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Today is a very special Tuesday.

  1. It’s NEW YEAR’S EVE
  2. It’s (almost) the 3rd anniversary of MarieTV
  3. Today’s episode was made especially to honor YOU

Here’s the scoop. A few months back, we asked you to share stories with us about MarieTV. How you found us, what changes you’ve been inspired to make, and anything else you wanted to share.

At first, we had no idea exactly how we’d turn all this goodness into an episode. But once we started reviewing the submissions, we figured it out.

The world needs that special gift that only you have. Click To Tweet

We both laughed and cried at your funny, inspiring, heartfelt, and totally unexpected stories.

Your diversity, quirkiness, heart and soul inspired us to create the first (and possibly last) MarieTV Shoutie awards.

It’s a cliché thing to say, but it is true. Without you, there would be no MarieTV. Josh and Kuma would be absolutely sick of my advice (especially Kuma) and non-stop references to 90s hip-hop.

So thank you, truly, for being a part of my life. Thank you for helping us make it to 3 years of our show. And thank you for so graciously allowing us to share in your hopes and dreams each and every week.

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As promised, here are just a few more from the hundreds of incredible stories you shared. Once again, a huge, huge thank you to everyone who submitted. We read every single word you wrote!


1. Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

I have overcome so much in my life. I ask people, “What does being raised in a neglectful, alcoholic home, a placement in juvenile hall, getting kicked out of high school at 15, married at 16, motherhood at 17, admission to the State Mental Hospital at 18, a gang rape, abuse, abandonment, life on the streets, drug abuse, serious mental illness, the suicides of a brother and a father, a broken neck, and an inoperable brain tumor with one year to live all have in common? One woman: Me!” I started my masters degree while recovering from an extremely risky brain surgery, unable to walk, double vision, hearing loss, fatigued.

I had many fears about ever recovering, but I went on anyway. I have overcome all of this and live a joy filled life because of a wonderful husband, 3 children, 10 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren, a career I love helping others, and a new venture into selling online information products. MarieTV was the inspiration for my online venture.

I anticipate each new episode, and even if I am in my office in between clients, I will find the time to grab a latte and watch the latest episodes. It lifts me up, inspires my work, and expands my vision for myself and my career.

2.  Donna Knutt

I build websites and teach kids from underrepresented communities how to code here in NYC. One of the concepts that stood out for me or that I re-discovered after watching MarieTV was to focus on serving and giving. Often times we get caught up in the idea of growing and sustaining our business that we forget why we’re even doing what we’re doing. So when I started to think about my business from that point of view, things started to dramatically change.  Before MarieTV I was struggling with balancing my business and life as a new mom, but after watching MarieTV I have a clearer understanding of how to manage it all.

I came across a wonderful nonprofit organization, Black Girls Code, that was teaching young girls to code, and I was instantly interested in helping out. Everything about their mission spoke to me and I knew it would be a great way for me to make use of my web development skills while making an impact in these girls lives. I met with the founder at an event in the city and started talking about ways we can bring BGC to NY. Long story short, I now co-lead the New York chapter of this wonderful organization and have seen hundreds of girls go through our programs with a new found passion to code. Had I not made that initial step and got involved, I wouldn’t have had the privilege to experience all that I’ve had so far. I’ve met some amazing folks, and have learned so much in the short time that I’ve been with the organization. I’ve attended conferences, had multiple speaking engagements (with little to no prior experience; I did it anyway!), and my most proud moment, was talking about BGC at the recent Oreilly Strata Conference in NY (both a nerve racking and exciting experience)!

3.  Charlotte Smith

I own/operate a farm called Champoegcreamery that sells pastured animal products including raw milk (milk straight from the cow) grass fed beef, eggs, and chickens. Our raw milk helps hundreds of people maintain really great health, and also has helped many of them overcome huge health challenges– eczema, allergies, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, chron’s disease, colitis, acid reflux, and more.

I feel like I now have permission to be confident in what I do and who I am, and stop fearing that others would think I’m arrogant, cocky, presumptuous. Before MarieTV I thought – who am I to step up and be an expert in my field? After MarieTV I thought – yes, I am already recognized as an expert in my field and my field is just waiting for me to step into that role, own that role. I now get asked to speak at so many events I have to say no to some. I got a call from California (I live in Oregon) by PBS producers who said they heard I was an expert in my field and they asked to film me for a documentary (2 days filming on our farm, airing next spring). This was HUGE!! I hear Marie’s voice in my head if I ever have a doubt (oh so rare) telling me I am obligated to embrace all my gifts and talents and get up there and do what I’m meant to do!

In less than one year of MarieTV episodes I’ve taken my previously scattered efforts and confidence and focused it into this amazing, burning power that has helped hundreds of people. We’ve tripled our income in one year to well over 6 figures and I can help more people because of that. I also used to be apologetic for making money selling our products that changed people’s lives forever and they were grateful for. I feel great making money knowing I’m able to help more and more people. And, the more I make the more I give away and help those less fortunate in some way. Lastly, I am changing my industry. Becoming aligned with who I am, what I do, and my calling has opened doors for me to work on legislation in Oregon, improving the quality of the raw milk produced by others in our state, which will hopefully lead to legislation expanding the currently very limiting laws. People have been calling on me to do this for years, now I have the complete alignment in every way to do so.

4.  Berto Garcia

My wife’s all-time favorite book is Make Every Man Want You. Fascinated by her constant reference to Marie’s advice (particularly during “passionate” discussions), I decided to Google the be-jesus out of Ms. Forleo. I saw my first MarieTV video, The Most Dangerous Two-Letter Word for Your Relationship,  in Spring of 2011.  Ever since then, I’ve been hooked!

There came a disturbing moment in my life when I realized that I wasn’t happy. I became lost, angry, and eventually depressed.”What have I done with my life?” I would ask myself. It wasn’t until I consistently watched MarieTV that I was given the energy to get up and dust the dirt off my shoulders. Before MarieTV, my life was all about what I could GET. But, after watching MarieTV, my life is all about what I can GIVE to others.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If I had a daughter, I would name her Marie simply because it’ll remind me that there really are loving, kind, compassionate, inspirational, generous, genuine, and overall amazing people in this world. Thank you, Marie, for sharing YOUR gift with the rest of us.I wish you all the blessings in the Universe.

5.  Jaya Marr

My husband and I run a small Mountain Guide Training school based in Patagonia and Alaska. Marie, you are a super classy very urban kind of girl, I live in a tent in the mountains for about 150 days a year. I never wear makeup and I seldom wear dresses, but we share the same kinds of dreams and the same kinds of challenges in our lives. I really like that, no matter the external trapping of how we pursue our lives, there is such a strong commonality. It’s pretty lonely being an entrepreneur, so I really appreciate being able to listen to your take on things and reset my perspective and know that there are other folks out there in the world going through the same trials as me.

One thing I have really struggled with is to step up and see myself as the boss, to really value my time and to understand the value of what I do. Before I found Marie TV my life was great, full, challenging, but I felt like a lonely little cloud without a wider community of like minded people, however after Marie TV I feel less alone and inspired that there are lots of other cool people making changes and not settling.

6.  Gilda Doganiero

I own a small wholesale bakery specializing in traditional biscotti. Gilda’s Biscotti Inc. was forged out of my apartment while I was still working full time at the Four Seasons Hotel (Philadelphia) in the pastry Department. Thanks to MarieTV, I finally got into a cage match with my “starving artist-i’m not a business person-bullshit rhetoric” and started to see my business for what it is.

We go to great lengths to make these hard Italian cookies. We use exceptional ingredients, deliver great honest service and employ several people with a great job. Once I polished this little ditty and replaced that old mindless chatter with this new one, great things started happening.

Sales have almost doubled, we have rolled out two new offerings that people are thrilled about, we are hiring for another shift and we are picking up new business left and right.


Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Tell us your own MarieTV story below – or anything else you’d like to share.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and being a part of this incredible community.

We wish you and your family a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2014!!


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  1. Happy anniversary to Marie TV and Happy New Year to all. Let’s make it bold and intensely beautiful, people. Happy 2014. 🙂

    • More specifically, Marie, thank you for reinforcing the necessity of expressing my truest self. The weekly videos and B-school have really helped to focus my efforts. In addition, I’ve met some of the most kind and inspirational people in this community.

      Looking forward to more of your badass-ery in 2014.
      I swear. Been using this term for a while. However, shout-out to Caroline’s “kick-ass-ivity” in the video. 🙂

      • Louise - Team Forleo

        We’re so glad that B-School and MarieTV have helped, I agree that this is the most amazing community on the planet!

        All the best for this shiny new year headed our way,

      • I still can’t believe I’ve been watching this for 3 years!

      • Thank you for your extraordinary, consistent, beautiful voice in this community Emelia! You are a true blessing. Happy Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. Happy 3rd anniversary Marie and team!!

    My new years wish or mantra, really, is to “give more and expect less”. After reflecting on this past year I’ve realized that when I give, I usually expect some sort of reciprocity in return and that expectation is rooted deep in a serious lack mentality. So, my goal for 2014 is to work hard on my ego by giving more and expecting less and I trust that the universe has my back on that one 😉

    Happy New Year!

    • I am totally sharing this goal (provided there’s enough to go round 😉 )!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Marie TV! What a guiding light you have been in 2013!

    May 2014 bring prosperity, happiness, fun and growth to everyone in the MarieTV community!

    We ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    • I conquer Deane guidin’ light! In 2012 I stumbled through the ethers onto Marie TV and she has helped change my life and biz without question…plus added a good dose of laughter to my vida and introduced me to an amazing community of awesome women…who have since helped change my life and biz! : ) Thank you Marie for sharing your light, wisdom and awesome humor with us xox

      Just heard this quote this morning from the ever Rumi….

      “What you seek, is seeking you.” Yes, ladies lets rock 2014 shall we?!! So excited! xoxo

    • Deane and Bella – thank you BOTH so much and Happy New Year! xo

  4. I was excited to see your post for today, and it was another fabulous, right-on-the-money message of gratitude to inspiring people.

    In 2014, I look forward to carrying the energy of the New Year into my everyday while pursuing my personal and business goals of finding agricultural land as a place to help people get back to their roots and connect with their inner child. I’ll be tuning into your vids and soaking up your positipsy all throughout the year! Thank you so much.

    Happy New Year & Happy Anniversary!

    Heather A.

  5. Awesome to see you here Donna!! Loved sitting next to you at RHH and connecting last year. Sending love!

    • Hi Jess! Yes still rollin with mama Marie 🙂 Wishing you an amazing year! Keep in touch.

      • Our live events are magical due to incredible souls like YOU two — excited to get them started again in the future 🙂 oxo

        • Oh fab! Glad you are going to have live events again in the future …. as I haven’t gone yet. Hurray! xo 🙂

        • So excited to hear you’re going to have a live event again, Marie! That’s where I got to meet the lovely Jess and so many other amazing ladies! Can’t wait to hear what you’re cooking up 🙂

          Happy New Year! XOXOXO

  6. Thank you so much, Marie, for all you do. I’m so grateful to have found you on MarieTV because you have inspired me and helped to push me forward.

    It took me nine months to finally “launch” my blog on March 1, 2013. The day I took down the “coming soon” page I was paralyzed with fear because there was information on the About Me page that I had kept secret for years and now everyone, including family members would be able to read about some bad decisions I had made. Turns out my shame stalled me from following my passion for decades!

    Now, 10 months later, I need to put a real audible voice to my work and monetize. That is the next scary step. But, hey, I did it once and lived to tell…watch out 2014!

    • Louise - Team Forleo

      Congratulations! That first step of going live is a big one. I know that 2014 is going to be incredible for you – keep us posted.

  7. Cheers to your (and our) success Marie and to a wonderful 2014!

  8. Happy anniversary Marie! Keep on Keepin’ on Girl! Love ‘ya……You’re the best!

  9. Happy Anniversary and thanks for all that you do! 🙂

  10. Happy New Year to you, your team, and every watcher.
    Health, Love, Prosperity for 2014.
    You inspired in many way, but the most important for me it’s to go step by step and yes you’re kickassivity

    Vive 2014, 2014 will be my year.

  11. Marie & Staff,

    Thank you for sharing YOUR special day with ME! You guys absolutely ROCK and I am still shaking from the shock of hearing Marie say my name! Sing it with me…”say my name, say my name…”


    • Louise - Team Forleo

      We loved getting to share your MarieTV story!

      Wishing the best year yet,

  12. Thank you so much for your episodes! I wish you, and your team, a positipsy New Year 2014 too!!!

  13. moni

    May your all New Year be filled with dreams, joy, love and adventures. Happy Anniversary Marie!

  14. OMG, Marie that is the BEST video in the marketing space I have seen all year! Congrats on everything.


  15. Marie, your dress!! Please, please, please: where’s it from? :)))

    • Hey Tara!

      Marie’s dress in this video is from Zara.

      Happy New Year!


      • Thank you, Elsa! Such fantastic style. 🙂

  16. Marie, HaVe a happy NeW yEaRs & know that you are positively affecting the masses with you inspiration, charming approach, intelligence, (couldn’t forget) Beauty, SOOO DAMN HOT!!…You have came along way and I want to commend you for proving to EVERYONE that thought you were caught in some box career…Marie, I am looking forward to ushering in the New Year with you on my mind. Keep up the GREAT work being refreshing, interesting, unique, and sexy…The presentation is killing it!! We are just looking for you to out do “You” and bring us the stuff that makes “history” and legends…MWAH…MWAH…MWAH!! You deserve that and MORE…More like this

    Love (the unconditional kind) & XO’s

    Jai Louys

  17. Happy Anniversary, MarieTV! And thanks for sharing these *very* inspiring stories. I’ve learned a ton from being a subscriber over the last 3 years, and even more in B-School. I feel blessed and lucky to have Marie as one of my biz and personal growth mentors.

    Here’s to an amazing 2014 for all!

  18. Dear Marie,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ability to inspire me and so many others worldwide with MarieTV!

    I am in the process of creating and manifesting a living and breathing legacy for my family (more than 200 members!), where they will be inspired to live their lifes in alignment with their highest values and purpose in life….I am soooo excited!

    Happy New Year and may all of your truest heart’s desires come in to fruition in 2014!

    Love from the Netherlands.

    • What an awesome big family Monique!! Sending love right back from NY 🙂

  19. Sasa

    Bonne et heureuse année 2014!!!and thank you for all your videos!
    I’m french , my english isn t perfect but the essential is that i understand what you say !i m very happy to have subscribe!(sorry for my english) je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonnes choses pour la suite!

  20. Marie

    Happy New Year to all of you out there in Marieland. and from one Marie to another let’s rock in 2014!!!

  21. Vargas – stop being such a video editing genius asshole. I loved this! And Marie – as always – REPRESENT.


    • Hey Ash! Jams is the editing genius on this here one (though Michelle…now Akin vs. Vargas is brilliant too!) xxo

  22. Marjorie

    Happy Anniversary, Marie TV! And a fabulously wonderful and wealthy 2014 to all the amazing Marie fans out there!

  23. Ashley

    Happy Anniversary Marie TV. I love everything about Marie TV!!!! Marie…your hair is DOPE!!!!

    Happy new year!!! xoxox

  24. Lex

    I love it all, thank YOU!

  25. I watched Marie TV first thing this morning (as usual) and was shocked to see my name flash across the screen! Thank you so much Marie. I am now officially energized and inspired for the New Year. Happy 3rd anniversary!

    • Louise - Team Forleo


    • “Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities.” ~Michael Josephson.
      Linda, your story is so amazing and inspiring. Thanks for being so willing to share it here. I don’t recall how I discovered Marie TV, but, people like you keep me returning.

  26. John

    Happy New Years! BREEOUUUU!
    I liked your comment about not eating people. That was funny and a great ethical value. I would like to share that while the wisdom of dreams are achievable and differentiate myself with a positive attitude and lead myself with a courageous heart, my mind is set on cheerfulness. My new years resolution is that God grants me the strength, relationship or capital to continue my business of internet. Thank you. Cheers!

  27. Happy Anniversary MarieTV! Your videos have been a huge source of wisdom and inspiration for me. And this vid is just awesome! There’s so much power in this community. Love it! I have gotten ideas and wisdom from here that have inspired me with my own website, with creating my frameworks, holding my first free authentic change workshop next week… just so much has happened with the help of this awesome community. I’m so excited for 2014.

  28. Gay

    Happy Anniversary and New Year girl! You rock and B-School was my blessing this year. Keep it going cause the world does need your special gift! Heck we all do.

  29. Marietv and B school taught me confidence, to stop looking how others are doing it, and own-my-weirdness, haha! At the same time they changed my view on selling and marketing. So much knowledge…

  30. Congratulations/Happy Anniversary!

    I am so very grateful to have stumbled across Marie TV and Bschool and the amazing community that surrounds it! Wishing everyone an amazing 2014 filled with…well, whatever you would like it filled with! 🙂

  31. my new years rez is to watch marie Tv – every episode past and futre. Yours is one of the few emails that inspires me to click through and watch your always funny, enjoyable and informational videos. Thank You!!!!
    Happy New Year!

  32. Kathleen Rose

    Happy Anniversary, Marie!
    Marie, I too am so happy that I found your videos! You’ve been guiding me and so many other people to be happier and live better! When I first started watching I couldn’t even FATHOM being an entrepreneur and was working in a field that didn’t suit me. So when I was laid off (a blessing in disguise) instead of continuing to pursue that career I took the opportunity to figure out what I really wanted to do. Now I’m in school for graphic design with dreams of opening up my own studio and constantly working towards those dreams. And Marie you are a constant inspiration so thank you so much! Happy New Year!

  33. Happy 3rd Anniversary MarieTV!!!! I’m a MarieTV Newbie and have only been watching for the past few months!!! I was SOLD after the very 1st episode. I’m all signed up for B-School and can’t wait to see what 2014 holds with the help of Marie Forleo and her incredible Team!!!! Thank you so much for all that you do. You are an incredible resource and inspiration to women all over the world!!!

    “CHEERS! To Great Health!”
    Juicing with Julie


  34. Love it! YOU totally rock the casbah. Here’s to a sweeeet 4th year ahead. xo

  35. Hi Marie, I am a tarot reader and holistic therapist from Brazil. I love your videos, they are an inspiration for me and for my clients. Thanks so much for everything. I cannot say thank you enough. I hope you, your audience and your team have all a wonderful 2014.

  36. Congratulations, what an accomplishment!!!! Off to 5 years now 🙂

  37. Marie you and Marie TV are a God-send! I am thrilled with your success and would like to thank you for ALL you give to this world both professionally and personally!

    I am launching my new business tomorrow (Jan 1) and have you to thank for keeping me on track each time the “fight or flight” kicked in…..and boy did it kick in LOTS!

    Best of luck in the new year of Marie TV and I look forward to learning what you have to teach me! Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year dear lady!

  38. Happy New Year, Marie and team! Thank you for all the inspiration in 2013! I know you will continue to inspire, motivate and teach me in coming years. I want to say a special thank you for the way you share all of our stories and experiences in addition to your teachings. I am humbled and excited by the amazing, unique work so many people are doing; it encourages me even more as I branch out and launch into 2014! May 2014 be a year of dreams becoming reality, happiness, success, peace, ease, true health and fun for all of us. XO

  39. Congratulations on 3 years of Marie TV ~ Your authenticity, wisdom and fun are what keep me opening the emails each week and immediately watching the videos. THANKS for the magic you create and share with others.


  40. Marian Knowles

    Marie and Team,
    Thank you for all the work you do to make Marie TV the most engaging and inspiring source of career and life advice available today. I’m so grateful that “sunshine and cupcakes decided to write a business blog” (quote from Forbes-100 best websites for entrepreneurs – love this description!)

    I’m enrolled in B School and can’t wait for 2014. Happy New Year!
    Warm regards,

  41. Happy Anniversary Marie!

  42. Ah-maz-zing! Happy New Year Team Forleo and everyone in this community! 2014 is going to be incredible!!! xo

  43. Happy anniversary and happy new year Marie and team Forleo!

  44. Thanks for the magnetic aura, wonderful content and community and for being a testament of the endless possibilities this universe has for us, may 2014 be as wonderful as you are and may it bring us exponential growth to all of us here 🙂

    With so much love,


  45. Happy Anniversary Marie & Team!

    You are a gift and nobody does it like you. Keep kicking it and wishing you all good things in 2014.

    Happy New Year!

  46. AWESOME Marie! I LOVED your video. Those celeb vignettes were hilarious and so excellent. You put glee in my heart!
    Happy Anniversary and a Happy Healthy New Year to you and all your beloveds. Thanks for everything you have done to uplift my business and the corners of my mouth. : )

    Glynnis, The Spice Mistress!

  47. FayL

    First of all Happy New Year and CONGRATULATIONS! This video was very entertaining.
    I found Marie after her appearance in Oprah… and I shared the videos with everyone I new who had a business. How you helped me? I learned to believe in myself again. When I moved to the US, I left behind a profitable business in my country and was skeptical (afraid) to open my business in NYC. After and watching ALL the videos… I have started the journey and open MY BUSINESS! I thank you, Oprah and God for this Miracle!

  48. Cynthia

    Woohoo! Happiest New Year and congratulations on 3 years! Here’s to many more, and much more kickassivity! xx

  49. Happy New Year, Marie & team!

    Thank you so much for the fun interspersed with business & life advice!

    I’m and actress and French coach and Marie TV is just a presence.

    “Just a presence” may seam really small, but anything really small that is consistent over years builds “just” a life, and I had your presence in my life since 2005.

    So, you are family to me and this (considering my part Italian heritage) is HUGE! 🙂

    Thanks again, love you all and I’m looking forward for the next year of prosperity (cuz’ that’s what the Chinese Horoscope says 😉 )

    ~ Llyane

  50. I was so surprised during my Tuesday morning MarieTV ritual to see my name in your blog. I’m soooo honored you shared my comments. You’ve inspired me in so many amazing ways.

    Congrats on your 3rd Anniversary, Marie! What you do for people everywhere – around the world – is so incredibly amazing. Your inspiration as well as practical business tips are changing businesses and lives!!

    Love and hugs to your team as well!! I love seeing them in little video clips 🙂


  51. Monique jones

    Dear Marie,
    Congratulations on the anniversary. I rely look forward to Tuesday mornings thanks to your you. I always happy and inspired after watching your show. You are beautiful, funny and sooo insightful. I am ready to relaunch my career after a difficult year and I shall continue to watch and listen to you. Thank you to everyone and may 2014 bring prosperity, happiness and health to everyone

  52. Happy Anniversary Mary ! I love watching your videos. They helped so much, it’s like comfort food 😉 Congratulations !

  53. Hey there Marie, just wanted to say that I LOVE the dress you’re wearing!!! I sometimes just watch to get new fashion ideas… I like the business advice too though, he he.

    Happy New Yearz Team Forleo <3

  54. Marie,
    Thank you for all you do, and for inspiring women to live their dream lives all around the world! I am doing that, and a lot of it, it’s thanks to B-School!

    In 2014 I am going for my biggest dream ever: to publish my book with a big publishing house, so it can get to people from Latin America, Spain, USA, Australia, all over!

    I know that I can pursue the self-publishing route, but my desire is to go BIG and I truly want to get published by a big house.

    My book is about manifesting our dream lives by following our “Hell Yeahs!”. The “Hell Yeah!” is the inner barometer that shows us where our joy and enthusiasm are at at any given moment. The more we follow that joy and let go of the things that are a “Hell No!”, the faster we manifest our desires.

    I will share my story briefly of how I went from being a city girl to starting surfing at age 21, to becoming a professional big wave surfer five years later, by using the Keys to Abundance that I learned in my life.

    I hope that my story inspires women all over the world to go as big as they wish, because we can all create our epic life! We just need to know how and I want to share the tools that I applied that worked for me and the hundreds of women I coached to live their own dreams!

    This is my story, this is my big dream, and I thank you again for allowing this community to grow, expand and learn from each other.


  55. “Shoutie Out” it to MarieTV, and… Happy New Year! Loved this Marie and Team MTV. Thinking your MTV will overtake the original! Started watching you over a year and half ago now and your insights, positivity and biz” know-how” changed how I approach not only my business, but life. Thanks so much for sooooo much!

  56. Hey Marie! I’ve been looking into B-School this year! I think it is totally worth it! Your site, service and products shine with integrity and value! I look forward to learning some Awesome things from you and your team in B-School!

    This is something I wanted to share with you and your team: The most important lesson I have ever learned in my past 2 years of successful self employment is that I am not my business. I am Rocco and My success at life is reflected in how I treat my self and others.

    I know that first and foremost I must take care of myself before anyone else can benefit from any of my thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Which means that sometimes I just need time to hear what Rocco thinks and feels so I can re connect with the Awesome life plan I decided upon many moons ago. Ultimately I know that only I can do me the best and others opinions are exactly that. opinions. I create my life! 🙂

    I look forward to connecting with you all in B-School Soon!

    Big Hugs!
    Rocco Distefano

  57. Marie!! You just made my entire day! What a beautiful way to close the year. So ready for all this new year will bring. You just have me an extra push. Thank you chica! Thank you and your amazing team for all that you do. Happy anniversary and looking forward to you guys killin it even more in 2014! Sending y’all lots of love. *two stepping and singing: erry body gettin posi-tipsy* 🙂

  58. These stories are so touching, Happy New Year to everyone and to you, Marie. Congrats on three years and thanks for all the inspiration and great videos.

  59. Marie and team! I’m so glad we have this chance to let you know on NYE what a profound difference you are making in the world. 2013 was another great year for Marie TV!

    Both Marie TV and B-School have taught me a number of lessons in kick-ass-ivity (:) – love that!) and I feel like those lessons are affecting several important people in my life too. I’ve been able to coach a few close friends and family through difficult changes and decisions this year based on what I’ve learned about myself and life in general. And they’ve made a world of difference to how I approach my life too. The major aha’s that stick out for me:

    – That pistachio is better than vanilla in business (and in life!). Not everyone has to like what you’re doing with your biz. It’s more important to speak to and cherish your superfans.
    – That I needed to go PRO! (Thank you Marie and Stephen P). I made the decision earlier this year and the way I approach THE WRITE LIFE MAGAZINE became a real business, not just a hobby.
    – The importance of saying no to those things that aren’t a ‘Hell Yeah.’ I’m learning to recognise shiny yet unimportant objects for what they are, and I’m trying my hardest to stay focused and go after my real dreams.

    I’d also like to say thank you to the guests you’ve introduced us to who have all enriched this year: Susan Cain, FoodBabe, Stephen Pressfield, Danielle LaPorte, Gary V and plenty more.

    Happy BDAY and a Happypositipsity New Year! xxx

  60. Sarah

    This year, a sister-in-law told me about a new tradition she’s starting with her friends. It sounded like such a great idea I thought I would share it with all of you.

    Instead of making a resolution, they’re writing down things they want to get rid of (or let go of) on index cards. Those index cards, and the cards their friends made, are going into a fire pit to be burned at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

    By putting it on paper you are acknowledging that this “thing” is bothering you and you’re giving it an outlet. When you burn the index card you’re literally watching all your worries and regrets go up in smoke. It can be a very uplifting and cleansing experience. The action itself, even as small as it is, might be the starting point of real resolution.

  61. The best thing about what Marie has created is the integrity part. Marie shows herself exactly as she is. She says what she believes. She doesn’t change herself into saying “what people will want to hear” but she’s being true to herself.

    That’s not easy and it requires years of refining. Marie has done that and shows that, yes, it can be done! Happy New Year!!!

  62. Dear Marie, Team Marie, and dedicated Marie Fans,

    Happy Anniversary New Years! Thanks to MarieTV I have opened my own storefront teaching CPR & First Aid classes in Seattle. I am a young mompreneur and was a volunteer Firefighter/EMT. For the last 18 months Marie Forleo has been helping me take my company WestCoast CPR Training to the next level. Now I want to share my gift with the world through my new YouTube channel. I am a game-changer with a laid-back teaching style, helping people learn how to keep their families safe in emergency situations.

    Much love & blessings to you all in sharing your gifts!

    -Tara Rock
    WestCoast CPR Training

  63. Congratulations and blessings, Marie. I was in hospital after losing the ligaments in my leg a couple years ago when I first started reading your book. You made me giggle and I noticed that I’d feel so much more positive after reading your book and watching your videos. Still not knowing if I’d ever walk again, then just as I got back on my feet ending up in hospital again due to a condition that the doctors weren’t sure about. I went into an operation not knowing if I’d still be here a year later. But I am still here and feeling revitalized. I’ve kicked but, lost weight and still losing, reversing diabetes too. In the midst of it all still looking after my family and working. And I am grateful that your videos have been of the regular things I’ve treated myself to over the years. I know you have definitely helped me to stay inspired and helped me change my perspective. Thank you. May you have many more years of success, joy, compassion and abundance!

  64. Thank you so much for all that you do Marie. You are such an inspiration. Many blessings and lots of love to you and your loved ones.

  65. Dear Marie and her team –
    I don’t remember how I stumbles upon your videos but your energy, insights, and motivation keep me smiling. It’s time to give more shout outs to the world from my authentic voice (that I know only I have!), be open finding to the “hell yeahs!” by saying “no” to vanilla, and continue to create a support system that rocks!
    In gratitude,

  66. We love us some Marie TV. It makes us laugh and inspires us to do all we do. Keep up the great work chica, we love it!

    Jodi & Tonja
    aka those crazy working girls

  67. Anita

    Marie!happy 3rd anniversary!you rock!new year,better me and all for watching marie tv 🙂

  68. Hi Marie and your wonderful Team,

    You guys just rock! I totally love and look forward to each video, each week and it is like my weekly dose of : Kick-ass Marie Forleo MEDICINE!
    I was chugging along with my blog for a little while before I got introduced to you, by not one but 5 people! Now that is word of mouth power 🙂
    To be honest, I didn’t quite know how to take you when I first “met” you online. Now, I see your motivations and your genuine fun spirit in all that you do.
    You have changed my whole outlook with my online blog. I have signed up for B-School and can’t wait to actually turn this into a successful business, doing what I love. I love helping women with Endometriosis, a condition I never though I would personally ever overcome.
    You have given me the strength to see that it is possible to do this, as a business.
    I think the best videos have been the ones on productivity – creating structure, the “be a pro” stuff. I also love your “live in the moment” approach to life – always hated goal setting!
    I have achieved so much since finding you and your videos – I have worked on an online course all about using food as a source of healing. It has taken me a year to create it but for the first time…. I actually finished it and it is OUT THERE! Yip! In the real world, ready for people to buy 🙂
    You have made me move my bar – made me elevate my game. Made me give something 100% and strive for total awesomeness because darling: YOU ARE SO AWESOME!

  69. Marie and Team congratulations on another amazing year of sharing such helpful tips! Also kudos to all the shouties 🙂

    Looking forward to what 2014 will bring

  70. Ese Walter

    A huge congrats to Marie and her crew. I am still smiling really hard because of my award. I was shocked to read and hear my name as the last person. You have been a huge inspiration and you continue to inspire me. This video made me remember to keep going for my dreams. As I prepare to launch my website in a few hours, I have been a bit anxious. Watching this video reminded me how needful my dreams are because the world needs that special gift I have. Thank you so much Marie. I look forward to 2014 and what you have planned.
    Sending love and positivity your way from across the pound.

  71. Happy Anniversary Marie TV! My New Year’s wish is that you open Club Positipsy…hahaha 🙂 Sounds like so much fun and just my kind of place good vibes and a great dance floor. Thanks for your advice and inspiration all year long!!!

  72. Happy 3rd Anniversary! Thanks to the content and positipsy vibe of B School 2013, I just uploaded my first semi-pro video on my website, just in time for the Jan 1 publication of my first feature article in a national magazine: BMW Motorcycles of America Owner’s News! Oh, and my first-ever guest-post will be published this week. I’ve got a retreat planned mid-Jan. to plan out my print and video editorial schedule for the year, and I’m super-excited for what 2014 is going to bring! Thanks, Marie, for your solid content, your professionalism and your way-fun wild-ass delivery!

  73. Marie and team I wish you all the best for the new year. B School and Marie TV have been my best buddies, my support group, my cheering team, my company, my friend. I so appreciate having you in my life and look forward to new videos and B School! Love from Costa Rica!

  74. Happy New Year, Team Forleo and the entire Marie TV community!

    Sending everyone light and love and abundance tonight and all throughout 2014. So grateful to know that you’re all connected by a click of a mouse 🙂


  75. Happy New Year Marie and team…thank you for your wonderful inspiration in 2013 and may you continue sparkling in 2014. X. Marg

  76. Not only do you give sage advice but you are soooo darn silly…And I love silly. You make biz fun and that is inspiring!
    Wishing you and your great team a Happy New Year!

  77. LOVE this video Marie. You always make me laugh. So grateful for the work you do and how you always give us life & biz upleveling tid bits in a way that is so actionable and also puts a smile on my face!
    Happy New Year & Happy 3 year anniversary!
    Can’t wait for what’s in store for 2013!

  78. Happy New Year to all the stars in Marie TV universe and congratulations to the Shoutie winners, awesome work! Laugh out loud video as always – love the high vibe of this content. I’ve started making my own super tip filled videos on living intuitively and have even more respect for the great work you put out now – wowsers you make it look easy girl! Have an amazing 2014 everyone! Shine bright. 🙂 xx Sarah

  79. Happy New Year to all and a Happy Birthday to Marie TV!

    Wishing everyone a brilliant 2014!!!

  80. Happy anniversary Marie TV!! I always turn to your videos in times of despair and when I need inspiration. This year I published three books and like the person said, not everyone is for me. This has helped me so much because while lots of people have loved my stuff, some people have absolutely hated it. Being able not to internalize that is key! I share you with all my writer friends, especially the video about how to deal with criticism whenever I see someone bummed out over a bad review.
    Keep on keepin’ on girl! I’m proud and so grateful to be a part of your ‘Marieverse’. <3

  81. Dear Marie,

    Happy New Year 2014 Greetings to you. Wishing you a bright year ahead full of wonderful things to happen. Today’s Video was really good about the Shouties.

    Thank you Marie.

    Rohan Sarker

  82. Stacey Crutcher

    This year I decided to partner with Pollywally Doodle Company, LLC. and start my first home-base business as a independent e-consultant. I am looking forward to all the good things to come. :

  83. Mary

    Happy anniversary and Happy New Year! I love your videos and what I learn from them, but I would like to learn more about how you put them together. For example, how do you get to add the oscar footage without running into copyright issues? Is there a service for that? And you might have mentioned it before, but where do you get your wonderful wardrobe? As for 2014 I hope you’ll have a great year – rock on!

  84. Hi Marie.
    Here of my is one of my own quotes for you to share with others.
    “From Gods spirit of the place most high, a gift that’s earned that no one can buy, for those who are looking , but do not find are using their eyes and not their mind. So on your journey through life on the wheels of time, take all your friends to find this wonderful mind, it may be lost in the deepest, darkest dungeon with no key, but it can be found through god’s love and from that beautiful person who is called me”
    Yours truthfully and safely Malcolm Manby. Harrogate N Yorkshire, HG1 4LU 01423 564758.

  85. LisaR.

    Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year to the whole Team!! Your site has inspired me to continue to be me in the world of business. I appreciate this site which brings positivity to the web-world all the time. I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings to all of us!

  86. Marie– we were just talking about B school last night at my friend’s new years eve party. She and I walked through B school together and are still learning from Marie TV and the great community you have sparked.

    One simple and powerful lesson I’ve learned from you Marie is the consistent use of body wisdom to help discern right next steps. I appreciate the reminders to check in with my gut and to ask myself whether my body is contracted or expansive. This has helped integrate my spiritual and intellectual impulses into a more grounded approach and offers vital guidance for my biz and life. Thanks for being an embodied and wise woman. And for making me smile! Courtney PS Wishing you and the whole Marie TV community a 2014 full of sweetness and light!

  87. MARIE!~!~!~!

    You are one super-rockin’ gal and I totally love your ENTHUSIASM for life! And Marie TV. And your biz school. And most of all, your unabashed, incredible AUTHENTICITY!

    Thank you for making my life a better life, helping me make the world a better place! Here’s a song of gratitude for you as well: (skip past the ad)

  88. Happy Anniversary , Thank you for Helping us all to be better! 🙂 I Look forward to a New Year and all your great videos.

  89. Marie, you are a LEGEND and have totally started rocking positivity and so much more in the UK. Because of you, our little blog ADDICTIVE DAUGHTER is now helping hundreds of fun lovin fillies overcome their quarter-life-crises and create a life they love (and have a right old laff while doing so!)

    Thank you so much for being such a huge inspiration to us both.

    All our love from good ol’ Blighty,

    Persia & Joey xxx

  90. Hey Marie! Thank you so much for all that you do. This has to be the funnest and best place to get motivation (aside from the Bible). I enjoy it so much, and it lifts me up. I’m having a hard time with my online jewelry business, but I’m learning along the way and taking it in stride. But one this is for sure–I can’t wait to see what this year brings too!

  91. I was recently taking a formal online “marketing course”, though I was continually distracting myself from the mundane myriad of repeat and otherwise techy-information throughout said course to enjoy some uplifting and equally entertaining life-and-biz-inspiration from you and the women you collaborate with (i.e. Danielle LaPorte, Gabby Bernstein, Natalie MacNeil). I’ve realized where I’ve been lacking – and it isn’t because I don’t employ email marketing or strategic networking in my small biz… My sense of purpose and drive had been diminished, and my creative spark was under water. While some freebie info specific to my field has helped me organize my ‘shoulds’ from my ‘must-dos’ – and prioritize my goals, you and the other fabulous females listed (among others) have helped me re-align myself with the Universe, and come back to ‘center’ – which is what I really needed in order to propel myself forward in life and in my biz. I’ve been making strides in re-designing my business, focusing on what’s important, and I’ve already seen an increase in inquiries. My creative motivation is oozing with momentum again, and I’m seeking unique ways to leverage myself and reach my audience; These local avenues are true to my entire vibe and business style/ approach overall – so fitting! I’m eagerly anticipating what’s to come in the new year as I continue to evolve with the help of you and your team, and your complimentary comrades! Cheers to you and an abundant and joyful 2014. Woot! THANK YOU!!

  92. Cheers to 2014 and may it be the best year yet!
    I am grateful to have found MarieTV in the last month. You have inspired me to embrace my multi-passionate-entrepreneur spirit. Before that message, I was always confused on which way I should go, because I wanted to have all of them:)

    Thanks Marie! Happy New Year!

  93. Happy Anniversary, Happy New Year and All the best in 2014 to Marie and The Team! Marie TV gives me a weekly boost of energy and inspiration. Thanks for all of the hard work and fun you put into it.

    And all the best to all of you out there putting wisdom, gratitude and passion together to create an offering that’s uniquely yours out into the world! =) Lori

  94. Happy Anniversary to Marie and the team. You guys do a wonderful job and it is always very inspirational, true and super funny. I learn from you every week and it gives me great pleasure to implement it into my business and into my life. I wish you all from my heart lots of love, good health and great success. Best wishes for 2014. Nadine

  95. Connie

    Happy Anniversary Marie!! Thank you so much for everything you do. Happy New Year to you and your staff!

  96. lol!!! Who edited this video? You all are crazy! lol I love it. Happy Anniversary…smh Hilarious! Insightful! Inspiring!

  97. Happy Hack-a-licious New Year Marie & Team!

    Happy Anniversary!, you are a riot, as I said when your inquiry came I recently found you. I have been soo inspired and uplifted by your juicy tidbits of encouragement and inspiration that my zeal and motivation to serve in a major way is through the roof sistergirl. I can’t wait for B-School 😉 My theme for 2014 is Embrace Life and I’m going to in a BIG way-so stoked!! Thanks MarieTV!

    <3 and blessings!

  98. Hi Marie,
    I can’t believe it has only been 3 years. You are amazing. Keep inspiring us all and have a brilliant 2014

  99. Thank you, Marie, for doing what you do! I’m not sure I would have followed my passion without these MarieTV and B-school. I wish you, Team Forleo, and everyone a happy, successful and healthy new year.

  100. happy new year Marie!

  101. Pauline Renee

    Happy New Year, Marie ! Reading the stories make me feel happy being part of this community.

    Thank you for your energy and for constantly inspiring people to already mold their dreams to reality. I’ve been thinking and dreaming of building my own business for about 4 years now. It’s time to ACT !

    Looking forward to more of your videos ! All the best, Marie! 🙂

  102. Anthony

    I’m not a woman, but I am going to absolutely love using your videos (that I just found btw) as a reference to everyday life problem solving and inspiration. Im a hairstylist working for myself wanting to build a bigger business and eventually open up a salon of my very own. I think the advice and insight you provide is simply amazing and I just wanted to hop on over here and say Thanks!

  103. Thank you for the inspiring video’s and stories! Not procastinating and putting my comment on a to do list, I wish you a even greater and enthousiastic audience. At the age of almost 55, I have to start all over again with almost everything. Watching you, a brilliant shining energetic young beautiful woman, makes it easier.
    (Sunday january 4th 2014) I copy this page and will tell my succes story asap.

  104. Happy New Year! I have watched your business soar and I love what you are doing. Your videos always give me joy and insight. Thanks so much for sharing!

  105. Happy New Year! You are quite awesome, Marie. Truly inspirational. Love watching your videos and I learn a lot. Thank you!

  106. Claubeth

    I loved this video. I thought I was the only one, I see there is more people out there like me. Right now I am working on writing a cover letter for my resume. I will let you know later how it goes. Thank you for the very insightful video.

    P.S. I could not resist and I have to share it: I use SPRINGPAD as my stack of crack. Not only let’s me save EVERYTHING like the books I want to read (and mark them read when they are done), but I can make notebooks which can have either clips from all over the internet, notes, checklists… you name it..It’s like my own personal assistant. Best of all: free, for most platforms and offline content too.

    I hope it helps some of you to keep your own stack of crack as it has helped me this year (yes I just recently started using it). Good luck!

  107. Nathália B. T.

    Hello! Little do I comment on your videos … I’m also long overdue to post this comet, but what good we can not leave forgotten. Once posted that was very difficult to start with a nano business (because it is small), but today I married my area with something that tastes great … EMBROIDERY! Yes I am designing a website to advertise my towels and other work done in cross stitch! Thus I present my two activities and am very happy. I will still post a comment where will my website;)

    Congratulations addition to his very instructive program helps me to practice the English language (I’m Brazilian!) = **

  108. I have been watching Marie TV since it’s inception, and this is the best episode so far.

    Dedicating an entire show to thanking your viewers and subscribers is a testament to the fantastic ethics of your company, Marie.

    Happy New Year, and best wishes to you and your crew.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Krista. We love shining a light on our amazing community, and we’re so glad to have YOU as a part of it 🙂

      We’re happy to hear you’ve been in our world since the very beginning, and Happy New Year to you too!

  109. The most beautiful video of Marie Forleo!

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