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Are You Stuck In The “Good Girl” Trap?

March 26, 2024

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Ever feel like it’s impossible to be a “good” woman these days?

You’re told to go after your dreams — but put family first. 

Be bold — but not aggressive. 

Ambitious, yet humble.

A team player — who’s also independent.

Be kind, but not a pushover.  

Passionate, but not emotional. 

Make people like you — but don’t be fake.

Be smart — but not so smart that other people feel stupid.

What would happen if you simply STOPPED trying to be good all the time? 

What if — instead of trying to take up as little space as possible — you boldly shared your ideas, confidently displayed your accomplishments, and communicated clearly about your needs?

In today’s MarieTV, cultural expert Elise Loehnen challenges the ancient rules that hold women back, including:

  • 2 surprising ways women have outperformed men for centuries 
  • The infuriating truth about why women tear each other down
  • Why so many women don’t know what they want 
  • How the “morality police” hold women back from achieving their goals
  • Why women put everyone else first 
  • The trick to making it in a “man’s world”  
  • How to escape the “good girl” trap
  • Would you sacrifice 10 years of your life for THIS!?

Watch now and learn how to break the deep-rooted conditioning that tells women to keep their heads down, stay small, and be “good” instead of rising to greatness.

DIVE DEEPER: Want more help escaping the “good girl” trap? Grab my ultimate guide for saying “NO” — including 19 word-for-word scripts for almost any situation.

GRAB ELISE’S NEW BOOK: On Our Best Behavior: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Price Women Pay to Be Good

Now it’s your turn. Let’s look closer at the “7 Deadly Sins of Being a Woman.” 

For example, mine is Sloth. I tend to push myself way too hard — always striving to do more and give more — to avoid looking lazy. Even though, deep down, I know I’m doing more than enough. What about you?

Which of these do you catch yourself feeling guilty about the most? 

  • Sloth
  • Pride
  • Gluttony
  • Anger
  • Greed
  • Lust
  • Envy

Write 1–2 sentences about why it makes you feel guilty. Now ask yourself: is this feeling real? Or does it feel like something you’ve been programmed to believe?

What’s something you could do (or stop doing) to write a new truth for yourself?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s help each other escape the “good girl” trap together.


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