What They Don't Tell You About Menopause

April 30, 2024

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Did you know that 1 out of 3 women are experiencing menopause symptoms right now

Yet over 80% of doctors say they feel “barely comfortable” even talking about the topic. 

In 2024, the silence around menopause is deafening. Women seeking treatment are often misdiagnosed – or worse – ignored.

It’s enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out. But it’s not surprising, considering only 31% of new doctors get menopause training during their residency. 

This is a huge issue since many women experience symptoms up to 10 years before they go through menopause. 

Without proper support and care, that’s nearly 20% of your life feeling ill-equipped to take care of your changing body and mind. 

So if you’re frustrated about menopause and feel like doctors won’t believe you — you’re not alone — and today’s MarieTV is for you. 

Watch now and learn:

  • How modern “women’s health” actually hurts healthy women 
  • The infuriating “WW” system that tells doctors to ignore women’s pain 
  • How menopause rewires your brain 
  • The chemical “zone of chaos” that makes women feel crazy
  • Marie’s scary diagnosis that kicked her out of menopausal depression
  • The easy way to build your own menopausal management plan 
  • How to find a doctor who’s informed about menopause 
  • The shocking ways doctors gaslight women about their health 
  • One must-track health stat to manage your menopause (it’s NOT your period)
  • Exercises that slow down aging 
  • Why menopause is inevitable, but suffering through it is not 

Click play and join Dr. Mary Claire Haver in leading the menopause revolution to stop medical gaslighting and reveal the hidden truth about menopause.

If you’ve been told it’s just a phase — or worse, it’s “all in your head” — then don't miss this groundbreaking conversation. It can redefine your menopause journey, and literally save your life.


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Now it’s your turn... 

What’s one thing you can start doing this week to take care of your body so your future self will thank you? Write it in the comments below and let’s form our own “Meno-posse” to support each other. 

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