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Can Your Daily Intentions Change Your Life? Gary Zukav Says Yes.

June 21, 2021

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Do you want a life of spontaneity, joy, and intelligence? Or one of pain, frustration, and suffering?

The choice is yours.

While you can’t always control your external circumstances, my MarieTV guest today will show you how to access something WAY more powerful.

Gary Zukav is a modern spiritual teacher and the author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers including The Seat of the Soul and Universal Human. He’s known for his profound insights about human consciousness and appearing on the Oprah Show more than any other guest.

In today’s episode, Gary speaks openly about his early struggle with sex and drug addiction, the advanced physics meeting that changed his life, and how each of us can choose love over fear in our everyday lives.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to know what you were born to do.
  • The sentence that radically changed Oprah’s life.
  • Where emotions come from (this might surprise you).
  • The most powerful force on the planet — and yes, YOU have direct access.
  • How to tap into your multisensory perception.
  • The important difference between intentions and outtensions.
  • 3 body parts that hold MASSIVE emotional wisdom.
  • How to choose love in every situation. 

If you want to learn how to turn would-be painful experiences into joy-filled ones, this episode is a must-watch.

DIVE DEEPER: For more on the power of your emotions, learn 3 steps to channel anger into a force for good.

Amazing conversation, right? But here’s the best part:

Your insights from this MarieTV can change your life faster — if you repeat them.

Take a moment now to write down your key insights. Or speak them outloud. Share them with your dog. This step is SO important because repetition drives growth.

No pen and paper handy? Plop your ahas in the comments below. Tell Gary Zukav — and the tens of thousands of souls who come here daily for inspiration — your BIGGEST takeaway from today’s episode. More importantly, let us know how you can put your insight into action.

Because the intention YOU put in directly correlates to the results you get back — in every area of life.

In Gary’s words: “Your being here is not accidental. Your creative capacity is far beyond what you can now imagine. And if you give all that you can to Life, make that with a capital L, you'll receive in return more than you can imagine.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for adding your voice and sharing your experience with this community.


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