the right opportunities for you. Yup. That one still hurts. That was in January 2014 and I still haven’t dug myself out of that opportunity hole I’m in and still haven’t found a way out in 2015! Never trust family, lesson NO. 8.

    • WOW! Awful lesson ..but I definitely second that…sometimes you are so desperate for help but a huge false Economy and you wonder if they want you to fail but you have to rise above it their problem! sure you’ll do FAB and my mantra is when something ‘fails and it tough to bare that’s when true creativity evolves! X

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that, Jen. That’s a hard lesson that can be true for so many of us, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Sending lots of love your way, and hope that the right opportunities start knocking on your door soon! xoxo

  236. suzie

    Consistency and forward planning. 2 key things i do a little of but i know if could do both ‘consistently’ then i’d move mountains in much less time plus feel like i’m slowly going forwards rather than stopping and starting.

    Thank you Marie.

  237. Really appreciate the hard work you put into everything you do and sincerely hoping you have many more years of success ahead of you. Peace and love from London

  238. Azzy

    Thank you so much Marie and Team, for sharing bits of wisdom.

    I am so impressed by your level of commitment and conviction in you and your vision.

    and amazed at how truthful you are about your experiences.

    Your integrity is the reason why you’r work has so much impact on my life and on lives of others.

    Love you guys sooooo much.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Aw thank you so much! Lots of love right back to you, Azzy! xo

  239. Liz

    Hi Marie,
    I just quit my job and start working on my business. I’m a photographer and a graphic designer. So I’ve been working as a marketing coordinator for a while, but it was more like an office 9-5 job that I could no longer stand. And although I know that my business is just developing and I don’t have enough clients, I just know that I need to do something to get this going! Family and friends are not getting it. How could I quit my job without a proper source of income., well quite frankly I don’t know where I found that courage in me as well. But I did! So now I need to work around the clock 24/7 to make it happen!!!
    I’m aware of mistakes and difficulties that would be on my way, but I’ve got to do it. What kind of advise would you suggest at this point?
    If you get to suggest 1 thing that would it be?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Liz, congratulations on going for your dreams — that’s so exciting, and we’re cheering you on!

      Some of the tips in this episode might be a really great starting point, but for a few more actionable tips, definitely check out one of my favorite episodes about building a reputation when you’re just getting started:

      We have lots of other great episodes to help support your business journey too, so feel free to explore our archives anytime.

      If you have any particular topics you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com and we’ll be happy to send along some suggestions!

  240. Bat

    Have been watching your video , but like now and then so far. Just planning to stick with all episodes. 🙂

  241. Thank you for this episode!! Its my absolute favorite episode of all time. I’m been watching for 2 yrs. I know I will be referring to it whenever I need that reminder of these very powerful lessons.
    I most related to lesson 7, stay true to your vision “just because something’s an opportunity doesn’t mean its the RIGHT opportunity for you”. People are always telling me what I should do or try in my business or my career, but I know what my vision is and although I love to explore new opportunities as that’s the only way to grow, I’ve learned to say NO to things that just don’t make sense for me or my business no matter how sincere the person asking is. Because sometimes saying YES is amazing but other times it takes you down this complicated rabbit hole and you think to yourself, why did I say YES in the first place because I felt bad. geez. thanks Marie and team for 256 episodes and congrats…xoxo
    PS I’m a personal stylist.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Neepa — it means the world to hear that this is your favorite episode so far. We’re so grateful you’ve been watching for two years (yay!), and we’re looking forward to sharing more great work with you in the years to come. xoxo

  242. Cecylia

    Geez, what expert timing. I usually don’t feel the urge to open up and jot down what’s going through my head, but this video really spoke to me. For someone who’s starting her own business, with virtually no experience, and very few success stories in my vicinity, Marie TV has been indispensable. It’s invaluable to hear experienced advice from a successful entrepreneur.
    I’m so relieved and encouraged to hear that starting small can lead to mega-watt success. I don’t know about y’all, but all I can see is the grand vision at the end, and I hate the idea of throwing myself out there unless I’m already there, already perfected.
    I also really perked up at the mention of Marie TV’s structure and planning EVERYTHING with careful detail and then being consistent. Werd. So, so true that you’ll bend your life to accomodate what you’re really dedicated to. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve focused on what I really loved, without having the means to put what I was doing into words. It’s nice to have some clarity on the topic, so I can be more aware of what I’m doing and utilize my actions more efficiently.
    This insight is such a blessing. Thank you.

  243. Hi Marie – I’m just about to begin.. Ive finally figured out what my business is.. and Im sitting here in my one-person office deciding what i can commit to delivering CONSISTENTLY as I start out. I haven’t been consistent in the past -but i get it now – how important it is – and i cant wait to see what turning over this new leaf will bring. Im not up to prepping the whole year at a time yet – but ive gone from – it’s due tomorrow – to a plan for 3 months that takes into account the time of year, holidays, and my own scheduled launches – with a full month of content created and scheduled – so it’s a start. Thanks for your guidance and inspiration – Im looking forward to doing some things – not for the first time a year from now!

    • Oh my god, Dana, if you have just started I can’t wait to see where you are in a few months! Just quickly checked out your site and having seen tons of beginner websites I can tell you , yours is amazing! Beautiful, clean, clear. All the best to you!

      • Hi Shiuan – thank you so much! I was in B School 2015 and it’s taken me this whole time to narrow down my 5 (or 7) business ideas to ONE – and now im about to launch my social and communication plans (like nov 1) to build my list for my first online course launch – and im really excited!! i want to transition the work ive been doing 1:1 to sharing what ive learned with a larger audience via online courses – if i can get it just to a certain amount of income – then i can scale back my 1:1 work and have more TIME to work on the new stuff – it’s very exciting.. scary.. at times overwhelming – but also so fun – and thanks again for your encouragement and kind words!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Dana! You SO got this 🙂

      • Hi Caroline – thanks! even just having a new, very simple website that doesnt suck makes me feel great!

  244. Thanks Marie, just what I needed today. Xx

  245. Thank you, Marie! Another inspiring episode!
    Most of them resonate with me! Right now I love the one about OPPORTUNITIES the most just because I am one of those enthusiastic people that want to do EVERYTHING… And I spread myself TOO THIN. So, thank you for that!!!
    I love the starting small, being consistent, being flexible (a hard one for me – I think Murphy was a loser, LOL). I love the one that we need to keep in check with our vision. Thank you!!! I wish there was a way to “store” our favourites somehow? I shared his on my FB business page so I can get back to it. Keep it up!! Claudine

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode found you at just the right time! Being both consistent and flexible is a challenge, for sure. We’re sending lots of love and positive vibes your way for your upcoming endeavors!

      Although there’s not a way to log in and save your favorite episodes on our site, you can always create a Google doc and post the links to your favorite episodes there. Or you can bookmark them in your browser. 🙂

  246. Congratulations Marie! You have been such a pivotal light in my journey as a budding entrepreneur and I can’t wait to continue to keep up with all things MF as I grow.

  247. Thank you for that awesome video, Marie! I took away something from each lesson but mostly “Only work with the best” really hit home. I started my small business with the hopes that people I had been working on other projects with were all gung-ho about starting a real business but when it came down to it I had to move forward on my own or it would never have gotten off of the ground. There was always an excuse as to why they couldn’t do something and I think it shocked them when I finally just moved forward without them. They still talk about getting in on it but I know that I will never get a 100% commitment from them and it’s my business now, my vision to stay true to. B-School was really what pushed me to just go ahead and I am so very thankful for that!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so tough when you want to work with others and they don’t share the same level of passion you do. It’s awesome that you’re not letting anyone hold you back! Some people will never get on board with what you love, but I’m glad you’re forging ahead with your dreams. We believe in you and we’re cheering you on!

  248. Hey Marie,

    I loved this show (ok, all your shows). The rule that spoke most clearly to me was “Only work with A players.”

    I’ve been trying to get my website redesigned for over a year. I fired the 1st developer because he had no communication skills. I’m on the verge of letting the 2nd design group go because they only do the absolute minimum required and make bone-headed decisions (like cropping a photo that cuts off the head of a statue in the photo!). I hired both because they were going to cost less, and the end result is over a year later, still no web site refresh, lost money paid to people who couldn’t deliver, and hair-pulling frustration.

    Your episode has firmed my resolve to let the second design group go and find someone who has a commitment to quality.

    Warm regards,
    Katie Fitzgerald
    A Fine Finish Decorative Art

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh gosh, that really is frustrating! It’s so important to find someone who understands your vision and is committed to the same level of quality you are when working with others. I’m so glad you’re feeling empowered to let the designer go rather than feeling stuck. We’ve got our fingers crossed that you’ll find an awesome designer soon!

  249. I love you Marie! You are amazing! I recently made a video on my new IPhone 6S that was raw, no make up, just being my real self in my apartment. I did do some editing but I threw it out into the world just to kick start it. I felt weird like I wasn’t made up and on some set but I know over time, if that is the vision, that stuff like the great team will come. So my walkaway is definitely Stay true to your vision! Now I am going to Google some old Marie Forleo videos to see you swearing away! LOL

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So proud of you for putting yourself out there, Kim! I hope you’re feeling empowered to continue sharing your gifts. 🙂

      P.S. Vintage MarieTV is always fun!

  250. Amie

    I loved your lesson about doing what feels right. I am in 2 businesses right now, and the other one I am becoming less passionate about. It is such a switch, because I think I should be doing that, but I know in my heart I just have to sell and give it up. I have had it for over 7 years. IT is really hard when it was my baby. But I want it to survive, so I just have to leave it and follow my new passion that is taking off, and doing amazing things. I can only decide what is in my heart. Thank you for these lessons. I have done BSchool to and I really enjoyed it. I love to watch your episodes you are so real!

  251. Sister Woman!

    THIS is why you rock!

    Your authentic, heart centered message to trust yourself, work hard, be consistent, hire the best. It’s clear and right on.

    The “start small” really resonates with me personally. When you can see the big vision, the small steps don’t even feel like they relate. But of course, after 7 years of having a website, I’ve finally started making a product and introducing myself to the community and I can’t believe how long it took me to do the “small” stuff.

    Thank you . I love and adore you!

  252. Sarah

    Marie and Team Forleo you are the best! Start small really resonated with me. I’m still in the beginning stages of getting my business started so it is encouraging to see videos of you in your early days. Thank you!

  253. Lesson #6 ! I try to chioose the best for my partnership 🙂
    Thank You Marie, you are so inspiring for me! I love your videos and your lessons

  254. Mel

    Marie, thank you (and your team) for staying true to your vision and for supporting our dreams through championing your own.

    My fav takeaways / reminders / great messages from today are:
    1. If you’re fully committed, your life will bend to support it.
    (I have been following your work for around 3 years and through my job changes and relocations I have been learning to commit to myself and get closer to what I truly want).
    2. What do you consider joyful?
    (Very good question to answer every day!!)
    3. Just because something is an opportunity doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you.
    (It was my last day at work yesterday and 2 people talked to me about jobs they have going. They are both “great opportunities” but somehow I didn’t feel excited about them. Thanks for encouraging me to not rush into what is tempting to leap into (perceived job security) but to follow my instincts.)

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Great insights, Mel! And big props to you for following your gut instinct. Not always easy, but so worth it!

  255. Thanks to this awesome vlog, I finally got the push I needed to make my first video blog! It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t the best vlog ever, however, it was me being me, unscripted and honest. I thought about how you said that when you started out, you didn’t have a fancy set etc. but you just made that first step and now, I have too! Thank you! You’re the best:-)

  256. I am starting and struggling with lack of resourses. ALL tips are SUPER valuable for me, and I Thank you, Thank You, Thank You A LOT. I am very greatful for having your free show available to help me. As soon as I fix my finances and start getting results, B-SCHOOL is my TOP PRIORITY! I am desperately thirsty of your teachings and advices. Much much LOVE for you Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for tuning in, Daniela! And we would LOVE to have you in B-School in the future if it’s a good fit for you. 🙂

  257. The goofiness is the best! Keep it up and thanks for doing these. I agree that starting small leads to big success. I’ve been taking very small steps on a side project and everything has been coming together beautifully. Best of all, I don’t feel the rush to get everything done at once. I am laying a really solid foundation and learning a lot. Love it!

  258. I am up to create my biggest ‘business’ I was ever dreaming of and am a little worried about point 2, of your lesions learned. As I stop to work by the end of the year, I am not really sure if I can keep my time free and not eaten up by my family, to do my dream activity as Peacemaker.
    Thanks for you charming show.

  259. Hey Marie,

    This was such a great episode because I so resonate with everything you said. I love putting out videos too and I created a YouTube channel and my audience is still small but I trust with time it will keep growing. I just started shooting the videos in my home, no fancy equipment, just my iPhone camera because I realized if I try to wait for a day when I could have fancy videos I would never get started.
    It’s so true about Murphy’s law, sometimes when I am shooting the videos, I suddenly don’t know how to pronounce words, or it suddenly gets noisy outside haha.
    I loved all the lessons you mentioned by the way but the two that really stuck out for me were about consistency and also that you cannot please everybody. Been trying to find ways of making my vlogs more consistent because sometimes I have to see clients or travel. I love the idea of planning the whole series ahead of time, I will borrow that idea if you don’t mind 🙂

    Thank you Marie & team Forleo

    Stay blessed!

  260. diana liddelow

    Hi Marie, I LOVE your sense of humor and jokes. I really Loved this show. I needed to hear to start small is ok as I tend to burnout thinking I need to do a big project really fast. I am trying to pace myself better and have rests if I need to and go and ‘smell the roses.’
    I booked myself into and did a 3 day workshop this last weekend, with a woman who is the BEST at what I am learning to do because I am committed to myself getting better at it. Turned out she was the most peaceful, centered, funny tutor I have EVER had. So glad I honoured myself and when I heard your point number 6, I thought, ‘Yes, I am doing that in my own way!’
    Stay true to your vision point 7 was also a fantastic reminder that I need to do my work the way I do it as a textile artist. I am NOT anyone else but ME and I need to let that evolve and honour it too. I need to make felt scarves, bags, pictures and shawls exactly as I think I need to in my own goofy way, just like you’re goofy Marie. Thanks for that I really enjoy your goofiness, your intellect and your impasta jokes. But please get rid of the black lamp in the background at the right, Idon’t think it fits in with the rest of your decor. Just my opinion, it’s your call.

  261. sindhujaa

    Hi Marie & Team 🙂

    Nothing gets me out of a funk quicker than Marie TV 🙂 EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    Your energy, attitude, words, behavior – are so ALIGNED. And while there are 10000## coaches out there… YOU feel so authentic + simple to understand.

    One of my favorite Marie TV episodes is the one with tips to avoid comparison (Bruno Mars 😉 ) 😀 That one really eased my life – and I’ve been showing it to several friends and colleagues. We are a startup – feel like David in front of all the Goliaths in our industry. And THAT episode put a lot of nervous hearts to rest in our firm 😀

    Love your work. Thanks.

  262. My favorite lesson was “you can’t make everyone happy.” I started my own Youtube channel and although I’ve been getting GREAT feedback so early on, people always have their opinions. Just staying TRUE to my creativity and trusting it, has been a savior in the process. xo

  263. Hi Marie! I just wanted to congratulate you for the wonderful work you have been doing all this time. Less than a year ago my wife showed me one of your videos. It picked my interest so much that I decided to watch all of them! I just recently finished that journey! ? Your comments, concrete and practical recommendations, and the interviews you do, are all full of fantastic information. Above all, what you have built yourself is what speaks the most about your message!! Nothing backs up a message better than example!! Once more, congratulations, thanks for being such a positive force in this planet and my best wishes to you always!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo


      Thank you so much for this incredible comment! SO glad your wife introduced you to Marie’s work and you took the time to watch all of them. That is AMAZING. 🙂

  264. Jana

    I love love this episode, so good to be reminded of what really matters when starting a new business but also in continuing to grow with it.
    The one thing that resonated immediately with me, and where I am right now, was to do what I consider right and fun, because that’s the only way to enjoy what i am doing in the long run.
    I even wrote down “What Do I Consider Joyful?” on a post it note and it’s not stuck on my computer screen to remind me every day!
    Thank you Marie, sincerely from my heart, for being truly inspirational!
    Jana xx

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Jana. That’s a great post-it reminder!

  265. Hi Marie and Team Forleo!!!! Congrats on the success and thank you for making this video!!!

    I’m in the throws of building my own show / You Tube channel and what resonated with me the most was #1. I literally teared up watching that part and it struck me to the core. I’m building small and slow and believe with all my bones that this is what I was put on this earth to do.

    All the early Marie TV episodes give me inspiration on a daily basis and I am so inspired by your work.

    Thank you for doing what you do! Thank you for sharing your gift!

    My goal: To interview YOU one day on my show!!!

    X’s and O’s,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES!! Small and slow wins the race, Judi. Sending our best wishes as you’re building your own show — we’re cheering you on! xo

  266. I have been in the trenches for 12 months and I have just started to reap some reward for my efforts.

    In this time I wrote and published my first book. Built my product range, secured a great partnership, building my profile, had my first workshop, and launched my book, built a range of assets and worked my but off. It is not stopping but I see clearly how consistent hard work leads to rewards. I have also developed the muscle to get stuff done (GSD)
    Best to all, Amanda

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome — you go, Amanda! 🙂

  267. So authentic. Love it. thank you for sharing your advice!! Especially the part about knowing yourself and your own creativity. Beautifully true. Gotta do you 😉

  268. Murphy’s Law!

    That’s what struck a chord. I’ve recently noticed that time and again I get too hung up on mistakes that I make, and not just in trying to build my start up. And as usual, the goofy way you have of saying “no biggie” just makes me lighten up, and get back on track.

    Also, I love every video of yours that I’ve watched. But I kinda suck at showing love (working on it). So here’s some love >> you da best!

    Keep making awesome stuff!



    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Arch, thank you so much for your wonderful note and sending a little love our way. Marie has a knack for inspiring that 😉


  269. Hi Marie, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing but I’m still telling you I ❤️Your show… Anyways, I totally resonate with humble beginnings I feel as thought my journey is still in this stage.. Of course, I have many ??s that I would love to address to you but will leave for another episode! For now I just want to ask what is your take on capitalizing from someone else’s launch .. Only bc they beat you to launch & my hundreds don’t compare to their millions?!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such a great question, Barbara! Marie has a video where she’s discussing how to beat that feeling of “it’s all been done before.” I think you’ll find it helpful for this.

  270. By far my FAVORITE episode!

    Thank you

  271. Hey Marie!

    All 7 lessons are so fantastic. Number 7, though, hit me hard. I’ve been blessed with success I’d never dreamed of at my yoga and training studio, Shakti Fit. Two and a half years in, I’ve had to sit and find my balance again. I felt that the true center of the business was spiraling out of control and making me busier than I’ve ever been, with no time or energy to practice exactly what I preach. SO, sitting and reevaluating what my core vision is and sticking on that path has been a focus for me the last few weeks.

    I am so grateful and in love with what you do for people! Keep up the sass, wit, and unbelievable intelligence, sister!

  272. Dear Marie!

    Congratulations on completing 256 amazing shows! I sometimes have binge sessions when I am feeling cloudy but most often I pick one and run away with a great takeaway 🙂

    I particularly loved your nugget of ‘Starting Small’ in this current episode because again I learnt it the hard way. We are a fashion brand called DFYNorm that launched last month, but it took us a whole year to build this.

    But before we started with that, we ALSO wanted to be a full fledged magazine. So we were taking on two mammoth size projects and going crazy trying to do both. We spent money commissioning writers and artists to create posts and content we would feature in our magazine, while we created our fashion line. And in the end we realized that it was the fashion space we wanted to be in while the magazine was to be the supporting idea. If only we had this clarity starting small!

    So I want to add that no matter HOW BIG THE VISION, starting small is the sanest and wisest thing to do because scattering energies and resources is a big drain on your creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

    Wish you the very Best!

    Smita 🙂
    Cofounder of DFYNorm

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh wow, those are two mammoth projects! If you’re thinking a full fledged magazine might be too difficult to maintain on top of the fashion line, there’s always the option of starting a blog on the DFYNorm website. That could be a little easier to maintain than a formal magazine. Either way, you’re doing great work, so keep up the awesomeness! 🙂

  273. Evelien Maes

    Hey Marie! The tweetable “Just because something’s an “opportunity” doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you” just really hit the spot for me! I feel that I have had 2 scenario’s in my life: or I’m taking ‘all’ the opportunities (because people around me assure that ‘opportunity only knocks once, and you have to take it when it presents itself) and I get overworked and I feel like I’m totally off my path, or I refuse an opportunity and regret it or feel like my ‘struggle’ is my fault because I said no for once. But now I know what to do, and I’m finally enjoying saying ‘no’ to things that come to me, and I have peace with my choices. Suddenly it all makes sense. Thank you! And many greetings from Belgium!

  274. Hi Marie,

    Happy holidays to you and the Marie TV crew and your families.

    Not long ago you asked me to write a note about how Marie TV has affected me or enriched my path. I wrote you you a letter about a personal matter that seemed in a sense insignificant as I read the letter back to myself, but then remembered that at one time you said sometimes even the most insignificant thing can be important to someone else. So I emailed you my story and after sharing it with a few friends and given their feedback about how the story inspired them, decided I would submit it to a local NY newspaper.

    Long story short, I am now a health and wellness columnist with Harlem News “Good News You can Use” Newspaper where I write a story each week about health, wellness and motivation.

    Thank you for inspiring me to share my story. ?

    Monifa Maat

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Monifa, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful update with us! We love that your path has unfolded in this perfect way. Thank YOU for sharing your story with us.

      Sending all our best wishes, and happy writing!

  275. Marie I love you , you are such an inspiration ! thousands of thanks and bravo for your consistency in smiling in love and joy. With much love Odile

  276. Jemma Rosenthal

    Lots of those resonated with me, no wait all of them! 🙂 But especially small steps one, I am a dancer, singer-songwriter and actress currently working creatively and teaching, I am slowly overcoming the fear of putting more of my work on youtube.. I have a small collection at the moment 🙂 your post inspired me that it doesn’t have to look perfect to start with! The vision expands way beyond just performing to where all areas of all lives flourish as we all continue to follow whatever and where ever bliss may take us, Thank you for sharing your notes Marie x

  277. Again, thank you thank you thank you!! And a HUGE congratulations on over 250 videos! <3

    For me, the most impactful reminders (and what I'm certainly trying to practice as I build my own business) are: starting out small leads to big things and staying true to what brings me joy and makes me laugh!

    I started watching MarieTV this year as I began launching my own business and I immediately started taking shots of Compare-schlager and thinking, "Oh, man … how will I EVER be as good as Marie?!" 😛 Well, luckily for me, I have a great mentor here and, through my own inner work, I came to the realization that it's all about taking baby steps and that MarieTV didn't start out this way. So, this has become a recurring mantra for me to take it one step at a time and honor and celebrate each and every step. And knowing that it may take me another 100 episodes of Thoughtful Thursday before I organically get an entire crew, is super relieving! 🙂

    And, I LOVED the reminder to stay true to what's fun for me and not being able to please everyone. Even at only a few dozen videos thus far (and many more dozen blogs), it's amazing how many people have an opinion about what I do and how I should do it. And sometimes I waver and start to doubt my approach and think, "Maybe I really should have better lighting or a consistently beautiful background, or do my make-up or or or …" But at the end of the day, the way I do it now serves me and I have fun with it. Of course, I am open to evolving (and expect that will happen) but it works for me for now (and hopefully serves others, too).

    Much love to you and your incredible team, Marie!! Thanks for all the wisdom <3

  278. Marian

    Hi Marie

    This is the first show I’ve watched – as only just found your blog. Great insight thanks for sharing! I’m just entering into the marketing phase of my project which is all new to me and I’m really thinking this is all too hard at the moment.
    The Murphy’s Law extrapolation won me over today. “You must stay flexible and you can figure it out.” So it’s back to gutting it out for me.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Marian 🙂 We’re so glad you found us, and welcome! Starting up on things that are new to us can feel overwhelming, but staying flexible and taking small action steps will definitely help a ton. You’ll be a marketing guru before you know it!

  279. Hi Marie, by far the lesson that resonates the most with me is “Just because something’s an “opportunity” doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for you.”
    I am working on making my coaching practice a success (getting myself known) and I get a lot of suggestions in “what to do” and “how to do it” and I always come back to my own vision and my own way of doing things. And I am grateful to have someone like you re-inforcing this same idea.
    Thank you for your show!

  280. Hi Marie and Team Forleo,

    I’ve only recently discovered your endless well of wisdom and I am loving being able to dip into it every other day. It truly is giving me the knowledge I needed to expand my ideas and has lit the fires of my creativity and motivation once again, which both myself and my business needed.

    This is a brilliant summary and I am so grateful for your business ethos of generosity and transparency. I know I can definitely enhance the points I already apply and add in the rest. I’m excited to see what magic I can create.

    Thank you for living your truth and sharing it with others!

    Phoebe x

  281. the one lesson that applies both in business and in life… you can’t make everyone happy and it’s a losing game to try… oh so TRUE!!

  282. Ivana

    Thank you Marie! I love all these lessons, but this one was huge for me: choose yout opportuinies wisely – set standards for yourself and always stay true!

  283. Kim

    Thank you, as always Marie. I’ve been watching for a couple years, and this is the first time I’m finally commenting! 🙂

    All these lessons are so valuable. What hit home most for me is “Just because you have an opportunity, does not mean it’s the opportunity for you.” I’ve been fortunate to come by many opportunities, but I am starting to get a lot more selective and not worry about what others say. Choosing how to spend our time and energy is everything! Congrats Marie and I’m grateful for this wonderful community.

  284. Hi Marie, I really like you. Your posts are educative. I also like the way you’ve regular at sharing various successful lessons that you’ve learned through various segment in Marie TV.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kate! We love having you tune in with us 🙂

  285. Dewi

    I just watched this episode, and as usually it really is a “Nutritious” lecture for my soul and educational for my vision. For me personally, the most resonating lesson is the one that underlining the profound impact of “Do it consistently” , because in my journey to reach thrive, sometimes it’s really tempting to neglect things due to the difficulties and hard ship we find. I’ve heard a lot about the importance about discipline and I became more convinced about it now. And if I can chose one more lesson, it would be “Stay true with your vision”. I learnt that there would be a lot of temptation to change our true path (unconsciously or not), but keeping our true vision can hinder us to screw it.
    Thank You Marie and Team, Hope you all get a Great Vacation.
    Can’t wait for another lecture 🙂

  286. Start small is a very good advice. Let things evolve.

  287. One of the biggest (and BEST) lessons for me is to be ME. Not to try to hide inadequacies, not to try to make people think I have more going on than I do. When I was playing the music industry game, my (now ex-) husband was obsessed with my “image” and tried to put a tight lid on how much I expressed what was truly me. “No more Witch stuff! Do you want them to come and take our son away?” (No, I’m not kidding.) Once I broke the crap out of that friggin’ cocoon, I spread my Witchy wings, loud and proud. But there was a conditioned “fear” of revealing too much, of being seen as too esoteric, too scary, to strange. Don’t wanna make waves, don’t scare those horses. Well, screw that. Thank you for reinforcing what I have felt in my heart to be the truth for sooooo long. I gotta be me. Bright Blessings from the “resident” Druid.

  288. Julie

    Thank you Marie for this episode. I’m a big fan, you’re so very inspirational for me, thank you. Start small is the best lesson learned so far for me. Thanks again.

  289. Bonjour Marie,
    I’d love to hear your definition, Marie, of growing your business organically? I love this term. I understand the meaning, as I can relate to it. However, I find it difficult to put into words when other people ask me, “what do you mean organically?” For the most part I’ve got always someone telling me how to grow MY business, how and what I “should” be doing. The most part the “shoulds” come from those who have no idea what it takes on a daily basis in terms of time, effort and money to build a business, and any advice they give of course costs a lot of investment (which they’re not aware of). So in short, I say, “I prefer to grow my business organically”. However, from there I have a little trouble to explain what that means without a wishy-washy answer. Of course, I live in France, and I need to find another way to translate this from English to French. Voila. Merci beaucoup.

  290. Carol

    Hola Marie!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration.
    The single biggest lesson that I’ve learned so far is when 3 years ago when I decided to leave everything and go to Vietnam. It was the toughest time of my life, different culture (comunism!). In 3 years I lived there I changed job 5 times, house 7 times and boyfriend 1 time (haha!)
    I discovered one of my talents that I couldn’t see when I was in my comfort zone. Organize events! I could gather thousands of peoples. I did charity events, flea markets, farmers markets, craft beer fest! I enjoyed it so much.
    The lesson is: Being in your comfort zone is beautiful but does not make you GROW.
    Definitively in the hardest time is when one has to fight and you really get into places that could not be if you don’t move.
    Thank you for reading. Big hug <3

  291. Hello Marie, i really love your lessons. Thank you for your tips. I am about to make cake decorator tutorials but my biggest fear is English is not my native language.

    • Ioana

      Hei Niki,
      I myself want to develop my business in english (workout trainings), and I’m not a native speaker.
      I say that even if we might have a different accent, we might be even cuter with that 🙂
      So let’s do it anyway 😉

  292. Ioana

    I so love this episode Marie !!
    I love all your work, your energy and the things you share with us.
    This is that kind of episode that I’ve bookmarked and I’ll be rewatching it every time I feel discouraged.
    Congratulations for the great work you do to the world !
    Thank you 🙂 !

  293. Gaby

    Hey Marie and team! Thank you! Loved this video. I guess I like many others found so useful the concept that “Just because something is an opportunity doesn’t mean its the right opportunity for me.”

    I am starting my own business – and although its not making much money yet I love everything about it!! I’m just having a hard time deciding if I should let go of the other business I have which is great and all but just doesn’t provide me with the same joy and satisfaction.

    Thanks for all you do.

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