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Yup.  It’s that time of year again . . .

My birthday! As a proud and honest Sagittarius woman, I must tell you that today is not my actual b-day, but tomorrow the 7th is.

Side note: other cool Sags include my man Jay-Z.

But since I’m one of those people who celebrates for weeks (um, the whole month), we’re starting now with a very special edition of MarieTV.

As you’ll learn, unlike most people who lie and say they don’t want gifts, I actually do want something . . .

And I want something from YOU.

Click play to find out what it is. Don’t worry, it’s easy and doesn’t cost anything :).

In all seriousness, I would love to get what I’m asking for so please take a moment to watch and respond in the comments below.

As you’ll learn, there’s a chance I’ll be mailing you a gift back.

Thank you as always for tuning in, and especially, for helping me celebrate my birthday!!

Post Birthday Update: Thank you for all the birthday love! I’ve watched and read every comment here and I deeply deeply appreciate you. As promised, I’ve selected a few people to send an autographed copy of my book, plus another book just for fun. Farah, Ameena, and Danny! My team will be in touch to confirm your address so that we can send along your gift.  Thanks again for making my Birthday even more of a celebration.


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  1. Happy Birthday Marie!

    1. I’m Carina Claire Jeppesen, from Denmark. I’ve lived in Ghana, Denmark and currently living in London, UK. I started my web design & brand consulting business (Web Couture Ltd.) about three months ago.
    2. I think I started watching Marie TV probably 6 or more months ago. I love your high quality and informative content, as well as your great attitude and personality. You answer questions that every freelancer/solopreneur/small business owner wonders about at some time, and help grow businesses with your great advice.
    3. Well, for starters, I created my business whilst watching Marie TV. Your videos and this great community answered a lot of my questions about starting up.
    I also (slightly) got over my fear of being judged by others, or at least got past obsessing over how my family and friends negatively viewed my new business and focused on the positive instead. Last but not least, I learned to understand how to get past my fear and channel that energy to create something great instead.

    Thank you, to you and your team, for making these great videos available – your great content really makes a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs!

    • Happy Birthday Marie! All the best to you.

      1. I am Sofie Tvarno, i am Danish, but i live in Greece. i have a Greek company called Pure Greek. we produce, package and Export Greek Organic Food, such as Olives, Olive oil and Feta Cheese.
      2. I am re-branding and doing a lot of changes in my business at the moment and YOU just really help me in a very simple wonderful happy manner, you make my day, you make me smile and you give me enthusiasme. You make me believe in me!
      3. You just give me so so much. I feel so good when i have watched your stuff, i feel like YEAH now i will DO this, now i will CHANGE this. YOU put me to ACTION and i smile in the same time. THANK YOU for BEING YOU

    • Rose

      I just recently came acrossed Marie’s youtube channel, (It’s the first time I heard about her) I am so happy to watch her informative and uplifting videos because I have had so much self doubt and have had many struggles, that I know I need to change and this site is really working for me!

      Thank’s Marie and staff 🙂


  2. 1. I’m Kat Fulton from San Diego, CA. I started my private practice as a music therapist 6 years ago.

    2. My most favorite thing I get from your videos is a sense that I’m not alone. A sense that even I, a little solopreneur, can create systems in my business that work efficiently. A sense that women in business can kick some serious tail.

    3. Three significant changes that have happened since watching (and attending B-school) follow: A. I sold out of my first online course offering! B. I’ve never had so many rave reviews for anything before! I followed your Killer Testimonials video and scored big-time. C. I feel super duper grounded and ready to conquer the world pretty much… every day, starting with Q&A TUESDAY!

    I love your stuff. You are amazing! Thank you for all of your amazing inspiration!

    • Kat, why didn’t I think of what you wrote for no. 2?! You couldn’t have put it better (and you are definitely not alone).

  3. veronica

    happy birthday Marie!!
    you are beautiful and gorgeous you know (and i am not gay)

    i’m veronique, french,
    i love your funny side, the quality of the video (your clothes, your professionalism, the quality of the viewing, it is like watching a mini film really 🙂
    to sum up : a mix of high quality and professionalism, a great content and glamour! plus some funky style (love that!)

    you have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone, to quit my closet and to do what it takes to go a step further one day at a time SO i am so grateful to you and i love you yes! i do!
    Thanks to you I have started to envison myself as an entrepreneur (which was like a swear word for me before and a f—–g (sorry) terrifying thing to envison BUT i am an entrepreneur in my blood i must as well accept it AND you made me swallow the pill and think it is not that scary , crazy etc
    PLUS I must say i start with one of the best mentor (you…) and this idea of generosity of sharing of being visible etc……… is just making it a spiritual and fun and magnificent thing to me, well you are brilliant my dear!

    i wish you more and more and even more of what you want

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday Marie! Can’t wait to shoot my first video in my *** BRAND NEW*** wellness center (opening today!)… wouldn’t be here without you Marie! Video soon to come! xoxo

  5. Happy Birthday dear Marie!

    1. I’m Gita Gavare Marotis, originally from Latvia, living in Denmark for more than 15 years. In the upstart of business as speaker & beautiful body/ soul mentor.

    2. I am watching you for approx 7 months now and I just adore your honesty, wisdom, humor, authencity and warmth.

    3. Your videos are both entertaining and always with high value of practical advise and information. And surprisingly down to earth. Learning a lot every time and it makes my life / work so much easier and so much fun. Thank you – you are my role model!! Love you!!

  6. Katharina

    Ha ha – Happy Birthday TOMORROW Marie! I got the newsletter today and read the “my birthday wish” line and first thing that came into my mind was: How does Marie know it’s my bday today? 😉 I thought it was that kinda automated “Happy Birthday” stuff so figuring out that it’s your bday tomorrow was really funny und unexpected.
    Since I got lots of presents today already I wanna pass something on so here my A’s to your Q’s:
    1) My name ist Katharina I am from Germany and currently living in Germany again.
    2) What I love about Marie TV is that it’s professional and inspiring. For me Marie TV is kinda weekly mood-booster! I admire what you do and how you do it and it inspires me to grow, try things out and believe that I can combine all I love to create my own “work-thing” out of it, instead of fitting into a giving jobdescription.
    3) My biz has not been touched directly so far (I have been watching the videos for only a couple of weeks now) but being inspired, more open to new ideas, thinking bigger and developing personally through your input definitely has an effect on everything I am doing.
    Keep it up and party hard … Sags rock 🙂 Happy Bday

  7. Amy

    Hi Marie!

    1. I’m Amy from Melbourne Australia, and I started watching Marie TV last year when I was living in London and was introduced to your work through my best friend and another Aussie ex-pat over there!

    2. I love Marie TV and I tune in every week to Q&A Tuesday because of your down-to-earth approach to business and life coaching, and love hearing questions from people just like myself, who might be new to business and marketing, and need to work on boosting their confidence cause they want to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!

    3. Since watching Marie TV I have begun marketing my business teaching yoga; I have realised I have to let go of the fear of being judged from others as what I am doing makes me happy and I believe in it; and it has made me generally more confident in getting out into the world, even seemingly small things such as posting a response here!! Thanks Marie, I think you are awesome, and approachable in your delivery of professional development…..AND we share a birthday!! (Maybe event he same one???) Happy happy birthday for all those Sagittarians on the 7th of December !! xx

  8. GIRL! You just make that Tuesday time when I watch your video so fun and helps remind me to let go of the Mr Serious! Wooohoooooooo! You rock. Thanks for sharing the love 🙂

  9. 1. Im Rosemary and I too am from Melbourne, Australia. Now Marie, what’s the chances of that happening? Two posts in a row from the same city, granted an amazing city but nonetheless – Einstein’s spooky moment comes to mind.

    2. I look forward to your videos every week because it or should I say you, Marie ooze vitality. I love your clean aura and the purity of your essence (no BS).

    3. Ive been stalking you for a while now and the biggest thing I have done as a result of watching your professionally produced videos is to make my own video. I just sat down and I Nike’d it – I just did it and posted it on my website on the Start Here page.
    That was a huge thing for me to do and I did it because a) you do it, and b) it was the next big fear for me to overcome.
    YAH, I did it.

    Ciao Marie


  10. Happy Down under Birthday
    I’m Suzie form Sydney Australia have been watching you for a year and loving it.
    Why do I love Marie TV….. OMG you boost my day, every time I listen to you, I’m ready to go. Love it!
    Three things you made me change.
    1. “Always believe” even when the non believer makes you doubt!
    2. “Work & Love life can be amazing” You once said Josh says you look pasty if you work too much and this is when you need to spend time out. Best advise ever my partner Norm loves you for this & so do I.
    3. “Stay focused” I work on one thing and complete it. I am so much more productive not just in work life but all aspects.
    Oh I’ll sneak in No4 “Be in the moment” be present be the best you can be no matter what you are doing.
    Thanks for all your hard work 😉 x

  11. Hi Marie
    Happy birthday tomorrow.
    1.My name is Katja and I am also from Denmark (you have lots of fans here)
    2. You stand out from others by being FUN. You somehow deliver your message so I GET it. It gets overwhelming sitting behind a computer being bombarded with info, e-books, e-mails etc. and you remind me to have fun with it and aim for the stars.
    3. I have found a mentor in my niche which is a great help to me and we are going to “do” something fun together in the new year. So thank you

  12. First things first – Happy Birthday, Marie!

    I’m happy to be able to send you a little somethin’ somethin’ on your birthday because each and every Tuesday you give me a gift that I appreciate so much – you show me what’s possible! You show me that it’s possible to have a great business that allows you to work with amazing women, meet your idols (hello? Richard Branson???) and have a live/work life full of creativity, passion, joy and great experiences – not to mention great women!

    I haven’t ever met you and yet I feel fully supported by you. As a female entrepreneur, with all of the challenges that has entailed, I can think of no greater blessing. You truly have given me the most amazing gift and I thank you, Marie.

    You’ve inspired me to take my dream of helping women to learn to manage their credit, dig themselves out of debt and achieve financial success and run with it. 8 weeks ago I started my company and am putting together my first online training course as we speak! When I launch my program in January I’ll be using my earnings to attend your 2012 event and meet you, finally!

    Thank you again, Marie and happy, happy, happy!

  13. A little cocktail before this video Darling? LOL

    Bonne Fête Mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!!

    1.) Je m’appelle Caroline and I live in the beautiful country side a short drive away from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo!

    Enough cheering for my city.

    2.) It’s all about you Marie. You make it fun, ,smart, sexy, straight to the point and you have cute little outfits. 😉

    3.) Your videos are keeping me on track and reminding me of important things one needs reminding 🙂 You also help me see situations from a different perspective. I already have 2 businesses; a Yoga-à-Porter boutique and a yoga studio but thanks to Marie TV I also decided to make my third business official and now it’s booming!

    Merci Marie -you rock in that hat!- and now I have to get my ass in gear and start making videos.

    Bonne fête Sister Goddess xxx

  14. Carolyn

    1. Carolyn, another Sag.
    2. You’re the best.
    3. You do great video!

    Have a great bday.

  15. HaPPy BirTHday Marie:

    Im Ivette from Puerto Rico and I love QAs tusday so much.. why? because ur amazing girl… sparkling and vibrant personality.. super fun, very down to earth advices and what more I should want in a excellent bussiness coach? Since I suscribe to your page I got a file with all your videos to refreshing myself the info that you give to us.
    For now I dont start my bussiness yet because im not clear in which part im want to focus(im a cake baker) im guess im more inclined to the teaching area besides the service one, anyways im saving all ur tuesdays for futures references when im start to working on my bussiness. Thank you so much for being so amazing.
    Happy Birthday again.. Ivette

  16. Happy B’day Marie
    My name is Sonya and I am from down under as well, Vincentia on the East coast of Australia.
    I’ve only been watching for about 6 weeks now. I just love your weekly dose of Marie Tv Q & A’s, you make me laugh and I feel really inspired by what you say, sing, dance and talk in different accents every time.
    1. You have made me want to be my true self in my business, to be confident to be the authentic self, warts and all. (No warts just joking)
    2. To take action and get things moving. You make it simple and easy to understand and do.
    3. I feel after watching you that business isn’t so hard as you make it simple to understand and implement.

    You go girlfriend.

  17. Cyndi

    Happy Birthday Marie from yet another Aussie (I see there’s a few of us here!)
    1. I’m Cyndi from Melbourne Australia, mum to three gorgeous adult sons, and currently studying.
    2. I love my weekly fix of Marie TV because your so upbeat and positive that it leaves me feeling upbeat too and as though I can do ANYTHING!!! Your advice makes sense and even when business related, I can usually find something to use in everyday life from it too! I find Marie TV fun and inspiring on so many levels, and it always leaves me with food for thought AND a big grin on my face.
    3. From the first few videos I watched of Marie TV, I felt a renewed vigour for life and the sense that I could achieve my dreams. As a result I enrolled in the course I’d wanted to do for the past 4 years but had been procrastinating over, which is HUGE as I have been unwell for many years with a disability and feeling as though I would never do anything …so you kind of helped to get me up and off my @ss again! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  18. Luciano Billotta

    Happy Birthday Marie!

    1) I’m Luciano Goya Billotta and I’m from Vitória-ES, Brazil. I’m 29 years old, very curious about business and digital entrepreneur who tried once to make success in a company that I’ve founded (It’s been 4 years ago) and failed, but most important learned from the mistakes and trying again to found another one!

    2) I like a lot to learn about business and here I’ve been seeing a lot of tips and some different points of view that I could use in my future business. Also those videos are very funny! 🙂

    3) Unfortunely, I didn’t put in practice all that I’ve learned here. But soon I want to see those changes appearing.


  19. Arina

    Hey Marie!
    I don’t know how to make videos yet, so this time I’ll seve your money on shipping the prize to Russia 🙂 Still, my feedback, mainly to thank you for all you do.

    1) My name is Arina, I’m (woooooow the first one here!) from Russia.
    I’m a freelance translator.

    2) I read your fantastic “MEMWY” book half a year ago, when I was all a broken-hearted misery. I found it so supportive, encouraging and inspiring, I wanted another “fix-up” dose. So I got the audio from your web-site, aaaand TA-DAAAA the Q&A Tuesdays!
    _What I LOVE the most about them, is that I can instantly APPLY your tips and put them to life!_
    It differs a lot from the stuff I call a “JUST-BLA-BLA” stuff. Just open your heart, Just let it go, Just stop eating chocolate and being angry….. you know.
    Your hints and tips tell me exactly HOW-TO get over a challenge.
    And the way you do it is soooooooooo juicy, full of life, inspiring, positive – that is why i LOVE your work and THANK YOU!

    3) The greatest thing I got from watching Marie TV is – now I HAVE A DREAM 🙂 I want to own a superb yoga-studio in my small town. Sounds easy, but it took me long to know I’m good enough, I’m allowed to, I am redy and so so so willing to make my life and the lives of people around me BETTER and HAPPIER!

    P.S. I read the comments and feedback from other watchers, because it is so fabulous to see people doing all kind of biz and enjoying their jobs and lives. it’s a very supportive community You created and gathered!

    And, I learned the word SMOOCHIES from MarieTV!!! It’s so exciting I can now say –
    Smoochies Marie,
    Happy rocking brthdaaay!


  20. Hi Marie! I’m Christina from Atlanta, GA. I am studying to be a certified health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

    I have been watching your video blogs for about 6 months now. I found it from Kris Carr’s website and what I enjoy about it is that you give very specific and often profound business and life advice that is incredibly insightful. Your post about the Upper Limit Problem really spoke to me, and I’ve actually shared that with many friends who I’ve recognized going through that situation. Plus I loooove seeing what outfits your wearing each week 😉

    I have made some significant changes regarding development of my business thanks to your posts and Rich Happy & Hot Live. I eliminated many activities in my life that were not focused on developing my business as a health coach. I have completely restructured my business plan to include more than just one-on-one meeting with clients and am now developing webinars, materials and online content that can effectively and efficiently help my clients while giving me a more balanced and profitable approach to my new business.

    Happy birthday, doll! You are such an inspiration. Can’t wait for B-School!! 🙂


    • PS – I know you aren’t answering Q’s today but I would love to know when the next B School opens up!

      • Hi Christina,
        Just wanted to chime in here and let you know that B-School is AMAZING! I’m not sure when she’s opening it up again but I can tell you that it is LIFE and BUSINESS CHANGING!!!

        I look forward to seeing you during the next “semester” of B-School. One of the many awesome benefits is that once you’re in, you’re in and each year you can keep joining in on the fun!

        God bless you and good luck!



        • Wow, thanks Rachel! Looking forward to connecting with you at B-School! 🙂

  21. Patricia

    1. I am Patricia. I am Mexican, I have lived in San Francisco, DC, Boston, NY, and Geneva. I live in The Netherlands now.

    2. I work in a human rights not for profit and am an international lawyer. I started watching your videos recently because I have an entrepreneurial side e (for profit) that I have never explored, and would like to launch it in parallel of my super ‘day’ job.

    3. I have realised your advice applies actually to a lot of creative endavours, also in the field of politics and self-management. And so am tuned in.

    Feliz Cumpleanos!

  22. Hello, Marie!
    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish you lots of love, health and happiness!

    And now let me introduce myself. My name is Angelika. I currently live in St. Petersburg, Russia. But actually I plan to move to Moscow in the next couple of months. I first got to know about how Maria Forleo is during the World’s Biggest Summmit. I loooved your interview with Goddess Leonie and have been following you ever since. What I love most about your videos is your personality, I’m always smiling when I watch the videos. And they make me believe in myself. And these videos are one of those things that influenced on my decision about getting out of my comfort zone, start something new and move to Moscow.

    Thanks for all your work and for that wonderful mood that you are bring to hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet! Happy Birthday to you!

  23. BeZen+marketflea

    ““““““`✬ ‘✧ ‘✬
    ““““` __♜_♜_♜__
    “““` `{,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,}
    ‘“` ♖_{♖___♖__♖___♖}_♖
    “` {/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\}

    ENCORE MORE LIFE into your years, dear Marie!
    {Happy Birthday TOMORROW to YOU!}

    So saying,
    the Baltic-fossil-amber-inclusion´s-frictionless-vibes from Noordzee [R´dam]!

    If in doubt as to my sanity or what the heck I’m talking about,
    it really is all in the dark side of my marketing behind the scenes …
    ouch, whaaaattt …
    seem i was dead-hacket once again …

    Aye aye, that means i lost my promotion now?!?

    Well, OK, no matter, it´s not about me,
    thank you, i feel greater after watching your vid, Marie,
    and i am on your list for over two years now;
    AND it´s all YOU matter, lady!

    BECAUSE you´re very dangerous.
    Explosively contagious.
    …oops, i mean, contagiously funny and inspiring!
    AND you´re very present alike:
    {old New York joke}:

    A man asks for directions:
    “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”
    >>>>>> “Study,” comes the reply.

    Thank you for being, Marie!

    ╚══`.¸.MARIE FORLEO

    PPS: let´s new upcoming year´s energy bring a flow of good Luck, ladies!

    • BeZen+marketflea

      tja, my apologize, i forgot the 3 things:
      • new direction
      • radical relifting
      • level up
      in both – life and business after devastating recent divorce.

      • BeZen

        Ladies, please any suggest HOW
        you do put in here the picture???
        i tried figure out, humm, still have no idea…

        Appreciatively THX in advance!

        • marie

          Hey! Google “Gravatar” and you’ll be all set with the little picture 🙂 xo M

  24. Elisa

    Hi Marie!
    Happy happy birthday to you!!
    1. My name is Elisa, I’m 22 years old and I live in Vienna/Austria.
    2. I love Marie TV because it shows me that it is possible to make my dream come true, it’s ok to be multi-passionate and that there is a way to become successfull and have fun with it for everyone. You showed me that some people just aren’t ment to be employees. And whilst I’m still figuring out what to do and where to start, it’s soothing to know, that there are lots of great women in the world who are living their dream. Your weekly videos are showing me that I’m not alone and that one day I could run my very own business. Thank you so much for that!
    3. I’ve only been watching your videos for about 4-6 weeks, so I’m kind of newbie here. But what I can say is that – a) my attitude changed and now I believe it’s possible for me to create something spectacular. It may take some time, but it’s gonna happen. b) through you I found a whole lot of other great interesting people and books (including your book which I’m reading right now), that will help me to move forwart and c) my daily life changed. I’m reading more, doing more reasearch and I’m just trying to do everything possible to move forward.
    Thanks again Marie! Your videos and your presence (though you’re so far away) are helping me a lot!
    All the best!

  25. Crystal

    1. My name is Crystal Cherry. I currently live in Virginia Beach, VA, but my hometown is Panama City, FL. 🙂
    2. I found you when you were promoting Rich, Happy, and Hot B-School this past spring and have been hooked ever since. Since watching your videos, I have embraced my multi-passionate nature. I no longer struggle with picking one direction to focus on but let them all work together. <—- = a happier me!
    3. I live in the present a lot more! I've gone from thinking about business ideas over and over to actually making money! and I've learned to get rid of problem clients. I don't have to settle for clients or opportunities. I get to choose who I work with.

  26. “☆*♥¸.•*¨`*•♫♪♫♪ THEY SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY…”
    I’m Sue Ann Gleason and I live in Vienna, Virginia. I was introduced to your work during your first B-School round and returned again this year because it keeps getting better. Your energy is contagious and your spirit is so ‘friggin genuine.

    I watch these videos because the content is rich, it comes to me in tiny little bite-size morsels, and you make me laugh!

    Three positive, concrete changes:
    I’m in action.
    I’m in action
    I’m in action

  27. Hey Marie 🙂
    Happy Solar Return / Birthday 🙂 I love birthdays I love to count the amount of times I’ve been around the sun 😉 Have a fab time celebrating your life 🙂

    Sooooo my name is Savannah Alalia – I am currently in Somerset in the UK. Since starting to watch Marie TV you have inspired me to change the way in which I work. I am in transition in my work from a not so comfortable ‘comfortzone’ to living a my dreams and my life is transforming in oh so many magical ways and its very much thanks to your peppy straight talking approach – so thankyou for shining out repeatedly 🙂 You’re fully of fun and I love knowing that you are in this world 🙂

    Heartfelt appreciation
    Savannah 🙂

  28. Catalina

    Hey Marie,
    Happy birthday. It’s the same day as my grandson who will be 4. You’re both adorable.
    I am from St. Petersburg, Florida but have been living in Virginia for 20 years.
    I’ve been watching Marie TV for several months. I enjoy them and learn from them.
    I’m still “workin’ for dah man” right now, and I’m mighty glad for the paycheck. However, I’ve been contemplating better things for myself. I just don’t know what that is going to be yet. Your tips and answers are very useful and empowering. When I have my breakthrough and move on to the next step, I will let y’all know.

  29. Jade

    Hi Marie —

    1. 24 year old graduate student in South Carolina, hailing from Florida!
    2. I love your videos because it’s my weekly dose of optimism and motivation 🙂
    3. Even though I’m in graduate school for genetics (of all things), I’m constantly thinking about creative endeavors and side-businesses that I can start. And not just thinking, but really plotting out ideas and secretly scheming my way to a business break-through!

  30. Alcioneide

    I’m from Curitiba,Brazil.I’ve been watching you since I’ve read your lovely book Make Every Man Want You,though I’m still looking for one….
    Your tips were good!I love them.
    Best wishes for you,ever….

  31. Hi Marie! Happy Birthday! I also enjoy celebrating my birthday for weeks and bring my closest friends along for the fun ride. 😉 Enjoy it all!

    My name is Sabra Sasson and I am from the Big Apple – NYC!! Yay! I am a business owner – since April 2004 and love, love, love your Marie TV and Q&A Tuesdays because of your energy. your authenticity, and valuable information that you provide each week. The questions and answers are often in line with something I may be experiencing at the time, or, it may simply be a reminder to me to tap into my energy around a particular issue. So, “thank you”!

    You have changed my life and my business – I have taken B-school (twice) and I learned so much. It’s taken me a while but I finally “know” my client and I’m actually currently in the process of redeveloping my website which will be complete by the first week of January (so much to do!). You’ve encouraged me to jump into social media even though not too many attorneys are – I post twice a week, I have a blog and I created video content for my website! This is something I never thought I would do – and thank you to you and your encouragement – I am putting myself out there and letting everyone know who I am, what I do and how I can help them and I am staying “in action.”

    Thank you, Marie! Big hugs! Happy birthday! You deserve it!

  32. Hi Marie,

    It’s my birthday on Dec 7th too! Woot!

    1. I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from Chatham, Ontario (Canada!) who specializes in menopausal women suffering from hot flashes, mood swings, and weight gain.
    2. I started watching your videos after a referral from David Siteman-Garland from The Rise to the Top, about 4 months ago. I love your videos because they are young, fresh, make me laugh, and it feels like I’m talking with a fellow rap-loving girlfriend who thinks just like I do (P.S. I’ve done karaoke to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”, and I know all the words!)! Your content around changing and creating more positive behaviour habits have been the most useful for me, and dealing with my negative feelings about my “real job” while I building my nutrition counselling business.
    3. Around the same time that I found your website, I hired a business coach of my own, identified my ideal client, and, most importantly, have set a “leave my j-o-b” date for 2012.

    Thanks for keeping me motivated and positive. Ms. Negativity never gets everything she wants.

    Happy birthday to you and to me!

  33. Georgina

    Hi Marie!
    Best Wishes for a Very- Very Happy Birthday!!!!
    So, My name is Georgina and I come from Greece. I know you didn’t ask that, but I happen to be a Sagittarius too (I had my B-day last week).
    What I really like about your videos is your positive energy. You somehow make watching your videos really fun. You keep them short and you give advice straight to the point- just like some sort of a quick inspiration or something.
    One more thing you do that I like a lot is that you give people time to think and you challenge them to come up with their own answers as well.
    To tell you the truth, I still haven’t managed to start my business- I guess I’m some kind of blocked, scared, worried etc. The whole thing freaks me out sometimes!
    However, I guess, that after watching your videos and doing some work on my own, I have managed to get more support from people and talk more openly about the things I want to do. Plus, that I eventually got to face the monsters within! 🙂

  34. Happy Birthday Marie,

    I’m Jessica from England (Gemini)
    I love your vids (it is literally a break in the middle of Tuesday for me) because unlike other resources you can learn from, this one doesn’t zap my energy, it energises me and leaves me feeling like I’m not alone, there are other women out there who are plugging away at their dream, and it really is possible.
    I have dared to be myself and follow my own goals much more since watching your videos. I feel that my work and my efforts come from a place of authenticity now, and I can recognise it when they don’t. I feel that everyone benefits from that shift! I have also learnt from you, that being your true self really does yield great results, and trying to be someone else, doesn’t help anyone.

    Thank you !

  35. Hi Marie,
    I’m a Sagittarius as well. Just had my birthday on the 2nd. My name is James and I’m a chef living in Los Angeles. I own a healthy meal delivery company called Wholesome2Go.

    What I love about your videos are that you seem real on them. Sure you look good, have great info to share…but what I click with the most is that you seem like a real person. Who gets hair in her face from her birthday hat. 🙂

    A few things I’ve learned from your videos over the year:
    -To get on the “no” train. (Yes, I tend ot be a yes man and have learned to turn projects down from your advice)
    -To focus on what inspires me and what I’m passionate about.
    -To get really specific about the type of customer I’m marketing to.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow. Hope it’s a great one!

  36. monique

    Dear Marie,

    Happy birthday to you, you are awsome. We love you for encouraging us. When I am down , you cheer me up a give me more confident. I only have registered my domainname, but have not started building my website yet. Have gained professional + financial information about having a business, how to set up a business.Since I have gained professional information, I hope it doesnot take long for me to launch my business. Oh, I have gained some extra money as well for setting up.

  37. 1. Hi, I’m Chrissie Bettencourt, originally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and now living in Mendoza, Argentina. I have three businesses that I have started within the last 5 years: Awaken Your Senses (objective to teach people to listen and feel with their senses through food), Virtual Business Solutions (I help companies with administrative and project management work virutally), and Lurican (a sustainable project that me and my husband are working on together. Here people can come and stay at a cabin in the Andes mountains, exprience unique food and wine pairings and learn how to live the Slow Life.) I am growing all three businesses “organically. 🙂

    2. My most favourite thing I get from your videos is inspiration and motivation. You always give people the message that it is possible. It is possible to get out there and do what you love, that the world is our oyster and it is our responsibility to get out there and shine and express ourselves to the world through what we do. And then in turn inspire others to do the same. Each video helps us achieve that step by step.

    3. Three significant changes that have happened since watching: 1) I began writing the book that I have been putting on the back burner for the past three years. 2) I have sat down and created fresh new plans for all businesses and have become more focused in my goals for each one 3) I started my third business from being inspired from these videos and have started gaining more clients within the past two months.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to so many women around the world!!!! Happy Birthday!


  38. You’re so fun! Happy birthday from London!

  39. Happy Birthday!

    I’m from Washington State – love the PNW!

    What I love about your videos: Fun & Full of good info. I’m entertained and I learn!

    How my business has changed: Biggest change is that it more reflects my genuine personality and is focused on my core business vs. lots of small offerings.

    Thanks for all you do!

  40. Happy birthday, Marie!

    My husband is a Sag too – 12/14. 🙂

    1. I’m Heather Allard and I’m from Providence, RI.
    2. I love MarieTV because it’s short, sweet and full of killer advice. As a busy mom of three kids + one big dog and the founder of, I’m super time-crunched – so I really appreciate your short videos.
    3. I’ve made the following three positive changes in my life + business since watching MarieTV:
    -I take action. Your statement “Action is magic” floats through my head like a song I can’t stop singing. 🙂 So, every day, I take action – some days it’s babysteps, other days it’s a big leap of faith – but the bottom line is I ACT, girl.
    -I don’t let my age stop me. I’m 42 and I know that’s not crazy old, but in this world of online business, it sometimes *feels* old. But I know that I can do anything, no matter what age I am.
    -When I’m feeling envious of a peer, I use it as an opportunity to check myself before I wreck myself. Usually, I’m envious of something they’ve achieved through hard work and I realize that I could achieve the same thing if I just WORKED at it.

    There you have it, my A’s to your Q’s. Happy birthday! 🙂


  41. Happy Birthday!
    1. I’m Sheri, American but have lived in Sweden for the past 12 years. Four years ago I decided that life was too short to not be dancing all the time, so I shocked my intellectual and academic colleagues and quit an awesome-on-the-outside job to become an aerobics instructor! Now I’m a personal trainer and I lease a studio space that I share with a chiropractor and a massage therapist. I’m working hard to get feet in the door and figuring out new ways to make my business grow.

    2. I like MarieTV because it makes me feel beautiful and smart just for watching!

    3. Change number 1 – there’s no reason I should doubt myself. Of COURSE I can do this! Change number 2 – Inspiration strikes people who do things. I’m full of ideas, but I take myself seriously and make a to-do list and a viable plan.
    Change number 3 – I need to do fewer things REALLY well rather than try to rush around being involved in everything all the time.

  42. Hi I’m Artiatesia from Brooklyn, NY. I start watching MarieForleo TV earlier this year. I love Tuesdays because I know a new video will show up in my inbox. Besides the great advice which seem to be always be right in the nick of time, I love the outtakes. It’s like having fun while learning. My three biggest changes I’ve made in my business includes – being more confident in myself and my skills, increase my prices, also being confident enough to say “no” to work even though I could use the money. Somethings aren’t work the headaches.

    I hope you have a wonderful and safe birthday.

  43. Happy Birthday Marie!

    I’m Amy Levine, sex coach, certified sexuality educator and founder of I coach singles and couples–most often working with women who have never had an orgasm, men with premature ejaculation, couples in sex ruts and people who want to be more sexually empowered and satisfied—-helping them blast off from the sexual blahs. You may remember we met at the end of RHH.

    I love Tuesday mornings when the MarieTV email lands in my inbox. You’re my caffeine buzz, my dose of biz genius, and my kick in the tush with a badass heel to reevaluate what I’m up to and make my next move. You’re my role model and coach holding me accountable even though I only interact with you virtually. You’re inspirational on so many levels. You’ve given me {us} a million ways to grow my business. I think I’m still on 2, but I have an exciting road ahead of me. Not to mention, landed a segment on a well known TV show a few days after attending RHH.

    Marie, you’ve opened me up to a whole new world–I’m learning to be myself in a new way, live my truth, carve my path with more passion than ever before, and find the courage to show everyone my greatness (which I generally only share with my one-on-one clients rather than my entire list)…because you demonstrate all of these ways of living and enjoying life.

    Unwrap the gift of another beautiful year!

  44. Happy Birthday! My name is Marcia. I’m in Southgate, Mi, a small suburb of Detroit.
    I really like your comments and videos. The changes that you have made for my business are really the attitude ones. With your positive upbeat attitude, I feel more upbeat. After 30 years of being in business, some days seem a bit dull, even though I still enjoy my work. I feel blessed to be doing work that I enjoy doing. In today’s economy many have to take jobs that they might not feel are very fulfilling.
    After your comments and videos, my spirit is lifted and the day is grand! Hope all your wishes come true!

  45. 1. I’m Brenda Coleman from Alexandria, VA. I launched my health coaching business this past September.

    2. My most favorite thing I get from your videos tips on how to create boundaries yet work hard on building a business. For example, it is very easy for me to devote 125% of my life to “my cause”. If I do not set boundaries, I will take on jobs, speaking engagements, volunteer opportunities, tasks, clients, etc. that are not a fit for my business, could be delegated to someone else, or are a fit, but not “right now”. Your videos have helped me become focused on my goals and customer avatar.

    3. Three significant changes that have happened since watching (and attending B-school) follow:

    A. I have stepped so far outside of my comfort zone that I don’t even recognize myself. I am passionate, happy, and very positive about all of the good things coming my way.

    B. I signed my first client and developed a relationship with my local government. They have referred me to organizations that request health & nutrition workshops.

    C. I am collaborating with a local business. We will be offering a package to women that are ready to truly embrace who they are as women. I never thought that I would actually have discussions with other business and setting myself as a leader within my community. Thank you for your videos.

  46. Shavi

    Happy birthday Marie!
    I’m Shavi (pronounced Shove-ee) 22, proud Sri Lankan, budding entrepreneur/social entrepreneur, fellow Sagittarius.
    I’m a big fan of Marie TV,because it gives sound business advice with liberal helpings of love, honesty and authenticity. All wrapped in a layer of adorable goofiness.
    3) a)I learnt to celebrate and express myself just the way I am(like you do!), even if that raises a few eyebrows. Doing just that earned me a prestigious scholarship, a job that I loved, and a set of amazing new friends- all in the space of less than one year.
    b) Now, instead of freaking out and spiralling into depression during a bad spell, I just get all the angst out of my system, sit down, and make a concrete plan for whatever needs to be done. Thanks to you.
    c) I wasn’t that big on self-care until I discovered you. After several failed attempts, I’m sticking to a routine of self-care that includes meditation, exercise, and proper sleep each night. And that helped keep my feet on the ground as I went through some really uncomfortable phases in my life in the past year.

    So thanks for all of that, Marie. May you live long and happy!

  47. Here’s your video! A short and sweet one, just for you! 😀

  48. Happy Birdie Marie! So, as you requested I hit ya up with a video…which I NEVER do, But I wanted to hook a sista up. And I was so on fire when I saw this this morning I just popped outta bed and jumped on the computer, so don’t expect anything fancy (you must make me feel just that comfortable). Hope you enjoy your birthday week!!!!

    My Shop:

  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Marie!!!!

    1) My name’s Mo, and I sculpt the world’s teeniest, tiniest foods for my food jewelry and dollhouse miniatures biz, The Mouse Market. I’m from Chi-town, and I’m currently living a couple hours from St. Louis.
    2) I LOVE Marie TV, because I always walk away from each episode feeling a combination of, “Oh, thank god I’m not the only one struggling with that” and “Oh hell yes, I can totally fix this problem!”
    3) I’ve been making SO many changes in my business over the last year, but three that immediately pop into my head are a) I’ve given myself permission to cut loose the PITAs in my customer base (woo HOOO!) b) I’ve figured out which tasks I can hire someone to do and how much I would need to make in order to hire someone x amount of hours each week, and c) I’m really leveraging my mailing list like never before (and I’ve been working my booty off growing my list, too).

    Thank you so much, Marie, for the awesome, awesome vids and have an absolutely fantabulous birthday (month)!!

  50. Happy Birthday Marie!

    1. I’m Sheila Viers, from Santa Monica, CA.

    2. I love MarieTV because I love that you not only give great business advice, but also weave in your multi-passionate singing, dancing, goofing, swearing… style making it tons more interesting, personal, and fun!

    3. Three positive changes I’ve made in my life + business since I started watching are:

    1) I finally created a Trojan horse book of my own, called Eat Well 360, which is a diet + cookbook that gives people the healthy tips and recipes they are looking for, but also teaches them how to have a healthy relationship with food (what really matters most). I had been putting this off because I thought I had to focus on the other aspects of my business (I also make fitness and yoga bags), but I realized that this was such a big part of me, I had to stop ignoring it. I set a goal and had the book up for sale in 30 days!

    2) My husband, aka business partner, and I make more time for us to be husband and wife instead of focusing so heavily on the business. It’s tricky because we’re both so passionate about the business that we really enjoy taking to each other about what’s going on and what’s next, but you reminded me how important to make time specifically for lots of romance.

    3) I’ve set a new goal, to create a program, which is an expansion of my first book, and will have it done by the beginning of February.

    Thank you again Marie for all of your awesomeness. I truly appreciate your work and wish you the best. Cheers and I know this next year will be your best year yet!

    xo Sheila

  51. Dear Marie,
    Love your energy, inspirational videos, and i enjoy learning both common and uncommon sense from you to improve myself in spectacular ways imaginable!
    thank you and enjoy your birthday!
    Charlotte, NC

  52. Laura

    Happy Birth-Week Marie! May you continue to shine brightly!

    My name is Laura and I hail from Chicago. I have spent a good portion of this year learning to tame my monkey-mind, opening up my heart, and allowing my authentic self to shine through so that I may be a beacon for my life’s purpose. It has not been an easy journey but a fantastic life lesson that it is still a work in progress.

    I love Marie TV because the star of the show is a perceptive businesswoman in touch with her feminine mystique who not only has fun doing it, but also presents her pearls of wisdom in an encouraging and empowering way. I respect her brand of research and delivery.

    The three changes I have made are:
    1. Believing that the error portion of a trial is still a success. I can be my worst critique but I have learned to seek the positive lesson in every situation, which converts bad circumstances into good opportunities.

    2. I have learned to be more gracious with others by cheering them on when I am feeling jealous of their careers or status and thus, adding more positive spark to universe and showing me what I need to do with my own life.

    3. I am learning to take bite size pieces and step back from overloaded tasks and not be so much of a control freak. Acquiring help is not a sign of weakness; enlisting others to be a part of something leaves me with the energy I need to perform my magic.

    Enjoy your gorgeous self and Thank You for being outstanding!


  53. Hilu

    Yeah Sagittarius here as well. Happy birthday to awesome Maire 🙂 I’m Hilu from Vietnam and s. I really want so say thanks to you because of your amazing videos every week. You are really a wonderful inspiration to me. It’s hard for me to say how did the book “Make every man want you” help me come over my broken time. Thank you a lot. I hope that you will have a great day 🙂 Cheerssss

  54. Hi Marie: It’s Charlene (aka The Bon Bon Queen) from Wilmington, NC. Happy, happy birthday to you!
    Why do I love Marie TV? Aside from the amazing lighting, camera work, and editing (Kudos to your peeps), I love the authenticity. You bring every bit of YOU(brains, humor, creativity, spunk, sexiness, etc.) to that Q&A chair each week Because you’re so lit up in each and every clip, I’m drawn like a moth to the flame. It’s rare that I take time out of my day (especially during our busy holiday season) to watch a video and write a response, but you command my R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    Here’s what I’m doing differently since I found you:
    I’ve read The War of Art more than a dozen times; I’ve started drinking green juice; and I’ve made my first video. Also, I’m saying “No” a lot more often, especially to business “obligations” that are low in return and high on stress.
    Party on, girl!

  55. Hi Marie.
    First of all – congratulations on sharing your birthday with my twin boys 🙂
    (They’re 27 tomorrow 7th Dec)

    I’m Pete from the UK who watched you on the Richard Branson video and thought – Hmmm … must be worth taking notice of then 🙂

    Always look forward to your video’s as they always have great little snippets to take way and hopefully use.

    How have you changed my business outlook??
    I realise it doesn’t hurt to lighten up and don’t worry about being a fool 🙂

    Happy Birthday!!! Pete.

  56. Hi Marie!

    Happy Birthday girlfriend!

    My name is Afrin Khan and I am from New York. (I’ve met you at Girl Up and the LWL events!).

    I love Marie TV because every week you bring unleashed self expression, valuable and practical coaching, and of course awesomely fabulous hip hop moves 🙂

    My business, Red Elephant which provides Event Planning Services and life has definitely been impacted by your videos, here is how:
    *I used to get thrown by negative feedback from people in my life about how to run my business, what I am doing wrong, etc. After watching one of your videos, I don’t let anyone mess with me.
    *Your overall presence inspires me to be me, to have fun (I tend to be serious), to incorporate dance (I have my team dance to LMFAO or something before we begin an event), and your collaboration with Virgin inspires me (I use to work at Virgin Unite and love their mission)- so I get a lot of inspiration from you!

    Again, hope you have a blast this week as you celebrate your birthday.

  57. Hi Maire,

    Happy Happy Birthday! Wishing you a even more prosperous and successful 2012! My mother is also a Sagittarius so I will be celebrating her birthday as well this weekend.
    My name is Cecilia Wong and I am from the big apple- NYC! I am also a b-school babe and love all your videos and trainings.
    One main reason why I love and watch all your videos is because I love your personality and your funkiness! That’s something I wish I could possess. (I’m a Scorpio so I’m more quiet and reserved) Watching you always brings a smile to my face and gives me the inspiration that I need. Thank you for being you!

    Happy Birthday!! Cecilia

  58. Happy birthday!!!(tomorrow) hope you enjoy!

    I’m Latoya(model/photog/advocate for domestic violence)and I’m located in LA! I love your videos because they’re descriptive and free concrete advice that changes the way we think about our work. You have made my marketing so much easier for me without me having to hire someone! I’ve gotten more likes on Facebook! I’m more organized and less frazzled when it comes to hiring friends since I’m in LA and everyone celebrates the arts.(I don’t hire them)…my book is going in the right direction and with your help on marketing I was able to contact a magazine is UK and they covered my story and will be promoting my book on overcoming domestic violence once it’s finished! 2012 will be amazing! Thank you! Love youuuuuuuu and happy birthday!!!! Xoxo

  59. My name is September Kuromi and I from Kamloops, British Columbia. I have a consulting business helping businesses connect with the community and I am also an artist.

    What do I take away from your videos? First of all the production is amazing and your sense of humour and personality are engaging. I would love to meet you and watching your video’s makes me feel like I know you.

    Watching your video’s has convinced me that video is a very effective way of communicating with visitors and potential clients. So I just signed a cheque to create my own for my website (terrifying!).

    I take away little bits of knowledge almost every week. But my favorite in recent history is you said something like “pretend you cannot fail, that every experience you did your best and it is just learning experience to enhance your life”- or something like that. I can’t remember the exact words, but it gave a huge boost of confidence to approach all these new decisions I want to make. (I am a shining new entrepreneur after 10 yrs in corporate life)

    Thanks for your inspiration and happy birthday!

  60. Hey Laura here living in Westminster CO selling Real Estate throught the Denver metro area………….in the bitter cold element yup just like the post man/woman! I just stared watching MarieTV and intrigued.

  61. Barbie

    Have seen a couple of your videos, and so love your enthusiasm and spunk! You are an inspiration… and appreciate how you are loving life! I have been thinking of starting my own business but seem to have issues with focusing on what I want to manifest. As I seem to be near ‘over the hill’ age wise, I AM looking to start something online. I will keep my attention on your future videos/links.

    I’m now from Green Bay, WI (go Packs!) although I lived several years on the west coast. Currently looking for ‘a good job’….and a good man! Never too late they say! And while I’m at it….an ideal career and living space would be ideal! I would love to acquire enough funds to travel again one day. Holding the Vision! Happy Birthday girl and thanks for sharing the fun!

  62. Happy Birthday girl!!
    Who am I you ask? I am a kick-a$$ virtual assistant business owner located in the beautiful state of Colorado…but still a Jersey girl at heart! 🙂
    Why do I love Tuesdays? Because I know that I will laugh, cry, and learn by watching you! I love Q&A Tuesdays because your videos are a ton of fun and very valuable! Kudos!
    3 changes I have made? The most important one…I am proud to be me. I LOVE your videos so much because of how real you truly are and it has helped me become more secure in who I am as a person and a business owner. Also, since watching Marie TV I have GREAT things to tweet at least once a week now! 🙂 Lastly, I have come up with a business plan and steps to follow up by getting the inspiration from watching Mare TV.

    Thanks for all the great videos AND fabulous Hip Hop!! Makes my Tuesdays!


  63. Happy Birthday Marie!!

    I am from Vancouver, Canada and I absolutely love your work. Your videos inspire me to be myself and live in the moment. I love Marie TV because of the quirky way you present yourself and bring up topics that everyone needs to hear about. You’ve helped me expand my comfort zone, launch new ideas, and attract the man of my dreams! Thank you 🙂

  64. Marie,
    I’m an artist, educator and coach living and working in Seattle ~ and a fellow Sag! December 16th! I love your videos because, first, they are so dang funny. Here I am sitting at home working on my own, and you dance in and brighten my morning. So then it makes me remember the fun I can have being in business for myself. Love that.
    Changes this year, quite my fancy job and started my dream job, discovered a wealth of resources on line, and you are one that I enjoy, and I’ve put myself through my own MBA home school crash course. So thanks!

  65. Hi Marie!
    I’m Rachael from Seattle, WA. I love Marie TV, because I look forward to it every week – from the first time I came across the site, I checked out about 80% of your past videos – I couldn’t get enough! I just started my business this year after saying “see ya sucker!” to my corporate job and am really going after what I want. I love your personality and love that even if some of the Q’s don’t seem pertinent that I can still glean something from your videos each and every week. Three changes I’ve made since I’ve started watching have been: 1) Learning to be okay with my family not “understanding” what I do and not worrying if they approve or not; 2) ABMB – always be marketing bitches – I picked up some major ideas from that video and am always on the lookout for opportunities to tell people about my business; 3) I took so much out of your video on fear vs. intuition – I’m much more able to identify what it is that I’m fearful of and think to myself if I’m scared because I want something or if it’s something that my gut is just telling me to stay away from.
    Thanks for all you do – and happy birthday!! 😀

  66. Agnes

    Happy Bday from sunny Miami Beach! Your videos have put some spunk back into my business of being a kick ass family CEO/MOM. I love watching your weekly short videos because they are fun, just the right amount of time packed with a whole lot of information. I don’t have time to read and ponder books and refer to notes to make change. I can take your perfectly packaged, specially delivered weekly advice and digest and practice it during the week. When perfected, I get a new email.

    The biggest thing I’ve gotten from your videos is learning to delegate the shit I hate to do. I’ve hired a daily loving housekeeper who’s perfectly trained. Her schedule’s written out so I can give it to the next housekeeper if I ever need to do it. She’s created more space for me to focus on what I enjoy with the kids or by my self. This is causing me and the family to expand.

    I’ve also learned to say NO. It’s amazing how good it feels! I’m modeling great leadership of a powerful CEO to my kids.

    Lastly, I’m having a shit load of fun! THANK YOU!!! I thought my mommy job had to be serious to be taken seriously. Now, I can get to my kids levels and the communication has been taken to a whole new level. Regular dance breaks relieves tension and creates creativity!

    Bottom line, you empower me!

    One day, a new passion will arise, and will use your tools in whatever I do. So thanks again!!

  67. Kelly Sorenson

    Happy Birthday to YOU! Cha cha cha!

    I love love love birthdays and celebrate mine for weeks! I hope yours is fantastic in every way 🙂

    I really wanted to send you a video comment but… if my family saw it I think they might kill me. You’ll see why below.

    So here’s the A to your Q’s…
    I’m Kelly and I live in a very small town in Minnesota. I’m a graphic designer and a complete hermit. I may shine online but around actual humans… not so much.

    Why do I love Tuesdays? Because I wait for your email and watch you while sipping hot coffee and chair dancing in my jammies. I laugh and smile and take notes and more than once has coffee snorted out my nose. You’re such an inspiration!

    Three ways my biz has changed? Well I’ve become more myself in dealing with customers since watching you and seeing your personality shine through and I no longer give a sh*t what the relatives think of me. I’m doing what I love and couldn’t be happier… or could I? I found out I can!

    Here’s the big secret that I’m not ready to tell my family. About a month ago a friend asked me to take over the social media aspect of her booming business. I did and business boomed even louder! So she asked me to come to a meeting with her. Four local business women have put together a kind of local tour for tourists to visit each location. They asked me to talk to them about what I can do for their tour idea. So yesterday I watched some reruns of MarieTV and went to the meeting… flying by the seat of my pants. Remember… I’m a hermit… a complete introvert. But I went. I was myself. I nailed it! I got the contract AND three businesses have contacted me about helping their business! The fourth business in the group is actually a large direct sales company who’s headquarters are located here. They called me after the meeting and offered me a position at their company as their PR person. Jobs at that company are highly sought after in our community… my family would have a complete fit if they knew I turned it down. I said nope. If I can talk to 4 businesses for 10 minutes and have all 4 want my services… if I can do what I love from the comfort of my cave… why would I settle for a desk job? I am on freaking fire after the results of yesterday. My little brain is whirling with possibilities. I feel like I can take on the world… and I want to feel like this everyday.

    Thanks so much, Marie! I wrote down my goals and can’t wait to get started. The next year is going to be huge and I’m looking forward to the day I can tell the family that I turned down that job. I’ll be sure to make a video of THAT!

    • Kristin

      Go Kelly go!!!!
      I scrolled thru a few of the comments and yours was great! It made me cheer for you! I coach women to find their badass-ness and you have! Woohoo~~~ Kristin Tuohy.

    • LOVE this post. You win!

    • Woot! Way to go girl 😀

      • Kelly Sorenson

        Thanks ladies! It was one year ago this week that I was laid off from my job and what a blessing in disguise that was… just the kick in the a** I needed!

  68. Hi Marie,
    Happy Birthday!
    I’m from New Jersey!!

    I’m fairly new to your videos but I really love the way you present your material. They are fun, engaging, and memorable.
    I’m currently in the process of launching my new business of wellness consulting and I’m soaking up everything you have!
    Thank you so much.

  69. Happy birthday Marie from Alishia in Toronto, Canada. I love Marie TV because I love consuming anything that let’s me bask in the glow of a successful business woman, doin’ her thang’ just by truly being herself. That’s really the crux of it. I love witnessing successful women in business who own who they are. In addition, your content is straight forward and easy to implement. It always has me thinking about my business in some new way.

    3 things I’ve done to improve my business as a result of Marie TV are: 1. I’ve began to infuse a lot more of myself (my vibe) and my ideas into my offerings. 2. I’ve dared to start moving forward on ideas before they are fully formed knowing that I will only get clearer as I “engage” 3. I’ve started planning more carefully for the upcoming year. Infusing my business with greater structures and systems that will let me get a lot more done in an easy-breezy kinda way.

    thank you for everything you do and the energy you put out here in this feminine-led entrepreneurial stratosphere.


  70. Happy Birthday Marie!
    When they made you they broke the mold, you truly are one of a kind.

    I am from Waterloo, Canada. (close to Toronto)
    And have written a book on getting to the root of why we can’t stop overeating, based on my own experience over 25 years ago.

    I now think of Tuesdays as “I can hardly wait to see what she says today to inspire me and brighten my day.”

    Your Q & A Tuesday’s have helped me in so many ways.
    They have kept me uplifted when I’m feeling discouraged and second guessing myself. Helped me to overcome insecurities about others judging me for what I do and believe in. Made me realize that my message is unique because even though it’s on a topic that’s been talked about a million times, it’s coming from me, and the way I deliver it will be different from anyone else.
    Your insight new and refreshing. And you never cease to amaze me.
    Not to mention that I love watching you, your style, beauty, clothes, dancing.
    Do I need to go on?
    Thanks Marie, Love you

  71. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE! May the Lord bless you with many many more. I am Anayra from lil Rhode Island. I love your video’s because you speak my language. All those hilarious, crazy, and break into song/ dance sessions you do are my fave! But not only do you make me laugh and let me know that it’s ok to be myself, you are damn SMART! The questions that you answer are so helpful for beginners like me. 🙂 And out of all the Marie lessons I’ve learned since I started my MF addiction, the biggest one was giving me the encouragement to post a video of myself for the whole youtube world to see. HOW DAWNTING!!! I was amazed at how entering a simple contest could really change my whole attitude about myself. I loved every minute of it and have even kept the video up (a very big deal for me lol). So many blessings on your day and keep up your awesome work.

  72. Hi Marie,

    I’m Priya Florence Shah from Pune, India. I love your videos because you’re
    1. Gorgeous
    2. Outrageous
    3. Full of great business advice

    3 ways they have helped me:
    1. Learn to be myself and be authentic
    2. Learn to accept that I can be multi-talented and don’t have to hide it
    3. Learn that business can be entertaining and loads of fun

    Love ya and Happy Birthday!

    P.S. My daughter says she loved the silly puppets 😛

  73. Leon Benson here. Im a singer/songwriter/producer/soon to be author. Your so out-going and funny in your video’s. I’ve learned to keep my business idea fresh and to keep striving for go deeper within myself to get better and serve people better through my products.

  74. Robyn

    Dear Marie,

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (German happy birthday wishes 🙂 )
    That already answers your first question – I’m from Germany! And not the only one to be so, as it was one of my best friends that turned me on to you.

    I love MarieTV because it just combines everything I love: straight-forward advice, practical experience, inspiration – and it is fun and of the highest quality in every aspect!
    And you prove that one can be a business woman and STILL be ethical and into spirituality! One does not have to settle on EITHER no-mercy-capitalism OR hugging trees with empty pockets. One can make a living AND help others live! So I love MarieTV because it reminds me of this again and again while most people try to convince one of the exact opposite. Thank you!

    Okay, now three things I changed since watching you – not so many tangible things, though, because I don’t have a business yet!
    1) I took your advice to integrate exercise in day-to-day activities (exercising while on the phone, while brushing teeth, …
    2) I started believing that being myself and being successful don’t exclude each other
    3) I set up a schedule that automatizes taking care of my priorities, my work, my health, … without losing balance in favour for one or the other of these fields.

    🙁 No chance to win a gift for those without video cameras? 🙂

    Best wishes from Germany!!!

  75. Kristin

    Hi Marie~~

    Happy Birthday to You!!!
    Super glad you were born 🙂

    I live in St Thomas, usvi (17 years) but originally born and raised a Jersey girl… Yeah! I’m a life coach and am currently developing and creating my business.. I hired a branding guru in LA, Lisa Steadman of WooHoo Inc. In one of our sessions, discussing branding and my badass-ness style, your name came up as a go to site and business coach/woman with an edge. I did and I loved it! I bought the book to get a feel for your chat, watched the vids, read the jersey bio and now I watch your badasstic (my word) vids, weekly. It’s a style I like and gives me the knowing and encouragement, that with the work, I too will be rocking it and being hired, followed, known and trusted…. So thank you and have an amazing birthday!

    Edgy Boldness, Badassness and Backbone~~~. Kristin Tuohy

  76. Lidia

    Hi, dear Marie!!! My name is Lida, I am from Russia))

    I congratulate you on your b-day!! Thanj u SO MUCH for ur book ““Make every man want you””. I really started new life and changed many things in my life and it is still changing of course). After this book i started to feel this life fuller and started to understand myself much more better.
    THANK U A LOT!!!!


  77. Fabulous Birthday Greetings to you Marie!

    In answer to your request in providing an ‘A’ to your 3 Q’s, I’ve put together a little birthday ditty for the occasion (sung to the Happy Birthday tune)

    (sing – la la la…)

    Happy Birthday to Marie!
    This is a message from Kristin(e)
    I love Marie TV! It makes me happy 🙂
    You light up my screen when I’m not focusing on my dream,
    you bring joy right away which kick-starts my day!
    The advice that you bring makes my creative heart sing
    I now manage my time, doing ‘one small chunk’ at a time
    I speak my mind as long as I’m kind,
    I learn to say ‘no’ when my energy is low,
    I swear much more too… my kids now do too…;)
    Thanks for your advice,
    Now go have a martini with ICE! 🙂



  78. Terra Goeres

    Hey Marie!

    It’s Terra Goeres from Boulder, Colorado. Hope you’re partyin’ like it’s 1999 🙂 Here is what I tell everyone about why I love your blog- your videos are fun to watch because they’re funny, irreverent, and sassy AND they’re also enlightening and thought-provoking because you always give very specific, actionable advice. It’s a fantastic combination and it keeps me coming back for more every Tuesday! As far as how you’ve helped me in my business…well, as you know, I’m just getting started. But basically, you inspired me to get off my ass and pursue my passion, rather than sticking with a career that paid the bills but didn’t feed my soul. You helped me envision what was possible simply by watching what you’ve been able to achieve and for that, I am forever grateful! Happy birthday, girlfriend!!



  79. N < Hello Marie! ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

    I am really shocked because tomorrow it's my birthday too. I will be 30 years old. A wonderful age for a woman.

    1) I am from Mexico, and work at a great and succesful corporate identity agency ( I also help my mother on marketing themes in the business family, a medical laboratory. A I discovered Marie TV a few month ago thanked to my sister in law.

    2) Since then I hooked up with your style. Honestly, I really watch you because of the good vibe you share with your audience. Of course the Q&A's are really useful and inspiring. They've helped me to think and do a lot of great things.

    3) Specifically, you've helped me to organize my mind and my goals, above all, in the family business, we're on our way to launch a new web page and we've certainly implemented new ways of communications with the patients such a tv with interesting short tips in order to improve their health and wellbeing –contrary of scaring them–. But most important I don't forget one thing you once said about it does not matter the global crisis, there will always be businesses growing big time! That fact keeps me hanging on.

    Marie, enjoy your day tomorrow!
    Best regards from Mexico,

  80. Gail Shapiro

    Gail (Toronto, Canada)

    I’m in transition. I am closing my current business and stuck on what I want my next and last career move to be. I need to get it right this time and I’m having a difficult time putting the pieces together. (by the way, I am old enough to be your mother)
    I find you very energetic, you give good advice and information, and you appear to have an amazing attitude towards business and life in general.

    Keep up the good work and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!”

  81. Stacia

    Hi Marie,

    I am from the sunshine state of Phoenix, Arizona! I love Marie tv because you make me laugh, you are real and you have amazing ideas. 3 changes I have made is 1. Realizing I am worthy 2. Finally realizing what I want to do with my career. 3. Started looking at some business opportunties to figure out what is going to work best for me. You are a true inspiration and I love your book and have heard your interview with Christian Carter! Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 30!

  82. Amanda Perdaris

    Hi Marie! Happy birthday tomorrow:) I am Amanda Perdaris and live in Gahanna, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. I LOVE Marie TV because you are smart and add some humor into the learning process. Three things I’ve changed to my business and life are: 1) better prioritization of my time and projects 2) making sure to identify the key influencers and objections before going into my marketing and sales process and 3) how to get over fear and differentiate that from my own intuition. Thanks so much for helping me in life and as I am devloping my side business!!! I look forward to receiving your weekly emails and look forward to many more:)

  83. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y M A R I E !

    I’m an author from Toronto, Canada – but I’m writing you from Oahu, Hawaii. Why Hawaii? Because I’ve always wanted to live here. And thanks to your crystalline advice and the remarkable support and instruction in BSchool this summer, I built a groundbreaking digital creative writing program that makes it possible for me to now live and work and write in Hawaii. You’ve also changed my husband’s life, by the way: he quit his job in Toronto, and now he’s learning to surf.

    Best advice/reminder you’ve given me: “ASK YOURSELF: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?” Checking in with my intention has refocused me – kept me afloat – more times than I can count. (Another great piece of advice I think about often: do squats while blowdrying your hair.)

    Marie, your weekly vids have been a crucial part of my business scaffolding. I launch my new program ( on December 12th (less than one week!) and I couldn’t be more grateful to you for your help. Happy birthday, happy birthday.

    xo, Sarah

  84. Hi Marie!!!! Happy birthday girl! I hope it’s a fantastic one.

    1. I’m Shari Margolin, and I have 2 businesses – Shari Margolin Design ( and Fifi Runn dog collars ( I’m originally from Philadelphia, and now live in Atlanta, GA.

    2. I love Marie TV b/c it’s super informative and inspirational. I look forward to your emails and videos every week, and I also read Make Every Man Want You to get all pumped up before I started my dog collar business earlier this year.

    3. Changes I’ve made as a result of Marie TV – I’m making a really big attempt to not take on more design work than I can handle and just say no. I’ve upped my networking, and I’ve sent business contacts videos and tips from you that I think might help them in their own businesses, which helps us stay in touch. I’m positive that I can connect with other women and be empowered to make my own way. One of my goals for next year is to attend RHH Live!!

    Thanks and smooches!

  85. Hi Marie! Happy Birthday ~*
    I love Sagittari, they also tend to make up the majority of my clientele *cackle* I’m on the south east coast of South Africa. I help others embrace their Witchiness and merge the daily grind with magical finesse by enthusing the Source-ress within.
    I love Marie TV because; you provide practical, easy to implement advice in a fun way.
    3 changes I’ve made: I say no without agonising over it, I don’t put things off until I think they are totally perfect anymore and I no longer feel bad about marketing my business.

  86. Hi Marie – Happy Birthday!

    My name is Jody and though I’m Canadian I’ve been living in Doha, Qatar for almost 13 years now.

    Love your videos! They are short, sweet, fun and to the point with practical advice.

    What I’ve learned….. that I need to always focus on whatever it might be that my customers need most from me. I’m a newly certified yoga teacher so just starting out on a very different path than I’m used to (corporate life). I want my customers / students to feel that I am totally attentive to them, whatever their journey.

    Also, that I need to focus on one specific thing for my business. Being new to this I know what I can / cannot offer students based on my knowledge and experience to date, so I do what I do best and leave the rest to other teachers, at least for now.

    Lastly, I’ve learned from you that doing what you love is important, a reward in itself and not to take everything so serious in this life!

    I’m also a Sagittarius and just turned 50 a week or so ago… so cheers to all of us adventurous Sag’s!!!!

  87. Kia

    Hi Marie. I live in NC and currently work in higher education. I love MarieTV primarily because it is funny, short, and provides useful pieces of information. Since I started to watch MarieTV I feel like my goal of entreprenuership is possible and have some information to get me on that path.

  88. Happy Birthday Marie!! I, like you, LOVE birthdays! I’m Ronii from Charleston, SC and I own a branding and marketing company. I look forward to you Q&A Tuesday videos every week because not only do I learn something but they are super entertaining. These videos have made me realize that I don’t need to worry too much about what other people think as long as I’m true to myself and my skills. This makes people feel more approachable around me and I’m more likely to make a sale. Thank you for all the great info!!

  89. Hello Marie and Happy (almost) birthday! My name is Shawn Marie and I am a December 7th SAG too!!! I love that we share the same b-day! I live in So Cal (Anaheim) and LOVE LOVE LOVE your Q&A Tuesday!!

    There is A LOT I love about it but specifically it’s your fearlessness, your authenticity and that you clearly love what you do! My goal is to get past my fear or shyness about doing video and YOU make me want to BUST OUT of this shell I am stuck in and just knock it out of the park!! I am ALWAYS inspired to check in, do more of what I really love, have fun and work smarter after I watch your Tuesday Q&A!! I have already put on my board for 2012 that I WILL BE at the next RHH LIVE!! Can’t wait!! Finally…three changes I have made since I started watching Q&A Tuesday: —

    1.) I have finally admitted that I want to do video (thanks to you!) Now I just need to get past the fear and just do it!!
    2.) Although I have not had the pleasure of working with you one-on-one…I feel more confident. I feel when I am watching your videos that you are talking directly to me!
    3.) I feel like you are my weekly champion. I believe with all my heart you want ‘every single one of us’ to have a rockin’ business, a bliss filed life and abundance up the wazoo! ~

    I want that for myself and the women I work with as well, you show me EVERY WEEK that it’s truly possible! I feel more connected to my passion and heart’s desire because of your Q&A Tuesdays! You are kind of a grounding place for me and every week….if I have gotten a bit off track, if I am beating myself up, if I am feeling like I am NOT ENOUGH…your video remind me that I am enough!! I get re-charged and reconnected!

    Thank you again Marie and Happy Birthday!! And from the bottom of my heart, thank you to ALL THE OTHER WOMEN who hold this space for one another…to find our true path and connect to our calling so we can ALL make the difference we are meant to on this planet!

    To your success and to your happiness! Always! xo

  90. Happy Birthday, Marie! You asked, and I delivered a video “A” just for you. In case the linked reply did not work on YouTube, you can find the birthday video I created just for you on my Channel at

    Dr. Shannon Reece

  91. Hi Marie – and a wonderful, fabulous HUGE happy birthday – oh can ya tell I’m someone who celebrates for weeks as well !

    Love the videos – just the energy and the sense of fun (top of my biz values as well). Love being around you 🙂


  92. Happy Birthday, I’m glad you were born and I get to be in on you.

    I’m Nicole currently from Airdrie, AB, Canada.

    I watch Marie TV because I am so impressed by how you connect the worldly world of business to the inner world of being authentic, and how you demonstrate over and over how we can do that without compromising on either side; in fact that one elevates the other.

    The changes I have made since I started watching/did B-School in the spring…

    1. Focussed even more on who I really am, how I am made, what that means for what I am here to do. (Day to day living).

    2. Focussed my intention to not compromise; I am more comfortable with being inconvenient sometimes, when I speak my truth and shine my shine. (I recognized my marriage had ended and stopped pretending.)

    3. Opened myself to what this means for my kids, to free them more to be who they are and get out of their way. (I am part of a group forming a “school” where kids are free to follow their passions, develop their talents and do work that means the world to them.)

    Hey, thanks for asking!

    Shine on,


  93. Mary

    Happy Birthday Marie!

    My Name is Mary and I live in Washington DC. I look forward to Tuesday Q&As all week and often go back and watch favorites that have spoken to me when I need that supportive boost.

    Why do I love Marie TV? I love your spirit and genuine compassion. You are truly speaking to your audience with authenticity.

    What have I learned? I’ve only recently come across your videos, but since I’ve started watching I’ve become much more focused. I’ve realized that my “silly little idea” has potential. I’ve gained the confidence to start nurturing it and brainstorming.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday! You deserve it!!


  94. Hi + Happy Birthday Marie!! I live in Nor-Cal right now, but I’m really from Albuquerque NM. Your videos are THE only one I’ll watch of the many that wind up in my inbox. Why? Because not only are the ideas generally spot on and either innovative or so basic I sometimes need to be reminded, but the energy, joy and enthusiasm are so contagious I get a boost for hours after watching – way in excess of the 5 minutes I invest. ‘Cause you rock. But you knew that :>
    I have expanded my vision of what I offer, become more discerning about where I invest my energy and become more focused in my business activities since I started watching. Thanks & Happy Happiness! Christine

  95. Hi Marie. Happy Birthday!!!

    I’m Shell from The Bronx, New York.

    I love Marie TV because you really walk your talk. That you shine with
    truth, humor and great advice.

    My three biggest takeaways from watching you is:

    1)It’s fine to let all of me show in my work. Especially the nerdy parts of me.
    2) Seriously, I need to update my websites to reflect me and not what I think
    will “sell”.
    3) Marketing can be fun.

  96. Jen

    Marie love,

    Ok, now to your presents.

    A#1 – I’m Jennifer Kem and I live in paradise, a.k.a. Honolulu, Hawaii
    A#2 – What’s NOT to love about MarieTV? The whole reason I follow you is because I feel like we’re sisters from another mother. I’ve never found someone online like that, so when I “found” you, I was trippin’. MarieTV is authentic, it’s YOU, and it breaks up the monotony of “doing business”. It’s just good.
    A #3 – 3 biggest takeaways since I’ve been watching MarieTV, going to your events and being on your lists?
    a. It’s ALL GOOD to BE ME. I don’t have to be a stuffy-ass corporate type if that’s not what my biz is about.
    b. There’s no such thing as competition. We all have our own special sauce to bring to the world, and our real customers will gravitate if our message and content mean something to them.
    c. Being funny as hell is really sticky. And that’s some good shit, in marketing terms (esp since I’m a marketer!)

    All in all, I love you Marie. You’re fearless in the face of fear, sexy even when some topics aren’t, and you dance like a mutha’.

    Thank you for being you, and have a blast on your birthday.

    Big x’s and o’s,

  97. First of all a huge *Thank You* for bringing Q&A Tuesday to us each and every week. As soon as I see the link come through on my blackberry I head straight over to your website to catch the latest video – I love Marie TV : )

    I love watching your videos due to your passion, excitement and tip top advice. Your personality shines from the screen and I can’t help but pick up on those uplifting vibes.

    I am Kate from the UK and I was part of Live in the moment booty camp a few years ago. I always knew that I wanted to start my own business and its taken me a while to figure out what that would look like. I am excited to say that my etsy handmade jewellery store is about to go live this weekend and will move to next year when I build my own website.

    My favourite and most used ‘Marie Quote’ has got to be:

    ‘Clarity comes from engagement, not thought’ How cool is that?
    I have lost count of the amount of times that this has helped me but most recently with designing and crafting my bracelets. Instead of sitting for hours planning and designing, I got to work and the designs developed from me playing with colours, materials and different clasps.

    I loved the video about choosing one passion / business area to focus on. Again this helped me with deciding upon the direction I wanted to go in. I started with affiliate marketing but something didn’t feel right so I moved on to making my own products. I think by focusing in on one thing, I could quickly tell that it wasn’t a good fit and swiftly move on to something else. I could sit and craft bracelets all day long (that’s my dream) so i know I am on the right path now : )

    I also loved the ‘getting over the fear of being judged by others’ video. Once I got on board with my own ideas and engaged in what I was doing instead of worrying what others thought, everything fell in to place and actually my friends and family have been super supportive.

    Have a wonderfully fabulous Birthday and thanks again for continuing to inspire and guide me in my business!

  98. Hi Marie! Happy Birthday!! I’ve learned so much from you this year w/RHH Everything that it’s hard to separate your weekly videos from all else… but I will say that the videos inspire me & keep me going. Lots of love + bday wishes to you!! Kim Patron

  99. Happy Birthday Marie!

    I’m from Sydney, Australia, but originally from Scotland (does that count as 2 places?!). I look forward to Marie TV every week, it’s great to see someone being authentic, you crack me up with your wise cracks and inspire me to push myself further in my biz. My favourite quote form you has got to be “Always Be Marketing Bitches”, being a marketer myself it’s music to my ears!

    Keep up the great work with these vids, I would cry if I didn’t get them every Wednesday morning!

  100. Haaaapy Birthday tooooooo yooooooo!

    Hello Marie – I’m Nicola from the UK and I look forward to Q&A Tuesday every week. I love these videos because (can I say this?)….because they’re SHORT. I know absolutely that I will get some real gems of wisdom and it will be short and sweet. No listening for 10 minutes and then, when the end comes, feeling cheated out of that time.

    My favourites? Getting on the No Train (very tough for me at first but now I love it), Learning to make everything your favourite thing (still working on this one, but when I do it, it works like a charm) and the recommendation to read The War of Art.

    Here’s to another fabulous year!

  101. Marie:

    Just a quick & heartfelt ‘Happy Birthday!!’ and fond wishes for a safe & happy Festive Season. I’m a long time lurker and huge fan – love your info and approach.

    Be very, very well!!

  102. Happy Birthday! So I’m from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I look forward to your videos because they inspire and motivate me to move forward in my personal life and business. Whenever I watch your videos it gives me positive energy! Real insights with practical solutions.. AMAZING!

    1. I’m making peace with delegatin
    2. Not worrying about people’s judgement
    3. How to turn down business offers that are not suitable for me

    Thank you for cheering me on every week!

  103. Jan

    Hi, Marie my name is Jan Terkelsen from Australia.
    I love Marie TV because the energy and enthusiasm you and your team put into making the videos jump through the screen and rub off a great set up for the day. Also, the practical advice you share from your own experience is useful and can be applied pretty much straight away.
    3 significant changes I have made:
    My writing and blog posts are more authentic and reflect who I am, this has increased my following and the quality of my work.
    I am now into a hbit of asking for testimonials and use them in my marketing material which has improved my profile and brand
    Not taken myself too seriously and had fun with my business, I am in this for the long term, I have set it up to be more sustainable with multiple income streams.
    Thanks Marie.
    Happy Happy Birthday

  104. Hi Marie….

    Happy Birthday! All the best people in my life are Saggies, including my Buddhist Teacher.

    So… my name is Nadia Marshall and I’m from Byron Bay in Australia. I run a health education company and health clinic. We teach people the three pillars or health and happiness from an Ayurvedic Medicine and Buddhist Psychology perspective – improving digestion, reducing stress and cultivating kindness toward themselves and others. We run health retreats and workshops, sell books and also have a health clinic.

    I signed up to Marie TV a few months ago and I just love it. I NEVER miss an episode and really look forward to my Tuesdays with you! Why? Because you make awesome videos – you are fun, reassuring, inspiring and give great answers to many of the questions I face running my business. It is easy to get confused in the world of online marketing but you make things simple and clear. The best thing is you’re gorgeous, cool and a total dag at the same time. You’re not afraid to completely be yourself which makes your readers feel like we know you.

    Three significant changes since watching Marie TV….
    1) I am much more myself in all of my writing and engagement with my clients. I have even started cooking demos at our retreats which I was too shy to do before.. I was always the background person but now I’m getting on stage baby!
    2) I use the term ‘trojan marketing’ and am not afraid to use it in my business. I always felt it was the right way to go – get the people in the door first using language they can relate to and speaking to what they think is the problem… then blow them away with sooo much more.
    3) I am in love with video and realise how powerful it can be for my business. I bought a camera, have taught myself how to use iMovie, have made a few trailers for my business (here is my first one: and will soon be posting my own cooking show on YouTube.

    So THANK YOU Marie for all you do. I have worked at home mostly on my own for 4 years… which can make a girl a little crazy. Having ‘friends’ like you to support me along the way has been invaluable… I’m so glad I found you. Keep it up sista xx

    Love & hugs

  105. HELLO birthday girl!

    It’s your official birthday here in Finland!

    Here’s my birthday gift to you:

    You go girl!

  106. Who loves ya! The Mighty Tiny does!
    Happy B-day Mademoiselle Forleo!

    I hope you like my video. I had fun making it.

    Go on with your bad-ass, sag sister self.
    luvs ya Tiny =)

  107. Marie,

    Is this some kind of contest where your allowing us to have exposure thru your contacts… plus throw some ideas, techniques & (video) marketing videos around?? It seems like it… so if anyone out there wants to see techniques in action go to the web sites below and for limited time… you don’t have to subscribe… go to “the system” in Nav Bar ( … I have some very good and experienced people helping me. (Techniques for those who are just getting their business going)

    My video is below (i truly hope it helps somebody see their possibilities, especially somebody who is of low budget). I’m sort of one of those shy one’s who isn’t really shy… just not too comfortable in front of a camera because it’s new and … honestly… I’m not supposed to sell anything to people.. I’m supposed to present it to people. (I do have a live video of me instead of the voice over pictures but I can’t get it off the camcorder … technical difficulties.. seems I need to get the correct software.. I’m working on it) The video is low budget FREE… made with windows movie maker.. for anyone who may want to know.

    What I do… is basically what you do… show people how to present themselves and/or their business . Of course, I’m probably much more inexperienced and of lower budget. But that’s sort of why I do what I do. My niche is with the inexperienced marketers/ networkers who don’t want to make small chump change, who need something easy because they have a full time job, don’t have a list to start in business with and who don’t have their own product or service. I live in Kansas City and during the day I work a full time typical 9-5 job in the Heating and Air Industry.

    Past highlights would be 6yrs Naval Service right out of high school and then 7years working on Locomotives as a Journeyman Electrician. I moved on to Heating & Air to get away from shift work and have my weekends & evenings off. I’ve been doing Heating & Air for the last 4yrs now. My number 1 goal is to get people to start their own business so that they own a business not a mortgage because it’s our homes that take the most amount of money from us. And I believe the American Dream is to have a successful business not just a mortgage.

    I just started (last month) a business in DSM and currently I’m trying to get the business off the ground. I don’t have my own products and services so I’m promoting (NOT SELLING) OPP. The products I promote teach people how to market using automation so that a large amount of people can be reached in a short amount of time in finding the people who want to do what we offer.

    If anyone is interested in what I do in DSM: One huge thing I do for my enrollments is re-invest part of their membership cost back into their business to immediately get them the tools and services they need to be successful and then I help them get into a routine of getting website exposure with online and offline forms of advertising that depends on their budget. I do this because when a person sends me their membership cost, they’re actually investing their money into my business. So I give back to help lift their business off the ground, plus I help them to get into a routine of getting web site exposure… our system is so easy that once people see the routine… they’re off and running on their own and probably wanting to begin branding they’re own system. I’m not a cut throat marketer (I like the name networker better)… I give all the details.. you can see it at my site (Blog, this site helps people see their possibilities in business.. any business) or the Opportunity Site here: (Top Tier Big Ticket Business Opportunity Site.. subscribers get business building info that supports any kind of business) My business name is called Business Profits Earned Easy. Oh and I just made a Go Big Ticket Facebook Page…

    Happy Birthday Marie 🙂 Your promotions are fun!! Thank You for the opportunity to present myself …. a very non selfish thing for you to do.

    I like you because you and your team make getting web site exposure fun.. plus, from reading your blog articles, I can see that you really want people to be successful, outgoing and if not rich.. at least well off. Your an awesome example for how to do video marketing and your not selling anything!!… that’s awesome. Your uplifting and your information is solid for how to become or be successful.

    Your blog articles and videos have helped me to not worry about other people’s opinions, how to grow without falling back into the old way and basically just relax, have fun, get to work, and make relationships.. not money. Ummmm, I’m not sure that I can pull off those tricks you do with curse words tho .. 😉

  108. Monique


    Happy Birthday!! And here is the gift you asked for.

    1. My name is Monique, and I am not an entrepreneur. I wouldn’t begin to know what kind of business to have. I am just an accountant in a steel manufacturing plant in Mississppi, USA.

    2. I LOVE Marie tv because your entertaining videos help enrich my life. I have gotten at least 2 of my friends to sign up on your website, and one of them is an entrepreneur.

    3. The 3 changes I have made in my life based on what I have seen in your videos are: 1. Learning to say no, 2. Picking my projects with care, and 3. Delegating tasks for big projects.

    Thank you SO much for all you give to us! You ROCK!!

  109. Jen

    My name is Jennifer, and I am from Toronto, Canada.

    I only recently started watching your videos a few weeks ago but I LOVE them, they are so funny, entertaining AND full of useful information!!

    I have learned to say ‘no’ to clients.. I used to always want to please them constantly! I’ve also learned how I would deal with an unhappy client, which hasn’t happy yet but I’m glad I’m prepared ahead of time! I’ve also learned that I can’t be everything to everyone! I need to refer clients that don’t fit my style somewhere else, rather than take on a job that just doesn’t quite fit with my business.

    Thank you for the wonderful videos, I look forward to them every week!

  110. Girl you are AWESOME and I’m proud to share a birthday with ya!

    I’m from St Simons Is. Georgia and I’m just starting up my own interior design firm. A dear friend of mine just recently introduced me to you, your blog, your Youtube videos… and I think you’re just spot on with everything! I’m just soaking it all in and trying to implement. I’m a damn good designer but I’ve got a lot to learn about this marketing biz!

    Hoping you have a very blessed next year of your life, I know I will! Yay Sagittarius’s!

  111. Happy bday, Marie! Your gift from me:


  112. I love your style! I love your energy! I love your passion!

    I’m Angela Treat Lyon, I live in Hawaii, I help successful outrageous daring business women to go beyond 6 figures, and host the Daring Dreamers Showcase at I Dare You Radio.

    The very biggest thing I’ve LOVED about your materials is your awesome balls-out-outrageous passion and courage to totally be 1000% you, and how you create your so utterly fun videos!

    1. You’ve given an already out-there person total permission to get even further out there – yes! I’ll NEVER run out of !!!!!s!

    2. I’ve made more MOOLAH because of being more ME!

    3. I’ve been able to help my clients be more THEM. hah! And they’ve made more moolah, too! How do you like that!

    Love love to you – and it’s MY birthday on the 7th, too! Yeah!

    aloha –

  113. Hi Marie!

    I’m Jeannie Spiro from Rhode Island and I’m a multi tasking Mompreneur who straddles life in corporate along with having a family and growing coaching practice.

    Marie TV is like a shot in the arm every week, fun to watch and a jolt of inspiration to keep plugging along. I love that you wrap your personality around great content that is delivered in a fresh and sassy way. You’re an inspiration in that you’re not afraid to be who you are and share what you love doing.

    3 take-aways for me:

    1. Be who you are…PERIOD!
    2. It’s more than okay to buck the system and be anti establishment
    3. Offer great content in a unique way and grow a dedicated tribe

    Enjoy your day, Happy Birthday!

  114. Kristen Z

    After running into problems be rehired at a bank I used to work for I found your videos. You have inspired me to take a chance and to get started on my dreams. I’m working on starting my

  115. Heya Superstar Marie!! – I made this VIDEO especially for you!!

    Wishing you the most sparkly birthday filled with fun, fun, fun. Thank you for posting this video request as it totally pushed me out of my box to try and send some postive vibes back your way. I have such deep gratitude for all the video gems you have sent out in the past year. I have gained so much from each dose of wisdom, inspiration and laughter. I wouldn’t be as far as I am, living my passions as full out as I am, without you! – If you are wondering why you are on my Vision Board you will just have to wait and see 😉 Much love to you!!

  116. Happy Birthday Marie!!!! YAY!!!

    My name is Cristy- born and bred in Australia.

    Marie TV has inspired me to have fun, relax and just be myself in my everyday life. I tend to take things (including myself!) a bit too seriously, so your weekly segments are reminders to rest into myself as I am right now.

    You give so much to think about and action on- I just love watching you be awesome, gorgeous and practical!

    Wishing you love, warmth and happiness 🙂

  117. Happy birthday Marie!
    I’m from Miami-Jamaica! I’ve been following you for about 7 months now and happy to say I found you thanks to your friend kris Carr. On debut of your intro to me I had an idea for a business today I have a solid mastermind built that meets weekly and in a week will be placing the shovel in the earth for the new site of my Moringa farm in Jamaica! Website soon to come and thanks to b-school I know all will solidify at the right time!
    Every Tuesday I anticipate your q&a and always motivated by your energy. Most of all your love for what you do. Thanks for being that model to me.

    Happy birthday and this year I wish more for you. One day soon I will establish in Jamaica and invite your mastermind team out to our beach spot!

    Bless you Marie
    Eat be merry and go party!

  118. Elena

    Hallo, Marie! Happy birthday! Let your dreams come true!

    My name is Elena and I am from Bulgaria. I like what you do with a simple decor and very good use of animations. It inspires me!

    Your videos have not made a change in my life, but I must be still expecting something very good to come out of them if I continue watching.
    Good luck!

  119. Happy Birthday Marie, yipeeeeeeeee It is mine also on the 11th and like you , I want stuff, big stuff, small stuff, medium stuff, just give me stuff !! lol,lol

    1. I am from London UK & Salem Virgina

    You have helped change my life, as an international artist it can be tough and lonely at the top and with big demands, and after a life long struggle to get here, I am finally making it, with my hit song” I Love Christmas Day” .

    Now the important thing to know I was not singing most of my life, even though that was my passion, raising my daughter was why I gave it up at the age of 24 and went on to making over 31 million in business, but I lost it all when I was ill, and gave lots to my daughter, and then after a few bad men and the man i did finally find I loved then died in a car crash, I kinda went down hill.

    I knew I needed top level friends as all my friends was dumping me after my downfall and the ones I have on recovery get jealous as they are a lower level and can not take another person making it. I am loyal, so I accept any friend no matter what level, but it was now hurting me.

    So I turned to my mentors, Donald trump and lady gaga, they have helped me a lot. but I still needed more, and one day I read a newsletter that I never read. and it was you, a perfect match in my life as I found someone like me as mad as I was, and so I listened and it worked.

    I took your advise and followed it and now with many other people in my life that are amazing positive, I decided to follow my dream as a superstar, yep, no way going for a small goal.

    My first song hit the reverb charts at number 7 overnight, all the other stars was saying who the heck is Elainee and that lead me to now having many star friends, and now at number 5, I will go to number one by Christmas I feel.

    My life is 100% back on track, I am focused and I am living my passion.

    I am a top 10 artist, and in 22 countries with ,my little song, “I Love Christmas Day” coming out worldwide in over 45 shops and amazon, itunes, etc

    I have had in just 3 weeks 1.65 million downloads and aim to sell at least 5 million copies.

    I will be well know in the media by 2012. I am very happy and with my passion now, I am totally content, but watch out, I am a mad as you and so People will see that and hope they love Elainee

    You changed my life Marie and I keep looking at how mad you are, as I am that mad, and after returning to the stuffy UK, they knocked me out of me, but now in my art I am back, and better then ever.

    2. I Love watching You as You Are Like me !! and you have great wisdom ! Yearrr Girlfriend !!

    3. I went from a beaten up lady that was a little down from losing my love, my business and my money, to being Elainee Singer/Songwriter and living my dream and top 10 artist and getting it all back, ohhh and I lost two stone and look Hot as Hell !!


    Elainee – Superstar

    Story Of Me

  120. First things first . . . Happy Birthday, Marie!

    I’m Laura Rajsic-Lanier, coming at you from Indiana in the USA.

    I love Marie TV because it is fun and very unique!

    I’ve been looking at how to incorporate fun into my own project, the Adult Enrichment Project. I’m hoping to add video and love what you do with it on Marie TV. No matter how my week is going, you brighten it with your videos. You are an inspiration for all women!

    Thank you for a wonderful podcast.


  121. Christine

    Happy Birthday Marie:)

    I’m at work so no video response from me this week:(

    1. My name, Christine Weaver and I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    2. I LOVE Marie TV because it gives me helpful hints, encouragement, and motivation. Plus it’s A LOT of fun to watch each week!!

    3. This program/Marie/Make every Man Want you has changed my life in that while I was successful with some things, my relationships SUCKED!!! It would be great in the beginning and then end up in a completely different place than I wanted it. I read your book about 4 years ago and it CHANGED how I looked at so many things. I am so thankful for your insight as a woman and this book really set me free to be who I am and feel really good about it!!

    So in that time I met the guy of my dreams…he’s AWESOME…Chris Weaver, I help to run an amazing swing dance with my hubby who happens to be the president/head instructor of the club and some amazing people and in that time it helped me to get out of the box with regards to my job and start looking for something that I will LOVE!! If interested, you can check us out on Facebook at lancaster Swing Dance Club or check out our website:

    Anyway, thank you!!! I hope you have an amazing birthday…you deserve it!!! And thank you for sharing with the world your experience and knowledge. We have all been so blessed and enlightened by your gifts and talents:)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Happy Birthday ,luck,happy and dont’t forget:
    every day you are specially only that you exist!

    Best regards,


    1. Catherine Just living in Utah – transplant from Los Angeles.

    2. Love Marie Tv because I feel I get to know you better by seeing you. I love learning from you in this video medium. Much more fun than reading.

    3. Since watching Marie Tv. I’ve signed up for creating fame with Laura Roeder and it flipped my career on it’s head ( in a good way ). I’m starting to do video content myself and yours really helped me figure out what I’d be good at and how it could help others.


  124. Happy Beautiful Birthday, Marie!

    I’m Debbie Gaudet from Massachusetts.

    I love Marie TV because I love your fearless personality, the “take action” insights you give make me pause…think…and (often) take new action, and I appreciate the obvious work, fun and love that goes into each video.

    Three positive changes I have made in 2011 due to Marie TV…
    1. Developed a new picture of what a “successful, passionate, business woman” looks like and it’s a picture I relate to (much more than the corporate one I was part of for many years) and this has made me more courageous to be me out there in the business world.
    2. Discovered the industry I want to now be a player in (Leadership Training) that brings together my experience, skills and passions and creates a new area of growth for me that is an exciting challenge. This is thanks to listening to your messages and watching you do what you do! And, I have already started looking for (and creating) opportunities in this direction.
    3. I have focused on getting my Healthy-Beautiful-Feminine-Successful Girl On! Thanks to your inspirational example… I have gone almost all vegetarian (seafood, eggs and cheese are my last nonveggie holdouts), I exercise, dress up my way – one that makes me feel great even if I am sitting at my home desk all day, I am getting rid of any potentially frumpy clothing, and I’m having more FUN!

    Thanks for doing what you do, the way you do it! (From one of your over 50 fans!) – Debbie

  125. Jess

    Have a great Birthday Marie!! 🙂

  126. Ginger


    I am Ginger, a veterinarian in Austin, TX.

    I don’t own my business and I’m not an entrepreneur, but your videos (and book!) still help me.

    Your videos have helped me learn to say no when clients are asking so much of me that it prevents me from being able to do a good job, or if we cannot deliver in a way that meets or exceeds their expectations. I have also worked on expectation setting-if expectations are not appropriate, clients will be unsatisfied.
    I have become better at delegating which is an important part of my job. Finally, I have worked on trying to understand my business from the perspective of the customer as a result of your videos. This has helped me immensely in being a better doctor in many ways.

    Thank you so much, Happy Birthday, and please keep up the great work.


  127. Jana

    Dear Marie, Happy Birthday!

    It IS truly because of your birthday and your infectious invitation that I am actually writing to you today after months of watching you and your videos. Even my little three-year old daughter, Lena, now asks almost daily: “Mama, wollen wir Marie gucken?” (Mama, shall we watch Marie now?”). Lena must have noticed how I beam when I watch you speak and smile. My eleven-year-old daughter, Anna, also likes watching. How I wish I had had someone like you to watch when I was eleven… I would have started my own business decades ago!

    Now to your questions! You asked for it!

    1. My name is Jana, and I am a half German (with Jewish ancestors), half Latvian now living in Potsdam, Germany and working as a judge (criminal law – the not so gruesome, “petty” but psychologically fascinating stuff of real life and relationships, where I can put to work some of my real passion: mediation, future oriented compromise solutions, not just “right” or “wrong” or “guilty” or “not guilty”!). I spent the happiest years of my life (my childhood, until I was 10) in… New Jersey :-)! I grew up tri-lingual. English is my favorite language, free of guilt (my mom was sad when I spoke and sang my Dad´s beloved language of his threatened home country, Latvia, and my Dad was sad when I spoke German with my mom, so either way, there was always guilt and a sense of “impossible ever to be good enough”.)

    2. What I love about MarieTV?

    Oh, Marie! Your laughter, your freedom of expression, your creativity, your spontaneity, your way of making a little fun of yourself, your smile that so infectiously exudes: “Everything is possible! Women are brim-full of success energies!”. Your warming, simplifying, down-to-earth, demystifying, light way of giving business advice. Your generosity with all of this – your experience, your multitalented expression, your knowledge, YOUR success energies.

    3. What has changed in my life since I have begun watching MarieTV?

    I have to describe the life changes because I have no business – yet :-).

    Maybe not ONLY because of watching you, but definitely also:

    One big change is: I want my own business increasingly. Being a single mother, I still depend on the stability and security of my government job (and it´s an amazing deal coupled with the “wildness” of how I am allowed a lot of freedom in how I do my job and express my own ideals in my job) to support my children and myself. At this time. But someday, I want to be a new, amazing kind of mediator and/or conflict coach. Old Europe doesn´t believe much in mediation/creative solutions to conflict yet. I want to show them someday. I am sensing a very personal approach to conflict, courage, clarity, compassion developing, both in the court-room and in all other relationships, that I want to put to work someday to express myself and my deepest beliefs. Because: YES, expressing myself means: Making this world a better place through helping people clear away tons of useless, energy-wasting barriers and negative energies resulting from projections and misunderstandings in their relationships and communication.

    2nd change: I am a single mother, because the fathers of my daughters each “dumped” me for someone else. After some months of watching YOU and reading your book on that subject, I now know what my mistakes were! I will never sacrifice all of my success energies for a man again. I used to think I “owed” them that for even smiling at me. Now I know: the success energies are MINE. I can feel them more and more clearly each time I watch YOU.

    3rd change: My senses were never dull, but they are even more awake now: Gravel under my feet, the sounds and the earth smells of the wind, sunlight on water, the light in my children´s eyes, the sound of my voice when I sing, and more, and more, and more… more conscious about the wonders of every little moment, every day.


    Lena just got back. I told her I am writing to you. She´s calling out cheerfully: “Marie hat heute Geburtstag!!” (“It´s Marie´s birthday today!”)

    Dear Marie, from Jana, Anna, and Lena: We wish you blessings, love, success, joy and continually new, wild, infectious discoveries about life, love, and business (which discoveries, of course, you will share with all of us, inspiring us to follow suit!).

    Love, Jana

  128. Happy Day !!!


  129. Happy Birthday to you. My name is Angela, I’m architect in Brazil. I read your book and I loved it. I want that your life be marvellous. Have a good year.

  130. Marie, Happy Birthday!
    From your energy and heart-to-hearts, to the gorgeous editing and bloopers…your videos are the perfect dose of “figure it out and get to work already!” All of your videos have been an amazing fuel for my entrepreneur soul, but two in particular have made the biggest impact of all…I talk about them here

    Happiest of Birthdays, Marie!
    Michelle Rodriguez – Austin, TX

  131. narayana

    Hi Marie,
    Happy birth day. I learned a lot from you, and you r really smart.

  132. Rachel

    Hey Marie!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE Marie TV because I know it will always put a smile on my face and brighten my day no matter what I’m up to.

    3 Changes:

    Taking things less seriously
    Not worrying about what other people think and being true to me
    Bringing more PLAY into my business life


    Rachel from NYC

  133. Happy Big day Marie! I’m Timothy from spring hill FL. I love your show, It reminds me of my daughter and the fun she has entertaining my grandkids! Lots of fun! I’m still in the learning stage, But will tune in and see your great smile again! Keep it coming!

  134. Here ya go Marie! My first ever movie production in honor of your big BDay!
    Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Louise

      Can you change your video from Private to Unlisted so we can take a peek, so excited to watch!

    • unlocked!

  135. Happy Happy Birthday Marie!

    You are so much fun that I have no doubt your birthday was nothing short of a blast! 🙂 Thanks so much for all you do!

    My gift to you (you really should have asked for something cooler!):

    Warmest Wishes,

    Rebecca Law

  136. karen

    Happy Birthday from a fellow Saggitarian!

    1. I’m a physician originally from CA but now in New Jersey. I moved here rather accidentally.
    2. I am very inspired by Marie tv because it is a format that gives us information they need, when they need it. It brings a sense of community but is totally avaiable whenever. I’ve aspired to attend a conference but timing has been a challenge, and so these little videos help me keep focused on my goals.
    3. Things that i have changed:
    – Realizing that many patients and their families cannot be there to meet with a doctor or cannot remember what the doctor said about treatment, i’ve created (with philanthropic funding) a website containing over 200 FAQ related to my practice, using video answers. I would not have felt as confident in the strength and value of this format without Marie.

  137. karen

    Happy Birthday from a fellow Saggitarian!

    1. I’m a physician originally from CA but now in New Jersey. I moved here rather accidentally.
    2. I am very inspired by Marie tv because it is a format that gives us information we need, when we need it. It brings a sense of community but is totally avaiable whenever. As someone who cannot control my schedule (pages, odd hours) I really appreciate being able to learn and grow even when i haven’t yet made a jump to being self-employed.
    3. Things that i have changed:
    – Realizing that many patients and their families cannot be there to meet with a doctor or cannot remember what the doctor said about treatment, i’ve created (with philanthropic funding) a website containing FAQ related to my practice, using video answers. I would not have felt as confident in the strength and value of this format without Marie.
    -I’ve learned to prioritize (i love the “screening question”) – being open and enthusiastic was becoming my downfall!
    -I have set aside days off of my practice to specifically focus on creating a true business focused on patient empowerment.

  138. Kay

    Happy Birthday Marie!!
    I’m Kay and I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
    I’m not exactly an entrepreneur, yet.. but I’m learning, for the eventuality.
    I love your Q&A videos — not only are you very wise 🙂 you’re also entertaining to watch and I absolutely love your sincerity and energy! You’ve got a very good balance in delivery. Keep up your awesome work and energy!! Know that we all love ya! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  139. Hi Marie,

    Happy birthday to YOU!! May it be a blessed one. Here is my birthday present to you: (GO SHORTYYYyyy!!)

    It’s in 2 (short, Shorty!) parts:

    With love & appreciation,

  140. Manny Crescini

    Never the rest of the reasons. Their too many. Some I learn some I just enjoy. I just love to see you. Thanks for making yourself on the waves.

  141. Long live your Birthday celebrations!way to go!
    You are fun and full of inspiration!
    Hope you get lots of CooL presents…
    I am not savvy at making videos, only
    can make paintings:) hiding inside
    the beautiful Smoky Mountains.
    Still wish you all the best in this crazy world !
    LoVe xoxo

  142. Happy B-day Marie!!
    Wishing you all you desire.
    Here are my A’s to your Q’s

    Genevieve Cote xx

  143. Happy Belated Birthday, Marie.

    This is a bit of a long video. And its not the best quality. I apologize for that — my videos usually are really great! But I am FULL TO THE BRIM of finals and auditions this week — I had to make sure you saw this video in time!

    —–>>> <<<——

    If you didn't have the 15 minutes to hear what I had to say, here's the summary:
    *** You have absolutely. Changed. My. Life. For. Ev. Er.
    The 3 ways your videos have helped me:
    I need to ROCK my job and my current projects! These videos kicked my butt into gear:
    and this video:

    I gotta get over my insecurities! These videos showed me how:
    and this video:

    And of course… the CYP factor. Marie, this one concept changed the way I make decisions for THE REST of MY LIFFFEEE

    I don't want to sound stalker-ish, but I don't just watch your videos. I read your blogs. I listen to your interviews. I bought the kindle version of MEMWY. I wanted to ABSORB whatever it was you "got" that put you where I want to be. There was something you finally "got" and I want to get it, too!! I am thrilled to say that every day, I feel so much closer to just… knowing! I have matured and evolved more in this 1 year than in my years of college and high school combined!

  144. Hello Marie,
    Here’s My A to your Q!!! I hope you like it! You and your women have really inspired me! Your videos are always sticky & entertaining. How do you do that broadcast thing at the end for your out takes?

  145. Marie! I am so excited I uploaded my first video tooooooo! I am not sure exactly how to get you to see it on your channel ALTHOUGH I did make my own channel (can’t even believe I have joined the 21 century!) So here is the link to me with my birthday wish to you!

  146. Happy birthday, Marie!

    I’m Felicity Fields from Portland, Oregon. Gotta say I’d never heard of you before Ramit Sethi recommended B-School several months ago. And it was the best decision I every made! 🙂

    I love Marie TV because it reminds of what B-School embodies every week: to be authentic, to be smart, to do something you love, and to give back all the time.

    3 Changes (only 3?)
    1) I no longer think of myself as “trying” to be an entrepreneur. I own my business.

    2) Saying “no” is so incredibly powerful. The first time I did it, I wanted to do it 100 times again!

    3) I freaking love marketing! (OK, so that’s from B-School, but it still counts!)

    Best of luck to you in this coming year.

  147. Happy Birthday, Marie!

  148. Precious

    Happy (day after) birthday!!!!! Just wanted to say thanks for all your awesomeness. Now I know you can’t help yourself… all Lady Sags (my bday is 12/8) are just destined to be great!

  149. Hi Marie,

    Much belated birthday love to ya! Niccole here from Farmington Hills, MI. I love Q&A Tuesday videos. One because you make learning FUN! and your videos don’t take an eternity to buffer LOL

    Watching you has helped me embrace putting my personality all over my business!
    2nd thing I’ve learned is don’t Bulls*#t myself (being lazy, ignore important task, etc…) and I won’t BS my customers.
    & my favorite thing that led me to you in the first place, CHARGE WHAT I’M WORTH!! Value me and my work!

  150. Stephany


    I celebrate birthday week, so hope it’s been a great week. My name is Stephany from Calgary, Alberta. My work week starts on Tuesday (to Saturday) and your Q n’ A Tuesdays are just the energetic awesomeness to get going in the right direction.

    I enjoy the way you make us views re-think about business and bring ideas to the fore front that we may already know but haven’t thought about in a long time. When the questions are about personal introspection, you make me feel like I want to dig down deep and create positive changes for even more fabulousness to shine through.

    Looking forward to next Tuesdays video!

    • That’s perfect timing Stephany! Very cool, indeed.

      (Happy Birthday Marie!)

  151. Hey Marie. Happy Happy Birthday week! I hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed your birthday.
    Here is your present:
    #1 Briana Borten, I live in Portland Oregon and am originally from the great state of Montana
    #2 I love Marie TV because A. You are hilarious B. Your shit is super real and C. What you say is true and relevant
    #3 I can’t think of three significant changes in my biz and my life – but I can tell you one. And that one is seriously important. Confidence. Girl, you exude it, you teach it, and you live it. I am so grateful.

  152. Happy Birthday Marie! Better late than never, here is my video response for you :=)

    Wishing you all the best today, tomorrow and always.


  153. Happy, happy birthday! For 10 years I’ve been a generational speaker and consultant and I am a HUGE fan of Marie Forleo and Marie TV. Why? Because it’s great edutainment! Every episode I learn something, laugh a lot, and feel inspired by Marie’s tell-it-like-it-is, kick-butt advice. It’s rockin’!

  154. Erma Morris

    POS ….Positive Outrageous Service from you. I just became your fan. I am from Austin Tx the Beautiful Hill Country city. I was told about you from my patient and what an inspiration you are. Women have Beauty that is what we need to always remember and that can carry you. Thank you.

    Erma Lee Morris
    Austin Tx

  155. Hey, Marie. Happy (belated) gorgeous birthday.
    My As to your Qs are as follows:

    1. My name is Ming-Zhu, I’m from Melbourne Australia and online I’m from

    2. I watch your videos because you’re a) confident, b) no bullshit, and c) you actually know what you’re talking about.

    3. Since watching Marie TV, I’ve stopped screwing around with excuses and have actually started working on myself and my business with the goal to make significant productive and measurable change therein every-single-freakin-day.

    I just wanna add to this, that whenever I’m feeling a case of the “inertias”, the “ennuis” or the “oh, I’ll never make ______ happens”, I jump on over here, I watch a video, and I’m all good and rearing to go again, and usually end up kicking quite a few goals. That’s *how good* you are, woman.

  156. Braven

    Interesting and cute video
    This was my first video of you I saw
    My friend told me about you

    Said you are a great business women and have made millions of dollars
    I want to make millions of dollars too
    I am worth it

    I look forward to seeing your biz videos

    Peace and good health to you !

  157. Happy belated Birthday, Marleo; since you celebrate all month, I guess I am still current. Sagittarius women always cast a spell on me. I am from the Pacific NW. No vid, but…
    1) Be true to yourself
    2) Don’t Give Up
    3) Be Passionate
    I don’t know if the code will work, but, the intention is good- Happy BDay~

  158. Ruth27 S.

    Hello Marie

    Belated happy Birth day. I’m Ruth Sayson from Philippines and what I love the most in watching your video is the funny and awesome stuff you always did aside from you being beautiful as ever. The thing I get from most of your video is the information and laughing moment that I usually have while watching it.
    Sorry I’m to much a camera shy so no video yet…hehehehe

  159. Tiu

    Happy belated birthday dear Marie!
    I am from Ethiopia living in Germany.
    Well, i have been recieving your news letters and then the videos for almost 5 years. At the time i subscribed to you, I was a masters student studying to work in international development economics. So i was just enjoying the positivity and beauty of your news letter. In those newsletters i learned how to enjoy littl things in life. For example, you mentioned something like “you went for a walk with your man (Josh) and drank a delicious cup of coffee” . Its a really simple thing that everybody can do, but the way you said it made it feel like it is some luxurious stuff. And l loved that. To be honest i really really miss your news letters so much.
    The three biggest changes you made on my life:
    1. You introduced me to the idea of living in the moment and i am still in to it,
    2. I am planning to start my own consultancy business, haha not coaching, i am some one who needs coaching actually. I am really bad in social life.
    3. You introduced me to other smart people like Eben Pagan, Daniel Laporta, Laura roeder etc.
    There is so much more, but i don´t wanna bore you. I am just happy that you were born.

  160. You’re Sagitarian too? Whoa…this is freaking me OUT this week. It’s my birthday today – 10th…and have you any idea how many Sagitarians I am friends with/follow blogs/twitter/fb?!?!? Man, we’re AWESOME! I love it – and happy belated birthday for Tuesday! I’ve been too busy celebrating all week to watch videos…but here I am watching them on my actual birthday. Weird huh? Anyhoo, i am Donna, I am from the UK and I LOVE Marie TV because you are funny, real, like someone I would love to sit and have a chinwag with and I know we’d have a laugh! You’re real, tell it like it is (refreshing) and yeah, mostly it’s about the funny – you could have the best advice in the universe but if you were boring I just would not watch! Hope you’re still celebrating and enjoying and have loved the zillions of comments I see here! Lotsa love. Donna.x PS would have done a vid response, but it’s my birthday dude, I’m busy! 🙂 x

  161. I have only watched MarieTV twice, so I can’t really say it’s influenced me. I tried to use one of your free business opportunity gifts but I didn’t have a prospect list that I could send an offer to. I would love for you to create a video that shows effective lead generation methods.

    Happy Birthday
    Otis, MA (lives) Panama (born) California (wants to move back)

  162. Hi Marie!

    My name is Billie and I’m a wife and mother in Las Vegas.

    My one woman business is as a direct-to-your-hotel room nanny for families visiting Las Vegas. My claim to fame is a Kidcam service I bring so families can watch me and the kiddos on their smartphone, my professionalism/extensive experience and my genuine love of children. (

    I love your show because of your message that being a professional doesn’t mean I have to hide my personality. (It’s all about niche’s these days, right?) There are several agencies in Vegas that provide the same service I do and I don’t want to compete with them, I want to be me, enjoy my time with the kids and enjoy getting to be an entrepreneur. You help me make this happen with your tips.

    Also your show is fun to watch and I feel like some of your great confidence rubs off on me. 🙂

    Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  163. Ayla


    1. I’m Ayla, I live in south Brazil.

    2. I like your videos because I need to train my English and the subjects are interesting and useful, so it’s a nice “English class.” (Perhaps it is an idea for you …- Send my commission later…)))

    3. The advice that I liked and try to follow is to put something on the agenda when I really want to do. I also intend to follow the guidance concerning delegating work.

    I take this opportunity to inform you that I started watching the videos from the book Make every man want you, but I was pretty disappointed because I hoped the videos would treat the relationship between man and woman, but unfortunately it is only about busine$s and making money.
    Why do not you make videos on issues related to the book?!

    Warm regards


  164. A sunday funday birthday video to close out your special week.

  165. Manmeet Singh

    hi Marie Forleo ,

    Sorry for late update firstly wish you a happy belated birthday dear . I am from india & my name is Manmeet Singh . Marie you are the great person.I love the most in watching your video is the funny and awesome stuff & it give a great knowledge about exactly what happen in current scenario in marketing you were updating as thank for change our life i hope this relation will continues for the future

  166. Casandra

    Hi Marie, I’m a Sagitarian woman as well. So happy b-day for sure! What I appreciate is your witty vibe and unique mix of creativity and value you that you share online through your web TV show; it’s fresh, modern and wise. You go girl!

  167. Goddess – You ROCK it!! I met you several years ago at Mastery and have loved the content and style of your videos and love that you offer to the women of the world. You epitomize what a woman can do with her desire and her power!
    Sorry to hear you got sick but it sounds like low-key is what your body may have needed. My girls say you offer phenomenal content in your workshops so I plan to catch one soon! Fiona (Toronto)

  168. Dear Marie,

    I am a swedish reader curerntly living in Zürich.

    Another sagitarian follower – today is actually my birthday 🙂

    I absolutely adore you and what you are doing. Just wanted to let you know that and to tell you keep doing what you do. You are absolutely brilliant.

    Lots of Love


  169. ♥ Happy Birthday2U …
    ~Special Blessings of Love2U …

  170. Come Down Indiana! I Am In Fort Wayne! At The Cabaret!
    The Best Place For Adult Entertainment!

  171. Meiry Marília

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are a very special person.
    I love your e-mails.
    Thank you a lot.

  172. Gill

    Happy, Happy Belated Birthday!

    I hope you are well today.

    I am very grateful and thankful for your e-mail of today about the gift of presence. It is very poignant and meaningful to me and a vitally valuable and important reminder for me to maintain an awareness of so that I can be more present to my wife and her needs at times she is a bit under the weather also.

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones, and all the best!

  173. Happy Belated Birthday Marie!
    I’m Cara from Baltimore MD.

    I love Marie TV because you have fun while you’re working hard, because the questions can always relate to something in my life even though I don’t have a business yet, and because your answers always take the high road and give us advice that will help us prosper AND be good people.

    Since watching Marie TV, I’m yearning to step out fully, to embrace my big life, to live, laugh, love and work passionately, to make the difference in the world that I am meant to make, to have crazy fun while doing spiritually-fulfilling work and loving every minute of it.

    Happy Birthday week and month! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

  174. Thank you once again Marie – for your unwavering ‘presence’ which brings a ‘present’ to us all each week. I hope you have the good fortune to experience in ‘full’ the equivalent joy, love and support you share with so many of us. Sounds like your pooch and partner are forfilling that role for you at the moment – you so deserve it 🙂 keep shining bright 🙂
    Happy Birthday again 🙂 xx honouring you 😀 xx

  175. Ali McFall

    Happy Belated. I also celebrated a milestone Birthday on the 11th. I turned 50. It is a great time in life. I wish you the best.I love what you do for us.

  176. Joy

    Hi Marie! You are awesome! I totally missed out on your weekly dose of love because I was on the grind… but Happy Birthday and much love to you! My birthday is in 5 days and I feel so much better knowing it’s rubbing shoulders near yours…

    Happy Birthday Rockstar!


  177. Hi Marie

    Have a wonderful birthday. I am from Australia.
    I always wait anxiously for a Q & A tuesday.
    I love the way you handle every single Q that comes your way.
    I always have my aha moment every tuesday.

    I will let you know when my business sky rockets

  178. Ann

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    1)My name is Ann and I live in Sweden

    2) I love watching your videos since I get so much inspiration and energy by seeing them! Both you as a successful business woman as well as your great tips and ideas inspire me so much. I follow Mama Gena too and think your a great Sistergodess!

    3) By watching these videos and seeing how you have no problems in putting yourself on screen I dared to put up myself on internet with name and picture and my story to sell my books- a dream of mine. Also you also made me stopping so much of my procrastination and excuses not to prioritize my business by your great advises and good tips (previously it was always my 3 kids or my hubby as excuses not to do my business…) But foremost you show me by your example and your uplifting videos that it does not need to be either business or life or either money or fun-you can have it all! Having fun doing what you love and making lots of money as well! Thank you for being such a wonderful role model and inspiration!

  179. Erin Zaharopoulos

    Hey, hello, happy! Chrona (n like Spanish enye) Poula! Many years, AND health, AND prosperity in Greek. You know those Greeks, they’ll tell you anything and 2 words always mean 10. But if my 97 yr old MIL says it is so, it is so.
    ~~**~**&~Time To Open Your Present~%&~~**~~

    My name is Erin Zaharopoulos (take out the h and we are cool with it)! I live in Highland, CA, about 10 miles from where I was born though I have lived and traveled about. All my children are 4th gen CA. All 4. Is that punny? Maybe.

    ILOVE MARIE TV: a. I found you convolutedly, remember 6 degrees? We took out of our retirement to do Mindful Marketing. Kraig can be very tense, always FULL of energy, along came Josh (I’m back) – I signed up and follow as my kid managed highest honors in theater with a semester at Lambda and works front desk at the Ritz~Nokia soo some day CI, then Kris, then RHHlive and I need many times even after ‘I’m back’ to immediately hook into 1. A calming video with Kris followed by a rollicking q/a Tuesday with Marie. 2.Always Marie, you make me laugh,cry, remind me that I LIKE me, I am good,productive, I will find my niche. Without Kraig ranting about a fight with Kris or a launch delay, yes he is authentic and transparent, but YOU make my soul smile, pretty lady. Laura is my goto for twitter or blog ettiquette, Universe love her.

    You have changed how I am trying to deal with my business. Not passionate yet ??? hubby very supportive but now working 12 hr days compared to 8 when we started. We are 64, been together 24 yrs, and WANT this. YOU make me feel accountable more than my mastermind group does. b. I have fibromyalgia and try to push too much and get in trouble at home, you have made me feel it is OK, really to take a day or even two for me or us if he can. Thanks for that.
    c. Hubby came home after 12 hours of certifying cranes and walking 8 flights of stairs 5 times on knees that both need surgery and said “I need to start a business!”. HULLO. He wanted to know if I could handle 1mil or 1.5m in invoices and payroll if 4 of them go off on their own. “NO, I won’t, Marie told me to delegate, my man, and the person who we pay from our fabulous salaries should set that up under my supervision her own way. SHE SAID!” I can’t hiphop, but I stomped my foot. He just gave me an OH, I think you’re right. AND I said no more planning meetings without me. Bye, it is q/a Tuesday. Thanks Again, Marie. I LOVE MARIE TV AND HOW IT HAS KEPT THIS DREAM ALIVE!

    Soul smiling here, swirly seashells for you!

  180. Manu

    Hullo Marie!
    Very Happy Birthday! I hope that you have been borrowed under a mountain of birthday presents, so that they last at least one each day until the next birthday arises.
    Here is your present:
    a) I am Manu (which is NOT short for any other name) from the BEAUTIFUL Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. Actually, I have been living near Zurich for over 10 years now, but my heart still beats the slow Bernese rythm
    b) I love the crazy Marie TV stuff just because it IS crazy. Never had such a crazy teacher/trainier/coach. Nice you are taking the stuff seriously, but not yourself.
    c) The three significant changes in my biz since I subscribed 2 weeks ago:
    1) I had one week of holidays without any loss in payment.
    2) Just finished a job I had been working on for several weeks without getting any further.
    3) Life got SO much funnier!


  181. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much… my birthday was the 8th. From one Sag to another, happy birthday!!! 🙂 And BTW – in my home I don’t have a birthDAY, I have a birthday MONTH. 😉

  182. And I submitted too quickly, so here are my answers.

    1. I’m Brooke in Denver, CO!
    2. You have great information and deliver it in a very real and funny way.
    3. I just started watching today, so I haven’t made any changes yet but am SUPER excited to do so!

  183. FATIHA

    Happy Birthday Marie !

  184. Hi, Marie!! I’m always watch your videos and like it. I was born in Nilópolis, RJ, Brazil, and live in Nova Iguaçu, near Nilp., since 5 years old. I completed 30 years old yesterday!! Lghs, lghs… Happy Birthday to you and me!!
    OH, Marie!! I want to chance so things in my biz n’ my life…so things!! I want to learn how to be a truth professional in my area, ’cause I’m a librarian, n’I would like make so things as the same time whith it. At moment, I only can study, to work and to pray. Have a nice weekrnd, fella.
    Xoxo, Aline

  185. Hey Marie! Happy Birthday! I love the inspiration you give and positive vibes you send out to the world! Also, you’ve always got awesome information and advice to ket me kickin’ with my biz! Love, Bethany

  186. Marie:
    Happy month-ago-birthday. I just got around to reading this, so I am kicking myself because I’d love a chance to win your autographed book. You are a gift to me every time I get a new video from you. Thanks for all you do and for keeping the adrenaline flowing in such a cool and happy way!

    Jeanie Joe

  187. THANK YOU! You are Awesome!
    Jennifer Carman, NEW JERSEY!
    You are inspiring, direct, and funny! It’s a great motivator and just knowing there ARE others out there who care and want to make a difference. Yep – just catching up on the last few months of my Marie Videos, better late than never! Too many tips from you to count, but I apply them and they work! I love the tips especially on dealing with real situations like delegation, friends & business, etc…YA! Thank you!

  188. Hi Marie,

    I wrote this response to your birthday request and then allowed myself to be distracted and forget to send it.  I just want you to have it.

    “I’m Dana Bernhardt from Peyton, Co.  I’m the owner, manager, instructor, gopher, & pro-bono grunt laborer at Dan D Equine Services. 

    I’ve been watching you for almost a year now.  I’ve been unable to work my business for the last two years as some old (non-horse related) injuries and conditions healed.  They had banded together and started a chronic mutiny on my body.  I was looking at a wheelchair.

    In the meantime I’ve kept my business alive by mentoring, referring other professionals in the area, and working on making positive changes that will help my business grow when I get back on the colts.

    The best part is that I’ve lost over 100 lbs and I’m clear to ride my old fat nag this winter (He’s thrilled…).  My goal is to be back to riding client horses in the spring.   I also plan to start training ponies specifically for the gymkhana kids in the area thanks to my weight loss.

    Honestly, I haven’t watched all your videos consistently but I never delete the emails until I do.  I’m a procrastinator and my inbox reflects that. 

    I want you to know that I mentor women on business ethics.  You re-enforce and challenge my principals.  I’m impressed with your ethics.  You’ve inspired me on several fronts regarding keeping my business in peoples minds while waiting to be active again.  You keep me motivated to continue to move forward.  You remind me to use this time to make improvements before I get too busy again.    And, you’re positivity has been a counter balance during times of frustration and depression.  Thank-you for that.

    As a result of your inspiring videos:

    1)  I’ve moved my website to my very own domain and am working to make it great.

    2)  I’ve recreated my personal mission statement.

    3)  I’ve made changes in my vision for the future of my business to reflect my passions.

    I have ‘Make Every Man Want You’ on my Kindle.  It’s great to have with my re-claimed confidence and health.  (Of course I haven’t finished reading it, yet.)  So far it rates right up there with ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’, ‘Business By the Book’, and the Og Mandino books.

    I just want to return some of your encouragement and thank-you for what you do. 

    As a backwards redneck, right-wing extremist, conservative christian, with a hick mentality and back-woods education, you’ve changed my pre-conceived idea of what a “big city business woman” is all about.  You’re real and have great principals.  You are inspiring.

    Long story and probably TMI.  😉

    Happy Birthday!

    Dana D. Bernhardt
    Dan D Equine Services”


  189. Hi Marie!
    And Happy Belated Birthday! I’m a firm believer in birthday-weeks/months, so it’s never too late! 🙂 I just discovered your website last week and immediately signed up for B-School – I cannot wait!!!

    1. My name is Amy and I am a board-certified music therapist in Miami, FL. Living my dream 🙂
    2. Your videos have inspired me so much. I have taken so much from them, but the number one thing is the importance of infusing humor and personality into everything you do. I think people really respond to that because they can relate to you. I just enjoy watching your videos!
    3. B-School has not even started yet and I already feel a change in myself and my business. I feel positive and motivated. I feel inspired. I have taken many of the action steps and put them into practice in my life and in my work.

    So THANK YOU for all that you do. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow from you, so that I can better serve my clients. 🙂

    Amy 🙂

  190. My name is Andrea I am in MN and am an in-home personal trainer. SaFire Training!

    I watch the videos because they give me so many good tips and ideas that I never even thought of. Great community of women to be part of.

    3 things I have done to my business
    1. Got a logo designed.
    2. Going to do B-school
    3. Thought out exactly who my customers are and how I can help them.

  191. Reeta Vaya

    Wowza…so many comments, well here’s one more

    1. Reeta Vaya from UK, another Saggi, also Dec 7th yayyyy
    2. I’m glad your videos are not just straight talk marketing only, there’s a huge spiritual side which is hugely important. Before anyone sets out for success, they have to clean up internally whether unhelpful beliefs, thoughts, habits etc and you give such clear tangible steps to form positive habits. I’m so pleased that there is someone who addresses business & marketing support coupled with mental & spiritual dumbells.
    3. I don’t have a business yet though I still find your videos useful but to name a few; productivity techniques, handling draining people and my absolute favourite is gratitude. My 10 yr niece watched your last gratitude video with me and guess what? She also has a daily gratitude habit. Age 10! Can you imagine to have that gift at such a young age! Also thanks for sharing great thought leaders and books, I now follow Susan Cain too as a result. Lastly, your videos beat sugar….much better pick me up. Sugar 0, Marie 10…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Reeta – so happy to hear from another Saggi 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, and sending all the best to you and your amazing niece!

  192. Happy birthday Marie! ????
    Thank you for great videos That you always shared to us!
    We learned lessons and we changed our lives because of you and your videos! We appreciated it so much! Youre a great person Marie! xoxo

  193. Rachel


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  195. Awesome, Reeta
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  196. Happy Birthday! I wish your dreams come true!

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