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Behind My Biz: Do I Write My Own Copy?

January 12, 2011

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Oooh boy! I wanted to post this puppy yesterday for our official Q&A Tuesday, but I was blissfully swept away by the incomparable Seth Godin.

You see, a few weeks ago my friend Joe Polish emailed me about this Seth Godin event, saying “You HAVE to go to this since I can’t – get a ticket NOW!” We’re both big Godin fans and by the time I clicked to register, the event was sold out. Bummer.

But something wasn’t sitting quite right with me. I had one of my “intuitive hits” that there was one last ticket floating around somewhere with my name on it. So I cruised around Seth’s blog, found the ticket agent’s phone number and called them.

Me:  “Hey there, can you help me?  I want to buy a ticket to the Seth Godin event.”

Ticket rep:  “I’m sorry. That event sold out really fast.”

Me:  “Could you please check again?  I have this funny feeling . . .”

Ticket rep: “Sure thing. Hang on a second while I take another look.”

Me:  “No problem.”

Ticket rep: “Whoa. This is weird. It was sold out and now I’m showing exactly one ticket left.”

Me: [with huge, gloating smile] “Fantastic. I’ll take it.”

Wild right? Just goes to show you how ridiculously important it is to hone and use your intuition.

Now back to today’s jam. In this video, I’ll take you behind the scenes in my business and reveal the truth about whether or not I write all my own copy. You’ll also see my cameo “cat vomit” appearance in Tim Ferriss’s new fantastic book, The Four Hour Body.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think so leave a comment below.

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