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Oooh boy! I wanted to post this puppy yesterday for our official Q&A Tuesday, but I was blissfully swept away by the incomparable Seth Godin.

You see, a few weeks ago my friend Joe Polish emailed me about this Seth Godin event, saying “You HAVE to go to this since I can’t – get a ticket NOW!” We’re both big Godin fans and by the time I clicked to register, the event was sold out. Bummer.

But something wasn’t sitting quite right with me. I had one of my “intuitive hits” that there was one last ticket floating around somewhere with my name on it. So I cruised around Seth’s blog, found the ticket agent’s phone number and called them.

Me:  “Hey there, can you help me?  I want to buy a ticket to the Seth Godin event.”

Ticket rep:  “I’m sorry. That event sold out really fast.”

Me:  “Could you please check again?  I have this funny feeling . . .”

Ticket rep: “Sure thing. Hang on a second while I take another look.”

Me:  “No problem.”

Ticket rep: “Whoa. This is weird. It was sold out and now I’m showing exactly one ticket left.”

Me:  [with huge, gloating smile] “Fantastic. I’ll take it.”

Wild right? Just goes to show you how ridiculously important it is to hone and use your intuition.

Now back to today’s jam. In this video, I’ll take you behind the scenes in my business and reveal the truth about whether or not I write all my own copy. You’ll also see my cameo “cat vomit” appearance in Tim Ferriss’s new fantastic book, The Four Hour Body.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think so leave a comment below.

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  1. Jerseylicious

    Marie I love, love your posts and the video.. All I can say is awesome as usual.

    • marie

      Thank you Jerseylicious 🙂 AND I’m assuming you’re from NJ – right?

  2. Andrea K

    I love love love that you stay true to the connections you have made with your subscribers by responding to messsages yourself. Just one more reason why I ALWAYS read your emails, and visit your blog.

    • marie

      Thank you Andrea!

  3. Amy

    Great video– kudos for writing all of your copy and responding to emails. I’m sure that’s really time consuming but it does help to keep things more personal.

    • marie

      Hey Amy! Just to be SUPER clear, I def. have help responding to emails but no one ever “pretends” to be me. My incredible team responds as themselves 🙂

  4. Love your British accent definition of what copywriting is, Marie! I find a lot of people are confused by this term (as a copywriter myself, I often get questions about whether I can help people trademark their product or inventions – which unfortunately I cannot do :P).

    I bought The 4-Hour Body before Xmas and haven’t had a chance to dig in yet…will look for you and your “cat vomit” inside! 🙂

    • marie

      Yes! You’ll see me pop up throughout the book even more than Cat Vomit 😉

  5. Wow!! I’m getting SO HOOKED watching your videos… even if you have nothing great to say they’re still so FUN to watch— but not only are they TOTALLY entertaining but I REALLY love the genuine golden nuggets you share…

    There’s so much buzzzzzz about VA’s, (i actually looking at hiring my FIRST article writer soon! lol) that it’s really great to hear from someone who is UBER successful— 25K followers!!??? *nice* —and that you still are involved in the personal communication.

    Very encouraging and inspiring— Thanks Marie!!

    • marie

      Why thank you…and good luck with your first article writer. So exciting!

  6. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for sharing this terrific video. Authenticity is so important and spreading your message from your personal experiences will help others as they create their brands.

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2011.


    • marie

      Happy New Year to you Julie!!

  7. Marie – this is a great q&a! 🙂 I love that you mention how genuine and real you and your copywriting are, it always gets me to check out the newest posts on your blog once I read it in my inbox. Thanks for being so awesome! -Kadence

  8. Dude, this is brilliant. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this video and I love that you not only write your own copy, but are adamant about keeping your voice. That’s what makes you (and each of us) supremely awesome.

    Keep it up!

  9. Hi Marie!

    I LOVE that story about the ticket for Seth Godin’s event! That is suhweet!!! 😀

  10. Pat

    Hey Marie,

    Thanks for answering this question, as always I love the fact that being true to oneself is what you preach and live 🙂

  11. Thanks for this post. I do all my own copywriting as well. I struggle with it as I am not a *writer* but I really want to have my own, authentic voice and not some slick, polished “professional” tone as that is SO not me.

    I like that Tim Ferriss does his own email too. Cool!

    • marie

      Hey Theresa! Just keep writing as you speak. Best way to not get writers block 🙂

      Yes, and as I said above, Tim definitely has help with it, but his team does not pretend to be him!

  12. I love your posts! So fun and personal – you really are amazing! Thanks for sharing! xo! Radha

  13. Love all the special effects you’re using in your vids! And thanks as always for a tasty little marketing bite. xo

  14. Erin Ashley

    That was a great vid! Your antics crack me up.

  15. Aaron

    The English Accent.. have you been watching Mad Men? Amanda.. you need to get a referral relationship with a lawyer if people keep asking you to register trade marks for them..

    • marie

      Very smart Aaron!!!

  16. Jen

    I freakin’ love Marie Forleo! It’s great to hear that you do your own copywriting, it brings forward that authentic chica we all know and love. I am also wanting to promote a “personality-based brand” and you are really an inspiration to just put my ass out there. LOL. Also – super awesome to get your new blog posts, on the weekly!

    • marie

      Oh Jen – I love you right back. Yes on the weekly…and if you pay attention it’s working out to be 2X on the weekly (Oh snap!)

  17. I love when we as women represent ourselves, our visions and our style. Let’s all build a better more feminine world where beauty is celebrated with intricate minds that follow their intuition.

    • marie

      Booya Rebekah!

  18. Dig your style, lady. I’m loving these Q+A vids too! The more personality that we inject into the biz we’re running, the easier it is for the copy to just… write itself. Looking forward to next week. :]

    • marie

      Thanks Amanda! We got LOADS more comin!! 🙂

  19. Crystal Piper

    Hehehehe I love your flare on the videos it makes me giggle.

    I was just wondering if there is a special program you use to do those fancy things within the video.


    • marie

      Hey Crystal! The fancy pants program is called Final Cut Pro 🙂

  20. Lovin’ the Cat Vomit! 😉

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said about staying true to your brand and always being transparent in your communications. I LOVE the fact that you do your own copy. While copy writers are a great thing, writing copy is such an important skill that every entrepreneur should at least be familiar with.

    Thanks for the always entertaining Q&A Tuesday Marie! 😀

  21. Janny Bird

    Cat Vomit, love it!
    You are authentic, honest and intelligent, what a wicked combination! Great info as always.
    Question: How do you shoot your videos? Do you use a professional?
    Just curious, they look great!

  22. I had a serendipitous moment concerning you. I knew I wanted be a part of your program when I ran across a video of you. Well, I have a new commitment to myself to exercise (walk/run) everyday this year and I didn’t feel comfortable running yesterday because the roads were iced over. (No sidewalks here.) My dvd player died so I couldn’t watch any of my exercise dvds. So I jumped on an online video player and looked up cardio movies. I picked the dance one and it was YOU! I was like, what the____! Is that..! That is Marie Forleo!
    By the way I loved the workout. Thanks for helping me keep my promise to myself.

  23. Marie,
    Great post. Who can “Do You” better than You? Your voice comes through in every post and your personality *shines* through your videos. So, now how bout get that booty busy and create a post on the TOP 5 things you learned from your uber-synchronistic-intuitive-meant to be Seth Godin conference.
    Your tribe has spoken and we want you to share some ah-ha’s from Seth. Pretty please!
    A Southern Mompreneur Linchpin,

  24. Marie,
    Awesome as always that you are keeping it real. Thank you, your authenticity always makes me excited to read more!

  25. Love how you edit your vids, so fun to watch and great info, as usual!

    • marie

      Thanks Sarah – and Happy Belated!!

  26. Awesome Marie….love that you write your own stuff but honestly, I never thought you didn’t! Your writing is so YOU that I have always felt it could only be coming from you.

    Love the vids!!

  27. Vrunda


    Your video was so funny! I love your sense of humor and the British accent too. Thanks.


  28. When I grow up, Marie, I want to be you. 🙂 I am working on a video testimonial for a product and sitting in front of a camera, just being me, is really hard. Yeesh! And you make it look so easy too!

    (Uh, can I have that pretty pink wall hanging there above you? I secretly covet it and watch your vids just to see it. Shhhh!)

  29. Kristin Morris

    Hey Marie,

    I am very discerning when I read anything these days and you (and your pals Danielle LaPorte & Laura Roeder) are truly some of the only blogs I read. Fantastic that it’s all just you! Thanks for being true to you and flipping hilarious (btw – since attending RHHLive, I’ve been cursing – like all the time – and have to be careful as I have a 2 year old and a 6 year old… :).

    Keep up the inspiration as I plough forward on my new biz venture – btw – thanks for the tips you gave me back in Jan. They are written in bold on my white board.

    Lots of luv from Toronto,

    Kristin Morris

  30. Absolutely love the fact that you reply to all your comments – that’s the way it should be.
    Loved the accent and your authenticity :0)

  31. Awesomesauce, as always, Marie!

  32. Great videos. You have an awesome personality and are always so insightful.
    Thanks for sharing tips & insights into building your business.

  33. Thanks Marie!

    Great Video! Do you edit your own videos as well? I’m looking to create some videos that are fun and interesting but I’m a bit lost on how to edit them.


  34. Hey Marie,
    I love that when I see something from you in my inbox I know I’m going to learn something valuable and it is information that I can trust. I think these short and sweet videos are great. I’ve learned so much from you these past few months and I look forward to see what else you have in store for the New Year.


  35. Kat

    Mariiiieeee 🙂 I gotta say you (and Laura Roeder) publish the only two newsletters I’m still subscribed to and both your blogs ROCK! So thank you again for your short and sweet but very informative messages and I’m looking forward to the next one!

    Oh, and will there be a RHH Adventure Mastermind in 2012? If so, I want to join you then!

    Wonderful, crazy, super-inspired ♥ to you!

  36. Great video Marie!

    Thanks for being yourself in all your videos and marketing. Too many “pros” take themselves waaaay too seriously and it makes it kind of intimidating for newbies like moi. And by the way, I think you (and your website) are…in case you weren’t aware of that 😉


    P.S. – What kind of camera do you use? The quality of your videos is gaWjus!

  37. I am so enjoying the videos – great to actually see your enthusiasm across the pond! I only get a few hours per week to work at the moment, but i find that if i start my work session with a quick inspiration from you, I get so much more done than if I just get stuck in – crazy!!!

    big love

  38. Hey Marie, I always get excited to see a message from you in my inbox. This one didn’t disappoint! Thanks for all the juicy stuff you share 🙂

  39. Great video as always Marie. I’m truly enjoying your Q&A Tuesday… nice mix of important topics.

    I agree it’s important to write your own copy and answer as yourself. I get a lot of responses back that people think I’m writing just to them and it’s great.

    All the best and thanks again!

  40. I am soooooo happy to hear this from you Marie! I’m just starting out in my business and I also love writing and sharing. It’s a sigh of relief (and a jump for joy!) that I can indeed be successful using my own words and my own time. I know you’re not saying that you don’t have help with your business and how fabulously successful it is. It’s just really nice to know that I can have all I want and my business can be all I want it to be, while still being authentic and directly and genuinely connected to my supporters, followers and peeps!
    Thanks Marie!

  41. Thanks for the transparency. For a personality like yours, Marie, it’s hard to find someone else to mimic it on your behalf. No one can speak “cool” like you can, and it’s awesome to know that there are still people working to build real relationships with their clients. I think that’s part of what makes a list more responsive in the first place – they know you’re there and they know you care.

    Yay for you!

  42. Kat

    First, I love love love that you listened to that little voice inside and GOT the ticket. That has worked for me so many times, including front row, center for David Sedaris at the last minute. (And I adore Seth Godin, too.)

    Love what you’re doing here and how you shine your light. So I don’t want to be contrary. BUT. (You felt that coming, right?)

    Copywriting really is a skill and an art. And not everyone is cut out for it.

    So while you, Marie, do what you do beautifully — it’s something many others should approach with caution.

    There’s no shortage of very bad Do It Yourself-ers out there. I’m not saying this to get business. I have plenty. I’m saying it because I hate to see people do themselves a disservice. Even good writers can err on the side of sounding too formal, burying their key message, going on and on, and boring the reader to death.

    It takes talent and skill to make something sound friendly, inviting, easy to scan, and compelling.

    So folks, before you rush out and say, “If Marie can write her own copy, so can I”, put your copy to the test. Ask a few people who will be honest with you to read your stuff. Marie, if you want any help putting together tips for how to write good copy, hit me up. Happy to pitch in. Love what you’re up to here!

    • Kat, that is great advice.

      It requires you to be brutally honest with yourself about your strengths and not-so-strengths (ha!) and know when to ask for help. You’re right – Marie has a very engaging presence both in words and video. She makes it look so easy! 🙂 But it’s not for most of us.

      Wonderful addition to the conversation. Thank you for posting it.

    • marie

      Love it Kat. Few things.

      Without a doubt writing copy (or anything else) is a beautiful craft that is honed over time. And like most things in life, it comes easier to some than others. And not everyone is cut out for it. HOWEVER.

      If you have a burning DESIRE to write, and there’s PASSION for your message, and ENTHUSIASM for sharing your ideas with the world – you can and will become a better writer, should you so choose.

      Hiring someone is great – if you have the resources. But as it was for me, and many people just starting out, hiring a great copywriter may not be in the start-up budget.

      One of my mentors taught me to write how I speak. That got me going. In our current world of ‘short n sweet’ texts, Tweets, and updates – this casual style can help anyone move past ‘writers block’ and start getting their ideas out into the world.

      If you can write 140 characters, you can write more. And if you keep writing and working at it, you will get better over time.

      I firmly believe that if you really WANT to learn copy, you can. (key word: want, which implies you’re committed to it 🙂 There are loads of free resources on the web, tons of books and workshops, courses and videos.

      Your copy will get better and better over time with practice, learning, and oh…did I say practice? 😉

      I LOVE the “put your copy to the test” idea. Perfection. And of course, a super skilled copywriter who also has an ability to TEACH you how she does it can be a gamechanger too.

      Bottom line is I fully agree with you AND . . . I truly believe that if you have limited resources and a big idea idea that you must share with the world, you can hustle and make it happen.

      Whether it’s through the written word, the spoken word or any kind of visual representation, we all have to push ourselves to get our art into the universe.

      Super huge thanks for jumping in here – love the dialog.

  43. Great video Marie and excellent question about the copywriting. I totally agree with you that if you have a personality based brand, it is very important that your communication comes from you. That’s what makes it genuine and so darn lovable! If your business isn’t based on you as a person, and your writing sucks, then a copywriter can be a god send. Especially for those really important things, like a website or a sales letter. And if you find a really good writer, they will develop a great voice for you that feels just right!

  44. Hey Marie,
    So great to see your videos!! I LOVE them! Not like…. love! I’ve always loved your copywriting. So engaging. Cat vomit….that’s precious!! lol

  45. Katrina

    Hi Marie, I loved your recent video. Your different characters made me laugh!! I’ve been meaning to leave a comment for quite a while to say how much I love what you do and how you do it!! I’m a fan from a loooooong way away….Australia! I keep seeing your events advertised and wish I lived closer so I could come along. They sounds AMAZING!!! Please come to Australia sometime soon : – )

  46. I absolutely love watching your videos, you have such an infectious (not the gross kind lol) personality and I look forward to new episodes every week! Great to connect with you on Twitter as well!

    You are an inspiration girl!

  47. Time for a tea break?

  48. Amazing blog and delicious content! Marie, you definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. I think copy writing also pertains to social media. I just don’t understand or agree with anyone who hires someone who speaks for them. Social media (aka your voice and brand), should not be outsourced! If you don’t have time for it, then maybe it shouldn’t be done 🙂 Anyway, off my soap box!

    Marie, I love reading your blog and watching your videos. It’s great to hear a strong female marketer who knows what’s she’s doing! Thank you for sharing!

    Copywriting is definitely a skill. I’d like to recommend a technique for anyone who is starting out. Copy sales letters with the intention practice and learn (don’t plagiarize). One of the keys is to see the principles by which the person writes their letter and the voice they bring out… and then to apply your own “flava” and story to it. It’s only through your own personality and true self that people will connect with you.

    Keep bringin the spice Marie! It’s awesome 🙂

  49. Your videos always turn out great! I cannot get my true personality to shine through in my videos! Ahh!

  50. Tom Lehner

    Hi Marie,
    well I really admire you for being able not to use a copyrighter. You sure are an inspiration – and I really mean it. I can only speak for myself, unlike you I dont have 20,000 + subscribers; thanks God, I only get about 250 to 300 emails a day and next to my work I would not kow how to answer all those. some are from the ranch and belong to the ranch business and some are from the investment company belong there and alot are from my political networking commenting on my columns, or making up ralleys, or just asking my opinion. And being a single father I want to spend quality time with my son too. So as for me I discoverd the copy righting, by doing it this way: I read the mail, I speak my answer in a voice recorder and my asssitants and secretary tip’s it up and sends it out. Only some personal messages (like the one I am sending to you) coming really from my self (which you can see on my typos LOL).


  51. Great video. It feels a bit wonky to have people write for me so never did it. Thanks for this and it is on my hot list for 2011 to get better at the art of writing copy. Thanks Marie!

  52. LOVED this video. You make it so fun to learn about biz. Even though I’m a pro copywriter I TOTALLY agree people should learn to write their own copy. Like you said, no one can replicate your voice like you do. The other point I want to make is we are all moving super fast and come up with ideas on the spur of the moment. It’s crazy to think you can hire a copywriter to be at your beck and call for every new idea. It really slows you down when you can’t write at least some of your copy. Best investment you can make is learning to write your own copy. Kudos for letting your peeps know! xo

  53. Emma

    Hi Marie,

    I’m SOO late to comment on this great video. This was actually the question I’ve sent you (I’m Emma!). Thanks for answering. Loved, loved, loved the video. You were hilarious with the glasses. You’re really good at writing copy. I do feel like you’re talking to me every time I receive your emails. Keep up the great work, and thanks for taking the time to answer.


  54. Great job, Marie! Your copywriting is excellent!

  55. Hi Marie,
    I am glad to found thus Q&A and see what you say, coz this far often happened to me that I am not that easy to like/agree with the copy written by team. Now I know seems that a copy is a reflection of more personal soul that spelling words out to the world. And that the reason why you want everyone of your our special gift that only ‘one’ have 🙂

  56. Ana Rodriguez

    I really like your content even thought i have not any plan yet about what i want to do .but i love to watch yours videos on you tube, you are doing a grat job helping others to achieve their dreams.

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