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It happens to the best of us.

Nerves and anxiety creep up when we’re creating something new for public consumption.

Our minds especially love to imagine what the haters will say.

In this video, you’ll learn how to find the confidence to put yourself out there, regardless of the naysayers.

You’ll also get a little “physical practice” inspired by a nine-year-old who preaches “Don’t let the haters keep me off me grind.”

(Bonus points if you know that lyric BEFORE watching the video!)


As someone who regularly puts it out there so to speak, I will say that the more you do it, the easier it gets. Much like everything else in life.

That’s not to say I don’t feel insecure.  As I’ve said before, my mind says the same BS yours does. I just have way more fun creating.

Got your own methods to move past insecurity?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Or make your own “whip it” vid and upload a link in the comments please!

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  1. This is SUPER helpful, Marie… and super timely as I’m finishing up a presentation on copywriting for next week!

    Thank you very much!

    • marie

      NICE Rachel. Knock it out of the park woman.

  2. Love it! Typically, just 1 step past the haters, are all of the supporters & all of the confidence in the world. Giving up when haters hate is the WORST thing you can do. Keep your goals & purpose in mind 🙂 xo

    • marie

      Ooooh Tara – I like it.

  3. You are a damn crazy chick Marie…but I love ya!!!

    • marie

      Ha ha ha Tracy! I love you too xoo

  4. Vasso

    Hey Marie,

    You definitely give Tuesdays a different meaning with your Q&A videos!!

    Loved this one!! I will keep your piece of advise in mind, since I am in too much search of confidence myself!!

    Looking forward to your news from South Africa!!


    Vasso (your friend and fan from Athens, Greece)

  5. Love it! Great tips and funny video. I’d like to hear more about the Branson School of Entrepreneurs that you are teaching at. Sounds intriguing.

  6. Marie,

    I love these videos – thank you for being so fun and ridiculous! I think your message is such an important one…”taking action in spite of fear”…and not just waiting to feel confident.

    You’ve been such a role model in my business and life, Marie. Thanks again. Xo, Katie Humphrey

  7. You’re too cool. I’m your newest biggest follower. Awesome!

  8. Marie- You are FEARLESS! Excited to see some cool footage of your volunteer work with Sir Richard in Africa. YOU ROCK!!!!

  9. You are such a shot of Soul Nutrition! Love your hair by the way!
    Shaking it in the Snowbound Berkshires! Love, S

  10. Such great advice, Marie. Even though I’ve been at my business a long time, there is always that icky feeling in my gut when I am about to do something new/risky/different – and I have found that the icky feeling is a sign that I am on the right track. I have learned to just breathe, feel it and then get my ass out there! Also, I ask myself “what is the worst that can happen?”. Usually what I imagine is far worse than anything that ever does happen.

    Much love,
    PS I love these videos – they are so much fun yet still manage to be wise! Keep on truckin’ girl…..

  11. This is fantastic Marie. Thanks! I’m in the process of putting together a product and this is very timely and helpful.

  12. Great tip on self-confidence— really helpful, thanks!!

  13. You’re in South Africa? Beautiful indeed.

    Amazing. I agree 100%. I’ve actually expressed that sentiment. If you’re nervous take the attention off yourself and focus on the gift you’re about to share with others. Nice to hear it mirrored back. I needed that. I recently went through a day of self-doubt and insecurity. It’s a daily tending to that ego-monster.

    So-called haters are really lovers who haven’t found a way to “Rock What THEY Got.” When you’re really rockin’ whatcha’ got you’re happy to see others shinin’.

    Thanks for sprinkling us with your Love Dust Mama. 😉
    I find that I look forward to your emails. Be safe and keep soaring goddess.


    * Akua *

  14. the end was hilarious, thanks for being so free and funny!

  15. Bengal Tiger

    There are no tigers in Africa. FYI

  16. Pat

    I love it Marie! When I am the most confident in what I am putting out there is when I focus on the person I am helping in my case my client instead of myself and because my business is always focused on that relationship with my client I always feel great in what I am providing to them.. of course sometimes I forget that and that is why you are here, to give me a slap on the booty of reminders! THanks!

  17. lovin’ your rockin advice and headbanging goodness….

  18. Marie, great video full of great advice once again=) was just talking to a friend the other night saying i am “waiting” til i have everything in place before i “put” myself out there – it is a wall of fear that i have hit and i know i need to get over that wall! your simple words mean so much to so many – it’s a great kick in the ass and nice to know it’s not just me =)
    keep on rockin’

  19. Pat

    OMG! Marie you are so crazy! whip that hair girl 🙂

  20. I obvi knew it was willow smith. She’s my hero. I changed the lyrics to deal with my own “short list issues.” so now whenever I think about emailing my list I’m all, “don’t matter if it’s long or short…do it do it whip your list.” and then I send out some fierce words of wisdom. Thanks for the hair whip my dear! Keep on whippin!

  21. Best ending ev-aaa!

    I recently moved myself into the world of videos knowing that was going to be a big move forward in my biz. Sure enough terrified and stiff and the sound was off and I didn’t know where to look ~but I put them out there. And I”m about to make my third one and am actually excited to do that.

    Because I am focused on what it is going to give my gals! Love moving through the fears and the voices. Oh so good on the other side.

  22. Thanks Marie! The message *is* the most important, after all. So many times it’s easy to make it about us, when it’s really not.
    And love your dance too 🙂

  23. That is some serious hair whippin’! Made my morning!

  24. You GO girl!! Love the advice!! I’m about to talk to my oncology group about my Juice Plus…and a friend thinks that because I don’t have “credentials” that they aren’t going to take me seriously. First of all, I consider that a DARE and second of all…your message…it’s all about the MESSAGE! Thank YOU!!!


    • OMG I spend enough time telling MYSELF I don’t have the credentials for this or that; no room to be hearing it from friends! This reminds me of something I read in Hugh MacLeod’s “Ignore Everybody” about how sometimes our closest friends are our biggest roadblocks to growth, and it’s not because they wish bad things for us, but any CHANGE in our lives equal a change in their lives. It’s an unconscious reaction.

      And HELL YES you take that as a dare! BEST OF LUCK!!!!!


      • Thanks Michelle!! And good point! Maybe she’s afraid I will be better than her!!

        • EXACTLY. The important thing is, WHEN you succeed, she WILL be happy for you… and impressed! 🙂

  25. I love the haters. Not only does that mean someone’s listening, but it also gives me a look at somethings that I may need to improve, and if they are not on target, the fans usually take a stand and put them in their place.

    Actually, it’s the spammers that annoy me!

  26. Ashley Gwilliam

    Whip it; whip it real good! Marie you’re crazy fun – thank you!

  27. I had a therapist once (Samarai Sall) who said confidence and self-esteem is an excuse! An excuse to remain small and dependent and to not take action. He had very little patience with it and was often harsh when delivering his message to the group, and as much as I hated hearing what he had to say, I think he’s right, especially in retrospect. Your approach is considerably more gentle (I appreciate that) and I agree you cannot wait to take action until you feel confident or nothing will evah happen. I whip my hair back and forth!

  28. AH Thank You Marie! I just created a vid last night and I’ve been stewing over how I look, how my face ticks, that I scrunch my nose too much… all that garbage! Thanks for Whippin your hair, Girl… I’M GONNA GO WHIP SOME OF MY OWN NOW!!

  29. Kristin Morris

    Marie, You are a riot. Love that you just don’t give a s__t, shakin your hair… flaunt it if you got I say. Thx for the confidence tips, your last few vids have been great as you’ve been talking about self-doubt, lack of confidence. This is so necessary for everyone else to know that even successful people still feel under confident and continue on ANYWAY. Big thanks again. Kristin Morris

  30. Oh my gosh! I’ve been saying that “comfort” is over-rated but the other piece is that “confidence” is over-rated too! Thanks MArie!

    BTW, I found out this past weekend we have a mutual friend in Peggy McColl.

    • I like that . . . Confidence is overrated!

  31. The wonderful Mark Silver (over at Heart of Business) did a 15-day video challenge where he made one video a day, TOTALLY out of his comfort zone, and without any care for technical perfection/being word-perfect, to bust out of that fear and encourage others to do so too. Laura Roeder, your pal, also inspires me with her “no edit” rule – and so with all these examples, it’s clear the winning solution is to focus on the message and other people, not ourselves. Be of service, not dictated to by ego. Thanks, as ever, Marie.

  32. Hi Marie,

    You are SO funny and passionate and magnetic. I LOVE IT!!

    Keep’em comin’


  33. Adorable nuts! Love the hair whirling! Tell us about Africa.

  34. Love your craziness Marie! And your tips are so dead on! I am seeing a huge increase in my business’ online sales thanks to you!

    Divine Yoganista

  35. Laura

    OMG, can’t believe you whipped your hair back and forth in public! you rock, that’s for sure, great advice, thank you!! :o)

  36. I’m always confident that I have no confidence Marie! Ha ha 🙂

    I run into controversy in my career sometimes because a lot of people think holistic health is BS voodoo. They’re so missing out but it trips me up, regardless of how much I believe in it. Next time, I’ll just keep focused on the message and f*ck em! It’s all good.

    You’re a nut btw, love it.

  37. LOL, love it. Thanks Marie xox

  38. LOL! Thank you, Marie for that great tip and more importantly, the huge, eye wrinkling laugh! It was exactly what I needed to start my morning! Keep whippin it, Girl!

  39. I love it! Thank you for all your inspiration, Marie. I started a new blog!

  40. Marie,
    It is all about getting control of that internal mind chatter ‘stuff’. Sometime it is fear, sometimes it is outdated negative messages from someone in your life and sometimes it’s just learning new tricks and tips that work. I’ve got a real easy awesome trick that involves a rubber band. Hopefully you’ve gotten my book and can find it on page six of, ‘Full Plate No Fork’!

  41. Love it! Can’t wait to hear about your time in SA- my crazy, mixed up, beautiful homeland!

  42. Meg

    Love this! I love your approach and your naturalness – nothing stuffy there!! Great message – thank-you!

  43. I love the idea of just going for it and doing it anyway even though you are terrified and afraid people won’t understand. It’s funny, but they do when we express what we are truly passionate about. Good lesson.

  44. Insanely wonderful, although I feel a bit dizzy while watching your hair thing-y movement. Waiting to have the right level of confidence is just another way of telling yourself that you’re not good enough, which is a total lie. Hugs!

  45. HAHAHAHAHA! I loved that hair whippin’ at the end! Rock it!!

    I’m going to try the whole “focusing outward” approach. I struggle with my videos and it is definitely because I’m too concerned about how I sound, look, what people will think, etc. I’ve got some good stuff I need to get out and I need to focus on THAT so I can get in the zone and make some kick butt content! xo

  46. Hi Marie – Great video/message. I love the teaching about focusing on the value that you’re putting forth in the world.

    I also find myself telling myself quite a bit that we only live once. Might as well put ourselves out there and “let our freak flag fly” if you will!

  47. Rachel

    Excellent points on self-confidence!

  48. love it love it love it! Very nice to see and hear that and i’ma gonna find my presence again and again and become the creator of what comes through me.

  49. Marie…

    My 6 year old boy listened to this with me. His comment “she’s funny Mama, I like it – can we watch it again”!!!!!


  50. Monika

    Marie, love you. Great message… and hair flips. Reminds me of the quote, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams” and helps me realize the real ‘heart’ of the message is GO IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS. Just go.

  51. ah, once again it’s like you live in my brain. Was just feeling a little self conscious about the quality of the vids I’ve been posting-but at the moment, iMovie is the only resource I have so I’m shipping the videos to use a Seth Godin term…and of course, you are right! Who cares if my vid is a little blurry and/or filmed in my living room, my exercises are sick-and they work. Amen.

    Side note-the greatest gift you’ve given me since RHH Live is the permission to be myself…and seeing you whip your hair around, was a great reminder of how much fun that is. Go on witcha bad self Marie, and thank you, thank you, thank you! xo

    • I agree with Liz, and Liz I just signed up on your email list. I have been stressed about my own business and eating to compensate for the stress and workin’ out less. Needed Marie and you today to remind me of what I already know and to give my a boost and jump start! Yeah…thanks gals!

  52. Jen

    This one is my fave to date because I love “put your focus on the message and how you can help other people.” super huge moment for me, forgetting about how I look, sound, etc. One of the other things that helps me with confidence is just letting my mouth, instead of my head, doing the talking…because when I say it out loud, someone can hear the thing I’m talking about! Hope you’re having a fabu time in S. Africa, can’t wait to see all the footage. xo

  53. haha! I’m still smiling at the end of that video–girl-you give great hair, and video.

    I ove the message about not waiting for confidence to invite you into the productivity party (kind of embellished that one;)).

    Thanks for an inspiring, entertaining and beneficial lesson on confidence, Marie.

    Ain’t nobody keeping you off your grind;)

  54. Dayyumm girl, way to WHIP that hair!! Great post, on-point as always and reminds me to get outta my head and remember WHY I’m on this amazing journey to begin with.
    Thanks for rockin’ out another great video for us. And have FUN in Africa!!!

  55. Crystal Piper

    Hehehehe love it!!

  56. Oh boy – did I ever need to hear this today! (and this month… this year!)
    Thanks Marie- I’m not so worried about the haters but sometimes I just get the self doubt – do I have anything interesting to say? I’m not as smart/pretty/talented as HER. Why me?

    Knowing that everyone feels like this, makes me just pull up my pants and get on with it.

  57. Ummm ABSOLUTELY LOVED this!!! Perfect timing for me as I just launched a coaching program and was feeling exactly the same way!! Thanks so much for the advice you are sooo right!!!!!! LOVED your head rolling OMG so great (& love jamming to that song)!!
    Kelly Lynn

  58. Kaori

    Thank you for the tips, Marie. I try my best not to let haters keep me off my grind. I must mention that your whipping is great.

  59. Michelle

    I love it the hair whipping! Love you! Thanks for the great tips as usual!!

    Less focusing on self and more on material, awesome advice! I know firsthand this works! Knowing your material is key! 😀

  60. LOL!! Craaazeee Woooman! Loved it AND purrrfect timing. I’ve got a few things goin on at the mo and i am pooping myself to tell you the truth, it’s all about teaching so gotta nip that stage fright in the bud. Thanks Marie! off to share this on FB X

  61. Great tips Marie!

    Oh – and great dance moves too. You. Are. A. TRIP!! 🙂

  62. susan

    Marie, you are deliver great advice with such a fun flare. I love that your personality comes through. You give us all permission to be ourselves. Keep rockin’ 2011.

  63. Whip it. Whip it good!

    Marie, why you gotta make me laugh, cry and sigh all at once?! Love it.
    Thank you for this message…it totally relates to what I’ve been writing about recently – that feeling of overwhelm that so many of us entrepreneurs feel!

    A brilliant reminder that focusing on our message is Queen.
    Thank you!

    xo, Nisha

  64. Brilliant – love the hair-flying ending! the video is perfect in this moment as I just logged on to get myself ready for my first client meeting of the year, and have been feeling so nervous – being a nutritionist is something I love, but because it is so very individualistic, I always worry about what people think. not any more though – thank you!!!

  65. OMG! This made my morning. I was laughing out loud. That song cracks me up and to see you whip your hair around while talking clearly at 7:30 in the morning was the best wake-up call ever.

    I have totally gotten over those that hate me. It happens. Every time someone says something negative about me or my business, I just remind myself that my message is going strong and take it as a compliment. At least I know my message isn’t water-downed and I don’t want to attract everyone…just my true peeps.

    Thanks for making my morning. 🙂

  66. I’ve watched this 2x now. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone Marie…getting to where you are now, so we can get to where we want to be…and doing it with humor!

  67. This is the first time I have watched one of your videos and laughed out loud. Amazing head banging.

  68. Amanda

    I’m disabled so I face negativity all the time when it comes to approaching things I’m passionate about because my disability gets in the way, but I just keep on plodding on and refuse to let the negativity of disability or the negativity of others who say I can’t do things get me down or make me insecure. I’m determined to make the most of my life and if that means sometimes work isn’t an option or I’m confined to my house I’m going to do something fun in that time that makes me feel positive and good… anyway I’ve discovered that most of the time the haters are just jealous of your ambition, determination and grit because it’s something they want but don’t have, so ignore them and go ahead anyway you’re already doing great! I love your videos Marie they make me smile… you’re an inspiration and love the hair whipping by the way 🙂

  69. Hi Marie F.
    Thanks for the great and true post. Sure gets me going and leaving perfectionism a bit out of the door. It is the doers that are getting somewhere, not the not-doers. And by the way, I think it is so important, youre passionate about what you do. Because if, you usually play the game right anyway. Self-confidence almost comes on its own. Cos you let the heart speak and not your head. Heart over head–always. For me at least.

  70. This is great. It is what I decided the other day about blogging. I said I will give my best, write like I am sharing the best with myself. Something I value and can use. Then get it out there. If there are haters so be it. Imagine being the president if you listen to the opposition you may never get out of bed at all.

    I met a best selling author who says she never reads the negative criticism. Once we set foot out of the door and into the world there is bound to be people who will be negative and many more who will love your work. It is upon us to live our best life doing our best and loving it.

    Thanks for the reminder Mario

  71. Ah yes finally got to see the end of this! It kept freezing on me the day you sent it out.

    Agree with Liz the most important thing RHH Live taught me was to go ahead and be myself — but it still feels terrifying at times so I LOVE this tip to focus on the message and what you’re putting outward. Thank you!!

  72. Jennifer Lee

    That was AWESOME! I loved it! Thanks Marie.

  73. Awesome as always Marie… I love this.. And your advice was spot on!!!

  74. Hi, Marie.

    I’ve really been enjoying your weekly videos. So much of what you shared today resonates with me, and I appreciate the reminder to put the focus back on the message and being of service. I often get so stuck in my head and what you shared in today’s video was just what I needed to hear!

    Thanks for all that you do, Marie, and for who you are.

  75. Greg Pizzari

    Tuesday’s have become my favorite day of the week… Thank you, Marie.

  76. joan

    You got it down pat Marie, right down to the dutty wine from Ja. Da one ya na tek no chat. Deadly!!! Just the shot in the arm i needed.
    Sunny Ja.

  77. Briony

    Truly Ms Marie You Rock! xx

  78. Lezly Perry

    I love this video. I love the part of not waiting to be confident.

    I went to and that was also an amazing video as well as it introduced me to Josh’s Blog. You both are such a dynamic duo, I think you both are amazing:)

    Thank you for this!

  79. Magdalena

    You are an angel! thank you for this msg.

  80. Marie Forleo – you are crazy, and I love it! You remind me of me 😉
    I am so happy to have found your material. It speaks volumes. Thank You!

  81. Jacqueline

    Thanks so much. I’ll remember this during making my website, my flyer…and especially..when I’m gonna go out to companies in the neighbourhood with my flyer and tell them ‘live’ (because everything is so digital and there’s nothing personal anymore, so I’m going to do it different) what I can do for them and help them with. I’ll probably put this video on repeat a couple of times to give myself enough energy to go out there.

    Definitely going to use this as a strategy. Focus on my customers and what I can help them with, instead of on my own fear and being stuck in that swamp. 🙂

  82. Iam in love with your video, writeup and every step you are asking me to take . Iam a nigerian, A graduate also, A physically challenge person in natrue and how will I be able to go to these Business School and how will I be able to pay the fees, because Iam very interested in this business. That is what i read in school. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & MANAGEMENT

  83. you are so funny. I love the ending:))) you are so smart and goofy at the same time…that is what i love about YOU!
    thanks for keeping it real!!


  84. Bobbi Block

    Hi Maria,

    I’ve been watching your Q&A videos all morning. They’re great and THANK-YOU! I’d like to share my “confidence trick” for those insecure episodes we all have: Whenever I come across something I think I cannot do, I start with something in relation to it that I CAN do and it gives me the confidence to do what it was I thought I could not. Make sense? haha. For example, when I am assigned a new marketing project at work for an industry I know nothing about, I get nervous and wonder how I’m going to relay info to our audience in an exciting way (and accurately!). But, I do know I am great at researching and so start there. Researching is an obvious starting point of course but my point is as I research, my confidence builds and so does my excitement to start creating stellar marketing material!

  85. Ummm! YOU are a nut! I love your videos….and I really can’t believe you whipped your hair like that at the end. LMAO!!!!


  86. When your feeling any down, Go to the nearest cemetery a read the grave stone messages. There’s little Johnny who was taken when he was 2 years old, Agnes beloved daughter who past away when she was three years old. Arthur killed in the great war at age 17. After your visit or during your visit which I know may seem a harsh way to bring you to reality, DO YOU NOW FEEL LUCKY TO BE WHERE YOU ARE, It’s time to grab hold of life and fight for your dreams to become reality.

  87. Linda

    Your wonderful Mariel!! This is just what I needed. I was just thinking today, maybe I need some help with my confidence and that it would help me to just get out there and start a new venture that I have been working on for some time now. so its time for me to just jump in the waters. I have to change my thinking from me and how great I need to be to what does the person need and how can I help them. Almost cant believe how self-critical I have been lately. . wow what a waste of time and energy and not very healthy for us either. We all have so much to give if we can get out of our own way and don’t forget to act silly and goofy and keep laughing cause its a medicine. blessing and Thank You

  88. I have to say, I didn’t feel like watching yet ANOTHER video! BUT you totally made me laugh and I loved your advice about taking care of other people and not focusing on things like people thinking I’m “dumb.” I feel so, so much better. Thanks girl!

  89. karan

    I feel alone every time .even when I am surrounded my people

  90. Marie, this is probably one of my favorite episodes of yours. You hit it one the dot about focusing on the message, the value you’re wanting to give other people rather than the silly ‘mind stuff.’

    This one was pretty entertaining too! Lol. Love it!

  91. Right on…totally agree!!! Confidence comes from taking action, don’t wait until you have it! I am working on my confidence with writing. The more that I write, the more I learn and the more confident I become. 🙂

  92. Cory Bowen

    Thanks, Marie for all of your insights. Starting a new company and let me tell you the fear and self doubt is there. I know the work and job very well it is just the idea that I will be on my own. Thanks Cory.

  93. You are so remarkable!!

  94. Tonia

    Just found your website and I feel like I’ve won the lottery!!! Great content for us women. Thanks for being relatable and transparent. New subscriber coming right up!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay, welcome Tonia! We can’t wait to share more episodes with you.

  95. “The more often you do it, the easier it gets.”

    This x100.

    Confidence comes from action. It doesn’t come from thinking about the awesome stuff we wanna accomplish. It comes from doing the do.

  96. Tx. Marie! You are so cool! Congratulation for your exceptional work!

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