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Too many dreams, too little time?

For my MarieTV guest today, “multipassionate” is an understatement.

Tina Wells started her first marketing company at age 16… accidentally. In college, she pitched enormous clients like Apple, Kroger, and The Oprah Winfrey Network and landed them! Then, while running Buzz Marketing Group, she wrote and published six books in three years — on the side — and has twelve more on the way.

How does she write and create so consistently? And, more importantly, how can you? The good news is that Tina isn’t a robot, superhero, or savante. The key to becoming a successful and prolific creator is not talent. In fact, it’s so ordinary, it’s often overlooked:

“Whatever it is that you want to do, you need a system.”

Because it’s your process, not your talent, that leads to extraordinary results. In today’s episode, Tina breaks down her own creative system. You’ll get the writing process and prompts that helped her create her best-selling tween fiction series, Mackenzie Blue and The Zee Files, and her upcoming middle grade book series, Honest June.

We all have within us an ability to be creative, we just have to unlock it. @tinacwells Click To Tweet

If you want to learn how to follow your heart and accomplish your most ambitious dreams, pay close attention to Tina’s story.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Tina became an “accidental entrepreneur” at age 16.
  • Where she got the confidence to pitch Apple & The Oprah Winfrey Network.
  • How to take 6 months off without losing momentum.
  • The career-defining question that sparked three best-selling book series.
  • The writing advice that helped Tina write six books in three years.
  • How to make time to write — even if you run a business or have a family.
  • How to trust your gut for life’s big decisions.
  • Why every successful writer needs a system. (Plus Tina’s go-to writing prompts!)

Watch now to learn the prompts and processes that’ll help you finally bring your writing out of your head and onto the page

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn 8 secrets to write faster, and get my favorite writing advice from 7 best-selling authors including Seth Godin, Liz Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, and more.

Now, it’s time to turn your insight into action.

In the comments below, tell me: Do you follow a system or process to unlock your creativity? And if not, what’s one insight you can use from this episode to start one today?

To use my own proven writing system, check out The Copy Cure to see if it’s right for you. This course has already helped thousands of writers and entrepreneurs (including Tina!) breathe new life into their copy and new sales into their businesses. Enrollment closes tomorrow, so get in while you can!

Whether it’s my system or another, promise me that you will learn the skill of copywriting. You can do this. I believe in you. It is a 100% learnable skill. Because I deeply, truly believe it when I say:

The world really does need that very special gift that only you have.


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  1. Love, love, love this! Thank you so much! I know you said you only write for the audience you know, but I would love a book from you for me, Marie’s audience, called “unlock it and do the work”. Because it looks like you’re such a natural! And I would LOVE to hear about the journey from someone who does the work, who is good at the work without the potential naysayer excuse who say it was “privilege”. Please do this when it’s in alignment with you!

  2. Thanks for sharing Tina Wells and her story! During the pandemic I found myself driven to fully explore my creativity and chose to take a one year sabbatical from a 25-year career in communications—which is very difficult to explain to the world. A novel I started during the pandemic publishes December 2 and I’m finalizing a holiday novella. None of this would be possible if I hadn’t gifted myself the space to live my dream, to improve my craft and embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. Tina’s story was just what I needed to hear for a slice of validation. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Annette

      Wow! Congratulations!! That is so inspiring to hear, especially coning from a 25-year career! That must have been hard to step back from but I salute your courage to make the space for yourself and find what was calling to you. Plus the fact that you got so much done in that time is amazing! That gives me hope that all things are possible. Thank you, and best of luck with the release of your novel!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Athena,

      This is so amazing to hear! Thank you for sharing, and best of luck on December 2!

      -Jeremy, Team Forleo

  3. Annette

    This was an awesome episode! I just started writing more seriously and am identifying myself as a writer now, as a profession (thanks for the validation from the previous episode!). So this episode with Tina was spot on and there were so many things to take away from it. The big one was the writing process, systems, and tools. I’m used to setting up systems in my daily life to get more efficient and organised but I never thought about applying it into my writing process. I’m not exactly sure how this works or how it is going to turn out but I’m definitely going to give it a go. So, if you have any tips or tricks on that, I’m open to suggestions!

  4. This was amazing ! Thank you Marie and Tina. Just what I needed today.

  5. Fabulous interview! I remember her marketing company when she was getting all that “buzz.” Just never read about Tina specifically. Love her story of reinvention and pivots.

  6. Kristin

    This is so inspiring, as I try to find my way writing a children’s book. So many valuable nuggets in this interview–thank you! 🙂

  7. Lindsay

    Just what I was looking for.

  8. Nan

    This was a great episode and so inspiring. Thank you!!
    I’ve been feeling like I have stories or books to write but what stops me is not knowing how I can get them published! Everything I read and hear says it’s nearly impossible for an unknown person to get anything published. Feeling like I don’t have a way to get published puts the breaks on the whole writing effort for me. My practical mind says, why waste your time writing this if it won’t go anywhere? So I guess my question is, how do you get published if you’re not already famous?

    • Carole'Diane

      Hello and Thank you Monauar at Team Forleo for your reply and support and the Hug! I needed it all. I have posted before, so many times, follow and watch Marie, so inspirational, but have never had a reply, so this means a lot to me right now. I am, like Daniel P, who I just had to reply to, looking for validation, that our Dreams are REAL and should be followed. We have lost our way, can’t move forward or find someone to help us. I am still struggling to achieve my goals, cant find a publisher or Mentor to help guide me so have lost my way. All achievers start out by having “Dreams” they are not just in our heads and that we are Dreamers. Good luck to us for being “Dreamers”, it is our destiny, our inner voice and heart is telling us so, leading us to better things in life and sometimes, we become so overwhelmed by others disbelief, lack of support, accusations, rejections, that we forget our dreams, we give up, but are still here, listening, watching, researching, looking for help because we KNOW we should do it, we just need time out to believe it ourselves and stop listening to the negative influences of family, so called friends and only listen to the ones that have made it, have followed their dreams, have listened to their hearts like Marie, Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Brendan Burchard and so many many more. They are the ones that matter, you all become our “family,” who believe in us, you are our support network. It was such a moving and inspiring interview with Tina and it sure resonated with me, and so many others. I just pray and wish one day, I will find someone who’s on the same wavelength as me, will love me and support me, help me, guide me to achieve my goals too. I will never be at peace otherwise. I have downloaded “How to get whatever you want”. I have got Marie’s book “Everything is Figureoutable” and still I struggle against all adversities and negative others to become published and dont know who to do it alone. I want to stand up on a stage, become a Speaker, an Influencer, anything, as long as I help others, get my message out there, help them to see, we can make it, we just don’t know how when all our lives we’ve been disbelieved by people, convinced were nuts, its all in our heads, just “Dreams” that dont come true, their beliefs because their dreams did not come true so they stop others whose strong enough to fight for their dreams and make them become a reality and prove them wrong, they will do everything in their power to stop us, people we believed that should matter, should care, support us, ie family and friends etc but never have and never will. I never had that support only retribution for being “different” and having “Dreams”!. It destroyed me. ‘I sometimes wish I lived out there to talk to you face to face. You are more of a family to me than my own. I am alone and have suffered so much but still I cannot give in, now im getting desperate to make a name for myself but more importantly, to help so many others, I KNOW it is what I am destined to do. I wish someone would show me how, support me, not take advantage of me (like everyone has in my life) who would encourage me and not try to stand in my way (like they have) convince me its all just a “Dream”! It’s not. Dreams are messages, signs, our inner voices, that we are destined to be successful, are needed and deserve better in life. We are needed by others. We have a message for others who need to hear, as Marie so succinctly puts it, our “Special Gifts that only we have”. Love you Marie and Team Forleo. Im doing the Growthday app with Brendan Burchard and follow Mel Robbins, but cant seem to stick at that for some reason, Ive always journaled, I am a writer, a Poet, a Photographer, a Psychic Intuitive, an Empath and HSP and its driving me nuts not being able to follow my “Dreams” and ambitions, to achieve my goals and soul purpose. Im looking everywhere to get help, people who resonate with me, believe in me, but not really helping in the way I expected, I don’t wish to sound big headed but what they are saying, I already know deep within my heart, I just dont know how to put it into practice and take action and achieve it, I have tried and been rejected, but you’re all on my wavelength, I relate to you so much, but still I feel alone in making my “Dreams” become a reality. Everybody on here seems to feel the same way, we are all having the same struggles and the ones who have made it, Im proud of them all. I wish everyone on here the very best of love, luck, happiness and success and hope I too have helped them in some small way, by reaching out on this platform. Love to everyone and Love you Marie and Team Forleo for everything. As you can tell, I sure can write!!! I have a lot to say, from listening to my inner voice, my gut instincts, I dont know when to stop, Its so infuriating knowing we have these gifts but dont know how to achieve the success our dreams and gifts are telling us to follow. Bless you all. xoxo

    • Carole'Diane

      Hi Nan. I hear you. Im in same situation. We are all struggling one way or another but I hope you read my comments to others, it says it all and seems to apply to quite a few of us who are still struggling and thinking of giving up or looking for validation! Thats why we make comments, reach out, listen to Marie TV, read the books, etc, were all on the same path, trying to achieve our goals but dont know how especially when, if like me, are up against a lot of negativity and lack of love and support from so called family and friends. All they do is constantly run me down for having “Dreams or “Hair brained” ideas” as they call them, saying “Dreams never come true, not reality and to get my head out of the clouds”!! We start to believe them and the struggle becomes harder, we lose belief in ourselves. We should’nt. Its our Gifts. Our Talents. Our Voice that is there for a reason and the world needs to hear! They really do, if we can find some way to make it so. Dreams are our messages, our inner voices, telling us we all have special gifts that the world needs. I hope we all achieve them, somehow and find the Peace we all crave in achieving our goals. Good luck to everyone and well done to the ones who’ve achieved their dreams and become successful. Maybe someone, some day, will help us do the same. We just have to support each other and try to find a way to do it, even if it means changing direction, but don’t give up. lots love to you all xoxo

      • teamforleo

        Hi Carole,
        Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring and kind reply to Nan. Wow, our community is filled with love, support, and the belief in dreams because they matter! We couldn’t agree more, never give up on your dreams and let’s lift everyone around us.

        -Antoinette, Team Forleo

        • Carole'Diane

          Thank you Antoinette at Team Forleo. I hope Nan and Daniel get to see my comments. We are all reaching out to each other, looking for answers and support for a reason. We have a gift (or many), we have a strong pulling to do something special, change our lives, be someone and it is not imaginary or just dreams, its real. We are being called, for whatever reason, write a book (like me) become a speaker (like I wish to become), change our lives (like me) its all there for a reason, that’s why we follow so many entrepreneurs who have made it, conquered their fears, struggles, and are our inspiration that we too can do it, but we very rarely follow it through because we still need that validation, we, the ones who don’t have support, money, knowledge, contacts, are looking for that help, reaching out. Why do we need validation, proof, that what we feel inside, what our inner voice is telling us, is real, not just dreams, because we are still stuck in the quagmire of self doubt, fear, discouragement, do not know how to do it, need help but dont know who to turn to that will help us the best, who is suitable for our needs and what we are all trying to achieve. It ok for those who know how to do it, have the support, have the means, the knowledge, but for the average person its so hard to get started, years of struggling to find the answers, the support, the help needed, the belief, that we give up. Our dreams become buried under the overwhelm and overload of information and we end up at a crossroads, not knowing which way to go or who with, thats the position I am in now. If the “Dream – Need – Desire – Inner Voice” never stills, is constantly with us in our psyche, every day, then we must listen and follow it, its the “Who with, How and where” that stops us and actually takes the dream away down the wrong path. I hope and pray I will find the right path and will help others to do the same, then I and they, will find Peace and Happiness that we deserve because our Inner voices are driving us towards that goal, telling us it what we deserve, we are special, but we need help to get started. I know I do. I am now referring to myself as “A Writer” and believing it (have been since a child but didnt know it then!) Ive always called myself a “budding writer – Author” – I am published in two Anthologies and newspapers but it never amounted to anything, so I started writing my true story, my memoirs that I was afraid to write and prevented from writing, told to keep quiet, keep secrets, but I cannot do so any longer. The Inner Voice, the yearning to be heard to tell the truth is only destroying me when I KNOW I can help so many others and that is ‘MY DREAM – DESIRE AND DESTINY”! Its the HOW and who with for support to guide me, that I cannot find the answer to, as so many others also struggle with if, like me, we are just the ordinary person with special gifts that the world truly needs to hear, we are unique, but dont know how to achieve our goals. Ive been writing for years, I have a book, a manuscript (if I collate it all together), but how do I get it “out there”? How do I become known, heard, and help so many others. If the dream, desire stays than its meant to be our destiny, our purpose in life and should not be ignored. I am hoping others log back in and read this, its a beginning to reaching out to others. My Growth Day course with Brendan does not seem to be suiting my needs, I love him to bits, love his work and ethics and message and support but dont know where it’s leading. I love, love Mel Robbins too, she is like Marie, so open, honest, genuine, a REAL person who speaks from experience and from the heart and after listening to, trying so many others, Marie and Mel are calling to me, I can relate to them both so much, I can feel them, hear them but how do I reach that status? A simple, normal woman, whose truly admitting to myself that I am special with special gifts and I AM a writer and believing in myself that I CAN do it, I just don’t know how or who to approach to become published, known, start a website, a blog (some blogs I find too boring to be honest!) I just want to see my book published, stand on a stage, show up somehow, to help others become Survivors and to stand up and be proud of who they are and their special gifts, because we all have them. Some are not interested in following that inner voice, would rather bury it, but others, like ME, who are controlled by that nagging voice in our ears and hearts, cannot leave it, ignore it and if thats the case, then we MUST do it! Any advice, help would be truly appreciated, I admit I need help, I am not afraid to say so anymore, have tried to do it alone, but its not working and im not ashamed to say so, I Need help, I need Marie, Mel, the reason why we all follow them, we all need help, but I need support to put my goals, dreams into action now, thats why we are all here in the first place. We KNOW we can do it, we just dont know how. I know how to help others too and always do, but it makes me feel good to do so, momentarily, but its not helping me to achieve my full potential and MY goals. Good luck to everyone who feels the same. We are in it together but there’s only so much one can research, read, follow, comment on before we take action otherwise we actually forget why were doing it, – to become successful, known, heard and to help others and in doing so, especially in my case, HEAL and find Peace. It is in helping others that we help ourselves. It is in Healing others, that I will Heal. I hope someone can help me to achieve the “Special Gifts and achieve my Soul purpose” that I have been blessed with. I was blessed with them for a reason.

  9. Daniel P.

    Just watched Tina Wells. I got “permission” from both Tina and Marie to be multi-passionate and pursue more than one dream. Dreams in my family were meant to be distractions from “real life”, certainly not pursued by responsibile members of society. But I am very passionate about 3 genres and have an opportunity to purchase a large peice of property that could be a grand home base to all of them. These two women act as though there is no reason not to go for it, so I intend to do so. Passionately and with great excitement. Finally, someone is saying “Yes, go for it.” Maybe I shouldn’t have needed to hear that from outside, but it makes all the difference right now. Thank you both, beautiful Ladies, beautiful Souls.

    • teamforleo

      HI Daniel,

      Team Forleo says, “YES! Go for it!” too! We’re so happy for you and can’t wait to see all your dreams come to life. Wishing you all the best!

      – Monauar, Team Forleo

    • Carole'Diane

      Hi Daniell P. I just had to reply to you. Your comment resonated with me so strongly. What you said is so in alignment with my own upbringing and negative influences from others. The voices in our heads! I too was told that “Dreams” are just that….”Dreams” and they never come true and not to be pursued in “Real” life? They ARE real life. Our real life! I was always told I had an “overactive imagination, was a dreamer”, was prevented, controlled, talked out of following mine, would never amount to anything because I was a dreamer, convinced me to “get my head out of the clouds”, but they are there for a reason, they are messages, signs, that you are meant to go for other things in your life, change paths, to follow those dreams, it is your destiny, the right path, its our inner voice, messages, visions from a higher power, whatever you believe in, but believe your “Dreams”!! Being a Genuine Psychic Intuitive, which took years of study and to believe in myself, I had a message from my Dad from the other side “Just Do It”! and for the first time, I actually began to feel that at long last, he believed in me. However, I cannot say the same about the rest of the family, everyone still convinces me “It’s all in my head, I am a dreamer and will never amount to anything, dreams don’t come true”! Called me names, a Drama queen, you name it,I was called it so consequently, we begin to question our own sanity and whether it is just a “Dream” to escape reality, but why as we escaping reality?. Their perception of reality is not ours, we see a different path, know we are different, deserve more and are capable of achieving our dreams, were destined for betting things, but it comes at a price. Ive struggled for years to achieve my dreams, still am, don’t know how to achieve them, find someone to help me to achieve them, encourage and support me, believe in me so my “Dreams’ have slowly stagnated and never come to fruition but they are still there and I won’t find Peace until they are realised! You’ve got this Daniel, go for them, I know exactly what you’re feeling, you did need to hear it from “outside” of yourself, you needed encouragement to “Go for it” because you lost faith in yourself and your dreams! You allowed others to convince you they are just “Dreams” and nothing else, so I am saying, listen to your own heart and inner voice, its trying to get your attention that you’re on the wrong path and destined for a better things, so follow it, regardless of what others say. Get help if you need it, multi tasking is good, you’ve got back up plans, so if doesn’t go according to plan, you’ll always have something to fall back on. Find and share it with like minded people who will share in your dreams and goals if you can and support you. I have needed that support, and convincing, all my life, still do, “thats why were here, listening to Marie and searching for answers is it not?) but the “Dreams” never go away because they are telling you what to do. It will come at a price along the way but that’s only because the ones that have made you feel insecure, who are jealous by the way, will try to stop you, you may lose friends and family like I have, but if we don’t follow our messages, our inner voice, our hearts, our Dreams, we will never be happy or successful. Im not chasing financial gain per se, although that would help lol x, I want recognition, support, peace, and happiness knowing I have achieved my soul purpose and helped others not go through all I have. Then I will find the Peace that has evaded me all my life and you will too! Don’t give up. If you do, you will never be “at Peace with yourself”. It is in helping others that we help ourselves, we just need someone to help us along the way so Im routing for you. I understand where you’re coming from,. Go do it Daniel, I wish you the very best of luck, success and every happiness. Xoxo Please let me know how you get on. I would love to hear.

  10. Regardless what you go through in life, let that be the subliminal motivational fuel to inspire you to start a business, be passionate about what you desire to do as an aspiring entrepreneur, and let your experiences be something to write about and profit from in longevity in earning steady streams of passive income. 🙂


    My “HaHa’ moment was to take a Sabbatical!! I am so tired, exhausted fighting the enemies around me. I really do need that space to find myself again and get in touch with natural instincts and inspiration!! Ive been through so much trauma and manipulation, Ive lost touch with my goals and soul purpose because family do not believe in me, we have become estranged, I have suffered ill health and stress and abuse but, like Tina, im still forcing myself to go on, break through the barriers and walls that others put before me to believe in myself again. To become a published author!! I am so passionate about my writing but I’m allowing others to stop me from doing what I am meant to do and to tell my story to help others. It is my soul purpose. Being an Empath/HSP, Psychic Intuitive, I really need to find some peace and quiet from all the personal negativity that is affecting my life and health and find myself again and that idea of taking a Sabbatical hit me hard. Its not something I’ve considered, it seemed selfish, I am always there for others and put myself last. Thanks Tina and Marie for that shove that I needed and not to feel selfish for wanting and needing to be alone. I think we all need that time at some point in our lives. What a great idea! Thank you. Now, when’s the next flight out of here! HaHa lol xx

    • teamforleo

      Hi there Carole’Diane,

      Thank you so much for sharing that with us. We can tell you it is absolutely not selfish to need alone time and take care of your heart and soul. We hope that you can find some quiet space to reconnect to nature and yourself. Even a walk in the park would be a great place to start. Sending you a big hug!

      – Monauar, Team Forleo

  12. It was an aha to hear Tina talk about how she created time in her workday for her book. Thank you for a wonderful conversation.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback back! We are so glad you enjoyed the conversation.

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  13. Carole'Diane

    Sorry Antoineette. I meant to tick box below. To send email notifications if someone reads and responds to my comments. Thank you. I hope “someone” out there will be able to lead, guide, advise me who to go with, follow, how to get published, Ive tried so hard, contacted many publishers (when I was writing just poetry) but thats how my journey began, getting my emotions down on paper through poetry, if flows out of me so naturally, but I lost most of my work due to Ex abusive partner who destroyed it all and had to begin writing all over again. I will never get back what I lost, so I changed my format and incorporate the two and have been re-wrting my whole story again, its Meant to be. I will not rest until its done. Thats why im telling you and every one else yet it proves, Im actually “Writing” and telling my story now, in my comments and replies, so how do I make it become a reality to the rest of the world?? Thank you for your patience, understanding and help. Much love to your all and to Marie. xoxo

  14. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for getting Tina Wells, it was an amazing experience to watch a successful author share her process. I learned a lot from her, and I think I will be focusing on my writing a little bit more, and try to create structured ideas that I can bring to life. This session really empowered me and gave me a lot of inspiration. I can’t wait to try the tips and systems to improve my writing process. Thanks a lot for your efforts.

  15. Tina Wells!!! ❤️ We have many parallels in our story! The biggest takeaway was creating systems of accountability. If anything, this video has given me the courage to follow my idea of creating a strategy for building and launching tech start-ups with little to no experience or funding. I also loved how she said to treat my project as if it were my client. I have always battled between building my product and helping others. I CAN DO BOTH!! I want to use all of the experience I have gathered in the tech industry to help others build the beautiful world-changing tech businesses of tomorrow.
    Thanks, Tina and Marie, for this life-changing video.

  16. Judith Bowers

    Thank you, this interview was wonderfully exciting. I wish I’d had Tina Wells’ books for my two daughters, now in their mid-thirties. I love the focus on her books, especially the anxiety series. There is such need for these books! I also love seeing young women such as you and Tina blossom and share your great energy and success with a wider audience. I am a writer who continues to write (mainly memoir type writing) and I love tuning into your show for tips and inspiration. (p.s. will be 80 in February, still can’t believe that!)

  17. Thank you for this interview! I absolutely agree that having a process is so important, especially with writing. And prioritizing it like you would a paying client – that’s genius! Such a great way of looking at it. I’ve written three novellas, but I’ve been having trouble making my way through that word count into a full-length novel. It just always seems like such a big task that I get discouraged. It’s been really helpful recently to develop a process of writing just a page a day — haha, a page is a length I can manage!

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