Simple Daily Habits to Reverse Aging & Stay Young Forever

December 12, 2023

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There’s wonderful conversation today about aging gracefully…

But what about not aging at all?

My friend Peter Diamandis believes new developments in science and technology will allow us to stop aging — and even reverse it — in the next 10 years.

Even better, these breakthroughs aren’t reserved for the rich. There are simple lifestyle changes anyone can make today to feel dramatically younger and add healthy, vibrant years to their lifespan.

Interested? I am.

Especially because, right now, my mom’s experiencing a devastating health crisis. To the point she doesn’t even want to be here anymore… And it’s breaking my heart.

So I asked Peter Diamandis — named by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” — to come on MarieTV and tell us everything he knows about longevity.

This conversation is jam-packed with cutting-edge research and practical tips you need to know to stay healthy and feel amazing for as long as possible. I highly recommend making time to watch all the way through.

Even if you just have five minutes, choose a few of these key moments to watch now (and then bookmark this page for later!):

  • [5:40] Why whales and sharks live hundreds of years, but humans don’t — yet
  • [8:44] The biological reason everything seems to go downhill after age 30
  • [9:57] How we doubled the human lifespan in the last 100 years
  • [11:25] The “Hereditary Myth” and why everything you think you know about genetics is wrong
  • [12:46] Can being optimistic help you live longer?
  • [15:40] 4 stupid reasons people die (& how to avoid them!)
  • [17:35] The biggest advancement in medical diagnostics today
  • [19:45] How to detect cancer years before you show symptoms
  • [22:13] Zombie cells, immune exhaustion & how to NOT DIE
  • [23:52] The top 3 foods to eat to feel younger and live longer
  • [27:17] 2 easy tricks that can heal your gut microbiome in seconds
  • [31:37] Why protein matters — & how to get enough
  • [36:50] The future of AI and healthcare
  • [37:56] How to fix your diet without being restrictive
  • [39:05] The #1 thing anyone can do to slow down aging starting now
  • [45:43] 5 tips to get the best sleep of your life
  • [50:06] The truth about Rapamycin & other anti-aging drugs
  • [1:04:15] Why many FDA-approved drugs backfire on women (You NEED to hear this!)
  • [1:07:43] The $101 million XPRIZE & why it matters
  • [1:11:00] Is MTP the greatest predictor of longevity and happiness?
  • [1:18:10] Why “Longevity Escape Velocity” is about to change your life

Death is inevitable. But, thanks to modern science, aging is optional. If you want to feel as amazing as possible for as long as you can, this conversation is for you.

DIVE DEEPER: To learn more about age reversal, longevity, and how to feel amazing while you’re here on this planet, enjoy these recommended resources mentioned in this episode:

4 Food Hacks to Help You Feel Younger & Live Longer

When it comes to food, Peter says there’s no one perfect diet. But, there are a few basics proven to help humans maintain more energy, get sick less, and live longer.

#1 Eat less sugar. Sugar is a poison. Our bodies never evolved to handle the amount of sugar in a typical modern diet. Reducing your daily sugar intake is one of the best things you can do for your energy, health, and lifespan.

#2 Eat more whole plants. Fiber is our friend! Consume as many whole plants as you can. Even better, at every meal try to eat your veggies first. All that fiber slows down your digestion, which helps you absorb more nutrients from your food and reduces the negative impact of sugar on your system.

For more ways to reduce glucose spikes without having to give up your favorite foods, watch this MarieTV with Jessie Inchauspé, a biochemist known as The Glucose Goddess.

#3 Take a deep breath before eating. If you eat while stressed out or distracted, your sympathetic nervous system is active and you won’t be able to digest properly or get adequate nutrients from your food. Instead, take a few deep breaths and get as relaxed as possible before a meal. This triggers your parasympathetic nervous system — known as the “rest and digest” system — to take over.

#4 Get enough protein. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo — or follow any other diet — it’s critical to get enough protein every day. Maintaining muscle mass can help add healthy years to your life. Protein is essential to build and maintain your strength. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist to find out what your specific needs are.

5 Tips to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

There is a direct, unignorable correlation between how well you sleep and how long you live. Here are Peter’s top five tips to improve your sleep:

#1 Sleep in a cold room. Peter swears by 63ºF and a cooling mattress cover. I keep our thermostat around 65-67º at night. It may take some getting used to, but the results are worth it!

#2 Eliminate all light. Do whatever it takes. Get black-out curtains, wear a mask, dim your alarm clock, and keep tech out of your bedroom.

#3 Stick to a consistent bedtime! When your sleep schedule varies, you don’t sleep as well or as deeply. Sleeping in to “make up for” a late night is a myth. Instead, reverse-engineer your bedtime based on when you naturally wake up. Build in a buffer for winding down, and stick to your bedtime as consistently as possible.

#4 Create your own “sleep kit” for traveling. Peter’s sleep kit includes his black-out mask, mandibular adjustment device, and a pair of cozy slippers. Pack whatever you need to prioritize sleep when you’re away from home.

#5 Get 8 hours of sleep every night, minimum. If you’re one of those people who thinks they only need four or six hours of sleep, science is not on your side. So if you want to add years to your lifespan, make sure you’re getting a full eight hours!

The #1 Way to Extend Your Lifespan, Naturally

In Peter’s words, “If exercise could be bottled up and turned into a drug, it would be the single most important drug ever invented by humanity.”

What makes exercise such a wonder drug? Well, if you’re over 60 and you exercise just twice a week, you can reduce your chance of cancer by three times! And reduce your “all-cause mortality” — aka your likelihood of dying for any reason — by 50%.

Here are a few quick and easy tips to get enough exercise:

  • Exercise with weights at least twice per week.
  • Focus on increasing and maintaining your muscle mass.
  • Eat enough protein.
  • Take walking meetings or invest in a walking desk.
  • Incorporate “Zone 2” cardio, which means you can hold a conversation without getting out of breath.

Or, my favorite, sprinkle in body weight exercises throughout the day. Do calf raises while you’re blow-drying your hair. Sneak in a few jumping jacks between meetings. Bust out some squats while you’re on the phone. Movement is one of the best ways to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health — not to mention, extend your life.

The Mindset of People Who Live the Longest

Did you know your attitude and beliefs can directly impact how long you live?

In a study of 69,744 women and 1,429 men, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, it was found that optimistic people live as much as 15% longer than pessimists. But it doesn’t stop there.

The phenomenon of having a strong “will to live” and recovering from severe illness — or losing that will and succumbing to disease — is real. We’re only beginning to understand the extent that positivity, a sense of purpose, and mental toughness have on our health and our lifespan. But we do know it matters.

If you remember nothing else, make it this: You have more power over your own lifespan than you might realize.

The simple changes you make to your food, sleep, exercise, and mindset today could add decades to your life.

Take care of yourself! You deserve to feel amazing.

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