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It’s time to take your biggest dreams and get them DONE in record time… with zero stress.

Sound too good to be true?

That’s because you’ve been tricked into believing that non-stop work, overwhelm, and exhaustion are normal. That sacrificing your well-being to get ahead is simply the “price of success.” I used to believe it, too, and it nearly killed me. I refuse to let that happen to you!

That old way of thinking is not just wrong and backward, it’s dangerous.

The constant pressure to do it all pushes you farther away from your goals and can destroy your health, creativity, and relationships along the way.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. After more than 20 years in business serving tens of thousands of students around the world, here’s what I know for sure:

Your dreams matter. Your time is priceless. You can get it done, joyfully.

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All year I’ve been deep in creation mode for Time Genius, the paradigm-shifting program that world premieres today. This is hands down the most transformative and important training I’ve ever created.

That’s why I wanted to give you a taste in today’s MarieTV.

In this brand new episode(!!), you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how to turn your most precious dreams into reality — like a Time Genius.

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 ingredient you need to accomplish your biggest goals in record time.
  • How to make your success so easy it’s inevitable.
  • Why other people derail you — and how to lovingly plan around them.

If you’re ready to turn your big ideas into reality without chaos, busyness, or burnout — or you’re just excited to see me back in a studio! — this is a must-watch. Holy goodness it’s good to be back!

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If this topic struck a chord with you, there’s something time-sensitive you won’t want to miss.

This week, I’m offering a never-before-seen masterclass that’ll free you from the three toxic lies that keep you overwhelmed, overstretched, and underearning.

Click here to claim your spot in this special live screening.

Then, in the comments below, let me know:

What’s one dream, experience, or project you would pursue if you had the time and energy to accomplish it?

Not what you “should” do. Think about what you truly want. What you dream about when no one’s looking. Would you launch a business? Try a new hobby? Live abroad with your family?

Whether you’re itching to finish writing your book or long for the space to read and paint, share your dream in the comments below. Thousands of brilliant souls come here daily for inspiration. You never know who needs to hear what you have to say. Or what long-forgotten desire your words might awaken in someone else.

If any part of you wants to know more, please click here to see if Time Genius is right for you.

I truly believe in the transformative power of this program — and I’d be honored to work with you.


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  1. It’s never a bad reminder that progress won’t happen if you don’t know what it looks like (clarity) and a deadline (time-bound SMART goal). I also love calendar blocking — it definitely helps me to batch things [like you’ve done by shifting your morning routine]. Clarity + Prioritising (batching included) + Deadline = Success 🙂

    So excited to see how this new programme works ^_^

  2. Giselle

    My biggest dream is to create a thriving nutrition coaching business to help Latinos especially those in underprivileged communities.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Giselle,

      This sounds like an incredibly awesome and inspirational dream! Thank you for sharing.

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  3. Elizabeth

    I can’t wait to complete my clinician license this year for future plans to become a traveling therapist. My practice would be trauma-focused with somatic processing to help others process their trauma and release them of their suffering.

  4. I would like to paint or at least work in my studio every day. I need to be able to prioritise the painting and the finishing of them and the admin things too. I’m feeling overwhelmed so I’m only just doing a little bit of painting and not really moving along well. I am an intuitive artist who is inspired by our beaches in Gippsland and Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. I have so many ideas but to have them be successful or at least recognise whether I think they are or not, I have to put them onto paper.

  5. Raymond On

    I’m currently a design/architecture student who’s doing both school and work full-time. Not to mention, I try to be there for the people in my life as well! My dream is to open up my own studio one day that not only uses design as a tool to help uplift people, but help educate people as well. I want to start RIGHT AWAY

    • I’m with you!

      I’ve spent enough time thinking. Now it’s time to DO!


  6. “What’s one dream, experience, or project you would pursue if you had the time and energy to accomplish it?”

    Create “Beach Days” Reflection Journal.

    This is a “love” project that I’ve thought quite a bit about BUT not actually done. I’d like to get done by end of year. 🙂


  7. So excited–and cannot wait to dive into this course!!! And I’m pretty sure my heart just got bigger knowing that Marie is back in studio!!! <3

    • teamforleo

      Hi Bryce,

      We’re so excited to have you dive into the content as well! We’ll see you soon in Time Genius land!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  8. I love this, and I have one big “BUT” I bet Marie is already hearing in her mind (as she does) 🙂 … which is about needing to make a living while building that project.

    I’m already working on my big project, my sustainability consulting business, which btw Marie’s B-School & book has been a huge support in bringing to life, but I find myself torn in the conflict of working on the business and right now applying for jobs in the industry as well, since my business is not making me enough money yet. It can be incredibly draining. I go back and forth on what’s the best thing to do. Going from feeling a surge of energy working on the business, to feeling like I just need to put it on hold or pause completely and just focus on gaining more experience (which I know Marie had to do at some point as well). For the last year my heart kept saying to build the business, and I’ve noticed in my journaling now (using Marie’s exercises) that finding a steady job with income is coming up more frequently and strongly. That in itself is a challenge given I don’t have a Masters degree in the field yet, which is often required. I’m also nearing the point financially where it’s an absolute must.

    I actually feel like I do a pretty awesome job at this point in managing my time and focusing on just getting the most important thing done (though I’m sure it can always be better, such as easing on my workouts during this time; another workout junkie over here 🙂 .

    I’ve got some leads for my business and opportunities starting to arise, and also a few more thing I really want to create, but I also feel uncertain if it’s going to go anywhere fast enough, and so feel a hesitation at times, and wonder if perhaps taking a break would be good.

    That was a long way of asking for any advice or insight on how to navigate this type of conflict, especially when it comes down to covering necessities of living and evaluating ourselves properly of what we can achieve by when?

    • Very interesting, and I just wonder if you can set out a certain scheduled time – maybe 2 daily hours- for your business, as you get jobs that help sustain your dream… Let’s do this!

      • teamforleo

        Hi Monica,

        Yes, yes, and YES! Make time to fulfill your dreams friend! We hope you’ll join us too!
        Thanks for being a part of our community.

    • Hi Corinna!
      Wow, I recognize quite a bit from what you wrote..
      So cool to read though, that you’re already working on your sustainability consulting business right now!

      I do not really have advice, but wanted to share a bit from my own experience:
      Last year, I started working on my dream project – becoming a self-employed facilitator. I kept networking, volunteering, following courses, reconnecting with my core desires through creativity, until I’d completely run out of money and it was giving me major stress.
      I ended up taking a job as a cook in a place that brought me joy – it was a side-job but enough to sustain me financially (living cheaply).
      Looking back, I think I could’ve looked for something part-time that was relevant to my field. But usually, such a position takes up all my energy – even if it’s parttime. I’m not sure how this works for you!

      With cooking, I could still devote some time to other things.
      Then, I got lucky – someone connected with me through one of the voluntary gigs I’d done earlier in the year, and within 3 months, I was able to live off of this work (though income goes up and down! working on that).

      For me, finding work that was nót fully serving my bigger project, but enough to keep me financially afloat, was a lifesaver.
      I know for others, like my partner, finding 1 gig somewhat within their field that gives them a base income (even though it might be boring), can be a helpful way to start your own business while having less financial insecurity.

      In the end, I think it’s about finding what fits. Not so easy though! Especially for someone who really has to watch her energy, like me. I think in the end, we know which stress is ‘healthy and giving us a push’, and when it is ‘unhealthy and paralyzing us’.
      Wishing you so much luck!

  9. Thor Sandmel

    I have a book project, it should have been finished 8 years ago. The main idea is clear, first chapter done, the two next I have done some work on- The problem is lack of energy, I suffer from sleep deprivation, try to work, if I am lucky I may work an hour or two. This book must be written by me, no one else can do it, you might say the book chose me, to get written. Part of what is bogging me down is a combo of health issues. Late effects of a life with CP make me take pain killers and anti-spasm medication. I try to hold back to reduce the effects on my mind,but it is a difficult balance act.

  10. Rosamaria

    I’m so excited the program is coming out at the perfect time. I’ve been working so hard on B-School to launch my coaching services for first-gen Latina and women of color professionals. I’m almost ready to go live with my website and to start producing social content. The issue for me has been staying productive with a full-time job.

    • teamforleo


      WOOO!! This is great to hear! The website can definitely be the most challenging part, but we know you’ve got this. We hope to see you in Time Genius soon!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

    • teamforleo

      Hi Rosamaria,

      Wahooo!!! So wonderful to hear. Please keep us posted on your website, we are so excited for you. Rock on!!


  11. I want the space/time to draw, paint & write. That is my dream. I am mainly commenting to see my words describing my dream manifested in print. Thank you.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Chas,

      Every small step is progress (even your comment)! We’re excited to what the future holds for you. Thanks for sharing!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  12. First of all, thank you for your beautiful and loving energy, Marie! Love that you are back in your studio, but mostly back from surgery, and into your best health! I realize that the #3 tip you gave is what has been the most challenging for me, because I love people, and some of my friends have been so supportive in the last week of heartbreak, that I had calls with them, even on Monday, when I prefer to have my own creative time.

    Like you said, lovingly plan around other people’s demands, requests and wishes of us being available for them. And right now I wonder if I can be more flexible with my Monday, and give it more to others, like you do? Or just get back to my Wednesday and Friday more flexible to talk to others? So I will go with my gut, and understand that there are always exceptions.

    I hope that all of us here have great health, which is our priority, and that we continue to help others reach their very best life!

    And, in my case, since you asked, I am determined to get my Abs Mastermind out into the world, as well as the other programs to go from “lazy” to Fit & Unstoppable. And, most importantly, in this crazy world we are living in: How to Boost your Natural Immunity with Fiber Power. Because nobody needs experimental injections, but we all need to trust and nurture our God-given perfect immunity for our brightest health!

  13. Dream/Experience/Project: My next book!
    Biggest Obstacle: (REALLY) Poor time management, sigh.

  14. I tried to got to and nothing is linked… it just shows a home page and that’s all. No way to sign up for anything.

  15. So good to see you back on the screen, Marie!! (and Team Forleo behind the scenes!)

    • teamforleo

      Lots of love and appreciation to you, Celeste!

      – Heather


    “Time Management” has always been a big problem for me. Being an Empath I have always put everyone else before myself, thus everyone has demanded my time and I have ended up depleted, exhausted and overwhelmed and very despondent that I have not spent any time on myself to complete my dream of finishing my book to help others not experience all I have in my life, to become survivors and not victims. I dream of having my photography shown in a gallery. I dream of having my own website but do not know where to begin. I dream of learning a second language. Like Marie, I have always had a head full of ideas, dreams, but to exhausted to even know where to begin so do not achieve any,. Im too overwhelmed by all I have experienced, where I have ended up due to personal circumstances demanding my time and energy, no space to move, cannot get organised, think clearly and dedicate this time to myself to achieve my dreams without feeling guilty. Its time for me. I need help! I am alone and no one will help me so my dreams, lifestyle, health have all suffered and my dreams have subsided into oblivion and have now lost enthusiasm and belief they will ever come to fruition. Im so pleased to see you back on Marie, I have missed you. I have been in touch with you before so no more elaboration required. I can’t wait for the free masterclass, I am feeling a bit hesitant to join immediately because of the way I feel. Ive lost everything and everyone and lost my own path so am interested to see if the world really does need that special gift that only I have! x

    • teamforleo

      CAROLE’DIANE, thank you for sharing in such a beautiful and open way. If you haven’t checked out the MarieTV episode with Angela Chee about being an empath, we think you’ll see so much of yourself in it. You can find it here —->

      We’d love to have you join us for the free masterclass. We think there’s a lovely dose of inspiration that you’ll find helpful AND inspiring.

      – Heather

  17. Feels like this program was created for me. I’m in.

    Also glad I am not the only one who owns so many domains 🙂

  18. Chris

    Can I ask what it happens after the 365 days of access to the Time Genius program? Thanks!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Chris,

      Great question! We sent just sent you an email to explain in a little more detail.

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  19. Naomi Wambua

    wooop woooop am so exited for you and for me that you are back, yeeeeeeeeeee the world is brighter again.

    • teamforleo

      Hey Naomi,

      It’s been a while, right!? We’re so happy to be back to. Thanks for being a part of the community!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  20. eva

    Wow so excited for this one. Gonna share this one with my friends.

  21. What a fabulous post!! Very interesting.

  22. Wow, Another great post marie. Like your topic. You know my biggest was to own a burger restaurant so hearing your tips and guide I learned a lot. Thank’s

  23. venlig hilsen, dejlig blog!

  24. Awesome blog

  25. wow, you just hit my mind to do hard work. Thank you for the lovely information sharing with us.

  26. I saw your blog, and even the content on it seems quite useful to me. Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Pujari,

      We’re so happy to hear you enjoyed this one. Thanks for stopping by!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  27. I found this is very helpful content. I will definitely recommend my friends.

  28. I love this. 🙂 It is so important to bring as much joy into your life as possible.

  29. Hi! I like to visit your blog. It is quite inspiring and interesting for me. Well done, I hope you will continue your hard work over this site. Greetings from Poland, have a nice day!

  30. loved the blog
    I believe that we should believe in our self first and should have the confidence no matter what happens .I will achieve my dream.

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  32. I’m going to buy your book :).

  33. This year has been very productive for me. Thanks to the blog for adding motivation.

  34. I start the day with journaling and writing (blog/newsletters to my list) – but I know I need to fully embrace and utilise time-batching better to reduce overwhelm. Also need to embrace the “meetings only happen on THIS day” mantra!

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