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Human beings aren’t logical creatures.

We’re emotional and often irrational, especially when it comes to what matters most.

For instance: how many times have you started a positive routine — like journaling, meditating, reading, or exercise — and no matter how AMAZING it felt, you stopped making time for it?

It’s infuriating, right? Because deep down you know this truth:

Consistency is the key to success in every area of your life — from nurturing your relationships, to having incredible health and fitness, to growing a thriving business.

In today’s MarieTV, I tackle this pesky pattern head-on thanks to this question from April:

“Why do I stop doing the things that make me feel good and that I know I need to do? I was able to make the time at one point. Why do I step away from it?

If you want to be successful, focus on ONE habit at a time. Click To Tweet

If you can relate, NO you’re not broken and YES there’s a solution — one that works for real humans. 

Because as the original multipassionate entrepreneur with ADHD and a million new ideas every day, I absolutely don’t have extra willpower, robotic self-discipline, or Yoda-like focus.

Over the last few decades, I’ve developed tried-and-true principles and clear systems to stay focused and make progress on my most important goals, long-term. In this episode, I’m sharing three of my favorite science-backed secrets to make your good habits stick.

Watch now and learn:

  • Why you quit doing things you know are good for you.
  • The #1 quality you need to succeed in anything.
  • What science says you MUST do to make a new habit stick.
  • How to fast-track your progress with a “personal challenge.”

If you’re ready to become the kind of person that follows through with what you start, put any distractions aside and watch this episode now.

DIVE DEEPER: Say NO to hustle culture! Learn 3 Time Genius steps to achieve anything with less stress.

Now, it’s time to turn your insight into action!

Which step from today’s MarieTV would be the biggest win for you?

Do you need to focus on ONE thing? Complete a personal challenge? Put new systems or boundaries in place to support you?

Let us know in the comments below.

Remember, you’re not bad or weak for falling off the wagon from time to time.

But if you want to be successful in any area of your life (or all of them), consistency and follow-through are skills you must learn.

I created a brand new live program to help you do just that. Claim your spot in Time Genius now to take your stick-to-it-iveness to a whole new level so you can make massive progress towards your dreams without stress, hustle, or overwhelm. Doors close September 30 and you can enroll now 100% risk-free.


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  1. Tracking & Consistency have definitely been my steps to success in achieving my goals – Even just having the habit to do something 3x a week and tracing it can be enough – it doesn’t need to be daily!!! I like to have 3x a week instead of “Mon/Wed/Fri so I have the flexibility to deal with my “real life” and haven’t “lost my chance” if I don’t do it on a Friday 🙂 That’s a system that works for me, anyway. 🙂

    • Landa

      Brilliant strategy Katy-Rose!
      Will give it a try since I’m a serial off-the-wagon faller.


    • Ronke

      This is really great. Thank you Katy-Rose, for sharing. The “figureitoutable” mindset!

  2. Step 1 + Step no 2 – the challenge seems spot on for me and I need to get back to basics; I am trying to move forward on too many things which is in reality self-sabotaging.
    Thank you for an inspiring and succinct message!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Jannie,

      That’s right! Keeping it simple can help out so much. Thanks for stopping by!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  3. Darryl Gauthier

    You are awesome blossom and appreciate your time and effort in everything you do. Been following you for a few years now

  4. Ronke

    Nos 2 & 3 really resonate with me. Thank you so much, Marie.
    Maybe this is a stupid question, but please allow me to ask. With regards to No1, journaling, mediatation and exercise for instance are three important things that one desires/should desire to do everyday because the three are very important. Does that mean I should stop/downplay two of these and concentrate on only one? If I concentrate on one for about three months and achieved my goals, will the gains not be lost when I leave that one and go to another in the following months?

    • Marisol Rodriguez

      Yes, this is want I’m also wondering. Thanks for asking this question!

    • Helen

      Hi Ronke, if you’ll permit me a response, i’d say that unless you are having trouble being consistent with those three, then they’re not the habits you need to whittle down. If you are doing all three consistently, and are finding them worthwhile (for yourself, not because you think you “should”), then there’s no issue. However, if you are wanting to introduce a slew of new habits into your routine, it is best to only start with one at a time. Then, once that new habit has become habitual, you can introduce another. And, no, there’s no need to stop your existing ones – unless you find that they aren’t working for you. The point is that once habits become habitual then you no longer need to try – it’s just… habit! Habits become layered into your life, until they *become* your life.

      If you think about it, life is really just a tapestry of habits – many of which are not consciously chosen. The trick is to identify which ones you want to keep, which to discard, and what new ones to invite in… 😊

      James Clear’s book Atomic Habits is a great resource if you want to understand more about implementing them in your life in a doable way, btw. I hope that is useful!

  5. Ha!!!! So apropos….Just starting a walking practice in the park I’ve lived near for SEVEN years. The best part of the show for me was the “Time bound challenge”. I’m so glad I opened this email early this morning. I also have involved my husband because he prays that I will take better care of myself and has agreed to walk with me and our pup. Next best thing was that the show with Seth Godin came on right after and I got to hear about my next new favorite book …The Practice by Seth himself. And one more thing…it all came about after an incredible chat with my friend coach Anke Herrmann the author of The Tech Whisperer. Anke gave me a tip on a marketing technique that I am going to start PRACTICING today. Thank you Marie and Seth. You’ve both been role models to me for years! Hugs and Love in deep gratitude!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Loretta,

      Thanks for sharing. Morning walks are the best! We’re so happy to hear you’ve found your stride!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

  6. Wanda Bowring

    This is me too. The one thing I’ve never done is track it physically and I think that would be very helpful. In the past I’ve fallen into the trap of starting too many things at once, but I don’t do that anymore. Another I’ve noticed about myself that can interrupt my new cycle is being late and not being able to manage anxiety or ramped up stress surrounding the interruption to my routine. How to self-regular or allow disruptions that are out of your control without “falling off the wagon” for good?

  7. The “choose one habit” I’m working with is reminding myself throughout the day as obstacles come up …”I am not responsible to fix this situation. I am responsible to be as present as I know how to be in the moment.” and then feel myself energetically connecting with others for support and guidance (my mantra…Be Present and Join)…and I think my family would agree I am much less grumpy not feeling like the one responsible to fix everything all the time!

  8. This is so great! Thank you, April, for asking the question, and Marie for including the debunking of the Seinfeld myth by Mr. Seinfeld himself! I had to laugh at myself, knowing right away at Step 1 of the solution, what my biggest win will be — pick ONE habit or practice, NOT 15. I tend to all-or-nothing myself into a cycle of small successes followed by increasing periods of burnout. Or I group habits I want to build into “health” or “relationship” or “financial,” which could be 5-20 individual habits/practices. Then during or after a series of small detours (in hindsight I can see them that way, small) and those habits fall like dominos. One. I can pick one!

    I’ve also noticed here and in the “3 Toxic Lies” Class that you’ve said something like “in this stage or season of your life.” I just want to say a HUGE thank you! That one phrase has stood out, and it feels like such a gift of grace, another tool for evaluating my progress-not-perfection journey with just a bit more kindness. SO much appreciation for the awesome that you all are at Team Forleo!

  9. This is my kryptonite. I am so glad that she asked this. Totally relatable. I actually just told my partner this was my biggest issue. I am currently playing soccer with a group of teenagers, like a legit team. I’m 40 , they are 15-25 but invited me to play(been 2 weeks). I’m like F ya — my body — eh. but she’s getting there.. this old Pinto getting a new paint job (still a Pinto)
    Anyway. I fear that I am not going to make it. I’m gonna fall back again and sit down and say and make those excuses. What did I do yesterday? I was triggered by my partner and wanted to curl up and just say FUCK IT. then I heard….. “NO B – get up and move nowand go get an Icecream”
    I put my cleats on and ran to the plaza for the meeting. I haven’t run in 5 years, I ran that KM in 10 minutes. Mind BLown. (I spent 6 years running in the ARMY so I had a little motivation on this — I kept thinking about my training on the way to the plaza) 
    So that success is my answer to your question here, #3. I will be keeping up with that. I am also doing the #2 and challenging myself and saying if I run to the plaza I deserve an Icecream (I’m a whore for IC) 
    Anyway. This was a great one. I hope I get that scholarship, I could REALLY get a lot more out of all Marie was sharing I KNOW IT. 

    • teamforleo

      Hi Tamara! We love how you’re showing up for yourself and how you didn’t let your self-talk get you down. Keep it up! – Monauar, Team Forleo

  10. Patty Hanson

    I absolutely must focus on one thing at a time!! And then the next and the next! Consistent . Make an agreement with myself to pick one thing instead of everything else! Then I can start the next thing. I love this reminder! Thanks Marie!

  11. Laurie

    Love this so much. I need to prioritize the time to make my goal happen. I know what it is I want to achieve and I even have all the material course load prepared. I have stalled now in the next step. It is my responsibility and up to me to take the next step. I am frustrated with myself for stalling now. I even know my why. I need to set time aside every day.

  12. Hi Marie,
    I really loved this episode!
    My habit is that I want to get to bed earlier – lights out by 9pm (as I wake up at 5-6am) and I want to have stepped away from my computer by 8pm. My challenge time period is for the next 30 days starting today. I need accountability and support and to make sure my toddler is in bed by 7pm so I have 1 hour to do work on computer before I turn it off. With love, Katie

    • teamforleo

      Hi Katie! We love how you’re taking action right away and jumping in! We know you can do this 30-day challenge! – Monauar, Team Forleo

    • teamforleo

      Hi Katie,
      Wahooo! Yes, Yes, and YES! Your habit for you sounds wonderful. That one habit will provide you will more energy and focus to balance your priorities in life. We celebrate you for defining that habit.


  13. LaNora

    Pick one habit is the one that I’ll be working on. Just this morning, before watching this, I picked your book off my shelf to re-read that chapter on Defining Your Dreams to be reminded about the importance of picking one thing to focus on at a time. So synchronistic that this was the topic for today’s video as well!

  14. Webby

    What a great question!!
    I was just asking myself exactly the same the other day.
    I struggle with this so much!
    Thanks so much for this episode.
    I’m going to start by picking just one thing I can commit to every day and then grow from there.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Webby,

      Fantastic! Small steps lead to big results. Thanks for sharing your feedback with our community.


  15. Angel

    Dearest Marie,

    One thing I thought of, is aiming for consistency as women is not possible. It is not something we should aim for. Alisa Vitti writes about women having a 28 day clock and our energy/hormones vary within this. Our world has been built around the male 24 hour clock, having the same energy/ hormone levels. It would be interesting to incorporate this into your answer. I now plan my life by my cycle. Big events/family things/ important meetings get scheduled for ovulation time when I have more energy. Women can not be expected to be consistently delivering, they need rest when they have their period.

    Curious to know if you’ve considered this, as my life changed once I realised and didn’t expect productivity at certain times of my cycle.

    • Helen

      Amen, i’m 100% with you on this! 🙌 I factor in my cycle & moods to planning and routines also. The one thing i’d add here is that habits don’t have to be *daily* habits – they can actually be once a month, or once a fortnight, or twice a week, once a quarter, or any kind of regular interval. I find that instinctively there are times and days, times of the month, and times of the lunar cycle where i’ll do things, so i choose to honour those natural inclinations and plan for them rather than trying to *think* my way into when i “should” be doing something. It’s also really important to notice when a habit is no longer working or has served its purpose, and to let it go, or alter it as needed, otherwise we become servants to our past selves!

      I agree with you about the ‘masculine’ focus on the 24 hour day cycle – it really backfires when we think we have to fit so much into one day rather than allowing the spaciousness of a whole month to do things…

      Thanks for sharing Angel – it’s something we all need to be so aware of. It’s so time for women to stop trying to fit ourselves into patriarchal time structures. They weren’t designed for us. We have our own inbuilt clocks to live by… 🌝

  16. Nims

    After having watched the Time Genius episode and this one I keep thinking about the one activity/skill/project I want to focus on. I’m 8 weeks post-partum with my 3rd child, still currently on parental leave – and I keep thinking physical activity is something I could start trying to be consistent with. This is less so about my body and more so about trying to improve strength, energy, mood and overall health. It seems like this would be a good foundation to develop at this time. However, in Step #2 you mention setting a timebound goal that is doable and that you should be excited about. While I know that getting active will be good for me, the thought does not excite me at all right now! Does that mean this is the wrong habit/skill to be focusing on at this time?

    • teamforleo

      Hi Nims! This is a great question! We’ve been there too – stuck between what will be good for us and not feeling excited. Is there a way you can keep your body active in a way that would be fun and exciting? – Monauar, Team Forleo

  17. Becky Weber

    Just watch Quitting video … I am capable of doing all the steps and understand how to do them and even have done them in the past … but the key for me is STEP 3 – reaching out to someone else to help keep me on track and accountable is key in my successes of past. I am going to work on that for future success as I continue to figure out … LIFE!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Becky,

      Good for you and identifying that Step 3 is the key to your accountability! And yes, we are all trying to figure out LIFE!

      Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  18. I found out that counting helps.
    It have a little “strict air” but it helped me be consistent with my daily yoga practice.

  19. My one thing is walking the Old English Sheepdog long enough for a working dog, about two miles. The first three or four years from puppyhood we did it faithfully with a Garmin watch keeping track of our walks. The watch is getting old and I’ve been caught short a lot as the battery is dead so I can’t track the walk! I’m shocked and amazed how important this is to our walks! We walked for the first time in a long time this morning and AGAIN the walk didn’t get recorded! It’s like it doesn’t count! Thanks for taking on this question in your show!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Ramona,

      Thanks for your with our community! Walking is such a great opportunity to be outside taking in the fresh air and being with nature with your pup! Good for you!


  20. Helen

    No.3 for me: Make success inevitable. It forces me to think in advance about the blocks that are likely to come up that will derail my best intentions, and to create the conditions that will support and nurture them instead. Sometimes these are circumstantial – like real world obstacles or processes that need to be dealt with first, but just as often (or more so) it’s the mental blocks and old psychological gunk that will nudge the train off the tracks – like that sneaky saboteur that quietly whispers that i don’t deserve it, or that it’s not for me, or that maybe i don’t really want it after all…🤷🏻‍♀️ The conscious mind *and* the unconscious mind need to be in agreement to actually get anywhere.

    Loved April’s question (so relatable) and delivery – she’s hilarious! Her impressions of herself are gold… 😄 Thanks Marie & team 🙏

    • teamforleo

      Hi Helen, you’re absolutely right! Creating a plan for circumstantial obstacles is just as important as mental ones. We know you can do this! – Monauar, Team Forleo

  21. Joy

    Yeah, Thank you for inspiring us marie your such good speaker to listen to.

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for your kind words Joy! We’re happy to have you in our community! – Monauar, Team Forleo

  22. Thank you for inspiring us marie for not quitting on our goal and dreams. 🙂

  23. Very helpful and useful content for quickbooks

  24. Great post,keep posting.

  25. Melis

    I think making it time-bound really helps. I get overwhelmed really easily when there is no end in sight.

  26. It can be hard to stay motivated, but you are so right—consistency is key!!

  27. DNN

    I’m striving to stick to the script and do the transformation work. 🙂

  28. You are awesome Marie! I really appreciate your time, drive, energy and devotion to the industry to helps us all. I have been following your channel for quite some time and always learn new things that have help me a lot. And it’s true that we need to be structured, disciplined and consistent with things that we do. This is something that I can improve on! Thanks again 🙂

  29. Your blog came up as a topic at the office the other day. Really great content that you are creating, with numerous good advice and valuable insights. Within our team, we often talk about the journey as a marathon and not a sprint.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Nino,

      We’re so glad this episode resonated with you and your team! Thanks for stopping by.

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

    • teamforleo


      Wow! Exciting to hear that the topic came up as a topic in your office. We’re sure it was an engaging conversation! We couldn’t agree more it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

      -Antoinette, Team Forleo

  30. Thank you Marie, you are really amazing

  31. Hi Marie,

    It was a very inspiring article! I struggled with this issue for a long time. I seemed to be doing a bit better, but you sharing this article reminded me of my long-term goal, and what I am trying to achieve in life. Thanks for reminding me not to quit. There are some days when all you want to hear is this one sentence, and I am grateful that I found your article today! It was a great read, and I look forward to reading more of your amazing content in the future.

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