Marie Forleo's B-School 2019 Scholarship Program Recipients

February 22, 2019

Hi! I'm Marie

You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

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Inspired and deeply honored. That’s how I feel after reviewing the 2019 B-School scholarship applicants.

Thank you for your heartfelt participation.

Thank you for the enormous creativity, vulnerability, honesty, and effort you poured into your video. We watched every single one — over 700 entries!

Before you scroll down to see the recipients, please read these few important notes.

First, one of the primary reasons I designed the scholarship contest this way is to get people to act.

One of my gifts is being a catalyst to help others bring their dreams to life. While some folks make videos regularly, for many of our participants this is the first time they’ve ever shot, edited, or uploaded a video.

As anyone who creates content knows, that’s never a small feat! Getting across a clear message in 90 seconds or less takes more time and energy than you’d think.

But as Thomas Edison said, “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Part of my objective was to help you stretch outside of your comfort zone. To help you articulate and share your vision and take another bold action, which you did.

I sincerely mean this when I say it: the win is in taking action. The win is in taking a stand for what you’re creating and sharing that vision with others. The win is in moving beyond discomfort to expand your capabilities.

Taking risks, putting it out there, doing new things is what being a leader is all about.

Even more important is this. How we deal with any kind of letdown, setback, or obstacle shapes our lives more than almost anything else. You showed up, you shared, now take what you discovered and run with it!

Not receiving a B-School scholarship nor any other disappointment will stop you unless you let it.

Making the selections is never easy. We do not take this experience lightly. Nor do we take who you are, the time you put in, and the vulnerability you share for granted.

As a fellow creative and business owner, I have so much respect for you. I want you to know something from my heart to yours:

You are enough. You are capable. You have the power to bring your heart’s dream to life.

Whether you’re able to join us for B-School or not, my support is not going away.

I’ll be here each week through MarieTV, our MF insider’s broadcast, The Marie Forleo Podcast, and everything else we create and share.

I’ve been in business now for over 19 years.

If you’ve been connected to our work for any amount of time, then you know this is true: we’re fiercely dedicated to providing encouragement, wisdom, and tools to keep you moving ahead. The vast majority of our company’s work is created and shared, free of charge.

Now, without further ado, here are the 18 recipients of a 2019 B-School Scholarship.

1. Regeanie Corona Regeanie’s non-profit, Advancing the Seed, helps underserved young adults and women become leaders. She left a career in IT to move into the non-profit space — we’re here for you Regeanie!!

2. Ashley Caron Ashley’s from Trinidad and has created a non-profit to reduce gender-based violence through resources and safe spaces. A victim of violence herself, Ashley’s taken her experience and turned it into a mission.

3. Christin Riddick After experiencing the joy of growing his own vegetables and creating cultural significant dishes, Christin created a business to help his community learn about the power of plants — and reconnect to the land.

4. Christine Hiratsuka Christine is a mom of two living in Columbia. She’s committed to saving the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous communities that live there. Talk about saving the world!

5. Asel Bapanova A mother of 7, this Kazakhstani life coach has been on a 20-year search to find out what she wants to do. With her country ranking 4th in the world for the number of suicides, Asel’s committed to helping her community (especially young people) set goals, find joy, and thrive.

6. Aisha Amijee Leaving her full-time job to live a more holistic life and take care of her 3 kids, Aisha founded Voices of Muslim Women to education and mentor girls and women to become confident, connected, and informed leaders.

7. Brittany Harrison This incredible powerhouse has started an online community for Laughter Yoga to help others receive the benefit and joy she’s found, even while battling a chronic illness. Now she wants to take it to the next level. We’re cheering you on in your recovery Brittany!8.Jennifer Anne GarciaJennifer is a military spouse who’s helped veterans, students, and working professionals with their resumes for 10 years. And she’s got a 100% hire rate! Go Jennifer go!

9. Betsy Butterick A former basketball coach turned life coach, Betsy travels the country working with athletic departments and teams, but she has big dreams of financial growth as she gets married and starts a family!

10. Peach Brown Inventor, YouTuber, and product creator, Peach’s mission is to help every little girl know she can be an inventor — even with no money or traditional education.

11. Sally Adams Sally has big dreams of creating live events that will showcase artists from communities that are usually left out. Recently retired and relocating to be near family, Sally is fired up and ready to change the world!

12. Nadia Muhina A Moldovan psychologist diagnosed with MS, Nadia is determined to be of service to people who struggle with illness by using her wisdom and personal experience. You’ve got this Nadia!

13. Bella Lam Bella started Coconut Whisk — a vegan, gluten-free baking company that gives back — her senior year of college! She’s got a big social mission and an eye on industry domination (get it girl).

14. Leona Carter After her family was impacted by the government shutdown, this military wife and mom of 6 has dreams of helping other moms manage their time, while building a legacy for her children.

15. Thamar Innocent A birth worker helping women of color, Thamar is committed to supporting maternal health and wellness. Hooray for safer and healthier babies and mamas!

16. Charles Peoples III A singer, songwriter, and performer, Charles wants to be a positive role model through his work. (We think he already is!)

17. Clarice Fonseca Clarice is a Brazilian handbag designer (her work is so beautiful!), who wants to support herself, provide for her family, and share her creations with the world.

18.Antti Juopperi Antti is a Finish jewelry designer who discovered a passion for metalworking while coping with depression. He’s committed to using sustainable resources and giving back through his work.With all my love and admiration, XO

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