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What if, as a kid, you were told that you had a 50% chance of ending up homeless? That you had a less than 1% chance of graduating from college? And that you were more likely to end up in prison than running a successful business?

Those were the statistics facing Anthony Trucks, a foster kid who lived with six different families by the time he was six years old. Thankfully people are people, NOT statistics. And, as Anthony learned…

Your circumstances don’t have to determine your life.

Not only did he achieve his life-long dream of joining the NFL, Anthony Trucks became an entrepreneur, American Ninja warrior, international speaker, and author of the book, Identity Shift: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your Life.

You are unintentionally building your life through an identity. @AnthonyTrucks Click To Tweet

On today’s MarieTV, Anthony gets honest about his darkest moments, how he beat the odds and found hope in the process.

Because here’s the truth:

If you don’t shift who you believe you are — or what you believe you’re capable of — nothing else is going to work.

In this episode, you’ll get the three non-negotiable steps to shift your identity, plus:

  • Why you must “act out of character” to change your life.
  • How to make healthy habits happen on autopilot.
  • Why Anthony almost quit the NFL — and the conversation that stopped him.
  • Why top performers love feedback (even if it’s negative).
  • How to enjoy the tasks you normally hate.
  • The most underrated success superpower.
  • How to overcome “Everyone’s Greatest Obstacle.”

If you’ve been struggling towards your goals but feel like you’re bumping up against a ceiling, watch this episode now. When you shift your identity, success can feel more effortless than you ever imagined.

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DIVE DEEPER: Discover your special gift (even if you don’t think you have one) and learn how to achieve your “impossible” dream with  Dr. Tererai Trent.

Now it’s your turn! Anthony and I would love to hear from you.

In a comment below, answer these two questions:

  1. What old identity has been holding you back?
  2. What shiny, NEW identity do you choose instead?

Dig deep, reflect, and write down your answers on a piece of paper or in a comment below. 

Did you do it? Amazing work! Many people avoid getting honest about what needs to change. But, like Anthony said, “The first step, which most people skip because it’s emotionally difficult, is to really see who you are.”

Last thing. Real change requires action to back it up. So by the end of today, take one small action that aligns with your new identity. Then report back because we’d love to know how it went!

Remember, no matter how far away your dreams might feel, you wouldn’t have the dream without the goods to make it happen.


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  1. KB

    I was also in the foster system. The social workers are not ‘not believing’ you, they don’t want to deal with the reality and discomfort. Who else is going to take in these children? We make our own lives, there is no reason to give the next 80 years of your life to the trauma the first 15 years were. Move on, move up. I hope your story inspires many children to keep going and never look back.

  2. JoAnn Janke

    OMG…my EGO ! I ask for feedback and then think to myself, no that’s not me, that wasn’t helpful. I so need to SEE and turn off the ego to gracefully accept the feedback and work with it. BAM ! Thank you Anthony !

  3. Alies

    Charming guy, Anthony Trucks, and a great story. Improvement of foster care is crucial. My greatest personal take-way: that it is okay to feel out-of-character for a while, when training for or trying to achieve a new goal.

  4. I loved this episode and hearing Anthony’s story and being inspired by his story. Helping people shift their identity is the basis of profound coaching and such important work that we do in the world as coaches. Thank you for the conversation

  5. Tiffany

    Great episode. I’m a sucker for a resilient story and can relate to parts of it.
    To answer the questions:
    What old identity has been holding you back? Believing I’m too old to achieve anything great, missed my window of opportunity and not good enough because I never finished college.
    What shiny, NEW identity do you choose instead? I’ve got a lot of life left to live. A career does not define me – I know so many people with big “careers” that are not happy. It’s more important to find a space that allows me to feel fulfilled but it doesn’t have to be a big grand thing. My perspective has shifted – now if only I could make a decision 😉

    • teamforleo

      Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks so much for sharing. You’re right! We’re never too old to start something new and exciting. It’s all about spending time with what fills us with the most joy and satisfaction. Let us know how the new shift goes!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  6. I loved this! He is so inspiring. I just ordered the book and can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Hi Camille,

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for stopping by!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  7. OMG such a great episode! So many golden nuggets of truth in here. I love the idea of doing something you don’t feel like you are. Such a powerful thought! Bravo, this was soooo good!!

  8. Anthony is so humble and unpretentious. It might be that humility is my favourite quality in a human. I quite enjoyed this talk — thank you.

  9. NK

    I want to be a foster parent and this episode made me so emotional. Such an amazing episode!

  10. DNN

    This is iron clad proof to never judge anyone or doubt them based on their upbringing. The same one that a person doubts is the same one people that doubted them come running back to and trying to speak, especially after they found out the person they doubted from jump street got “really really rich!”

  11. As someone who guides people to redefine who they are through cognitive and behavioural methods with the backing of neuroscience, this is exactly what we can all do; with the right tools and beliefs.
    I love that idea of the leash being off meaning we ‘see’ possibilities.
    And that ‘gap’ you talk about when it becomes habitual, when it is part of your identity that they do this thing.
    Loved this quote especially: “What are the things I must do that if I did them long enough I could shift into this identity” – this is such a massive key to change.
    And then “Find a way to fall in love with your day” – Yessssssssss. Just yesss. 🙂

  12. Loved this and needed the encouragement! Thank you!
    One of the biggest habits I’ve used to shift my identity around health is running up the stairs in my apartment building. There are 12 floors, and during the pandemic, I couldn’t get to the gym so I just started doing like five laps up the fire escape in our building, so I get up to like 60 flights of stairs. It feels soooo good for my mental health.
    If I’ve gotta get a workout I always find a way to make it happen.

    • teamforleo

      Hey there Emily! We love that you found a way to make exercise happen for you. 60 flights of stairs sounds like a huuuuuge win! – Monauar, Team Forleo

  13. It’s a stairwell, not an outdoor fire escape. That would be terrifying.

  14. Hillary

    Anthony and Marie, this episode was genius! I especially loved how you pointed out how you can shift into the person who does what you want to do effortlessly as an expression of their soul, rather than as an uphill struggle which merely scratches on the surface of grasping that thing (my story for many years). I can finally stop feeding myself excuses about how “burnt out” I am and believe that it is possible to genuinely enjoy the work that I wanted to do.

    • teamforleo

      Hillary, we’re so glad that you enjoyed this episode! It’s absolutely possible to genuinely enjoy the work you want to do 🙂 – Monauar, Team Forleo

  15. I loved the conversation! Thank you!! Can’t wait to read the book! I struggle with inconsistency. The shiny new me is constant, does my art, takes care of my family and takes care of business despite my health challenges. I look forward to bridging the gap but most love love “falling in love with my day”! Thank you for the gifts!!!

  16. D. Johnson

    Marie I enjoyed this episode because Anthony spoke to the idea of “Anything is possible,” when I am able to really see who I am, and then put in the work of becoming my new identity. His honesty and vulnerability was refreshing! I’m glad his life circumstances did not stop him! I would love to talk to someone who could tell me about my blindspots, but my family and friends think I’m great because of all that I accomplished, so they wouldn’t be truthful. At 64 years old and now beginning my journey as an entrepreneur, their response is “When are you going to stop and rest.”And my response is “When I am truly physically, and mentally unable to continue.”

  17. Such a great life of transformation + resilience. Wow so vulnerable on sooo many levels! LOVE the focus on sustainability + the NEW aligned action becoming PART of who I am and we are so that feels weird to not do it. LOVE falling in love with process – massive rewiring I got to do to be present vs. the destination over last few years. Always learning and growing!

    Thank you for sharing this incredible episode!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Katrina!

      It’s a great reminder for all of us to enjoy and fall in love with the process. 🙂 Thank you for being here with us! – Monauar, Team Forleo

  18. Annette

    I LOVED this episode! There was a lot of truth in it and incredibly inspiring. Admittedly I’ve not heard of Anthony before this, but now that I have, I’m gonna go check out his book and podcasts. Thank you for this Marie and Anthony, it’s given me the extra motivation that I needed!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Annette,

      This is music to our ears! We love that this episode provided you with some extra motivation. We wish you all the luck and joy as you utilize what you learned from Marie and Anthony to lead your most authentic life! – Monika, Team Forleo

  19. Pat

    The most powerful thought I take away from this podcast: “Fall into love with my day.”
    Thanks, a powerful podcast for me today.

  20. Thank you both for a powerful and evocative conversation, filled with rich stories and actionable ideas.

    My key take away is to layer in habits to show up for myself, my family, and my clients and audience in more CONSISTENT and disciplined ways over time – and I loved the reminder that, as Martha Beck puts it, “the way to heaven IS heaven” (enjoy the PROCESS!).

    I’m excited to prioritize dedicated time for my most important DEEP work M-F every day! Thanks again to both of you.

  21. Ruby Lim

    So good, learnt a lot! Thank you for this insightful discussion~

  22. awesome!
    where do i learn his “specific, 10 min process” to creating content?
    technologically ignorant, but willing to learn:)

  23. Anthony Trucks was a big inspiration to everybody. That no matter where you came from you can always achieve your dreams and goals in life.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Mikkel,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback with the community! Bravo, you are so right!


  24. Okay, the point on consistency has finally gotten through to me with this video. Anthony clearly takes this VERY seriously. With certain projects, I always kinda pushed that aspect aside, thinking, “Yeah, yeah when _____ is in place, I’ll be more consistent.” I’d thought that the freedom to dabble without commitment was the only way to break into something without anxiety. And maybe that’s true, but once you break into it – then there needs to be that leap over the gap. From this conversation, it’s clear that consistency and reliability are a part and parcel of making that identity shift we need to actually sort everything out! So thank you both for this.

    And of course, it was such a gift and a privilege to hear Anthony’s heart-rending story of his childhood and adolescence. It’s incredibly inspiring that someone who came from such a seemingly hopeless place was able to use the love he eventually found as a springboard for the rest of his life, and ultimately to make a mission out of help others. The best!

  25. Jan

    Very inspirational human being. This prime example that you can always achieve your goals just don’t give up. 🙂

  26. Helen

    An amazing interview Marie. Anthony’s ability to describe his story, his feelings, made him incredibly relatable to everyone. Thank you for guiding him through the process and showing us all that vulnerability, the strength of character, and focus can make us all better humans.

  27. Rachael

    Wow, that was amazing. Anthony’s question, “But is it YOUR work?” really resonated with me. Over the last few months I’ve embraced the work I’ve always wanted to do and I cannot believe how effortless and fun it is. Not effortless because it isn’t work – but effortless because I’m enjoying it so much I can’t wait to wake up each day to do more of it. I’m finally falling in love with my days. Thank you, Anthony, for sharing your story and wisdom with us. Go Ducks!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Rachael,

      We’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed the episode, and most importantly, you’ve found work that you truly enjoy! Thank you for sharing, and have a wonderful weekend!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  28. Great work, well done

  29. TC

    Anthony said that he has to prove something to himself, basically improve it in himself first, before he can talk to others about how to improve. That resonated strongly with me. You need to walk the walk before you can talk the talk. Many times I have been so eager to influence or encourage in others when I haven’t truly or consistently taken these actions within myself. Wonderful interview. Amazing person.

    • teamforleo


      We’re so happy that you enjoyed that episode and that it resonated with you so strongly. We agree that Anthony is a pretty darn amazing person. So many great lessons were shared.

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  30. Michelle Tesoro

    Incredible as usual!!!

  31. LJ

    This. Was. Awesome! I got aha chills when he said these key statements…
    “I’ve done too much in the dark for anyone to take what is mine in the light.” (BOOM. MIC DROP)
    “Maybe something good can come out of all the crazy in my life.” (Yes it can!)
    And this reaffirmed some things I’ve recently started doing. For one, doing a side hustle on weekends to help get ahead of things financially. Even if I don’t necessarily need to for an expense the upcoming week, I still do the side gig every weekend for at least a few hours. It’s become a for sure habit now over a few months, and I find fun in it too – gig while listening to your videos, catching beautiful sunsets or lightening storms out the window, etc.
    Woohoo! I’m bridging the gap and am working on step 3 sustain, after seeing what needed to be done and shifting my weekends to incorporating something new! It does almost seem weird now the thought of skipping the side gig some weekend in the future. How. Interesting.

  32. ND

    Every life is unique. You choices are yours to make. Past history doesn’t prevent future successes!

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