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There have been times in my life that I’ve felt like my brain was broken.

Whether I’ve had too many ideas swirling around and couldn’t focus, or I just started to feel crushed under the weight of everything that “had to get done”…

I’m no stranger to the frustration that comes when you can’t seem to get your potential to match your performance.

Smart people underperform because they fail to prioritize. @drhallowell Click To Tweet

Many folks who are highly creative and intelligent have a hard time channeling all that ambition and energy in a way that’s both productive and satisfying.

Some of us fall victim to destructive, addictive behaviors that harm ourselves and others.

Other times, we stay trapped under a fog of frustration that never lifts, unable to reach the greatness of our full potential.

If you can relate to any of this, you’re going to love today’s episode of MarieTV.

My guest today is one of the world’s leading authorities on helping driven people embrace their gifts. He’ll show us five effective strategies to take back control over our time, energy and attention.

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To find out more about Dr. Ned and his amazing work go here.

In the comments below, tell me.

Which of these five strategies do you need to put into action starting right now?

Thank you so very much for watching and for sharing your feedback and action steps in the comments below.

Every week I’m always amazed at both your brilliance and your compassion!

Let’s do this!

With love,


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  1. Loved Ned’s point about how the interactivity of screens affects our brains and really can become an addiction. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a drama queen when I keep everything turned off while I work (like, everyone else leaves their email open, I should too!), so it’s always reassuring to hear that the pull to be accessible is so powerful, but you don’t have to give in to it–and in fact, it makes a big difference not to. And I’m totally using that “let me think about it” starting today!

    Thank you Marie and Ned!

    • Oh, the screen suck! The technology giants have gotten good at eliciting the psychological triggers that keep us hooked. Boundaries are so hard, and yet so necessary for us to keep our sanity and keep the positive momentum of our lives.

      • That’s such a great point, Lisa. The “technology giants” (love how you put this) work so hard to make it feel super important and yowzas can that exert pressure. It’s amazing how much of it comes down to priorities and boundaries :-).

      • Absolutely! FOMO is a real thing. I’ve been slowly training myself off of Facebook and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my productivity! The scrolling was just so hypnotizing. Even when I was just scrolling through the same old stuff.

        I now always make it a point to only engage with my computer or phone purposely. I just ask myself beforehand what it is that I want to do on it, and for how long. It has made the biggest difference.

        • Laura, I love that – conscious screen time!

          For anyone else trying to train themselves off Facebook (lord knows I had to!), I use a great extension for the Chrome browser called StayFocusd. It limits the total amount of time to sites you want to block during the working day, and has helped me feel less FOMO-y (technical term, totally sticking with it…)

          • Nice share Gemma! Adding StayFocusd to a resource list!

          • Thank you for that heads up, Gemma! 🙂

          • I LOVE that Gemma! That sounds amazing. Can I use Stayfocused with everything!? x

            …speaking of which I gotta go 🙂

          • Thanks guys, always important to share the wealth 🙂

            Bella, you can set it to work with any website although only on the desktop version of Chrome.To measure time spent on software in general, you can use Rescue Time and I think the pro version allows you to block whole applications for periods of time.

          • That’s awesome, Gemma! I will definitely check it out. Thank you!

          • Belinda

            I’ve been using RescueTime as of two weeks (the free version) and I have learned so much (and been SO SHOCKED) about how I spend my time.

            Even with the free version you receive a weekly summary of time usage … it was so eye opening to see just how and where I waste my time!

            I’m on a Mac but from memory RescueTime works on Windows as well and is really easy to install. Just don’t get too addicted spending time on RescueTime to see where you’re wasting your time 😀

          • Just had to jump in here with another resource. There’s an App for your computer called Self Control. And you can add a bunch of urls to the list so that you can’t go on any of them. for as long as 24 hours. And you can’t turn it off! So once it’s in place, you have to deal with no FB for that amount of time. It’s been helping me so much!

        • shawn marie

          The posts and comments are SO insightful and I’m loving hearing others thoughts and “wouldn’t it be great if’s…. ” . Quick Q for Laura and Gemma… “what is FOMO?” Thanks so much and every good wish. SM xo

          • Jane

            Fear of Missing Out, new social anxiety connected to social media

    • I HADN’T been turning things off but realise that maybe “screen sucking” is the problem!! I hop around between open internet tabs!!! Must improve!!

    • For me turning off email and setting boundaries on checking in on my mobile have been huge sanity savers.

      Social media is another huge screen suck. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to post regularly, respond to comments, grow your following and living by the numbers (followers, likes, people talking about). I let it all go (including putting an “I’m taking a break” status update on Facebook) and found I didn’t miss it. My mind felt instantly clearer without all the social media, emails and other soft addictions.

    • M. Jane'

      Hi Marie,

      I absolutely adore you and your videos. I’ve been watching since last year and I must say THANK YOU! I saw this video today and Ned’s first tip stood out to me the most. I have a difficult time making clear and specific goals because I’m unsure about what I want to do right now. I am a singer who recently transitioned from PA to NY (I actually tweeted you when I was searching for a roommate & you RESPONDED HA!) and I know I want to start my own business. I’d love to make my voice, my business but I have no idea where to start. How can you make goals specific if you don’t know what your end result should be? I know I LOVE to sing, I know I need to be of service for the community, but how can I have a lucrative and fulfilling life doing what I love? I’m just sticking my feet in the water and I’d love to discuss it with you. Is there any advice you can send my way? Thanks for your continuous assistance and beautiful way of expressing it! M. Jane’

      • summerrose

        Hi Jane
        Here is an idea for someone who wants to serve and wants to sing. Singing to the sick and dying. It is a niche few people do, and, in a big city, no reason you couldn’t make an excellent living (day time hours also a possibility).
        Summer Rose

    • Sam

      Making only 3 goals for the day as well as for the medium, long term and lifetime. I usually make such LONG to do lists and thinking of only doing three is a huge weight off my shoulders, more realistic and doable. I am going to incorporate this into my life and my routine so I can focus better and get those three things done and done well. 🙂 Thanks Marie!

    • the most impactful tip for me was “don’t worry alone.” I was able to put it into action immediately, and free up some brain cells

      the talk about screen sucking was moving but it’s still difficult to manage.
      i invented ‘let me think about it’ just kidding.
      but my work-life has needed this line for years.

      • Don’t worry alone was also my favorite! I have been sharing that with everyone I know, and they love it too… it is essential! Thanks for the life lesson!

  2. I spent years learning how to prioritize, and for me, 5 goals was the magic target for me. In my book, I wrote about the 5 key areas of success (faith, family, fitness, fortune, and freedom), and I found that if I focused on only 3, something fell through the cracks.

    One of the biggest concepts that helped me was learning to say “let me get back to you” or “Can I get some time to think about it?” – And it was HARD to do that. What I learned was that when they said “NO, I need to know now.” I could just take a pass, because they were going to be too much of a headache to work with in the long run.

    Great tips today. Did I hear Marie correctly say she worked with Dr. Ned?

    • Jocelyn Chia

      thank you SO much for making it 5 and sharing about it. When I heard 3 goals, especially 3 LIFE goals? I was like how on EARTH can anyone just pick 3 life goals, that’s ridiculous. put in health, career and family, and that’s it, ain’t room for anything else that ignites your passion for example.

  3. That was SUPER! And super-helpful!

    Working on juggling a hundred different things in my head, I find it helps me to get it on paper and move through it from top to bottom. And (this is a big one) LISTENING TO WHAT *I* WANTED and not what I thought I should want. That is a big one for me. (Anyone else have trouble with that one?? heh)

    Thanks, as always, Marie for the info and to the commentors who always add to the conversation and move me forward. <3

    • “For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.” ~Author Unknown
      On worry; “While asleep, my subconscious mind will find a solution to my problem, and tomorrow it will guide me to do the things which will eliminate the condition which might otherwise cause worry.”~ Ben Sweetland, ‘Grow Rich While You Sleep’.

      • Judy Yaron

        Chas – “For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe..” Love the quote! Am sure I will use it. Would add: “…and other people’s lives!” I have the tendency to do that sometimes 🙂

  4. Great discussion. I wasn’t familiar with Dr. Hallowell. My biggest takeaways:

    1) “Screen sucking. ” (It should be in the DSM.)

    2) “Never worry alone.” This is incredibly powerful.

    3) “Cultivate lilies.” Enough said.

    And of those three, screen sucking is the biggest obstacle for me. It’s my visual sugar, but I’m getting better. Slowly, but surely.

    • loved reading your comment emelia! especially about the dsm!

      i long ago turned off all push notifications and e-mail dings yet still struggle with screen sucking. multi-tab addict to be precise.

      never worry alone is sage advice.

      thank marie & ned – so pragmatic yet profound. and fun delivery to boot!

      • Thanks, Shana. “Multi-tab addict” lol…I only have 6 open at the moment. (Your photography is lovely, BTW.)

  5. As always you have shared some great advice. I am going to work on having 3 goals a day, I have my longer term goals set but I think just 3 goals a day will keep me on track instead of feeling overwhelmed!

    • Three Goals a day! Fabulous! Like Marie said, I can feel myself relaxing. That is doable for me and something I will commit to putting into practice, NOW!

      Thanks Marie and Dr. Ned!

      • Alexandra


  6. Oh Marie! Did you record this episode just for me?? 🙂

    I’m such a victim of screen-sucking. I’m sure I’m addicted. I’m definitely interrupt-driven :-(. I’m working hard these days to limit my time on email, and stick to a schedule. The trick is in making the time commitments I set for myself non-negotiable so that I don’t let something else (someone else’s priority) jump the queue.

    And I like his diplomatic way of saying “no.” Out of necessity, I am getting better at that. 😉

    Thanks, Marie! These tips were just what I needed to hear. xo

  7. Marie, your face when the phone rings was priceless! You looked like you were about to let someone HAVE IT!

    This was a great talk. I often feel overwhelmed all the time. I’m busy busy busy and then when the smoke clears, I haven’t finished much. I LOVE the tip to put distance between the yes. Can I get back to you on that? It’s been hard to say no, but I am learning, but I could always use a way that doesn’t make me feel so bad. Thanks for this!

    I call my leeches “Suckers”. I’ve been slowly removing myself from my suckers using a few of the 6 tactics that I wrote about here: I’ve definitely felt so much better since I’ve started. I feel like I have more time now to devote to things that are important to me. I have room in my life for lilies and all sorts of positivity. 🙂

  8. “The problem is you can do so much” – that is so true. I’ve been working with a coach since Christmas and it has been soooo refreshing (yet uncomfortable!) to have completely simplified my goals and to-do list…. I was doing everything but achieving much less than I am now with having 2/3 daily actions that I do CONSISTENTLY.

  9. Preach it brother 🙂

    I can’t thank you enough for speaking into my soul. Last year I had a massive emotional and physical explosion. I was burnt out, exhausted and couldn’t function without willing myself to take a step. I must be honest and say that I still have some really tough days but there are more happier days present.

    I couldn’t say no to family, friends and really good projects. I felt that when I said no that in someways I was giving them permission to reject me and therefore I was rejecting myself. Not a very happy place to be.

    From a moment of emptiness I started this years looking at only 3 area’s that I will focus on for the next 6 months. They are loving me for who I am, dedicating myself to academic studies and self awareness and lastly being present in family. Really being there and listening to my husband.

    I love how everything that Ed was speaking about was confirming what I have experienced and have planned to do.

    Well done team.

    • thanks Robyn!

    • Sherry Tyson

      I know just how you feel! I had a really bad year last year too. I have to concentrate on rebuilding my entire life step by step. The idea of this is overwhelming and so it is so good to hear Dr Ned say that I should just aim to do a couple things at a time.
      Here’s to a better 2014!

    • Judy Yaron

      Thank you, Robyn for being so candid. We have all been there time and again. It’s called “growing pains”. I believe in giving myself permission to be as good to myself as I try to be to others. Good luck on your journey. Hugs 🙂

  10. Thanks for the intro to Dr. Hallowell!

    I could stand to put all 5 of these strategies into place, but the one I most need to implement is to choose just 3 goals per day. I tend to create these massive daily to-do lists that even the most productive of human beings couldn’t accomplish in a day, then wear myself out trying to get everything on the list done, then get to the end of the day, look at the action items I didn’t check off, and feel like there must be some productivity “secret” I’m not aware of, even though intellectually, I know that’s not true. : )

    I’ve actually experimented with choosing just 3 daily goals in the past, and the practice *does* work — all items get crossed off the list, and then because I feel so good about that fact, I’m totally energized and motivated to keep working. But alas, I fell back into my old habit of making a crazy unrealistic to-do list, so this video was a powerful and timely reminder to get back to the practice of choosing just 3 daily goals — so thanks!

    • Ginger

      Me, too, me, too!

      I like making the goals non-negotiable because I often set a couple of goals, then I let other people nudge their way into my priorities.
      I guess my next steps are a combination of prioritizing and learning to say no. I’ve started getting a little better, at least now I can say “just let me finish this” (something I never could do before), but the next step might be to physically remove myself and say, “can I get back to you on that?”

      I love the way you mention feeling energized and motivated after completing the first three goals. I’m looking forward to that!

  11. I think, the most important thing is to first figure out what you REALLY want. I know someone who spent more than 10 years to build a successful business, because he thought he will be the happiest person if he only becomes rich and successful. During the process of building the business he suffered from burnout and depression and after he sold the business (for a nice chunk of money), he said he didn’t really feel happier or mare fulfilled than when he started out.

    I also know several people who spent almost half their life climbing up the corporate ladder and once they arrived at the “top”, they realized that this is not really what they wanted.

    I recommend, take some time to deeply reflect on what you really want. Think it all through, play it out in your mind… and don’t just go after what our society labels as “worthy to achieve”

    And once you know what you want, go after it with all your love and passion and enjoy yourself while doing so.

    If you approach life like that, you will never have to worry about under-performing.

    What better “performance” could there be than being passionate, joyous and excited about what you are doing… for your entire life?

    • Couldn’t agree more Robert. And as someone who thinks very consciously about this topic, in my experience it’s not a one-time decision or practice. What we want to experience, create and achieve often evolves over our lifetimes and having these kinds of practices help us to ‘perform’ at our best and enjoy it!

      • So true Marie! We have to continually reflect, reevaluate and recommit. As we grow and evolve so do our goals and our capacity to perform.

  12. Morning!

    I just rocked a power hour of invites and outreach. No iphone-ing, no facebook-ing. Super powerful and productive.

    Focusing on just a couple goals over a set amount of time is so efficient.

    Let’s do this!

  13. SCREEN SUCKING… huge challenge for me. FB and that pesky little RED FLAG at the top notifying me of messages, posts and new friend requests. ARGH! I work professionally on FB (I manage client pages) so I can’t just “shut it down.” I ended up moving my personal profile so any “personal stuff” during my work day can be eliminated. It’s helped…

    GREAT INTERVIEW…as always, Marie! ♥
    “Lift High Your Dreams” –>love that!

  14. Stick to 3 goals per day. Keep focused and have fun! Thanks

  15. Norman A. Hood

    Useful information. One and three have always been my most problematic areas, but I’m getting better. Thanks for the reminder and inspiring me to step up the corrective action!

  16. Beth

    SCREEN SUCKING!! My total curse! I will watch out for that going forward.
    I also found the fact: in every hour we have 20 mins of unplanned interruptions to be uber true!! It’s the getting back on track that gets me! I will vow to pay better attention to these! Thank you thank you for the reminders! You rock, Marie!

  17. B

    Great episode, like a lot of people I have trouble with getting away from the computer. I think about when I was a teenager, back before the days of the internet, and I used to make more art, write stories, read more books etc…Now I’m so dependent on the internet for my work it’s hard to unplug. The worst part is when I was working full time I had all these ideas for things I would rather be doing – I even would make lists and get them done. But now that I have pretty much the time in the world – I haven’t been doing anything productive. I needed some time off to recharge, but now it’s getting silly. Time to get productive!

  18. Selene

    This is the best interview yet! Loved it!
    I am going for culling out the leaches so that i can cultivate my lillies.

    And use the control that you actually have. YES!!

  19. lillies v. leeches — excellent revelation!

  20. I need to work on all five. LOL. After a major life change, a move to another community, and a stretch of extreme marketing my art, I just kind of fizzled out and am now trying to get back on track,

    I will start by prioritizing and holding to them. Enjoyed the video am sharing it with a dear friend. Thank you!

  21. Kimberlee

    Lilies and Leeches. I spend an awful lot of time taking care of my leech. He is a self declared leech – and yet i cultivate as though he were a lilly. I spend of lot of time on emails/chats/texts/money often leaving important things undone. I am smart and I work very hard. And yet… Thank you Marie – of all the things that affect my time (and all 5 tips were great and applicable) attending to this one is the start of something great.

  22. Thank you Marie & Dr. Ned!

    When I start my focused work time, I’m so good about closing down all social media tabs, silencing my mobile phone, but I leave that gmail tab open! I am need to close that tab and avoid screen sucking.

    I have goal explosion, even though I know better ( Thanks for the reminder to get it down to three of each kind!

    Pruning the leeches is the hardest for me. Part of me wants to radiate joy into their lives, so that they can rediscover their joy and turn their worlds around. Yes, that’s the fantasy speaking. In reality, they drain me dry. Slowly, I’m learning to walk away to share my energy with those who are really ready, not just say they are ready, to rediscover and bask in their joy! Funny how I never get drained dry when cultivating those lilies.

    Awesome episode!

  23. A great reminder that cultivating lillies is worth it. Leeches never are.

  24. I absolutely love this video and the information is brilliant, spot on, just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for bring us such timely and much needed information and insights.

  25. Amy

    Truer words couldn’t have been said. It’s so hard to get focused with so much going on. I actually -just started- yesterday trying to close things off so I can concentrate on work so I can cut down the distractions. I’m not 100% successful at it yet but it is starting to help. I’m glad I stumbled upon this so I know I’m on the right track. 🙂

  26. I love cultivating lillies and getting rid of leeches!

    Only 3 big life goals? Yikes! I’ll have to think about that 😉

  27. Is it worrying that I see myself in all of those situations?!

    Personally, I think asserting my boundaries and doing a little de-leeching is going to be most impactful for me – I’m a creator, but I struggle with finishing and this is bound to give me the extra time I need. However, I do think that limiting my goal list to something more manageable will be useful too, so I’ll be sure to be mindful of that.

    Thanks Marie, great video as usual!

  28. Clear and specific goals is my main mojo! It is how I have build my business, my life, and my bliss!

    Screen-sucking on the other hand…I need to unsuck myself! I very much fall prey to the interactive screen suck. I try daily to completely disengage from screens frequently. But I need to do more of it.

    I work with clients on helping with the screensuck, help them turn off unimportant notifications, etc. (I have done this too!) They always say “Holy cow, what a difference!”

    Thanks for the great info (per usual 🙂 )

  29. this video was made for me!! I struggle with too many things going on at the moment and setting daily, weekly and monthly goals will force me to prioritize and work more effectively. thank you so much for this tip!

  30. I have the prioritsing down, I don’t really spend time at computers or TV. I’m really good at ignoring technology. I’ve also been known to put off answering people and saying “no”. (I’ve also been called more than a few choice names when I say “I’m sorry, but my schedule is booked for a few months. Can we think about this in a few months?”)

    I’m not entirely sure I even know how to worry. I have a list of “worries”, and I tackle one at a time until it’s no longer a problem. I work through them with whoever can help, but I don’t fret about the others.

    My fallback are the leaches in my life — there are several as I’m fighting my way to finish grad school. It’s a necessary evil so I can get my degree done and move to that next level. I defend on THIS Friday, though, so I’m excited to get it over and done with. I wish I knew how to set up boundaries to keep their damage minimum in the future when I do have to deal with them. Another thing for the “worry list”. 😉

    • Karen J

      Best of “Luck” to you on Friday, grace!
      (Of course it’s not really about luck – it’s about preparation, confidence and “stick-to-it-iveness”, which you’ve clearly got plenty of, to have gotten this far!
      Good Energy to you!

  31. Oh Marie….the one that resonated with me the most BY FAR is to not worry alone. I have spent oh so much time worrying alone ad ed is so right, it did nothing but make it worse, have me feel more alone, make the problem bigger than it is and usually the worry turned out to be fruitless. I am making a firm commitment today and from here on out…I SHALL NOT LONGER WORRY ALONE! Thanks Ned and Marie!

  32. Jenny

    Thanks for sharing this video today. Marie, as always, you are amazing! I think I need to watch this every day before I begin work to really let it soak in and try to believe that this is all possible! My challenge is that I work in an environment (customer service) where I do have to drop everything to help others, no matter what, so I’m constantly having the “unplanned interruptions”. I pretty much run around and put fires out every day…so I do a lot of the busy work and then at the end of the day, never feel like I accomplished anything. My internal fire for life then begins to burn out too. I really don’t know how to change this! Even with goal setting, I end up not following through because something else comes up and I have to jump to it, which comes first to my goals. Maybe you can do a follow up video on how to put out fires without putting out your own internal fire for life!

  33. Marie,

    This is a superb episode that MUST go straight into “most popular” episodes on the right hand side of this site! Those great tips! Lilies and leaches makes so much sense, I may have to share this episode really widely 🙂

    Thank you so much for having the best guests and being the one ping into my inbox on Tuesdays that always gives me so much more than a little dopamine rush!


    • Thank you for that Tessa…I deeply appreciate it.

  34. Thanks for making this video. Dr. Ned’s tips are really useful. Just what I needed today!

  35. CMcQueen

    Great episode! Love Ned’s perspective on why smart people don’t get things done. I am now going to start actually TIO-ing things.

    One question tho, would you consider the “3 goals a day” the same as 3 things on your to-do list? Some things I wouldn’t consider “goals” so much but have to get done- and that can quickly clutter a list, for sure:)

    Always appreciative of your great insights, Marie! Thanks for what you do.

  36. Wow! Someone else commented that she thought that video was just for her! Nope- it was just for ME!!!! LOL

    I am a B-School Graduate and I was just telling my accountant this morning that I feel like I am making great strides in growing my business – but at 18 hours a day – not sure how long I can sustain the energy! And I wouldn’t mind if the 18 hours were totally constructive – but sometimes I feel like I am chasing the “perverbial” tail!

    Even though I will put all 5 strategies into place – the one that most resonated with me was “cultivating the lilies” – I have so many projects that I want to accomplish – and find myself saying the same thing each week – I’m gonna do this – I’m gonna do that – and they NEVER get done!

    So I am going to PRUNE my LILY PATCH! Make my 3 goals – turn off the screen – and learn to say NO!

    Marie – you have changed my life over the past year and I so appreciate your videos every week! This one was one of the best!

    Rose Lawless

  37. Thank you so much! I have a tendency toward ADD and the most helpful tip is SET MY DEFAULT RESPONSE TO: “Let me get back to you.”

  38. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for your Video. Screen Sucking & Shutdown Issues are real issues. Please let us know more.

    Rohan Sarker

  39. Michelle Gadient

    I need to embrace #1! Define clear and specific goals. I tend to have ADHD in my goal setting. Every day I wake up saying I need to block schedule with specific goals and it never seems to get done. I am busy being busy but not accomplishing the tasks that will move me forward. I have quit my pharmaceutical job to become a freelance B2B copywriter and I need to “Just Do It”! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  40. Lucy Ladley

    This presentation was so warm, uplifting & heartfelt. The strongest thought I am getting from this interview is: Personal communications with the lily’s in our lives is so much more important than all the time spent staring at the computer or obsessing about things on our own. I will make it a priority to start out my morning with a prayer of thankfulness for the lily’s that God has blessed me.

  41. Great video marie! Awesome stuff, I definitely realize I have a screen addiction lol, especially working from home.

    Need to get rid of that habit! Thanks for letting me know about this,


  42. One of my biggest bad habits is saying yes to everything and everyone. This video made me realise that it’s ok to say no and it’s also ok to tell people that you need time before making a decision on something.

    The other big takeaway for me was ‘never worry alone.’ I looooove this! Worrying is not only stressful, it’s unhealthy but the idea of prepping for it and making a plan for it makes me feel so much better.

    I also need to create time for my lilies and get rid of leeches. I’m often so busy handling millions of time-consuming things that I don’t create the time to create the lilly life that I want. Withdrawing from the ‘downers’ in life is so important and that’s one of my key 2014 goals.

    Thank you Marie and Dr Hallowell for a brilliant video!

  43. Mary Pat

    The one tip that needs the most attention from me is the Define and Prioritize Goals tip. That is what I really need to figure out or I won’t get anywhere! The longer goals will be my challenge, but the shorter ones are more doable. Have to stop the “screen sucking” too so the planning can get done!

  44. Belinda

    Screen sucking it my biggest challenge. I am doing it right now reading all of the comments! I will block the time to go through my email and stick with it so I can focus on the 3 things in my day that will get me to my lifetime 3 things!

  45. I’m going to make a list of goals! YES!!

    I have too many of them, so prioritizing 3 for each timeline will definitely make it easier to see where I need to spend my time to grow lilies and not leeches.

    Thank you!

  46. Nadia Charles

    This video was fantastic! The points on goal setting and never worry alone really resonated with me. I tend to feel like a bother sharing my worries with other people but I find when I do, I clear up space for creativity to flourish. I received the same advice on goal setting from my career coach. I want to accomplish everything now and when I think like that, I feel I will never get anything done but if I break down those long term goals into smaller goals, they feel a lot more manageable.

  47. Raine

    Great tips! I’ve fallen prey to all of them! But today, actually made a phone call that I’ve needed to make for a while, so goal 1 for today…already checked! That, I think will be what gets me moving and focused! Writing down what I want to get done for the day. Limiting it to only 3 goals is genius. Thank you!


    This is a major one for our business because we run such a unique service different from any of our competitors and our customers come to us desperate for answers to their insurance claims questions and have looked everywhere and haven’t found the answers that we have.

    We tend to let leeches suck us dry and walk away feeling a little used at times because of the time we have spent trying to help someone for no benefit except for the good feeling that you helped someone. That feels GREAT but it doesn’t pay the bills! 🙂 We are already working on how to cut down the time we spend giving free advice while still providing what made us popular in the first place – ANSWERS TO HARD QUESTIONS! I think we have made strides but there is always room to refine a process and we worked on that yesterday so I am proud to say we are ahead of the curve and working towards a happy medium!

    Thanks for another great episode Marie & team – I am super grateful for your entertainment and information!

    Warmest Regards,
    Jen Petty

  49. Mónica Cortés

    OMG!! Amazing video!
    My “to-do lists” have more than five items a day, and most of the time I cannot get them done, imagine: having 3 items per day and writing them out with verbs as Marie explained us the last episode, we can definitely achieve 3 things today!
    My weak point is that I cannot turn off the mail, during the work I have to interchange information and that makes me procrastinate in the rest of the Social Media world. I’ll try to set times: this timing for producing, this timing for sending and receiving.
    Thank you so much!

  50. Oooh screen sucking is such a great term for what we spend most of our time doing. 😉 I’m a big fan of turning off the cellphone, or at least going on airplane mode, and being able to focus.

    The same goes for turning off the internet. I’ve recently found that writing on the plane is one of my perfect writing environments. I wonder why?!

    Here’s to living up to our ambitious, I stand for each and every one of yours!

  51. Marie, you rock! This video is just am-a-zing!!! Thank you so much. Loved all the tips so much, thanks a lot!

  52. The one that resinates with me is “Too many Lilies”. I have such great people that I work with, but if I am always looking into, purchasing, promoting their products it doesn’t leave me enough time to cultivate my own business. I definitely want to support other businesses, but not at the risk of my own…

  53. Anne

    I have been keenly aware of how time escapes me, especially on social media. I am making a time commitment and love the idea mentioned above of “concious connection online”. I was also so deeply comforted by Never Worry Alone. I sometimes feel guilty sharing my worries and bad feelings with others mainly bc I believe in the law of attraction and giving my attention to the postive. I love the idea of giving myself a tribe of various people to worry about specific things with.

  54. Darlene

    Never Worry Alone!
    Wow…I feel lighter. I thought I was being strong when I worried all by myself. Wrong! I see now where I could actually be much stronger if I worried with my support system. Thanks!!! I commit today to not worrying alone.

  55. Marie!!! This is exactly the encouragement I needed to hear today as I make a bigger effort to take control of my time and focus on my priorities, while still moving forward with my creative ventures. The ENTIRE video was AMAZING. Tips 1 and 2 spoke the loudest to me. The reassurance that I’m not alone in the midst of all of the ideas and all of the busyness means so much. Thanks for your transparency with this. It’s a gift to the rest of us.

  56. My favorite was Ned’s three immediate goal daily, three longer term weekly, three annual, and three lifetime. Excellent. I find it helpful to time frame the immediate goals. That way you can prioritize more easily. (Often something you dread, like a heavy duty phone call, is only a ten minute task. So do it first and get it over with.

    • Ohh – the “heavy duty phone calls”! Yes, Larry!
      I have spent years(!!) ostriching about those – mainly because I’d been “worrying alone” (face-palm) – which leads directly to catastrophy-ing and makes the phone call even heavier.
      “Don’t worry alone!” has already proven to be priceless, in the past 8 hours.

    • Ruby

      Larry I thought Ned’s Goal setting/doing was unclear. You helped it make more sense.But I’m still not clear with what he said.
      1. we do 3 things a day short term,
      2, medium term every week to three weeks we add 3 more goals. So now are we doing 6 a day, than 9, than 12, Or did he mean we switch, and work on the medium ones for a week or two?
      3. Longish term- 6 months to a year we have 3 more annual goals that we work on daily? He did mean switch right? not more like he said.
      4. and last 3 Lifetime goals. Which we work on daily? A few days a week?
      Please clarify a little more. What would your agenda look like following his plan?

  57. Dorian

    Thank you Marie & Ned for making this available! When I read the title of this video offered, it resonated with me immediately! Either I have trouble focusing on one thing or the task at hand because I get overstimulated and distracted so easily, being tuned into every sound, sight, smell, etc and not wanting to miss a new opportunity. When, in fact, I miss opportunities because I have trouble staying the course. Looking forward to hearing and reading more.

  58. What a beautiful, thoughtful, and heartfelt interview. Love that Ned! 🙂
    Thank you, Marie! xoxox

    • Isn’t he awesome?

      • Loved this interview too – My last name is “Lilly” so I enjoyed him talking about “cultivating lilies” 🙂

        And mahalo for making these – I’m really enjoying exploring your website and youtube channel…

  59. When I got to New Zealand, my first mentor did just that.

    He told me to stick to three.
    I had three hundred things I wanted to do.

    He told me to cut it down to three.
    I still use that method.

    Thanks for the reminder, all the same.

    • Yes Sean! So great to see your smiling face 🙂

  60. Lisa

    Marie you never stop surprising me with the AMAZING and INSPIRING content you provide. I love the 3/3/3 rule, it made my day! Thank you so much 🙂

  61. Defining 3 clear and specific goals is where I need the most help! I feel like I’m spinning my wheels with my business and I’ve come to realize that I do not prioritize correctly. I let life get in the way all too often and I need to realize that sitting down and taking 10, 20 or 30 minutes to really define my goals, write them out and breathe them in will do so much more for me than any of the other 100 things I feel I have to get done.
    Great video!

  62. Thank you for your sparkling video and very usefull tips.
    From now on my default respons= let me get back to you on that.
    A reaaaaal eyeopener.

  63. Stop living inside my head Marie! So helpful this morning . . . . I love Ned! Great insights for this giant world we now tackle each day. I love the advice to trim down to three goals each day. This year I have been focusing on three shifts each day—morning, afternoon, and evening. In each shift I am completing a specific task. COMPLETE. Moving it to the done list. Completing the highest priority task. (I love that you kept Ned’s ringing phone in the episode to nail the point like a home run). XXOO

  64. One of Dr. Ned’s last comments was the most impactful for me:
    “Use the control you actually have.”

    Light bulb! I give my control away all the time, especially to the screen-sucking, mindless scrolling. Yes, this was a powerful talk for me all around – Thank you, Marie & Ned!!

  65. Hasan Khan

    Thank you very much for this video. You are doing a great service by giving people wake-up calls. I just realized that I go about the day doing a bunch of things and accomplishing nothing because a) I fail to lay down goals and b) I become a victim of screen-suck (what a name!).

    Thanks for posting. I will definitely look forward to another episode soon.

  66. Rhonda Berlino

    Thanks Marie, I’m a sweaty creative. Yes, I just have difficulty prioritizing so spin my hamster wheel until I literally can not. I can count how long it takes to get to that burnout point throughout my life. Know your topic and Dr Ned’s input is soooooo timely for me. I am a person who has had to develop…ok reprogram…boundary issues. Geeze, its a work in progress always. Can you just imagine trying to prioritize when boundaries are unclear? Lets see, unclear priorities may result…Yeah, yeah, no. Not working well. Prioritizing hasn’t worked very well for me so I’m trying the 3 goals immediate, medium, long and life terms. Next I’ll try the Screen Sucking limit (with pleasure), then the hard and fast default response..oh, and awwww Lawd, I have Lillies. Lots and lots of lilies….ask Dr Ned if he’ll give some “pruning” priorities advice. What I do right is not worry alone. Grateful me. (no sarcasm, really, I have close connections, and they are generally smarter than me, so I have so much!!) Keep doing what you do Marie. Smiles, R

  67. Wow, this video really hit home. As a highly creative, gregarious and easily-distracted, multi-passionate entrepreneur, FOCUS & PRIORITIZATION are key for me to get anything accomplished! I’m taking away 3 helpful tips (which of course I knew, but just needed to hear again with such clarity & humor);

    1) Prioritize only 3 things and works towards short, mid, long and life goals. I’ll also add, after doing Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map work, that I also want those goals and the process of achieving them to be aligned with my core desired feelings.
    2) Shut off email, facebook, phone, etc. to give my self a distraction free zone so I can actually focus and get some shizzle done!
    3) Understand that I’m a “Lilly cultivator” and that I may need to pick and choose my blooms to attend to and/or get on the No Train.

    And, now I will be getting off this site (even though it’s tempting to drink more Marie Juice)… so that I can get down to the biz of creating beauty in the world with less distraction!

  68. Andrea

    Wow. I don’t know if I can pick just one. Every single point was a gem. I will say though that screen sucking was a biggy for me as well as cultivating the lilies. I am going to do that today, get focused and stay on track. Thank you Marie and Dr. Ned for so much wisdom in a nice little package. 🙂 Love and Hugs! <3

  69. Love, Love, Love!
    Thank you, this was a true gift!

  70. Definitely screen sucking followed by goal defining. So my answer to this is to control the screen sucking and get on to my goal definition!
    Thank you!! Great conversation.

  71. I wasn’t planning to watch this video. I just couldn’t resist opening your email Marie. Now I know what I’ve just done, screen-sucking!

    Great video! Thanks Marie for bringing in great guests to instruct on such great subjects for the professional and the entrepreneur. 🙂

  72. Great presentation and discussion. My biggest takeaway was about Screen Sucking, which, ironically, is how I found this video in the first place. However, I think it was serendipitous that I did and will not be more aware of my time on email and social media. Thank you for a great discussion!

  73. Wonderful tips, thanks for sharing them and reminding them to us! The most important, for me, would be: Prioritize and Put limits on your online activity (shut down Internet)! It’s so important to make a plan and stick to it, especially for us, the entrepreneurs, when so many other temptations might be around (and no “big bad boss” behind to check ;).

    Thank you so much once again for your inspiring videos!
    Best of luck!

  74. Loved it!! Great stuff… with specific ways to immediately implement. For me, narrow down my goals to only 3 at a time could change my life! There is sooooo much I am wanting to accomplish as I just stepped away from corporate job to jump into my own business. Loving it, but also a bit overwhelmed at times.
    And the Screen Suck! SO TRUE!! Get it under control! Hey – perhaps that is one of my 3 goals this week! LOL!
    Great stuff! Thank you!!

  75. oh wow Marie, thank you SO much for this!

    As some peeps said in the comments before me, it seems like you did this video for ME! 😀

    Total light bulb moment with the “Avoid Screen-Sucking” thing. It is a HUGE time waister and distraction for me. Worse is that I can easily mask it as been productive because after all I “need” to check my emails, right?
    I’m prioritizing that tip first. 😉

    Thank you Marie and Ned for such an insight!

  76. Ao

    I loved the “prune the lily patche” tip. I’m adapting it as “prune the wildflower patch”!

    Thanks so much for the great encouragement. xo

  77. Thanks for that video, Marie! Dr. Hallowell is awesome!

    I can see I have room for improvement in all of those areas, and with so many worthwhile projects on my plate, I need all of the productivity I can get! 🙂

    “Don’t worry alone” really hit home for me. I never recognized that as a problem before. I work alone all the time. Even when I’m working around people (e.g. at a cafe), I’m still working alone. I would love to know how everyone here, in that situation, deals with this one?


    • This is super hard for me because I work in an office completely by myself with not even one window! I feel so isolated! BUT, my comrades and I chat via Google during the day if anything comes up, and that helps…

      • Thanks, Amanda!

        I pretty much chat all day with my fiance on Google+ 🙂 I think when it comes to talking through an important business or creative decision, it would be awesome to have someone who completely gets my business to bounce ideas and solutions off of.

        Sometimes I call up my fiance, mom, dad, etc. and I just start talking about a business issue. I know they have no idea what I’m talking about, but just the ACT of talking it out to someone who’s listening helps me to make my best decisions and find my best solutions. Then I thank them. lol

        • Jackie,
          It’s okay to work alone, but don’t WORRY alone. It’s funny because what you described as awesome is how I modeled my business. As the Emergency Biz Coach, I want to be that coach that “gets” your biz and one to whom you CAN bounce ideas and solutions off of.
          When I first started building my biz, I had a coach and we had a set time each week, but I always wished I could just reach out when I needed her most (i.e. to brainstorm, collaborate briefly, etc.)
          So you just confirmed that my business coaching model is definitely right on track 🙂

          • Hi Fon,

            Yes, it certainly is a great business model! In fact, I’ve found that most of the times in my life when I searched for a coach were when I had an EMERGENCY business question. 🙂

  78. What a wonderful man: wow. My favorite guest on your show by far. You can feel is heart and just listening to him I felt more grounded & calm.

    I love what he said about “never worry alone” and get the facts! Maybe it’s not as bad as you think 😉


    • Caroline I agree. I could just hug him :). I really like “Never worry alone” I think that would save so many of us and the world so much heart ache.

  79. I loved this video.
    I have been incorporating goals into my schedule and it really does work…when you stick to it! So going forward, I’m going to stick to 3 daily goals to accomplish so I can tell myself I accomplished a few things today and feel that I’m getting closer to achieving my long term goals.
    I have some more books to put on my reading list as I loved what Dr. Ned shared today.
    Thanks for posting Marie. Dr. Ned is right…you are fantastic!!

  80. Vicki

    Love the goal setting tip! It was so nice to hear someone quantify the number of goals. So often we’re told to make our goals SMART… but we’re never told to define how many goals in what time frame, which often leaves most people (like myself who want to do everything) overwhelmed and defeated before they’ve even started. I’ll be implementing this one today! Loved this video! Thanks Marie and Dr. Ned! Cheers

  81. Setting only 3 goals a day! I set daily and long-term goals but my daily list is normally at least 10 items. Then when I don’t accomplish everything I feel like I failed myself. No more! 🙂

    Thanks Marie!

    • I know Jen. What a concept! Three goals per day. Wow.

      • I do this at the beginning of my day everyday- I ask myself, “What are the 3 biggest things I need to do?” and I write it down and post it in front of me! I prioritize 1, 2, and 3, then I mark them off as I go!

  82. Angela

    Most useful for me is the screen sucking. I often break away and view facebook, social media, etc and before you know it, an hour has passed. Setting aside blocks of time have been one of the most useful tools for my focus issue. I also love the pruning the Lilly’s and Leaches idea. I have been doing this in 2013-2104 and the space has opened up for creativity.
    Thanks Marie!

    • I agree… and it really hit hard when he said “shut it down!” I will “leave it up” just in case, then get distracted and go here and there and everywhere online and the whole day is gone!

  83. What an uplifting Marie TV episode this was for me! I hope you have Ned Hallowell on future episodes. I love his Lillies and Leeches analogy. I’m realizing that there are some things that I just need to let go of, and focus on my lilies. I’m sending this one out to everyone I know to share the love.

    Thank you!

  84. What a wonderful, wonderful video. Thank you Marie and Dr. Ned. Your genuine love for people just exuded from the screen. I am so glad I used this moment of “screen suck” to watch this video.

    I would say I struggle most with cultivating the lilies and discarding the leeches. I have a lily patch.

    I am going to take some time to really identify which lilies I want to focus on right now and frankly what areas are leeches.

    Thanks Marie and Dr. Ned for serving the world in this way.

  85. Oooh Marie & Ned – I got chills several times during this episode. I went AMEN Ned so many times.

    Number 5 is my big one. Both when it comes to people and projects. I relocated to Budapest for 5 months, and a BIG reason was getting away from leeches, have time for My own projects and hang out with people who truly understood what I’m building.

    Now, I just got back and I haven’t reached out to friends because I truly FEAR falling back into the same pattern.

    Funnily enough, my business is all about coaching other creatives when it comes to procrastination, breaking through excuses AND getting clear – so much of what you talked about today. Loved every second of it! Thank you.

    PS. My mother always reminds me that it’s ok to say “I haven’t thought it through yet” or “I need time to think about this” when people want something from me. Like you number 3 – SO powerful!

  86. Amelia

    Great video! Big thanks to Ned and Marie for the awesome tips. All of them are super helpful, but for me, the first one about prioritizing is the one I really need to work on right now. Time to break out some pen and paper (I still love pen and paper for some things) and actually write down my goals. For too long I’ve let thinking about my goals be enough – but no more! I’m going to write them down and put them in a place where I can see them every day to help keep me on track.
    Thanks again!

  87. Catherine

    Love this episode reminded me a lot of the content of another book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. Prioritizing and learning to either “feed the goose” or “grab the eggs” is a lifelong path of self discovery towards the very points addressed today:
    • Define Clear and & Specific Goals
    -Short, mid and long term understanding of course that short term is aimed at creating a quicker manifestation of what we focus on.
    • Avoid screen sucking
    -Could also be seen as the ultimate leeches… and neither serves the “egg” or the “goose”
    • Set your default response
    -Again this strategy allows the time to figure out the lilies from the leeches or the “goose projects” from the eggs gathering ones
    • Never worry alone
    -Getting our facts straight is another way of looking at what worries are worth worrying about after all and, more often than not, which one we should simply LET GO!
    • Cultivate the lilies and getting rid of the leeches is ALL about figuring out what is worth nurturing or, in financial terms, what will pay those precious universal dividends….

    Thank you again for the inspiration and the clever insights you give us on the life of the thriving and sometimes struggling business people and how not to live by default but with a clear intent to succeed.

  88. Susan Congdon

    I would really like to use the 3 goal, per day, week, month and year idea. Do I have that right?

  89. Just fantastic!

    For me, the 3/3/3 hit the hardest. I’ve been quite good at this for most of my 20s and 30s. But after the kids, the migration across the globe and the massive presence of the Internet in my life, I somehow got lost. Until today!
    This one’s a game-changer, Marie. THANK YOU. Do hug Dr. Ned for me because he is not just super smar and sweet, he’s absolutely adorable, too. His kindheartedness just glows across the screen!!!

  90. Another fabulous video! I can only pick one? 😉 I would say, “Never Worry Alone” and the two following steps that go along with it. Like Ned said, worrying is paralyzing and once a plan is attached to the “problem” it is so freeing!

  91. Great! He was funny too! I think I may need to check out his books… I am a goal-maker/list keeper… and I LOVE the “Never worry alone.” That may be a new mantra for me… so logical, but sometimes we just need to be reminded.

  92. limiting email and web time. This is going to be a tricky one, but great as i hope to free up more time to spend on my 3 goals. Thank you Marie and Dr. Hallowell

  93. YES! Great Guest, Great Host, Great Pearls of WISDOM.
    Thank you Marie!

    I Put My 3 Goals for the Day on an Index Card & carry it everywhere with me. Works like a dream. I keep long term goals In Plain View, above my Desk, and on a Vision Board, works Great

    My issue (and now I have a name for it) is I’ve been Cultivating Too Many Lillies as in TOO MANY SHINY work projects. So will major simplify here.

    Thanks Again, Love You Marie and All! XO

  94. Definitely the screen-sucker! I have known for awhile this is a big problem for me because a lot of my work involves email and social media so it’s hard to keep it turned off.
    On a funny note….I have only recently become acquainted with you, Marie, and now I am so fascinated by you, your book, your videos and information that now I spend too much time checking out anything you have out there. At least you have great information so it’s really not a waste of time:-)

  95. Love the video with Dr. Holloway

    Lots of takeaways ! ! !

    Like Emily, mine are:

    1) “Screen sucking. ” (It should be in the DSM.)

    2) “Never worry alone.” This is incredibly powerful.

    3) “Cultivate lilies.” Enough said.

    I am getting better and letting go of leaches….and finding the balance with ALL the beautifull LILLIES.

    With love ! AND…Marie…you are just adorable…and powerful. THANK YOU for your work. You are a great example and inspiration.

    Peace, Cynthia 🙂 xo

  96. Ali

    I definitely need to work on setting just 3 goals for each day, week, year and my life. I get so excited and passionate about lots of things, so I am going to think through my “lilies” today and this week and see how I can slim things down.

  97. ALL of the tips resonate with me, but the one I definitely need to start on is setting up my daily/weekly/longish-term/and lifetime goals. Too often I write a “to-do” list that’s multiple pages long, then I look at it – freak out – and don’t do anything!

    I’ve been bad about prioritizing, but my big goal for today is to set my goals for the next few months. 🙂

  98. Tamara

    Marie – thank you (and Dr. Ned!) for this truly awesome video. All 5 points were so impactful. Perhaps the only one that didn’t hit me between the eyes was #4, which is only to say that I’m getting back off the floor now, making a plan to incorporate 1,2,3 & 5. First, I’m gonna share this will my peeps! This was truly great!

  99. Thank you Marie and Ned, wonderful interview!

    Oh, gosh, only three goals a day… that’s a challenge! 😀
    Is it morning routine a daily goal? I hope not.

    Setting my default response will be challenging too, when I on my best and focused on what I want, it’s also happening that a lot of great and lovely opportunity show up!

    So my challenge is to just bring few nice lilies on the table everyday. It sounds so romantic too 😉

  100. Sometimes screen sucking is good.. wen you have the time of course. One time I did that in here.. in these comments and found a biz coach to partner up with to exchange guest blogs. She ended up helping me set up my newsletter and several other things for my business. But yeah.. I really don’t need to check facebook every couple hours 🙂

  101. Alixandrea

    OK. Screen suck is a big problem for me (like, I’m responding to this right now where I should in fact be working!) The main problem in this is that I’m learning so much about so many things from so many different interesting sources that I’m totally disappearing down the tab-filled rabbit hole. I had a go at using the Pomodoro method yesterday and got a ton more done, think I going to have a go at using it more regularly.

    Thing two I need to do is prioritise to doing fewer things. Learning about all these cool new topics is all very well, but jumping around bewteen them is not allowing the info to stay in my head, so I’m not really *learning* what I’m reading anyway. So if I can focus down into learning about one thing a day, and also get two things done from my to do list…. Well, that doesn’t sound like enough things to do to get everything done, but I suppose it’s a start. I obviously need to prioritise more.

    Thing three, cultivating lillies and getting rid of leeches. I’ve let certain things/people leech all my time, energy an d self esteem for far too long and I really need to get a handle on that. Tips on *how* to do so would be very gratefully received!

    Finally, I have a problem where quite often I’ll understand a thing I’ve learned, but I’ll find it so easy that I figure I must be missing something, and therefore have no self confidence to actually use/try/do the thing, even if it would be super helpful. This causes me to *seriously* underperform. Does anyone else get that fear of information gaps? What do you do about it?

  102. Geni

    Oh that sucking sound! Make it stop! Please make it stop!

    As usual they all resonate but he’s right, if I see an e-mail or notification, I almost always have to check it.

    Not to mention going to a website, getting distracted by something along the way, and then forgetting why I went there in the first place. I’m sure I’m not the only one this happens to.

    Great advice that I will be working into my daily routine.

    Thanks so much Marie for all you do for us!

  103. Jamelle

    Marie. This was meant for me to watch! Thank you! I need to prioritize a few areas immediately!

  104. Hi Marie. I have a habit of always setting way too many goals. It overwhelmed me and I always end up with in-completes all over the place. So, the first strategy for setting goals is what I need to focus on now. I love that I’m limited to only selecting #3 goals because now I’m forced to really think about what I’m doing and prioritize. Great advice as usual. Thanks again for supporting all of us out here. Your videos always uplift me and make me feel so lucky to be living my life as an entrepreneur.

  105. Becky Hale

    Great post! Going to take action on all of these immediately. The most powerful one for me was 4. Never worry alone! Both personally and professionally. I had an immediate shift with this one!
    Thank you!

  106. Feel it like your feeling someone up lol! Great video.

    • The whole video was fabulous, but I think that was the best part!! … So glad I stayed around to watch every last second. What was the advice for, I wonder?

  107. The best 15 minutes spent watching this video. Such amazing advice, I already feel calm. I’m off to check out Dr. Hallowell’s books. Thank you.

  108. I love the “define what it is you want to do” and setting 3 goals everyday – this setting the space to create and achieve is hugely important. I often get bogged down by the ticky tacky little things and when I can really set the focus it actually opens up so much more. I even wrote about this morning before seeing the video ( The universe must be really telling me something!

    Thank you, Marie! I am excited to sign up for B-School! xoxo, Licia

    • Awesome Licia!! We’re honored to have you 🙂

      • I am super excited – one thing that I was wondering (I know registration is starting the 19th) is there someone I can connect with to ask a few questions about B School and to get some more info? I have a couple of logistical questions – is there an email or number I can call?

        Thank you!!! xoxo Licia

        • Oops! Found all the info I need – today is one of those days where I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body! xoxo

  109. Melanie Love

    This was just for me! Focus on three goals. So key yet I always slip out of focus and add just one more thing I want to rock at aaaaand then the stress levels get jacked up because I feel Ike I’m failing at everything.

    The best tool I have ever used to get clear on how to set the three goals so that the are authentically yours (not another society approved “should”) is The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.

    Good reminder to use the tools that work!

  110. Sophia


    Great video Marie. I loved listening to Dr. Hallowell. I think that narrowing down and prioritizing tasks and life goals makes me feel a little relieved too. I’m also prone to ‘screensucking’, great term!
    I was looking for the links you mentioned on your video and can’t seem to find them. I’d love to check out Dr. Hallowell’s books and website.

  111. Great episode!

    I really liked the idea of have 3 life goals. I’ve always set goals for myself (short term & long term), but I’ve never really sculpted out specific life goals. I feel like if I do this, it will make all the other goals easier to figure out.


  112. This could not have come at a better time. I have discovered far too many leeches disguising themselves as lily’s and this help make it clear to me!! Thank you Marie and Thank You Dr. Hallowell !!

  113. Mairead Murphy

    Wow Marie! I loved this episode, thank you for introducing me to Dr. Ned…what a wise and loving soul. I loved his term ‘screen sucking’ and strategies for avoiding that massive time waster. But what really hit home for me was when he said, “Never worry alone.” Beautiful!

  114. This was an awesome video. Really liked that was presented.

  115. Love them all and def sharing with my clients! But today, the three goals struck me as most helpful. I’ve challenged myself to double my income while respecting some quality of life constraints, and have several very doable courses for accomplishment. But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by my ambition. Breaking it down like this will tame the happy beasts.

  116. Ann J

    Never Worry Alone
    I tend towards solitude due to being a bit of an introvert, but have come to know that it is not good for me. I have in the past let problems get blown up all out of proportion and finding myself dropping quickly into worry and anxiety mode. It becomes a habit to then always retreat and worry when things are tough or challenging. I have found that this response stops you from finding solutions and keeping on a even keel. Keeping in contact with others is vital to good mental health. Full stop.
    So glad to see it on your show today.

  117. Thank you Marie & Ned! Get information! Can greatly appreciate the screen sucking, leaches & lilies! God Bless :))

  118. This was a GREAT video! Thanks so much, Marie & Dr. Ned!
    So I am the absolute WORST at goal writing… always have been and that’s one of the reasons I’ve felt myself floundering for decades. It’s almost like I’m afraid to commit to them. And secondly, SCREEN SUCKING. I’m am totally guilty of that… hours can literally disappear as my thoughts jump from screen to screen. I will definitely start working on that TO-DAY.
    Thanks agaiN!

  119. Mike'

    Great video! Screen sucking is not my issue considering I am pretty much a dinosaur when it comes to social media. I use Marie like a fairy god-mother to stay motivated. I’m with Marie- learn how to say, “No”….believe it or not there are plenty of ways to say, “NO” My Yeye was infamous for telling us “No” growing up without even using the word “No”…her favorite is..
    “Does a chicken have lips?”

  120. I love the prioritizing specific goals The #3 things to do every day/week etc… I know this is basic but I always try to put too many things on the list and then never get anything done!
    3 seems doable and if you can get to a few more all the better but start with 3… Also the Lilies and the leeches thing which I think feeds into the tip on “Let me get back to you”…
    Great video! great guest!
    Thanks so much!

  121. Breanne

    I hadn’t heard of Dr. Hallowell before this episode of Marie TV. It is obvious what a sweet, gentle man he is. I love how he lit up when talking about his children! My biggest takeaway is “screen-sucking” much like many others who have commented. I am a completely online student and am CONSTANTLY staring at the computer for assignments and emails. It has affected my vision and psyche. Time to take a break from the screen. Thanks for the tips Marie and Dr. Ned. Much appreciated, as always!

  122. Never worry alone, that the work I need to do, sometimes are just stay on my corner, and the consequence is that i forget to get the facts.
    So I will post-it on my wall the three steps
    – Never Worry ALone
    – Get the facts
    – Make Plan


  123. Kelly

    This video contains great advice and has made my heart feel lighter. I feel like I have a place to start now.

  124. Narrowing down the list of priorities is key. When I’m able to check off all the items on my Tah Dah (To Do) list I’m left feeling uber focused and successful.

    And “Never Worry Alone” was also huge. In fact, I was worrying about something when I opened this email…lol.

    Most importantly, Marie, I’m grateful that your compact videos deliver big insights and golden nuggets of inspired info. So often I get emails offering advice or a “secret” to this or that but they are too long selling their product and too short on the specifics of what was offered. Thank you for being the antithesis of that.

    Many blessings.

  125. The one, of the 5 Ned talks about, that will challenge me the most is the Screen Sucking. I do a majority of my current work on a Facebook page ~ waiting for my web site to launch ~ and it is TOOOO easy to go back to my home page and read up on what my friends are doing during the day. I get sucked in so easily. Second challenge would be the clear, specific three a day. I just sort of go and never feel as if I’ve accomplished anything.

    Thank you Marie for this interview! Loved it.

    ~ Lisa

  126. Life Suckers! The internet – wow- that is try and I do it in the name of marketing. I get on an ignore my kids, suck down all my carefree timelessness time and never accomplish a thing.
    Question: How to participate in the lively communities on the web and promote a business and life you love without getting sucked into the electronic vortex? Things I have tried:
    Setting a timer
    Leaving computer unplugged so it runs out of battery life
    Planning an event to go to in two hours
    Asking my Spouse to hold me accountable

    The letting the battery run out works every time. I may be frustrated but I do get up and change gears! I welcome better ideas! [email protected]

    Question: How do you carve out creative space with a family and business to run?

    I need thoughts on this from others.

    Never worry alone was my favorite take away from today!

  127. sharon nembhard

    Dr. Ned just helped me identify my ICT weaknesses. And yes, I did learn to mind the email magnet and scheduled it along with my other media programs for the day. However, I feel powerless to avoid clicking the follow up links. My son keeps saying I don’t have enough RAM. I just pray when I get my entire system running, I have the same magnetic pull on my stories, because its the links for me. Thanks for recalibration Dr. Ned and Marie.

  128. Thank you for this!
    The biggest one for me is the Screen Suck. In fact, we all call FaceBook “TimeSuck” at our house. I’m trying to set better computer time limits. This was a great reminder.
    And I call Leeches “Energy Vampires.” Been working on ridding myself of those for a while and it does make a difference.
    These videos are so well done and you have such wonderful guests. Again, thank you!

  129. Julie

    Cultivating lilies and getting rid of leetches.. even though ALL of them were excellent tips I plan to use. Thanks for sharing this video!

  130. Jen Morris

    Wow – did I ever need to see and hear this today! I know I’m capable of prioritizing and focusing and being more productive in LESS time. I just need to hold myself accountable and turn off the distractions. Thank you for this amazing video!

  131. Screen suck! I totally identify. I think I need a different space for my desk that doesn’t have a computer there. Oy.

  132. Rachel

    I’ve sat through 3 day conferences where I didn’t get this much good info.

    Not strictly one of the 5….but this one really spoke to me:
    “Use the control you have.” I am more powerful than I think I am if I use the power I have. Yep.


  133. “I don’t have the time to do your project justice”

    POETRY!! This is going to be a GAME-changer for me.

    As a good Marie TV student, I knew the theory of getting on the no train, but have always found it hard to implement. THIS is going to be the sentence that helps me to finally do it!

    Thank you, Ned and Marie!

    • Love it Marsha! The harder part for me is the “let me get back to you”. When i’m a good girl I do it and its MAGIC. I’m such a rush for yes…and then …………oh gawd. I totally stopped mid writing this because I saw I had a new email. I have problems. 🙂

  134. Never worry alone!

  135. Thank you for this, Marie!! Dr. Ned doesn’t say anything we haven’t heard before but his manner of delivery is so refreshing and alive! I’m a HUGE victim of the screen suck and love hearing that everyone else here is too!! Plus reading all the tips and tricks to avoiding it…
    I’m working on my goals right now – short-term, medium-term, long-term and lifetime. Love that breakdown. Makes it so much more manageable.
    Now if only I could get off this computer and get back to it….!!! xoxo

  136. Janice L. Blake

    Thank you. That was very useful. I admire you so much.

  137. I took notes during this interview. Such important information delivered with such heart by Marie and Dr. Hallowell. I’m incredibly grateful for it, and love the way that it was distilled. The internet is a tricky place. It’s so helpful, and so addictive, especially when I’m building a business on it. I think that I need multiple strategies to avoid “screen sucking” and thanks for the suggestions here in the comments.

    My 3 goals tend to fail when they are also the 3 things that fill me with the most fear. But ah ha! there’s “never worry alone” for that one… I need to get better at implementing that one, and then report back how things go… starting today! As a gardener, I particularly like Dr. Halloway’s metaphors, though my leeches are more like slugs on a too-big patch of lilies. Time to divide them up and share the wealth. Yes!

  138. Vanessa Paton

    Hi – love your show! Your personality is fun & magnetic!
    Today’s show inspired me with the 3- goal system! – Especially the ‘Life-goal!’ This is what will keep me focussed or reconsider my goals altogether!
    Keep shining your light & wisdom!
    Love ya,
    Lyoness – One Loyalty Card – Worldwide

  139. Lauren

    Totally with you Renee! I’m writing down my list of worry buddies this morning.

  140. Wow. I have to say- I wish I’d had this video in my life years ago. I would of avoided so many bumps + bruises + forehead slaps, maybe even a stressed induced chocolate truffle nibble or two. ha.

    The lillie patch is absolute freggin’ genius, loved the whole thing. I think what I need to implement asap is this…

    -Minimizing interruptions + Defining my goals in midterm + longterm + lifetime 3’s. I already made a worksheet so I could jump on this today. So consider this my public accountability.

    Over the years I’ve, without realizing, slowly included some of the other topics and they are 100% completely life changing. Thank you so much for this. Sharing already. Hugs!

    • I love the lily idea too – got get rid of the leeches and nurture those lilys! And having 3 priorities makes me want to barf, but it’s worth a try!!!

      Brilliant video – thank you!

  141. Great tips need to turn off my internet totally get that thanks for the reminder

  142. Michele

    Set short, medium, long, and lifetime goals. I say this as I look at my ridiculous To Do list today. I’m also working on the Desire Map and Core Desired Feelings so it is a bit of a contradiction but satisfies both of my needs for production and satisfaction.

    Don’t worry alone is great also. In the last year I’ve left a long term job with many social aspects to start my own business working from home and on the road a lot. I’ve isolated myself too much and need to reach out more to my network of friends and family and put myself out there more to meet more people and build new networks of like-minded people.

  143. Aphelia

    The lilies!!! That will be my first action. Getting of the leeches.:)
    Thanks Marie for this great video!! Just love it!

  144. I completely enjoyed that video Marie! It was amazing and Dr. Ned gave really great tips. I am SO guilty of screen sucking. I can open up my emails thinking I’ll just check one, and wind up 2 hrs later reading the link or researching a topic from w/in the email. omg. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!
    I usually start my day with a general idea of what I want and need to accomplish that day, but will work on writing 3 specific goals daily. Perhaps that will help me feel more productive as opposed to staring at a long list of goals that awaits checking off.
    luv ur videos. thank you for raising our consciousness and inspiring us all to move forward.

  145. Casey

    stop screen-sucking! I’m so guilty of this. I especially have a bad habit of leaving a browser with facebook open behind my work, I flip over for “just a sec” and 10 minutes later have to get back on task.

    Such an awesome video!

  146. Hello all,

    I wonder if Dr. Hallowell meant the 3 things per ___ were for personal or business items, or both. Anyone know?

    As I’m making this awesomely simply list I’m coming up with this query.


    • Your choice Camilla! Of course, choose 3 things that are doable in each category.

  147. Marie and Ned- Holy crap, what an eye opener today, and just what I need!

    I thought I was the only adult that had ADD, and then I like to blame menopause for the reason I cannot focus and feel overwhelmed every day!

    I was inspired by so many tips…the ones that really hit me were:
    SCREEN SUCKING! I just read all the comments and watched the segment and I should be cultivating my LILLY’S right!?

    I think I need Internet Rehab, now that would be a great business idea!

    Never Worry Alone. Love this.. especially because my daughters and I launched a company that specializes in Spreading Positivity Face to Face and connecting people! It’s called Say it forward.

    Like my mama always told me “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

    Thanks for this amazing video Marie! I am working on my video for your B-School Scholarship, so get ready and look for it!

    B-School is my dream, and would be a blessing to get me to the next level and help me stay focused! Love you Marie!!!! XOXO Sandra Centorino- Certified Inspirational Expert at Say it forward+ Co.

  148. Thank you again for some wonderful advice! My takeaway today was never worry alone. Simple but not always easy. I love the concrete steps given to make it easier, and I will implement them. I very much appreciate these videos, guidance and positive energy.

  149. I loved this episode! So helpful to me right now. I know what I should be working on and I really get sucked into sooooooo many other things!!! These tips were amazing.. “Let me get back to you on that..” perfect.

    I make luxurious bamboo and organic cotton body wear and lately I have been spending more time on ze Facebook rather than in my studio!! Yikes. I call it marketing time but really its just screen suck! Thanks so much for this video Marie and Dr Hallowell!

    Marie fans if your excited about the idea of my bamboo organic cotton body wear please head over to my website and sign up for my newsletter. I am turning off my Facebook to send out an amazing offer very soon.


  150. Leah

    This discussion is so inspiring and practical. I love it. I overwhelm myself with too many daily goals until I get to the point where I just see where the day takes me and hope I get things done. I think defining clear and specific goals is an amazing and simple concept- but how do I prioritize? How do I decide what my three goals should be? I liked someone’s comment about faith, family, fitness, fortune, and freedom. So how do I decide which of these areas should be my focus and how do I narrow these down to create clear and specific goals that I can manage and achieve? These five concepts seem so simple, but these steps are challenging for someone like me who needs the beginners level on how to prioritize and determine what is important in the first place. Does Hallowell discuss the steps to deciding goals in his book so I can redirect my paralyzing need to find meaning and purpose in everything, avoidance of decision making, lack of connection with my own goals for life, and tendency to overcommit?

  151. Lauren

    Great video! I loved the tips on setting three goals daily. Also I am very guilty of “screen sucking” especially when I am unwinding with my family at night. I really appreciate the advice on setting a time limit and that he shined light on this issue… many times I don’t even realize I am doing it.

  152. Thanks to ED for sharing this, my challenge is sucking to the screen.
    I realised that I’m always on the internet and at times forget to do all that is more important to my business.
    I worry about everything all alone even somethings are not really worth worrying about but because I do mre of thinking than doing, so I end up worrying for no reason.
    Now I’m going to start with getting away from the internet, starting now.

    Thank you to the team

  153. Well, all these were fantastic! I resonated with the goals of “3” rule. Love it and plan to use it as of right now!!! And the Screen Suck- very much a leech… I like the idea of maybe 20-30 minutes max daily of email/ social media, then turn the puppy off!!! And The Lilies and Leeches analogy was spot on. Gives a greater focus, and I can identify a few more places where I can reduce leeching. Spectacular as always, and Thank You!!!

  154. KimDar

    Most powerful thing I have heard in a while: “Smart people underperform because they think they are less powerful than they really are.” WOW. Wish I had heard that years ago. Looking forward to implementing ALL of these strategies in my life, but #3 is definitely the most immediate for me right now.

  155. Silvianne

    For me, it’s screen sucking. I work on my computer all day, emailing clients and potential clients, doing online marketing and copywriting and as a short “break,” I find myself going on Facebook to see what’s new, or checking personal email for the same reason and sometimes clicking on links within them (it’s how I watched this video, for instance). I spend little time at it, but do it several times per day and it adds up. So, I’ve decided to set the “3 daily goals” Ned talks about and accomplish them BEFORE I do most anything else. Thanks Marie and Ned!

  156. Dr. Ned, just sold another book and a new fan! Thank you Marie!

    So, I am sharing this video x10 today! Emails are my huge time waster! It starts with new arrivals just in, click the link, and I am 20 minutes into a deep session of browsing what I am going to wear for spring. I knew better, but still would do it.

    That nickle and dime-ing with your time really adds up at the end of the day, week and month.
    So starting today, I will allow myself to check emails at 9am and again at noon. While I communicate a vast majority of my day to day happenings, via email, I know it has been quite excessive lately.

    P.S.– “I don’t have the time to do your project justice” will save me from my overly generous and overly ambitious pilot mode!

    Thank you both again!

  157. Tracy

    As much as I believe all of Ned’s points to be super relevant and important for my life such as defining clear and specific goals, and not becoming overcommitted (it’s okay to “think about it”)…I think the ‘screen sucking’ point is dead on. Sometimes I just need to turn it off and tune it out. I promise to not feel guilty or upset if I leave the house without my phone!

  158. My favorite part was how he broke down the goals, the three short-term, mid-term, long-term, and life term! Thank you Dr Ned and Marie!

  159. Screensucking.

    The past few months I have already been putting into practice #socialmediafree weekends. I feel free to do other things and not even worry about Internetland. So good!

  160. Vanessa S.H.

    I’m currently working on ALL of these issues! The first and easiest to practice was dropping “leeches” but the MOST important thing for me to work on right now is prioritizing.

    I easily get caught up in mental and emotional avalanches (Yikes, I know.) My mind goes NUTS with all the “I could do this! …but then I need to do that… and before I get to that, this has to be done!” Sometimes it’s stressful, but a lot times its just a flood of inspired ideas-but even that can be overwhelming!

    I have tried the 3-goals-for-the-day deal and it seriously does help. Why haven’t I made it routine… ? I’m off to write down my 3-point list. 😉

  161. Definetly the screen sucking part is the worst!!! And also the 3/3/3 rules is quite a challenge for me.
    Thanks for this amazing interview.

  162. Kate

    Thanks Ned and Marie. Loved this video this morning.
    Really like the 3 goals idea – today, short term, long term and life. Like many others I have a long ‘to do’ list each day, but realistically 3 chunks of work on client projects is the right amount to focus on, so I’m off to decide what those 3 most important projects are to focus on this morning.
    Thanks again. Hope to join you for B-School this year.

  163. Oh gosh!! I am soooo guilty of not prioritising and ending up doing a bunch of stuff that isn’t much use to anyone by the end of the day!
    It’s really great to hear a little reminder of the basics. Tomorrow, I will be writing a list of 3 things on my work pad for the day.
    Trying to avoid screen suck will be HUGE! I feel like that has become the norm in our society so fighting against it will take some effort but, yep. It’s definitely my biggest distraction!
    I’m a recent discoverer of you, Marie, so thank you for your insight. I’m excited for the journey ahead! x

  164. My favs are sticking to three goals at a time and reducing the amount of time staring at a screen. I loved the term screen-sucking.

  165. DuDuDu

    This is my favourite video…Two years ago, I decided to change my path and long-term plans to follow a love affair and move across the ocean. Not long after, I found myself lost. I started to have anxiety problems. I didn’t know what I wanted in life and started to jump on everything, got so busy and stressed. Lost connection to myself and my relationships. Recently, I started to see a therapist and I found myself telling her ‘I don’t have any goals, so I am trying to do everything and I am overwhelmed’. Yesterday I made a decision to write down and also visually design where I want to see myself in the future. Today, I booked myself an hour a day this week to think about goals for different parts of my life be it professional, relationships, where I want to live etc..Just after my first one hour goal setting session, I watched this video. It is priceless. I will add daily goals on my list, too. I know I am on the right path towards peace…Thanks!

  166. Thanks Marie so much!
    Really love this episode today:) Screen suck-yes, actually i have been thinking about it today to organize 1hr for checking emails and write back to people and stop jumping from videos to videos. And second yes as well to the beautiful metaphor Grow the Lilies and get rid of leeches. Thanks a million!!
    I am
    admiring your work!

  167. I can relate to Tip 1 because I’ve just gone through that process this month to redefine my goals, reprioritze and take control, after having a very dysfunctional period at the end of last year. I have to put in more control over screensucking… I work full-time in a corporate environment where an email hits my screen every couple of minutes, and I’m available via Instant message, which is distracting enough. But then, I switch to trying to manage my own fledgling business on the side, which ads an extra layer of distraction, and I end up doing neither job very well. I have to learn to compartmentalize and schedule both work time and screen time for both my job and my business. I believe the mindfulness towards each will allow my performance towards each to improve significantly.

  168. Thank you Marie.

  169. Screen suck. So guilty. Just lock me up and throw away the key.

    I am so totally going to look into StayFocused, per Gemma’s recommendation above. While I do use FB and Twitter for biz purposes, I really don’t need to spend the kind of time I do there.

    • I can totally relate Jen! It’s extra tough when you use it for business and marketing and clients. So tempting to keep it online all day. It’s great videos like these that remind us to TIO

  170. Gyda

    Loved it!!
    I’m often so unproductive because of this “screen sucking”!

    At the end of the video (at 12:22 to be exact) Marie talked more info about this guy and the books he has written – but I can’t find it below the video.

    Am I missing something or did Marie forget to put that info below?


    • Louise - Team Forleo

      All of Ned’s information can be found at He’s amazing!!

      • Gyda

        Thanks Louise!

  171. So great and really needed to hear this. I’m a doctor with a busy private practice that is still only me (no employees) who has totally been blooming on social media over the last year. I love being able to interact and educate patients outside of the office…but the screen sucking thing happens to me almost daily and can take up hours of precious time. It’s gotten to the point where I have been sacrificing my own health to be more engaging and I needed to hear this to take a breath and remember that if I’m not functioning optimally from exercise, good diet, play, etc, I sure as hell ain’t gonna be of use to anyone else! I’m prioritizing and making myself set a timer for online time starting NOW. Thanks so much!

  172. Loved this one! For me the best take-away was the first – setting goals. My work goals are under control, but I needed help with my personal goals (of which work is one of them!) and finding ways to not let my work take over all my other pursuits!! Putting this into action THIS WEEK!!

  173. Jessica

    First of all thanks for addressing the ADD factors.
    Walking away with:
    NEVER WORRY ALONE- get facts, make a plan- revise plan. find the peeps you need to work it thru = empowerment- problem solving- hallelujah!
    Clarity FORCES priorities.

  174. Great video Ned & Marie. I especially like how Ned breaks down the to-do list with 3 simple daily tasks and then weekly and lifetime. I am going to start implementing this method this week!

  175. Dawn Y

    Love the THREE GOALS, I always want to focus on too much, and live in chaos with out getting done what I want and need to get done.
    The three goals is a great place for me to work from.

  176. This was a great one. What I loved was the info was fresh, like I’d never heard it before (perhaps I have, but it was presented in such a way that it seemed new). My take aways were Tip 1: prioritize and to avoid screen “suck”.

    Thank you for providing this great info.


  177. Hello Marie
    My three points are:
    Never worry alone.
    set short term , intermediate and long term goals.

    Lilias – In the past month, I have been narrowing down my leeches(projects) and (people). Things that drain my energy are being deleted or put on the back burner.
    I have to work on the worry alone.
    I have always planned for short term goals and long term goals, but never though of intermediate goals. Good.
    I am glad I saw this video, I watched twice. thanks to you, I am going to re-evaluate my goals.

  178. Charisse

    Thanks Marie and Ned. This message is right on time for me. I’ve been feeling stuck, unmotivated, and unproductive lately. I will begin right now by Defining Clear and Specific Goals. Three goals per day and three weekly goals. I think that this will help me to actually get things done. And I hope that each daily accomplishment will inspire me to continue being productive.

  179. Thank you so much for this episode of Marie TV. You are two of my very favorite people of all time. No kidding. As a coach that has worked in the field of ADHD for many years and now expanding it to include anyone that struggles with the same challenges, I have LOVED Ned Hallowell’s simple yet profound messages for a long time. So grateful that you are bringing his wise words and light-hearted approach to all of us in this community. The more time I put into my business, the more I need to be reminded of the very things I coach around. None of us are exempt!

  180. I love the response, “Let me get back to you”. I have said YES too quickly more times than I care to admit. I also really resonate with “Never worry alone”. This is a tough one for a solopreneur like me. I’m guilty of dramatizing issues and not reaching out to people enough – but I struggle to know where to reach out many times. But my favorite is the last tip. “You don’t owe it to the leech to continue to give your precious life’s blood” – so true on so many levels.

  181. Anita

    Screen-sucking “classic”

  182. Sam

    “Technology coming out of every orifice.” Oh, Marie.

  183. Define Clear and Specific Goals – I am over all over the place.
    I am like that little puppy that is wagging and wiggling all over the place ’cause” almost everything looks like it would be fun to try.
    And so, I try nothing fully. Goal setting session coming up.
    Great info and program!

  184. gabriela

    Thank you so much, really helpful for me, I think I have a bit of all 3 :D, but the most powerful to me was Not worry alone!
    Wish you best,

  185. Defining my goals. I’ve been working for years on trying to find my niche, my mission and my goals and still don’t have a clear idea…
    And I love so many things it’s hard to focus on just a few…
    This is the area I wish I had a magic wand to tell me what I should focus on!

  186. Definitely the Screen Suck!! I’m utterly addicted to checking emails, then following possible interesting leads…next thing I know 2 hours have gone by and I haven’t started my project of the day…
    Great show – thanks,
    Lex : )

  187. This is one of the best interviews! All five tips were great it is hard to choose which one is the best. I am actually torn between number 2 and number 5… 3 tips for the short, medium and long term and lifetime is great. Trying to do it all everyday is one of my challenges… I try to do too much. I can really get behind that tip BUT getting rid of the leeches in my life so I can focus on the Lilies is brilliant. Thanks for sharing this video Marie and Ned

  188. My choice now is ‘never worry alone’ – I started to implement it recently – I either ask for support of other prople to calm down or ask for feedback of people who was there and can put it for me in new perspective. It works beautifully!

    And my next will be about lilies and leeches. Not only in business but in my life as a whole.

  189. Natalie

    WOW, I feel like this video was made especially for me! Thank YOU! I resonate with so much of this! I want to do so many things, get completely overwhelmed and then just get paralyzed not knowing what to do first. I believe that technology plays a huge role in sucking us in, distracting us and taking the focus off what’s really important. My biggest challenge is the “screen sucking”. I often get online to check 1 thing and am still on an hour later, sometimes forgetting why I got on the computer in the first place!! I have a hard time staying focused on any 1 task. I have been working on being aware when I do that, and getting back to the task at hand before moving on to the next task. I can also relate to the amount of interruptions in my daily life! I was interrupted 4 times just watching your video!! I can especially relate to the “Never Worry Alone”. It has become more acceptable to have virtual relationships than face-to-face ones and I have to remind myself that connecting with others either via phone or in person is so much more satisfying than texting or IM’s. Thank you both for an amazing interview and discussion!

  190. This was great, Marie & Ned!

    What a great reminder, Marie, about writing with a friend. I had a great coach (Linda Anderson of Getting Clear) who called this the Body Double. She taught me about how effective it is for completing work. I put it into practice with the huge goal of writing my book, Heaven. For several years of research & writing, I worked side by side with a friend who was writing her screenplay. Since we often weren’t in the same city, we would check in w/one another by phone a couple of times during the day, so we could report on progress or stumbling blocks. It was amazing how we helped one another bust those blocks & get back to work. I loved this reminder because I’m at a place where I could use it again!

    BTW, we each completed those goals. My book, Heaven, is about healing the perceived separation between spirituality & sexuality ( Why? Because when we integrate all parts of our selves, we’re whole. When we’re Whole, we have the energy, integrity, & badassery we need to achieve our dreams & help others achieve theirs, too. I coach leaders into this next level of awareness as well.

    I love your ability to share your Wholeness, Marie. Holy Marie!

  191. Newsha

    Never worry alone…I find that talking to people about subjects that worry me always helps me process and make a good decision…It totally gets paralyzing when something is on my mind and I try to solve it on my own.

  192. Philippa

    Hello Marie
    Thank you for sharing with us this great information.

    As soon as I finish this comment I give myself an hour and a half (with no unplanned interruptions) to “define my clear and specific goals”.

    Starting tomorrow, after my morning routine, I will start my day with a 30 min. planning and a verbarized daily “to do” list.
    I will also block an hour on Fridays at to end of my work week by keeping track of things done and giving myself feedback on my progress.
    Finally starting next Monday I will block 3 hours at the beginning of my work week with a holistic (including relaxation, meditation, visualization) review of my short-medium-long-lifetime clear and specific goals.

    This video gave us significant and immediately feasible tips. Many thanks to both of you!


  193. Rene Schlimm

    Marie, I have been enjoying (and looking forward to) all of your episodes. There is always something to walk away with that will make my life a little… or a lot… easier. But, I have to tell you that this particular episode is hands down my favorite. The copious notes I took! It’s hard to choose a favorite nugget of advice, as they all resonate with me. If I had to, I would say that the lilies versus leeches may have had the slight edge for me. Love it! Thank you for being you and sharing the very special gift that only you can give!

  194. Jennifer

    screen sucking. all morning. must. stop! Loved the video!

  195. Such great strategies in this video. I plan to implement each of them. The one I feel I need to take action on immediately is to avoid screen sucking. I often go home after work and spend an hour or two online and then realize half my evening is done and I haven’t worked on the projects I need to and want to focus on.

    I’m going to dedicate time in the morning and evening to being online and set goals on what I want to accomplish online.

    Thanks to Marie & team for these awesome videos!

  196. Agatha

    I loooved this video! It did talk to me and I am for sure going to show it for some people I know. Such a great video, Thank you!

  197. Erin

    Love this episode. I have gone through such a life change and you and your inspiration has gotten me through many of the hard times:). Just wanted to share how great you are, I already started my list of small, med and large goals. I already feel a weight lifted. I also, made a few calls and cuts some commitments that were leaching me.

    Thank you

  198. I really enjoyed this it was all geared towards me. I learned while writing my autobiography: Polished: filing away at life’s truths to shut down everything and everyone. I liked define and set goals. I am in the process of setting up motivational speaking engagements, and I have to set up my goals. I know learned how. I laughed at screen sucking, it is so true, I find my time just slips away. My closest friends are my clients, so I never worry alone. I like talking face-to-face or over the phone instead if emails. It is more personnel. Thank you both for this video and your email to view it.

    • Tina

      Your link’s not working Ms. Panariello.

  199. Marie!

    You are my new BFF! I have always set daily, weekly, long-term and big goals! But, now that I’m going on my own I feel that I’ve dropped that ball and need to pick it up and run with it.

    The default réponse for me now is, “I just don’t have time to do it justice for you.”

    My need to implement ASAP is NEVER WORRY ALONE! A born worrywart and this is now going to end!

    Thanks, it was a great video. I look forward to many more!


  200. These all sound like great strategies to prioritize and live a little more carefree. The one that spoke to me the most today was: “Never worry alone.”

    A few nights in the past week I have woken up in the middle of the night and not been able to get back to sleep because I start worrying about the problem of the day. Some problems I don’t have much control over and could use a reminder that it’s not worth worrying about if there’s nothing I can do and/or it’s not my problem to worry about. Some things I need to seek some additional support from people who are more informed about the issues at hand. So now I’m off to find that support, get the facts, and make a plan! Thanks for a great video Marie and Ned!

  201. I LOVED this episode. Definitely in my top 3.

    I call Leeches – Joy Suckers. They literally drain the life out of you.

    I often use a mac application called “SelfControl” that will block access to my problem websites. I highly recommend it. I think I need to up my use of it.

  202. April

    Marie, with no disrespect intended, you have lost me. I have un subscribed from your emails. I realize you are a hugely successful business person, and I am not on the cover of Forbes…..I used to be in furniture sales in the 80’s, and worked on commission. I was taught many of the same techniques that you are presenting. However, one of the best techniques I was taught while making a sale is not to talk yourself out of the sale. You seem to have an endless supply of letters and videos where you just very successfully talk your way right out the sale to your audience. It seems to me since you love to talk so much, and practice your finely honed skills at dramatics, perhaps you should pursue a career in acting instead. It is a shame, since it looked like you could have a good product here, if you could just focus on the mission of what you say you are trying to accomplish, rather than dumbing down your audience , and displaying yourself as a gangster.

    • SA

      Wow, I totally don’t agree with you. I just found Marie not too long ago, but the quality of the information she provides, and the guests she has on, is really good. Even if we know the information, getting reminders about things like “screen suck” help to refocus us when we get off track. I think she’s down-to-earth and likable. I don’t think she’s talking her way out of any sale. If anything, I think I hear the “ch-ching!!!” of her bank account growing. Go Marie! 🙂

  203. Excellent video! Can we begin listing great products to work offline with to keep us in good spirits? Maybe Asana or Basecamp.

  204. Wow!
    A fantastic episode, and perfect timing!
    I’ve reached a bit of a breaking point here recently- all the ingredients spread out in front of me, but feeling so stuck.
    The overall point I hear is “know what you want”.
    That helps define lilies and leeches, what to say yes to, what your goals are…
    What I want has seemed so slippery when I’ve tried to get specific. I’m getting better at finding the ways it needs to be defined.
    After all that, my heart would probably tell you I worry alone too much…
    Thanks for your work…

  205. This episode is definitely among my favorites and I’m planning on sharing it with my fellow entrepreneurs – thank you Marie & Dr. Ned!

    The last piece of advice “Cultivate lilies and get rid of leeches” is the thing I need to work on the most. I have two businesses right now and while they are both interesting and fun, one is WAY more meaningful to me than the other. I’ve been thinking about closing the one down for the past few months because it no longer brings me joy and always feels like a chore, but I’ve been feeling guilty leaving my clients of that business in a lurch. Hearing Dr. Ned say that they can find new people who can become their lilies helps take the pressure off.

  206. Hi Marie, Cool Video thanks for such great Inspiration
    Have a Tremendous Day from Auckland New Zealand
    Regards Theo

    PS Great ending to the video clip today.

  207. Chelsea

    Feed the lilies! That is a great point and a very important life lesson to learn. I recently learned the hard way that when you give your energy to the wrong people or projects (the leeches), even for what seems like the right reasons, it takes time and energy away from your lilies (my daughter is my biggest lily) and leaves you vulnerable. Dont do it!!! I wish I saw this video a month ago. Thanks for sharing.

  208. Love the power of 3! Also, lilies & leeches is a brilliant way of looking at it.

  209. Sophie

    Only 3 goals a day: what a relief! And no screensucking. I think I end up with….TIME! LOL

  210. Kimberly Lennert

    Screen suck resonates. Also, setting clearly defined goats with timelines.
    Thanks for all you do!

  211. Yup, I have a favorite:

    Never worry alone.

    Every time I forget it, life becomes messy!

    I am writing it on a wall in my office – I’ll have it top of mind.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  212. Ah!!!! Well, Dr. Ned’s words really resonated with me! Making specific goals – and reeeeeealy prioritizing 3 Goals – that makes you do some thoughtful thinking! Additionally though, I’ll say that I am always the “Yes!” person – always eager and willing to help, be involved etc. The advice to take a moment and “consider” – the “Let me get back to you” is one I will be using from now on – probably later on this afternoon!

    Loving it!

  213. I have to stop checking my email thrrough the day and allot it to the morning time only!

    Great episode!

  214. Love this!!!!

  215. Great advice, thanks I enjoyed it.

  216. I love the day goals, short-term goals and life goals. Seem so much more doable!!! Implementing that today… well, now actually. Revising my list. Already feel the change in that. Much gratitude and appreciation to you both!!!!

    Just Awesome!

  217. I definitely need to focus in on the 3-daily goals, short-term goals, and life-time goals. My energy feels like it goes everywhere in a 24 hour span; so right now I’m going to plan my 3-daily goals and short-term goals for my web design business (and I’ll let those life-time goals brew up in my head!). Thank you both for the information and inspiration!

  218. Marie, I can’t tell you how you have changed my life! I have an Aesthetic Practice in the UK and EVERYTHING you say on your website is just awesome! Il go in to my practice tomorrow, looking forward to going to work instead of dreading how to I cope with everyone’s demands and the , scary thing is……I forget the really important issues of why I set up my Business and the passion I have to create such an amazing service….so from rainy North East of England! Thank You so so much! For giving me my focus back! Bx

  219. Sherri Grande

    Love this interview and appreciate you introducing me to Ned Hallowell! I am planning to check out his stuff asap and can’t wait to get started on his first suggestion (defining clear & specific goals) b/c this has been a real challenge for me. Thanks again Marie for the fabulous content!

  220. I actually love the slideshow testimonials on this page…that is incredible! Also, not worrying alone is stupendous…especially for those of us who “have it all figured out” and have a difficult time not having all the answers.
    Thank you Marie and Ned!!

  221. Marie & Ned,

    I really appreciated the 5 points you made and feel as though you were speaking to me directly! I have so many ideas about how I want to share my information, education and passion, often leaving me more unproductive. Although I can relate to all of the points you made, ‘never worry alone’ resonated with me the most. I have always been a proficient worrier, but certainly see the benefit in sharing my worries and developing a plan.

    Thank you!

  222. Michele

    Are any of you in the Seattle area and interested in networking/meeting up to form a group?

  223. Kimmie Parker

    The “screen suck” has been a huge issue for me as of late, specifically in terms of research and comparison. I often fall down the rabbit hole of looking at option after option, successful business after successful business, newsletter after newsletter, until I realize I’ve just spent hours looking at everyone’s stuff but my own!

    This week, I’m going to institute a 30 minute per day limit – that starts AFTER I’ve accomplished my 3 goals for the day.

    Thank you, as always, for a great episode Marie!

  224. I think I need to pay most attention to my lilies and leaches. I am positive that I am giving to much attention to things and people that drain my energy.

  225. I think that starting with the goals,as simple and obvious as it sounds, is critical to keeping me from spinning like the Tasmanian Devil that I am!

    Thank you Marie and Ned!

  226. PREACH!! CHURCH TODAY!! Nuff said! You have no IDEA how relevant this information is for me at this moment. Love your videos girl! Keep em coming!

  227. Mel

    Good stuff. Thank you so much for this.
    Never worry alone…in the Yoga world this
    is contentment. xoPeace to you both, Marie and Dr. Ned.

  228. The best interview ever. Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Ned and his work. Each tip was so spot on. I like a lot how he showed us also his human side, not only the doctor facet, when he mentioned his most precious lilies are his 3 children. I melted on my chair, and I’m not even related to him. Thanks again.
    Strategy that I have been trying to implement, but it has been extremely hard, the screen sucker.

  229. Thank you for another great video! I’ve definitely struggled with all of these over the years and am finally getting on a roll fixing them in my life. Learned the lilly vs leech the hard way last year, and only recently gotten my life in gear with real, focused goal setting.

    The one I still struggle with, though, is definitely the Never Worry Alone step. Listening to you two talk on this subject nearly brought me to tears because that has been a major setback at various phases in my life. With a new, wonderful husband in my life, I believe he’s been that support for me that has kept me from going over the edge. But I also know I need to build a stronger support foundation with other friends if I don’t want to over-burden him. I’ll definitely work toward applying the advice and tips from this video to help in this endeavor.

  230. What a wonderful episode! I loved all strategies and one of the things that I have realized in 2013 is how true is that we shouldn’t worry alone. Having accountability and mastermind partners has made all the difference in how much I have been able to accomplish.

    I will probably watch this video over and over and over. Thank you Marie!

  231. PRIORITIZE!!! Yes, I wrote it in all caps because I’m yelling it at myself. 3 goals–and only 3 goals. Gotta do it, even if my brain explodes.

    • “…even if my brain explodes”
      I hear that, Barbara!

      The cool thing, though, is that your brain *won’t* really explode – it only feels like it might, the first couple of times you seriously go against the habit of fearing it will and letting that stop you. No habit will change instantly, the first time you do something differently. “Fall down seven times, get up eight!”

  232. “Screen sucking” still has me laughing, it is so true! I have to close my email or else I keep looking at it, and this tactic really works. I get much more done when my email is closed.

  233. Oh gosh, this was GOOD!
    I have been preaching the no-screen create/cultivate mornings for a while, but I need to really, implement them, when I do them, I feel so much better and the truth is… I still get the rest done.
    Thanks again, wonder woman!

  234. Screen sucking is my problem, but I also need to define goals. Defining goals has always been very difficult for me!

  235. Tim

    I really enjoyed this video, and it came at a great time for me.

    “Too many worthwhile projects crowd out each other’s growth, and none of them flourish.”

    So true. It’s easier said than done to say “no” to things, especially when you’re responsible for your own paycheck, but I like to think of saying “no” as clearing the way for projects I WANT to work on.

    What also happens with “too many worthwhile projects” is that you spend 100% of your time working IN your business, and not ON it. It’s a recipe for stagnation, and it definitely puts a cap on your growth potential.

    One of the most important things I’ve ever done is to train myself to only check my email periodically. I don’t have a rigid schedule, but if I’m busy working on something (a web design or site buildout, for example), I’m working on THAT, NOT checking my email every time one comes in (damn you, Google desktop alerts). Part of making this work, though, is also training clients to NOT expect a response immediately. If you start off a client relationship by setting the expectation with them that you’re available 24/7 and they’re you’re only client, you’re setting yourself up for major headaches.

  236. Lory

    3 goals. For the day. Just for a start.

    And I’m definitely on my way to get rid of leeches. The reason why it is sometimes so difficult for me is that they are very close people you can’t simply forget (family maybe) but I really do understand that I can’t let anybody pull me down. I won’t be abe to take care of anyone if I don’t take care of myself.

  237. Wow Marie! This episode took my breath away.

    Naming and shaming my bad business habits. Entrepreneurial ADD, Screen-Sucking and Toxic Worry seemed to define my daily routine. But then Dr Ned hit the nail on the head right at the very end when he said “…feel for something hard”. And now I’m onto it.

    Thank you so much for this video.

  238. I need to take action on my goal prioritization and the reduction of my lilies! This was a much needed video. This helped me snap some ideas I had floating around in place.

    Also, Marie, your hair looks gorgeous in the vid (loving the highlights)!

  239. I simply loved this episode, I can relate to ALL of them. I say yes to too many things, I have many projects at the same time, and truly my screen suck!! I have some changes to do after listening this.

    Thanks for sharing these gems of wisdom. I did not hear before about Dr. Hallowell, he´s fantastic!! Thank you so much Marie, you rock!!!

  240. Hello Marie

    Yeah that screen sucking is a bummer. Reading the comments here is a good example 🙂 Didn’t see how many there where until i looked in the right side of the screen 🙂

    I will take all the advice you 2 give because it’s all good things to follow. They are obvious if you think about them. But we all tend to forget with all the big ideas in our heads that need to be worked on.

    I am a man, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t good advice for men as well 🙂 I have been a fan since the 3rd video i saw. I just kept nodding all the time, about things that you say that we all already know but just don’t think about. Basacally its just common sence i think.

    Thank you for all your good work and keep it up. Saying hi from my wife as well 🙂

  241. Shona

    Love it all! This guy gives such good advice and in such a warm and funny way! Love his terminology: ‘screen-sucking’ and ‘leaches and lilies’.

    All great but the ‘never worry alone’ one most impacted me today. I work alone, from home, husband home late and often just blobs like a sack of (exhausted) potatos in front of the tele and communicates in grunts. I tend to stew and stress over my problems (work, finances, my weight, will I ever achieve my dreams, etc) and feel so alone in it all. I know those times when I see a therapist or talk things over with family or friends it turns (after a little bit of venting) to problem-solving. I think it’s an important point to have a ‘rolodex’ of the right people to go to, eg, the staff at my gym are great to talk to re best kind of fat-burning exercise to do; my accountant best to help me with my taxes, and someone who’s made a success of running their own business is a good person to turn to for that sort of question.

    Also, I want to make time to actually see, even if it’s just one friend a week, in the flesh, in real life for one quality catch-up, rather than a zillion hurried facebook chats, without real connection happening. I find that ‘in the old days’ we made more effort to ring up and arrange to meet in person; nowadays all catch up done on line.

    Ok…time to stop being sucked by my screen and sit down and right those 3 daily goals and focus!

  242. Heather Thomas

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for another great episode. I loved all of the points made and found Dr Hallowell’s insights really useful.
    I’m currently working in the corporate world in an administrative position but hope to transition to running my own online company ‘some day’ soon where I can use all of these tools freely. In the meantime, my biggest frustration is being able to implement these kind of boundaries in the corporate arena. They make so much sense productivity wise but not many bosses or colleagues want to hear, ‘let me get back to you on that’ or, ‘I’m only checking my emails twice a day from now on’ and you dont often get the choice to avoid your leeches if you don’t happen to be the decision maker or top dog. Although one of my medium term goals is to leave the corporate world, that choice isn’t suitable for everyone. I truly believe that everyone should be able to prioritise their health, well being and sanity without prejudice no matter where they work or who they work for and would love to try and change corporate culture for the better. Any tips or thoughts on how to approach it?
    Thanks again,

  243. I loved them all and a had a hard time choosing just one! For business purposes, the first one about Define Clear & Specific goals. Just setting 3 goals daily for the short term, then 3 more for mid term, then longer 6 months to a year and lifetime. This all sounds so doable, I love it! It breaks it down into smaller pieces and is not overwhelming!
    Thank you for all that you do. I hope to attend your B school soon!

  244. Excellent and empowering video! Ned seems like a genuine, authentic guy. I loved his point to never worry alone because I often do, and I really have to make a conscious decision to reach out when I’m in need, which isn’t second nature to me… yet.

  245. kris

    I think all of them had I am my own time sucker (and my screen is the excuse)..I can’t wait to get out of overwhelm and I really can’t wait to start bschool! yeah!! thanks Dr. Ned and Marie for the great tips..

  246. One of the best things I did at the start of the year is to go to – it sorts all the lists I’ve subscribed to, gets rid of the ones I no long want, and wraps the ones I like all up into one daily email – even my Marie Forleo emails! Now I can set the time to catch up on all those non-work emails ONCE a day – usually during my lunch break or after dinner. It was scary how many lists I belonged to!

  247. Is amazing how the Universe works trough other people to let us know what we asked for. Thanks! <3

  248. I’m terrible with my screen time. I need to start being conscious of it and setting a timer and then turning it off. I loved his response to a project he needed to turn down. I have one of those right now that I don’t want to do but don’t want to be discouraging. I think this is just the right thing to say! Thank you!

  249. This was so needed. I struggle with screen-sucking. I’ve been mesmerized with screens since I was very young, I noticed I have a much harder time turning away from any screen more so than the average person. I also struggle with prioritizing. I tend to set lofty endless goals for each and every day and then beat myself for not accomplishing them all! Ack! I’ve been working so hard at being kinder to myself and prioritizing and limiting my goals is a sure fire way to do just that. Thanks Marie for all you do and thanks to Ned for these concise tips!

  250. Loved it, lots of things I already knew and apply on a daily basis but always good to listen to someone remind you’re on track. Loved the idea of finding a quiet space for have a full writing day, specially with an accountable friend 😉

  251. As an artist I find myself currently overwhelmed with my creative ideas they come in all directions. I think the 3, 3 rules will help be realistic and allow my to blossom my seeds. Thank you for the energy to redirect life.

  252. Neilly Ray

    So timely because in a behavioral cognition class I’m taking, the topic this week is on the hows of goal setting. I have not done this so focused-like. While I do keep in mind saying no and powering down the electronics, with Dr. Ned’s confirmation of the importance of setting goals, I’m even more convinced that this practice will help me the most in life.

  253. Char

    Screen suck is my problem. I’m glad it was brought to my attention because I intend to have a successful online business and time wasters are something that I just don’t have time for! (lol)

    Thank you Dr. Ned and Marie!

  254. I Love Love Love this interview! Such great points delivered so well. Thank you both. I’m going to hone in on the 3 goals a day/month/year/lifetime.

  255. Kelly

    “Don’t worry alone” is the one that would have the most impact, but what if you’re one of the “unacknowledged loneliness” types?

  256. Thank you for this! Perfect! I’m putting steps 1 and 2 in play immediately.

    You guys rock!

  257. Ivelisse

    Thanks Marie for such an interesting episode of Marie TV . Is the first time I see it. I would like to work with the short, medium and long term goal and also with the 3 steps to worry control.
    Thank you Marie,

  258. Ed

    Some ADHD comments:

    1. Listening to the part about screen-suck, notice the box to the right about an interview with Richard Branson. Here I go!!
    2. Honestly, you could lose the first minute and a half of the video as far as I’m concerned. Your speaker doesn’t get a word in until 2:00 in.
    3. Oops, my phone rang….

  259. Marie,

    I LOVE What Doc Had To Say. Thank You For Your Service; IT MATTERS!!!

    Blessings To You & Your Family ~~~~

  260. Natalie

    Love Dr. Hallowell!! The multi level goals is my biggest takeaway. I make too many and too long term. Thank you for this!

  261. Screen sucking is my number one problem! If I could fix that, I’d be onto some major productivity!

  262. AMi

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for sharing all the good stuff,
    your site rock!


  263. Another goose-bumpy timely episode of Marie TV. I sat yesterday cultivating one of my many Lily projects (I’m running two businesses and launching a dream eco-friendly music education resource), and at one point – as I sat at my desk pondering “hmmm should I just execute this myself, or hire a VA”, I started thinking, my god, after eight years in business, I think I now have managed to get ADD (being a mum will add that into the mix). So many things to do, so little time. I feel busy but overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Plus I need to manage others. But I just get on with it, get as much done as need be, but the problem is by the end of the day, I feel somehow not as productive as I should be. I’ve done lots, but not achieved what I set my mind to do. So there’s my practical solution yet again tucked into my inbox this morning with this episode. What a great way to start the day. Even after B-school you keep delivering more value Marie. Seriously, you are incredible. Here’s my accountability for today:

    – I’m setting 3 main goals today (despite having a gazillion projects on). I feel sick even writing this
    -I’ve already kind of got a handle on screen sucking but I’m going to try and put this more into practice (the seduction of too many great online resources)
    – By the end of this week, I’m going to re-evaluate and prioritise my Lily projects

    Big love to Team Forleo and can’t wait for next B-School!

  264. Screen Suck and Prioritizing are my biggest “fails” – I can easily reach the end of a day and feel like I worked my butt off only to discover that I haven’t gotten anything crossed off my to-do list… I’ve been busy “putting out fires” all day.

  265. Loved this video, as I do most of your video’s Marie. For me it would be step 1 the 3 goals a day etc. I tend to suffer from attention “splatter”, books everywhere, projects that are calling (lots of them), people who need time and attention. So setting the goals is huge for me.

  266. Amy

    I will be most definitely implementing the Goals, Daily, Fortnightly, monthly & yearly. The screen always sucks me in so i’ll try locking it down! Thank you xx

  267. Paul

    OMG…I think it’s one of the best videos I have watched…not today, but since I got interested in personal development and how to achieve success five years ago.

    In less than 15 minutes, and in an enjoyable way, Dr. Ned offered 5 extraordinary keys to success. Dense, actionable and to the point. Moreover, he really seems to be not only very compretent, but a very kind person.

    Thank you so much Marie for this interview. I love your videos, but I have to say that this one is particulary fantastic!!!!

  268. Great interview. I love the 3 lifetime goals and the lillies. Great way to stay on track with what matters most.

  269. Vicki

    Absolutely without doubt “Screen Suck” and Prioritizing. My brain seems to be in a constant chaotic state with just too much going on. I bounce from one thing to another and hardly ever finishing a project in a timely fashion. Watching this video really brought home how I absolutely need to set some goals (and boundaries). I have just discovered MarieTV and LOVE it. I can see that this will be my new lesion for a while until I have watched all the back episodes at least 🙂

  270. Alyssa

    Setting goals … day, month, year, life. I need to get focused.

    Screen suck … when I am not prioritized I get distracted and waste time and energy on those leeches that don’t lift me up.

    >> Hoping these lead to feeling authentic with real motivation 🙂

  271. This video couldn’t have arrived at a better time…thank you! Every day I’m faced with a list of things I need to do and want to do but I’m at the stage where I really do need to prioritise.

    Loving all your videos Marie and looking forward to B-School 🙂

  272. Raymond Baranak

    I regards to Screen Sucking what I have done is to purchase one of those cheap kitchen timers. I set it for 20 – 30 minutes and within that time period do my internet and email thing. Once the bell rings, I’m done. I also use the timer for other tasks so I stay on track. Kind of like school when your given X amount of time to finish a test – better finish in the time period or you lose. $3.00 timer has saved me thousands in not wasting time.

  273. … All of them. I’ll especially implement ‘TIO’

  274. Andres

    Take control of your time.

  275. Nicole Carvill

    Thanks so much for such a value packed video. After watching the video I thought I’d do a little experiment to see how much time I’m actually in ‘screen suck mode’. So, I started to write down the times when I was on social media and then the time I was off. I can tell you that the results were alarming! I had no idea that I was losing so much time! I’m now really motivated to put some in some firm boundaries around my screen time. Thanks again Marie and Dr Ned.

  276. Screen sucking is definitely a problem for me! Setting designated times and Turning It OFF were great tips.

  277. Definitely the screen suck! It has to be the #1 challenge for me, especially as so much of my work involves emailing, updates social media avenues and looking for inspiration for future creative projects.

    I really enjoyed this video! Dr Ned is great! Thank you 🙂

  278. Never worry alone. Love it! Thanks for this.

  279. Fantastic episode! And what a wonderful compliment from Dr. Ned!

  280. Erin

    One of the best MarieTV videos yet! While I am going to focus on all of these tips, I most want to work on not getting Screen-Sucked!

  281. This was so helpful, thank you! I’ve read countless books and did various productivity courses but this was so simple that I’ve already taken action and implemented what Dr. Ned shared. Yay awesome!!

  282. I love today’s video! I love the points that Dr Hallowell shared and I love the energy you and Dr Hallowell have with each other…it’s like you two were just having a great convo together – there’s meeting of the minds! It’s not every day you meet a kindred spirit whom you can just talk with such ease about topics close to your heart. Splendid!

  283. Ian

    Marie – great interview, thank you.

    Avoid screen-suck is my big takeaway. Time to bring the kitchen timer back to my desk and be merciless in switching off. I loved Dr Ned’s quote that “we used to receive mail once or twice a day, now we receive it once or twice a second.”

    Control the screen or it will control you.

    I love how the education is super simple to understand and even easier to implement!

    “Never worry alone.”

    We are all driven to connect with others… It IS part of our nature.

    It is WHO we ARE!

    Yet we find our selves keeping to our selves hiding the very fabric of our nature!

    As if we should be ashamed of being human and having flaws.

    We were never meant to be alone or to go through it alone.

    We are powerful when we help each other grow through the muck.

    That is how families should work.

    Thank you Marie and Ned for helping create a family in this world and helping others connect and let us know that we can be human. Together!

    That was my biggest take away!

    Another Flawsome (flip’n awesome) gift!

  285. Mary Catherine

    Loved this episode – the Lilly patch weeded is what I need!! I have so many creative projects I can’t prioritize!! Phew – need to focus and narrow my time and energy on what gives me joy!

  286. Erin

    Like many others, the addiction to screens is a top takeaway! I was MIA from the internet for a few hours today….and I totally survived….and so did the rest of the world!!! It actually energized me in a way, and I will make more of an effort to step away from the screen.

    I also really like the 3 goals for the day, week, month, etc. As Marie said, I can do three things, no problem. Now to decide which three things….

    Thanks for the awesome interview!

  287. Marie. The best ever!
    You are really terrific and thanks for dr Ned
    My favorite was getting rid if leeches
    I thought I got rid of all of them but like he said
    You have to prune and cut back those lilies too
    Actually you have to transplant break up to give space
    Or give away the extra lilies and even with ides
    I have so many great ideas. I must prioritize
    Thank you so much

  288. G.E.N.I.U.S.

    I really love the 3 DAILY/MONTHLY/YEARLY/LIFETIME Goals…so simple. Jotted that one down and putting them right next to my CDF’s – beautiful. Thanks for introducing us to Dr. Ned, Marie!! xo

  289. As a huge fan of Dr. Ned Hallowell’s work, may I thank you, Marie, for having him on your show. For those who enjoyed Dr. Hallowell, check out the many books he’s written:

    1. Driven to Distraction (with Dr. John Ratey): A must read for anyone wanting to understand adult ADHD.

    2. Crazy Busy, which was mentioned briefly in the show.

    3. Worry

    4. Answers to Distraction

    5. Married to Distraction
    …and lots more

  290. Kim

    Great interview and insights. I now know the name to my problem: Screen-suck. I think that’ll be my #1 goal for the week – to make a schedule for my screen time.

  291. Jenoye Cole

    Dear Marie,

    I have ADD and am listening up when your sound track/everthing freezes at 3:28-29; nothing I try gets me anymore of your good stuff. I got the three goals at four duration/time levels, the need to simplify and prioritize–that in itself sounds very helpful.

    I wish I could hear the rest of that marietv clip. Can I? Can someone re-send a good copy or something? THANKS, if…and thanks for being so perky, pretty, intelligent, creative, and contributing! You are a delight and you have so much good content. Bravo!

    • Hey Jenoye! I’m so very sorry you’re having trouble. We’ve tested it and seems to be working on our end, but I know technology can get funky sometimes. Wondering if another browser may work or a fresh re-connection to the internet? If you’re still having trouble, please write us [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help.

  292. Bung

    Wonderful insights and it even more impactful when someone says it to you and it resonates with something that you already believe or are aware of. I knew that I have to prioritize and prioritize but if it’s just me telling myself, I just …..keep it cool !

    This is one rule I follow when I have tons of things to do or get stuck, I think about what actionable items I can do given the time I have and pick it up. Now that necessarily may/may not align with your long time goals.

    I love all the points but some things are hard for me, like screen sucking because I am a software engineer and I need to be there all the time….right in front of the screen ….:-(

    Another thing is how do we know what my lilies are…. As a young start up, I always look for opportunity and I feel hopeful about every connection that I made….hoping that it will bring business but they sometimes are exhaust ful and some of them turn out leeches. But I take it as my learning to know better and build experience so that I can take better decision tomorrow. All in a days work!

  293. Thank you Marie and Ned.
    Wow, what a great reminder of “Screen-Sucking”! I am aware of this and have that down as a goal but have not enforced it yet. I think a timer is a great tool to try.

  294. Jo

    Cultivate Lillies get rid of leaches! I’ve done quite a bit of this of late. It has felt uncomfortable & ungracious at times. But, I am reaping the rewards. I’m now able to give me attention more freely to projects & people wholeheartedly, which feels good and far more productive.

  295. Becky

    This video was great! So much useful content. I am really going to work on making “Let me get back to you” my default response. At the moment, I am the ‘yes’ girl, and I know it’s usually for things that are actually distracting me from what I want to work on (saying yes to leeches over lilies). Thank you for the great tips! Time to go put them into action.

  296. Denise

    “Let me get back to you” I will be adding that to my vocabulary! I have been way to generous with my time and have the leeches to prove it!!
    GREAT VIDEO!!! Really useful tips.

  297. Krista

    Thanks for this episode! Found just what I needed. Defining and clearing my goals today.

  298. What a beautiful person! Amazing calming and gentle energy! Thank you for this, Marie. The hardest for me is to learn how to prioritize, so many exciting things are happening in the world. What a fantastic reminder that we cannot do it all but we can choose those things where we want to have it all. Very grateful, thank you.

  299. Too many lilies. That’s the one at the core.

  300. Lia

    Wow!!! That was fantastic! Rich in practical information. Thanks so much Marie! I just want to hug and squeeze you 🙂 Dr Ned was right…you are amazing!

  301. Oh my word!! I can’t believe the uncanny timing of this weeks MarieTV!! This is EXACTLY how I feel at the moment. I’m desperately trying to get my new site up and running, juggle my current day job, calm the crazy creative voices in my head and sift through ENDLESS ideas that are keeping me up all night! I feel like I’m going at 200 km an hour during the day, but at the end of the day I look back and realise, I haven’t really achieved much.

    Thanks Marie for this episode, I needed to hear I wasn’t alone and that this phenomenon was wide-spread amongst us creatives. Defining my goals is what I needed to be reminded to do. And of course the screen sucking is a biggie for me.

    Thanks again, you can’t believe how this has helped me.
    Best wishes
    Lisa Glanz

  302. Thanks for this inspiring video. It´s exactly what I needed TODAY. What a coincidence. 😉 I will go for tip # 1. Set three goals every day. Hopefully it will work out.

    Have a great day all of you.

  303. This video resonated so much with me. This morning I just felt like crying because my to-do list gets longer by the day and I just don’t know where to start with it. I get totally overwhelmed and prioritizing becomes completely impossible which leads me to procrastinating and the screen-sucking Ned talks about. I need the internet to do research for my work, and it’s therefore difficult to turn it off, hence the major screen-sucking that happens way too often. Guess I also need to share my worries, as I’m just trying to do it all on my own right now.
    Wow many points to tackle right now. Where do I start?

  304. This was such a great video for me because it clarified some important concepts that have been sloshing around in my brain.

    1) Prioritizing. I’ve been planning to sit down with a possible team member (I hope to bring her on board later today), and PRIORITIZE MY BUSINESS STRATEGY. I can use some “adult supervision” while I do this, plus doing it with her will insure that I:

    2) NEVER WORRY ALONE about it! I’ve been working on this one, but in a semi-conscious manner. Having those 3 little words to carry with me is a HUGE BLESSING. It will be much harder to “forget” and slip into my old “Woe is me — I have to fix everything MYSELF!” ways. That mode of thought has already sucked up way too much of my life. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it. And,

    3) I have recently fallen victim to “screen-sucking.” I was pretty good at maintaining boundaries for a long time, but lately, I have been a FOOL for my mailbox. So I’m going to stop.

    Thanks again for all the clarity, Marie and Ned.

  305. Excellent video! Thank you for the valuable information. I was nodding my head through the whole thing saying yes that’s me. I have to admit goal setting has been my weakest point. I feel overwhelmed with all the tasks of managing my career, family and personal life. So I’m going to get started on TIP number ASAP!
    I’ve been secretly addicted to social media and email watching. I recently de-activated my FB account to get grip on myself. Since then, I’ve become more focused and feeling better in general.
    I’ve gotten rid of all the leeches in my life, so now I have more time to dedicate to the people and personal goals that matter most to me.

    Thanks again Marie for offering such valuable information to all your followers …you’re great!

  306. elizabeth peterson

    Never worry alone…great advice. But what if you have no one to worry with? Or they don’t want to be bothered?

  307. Thanks for the great video… Just what I needed…

    For me the biggest point is certainly the Screen Sucking… Boy oh boy can I do that… Just an email here or a LinkedIn there and before I know it… 3 HOURS GONE!!! I already spend 8 hours in front of the screen doing designs… but by consciously working on this point I might just bring that down to 4!

    Thank you again Marie for the great advice…

  308. I liked the priorizing technique. Smalls steps everyday are easy to accomplish!

    Thank you Marie 🙂

  309. Paula ryan

    3 Long term goals! I am currently setting up my own business, or trying to grow it. My husband and I own our own small construction company, I do all of the design work and I work with our customers through out the process of building. I love it, but my true passion is design work with small projects. I love helping pick out the right paint colors, helping people choose the right hard surfaces and not making bad choices they will regret later…so how do I focus in and make this a business! I need clarity. I think B school is in my future!

    • pauline scott

      Yeah I am at the same place as you Paula. Thanks for sharing

  310. Thank you Marie and Ned for this amazing video full of simple yet hard insights to follow.
    My first area of action is Never Worry Alone!
    This is how I get overwhelmed and think I have to have it all figured out in 1 day/1 hour or even 1 year. Never worry alone and laugh about it with someone!

  311. Wow. Excellent tips. Although all provoke thought and action, I like the bouquet of flowers. We all have a favorite flower as well a flower that is our least favorite. I imagine an arrangement of flowers sitting on my dining room table. Would I have my most favorite flowers that pick me up, flowers that energize me OR would I have the ones that bring me very little pleasure?

    Ahhhhh. Today I look at my garden (circle of influence), pick some flowers and arrange them in my space.

    Thank you Marie and Dr. Ned.

  312. pauline scott

    Thank you for this weeks Marie Tuesday. just what I needed to understand and why i become so stressed and never get anything done.

  313. Dominick Quartuccio

    Lillies and leeches…Amazing! Specifically, the trap of having too big of a lilly garden doesn’t leave enough space or resources for their growth or development. I can feel this in my life right now. And now that you’ve called my consciousness to it, I have the ability to transform this situation.

    Thank you Marie and Dr. Ned for this gift!

  314. WOW! Rather than saying yes, say “let me get back to you!” That is some powerful shiznizzzzz! I do have a tendency to always say YES! I want to help people but I am not helping me in doing so.

  315. Allan

    Never Worry Alone:

    Need to find good worry buddies
    I found the section on the need to

    GET THE FACTS – this is actually the hardest part for me
    Very helpful

  316. Marie,

    This video came at THE PERFECT TIME. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do. This truly made a difference for me. Thank you!

  317. Screen suck is the best useful tip for me right now.
    I am getting off the computer NOW!

    Thansk for these helpful videos!

  318. Monica Scalf

    It’s scary sometimes how much you are in my head! This is the exact video I needed today. I now realize I have “too many lillies”! A good problem to have, but now that I know this, I can prioritize and focus on the ones that really matter to me right now. Thanks Marie and Dr. Ned!

  319. I LOVE the simple phrase “Let me get back to you on that”. While I have been trying to get on the NO train, its has been difficult and I still end up saying yes to way to many things. I will use this and I’m sure it will allow me to weigh the pros and cons before commiting to something I really don’t want to do.
    Thank’s Dr. Ned and Marie!

  320. Cherie

    Screen-sucking is such a problem for me! Even right now I still have about 800 words of an essay left to write – yet I saw an email come through read it, then noticed I hadn’t read the Marie folio email and had to have a look. I also get hooked when I’m about to go to bed; Pinterest, Facebook and candy crush are my weakness – they’ve led to soooo many late nights!

    Thank you for giving me a kick up the butt! 🙂

  321. Thanks for this video. I definitely need to put the ‘Avoid screen-sucking’ strategy into action right now! Facebook has almost sucked me dry since I started working from home.

    Time to make a conscious effort to limit my time mindlessly scrolling through inspirational quotes, photos of beautiful places, weddings, cats, babies… 😉

  322. i know what he was trying to say about getting hooked on your computer but for some of us, its the only connection we have to the outside world. When an email comes in, its sometimes my only human contact! I live in a rural area and work from home. its sucks but theres nothing i can do about it until my kids grow up.
    “never worry alone”, well that must be nice, some of us are not so lucky.

    • vanessa

      Here is “the facts”. (btw, I live in a rural area and am quite the introvert) Look around you for social activities that can help you in your business (I don’t have my own business) Score, seminars with the local chamber of commerce, do your work in a public place. Strike up a conversation with the people around you. It takes some guts… so what are your goals to improve this situation?

  323. Tabassum

    Thank you Marie + Dr. Hallowell for this episode. The tips are so powerful and helpful I just wish Dr. Hallowell stayed on the show a bit longer.

    To help me focus while working on projects for work I literally have to shut everything down (laptop, mobile phone, etc.) because I used to have such a hard time un-gluing myself from the internet. There was always just one more thing I had to check or “research”. So now I work for at least an hour or 2 in the morning before I check emails + when I do go online I have a set agenda of what I will do while I’m online so that I don’t get distracted. And now I regularly do a tech-detox for 1 day, 2 days, or even 4 days: no internet/mobile phone. It’s so nice! I feel soooo much more productive and less like an internet/iPhone junkie 🙂

  324. June

    ‘Never worry alone’ and ‘pruning the Lillies’ were the best…

    I’ve been spending time with my niece and nephew… they have so much talent – that this will be another video I will share so they can glean the wisdom for their younger hearts!

    Thanks Marie!

  325. Louli

    This was one of those episodes where I paused and took furious notes. Thank you Marie for introducing Ned, I plan to pursue learning more from him. This basically spoke volumes to me…. why I find myself filled with ideas but essentially getting nowhere for the last like 6 years.
    All 5 address an area of life I can change….but
    My Ginormous takeaway (which I’d never heard described like this before): “Never Worry Alone”. He exactly described how I tend to get in my own way. I live alone and work at home, so I am isolated by situation. Furthermore, I don’t have other entrepreneur friends on the same path, so I tend to keep it all in since the ones I do have don’t understand. What happens is everything Ned described…a paralysis that causes days and weeks to go by with minimal accomplished. Tie in screen suck…and its easy to understand whats happening.
    I’ve already decided to enroll in BSchool this year (this is my year!), so I think it will address this issue by connecting me with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs…and of course I will implement the other tips….fabulous. Thank you so so much Marie! xoxo

  326. Linda

    I loved this video! I have to personally stop worrying! This is my biggest problem, because it paralyzes me from doing what I should.

  327. Lourdes

    WOW, it is always refreshing to listen to Marie. She is brief, specific and to the point. Your videos timing are long enough to survive attention, and are interesting enough to want to hear more.

    My preferred tip from your video with Dr Hollowell’s Smart people underperforming is the Three rule for Goals: three daily- short term, three monthly-medium term, three-long lifetime term.

  328. vanessa

    Marie… you are my lily! Gonna be productive today. I haven’t figured out my business… but you inspire me to have one.

  329. Rachel

    Never worry alone, with everyone being so busy it’s easier said than done, but it is so true! I had a minor set back a while ago, spent the whole night worrying about it, refused to get up the next morning…yep it’d gone toxic. Then a friend sent me a text with those magic words “you want to grab coffee?” I really didn’t, but knew I couldn’t stay in bed all day. By the time we’d sat down with coffee I felt better, by the time I’d talked through my problems, she had made me see the setback wasn’t my fault, or a reflection of me but actually a reflection of the leechy character of the other person involved. Never worry alone!!!

  330. Loved these tips – definitely most important is don’t worry alone! Especially for someone whose an introvert and suffers from anxiety, it’s great to talk with my partner of things that worry me because once I do, he completely lessens my worries and it becomes manageable. So we get to manage life together, it’s great! Happy Hump Day Marie, another great episode! -Iva

  331. I LOVE Marie TV and this episode was SOOOO timely! I was so frazzled this morning and I wrote down all the tips and tricks and am also going to share it with my team at Love you all!!!

  332. Arlene

    Focusing on 3 goals at each level is something I want to try and see how it feels to me. Thanks for the great input!

  333. Amazing amazing information Marie, but may I add, that one’s performance is also very tightly linked to our bio-chemistry. I been studying bio-chemistry for more then 7 years and is amazing the way in which our biological resources affect directly our state of mind and the clarity of our mind. And here there are other 2 very important things: first, our emotional intelligence. Is not enough to be super smart and knowledgeable, if you are highly sensitive and you fail to keep your emotions from blowing out on you. I am talking from experience here. There had been times in my life when I knew exactly what I needed to do, how and when, but because I was going through a continuously emotional stress at that time, I was basically unable to perform, I was frozen by my own chemistry. That’s why is super important to learn how to deal with your own emotions, so you don’t become a slave of your own mind-body connection.
    The second thing is nutrition. I know, you probably hear it all the time, but man, when I eat high quality nutrients from loads of green, orange, red, purple juices and include in my diet super foods, I feel and think like a different person. Like it or not, we are totally dependent on our fuel and the best strategy can be really misunderstood and un-applicable( don’t know if such word exists) if our chemistry doesn’t support our mind. ‘
    Based on this amazing revelation of mine, that I had years ago, I just managed to create my new business that is dedicated to skin care, but that includes lots of education about nutrition, because beauty products are nothing without nutrient-rich meals (unless you choose plastic surgery, and even then, long term results are not guaranteed). And yes, I think that mastering ourselves will come only after we manage to control those animalistic impulses that include the rush of primitive emotions – that lead to bad choices and cloud the judgement. Is kinda like the Maslow pyramid. In order to be able to understand and digest high quality information, we need to be emotionally and bio-chemically prepared. Well that’s what I found anyways! Wohoo, I wrote too much! Hehe, thank you again for the amazing videos and resources, they work even more wonders if you watch them when you are “high” on chlorella, spirulina, maca, gojis,and when you are in a ZEN state of emotions! Hugz from Canary Islands

  334. Iyabo

    Screen sucking really spoke to me. I am working on that. The statistic of 20 minutes out of every hour goes to unscheduled interruptions certainly got my attention.

  335. As ever enlightening and inspiring made me stop and think of where all my time goes. Loved Ned’s comments on screen sucking, wow can that burn up a morning without knowing!
    I would like to think I am a lily and not a leach ?
    Keep up the good work Marie you are a inspiration.
    They say a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

  336. I like idea of writing my goals down for the day, the week, long term and lifetime goals. Breaking it down to manageable bites, not so overwhelming.

  337. Gina

    Another fantastic full of useful goodies episode! And so needed this week! For me incorporating short term daily and weekly goals (and keeping them to 3) will be a huge help and I will implement that tip immediately. The other is the screen-sucking monsters! I have set myself a “time” for the screen monsters and I continue to fail miserably, this week has been particularly bad with an astronomical lack of focus! I have to do better!

  338. For me it is the goal setting to stay on task. I have all these things that need to get done and then when I sit down to do them I get lost and then the screen sucking begins. If I have clear goals of what I need to get accomplished for the day I will stay on target and achieve my goals. Thanks so much Marie & Dr. Ned!

  339. Wow, all of these are so helpful! Last year was definitely my year of over coming screen sucking and not worrying alone, it’s seriously helped me reduce anxiety and made me feel more empowered.

    However, I was very impacted by the idea of getting rid of “leaches” and cultivating “lilies” in your life. This is something that I just realized in the past couple weeks, that I had a couple people in my life who would suck the life out of me, then I’d have no energy to focus on myself and business. It had really been impacting my productivity.

    I love the idea of setting the leach free so that they can go to someone else, dwho could end up being a lily for someone else, that made me feel 100% better about letting go of some of the leaches that have been in my life!

  340. I feel SO much better after viewing this. I tell you, my TO DO List for the last 4 days have had over 10 things to do each day!!! And, each day I’ve stared at it and done nothing!!

    Focusing on 3 goals is totally on point!! I can only get so much done in a day, and it’s such a relief to know that if I take small steps towards my goals, then I will eventually reach them. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  341. Marie, I loved this interview with Dr. Ned so much that I embedded it on the home page of my business website! I’m a Professional Organizer who works with people with ADD/ADHD and my clients will absolutely love and need this information. Thank you so much for sharing it with us 🙂

  342. This was timely and FANTASTIC!!! I just realized today that I needed to structure my days better and I feel it was because of “screen-sucking” I’ve been doing. This statement was the biggest impact to my adventure in entrepreneurship. I then feel that it was followed by “never worry alone.” This is why I’ve invested in being around more like minded people to hold me accountable and to help me problem solve vs. suffer in silence. Thank you for this amazing interview!!!

  343. Very informative
    and as always love your beautiful manner Marie – you bring a smile to my day always.
    I have been social media detoxing (well limiting myself to max 2 hours a day) since New Years and I’m loving it. It is getting easier and easier to switch off phones/lap tops and I feel like I’m participating more in my life now, if that makes sense.

  344. Cecilia

    Thank you, this was very useful!

    Lily’s and leaches!!! That puts it in perspective!

  345. All of these are so applicable!
    They all resonated, but realized I have a massive lily patch growing.
    Time to prune so the most important ones can flourish!

    Thanks, as always, for all you do!

    Love and light,

  346. Turn it off!!

  347. When we worry together we create solutions. And laugh.

    ~~Absolutely Golden!~~

  348. screen sucking is DEFINITELY my weak spot. Limiting facebook time will give endless minutes to my business. Thanks for reminding me of what I already knew…

    • Kathleen

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom Marie and Ned! I especially liked the point about “sharing the worry”. I need to remember to delegate or share a task with people at work or family. This allows me to step back and take a breath. Also, understanding it is much easier to arrive at a solution working together and understanding the facts to move forward with the best decisions. What a relief;) This point also confirms that we are all connected and need each other.
      Great advice.

  349. Erin

    Hi Marie,

    I am a huge fan of yours. Whenever I watch your videos I feel like we literally think and act the same. It’s encouraging to know that someone who has SEVERAL interests can be successful and not always just stick to “one” thing.

    I think that’s why this video resonates with me especially. I have so many interests and always feel like I have to do it all. I like keeping busy but I have recently cut back a lot, focused on a few things, and simplified my life. I think the results have truly helped me.

    One thing I am still working on is when Dr. Ned talks about “worrying alone.” I am a young 20 something Boston transplant who moved far away from my family. Although I have a lot of friends here (it took me a while to build up) I often find myself worrying a lot at night and deciding what the “next steps” there are for me at this age (i.e.-Where am I going in life? Am I pursuing the right careers? ect).

    Fortunately, I have started to find great “lilies” in this area who have helped me. I am getting better at this-To eliminate worry and trust that whatever decision you make is the right one. What I create now is a reflection of my future :). I have been getting better at it.

    PS-Would you ever do a speaking tour? You should come to Boston 🙂

  350. These are great tips! I used to become frustrated when I was not using my full potential and when I had many things that I “wanted” to do, but I never did them. I’d allow weeks and months to pass by and I just go through the motions every day. I recently discovered that I have to just start somewhere with some type of action (even if it’s small) for all things that I want to achieve that are outside of the typical duties I must fulfill on a daily basis. The tips in this video can help me with staying accountable to the action plan I created for myself.

    Thanks for the great advice!


  351. Great episode Marie!
    I personally must go first of all with avoiding “screen sucking” I sometimes get fascinated with info and I want to share it that it becomes a snowball and I often loose track of time there…! Also… 3 goals thats a great one!!! 3 sounds very do-able!!!

  352. For me the screen suck is difficult as I manage social media accounts for clients…and get sucked in every time. Gemma mentioned the StayFocused extension for the Chrome browser and I’m going to try that. Already installed it and looking forward to seeing increased productivity and focus. Thank you, Marie, for this very informative video.

  353. I have read Crazy Busy and quote Ned several times a week.
    I like the idea of breaking down the goals into 3-3-3-3
    Makes it all seem so much more manageable.
    Thanks for having him on the show.

  354. You guys READ MY MAIL. How I needed this!

  355. Marie and Ned – you want me to only pick one!? Sorry, I have three.

    I think screen sucking is something that I really need to work on. I managed to disable the email notifications on my phone but there’s still a long way to go between that and only getting sucked in 1 hour/day!

    As for the 3 daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, lifetime goals. I can’t wait to try this out!!!!

    And finally, it would be immensely helpful for me to start using – consistently – “let me get back to you on that.” I’ve picked it up recently… but sometimes I still forget >.<

    Thank you for sharing guys.

  356. I can SO relate to this….Especially the second and fifth. I really needed this!

  357. Tanya

    Thanks Marie and Dr. Ned! Well for me it’s that goal-prioritising thang again – too many things on my plate at once and often not sure which way to turn for the best, resulting in poor focus and outcomes. Limiting lists to 3 clearly defined (and verberised of course!) goals for each day and likewise for mid, long and life-time, sounds like a very sensible way forward 🙂

  358. Hanna

    Thank you so much Marie and Dr. Ned, this is wonderful. Marie, all your shows that I’ve watched so far are amazing and you share and spread such profound and fundamental wisdom. You are truly amazing in utilizing your own talents and gifts the way you do. You’re a great example.
    The most important tip from Dr. Ned for me is the lilies vs. leeches and especially the major insight: ‘Too many worthwhile projects crowd out each others’ growth and then none of them will flourish’. Wow. And of course: Never Worry Alone is perhaps the most fundamental tip, cause it can literally save people’s lives. Thank you!

  359. Jeff

    Making 3 goals for the day and focusing on those instead of 20. This is a great tip. Also to do 3 medium and 3 long term to stay focused on what’s important. Great ideas! Thank you Marie for finding people to share ideas with us!

  360. The most useful was not setting a million goals for the day but setting the 3-3-3-3 goals for short time, medium and long term goals. Thank you for sharing! One question I have is regarding your list of to dos for the day- while these are not your goals but in one way or another fit under the goals, how would you recommend categorizing them in order to get them done?

  361. I LOVED this video! I have such a problem with getting sucked into checking emails and FB and before I know it, I have wasted hours. I loved the suggestion of allocating an hour in the morning to checking them and then turning it off. I’m going to try this!

  362. Candiance Smith

    Great Vid! Thank you so much. I completely agree with you Marie (3) is such a manageable number and it doesn’t seem overwhelming. Goals are being completed today which is an easy step but the “Don’t worry alone” will be a hard one. Of course you have your circle of people you trust but i know or me in the day and age of everybody has there own problems you never want to feel like a burden or that you’re failing. I will adopt the mindset as mentioned though that when we worry together it becomes problem solving.

  363. Ayesha

    For me it’s worrying alone. Having no one really to shares my worries and problems with, I tend to bear carry the entire burden all the time. I think I do not have much of a choice here, there aren’t many out there who want to lend a listening ear….

  364. Aheela

    Hey Marie,

    I absolutely love all your videos. I can really feel your spirit and energy through your videos. You’ve mentioned a few times that you have “ADD”. I’m not sure if you actually do have ADD, or if you are using the term liberally.

    Many thanks!

  365. Nicole Landry

    As always, what a timely video and GREAT reminder for me!

    The one that resonated with me the most is the first one; define clear and specific goals! I am definitely a smart person that is currently underperforming because I am having a hard time clarifying my goals, which as we all know leads to motivation, which leads to SUCCESS.

    Even better news: I am an optimist and big-hearted creative, so I know that I will get there…

  366. I love the one to set 3 priorities daily and 3 weekly and so on. I think ican be better organized rather than being all over the place with different projects.

  367. as usual… a perfect message. thanks Marie!
    I set this video aside when it first arrived – so it could become a “planned activity” instead of an interruption. Gotta say, though, waiting to watch was HARD! 🙂

    Dr. Ned’s information is so right on. And the more we hear the message that “multi-tasking” isn’t always a good thing… the more productive we’ll become (just looked up “productive” and both “abundance” and “profitable are synonyms!

  368. Awesomw. Thank you.

    Really valuable. I’m just implementing the 3 goals system, and I’ll do my best with “Let me think about it”.


  369. Pip

    Definitely the “I’ll get back to you”. I struggle with no, and the resulting overwhelm of too many things in my schedule. I still have a day job at a not for profit and saying no ain’t in the culture! In order to successfully establish my business and see this job as a business loan, this strategy is going to be vital!

    • Pip, that is an amazing way to look at your day job! Thanks for the insight, I’ll surely be doing that soon too. The day job pays the way for the dream job. Love it!

  370. My favorite MarieTV episode yet!!! Love Dr. Ned – wow!! Never worry alone – brilliant!!!

    Thank you and love!

  371. Not Worrying Alone… What an awesome practical suggestion. Everything is magnified when you do so, and extended in time too. Worrying alone is like thinking alone (without deliberately focusing on a result), when one thought can transform into something completely different, but when discussing and thinking with someone, you remain focused and actually get somewhere.

    Very good talk, thank you.

  372. Jennifer

    Great episode! My biggest issue is definately eliminating the leeches and cultivating more lilies. I tend to maintain relationships with people who have become more of a burden then an asset because I don’t want to hurt feelings, but like Dr. Ned said you are really only taking away from your lilies by keeping the leeches in your life.

  373. I was TOTALLY in “must do it all” mode today and kept spinning through an unnecessarily long to do list. My first priority for tomorrow is to prioritize.

    Such helpful info!

  374. I resonate with the first category about defining and setting clear goals. My image consultant professor did an exercise with us a couple months back to start out the year with a code word for what you want your year to be about. My code word for this year has been clarity. So I want to get clear about what it is I am doing, and where I am going. I have the Lily problem too that Dr Ned talked about in the end with always wanting to dig myself into too many projects. So for me 2014 is about clarifying what I want and where I am going, how I will get there etc. As always, thank you so much for this information.

  375. Hey Marie ,
    Special thanks to you and Dr Ned. Everything time I watched your episodes and get inspiration but this time its helps me to live my life again. I have a problem ,I worried too much but now this line “Never worry alone ” totally change my way of thinking. Now I can say One life one chance ,so why should I worry alone .


  376. Another episode full of amazingly helpful points. Thank you so much to you both!

    #NeverWorryAlone (yes I am going to use that hashtag from now on) :
    Running my business (as many here) there are so many things that worries me. Small eveyday issues and then the big stuff. It is so important to have someone who you can talk to. But listening to Dr. Ned it just clicked that there should be more than one person to worry with. Different people with different expertise will be more helpful.

    My “worry with” person is my wife. She is a great listerner but she sometimes ends up worring more than me after our talks. So it is important to have friends who you talk to and worry with…. keepin’ it outside the family.

  377. Love the screen suck concept. And we are not even talking internet suck here, as Im not connected at home:) Some of the most productive work I have done has been when Ive had other non-screen related work to do, and only a small window of time to do the screen-related work in. Ive set goals and made lists of goals and things to do. Frogs, waiting to be fed. But 3 big frogs…love that. Got to feed them. And lilies becoming leachlets…well, see the first point about screen time. thanks for presenting this Marie Forleo.!

  378. Hi Marie (and Ned). Thank you for this, perfect time as it always seems to be with your video’s. Shared this with my team this morning in our weekly Marie TV motivation session. We already worked to 3 weekly & monthly goals. Today we put in place our Daily and working on the Long term. As Recruiters it is sooooooooooo hard to turn off the email but from today we check it first thing and last thing and turn it off in between. Thank you again. Happy Valentines. x

  379. I’ve been there many times, but I’d like to think I’m able to catch myself before I get there these days.

  380. So needed this today!!!! I am going to check out his books as well…. Thanks Marie you rock!

  381. Kathryn Mahoney

    I really like the goal setting advice. It’s funny, at work I can prioritize easily but with my personal life I feel like I am floating along. I will definitely try the 3 goals/day, week, year. Plus, the advice on not saying yes, I don’t want to say no all the time so I do over commit, I like “Let me get back to you on that…”. Thank you Marie & Ned.

  382. Allyson

    Oh never worrying alone is my front and center!!!! I always shrug sharing my worries off! I’ll tell myself they are not that big, people don’t wan to be bothered, it’s whiny, it’s weak………and yet I know it’s crap because the few times I have verbalized my worries to the special folks around me it always has made such a profound, positive difference! Thank you for providing focus on this!!

  383. I suck at screen sucking…well, actually, I’m really good at it! I need to set the timer when I go online. I have an online magazine that I started and I am online, constantly, looking for interesting things to put in the magazine, however, it is so easy to get sidetracked into looking at useless-ness!

    I believe if I go to step one, defining my goals, in a clearer way, this will cut down on that…

    Thanks for the discussion!!

  384. Judy Yaron

    Have been enjoying the responses to Ned’s talk. Love the energy! “Don’t worry alone” – super advice, but I would suggest a slight change: “Worry with Lilies.” Worry with those who will set you straight and put things into perspective. Beware of those, who might have good intentions and seek you no harm, but feed off your worries for their own needs. I remember times in my life, when I shared my worries with people I considered close friends, only to find myself getting carried away in “bitching balls”. Sure, it was fun at the time and often full of laughter, but the relief was temporary and the damage long term 🙁

  385. This video with Dr. Ned Hallowell was great. As I long suspected, I suffer from ADHD big time. I get turned on by many projects and accomplish very little. I also loooooooove the tip about how to avoid saying “Yes, I can do that.” Most times I find myself saying yes because I don’t think first. Now I am more aware of this self-sabotaging habit.
    The other area I have to work on is goal setting. I love the idea of 3 and the breakdown that Dr. Ned explained.
    Thanks so much Marie.

  386. Cindy G

    Such helpful and practical information.
    I was a screen sucker and I used to worry alone but not anymore!
    Thank you so much for this one.

  387. Elizabeth

    As I “suffer” from overwhelm and infinite inspiration, the simple, cut-to-the-chase tips from Dr. Hallowell, were helpful. I like things being in 3’s as that basic beginning, middle, end sequence that is the pattern weaving through our daily lives, is so doable! As for the screen sucking, even though I am not an addictive personality type, I have been seduced into the brain zapping waste of time spent on the Internet. The TIO part sounds easy, except that my computer stays on in order for me to do a lot of writing, so it’s hard to resist the pull to check and check and delve deeper into the Googling madness and what not! Thank you, Marie! And oh, that wee, little outtake of the Ted the Doc talking about “feeling it up and looking for the hard thing,” Whoa!! You might want to start wearing army fatigues and Uggs – just too fine, Ms. Divine! (All in good humor!)

  388. Elizabeth

    Wow! In just minutes, after writing my last comment about your interview with Dr. Hallowell, an AHA! moment thundered through my fingertips and out came the clarity of the century! 3 Goals a day for the next 3 days, 3 Goals for one week, 3 Goals for 6 months to 1 year, and 3 Goals for my Lifelong Vision! I LOVE WHO I AM – I’M KICKING ASS, KIDS! Now sweet slumbers in this lazy South of France await me . . . Thanks again, Marie and “Dr. 3’s”!!

  389. Screen Sucking – If I got money for that, I’d be a billionaire!

    It’s gotten better by using a software called SelfControl, it blocks any site you want in case you still need to research for whatever you are working on.

    I also deleted facebook from my phone because I would go check to see if there were any messages and end up getting distracted by someone’s post, with a link, which for sure as hell would have something like “you might be interested in” on its page..

    Thanks for the Never Worry Alone Reminder. There’s a saying, “Shared Joy is double the joy, shared sadness is half the sadness” and it is SO true.

  390. Kristyna

    This really hit home for me. I am horrible with #2 Avoid screen-sucking. It will suck me in for hours. Also #1 Define clear and specific goals. I have goals that I want to achieve, but I don’t know how to break them down into short/medium/long/lifetime goals. The “never worry alone”…OMG! I worry too much alone, and just like you said in the video it creates a negative bubble that you get stuck in. You pull away from the people that can really help you and really the people that you should be talking to, to problem solve.
    Thanks so much for what you do. Your videos have really helped me in this point in my life.

  391. Katrina

    wow…for me, the point about never worrying alone really hit home! i am prone to this & i can see how moving away from that behaviour will help memove forward much faster, plus save a lot of energy that i have to put out to detox those TOXIC thoughts & pictures out of my system…i spenf a lot of time helping others with their worries & it is time for me to be on the receiving end a bit more! This is the first episode of MarieTV i have watched and i loved it! I love YOU Marie Forleo…every time i see you, my heart opens up to you♡ Congratulations on your work:)

  392. Great!
    Thanks Marie I am learning a lot from your videos since I started to follow you a few weeks ago! Hopefully I’ll go further! 🙂

    All the best!

  393. Rebecca Kirsch

    Love the leeches and lilies analogy. I’m finally getting to the point of politely distancing myself from people who “suck the life out of me”. As a result I am much more productive and content.

  394. I like the lillies and leeches analogy, however I need to make sure I don’t have too much lillies.

  395. I love this! I’ve been feeling so distracted and having a lot of difficulty prioritizing. I realize that I have the drive, but I need more organization. I really need to take action on prioritizing my work. Thank you!

  396. Best one are :

    1) Screen sucking.
    It often ruin my way of working and my culture. As i am design-alcoholic, Sometimes when you’re searching and working you just move away towards screen sucking design

    2) Never worry alone.
    The less you dependent on other the more you learn. You can do anything just be calm, rethink all condition and just engrossed in yourself.

    A hearty thank to marie and Dr. Ned for awesome five effective strategies.


  397. I love this … and I love YOU! Thank you for always rocking and always giving me the right message JUST when I need it! I’m actually going to use this message as inspiration for my blog post this week … PLUS, use these tips myself … my favorite: “I’ll get back to you.” Freaking perfect! Love to know about Dr. Ned … thanks for the insight. X’s and O’s – Judi

  398. Thanks for a great message and well put together show. I agree, the screen sucking and never worry alone concepts were great takeaways that we can start implementing and applying into our everyday lives!

  399. Rio

    Oh my goodness Marie, this is SO timely for me. I’ve been feeling SO overwhelmed with starting my new coaching business. I have everything to do in what feels like all at once!

    Everything Ned talked about truly resonated. I would have to say prioritizing and screen sucking are tied for me for the most important. Then worrying alone would be second. Okay you asked for one, but THANK YOU. 🙂 Off to get some prioritizing done! <3



  400. Sarah

    Loved the video & i wrote down all 5 points so i wouldn’t forget them..

    My favorite ever & that i have been trying to work on for a while is # 3, set your default response to “Let me get back to you”… and even though i have become recently aware that this could be my answer, i still found it difficult to get back to them with a NO.. So when you mention here “I don’t have to do your excellent project justice”, i felt like OMG! Let me write this down & use it more often!!! That’s a perfect answer 😀
    (I am a freelance interior designer & i think people get the idea of freelancer in a wrong way, they don’t even ask if i have the time!!!)

    My second favorite & challenging too, is #4 Never worry Alone… I used to think that worrying alone is a good thing, i thought it means i am a strong person & i can handle whatever comes my way… But even though part of this could be true, I still felt like if Marie & Ned are talking about this then maybe worrying together is healthy.. It’s sharing at the end of the day.. And it also made me think, maybe i could add this also to the list of things i want in a future partner.. I want a man i can have the courage to worry with!… I wrote it down right away too.. Love u guys!

    As for #2 Avoid screen-sucking! 😀 I think everyone watching here would agree with that one 😀

    Marie, u r the best, keep those videos coming, you are changing lives my dear!

  401. Hi Marie,

    I really enjoyed the tips in this video. ‘Powerful stuff. AND… I’m learning SO MUCH from your free video series that leads up to B-School.

    Aloha from Maui,


  402. Wonderful interview! I am going to take on the 3 goals/outcomes per day, challenge. I often have a stack of goals that can be achieved but puts me into go, go , go mode rather than focus and enjoy mode. I think that will take some stress off and help me really focus on what is truly important, plus make me feel like I succeed daily.

    Thank you!

    Dawn xo

  403. Another great episode. Have to admit although I spend a lot of time outdoors sometimes in the morning the time sips away because…. screen sucking :/

    Love the worry plan too… worrying does not change the thing your worried about, taking action does! So thanks for the plan xo

  404. Never Worry Alone – Gold – wow….this is absolutely it…I love that Dr. Ned doesn’t say the usual – ‘worry doesn’t help, give it up’ stuff – but acknowledging that we do…and there are people who can support us with the worry…so that it lessens…LOVE THIS!!! my lillies – my four sons…a great reminder that every moment is a 10 fold payback. Thanks Dr. Ned and thanks Marie, much love, Lisa

  405. Thank you Marie and Ned!! This was so good and put me think everything more deeply!! I have set now 3 goals everyday;) Thank you <3 <3

  406. Cynthia

    Never worry alone! The best advice when going for your dreams.

  407. Bobbie

    You’ve been stalking me and reading my thoughts – so overwhelmed and paralyzed with inertia. Prioritize – make a plan and work the plan! Though I’ve reduced screen time in email and Facebook, I’ve been sucked into my own thinking that I was doing research and growing but have nothing to show for it. My three things for tomorrow will begin with three things to accomplish and just do them!

  408. I loved the tip on “let me get back to you on that”. I am doing a PhD (final months), managing my hubby’s dog training business in Australia ( and planning a move to New Zealand. I still get invitations to review manuscripts, be part of social clubs, etc, etc… Sometimes I don’t answer because I can’t say no, but this phrase is very polite and is really what I need! Thank you for that! 🙂
    -PS: Marie, hubby can give you free online support for training in the city. He has lived in an apartment with his dog most of his life in the busy Lima, Peru. 🙂

  409. Isabel

    So um teste de comentário.

  410. Pia

    Technology coming out of every orifice?
    Sure do.
    ATM, I have 32 tabs open on my Safari Browser. A little nuts?
    Damn straight . . . I need to prioritise and cull!

    Strategies from You, Ted & the Comments above (man I love your crew, they just know THE stuff!):
    1. [DONE]
    2. Make some (6) ‘Day’ signs from scrap paper to put on the back of my office door – for my 3 daily goals [DONE]
    3. Use another scrap of paper to create a ‘Weekly’ goal signpost (I’m just going to handwrite and sticky tape my goals onto the door 🙂
    4. Put my 6 month & Lifetime goals next to my “2014: Dream Big” handmade poster
    5. Blame my buddy ‘dopamine’ for the screen sucking [DONE]
    6. Figure out where the ‘No Train’ is boarding
    7. Learn to share my ‘worry’ with my adoptive Mum
    8. Make a ‘Worry – 3 points’ sign for above my desk [DONE]
    9. Get rid of the Leeches [just spent 2 years doing this – DONE]
    10. Grow the Lillies [DOING]

    Thank you for yet another genuinely useful video tutorial. I am SOOOO much richer, having discovered you Marie Forleo. You are bringing the REAL Pia back to life.

    I will never be able to repay you for your generosity, kindness and wisdom. The little I can do, is to share your existence with everyone I know (I already do, ’cause you rock) and hope that they too can lead the life that you are slowly teaching me to build.


    I got goose bumps when Dr Ned was congratulating you at the end – he's so right!

    Don't tell me off for having more than three things on my list – I'm spreading them out over the coming days. Promise 😉

  411. hi marie and mister ned.
    so funny and simple and right to the Point!!!

  412. Jennifer

    Great vid! And so important. I try to teach others about these steps (or similar steps) and hearing it for myself is so very helpful because none of us are perfect, right? The most critical ones for me right now are the “never worry alone” and avoid or prevent “screen sucking.” Critical as I work my way through the last year of an appointed position and determine how/if I will re-boot my business at the end of this term.

    Great stuff. Thank you, Marie!

  413. Whitney

    This video really was the message I needed to hear today. I am the type of person who is inspired by so many different things, but I never feel like I’m great in anything…just good. But I am at the place in my life where I want to be amazing. Last night some friends and I were having a brainstorming session for a project that we are collaborating on and I felt soooo clogged up, like none of my best ideas were coming to the surface. Of course I started to beat myself up thinking about all of the things that I could be doing that are hindering myself and the more I thought, the more overwhelm I felt. After watching this video I am very excited to really sit down and evaluate my goals and create a plan. I am definitely a planner so I believe that tip will be the most beneficial. Thanks for giving me a little light at the end of the tunnel.

  414. Melissa

    I gotta say that for me the most valuable is setting the short term, mid range and long term goals. Mostly pairing it down to 3. I seem to always have more than 5. Why not pair it down to achievable!?

  415. Thank you so much for the interview Marie. It’s my favourite one you’ve done yet. I’m definitely looking up Ned’s books right after I finish this message!

    The strategy I need to put into action starting RIGHT NOW is cultivating lilies and getting rid of leeches. I’ve got sooooo many wonderful opportunities in front of me right now. Just started a blog for our Pilates teacher training students, finished a book we need to market, have some great client programs we’re implementing at the studio, setting up a new CRM system, two upcoming trade shows, revamping website for better usability with the help of an awesome marketing company and then some!

    That was just the business side of things. On the personal side, my husband and I have been immersed in Tony Robbins Mastery University seminars (highly recommend them), my sister’s getting married this summer (I’m MOH), and I’m burning to start a blog to help promote Ukrainian dance world wide. With all the political turmoil and decreased funding over the past 10 years, the world of Ukrainian dance is in jeopardy. Being a life-long Ukrainian dancer and complete addict of Ukrainian culture, this is freaky for me. I must do something.

    Distractions over. My point is life is exciting and very full of too many lilies. It’s hard to juggle them and some are becoming leeches. Time to start prioritizing and creating those clear and specific goals over various time frames to help with that.

    Thanks again, Marie!

  416. Victoria

    My biggest challenge is the “Define Clear & Specific Goals”. My mind is constantly swirling and jumping from project to project, it is DRIVING ME CRAZY! At the end of the day, I feel that I didn’t accomplish anything and waste another day in life.
    Starting from TODAY, I am going to write down 3 goals in the morning, and cross them off the list at the end of each day! YAY! Let’s do this together, and feeling confident, worthy, and satisfied for ourselves.

  417. Victoria

    My biggest challenge is the “Define Clear & Specific Goals”. My mind is constantly swirling and jumping from project to project, it is DRIVING ME CRAZY! At the end of the day, I feel that I didn’t accomplish anything and waste another day in life.
    Starting from TODAY, I am going to write down 3 goals in the morning, and cross them off the list at the end of each day! YAY! Let’s do this together, and feeling confident, worthy, and satisfied for ourselves.
    Thank you so much for this inspiring interview!

  418. Diana

    Great work, as always, Marie. The concept that struck me the most was “never worry alone.” All sorts of bells went off. I don’t know, man. What’s wrong with a little “Dark Night Of The Soul” and questioning everything you believe? I agree, after you’ve taken the time to step into your truth, you should have a good team around you to keep you “up.” But if you NEVER “worry alone”, will you ever unravel lies you’ve been told and will you ever come up with truly new ways of seeing? Be brave people, just have the wisdom to know when diving into darkness is no longer productive. I’m always trying to find the balance, myself. Peace!

  419. Great video, Marie
    I think many people’s problems come from inefficient prioritizing followed by panic, followed by pressure – and for me it has become an actual way of doing things. I tend to spend too much time on one simple detail that I completely lose track of the entire picture. It’s been like that since I was young, you know how little children can get carried away and play for hours with just one damn stick they found laying on the ground – but now it revolves around more serious issues.
    I’m on my way to change this about myself. Thank you for the advice.

  420. Kendra Tanner

    Love the power of 3! 3 goals for today, the short term, long term and life. Thank you!

  421. angela

    Marie, I just had to tell you how much you are my shining gem right now. Talk about overload! My husband passed away last year at only 41 years of age and between getting custody of my stepdaughter(been the only mother she has known) and moving to get us in a better place by trying to start my own business which would leave me able to be there more for her I am drowning. I signed up for Bschool and super excited about it. Not only for skills like this one today but because you really do care about success. The tips in this episode apply to more than business. I want to try and implement them in dealing with my husbands estate, being a single mom and dealing with the loss in general of my beloved husband and things I would never have imagined at 40. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!

  422. angela

    P.S. Marie you make some of us business women feel like we are not alone when in my case you really in a split second are alone. Sending you the karma back that I have felt from you and your staff!!!!

  423. Thank you for a very helpful interview! I found that of the 5 tips, these struck a chord for me:
    – the “3 goals” rule for short, medium and long term. yes! I have long lists of lily projects or desires or goals and it’s overwhelming to say the least and inevitably the don’t all happen anyway so by prioritizing further I can insure that the ones that mean the most to me can blossom!
    – screen sucking…guilty as charged, very guilty. I’ve tried to manage this but haven’t really succeeded beyond a few days here and there. Dr Ned’s suggestion to turn off the computer is something I hadn’t considered and even makes me feel a little scared – I know it would make a HUGE difference.
    – never worry alone. This is really great and he’s right – we think and worry and worry and think and pretty soon we’ve blown it all out of proportion! (recognize this quote from Victor Victoria?)

    Thank you Marie and Dr Ned, these tips are truly a benefit for me!

  424. Hi! First, Marie, thank you so much for being a resource of laughs, knowledge, and inspiration. Every chance I get, I share your work with those I believe can also benefit. Also, love that you often (always?) end with a challenge— a fantastic way to channel energy and renewed focus.

    Of the Ned’s steps, the first re: defining goals and forcing myself to prioritize is most poignant for me. There’s a growing list of ideas and projects in my planner, and it’s been a challenge hunkering down and getting things done. I’m hoping that leveraging Ned’s tip will help me to bring my ideas to fruition! Thanks again, much love.

  425. It’s really great to hear the insights of others through Marie’s videos, they make you rejuvenate your thinking and stay focussed. Being an entrepreneur can be ‘lonely’ so it’s important to stay connected to those who can support and help drive you on the days when it becomes a little tough to carry alone! x

  426. I love how Ned talks about prioritizing. I completely fall into the category of “I’m so busy, but I haven’t really accomplished anything today”! Setting 3 practical goals daily, weekly, yearly, etc…can really help me get my self on track. Thanks for the great interview and as always, the great tips!

  427. Thank you so much Dr. Ned and Marie. This is truly addressing my what has been one of my biggest issues for the last several years.

    Without a doubt defining clear and specific goals has been my issue and then the follow up – just saying I will get back to you to requests that could cause me to stray from my priorities are my weaknesses. I cannot wait to put into practice the steps to focus my energy and reap the rewards!

  428. Peta C

    Wow, loved that interview,
    I learned I need to prioritise and STICK to three little goals.
    I am capable of getting lots done, so expect to be able to do so….then get blown out of the water if I am interrupted or anything goes awry.
    Along the way, I exhaust myself and kill that creative excitement which had me firing off in too many directions in the first place.
    It is an exhausting and vicious cycle which needs to be CONTROLLED.
    Three little goals will enable me to stay on track and give me permission to let the rest wait. Phew, what relief!

  429. That was such a good video! Ned was an awesome guest and I love how clearly you both just delivered the goods! Thank you so much Marie, I’m so pumped to be joining you for b-school-I was an early enroll-er this year and I have been looking forward to it for months. I have a health coaching and personal chef business and I struggle with feeling like there are wAAAY too many lilies to tend to. My lilies may even be choking me out. I’m going to write my lists of 3, it’s so true that it can easily become 300. Just 3. I can do that.

  430. ian

    This was a great video.

    “Lilies vs leeches” Love that metaphor.

  431. I loved all of them. Number one priority is stop the Screen-sucking!

  432. Katie

    I definitely need to tackle #1 – define clear and specific goals
    I write too many to do lists without actually getting to the real goals I need to be working on.
    This was a great video, thanks Marie and Ned

  433. Andrea

    Hi Marie –

    Thanks so much to you and Ned for this video. I watched it last week and have already implemented the idea of choosing three goals per day. I don’t have problems setting goals but tend to have far too many of them. Since watching the video, I’ve implemented this idea and it is amazing to me how much better I feel. I don’t feel as overwhelmed and I am actually getting some important stuff done. With the additional space I am giving myself, I don’t feel as rushed doing the projects that are on my list, so I am enjoying the project more, allowing to be more present with it, AND I’m even feeling like I am doing a much better job. Frankly, it’s a relief. I can’t remember the last time I felt really good and not overwhelmed. This is awesome!
    I think the other thing I am beginning to see is that this concept is allowing me to achieve more balance between the various parts of my life that are important to me: my work/business, family life, personal interests and growth. My next step is to take the 3 goals concept into longer term goals, like monthly, annual, etc. Very cool! I’m going to be checking out more stuff by Ned.

    Many Thanks,


  434. Diana

    Breaking down the goals 3 a day/Week/6-12 mo and lifetime was the best advice for me. I just started my own real-estate business and I am lost on how to get it off the ground. A lot of the feedback I’m getting from the universe is set goals, break them down and create rituals/habits to get them accomplished. This will lead me to make the progress I am shooting for. Thanks

  435. Terry

    Thank you for the awesome video. Dr. Ned’s book, Driven to Distraction, changed my life. I never knew I had ADD, and as an adult struggled with a lot of performance based issues. Helps to understand that I’m not crazy and there is a reason for the issues, and a way to cope.

    Can’t wait to check out his other books.

  436. I loved the lillies and leeches, and the let me get back to you! I’m also so quick to say yes and then some of those projects were a waste of time! I always feel bad saying no, but I need to get over that!

  437. amy

    Keep the lillies lose the leeches, I have such a soft heart for the leeches and they ooze potential.

  438. There is so much goodness in this video!!!!!!!! I have shared with my friends and everyone seems to get something different out of it, something meaningful to them.

    I have been setting the 3 goals everyday since this aired and have completed my list every day. This feels SOOOOO awesome. There was a day when I accomplished everything on the list by noon and I felt so relaxed the rest of the day knowing that the most important things were done. Everything else I did, was BONUS!

  439. Surelys

    Thank you for this and your awesome weekly videos, Marie.

    The 3-goal focus was the best advice for me. Boiling it down and committing to *only* 3 goals for the day is so challenging! It reminds me the importance of focus and simplicity!

  440. avoid screen sucking.. this happens to me alot. I want to check email but then hours are gone or fb the same thing.

  441. INGE

    I like the idea of three goals, starting simply with what is and letting it triage. Screen suck gets me but I’m aware and know to limit it; unfortunately I learn it over and over and currently am at that point! So I drift slowly and then start from zero when it’s bad. Thanks for the corroboration and reminder!
    I’ll get back to you.. have not implemented this but have thought of it. I start tomorrow! A good one! Can I remember to get back to everyone, though?

    Well it seems all of this is good for me! I don’t have people to worry with these days.. soo… but I can focus on the facts and actually making a plan which I don’t.. in a functional manner. Just hearing this said is good for me.

    I have done the last and am sensitized to leeches.. I haven’t cultivated lillies yet though.. Have to come back into the world of people after a lovely hiatus.. and I’m pretty sure I’retrained myself here. Hate squandering my effort.

  442. I think, personally, that I must look into my emails and social medias only at the end of the day to keep the focus, otherwise, I’ll be stuck on the net for hours. Just my 2 cents.

  443. Kelley Burrus

    Screen suck. Screen suck. Screen suck. Next to chocolate, my biggest challenge.

    • jj

      Ohhh – ALL five of these points are right on target so I am not able to pick one – let’s just say I have some work to do on all points. Definitely love the lillies & leeches story. I have a few of those hanging around my lily garden..

  444. Aretha

    Fantastic Marie! I watched this as I was feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that I’ve been trying to do and just not getting done. Great takeaways!

  445. S. Kayel

    What if your “leech” is your spouse–sucking the life out of you?

  446. Ann

    @S Kayel — I feel for you! You may have to have a sit-down with your spouse to determine the root cause of why this is happening. Your life partner should be your MOST supportive person in your life, but often there are underlying insecurities (that they may not even be aware of) causing them to be less than supportive.

  447. As one whose whole business revolves around the internet, I love the “screen suck”. For me, it’s setting boundaries about when to check for orders and emails, I’ve come to realize that not every order or email needs an absolute IMMEDIATE response, otherwise I get dizzy from turning to my email screen to see “what’s new”, and it wastes so much time I should be devoting to other business tasks.

    Great piece, always a good idea to refresh boundaries and goal setting ideas.

  448. Vappole

    Ok, I love this advice. But putting it into practice is another thing. I used to be rather efficient and goal oriented, before starting my PhD. But now this is impossible, due to the way my advisor and boss wants to work. He has a completely chaotic way of working: he cannot follow a schedule or goals, never meets dead-lines, is always late, and he expects his employees to follow this way of working as well. I tried to push to work in an organised manner, but he would not let me, he would just change or interrupt my plans, be late for dead-lines where I needed his approval/intervention, waste my time with useless meetings and work, and interrupt my work at the most random moments to change my goals. It is basically impossible to have a plan. Any advice? I would greatly appreciate it. I am so under my performance level now, and it is extremely frustrating.

  449. Never worry alone – I need to address this one.
    Elmarie Porthouse works with a time clock set for 60 minutes each day for her media time. I started this today and yes is great and very important.
    Just published my first book – a 40 year dream Travelling with Tristan Teapot. Book II on the way….exciting. thanks barbi

  450. Candace

    I would say worrying alone. That’s always been my problem. I always feel like I’m burdening people with my problems, so I tend to internalize them and in the end they keep me up at night.

  451. Gracelove

    wooow this is great..i can say that i screen suck a lot and worrying alone is one of my biggest challenges.Am changing that from now on.Thank you marie for this.

  452. Stevie

    Hello Marie and team

    Brilliant talk today, my worst are 1 and 2 at the moment then 4 can be a problem as I am talkative, this is due to being alone in the middle of the countryside a lot of the time with children in school and a husband who works offshore for weeks at a time. 3 & 5 I am well aware of and able to deal with these ok and in fact give the same advice to friends a family on these.

    Dr Ned was brilliant at giving this advice and I hope this helps people to make the changes necessary to succeed. I will be taking note on the ones I have trouble with certainly, going to schedule my email time and screen sucking (love this phrase) from now on, thanks Marie.

  453. Karen Baldwin

    I have already started to unsubscribe to websites that have been taking my time up and getting nothing achieved. I am going to set a specific time to check my emails and then shut down as in point 2. Point 6 was particularly interesting to me and made me realise that if I want to achieve my goals I have to filter the Lillies and the leeches i’m afraid. Thank you for your show, I much prefer to listen to the advice than try reading it!!!
    Best wishes.

  454. that is a great interview. All come to the importance of having written goals starting with short-term, medium term and long-term goals. Thank you for sharing this!

  455. The thing I need to work on most is actually planning. So my goal is to set up the long term, lifetime, midterm and short term goals. I watched this video a few days ago and wrote out my long term goals and detailed one of them out. I need to continue on. But I have been writing three goals daily since initially watching this. I decided today to revisit this video so I can remind myself what I’m working on.

    Today, I am going to detail out my second long term goal, watch one of the 6 pillar videos and take notes, and do a bit of marketing.

  456. Tammie Burton

    I can’t pick just one! These are all wonderful, useful strategies!! However, the one that jumped out the most for me at this moment, Don’t Worry Alone. As Dr. Ned stated, worry can become toxic. He is ssooo right. Sometimes the simple act of talking with someone and getting the words out of your head and your heart can make things feel better. Thanks Dr. Ned and thank you Marie. Great message!

  457. Zach


    I totally feel this vid. I’ve been in grad school the past couple years, but I have this nagging feeling that there’s a brighter spot in this world for me (literally, I do science in basements). Thing is, sometimes life is tough, and you just have to work through it, so I can’t be sure that my parallel universe plans are genuine. I’ve been struggling with this decision for so long… How do I know what IS IN my heart!?!?

  458. Love the discussion on “screen sucking.” Will have to give that a try and see how it changes things.

    Thanks for sharing Marie!

  459. Hi I’m fairly new to Marie TV and really enjoyed this episode – for me never worry alone really hit home. Goal setting is always top of my list but I do struggle with that one too…

    Thank you for this and I look forward to the next one.


  460. Great interview Marie. Ned you rock! Wow, All 5 are a problem for me, lol! I”m sure everyone struggles with all of these problems at different levels. Right now in life I’ve actually been working on not automatically saying yes to people, and also spending less time on leeches 🙂

  461. Christina

    Brilliant! So doable. Thank you.

  462. OMG. “the same dopamine circuitry that drives addictions captures your attention. you don’t give it away, it’s seduced from you.” This explains so much about why Screen Sucking is so powerful! REALLY HELPFUL.

  463. PARTH


  464. I finally watched this one. It is so fantastic. Screen sucking is definitely my biggest problem. I’ve weeded out a lot of leeches over the years so at least that one’s out of the way. Now…to cut down on the lilies! And 3x3x3 for goal setting – that’s one for the resource box! Thank-you.

  465. Amazing productivity tips! “screen sucking” can be a big one for me – just check emails, then just do this one little thing (for a client!), something didn’t go as planned and it’s a big thing now to deal with all of a sudden, then another email comes in – and before I know it I’ve spent several hours of the evening/weekend me-time doing work again! I hereby promise I will get better with this 🙂

  466. Laura

    Loved that video with Dr. Ned! I can sooo relate! I am always feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and never seem to get things done.
    My biggest problem is screen-sucking! I spend waaay too long on the computer being (mostly) unproductive. So…catch 22….want to learn more from you and subscribe, but that means more time on the computer!! Hahaha. Time limit….time limit….
    My next problem is not setting a SMALL number of goals each day, instead of my lengthy To Do list. So….3 short-term goals for the day. Doable.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  467. Soph

    Dear Marie!

    Thank you this is so much for me – I’m projects always soooo busy and I have so many projects hanging over my head, but I don’t feel really productive. All the points of this advice resonate with me. The most important one is to avoid screen sucking, even tough I spend my screen sucking mostly on your website 😉 But I just can’t get enough and I must limit the time when I get inspired and expand the time when I am productive.
    So my first action step is to limit my internet surfing (including facebook/marieTV/ email and series watching) to 1 hour a day. And I am really going to set my alarm clock to keep me from continuing surfing.

    Secondly, I’m going to learn to say no. Just now I’m going to have to say no to a great opportunity, because it happens at the same time when I have to be in my regular job which is really great and which I love and I want to focus on it – because I just can’t to everything and I will have to come to turns with the fact that my time is limited and sooner or later I’m going to hae to choose. So this is my action step no 2 – say no to this thing and then contiue to choose lilies among the crowd of leeches.

    And my action step no 3. I’m going to sit down and write down my 3-goal plan and I love this idea so much. It gives so much clarity and space to my overcrowded schedule. Thank you.